WANTED: where to get?
Need Artistic help, can anyone help with a tattoo design?
What tattoo should I get?
how do i tell my parents i'm going to get a tattoo?
lookin for a tattoo idea to go with this?
best chapstick?
i am thinking about getting a tattoo on my foot, i want to know how much it hurts?
Tattoo ideas. Hispanic/ African?
remedies for warts on face?
Do this tattoo seem trashy?
What are the prices at Liquid Tattoo in lansing MI?
Does anyone know how to tighten up lipo-suctioned skin???
Ideas to make my tattoo better?
what tattoo should i get at 16 and where?
When doing push ups?
Any idea or suggestion?
wich tattoo do you like better!?
what is the best way to wash your face?
Others ways of saying "Stay Strong"?
Tattoo design advice please?
Anyone got tattoo over stitching scars on arms more towards shoulder area?
How do I get rid of goop on my new tattoo?
Can you Rate my Tattoos????
Where can I find a picture of Ruslana's tattoo?
Swim suit tan...?
How can i be sure that i wont regret my tattoo design?
how do you like seriously get rid of under-eye bags?
What tattoos do you have?
i gt my lip pierced last monday and my lip turned red and kind of yellow(not relly yellow but white).?
whats the FASTEST way to treat acne??
Does any one know of a good hypoallergenic shower gel?
Am i properly taking care of my new tattoo?
Im trying to find a tattoo that Kim saigh did on Episode 9 series 3 on La Ink.?
Im looking to get a quality tattoo?
do you think having a tatto on you lower back sluttie?
Tanning Salons..?
Thinking about getting an Inner Ear tattoo?
I want a tattoo to remind me of my dad.?
Tattoo idea for me...?
Which ring finger should I get my daughters name tattooed?
What tattoo should I get?
Which airbrush tanning solution has the better color?
Eye of Ra/Horus Tattoo transformation?
Tattoo?! but Dont wanna be called a tramp stamp!!!?
Anyone that can draw, design a tattoo for me?
How do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
What do u think of this tattoo?
Should men be muscular or is it enough just to be lean and lithe?
Does anyone know what this tattoo means?
Tattoo machine question, please bear with me?
how to get tan in 3 days?
Bikini area???
Need an idea for a tattoo! ?
I want be shaply how can? How can be always beauty like Angelina Jolie?
Horrible or Good tattoo?
Do you regret your tattoo(s)?
need a tattoo to go withanother tattoo that say god's son?
to all people who know skin care!!!!?
LADIES!! SHAVING YOUR LEGS......How can you make your legs SMOOTH?
On a scale 1-10 how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Guys...My problem is tht even though i use fairness creams & stuff, i will not get fair.Cud u temme some ways?
does nose piercings and belly piercings leave scars?
what is the kanji symbol for doll?
im getting my first tattoo soon and im nervous. What are some good prep ideas?
does this look like a real tattoo?
what could i do to this tattoo?
how can i make my skin softer?
About how long will my tattoo take?
Tattoo Removal with lime??? Home Remedy?
Tattoo pain and aftercare?
Does anyone have a good picture of abby's spiderweb tattoo.?
Snakebite Piercings......?
can you use labret retainers for industrial piercings?
New tattoo treatment help?
do u think im to young?
Any home remedies for bug bites?
what is the cost of a colored phoenix rib tattoo?
Does it hurt to pierce your tongue?
I need some help here about ointment:)?
Do tattoos make you look cheap and trashy?
What does Todo Segalla japanese symbol tattoo mean. I have the same tattoo and didnt get the proper meaning.?
what is the best home acne remedy?
which is the funniest part in the human body do u think of male and female?
Where can I get a colonic near St. Charles il?
How many Botox injections have you had? In the mid eyebrow area?
Hey did you ever get that tattoo you wanted on you other area?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Where hurts less for tattoos?
Do men thing nipple piercings are sexy or not?
what tattoo should i get on my neck? please answer asap :)?
how to become slim?
Suing from a burn during laser tattoo removal?
Best way to hide my ugly tattoo? .s best answer?
whats a good tattoo that won't get out of style?
Did ur first tattoo hurt?
steadman chest tattoo, painful?
what is Gabrielle Anwar's tattoo?
Should I keep my tattoo moist still?
Tattoo/piercing places in PA?
i was wanting to get a tatoo of a rose on my ancle, how old do you think i should be before getting it done?
Where can I get a scarification tattoo around Boston?
If I got a tattoo on the lower part of my back would people think its a tramp stamp?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
can someone please tellme the nameof the procedure done to the calf muscles to make them slimmer by taking out
hey im a guy im 6ft tall weigh 135pnds n i need to gain do i?!?!?
Hey.. I'm getting a tattoo on my chest of lettering and i want it to be inspiring and unique. Using such word?
Do ya like..........??
How do I take care of my new Tattoo?
how to i get rid of blackheads,on my nose especially?
How would you translate "strength and courage" in Arabic?
Thinking of another tattoo already what u think ?
What do you think of this tattoo for my first?
i wanna get a tatoo ?
Why my microdermal anchors reject?
Do girls find musclemen more attractive than their daily hunk?
Where would i get this tattoo?
Is it safe to put tattoo over my varicose veins?
how long will this tattoo take?
I know that each guy is different, but do you think its okay for a girl to have relatively big thighs?
Do skin lighteners really work?
how many tattoos is too much on girls?
How do you get rid of really bad stretch marks after having a baby?
its my first tattoo and im wondering wat this type of tattoo will feel like?
does sunscreen expire?
Need help with tattoo choice?
Tattoo Artist Thanks You!?
Can anyone identify the artist who's work this tattoo is based on? See detail?
Is possible to have a tattoo outlined in a brownish color, so that it looks like a permant henna tattoo?
Ladies, I prefer a large woman,not a christmas toy that breaks the first day?why do you want to be thin?
Can I get a tattoo if I have a keloid scar?
any crazy ideas for a tattoo for my wrist in memory of my brother who passed away?
Who tattooed oli sykes?
How much does a tattoo hurt and where does it hurt the most?
Want to get a tattoo and need help with someone drawing it :)?
Does the weather play a major role in acne?
Do Clinique products really work for the face?
Tattoo help please?!?!?!?
tattoos ideas?words.?
what happens to tattoos if you lose/gain weight?
Do you think this is a bad idea...?
Does having sex really help to clear up acne? If so how?
What do you think of this for a tattoo?
How are tattoos removed? and what device is used to do it?
Is easy to apply tanning lotion and get it on even before you go tan? Or will you not tan even?
Do you have any tattoos?
Lip Piercings?
Will my tattoo Blur?
what are some good fresh femenine perfumes without smelling like an old lady?
how many pepper did peter piper pick?
Used the BRAVA System for breast enhancement anyone?
How much would it cost me to get this tattoo?
tat ideas?
do you got your TONGUE PIERCED?
I want plastic surgery but I have heard so many horror stories. What is the death rate on tummy tucks?
For all the men out there, what's the best way to prevent razor burn?
I Need Help On Henna Tattoos?
Piercings - What size are the largest ear gauges?
im switching from a&d to i still use the same process?
at home solution to bikini shaving bumps anyone?
How do you make skin appear darker on legs without tanning?
Please let me know any good SPF of 100 cuz PLZ i want help thanku?
What Mother ~ Daughter tattoo can I get?
To all tattoo artists How much will this tattoo cost
Did my tattoo "blowout"? (picture included)?
getting septum piercing?
does miley cyrus have a tongue ring?
why people like tattoos?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
anyone got a tattoo on there thigh?
Unique tattoo ideas that will totally rock?
everyone with (a) tattoo(s)?
Is my tattoo supposed to be doing this?
Studded Wrist cuffs leave marks?
I want to know about Tongue pirecings, Does it hurt, what about numbing it?
Underarm Query?
How can I get ride of all the pimples all over my penis?
Question about my new tattoo?
what do they ask you when you get fake boobs?
Day of the Dead Tattoos?
How to correct a tattoo that has my name?
Ouroboros Tattoo help. Im thinking of getting it wrapped round my wrist.?
French quote for a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
s! pick colors for this tattoo! or should i just do black and white?
how bad to rib tattoos hurt?
What do you think of my tattoo?
i need to cover my tattoos for work, pls help?
Help but please don't judge.?
Wat store can you buy Topical Anesthetic Cream - LMX4, over the counter?
I sure could use some ideas on my 1st tattoo?
Are tattoos suposed to peel?
Can you legally get a tattoo for your cat?
do you girlsand boys think tion is healthy?? in what way?
What does "The wolf with the red roses" mean?
how hard is it to cover an old tattoo with a new one?
is the wrist tattoo painful? :o?
Where is a good hidden place for a guy to have a tattoo?
What foundation should I use to cover my tattoo?
Do tattoos on the side of your hand fade away?
Thoughts on this quote?
are there any lyrics that you would get tattoed on you?
What is the best....?
What do people have against tattoos?
How long should I wear "real" earrings before I can start wearing "fake" jewelry?
What is the cleanest place to get a pedicure in Dallas?
What is your favorite tattoo and why? Do you have any you regret?
Any suggestion on a good tattoo shop in MN that is safe, clean and able to design my tattoo for me?
has anyone out there tried other methods of breast enlargement other than plastic surgery?
What tatoos do you hate the most?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in NE? With parent consent or not.?
my first tattoo on monday!!!!!but i cant decide placement?
my friend just got a tattoo?
Michael Graziadei Tattoo?
Like my tattoo ideas?
How can I avoid getting wrinkles?
I am getting a tattoo and I am having problems deciding where to put it?
Would this be a good first tattoo?
Manogoes for skin ??!!!?
Will this tattoo work?
Is moisturizing a healed tattoo bad?
Tattoo question help? Shading?
Why is it that only one of my ear lobe piercings hurt?
HELP me, my face is soooooo oily!?!?!?
my husband hates tattoos! what do I do?
how much will this tattoo probally cost?
how do i pierce my own tongue?
Do guys think tattoos are sexy?
Tattoo and piercing help?
i dont know wy i m upset please tell the answer ?
I want to add something to this tattoo on my back. Yall have any ideas?
Color Tattoo question?
Using tea bags for blackness around eyes?
I want a quote for a tattoo, but is in english, and I'm from south america do you find this weird?
how price of 3-4 square inches of QALITY tattoo?
have u ever had a tattoo on the side of your neck ?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
I need ideas for a tattoo?
how old were you when you got yer 1st tattoo?
can i get a spanish henna tatoo?
what is a meaningful message about god for a tattoo on the back of the neck ?? not too long please thankyou xx?
how could i get "mom" tattooed on me?
would u pierce ur lip?
Pretty Angel Tattoos?
Where to place my tattoo?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
tattoo where and what looks nice on women?
tribal tattoo that represents regret and sadness?
How much would it cost to get a tattoo with 22 words (about 92 letters)?
why do most guys like girls only for their looks?it sucks being a teenage grl because all guys like is a "hot"
should i get a tattoo or not?
what exactly is a hickey?
Which hurts more??? Helpppp.?
Tattoos and stretching?
anyone know any good websites for tattoo designs ?
whats the best ance medicine/treatment to use?
Im torn between getting a tatoo or not... Advice?
What is a good ance treatment for a black/maori women?
hip tattoo, noo star but any ideas?
Any artist/Tattoo artist willing to draw me up an idea for free?
How do I go about making an appointment for a tattoo?
Are there many place in Mass that do tongue surface piercings?
Have you tried Dove's new Energy Glow tanning lotion? How did you like it?
tattoo pain?
Does anyone know any tattoo/piercing studios that are experienced with microdermals in upstate new york?
im going to get my first tattoo and?
Infinity tattoo on wrist- opinions?
Im looking for a short bible verse that would be going into a tattoo design that talk about the body?
what do you think this tattoo represents?
How Should People With Acne Care for Their Skin?
Will my tattoo change?
If you had a boyfriend would you want him to run his hands through your hair when watching tv?
Any home remedies for curing acne?
If you live in the Spring, TX area.........?
Would a tattoo on the inside of my hand work on me?
How much would this cost as a tattoo?
how do you get rid of pimples the fastest?
anyone have wrist tattoo? how much did you pay , how long ?
Thinking about getting a japanese woodblock print tattoo...need help?
what sport that firm my butt ,my thigh but doesn't make them bigger and make my hip wider?
Can someone tell me some good chicago piercing studios that will pierce 14 yr olds with parent concent?
should I get a boob job??
How to care for a tattoo?
How much will a small tattoo on my wrist hurt and cost?
Small tattoo price range?
how do i get fairer complexion?
Where can I find good images of contraindications such as herpes simples to receiving a facial treatment?
What sign/symbol/design of a tattoo could I get that signifies strength?
tim burton tattoo arm sleeve questions?
hockey life quote for tattoo?
can you tattoo over scare tissue and it be covered up by the ink?
Tattoos vs. Jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need ideas for Chinese symbol tattoo down side?
How do you get an awsome tan?
dont know what to do!?
how can u hypnotized people?
does Squirrelly's Skin Art in mansfield ohio do septum piercings?
anyone tried brevoxyl 8 wash?
How much would a tattoo cost?
How much does facial hair removal cost & how safe is it? Why do I have it?
What should I know before getting my first tattoo?
To anyone with a tattoo that has worked or works at disney world?
can i go to united states if i have a tattoo here in philippines?
swollen stretched ear?
Question about Post-tattoo care?
I want a tattoo on my back on my left side how bad will it hurt?
Good tattoo shops in New Jersey?
what do you guys think of my tattoo? its not shaded in yet just linework?
Do you have any tattoos?
Do my snakebites look real?
How much will my tattoo cost?
Whats the best thing to put on the bikini area after shaving?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
does there have to be a meaning behind a tattoo?
How old should should i wait to be to get a tattoo on my rib cage?
Who else here thinks Axe smells really really bad? :D?
Where should I get this tattoo (placement)?
help me please cover up tattoo :(?
Caution Females Only:?
What is the best way to remove body hair?
Does laser tattoo removal work?
How to get rid of the pain and peeling of a sunburn?
I am skinny but i want to?
Atomic Tattoo/Piercing ratings?
does anyone know any tattoo sites where i could find barbed wire pics?
Wat does Joffrey lupuls tattoo on his wrist saysy? ?
What should this tattoo say instead? Need opinions please.?
? am i fat ?
The meaning of this tattoo?
does fish oil cause understirts to be stained yellow in the armpits?
I want a tattoo! Im 14 years old, can I get one?
What does the tattoo on Dwayne Johnson's forearm say in the movie The Rundown?
What's your favorite perfume/cologne?
What do they use for scar tattoos?
large tattoo cost, help?
Am I gay? I am sure to myself that I am a GUY.?
Pink floyd's lyrics tattoo?
what do guys think clitoris piercing?
AHHHHH i need help??!!!!!?
Best black tattoo ink(s) ?
Am I the only woman out there who's not obsessed with getting a tan?
some tattoo ideas for knuckles?
Can you guys tell me if my tattoo idea is pretty good?
why do guys have belly button lint and girls dont? where does it come from?
is it gay, cause i wanna get a manicure, or go to a salon to get my chest and back waxed?
I want to tattoo my eyebrowns, can this hurt you in the future? Is this a bad idea, for the future?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
is there a type of tattoo that lasts for a few years but eventually fades away?
How to know if a tattoo is right for you?
A couple of tattoo questions.?
How tall would you prefer your husband/bf to be: 5'9", 6'0", 6'3", 6'4", 6'6", or 6'9"? Guys how tall would u
How much would a Bible verse tattoo cost?
I suffer from premature ejaculation what can I do about it?
where is best place to get a childs name tattood on a womans body?
Girls, tattoo on my chest or forearm?
pain of a wasps sting compared to a cartiledge piercing?
Is it normal to have to demonstrate tattooing for a tattoo artist job?
How do you treat a sunburned face? Any home remedies that work...??
How much does a tattoo hurt?
PInvoke stackimbalance was detected?
Can you have an upper inner arm tattoo if youre a nurse?
Do you have a tattoo because you want to look at the art everyday or to show it off?
would i look good if if got earrings?
Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and think you look different??
Can i go tanning with a new tattoo?
I am looking for a picture of a red dragon that I want for a tattoo it was real popular in 1999-2003?
Im Planning On Getting My First Tattoo?
what size bra do you wear?
Is it ok to have a portrait tattoo of my parents at my back ?
How can I get my tattoo secretly?
Do you like this tattoo idea?
I'm wanting to get a tattoo real soon, but I'm not sure?
I need help for a type of tattoo design, please answer!?
Tattoo help and suggestions?
Which one is most painful for a tat?
who is the best colour portrait artist in ontario Canada?
Can I get small wrist tattoo 15 days after surgery?
could u cover up a part of a tattoo over using different paint?
Can I get a tattoo at 16?
doesn't anyone like tattoos and body piercing on here?
opinions on this tattoo idea..?
Different Spots to put a tattoo?
Ear peircing?
What could i do with this tattoo?
girls: i have noticable hair on my stomach I am scared to show my stomach in public. what can i do?
Im 5'2 and Is a 36 cup , 27 inch waist and 35 hips big???
Are infinity tattoos only for couples? What exactly do they mean?
wats the difference in bra sizes of A B C D?
Looking for a good place to get inked in San Antonio TX?
Do tattoos really make you cool?
my fish died sooooooo horrible!!!!!!?
veet rasera bladeless kit?
What is happening with my tattoo?
How much would it be for a tattoo?
Is there any way I can make my face less shiny?
Where can I buy in miami total block from fallene?
Anyone know of a proven way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks?
How to fix my tattoo?
Foot/Ankle tattoo?? Opinions?
Does any one know if bathing in Food coloring hurts your Body?
How can I darken my skin without looking tanned?
girls which body part attracts u most in male bodynd why?
My 5 year old wants a tattoo?
wut if you like this girl but she only likes you as a friend and really want to go out with her?
getting a tattoo and need a little help?
I want to become a tattoo artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why zacky vengeance has the vengeance tattoo on his back?
POLL: What do you think of tattoos?
What do you think is the nices thing you could get tattooed on the inside of your wrist?
Does my tattoo look good?
written tattoo across my ribs, any idea how long it will take?!?
How much are tattoos?
what is the average height of women? how tall are u? how much do u weigh?
girls only please?
can nurses wear a tattoo when it is hidden by clothes?
Tattoo Removal in South Texas?
What do you think of guys with sleeve tattoos?
I want a latin memorial tattoo for my grandparents, any ideas?
how long/how much cash do colored full sleeve tattoos take?
confused of what kind of tattoo for nieces and nephews?
getting a tattoo on my arm. how painful would that be?
Does this cupcake tattoo have a specific name?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on the sides of your buttocks?
navel piercing advice please?
Can I get a piercing or tattoo with an international passport in Chicago, IL?
hi I m18 years my face is full of pimples tell me a way to get rid of it in few days?
do u think an Italian girl w/ black hair and brown eyes is pretty?
Lighten new tattoo that I want to keep?
How much would this tattoo cost?
would you go to walmart in your pajamas?
What tattoo/tattoo's do you have? Questions..?
is there a way to permanatly get rid of dark undereye circles?
How do I pierce my own ears at home?
y do guys show boxers hanging outta their pants?
Good Henna Tattooing in NYC?
Whats the meaning behind a owl with a heart locket tattoo?
spanish tattoo........?
Do anybody wants to design my tattoo im getting?
Are tattoos on the small of a woman's back trashy?
It's Friday night and I have a huge spot on the end of my nose?
What does it mean if you get a butthole tattoo and it's bleeding and there's discharge?
I am looking for a web address of a new spa in Ireland co. meath its called something like Berlanta House????
do tattoo artists charge while designing a tattoo for you ?
What is this kind of tattoo called?
How much do Transverse Lobe piercings generally cost?
To become fair what i have to do?
How do you non-surgery increase your Brest size?
Can I get a tattoo if I'm 16?
how much is it to get tur belly pierced?
Can somebody help me with a tattoo removal question...?
I'm interested in getting tribal tattoo down my arm. Will muscle growth effect the shape?
will minro piercings heal?
Tattoo's? Scale of 1-10.. Pain!?
Memorial tattoo chevron?
what is the best face lotion?
Is my tattoo infected or just healing?
I have really bad skin and my back is also ravaged by acne. Help!?
Foot tattoo's???????
are stretch marks unattractive to boys?
Is it possible to shrink pores and take away pimple scars?
Wrist tattos a good idea?
Is It Wrong For A Male To Have A Lower Back Tattoo?
Is there any an operation to make the back or the shoulders smaller?
How much would this tattoo cost?
in which age we can go to gym?
I have got something on my nose it how do I get it off?
Opinions on legs that have pronounced veins(that U can see ) on women under 30...?
Can i still become a paramedic? tattooed?
What face wash works best for you, I really need some help I have very oily skin and don't know what to do.
Why are razor blades so expensive. twenty dollars to shave your face. It is outrageous?
why women not feel shy when they have to pee in a same,while men will never want to do that.?
How can I get rid of pimples FAST?!?
Need help on Tattoo Ideas?
What is your opinion on tattoos?
What products should I use on my face?
I want a sleeve tattoo?
How to soothe industrial piercing?
I am 14 years old and I want to get my belly button pierced?
Help me design a tattoo of the comedy/ tragedy theater masks. I want a specific uniqueness......please?
First Time Tattoo Help Please?
I need to cover up two star tattoos on my hips?
Is this a good idea for my tattoo?
Information about a Miami Ink tattoo?
what tatoos do you want to get/already have?
i m dark complectioned boy . how can i be a fair one?
for all the anorexics out there?
Is there any doctor in Vancouver ,Canada, who performs tattoo excision?
Where to tattoo not to be visible?
Which of these fonts looks the best for my tattoo? (pic included)?
My skin is terribly two colured and I would like to have even toned skin. What can I do to achieve this?
How Much Do You Think This Tattoo Will Cost?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Is my tattoo healing okay i`ve been using tattoo goo ?
do tattoos hurt??
savonette inc. from new jersey, is the mfg of a product i would like to may i contact them?
do u think cassie the singer that sings me&u tall or short and do u think she is beautiful alright or ugly?
smallest tattoo possible...update...?
have you got any tattoos? if so what and where?
What is the meaning of a crown of thorns tattoo?
Does anyone actually look like their Avatar? Lol.?
Tattoo healing question?
Where to place this pesky tattoo?
i was thinking of pircing my penis but i wanted to know what girls think of it?
Well I want a tattoo. I dont have any clue what I want or where I want it. So I need help.?
Pin-up girls, with tattoo's.?
What's the meaning of this tattoo.
My cuticles keep tearing even with lotion, the only thing that works is acrylic nails any other ideas?
help...i weigh about 45kg,how many pounds is that?
Is it difficult to conceal a foot tattoo?
i want a tattoo that says "bliss" on my marriage finger but i'm not too sure if the ink will last as long.?
Who's a good artist out there?
im 14 should i get a tattoo????!?
Tattoo questions, thrice?
How can I make my breast smaller but in good shape?
I just started shaving "down there"?
tattooists, what do you think of this tattoo?
what i can do to whiteness the area under the hand?
What is a good at home pedicure AND manicure I could do? and How do you do a French manicure and pedicure?
I want a tattoo... how do I make sure to get a safe one?
Blackhead Strips?
guys answer this what do u think is nastyer on a girl is it big ears or fat stomach?
Good font for my next tattoo?
how to prevent pimples appear on my chest and face?
does it hurt when u get a tatoo?how much would ea cost?and wat age u gotta be to get one?
I spend from 3.15 p.m to 3.35 sunbathing, is it bad STILL ?
should i get a tattoo of my girls name on me?
How much does a tattoo cost?
Tattoo Parties?
tattoo help please.....?!?
Where in the United States is the best place to get a tattoo?
what does it feel like to get a tattoo??
i have a minor blowout?
Important tattoo question!?
FOR THE GIRLS help!!!1?
Is this a good reason for a tattoo?
got a tatoo what where?
I want to get another tattoo, but I don't know what of and where to get it!?
Should we take pictures with her tattoos?
Would this be a good idea...?
Where did you get a tattoo, and how bad did it hurt?
Tattoo Quote: I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night?
Should i get a tattoo?
Small White Bumps All Over Tattoo?
Where to place my tattoo?
What are you supposed to put on a homemade tattoo, vasoline?
help deciding a tattoo?
my right eye is asian lookin and im not asian it might have to do because my eyelid is kinda red. any advice?
Do you think this a bad tattoo?
is it true that if u have a tattoo you cannot donate blood?
do you like pet what want to sleep with you?
whats the best perfume for teenage girls thats last a long time?
How long should I wait to get a tattoo?
What are some good examples of ancient/tribal tattooing?
Name everything you can think of that YOU would consider as a bad idea for a tattoo???
I get red spots on my face when I get out of the shower. Why do you think I get them.?
is a&d ointment okay to use for tattoo?
How do you make safe red tattoo ink?
for asians out there with dark color skin - have you tried full body bleaching?
can my tattoo be covered up with a butterfly?
im turning 18 in july do you think i should get at tattoo?
any good tattoo ideas?
I want to get a tattoo on the side of my foot. Questions!?
how does neutrogena acne fighting formula work?
How much does getting a tattoo hurt? really?
I want a tattoo saying strength can you give me ideas where and what kind of writing?
do traditional style tattoos look alright if you already have other style tattoos?
When can I stop putting A&D cream on my tattoo?
is it wrong to get tattoos? you like your women with a little flesh on them? Or pencil thin?
Do you think this is a cool tattoo?
Your Tattoo....?
Inked up chicks! Do you find females with tattoos attractive?
What should my tattoo say?
How much do piercings cost?
what tattoo's do you have? where are they? do you regret them?
What type of piercing should I get if I had to get one?
Tattoo. Will it hurt a lot?
Regret my tattoo after three weeks?
how much would a upper back tribal tattoo cost?
Creative Tattoo Ideas...?
would this be a good tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Would This Be a Safe Tanning Routine?
How many tatoos should I get?
Wearing a bra? Share how you feel about why it is or is not important.?
who is the person tattooed on ville valo's right arm?
What does getting a tattoo on your arm feel like?
is it wrong to sleep with your ex boyfriend?
Odd color skin under tattoo?!?
stretch marks?
tattoo pain??????????????????
Is laying out in the sun really that bad?
Is it normal for my tattoo to be flaking the color of the ink?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
please suggest me ways of looking fair, i mean lookin good.?
How do i get rid of strechmarks on the inside of my thighs?
Tanning advice...?
does all the good looking women tall? if not giv me some examples 4m history or present?
How should I make her understand?
What are the first three muscles to be developed in a newborn?
where to get this tattoo???
How much do tattoos hurt?
how can u tell if you are Handsome?
"what kind of a women's electric shaver do you recommend?
are women put off by a beer belly?
Tattoo placement on girls?
Do the spray on tanning salon stalls get sanitized after each use? Is it Mandatory?
Would this tattoo make sense?
What are some sun-burn home remedies?
Will people wear bras in 100 years?
Reef tattoo logo idea? (10 points)?
are girls with tans hotter?
is atomic tattoo and piercings good; for a nose piercings ?
Tattoo removal products?
Always try. Never surrender.?
Why are stomach tattoos less painful for girl and more painful for guys?
What one looks better for a tattoo??
i have very bad stratch marks all over my body and i have used bio oil and coco butter,what shall i use?help?
Tattoo Aftercare Help?
why do chinese...?
Im a six footer,,and my weight is 65 kgs,,am i under weight??
Tongue web piercing? need advice :)?
Where is a good place in Kent-Auburn area to get a tattoo on short notice?
Where can I buy henna powder in Toronto?
a quality tattoo shop in saint louis?
why do a leg tattoo swell more and go redder ?
How come most of All Blacks' tattoos are on the right arm?
Ladies, are you unattracted to guys with tattoos?
If I get a tattoo in the middle of my upper back, how bad will it hurt?
I you were to get a tattoo, what would you get?
Do guys prefer girls that are stick thin or have a little meat? Or do they go by personality?
In a beauty context what is 'getting your colours done'?
Any one know good tips for clear skin???
Reviews on Neha and Dulhan Henna powder?
Does a tattoo on the finger hurt?
what does the five dot tattoo mean?
My girlfriend says it feels different cause i'm not circumcised, what can i do to make it feel better?
I got a tattoo on the inside of my shoulder blade?
tattoo for my daughter,what flower??
Is there a program online for tattoo placements?
who lives in rialto,california,and knows who does tattoo's for minors?
what can this tattoo mean?
Which one will u look first?A fair person ,a wheatish person or a dark person?
Best razor for sahving legs for a woman?
Can I still get a tattoo whilst im taking medication for my ear infection?
Benji Maddens back tattoo?
Beauty & Health?
blackhead/acne remover?
how much would this tattoo cost?
what are things that represent Power, Strength and Wisdom/knowledge?
Thoughts on this tattoo/placement?
How long would this tattoo take in hours by experienced artist?
are half phlipino's half white turn a girl on or not?
What else will look good for my sleeve tattoo?
how to cover tattoos?
i'm looking for septum rings that ARE NOT horseshoe rings...and not cbrs...?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Do you think a 50 year old woman is to old to have a tattoo done on her for the 1 time?
Where in Australia (Sydney) can I get Jagua Tattoo supplies?
i have a dot on my nose...?
Please, I need help with my tattoo .. Someone ?
Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and think you look different??
Looking for a Leo Cancer Tattoo?
How can I make my boobs look smaller( without a breast reduction)?
What do angel wing tattoos represent ?
Who is the most beautiful black celebrity woman in the world?
Tattoo Idea? Sound Good?
do think girls look sluttish with a lip piercing?
what lotion can you put on its skin that will keep it smooth and pliable for weeks even when you remove it?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost?
What is your phylosphy behind tattoos?
i have ink and mud on my best shirt, how can i make it be gone?
What does 32A mean in breast measurement? 32 is? and A, B, C, D sizes? why so complicated..?
should i get a tattoo and why?
What should I turn my tattoo into? ideas?!!?
who has a itchy tattoo? What to do? What to do?
British Themed Tattoos for Women!?
Words tattooed on a man's inner wrist?
How badly do dermal piercings scar?
Microdermal piercings?permanent?
looking to get a tattoo...?
Apocolypse tattoo in yorkville?
y do girls get that thing every month?
What Willl They Say About My Tattoos?
Most Popular wrist tattoo Ever?
cover up tattoo question?
Body piercings & tattoos?
What do you think of my tattoo?
are tattoos dangerous?
should i get the tattoo?
Has anyone gotten an tattoo?
I wanted to get the Korean symbol for honesty tattooed on me. I cant find it anywhere though?
What is the best way to clear up pimples?
Don't know what tattoo I should get?
bikini line?
New Tattoo gone wrong...i think!?
Do you have tattoos? Are they visible?
How many times a day am I supposed to put lotion on my tattoo?
Does it hurt...?
What would you consider.........................?
How many times do i have to ask to get this simple question answerd,where in the body would this tat best go?
Does anyone know of a good plastic surgeon?
Do you think tattoo's and body piercing's are beautiful?
Would a tattoo on my forearm be a good spot?
whats your honest opinion about women with visible tattoos?
What kind of tattoo i should get?
what do u perfer light skined girls or dark skined girl(and for the girl same question but with guys?
I'm 21 & want to be a worship leader. Should I get a wrist tattoo?
Does it hurt more for a skinny person to get a tattoo?
Tribal Tattoo Add-on?
Where can I buy Henna pre-mix?
where is a sexy place to put a tattoo?
Is it good for a man to shave his private area and if it is please tell me why question is for wemon?
drinking milk?
How much do you think a tattoo going across the top of my foot would cost if its 11 words?
hildbrandt tatoo machine tips?
going on vacation, need to hide microdermal back dimple piercings!? 10 points to best answer!?
Recipes for Facial Hair bump Removal?
Help with a tattoo design?
i got my lip pierced 2 year ago and i now want an arm tattoo does it hurt more than a lip piercing?
okay, so i need tattoo ideas?
Is getting a tattoo of a nautical star on your wrist a sign of being gay?
why do people who dont like tattoos?
what kind of writing is katy perry's tattoo in ?
What tattoos do you have?
What are some cool tattoo quotes to say im from england?
Where is the best place to get clavicle piercings in central Florida?
I'm 15 and i want a small tattoo that could be hidden. Any ideas?
how bad do tattoos hurt in the lower middle of your stomache?
How can I clear up my damaged skin?
i want to get a ying yang tattoo with blue as one color what should the other color be?
should i get my monroe pierced? (with pics)?
hummmmmmm tattoo?
new tattoo, ideas pleasee!?
Good places on body to get a tattoo?
what is the cost of a colored phoenix rib tattoo?
how long should i tan for in a tanning bed? ive never been to one and i have sensitve skin?
My tattoo artist said not to apply ointment to tattoo unless I have an allergic reaction?
Am I fat????????
I'm think about getting a Tattoo...?
what would a girlturning 12 want for her birthday???
What do you think of this tattoo?
Wrist tattoo, need help with ideas?
Details on Angel Wings Tattoo
What is the skin called next to your bicep on the inside?
Can anyone answer my questions on sleeve tattoos?
is it a good idea to get my Boyfriends name tattooed on me??
Can I get a sleeve tattoo by making a series of small cash payments.?
How much would a smaller tattoo cost in canada?
How much does tatoo removal cost?
How do I take care of Rosacea?
Help with tattoo apprenticeship?
i am 16 and have 5 tattoos! i think i am addicted?
roman numeral date tattoo?
thinking of a tattoo; A text/Symbol? Suggestions; meaningful? What about the word Adamas? Meaning?
need to find a monroe stud for a beginning stud.?
I need Tattoo help!!?
How bad do peck tattoos hurt?
What do wolf tattoo's symbolize?
Tattoo meaning in prison?
Anyone know what to do about patches of peeling skin after sunburn?
tattoo for my grandpa?
how do i get a clean face? no pimples, not oily, and get rid of scars?
If you have a small tattoo on your wrist...?
can anybody tell me the solution 4 moles and freckles......plzzz immediately?
Is there a limit to how many tattoos a woman should have??
i want a tattoo that acts as a reminder to get my life back on track, help for ideas?
Do you think I should get a Tattoo to cover my scars?
I need a art of the name juliet for a tattoo?
i have two zits on my nose!?
Worrying does give you more.......?
Is cover up tattoo much more expensive then just a tattoo?
i am 17 .want to know how can i increase my height.?
How soon can I work out again? Just got a tattoo that starts at my right rib and ends near my spine.?
dose honey work on your face??
how much will this tattoo cost?
How can you become a tattoo model? ?
How long until it heals ?
Acne... help!!!?
I need help for dry skin!?
Where is the least painful place to get an tattoo?
Any one out there know if you can get a skin tag on your lip?
how do you make your legs skinnier?
who is better public it the appointed or the elected?send your
home kit Dermabrasion does it work???
what can i add on to my tattoo?
Questions on tattoo removal... please anyone with good advise:?
Please help! Hip Tattoo!?
what perfume/cologne do you wear?
Can someone tell me how much they think both of these would cost if i got them on my calves?
first ever tattoo help?!?
Is it wrong to get a meaningful tattoo for just one of my grandparents?
Ok i have really bad dark circles under my eyes?
People with "multiple" tattoos?
do you think there will be more average size models like tyra banks in the future?
Which tattoo would look better as a shoulder blade tattoo?
I want to have a tattoo removed, but I'm a wimp. Any advice on least painful method? (It's on my arm)
Do i keep cleanning my ear piercings?
Is it weird to get this tattoo?
im going to get a tattoo, do you think it would be painful on my breast?
What hurts more a tattoo or breaking a bone?
Wear should I get my tattoo?
Do you have (or want to get) a tatto?
Painful ways to remove Tattoos?
Is this normal?? Ah I don't know how to treat it?
How dangerous are UV tattoos? How visible are they in regular light? What ink should an artist use?
How would you rate Slave to the Needle Tattoos in Seattle?
How to lose weight?
Tattoo artist shopping....?
is 103 lbs 2 heavy 4 a teenage grl..?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
How Do I Get My Mom To Let me get a Monroe?
Would a small cross tattoo on my wrist hurt a lot?
How much should my tattoo cost?
What is the best way to get rid of acne??
How much would this tattoo cost?
Black henna tattoo??? help!?
who looks better?
3/4 sleeve tattoo idea?
How can I make my 36B breasts look bigger?
Guys,what do you find sexier on a girl:a tattoo or a piercing?
A question for tattoo artists!?
Why do caucasian use black avatars?
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
Losing WEIGHT???
i don't have a smooth skin and i don't know what to use please help and i have a rough face?
Does figures means a lot in friendship relationship? Does a person have to be slim to get a good friend?
sleeve tatoos on buff guys , skinny guys , and fat guys your thoughts?
why do some people have full sleeves but a circle of skin on the elbow?
Got a thigh tattoo done yesterday - few questions regarding tattoos?
ideas for an italian phrase tattoo?
do you still love your tattoo?
If you have a small tattoo on your wrist...?
cant pick a tattoo?
What is the legal age to get a tattoo in British Columbia?
Do men like hair down below?
i have a lots of pimples i want to remove it but don't suggest me to squeeze it help?
Why Do Guys Like Big Breasts Only IF They Are On Thin Girls?
Pearl Jam tattoo idea?
Questions about a specific tattoo?
What do faded tattoos look like?
Farsi, Iranian, help! Idea for a tattoo?
I'm really picky. Should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo removal options question...?
What does it mean if you have 2 birthmarks?
lip piercing or no? plz dont say that theyre ugly?
would like a tatoo but i'm only 15 is that bad 2 get one without permisson i mean i have a homemade one alreay
what is a five letter word for a heap of snow?
Is it true that a woman's breasts don't stop growing until the age of 25?
Outer thigh tattoo covering up scars?
How much would this arm tattoo cost?
Real or fake boobs?
Would this be considered white power?
is it better getting a tattoo when someone else is with you?
What can I wrap a rose around for a tattoo?
how old is too old to get braces?
What are some good quotes for a tattoo?
what is the name of the body part where men grow mustache ? What women call it since they don't grow mustache?
Do/should you tip piercers?
i have always have an eye bags (dark circles) even i get enough sleep, how can i improve this situation??
do ice cube have any kids?
which is the ethnicity of thierry henry?
Is nine and a half stone too big for a 4 ft 11 inch woman?
did you know that there is enough flouride in a tube of toothepaste to kill a small child?
Tattoo advise (prices and design)?
A seven deadly sins tattoo?
For a Phoenix Tattoo, where would you a tattoo be preferred. Back by shoulder blades(big/small) or chest?
what is hot in Singapore?
Opinions on where I should get my tattoo...?
How bad would these tattoos hurt on a scale from 1-10?
Is there something wrong with my idea for a first tattoo?
yesterday a kid at school said i was fat i only weigh 89 pounds and im 12?
PLEASE help me =] .. which ointment is better for color tattoos?
i found a sight of traditional polynesian tattoos of hands and necks. lost and cant find it, can someone help?
Tattoo ideas for new life and overcomming obstacles?
can we have bad thoughts and still be good christians?
GUYS, what is hotter on a girl. Peircings.??
Can someone translate a phrase for a tattoo for me into Farsi?
What can I add to my arm?
acne removal?
New tattoo ideasssssss!!!!!! Help?
Is this possible to do?
what is a girls fav body feature on a boy?
Where can I buy lavender oil?
Whats a good tattoo to get?
Are there any tan in a can products that ACTUALLY work without looking splotchy in daylight?
Are cougar tattoos associated with veitnam soldiers?
What three bands are represented in this tattoo?
do you think ill be able to cover my butterflies up ?(pic)?
I got a tattoo today do you think it matters that happiness is spelt happyness? ?
Opinions on my one word tattoo?
How Bad*ss is my tattoo?Vote now!!?
Nose piercing advice...?
Tattoos that mean the term "One Day" or "Someday"?
how to have good skin care?
Does getting a tattoo on your foot hurt really bad?
Are tattoos dangerous...?
How can I make my tattoo idea more original?
What colour should I dye my hair?
how do u get the perfect hair and skin?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
First time getting a tattoo. What size should I get?
What are good ways to hide wrist tattoos?
How does Heide Klum stay so thin?
Best Place to get script Tattooed in San Diego?
Are there any medical reasons a tattoo can bleed out under the skin?
Are emo girls hotter then preppy girls?
how can i look sexy to that boy in my class but i have to wear my uniform FULL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need a good spot to put tatoo?
I pierced my belly button with a safety pin...?
I am interested in getting a breast aug. does anybody have any good advice or any feedback period?
where I can find DHA solutions in Brasil?
Where is the hottest place for a girl to have a tattoo?
is there a birth control that helps with acne?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
What is the best way to care for the asian skin???
I'm trying to recover from self-harm, tattoo help?
Collar bone tattoo pain?
Hve u ever seen a woman in bikini and with body hair? if yes so what happend to u?
tattoos relating to change/being yourself?
What is the phone number to talk to someone in customer service? I am very unhappy with my order.?
How expensive is the laser hair removal procedure?
How much will this tattoo hurt?
[Question asked yesterday, if you responded then don't.] Anyone want me to draw them a tattoo???
On a scale 1-10 how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Lighthearted tattoo ideas, one "pulling" a toe, the other on the joint of the next toe?
i want to get a tattoo that everyone has. any unoriginal ideas out there?
Can someone please tell me what this tattoo says?
How do i learn to stop eating my boogers?
What tattoo should I get?
I want to get a small tattoo on my back.?
Cute couple matching tattoos ideas?
What is the meaning behind a tattoo like this?
Would you kindly tell me where this tattoo would best suit me?
Which do guys look for in a girl?
i cant seem to get past a first date with women, anyone have any generic tips?
girls, what is your opinion on men and tattoos?
I don't know where to put my tattoo ?
i have a scar about 1 inch on my forehead what should i use?
1st tattoo~ best answer ten points?
I am looking for the opportunity to become an agent for reputable cosmetic company, anti wrinkle & cellulite?
Can somebody design me a tattoo?
Idea's on tattoo's...?
What font is this called?
Is 5'8 too tall for a girl?
will scrubbing my already healed tattoo affect it at all?
Anyone been successful in removing a tattoo with TCA?
i have got acne, i don't know what to use on it, what would be the best product to get rid of acne quickly?
search a job in centre reach media in dearbon?
tattoo's your experiences?
can the female breasts go back to the normal size after pregnancy?
tattoo inspiration: what word do you suggest?
Which shoulld be put on first, the face scrub or face mask? Im sure the consequence makes a difference.?
Ladies: Let's be honest....Do you judge ....?
I am looking for a good place to get a henna tattoo.....?
Does the M.O.B tatto on lil Wayne's chest stand for money over bitchs? Or member of bloods?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo?
Which careers allow body modifications?
places offering permanent make-up in grapevine texas?
Opinion on tattoos.....?
how old do you haft to be for a tattoo with parent consent?
meaning/ popularity of cross tattoos?
I got a new tattoo and I need some help on something?
What to do if new tattoo got a tiny bump?
Tattoo on Ankle still red around edges... Infection?
infected ear??
what do you think of tattoos?
What is the best brand of Skin Care Products?
Any ideas for a lightning bolt tattoo?i love lighting but i cant find one that doesnt look like an acdc type?
unique tattoo ideas?!?
what do you really think about overweight women?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Good tattoo artists and shops in nj?
My bf and I were think about getting inner lip tattoos like this?
I need tattoo ideas for girls?
how do i get rid of eye bags?
Tattoo placement ideas :D?
Does it hurt having a tattoo?
Interesting please answer only for bpys?
Is there any way to....?
Looking for short quotes or song lyrics about suicide, for a tattoo?
Lower back tattoos...?
Question about my tattoo?
Do girls like having their toes sucked?
thermal tattoo copier?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Can Essential oils be easily mixed with olive oil??