What do you think of this tattoo idea? :]?
Anyone from wolverhampton? Know where tam's tattoo in willenhall has moved to?
breast sag!!!?
do i need plastic surgury?
Getting my daughters name tattooed on my wrist and ideas?
how do the actors on sesame street look so young?
wrist tattoo ideas please?
What do you do during a tattoo?
GIRLS :I know this is a stupid question but oh well..............?
If I change the oil every 3,000 miles, I should be alright, right?
Tattoos and Pain meds?
Artistic tattoo artists in NYC?
Anyone know a good artificial tanner?
How do I cure dark underarms? (fastest and most natural way)?
Does anybody know any good place in New York City to get temporary tattoos?!?
Can u tell if a girl is / is not a virgin by the way she walks?
Need help for tattoo idea!?
Got a tattoo, how soon can i start working out?
I need information about my tattoo?
Tattoo help?????????
my skin is very oily,i use to have lots of pimples on my face,plz suggest me something.?
girly font for a tattoo (pic inside)?
how do i get my boobs biger?
How much do tattoo costs range?
What do you think of tattoos on people with dark complexions?
Is there a list of winner's for the Mr. Columbus, Georgia contest from 1970-1989?
Where is a good place for a saying (tattoo)?
getting a tattoo please help me?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
I have a tattoo idea, but need some suggestions!?
I'm a10 year old girl and have lots of hair, should I shave my legs? My mom says it's OK but I.m not sure.?
Looking for advice on a Jimi Hendrix Quote Tattoo?
how does toothepaste help zits go away?? and does it really work?
Tattoo quote question?
i want a tattoo that symbolizes my life?
How do you get ride of a hickey like mark?
Can I Have Visible Tattoos Working At Wendy's?
what's the best hair removal product that won't give allergy after applying?
How to know if shes just being friendly for her work ? Anyone work at or have worked @ a beauty salon?
Which is better, sun oil or sun cream?
where to get a tattoo?
Any recommendations for ingrown hairs?
My new religious tattoo?
new tattoo!!! what do you think?
To soon to get a Tattoo with a symbol of something that has changed my life?
how can you be sure that your guy doesn't just want you for your body???
is 160 lbs and 5 6" tall too heavy for a girl?
IS this a good idea for a tattoo?
Are waveform tattoos considered lame?
I want a tattoo. But, I want a real creative one. Any ideas?
What qualifications and licences do you need to be a tattoo artist?
my cousin wants to see?
Do Black women shave their legs too?
Is there any over the counter lotions that help reduce or get rid of spider veins?
i have really oily skin?
thinking of getting a tattoo..?
I have a swastika tattoo, will it put girls off dating me?
How Much Do You Think This Would Cost?
Getting a Tattoo on my leg?
does a tattoo on the foot hurt?
Legal age to get a piercing and/or tattoo in the UK?
Finger tattoo........?
where can I go to get a good tattoo in orlando florida?
i want perfectly smooth lips?
Is there anything I should do/eat/drink to prepare my skin for a tattoo?
how to improve your skin texture and colour?
I was thinking of getting an tattoo.?
Where can i buy owl temorary tattoos online?
do all men like skinnier, sexier women than those on the heavy side?
Out of this two what should I get tattooed on my knuckles?
ear peicred! need help!!?
How young is to youngfor a tattoo?
After a tummy tuck, how long will it take for the swelling to go down?
tatoo josh duhamel ( danny mccoy)?
how do you get rid of demodex mite on humans?
how much would a tattoo like this cost about?
can you use the ink of a pen to givemyself a tatto? if not what, and how much would it cost?
what is the right age to get your belly button pierced?
Question for mature women only.....please.?
Small memorial tattoo for my mom, HELP!?
has anyone tried laser hair removal? If so, what did you think of it and where on your body did you have it?
how to lose my pimples?
how do i get my new tattoo to stop itching?
Would this peacock tattoo look good?
Good area for your first tattoo?
does anyone know of piercing studios in leics/notts area that pierce with/sell ptfe?
i'm worried about this tattoo that i just got?
I Am Getting My First Tatoo, Does Anyone Have Any Ideas Or Suggestions About What I Should Get???
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo while your on mtx ?
Buying an airbrush tattoo kit for starters?
What's the best way to get a six pack before the end of the holz without using weights?
would sunbathing 15 minutes a day cause big harm to my skin if i moisturized it well afterwards?
OK this might seem like a silly question?
y do guys have nipples?
Family Tattoo?
how many girls of have tattoos?
how to sterilize tattoo needles?
Allergic to Aquaphor on new tattoo?
what do u recommmend for acne and better looking skin?
do they tattoo the top part of the finger?
Doing your own French Manicure?
I need attractive,clean, femenine tattoo ideas...?
Anyone got any tattoo ideas?
Is green soap the only kind tattoo artists can use?
Any suggestions for a temporary tattoo that lasts for a couple of months?
Does anyone know a good tattooist in Chichester, West Sussex...?
Tattoo in black ink or grey ink? Opinions and suggestions?
where can i have one like this?
i would like to get a tattoo on my foot.....?
For a tattoo..what could I put along with what I already have (la Bella vita)?
Anyone have any ideas for a tattoo?
Help about my tongue piercing!?
Tattoo Haters....?
wats evening primrose capsule?
Do tattoos really hurt? HELP!!!!?
My sleeve: quarter, half, or third?
Why are most women, whimsical in a sense with their feet? Dangling, nodding, stretching, seeking attention.?
can you have a visible uv tattoo?
creative minds for a tattoo only!?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm?
im 16 weeks pregnant and i got a tatto on my arm will it harm my baby?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
How do I get rid of my acne scars?any home remedy?pls help....?
this will take 2 seconds!! help?
in need of tattoo artists?
if someone gets a tattoo on their forehead is it a chemical or physical change?
would this be possible for a tattoo?
how do u get rid of bags under ur eyes?
My body is white as ghost i nedd a tan now?
question for men (preference) and women (what you have) brazilian, hollywood or natural?
Does a tattoo on the ribcage hurt more or less than a back of the neck tattoo?
Have you got or want to get a tattoo of your fav band?
is this a good idea for a tattoo?
?My best friend and I want matching tat's?
I want to get a tattoo on my rib cage but I'm unsure because of the pain?
Ladies,if i walked up and i asked if i could take a pic of you,would that be ok,or would you think it strange?
Mole? Mole? Mole? Reeeeemoval?!?
What do you think about pale skin?
Getting a tattoo, need help with estimate!?
question about celebrity singer pink ??
If a skincare product stings when you put it on should you stop using it?
What is the best green papaya whitening soap? And, what of 3 is the best Biolink, Herbana or Silka green soap?
Neutrogena sensitive skin solutions?
Need help with tattoo idea?
I wanted to know how to take off scarthes or little scars??
age 14-gettin a tatoo on my hip? help :P?
TATTOO HELP! Need second opinion :D?
How many of you people have a broken bone now?
what do you think of this finger tattoo idea?
How much would a medium tatt cost with only two colors on the ankle?
Tell me about your tattoo.?
what product can i use to make may skin smooth?
What to expect when getting a tattoo for the first time?
How much would a tattoo on the ribs cost?
Why do people pierce their tongues?
KP on my body and face....?
best calligraphy for love u mom.. i want to have a tattoo?
why do the tattoo colors fade away?
I am 15 yrs old, And I am 5 feet and 6 inches. And I weigh about 155 pounds. Am I Fat and Overweight??
how bad does a tramp stamp hurt?
Is this a good tattoo kit has it got everything you need?
I was wondering how to get a tan outside fairly quickly?
Can someone help me find a specific SuicideGirl?
why do people think this about tattoos?
My sister and I are getting tattoos but we dont know what it should say?
leg shaving :/?
tattoo question!!?
has anyone ever heard of or used a skin cream called nadinolia, if so does it really clear up skin discolorati
Women: Best deodorant / anitperspirant?
Im 15 yrs old Can i get a tattoo?
where should i place my tattoo?
How do I get rid of an ugly tatto?
Would you get tattoos from a tattoo artist if he had no tattoos?
I want a tattoo but I'm afraid?
Will it mess up my tattoo?
If you can change one thing about yourself?
why do people walk on two legs instead of one?
elbow tattoo healing time?
Who could design my tattoo?
Need opinions on design for tattoo? Creative people please help!?
How much would this tattoo cost?
doess clearasil ultra oil control workk good??
What is the meaning of the yingyang??
what is your opinion on this picture for a tattoo?
guys PLZ help!!!?
What should I get tattooed on my knuckles?
Should I get a tattoo on my forearm?
My skin was pretty clear and has been breaking out all of a sudden? Any possible causes or solutions?
what do you think about this tattoo? pic?
Is 14 a good age to get a tattoo ?
how can i convince someone to not get tattoo?
Do you think wrist tattoos should face you or the person looking at them?
TATTOO HELP !!(very urgent)?
What do you think about these tattoos designs?
skin marks? help!?
my eyes....?
Im about to get a tattoo?
the white portion of my eyes has small patches of yellow color also the nerves are red.want clean white eyes.?
I'm a girl and I'm getting a tattoo?
Can someone help me find a bigger picture of this tattoo?
doing a home tattoo, can i use pen ink?
Quotes on Change for a Tattoo?
what you do to avoid body bad smills?
Is this tattoo font placement look right?
How do you cover Dermal Anchor Piercings?
Scared to get a tattoo Help with ideas please?
How do you prevent in-grown hairs from shaving your legs?
HELP finish my quote for my tattoo?
Petrified for wednesday to come! explain experiences?
I'd like to get a tattoo. Would I regret it?
where is the worst place to get a tatoo?
i am not beautiful and i have no friends what can i do?
Why do artists hate it when you call it a "tattoo gun?" ?
Sso i wanna get the words "you are beautiful" written acrossed my wrists. any ideas about price? ?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
can i get my outie belly button pierced?
disk golf tattoo ideas?
is there any whitening creams in Canada that work fast and are reasonable prices?
Is there a program online for tattoo placements?
Has anyone had titan skin treatment? Are you happy with the results?
whos the hottest girl on the planet?
Guys.....? I have a dilemma!?
belly button piercing question?
How many tattoos/piercings you have & how old were you when you got them?
why am i so pretty? god i just cant help it?
How do I get a big butt fast?
Black Diamond Ink Milford Connecticut Tattoo shop?
which tattoo do you like best? (pics)?
Some cute ideas for a thigh tattoo?
Tattoo Idea for my deceased uncle.?
Are Sprint employees allowed to have tattoos?
does anybody know which is the right size of a peanus?
Where would be a cute places to get a lot text tattooed on your body?
Should I Get A Tattoo On My Inner Forearm ?
What age can you have a tattoo in the UK with parental permission?
Tramp stamps?
Guys, do you find rib cage tattoo's sexy?
Is it possible to heal a navel piercing correctly if you sit at a desk all day?
How to I fade dark ashy skin on my elbows?
"Essentials" of an essential oil collection?
Should I have surgery to remove my man breasts,and double chin or will working out help me some? what about?
soloution any?
Do guys prefer A "Chesty" Girl or one that is bare chested.?
is there a way to permanatly get rid of dark undereye circles?
Anyone else's daughter thank you for telling her NOT to get a tattoo?
Tattoo!! (PIC)?
I have this tattoo but, its kind of boring now and i want to do something more with it?
Eminem Tattoo quotes?
What is the easiest way to get rid of acne?
Have you ever used a tattoo numbing cream?
Anything you know about steaming pores...?
My mom thinks that I should be a model......?
im 14 and im thinkin about having sex with my bf.?
is my tattoo(s) a problem for her?
I need advice from a tattoo artist?
whats the best way to clear up acne dammit :)???
help with 'In memory' tattoo phrases/quote?
oil + face = zits!?
Can i use gentamicin sulfate cream on my infected tattoo?
Advice on my tattoo idea please?
what can i do make the bags under my eyes go away?
Will a hip tattoo be effected if I lose weight?
Does a tattoo behind your ear hurt bad?
I started me peorid what should i do?
Which one is better to bathe with, soap or bubble bath?
What to expect when getting a tattoo for the first time?
Which tattoo should I get?
I am going to the beach on Thursday, and I hate my legs. How can I hide them?
opinions on a cross for a tattoo (pic included)?
Tattoo peeling question.?
I need ideas for my first tattoo?
why did my tat not stay on me?
Help with a tattoo idea!?
I'm going to tattoo an owl on the thigh. Some oasis lyrics that can fit my owl?
Does anyone kow how much an esthetician makes?
what is everyones take on getting a nose ring and tongue ring??
How much will this cost if i got it as a tattoo..with only black ink?
I am 5ft and I weigh 97 lbs. Would you say I'm fat?
Are there any health or beauty tips that you have decided to follow religiously?
So my daughter snook and got a tattoo what should i do?
From 1-10 how bad does waxing your eyebrowns hurt?
Facial sunblock query?
What can I use to not make a tattoo hurt?
Tattoo Ideas! Graduating college next year.?
how do get rid of facial warts especially under the eyelids?
Can a kid go into a tattoo parlor?
What tattoo should I get?
girls with tattoos: hot or not?
is it possible for me to wax my beard as im fed up of shaveing?
Would a small Pikachu look retarded on my back? (as a tattoo)?
If you ever had a tattoo come here!!!!?
Are wrist tattoos trashy on women? I want three small hearts, that's it. Is it trashy?
my friend she smells bad very bad and i don't know how to tell her?
Does it look weird/awkward to have a tattoo on each shoulder blade? please help?
I want to have a tattoo removed, but I'm a wimp. Any advice on least painful method? (It's on my arm)
Is my tattoo infected or just healing?
Im planning on doin my own tatoo, help please?
How bad does a lower right side tattoo hurt?
Should get a tattoo?... If so.. What design?
I need an idea for sister tattoos?
Why cant black people get tans?
has anyone used this when getting a tattoo?
What do u think of tattoos?
pain of tattoo on inside of wrist?
How long until i can give blood after getting a tattoo?
Rhiannas friendship tattoo?
Suicide prevention tattoo?
Should I Get This Tattoo As My First? And How Much Do You Think It Will Run Me On Average?Give me sum feedback?
What tattoo/piercing shops in Colorado Springs do surface tongue piercings?
what tattoo should i get?
Estimated cost and time of tattoo?
I wanna make bath bombs and it calls for citric acid, where do i get it?
What size would my nose ring be? Like the gauge and the length?
Help with finding a tattoo design?
Sexy tattoo places? (on a girl)?
how old do u have to be to get a tattoo?
I need symbols for a tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo in Nov. "not all those who wander are lost." will people think I'm a Lotr geek if I do?
is jennifer lopez sexiest women in world?
Is sex is different frm love>?yes or no..?
First tattoo scare help? !?
How will this tattoo affect my chances of getting a job?
Tattoo ideas: My son, Anthony passed away. I want to get a tattoo of something about him.?
What piercing should I get next?
I have a big nose...and i really hate it!!! Is the any way (except surgery) to make it small or something???
Do ribcage tattoos directly underneath Armpit stretch during pregnacy?
whats the best tattoo shop in or near little rock arkansas?
i have a money tatto on ma finger.but now i dont want it..any others idea?
would this tattoo look good on the inside of my wrist?
can i tattoo my skin color this color?
What do people think of a tattoo on my thigh?
How can i get rid of this scab?
only for girl ! which pad do u use?
how do i get rid of an errection?
where on your body did you get your tattoo(s), what are they, and how much did it hurt?
Where on my body should I get this tattoo?
Ladies: I was thinking of getting this tattoo on my arm?
Where would be a good place to get this?
What is the quickest and most effective way to remove corns from your feet?
How much would it cost to get a simple wrist tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tatto in the uk?
Who is the prettiest girl in the world?
My wife wants to get a tribalarmband, what do you think?
Tattoo advice please?
Are you creative?! I need a CUTE idea for a tattoo... 10 points best answer PLEASSEEEE!!!?
IS this the good site ( ) to get my Fall fashion clothes and boots?
How long does it take to grow boobs?
can i put sunscreen on my tattoo i had it for 5 days?
pain of a tattoo vs piercing?
getting my tattoo done tonight and im really nervous!!!!!?
Is my whole tattoo supposed to be scabbed?
Tattoo ideas....anything at all?
Why would anyone get a tattoo on there face or neck? I feel sorry for these people because will never be able?
My 3 year old tattoo is raised and itchy?
Im 13, and i want to get a tattoo of a black orchid, in memory of my mother?
Opinions on design for my second tattoo?
do you know any beautiful sentences?, please help?
How do I even out a mottled skin tone after a sunburn has peeled?
Best Place for tattoo for a guy. (ONLY GIRLS PLEASE)?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How come everyone likes to diss getting ....?
Do they make ear retainers for normal ear piercings?
What are some websites that i can go to for...?
Are tattoos worth getting?
Can somebody recommend a GREAT tattoo artist for a portrait/ pin up?
Can you go to a tattoo shop to get your nose stud changed to a hoop?
Is It Safe To Bend My Navel Ring?
question about tattoo placement?
Does anyone else think tattoos are special?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
I'm 16 and I need to get a job, problem is I have a few facial piercings...?
Please can I have your? honest opinion on this tattoo before I get it! Thanks! ?
Would this be a cute tattoo?
Will acne make tattooing difficult?
Looking for a way to write "Tranquility Gardens" in either symbols or another language.?
Do you like this tattoo?
Question About Tattoos??!?
Can You Get A Tattoo Underage If You Have Guardian Permission?
what do tattoos feel like?
hi im having a baby girl in febuary and i am looking for some cute short quotes i could use for a tattoo.?
Where can I work if I have a facial tatto?
Quote for tattoo - your opinion?
Has anyone ever successfully removed a tattoo? or tried wrecking balm and then had it lasered? ?
what is the best fake sun tan lotion to use with out any steaks??
why don't they NUMB you before doing a tattoo or piercing?
Which direction should i get my tattoo?
pimples on my face?
my bf always talks abt my figure?
What can I do to get rid of pimples and acne? What should I do? Please help!?
Are these spots normal around a healing tattoo? (pic included)?
Tattoo meaning? manatee n sea turtle?
How much does a Peter Aurisch tattoo cost?
do you have tattooes and body piercings? How many? Where? Why do you have them.?
How to be famous ?
Thinking of getting a tattoo like this?
A symbol or quote for a tattoo to remind me how lucky i am?
How to find out if your skin will hold a certain tattoo color?
my boyfriend thinks im racist because i say i hate mexicans that say preverted things to me am i?
Which font do you like better for a tattoo?
How do I become a cosmetic dermatologist/cosmetic derm. surgeon?
what is the best place to get a tattoo?
Help! My GF has a hairy belly!!!?
what shower gels is the best that i can find in the market and buy it?
what does a tattoo feel like?
How common is this tattoo?
Tattoo touch up question....?
When is a girl considered fat?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your stomach (under your belly button)?
Is it bad to tan??
Is having a tan still considered attractive? details...?
What do you think is the best eye color in guys?
Tattos cost me my future? and how painful?
how to get rid of whiteheads with things you have at home?
Tinkerbell Tattoo??
I have holes on my face, (like to play golf)...How do I get my face smooth and nice?
Hey tattooed ers?
I'm looking for a new tan system that comes like in a can and you spray it with a blowpipe,please help me?
if you had to have something written tattood on you...what would it be??
Harry Styles from One Direction Tattoos?
How addictive are tattoos?
Question About Lip Pierings?
Wrist tattoo scabbing?
Is this not the sickest tattoo ever:P?
Getting another tattoo, need some opinions please...?
Times are changing, so why are people surprised when young people get tattoos?
Tattoo ideas for new life and overcomming obstacles?
My first tattoo ?! ??????
Good tattoo idea? Whats your opinion?
Need help with japanese tattoo(s)!?
How many out there has green eyes?
what do you think of a disney world character tattoo for a 26yr old woman that has a passion for disney world?
how to get a fairy white complexion?
what inspired you to get a tattoo?
no stretch marks on celebrities?
What do you think hurts more?
What do you think of girls with small tattoos?
where can i buy off! botanicals insect repellent. i can not find it anywhere. thanks?
I'm looking for a tattoo to put ?
I'm thirteen, is there a way for me to get a tattoo without my parents' permission?
what whould be the best first tattoo for an 18 year old?
Is this is a cool tattoo idea?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Dragon tattoo designs? Read details?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Im looking for a tattoo sleeve i seen once b4, Have you seen it ?! please help !? Hi, I cant find it anywhere?
Am i ugly??
Any Nudist?
Where is the best place to put your first tattoo at?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo on one of your thighs?
Breast implants?
Do guys like girls who have freckles?
Guys I have a small doubt-- please help me... Does The tip of the penis pain when touched?
Help with idea for tattoo!?
Advice of nipple piercing?
How much would this tattoo approximately run for?
what is a one thing that a girl desires for?
I have a nice size butt, it is thick and round. However, I want to get it a bit bigger. Any suggestions?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo without your parents permission?
Who Has Their Nose Pierced?
Would this be a horrible first tattoo?
men...opinion on a tattoo...please :)?
Question about a new tattoo idea?
Where on my body should I get this tattoo?
COUNTRY BOYS!!! i gotta question bout a tattoo:)?
Suffers from Persistent Acne Only?
Getting Tattooed and Stuff?
Why do people who don't like tattoos bother with questions in the Tattooing section?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
How to cure dark circles?
Have you had a dream last night?
looking for some tattoo inspiration?
is my tattoo good can i get feedback please?
How long do i wait to put lotion on my tattoo?
tattoo idea for my grandparent's that passed away?
i got a really bad sunburn yesterday is there a way to get it to go away in a day or less ?
There is a sort of cream that helps your face stay young forever. do you know its cost?
Will I be able to go swimming on August 11th with my new piercings?
subculture question-why do tattoo sleeves and gauges go together? culture behind them?
I want some type of tatoo?
what can i do to my under arm?
What is a good free website i can visit to see great tattoo artwork and tattoo artist portfolios?
how can i get rid with my pimples?
my pimple is purple?!?!?
Best way to bandage foot tattoo to wear shoes?
Tattoo moisturiser uk?
Would wearing a white bathing suit make you look less pale?
What's the best way to get rid of a pimple (besides popping it)?
why do some people get fat and others don't gain an ounce and how do you get rid of it the fastest you can
cost of this tattoo idea?
Will a tattoo artist do both tattoos in one session?
if a mole is not fully removed, will it leave a mark?
i need a small quote that has to do with beauty, flowers, and life for a tattoo.?? HELP(:?
Question about foot tattoos?
Swimming with tattoo?
People with tattoos: Are you really that worried about how they will look as you age?
Appropriate age to get a tattoo for a girl ?
Tattoo question?
does anyone know where i can find a pic of Coralines "fleur de lis" tattoo from the tv series Moonlight?
I need tattoo oppinions?
if i buy tattoo paint, and just draw with it won't it wash off?
Dose my tattoo make sense to you? Please read ?
what can i add to my tattoo to make it prettier?? pic included...?
What do you think of this tattoo and placement?
My new chest tattoo piece?
What does getting a tatoo feel like?
Cool tatoo I could get?
Ideas for a tattoo symbolizing my four brothers?
Are you aginst Breast Cancer?
I wanna get a tattoo?
Suggestions for a tattoo?
I want to own a tattoo shop?
Tattoo question How many in one go/Pills?
Will a tattoo hinder my chance of a job?
Where will 18 in. extensions end at on me if I am 5'2 and have a short torso?
Tattoo question??????????
is it alright to pluck mole hair?
What kind of job can you get if you have alot of tattoos?
i've had my tattoe for 7 months and now i have scarin (fixable) n my tattoe is blotchin wat could this B from
answer for a first tattoo?
Naval piercing? Hurt?
Cherry blossom tree tattoo quote?
places offering permanent make-up in grapevine texas?
What type of face mask to use on my face?
Is there any harm to skin by shaving beard with blade & without using shaving cream or foam?
can a child under 18 get a tattoo?
Swimming with a new Tattoo?
I hve a tattoo on my ride side?
is this happning hellp plzzz!!?
Meaning for a tattoo?
Where to place a tattoo?
Saying for cousin tattoos?
how to fade scars?
Belly Button Piercings :)?
What can happen to your eyes in a tanning bed if you don't use goggles?
What is a good moisturizing lotion for very dry skin.?
do tattoos look better once you get them shaded?
What is the protocol on having a tattoo artist draw up my design?
i have problems when i run, i can't breath after a while through my nose and when i do run i can run fast but
information on piercings?
Do you have any tattoos?
What kind of calligraphy/font would be nice for my family tattoo?
Do wrist tattoos hurt a lot?
Do Back Tattoos Stretch?
Tattoo of Gun n Roses?
What is the tattoo at the end of terminator salvation?
Tattoo art ideas heelp please :)?
hAS anyone used Dr.Naturas Colon cleansing program?
where can I find adhesive strips made to pull facial skin back to smooth out wrinkles?
Do you really believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
Should i do something about Claires irrespocibility towards ear piercings?
I'm getting a tattoo, and need help on a quote.?
Can you still buy Skin Musk anywhere???
how much does a tattoo on the wrist hurt?
What kind of tattoo should i get on my shoulder?
i want the answer of my question why i does not found true love now till i think you cant tell me its reason?
Turkey tattoo, please help?
Good Tattoo Artist in Manitoba?
How much did you pay for a full side tattoo?
How do you get crabs?
How can I best protect my new tattoo while tanning and working out ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
any ideas for my first tattoo?
am i fat?????????????????????????????????????…
Should I get a tattoo on my Right arm even though I want a Government Job?
How much would it cost to get LOL tattooed on me?
Im getting my first tattoo....of my baby's footprints.?
How bad do septum piercings hurt?
should i get a belly button piercing~?
opinions tatoos at 14?
How do I shave "down there", her, and not get bumps...?
Lip Piercings?
I am 13 5'2 and weigh 90 i normal?
which tattoo do yo like more & plz tell me why?
how tall is mya harrison?
can anyone recommend a tattooist in philadelphia?
Where would be a good place for a first tattoo? please read?
Tattoo ideas? Having overcome anxiety?
after u wash ur face, do u rinse with cold or hot water?
Anyone know of any tattoo artists in NJ that will do white ink tattoos?
Demonic tattoo designs?
FOR GUYS...where is it most attractive place for a girl to have a tattoo?? PLEASE HELP?
waxxed then tattoo on chest ?
Anyone ever been to Mario Badescu Spa in New York City?
Tattoo raised after swimming...?
How do i reduce my cheeks?
Can't get lip ring off! Help!?
ive had my tattoo for 48 hours why hasnt it scabbed yet?
What does getting a tattoo FEEL like?
Girls: Do you guys like tattoo sleeves on guys?
what are the best kind of pads to use. and What kind of tampons?????
using cocoa butter on ur face, will it make you break out?
How can I get rid of a scab on a healed tattoo?
Do you find these tattoos contradictory?
how much sleep does the body need?
Can I have your opinion on my idea?
Getting a Tattoo..HELP!?
Which quote should I get tattooed ?
Do lip plumpers really work?
What's a good cologne that smells like coconuts? for men?
What do you think of my memorial tattoo idea for my dying cat? Need location and quote?
What is hoodie piercing?
Does anyone have any tattoo design ideas?
HELP!!!!!! WHAT kind of tat ?
Do guys like skinny girls of thick girls more?
Why don't more people skip instead of walking or jogging? It's so much more fun!?
how can u make your boobs grow faster???????????
Rash acquired after getting tattoo but not surrounding tattoo?
I need help with a tattoo quote...?
If I will gain mass will my tattoo stretch?
What brand provides the best men's skin care products?
Ideas for a meaningful tattoo?
Why do people care if I'll regret my tattoos?
Dog paw tattoo? reasonable?
My 17 year old daughter has severe acne.?
I'm getting my first tattoo on my chest. I have a question.?
Wrist tattoo I hate it now?
What do wear after a nice hot shower?
i have an uneven skin tone?
Would Fushia show up on dark brown skin (with a red tint) well when it comes to a tattoo?
How painful are back of the neck tattoos?
Hi guys, does anybody know if there is a symbol for 'courage' and 'spirit' in tribal art for tattoos?
Is being too tall unapealing to guys???
New Lower Back Tattoo?
Will tattoo hurt on my back shoulder blade? pain rateing out of 10?
Tattoo help- magpie magic!?
Where is a really good tattoo place in Virginia?
Which do you like better? (pics inside)?
Symbol/Sign that represents Protection or Guardian? (tattoo)?
Best tattoo shop in Ft Smith, Arkansas?
Does anyone use "Sure" anti-perspirant which claims 'no white residue', if so, is it true?
face mask exfoliate first steam extract?
oppinion on this tattoo?
Powerful, meaningful, short quotes for a first tattoo?
me and my best friend have been super close for over 10 years and wana get a small matching tattoo. any ideas?
Which is sexier for a woman, a tattoo on the back of the neck, going down the spine, or lower back area?
Where can i view light shaded tribal tattoo designs?
How do you get your natural tan to last longer? (not the one from the tanning bed)?
Is this normal for a new tattoo?
Where can i get my children a tatoo?
Should I get my ear pierced?
Is coconut oil good to use for ear stretching?
Pubic hair falling out???
Where should i place My tattoo?
what are some gang related tattoos like the teardrop?
Should I get a tattoo?
am i old enough to get a tatto?
does anybody have a tattoo?
so i want to get a tattoo but i dont know where i want to put it?
which of these scripts is better as a tattoo?
From 1-10, how much does a tattoo in the inner arch of the foot hurt?
How to translate this phrase for a tattoo, and where to get it?
Can I legally get a tattoo?
need a tattoo quote for distance and love?
i have very oily and pimples prone wat should i do to removes this.i can take many treatment l?
nipple piercings on women?
Girly tattoo on LA Ink done by Kim Saigh?
Would smoking a help reduce.pain of tattoo?
Girls Help again??
Are there any black people with UV light tattoos?
Need tattoo advice please?
what do you do with adult acne?!!?
Any ideas of cool native american tattoos and where I should get it?
Whats the best treatment for acne??
How much would these tattoos cost?
I think my snakebites are uneven?
I got 8 days ago .. and my tattoo artis told me thats is fine to go swiming and go to the.beach ?
tattoos love them or hate them??
Anybody help me please....!?
im a size 3 but their are no clothes that fix me well?
Self pierced DIY lip labret and I have some questions...?
how does tanning work?
Tattoo outline?
im 18 and i want a tattoo, should i get one, if so what should i get where?
Is being sexy bad?
Best acne cleanser, toner, moisturizer, for sensitive skin?
My tattoo, where should i put it?
How to improve this poem?
What would you think if your teen age sons goal for after High School was to be a tattoo artist?
I need a gangsta scooby doo picture for a tattoo!!!!?
Can anybody help me find a picture of the large tattoo on Friar Laurence's back in Romeo + Juliet?
What are your thoughts on guys who wear sandals?
Best tattoo shops in san francisco?
A tattoo question that i need help with?
Does this tattoo look stupid or cool?
Hip tattoo!? please help!!?
Can anyone recommend a tattoo parlour in Cambridge?
How much, on average, do UV tattoos cost?
Is size 18 considered huge if one has a large frame???
if you are 5'4 what is the maximum size in pants a woman should be?
tattoo shops in GA or NC???
tattoo machine help please?
What does this symbol-tattoo mean?
Tattoo chioces?? .. help!? ?
I can`t find any good reason to get a tattoo?
how much does it cost to get your name tattoed on your hip?
im 16 and want a tattoo.. should i or not?
should i shave it?
Who's the model on the cover Tattoo for January 2010?
how do i get rid of my freckles?
Is it alright for a guy to get a tattoo on his foot. Like a star or scorpion?
Should i get a tattoo on my wrist if I want to become a teacher?
Who do u like better? A) Jessica Simpson B) Paris Hilton C) Lindsay Lohan?
How can make my face clear, nice and attractive?
how old do u have to be to get a tattoo?
Best tattoo machine.....?
how much does a scrotum tattoo hurt?
How to hide wrist tattoo?
Why is it that as you age, everything on a womans body grows larger except for the lips?
Would this be a good tattoo for a racist, hypothetically speaking?
Wich facialproduct can help me to have a face without black spots?
Is this a bad idea for a tattoo?
Wat store can you buy Topical Anesthetic Cream - LMX4, over the counter?
I am from Mumbai, India, where can I get concentrated perfume oils for making perfume in New York!?
Ice packs and itching?
what do you think about this tattoo? [pic included]?
What is the dumbest tattoo you have ever seen?
Do Women like Tatoos on men Yes or No?
Tattoo prices in Washington US?
should i get a tattoo on my lower back or the middle ?
How much does a face portrait on the forearm cost?
anyone know where i can find some great taurus tattoos?
Knuckle Tattoo?
Would you ever get a facial tat?
where can I find this tattoo?
I want to pierce my lip agaain ? xD?
Do you think that this would be a nice ankle tattoo?
why do i have to do 2 sittings?
anybody knows about freebies?
Is this adult acne? Can it be prevented? What is the best treatment?
How long did you wait? Or did you get a second, third, fourth...?
If you have an alergic reaction to a tattoo done with black India ink, how bad can it get?
Favorite Life Tattoo quotes?
Why is khristina so ugly?
What type of piercing is this?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
Lip piercing info!!!?
How do I get rid of a homemade tattoo?
which is a better piercing?
hey guys please tell me how to make my breast size small at home ! and how to be fair?
I need help with a tattoo design for a friend who is going to get one?
Some men have hairy backs, do woman also have this?
How can i have long legs?
whats worse smoking or tatoos?
i just met my half brother and we want to get tattoos, something meaningful, any suggestions?
waxing or shaving?
need a tattoo suggestion?
I got my tongue done yesterday bad swelling n pain?.?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Help me design a tattoo combining the initials A, V, N, and possibly K.?
What exactly do eagle feathers and feathers in general stand for?
i'm looking to get a tattoo & i'm not sure how bad it will stretch .. (additional info)?
What do you think of a 14 year old getting a tattoo?
Is it even possible to get a tattoo with this much detail?
First time getting ink, questions, and advice?
what is everyone's favorite scent at bath and body works?
For a new tattoo, is peeling hella bad good?
Where's the best placement for a portrait tattoo?
Where should I get my second tattoo?
New belly button hurts?
what happens if your tattoo dries up because of no ointment?
I'm getting a tattoo overseas (the Phillipines). Are the tattoo shops there a lot less safe then the U.S.'s?
Adults only, opinions on a teenager getting a tattoo?
my sister wants to get a tattoo that means blessed but in hebrew symbolys where can i find them?
What is the average for young girls to start period?
Do henna colors really work??
what are the most common tattoos?
Why is the one part of my tattoo lighter than thre restt?
What are some good money making jobs to go to college for that are tattoo friendly?
Would I look right with a piercing?
cool placement for a quote tattoo?
Which hand should I get a small infinity tattoo and which finger (between which two finger)?
Is no hair down there more attractive than "au natural"?
Whats the best lotion for dry feet.?
Should I get a tattoo? Opinions please!!?
The vertical neck band - are there exercises to make less prominent - my neck is firm other than that.?
What is the usual skin tone of germans ?
Rash question????
How can my get rid of pimples in my face?
Tattoo On wrist what do u think good or bad?
I am 13 and I still don't have my period. My mom said she got it when she was 11. is this bad?
I got my 1st tat today, and I was wondering (cleaning my tattoo)?
Where should I get my tattoo?
GUY and GIRLS- Are tattoos attractive?
what do you think of this tattoo?
how effective is pro much is it in US?
I'm 15 years old and I weight 40k.g .I need to know a system of meal that I should eat everyady to become fat?
What does this tattoo mean?
Who do you think is prettier : Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson ?
Monroe piercing question?
Why do many females have big almond shaped eyes and not men?
what your favorite shampoo? What works best?
What is the address of the tanning salon closest to 6111 San Ignacio San Jose, CA 95119?
Blacklight Tattoo Question?
How do I tattoo hide a from my parents that they don't want me to get?
My navel piercing re pierced various times?
Pls help me...?
Hi I wondered if anyone had tried the Rejuvi tattoo removal process? I want to get rid of a tattoo thank you?
what are your tattoo ideas and meanings?
Whats The Most PainFull Place To Get A Tattoo?
I got my tattoo yesterday, and it has been leaving ink marks on my clothes. Should I be covering it?
I just got some star tattoos on my face but I fell asleep!?
how bad do sub-dermal implants hurt?
What is the remedy or solution to a very dry facial skin?
HELP ME!!! i have BO!!!?
What lyric would you get tattooed on you?
great tattoo shop in north jersey?
whats the best place on the body to get a tattoo of song lyrics?
Can I Get Paid For Tattoo Advertisements ?
Which arm to get a tattoo on? (Closed minded people may not answer)?
My and My BFF want to Get this Tattoo?? Your opinion?
Help me finalize my tattoo !!?
bad luck when you get your boyfriend/girlfriend's name tatted on you ?
how do i loose a lot of weight in a week. i want to appear slimmer.?
Need a "old style" by Hand (with an awl and hammer) Tattoo Artist in L.A, any suggestions?
what should I do about my tattoo issue?
What is the longest you have ever let your fingernails grow?
Choose the best tattoo, all votes count!?
My new tattoo. Hot or not?
men with ankle tattoo?
Do you believe that cream and medicine tablet can enlarge breast?
how can i loose wait fast i need to before school starts and i am only 13?
New Tattoo; scabbing and peeling, is this normal? Will it still have the ink if the scab falls off?
how do i get tattoo licence?
what is a girls perfect height????
How long from hip bone to armpit? (one on far right)…
Too many piercings? What your opinion?
I'm a tattoo artist in Los Angles California where is the best price to buy a autoclave?
lower back tattos????
Foot Tattoo?
How do i stop bitting my nails?
girls: what do you think of guys with tattoo sleeves?
I need a name for my tattoo shop. I want a catchy name?
which of these tattoo's should i get first!?!?!?!?!?!?
Will my tattoo strech?
Do eye tattoos really cause you to go blind?
What is the best way to treat a sunburn?
WHY do sum people have innies and others have outies?
Does any one know what happened to Hooligan tattoo?
Is it possible to get a tattoo on top of a scarification ?
Is it better to get a tattoo all at once or to get the outline done and then the shading?
Quote for foot tattoo?
What is the BEST OIL-FREE moisturizer out there? With 100% NO OIL in it?
shorty pants... short short and double short!!?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Is a 2% salicylic wash safe on my tattoo?
Agoraphobia related tattoo ideas?
would a crossword puzzle be a cool tattoo?
I need Tattoo Ideas please?
What exactly do girls mean by a ''cute'' tattoo?
A question for Women?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
What can I do to get rid of my oily skin?
How do I choose a design for tattoo?
First tattoo questions?!?!?!?
what is wrong with my new tattoo?
Where and how do you get a henna tattoo?
How much would a small forearm tattoo cost?
Where can I get a tattoo in the San Francisco Bay Area?
How much does a sleeve tattoo effect your employment?
Tattoo shops..................?
do tattoos hurt?
what is clear GLYCERINE used for in tattoos??
Would this make a good quote for a tattoo? ?
Can I become a model with a tattoo?
how much will it cost for a medium size tattoo on my forearm?
Tattoo suggestions for a girl?
Anchor tattoos for soon to be Navy wife. Just a cool tattoo in general. What do you think?
What quote should I use for a tattoo?
i want this for a tattoo.?
i need help with my first tattoos?
Help with a good font? Something feminine and curly yet still masculine maybe tribal? Help combining?
I want to make my own skin care products. Where shall I start?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Just breathe tattoo? ?
How much will my tattoo cost?
why do lot of white boys like fat girl?
Why are girls so gross?
guys only!!!!?
my chest area and back tends to be dry,itchy and pimply. How to improve?
Can hives on or around a tattoo screw up a tattoo?
how can you get rid of eye bags?
is love life or life is love?????
how to stay still during a tattoo?
what is a good sunless tanning cream and how do i get darker without much sun?
how can i get rid of spider veins and stretch marks for good.?
Would this be a pretty tattoo?
Would I look good with a lip ring, If so what kind? Pictures Included?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of " For those i love i will sacrifice". What should it be on?
Is this a stupid idea for a tattoo?
How can i become slim?
thanks for quick clever reply?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
How should I hide a tattoo?
Tattoo estimate for shoulder/chest?
new tat looking weird?
is this Tacky?
Is it legal in Massachusetts to get a Tattoo with ashes in it?
So after weeks/months of treating, you can submerge it in water, go in the sun, etc.?
Tattoo - "Hakuna Matata" - what do you think?
Why is my new tattoo lumpy?
How painful is laser tattoo removal?
When did Jaejoong get his tattoo?
what language is this tattoo in?
tattoo question funny?
What's a legit website to buy an ear stretching kit from?
Upper Back Tattoo Question?
Do tattoo shops accept green cards as a verification of age?
Proactive Solution didn't work for me!?
Tattoos on women - turn on or turn off?
When getting a tatoo, where (and what parts of your body) can it be painful the most?
What is the best feature in a guy?
Please Answer This Question!?
What store-bought or homeade formula works best for cold sores (on the side of the mouth)?
What are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo on your foot?
Tattoo Help ? Someone pleaseeeeeee?
Does anyone else tan to easy?
what you thing about those girls wearing sleeveless w/o maintaining ....?
CAN ANY1 SKETCH A TATTOO FOR ME? its a cut with diamonds dripping out?
Do you think this tattoo will stretch?
At what age do you think you should be able to get your first tattoo?
So Hungover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what happens if you pop a pimple?
Can't Decide Between 2 Tattoo Design's Help!!!?
What tattoo should I get?
I'm Pregnant and I Need To Know if I'll Be Ok Getting A Tattoo On My Shoulder?
Im 15 can i get a tattoo?
bellybutton piercings...?
Will my jagua gel tattoo come back?
I have a sun tattoo and want to know what I can evolve it into?
Can you get a tattoo while pregnant ?
I used the spray tan, and its all over my hands. Need to know what to use to remove it.nailpolish rmvr no good
Opinions on a tattoo?
how much would it cost to get a tattoo of a dogs paw print on my back?
What can I use to not make a tattoo hurt?
i'm thinking about getting a tattoo for my 18th birthday?
Tattoo translation!!!?
What's the youngest age legally for getting a tatoo?
Ulcers underneath tongue from piercing?
Are my drawings pretty and cute?
How can i give myself a tattoo?
im looking for a good loyalty quote for a tattoo?
I am male and I would like to get rid of my upper cheek hair?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Socially acceptable?
Am I fat????
what is making my face break out...?
Can I walk in and get tattoo on the same day?
What age is good to have the first tattoo?
Is this an allergic reaction to my tattoo?
whats better- mary kay or proactive?
My NUCKLE tattoo idea's... One hand or Both?
Questions about a foot tattoo that I want?
I have ehlers danlos classical type is getting a tattoo out of the question?
Im 14 and i want a tattoo and my tongue pierced but im scared?
Tattoo's or henna tattoo's, help please!?
who invented tattoo`s? love em or hate em?
how can u get rid of black heads with out it hurting?
Lasering tattoo to lighten and cover?
A reason that tattoos and piercings are wrong, with no religion explanations?
I want a tattoo on my arm...
What will happen if i get in the lake with my tattoo that is a day old?
Awesome tattoo ideas help!?
how can we increase our boobs?
tattoos that represent gettting through illness?
Do you prefer scotts toilet paper or charmin?
Dose anyone know how to enhance face look, bright n smooth? my face is mix skin and have black spots not fair.
Can you get injections to make your butt bigger?
Tattoo ideas for reconnecting with a loved one?
Tattoo healing process?
What can I do??
Is this a dumb tattoo idea?
help pleased?
best perfume for females,males or for both?
How much do tattoos actually hurt?
bets place on body to get a tattoo?
i hv pimples on my face 2 get rid of it?? also i hv oily skin...?
is there a good Peeling cream for back area to remove acen marks?
Is this safe to use?
I need an estimation. How much would a tattoo like this cost?
r u afraid of true luv?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
what are the other names of a woman breast?
how long does it take for a faded small tattoo to be remove?
what is the best way to get rid of the blotchiness on my face?
is it a sin to get a tattoo?
I need a nice tattoo design.?
me and my boyfriend want to get matching tattoos. wat u think?
hi how do i keep my nipples from showing through my shirt when my boyfriend hugs me even if i do have a bra on
tattoo help, i need someone to find stills/help me draw up...?
if u tattoo answer this?
how long after a fresh tattoo do i wash it?