Cant find a wing tattoo design?
how long roughly will this tattoo take?
what do you do with adult acne?!!?
Why do people get tattoos?
need tattoo ideas? please help?
What do women have against tattoos, and long hair .?
can i show up to a tattoo place, explain what i want, and get it the same day?
Can i still get a tattoo like this? answer plz asap!?
wats a good place on a womens body for a tattoo ?
Truthfully, do tattoo's hurt?
poll: do you think tatoos are trashy?
what do u think about having a tattoo ?
what do i...?
Piercings and tatoo's?
Tattoos becoming unreadable over time?
im getting a tattoo and i dont know what to get?
My tattoo is ing and scabbing!?
I have a bad complexion but don't want to use foundation?
tattoo question please ?
another tattoo SUBconundrum?
Tattoo please help?????????? Especially if you're an artist of any kind!!?
what piercings would suit me?
What do you think about this?
tattoo ideas please.?
What does a slu* (the last letter is t) mean??
What should I do to get rid of my acne on my forehead and nose?
What is the best way to stop dandruff?
what tattoo colors are the best?
bikini and overweight?
Are all colors of UV ink clear without a blacklight? ?
cant strech to a 0 gauge?
how many tattoos do you have and what are they of?
If u wanted to do anything in the world and u only had a few hours what would u do that would make you excited
I just got a tattoo, is it normal to peel and scab a little? ?
is it better getting a tattoo when someone else is with you?
Tattoo color question?
Tattoo parlors in houston?
Do you know somg good face mask products??
How much would this tattoo be priced at?
Good PORTRAIT tattoo artist in Virginia?
!!!Is it true that Botox helps prevent wrinkles eventhough the effects wear off after a several months??
I would like to get a tattoo, im 18. what do you think?
How can I possibly lose 10 pounds in 3 months?
When did you get your first piercing?
Foot tattoo is tightening up?
Are you supposed to rotate your rook earring when you clean it?
How do i make a home made temp. tattoo?
What is the best body wash to use?
Tattoo cover up help?
Best way to prepare yourself for the pain of a tattoo?
are jailhouse tats easy to remove?
Need help with Hebrew translation for tattoo?
ear piercings questions!?!?
Effective home remdey for pimple and pimple marks?
where can i get a tattoo at 15 years old in st. louis?
Does getting a tattoo across your chest hurt?
Is super MAN fat?
my younger sis pinches my hands..what should i do 2 prevent permanent scars?
Does Proactive acne solutions really work?
I am 21 years old male.I usually dont go out in the hot sun.even then my face skin has become tanned.Explain?
does anyone else not shave their legs in winter?
How can "some" guys talk about girls constantly?
how to get rid of pimples comming up now and then i would like to have a solution to it as soon as possible?
New tattoo question.?
Tatoo prices? London ontario?
Opinion on my first tattoo idea?
What's the essential element for healthy skin?
Is 14 to young to get my belly button pierced?
turned 18 so got a head tattoo?
I'm 15,Getting this tattoo soon.I have questions about it?
Hey guys! .. Lord Ganesha Tattoo...?
Where can i find a tattoo artist in the tampa bay area that specializes in floral designs?
Bliss See Spots Run?
canadianGamer is mean!!!!!!?
Is it feasible that I can hide a piercing?
thunderstorm tattoo? help me.?
How long can i get my surface piercing to last?
Do guys find fair skin attractive on girls? I have pink undertones so it's not like I look grey or anything?
Baby strength tattoos?
I lost my Cat, and Im thinking about getting a Hello Kitty Tattoo...?
If the Man's (woman's) Body's all limbs in right ratio with each other,That human body will be beautiful!!
Anyone know the name of the tattoo artist who inked the tattoo of Michelle Aston, the model (and porn star!)?
I just got my tongue pierced and I have some concerns.?
i want a tattoo but im scared?
Are you supposed to wash your face with a wash cloth? Will that be to irritating or will it be good to .?
about a name tattoo
Cancer ribbon tattoo ideas for men?
Where would i get this tattoo?
Tattoo, help me please!!?
where should i put my tattoo?
Please suggest some fruit face masks which can help nourish dull skin?
Im 13 and 96 pounds how do i loose fat?
What do you all think of piercings on boys?!?
Please help. I need help figuring out a tattoo?
does waxing cause rashes?
looking for a tattoo?
I have slanted shoulders. It has nothing to do with my back posture though. What can I do to fix it?
Why ugly and white dude can be together?
Im 15 and am getting a tattoo. What and where should i get one?
How can I get bigger natural breast?
I'm curious about the price of a side tattoo?
do you think that tattoos look bad on pale people?
Opinions on infinity tattoo?
what do u think is the best face wash for oily skin?
I'm getting a tattoo?
i got suntanned. how long it will last?
What shoulder blade should I get my tat?
Does Tattoo's Hurt.?
plz tel me where from i get coca butter.acctually what it is?
Just got my first tattoo today, PLEASE help?!?
Besides Pro-Active is there anything else that will do the trick?
Am I allergy to Differin? Does it work for my acnes?
Scorpion tattoo on the side of a mans neck would represent what to you?
Where is the best place to get a tatoo of gemini sign?
Quesion about tattoo sleeves? :) Someone who has one.?
how can i get rid of the discolouring on my finger nails after ive had dark polish on for too long?
Tattoo Quotes...need a little help?
Mixed colored, Custom colored tattoos.?
How do you lose 5 pounds in three weeks?
Does anybody have a good idea for a Dr. Seuss Tattoo?
When you get a tattoo..?
Tattoo ... pain relief!?
ladies... How tall are the men you are with. i.e.. husband, boyfriend, the men you are generaly attracted to?
I want to get a pretty tattoo? ?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Stretch 8g to 6g is painful?
wht's the difference between melanine and pigment?
On average how much doe a small-medium tattoo cost to get?
If your tattoo is over moisterized what is the best thing to do with out harming your tattoo too much?
Ive had a tattoo designed as a memorial to my 24yr old son who passed away last year. Where should I put it.?
have breast implants getting them overfilled more will i notice a big change in my breast size?
What does Britney Lockstead look like?
White Ink
Tattoo Cost Help please?
Stza's neck/arm tattoos?
What was your first tattoo like?
Does anybody know a good tanning product?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your side thigh?
Suggestions as to Where to Hide a Small Tattoo in Plain Sight?
Which is the best suntan lotion or spray for fair skin? Has anyone heard of suntan vitamins? Do they work?
Brand new tattoo ointment?
What should I wear to get this tattoo?
Can a 14 yr old get their nose pierced?
taking care of the "twins"?
who can Design m me a totally one off tattoo sleave?
What colonge most smells like the old "Calvin" made in the 1980's?
Would this be a good moving on thing?
Biore, does it work?
How do you turn a burn into a tan without peeling?
im tryig to find a picture of this tattoo?
what is visine?
Best facial self tanner?? please read details...?
Tattoo 151 in Glendale, Az?
laser tattoo question?
Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
How old do I have to be to get a tattoo and a tongue peircing,?
Why do some girls smell so good all the time?
Do you spend time nude or without a shirt besides when showering or having sex?
Will it be ok if i use Factor 50 suncream on a tattoo on holiday?
Would like some suggestions for my first tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo. I need opinions!?
What is a good way to get a good and bigger hindquarter(bUTT)in only 2-3 weeks?HOw long should it be?10 min.?
tattoo quote, she's a rare breed matter fact...?
Is This Quote Stupid To Get As A Tattoo ?!?!?!?
Hi i wnt 2 get a tat on my ankle wrist or back of neck n wondering which hurts most n what to get there?
Has anyone heard of or tried Thermage?
Extra sensitive skin?
Any good ideas of how 2 make this tattoo work?
i'm thinking of getting my shaft tatooed,,, what should it say? would women like it?
What is the best method for popping scrotal zits?
places to have tattoos?
Tattoo artists please read!!!?
how do u get rid of bug bites real fast?
I would like a meaningful tattoo that fits with me?
do you think i could get this tat?
tattoo advice?
Are belly button rings cute or trashy?
where would you get this tattoo?
Where can I get a polynesian tattoo?
Exercises for Lower Back?
oh common people , why are you geting to the fatest country?>america]?
Is it ok for a girl to get a tattoo of her boyfriends name? ?
Help with tattoo prices\cost?
Tattoo Idea?
Help with California Tattoo...?
Which moon phase would work better if I'll do the skin and acne healing spell, FULL MOON or WANING MOON?
is it safe to shave ur unwanted....?
How can I get a tattoo without my parents permission?
Acne Problems!!!?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
I have a tattoo on my wrist that says MAC and i want to change it into something different?
Girls only.. Any of you like tattoos and piercings?
Is body piercing a full time job?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo..?
Really need some opinions plz help :( x?
how long does a homemade tattoo stay?
Why did Tattoos become so popular in the USA? did it start with Pamela Anderson?
women with tattoos on their bodies good or bad what u say?
What quote should i get as a tattoo? Or suggestions?
Getting a tattoo tomorrow?
i want a tattoo but im a whimp?
Does anyone know any tattoo places in belfast ?
what are your tattoos of?? why?
Do you have a tattoo?
best way/products to get rid of acne?
Tattoo on shoulder pain?
Filipinos have the best tanned skin, agree?
Hi girlz are u attracted towards big biceps?
Moisturizing my tattoo.?
What would this tattoo symbolize?
How Much Would An Angel Wing Tattoo cost If It Was to End Around The Small Of My Back? Just An Estimate?
thin fast?
what tattoo should i get on my stomach/rib cage?
Color vs black for tattoo?
I am keen on a tattoo is it the right thing?
Any advice on Norelco waterproof electric razors: cutting ability, rinse cleaning, value, reliability?
What does this tattoo symbolise?
can someone draw this tattoo out for me?
why is soap so slippery when you shower?
what r a few cultural tattoo regions?
Will I regret it if I get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo 'roughly' cost?
Should i get this tattoo??
What is a good place to get my boyfriends name tattooed?
A friend of mine used bic pen ink, pencil led crushed up and a bit of maybe 90% alcohol to tattoo himself..?
how do i take a shower without getting wet?
How much do you think my tattoo would cost?
Important Tatoo Question?
do chest tattoos hurt alot?
any one care for me add them to my ?
I want my clit pierced.?
Is is bad if I get a tattoo with my grandfather's name?
How painful is a rib cage tattoo?
Anyone knowledgeable about tattoo removal? I am having my tattoo removed by laser in the summer, but in the?
Which is the best facial( e.g. herbal, aroma, gold) for oily skin?
Approximate cost for large tattoo (picture included)?
What quote would be good for a tattoo for my grandad?
Does anyone know what this tattoo says?
Is my new tattoo okay?
Anyone have any tattoo ideas?
I Need Help With Tattoo Placement?
A very serious question?
For those who have tattoos or piercing or other kind of body art please answer?
best friend tattoo ideas?
Tattoos: where does it hurt the most and the least?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
I Want to Get a Tattoo...?
When you get Pimples?
I'm thinking about getting 2 tattoos? How much do they hurt when getting them?
Does any girl like a guy who likes feet, or did u ever go out with guy like that did, or did it bug u ?
can pregnant people get tattoos?
I see your Avatar, but do I see You?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo in memorial of miscarriage?
What can I use to lighten hyperpigmentation?
What is th e best way to rid stretch marks?
looking for skin care product, Aveeno, in Canada?
Art teacher with sleeve tattoos?
Im getting a tattoo today with the word THAT on my?
Can I get a tattoo at 17 if I am with someone over 18 ?
Where should I get this tattoo?
How bad to tongue tattoos hurt?
Friday the 13 tattoo special bay area?
Anyone here a tattoo artist?
On a scale of 1-10, how much does a tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
Tatto Questions?
have you got a tattoo,,,why did you have it and would you recomend having one?
New tattoo looks blurry..?
first time and i have no idea what to do...?
how do you get a tattoo while in dep?
How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced?
I want to get a tattoo honoring my daughter. I need some ideas that are unique and creative.?
laser tattoo removal?
Should i get a tattoo on my ribs?
What is a meaningful small quote?
what do you think about a teardrop tattoo on the finger?
I'm get a tattoo in Sanskrit and I need help translating?
Best ways to handle getting a tattoo? [read details before answering]?
whats a good place to get tattoo in bergen county in nj?
Has anyone successfully removed a tattoo with a TCA peel?
Guys & girls. What do you think of this tattoo idea?
My first tattoo will be on my upper outer thigh how much does that hurt from 1-10?
ACNE???-----Please HELP!!?
whats a good age to get your first tattoo?
Cost for a simple tattoo?
How much would a tatoo like this be?
Where on the body does it hurt less to get a tattoo at?
which arm do sleeve tattoos look better on, left or right?
Tattoo Artists - Best Blue ink?
if you have a tattoo please tell me..?
do you'r ears hang low?
What percentage of the U.S. population is extremely good-looking?
Any good tattoo shops in Puerto Rico?
How long would this tattoo take ?
Tattoo Idea (family oriented)?
Tattoos where hear grows?
I have this dark line across my nose...?
who was the first person in the world to die asleep?
Tattoo removal, is it painful?
what do you do to pamper yourself?
is a cleanser with aha and bha the best solution to get rid of whiteheads?
what is thermage? how does it work? does it work??? have you had it done?
Tattoos for my twin sister and me?
Is anyone willing to help draw a tattoo out for me?
Do you like to walk around your house naked......?
Why!!!!????? Ohhhh!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!????????????? curse you,PIMPLES!!!!!!?
can you use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth??
i dont know where i should put my tattoo?
Should one wax their back?
how much might this tattoo hurt?
Does anyone have any techniques/products (purchased or homemade) to lighten the skin tone overall?
With what product(s) do all these bikini models/ stars shave/de-hair their bodies and private parts?
how can i get rid of facial hair on my chin?
need help with tattoo idea..?
Should I get this tattoo re-designed slightly or not? Also black or colour? Repeat question?
to those of you who have tattoos?
Regarding shaving legs? Ladies only thx.?
whats the best type of tatoo to get?
nightmare tattoo what to do with it?
Lower Back Tattoo Idea?
Could someone help me design my tattoo?
What does Aquolina Pink Sugar smell like?
Where is the least painful and concealable place to get a tattoo?
Ladies, how much would you pay to get your body hair removed permanently?
asian teens: bare feet, flip flops, other sandals or shoes?
do girls like tattoos?????????????????????
I'm going in to get my first tattoos tomorrow. What should I prepare for?
will half sleeve tattoos affect my career?
Is PROACTIVE really works on acne?
I'm pretty angry at the world and want another tattoo, any suggestions?
do you like my tattoo ? should i stay with the trade ?
I want to get a quote on my brest tattooed, this is my first tattoo and i just want to know if it'll hurt bad?
Can I get a tattoo over these freckles/moles? ( PIC )?
what percentage of titanium dioxide does one need for UVA protection in sunscreen?
Is it safe to shave over my new tattoo yet?
Are my tattoos over the top ?
tattoo and piercing shops in stockton california?
Me and my brother want small matching tattoos. We are both catholic and love baseball. Any ideas?
how come blonde girls are the most popular in high school?
What is the best face wash for dry skin? I've been thinking about Clinique's 3 step program...?
What do you think of big girls with tramp stamp tattoo's?
what do you think of my new tattoos?
I want to go to Yokohama,Japan to get a tattoo from Horiyoshi 3,does anyone know his prices and contact info?
Do you think my tattoo is ugly? It is a spider/web and cross used as a coverup for a skull i had?
Eunice kiss arm tattoo?
People copying my tattoo - I dont like this wrong?
Tattoo scare helppp? ?
Your opinion of a girl with a tattoo..?
How can I cover this tattoo?
Is it too big?
Whats the best age to get a tattoo?
Tattoo help please guys n girls?
How do I get rid of these bumps on my legs?
tattoo sleeve design?
what is a good self tanning lotion?
why the bigger the boobs the sexier the girl looks?
Does anyone know how to turn a burn into a tan?
i cut my self what do i do how do i tell my parents??
whats this type of tattoo?
What tattoo should i get ?
lyrics for my rib tattoo?
What piercings do girls find attractive on a guy?
"like" mother daughter tattoo ideas?
how often should i wash my new tattoo?
Are stretch marks permanant? Is there some way to get rid of them?
About how much would these tattoos cost?
Tattoo swelling and redness?
Ladybug tattoo/ Where to put it??
Is it True that you cant donate blood if you have a tatoo?
Ideas for original tattoos on top of thigh?
I want to get a tattoo on my face?
Where do you think would be the best spot for this tattoo?
Is this quote too negative for a tattoo?
Men........What do honestly think of women with a small tattoo?
Tattoo numbing creams?
what would you think of a 14 year old with a tatoo?
swallow tatttoos?
Is it bad to apply to tatto goo excessively to a new tattoo? Say ...every hour..and if so ,why?
does it hurt if you peirce your own lip?
Anyone have a good design for a tattoo they could send me of music notes for my hip/ stomach?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
I want to get a locket with a key tattoo and a sm. love quote but I want it to involve a lock and key. Got any?
do you think it is hott and sexy if someone doesnt where any deodorant or never take showers???
Detailed Tattoo In Workplace?
do you stretch marks on/around your lips after collagen dissipates?
how do u brake a ankle?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What do u guys think abt melederm??
Should I get my belly button pierced or should I keep it the way it is ?
Cool half sleeve tattoo ideas?
Getting a tattoo and wanted to know how long it will take to get done?
Tattoo scabbing and burning?
help with messed up homemade tattoo?
Tattoo advise!?
My first tattoo any suggestions?
If you get a tattoo small enough can u cover it up?
Where should i get my Fleur De Lys tattoo?
Tattoo advice anyone?
Is the tattoo going to hurt?
What's under weight and over weight for 12 yr. old that's 4'10''?
what are the bennifets of having a tattoo?
girls shaving?
girls with girl, tattoos. lesbionic. or not.?
How much would a small simple wrist tattoo cost to get done?
Do people like girls with tattoos?
Does anyone have links or pictures of really sexy tattos?
What should my next tattoo be? (female)?
I had my lips tattooed (permanent lipliner) but keep licking my lips. Will that ruin the color?
can you get tattoos on your palms?
What do girls think of tattoos?
about tattoo and scars?
what's the best way to get rid of acne?
im a 14 year old boy with pointy nipples, it is really embarresing, how do I get rid of them?
Hi Surfer-style fairy tattoos?
My tattoo smells strange. Why?
Should i get my moms name tatted on me ?
Does water help your face?
what lyrics or scripture for a tattoo?
How to shrink facial pores?
female with tattoo problem?
Anybody knows a real good treatment to get rid of cellulite?
How much hassle or hostile people would i encounter if i got a visible swastika tattoo?
What are some good quotes for a tattoo?
Does a juice fast HELp clear acne?
Help with a tattoo design?
What kind of tattoo would look best on hip?
How can a man or a woman have a flat tummy?
Is it true that if you sneeze, burp, and fart at the same time that you will die?
I got a tattoo on my wrist, however, when I raise my arm, it looks all crooked and off center. What can I do?
What happens if i use scented lotion on my 3day old tattoo?
What type of tattoo should I get?
Poll: Women - Why would you tattoo your name on the back of your neck or your chest......?
tryn 2 fnd anthr wrd 4 big women. i was tld villumsious is anthr wrd.not sure if im spelln it correctly.?
i want to get a tattoo?
i got a broad shoulder i find it ugly to see what is the best exercise to make it look more better?
Would it hurt to get a tattoo on the veiny part of my wrist?
Should I get a tattoo?
Can I get pierced & get a henna tattoo in Cabo?
What is the perfect size of boobs for an 12 years old>?
can you get a permanent tattoo without needles?
best tattoo artist to cover up a tattoo in the tampa area?
Tattoo how long do u have to use the ointment for he said to use aquaphor but just dont know long to use it fo?
Should i get more tattoo's?
will someone plz send me a GOOD link for tattoos???
what does getting a tattoo feel like?
My acne wont go away! what do i do?
Anybody know a tattoo& piercing place that's cheap and you can be 13 and older to get it ?
how much does it cost to get a tattoo in the states?
how do you get rid of darkened elbows?
toothpaste for pimples?? help!!?
How can you close facial pores in a very cheap way or without going to dermatologists?
White ink tattoo looks grey?
how do you make fake tattoos permanent?
How can I clear up my skin naturally without over the counter acne medicine?
How can i get my body parts pierced safely myself?
since when did a swijerbach become a contuse? What the heck?
Tattoo Cover Up HELP....?
where can i find some color contacts non prescriptive to try out different colors?
i want 2 get a tatoo but i also want 2 give blood what should i do ?
Latin translation for tattoo?
why are my armpits very dark in color?
is there an age limit on tanning in tanning beds?
i have a question?
Using henna for a name tattoo?
Will one bad sunburn cause skin cancer?
I need Tatto help PLEASE help me.?
Do cold showers actually help your complexion and reduce wrinkles when you are older?
Tips for a first time tattoo?
What is the best way to remove unwanted facial hair without causing major pain or losing skin?
German coat of arms???????
where can i see a big picture of the dogs on edward nortons back in american history x?
Aftercare for a tattoo?
How do I shrink my feet?
Any ideas where to put a small elephant tattoo?
How do I concieve a boy?
What is the best brand of sunless tanner to use?
how do I get raid of pimples?
Can you use pen ink for a tattoo or will it hurt you?
question about tattoo and peircing..?
I have a butterfly tattoo on my foot and need a cute but meaningful quote to go underneath it. Any ideas?
Am I fat if i'm 158 cm and 55 kg?B honest plz. I have pear body shape, is it bad if my bottock looks big?
What to do with my piercings when i get to the airport should i take them out?
I want to get my tongue pierced twice?
Please tell how to use body wax to remove body hair at home on my own; what all precautions to take?
How long will my feather tattoo take to get done?
Can my girlfriend get her anus and taint tattoed?
Where can I find a pic of the shoulder tattoo's Brad Pitt has in the movie Snatch?
Tattoo Problems - Huge Blisters?
overuse of deriva cms?
Using Emla Cream for a tattoo, should I use it and how much?
brightening my skin?
What is microderm abrasion what does it do and how is it done?
Whats wrong with my tattoo?
do i look fat?
i have a tatoo that 6 letter and about 5 inches long how much will it cost to be removed?
Any good products for undereye wrinkles, laugh lines...???
How many ear piercings can I get at once?
iam indian iwish to fair?
What is the meaning of this celtic knot?
Lower Back tattoo designs?
I Want to get a tattoo........Any help?
how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo right behind your ear? my sis and i are wanting to get matching tats?
i want to tattoo my anniversary on my arm and it is 02-14-2009 can you help me?
how can i add some wait.i am female 22 and 49kg heavy?
Family tattoo ideas for cousins?
Does Tattoo removal WRECKING BALM really work?
Is By Using St Ives Apricots Scrubs And Clean & Clear Cleanser Works To Remove Acne?
bad tattoo idea???????
I seriousally have truer ever thing to break my wrist and I just need to no more suggestions?
tattoo question, please help!?
which font do you like better ?
Do tattoo's on the top of your feet hurt?
What facial piercing should I get?
Tattoo love quote...?
Does my tattoo look like its healing properly?
Girl question?
what makes a man look sexy ?
Help designing tattoo? Tattoo ideas?
tattoo ideas for no fear and no regrets?
how many tattoos does the Boys of One Direction have?
information about tonga soap factory.?
Does anyone know any tattoo parlors in chicago that specialize in asian tattoos?
How bad is a tattoo on the inner wrist?
Do tattoos or piercings hurt more?
do you like this tattoo idea?
Does anyone know what Corey Taylor's tattoo's look like? I need a few.?
16 year old getting tattoo?
Is this a decent starter kit? If not can you recommend another?
Does everyone in your household use the same bar of soap in the shower?
pin up girl tattoo...?
a picture of the ultra derm whitening cream?
what do you look like??
were to study cosmetic tattoo in taiwan?
How much would this tattoo cost?
what can you do for dry oily skin on your face?
What's the best treatment for acne?
I want a tattoo supporting breast cancer awareness but...?
How can you make a scar fade?
How much would this tatto cost?
Do you think it would look bad if i got a tattoo of my grandma?
I want to get a tattoo harry potter related, any ideas?
where would this look good at as a tattoo?
Tattoo on back of neck or wrist?
Extra sensitive skin?
Can someone guide me how to make an essential oil contained face pack?
Should i use tattoo laser removal?
What tattoo should I get?
why is the colors fading on my new tattoo? I got it about one month ago.?
does exercising help get rid of pimple?
What do you think about these tattoos?
can ya help me?
Does anyone know how to eliminate dark circles under your eyes? I can't find anything at the stores. Any tips?
Having a tattoo touched up?
How much would this cost?
Tattoo ideas, please?
Tattoos and the Film Industry?
Washing my face with soap?
tattoo ???
what does pretty or beauty mean to u?
nose piercing jewelry question....?
RE:plastic surgery what can be done to"fix" small scar on ear lobe?
new forearm tattoo ideas?
I need a text/font for my Alice in Wonderland tattoo?
Should I get this tattoo?
can somebody help me with tattoo ideas?
where do you get henna?
question for tattoo artist optical illusion tattoos?
where is the best tatooist in fort worth, tx?
What are your thoughts on a smily face tattooed on your knee..?
Is there anyway to get my tattoo removed? PIC!?
What all would you need to bring to get a tattoo, under 18, in Texas?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does a wrist tattoo hurt?
red little pimples?
What's It Like Getting A Tattoo?
What do you think of tattoos on women?
Can someone please help me find a picture of this "Love" Tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo? If yes do you think they are addicting?
hey whats every bodies fav movie?
How would you say "It goes on" (such as life goes on) in Spanish?? Thankyou! :)?
Curious about tattoo's?
How much would tattoo cost?
Out of these quotes, which is your favorite for a tattoo?
Opinions on this tattoo?
Good places on body to get a tattoo?
Where do you think this tattoo of my star sign look good?
What is the best font and style for a tattoo of the name of a loved one?
need some help here !?
This ones for boys and gurls!?
how do you get bigger boobs w/o surgury?
Does anyone know a good acne restoration creme?
what's the best acne solution for combination skin?
I'm Fourteen and I want to lose weight?
I want to get my tongue pierced but I need info on swelling?
how much would 3 little birds tattooed on a wrist cost and take to do?
Tattoo suggestions please?
What should i should i add to this tattoo?
Tattoo on the top of my foot ?
What kind of tatto should I get?
Which tattoo sholud I Get?
Is a tattoo under my breast slutty or tacky?
Am I able to continue wrestling if I get a new tattoo on my thigh or will the tattoo get ruined?
i am planning to get for my 17th birthday is my nanay name on my arm she past away a year ago?
New tattoo leakage..?
how to prevent blackheads/white heads?
What are some nice tatto ideas?
My tattoo is starting to itch but i havent gotten any scabs?
Getting my first tattoo in December, any pointers?
tattoos that reminds me of my dad?
Do you like this tattoo?
I am going to get a tattoo of my sons baby footprint. Should I get it on my ankle or the top of my foot?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
What is a cute tattoo to get for a girl's 16th birthday?
Tattoo and swimming Q?
where do i get VCD of aerobics in jaipur?
I am think about getting a tattoo and i am a muscular person where would be the best place to put it ?
chubby cheeks, need help!?
Where should i get my first tattoo?
HELP! how do you stay calm while getting a piercing?
If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
good place for a heart tattoo on a guy?
what makes you blush?
I want to give myself a tattoo at home. Does India Ink contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD)?
Any ladies have a bad experience with getting breast implants?
I got a few tattoos a few weeks ago an only ben using A&D oinment on it now their all jus scabs clor rubbed o?
Will a tattoo artist do both tattoos in one session?
does anyone have an idea on how much this would cost?
Good way to get tan?
how much does it cost to get a tatt at lowrider tattoo?
if i fell in love with a girl , and i saw another and i start to like her alot. what should i do?
What would be a nice tattoo as a remembrance to my older brother?
my tattoo is pealing??!?!?
Why do my feet smeel so much!?
Do tattoo removal creams work?
Whats the best Tattoo place?
Where on the body, is the least painful place to have a tattoo?
how i can get some job in usa/ i live in jordan can you help me ? i need a wife?
Stretch martks from pregnancy?
should i get a tattoo?
has anyone bouth that e-book on how to remove warts and moles?? is it a scam?? what did it say to do??
Colonics? anyone tried it?? I'm thinking about it as a start......?
An ink color similar to white ink tattoos?
any good tattoo ideas?
what tatoo would cover scars on my wrist?
What are the best self tanners out right now?
where should i get a tattoo?
Oliver Sykes' Tattoos...?
How Painful is it to get a tattoo???
First tattoo design ?
Tattoo Idea, Please help?
I don't know where to get my tattoo?
what is the name of this specific color ink getto greenish i have pictures?
Where is a good place to get a quote tattoo for men?
How much 'excess ink' should there be?
how do u make your eyebrowes your own shape without going to the salon or getting them wAXED?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Can anyone help me design a tattoo?
Is it possible to become a model if you have tattoo's?
okay so I'm 15 and I will be getting a tattoo for my 16 b-day next year but I can't decide between a?
I need a good polish poem/quote?
New eagle tattoo help?
is there any home remedy that will make you get your period faster?
What tattoo parlors in Ann Arbor MI tattoo minors?
Adrenalin Ink is know to be one of the best tattoo shops in Durham? DO you know there address?
Do you believe getting a tattoo of your spouse's name is bad luck?
Can your forearms be too small to get a tattoo?
Is there anywhere I can get a Sak Yant Tattoo in the U.S.?
Girls, What do you think of our periods?
wot is the o ring on a tattoo gun 4?
Thigh tattoo question ?
what is the tattoo with?
Why is my lip infected months after I removed my piercings?
i want to know what the best job is for a person with a more than a few tattoos and piercings...?
how much would this tattoo cost roughly?
half sleeve tattoo idea?
Do u know how much is this tattoo?
i need help with my boobs...?
Who do yout think is prettier?
Tattoo ideas that symbolize family?
Realistic opinion about my tattoo?
should i sleep in my bra or not.?
Tattoo age restriction?
Is my new tattoo blurring? Please help! (pic included)?
Going to a six flags trip after having a tattoo for 7 days?
Where is the best part of your body to get a tattoo that it will not hurt ?
i wanna know if its something serious :/?
My mom is letting me get a tattoo? HELP PLEASE?
where should i get this tattoo?
like, I feel really short, usually shorter than every other male wherever I go?
Are hand tattoos really illegal?
is it normal for the skin around my tattoo to be dry and flaky?
Dry and scaly do you get rid of it?
Please help me with the design of this tattoo?
how can i get rid of zits?
Girls are you attracted to guys with piercings,tattoos,split tounges and ear plugs?
What jobs allow you to have tattoos and piercings?
where is a good spot for a qoute (tattoo)?
Tattoos. Help please ?
Tattoo Fonts please..?
Can you get your eyebrows tattooed blonde?
Can I Play Football after getting a tattoo 2 days ago? (Inner Bicep)?
Do wrist tattoos hurt?
Mosquito bite and tattoo?
Im looking for a horse quotefor a tattoo to represent how I really feel about my love for horses?
how do i lose weight cauz i'm 120 pounds put I wanna be 65 pounds ??????????help me?
Tattoo Problem ? cover up designs ?
does anyone knows a website for grass style calligraphy tattoos design?
how tall do have to be to model?
Remembrance Tattoo for Grandmothers?
How big are an average/thin woman’s thighs?
is there any were i can get a tattoo on the bottom of my wrist in australia?
What do you think of a girl with tattoos?
Whoever has had ZOOM teeth whitening - does it give you blisters inside your mouth?
Should I tell my parents that I am getting a tattoo tomorrow?
Are lower back tattoos a target for a guy to finish on ?
Tattoo ideas, for wording underneath chest?
Will this be an ugly or stupid looking tattoo?
what is the best self tanner to use on your face?
What should I do about my tattoo that is peeling?
I believe my tattoo is coming off?
Why do people get stupid tattoos?
i am 5'3" and i weigh 190lbs. would you consider me a fatty or a thick milkshake?
whats a good place for a tattoo?
Ideas of where to put my first tattoo?
what is the average healing time for a tattoo?
Looking for a cute/cool thigh tattoo.?
when im older i was thinking about getting a full arm tattoo...?
zip code tattoo idea?
Tattoo peeling, red spots...other questions as well?
Hip Surface Piercings Done.... Rejecting or Healing ?
What if your tattoo artist doesn't wrap your tattoo after he/she is done doing it?
Which would you like as a tattoo?
Best Noxzema product for oily skin?
Can a nurse Have tattoos?
guys do you think girls with tatoos are trashy? or slutty?
what is Dove soap annual sales for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005?
ways to hide a tattoo?
I was raped and abused, and i want a tattoo to symbolize strength and moving forward. Any ideas?
i got a tattoo sunday on the side of my leg. about 6 inches above ankle. The tattoo dont bother me but my ankl?
Shuld i make a tattoo?
Hindu Tattoo Translation?
What is the best way to alleviate dry scalp in the winter when daily shampooing is a necessity?
Is jergens glow a sunless tanner?
what is a good idea for an unique wrist tattoo?
What color eyes do you think is prettiest?
Is a woman who's 5'4" tall, 157 lbs and about a size 10 fat?
I am getting a tattoo on the right middle side of my back, up and down. How much would it hurt?
I'm not gettin one, but is it true you can get a tattoo and the age 11 or so just by your parents signature?
Can you get a tattoo while pregnant?
What route should I take at 16/17 to become a tattoo artist? I currently study level 3 art 3 days at college?
Between all of these tatoos (Lyrics) which is your favorite?
Any dermotologist know how to get rid of a skin fungus?
Did my new tattoo make me sick?
Why do we get tattoos?
What does the "mario star" tattoo stand for?
Girls 18+ ...Do you shave? Why?
If I become a waitress will I likely be pinched in the butt by customers?
How do you get a good tan without getting burnt to death???!!!!?
Questions about a monroe piercing?
do vertical labret piercings leave noticable scars?
What's greater: 8 pack abs or acne scars on chest? Girl opinion wanted?
why do you guys like boobs so much, whats so special about them?
what is the best way to get rid af pimples?
do you know anywhere that they show comet tattoos?
Quote for tattoo!? s?
I want to get a small quote tattoo. I want a quote about life/no regrets/love etc. Any ideas?
how should you weight if...?
can stretch marks be removed?
Can a tattoo place legally give hand tattoos?
which tattoo design do you prefer?
Does getting a tattoo on your inner wrist hurt?
Is 5'8 short for a guy?
I want to get a tatoo but im so scared of needles.?
getting a tattoo, please help?
What type of tattoo gun does Cat Von D uses?
how do i say mom i stared my peorid?
Sagittarius and Scorpio tattoo mix? I need some ideas to brain storm on...?
I really want a tattoo?
What should my first tattoo be?
What is the best anesthetic for anal sex?
Want a song lyric tattoo? Help? ?
i would like to see the picture of katie prices tatoos?
I got my first tattoo, and it looks like I've been branded. Is that normal?
where should i get my tattoo?
I'm thinking of ideas for a tattoo, Help?
Japanese Kanji Symbol for "Lady Luck"?!?
I Was Goinq 2 Get A Tat On My Foot I Was Wonder If It Hurt..?
my friend(boy) has 36 inches waist ...?
Just got a black henna tattoo?
██████████What do you think about my new tattoo?██████████?
What does my friend's tattoo mean?
I haven't got the slightest clue about how to schedule a tattoo apt?
HELP, white tattoo starting to look yellow?
how do i get long nails?
looking for a picture that Ami James from Miami Ink did in the episode of The Family of a cross?
where and how should I get my son's name tattooed?
What would be the best way to reduce the appearence of scars and stretch marks?
How long after a nipple piercing would I have to wait to get a tattoo there?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
do you like piercings/tattoos?
how can i loose weight fast???
Which part of the opposite sex's body is the most attractive? For girls I mean boys and vice versa.?
Are workers at Aerie able to have tattoos?
Im thinking about getting a small tattoo on top of my foot... is that an extremely painful place for one?
My granpa is going to get a tattoo of Dolly pardon on his chest?, what can I do to talk him out of it?
Removal of Skin Tags?
i was just about to answer a question...What is a great product to use for waxing?
ok so tattoo number three?
What is the best facial moisturizer??
Pattern to shade tribal tattoo with?
Tattoos and pimples question?
Getting first tattoo on ribs, need advice?
If i tan too much will my tattoo fade?
What do you think of piercings and tattoos?
What are good tattoo parlors in Boston, Ma?
Cheap but good place to get labret or monroe piercing in Austin, TX?
Your thoughts on my tattoo idea?
How can people tell you are wearing fake piercings?
how can i get ride of my strech marks?
Tattoo Suggestions? (I really want a meaningful work of art on me as a reminder and to express my beliefs)?
I can't decide what tattoo to make!?
What else to put with chest piece?
what tattoo should we get?
how to bleach my sun-burned skin?
What is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
I was shaving and I scarf my face?
First tattoo placement?
a perfect circle tattoo ?
What is the best wax to use for sensitive skin?
how good are Yves Rocher beauty products?
Is it logical to get a Tattoo at 18?
Ideas for a tattoo with the Acadian flag and British?
Is this a good tattoo to get?
How do you get rid of pimples fast like in one night?
Where would be a best place to put a tattoo quote?
about how much would a 2 by 5 inch tattoo cost?
if some one wanted to go on a diet wat should they do to lose weight?
My pores have grown large over the time that I have had acne. What should I use to make these pores smaller?
Has anything worked for your acne?
Got a tattoo, how soon can i start working out?
Question about tattoos?
how can i make my armpits look better after shaving?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
can anyone find me...?
Which colors should I make this tattoo?
Are wings on my back a stupid idea for a not so girly girl?
is she too tall?
what tattoo should i get?
is nair easiwax any good?
Are Tattoos Painful?
I wanna get a tattoo any ideas?
Would it take longer to heal if i get an inverse navel piercing at same time of regular one?
Is a tattoo on my forearm likely to negatively affect my career?
what's good for skin?
Tattoo peeling question?
how does it feel to get a tat on your chest?
can u suggest a good man's cologne in the range of KCole issy, miyake M Kors or Polo?
Tattoo Where???
Can someone ballpark me on how much a tattoo would cost?
tattoos tyne and wear area?
When you get old and your boobs start to sag...?
When will he be more mad?
I'm thirteen, is there a way for me to get a tattoo without my parents' permission?
Very oily t-zone...?
I this a good Tattoo Kit?
Getting a tattoo, but would like some ideas and input?
If i had no reaction to a black henna tattoo ..twice.. can I get another one?
Tattoo on wrist. Question?
Please help my boyfriend wants to get a tattoo?
I walk barefoot alot!The soles of my feet are severely dry and y. How do I fix them! There ugly!?
How much does it hurt to get your shoulderblade tattoo'd?
how can i gain weight in 15 days??
Why do why do men like light skin girls and not dark skin or brown skin girls?
I really want a tattoo, but I don't know where to get it. Suggestions?
what kind cream and soap can one use for her skin to be spotless?
what does a tattoo feel like?
Guys! Do you like piercings on girls?
how can i feel better about my size?!?!?
Where should I put my tattoos?
I put a henna tattoo just above my and now it hurts?
Are white ink tattoos and UV/Black Light the same?
whats the best way to take care of your skin naturally?
Im wanting to get a tattoo for my little bros here are sum examples help me chose the way to do it? Please?
Dream catcher tattoo ideas?
what is the reason for formation of pimples which has a black centre core when opened contains wax like stuff?
How long would this tattoo take? (picture)?
if i lose weight will my breasts sag?
What do you think of this image for a tattoo?
Can I get friends in the 70510 area to talk to on ?
How are Tattoo artisit paid?
what ointment is better for a tattoo?
I'm getting my first tattoo next week and I need a little assistance. Anyone willing to help me?
How can I get rid of pimples FAST?!?
are ankle tattoos gay/not manly?
Help with my tattoo please?
Where should I get a tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
will this help my acne scars?
It looks like there are a few enlarged pores in my t-zone area. How do I tell?
i want a jap. dragon down the length of my calf, in color, with smoke behind it, how much would it cost?
How much money should you tip you nail tech? What is customary?
What to do if you just had a tattoo done?
I would like to know ways to lose 20 pounds and get in shape before early july/late June. Any suggestions?
Would you get a QR tattoo ?
Tramp Stamp... Do you think a women that gets that kind of tattoo?
What Words For My Wrist Tattoos?
Any opinions on Synergy Day Spa in Washington, DC?
Is this normal new tattoo?!?
How do you know if u have sun poision?or 1 degree burns?
why do people who dont like tattoos?
underage tattoo please help?
how can i get a tatoo when im 16 without parents permission.?
What is the largest organ of your body?
I got a tattoo last night, how long should I stay away from standing water?
Do tatooes hurt?
can i have your opinion on my tattoo idea?
belly button aftercare?
TATTOO question.!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you think of tall women?
Can anyone please tell me where i can find a picture of Garrett Hedlund's tattoo on his back?
Has anyone ever taken "Wellwoman" tablets?Do they improve hair,skin and nails?
Is aloe vera, right from the plant, okay for new tattoos?
What's the craziest Tattoo you ever seen?
why does it matter?
Spin Spa - does anyone know how to keep the brush heads from falling off when you use it?
Is there anyway to get a tattoo that will last months without it being permanent?
Tattoos: My granddaughter asked my advice about getting a tattoo. Why do teens want a tattoo?
Would it be silly to get two different tattoos, but both including feathers?
should i get my bellybotton periced?
What do you think of Breast implants?
would i look good with a monroe/madonna piercing? (pics)?
What is the best cure for pimple marks?
Tattoo artist told me to not use lotion at all and dont put anything on the tattoo?
I have a tattoo that need fixing?
What could I cover this tattoo with? pic included.?
What is a good tattoo for my grandmother to get?
my bet friend and i are getting matching tattoos and i'm really scared it's going to hurt a TON!?
Tattoo Ideas? for my wrist..?
Can liposuction really provide 6 pack abs?
Where are tattoo shops in Raleigh?
why do pepole wear underwear?
Im getting a tattoo for about 200 bucks.....what should I tip the artist?!?!?!?
Piercings yourself? (:?
Memorial Tatoo for my 15 year old best friend?
how to make sexy eyes?
Im looking for rose vine armband tattoo pic?
Are you good at deciding?
Tattoo places in San Jose or Santa Cruz?
Soap really drys my skin out..........?
i need a tattoo design?
wat does this tattoo mean
how could i convince my mom that not all tattoos are bad?
Do tattoos on legs hurt?
how can i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
what should i do to my tattoo?
Arabic writing is very pretty to me & I liked to get " No pain is forever " for a tattoo .someone translate ?
chemical peels?
Needing tattoo help.?
Does anyone know a way to help scabs come off quickly?
How much do lower back tattoos really hurt?
Are Tatoos VERY Painful???
Best spot for Tatoo?
im meant to be getting a tattoo at the bottom of my back but want to know if it is a really sore area?
seven deadly sins tattoo?
What physical features do guys want in a woman?
y is men less attractive than women?
I have extremely dry skin around the sides of my nostrils.?
Anyone tried tanning pills?
Good tattoo magazines in South Australia?
Is it wrong to post sarcastic comments and questions..........?
Has anyone ever used Proactiv?
Have I killed my tattoo?!?
Is getting a tattoo as painful as getting your ear pierced?
EMERGENCY: How can you get rid of a stye (puffy eye) in 1 day or less?!?
What kind of tattoos are these come?
Help with tattoo!!!!!!!!!?
i sometimes get...(girls only)?
Bicuspid aortic valve tattoo idea?
Acne Cleanser!!?
Ideas for an Arm sleeve tattoo, I want to get all my familys names in it, theres only 5 ppl so. Help me out.?
Tattoo removal advice? California Bay area?
Tattoo quote opinions please?
How would I go about expanding a tribal tattoo?
how do you grow four arms except at birth?
How can you become a tattoo model? ?
Tattoo question/opinion.?
I just went to the tanning salon today for the first time.?
does anyone else not shave their legs in winter?
Is a ying yang heart tattoo a good idea?