blackhead help?
First tattoo...should I get a small one first?
Dance quote for tattoo?
Any good ambigram flipscript tattoo ideas?
any advise about quiting smoking cigarettes?
Im thinking of getting a tattoo... i want a simple cute b&w one of my right back shoulder...any suggestions?
Differences between Tebori tattoo and Machine tattoo?
How well do the tanning cremes work?
Is about a week roughly the normal time for a tattoo to start to heavily peel?
What facial piercing would suit me?
whats a good g shock for a small wrist for men?
About how much for a tattoo?
how much would a chest tattoo cost in Bath, England?
I am a Female that has an office job. I have many tats already and some that already show.?
Would this be too much? Piercings/tattoos?
do guys actually go for skinny girls?
What would be a good design to go along with this phrase tattoo?
How much are boob jobs?
What do I do about my dry, flaky face?
Where could I get this tattoo? Why not on the foot?
Tattoo Beatles quotes?
My tattoo isn't healing like it normally does.?
Information on tattoos?
How to ease the pain a little bit?
nightmare tattoo what to do with it?
How does the cost of a black/gray scale tattoo compare to the price of a color tattoo?
What is the best type of lotion to use after getting out of the tub or shower?
I got a tattoo, do you think it's too low?
Lower Back Tattoo Idea?
Describe your tattoos, when you got them, why you decided to, how expensive, etc.?
when using a bidet are you supposed to face the taps and do you have to splash water on yourself?
Pros and cons of color tattoos?
what is preperation H and where can u find it?
thinking of a tattoo on back of neck, help?
can i put lotion on a new tattoo?
so im getting a tatto but my parents dont aprove and i need to hide it wheres a good place to hide a tatto?
Best place for my tattoo?
i want to apprentice for a tattoo shop what do they want to see in a portfolio?
Would this tattoo be inappropriate?
Ways to help relieve the itch from a new tattoo?
Does anybody think a tattoo across the chest is played out?
How much would a 3 word tattoo cost in CT?
where is the best spot on the body to get a tattoo?
Pros and cons about getting a tatoo?
Tattoo Help!?
What is the best possible way that I can increase my height without any harm or side effects?
How do i get rid of hickys.?
how do i prevent pimple - like bumps around my chest area?
serious question: my 7 year old put 4 marbles in his but and now says it hurts...?
How to avoid losing the ball on my lip ring?
celtic artwork -nautical?
What do you think of a tattoo like this?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
Good quotes for my tattoo?
Getting my first tattoo but I have a question?
why do women wear make up?
Big problem that needs to be solved NOW! Please answer this I need your help!10 points for the best answer!?
does baby oil clog pores?
OMG i have a problem! Girls only! please?
i am 15 and getting a r.i.p grandad tattoo soon and i do not know what to get ?
Where is there a place in Fort Worth, Texas that well do snake bite piercings, lip piercings, and eye brow?
industrial piercing? and dermal?
The thought of getting old makes me sad?
are there any bright eyes fans?
How are Tattoo artisit paid?
this is not a joke ? how do i remove all pubic hair for "smoothie look" with getting a terrible rash!!
Variations of a quote for tattoo?
why do people think you should look a certain way???
how much will this tattoo cost?
why is some parts of my tattoo scabbing?
do you regret having tatoos ?
What is the stupidest tattoo you've seen on someone?
What do you thin about yourself?
Can i get a tattoo if im joining the marine corps BUT havent signed anything?
When you get old and your boobs start to sag...?
Opinions on tattoos for girls?
how many tattoos do you have ?
Average cost of this tattoo?
Tattoo ideas?
don't ya'll know that girl cassie that sings me and u. do ya'll think she hispanic mixed with black?
What tattoo should I get?
new found glory tattoo to honor my friend?
do you pay tips for ?
Would it be weird if I go get my tattoo alone? Please help!?
what are the requirements for a guardian for getting a tattoo in spain?
Small, hidden tattoo?
advice on clitoral piercings.....?
Does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
I'm not going to get one, but just curious as to what you people reckon might be best...?
how can i remove the pimple scars on my nose?
what kind of tattoo...?
Sunburn help?
What kind of tattoo do you think would be cool to have? Where woul you have it on your body?
where to put a tattoo that cannot be seen?
how many women are actually into their boyfreinds footfetish?
to any1 who knows about tattoo conventions?
Do men like super skinny or toned, slightly bigger arms/legs on girls?
I got a black henna tattoo?
how do i not have orange spots when using a bronzer tanning lotion?
How healthy is Implanon birthcontrol (stick inserted in your arm)?
Does this tattoo look guy-ish?
if someone gave you 100,000 $ would you tattoo a jet pack on your back?
How many tattoos do you have? How much is too much for a woman?
where is a place that does henna tattoos in Columbus Ohio?
i just asked how to keep your l area a nice color- i meant that girls in nasty videos look perfect how?
How much would a tattoo cost?
Anyone had a tattoo in Old Town Stevenage? ?
why is the new layer of my skin red, irritated, there are tiny bumps and its itchy?
How should I get this Tattooed?
Any recommendations on good razors for shaving my legs?
When should I get this tattoo?
Buy Vichy skin whitening products in US?
Help! How can I get a good close shave? My legs never get smooth. What can I do?
Anyone Know Any Real Good Tattoo Sites With Pictures And Information?
Tattoo design ideas? and other questions regarding getting a tattoo.?
thoughts about getting my eyebrows tattooed on???
If you're tattooed, do people look at you funny or say comments?
Should I Get A Tattoo?
What are some inspirational lyrics from Coheed and Cambria that would make for a good tattoo?
What are some good lyrics for a tattoo?
New tattoo at the beach?
Will you REALLY regret your tattoos when you're 80?
can you go over tattoo's that are black?
What is the first thing you notice in a girl?
What ointments do you put on fresh tattoos?
How many letters can fit on a wrist ? ?
how to make good body shape??
does anyone know any sunless tanners with reddish brown tones in them?
tattoo on my pubic bone...serious awnsers only please?
tell me how to get rid of face blackheads and white heads???
How to make a tattoo gun?
what can i eat that would make my breasts grow bigger?( not medicine)?
what are the problems in proving causation (in criminal law) please help me out?
do you think a git-r-done tattoo on the back of a womans neck would be sexy or just stupid?
My boyfriend doesnt want me to get another tattoo..?
What does this tattoo symbolize (Picture Inside) ?
Anybody got any cute tattoo ideas?
why girl like to show her breast when she dress up?
Help with mild acne?
What part of my body should I get a tattoo on?
How do you prevent breakouts from the sun?
Help,need another idea for tattoo?
is it normal for girls to have freckles and body hair at young age? do they go away with time?
Need new name for hair/tattoo removal buisness?
How do I inform my parent that I want a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
right or left hip>? 10 POINTS! ANSWER! (=?
Is it okay for a teen mom to keep getting tattoos?
Tanning question!?
How small can a text tattoo be? (pic included)?
I got my first and last tattoo today i hate it i'm so upset is there anything i can do to get rid of it?
what is the item to temporally imprint before tattooing?
I want to get a tattoo, symbolizing my daughters name...Tatum which means full of life...what should i get?
What should i get tattooed on my wrist?
Getting a tattoo on my wrist?
is it legal to get the same tattoo as some one famous?
I am considering getting my tongue pierced. Just curious of any risks and what to expect while its healing?
how yo became fair?
I am looking for possible tattoo ideas?
Would u get a tattoo on your butt?
I need help tattoo people?
question on tattoo care?
Would a lightning bolt tattoo be interpreted as racist?
What tattoo should i get?
What are some fun jobs for people with lots of visible tattoos?
Two tattoo questions, would love your help :)?
Anyone know the best way to quit biting your fingernails?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
should i wear thongs?
Is this a good tattoo [More Characters]?
Is this a good first tattoo?
OK tattoo ideas?
Why shouldn't someone get a tattoo?
does a tattoo on your foot hurt?
The web under the tongue can be cut, but can it be done at home?
How long would this tattoo take 'look at picture'?
What is your favorite eye color on a girl or a guy?
Is this Tattoo Cheesy?
How should get rid of a smal out break of zits on my forehead by saturday?
What does a tattoo feel like?
do tattoos on the foot and ankle fade quickly!?
what is the proper tattoo etiquette?
will i cry when i get a tattoo?
i need to lose 10 pounds a month for 2 months?
is it possible to become fair by continuos facial or bleach? it is artificial i know tell me some natural ones
Palm piercings ???????????????????????????????
girls act!?
I got a foot tattoo TOUCHED UP 9 days ago can I get it wet at the lake?
Who is fluent in Arabic? I want a tattoo in Arabic!?
bags under eyes?
Lip Piercing Question!?
when do tattoo parlors open?
Would my upper right side chest (Pec) a good place for a medium tattoo?
Rough estimate for the price of this tattoo?
How long can I hide my tatoo?
Im thinking of getting a small tattoo that represents my love for the Beatles any suggestions?
How much would a half-sleeve tattoo similar to this cost? (pic)?
would i look good with a monroe/madonna piercing? (pics)?
Am I fat? I am 5"1 and 100 pounds. Do you think I am fat? Cuz this kid keeps callin me fatty. :(?
Will a tattoo stretch and go dull if i grow?
Women should be seen not heard. dont you think?
i am dark. I want a brighter complexion. can anyone help???
how long and how painful?
Tattoo Removal in South Texas?
Guys-what do you think of women that have tatoos? Do you like it? ;-)?
northampton bridge street tatoo and body piercing?
How much do tattoos roughly cost in england?......?
I need a good polish poem/quote?
Looking for a specific tattoo design....?
what will make a zit go away ?
Question about getting a cover-up tattoo?
Fave thing to do when you bored?
Need ideas to finish this sleeve ASAP?
how do i fade scars? and even out skin tone? And the best kind of hair removal?
Where would I put this tattoo of a quote?
What is the legal age in East Tennessee to get a tattoo?
Does anyone know a great tattoo artist in Nor Cal?
Hypo-Pigmentation and tattoos?
what lyrics or scripture for a tattoo?
Can i add color to a black shaded tatoo?
GIRLS ONLY!! What do you where during the night, when you have your period, tampons or pads?
measurments for children and kids wear?
How do I switch my safety pin to a ring in my nose (septum)?
How can I get rid of the smell of sweat from my clothes around armpits???
good tattoo ideas to commemorate my grandma?
My sister and i want matching tattoos with a cute sister saying any ideas?
Is Bay Rum Men's Aftershave still made?
how to make facial scrub at home?
Latin Tattoo Ideas Needed?
which type of tattoo stencil maker should i buy?
I like to remove my tattoo completely, is it possible?
Proactive Solution didn't work for me!?
Should we take pictures with her tattoos?
Two girls?Wh is prettieR?
how much would a tattoo on my wrist cost?
Monroe Piercings Scar =(?
Do you ever think about getting a tattoo?
Heart of a Lion tattoo?
Bikini Wax?
how did you become interested in tattoos?
Tattoo peeling and white?
where should i get my tattoo?
I want a tattoo for a good reason, am i too young?
I have a tattoo on my hand could I join the navy?
How much hassle or hostile people would i encounter if i got a visible swastika tattoo?
Justin Bieber tattoo?
What do sit ups do to you? and how many a day should i do?
Who Has Read The Black Tattoo?
I want to tattoo a date?
Tattoo in least then a week. Anyone have any tips that i should do before?
can you get tattoos over stretchmarks?
What can i do to make my tattoo look better ?
i have 2 tattoos healed...... but i got a quick question?!?!?
Tattoo parlors in IN?
How to remove a tattoo naturally?
Do all UV tattoo inks go on "invisible" or do they show color as well?
Is This Quote Stupid To Get As A Tattoo ?!?!?!?
Rib tattoo hurt more than two hip micro dermals?
Secret Tattoo.. Suggestions?
Are wrist tattoos painful?
how do i make my skin tone lighter?
can someone help me pick what to add to my current tattoo or what to add next?
The best way to connect a sleeve to chest panel?
Is my tattoo infected? What do i do?
how do i get rid of pregnancy mask from my face?
my tattoo artist said to my best friend that i'm the kind of person that will get covered in them!!!?
Is this tattoo a good idea? ?
phrase or quote for very important tattoo?
What you think of my new tat ?
pimples? how to pop them?
What is the best at-home facial peel?
Would anybody be able to design (colours) for a tattoo to go up my side pleasee?
which piercing is better?
Ladies please rate my poem on a scale of 1 to 10?????
Can you still tan if it is cloudy outside?
is it safe to get a tattoo if you have a slight fever?
how can be fair in natural way . I am allergic to chemicals- please any one can give home made tips?
does this make scene
High inner thigh tattoo - text?
how to have a perfectly shape butt even if i already gave birth?
I want a eye brow peircing but my mom hates them!! How do I tell her I want one!!!??
Any Chuck Palahniuk Tattoo Ideas ?
Would anybody be able to design (colours) for a tattoo to go up my side pleasee?
If a boy winks, blows kises, flirts, and stares @ a girl should she go out wit him? even if she dont like him?
What do you think of my tattoo?
I really want to get a white tattoo but will it look ok?
How much (aprox) does it run to get a fairly basic tribal tattoo?
tattoo - where to put it?
Anyone been to or heard about tattoo artist Klunky at Tat2-U in Reading?
surprise, el mirage, phoenix tattoo?
How can I get rid of dark spots no my face!!??
Scars from barbwire and rose bush thorns can you still tattoo over them?
What company makes the best all around skin care products for acne-prone skin, regardless of price.?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Where can i get a tattoo or piercing as a minor in los Angeles ca without parent consent ?
I got robbed, guy had tattoos. Can you please ID the tatts?
Have you ever seen a good tribal butterfly tattoo?
what do you think of this tattoo...yay or nay?
Is 5.8 for a 12 year old abnormal?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Kindly comment how i look? My pic given below?
Tattoo question? Please help!?
whats yalls favorate body wash or soap?
I need help finding a tattoo meaning Life goes on and?
Would this be a stupid tattoo?
how does a u.v. tattoo work?
does toothpaste really work on zits?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lose around 10-15 lbs in 2 weeks?
what is the tattoo on Synyster Gates chest?
Inner Forearm Tattoo?
Why do girls stay in the bathroom so long?
how could i pluck out my eyebrows without them hurting?
How would you turn this quote into a picture or image for a tattoo?
I need a thesis for tattoos in the work place?
Never-Ending Story tattoo?
Is being good looking a curse?
how can i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo for my 16th birthday?
Tattoo ideas about strength or faith?!?
I need help.. I would like to shave my arm pits and my left but my mother wont let me..?
Where to put my tattoo and what language?
how do i get healthy skin?
Nose piercing - do you have to use a needle or is a gun suitable??
how many hours do you need to get a license in the state of newyork to be an esthetician?
Which piercing? pictures included.?
So I can use the given A&D Ointment for the first 2 days then switch to lotion?
Why dont waitresses ever have cheek piercings,tattoos etc?
Whats wrong with my tattoo?
Do all UV tattoo inks go on "invisible" or do they show color as well?
Please help! Hip Tattoo!?
Tattoo on top of Big Toe. Pain?
Tattoos on chicks! Hot or Nottt?
Looking for a European manufacturer of very high quality coconut fragrant oil?
Tattoo ideas? HELP!!?
Cures for acne nodules around the house?
What kind of tattoo should I get for me for alot of hard times I've been through and that I've overcame?
wht type of girls do men like?i mean physically.?
If I am out in the sun, with SPF 50 on, could I still highten my chances for premature aging and skin cancer?
how do ya tell your spouse that he stinks real bad?
Need art help for tattoo?
Why isty taboo?
What do you think of this tattoo sketch?
Only girls : what is the best way to get rid of hair on "that" part of your body?
Is less than 6 hours rushing it for a chest piece?
what do you lok like?
Where should I put my tattoo?
i dont like to cover my boobs with bra what can i do.?
Best tattoo social media website or blog that holds infinite amounts of tat pics?
I have problems getting a good shave on my face. Any advice for a good shave?
ideals for a cystic fibrosis tattoo?
Need helping find this tattoo original?
how does water help your skin?
Are tattoos unattractive on a girl ?
why do females smell like fish?
Tattoo Problems - Huge Blisters?
does getting your lip pierced hurt?
What do you think of these lyrics for a tattoo?
how does getting a tattoo feel like?
Do you change your navel piercing, or do you always go to your tattoo shop and get it changed?
okay so i turn 18 in like 38 days.....?
What's the best waxing kit (for hair removal)?
thinking about getting a tattoo?
What sorts of tattoos do you have?
Should I compete with a healing tattoo?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
a small tattoo on my back what should i get?
Any suggestions on sites that might have nice references for a tattoo?
how to set the power supply for lining tattoos?
Does anyone need a tattoo drawn up for them?
Opinion on First Tattoo Idea?
Has anyone gotten an animal rights tattoo?
what do you really think about overweight women?
where to hide a small tattoo?
I'm a pretty girl with one bad flaw.?
My new tattoo is peeling and looking a little blotchy right now?
how much it cost to get a tattoo on the chest?
What do Koreans think of piercings and tattoos?
tattoos and eczema help ?
Workers Needed For Club.....?
How can you make a henna tattoo darker? I bought a kit and followed directions exactly but it came out light.?
Is this tattoo a good idead ?
Should I have this tattoo or not?
tattoos -what do you think??
how much will this tat cost?
What is the best way remove facial hair, and with what?
i have got a bad sun tan . what can i do to get rid of it?
Is this a good tattoo to get in memory of my grandma?
Is this a good idea for mother - daughter tattoos?
why does everybody hate that i have tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo?
how can i get rid of acne for free and does toothpaste on spots get rid of them?
do you need to use pimple gels when i use face wash?
What is your opinion on Cosmetic Surgery?
What kind of tattoo could I get to express...?
Whats the best tattoo shop in libertyville illinois?
Tattoo on my ear is it going to hurt?
what are possible reasons for a girl to kill herself?
What kind of music notes are in this tattoo?
can I still get a tattoo if I am on low steriod replacement ?
I'm getting a tattoo, but what do I do?!?
Wanting to get a tattoo on my left shoulder blade to match the one on my right sholder?
what part of your body doesn't stretch as you grow?
Armpits Hairs?
I have eczema and from the continuous scratching I have scars, what can I use to clear up the scars?
question about the h1n1 vaccine and tattoo's?
Has anyone tried Acuzine?
Tattoo please?
which saying is better for a boob tattoo?
im getting my first tattoo tomorrow what do you guys think? just some questions about it...?
Piercings in omaha nebraska?
i need some serious help?
help pleased?
does anybody know of real good dermatologists in ct?
What Lotions did you find to work best for healing a new tattoo?
what does zak bagans wrist tattoo stand for?
Could I get this as a tattoo.?
Ideas for tattoo of girlfriends name?
Are there harmful ingredients in hand lotion?
How long after you get a tattoo should it start peeling off?
plz answer my question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have two questions in here regarding piercings?
How much does 2 hip tattoos hurt?
what can I do to get rid of cellulite?
What tattoo parlors in maryland will do a tattoo for me if i'm 17 years old?
why pepole all time rong?
Getting tattoo in Myrtle Beach while 19?
how to clear up blemishes the best?
I need help deciding on a rib cage tattoo.?
How much would this Tattoo cost?
I saw this girl at the mall i asked why she has hair on her lip and she cried and ran away, what was wrong?
Can you help me with my tattoo decision?
Which tattoo is more original and unique?
What on EARTH possesses a person to get a homemade tattoo?
how to take lip ring off?
Infinity tattoo...Is the location alright?
Masculine butterfly tattoo?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo at 18?
what is the best moisturising self tan lotion on market?
Why do people think tattoos are trashy?
what makes a man look sexy ?
spot for a tattoo for a girl, suggestions!?
I have a tattoo that needs repair and have my family crest inked on, does anyone know of a good artist?
sparrow tattoos on the back of your ankles..who has a picture of this?
Help with my first tattoo :)?
Should I get a tattoo?
Shane Diesel's hand tattoo any pics or info ?
I have foot fetish :(?
Do you agree with this??? people who get TATTOOS, PIERCINGS are not happy with themselves?
wouldn't oil blottin papers aggravate the skin and cause breakouts?
Is it disrespectful to tattoo the aum on your body(ankle)?
Is skipping good for me and will I lose weight doing it?
Does this tattoo look like its healing fine? (Photo inside)?
which perfume do you prefer?from 1 to 12?
Any good mole removal products out there?
thinking of getting a tattoo on my wrist?
Does anyone know of something I can use to minimise the appearance of a hypertrophic scar, its very dark???
I want to get a Michael Jackson tattoo i designed.. but i want more ideas.. any?
only for girls: is pre marital sex is ok or not?
What is this kind of tattoo called?
looking to do a stitch themed tattoo from lilo and stitch any ideas?
can you use sheabutter on the face?
16 year old getting a tattoo?:3 What's your opinion?
Is it easy covering word tattoos when they are thin solid black lines?
does tatto really hurt?
Does GASPARD AUGE & XAVIER de ROSNAY have a tattoo?
how can we get rid of black mark on my cheek it appears after giving birth?
Experienced Piercer?
tattoos sexy on a girl ?
What are some popular cartoon character tattoos?
whats the best product for acne?
How much roughly for this tatoo in the uk?
Where do you think I should get this tattoo? do you think it will fit on my foot?
do you like piercings?
tattoo help (ankle above the bone)?
Any good henna tattoo places in belfast?
I'm planning on getting my tattoo soon, but I dont know where...?
What is the best treatment to exfoliate and soften feet?
which is the best fairness cream?
On a tattoo, what does it mean when there are stars inside a moon?
A delicate and elegant butterfly tattoo? ?
help give me tattoo ideas?
What is good for sunburn?
expectations after excision tattoo removal with skin graft?
Do you feel that a certain foods give you zits?
where can i buy the Queen Helene Cranberry Peach Lotion?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Good Tumblr name idea?
I'm 14yrs old and 5'4 and my weight is 124 lbs,do u think I'm fat?????what can i do 2 lose my weight?
I have some questions about my inner ear tattoo?
does any1 know how to get rid of sunburns?
where can i go to school for massging if i live in North Carolina?
what is Vitamin E good for?
skin help rednesss?
how much would it cost to get a tattoo of a moustache on my finger?
How do you get ride of a hickey like mark?
how can i get rid of facial hair on my chin?
I'm looking to get a tattoo of my birthdate in Latin. April 1 1971. Does anyone know the correct translation?
Temporary Tattoos....?
for the ladies only?
What would you think of a tattoo like this?
Can you make homemade temporary tattoos?
To everyone who has a tattoo, i wish to ask you...?
What do you guys think of this tattoo idea?
How long to see any results from Minocycline?
how can i get this tattoo?
Need help with tattoo ideas?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my shoulder blade, but I'm also losing weight... will it affect it?
(Under age) How should I tell my mom about my tat?
rejected eyebrow piercing?
first tattoo is a batman half sleeve... how to modify it?
have anyone used hydroquinone cream for facial skin discoloration? any side effects due to that?
can a multi colored tattoo be removed?
is it possible for me to get a tattoo now that i am 14 ?
I'm 16 and want a tattoo my friend is over 18 can he consent to getting me a tattoo?
how to get rid of pimpels?
What are some unique, feminine tattoos?
my tattoo machines contact screw tightens up while in use, whats going on?
I just got a tattoo on the top of my right foot about a week and a half ago, it is now finished peeling.?
Would this tattoo hurt?
I'm writing to my mom to convince her that I am ready to get a lip piercing. Have any ideas on what to write?
Is there a list of winner's for the Mr. Columbus, Georgia contest from 1970-1989?
What are the names of some tattoo parlors in Richmond, VA that will tattoo a minor with a parents consent?
looking for adidas moves for her lotion?
How long would it take to....?
What is a good treatment for pockmarks - acne scars?
Does Hydroderm really work?
How much Zn am I supposed to take when treating acnea?
Newbie tattoo question, help me out please?
Can someone please translate 'Razz the kid' into Elvish? Im looking to get it as a tattoo.?
ummm girls only??? private?
im looking for a website with cute and unique tattoo ideas? 10 points?
Where can I buy tattoo sleeves?♫♪♫♪♫♪ LA.LA.LA.LA.?
wanna get a tattoo help!?
So, I got a tattoo about a week and a half ago and the ink is peeling out...?
Australian tattoo prices.?
What kind of tattoo to get?
Thinking about getting a tattoo...?
how many piercings do they let you get at a time?
a quote to add to my memorial tattoo?
My 14 year old daughter has really deep black heads - how can we remove them?
who is the best plstic surgeon in california?
What do you think of this tattoo idea? (Pictures included)?
Is it bad to get a sunburn around your tattoo?
Any ideas for a religious (Christian) tattoo?
does anyone eat lip gloss?
If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?
How much would it cost me to tattoo 'emily' on my wrist?? i live in san antonio tx?
Do you think Tattoos are trashy?
will this tattoo prevent me from getting a job in the RAF?
Tattoos in the workplace? Opinions?
Should I let her get a tattoo??
are there any acnease coupons?
any ideas?(a best answer will be awarded)?
where can i find henna kits in stores?
Does this tattoo look stupid or cool?
BEST tattoo shops around Portland, OR? Washington is okay too?
Tattoo kits?(preferably rotary machines)?
What are some hidden places to get a tattoo?
Manogoes for skin ??!!!?
What Is Your Opinion On?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost on the ribcage?
where is it sexy for a girl to get a tatoo?
How much will a white ink wrist tattoo cost?
Would an artist be offended if i asked him for sketch ideas for a tattoo when i cant get it?
help me with a tattoo idea! please?
I need a little help deciding....?
Honestly, do you think this is a turn off to guys ?
What is the best way remove facial hair, and with what?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Who is Joeph Sayers?????
Need Wrist Tattoo Idea's- Used to be a cutter!?
Getting a tattoo in Italy?
anyone can help me with a tattoo idea?
Which Tattoo Should I Choose?
how long does it take for s sunburn to go away? and how can i like treat it?
Tattoo about Transcendence.?
is 100 dollars an hour too much for a re-coloring?
Will my tattoo be okay if i do this... ?
Can't get lip ring off! Help!?
Tanning beds?
I wanna get a tatto. What's a good bible verse or cute quote or somthing i could put?
What do you think of girls wih septum rings?
I'm From Va and i wanted to know if there were any black strip clubs in Richmond Va?
I want to get a conch peircing does it hurt?!?!?
Best place on your body for a tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo in memory of my mum.. any ideas?x?
Should I be worried about my henna tattoo?
how much would a tattoo like this cost?
Best place for my tattoo?
dermal piercings between knuckles?
Tattoo without i.d??
tattoo question...another meaning for 'fate'?
A day too remember Tattoo ideas?
Is this a lame tattoo?...My sons baby footprint on my shoulder blade...?
Would YOU get a tattoo here?
How much does a tattoo hurt when you get it on ur lower back?
Good place for a first tattoo?
for oily skin (face) what works the best when your on a budget?
How much would a quarter sized tattoo of the silhouette of Mickey Mouse cost?
Is 15 too young for a tattoo?
Ideas for a chest tattoo on a guy?
Where can i get a tattoo at 16 with parent consent either in or around south carolina?
I'm getting my first tattoo and I'm really scared about the pain aspect, i heard that it really hurts?
where should i put my tattoo?
How should I hide a tattoo?
do most people prefer bar soap or shower gel?
Is it normal for my tattoo to scab like this? (Picture included)?
how much do laser tattoo removal cost in Oahu?
What does this tattoo mean?
Breast implants?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo design?
Best place to get a tattoo in Jamaica?
Question about tattoo pricing?
Tattoos on or not? And why would they be hot/not?
Tattoo places in portsmouth/southampton area?
is there a numbing cream for tattoo's?
Will this tattoo work?
Can a grey area of a tattoo be covered with a bright colour?
Tattoo parlors in Virginia?
If you haven an anxiety disorder is it bad getting a tattoo?
Hi i m ruby,19yrs, i m dark skinned gal with oily skin,my problem is that i get pimples which leaves ugly scar
Self Injury quotes for a tattoo?
where would be a good place for this tattoo?
Does microdermabrasion really get rid of fine lines, wrinkles,scarring, pigmentation, decrease pore size if yo
Girlier place to get a tattoo?
quality skin care?
Fake Tan - RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!?
Do inner elbow tattoos hurt?
Can my sister be my legal gardian to get me a tattoo?
Dianna Agron's (GLEE) tattoo?
Why do women/girls want tattoos?
Help me I need Help Bad Skin?
Tattoo: virgin mary and baby jesus wrapped around my arm?
having sex before marrage is good or bad ?
How many of you know how long AVON has been around?
How long would a tattoo like this last?
im curious?
Are tounge piercings unattractive if girls get them?
Tattoo question/want your opinions and suggestions...?
Do you like my tattoo?
How much to have a very small tattoo removed?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
New tattoo question, help?
i want to reduce my weight ?
Tattoo artist I have a question?
Whats the best place for a guy to get a tattoo (Ladies only)?
Anyone know anything about this tribal tat?
What does ace of hearts tattoo symbolize?
How long does a thigh tattoo take to heal?
Can a small hand tattoo cause problem for a lawyer?
does anyone konw what it the best breast enlargements pills that you can get?
Applying lotion to new tattoo when only small parts are peeling?
how do you care for a new tattoo?
Architect having a tattoo?
How Long Does A Permanent Tattoo Take To Completely Set Up ! Done !?
Help me with a best friend tattoo?
Lately I have been getting lil sweat zits of my legs, any suggestions how to treat it?
Simple tattoo opinion?
what sunless tanner does not make you itch?
Is tattoo heavy scabbing normal?
Where should I get a tattoo of a nautical star? Ribs, Back, Arm, or Chest?
Do you like this tattoo? Will it work?
Does anybody know a tattoo place in Devon(UK) that will do tattoo's at 16 with parents consent?
I want to get a tattoo help?
How would you describe the smell of patchouli?
I already have a tattoo of a gypsy on my upper arm, I want to add on. Sleeve ideas?
where can i buy "waters of march cologne"? here in the philippines?
what is the fastest and most efficient way to reduce the apperance of stretch marks?
Where should I get my "stay strong" tattoo?
On a scale of 1-10 how much does a tattoo hurt?
Piercings and tattoos. ? ?
I need an overnight solution to whiten my teeth.:| A home remedy or something.Help!?
Do guys like girls who are 'thick'?
Tattoos and the Film Industry?
Where to place a quote tattoo?
I gotten my tattoo yesterday and some of my ink is coming off when i apply oinkment is something wrong?
Mr. Garfield how do you think it makes money??????????????
How do I convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?!?!?!?
GUYS: girls with nipple piercings? yay or nay?
Getting my nipple pierced! Thoughts? Advise?
Whats a good tattoo to represent cancer survival and overcoming depression?
Can I exercise the next day after a tattoo?
How much should you tip a tattoo artist?
Thigh tattoo question ?
What do you think of this tattoo and the meaning for a woman friend of mine....?
At what age can you get a tattoo?
basic introduction to nuclear fission with basic concepts?
Can i sue my tatto artist?
A Matter of Opinion - Camera Tattoo?
how long will this tattoo take?
Does wiz khalifa have a tattoo shop?
what do tattoos do to your skin?
where can I buy bio-oil besides online?
I want to get a tattoo i live in mysore if anyone know any tattoo artist please give me a number?
What can I put on an old burn from a curling iron, that has discolored a spot on forehead b/c I picked at it?
What do you think of people heavily tattooed?
what is the meaning of the ace of spades tattoo ?
Ok i want a sexy fly tattoo it will be my first tattoo so please help any ideas im clue less?
Best traditional tattoo artist in Arkansas?
Do you think tattoos are sexy?
Any great anti-wrinkle products that you know of? That won't make me break out?
where is a good place near san diego to get snakebite piercings done for a low price?
Men: Do you like tattoos on women?
Ideas for sleeve tattoo?
I got a tattoo of a cross w/wings on my back... Was that a good idea?
what do guys think of tongue piercings on girls?
I am looking for the official website for the company that produces Cru De Provence?
Anyone recently get a tattoo while underage in South Carolina?
tattoo thoughts? help!!?
would i look good with a lip ring?
Isn't it nice that your tattoos can't be called as witnesses??
Help please?
dark skin around the and underarms,how do i fix it?
Which pattern do you like?
First tattoo ! Ur inspirations?
for the men out there, where do you usually apply cologne?
Do some boys out there like to watch cartoon sex movies?
Who is the best tattoo portrait artist in chicago?
What do you think of this tattoo design?
Looking for tattoo studio ?
Are tattoos sexy on girls (guys what do you think?)?
Why does the smell of my navel keep me awake at night ?
Covering up a laser treated faded black tattoo?
Is this a bad tattoo idea or a good one?
A quote for my next tattoo?!?
Has anyone used the disposable rubber tubes & grips before?
Matching Tattoo Ideas?
Where should I get this tattoo, need help for ideas?
I want to get a tattoo?
tongue piercings trauma! !?
What does a tattoo with a bone through heart symbolize?
i need a tattoo designed soon?
I have acne. What should I Do?
which type of people dress like lisbeth in the girl with dragon tattoo are called?
how the saree will drape?
How can i prevent breast sagging? I am so young but I am beginning to look like my grandma!?
what kind of makeup should i use to cover up my bra strap bruises on my shoulder????
Should I get this tattoo re-designed slightly or not? Also black or colour? Repeat question?
vietnamese tattoo design.?
How do i lose weight at age 14?
Bad tattoo idea???
does any place sell any small clear earings so that no one can see them in if u know please tell me?
i have very bad and hard s under my both feet... how do i remove these s?
Why do Americans find tattoos, fake breasts, and anorexia attractive?
Tattooing a baby?
Does getting a tattoo on your stomach/hip area hurt?
im 14 and want to get a tattoo is that legal in the uk if not when can i get one?
where should i get my tattoo?
Triangle piercing around Oklahoma, specifically Oklahoma City?
how to get an extract from mint leaves?
ideas for a friendship tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo is traditional Japanese looking so far?
I got my ears pierced for the second time, what should I do to avoid potential infection?
Tattoo of my son's name?
Where should I put this tattoo? Forearm or shoulder blade?
Does a tattoo behind the ear hurt?
how do u get rid of freckles?
Is anyone out there 21 weeks pregnant and don't feel pregnant?
why my mom wont let me get a tattoo even though im 18?
Is there anything I can do to lighten my underarms and knees that really works and not have to see a doctor?
My idea for a tattoo as a tribute to Chris Rock?
i pierced my belly button and don't like it. Can i get it fixed?
How much do you think this tattoo would run me?
Is this tattoo more or less than 200? dollars?
How much will these tattoos sag?
which part of the body of a woman attracts the man most?
Can I take a bath with my tattoo thats a week old but completely scab free?
how do I keep from breaking out all over my face?
Advice on Tattoo aftercare?
Would this be a cool tattoo to get on my forearm?
question about belly piercings please help?
I want to get my 1st tattoo on my wrist? is that a good idea, will it be painful? ?
wrist tattoo ideas? (see details)?
Tattoos and your Reputation?
do tattoos hurt when you get them?
Where on the body is a good place to get a small tattoo for a male?
what is a tramp stamp tatoo?
should i do it or not?
Can I cover black and purple clouds with black and green leaves?
A tattoo to symbolize a bond for family?
how does one stay motivated to loose weight?
Tell me what products works with old stretch marks?
Can I drink alcohol one or two days after I had my tattoo done?
People keep asking what my tattoos mean and I don't want to tell them?
I have pores, black heads and some acne. Whats the best face wash to treat all of these?
do you need to buy a special type of pen on a tattoo stencil?
my cat scratched me and i have a scar. how do i get rid of it ?
Would would my forearm be a good spot for a tattoo?!?
Question about snake bite peircings?
Is this supposed to happen to my tattoo? (Pic included)?
How much would an Ankle Tattoo estimate?
How old do you have to be?
My friend is 5'1 and 12 years old is she healthy?
I gave myself a tattoo now how do I remove it at home?
Why is my tattoo doing this is it normal?
Where is the best place for a tattoo in the South of England?
Im getting my first tattoo on friday and the artist said It will take a couple of hours, what should i bring?
I take a good shower and the next day im smelling like crap why? i use soap and deoderant and perfum ugh ?
Who ever can come up with the best idea for my tattoo gets best answer. can you help?
I have eczema, I need help!!!?
Best NYC Tattoo Shops?
will a tattoo stretch if u get it at a young age?
Least painful spot for a tattoo?
How much would an eight point star tatto cost?
Forever Young tattoo suggestion?
What part of a hot chick's body do you like the most?
i just got a tatoo and it looks really nice.. but wut do i put on it?
is it ok for a guy to get a tattoo of his zodiac sign?
Which of my tattoos do you like best?
Give me opinions on this word for tattoo?
who likes baths?
getting a tattoo hopefully tomorrow, help?
Help on a tattoo???!?
Please suggest some places on my body to get this tattoo?
why do i get pimples when i try to clean my blackheads?
Tattoo people?
Are tattoos on the hip ok for guys to get?
How do I heal a rash inside a tattoo?
i was very fair i became little bit dark....what to do to get my colour back ????
hey does any 1 no were i can do a course on body piercing?
Pain rating of tattoo placements.?
Has anyone had or been to a Botox party and what do you think of them?
Tattoo on front rib stretch?
Do you think this all will fit in my tattoo sleeve?
Thoughts on this tattoo idea?
Your opinion on this tattoo... thanks!?
Tattoo Question that a guy or girl can answer both opinions matter!?
Tattoo shops in Myrtle Beach, SC?
Whats the UK age for a tattoo?
What's a good age to start getting Piercings?
any good tips on getting rid of acne. Think outside the box, I have tried tons of things. Thanks.?
Has anyone ever had a Japanese enzyme bath treatment?
I'm getting tattoo soon and I have a few questions....?
Tattoo on my lower back?
what do you feel about a small lower back tattoo ?
1st tattoo,, please help:)?
i have a questions about piercings.?
Has anyone used lasers or electrolysis to remove body hair?
What's the right english term for "Kulangot"?
In much need of some tattoo help?
Are you supposed to tip your tattoo artist?
Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?
I want tattoos but also to save up for a house.?
How do you get rid of cellulite?
Blackheads/Anyone know how to remove them from the tip of my nose?
ideas for tattoos to resemble kids?
Have you got a tattoo? If yes what and where?
Who is the prettiest girl in the world?
Why does my tattoo look like this?
One Judge tattoo?!?!?
how to make my face skinnier?
im 5'3 (18 f USA) wht are some ways u can "appear" a girl look taller?
What is it called when you engrave patterns into your skin like tattoos?
how do you make soap?
Which one should I get?
Can I get my tattoo recolored?
If you saw me in public would you stare at me?
How bad does it hurt to get your Calve tattooed?
What are these little itchy red bumps all around my new tattoo?
what does harry styles tattoo say?
Is it time to see a dematologist?
anyone have nipple piercings?
anyone gives me a max quote?
How old do i have to be to get a tattoo in alabama, because i am 13 and i want to know the age limit?
should I remove my tattoo?
do girls not like band tattoos?
What's the most painful place on your body that you've been tattooed?
how much would a tatto on my upper arm cost? i want the date 4 25 12 going from top to bottom?
is 150lbs fat for a woman who is 5'8"?
why do all women wear purses and what do they put in there other than make up?
whats wrong with not wanting a tattoo?
tongue ring advice??? please...?
What do you think of this tattoo, and how much would you have paid for it at most?
Do You Like This Tattoo?
Hands and feet help?
Would you get someone you didnt like name tattooed on your back for a 1 million dollars?
I am stoppng cutting and getting a tattoo to remind me of it...10 points for my favorite one!?
What does a tattoo on the chest feel like?
Any cure yet for alopecia universal, no body hair now?
has anyone had a tattoo removed?
Will I be able to hide this tattoo from my parents?
how do i get rid of love handles?
What is a word that means "filled with inner light"?
~Are there any diet pills you can buy at the store where you don't have to be 18 to buy it?~?
does getting a tatoo hurt?
tattoo on my bikini line?
How can I be a actress?
how could i hide a lip piercing?
Permanent tattoo eyebrows being covered?
Where in Chattanooga TN can you get a henna tattoo?
Tattoo scanning & discoloration.?
does anyone have...???
wut if you like this girl but she only likes you as a friend and really want to go out with her?
Skin care?
how do you tell your coworker they smell nicely...?
psoriasis and Enbrel injections?
Sons name tattooed....any ideas?
Woman 18, got my first tat, what do u think of it? (pic link)..!?
I want to get a TATTOO?
Location to put new tattoo?
does it hurt when you get your nose pierced? and what is the best thing to take of it?
Who likes tattoos? And Why?
When can i wear my watch after getting a wrist tattoo?
My first tattoo will be at the back of my neck,anyone with one there,how painful is it?
thinking of a tattoo; A text/Symbol? Suggestions; meaningful? What about the word Adamas? Meaning?
My wife wants to get a tribalarmband, what do you think?
Tattoo for my parents?
here u r just try out this tipfor glowin skin the u say my slin goes lalallallla.........?
What tattoo(s) do you want?
What are the ways to increase the size of breast?
Would YOU get a tattoo here?
which quote do you like better?
Is there still stigma with hands,neck,face tattoos?
Anyone located in Flagler county or St Augustine interested in Senegence Cosmetics?
Tongue or turnoff?? Do you like them??
Tattoos on the back of your neck and wrist?
What is the best thing to cover tattoos for theater?
Why isn't doing anything!! GODSAKE!?
What word would be good for a wrist tattoo?
would you ever get a tattoo?
i wanna get my girlfriend a tattoo machine for christmas what should i do?
tall and long legs?
Should I get this Tattoo?
How do i loose weight??????
Why has my tattoo has gone lumpy after 10 years?
How to prevent wrinkles?
How do i fix a cologne bottle that doesnt spray anymore?
girls what kinda boys do you go for!?
this question is for the ladies.....?
What would be a good tattoo quote?
how much will it hurt to get a tattoo on my spine?
Would a white tattoo cover up self harm scars?
Pierced nipples on a guy?
Is Superior Prizm tattoo ink any good?
tongue piercing plz?
Upper outer thigh tattoo?
how do i remove a mole off my nose myself?
New Tattoo dryness really hurting?
My lady friend is 26. Her problem is with her breast.?
im looking into getting another tattoos and i need ideas on a tattoo representing who i am personality wise?
Sexually abused tattoo ideas???!?!?
What was your first tattoo, and why did you choose it?
Can you help me in telling me a site about the vocabulary of human face features to describe like nose, lips?
Tattoo help! I need to pick a tat!?
Likas papaya soaps?
I want an estimate for this tattoo!!!! Please help.?
Will my tatts grow looking weird?
how to type, and also where is the available of this type?
Opinion: Too many piercings?
Why everytime I brush my teeth I want to puke?
What do you think of these tattoo ideas.?
Will a tattoo on my forearm affect me getting a job?
Help me with my lip piercing!!?
thinking about getting a sleeve?
What are some good quotes to get tattooed?
I have something from a Japanese game I want to put as a tattoo..?
How to make liquid hand soap out of used up soap bars?
does getting a tattoo hurt really bad !?
how would you react if you woke up in the morning and suddenly as if by magic all your tattoos had GONE?
is it safe to have the coils of your tattoo gun not covered?
I am considering a tattoo inside my lip... Is the pain any different than that of a normal tat??
So I want to be a tattoo artist?
Neutrogena At Home MicroDermabration System. I Just Bought One. Is It Okay For Me To Use?
Hair dye and a new Tattoo?
how much should my tattoo cost? (average)?
need anwser on tattoo?
Text tattoo on ankle?
how bad does a tattoo really hurt?
is it weird to bring in a picture of a tattoo your tattoo artist did for a consultation?
Can anyone recommend an easy to apply, proffesional looking false nail kit? Easy to find in UK high street.?
18 year olds and tattoos?
Ok! I have this pouch on my abs, and I just can't get rid of it... HELP!?
Do women like guys to whisper how hot they are into their ear at public places?
my body is so soft and i dont find it attractive anymore,what should i do?
Would this be a cute tattoo?
should i get my bell repeirced or should i shove a ring through?
a dog bit me on the face when i was 13 is there any way to make the scars go away?
What do white girls think about short asian guys?
I need friendship tattoo ideas?
Tattoo on my wrist will affect what jobs I get ?
how long would this tattoo take?
On my face I have a tiny little dot that is red I think it is maybe a broken vein or something.?
i am 5'4 and i weigh about 120 pounds. i play volleyball and i do swimming and track.but am i overweight? HELP
Tattoo ideas...I'm at a blank wall...?
Can i play hockey, 2-3 days after getting inner bicep tattoo?
Industrial Peircing On a thirteen year old.......?
How can I get my tattoo retouched?
Tounge piercings???
Tattoo artists, could you guesstimate how much this may cost?