Wrist tattoo, need help with ideas?
is it TRUE that supermodels EAT NOTHING MORE THAN A SALAD everyday just to stay thin????
i'm going to get this tattoo... so just rate it....... girls onli?
What does the Tattoo MOB with a rose mean?
Tattoo pain level in a certain spot. Please help.?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
I have a big bump on my thigh with pus coming out when i squezze it. lots of white pus come out. im scared?
I'm 12 and I want to get my belly button pierced...Suggestions?
where to find good mermaid tattoos online?
Archangel wings on a guy?
Is this tattoo okay for an actress and dancer?
What do you think of piercings and tatoos??
how can u do yourself a homemade tattoo???
i just got a tattoo?
Will my tattoo affect my future theatre employment?
How can I get rid of dry skin?
What is the first thing the esthetician needs to do before examining the client's skin?
best friend tattoos lol help please?
Tattoo is itching VERY badly!!! Please help!!!?
Is it illegal for me to get a tatoo?
Tattoo symbol meaning Beauty?
I you were getting a sleeve tattoo?
Wat is the best female deodrant?
what can i do to quit eating so much? im trying to lose weight,,,,?
Why do we seek for beutiful bodies? and what are the consequences?
When can you get a tattoo in Long island,NY?
So I wanna get a tattoo, but I can chose where..?
I have a fat friend and i want to help her loose wait, what do i do?
Is it hot on girls or trashy?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo?
How old do you have to be...?
i want to diminish my blemishes on my face i have olive color skin?
my n0se peircing?!?!?!help!?!?!?!?!?
is it good to rub tomato slices on your face?
I need information about my tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tatoo in delaware??
wowwww i love how people are so rude.?
What can I do to make waxing less painful?
I'm young and thinking of getting a tattoo. But will this affect my chances of getting a job in the future?
how can i make the pimples/acne on my face go away.have done every thing,but still it wont go.even seen doctor
could you get a tattoo on your inner wrist?
i have a question for girls that have their Cli* peirced?
Where shall I get my Tattoo?
I got a black henna tattoo!?!?
I am going to get my first tattoo, any ideas?
I am getting married in a month?
Tattoo costt pleaseeee!?
do u have any?
Thinking about getting a tattoo?
How much does a side tattoo hurt?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
What are essential skin care tips for new brides to be?
1950's Pin Up Girl Tattoo?
so how bad do tattoos hurt, really?
What should you do for dry skin on the face?
who's the worlds fatest person on planet earth?
Do you have to be from VT to get a tattoo?
Where could I buy the cocoa butter honey?ü?
What do you think of this quote for a tattoo?
where can i get a tattoo in La Puente?
I'm trying to save for my first tattoo. How much do you think I need for a tattoo like this?
What tattoos should people just not get?
cover a green dragon tattoo?
why is it that almost all of asian girls are hot?
Should I get a white ink tattoo?
My gf is too much concerned about the brownish color of her face.?
Rib cage tattoo on a GUY?
Tattoo at 16 years old?
Who does good PinUp Tattoos In Orange County California?
Running and week old tattoo?
how can i shape my nails rounded if it is square shape and short?
My sister feel guilty of piercing her daughter's ears.?
Is the inner wrist a good place for a tattoo?
what do you think of this tattoo?
What to wear when getting a tattoo?
If I have a tattoo on my arm do I decrease the chances of getting a sunburn?
Before i use it. What exactly does a mask do for you?
What is your idea for a tattoo sleeve for me?
Help picking a tattoo?
tattoo gun sterilization how it is done and how to get experience using one?
do you think having a tattoo is a sin?
I'm sixteen... I want a small cross on the back of my neck. Appropriate for my age?
Where o the body to have a tattoo?
Tattoo removal sites.?
How long does scarifaction take to heal?
How do I get rid of my dry skin?
Fresh tattoo, going to tattoo?
where can i find a lotion called dream-matte?
What should i put in my tattoo portfolio?
Any home remedies for bug bites?
can i put color over a black/gray tattoo?
Which Soap is the best... that Smells really good with lots of perfume?
how can i take the top hair off of my lip without paying a lot of money?
what kind of piercing is it called when you get metal in bedded underneath your skin and it bulges out?
Should I get a tattoo over my self harm scars?
Who Has the best body out of jessica simpson, carmen electra, or jessica alba?
what is the most you have spent on one tattoo?
I need good tattoo quotes?
Tattoo Question! Thanks?
How long will this tattoo take?
i have got pimpels in my back. i wanted to getrid off. what should i do?
I'm 25 and I have fine lines, dark cirkles and somewhat dry skin around eyes. Which product should I use?
Are my legs sensitive to shaving?
I want to tattoo eyes on my lower you think that's weird?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo?
I am using "Riche Creme" by Rocher and it is quite rich. Could you suggest any substitution?
Is this a good first tattoo?
Is armpits hair such a disgrace that almost all girls are shaving or removing them?
Tengwar Tattoo Help ?
Do you think the lovely tattoos young girls have on their lower backs are cute or are is it a turn off?
What do you think of this?
How have tattoo shows affected the industry?
Why do people get tattoos and weird piercings?
What are the best kind of breast implants to get?
on a scale from 1-10 how much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your rib?
Will a tattoo reduce the feeling of touch on the skin?
Legal age for a tattoo?
What tattoo should I get?
Good place for a quote tattoo?
Do breat implants look good on anyone! Would my husband like breast implants??
tattoos on girls?
hygiene prcautions to tanning?
would you rather have 20 zits on your face or have 20 scars on your face?
Im getting a mass effect tattoo. im gettin the n7 but i also thought getting tali underneath it or maybe keela?
I am looking for a location near me that does body wraps with excellant results, I live near South Bend, IN?
I am considering getting my Boobs enlarged?
is it wrong for me to copy this tattoo?
what about this tattoo?
To all tattoo artists How much will this tattoo cost
military tattoo at 17?
I would like to know the name of a good alcohol free astringent?
Is there a body type that tattoo artists prefer and prefer not to draw on?
In Need of the Skin Fairy!?
how to get more fairer(i mean facial)?
how do i get fairer complexion?
Where can I find pictures of old people with piercings and tattoos?
How much would this tattoo in price go for (link with picture included)?
Someone else wants big boobs + a hollywood smile,+ someone to pay 4 it. I want....?
tattoo placement suggestions?
Best piercings? Pros and cons?
Help with my tattoo design?
Is it bad that im addicted to tatts and piercings?
Is shaving your armpits a guy?
Has part of my tattoo blown out (ink bleeding)? or dont?
Help with new tattoo care?
Ville Valo sleeve?
Is it okay to wear socks and shoes right after getting a tattoo?
Will getting off birth control pills (TriLevlen) cause my face to breakout?
Does Dr. Numb work on tattoos?
a memorial tatto for my mom?
A tattoo to remind me everything is going to be okay?
I get these sunspots (white spots that won't tan) when I tan. What is it? Can I get rid of it?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Why do people get there name's tattooed on themselves?
how many hours do u think this tattoo will take? pic included?
Any Great Sword Dragon tattoo?
WOMEN-Do you prefer to have your eyebrows waxed or plucked and do you do it or a pro?
Do you shave your whole leg or jusr below the knee?
Is getting a tattoo really painful?
Is there ANY way to get a tattoo when youre 16 in the UK?
Does anyone have a cool Wrist Tattoo idea?
Should I get a tattoo?
What does it feel like getting a tattooo on ur stomach?
13 and short plz help?
Hip Piercing!? What should I use Surface Piercing or Microdermals?
i wish i could be sexy as others..what is the right way in dieting...?
Rebandaging tattoo before bed?
i need a tattoo design?
I only get acne on my scalp. Why?
What is the best womens underarm deodorant to use?
what wrist should i get my tattoo done on tuesday?
this isn't a real tattoo... yet. what do you think?
what are some awesome tattoo studios in london?
how can i cover up my tattoo?
How many holes are too much?
Inner lip tattoo ideas? ?
is it illegal for a 14 year old to have a real tattoo?
I got a finger tattoo when I was on vacation it's been a lil over one week it is peeling and underneath....?
I'm in uni now,hoping to become a vet/doctor/some type of animal research.can i get a forearm tattoo?
how much would three one inch cat paw prints cost on my collarbone?
Do men like women with a Brazilian wax?
What is the best color for my tattoo idea?
What is the best way for a guy to get rid of back hair?
my girlfriend hates the fact that i have a uni-brow. i dont think its that bad, but she cant stand it.?
Placement for a Pin-Up Tattoo?
I really want to get my ear lobes pierced,but i'm really scared if it's going to hurt or not. ,?
What's thre best place to go tanning?
i need tips for skin?
how do you feel about women having hairy armpits? turned on, turned off, don't care?
What do you think of the tattoo i want? no one i know likes it? is it really that bad.?
Why are tattoos so frowned upon?
I have just started my tattoo apprenticeship.?
Tattoo irritation?? Tattoo redness..?
does nair hair removal actrually work?
Where's the best place for a woman to have a tattoo?
tattoo idea for a guy?
First tattoo... Help???????
Girls only please.. What would be your first thought..?
what type of tattoos do guys like on girls?
tattoo and period?
how do you delete this tattoo?
Tattoo Shops Near Omaha or Council Bluffs?
I want a small, behind-ear tattoo symbolizing my life long struggle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome...suggestions?
im gettin a tat this afternoon?
Is it ok to become a TATTOO ARTIST with NOT VERY MANY TATTOOS?
How Long Does it Take to Remove a Mole from the Nose, and one from the face?
Planning on getting a tattoo?
I think i have a big butt for a guy; i want to know what you women think!?
Suggestions to a good tattoo parlor in NYC?
Does anyone know the meaning of Ryan Phillipe's new tribal tattoo?
Thinking about getting huge angel wings on my back?
How much does a henna cost?
Does this represent tattoo culture?
I work with this guy who's starting to give off some seriously rank body odor? Any suggestions on how to get
Love is patience or Patience is Love?
Where should I get this tattoo?
what do you think of this for a tattoo?
I am a 14 years old girl. My height is 6 feet and I weight only 120 lbs. Am I too skinny ?
What makes us feel refreshed after a bath or even face-wash?
i am 17 .want to know how can i increase my height.?
What does this writing mean in this tatto?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo on the bend of your wrist?
One of my dermal hip piercings looks like its infected ):?
Should I get this tattoo? ?
Has anyone had laser hair removal and has it been permanent?
were can you buy the do it your self henna tattoo kit?
Id like someone to draw a tattoo design for me in colour.?
Why are lower back tattoos considered slu**y?
Would this look good? (pic)?
Over moisturizing my tattoo? Possible? What to do?
How much do you think a peacock tattoo would cost to put on my side?
i need to know more about tattoos!?
I really regret my tattoo?
im 5' and 103lb do i need to lose weight?
What's the MAXIMUM amount of time you should have henna in the fridge?
How much do tattoo's cost exactly? E.g. a tattoo across the forearm?
how can i soften my dry rough hard feet?
Rib tattoo based on Skyscraper- Demi Lovato?
what's the best soap in the world?
Why is my 20 yr old tattoo suddenly raised and itchy?
how do u get rid of the swelling when you wake up?
how much will this tattoo cost?
what is the best diet to maintain sexy fig.?
does a tounge piercing hurt?
Is Lipowrap effective?
Do you find tattoos on women/men attractive?
what should i get tattooed on my wrist?
what is an itch?
does getting a tatto hurt?
How to get rid of Black heads and White heads Permanently????
i need help with a tattoo idea?
Tattoo Questions need help on this?
Is it true that if you get a tattoo on ur lower back(female) she cant have kids?
Who makes the best facial cleansing products?
Who makes the best sunless tanner?
Just need ideas of tattoos?
How do you get rid of white and black heads in the underarms?
I sometimes think that my cousin looks sexy. Is that wrong?
If I get a new tattoo I was wondering if I was allowed to go swimming In a pool or ocean the day after?
tattoo ideas that are related to the jungle book?
Water/Tattoos for Men?
looking for good tattoo shop who is not expensive in the city of riverside?
what is the best way to fade acne marks?
should i get this tattoo in march?
I want to get a TATTOO behind my ear of a bird ..any SUGGESTIONS?
What is the best self-tanning lotion?
How long should I let a new tattoo heal before I can put makeup on it?
What could this tattoo represent?
do i have to be thin for a ribcage tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Why can I never sleep the night after getting a tattoo?
What does getting a tattoo FEEL like?
Tattoo after a miscarriage...?
Haii guys, i'm looking for some tattoo ideas.?
Is this a dumb idea for a tattoo?
Do you get a tattoo sleeve in one go?
what can you do to relief red and dry face skin caused by skin picking/squeezing?
Should you be Irish to get the claddagh symbol tattoo?
getting this tattoo: placement? Would it look weird?
What works best for dark circles under the eyes?
Is it possible for a Redneck to have all their teeth ?
Looking for a European manufacturer of very high quality coconut fragrant oil?
washing your face with soap does it put moles on your face?
Does gettin a tattoo Hurt As Bad As I think?
What's your opinion on this Tattoo?
I want a matching best friend tattoo?
What body part do you like the most at othe people?
What is a good quote/saying for a memorial tattoo?
tramp stamp tattoo yes or no?
Guys. Girls with tattoo's. What are your thoughts on this?
the best nail guard for growing your own nails?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
What's thre best place to go tanning?
how do i prevent frequent acne occurences on my face?
how much would a portrait of marilyn monroes face cost to get it tattooed on my forearm?
What is the name of the pornstar with star tattoos on her scapular?
can you get a tattoo over in majorca at 16?
is kokkai sumi tattoo ink good?
i want to get a tattoo removed but would another one on top work?
Good Detroit Tattoo Artist?
Am i too young to get my belly button pierced?
What do i do to get peeling skin from a sunburn to go away????
how can a dark faces peson who was fair before become fair again?
Can I have some tattoo opinions please?
What should I get for a tattoo?
What kind of tatto should I get?
is it possible to make my own tattoo color(skin color)what is the composition of tattoo color?
Is there a minimum age or restrictions for getting a tattoo?
wanting to get my Tragus pierced?
Where to get my tattoo?
Do you think tattoos about the size of a hand is too big on a women?
If they passed a law that said it was o.k. to go naked, would you?
How long after getting a tattoo is it safe to go tanning?
tattoo removal/cover up? skin color tattoos?
what are the signs in a woman if shes horny?
does getting a tattoo on upper back hurt?
Razors Which one is the Best?
Where can I buy Brazil Bronze Glow Bar Precision Face & Body Self Tanner??
how much would a tattoo in paris cost?
Will getting a tattoo cause keloids?
New tattoo idea!!!!!!!?
What is the best for preventing pimples?
how long do I have to wait if I got a bikini wax just 'cause I wanna get a tattoo over a part of it?
what is row sugar?
I have a big flat mole on face you think laser surgery is possible? to remove any scars?? its in my skin?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
I need help with a tattoo I'm getting?
Ladies Choice - Where to put a tattoo?
Tattoo places in Utah?
Why Do people get tattoos and piercings?
Can I have a inferiority complex of height at 5'10" or 5'11"? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help! I'm worried my nose is infected badly?
Koi fish tattoo colours and flowers?
Would it be cool if I got...?
do tattoes turn guys off?
Full body massage?
IS this a good tattoo no bad comments please?
wheres a place i can get my ears pierced done by someone who actually knows what they are doing?
I need ideas on how to Self tattoo?
I am going to get a tattoo on my left pec, and just wanted to know what to expect pain wise?
Tattoo idea for my recently passed father?
im going to ask again, Can you get a tattoo in California with your parents permission?
what is wrong?
Your experience with lower back tattoos?
I need some quote ideas for a tattoo? ?
what kind of diet would u go on if u were trying to lose weight in less han 2 weeks.?
I need some good tattoo ideas please?
When can i start preparing to be a tattoo artist early.?
could i possibly get this tattoo for $50?
Whats the color of your skin?
What symbols rebel against conformity, things such as Anarchy, Barcode Tattoos, all that...?
I just got a new tattoo and i'm real worried cus the inks coming out,help!?
Need feedback on a tattoo design?
Why do so many young women these days like the tramp stamp?
why arnt guys into me?
Does anyone have a picture or link to a picture of a really good tree tattoo?
would this tattoo be possible on my rib cage?
is there anything I can get (in the uk) that will bleach the hair on my thighs?
What should I add to this tattoo?
Me and my boyfriend want to get matching tatoos (hearts with his initial in it) where should we get it? ankle?
Whats the best location to get a tattoo on a bigger girls body? that would look cute.?
Users of Acne Free Clear Skin Treatment, by University Medical: Does it work?
Are you attractive to people with tattoos?
praying hand tattoo,NEED A GOOD QUOTE?
Which facial piercing would i look b est with?
what could i do to this tattoo?
i'm wanting a tattoo behind my ear. i want the CS with a design. could someone help me design it?
i need a meaningful quote for a tattoo?
whats the best tattoo shop in Colorado?
What do you say to someone who says 'your tattoos will look horrible when you're 60'?
Getting a tattoo by the beach.. Will it be safe to go on beach...?
What's a good website to get tattoo ideas from?
Brother/Sister tattoo ideas?
Is it okay for the woman to treat?should cheat men b destroyed?, is stripping tastful?
What kinda tattoo should i get?
\What tattoo needles (Brands,groupings,size taper etc.) does Kat Von D use?
What can I do about a puffy face in the morning/?
best wrinkle cream or lotion for around a guy's eyes?
Tattoo Aftercare???....?
Nair vs. Veet?
is there any other names for ipecac?i mean i can't find it in my drug store+any other drug that induce vomit?
Anyone here got a tatoo?
Does anyone know what this tattoo means?
what do you call tattoos with skin effects?
i want a tattoo on my hand! is it true that there are dangerous nerves you can hit?
What are your thoughts on tattoos?
Whadya think?? I love it.. It's my first tattoo?
Can a 16 year old get a tattoo with parental consent?
Do I have to bring my birth certificate when getting a tattoo?
Does it hurt when your getting a tatoo?
what is a nice tattoo design around a letter?
How much would this tattoo cost, on average?
Confidence Tips, PLEASE! ♥?
Who has a tattoo?
Trying to think of a tattoo but I'm not creative enough...?
How long should I go without shaving my legs before getting them waxed?
Do you think 14 is too young for a tattoo?
how to care for my new tattoo?
if i get a tattoo behing my ear will it effect me wanting to become a dentist or a pediatric?
What are all the regrets of a tattoo?
Frank Sinatra Tattoo Help??!!!?
suggest some good tips to get rid of that pimple marks and pimples.?
My tattoo is frustrating me and not for the reasons you probably think.?
Where to get the best tattoo in the Philippines?
What are some girls' opinions on guys with pierced tongues?
Roughly, How Much Should It cost to get your nose pierced?
Tattoo question. would you get a tattoo from a guy with no visible tattoos?
Small wrist tattoo cost?
Skin advice?
Has anyone ever gotten the same tattoo in a different place?
Does getting a tattoo on your lower back would it affect you in anyway in life?
How much would these Tattoos cost?
Foot tattoo suggestion and question?
Tattoos while Pregnant?
what exercise can trim my waist completely?
anybody ever gad a henna tattoo? Did you like it?
too many tattoos need rid of some?
Do knuckle tattoos hurt more then getting one on your arm?
Anyone want to design my back tattoo of my name?
Is there something wrong with me?
What does it feel like getting a tattooo on ur stomach?
Unsure where to place second tattoo - any advice?
Considering "Per Ardua" for tattoo, one possible setback?
Any artists willing to help out with a tattoo design?
How do i cover up this tattoo?
Do Proactiv solution(the one endorsed by p.diddy & jesica simpson) really works for pimple and/or acne?
Where should i put my tattoo?
How do I know if a guy really likes me?
good short tattoo for collar bone?
a tattoo with a symbolic meaning?
How Much Do Tats Hurt?
flat stomach?
To have a tattoo artist draw a cover up, must I pay them for the darwing and help?
wats da best way to create smoke shadeing for tattos?
I really want to get my ear lobes pierced,but i'm really scared if it's going to hurt or not. ,?
I'm 14 and getting a tattoo? What do you think about it?
Where can i apply where they allow piercings?
What is the best piercing shop in Las Vegas?
Collarbone piercings? Help!?
Tattoos; tasteful or tacky?
Color or Black & Grey for my tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo.?
roman numeral date tattoo?
When doing push ups?
How much do you tip a tattoo artist?
Tattoo problems with boyfriend?
why does eating bug me so much?
Should I get a tattoo because my dog died?
how do u get rid of coldsores!FAST?
does this tattoo mean anything?
Is there a tattoo shop in indiana where i don't need a legal guardian but just someone over 18?
what is more important? BEAUTY OR BODY??
How much do tattoos hurt on a scale of one to ten? (Read Description)?
How can you get rid of acne on your chest?
i went 2 a tanning bed today and i got burnt.?
What was your first Tattoo experience like?
I want to get 'Imagine' tattoo'd on my wrist. Cost?
can you use nivea cream on new tattoos?
Should I get this tattoo?
i'm 14 and have mild to moderate acne in my t-zone i'm thinking about using differin, does it work?
There is a girl. She is my beast friend but she love me.she is moreThan a friend to me. What should I do?
Im looking to get a tattoo that is along the lines of smile, things could be worse.?
Are tattoos sinful?
should i copy someone's personality or should i just be myself?
Tattoo design ! :) Price , prettiness , and opinions ? :)?
How do I tell my dad that his sentimental tattoo idea is a really bad idea?
I need an image of Ryan's tattoo that says "Bentley" from 16 and Pregnant...please help!?!?! -thanks :)?
what do you think of my tattoo so far ?
WHAT cream/intment should I use on my new tattoo?
I'm debating for my first tattoo?
What's a good body exfoliating product?
i had a tatto at the bottom of my back on saturday??
Does non-permanent hair dye effect new tattoos?
what is (fizz it) for achnee?
where can i order a tattoo machine?
Another weight question!!!?
Where can you get numbing cream for piercings?(nape piercing)?
I need an idea for a tattoo?
Where can I remove a tattoo with surgery?
What color tattoo inks can make moles hidden?
I want to get an american flag tattoo?
i am thinking about getting another tattoo but don't know where, any suggestions people?
Philips HP5241 facial sauna availability/price in the US?
how do i get fair?
I accidentally picked a bit of scab off my new tattoo, will it be ok?!?
I am getting an inner lip tattoo...will this fit if its somewhat small(:?
Nearly One-Third Of People With Tattoos Regretted Getting A Tattoo: Are You Proud of Your Tattoo?
can anyone give me some Goddess Kali tattoo designs?
i have stretch marks due to prolong use of a hydroquinone skin cream and weight gain, how do i treat them?
Nivea Reshaping Treatment?
Is it really true that popping zits is bad for your face?
What should i do to make my arms thin? i do have thin arms but i want it to be more thinner like models?
I want to permanently take out my new piercing?
How do I get my feet smaller?
How often do you shower?
im looking for a symbol that means mother or motherhood for a tattoo i DO NOT want Chinese or Japanese...?
what would go good with the tattoo i have "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional? i want to add to it.?
Help with Tattoo design?
What do guys think about tattoos on girls?
Ideas for what to do with my neckpiece?
Which tattoo idea is better?
would i be alergic to indian ink?
What are some bad designs for a tattoo...?
Is it difficult to change a freshly pierced septum?
im thinking about getting a tattoo....... help!?
anyone with a tattoo on the foot?
anyone know an easy way to get rid of mosquito bites fast?
anyone have info on plastic surgeon Joanna L. Partridge?
my stomach is really hairy around the belly button...what do i do?
how to make boobs grow, with injections or implants or silicon?
Who can give me advice on trying to stop biting my nails?
How can i cover my tattoo for pratice?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Has anyone ..?
What's the difference between a straight razor and an open razor?
tattoo aftercare tips?
Im a female and im going to be getting this tattoo soon! What do you guys think of it?
What works for REALLY dark circles?
Do guys find false nails attractive?
My tattoo still feels raised after three weeks. Is that okay?
best lotion for dry legs?
Help! tattoo irritation?
My skin looks like someone punched me in the eye. However i dont know why it is like this.What do you think?
Are tattoo such a good idea when your only 15?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo.?
Tattoo artist question! :)?
which is the best natural astringent?
whatt kind of lady do you like?
What's the funniest tattoo you've seen?
bellybuttonpiercing question ^^?
WaT SHLD i Do?
Im getting a Say anything tattoo! which one is a better idea.?
Want a tattoo?..............?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Men: if a female got your name tattooed on herself...?
Tattoo aftercare questions...?
Wrist tattoo ideas!!!?
where should i get a tattoo?
what is the best face lotion?
Help? With Tattoo Ideas?
Does anyone know an artist by the name of Aki from Houston or anywhere in Texas?
help me with an idea for a tattoo!!!?
what is the best way to get yor skin white?
I need help with a large chest piece...?
If you could tattoo any person dead or alive, who would it be and what would the tattoo be?
Can nurses have tattoos?
What is the best way to remove those ugly black circles under your eyes from lack of sleep?
Should my cousin get this tattoo? i thinkg she shouldn't. ?
fair and lovely multivitamin?
Is it stupid to get a tattoo in a different language you don't speak?
I have bad acne?
Opininions on Sayings for a tattoo?
guys, what spot on a girl for a tattoo do you think looks best?
How old do you have to be to be a tattoo apprentice?
Stallion and Eagle tattos?
what does the five dot tattoo mean?
i am 16 and i want to get a tattoo but...?
im almost 14, is that to young for a small tattoo?
I would like to know how to get rid of dark spots from mosquito bites; i've tried cocoa butter already....
Is it true that you can become immune to acne prescriptions, which makes them stop working??
How do I get rid of whiteheads on my face?
Can I bandage my new tattoo for one night?
How long does it take for a removed mole to heal?
i have shaved once my underarms then i begun to use wax only, but still i get dark spots and pimple.?
I have a tattoo on my back, can i still use my proactive on my back?
wat can/cant u use baking soda for?
Keloid from tattoo if got one from piercing?
how do make your boobs bigger without surgery??
I need to know fast please!! What would u say "deadly and dainty" means?
spanish tattoo........?
can nuviderm is the best way to remove tattoo ? and there is any sideffect?
What do you think about scarification?
What is a good place for a tattoo?
Anyone design tattoos?
whats a good quote to get as a tattoo on your back?
I am going to fly Massachusetts to get a tattoo......................?
what would be the best font for a bible verse tattoo?
Tattoo behind my ear-need help?
Aftercare for my new foot tattoo!?
How old can you be to do it?
do u think 113 pounds is a lot?
Im 16 years old and i want to know if im aloud to do tattoos with my parents permission?
I just got a new on my leg, is it healed enough?
Getting a new ribcage tattoo, advice?
Whats the Best way To CONTROL melamine content in our body?
Brainstorming tattoo help!!!!!?
I'm 14, can i get a tatoo? (and dont tell me i shouldnt because ive already made up my mind)?
What tattoo should I get?
Would this be a bad tattoo?
how do u put weight on??
Do you know ANYTHING AT ALL about Cyndi Lauper's eating, excercising or beauty habits?
Do you think of my future tattoos ?
Tattoo looks faded and uneven...?
how do you break your arm/wrist ?!?!?
Are tattoos bad for your skin?
I need a Hebrew translation for my tattoo!?
are you as a person obsessed about beauty? I know Iam!!!?
I a girl w/ big boobs can work @ HOOTERS, then y cant a girl w/ 1 leg work @ IHOP?
I'd like a tattoo, I have a rough idea on what I'd like but I cannot find a design that I like.?
Do you think I'm Cute or ugly?
Anybody know of any female tattoo artists in or near coldwater ms?
what kind of tattoos do woman like on a guy and what do woman notice?
Why do you think Girls get butch Dyke Tattoos?
Do you get tattoo envy?
tattoos under a women's breast?
piercing & tattoo questions?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Harry Potter chapter stars tattoo?
i am a little big for my age and i need to know how to lose weight?
Tattoo In Bali???
How to select a tattoo artist to do my first tattoo?
Whats it like getting a tattoo on your forearm?
Piercings and tattoos. ? ?
what exercise to do to achieve fuller hips and thighs?
How come my tattoo is Peeling?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Has anyone used Glytone body wash and lotion for Keritosis Pilaris? Does it work?
Where and what for first tattoo?
Can I use a fake ID to get a tattoo?
Im 15 I want a tattoo my parents are wiling to give consent I live in Florida?
Where should i place My tattoo?
So I just had my nipples tattooed into the shape of hearts.?
what is the best (and relatively cheap) way to whiten your underarm?
Sexiest Women?
Tattoo quote idea about anxiety and strength.?
I want to turn my tattoo into a half sleeve any ideas?
Uh oh... herpes?
Help Me......?
what is the most inexpensive, yet still clean and reputable place to get a tattoo in las vegas?
I usually get a Brazilian but I don't have time to get to the salon today. What can I do instead?
How does it feel to get a tattoo on your upper back, wrist, chest, & and side of arm below your shoulder?
Where can I get an inner lip tattoo in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
HELP!!!! can all you home cosmetologists please provide any good make up/hair tips for these lovely ladies?
i need help with my tattoo?
would this tattoo work in these dimensions?
Do you think you soul is tattooed, just as you are?
What is the best way to make lean and sculpt arms?
I Need Some Help On Hip Piercings!!?
black color make woman' s looks thin?
Are cleavage tattoos really that awful?
having a tattoo tomorrow....?
How much would a tattoo like this one cost?
I want opinions on my tattoo ideas?
I have an idea. Will it work?
Deoterant? whats is the differance in the chemical in spray and stick deoterant???
why are people so vain?
where in Waterloo Iowa can you get your eyebrows tattooed on?can a tatto shop do them?
Matching tattoos???????
Thinking of Getting a Tattoo?
I'm getting my first Tattoo tomorrow @ 11a they told me to eat before i go, Whats a good breakfast food to eat
In your opinion, which hurt you more?
norther California tattoo artist who could do this tat?
How long till i can work out again with new inner bicep tattoo?
does anyone know a good tattoo studio in Munich ?
if i want to get a tattoo in a different i have to come in prepared with my desired tattoo?
i got a tattoo yesterday and im not happy???
What does my friend's tattoo mean?
Tattoo HELP!...........................?
Opinions on my tattoos?
What is the policy for wrist tattoos in sc hospitals?
What is the best way to get rid of wrinkles around the lips?
Tattoo design Suggestions?
Does Noxema really lighten an overexposed to the sun darker skin tone?
Are women with tatted sleeves hot? PIC?
Is semen good for the facial area?
Laser Tattoo Removal?
Ideas for horrible, humiliating haircuts?
How much would it cost to get a small cross below your eye?
Poll: Is this a good tattoo idea?
Can anyone pls let me know the best sunscreen to avoid tanning?
How much could I expect to pay for a rhinoplasty = cosmetic surgery to alter nose?
Getting a birthday tattoo in a couple days help?
Can you give me some skin tips????,so I can have glowing skin.... Thanks !!!?
Do you have visible tattoos? If so, where do you work?
Tattoo age laws in Oklahoma?
which tattoo idea do you like better?
Tattoos in NC? Good place?
how can i avoid wrinkles on my face??????
Need an idea for a tattoo! ?
Can a tattoo artist get sued ?
I wanna get a second tattoo to do with music!?!?
Question about tattoos?
Do you find "crow's feet" at the corners of the eyes to be sexy?
Which part of your body is the most painful place to get a tattoo, and the least painful place?
White ink tattoo looks grey?
Tattooing on a tan caused by sunburn a few weeks ago?
Tongue Piercing?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
I have a few questions about getting my back tattooed..?
i come off as a friend to guys and i flirt and all how can i let them know without saying it that im intereste
what should i get for my next tattoo?
What would be a good tattoo that would mean something?
would it be wrong as a christian to get a tattoo but in arabic writing?
Do you get a tattoo sleeve in one go?
are beauty marks beautiful?
where can i buy axe?
Tattoo on Ankle still red around edges... Infection?
Does anybody know where 2 get the us rangers tattoo from the A-TEAM?
thanks for quick clever reply?
what do you think of my new tattoo?
Is it true true that.........?
Where on your body would you have these tattoos?
Would my dad notice a lip piercing on my face?
Ideas for my possible tattoo?
How many tattoo studios and tattoo removal clinics are there in Australia?
New tattoo; tight clothes?
Why do artists hate it when you call it a "tattoo gun?" ?
I want to get an opinion on a tattoo idea. I wanted to get a tattoo on my rib with a quote.?
So after weeks/months of treating, you can submerge it in water, go in the sun, etc.?
Tattoo design in the September 2007 issue of Tattoo magazine, upside down girl tattoo?
does anyone have advice on getting your lip pierced?
Lookin for an honest opinion?
what is the most important thing to a girl at age 11-13.?
Knowing my career path?
what is better??
How do I get rid of dry skin on my face?
Girl tattoo full sleeve ideas?
Thigh tattoo question ?
how much would this tattoo cost?
what is the best solutions for oily skin?
What's the point of sweaty armpits?
Bumps Under My Tattoo?
copper peptides?Do the work for you?
Any ideas on where I should get this tattoo?
I have big blue "bags" (circles) under my eyes. How do I get rid of them?
Why are men so attracted to boobs?
What Was Your First Tattoo ?, How Mutch Was It ?, How Old Were You When You Got IT and Did It Hurt?
why "that " part looks so black?
What is the estimated cost of this tattoo?
Tattoo Ideas?
What can I do if my toes are bent?
Are albinos (ex. the guy who played Silias in the Da Vinci Code movie) cool-lookin or freaky?
How do piercing studios check for parental consent?
Which would look best as a tattoo?
why I have light dark short hair around my nose and cheeks?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, I want honest opinions, but nothing mean?
What does getting a tattoo feel like? ?
Good tattoo idea? Whats your opinion?
what store could i find Almay products?
If u wanted to do anything in the world and u only had a few hours what would u do that would make you excited
soap or shower gel?
Can menor boys get pimples on their dick?
How do you get stronger nails?
What cute hip tattoo should I get? I'm 19, and it will be my first. I was thinking stars, or maybe a cute text?
Does grin and wear it in lakenheath freeze before facial piercings?
How much does 2 hip tattoos hurt?
Can I use vaseline in place of A & D ointment on my new tattoo?
I am looking for a facial moisturizer with peptides and antioxidants.?
Fresh tattoo, going to tattoo?
Does Vitamin E creams or pure oil really work on scars?
Doing your own French Manicure?
Roses or quote for a spine tattoo? Which looks better?
can i go in the water this soon after getting my tattoo?
Tanning HELP!?
I want to get a tatoo in a couple months,what do you suggest??
Question for Women on tattoos ?
I am 5ft6in,138 pounds and 35'-30'-39'.Am I fat?
Well i took everyones advice?
what do you guys think of that cologn called Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier?
Is a BLUE KOI tattoo too GIRLY?
Can anyone think of a clever way to encorperate these 2 tattoos together?
10POINTS.. How long would this tattoo take?
how to become an entreprenuer?
Why does my tattoo smell strange?
I am getting black circles under my eyes....?
Why do sleeve tattoos end at the wrist, and not include the hand?
where on my body should i get my tattoo?
Is it possible to get a Tattoo/piercing apprenticeship without having any tattoos/piercings?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Prince Hector of Troy Tattoo...?
Bridge piercing question.?
How long should I let a new tattoo heal before I can put makeup on it?
Ladies, what is your daily face cleaning regimen?
How do I speed outdoor tanning results?
FAST acne killer?
Men who paint their toenails?
Lady's.. where should i get my daughters name tattooed ? whats spot is sexier to you ?
tattoos on my wrists?
I want a tattoo but my family hates them?
Does going to spa give u a better skin??
I was thinking about getting a Yankee tattoo, which idea do you like better...?
im just curious to what you people think about body piercings.?
What's the CUTEST Tattoo Idea for a Girl? ;)
about tattoo and scars?
When can i start preparing to be a tattoo artist early.?
how can you remove the hair in the armpit?
Now, I know tatoos are painful, but.....?
what are the piercing prices in paul and lynns tattoo studio, exeter?
My tattoo 'aches'?
How much (specifically) do I tip the tattooist if the the tattoo costed 160 and it only took one hour?
Why is my boyfriend mad that I'm getting a tattoo?
Where should i get a tattoo?
13 and getten a tattoo?
10 points!! Sexy little tattoo ideas?!?
Which body skin portion is the most exposed to pain when getting a tattoo?
what is glyco peeling?
where's the worst place to get a tattoo?
Got a new tat on monday?
I am looking for a location near me that does body wraps with excellant results, I live near South Bend, IN?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Should I let me friend give me a Tattoo?
Does anyone know when is the next Tattoo convention in or near Baltimore?
Tattoo quote help please!?
i want to get a tattoo of "no day but today" from rent on my foot.?
I need tattoo idea help?
matching tatoos!!!! help?
Can I get a tattoo, even though I'm under 18?
Are you a cold turkey?
How do i take care of a tattoo?
Should I get my tounge pierced or my lip?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Nose piercing question?
opinions on this tattoo?
looking for good porn sites.?
Tattoo in a few hours!?
Would it be wrong for me to get a tattoo if I'm a Christian?
ideas : flower for tattoo?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
VCH tomorrow.....what gauge should I get? Please only experienced modders?
How to care for a new tattoo?
help with a hebrew tattoo..?
I need any doctors in the house or somebody?
Please help me out with my tattoo...?
Best way to protect fresh shoulder blade tattoo while washing hair in shower?
Are waveform tattoos considered lame?
Best tattoo machine.....?
How are tattoos on black people skin?
What font are these tattoos in?
Can any tattoo shop do tongue spliting?
question about the tattoo sleeves?
how can my crooked tattoo be fixed?
where should i get my tattoo?
What voltage should my 10-wrap coil be running on?
Are Tier 1 operators allowed to have tattoos.?
Boyfriend wants to get a tattoo of my name?
Does anyone know a tattoo site?
about my next tattoo...
home tattoo removal remedies?
how old for a tattoo ?
Tattoo Ideas (Lower Back)?
tattoo cover up?
Places to get a tattoo with a quote.?
goth finger tattoo? any ideas?
what does one do to remove a tan fast and effectively?
what can i do to reduce underarm sweat?
i would like to know how a 13 year old could lose weight be Christmas? any ideas?
Guys! What part of a woman's body do you find the sexiest?
How do I become a cosmetic dermatologist/cosmetic derm. surgeon?
how badly does getting a tattoo hurt?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in NY with parental consent?
How much would it cost to get the words "Omnia Vincit Amor" on my wrist?
Could I give myself a tattoo with a heated needle ?
What can i do to look more rested?
Has anyone had success getting rid of vitiligo on face, feet, hands or blending it in with pigment around it?
i need female help !!!!?
Can a 15 year old get a tattoo in Louisiana?
body lotion?
Aquaphor on a new tattoo?
I am getting my first tattoo and am unsure of what to get...?
Generally who is more good looking: the older son or the younger son?
Whats wrong with my tattoo?? :( 10 points for the most informative answer?
Is there anybody who still thinks its a good idea for a girl to have a tattoo?
why do men hate fat girls?
i need sexy photos for that i need website adresses?
for girls-baby fat?
fress milk can remove a tatoo?
What are the Key Elements of a Dreamcatcher and how can I Personalize it ?
Girls! If you could only have one or two of these what would you pick...?
How do I gauge my ears to a 00?
skin feels tight after swimming?
Design ideas for a Stay Strong tattoo ?
Am I the only one who thinks tattoo's are ugly?
Do girls like to see a model wearing a thong as well as boys?expecting it should be answered by the 2nd sex?
Please help me find a beautiful picture of a scorpion, so that I can have more options for a tattoo of one?
After waxing the private areas (eg. Brazilian and armpit), will the hair grow back thinner and softer?
Best place for my tattoo?
where should i put my husbands intials?
Don't know if this tattoo would seem tacky?
Good tattoo quote?You only live once so live it to the fullest because everybody dies but not everybody lives?
Tatto question?(did i spell that details.)?
what do you think of this tattoo?
do you know anyone with a harpie tattoo on his ankle, run run run?
I have a vaccination scar on my arm. I think it is hindrance to beauty? Should I get it removed?
What medicines do you prefer to get rid of acne on ur face??
have you gotten an under aged tattoo?
How much time would this tattoo take? ?
i want a tattoo but im scared?
How to become a tattoo photographer?
Red bumps around month old tattoo?
Is there a “Body Glitter” lotion that doesn’t get glitter everywhere?
Do you know what is sad and pathetic?
I want a tattoo on my lower back?
is the quote 'live, laugh, laugh' a good quote for my first tattoo with a heart on my hip?
Tattoo healing progress?
has anyone tried laser hair removal? If so, what did you think of it and where on your body did you have it?
How can you make temporary tattoos?
would it be a good idea to get this as my first tattoo when i turn 18. would it hurt too much, ribcage tattoo?
Where should I get a portrait tattoo?
What tattoo does Denis Clemente have on his arm in this picture?
blue koi tattoo to girly?
does getting a tattoo on ur lower back hurt ?
Should I get my boyfriend's name tattooed on me?
Let me know where i get the calcium pills pls tel product name if any?
I want a tattoo......But I need help !?
What does getting tattooed feel like?
how many is too many tattoos?
which tattoo should i get next?octopus or a crab???
If I Stick n Poke a star around my nipple will it have any affect on breast feeding when im older?
Question about first tattoo? Not sure what to get....?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
How long do I have to tan each day to get a great tan.?
Would a tattoo on a girl turn you away from her?
What is the 1st thing U look at a opposite sex b4 being attracted to him/her?
Pls help me...?
Can I be attractive even though I'm too tall for most girls at 6'4"? Should I be proud of my height?
What are some good quotes to get tattooed on my back?
I've got these two pimples on my nose, and no matter how much I try, they won't pop. Any sugestions?
should I remove my tattoo?
recpies for homemade pore cleaning face masks?
Inspiration for tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a back tattoo in NC?
I want a tattoo?
foot tattoo? how bad of pain?
does anybody know a safe way to loose weight with Diabetes?
How do I know that my tattoo is fully healed?
would it be ok to have a tattoo on my upper arm if i play sports?
I want to be a tattoo artist, but I draw just average?
Like my tattoo ideas guys?? Opinions needed! thx♥?
What is the fastest releif for a sun burn?
i wanna get a tattoo but im debating where to put it?
Is possible to have a tattoo outlined in a brownish color, so that it looks like a permant henna tattoo?
How can l lighten up the skin around my eyes?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your ribs?
Do guys like girls that are curvy?
what is a quicker shader?
can you get sued for having a tattoo of a licensed character (disney, for example) on your body?
Faded tattoo, and filling it back in.?
Where can I buy an air brush tattoo kit?
My belly button ring is infected.?
How many tattoos does Lana Del Rey have?
Does radio frequency(RV) treatment for love handles really work? Is RV or ultrasound treatment more effective?
Is there anywhere I can get a Sak Yant Tattoo in the U.S.?
Does anybody here have big feet?
What are Dee Snider's tattoos?
tattoos whats your opinion?
Are there are any tattoo artists in Michigan who specialize in the Japanese style?
Does anyone know where online i can find some good all around the waist tattoos...?
How much to tip a tattoo artist?!? ?
what is the fastest way to flatten my stomach?
Where can i get a free or really cheap person to give me a tat ?
About how much would a 4 letter tattoo cost?
ok im 15 and i weigh 156 Lb and i wanted to lose like 15lb and i just cant do it can some one help me PLEASE?
Would it be weird if I got a born this way tattoo?
what deodorant works the best for females...?
TATTOO- black & white or color?? which one?
Should I get this tattoo or is it too much for a first one?
my tattoo looks like there's a glossy cover on it....?
Boyfriend wants me to cover my tattoo?
how much will it be to get a tattoo(on my wrist) of my last name ''Gallegos''?
Best face wash for normal skin?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
How bad does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder?
Underage and illegal tattoos?
What is the Freshman 15?
how bad does a foot tattoo hurt?
on a scale of 1-10, how painful is it to get a tattoo on the outer calves?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
How do i ask a tattoo shop if they tattoo minors WITH parental consent?
don't answer if u didn't kno wat i mean?
i want a TATTOO (: Help !?
You're opinion on my tattoo idea?
Does a tatoo really hurt?
Anyone got tattoo over stitching scars on arms more towards shoulder area?
how do i get rid of belly button lint?
I saw a picture of a couple topless on the beach with their back turned to the camera. can anyone find it? plz
how can i make my nails grow faster!!!???!!!?
Is there such a thing as an invisible tattoo that only shows up under UV light?
What is happening with my tattoo?
Will a forearm tat prevent u from employment?
Thinking of getting tattoo?
Inner Wrist Tattoo Idea ?
What can my friend do,she is a beutiful black lady with dark armpits?
what is the best thing to use for severe dry skin?
Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
help me i want to clear all my pimple scars?
Mother and daughter tattoo?
Tattoo Placement Question?
getting a tattoo, but don't want to make it up on a whim?