What are your views on piercing baby's ears?
Rendezvous Tattoo and Body Piercing?
Would it be odd if I got a tattoo of a tree on my hip?
Is polynesian tattoos just like a tribal?
build you own real life size doll (Part 2)?
Why cant everyone be atractive?
which tatto should i get?
My tattoo is leaking a lot of fluid after shrink wrapping two days after I got it done ?
How do I tattoo myself?
What do you think of this tattoo design? Should I get it?
can we use deodorants and perfumes at the same time.?
Whats going on with my tattoo?
do you like my new tattoo?
my acne in right side of my face when I get red..blush or ...?
is there a product available that is a sunless tanner...?
How much would a tattoo like a cross and wings cost?
should i get a massive pair of angels wings tattooed on my back?
Do I need my parent there when ever I get another tattoo at 17?
getitng a tribal tattoo?
Where is a good tattoo place in Sydney?
What font did ryan sheckler used on his chest tattoo?
I think I officially know what tattoo I want and where I want it? Thoughts?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo about her baby brother that just died but I don't want her to?
Dog quotes that would make a good tattoo?
I have a serious question...Do Tattoos Hurt?
Details about getting a tattoo.?
hey girls over here...?
Ideas for a tattoo? Help? ?
With a parent present, can you get a tattoo at the age of 16 at the Jade Dragon Tattoo in Chicago?
Tattoo help, from people who actually have gotten a tattoo?
Getting a Tattoo on my leg?
Where can i get a template on the internet of rosary beads for around the ankle?
Why is it hard for some people to forgive and continue in love?
Would a lip piercing go with my face? [pictures included]?
Tatto sleeve questions?
Do you think this is a good tattoo to render to ?
Tanning lotions?
How do you get rid of blemishes on your face?
I'm considering getting another tattoo?
does anybody know any websites where i can create graffiti and print it?
what tattoo quote should i get?
tattoo parlors in new jersey that will give fifteen and older tattoos with parental concent?
Which Contact LENS are best?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
Tattoo ruined my life, I feel as if I'm not the same person anymore?
I have a bit different idea for my graduation.?
Is this a scabbing tattoo or what's wrong with it?
are there any tattoo places in chicago that will let me get a tattoo at 17?
What do yo think with women with tattoos?
What is the best moisterizer to use with SPF 15 or above?
Getting a tattoo on the side of my arm?
i DON'T INTEND TO BE RUDE BUT I PREFER no Tatooes & no body piercing--except ears.?
how do i get rid of stretch marks??
Will "jowls" go away if you lose weight?
Do you think it's trashy for a mom to have tattoos?
If I lose or put on weight will my tattoo be streched?
who are the two people on fred durst tattoos on his chest?
what part of a girl's body you would think is hot to have a tattoo?
if anyone of you watched the view today or is watching please answer?
Tattoo ideas for a teenage girl?
hi im jamie i got a tattoo done a week ago and was just wondering how do i know if it has healed?
where can i find this font for a tattoo?
Do you think i'm too slutty?
im getting my first tattoo do you think it will hurt more since it's on my breast ?
Can anyone recommend a skin product that they have found that diminishes wrinkles?
how do i become fat??ive tried everytin..plz help me im 175 cms and jus 60 kgs help me?
why do guys kiss a girl when the girl is mad at him?
This is a question pertaining to cheek piercings and those who have cheek piercings?
In General, about how much would this tattoo cost?
Help design my tattoo?
Do you put one of those cute little stickers on your body when you tan?
What do you think of tattoos on wrist?
trying to find an artist to do my tattoo?
what is a orgasm i dieing 2 now?
What Can I Do To Clear My Acne?
Tattoos on a psychologist? Your thoughts/opinions?
Why people get tattoos?
I feel all these skin care products like sunscreens, moisturisers actually harm my skin ......?
Can anybody help me find a picture of the large tattoo on Friar Laurence's back in Romeo + Juliet?
Come on then, time to show off?
is it really necessary to be slim to attract a boy?
anyone used Arbonne clear advantage system for acne? What did you think of it?
Where's a good part of the body to tat a number?
Stomach/rib tattoo ideas?
What is your honest opinion about this tattoo?
Which Should I get?..?
Getting a piercing/tattoo without parents present (I'm a minor..*ahem*..obviously)?
Cheek Piercings - Can I change to shorter bars myself or should I go into the tattoo shop?
What is the best way to get a flat toned tummy?
Can someone please confirm what the chinese symbol for karma is?
Script chest tattoo ?
how can a girl enlarge her breasts naturally?
can anyone tell me what is the official site for Guinot in the UK?
How much should I save up for a half sleeve tattoo?
is there a site for like chinese/japanese tattoo names like say example missy there a site that shows its symb
Aftercare for Tattoos: What should i clean it with?
Any tips for getting rid of bikini line razor burn????? All tips please!?
Difficulty in taking out the ring from my finger. What should i do?
What should the subject line of this email be?
Blackbird on back of neck tattoo?
How can get back my original skin color?
ideas for inner bicep or inner forearm tattoos?
Plz help me out very important 10points!?
What should I add to my tattoo to make it more meaningful?
Where would you get these two tattos?
Ihave drk hair and my underarms are always shaved but it doesnt look that way how can i solve this?
i have black spots on my back and the doctor says its nothing serious but i want to get rid of them but how?
Whats the best light summer perfume?
wats the difference between being thick and being chubby?
How much would a small simple tattoo like this cost, on average? (pic inside)?
Is it a bad idea to use numbing cream for a cartilage piercing?
What is a pretty biblical quote to put as a tatoo on my fore arm?
whats the best place for a female to get a tattoo?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your hand? The soft spot between your thumb and index finger?
How to creat a tattoo/art portfolio?
Can anyone help me with a tattoo quote?
What exercises can I do in order to have nice butt?
Tattoo at 16 years old?
what do you think of this tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo next sunday and i'm getting it written in Sanskrit but having a hard time deciding what..?
Caucasians, Asians and Eurasians only: If you had a Eurasian child, what do you want him/her to look like?
Where is it best to get a tattoo?
Tattoo/Mole cover-up for wedding.?
where can i find a lotion called dream-matte?
how i can cure my acne & pimples effectively with minimum time possible?
tattoos sleeves?
What design could i have for getting a lucky tattoo?
Any opinions on Joann's Day Spa in Augusta, GA?
I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow at 10am i think i did something wrong?
Where would you get this tattoo?
Best self tanning cream in the UK?
Wanting to get a tattoo on my chest need a 4-6 word quote?
Girl with skull/flower chest piece tattoo. Who is she?
why is my skin under my tattoo scabs wrinkly? are they going to go away?
Can you type me up any info about sweat?
Need help adding to my first rose tattoo!!!!?
How much does a henna cost?
Getting a foot tattoo today?
What happened to me after sugery?
im looking for a good tattoo place in london.?
is my tattoo normal? am i doing looking after it correctly?
Is there a correct way for a tattoo to face?
Do u think getting a tattoo threatens ur ability to go and see the man upstairs????
Honestly, how painful are tattoos on the ribs?
Will this tattoo hurt a lot? And will it stretch loads if i decide to have babies in the future? (pictures)?
Im 13 nd i have had my tattoo since last saturday night and some friends think its fake because its peeling!?
pimples on my face?
I am not able to increase my weight ,suggest me something to increase my weight?
To people with tattoos, was it hard to get a job with you having tattoos on your body??
help! wats the name of this kind of tattoo!!!?
Okay, is there any permanent way I can get my upper lip done, and I won't have to do it again?
Where should i get this tattoo?
question about my new tattoo?
Do tattoos hurt when you get them on the upper half of the arm?
I NEED TATTOO HELP GUYS ..?????????????????? PLEASE?
Tattoo? Upper Back? Life Change Symbol.?
Do a tattoo hurts?????
Why does ink from a tattoo pool under the skin and does it ever fade away?
I just broke a bottle of handlotion?
how deep does a tattoo go?
Tattoo on leg - hair removal?
What's going on with my tattoo (pictures included)?
How do I sell my beauti and spa products overseas?
Ideas for a tattoo with the Acadian flag and British?
Can anyone tell me if it is more painful to get a tattoo right above your ankle bone, or .....?
why do they say a girl with a tattoo on her lower back is not a virgin?
Dark batman quotes for tattoo?
My new tattoo looks, faded, dry & ed. The lotion I am using has petrolatum and cetyl alcohol, is this bad?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
Where can I get a henna tattoo in Kansas City?
Is it a no-no if you bring pre-made tattoo to get done?
tattoo question? (sleeves)?
What Does A Heart On Your Wrist Mean?
I am a small woman a nearly A cup at 21 years old. Is there still time for me to develop breast?
What colour eyes do you have?
is it true that you cannot have sex for the first 6 weeks when you got the tattoo?
Likas papaya soaps?
Do these go with these words? Tattoo?
Have you or would you?
Question again about the redness left by acne?
can i get a tattoo at 16 in the state of north carolina?
tattoos + alcohol helppp?
How bad does a rib tattoo hurt?
why do people have such a problem with girls and tattoos?
If I want to not tan whenwalking on sunny days do I use suntan lotion or does it just make me tanned evenly?
I'm looking for a real cool tribal dragon piece for the side of my torso. Thought anyone?
Tattoo of 10 months looks scaly, ed and too dark! *Picture*?
getitng a tribal tattoo?
Help with my horrible skin?
can fat people skinny dip? and if so, why do they name swimming in the buff 'skinny'?
What is this tattoo/symbol?
Where can I find some cool zebra or leopard print tattoos or designs?
Lung cancer tattoo for mom?
What one looks better for a tattoo??
Will a radial tattoo on the outside or the "cap" of my shoulder hurt alot?
how can i give my self a homemade tattoo?
If a girl were nicknamed "cross country buns," what would that imply?
i was to get a tattoo on my neck that is one word and represents the christian faith. any ideas?
Where should i get this tattoo?
how to incorporate multiple names in one tattoo?
Where should I get my feather tattoo?
Tattoo fading but only the black why?
Help with ideas for a tattoo for my mum?
Finger Tattoo Pain Level ?
Ramessess's Shadow in Memphis, TN?
What Does Nicki Minaj Tattoo Mean?
Healing Up my Face?
Is it ok to get your legs waxed if you have a tattoo on your leg?
how much does a tattoo hurt ?
how 2 get ride of pimples.?
Can you help me pick a tattoo?
im looking for a creative tattoo idea to do with family, any ideas?
Do you like to smell yourself (because it's stinky)?
Can you give me names of tattoo parlors in Glasgow, which don't ask for i.d?
Need Tattoo Advice for arm/forearm?
Any suggestions for a temporary tattoo that lasts for a couple of months?
do guys actually like chinky girls?
Can Nurses have Tattoos?
Tatoo artist screwed up..suggestions?
How much this tatoo would cost?
Hmmm....Still in an A cup.?
while taking up xando block and burn before meals, is it safe to take slimming tea?
i want a pelvis tattoo? ?
Are black ink tattoos actually removable?
Who can be my tattoo designer and partner with my clothing label?
tattoo questions people have before getting one?
If a girl loses weight does her breasts get smaller too?
Japanese symbol tattoo placement?
i want a tattoo that will fade. how can i do it?
where is the best place/sexiest (in a girls pov) to get a tattoo on a guy?
small star tattoo distortion?
What are some cute piercings i can get?
When i turn 14 i plan on getting a tattoo is this smart or Not?
lose weight?!?!?!?!?
I just got my rook pierced, when cleaning it the hoop moves from side to side, is this harmful to the piercing
Tattoo idea?... on my foot!!!
how can i make pimple scars lighten or disappear??
is it gay to get a paw print tattoo on the butt cheek if you are a man?
how bad does it hurt to get your nipple pierced?
what is the best way to remove blackheads from ur nose?
When does aslyum tattoo in latona ky open on saturday?
Do you have any tatoos? How many? Where?
Are stars on a guy considered gay? im thinking about getting some stas around my moms name on my chest?
Do scars tan in the summer?
Why the plastic in plastic surgery?
is it gay to get a paw print tattoo on the butt cheek if you are a man?
would my tattoo fade if i get it over summer?
whats a good tattoo to get about someone you love ?
tanning skin?
I need urgent help, please? Ps: Girls Only!!!!!?
How many of you have only 1 tattoo, and will never get another one?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
What is the most over done tattoo at the moment?
what are some cool verses from the bible for a tattoo?
Whats your opinion of state outline tattoos? like this one.
What do you think is going on?
Do most woman naturally have figure like spain guitar especially at waist and hip side,or it was built ?
Should I get a tattoo or is it a bad idea?
Outer Limits Tattoo & Body (Costa Mesa, CA)?
I put Nivea on my day old tattoo, will it still be okay?
My body rejects all piercings, will it reject a tattoo?
Is it okay to have acne scars?
I'm getting my first tattoo next Thursday. I was thinking about getting it on my foot, is that a good idea?
What is your opinion about tattoos? Particularly on women?
Having my first tattoo soon and I want it to be a well known lyric that resembles the loss of a love one,help?
Is this normal to weigh this much at this height? Does it consider me fat?
Looking for ideas for my new tattoo...awesome people feel free to help :3?
Should I get a tatoo?
tupac tattoo..not his face ;)?
What do you think of this short quote as a tattoo?
I need to know fast please!! What would u say "deadly and dainty" means?
First tattoo queries?
how do you deal with blackheads?
HELP???????........LIFE or Death....please read...?
In your opinion, where is the best spot to put this tattoo on?
Small tattoo of a cross....Advise?
im getting a tattoo on my back what does it feel like?
Will I look ok with a nose ring?????
how are belly piercings and tatoos?
any piercers or people who know a lot about piercings out there?
What type of tattoo should i get?
tattoos and aging. if you have tattoos how well did they age?
How would I look with a lip piercing? (pics)?
what should i do in order to reduce my pimple?
Should I get a sexy lower back tattoo or is it a bad idea?
Tengwar Tattoo Help ?
what are some good body lotions that really make your skin soft?
Does anybody know every single tattoo Johnny Depp has?
So I seen this one tattoo on Avenged Sevenfold's Zacky Vengeance?
£300 for this tattoo?
Should I shave my mustache?
what tattoo should i get?
Do you like blue, green, grey, brown or hazel eyes?
Did it really hurt u when u got ur TATTOO?
Can a parent sign for a tattoo for me if they are not my legal guardian?
How bad would a tattoo on the outside of my wrist hurt?
Finding a tattoo that symbolizes these meanings:?
where lies a person's sex appeal? man and women?
Finger tattoos, fading, size?
Girls, I need your help!!!Skin Situation!!!!?
give some beauty tips for oily skin?
Should companies be allowed to not hire people because they have tattoos?
What do you think about Oxygen Bars?
Does anyone knows a web site for a diet pill called adepix that you don't need a prescription and doesn't cost
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
will taking a vicodin before a tattoo help block out the pain ?
Opinions please? Where should I get my tattoo?
in the uk, can you get a tattoo at the age of 17?
How long does it take for a tattoo to heel ?
does anybody know who does the best script tattoos in Oregon?
Which quote makes more sense to get for a tattoo?
Part of my tattoo is possibly a blowout - is it really worth getting fixed?
Anyone know any recipes for homemade facials?
should I get a 'shhh...' tattoo on my right or left hand?
Tattoo on my ring finger ?
what are the uses of tea tree oil ?
What is in black tattoo ink?
how long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Tattoo!! (PIC)?
how should i approach a guy who is working with me as i like him but is scared coz i m married?
why does one armpit smell when the other one doesn't?
how do you avoid blemishes and blotchy spots?
Where should I have my tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo of a quote or phrase?
If I get a tattoo on my back...?
as a black woman, how do i clear up dark spots on my face?
When i turn 18 i want to get this tattoo how much do you think itll cost me based on your knowledge?
So any thoughts on this angel tattoo?
any yamy snacks??
is this normal for navel peircing?
Tattoo advice needed?
Male tattoo???????????????
do u know anyone who make tattoo or piercing in egypt?
Is getting a tattoo like getting repeated shots?
Do inner helix piercings hurt?
What would be a good firework tattoo? ?
How much would this tattoo cost on my forearm?
how does tanning oil work?
how much does it cost to get a tattoo and piercing?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Alitol - Freckle removal?
fast why to get rid of acne????????????
Is it difficult to manage contact lens?
Is my tattoo supposed to look ed and very dry?
Moisturizing questions for brand new tattoo?
tattoo idea help please.?
Do they make glow in the dark tattoo ink?
Letting my 16 yr old get a tattoo.. right? wrong?
Should I get a stud or a ring when I get my lip pierced?
Is it ok to put suncreen on everyday no matter what?
I'm looking for herbal skin care for my oily face, what do u suggest?
How do I choose a design for tattoo?
What do you think of paw print tattoos ? (picture)?
i want to find a nice design of the letter c to have as a tattoo?
What words or phrase should I get tattooed?
how can i clear up my acne without acne medicine?
What type of tattoo should i get? Do you have one?
can lighty scratching a new saran wrapped tattoo mess it up?
Opinions on tattoos in the workplace?
i got the lonestar beer armadillo tattooed on one side of chest what should i get on the other?
I like both of these tattoos, but I 'm not sure. Which one do you like better?
Getting a job with knuckle tattoos?
Do you know the formula of a beauty cream from the middle east that can make you whiter and smoother?
What products are good to use after getting a bikini wax for irritation?
guys only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how come boys get to take off there shirts & girls dont???
How much should you tip a tattoo artist? ?
which should be worse.?
Pornstar with two stars tattooed on her hips?
i'm thinking about going to the pool today.....?
Is there a really great lip balm that isn't tested on animals?
How long do polynesian tattoos usually take to get?
How to get pale?
how many hours do u think this tattoo will take? pic included?
help with sunburn?
I'm wanting sleeve tattoo could use tell me if use know any tattoo designers?
What do you think of my idea for my next tattoo (description inside)?
how can i get rid of pimples fast????
shaving gel or soap???
Would this tattoo be offensive?
ultimate tattoo ink can u shade an make colors brighter an darker with it?
I have a fat friend and i want to help her loose wait, what do i do?
Any last-minute tricks to stop a zit as it is forming?
I'm 15 and getting a tattoo...?
What's best? Small but natural boobs, or large but fake boobs?
how do u stop ing ur nuckles?
Can I wear lazier tag gear it I just got a tatto on my back?
Is there a website online or maybe someone here who can make a design for me?
small wrist tattoos.?
Will my henna tattoo get ruined if I go swimming?
Thinking of getting another small tattoo, where and what should I get?
I would like if somebody can tell me who is manufacturer for SALON BRONZE -As seen on tv product.?
I am looking for a place that does the spray on air brush tan, not the booth kind, in the dallas area.?
How can I make my armpit smooth, fair and free from hair?
How bad will a inside forearm tattoo hurt?Please I need advice from those who have tattoos!GIVE ALOT OF DETAIL
I am 16 and have four tattoos...3 on my right arm and one of my left you think it is too many?
Getting a tattoo in a month...?
How much would these tattoos approximately cost?
New tattoo? What cream do I use ?
Does dr numb work good on tattoos ?
Do you think tattoos are ugly?
What do you do when your underarm skin is darker than then rest of your body?
Does anyone regret getting a tattoo?
Ladies: should a well-muscled guy keep his body hair, or go smooth?
Would you ever get a tattoo of your partner's name
Does anyone believe that Belgian girl slept through 56 stars tattooed on her face?
how much should i pay for this tattoo?
What art materials do you use for making tattoo flash sheets?
can brown ink cover a black ink tattoo on if im darkskin?
Eyebrow or lip piercing for a guy?
i need help on this tattoo ?
WIll a tattoo cost me a job?
HELP huge SCAR on MY face?
I understand when people get tattoos of their kids' names, but why do people tattoo their own name on themslvs
For those who have had tattoos (or know people who have), how bad does it hurt?
how much would this henna tattoo cost?
Can you help me decide a tattoo for a leg? ?
Can I have advice for losing weight the safe way.?
Would it be weird if I got a born this way tattoo?
What does the three dots tattoo mean in sweden?
Tattoo help please and thank you.?
How painful is it getting a tattoo on the upper back?
benzol peroxide?!?
What is the next fantasy you are expecting in your life ?
little help on tattoo design?
Im getting a chest tattoo?
Why are some people so against tattoos?
What are tribal tattoos?
what are the advantages of milk to the skin?
Why do I smell like a tuna fish sandwich that has been rotting?
I'm getting a txt scripture Tatto and have two tattoos I want?
tattoo pain on the pec just next to arm?
Hey, I get my tattoo about a week ago, the peeling is going out, and the color is not there WHY?
Upper thigh tattoo on a woman?
Long or short neck?
What is up with the purple color under my eyes?
What do you think of this idea for a tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo?
getting first tattoo! :DD?
English women or Italian women?
Guys, what would be a hot tattoo for girls?
what is acetone?
Places in Indy to get a good tattoo?
my sister is almost taller than me, should i b sad?
is a tattoo of my girl friends name on my fore arm a good idea?
what type of tattoo should i get?
How much does a tattoo up the side of your leg hurt ?
If i am at the beach and Im swimming in the ocean, and a wave takes off my top...what should I have done?
Do you have to be Mexican to get a day of the dead skull tattoo?
Looking for suggestions on tattoo's I would like to get one to represent me and my sister?
do breast implants feel hard or get hard or do they feel natural?
tattoo wrist bracelet cover up?
My daughter wants a pubic tattoo. Is this some new fad?
How to maintain the love for your partner/spouse when he/she ages and doesnt look good anymore?
What lotions and soaps can you use on a foot tattoo when it's healing?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost me (pix included)?
what type of tattoo should i get?
Does anyone know how to remove blackeads? tried all of the conventional stuff.nothing works and they comeback?
I want a tattoo of my name ( iesha azona )in Hewbrew. Can anybody translate it or tell me some free sites to?
How do you turn a sunburn into a tan?
opinions on this please?
Where shall I get my Tattoo?
tattoo in memory of sister...?
Guys what is ypur favorite piercing on a girl? ( do u like tounge rings)?
laser tattoo removal small tat how many more sessions?
Should I finally pierce my ears?
can i get a tat at 13 with parental . but do i have to wait to 16.?
what is the best treatment for curing pimples?
suggest me a proper cream 4 my skin?my skin is too plz suggest?
When you get a tattoo and then lose weight..?
HELP!! i poked my tattoo with a needle and i think i messed it up?
Has anybody done bellydancing before? is it good for toneing im starting classes?
Should I get my nose pierced?
which tattoo to get? HELP PLEASE!!!?
I want a steampunk style tattoo, where is a good place to get it in SF?
Tattoo quote - 'Always brothers, always a family' - Yes/No?
Song lyrics for tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo over excema?
If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be/say and where would you place it on your body?
Cheryl Cole's Thigh Tattoo?
How can I make my nipples longer?
How easy or hard is it to have a tattoo redesigned if u dont realy like it anymore?
Any good tattoo artists out there?
What's the tattoo on Chester Bennington's right shoulder blade and antecubital space?
How can I loose wieght in a month? From size 14 to size 10?
do you have any tattoos and are they sore to get?
what are Rapeseeds Linseeds?
Is a 2% salicylic wash safe on my tattoo?
Around how much would a sentence long tattoo cost?
What is the best way to remove dirt from under fingernails and toenails?
Cancer inspired tattoo?
How/where to find "sweet spot" for septum piercing?
Do females prefer to be carresed on the a** or the chest ?
Can ANYONE find an image of the tattoos Darren and Yoji tattooed on each other from an episode Miami Ink ?
I am 21 years old male.I usually dont go out in the hot sun.even then my face skin has become tanned.Explain?
Thinking on getting septum pierced?
Where can I buy microdermal jewelry at?
I am going to get a tattoo. But what to get something that means something to me. This image I think means mot?
Does anybody know of a tattoo parlor in N.Y.C. area that does henna tattoos?
near 14 year old - tattoo?
Tattoos on hands interview at petsmart?
Tat on forearm, will it cost me a job?
looking to get my first tattoo...?
need ideas how i can cover this tattoo?
If you're going to get a tattoo..?
Will an orange, white, blue color tattoo fade if it's on back of kneck?
My pimples are of cystic type, meaning it swells really big, hardens with puss inside...what topical treatment
Can you still be sexy even with flat chests?
what do you honestly think of my tattoo? [pic included]?
Tattoo : all good things are wild, and free or Everything happens for a reason?
Would you say there are nice, religious tattoos out there?
Tattoo Ideas? Anything helps?
tattoos good or evil?
i have a problem..?
I want a tattoo of a dreamcatcher... But where?
Cute places for tattoos?
is it bad to put too much A+D in my tattoo?
do you like men with or with out tattoos?
i want a portrait tattoo of my son where can anyone reccomend?
Dermal piercing location?
Tattoo ideas that represent overcoming addiction?
If you had to get a one word tattoo. What would it be?
i have lil bumps on my thigh and its not ingrown hair nothin serious it just bothers me wat can i do?
Thoughts on tattoo design?
tattoo modification from 1sq inch to 6 sq inch????
Professional career and tattoos?
how do you get sharpie off skin?
What do u think about my tattoo idea? (pic & info)?
Do these tattoos look like a set now Ive edited them?
Cool Inner wrist tattoos?
Can I touch up my white ink tattoo with black ink?
i was out in the sun light all day yesterday, and now have a terrible tan! what can i do to get rid of it?
Tattoo ideas please ?
Are foot tattoos a good idea? I want a Quote?
does anyone know any tattoo shops in boone north carolina?
What are some good quotes for a tattoo?
Can a nurse have a tattoo?
Would this be a cool tattoo?
Is this a horrible place to get a tattoo?
Im thinking of getting my 1st tattoo, BUT im scared it will really hurt bad so could someone describe the pain
ideas for a tattoo!?
do tattoos honestly hurt?
Tattoo question?
Wat is the best lotion around♥?
Painkillers before a tattoo?
HELP! I have a sweat problem!!!?
I'm considering getting another tattoo?
What image is overdone/ overused?
Oh my gosh!!!! View inside.....?
stuck on were to have this tattoo?
Models and tatoos ??..?
i have really dry skin and no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of it...any help!!???
i need help on a tattoo!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!?
Death before dishonor tattoo?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
Do you have any tattoos?
Questions about mendhi henna? HELP! plz!!?
What are some good, whitecolar jobs you still can get with a wrist tattoo?
I hate wearing bra's!!!! the're soooo uncomfertable!!! What do you suggest!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
i need a tattoo idea?
What are some good self tanners??
is there a tattoo school in cornwall, canada?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Perth, WA?
how do you make a good facial mask for combination skin?
Anyone with multiple conch piercings?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Is there a tanning bed that gives you a tan that last's over a month?
Tramp stamp?
wheres the best place to get a tatoo?
what is a good idea for a tattoo for bestfriends (a girl and a boy)?
tattoo modification from 1sq inch to 6 sq inch????
dangers of apricot scrubs?
I lost the ball on my tongue barbell how soon can the hole close?
big fish tattoo in jamaica queens prices?
Opinions on this tattoo please?
how much would this tatoo cost?
How much tattoo ink does it take to create a tattoo?
Where can i buy tattoo ink in springdale arkansas?
there anyone can tell me which one aid for pimples can really work when you apply to the pimple area???
what are good tattoo ideas?
My first tattoo on the shoulder ?
1-10, nipple piercings?
chest hair manly or not?
Im looking for a tattoo sleeve i seen once b4, Have you seen it ?! please help !?
numbing cream while having a tattoo?
how much would this cost on average?
I just bought Aquaphor Healing Ointment for my tattoo is that the right one?
How do you shrink or cover up ugly scars on your arms?
Do you like tattoos....?
Is this tattoo possible?
Bahamas next week - how can I cover up my new tattoo?
Is witch hazel used for washing your face daily?
i want to get a tatto on my lip?
How can I become a tattoo model?
HELP, white tattoo starting to look yellow?
is it normal to be 13 years old and have NEVER in your life had a BOYFRIEND?????
can u go to the gym after u get a tattoo done?
Ladies please rate my poem on a scale of 1 to 10?????
How do I protect new foot tattoo from work?
How can I removed my tatoo,with havn't scares?
how would you react if you woke up in the morning and suddenly as if by magic all your tattoos had GONE?
medusa and dimple piercing scarring and healing?
which font do you like better ?
Ideas for a tattoo? Help? ?
I need a design for a Turkish flag tattoo?
how do you prevent your hair on your legs growing back slower?
Am I Too Short? Or Am I Just Right...?
Ideas for a tattoo representing adventure? ?
Need ideas for Chinese symbol tattoo down side?
i have got my first tattoo today, plz suggest me what precautions should i take now...?
I need some wicked ideas for my character's tattoos...ideas?
What is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
looking for a petrolium free sunblock (please don't write to say - clothes)?
Websites like BMezine?
Want a 7 day creation tattoo?
how many girls of have tattoos?
(MEN) question about tattoos on women?
Where is the most painful spot to get a tattoo?
Is 18 the legal age to get a tattoo in the uk?
tattoos for brothers?
How small can a tattoo be?
job with facial piercings help?
If a skinny woman were considered to be beautiful,how come some fat ladies look even prettier?
What is the best way to get rid of acne, besides "Proactive"?
Rate your underarms as..?
What are some body piercing places that are cheap in the LA area.?
Need ideas of what i can add to my ribcage tattoo HELP?
What would life be like if your nose had taste buds?
Am I under weight?
Do anyone know any good sites that have good tattoo designs?
Is it okay to go swimming when your ears are pierced recently?
does the tatoo removal cream "fadeplex" really work?
What makes tattoos so special?
Tattoo design suggestions?
Tattoo idea help! Half Sleeve to full sleeve conversion!?
do girls like tall pale guys?
Questions for people who have tattoos?
HOW DO YOU GET RID OF DRY LIPS? i've tried like everything!!?
Will I ever be able to log on to Answers and not have some teen or pre-teen asking if they are fat?
How best to relieve tattoo pain?
Anyone know of some tattoo places in Maine/New hampshire that use UV (blacklight) ink?
How many people like tattoos?
Does any one know what happened to Hooligan tattoo?
Is it a bad idea to get a matching tattoo with my best friend?
What Is A Good Natural Product To Use To Keep Skin Healthy And Clear?
Do You Approve Of Tattoos?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
should you get a facial the day before your wedding?
iwant chubby cheeks.what i do plz help?
tattoo how bad are they?
How do you get rid off dark underarms?
Why are people so judgemental about tattoos?
Do you believe everyone is created equally??
Need help with my tattoo!!?
tattoo on small veiny skinny wrist?
My turn on is comfort/tracksuits etc... am I strange or just different??
Where can i find a picture of a tattoo that was done on Miami Ink?
I'm always cold, even if I don't feel it. I touch my hand sometimes, and boy, is it cold! Help?
how old were you when you went on your first date?
how do i get it in and make it hurt lesss?
Tatoo survey! even if you dont have one answer!?
where can you get a tattoo at the age of 17?
What tattoo/s do you have?
Is it possible to tattoo over scars?
would getting a tattoo on the inside of your elbow or on your wrist hurt more?
Is Dragonhawk tattoo ink safe?
Tattoo idea please help?
i want to get a tattoo done, how much do they hurt?
Do physical therapists have to cover up their tattoos?
I'm having a lot of pimple in my entire back and some in my soulder caps, is there a way to treat it?
Has anyone ever sucked your toes before?!!?
What is the most memorable tattoo you've seen or currently have.?
what do you think of this as a tattoo (pic)?
I want my tattoo removed?
I am a heavier set girl, what are some good places on my body that I can get a tattoo, and it still look nice?
Piercing/tattooing your pets?
Proper care for a new tattoo?
Keloid removal in SF Bay Area?
i dont have pimples but my problem is dark spots at my face. what should i do?
Where can I customize my own temporary tattoo and have it sent to me?
Είμαι υπερήφανος για να είσαι γυναίκα (Greek), does it mean: I am proud of being a woman?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Should i get my boyfreind name tattooed on me.?
Opinions on my new tattoo?
How bad does a wrist tattoo hurt?
Why does my foot tatoo feel so tight?
what to add to a dragon tattoo?
does Tracy's body piercings do tattoos?
Toung ring - kissing, eating, talking, oral?
New back tattoo and bra issue?
Do you prefer.......?
how do you get rid of blemishes, dark spots and pimples?
Does veet work good/as long as they say....?
can you use TAGADERM 3M on a new tattoo?
Why does it seems like nowadays teens or young punks get tattoos just for the coolness of that certain design?
I wanted to get a tattoo with 3 questions mark?
Tattoo with Parental Consent?
Where can I go to get an airbrush tattoo in NYC?
Will they give you a tattoo while you are pregnant?
Will a ribcage tattoo stretch?
I just got my first tattoo.......?
Why they say tanning makes you get cancer?
I have been wanting to get a tattoo done at inkstop tattoo in manhatten does anybody kno the pricing for them?
Foot tattoo after 3 weeks?
What do you think the Shhh... tattoos really mean?
why doesnt every girl just get breat implants?
Phrase or Saying for a tattoo?
Arabic tattoos/ideas?
Is 13 to young to get a tattoo?
Making a tattoo and need some help?
Tattoo and Piercing schools?
TATTOO HELP!!! (Tattoo artists preferably)?
getting a tattoo..painful?
How much does a full sleeve tattoo from corey miller cost?
I just got my nose pierced today i wanna know if its ok. please help. i'll be giving best answer.?
does it hurt when a girl hase sex 4 the 1 time?
Anyone know anything about corset training?
To all the pierced and tattooed people...anyone ask weird questions?
Where should I get my first tattoo at?
kanji symbol for perseverance?
What do men truly prefer?
What does a spider on the hand mean in prison? And does anyone know a site that has prison tattoo meanings?
what does seborrhea of the face look like and what causes it?
My tongue is bleeding after getting it pierced?
I am 110 pounds but I feel im so i make myself throw up cuz of guys can anyone help?
how much would it cost to get a music note tattooed on ur wrist?
If you wanted a tattoo what would you get?
Am I fat because i asked this question 2 days ago but....?
How could I quit biting my nails?
Why do people get tatoos?
What piercings does BackStage Tattoos & Piercing Rock & Roll Boutique in the palisade mall do?
how do you clear acne(pimples)?
Tattoo Removal Question's?
Whats the heaviest wieght you can be to be a model?
How bad does an tattoo on your right ankle hurt?
What does a bird inside an open cage tattoo mean?
Where does Hollywood Undead get their tattoos done?
Is this collar bone tattoo trashy?
Where on the body should a person get their first tattoo if they're not really into tattoos?
I have a crush at my school and I don't know if he likes me the same way what should i do give up or ask him??
What do you think of my tattoo?
how does it feel to get a tat on your chest?
What do you people think about this for a tattoo?
I have a huge day tomorrow, but I can tell I'm getting a zit. Any hints on stopping it in it's tracks?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo studio in the Halifax/Huddersfield area?
Do people realize you limit your employment opporunities dramicly change when you get a neck tattoo?
Suggestions for my daughters name tattoo?
I need help about my boobs.?
A seven deadly sins tattoo?
Do you like this girls text tattoo?
Tell me your "How I got my first tattoo" story?
Arabic writing is very pretty to me & I liked to get " No pain is forever " for a tattoo .someone translate ?
Peoples tattoos?
Tattoo infected -> color faded -> When can I redo it?
What is the best way to get rid of teen acne?
Questions about potential tattoo.....?
Which is better on girls? chubby or slim figure?
How i keep my skin glow ann fresh?
How much would a Tattoo like this cost?
What kind of self-tanner works best?
What inspired your tattoos?
how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Im designing my tattoo up now and its a comdey and tragedy mask...?
What are some ways of getting rid of acne without the trouble of leaving your own home?like to get medications
Why are older guys always looking at me! Im just 14!!?
im 21 but hav a brod face can u help me? i have gone 4 face toning but still wating 4 the results.?
have anyone got their gotten their belly pierce from oni ink tattoo?
guys: do you mind girls with tattoos?
does snow add to common depression?
Is tanning in a tanning booth bad?
Why are women shorter than men?
Cheek Piercings - Can I change to shorter bars myself or should I go into the tattoo shop?
What does the a neutralizer do on nuverderm?
piercing your lip?
I want a ambigram tattoo track and field related...Any Ideas?
15 year old & a tattoo?
Getting a new tattoo?
Possible tattoo idea, what do you think?
where and how should I get my son's name tattooed?
tattoo on left or right wrist?
how can I learn to accept all the mistakes that I've done in my life? tattoo I regret, scars?
My new tattoo I got this morning?
How painful are they?
why are my ear lobes bleeding?
Loreal Stomach firming patches, do they work?
someone told me olive oil, can make breast firmer is it true ?
I would like as much information at i can get about laser tatto removal?
What are things that define you that you chose to get tattoos of?
Question about tattoos and getting one drawn up ?
In what part of men's body are you attracted the most... pls cite atleast three and rank them...?
Is size 7 considered big for a woman 5'7"?
Painful bleeding pussing abcess/boil on bellybutton piercing for the 2nd time PLEASE HELP ME! :'(?
im a 15 year old girl and i want a tattoo done?
What is a good first tattoo for an 18 year old girl to get?
Suicide quotes for a tattoo?
i want a meaning full tattoo! help?
any tattoo shop in nyc needs a tattooist I've been doing tattoos for 6 years?
when doing a tatto why does my shading fade so much its with all colors and all needle types?
breast ogmentation- I want double d's?
cant even get a tattoo or lip ring?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
arm tattoo question:about how much would a tattoo this size cost?
I need an idea for sister tattoos?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
is it true that cold water helps loose weight? or does it help gain you gain weight?
Good female tattoo artist in Toronto with reasonable rates?
what is the best way to improve complexion?
Tattoo? I'm planning on getting my first tat...?
Why do some many people who seem to hate tattoo's spend so much time on this website?
The word "Passion" ..?
What are some tattoo ideas for.....?
Good Tattoo Ideas for the Quote "For Those That We Love, and Those That We've Lost."?
Should we get friendship tattoos?
Does this sound like a nice tattoo?
do the buttons on your shirt pop under the pressure of your breasts?
How can i get rid of Acne scars?
Do tatooes hurt?
How much would it cost to get a neck tattoo?
how to make a fake tattoo?
People copying my tattoo - I dont like this wrong?
2 questions?
just had a new tattoo anddd...........?
I want the word "warrior" in arabic as a tattoo. HELP PLEASE!!?
do you tip tattoo shop owners?
What brand of tattoo ink lasts?
tattoos ideas for the back of my neck?
Tattoos and teaching?!?
Does grin and wear it in lakenheath freeze before facial piercings?
getting a tattoo on my foot?
tattoo on foot & shoes?
Would guys like it if i get a tattoo of a set of udders on my back?
will zebra tattoo pierce me?
HeLp i Pluck My mostache By a Tweezer But The area still Look Green and there is Dots of hair so how remove it
My new tattoo!!!!!! Opinions?
Stretch 8g to 6g is painful?
foot tattoo?
Estimated Tatoo Cost?
Would a 17 year old be able to get a tattoo (In the UK) with parental consent ?
Which would you rather have? Tattoo, or piering?
I'm a 16 year old female with my ears pierced and I want to get two more piercings but I'm still iffy, help?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice design for a small tattoo of a thistle?
This question is for guys....?
Ideas for Neck Tattoo? I want all possible ideas before i commit to just one.?
Is it possible to change an n into a t on a tattoo?
What are some really cute piercings to get that dont hurt that bad?
How old do i have to be to get a tattoo in alabama, because i am 13 and i want to know the age limit?
I want to be tan again!!!?
i need help with a tattoo idea.?
Are tattoos a turn off for guys?
I need a tattoo idea / help?
Does that body wash thats supposed to make u tanner really work?
Can i use gentamicin sulfate cream on my infected tattoo?
Tattoo quote ideas help!?
Can you get tattoos done at the age of 17 in the uk if you have parental permission?
tattoo design to honor soldiers but not being in the military?
Are you pleased with your body, would you like to change something, or are you blessed in all aspects?
did the sun ever shine where it shouldnt have shone?
Lip Piercing Question!?
Do you paint your nails black?
Tattoo Question.?
What does the nautical star mean?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Teenager getting makeup tattooed on?
Can you bring a design like this to a tattoo artist?
Alright, here's my tattoo question!?
Red bumps around month old tattoo?
i really want a tattoo but scared about the pain?
How do I get a six pack?
How much would a sleeve tattoo be?
what side of the nose do women get pierced?
Inner lip tattoo pain?
How do i get rid of bags underneath my eyes?
A Tattoo to help me stay positive..?
Is a speedo sexy on a man ?STRAIGHT LADIES only please.?
How big of a chance is there that my tattoo will stretch from being pregnant?
What piercings do you have?
i need a good up close picture of roy keane's tattoo i need to c all the detail.?
Who's pierced their own belly button??
I got a tattoo and apparently it's healing very fast. Would penicillin affect this?
men only whats your oppinion of a girl that is fat but has a very cute face?
opinion needed - getting a tattoo thursday?
is banshee a boy?
What is the meaning behind this tattoo?
Why is a baby's skin so soft when compared to an adult's?
what is the best acne products available?
What are peoples opinions on full back tattoos on girls?
Where's The Best Place To Have A Tattoo?
What does that little black teardrop coming out the corner of the eye signify?
What can I do to tighten my pores?
What are some of the dumbest tattoo's you've ever seen??
Possible Blink-182 Tattoo?
Poem Tattoo Placement Suggestion?
Im getting a tattoo plz help!!!!?
gals:1} wat are razor-bumps exactly??2} is it safe to nair or veet d pubic area??
Do guys like piercings on the face?
What are some good lotions and/or sunblocks to protect a tattoo from fading?
what part of the body do you look at when you meet someone? Be honest?
My ear is bleeding after attempting to insert tunnels? Please help!?
Should I just find another tattoo artist?
People overly nosey about your tattoos?
Can u use INDIA INK to do tattoos?
how can i get a nice tan, without all the self tanners?
What is the phone number to talk to someone in customer service? I am very unhappy with my order.?
Who is the Sexiest lady in the world ?
oil + face = zits!?
How much does getting tatooed hurt?
Is it safe to stretch with tapers?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
Help me out with this tattoo idea.?
what else could i include in my first tattoo? help design ideas please?!?!?
What are the chances of getting disease after tattoo?
can any one suggest the best way to get rid of dark circles ,i spend lot of time fornt of comp soplsuggestna?
What is the best way to remove mole without surgery?
Flo from bad girls club?
stretching up to 7/16 with tapers?
Tanning question!?
I'm 21 & want to be a worship leader. Should I get a wrist tattoo?
is it normal for ink to come out of a 1 to 2 day old tattoo without picking or anything?
Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
I have heat pimples on my face . wad shall i do to get rid of it ?
Just got a new tattoo, what is wrong with using sunblock?
When is my tattoo supposed to start flaking/scabbing?
For those with tattoos..what kind of job field do you work in?
Why if people don't have anything even remotely nice/relevant to contribute do they read tattoo questions? ?
It's my first tattoo.. I want it on my hip or a right under the back of my neck?
Tattoo dedication to my uncle who passed.?
What tattoo should I get?
Do you have any tattoos you regret?
what goes good with a lion tattoo?
where to put a small tattoo?
Best tattoo studio in Portsmouth, UK?
fungal infection on face?
Will Tattoos make my Forearms look less toned?
Can you go tan after a new tattoo?
Which is the best part of a female body????
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
Why do people worry so much about having an 'original' tattoo?
Celebrities and skin colors: want example of fair and medium skinned celebrities?
just for the women:?
Anyone else have an ankh tattoo? what does it mean to you?
How to put in a seamless ring?
What is your opinion on septum piercings?
Am i that unattractive? Dont be too mean please.?
Do you severely over use the word "like"...."I was all like"...and " he was like"....
Very oily t-zone...?
Could I get some ideas for my wrist tattoo?
What do you think of women with...?
My tattoo smells strange. Why?
do any of you guys know any bleaching creams that WORK for skin discoloration? ive tried everything so far.?
I am 13, and my mom forced me to get a permanent tatoo. I hate it.?
Do you shave your legs?
BIg BuTT or SmAll ButT?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Chicago area? First time tattoo, probably in black and gray. $ not issue?
Dose any tell me where is the best, good tattoo place in Irving or Dallas, tx?
What do women find sexy about tattoos?
I hate my tattoo- should I go back to the artist or someone else?
Does one of your parents need to come with you..?
Why is the color of my skin on my hands different from the color of my skin on my face?
would this illusion tounge ring work?
What technical art skills needed for tattoo artist?
hey do you think i should get a tatoo?
My Deoderant Doesn't Work That Well? What works best?
What would you think if your teen age sons goal for after High School was to be a tattoo artist?
Guys, Do you think this is a good size. 36-28-38 measurements?
Can someone tell me where this peace sign design is from (tattoo)?
which one is better salisyclic acid or benzoyl peroxide?
japanese style rooster tattoo?
what is considered heavily tattooed for a 17 year old?
My arms and my face are all sorey since I landed in Canada three months ago, what could have caused it?
Why do people who clearly don't like tattoos comment in the tattoo section?
Does sun block stop u from tanning?
I am looking for pictures of saturn for a small colored tattoo I'd like to get.?
Does a facial mask really help you?
what should i expect?
are you considered fat if youre 5'3 and 125ibs?
Tattoo advice please?
where would be a good place to get my mans name tattooed on me?
Sunless tanning?
Does this girl pull of this septum piercing (pictures)?
Ears Stretching help!?
what do side tattoos feel like? do they really hurt that bad?
who is the sexy actress in world?n what is her address?
Where should I get this tattoo?
how old do you have to be to wear makeup?
Getting words tattooed down spine, opinions?
What shud i do to maintain my health?
Should I get this tattoo?