Tattoo that says "love"....HELP?
Short phrase for a tattoo that has to do with moving on in life?
I'm looking to get a trance tattoo, need help?
what do you think about my tattoo?
which tattoo should i get.? for breast cancer awareness.?<3 (: any tattoo artist on here.?
Where did these bumps on my face come from? How do i get rid of them?
Can I have your opinion for a tattoo idea?
Should I get this as my first tattoo?
Can you tattoo the inside of your thigh?
Best tattoo cover up product?
Ideas for an animal tattoo?
Does anyone use Arbonne skincare?
Does a collar bone/chest tattoo hurt? How bad?
Is it possible to get a disease from a tattoo?
What are the effects of vitamin e on your skin? I mean the kind that you ingest.?
Zayn's tattoos? Help?!?
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
"Made in England" tattoo.. dont it look offendsive in some way?
Dermal anchor piercing? Little advice? Tattoos too?
who can Find me a tattoo?
tattoo ideas? please help <3?
Is 5'6" to tall for a 13 year old girl?
Tattoo in remembrance of my father?
Why am i nervous?
What specifically is it that tattoo artists look for when they say good/bad skin (to work on)?
Do you have a tattoo of your ex's name? How do you feel about it now?
im thinkin of getting a tattoo..?
How do u know when you are and love?
women with tattoo's - hot or not? ?
how much do you think it would hurt???
How to say I am sorry.?
Shave or no shave?
How old to you have to be to get a tattoo at needful things in Dover Pa?
i am looking for the cresent moon and stars tatoo from miami-ink show from last season?
what's the best thing to do about stretched and open pores?
has anyone ever tanned in a booth and gotten a dime sized brownish grey mark on heir body? what is it?
Does Cetaphill work????? PLEASE HELP?
Tattoo price, quick help!?
question about shaving?
What is the ideal weight for a 5ft 6in girl?
Would scars like this be easily covered by tattoos?
Opinions on bum tattoos?
Want a 7 day creation tattoo?
the best place to hide a tattoo?
tattoo ideas ?pllease ?
i want a dreacm catcher or a koi fish on my rib cage as my first tattoo which should i do?????? please help!?
Tattoo on left Pec...?
Any Good luck tattoos?
Do ugly people be attractive to boys, because most girls are ugly and i be wondering bout them?
does having a tattoo hurt?
Allergic to sunscreen?
I got an industrial piercing yesterday and I was wondering after it heals do or should I sleep with a barbell?
How soon is too soon for a wrist tattoo to peel?
Okay my tattoo is peeling and the shading is peeling also is that normal?
tattoo idea/design help?
What to do-shaving?
tattoo advice for quotes?
About how long do you think someone has to be apprentice before they do big tattoos?
Tattoos are for bad people?
Good Nail Salon in/near Monrovia, CA 91016?
Which quote sounds better for my tattoo?
Does anybody share the same problem i do?
Need some help with a tattoo idea?
I want to get a small tattoo on the front of my hip.. Does anyone know how much it will hurt?...?
i want to get a tattoo representing my family in stars&animal print design inside.could u help me with a list?
how do you girls like are bodies?
How long should it take for finger tattoos to start peeling?
Thinkin of ideas to make our lady of guadalupe more modern and original for my next tattoo...Would Enjoy Ideas
How should I bandage a new tattoo if I'm out in the sun?
Great Tattoo Drawing Artist?
A 40 yr old girlfriend has been looking at tattoos. she has none now and has decided to get flowers everywhere?
If you have a tattoo before you become a muslim will you go to hell?
How do I lose weight in the legs only?
Where to get a tattoo in New Orleans?
When will piercings and tattoos phase out, and branding phase in?
Is there some type of body spay that works even though I have allergies?
Have loyalty tatted on tha right side of neck, want spirit of detroit in middle, wat do think for tha left?
Will I get keloids if I get a tattoo?
I saw a man with the name SHARON tatooed on the back of his bald head. Why would he do that?
Can someone please tell me what this tattoo says?
what should i do to take good care of my skin?i have started getting,tiny pimple like things on my face?
Half back tattoo of wings?
Can you tattoo over a birth mark?
1/4 cup of walnuts a day and dark circles go away?
Which tattoo idea is better?
Olay, Garnier or Revitol?
I have some really bad tan lines on my ankles and on my thighs.Whats the best way to get rid of them?
Opinions on my new tattoo?
miss d'jo chest piece?
what is beauty?
Other than skin allergies, why do some people only use deodorant instead of antiperspirant.?
my face help?
whats a good first tattoo?
How much does a tattoo hurt and where does it hurt the most?
Bumps underneath tattoo?
what do women like most , dark men or light skinned men?
how can i get agood friend?
ok.....urine therapy? wtf?!?
how do you remove black heads from your face?
Are big ears ugly?
Microbiologists with tattoos?
What is a man's perspective on women having a tatoo on the small of their back?
Can i change my ear piercings after one month?
What do you think about a tattoo on the neck?
Best place to get this quote tattooed?
can u use vasoline on tattoos?
Help me with this lyric tattoo ?
Im 16 under age to get a tattoo but if my friends mother does it (own kit from ebay) will she get in trouble? ?
I want to get an industrial bar but im only 17?
I need help looking for a tattoo design?
why are blondes always looked on as bimbo's?
People with tattoos: If you have writing or script on you, where is it?
I REALLY want a tattoo and my parents said i can have one but im 16 what should i do?
How many square inches of your skin is covered with tattooes?
What is the name of the boutique(s) that make customized perfumes in Paris?
Can I get a Henna tattoo that is perminant?
Why would my parents not get me a tattoo?
I need help with my tattoo?
Your opinion on face tattoos?
What's the best cheap face wash I can buy fromthe drug store, that will help reduce the apperence of blemish..
Are there any places near Folsom I can get my belly button pierced without my parents?
The best advice for asian tattoos?
I want to get a tattoo as a tribute to my best friend. any ideas!?
What is a good lower back tattoo?
ewwww stretch marks?
How much would my tattoo cost?
How long should I spray spray deoderant?
I got a tattoo yesterday on my bicep can I go jogging today?
Tattoo help please for my son?
Does anybody know how long this tattoo might take?
Tongue piercing aftermath?
Breast implants. How do I reduce the incision scars?
Why is my two year old lettering tattoo suddenly raised?
Is it bad to get a tattoo I'm 14 but it will be in remembrance of my brother that moved to heaven 1 year ago?
how much does a tattoo hurt?
Full sleeve tattoo good or bad idea for my career?
I am thinking about getting a tattoo. Do they hurt and if so what does it feel like?
Is there a Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon chapter in australia?
what do u think of my tattoos?
what is the kanji symbol for doll?
fat burner product meso name type not sure?
Fifth day of my tattoo?
getting a tattoo hopefully tomorrow, help?
Can i use bio oil to heal my new tattoo?
tattoo scabbing??????
I need help with a tattoo idea?
is it healthy to go out with some1 younger then you?
Tips for making a tattoo feel less painful or a good distraction?
Are either of these good ideas for a tattoo?
Is this over priced for a tattoo? ?
where a can find a company or laboratory that makes suntan lotion for a private company?
Tattoo Idea's...should i worry wat other ppl think?
Are you happy with your weight?
What kind of tatto should I get?
do you know anything about pheromones on the market?
is a tattoo of one letter on my ankle going to kill me?
Should I Get This First Tattoo Or Not?
I wanna get a tattoo?
Tattoo Cover up ideas?
what should i get pierced?
best tattoo place in az?
i want to get a tattoo on my back below my neck would that hurt?
Will the hole from a Prince Albert piercing close up?
How can I get rid or feckles or at least hide them?
How long do i have to wait to swim ? Tattoo question?
how do you get rid of a puffy face?
Girls: help me..?
Where is the best tattoo place in Las Vegas?
How to clean the site of a rejected piercing?
What is a "custom tattoo shop"?
Does it affect the way you see a person if they have a tattoo? If so, why?
do girls like tattoos?
I want to get a tattoo, symbolizing my daughters name...Tatum which means full of life...what should i get?
where is a good placement for my first tattoo?
Does anyone know where Dustin Kensrue gets his tattoos?
how to make my face more neat clean and radiant?
Aside from getting drunk, what can I do to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo before I get to the shop?
Is this phrase too long for a tattoo?
is is okay for a girl to have this tattoo, its what i have?
Tattoo looks different?
Is the a+d good on a black and white tattoo?
What does it feel like to get a tatoo?
how do i get of acne and dry skin at the same time?
Do you think i can handle a tattoo?
where can i get a henna tattoo kit?
i need help figuring out what this tattoo design is ?
how do u know that a bra that u just bought at a sales, later will fit well,if there is no fitting room ?
what are the beauty benefits of olive oil?
Whats better guys? small to medium real boobs, or large augmentated boobs?...natural or fake? big or small?
for people who have had tattoos: do tattoos hurt?
I am 5'11" and weigh 128 lbs. Am I too thin?
how to make a face mask?
Does 7 piercings make me look trashy?
how to decide if a tattoo is worth getting?
What is the least common eye color?
I want to get my cartilage pierced?
I have size 6 tapers and how long should I leave them in before I push it in a little bit further?
Opinion on wanted tattoo?
How do I get my BUTT to look like KYLIE's?
im gunna sound really dumb asking this but....?
How much would a black cross tattoo cost, i'm thinking of it being placed on my pinky?
How much does a tattoo hurt when you get it on ur lower back?
Can I use white tattoo in as a primer?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your forearm?
how do i know which bra fits me best.i've tried to find my size by measuring with a tape,but im not satisfied
Uptight lady and tattoos?
H.R. Giger inspired tattoo sleeve suggestions?
Do you like this tattoo?
Hi all, Has anyone ever tried the nulase laser?
What can I add on to my tattoo idea?
Can sports officials have visible tattoos?
If you saw a 14 year old with a tattoo what would you think?
What is the best vib rator out there? The jack rabbit?
Is it true that semen is good for weight loss?
Best tattoo font for this tattoo?
Need help with ideas?
Foot prints on foot tattoo.?
Anyone have tattoo on their palm? Please help?
Snakebites. (Piercings)
Tattoo ideas for my deceased mother?
Straight edge tattoo?
im looking for a pic of a tattoo that was once on miami ink. its 3 hibiscus flowers across the back.?
SUNBURNS!!!!!!!! plz answer!!?
Hey I want a tattoo that will last a few years but not permanant?
i just got my lip pierced like 3 days ago?
Tatoo ideas?
Is there a natural way to tighten or firm skin?
do you thing it is sexy?
where can i find minimizer-bra in singapore?
i want a meaning full tattoo! help?
What do white girls think about short asian guys?
what happens to a fat persons tattoo if they loose weight?
I have a tattoo on my arm and shoulder and if I get the job I want, I have to cover it!?
tattoos under a women's breast?
Good Tattoo Idea? I need the help :[?
i want to get a tattoo saying "im not short, im down to earth"?
Can somebody clarify the USMC tattoo policy?
Im getting a tattoo about my dog?
What are some good Alice in Wonderland qoutes for a tattoo?
Is getting a tattoo on your foot illegal..?
know anything that can help sunburns? and to make it not peel or flake?
In your opinion.............?
Can you fake tan with a new tattoo?
if i will wax my face sunday night so monday morning what will happen with my skin?
I'm getting a tatoo today, what should I expect?? please don't say pain?
how do i put a tattoo gun together its a TS GUN?
Tattoo ideas anyone ???
What can you use on yourr lip if you cut yourself shaving?
i want an tattoo at the age of 14?
would it hurt to get a tattoo on the inside of my wrist?
how can i improve my complexion and remove my acne on my skin?i dont want stupid ans from stupid people.?
I just got a hideous prayer bead tattoo.
Guys! Do you think a girl with piercings in attractive?
What do you think of these kind of Tattoos?
Tattoo script placement?
Need Tattoo Ideas with Meaning?
I want a music tattoo?
Anyone know of a Female Tattoo Artist in Southern California?
Do you like this tattoo design?
tattoo designs? any ideas?
24 year old female and my face is always dry in spots even though I use dove face lotion every day.Suggestion?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars while still fighting the beast?
Healing process of tattoo?
Tattoo was healing fine, now sore again?
i want to get a tattoo in my back shoulder a quote....?
Where can I find pictures of good quote rib tattoos?
Am I fat, average, or thin ?? =)?
Where to get a cross tattoo?
i want to get a tat.?
What should i get tattoo`d behind my ear?
i want a baybayin tattoo!?
Tattoo artist questions?
Burning on skin from temporary tattoo?
HELP!! Need to find a good tattoo cover up for hands?
I have a pimple on my butt what is the best way to prevent acne butt?
This isn't my avatar it's actualy my photo.?
How long would it take to get this tattooed?
What should I know about an industrial piercing before I get it done?
Jeff Gogue appointment?
should i get a small religious fish tattoo below my thumb?
how can i prevent the sunburnt?
Beaufort South Carolina's First Annual Tattoo Bash! HELP!!?
Tattoos; tasteful or tacky?
would this be a cool tattoo?
What is the best daily face wash product out on the market?
Getting a thigh tattoo ?? opinion?!?
What do you think about this tattoo?
What do you think this quote tattoo?
how can i have a fair skin?
Would a wrist tattoo affect my career?
I want to go into Tattoo Art, but I'm scared of this:?
WHAT LOTION do you like??
I have bad skin...[acne, and marks] any tips? don't try to kill me now...?
I don't understand tattoos?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Getting a tattoo and need some advice?
What should I get for a tattoo?
tattoo apprenticeship opportunities in Virginia?
People with 性 tattoos, what you were told that it means?
Does any have a picture of trey Songz wrist tattoo?
How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
I am looking for a web address of a new spa in Ireland co. meath its called something like Berlanta House????
Am i fat? i am female 13 year old, 5'3 and 118 pounds?
What do girls like in a boy.Does it matter if he is built, like muscular, and does it matter if they are slim?
i wanna get two tatoos but i'm unsure?
Should I get a tattoo?
Do you lose your breast size when you lose weight?
How much does a tattoo the size of your palm typically cost?
why cant i get into my messager?
Lighten new tattoo that I want to keep?
how to increase hieght?
Where should i get a tattoo?
When i turn 16 i want more piercings on my ear, got any pictures that you could show me?
Is this a good song lyric quote for a tattoo?
PLEASE HELP :( I need answers?
Continuing a tiger half sleeve?
Tattoo of my son's name, with or without junior?
A good website for good arm tribal tattoos?
Is this a good tattoo to get?
I plan to get a tattoo...where should I get it?
Any home remedies for curing acne?
How can I change my body`s look in 2 months?
Is is abnormal to get your first period after age 13? (Girls Only)?
help!?!?!?!?!?!(for girls only)!!!!!!!?
It's National Tattoo Day! Show your pride and be proud of your ink! How many tattoo's do you have?
What makes Ponds Dry Skin Cream so good?
Tattoo on my foot? Help please?
View on tattoos? Good or Bad?
Estimated cost for tattoo excision 3 inches wide by 1 and a half centremetres high?
Help me with the name of the 3 ply carbon transfer paper needed for tatto stencils, Ive tried 3 times now.?
Can someone design a tattoo for me real quick?
What should I put on my tattoo ?
Should I get this tattoo on my hip or...?
Where can I get a good foot tattoo in Southern California?
I have a job interview and i need to cover my tattoo?
A quote for a Tattoo?
Committed to Tattoo Removal?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Inner bicep tattoo pain? 1-10?
would this be a cute tattoo ?
Tattoos and pain?
employment with a Tattoo in wrist?
lip piercing cost and other facts?
tattoo artist for my dog's white nose?
How to turn Dark skin to fair skin?
Realistic tattoo artist in Georgia?
how to pose like a model?
I know this is weird...?
Tramp Stamp Tattoo?
tattoo - numbing cream or no?
Is there any kind of creme that can get rid of dark spots?
Becoming A Tattoo Artist.?
? about a tattoo,befor i blow almost 1,200$?
Rate my Tattoo on the scale of 1 to 10.....?
What do you think of this tattoo?
how to prevent an infected/rejected bellybutton piercing?
I am a girl and I'm wondering what would be something funny that I could get tattooed on my ***?
Does anyone know a pro only tattoo supply ?
Does getting a tattoo hurt????
Father to son quote for a tattoo?
Nipple CBRs vs barbells? Can you still sleep topless with CBRs?
Tattoo advice......................?
Do you think a size 11 in juniors pants and medium in juniors are too big for a 16 yearold girl to wear?
White Tattoo is Blue?
what would you say if you saw a guy having a tattoo of rosary beads on his foot goin around!? no the ankle!!?
PLS suggest an effective bleaching recipe for me?
What's the best treatment for dark undereye circles?
is getting a tattoo a sin?
Looking for a tattoo pallor in Meriden or Wallingford ct?
Why do people freak out about piercings?
should i get this tattooo ?
Should I be allowed to get this tattoo?
what would you think of this tattoo?
What does the Tattoo MOB with a rose mean?
aight ladies tell me do i have the body for a model or do i need a lil bit mo work?
Doctors (or ANYONE just as helpful), Please Help...?
how can i get rid of cold sores in about 1 pr two days? is there something i can do?
How much should my half sleeve outline cost?
Is it true that the bumps around a girl's nipples means that she has had or lost a baby?
Where to get a tattoo at 17?
if i wanted to change a little red heart tattoo w black outlining into a little black star cud i do that ?
I got a tattoo on my foot on 5/17 and have had NO problems with it. When can I go running? Should I cover it?
Is This True About This Certain Tattoo?
Ladies where should I get tattooed?
New tattoo peeling with wrinkley skin on top?
I got a tattoo today do you think it matters that happiness is spelt happyness? ?
does using a machine make hair growback thick?
How Much would this tattoo cost?
do you thinks it's true that guys will choose a lightskin over a pretty darksin girl?
do many women have long hairs around the aureola?
Mushy, oozing tattoo please help?
best way to have a clean, spotless face?
First time tattoo, have a couple questions.?
How much would it cost to get an infinity sign and a diamond tattooed on my ring finger?
how do i get rid of very stubborn pimples?
Do girls prefer big arms or six packs?
Will a dark mark removal cream fade a tattoo?
About how long will my tattoo take?
Tattoo on front, lower abdomen/waistline on guys -- Gay or not?
Is this a good quote to get on my ribs?
Tattoo Sparrow or any cute ideas?!?
Tattoo shops in Puerto Rico?
If you got a tattoo of your favorite quote, what would it say?
Ideas for a motivational tattoo...?
Any tattoo ideas?
gettin a tat this friday on my stomach & chest but ive heard thats the spot were it hurts like no other ?
How mad would you be if your daughter got a tattoo??
my tattoo is backwards?
:)) :))) )))) i want a tattoo?
Somebody told me I can't get an epidural cause I have a tattoo on my lower back (tramp stamp). Is that true?
I want a tattoo, but i have a question or two...?
Is my foot tattoo healing normally?
Looking for new Tattoo artist, Anyone know pricings for Visalia Ca?
What tattoo artist in New York City (preferably Brooklyn) would you recommend?
Should I get a tattoo of Barack Obama on my neck?
Can i get a tattoo at the age of 16?
Why does Mederma make my face itch ?
quick tattoo pricing guesstimate?
You think tats on the neck is bad to get a Job?
do guys like girls with nose rings( the little diamond studs)?
bikini wax?
I want tattoo whit numbet 17?
What do you GUYS find the most attractive spot for a tattoo on a female?
Help- my ears are red and peeling, and not from a sunburn..?
How long should I wait after getting a tattoo to return to football?
Can you use hair removing cream on a tattoo?
What would you think of these symbols?
Tattoo hurting and oozing bigger scabs on the red color. Should I be worried?
insisto vestri somnium or vivete somnia tua for tattoo?
i jus recently had my tattoo retouched and it feels hard? does that mean wen it heals it will b raised?
does any one now how much this tattoo will cost?
what life mean without happyness?
Im getting a tattoo, help?
I have seriously dry, ed skin especially my lower legs what are so good ideas to slove this problem?
loose skin and a tattoo?
My first tattoo, I want to tattoo my ear?
What's your favorite part?
I was browsing the internet An I saw this lady getting tattoo eye liner Would that be a good idea?
Can you make tattoo ink from charcoal?
Should i get this tattoo?
who like tatted women?
If you get a tattoo when you're fat?
whats the name of this piercing?
Would you ever change for somebody you love. Honestly?
Does any tattoo shop buy/trade old ear rings and plugs?
Atttn Christians: do you think its wrong to have a tattoo and/or multiple piercings?
Can someone decode this tattoo?
does getting a tattoo hurt?
Tattoo on front, lower abdomen/waistline on guys -- Gay or not?
Piercings on my chest...microdermals!?
Do I have a Blowout? :(((((?
Tattoo at 14? Please help me!?
After you get your lip pierced and the swelling has gone down,?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo with out your parents?
If you are considering a tattoo, have you thought about your future interests?
Where is a good place to put a small tattoo?
Anyone know whats the best tattoo place in hull?
where should i get my infinity love tattoo?
Questions about tattoos ?
Foot tattoo ideas ?!?
What do you think of this woman?
What was your first tattoo and what will be your next one?
What would be a decent tattoo machine kit to get?
How can I convince my dad?
How much do you think it would cost?
How Much Does it cost to get your belly button pierced?
Can breast implants burst?
things about smiley piercings?
i need to find a website that sells ptfe or plastic labret studs for cheap?
what does having a tattoo on the back feel like?
removable ink tattoo?
Is this a Dumb Idea?
whats this type of tattoo?
How do you write my name in Arabic?
Is this a stupid tattoo?
Tattoo advice is VERY VERY much needed!?
do Venom bite piercings hurt?
what do you think of this tattoo design?
Will this tattoo permanently stretch?
If youre in your late 20s and you buy a face cream that is supposed to be for women in their 40s......?
Tattoo Ideas?
Tattoo idea save me if I'm doing something stupid?
ideas of tattoos that represents me and my 2 sisters?
Any over 60's with tattoos?
What is wrong with people??
im getting a tattoo on my wrist and i really want a cute quote?
i am cigarettesmoker now my lips are black i want to keep red for that what to do pls help me?
Why doesnt proactive work for me?
Easy, perfectly symetrical design gone asymetrical?
Should i get this tattoo?
how do you like seriously get rid of under-eye bags?
am i beautiful?
how to have beutiful feet?
can pearl powder be mixed with egg white to create an effective facial mask?
Should I have boyfriend or not?
High inner thigh tattoo - text?
Tattoo on wrist. Question?
I have dark color skin at underarms and bikini area, how can i get rid of it ?
What kind of nerd tattoos are best?
how much would a nose piercing cost in spain?
Im about to be 37 years old... How can I reverse the signs of aging>?
what do you think of this quotation for a tattoo?
I need a korean to help for a tattoo?
what symbol is Alexis Neiers' tattoo?
A Matter of Opinion - Camera Tattoo?
I need a honest but justified opinion on my tattoo?
What is the best way?
what do the different directions of carp mean?
Wheres a good place to get your belly button peirced?!?!?
about proactive solution dispute..?
Should i get my moms name tatted on me ?
What do you recamend for really dry skin?
Warm tattoo? Raised ink? Scabbing?!?
How much do you think that an all black tattoo of the number 13 the size of a quarter behind my ear would cost?
What kind of tattoo style is this?
How long do you have to wait to get a tattoo after coming off Accutane?
is there something wrong with being light skin?
How can I stop Bitting my nials? And stop smoking?
what do u think? NAME TATOOED?
What should I get for my first tattoo?
Can anyone tell me more about permanently covering up my tatoo....?
Easy 10! Best place to put a tattoo?
What is in black tattoo ink?
do your think this girl is 140 lbs?
I have bipolar disorder and i wanted to get a tattoo that sort of summed up my world?
Can you bring designs to the henna tattoo kiosks at six flags?
wheres the best place on the body for a tatoo?
What's the best anti-shine product you've ever used?
Ideas for couple matching tattoos?
What is the ghetto look?
GIRLS: what do you think about small arms?
Thinking about getting this Tattoo?!?
Will 10mm (00g) shrink back to normal if needed?
My husband thinks my feet are big?
What's this section of your body called?
Tattoo removal treatment?
i need your diet secrets. either healthy or etc.?
does getting a Tattoo hurts real bad? I heard that you cant/painful to have MRI if you have a tattoo!?
A side tattoo.........?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on inner thighs & hips ?
How long would it take to get a small tattoo of a heart on ur wrist?
What do you think of an inner thigh tattoo?
isn't raven baxter fat?
How badly would this tattoo hurt?
What is the point of a tattoo if it's not visible...?
Do you wash in a special order when you shower?
Tattoo Advice Please!?
do u like big beds?
how do i stop the itch after shaving?
what is dexafenadrine?
Can you get a tattoo under age 18? If so, where?
I would like to get a tattoo but what should I get?
What is tattoo ink made from?
What is the meaning behind the Little Red Riding Hood wearing wolf hide tattoo?
What should i do with my tattoo?
what is the procedure for a thigh tattoo?
Am I having a allergic reaction to tattoo ink?
What product is best to use on the bikini hair line?
which style is eminem bracelet tattoo ?
wheres the best place on your body to get a tattoo, that you can hide.?
Pimple! :(?
Should i be this puffy after two days!?
does it hurt?
How much will this hurt?
How do u get healthy and lose weight fast?
what do you guys think of this quote for a tattoo?
how long does it take to tan?
Designing my next tattoo, don't know what to do for the background!?
what are some good places to get a tattoo?
what is an effective way to remove pimples? i tried many products but nothings happen?
Do you think girls with tattoos is unattractive?
Does waxing hurt more than getting a tattoo?
Taking care of new upper back tattoo?
Where do you think is the sexiest place for a boy to get a tatto?
Do you thing I am fat?
what would be a nice short quote for a tattoo ?
Will eating a lot help me grow faster?
Tattoo's read on..... please?
should i lose my virginty with my bf?
What is this tattoo design called?
Does anyone know of the "Power Plate"?
how do you make prison tattoo?
When getting a tattoo does it hurt>?
Opinions on L'Occitaine?
*~AnOtHer tATtoO........~*?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
how do you get rid of bruises?
how can i have my face smooth? since i have some small scars...that i want to get rid of it? thanks?
I mean this question in a not perverted way. how do you loose weight in your chest?
Tattoo After Care??? Please Help!?
disk golf tattoo ideas?
Good tattoo ideas for sisters?
Just recently pierced my lip.?
views about tattoos on women?
I want to know where is navel piercing is done in Kolkata for females and what is the cost?
how old where you when you starting noticing acne/pimples?
Covering tattoos at work?
How to subside an acne in 6 hours time?
what do "crabs" look like?
For a tat - can anyone of you intertwine the zodiac signs...?
Hey do you have piercings anywhere?
Attention men!Would you prefer a skinny boney girl,or a girl with some meat on her?
i would like to get a tatto but i want sum ideas help?
I'm making a tattoo my self with a staple ink and pen and a lighter to heat and sterilize the needle?
Oily skin.. i need serious help!!?
Top of the line tattoo shops in Toronto?
how much do you think it would cost to get a tattoo of (with Pics) ?
Which is better sun block or sun screen, or are they the same? And Sp what is the one recommended to work best
matching tattoos me and my brother Any suggestions?
Really want a tattoo but will it fade?
Industrial Peircing On a thirteen year old.......?
How badly would you say a tattoo on your inner forearm would hurt on a scale of 1-10?
has any one been to a spa before?
should i get a tatoo?
hey do you think i should get a tatoo?
how can one loose weight from onli their lower bod?
tattoo advise and cost?
Im 15 I want a tattoo my parents are wiling to give consent I live in Florida?
What do You think of my tattoos?
Does anyone know of a clean, professional tattoo artist/parlor in Myrtle Beach, SC?
I want to get a tattoo for my baby.. IDEASSSS?
tattoo zoning in texas?
Is this tattoo idea cliché?
Rough price of this tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo at 16?
Do tattoo patches really work?
Can I go to the water park with my new tattoo?
Anyone with Microdermal Piercing?
i need to know about tokyos ink color in white?
I lost my son last year and I want a tattoo in rememberance of his little life. Any unique ideas out there?
Will my mom let me get a lip piercing?
Many questions about my first tattoo...?
What does this tattoo mean or represent (pic)?
what do you think about iron age tattoo in st. louis?
How long is too long to wait in between tattoo sessions for a large piece?
Tattoo question???? please answer:)?
micro dermal piercings?
what do you guys think about uv ink tattoos?
Is it true that mineral oil dries out your skin?
Small tattoo quote on foot?
How much would a tattoo this big cost in europe?
guys, how do you feel when girls have their lip pierced?
Tattoo Advice...Where would it hurt the least and good designs to get?
do guys actually go for skinny girls?
i want my tattoos colour changed, is that possible?
How old do you need to be to get a tattoo in england?
I'm considering getting a relatively small tattoo but...?
What's a tattoo symbol meaning in-sync?
Does the diet for teenagers only really work?
what do you guys do about tanning lines in bikini areas?
small bumps on my tattoo?
Help with Piercings and tattoos?
I have a birthmark of a lighting bolt on my the lower part of my leg near my ankle but perfectly aligned.?
What's the best brand of whitening lotion/gel for bikini line and underarm?
Is this normal for my tattoo look like this?
what can i use to keep my skin looking healthy?
tattoo help me please!?
How long before getting more added to a tattoo?
Has anybody had botox to stop excesive sweating in underarms?
where is the best place to get a crown tattoo?
About how long and much will it cost/take to get this tattoo done???
I used to use almay milk but recently I don't find it, what would be a good substitute?
my friend asked me this question?
(Girls) what do you think of guys who have a tattoo?
i want to know a product of garnier since i heard it is gud, to reduse dark spots?
How much would it cost to get this tattoo?
lacoste red?
What is josh franceschis tattoo of?
Inside of thigh too painful for first time tattoo?
what is the best tattoo for a 16 year old girl?
Tattoo cover up help please?
whats the best way to shave your legs?
where should i get my tattoo?
Do you think tattoos on girls are sexy or not?
sun burn how to take it off???
Where should i have this tattoo?
should i get a tounge percing or ear percing?
i want to get a tattoo of someones name but everyone is against it, any ideas on how to do it secretly.?
How do I soothe this winter itchy dry skin?
Do you think this would make a good tattoo?
Millions of dollars are spent on sun tan lotions each year. What is the perfect color for humans?
how to fade dark spots on african american woman?
Question about tattoos??
What do you think about the hip piercing?
I have a few questions about this tattoo that I wanna get...?
What does this tattoo mean? (picture)?
wat is it about latina girls guys find attractive?
is this a good idea for a tattoo?
Have you ever admired your body nude? how do you feel?
Vibrating razors.?
Which technique is best to remove blackheads, Tools (which i don't like) / Strips or FaceWash.?
Tattoo quote for remembrance?
how to get rid of facial thick black hair on girls face?
how do i get tattoo licence?
how do i get rid of my boyfriend??
Tattoo to cover up scar?
What do you think of this tattoo design? What should I do to improve it?
okay so i am going to pierce my lip or my friend is going to do it for me, so i need to know the most info pos?
question about piercings?
Do microdermal piercings on ypur ring finger come outt easily?
What are some good tattoo ideas for a teenager?
Will blue tattoo ink turn green against brown skin?
how does chocolate whiten the skin?
How to make your teeth whiter?
How many of you actually like your boobs?
need help on getting rid of zits i had been eating junk food for a month but not any more help me plz??!!?
What about this design for a tattoo on my foot?
Tattoo Care? (Back of the Neck)?
i'm getting my first tatt this weekend.......?
rainbow soaps?
Where should I put this tattoo? Forearm or shoulder blade?
Any opinions on places to get a good bikini wax in Raleigh, NC? Good staff and reasonable prices.?
I got my first Tattoo last night?
urine can remove scars??
How can you feel sexy and foxy when you are almost 7 months pregnant?
Is asking your tattoo artist for a touch up insulting to his/her work?
Question for tattoo artists?
A relative of the guy I'm seeing is giving me a complimentary facial. How much would be an appropriate tip?
I want tattoos but also to save up for a house.?
uh I just seen a preview of ink masters on spike tv... are they,really going to tat dead bodies?
Dermal Piercings...Canada?
how can i clear dark spots from my face?
Where can I find this product "Revlon Vitamin C Absolutes Oil Free Radiance Lotion SPF 15" in Canada?
what is the absolute youngest age that YOU would allow your daughter to get a tattoo?
Would you make a piercing or tattoo on your body?
has anyone tried that new weight loss herb Hoodia? does it really work?
What's your opinion on getting your name tattooed in another language? (PIC INCLUDED)?
Im a 13 yr old girl, should I get a tattoo or piercing?
What "foreign" language/symbol is best for tattoos?
i dont no if i should get a tattoo or not and i dont no what to get!?
Do you have or want any tattoos?
How do you feel about this tattoo idea?
What tattoo should I get?
Austrian tattoist called POGO?
What,kind of tattoo shpuld i get?
I have my tongue pierced and removed the barbell and Im wondering will the hole in my tongue eventually close?
how to maintain our face glow?
i have really oily skin?
I know getting a tattoo hurts but what kind of pain??
What is plastic surgery at all?. Can it be done on a long healed wounds?.?
I want a henna tattoo?
Cartilage Piercing Earring Size?
What to do I have a belly ring and am going to the doctor?!!!?
I need help hiding a tattoo?
Is there any way to get rid of moles on your face?
Help me I need tattoo ideas?
need help on tattoo idea? 10 points?
If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why?
Has anyone had tattoo removed?
girls please...this is about loseing some of the fat on my sides...?
Should a straight male shave his chest hair?
Designing a Tattoo...Need Some Ideas!!!!?
Which tattoo should I get?
what's the point of having a tatoo?
If you hate tattoos so much why.........?
Which of these should be my next tatoo?
What should I have tattooed above my breast?
When will the itching stop?
what is a good tattoo idea for my aunt that has passed away?
Are you pretty?
How to tell my parents I got a tattoo...?
Which body shape n size is the sexiest lads?
.How to make my skin fair and remove dark circles in a natural way?
Who here has had electrolysis? Does it work? On what parts ?
i am a gay and i want to know how to hide my male genitiles very very well without suffering pain from it?
my nails aren't growing......?
What is the most sexiest body part of a female? explain why?
how much does a tattoo hurt?
How do you tell if you're pretty?
Fruit Mask!?
me and my sister want to get a tattoo but don't know what to get?
Planning on getting a tattoo?
How often can you get tattoos done?
I am looking to get a couple tattoos, the first a quote and the other a flower?
What would you call a tattoo shop?
Designs for an animal welfare themed tattoo?
What is the best way to ensure you don't break out with zits?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Any of you girls have any ideas for a tattoo?
I need small tattoo ideas?
about a VCH piercing?
What do you think of this tattoo?
how to get rid of acne?
Pimple like spots around new tattoo??
what tattoo for my children?
How long do i have to wait to we my henna tattoo?
I want to get a tatto?
Getting my tattoo done at a house...?
symbolic meanings of tattoos?
does bio oil really fade acne scars? how long does it take to fade if i use it?
what is something that is similar to a sun and moon tattoo that i have that would go well on my other arm?
Red itchy bumps around my new tattoo?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
How much should I tip my tattoo artist?
How much do you think it would cost?
Tattoo Sleeve Design?
change name tattoo into something?
How do i get rid of pimples caused by testosterone DHT?
How to I get rid of a pimple that WONT go away for months?
please help!?
Advice on getting a new tattoo?
would this cream work as a numbing cream for during tattoo process?
Very swollen tattoo.. Help!?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
Would it be ok, to get another tattoo at 16?
How long would it take to get an outline of a rose on my ankle?
Redness around surface piercing.?
Does a Tattoo hurt?
HOW to clean MY NEW tat!?
tragus piercings; needs advice on this; a little worried but, wants someone who has it done to answer. thank u?
Getting a tattoo after Spray Tan?
Rememberance TATTOO for dad?
how much do tattoo's hurt?
How much does the classic Heart /w Banner tattoo cost?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Jergens skin smoothing cellular renewal lotion on tattoo?
Does a lip piercing hurt? more than a tongue piercing?
My mother thinks that I'm overweight but I'm only 130 pounds and I'm 18, what should I do?
Can my scar be tattooed over?
My Friend need help???
What is the best facial cream for a black woman who is not dark living in Europe especially in winter?
What is the font of Rihanna's "Shhh..." tattoo?
Is the black-light ink that is used in tattoos photosensitive?
Are Tattoo's Overrated?
Can freckles appear/disappear overtime?
Dog paw tattoo? reasonable?
Question about this tattoo?
every time i shave ma legs i get dots all over. how do i get rid of them??
Anyone know the name of the tattoo artist who inked the tattoo of Michelle Aston, the model (and porn star!)?
Suffers from Persistent Acne Only?
Would a tatoo hurt on my wrist?
Need tattoo ideas on a quote below neck, my fiance is getting it....(read more)?
help me i really need it. tattoo question?
My dog is critically ill, and we don't have much longer with him. I want to get a tattoo in his memory.?
Why is my tattoo not saturated with color?
Guys what do u think about slightly plump women??
Where should I get my tattoo?
When should i switch to lotion for my tattoo?!?
how much do Tattoo Artists make? per year.?
Would it be stupid to get a tattoo in another language when I only speak english?
hows this design for a tattoo?
17 and want tattoo? Where in Edinburgh area does it or near?
Is this a girly tattoo?
Visible tattoo while working in a hospital?
how long will a tattoo like this take? how much will it cost? and how bad will it hurt? this is it below?
Meaningful Tattoo ideas?
If you are 15 can you get a tattoo if you have a parent with you?
First Tattoo I just got!!!!!!?
How can i get skin shining?
how should i take care of my tattoo?
a meaningful tattoo quote, please help?
How much does a Scorpio tattoo cost? And some good designs please?
How much will this tattoo cost approx?
can i get purple or blue to cover up a black tattoo?
how can i make my skin lighter?
colors to put in this tattoo? graffiti?
should i get my tong pireced?
Does shoulder tattos hurt ?
Semi - permanent eyebrow tattoo?
Don't you have to ask for parental permission to get a tattoo under 18 yrs old?
Tattoo rash help please.?
why do i need a transformer in make a tattoo gun?
what do you think of mary kay products?
Quote ideas for antique heart locket tattoo?
brides with tattoos covered or not?
Should I get a lower tummy/ bikini line tattoo or a lower back tattoo?
Does it hurt getting your ear pierced at the top?
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
I got a black henna tattoo!?!?
Bar soap vs. body wash?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
where are some body piercing shops near dallas& lake isabella?
Can you get fake scaffolding piercings?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo behind your ear?
How much do tattoos really hurt?
Tattoo age laws in colorado?
acne troubles?
i am of brown complexion.i want to look fairer. plz answer!?
I need help thinking of a tattoo!?
Do you think I should get a Tattoo to cover my scars?
How badly would you say a tattoo on your inner forearm would hurt on a scale of 1-10?
Reputable tattoo parlors on Long Island, NY?
how do you?
What are the meanings behind Christopher Drew's tattoos?
Where would be the least painful place to get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost in a local atlanta place?
what tattoos do you have?
Whats the best thing to use on a tattoo after just having one done?
Does anybody have the matching puzzle piece?
flat stomach?
What did yOur first tattoo feel like.Also what was it and the story behind it?
Curious about tattoo removal?
Opinions on young females having a sleeve?
Would a barbie doll tattoo be stupid to get on my side of my stomach?
does anyone want to know the best way to get rid of the burning sensation from a sunburn...guaranteed.?
What "style" tattoo would this be? (image)?
I got my ears pierced a week ago and they hurt really bad. Should I be worried?
How can i grow my nails fast??!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If I get a tattoo on my back, how the hell am I goning to get healing cream on it?
Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist that I can get to commission a drawing for a tattoo idea?
Exp w/ Laser Hair Removal - and UCLA Institute of Laser Medicine?
Do you have a tattoo?
Where would be a good place to get this tattoo?
would you get a tattoo of your boyfriend 's name?
i want to get a tattoo of boston?
I would like to have cosmetic surgery?
Is it safe to get my lip pierced again in the same spot?
How can you get it covered up what would you have to do to get it covered up?
Should I get a tatoo on my boob?
Whats the appropriate age for a tattoo??????
are tattoo parties legal?
What is it with young women and those stupid tattoo's on the small of their backs??!!?
I read an article on "ash" between the fingers of a black man. What is "ash"?
Snake tattoo pattern meanings?
Where to get tattoo???
How painful is a tattoo 1-10?
Navel piercing .... working out? hardcore workout?
Tattoo text across chest?
Have you ever heard of this TATTOO being done?
Can fake tan cause cancer?
Giant, red, infected pimple under 2 year old tattoo?
how much would this tatoo cost?
at what age did you start to get wrinkles?
Discrete nipple piercings?
Is the henna i have been mixing for tattoos safe?
I'm about to get my first tattoo but I have a few questions.?
Reggae lyrics for my tattoo...?
Heavy blistering from laser tattoo removal?
Hip or Behind the neck tattoo?
how can i get fairer and thin?
What was your first tattoo?
I am looking for contact info for "Time Factor" age defying complex.?
I have normal size bre ast but my are real like p o rn stars and a but like Jennifer Lopez am I hot or not?
what do you guys think of these tattoo sleeves?
what is a great pimple remedy that works overnight?
Hi, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo?
i have always my lips dry ,what i should do.?
has any1 got any gd ideas for a tattoo lol random?
How to make a tattoo gun?
Are you supposed to shave your toes and legs before you get a pedicure?
guardian angel tattoo and need quote. help?
What do you think of this tattoo design?
what are some good tatoo ideas about getting through hard times?
Is there a product I can buy that will get rid of acne scars?
scabs on tattoo. It has been way too long for this to still be there?
How Can I Make A Roman Numeral Tattoo Look Unique?
Will a tattoo affect my chances of becoming a US citizen ?
Teens and tattoos????,?,????
How will getting a lip piercing effect me and my job?
How to decide on a tattoo to get?
where on my body should I get a tattoo?
Is my tattoo healing properly?
Around how much would this tattoo cost?
how do you get rid of backne?
Ive been told I'm gorgeous without piercings|tattoos, is that true.?
Is is okay to wear a tank outside with new back tattoo?
problems with parents n tattoos?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
I want a tattoo but my family hates them?
anyone know were to find any good tribal tattoo designs ?
What should a person eat daily if they want to lose 25-35 lbs by the middle of August?
If u could be one of these things what would u b and why sexy,rich,talented.?
I was wonder if a tattoo going across the bottom of my back???? PIC INCLUDED?
What do you think about my new tattoo?
Tattoo on back advice? Thanks?
I want a tatto i live in the uk how old do i have to be?
I can't find this tattoo ANYWHERE. ):?
Need help picking a tattoo.?
Stretchmarks - am I ugly?
Has anyone used the Proactiv skin cleansing line?
a good tattooist in the north east of england to do a koi sleeve design on my calf?
ladies only...about getting a tattoo?
What age did you start puberty?
tattoo is not what i expected...?
Tattoo? Im confused about it. 10 points to best answer!?
What to wear for a hip/side tattoo?
I am looking for 1 1960 Graduation Ring from Bay Ridge High School, located in Brooklyn, New York?
Tattoo : all good things are wild, and free or Everything happens for a reason?
If I print a pic off the internet and take it into a tattoo place...?
I want to get a tattoo of Vic Rattlehead?
tattoo behind my ear?
Good place to get tattoo of my grandads name? I want it to be not too big?
What do you do?
What's a reasonable age to get a tattoo or eyebrow piercing?
what are some tattoo ideas you guys could give me?
who is the richest person in india?
I was shaving and I scarf my face?
What type of Laser equipment do the Doctors use to remove the tattoos?
Anyone know a good site to get a dragon tattoo?
Gaelic Tattoo- phrase?
How to remove a tattoo naturally?
tattoo quote i came up with?? is it good?