Getting a tattoo on your neck?
i need help with my face!!?
plsssssssss help!!! i am in serious trouble!!!!?
Are there any ways to cover up a nose ring?
how do i get rid of dark shadow under my eye?
Forearm tattoos on girls?
Braless or sports bra?
Are temporary tattoos bad for you?
Ankle tattoos and fading (placement question)...?
Would you have any type of plastic surgery?
Does this make a good quote for a tattoo? ?
my tattoo and future tattoos.....?
People who have tattoos?
is there such a thing as temporary tattoos for 3-5 years?
Tattoo Design of...'14 April 2008'?
why do a leg tattoo swell more and go redder ?
whats better taking a bath or a shower?
What is a very fast way to get rid of razor burn on the top of my legs?
I want to get a tattoo of a meaningful life quote, anybody have any ideas?
Where can I order customized henna tattoo stickers in the Philippines? Help please?
i want a henna style tattoo going down the top of my back, anyone find any pictures?
Using Nair with a new tattoo?
what should i do to make my skin brighter?
Where's the best place in the Tampa Bay Area to get nipple piercings?
Swollen on the inside of my nostril- new nose piercing ?
Can sak yant be done on the thigh?
Tattoos?? Getting one removed?
Ideas for this tattoo idea...?
What's the name of this font?
Pierced Lip Question..?
does weight gain disturb dermal anchors on hips?
which methode is good for skin for removing unwanted hairs on face waxing or using hair removing cream?
what does an upside down blue triangle mean?
im 13 .. can i get a tatoo?
Is my tattoo healed yet?
when using a bidet are you supposed to face the taps and do you have to splash water on yourself?
Pimples, Black Heads, Molds, Spots; I'm getting the stuff all over my body. Proactiv Solutions helps a little.
girls, i have a scar on my chin is it ugly?
is there anything i could use to make facial hair grow, i have none just like a baby?
butterfly wrist tattoo?
tattoo help??????????
Is this a good tattoo idea?
What would you call a tattoo shop?
Tattoo on the back of the neck?
Sparrow tattoos with quote ideas?
NOSE RING: Do or Don't?
Lip piercing worries?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Opinions on tattoo idea?
Stick 'n' Poke tattoos?
is it disrespectful to have a different person color in my tattoo?
what do you like better belly button piercing or a small tattoo?
Do microdermals leak fluid?
Where to tattoo not to be visible?
The word "Euphoria" on someones wrist?
tattoo idea how do i draw it out?
Is This A Good Quotee For A Tattoo? Im Gonna Put It On My Thigh!?
what are dog the bounty hunters tatoos of? what pics?
ingredients in skinceuticals l products?
looking for a witty quote, fairly short that would be suitable as a tattoo?
Experienced Piercer?
3 small stars tattoo?
Anyone good at drawing? I need help with a tattoo design.?
why do guys always look at girls boobs?
Is it wrong to kick a homeless person?
What do you think of tattoos?
Tattoo on a woman? any hot spots?
Tattoo parlours in Athens, Greece?
Ideas for a tattoo?
i think my son has a tattoo on his back? how can i catch him ?
will tattoo artists get annoyed if i...?
can anyone help?
Is there a way to get rid of cellulite in the thigh?
Short tattoo life quotes?
Are tattoos attractive?
What tattoos and peircings does everyone want?
How have tattoo shows affected the industry?
Decent price for a tattoo?
Do black people use sunscreen?
i would like to sell avon products?
Will a small infinity tattoo on my ring finger affect my chances of getting a Job (studying to be pharmacist)?
Wanting a tattoo in memory of my
Please help Do girls like tattoos?
Faith/Hope Ambigram tattoo ideas?
Getting tattoo in a week?
belly piercing?
Where to get silicone modelled body parts?
Whats a good first tattoo and a good spot?
stretch marks?
Some please design me a tattoo?
How does a man tell the difference between fake boobs & real?
Does anyone know how to decrease the pores on your nose?
Is there anything that I can do to decrease the pain before I get a tattoo?
do u think it would b skanky 4 me 2 get a tattoo here?
Neck tattoo pain? Opinions please!?
How long will it take to get this tattoo done?
what would you charge for this tattoo?
Why is it always the Chavs who have Tattoos?
uses of ben oil?
Do girls really think tatoo's are sexy? :)?
Would u get a tattoo on your butt?
Question About Tattoos??!?
Need femals for body modeling Any body interested please send E-mail or ID for more details?
Dark Circles??
Has anyone had any success with the BIOTHERM HOMME skincare line for men?
Where can you buy those rocks to take of dead skin in the shower?
Do tattoos on the side on the rib cage look good?
can anyone tell me roughly how much a small skull tattoo would cost ?
What are the meanings behind Christopher Drew's tattoos?
Tattoo's are they offensive?
What kinda tattoo should I get as a first?
Which tattoo should I get?
What are the best tattoo parlors and artists in Utah?
what do guys think the most attractive weight is?
Natural tanning without burning?
Plastic surgery, are we going too far?
Art terms for tattoo?
My friend is getting her 'tattoo' done at school with a pencil?
in your opinion, a cartoon-ish goth fairy is a childish tat?
What is the proper way to handle compensating a tattoo artist?
what do you think of my tattoo? reapplyed with a new link!?
How can I get a tattoo without my parents permission?
Your opinion on my Tattoo choice? (Pic included) 10PTS?
I'm getting a tattoo... help?
Degrees that would benefit me in becoming a professional tattoo artist/a person who does piercings? ?
Do guys find tattoos on a girl sexy?
random tattoo ideas, snowboarding?
what and where is the longest lasting temporary tattoo?
Does anyone know a really good deoderant?
I'm looking for a really humiliating tattoo to get, something people will ALWAYS ask about. I'm female.?
Why do Black women have black spots from hair removal? Can they be avoided?
where to get my last name tattooed?
how much does a wrist tattoo hurt?
Is it wrong to get a meaningful tattoo for just one of my grandparents?
Im getting my Industrial done at A1 Tattoo in Franklinville...?
How do I conceal acne without making it worse?
Up tO hOw MaNY iNChEs dOes tHe HaiR oF a wOMan's UNderaRM gRow?
where can i find permenent body tattoo parlour in bombay . india .where can i learn this art?
How bad does a tattoo hurt on your neck?
Is smoking weed before you get a tattoo bad?
Any ideas for a Little Prince tattoo?
i used 2 cut myself on a regular basis and i haven't done it in awhile, but tonight i really have the urge...?
Do giris like tatoos?
Is it against the law to tattoo a baby?
Im getting 2 tattoos tomorrow and i want to know do they REALLY hurt?
Should I get a tattoo?
What should I add on to my tattoo?
Is the numbing cream worth it?
how do I get fatter?
whats a good price to pay for a koi fish tattoo, medimum sized in black and grey?
Female genital piercings?
guy tattoo saying/location?
Best place to get a Tattoo in Atlanta GA?
How do I get rid of freckles? Please no stupid answers or "it is impossibles"!?
where can i buy celeteque products in uae?
Tattoo Help: What words and flower to pick and where?
Is it legal for a minor living in NC to be able to drive to another state and get a tattoo with parent consent?
Getting my first tattoo pretty soon!?
why do i get pimples in the same places?
Mirrors Edge tattoos?
write my sister and husband's names in arabic: "Shaleeza" and "Brian"?
What does wrist tape do?
Tattoo Placement. need help!?
How do I pick a position for the tattoo of a woman Im getting?
Tattoo really hurting..took off bandage?
triquetra tattoo?
What do you guys think of my tattoo idea?
Why do people want to have many piercings/tattoos?
do girls like guys with tattoos?
Lower back tattoo question?
I am thinking about having a surgery to get elf ears,how much do you think it will cost?
Caucasians, Asians and Eurasians only: If you had a Eurasian child, what do you want him/her to look like?
how much would a tattoo like this cost about?
what the heck???
Will they file off the top layer of my nails for gel nails?
does anybody know a homemade recipes for dark circles under eyes?
Pls help me...?
Getting a tattoo underage?
Monroe piercing placing?
Is it okay to tattoo over wrist scarring?
Has anyone tried a product called hope in a jar from a company called philosophy?
I'm scared to get my tattoo, but I really want it.?
Is it safer to pierce your body yourself or do it professionally?
Is there a tattoo artist that can tattoo hair on my head; just a little hair with a line-up. (like Jay-Z)?
What those this tattoo symbolize to you?
what is the best way to remove stretch marks?
Is Higgins Calligraphy ink safe for tattoos?
what are the best (but reasonably priced) skin care products for 'mature' skin??
i wanna get a tatoo...but i have doubts....?
About how much will this tattoo cost?
I want my first tattoo and need some ideas?
How to tell if I am allergic to red tattoo ink?
What is the tattoo in the movie "the vow"?
Which of the new lotions with self tanner work witout overdrying and flaking?
why do people get tattoos on there back if they cant realy even see it??
How many tattoos and piercings do you have if any?
do girls find tattoo sleeves sexy on guys?
Why do hand tattoos seem to scab more than arms?
Tattoo shops in/near Allentown, PA with female artist?
tattoo... cant decide?
What do you think of the Carribean Tan? (Spray tan)?
Can a person choose how much ink they want on their tattoo?
Do full body wraps really work.?
Will the tattoo be really small and stretch when I get older?
Where can I find temporary tattoo paper?
I'm interested in getting a tattoo on the side of my third toe?
are facial percing unprofesional? What would be the limit?
Tattoo Question Grey Spots?
Need help with a tattoo!!?
What type of tampons do you perfer (Girl Only)?
Whats the most effective way to make your breasts grow??
Do you ladies like tattoos on guys? sleeved?
tattoo's why?
does gettin a tattoo on your back hurt?
Which tattoo should I get written?
2 Shots of 17% alcohol, safe to get a tattoo now?
Rib Tattoo Help Please?
Which tattoo is better?
I want to turn my tattoo into a half sleeve any ideas?
How to glue my trolls hair back on?
Tattoo cost and price?
where can i get cheap mach3 blades?
lime juice?
would a woman be turned on if a guy with nice shaved legs wore thongs and panties instead of boxers?
Tattooed Women - Nice Or Nasty?
Do men really enjoy women's love handles?
Why do people complain about how a tattoo is going to look when your older?
Tattoo cost, pain level?
dont know what to do!?
Which will give you a better tan, tanning outside or going to the tanning bed?
Getting a full back tattoo...what should I wear?
I want a tattoo on my wrist?
Tattoo idea modification?
Do you prefer men with or without tattoos?
Why do people call people with tattoos white trash ect..?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
is this a good phrase for a tattoo ?
Tattoo on foot? Pain?
What tattoo would YOU have?
Is it common to regret a tattoo when you first get it?
Whats your opinion on women with sleeve tattoos?
What is the best self-tanning stuff that doesn't stink?
what is the most effective and proven skin whitening treatment?
I hve a tattoo on my ride side?
Cool half sleeve tattoo ideas?
Would this tattoo be able to be completed in one session?
How can i get fit in the next 2 months without harming myself?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
What suicide girl has the cherry blossom tattoo?
For the girls - Do you like your man Hairy or Shaved?
I just got a tattoo and im muslim?
who thinks im just to hot to handle???
can putting shimmer on the body cause allergies?
How to apply A&D ointment to a fresh scared that of I wipe off the access I'll take it all off ?
if i get a tattoo of a bullseye on my forehead...?
How does stinky feet smell like?
If I had someone else's face tattooed on my face, would I look like them?
do you think guys should get tattoos of peoples names on their bodies Ex: mother or girlfriend--kids?
How can I tell if my friend is a lesbian?
what should my first tattoo be?
What do you think? I am 17 years old and 5'2", 85 pounds.?
i hav excess of pigments in corners of my nose and below the looks black.giv me suggestion?
Do you have a name tattoo?
Tattoo/lyric ideas or suggestions?
How much will a 2 letter tattoo cost?
What are some good quotes for a tattoo?
Turkey tattoo, please help?
Ideas For Matching Sister Tattoos?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo?
Question for Snake Tattoo artist for 10 years?
What was your first tattoo? And why did you choose it?
Detailed process for getting my first tattoo?
Clean & Clear & Not Under Control! HELP!!?
why do people pay so much for acne medication?
what will i do to my oily face?
I want to get a tattoo on my butt, suggestions?
Tattooed people: Are you really worried about what your tattoos will look like when you are old...?
am i too young to get a tattoo?
Is there an actual symbol for reincarnation?
Do women prefer shaved genitels or non shaven, on men?
Im unfortunately on the big titty committee...?
What do you think of this tattoo design?
I don't want to have fat legs!?
What is JaeJoong and YooChun's Tatto font for "Hope to the End"?
what piercings would suit me?
What area hurt more for a tattoo?
Excessive pain to get a tattoo in this area?
I got super sunburnt for 4th of July.?
Ladies, do you find tattoos attractive?
Shall we make a list of tattoos that people might regret down the line?
I think it is time for lamp change in my tanning bed...I need advice on what to get?
Is being 5'6.5" and weighing 120 pounds fat? And what is a fast way to get rid of excess belly fat?
Is it true true that.........?
Where to get a tattoo that won't keloid?
The Green Mile; Tattoo Idea. Need Picture.?
ever used
What do you think of a tattoo on a girl? Elegant tattoo ideas?
Behind ear Tattoo concern !?!?
First tattoo on the shoulder- question!?
can an 11 year old get a tattoo with a parent present?
Should a guy get the side of his lips pierced?
my daughter wants a tattoo .help?
what are some good tattoo ideas for an 18 year old girl?
i have a thick beard and i don't like shaving against the grain is there a better way to shave close?
If a woman has shaved her face will the hair grow back like a mans?
what else could i include in my first tattoo? help design ideas please?!?!?
I got a tattoo not too long ago and I am going to get a touch up soon?
What are your opinions on female tattoos?
Getting a job with knuckle tattoos?
Would outer spcae be childish for my tattoo sleeve?
Blood stuck in my tattoo?
Cost for this tattoo?
Tattoo help? Does it hurt?
What type of tattoo should i get? Do you have one?
Is it safe to stretch my ears from 4mm straight to 6mm?
ok im 20 and is there any way to make my boobs more perky?
What is your shoe size?
sun beds???
TATTOO question advice needed?
omg god i have sooooooooooooooo many bug bites how do i get rid of them?
Jolen Bleach instructions?
how much would this tattoo cost?
do you think living with eyes closed is a good tattoo idea?
What to tell my tattoo artist so that my future cat tattoo looks obviously female?
Should I get a tattoo when I'm older?
How can I find the right tattoo for me?
how long do I have to wait before shaving over my new tattoo?
should I get a nose job?
what do you think about people with neck tattoos?
Advice for a first time Tattoo? ?
What should I add to my tattoo?
how many tattoos does the Boys of One Direction have?
is there any cream that can remove tattoo?
Has anyone heard of Vaseline on a tattoo?
POLL : Question For You Women Will You Marry Me?
please answer me please,do beautiful women's nylons smell when they wear high heels aftar work?
how often i should do cardio on gym?
Just Found out ive been cheated on *tattoo ideas*?
Tattoo Parlors in N.Y. that will do a tattoo with parental consent?
Tattoo ... pain relief!?
Getting a tattoo. Hoe to tell parents?
i am dark too much is there any treatment if so how can i get it?
Guys : do you like girls with Bikinis or tight Jeans?
Proper care for a navel piercing?
Too many piercings? What your opinion?
Opinions on this star tattoo?
getting my first tattoo?
how many can you do...?
should guys shave their legs? and is there anywhere else that should be shaved?
what do you think of this tattoo?
What is the best make-up foundation to use on acne prone skin for more coverage and for a more natural look?
I want to make a tattoo.?
Would this be a good tattoo?
Good area for this tattoo?
Can i take medicine and wear long sleeve after tattoo?
What's your opinion of tattoos?
My skin has small tiny dots on the wrist.What is it?
how do you get rid of worts under the finger nails?
How do I find an intelligent and attractive woman who has little or no male friends?
As a guy would a chest tattoo look good/attractive?
Will a tattooist only charge by the hour?
My new head tattoo guys?
good parts of the body to get a tattoo?
Can anyone answer this? If they can i will give them BeSt AnSwEr!!!?
what's a reasonable amount of time to really know you want to get a certain tattoo?
How can I cover my tattoo for my wedding?
How do you get rid of the line on your forehead after waxing your eyebrows?
If my brand new tattoo wrinkles in my side when i sit ..?
Is this a good tattoo idea, or should I come up with something else?
Home made tattoos Help?
This is my tattoo. Its the Japanese symbol for Love. What would look good around it?
brightening my skin?
how can I have healty nails? Mine have started to split.?
Tattoo ideas, for wording underneath chest?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Instant tan?
i am having acne which is more and also forms a black mark how to get cure by natural way?
Renaissance pic of angels fighting for a tattoo?
I need help with tattoo suggestions!?
'polynesian tattoos' what do they mean are they just patterns?
Why do I sweat so much when getting a tattoo?
Tattoo design help pleeeaasssee?
how many piercings do you have and where are they?
Dot Matrix Printer For Tattoo Stencils?
Is my Brother in the picture cute?
Which of these female celebs has the best body?
Male tattoo???????????????
Tattoo aftercare help please..........?
Everyone realizes that tattoos are permanent, right?
I need information about my tattoo?
Am I the only one who felt regret after my tattoo?
can someone tell me how to get rid of acne scars?
Anyone ever get Brown Spots IN their tattoos?
This Question is for the Tattooed only. Would you consider yourself Liberal or Conservative?
whats the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo?
Belly Button piercing help?
Can anyone help me find a angel tattoo with two children.?
Tattoo placement ideas :D?
Anyone know how much a hip tattoo hurts?
how do you grow four arms except at birth?
Tattoo Ideas? I'm open to any suggestions...?
Getting a tattoo without parents?
Rook Ear Piercing?....?
Experience with foot tattoos?
Can i get a tattoo if my parents do it for me?
Is it alright for a guy to have angle wings on his back for a tattoo. Thinking about doing it?
How can i make this tat look sick?
Polynesian shark protection tattoo?
What is the capital of Califorina?
What's a really good skin care line in stores, that's cheap that works?
Tattoo question! help please?
Best place for a tattoo to hide it?
is it ok to get a tattoo while using tanning injections?
Pain Level for outside upper arm tattoos?
Is it OK to wash new tattoo often?
Does anyone know of a real good cocoa butter that helps to even skin tone?
Tattoo ideas for best friends?
what is the best thing for acne and scaring on the face?
What's the perfect diet to get clean and clear skin?
My daughter got a tatoo the other day and I went bonkers. I think it makes her look like a skant!?
What do you call a tattoo that starts at the middle of the bicep and ends halfway down the forearm?
what will make a zit go away ?
how t oget rid of acne problem?
What is the best face cleaner for acne?
I want a tattoo but i don't like what to get.?
Beatles tattoo idea!?
Would a tattoo on the back of my arm stretch?
I want to get the Ireland flag (green, white, orange) tattooed on my body?
Do you regret getting tattoos, if so why?
can you get an infection from getting a tattoo that was made too deep?
Where is a good place (on the body) to get a small memorial tattoo?
Tattoo help?
Should I tattoo my abusive dad's name?
Whats a good skin moisturiser tht someone could recommend for dry skin?
really sweet tattoo idea?
I want a Nirvana tattoo, but if I got these lyrics would people think Im depressed?
piercings?? gd or bad?
what is the best unscented lotion to use on a healing tattoo?
is Richard Fleeshman hot or not ?
after a severely damaged fallout?
tattoo advise and cost?
someone help me decide where to get my next tattoo please!!?
what are the effective products for whitening ur skin? please help me...?
Would it be odd if I got a tattoo of a tree on my hip?
How to tan without sunburining?
Unsure what to fill my half sleeve with?
Where should i get my tattoo :)?
Help, first tattoo advice?
I need help on deciding on a tattoo.?
How much will this tattoo cost?
I want to get a tattoo but i want to know where i can go to get a temporary one before i actually get it?
What is better Mary Kay , Jafra, or Avon??
what are some tattoo ideas which symbolize...?
which looks better...french pedicure or bright and flashy?
who is prettier? jennifer aniston beyonce or rihanna?
is it good for a girl to show off her body parts ?
My Fiance wants to get a tattoo I will hate how do I convince her not to?
How much "trimming" is appropriate for a man?
What does getting a Tattoo actually feel like?
What are some common sayings such as 'carpe diem' that people may have as tattoos?
Have you ever seen a Dermatoligist and did you find them helpful?
Pierced with a Needle.....?
What do you think of all these tattoo idea pics on my flickr page?
Is it logical to get a Tattoo at 18?
Is it possible for me to grow taller 20 cm in 4 years??
What's the reason you got a specific tattoo?
Tattoos or piercings?
I am looking for a picture of a red dragon that I want for a tattoo it was real popular in 1999-2003?
Neck Tattoo At 14?
Does lavender oil really help reduce the appearance of scars?
Its been 6 days since i had my tattoo, can i go swimming?
Do girls in Europe tan? Or is it just the American thing?
Do you think this is a good idea?
what is the best way to get rid of acnes on the face?
Is this a bad tattoo idea? If so, do you have any ideas for a first tattoo?
Will my body grow more proportional if my arm span is 6 inches longer than my height?
wat is the best way to get rid of facial acne?
I don't like my tattoo. What should I do?
Where on the body does it hurt less to get a tattoo at?
i just got my tattoo yesterday and i was wondering if i could dye my hair today or should i wait?
Males: what is your opinion of females with many visible tattoos?
Freckles: Guys hate them don't they?
I'm getting a spray on tan and I'm just curious how long should I wait to go swimming?
What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
do the sell a kind of soap that can wash off your tan???
information for setting up my own product in party plan?
Tattoo question???? please answer:)?
what are some gang related tattoos like the teardrop?
Where can I get Tattoos done at cheap rates in kolkata?? please mention the area and rates?
Where can i get a tattoo underage in blackpool area?
Can anyone recommend a way to lighten my eyebrows without going to a salon?
What are some really nice tattoo fonts?
How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?
Would a tattoo on a woman's inner forearm look manly?
What height are you and do you like your height?
Do you tip your piercer?
I'm 14 what would my mom think if i asked her to get a tattoo?
Anyone got any interesting ideas for like a small design to go round a name on my wrist - Chloe?
tattoo with boyfriends name?
How do I prevent getting a tanline from wearing sunglasses?
Ingrown Hair Near Tattoo?
How can I remove pimples out of my face?
is it hard to do homemade tattoos?
You'll be endowed with only 1 of these physical traits, which would you prefer-bigger BUST or BUTT size? Why?
who here has a tattoo and why did you get it?
Have a tattoo on my upper arm, can i work out?
Does wiz khalifa have a tattoo shop?
Is it a good idea to get my belly button pierced?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Why are tatoos addicting.?
i just got a bad sunburn = /?
me an my friend was wanting to get matching tattoos of lips on our hips how much would it cost?
Can you sweat after getting a new tattoo?
Tattoos on girls legs. Sexy. Yes or No?
Aren't tattoos a form of self-mutilation?
How long and how much $ for a tattoo....?
Neck tattoo for a guy?
Who, in your oppinion, is the best looking player on the Italian team and why?
I just went to the tanning salon today for the first time.?
tattoo help please?ideas?
why does my face break out so bad?
Why do people get their own names tattooed on their bodies?
what was the name of the company that were selling anime posters at tattoo jam this year?
Where would be a best place to put a tattoo quote?
How much longer should I moisturize my tattoo for?
How to heal a scratch mark on your face?
Anyone know how much cost Randy Orton or his tattoos?
Got a new tat on monday?
Does having a tattoo reduced life expectancy?
Does this tattoo idea song good?
How do i choose a tattoo?
this is for the guys! y are tatoos called tramp stamps?
What is the best type of acne and blackhead product on the market?
What's the strangest thing that's ever grown in your ear?
what do I put on itchy sunburn?
will a tattoo hurt please answer?
What would depict "excellence" well in a tattoo?
How much would an ankle tattoo hurt ?
need some ideas for new tattoo quote?
Are you turned off by tattoos on a girl?
What is the best acne treatment?
Why do people look down upon swastika tattoos?
how do i get rid of dark circles under my eyes? plz help...?
Is this too many piercings for a teenager?
You think a trucker getting a nautical star tattoo is dumb?
Is it alright for a guy to get a tattoo on his foot. Like a star or scorpion?
what is a simpler way of losing weight?
why is tatoos so addivctive?
i was totally thinking about getting my septem pireced cuz its easy to hide should i get it pierced?
does a tattoo hurt if its on your chest?
I want a wrist tat but i think my wrist is too skinny?
Hand Tattoo Help Please?
What tattoo should she have?
Tattoo Question! Thanks?
Want a tattoo - pain?
I need a tattoo artist who will design a tattoo for me?
i lost some ink on my tattoo when i was applying lotion !?
How does sunless tanner work and why doesn't it wash off in the shower.?
can someone explain powder shaded tattoos to me?
does anyone knw how to lighten darkened parts of ur body like underarms,elbows,knees etc. using natural things
some people in my class think im ugly, can you tell me what to say to them, PLZ!!!??
What's your opinion on girls with lots of tattoos?
Men, do you like painted or fake fingernails, or do you like the natural look?
Neck tattoo for a guy?
How old do you hav to be to hav a tattoo in england?
Wondering price of tattoo in Saskatoon.?
Help coming up with a tattoo idea?
should i give up with my tattoo or find another tattoo studio?
Where should i get this tattoo?
tattoo placement question?
How can I close the open pores on my face overnight and get rid of the blackheads?
Is Urinary Tract infection is caused by tion??
If You Were to Get a Tattoo, What Would It Be of and Why?
Im 15.female. What "saying" would be best for a tattoo?
What symbol is this tattoo?
where should i get this tattoo?
tattoo- 9 word, 34 letters, how much $?
If my tattoo has redness and bumps what ointment is good?
Do I absolutely need a tattoo consultation?
What is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
question about tattoo care?
Is there such a thing as a silicone backed, labret style stud?
how much would a serenity tattoo cost?
Tattoo help, i'm 17?
Will I Have High CheekBones?
Help with ideas for representing innocence/purity & temptation ?
Boys only! what do boys look at when they look at a girl?
hey does any body knows how to get rid of dark circles???
Do it yourself permanent tattoo?
What exactly does Nair and other hair removal lotions do?
Best way to cover a tattoo?
Where is a good place to put a non-noticeable tattoo?
Ideas for a tattoo, adding more detail?
Is it expensive to get a tattoo excision and does it hurt alot?
seven deadly sins tattoo?
Where would be good to get this tattoo ?
this is 4 the guys i think i'm incredibly ugly but everyone tels me i could be a model !?
Some butterfly tattoos?
how do take out strech makers?
im gettng the inside of my lip tattood do u tink it wil hurt alot?
Tattoo spelled wrong?help?
why do rich people sometimes dress poor?
What are the steps to giving someone a tattoo?
What is wrong with my tattoo? :S?
what colour will cover a green tattoo?
What's the strangest thing that's ever grown in your ear?
Where would a tattoo of an eye look good?
What do you think of this Tattoo?
Inner Lip Tattoo Spacing?
GUYS: Are multiple ear piercings on a girl sexy?
Tattoo snobs you know who you are?
is this the hottest tattoo ever or is it just me?
What Tattoo should I get?
looking to get tattoo ideas for the logol corona extra cerveza?
Carly tattoo ideas??????????
Tattoos in Barcelona?
i have pimple scars on my face how to get rid?
I have a tattoo, just got it done and now it is peeling. What's wrong with it?
what's good filipino tattoo?
Where to find Hawaiian/Maori Tribal half sleeve Tattoos?
acne treatments?
How much would a tattoo of this cost?
my new tat has leaked onto the dressing i used to protect my bed while's a lot of this o?
Realistically when will my tattoo begin to change? I am 19 years old and it is on my forearm?
Should I get this tattoo?
Do wrist tattoo's hurt?? And what any ideas?
Will a tattoo distort if done at 16?
can they redo my hello kitty bow tattoo at the shop?
is it a turn off to girls if a guy shaves his legs?
What happen if I rub my face with ice cube?
do you regret having a tattoo?
Does inner lip tattoos hurt?
Will your tattoos still be cool when you are a senior citizen?
Butterfly tattoo on stomach ?
Can someone suggest where i could get a tattoo drawn?
Can yu use dove scented soap to wash off a tattoo?
Is it true that if you spray your clothing with perfume it lasts longer, and wont that damage the material?
does anyone know what tattoo I'm talking about?
I'm planning on getting my first tattoo. How do I prepare?
do black guys look better than white guys?
Overcoming depression tattoo?
Where can i get a tattoo in Arizona?
Tattoo design ideas.?
Best placement of this tattoo for a female?
I got a tattoo on Friday & idk what type of lotion or whatever kinda protection I should put on it ..?
Does the Proactiv skincare line work?
Whats a nice tattoo design on a shoulder for girls?
What do you think about the word Relentless as a tattoo?
how should i lose weight? iim not fat though just ya??
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
I'm looking to get a tattoo. Any websites with free art/samples of tattoos?
is it stupid to get a beauty mark tattoo?
What is the tallest building in the world ?
Acne Problem.?
To all the pierced and tattooed people...anyone ask weird questions?
Using numbing cream for a really small tattoo?
What should my friend's tattoo say?
What is a good place to get tattoos?
why do some people call you names if your fat?
Is antibacterial hand soap ok to use on a new tattoo?
Is one tattoo on a woman attractive? Like a tiny simple tattoo?
tatoo's,how bad do they hurt? and cost?
need some suggestions for this tattoo?
about a VCH piercing?
Questions On TATTOOS??????????????
Do you think tattoos are trashy if it's something meaningful?
Irritation from shaving?
girls only,,,,,,,,,,!seriously,,?
What are the best home-made remedies for getting ride of wrinkles?
Should I get a tattoo and is it a sign of the devil?
Tattoos...Fan or not a fan?
where can i get some real good fake tattoo's?
What is up with the purple color under my eyes?
What do you think of these tattoos?
I want to get a lip ring, but?
Home tattoo removal???????????????
Mom upset about me getting tattoo?
what do you think about my tattoo?(pic)?
what is the best and/or fastest thing to get rid of zits?
Is it really a sin to get a tattoo? (From Christian standards please)?
how do i remove stretch marks from arms?
So excited about my tattoo?
First Tattoo! Help from tattoo pros please?
does anyone now wat i should tattoo on the side of my 4 pack i want it to be fun cute sexy but mean something?
i want a tattoo but will it affect my medical exams on my immigrant petition..?
Can a 14 year old get a tattoo?
i hear u have to wrap ur tattoo but i haven't and my tattoo looks faded, only had for 2weeks did i mess it up?
TWO rib tattoos... Yeh or Neh? ?
can a 13 year old get a .....?
Im getting a tatoo on my lips on friday!advice?
band (death) tattoo? should i?
can Multani Mitti (Fuller's earth) be used as a cellulite reduction cream, wrap or in any way ?
How should i go about this tattoo?
tattoo help please! is this normal?
Why do girls get star tattoos?
Tattoo, cant pick one out of these ideas!?
How to convince my Mam to let me get a tattoo.?
Tattoo cover up ideas? Creative thoughts?
How far does a tattoo needle go in ur back shoulder and your arm?
is there like a tattoo or symbol that all nerds use to signify that they are nerds?
Quick solution for pimples?
my boyfriend loves when we get down ? =(?
im 15 and ive never got my period?
Chris Nunes/Milo Ventimiglia Tattoo?
is it stupid to get this tattoo?
Can nurses have tattoos?
nipple pericings?
Looking into getting a tattoo?
does anyone know if you can remove hanna tatoos early and if so how?
On a scale of 1-10. Ten being the worst how bad does getting a tattoo hurt?
If you are married but under 18 and don't live with your parents can you get a tattoo w/out parents permission?
need help w/ flat-chested/bikini issues!?
i have white head on my nose plz tel me how can i get rid of it?
Am I too old to get one of them tramp stamps?
do you think tatoos are cool?
what a good tip for a $350 Tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo?
Do I look more like what I see in the mirror or what I see in pictures?
Can a person tattoo over a spot that had laser tattoo removal done?
any ideas on a tattoo involving a.............?
Which tattoo should I get?
what kind of pericings?
inner conch question needle/punch?
What can and can't I do once after I get a tattoo?
I need a cover up for a tattoo i was young and stupid its a channel symbol with writing?
if i fell in love with a girl , and i saw another and i start to like her alot. what should i do?
How old am I?
i have a peace of graphite in my wrist and know its turning brown?
I want "we will all laugh at gilded butterflies" tattooed?
where should i put my tattoo?
is it bad...?
Is orange a good color for tattoo's?
I want to get a tattoo saying My Sisters Keeper,but i dont know where i should get it?
How much are henna tattoos at belmont park?
How do I get my girlfriend back after she dumped me after reading the answers to my hickie question?
help brainstorming about tattoo?!?
Fairy tattoo on a guy?
I know this is the tattoo section, but has anyone gotten their tongue peirced???
How painful is a tattoo on the foot?
Tattoo questions? Need advise!?
Is that a new tattoo? Did that piercing ******* hurt?
Whats the hottest tattoo on a guy and where?
can some one give me a rough price?
what tattoo should a 22 yr old have on her boob?
How much do ankle tattoos hurt?
can someone pls tell me how to remove a weggie?
I need help deciding on a tatoo?
Simple question; Who is this woman?
what's up with me?
anybody know a good web site that show pics of tatoo's?
Will water damage a new tattoo?
Tatoos? yay? or nay?
how can i get rid of the dry white pimple that started to spread under my eyes?
Girls with tattoos please answer?
Can anyone identify the artist who's work this tattoo is based on? See detail?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
psoriasis whitespots are all over my arm. what will cure them? ive tried everything.?
how to get bigger boobs while still being skinny?
I have bad acne?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo saying "fear regret more than failure"?
how to remove fat on belly without losing fat on other parts of the body?
For Men-tatoos and piercings?
Where can I buy cornstarch (3 lbs or more) in/near Seattle, WA?
Realistic opinion about my tattoo?
About how much would a tattoo that is about 1 or 2 inches long cost?
what are all the tattooing needles and what are each speciallized to do?
What would be a good tattoo a fairy or dolphin around my ankle?
Do you think i should get this tattoo.?
How do I get rid of a zit thats under my skin still? Can I prevent it from getting bigger?
Do black light tattoos glow in the dark ?
Opinions of a tattoo on the inner forearm on a man?
Help with tattoo idea!! its my first one?
What is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
How can i make my breast look smaller?
I started to use benzoyl peroxide for my chest acne. It itches and looks worse. what should i do?
So help me out. I have been really down on myself due to my weight, how should I go about fixing this?
Is it a smart decision to get visible tattoos?
How long would this tattoo take? And how much would it cost?
How much does Roger Huerta’s tattoo on his arm/shoulder cost?
Have you ever had a tattoo removed?
what facial wash suitable for sensitive skin?
Psycho realm tattoos?
do you have a tatoo?
how old do you have to be?
Schould i get gauges?
right shoulder tattoo of a palm tree? good or not?
What is the easiest way to put lotion on a back tattoo... If you are the only one doing it?
how much would this tattoo cost to get?
I unknowingly got a ppd temporary tattoo?
i need a tattoo idea?
Keeping ointment on a back tattoo?
Any recommendations on good razors for shaving my legs?
what are the best tattoo parlors are in nj?
Help with tattoo!!!!!!!!!?
I'm thinking about getting this tattoo?
Opinions on my one word tattoo?
Does anyone know what font this tattoo is?
Tatoo question 10 points :)?
Should I get a tattoo for my 16th birthday? ?
how bad does a tattoo really hurt?
this is for the guys .. what do you think about tattoos on girls ??
People who know about ear piercings?
My hands are so dry?
Demi Lovato's Stay Strong wrist tattoo?
How much do tattoos hurt?
if you have tattoos on your hands and two sleeves can you get a high paying job?
i get sweaty palms and feet. please help me!?
should i get a tattoo if im allergic to certain metals?
I got a tattoo design done and someone said it looks not so great?
Mom found out about tattoo ?
Hi. I am 18 and having my first Tattoo tommorow :)?
HooHirai Dont Like Da Kagura?
who is the best tattoo artist in detroit?
How long do i need to wait before stretching my ears again?
im thinking about getting a tattoo.......?
My new hand tattoo I got today?
What kind of excercises should I do in the morning?
what do you think about an anchor tattoo on my ankle?
Surface Piercings please read and comment?
Is it safe to get a tattoo on your wrist?
how bad do tattoos stretch?
what is tattoo that represents emotional people?
Question about tattoos, please read?
what is the best way to take care of your skin?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
Do you like my new tattoo?
my best friend just had a baby and she has stretch marks everywhere now and she's miserable so i was wondering
Where does Pete Wentz get tattooed in Chicago?
Does a wrist tattoo & shoulder tattoo hurt?
I shaved my p$%$% 4 the 1st time and i developed a heat rash how do i get rid of it?
numbing cream/ointment for extreme tattoo?
Wrap around back tattoo average cost and/or length of time (in hours)?
I need a real push, that's all.?
can i get a lower back tattoo with out my parents finding out?
Should I get a tattoo? Where is a good place on my body to get a tattoo? A place guys will like to see it?
type of cross for my grandma's memorial tattoo for me.?
Do you think this tattoo is sexy(im talking about the snake up her leg )?
i want to get my first tattoo but i need help with something....?
Poem Tattoo Placement Suggestion?
i need to know if this is a cuute tattoo !!?
What do you think of this tattoo?
How long can I leave my nose ring out without the hole closing up?
Is there anything out there that can get rid of strech marks from pregnancy?
Do you know any skin lotions that make your skin beautiful and reduce stretch marks?
Can anyone help with a tattoo font?
Tattoos & piercings are a disappointment?
Do tatoos hurt?
How much do you think it will cost to get this tattoo? (Pic)?
In the state of California, how old do you need to be to legally get a tattoo at a professional shop?
What is the aftercare of a foot tattoo and what shoes should I wear?
How much would this tattoo cost?
is it bad to leave your piercings in for a long time?
girlZ please help me!?
Do you think 16 is to young to have a tattoo?and do you think im a bad person because i do?
Angel Bite Piercings Anyone!?
I am wanting to get an MMA tattoo but not sure what to get. Any help?
How to get summer sexy...?
I have little bumps under my breast and under my arms what are they?
What would look cute with this quote?
Does anyone know where I could purchase some Cruel Girl Perfume?
Does anyone agree with me that the healing process is worse than getting the actual tattoo?
Where should I put my tattoo? Please help?
should i use anti bacterial wipes on my new tattoo?
Nipple Piercings? Please help! ?
does anyone know how I can cover up my tattoos?
I was just curious is someone could ball park the price of this tattoo for me.?
can i get a tattoo im 16?
other then your ears, what piercing can you get where the hole will not close quickly?
How bad does an upper arm tattoo hurt?
Why does my skin smell weird after going to a tanning salon?
New to tanning lotion....?
How do you get rid of stretch marks???
Same day after care for nipple piercings?
1st tattoo...?
tattoo on my back?
I put neosporin on a new tattoo, how much damage did I do?
How much would a tattoo cost?
Has my tattoo smudged or is it just normal?
When you're stressed out, or depressed do you get pimples?
Does anyone know anything about the 'cheap' (ND:YAG) lasers for TATTOO REMOVAL, that you can buy online?
can putting shimmer on the body cause allergies?
how many tattoos is too much 4 a girl?
Should I have my tounge skin removed??
why does one armpit smell when the other one doesn't?
Glitter tattoos stencil?
Is there a natural way to remove scars and birthmarks?
I want a few piercings...?
Will I Have High CheekBones?
I need an Idea for my Tattoo?
who can help draw my tattoo?
Can i put petroleum jelly on a new tattoo?
Brown spot after getting tattoo?
stretched ear bleeding?
My body rejects all piercings, will it reject a tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost in Chicago? small.?
Consequences of getting a tattoo? Anyone regret getting theirs?
Pics of cherry blossom designs for tattoos?
Best way to measure how big my tattoo should be?
What does it mean if my tattoo is still scabbing?
Will my tattoo change?
I can't quite find the font I want to use for a tattoo, help?
I'm getting my first tattoo, and I want my last name along my ribcage. Any tips on how I can take the pain?
suggestions on my tattoo idea?
tattoos in the workplace?
What is a good free website i can visit to see great tattoo artwork and tattoo artist portfolios?
Front shoulder/collar bone tattoo [girl]?
Is it okay to get a tattoo here?
what is the sexies part of women?
Have you heard of these?
getting a tattoo at 15?
Does anyone know if there's a proper name for a tatooist's needle?
i have several tattoos and i am looking for a cream to keep the colours looking bright.?
Should short people be eradicated from this earth?
How do I get rid of my pimples?
How long will this tattoo take to complete?
i need an opinion?
i have a zit!!! how can i get rid of it quick?!?
i have hypigmentation on on the part above my lip,how do i get rid of it?
do you believe this is a good tattoo for me what do you think this tattoo meaning is ?
How does a tattoo gets fixed when there's a scar after the tattoo was made?
I love getting pierced and tattooed?
Help Me With My Tattoo Placement?
Symbols for tattoo (Chinese, Japanese, etc...)?
How come whenever someone asks a question about tattoos...?
How can i cover up a tattoo?
How much should I expect to pay for snake bites (Piercings)?
Can I get a tattoo if I am getting surgery in 6 months?
what are the best skin lightning creams are?
What are your favourite and least favourite tattoos?
can someone please tell me the fastest and easiest way ot get rid of acne and its blemishes?
how do people make themselves look unattractive when they have low self esteem?
How long does it usually take for a henna tattoo to darken?
How do i find out what i allergic to?
Tattoo feel like a spot is sore after three weeks. Normal?
How much does a new Crownwear coat cost, and where would you get one?
What are these small itchy pink bumps on my arm???
What would be a good place for this tattoo? Really stuck?
What tattoo sounds better?? I'm stuck?
Lip piercing question..?
Got size38DD boobs need a good fitting strapless bra any ideas where i can get one?
How do you paint your nails without painting your finger as well?I don't want to go to a beauty salon...?
what products would you recommend for really dry skin on your face?
How do you know when your tattoo fully healed?
Question about what this kind of tattoo is called?
how do you get rid of warts?
can u tattoo ur boob?
Tattoo idea. Thoughts?
how could i make my breast size little less by using any product of sehnaaz within india?
where can you get airbrush tattoos in honolulu?
Why do some people smell their armpits?
Getting a tattoo on my ribcage?
When i turn 16 i want more piercings on my ear, got any pictures that you could show me?
How can I convince my mom, I need to shave???
i really want a tattoo?
real look tattoos?
why does my tattoo itch?
spider bite piercing help...?
Around how much would my future tattoo cost me?
I need advice on a tattoo. Help?
Opinions on tattoo idea.......?
hottest place for tattoo on girl?
Little red bumps on my tattoo? What's wrong with it?
I got my eyebrow pierced yesterday, it hasn't swollen or anything. Normal?
what stores have cussons imperial leather bar soap?
do you think its ok for a guy to like to shave his legs and keep them soft with lotion?
Does anyone here use witch hazel? What does it do?
Should I Get A New Tattoo?
i just made a huge mistake of having a very large tattoo?
What do you think: a teenager giving tattoos?
What would you wear to a casting call for Tao Beach?
Would smoking a help reduce.pain of tattoo?
Do people like how others look after a face lift???
Let's say your 12. Can you get a tattoo with parental permission?
Why is there bumps on my tattoo?
what is musk perfume?
Help with Tattoo pricing!!?
Is it simple to pop a pimple in a dimple on your temple?
if i have tattoos will people think?
should guys shave their legs? and is there anywhere else that should be shaved?
Are these good tattoos to get?
Should I get a tattoo...?
Least painful place for a tattoo?!?!?
Tengwar translator for tattoo?
Piercings and gyming ?
would this be a good tattoo to get?
why do people have such a problem with tattoos?