Dream catcher tattoo ideas?
Tattoo suggestions, creative people please!?
Which BDSM symbol should I get on my wrist?
I'm looking for a tattoo to put over scars on my arm from cutting myself?
dahive's vanity tattoos?
should i get my nose pierced?
Should I get my last name tattooed!?
What tatoo should I get?
Sometimes it is appropriate to "hide" a tattoo - why don't people get that?
What do you think about tattoos?
Whats the best hight for Men ?
Foream tattoos and jobs?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Plllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz Help Me!!!!?
Getting Tattoo's together?
tattoo touch ups is this common ?
Lighthearted tattoo ideas, one "pulling" a toe, the other on the joint of the next toe?
Where are the best tattoo parlors in northwest ohio?
what tattoo would represent my childhood (ill give you some of my childhood stories)?
What is up with the purple color under my eyes?
Where would you Love to have a tattoo or piercing??
What is a good, descriptive term for fat ankles?
If I'm not ticklish will getting a tattoo hurt?
Is it really THAT painful to get a tattoo?
What is an effective and inexpensive lotion to prevent wrinkles for a woman in her twenties with oily skin??
My tattoo looks faded after only 2 weeks?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Would u tattoo ur partners name on your body?
Why do we wash towels if we're clean when we use them?
Females: Have any of yall gotten a tattoo right above your ?
Tattoo ideas, please read it's personal! ?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
What's the difference between magnum tattoo needles?
Tattoo Idea? Need Opinions?
How much would a tattoo like this cost? theeagle
Opinions on upper arm & foot tattoos on women?
guy tattoo saying/location?
Should i buy this tattoo machine?
Tattoo help please? :)?
Does anyone have a homemade solution to bleach underarm?
Would the UV rays affect my tattoo even if it is cloudy?
i got a tattoo and now i'm fed up of it!?
How big should I get my first tattoo?
to any1 who knows about tattoo conventions?
How to get rid of dry skin?
Tattoo Idea...........?
how would people look like in a million years?
how much would this tattoo run me?
how do i prevent pimples and get rid of blackheads?
Can I use saline solutions for contact lenses for my navel piercing?
How to turn a dragon tattoo into a full sleeve?
what is the best self tanning lotion And what is the price?
where are the tattoo shops in lee summit?
I got my second tattoo today and it's already swollen...?
I want a tattoo. where should i get it? i need a quote?
should i get this tattoo??
What is long or tall that I can tattoo on the length of my back?
Do you think this Japanese tattoo is nice or ugly?
when is jessica alba's birthday, where and when is she going to go public?
Are there any good tattoo parlors in misawa?
How much do you tip for a Rook Piercing?
Is this a tattoo for a male?
Fingernails have suddenly began growing crooked; why?
Has anyone tried using EA's Visible Difference, Refining Moisture Creme Complex?
I have a weird bump near my collar bone and my near a tattoo I just got.?
I want a tattoo with ACU design?
Can I get a tattoo at the age of 17 in Tennessee with parental consent?
I want to add tribal around my tattoo but dont know how to?
Is it too feminine for a guy to take a bath?
Tattoo in memory for someone?
What is a good way for a teen to get rid of acne?
How often can I steam my face?
Where should I get my first tatoo? I want it to be special!?
What hair do you wax?
does anyone know if cologne is still good after so many years?
Which tattoo do u prefer out of these 2?
Need a good idea for a tattoo! ?
Have you ever used Retinol on your face?
a wrist tattoo on a guy ?
Do you have TATTOOS or PIERCINGS ?
Tattoo Questions.......?
Why do so many people have problems with other people getting tattoos and/or piercings?
All people that have tatoo's. Can you help me?
Ankle Tattoo Pain Scale?
how do i lose weight with out any body making fun of me anymore?
PLEASE READ!!!!i need suggestions for an idea i have for a tattoo?? HELP!!?
Tattoo design what do you think i should get?
Jobs who allow plugs/tattoos?
What are the ingredients in Sisley Cosmetics "All Day All Year" Moisturizer?
Should i try waxing my bikini line?
i feel shame to wear sleeveless because i have black under arm what can i do to be whiten?pls help me?
Need help with a tattoo idea....?
Acne home remedies?
UV Tattoos?? do you have one or know anybody who does?
i am 5'3 and 120 pounds do you think that is a good weight???
Where should I get this tattoo?
sexiest tatto uve ever seen on a girl ?!
i really want a tattoo but....?
does this make scene
Piercings yourself? (:?
how much should i pay for this tattoo to get it professionally done.?
How small could I get this tattoo but still keep detail?
do you think acne is worth crying over?
Am i Ugly i really need to know?
Tattoos that incorporate piercings?
What blessthefall lyric SHOULD i get as a tattoo? (10 Points)?
How to know that the tattoo ink is good to fix down in the skin?
how can you make a temp. tattoo?
how do you become a vampire?
what should i do i have pimples on my face?
Best (and cheapest) place to get a tattoo on Long Island?
Age limit on getting a tatoo?
Is it a MUST for for a new convert to remove their tattoos ?
Men! Do you like women to shave off completely? TRIM? Or shave in moderation?
Can a physical thereapist have tattoos and piercings?
WHY does my back ITCH Really Really BAD when I get a sunburn?
I'm 16 I live in south Australia can I get a tattoo If I have parents consent?
Will a tattoo on my forearm affect future jobs?
does anybody think i would look good with a lip piercing? (picture link)?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Are then any Sunless Tanning lotion that won't make your skin look yellow/oranage?
does baby oil clog pores?
Need a tat idea for a cover up!?
Any good tattoo ideas for this vvv ?
Help with my tattoo please?
Come as you are tattoo?
weird dilemna, please help! or just laugh at me....?
What would be the best placement for this tattoo i want?
can you get me a pic of jordans (katie prices~) tattoo on her ankle?
Does my tattoo looks guy is not skilled enough? the line looks abit crappy?
What is the legal age to get a tattoo?
What's the longest you've gone without bathing?
Should I get a tatoo of the guy I have a crush on to surprise him?
How much (aprox) does it run to get a fairly basic tribal tattoo?
people think im kinda ugly do u think.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i dont are they jut jelus and i really look what i say?
Tattoo over a a scar from a burn?
How to prepare myself for my first tattoo tomorrow...?
what do you think of my piercings and tattoos? (link)?
how can one reduce chubby cheeks to normal cheeks?
What is the best tattoo coverup makeup?
is it acne? or something else?
where can i buy a cheap but good tattoo machine online?
What's a good tattoo lyric?
should i tell my family about my tattoo?
What scent is it that women prefer the most.?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
About to get this tattooed, is it a good quote!?
does a tattoo go away when you get it removed?
how much would this cost?
how can i say "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" in other words but still as beautiful?
what is the best way to reduce the size of your thigh?please help?
does anyone have a good short saying about never giving up?
What should I moisturize a healed tattoo with?
Tattoo placement on women?
Can teachers have tattoos?
I'm getting a half sleeve tattoo, ideas?
How does the sun affect tattoos?
Tounge Piercings On Guys?
would two stars tatooed to the right above my groin on the literally just below boxer waistband look okay?
Is this tattoo a good idead ?
Ladies , are short shorts hot? jeans are so 2005...?
Help but please don't judge.?
inwant a tattoo when im older.?
how long will my tattoo take?
what would you get for a tattoo? why?
How much will this tattoo cost?
if you tattoo and have ?
Would ヴィンセント be a good tattoo down the arm?
i need help?
What's the best sunless tanning product available?
Cleanest, safest, most professional tattoo parlor in NYC?
Tattoo Question.....?
Does a tattoo on the finger hurt ?
Ideas for a tattoo please?
Can I get a tattoo of a eyeball in the middle of my forehead?
Does a neck tattoo mean anything ?
What & Where would be a good way to help me get more votes?
Tattoo Allergic Reactions?
know an exercise DVD that targets glutes?
alternative ways of gettin rid of celulitis?not those expensive creams,gels and so on...?
Will there ever be a way to darken your skin surgically?
I want to know how much a tattoo will hurt depending on my level of pain tolerance?
Tell me about your tattoos?
Whats more important to a guy a pretty face or a good body?
What is the best cure for blackheads?
where is a good place in illinois to go and get your tounge pierced at 17 without parental consent?
Any tattoo professionals out there who can help me with a question?
EASY 2 points. What tattoos do you have and why?
Ive got a nasty sun burn?
What is the least sensetive part on the body to get a tattoo?
how do i get rid of this?
Why does my boyfriend have a spiders web tattooed on the back of his hand?
Which of these three tattoo ideas is your favourite?
Nicknames for people with big ears?
Anyone have Italian tattoo ideas?
How much would a tattoo similar to this cost?
Want soul eater themed tattoo sleeve can anyone draw up some ideas to help out?
a tattoo that symbolizes?
For girls who have already had their period.?
Whats the best age to get a tatoo?
Can I have your opinion on a tattoo?
how can i take away pimples?
I got my nose pierced and it's not healing..?
What can i do to look more rested?
How do you get rid of acne naturally?
Whenever I shave with my shaving cream, my razor gets backed up and won't work. What should I do?
tattoo with my friend's id?
I have spots on my legs and arms and want to know how to clear them up w/o spending alot of money?
Is it possible to have a bad brand of tattoo needles?
should i tattoo the first letter of my name on my hip?
Tattoo for loyalty and honesty?
what are some good ideas for what my tattoo should say?
Does anyone have a picture of what Leslie from America's next top models tattoo looks like??
what to wear when getting ribcage tattoo?
what do you have a tattoo of and what does it mean/represent
Can someone drawl a tattoo design for me?
Are there any pictures of a tattoo of someone on there knees praying?
What is the biggest overplayed tattoo out there?
What is your most annoying place to get a pimple??
Where on my body should I get my tattoo?
pimples pimples pimples?
Tattoos ideas for both wrists?
tattoo ideas for a friend that wants smthng to represent his days as a drug dealer and being on the streets?
I want to get a tattoo but I'm not sure what to get.?
How much does a tattoo like this cost?
How many crunches should I do?
What does this tattoo mean?
Which Tattoo would be best for my first?
Which skin care system is comparable to Proactiv but much more affordable?
How much pain is involved in getting your nipples pierced?
Getting a do you do it?
What do I use for a tattoo?
I'm confusing on how getting tatted works?
Can you get your lip pierced at age 13?
What can I do to lose 10 quick pounds? Working out and eating right just didn't work & I dont want 2 use pills
I found a tattoo that I want, but it's on a person in the picture...?
how does it look and what to add?? (PICTURES INCLUDED)?
I need help with my second tattoo!!?
if you could exist just as 1 part of the body, what would it be? Why?
what is the average cost of snakebite piercings?
I am 5'8'' or 5'9'' and weigh 155 pounds, some say i am fat and i am an athlete, but shouldn't i weigh less??
Is a tattoo on the rib cage mostly for girls?
What is the difference between astringent and toner?
Have a tattoo on my upper arm, can i work out?
Any Advice For A First Tattoo?
New tattoo scabbing and peeling?
OK, maybe I am going through midlife crises but will I regret getting a tattoo?
What's the difference between a brazilian bikini wax and a standard bikini wax?
24 days new Tattoo lifting weights problem?
What is the best way to get a flat toned tummy?
Tattoo Removal --> Cost and Effectiveness of Various Methods?
Best/Cheapest way to remove a tattoo?
Would a small, outlined tattoo on the back of my neck affect my chances of becoming a teacher?
What's your opinion of tattoos?
What should I expect for my first tattoo?
Does baby oil help you get a tan?
Is it possible to get my tattoo done over?
How to treat or better get rid of Psorias?
matching tattoos for me and my sister ideas?
what is a sexy young 18 year old girl suppose to do when she is out of state by herself without a boyfriend?
Quotes for a wrist tattoo?
What is the best make of fake tan on the market today ??
How can I get rid of these discommodious acne scars?
my friend thinks shes fat...what should i do???
How long should I wait to go running on the tredmill after I got my tattoo a week ago today?
How much does it cost for nipple piercings in Detroit? ?
how do UV ink tattoos work?
what is Mezothepary?
Symbols of strength for sobriety tattoo.?
Is it true that milk cream is a good natural bleach?Wats the best way to put it on?
what could b he meaning of this tattoo?
Are you good at deciding?
Foot tattoo placement?
Is it worth getting a white ink tattoo on my wrist?
What should I get as my third tattoo?
After four days my tattoo is still hurting.?
I need ideas for a nautical based sleeve?
What do you guys think about getting this poem tattooed on me?
COUNTRY BOYS!!! i gotta question bout a tattoo:)?
Do you mind if someone asks about your tattoo?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
What can go with the word ''purity''??? PLEASE HELLP...?
Please Answere, Guys Especialy....?
What do I need to eat to have a clean and soft skin?
to tan or not to tan?
My face won't tan!?
what is a good color tattoo for tan skin?
Questions about tattoo consent?
Vertical tragus surface piercing rejection?
Is my tattoo infected?
Cost of a tattoo behind ear/neck?
Im thinking about getting a tattoo..?
I got my tattoo on Saturday and its perfect! I'm just wondering, is it suppose to get scabby and ed? ?
Where should i have my fox tattoo?
What is your idea for a tattoo sleeve for me?
what's the best place to see tattoo designs, i'd like to see some pics of a crossroad?
okay so tattoo this weekend plz help!!!?
hmmm what about belly button piercings ?
how to get a big *** botty?
Got a thigh tattoo done yesterday - few questions regarding tattoos?
What is the procedure for Botox?
i have a lots of pimples i want to remove it but don't suggest me to squeeze it help?
My sister has spinal cancer and I want to get a tattoo for her, can i get a ribbon tattoo?
umm mi want amonroe does it hurt and i am in eighth grade should i get one?
my tattoo is still not healed after 13 months...what is goin on?
if youuu...?
Tattoo under chin???
College the right decision?
should i get my husbands name tatooed on my..?
Do you like hairy men?
Pierced my septum. What now?
Tattoo saying? What do you think?
wat r some cool tatoos?
How much should you tip a tattoo artist? ?
How can this tattoo be improved?
i eat 1 or 2 small chocolate bars everyday, does that increase my pimples and black heads?
(Tattoo question) Anyone with one can you please help me out!?
Does the state Virginia allow teens under 18 to have tattoo's?
what does mole in tha palm means?
im getting a tattoo gun and stuff what all do i need?
Same day after care for nipple piercings?
I want a tattoo to signify my Welsh identity.?
my legs are how can i make my legs longer. I am 25 years young man!?
Can a tattoo artist charge you extra for late payment?
Why didn't my tattoo fade at all?
Do you like this tattoo? is is cute?
After getting a Tattoo how much vitamina E should be applied and for how long ?
my bf says he loves me but...?
how do i get rid of puffy eyes???
Swollen on the inside of my nostril- new nose piercing ?
beauty tips for oil skin?
i wanna know how i can lose weight?
what's the best pimple/acne medicine you can put on them so it'll go away?
Is 34 b considered to be a small chest?
any tattoo suggestions plz ????????
What tattoo would look good with a scorpion?
Does anyone have any cute ideas for a tattoo?
girls, where is the best place on the body for a guy to get a tattoo?
My mother and I are planning to get a tattoo?
How paintful are tattoos?
Ancient warriors came with markings like tattoos or piercings. Today the people without them are the fiercest?
How long to I have to continue to clean my ears?
How to get a Lasik surgery for FREE?
Ideas for a tattoo to do with music?
tattoo opinion REAL QUICK please :)?
What Should I Get On My Japanese Arm Tattoo?
Tatoos: Scale of 1-10 how much do they hurt?
Has anyone tried the self-tanning lotion by FAKE BAKE?
How can i lose stomach?
do tattoos cost alot? and wheres best?
where is the best place to have a tattoo?
gIrLs OnLy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HeLp Me?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo with out a parent consent in PA?
Can I use Vaseline lotion on my tattoo?
Getting the tattoo "seize the day" need input?
Tattoos and hair regrowth?
I need some tattoo ideas?
How about this tattoo....?
Semper Fidelis tattoo?
please suggest some herbal face packs for removing tan .?
Is my tattoo healing properly?
is my tattoo healing okay?
how do u get rid of heat rashes?
How much would you tip for a tattoo?
Are emo girls hotter then preppy girls?
tattoos and wedding gowns ??
what if your preety but 3 zits pop up what do you do?
Best parlor in Vegas for a low-key tattoo?
my eyes are reddish all the time. what is the best bet to make my eyes look brighter???
is getting a tattoo that bad?
ok im getting a tattoo and i dont know where to get it on my body?
I've got ... girls only?
why do guys like girls that are in magizens thats not what real girls look like at lest not all of them?
How do I get a "bigger booty"?
I've had my lip pierced for a little over a week I'm concerned ?
what is the best natural way to treat acne?
how bad is henna tattoo scarring?
Please talk to me about TATOOS?
Where are the most painful places to get a tattoo?
How can i make my lip pink by natural ways?
How can i get rid of my stretch marks there so bad im 18 and ive got them everywhere ive tried creams?
What tattoo should I get?
Does overuse of A&D cause scarring on a tattoo?
Did you regret your tattoo?
I want a tattoo on my....?
can one get a tattoo the size of a freckle?
Would the fore arm be a good spot for a tattoo?
What are diamond tips used for with tattoo machines?
Will getting a tattoo make me less or more attractive to women?
I need advice/input please for my tattoo I'm getting to represent my 2 boys?
ok a lot of people just answered the questions about the two guys.?
i just bought the 'gene vitamin e' it good for fresh stretchmarks (red)??can it prevent cellulite?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
i H8 MYSELF!!!!!?
To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo? That is the question.?
People with stretched lobes answer please ?
Dry Patch on my face?
hey im looking for cool intelectual tattoo quote ideas?
The Beatles TATTOO logos/badges/patches help?
My new tattoo lines look weirds due to scabbing?
what tattoo do you like most out of these?
im 5'3 (18 f USA) wht are some ways u can "appear" a girl look taller?
How do i know a good tattoo studio in Hong Kong?
what are the meanings between a chinese dragon tattoo?
tatoo and muscles? will the tat stretch?
How would you describe tattoo pain?
any good tips on getting rid of acne. Think outside the box, I have tried tons of things. Thanks.?
Itchy tattoo with little irritation bumps. What is wrong? What do I do?
are girls with toungue piercings hot ?
in all of my perfume, the smell wears off in an hour or so. how do i get it to last?
Looking for advice on coloured henna tattoos?
How much should I tip the tattoo artist when I go back for a touch up?
Is 14 too young for breast implants?
Any way natural way to get skin lighter?
people who have permanent tattoos and people who don't have permanent tattoos.... HELP PLZZZZ?
How long would i have to wait to play soccer with a new tattoo?
wat is LOL?
Why do people have tattoos? If you have any have you ever regretted it?
what is the best eye cream?
Probably a dumb question butcan this be illegal >.<?
if you could have any tattoo what would it be?
i have a large bruise on the spot i want to get my tattoo.?
Music tattoo ideas please?
how much would it cost to get a 7 letter tattoo on my left wrist in plain black ink?
What' wrong with getting a foot tattoo?
world enough and time tattoo?
if you were a responsible parent, would you let your child get a tatto?
How much will my tattoo cost? Roughly speaking of course...?
Do you know where i can find my toe?
does toothpaste really work for getting rid of zits and blemishes?
Will this affect my soon to be tattoo?
where were you when you was born?
My fourteen-year-old sister wants to get a tattoo, can she get one?
nursing student gets a tattoo on her lower back?
Where should I get this tattoo?
So what's not to like?
Is my Fore arm a good place for a tattoo?
Can I still get a tattoo whilst im taking medication for my ear infection?
Guys, is this tattoo too guy-ish for a girl to get?
good quotes for a tattoo?
Is my navel piercing infected or rejecting?
When would a joke at the expense of a womans butt be funny?
stretch marks?
what is the ideal weight for 5.5 hight?
I know someone who got the same tattoo that I want?
I'm getting a tattoo?
I am thinking about getting another tattoo. I know what i want but not exactly where on my body. Any ideas?
Why are private parts darker than rest of the body although not exposed to the sun?
How much would one red rose tattoo on both sides on my chest cost?
Whats good to put on a tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo if I am getting surgery in 6 months?
At what size do most people Consider a Girl Fat?
can you get piercings on your foot?
HELP Please!!?
How bad do stomach tattoos hurt?
getting a tattoo on my inner wrist. someone talk me in/out of it?
i really need to know pad or tampons?
Can i get a tattoo at 17 with parental consent?
Where can I buy Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream online?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Do guys look at our booty or boobs more?Wot turns ull more on?girls are also free to answer?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Should I get this tattoo?
After an opinion regarding first tattoo?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Does anyone know a great tattoo artist in orange county that specializes in "pin up"?
need an opinion on a tattoo please?
how can i hide a tatoo from my daddy?
Girls, should I go back to my nerdy old self look?
What shoud i do with the scars in my face?
Tattoo removal cream, is it a waste of money?
how much will this tattoo cost? picture attached!!?
Do you have any good dieting tips?
What makes a big girl tick?
New tattoo??? Skin peeling and ing.?
..shaving (girls only.)?
What can you add to a nautical star tattoo?
The biggest ears strech without your parents knowing?
how much does a tattoo hurt on a hand?
Where do you recommend in Toronto a cheap yet good tattoo parlor?
I have a question bout tattoos?
tattoo palcement help?
i need an idea on how to finish the bottom of my sleeve off.?
All my Toronto People please answer!?
how to remove dark spot from my back?
what are the best cellulite & strectch mark removal creams ?
Do you think that its important to get a tattoo with a deep meaning, or just get one because you like tattoos?
how much would a tattoo of stars down the side of your back cost?
im 14 and want a tattoo?
What is your height and weight ?
Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo?
i have star tattoos but i wanna add on to them does anyone know tattoos that matches stars like skulls or w.e?
ideas to add onto my tattoo?
tattoo removal:pictures of my tattoo included. cost? how many treatments? and pain?
How do you do your own tattoo?
I'm thinking of getting my nipple pierced, can I get fired from my job as a nurse?
Need help my Tattoo extension?
male 27 yrs , skin is too soft n loose , no other health problem, wat shud i do to attain some tight skin?
i am getting a tattoo on the back of my neck, and i am planning on getting a sprey tan. i'm not sure when i sh?
Color vs black tattoo...HELP?
Where on my body should I get my tattoo?
i wanna get a tattoo!!any ideas?
My girlfriend and i.are getting tattoos ?
Why do all of the sudden I have the worst acne breakout of my life?
Question about back of the neck tattoo...?
What would life be like if your nose had taste buds?
I'm looking to get a tattoo of a bluebird somewhere on my back, but can't decide on the placement.. any ideas?
can i get a tattoo after donating blood?
Tattoo ideas for a female behind ear?
Does size really matter?
Why do I have Darkness around my eyes? Lack of Fiber? Sleep? Genes?
Want this Tattoo. Need some input. Thanks:)?
should i get a john deere tattoo on my chest?
how can you remove dark puffy circles under eyes?
Where could i get a tattoo in london or surrey?
*GUYS ONLY*where would be a sexy place to get a tattoo on a girl?
Which way is up/down on a forearm or hand tattoo?
What are other names for lower back tattoos?
Should I Get This First Tattoo Or Not?
Really discreet and hidden place to get a tat?
do you have to have parents consent to get a tattoo or is it jsut anyone over 18?
placement for a tree tattoo?
Me and my wife won the lottery 37 million to be exact but im still not happy why?
How long will it take my ears to close????????? 10 POINTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone have a seraphim tattoo?
Are tattoos a good idea?
does anyone have a picture of a hello kitty tattoo on their ankle?
is there any sites where i can put a fake tattoo on one of my pictures for free?
How do you get rid of pimples?
My idea for my tattoo....cute?
Im thinking about trying out for "America's Next Top Model" will you vote for me?
I want to get a tattoo in honor of my grandmother ... But?
How to make your skin whiter?
How much would this tattoo cost?!?
How much does a tattoo cost?
My girlfriend is black and wants to know how can she get rid of?
A hidden spot for a small tattoo?
Should A Girl Get PLastic Surgery even though there is nothing abnormal about her?
does drinking water really help my skin look radiant?
are there places in newyork that tattoo 17 year olds?
i like this tattoo for carnival ?
Want this Tattoo. Need some input. Thanks:)?
how much do you think it would be?
I need help with creating a tattoo design!?
what was the last thing you put in your mouth?
Greek tattoo ideas/opinions?
HELP!Does anybody know of an eye cream that actually works and does fade dark circles????!!!?
What kind of nerd tattoos are best?
GIRLS: Do you like guys with a lot of tattoos? specifically the arm (sleeve)?
What's a good quote for a tattoo around my wrist?
tattoo??? 10 points help?
My skin has gotten really tan once I started on my acne medication. Is there any way I can lighten my skin?
Why do you think it's stupid to get a tattoo of your own name?
Tattoo memorials for horses?
Tattoo artists westmidlands?!?
Is it true that people that have a lot of tattoos are sluts?
Its been 3 weeks and my ear piercing still hurt when i clean them?
How long would this tattoo take, cost to do?
I have barbells in right now...can I switch them into plugs?
how long does it take u in shower ech morning? how many times do u wash ur hair in a wk?
Can someone help me with this tattoo idea?
Miscarriage tattoo ideas?
What do you think about neck tattoo's in the workplace?
why should i be nice when ppl treat me like dirt.?
what is the best way to lighten scars?
sun tan lotion vs sunscreen?
How do get rid of the scar on my foot?
Do Tattoo`s hurt.............?
Looking for a picture I saw online a while ago?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
Are there any foods that will make your skin tanner??
whow do i stop smelling let a stink bug and i put deoderant?
Where would b a good place to get a tattoo in Florida?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on your back ?
My friend is 19 And she is 119lbs she wants liposuction?
can minors get tattos?
Can I change the color of my tattoo?
Where can i find ideas for tattoos?
Is this normal for a healing tattoo?
Polar bear - pocket clock tattoo?
Got a new tattoo, "Embrace the Past". What does it mean to you?
new tattooo question!!!!?
is this a good idea for a tattoo? do you think that i will regret it? honest answers please.?
Regarding shaving legs? Ladies only thx.?
Do you prefer...?
How much do lip piercings and tongue piercings cost at Off Ya Tree PUNKTURED in melbourne Australia?
How to make a star tattoo more unique?
Forearm tattoo pricing?
Should i get this tattoo?
What do you think of girls with plugs/gauges?
do you have any tattoos you wish you didn't have?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
I wanna get a tattoo something that means Heal but not that word.?
is it okay to...??
Peroxide to remove a tattoo?
dark underarms?
Where can I get cheap tattoo chairs ?
Neck Tattoo Healing Process?
Why are tattoos always frowned upon or judged?
I want to add to my current tat & get a poem tattoo'd on my lower stomach, just around the waist of my pants.?
would you ever get a tattoo?
Tattoo on bottom of foot?
would these be good tattoos?
will injecting bleach with a syringe get rid of a tattoo?
why the countries fight for powers?
what should i do to increase my height?
Tattoo to remember a child lost by miscarriage?
Do your tattoos have a theme?
Would a lip piercing look good on me?
What brand provides the best men's skin care products?
I have a question about tattoos?
I want a tattoo in love of my boyfriend, ... he's inspired me.?
I want to get a tattoo...?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your upper back and neck?
Help! Looking for tattoo inspiration/ideas!?
Guys, what do you think of girls with tattoos?
How should I tell my dad about my first tattoo?
Does anyone know someone who does good tattoos for minors without a parent?
Should i get a tattoo on my ribs?
Is it possible to get a tattoo in this spot? (pic).?
help needed please!?!?!?
What should I have tattooed on my arm?
Can a 16 year old girl get a tattoo in the state of kansas?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Allergic to new tattoo?
What happens if you don't put anything on your tattoo for about 4 days?
tattoo help need designs or ideas?
How to get rid of scars and marks of pimples on the face? What are the herbal/household remedies?
2 questions about tattoos?
back tattoo idea (picture)?
I need a word for a tatoo idea: i work hard, never give up to achieve, any ideas?
Do you think tattoos are addicting?
Is "believe" tattoo a good idea ?
Tattoo Ideas For A Girl...?
Who are wealthy people with tattoos?
What happens to all the eyelashes that get stuck in your eye?
Two tattoo questions, would love your help :)?
White heads on my tattoo help??? please?
What can i get on my tattoo?
whenever my face gets a little tan, i get little black can i get rid of it?
I have a tattoo question?
Honestly, do you think this is a turn off to guys ?
i have a question about my booty?
How canI tell my boyfriend is cheating on me ?
Black outlined and not colored in tattoos.?
what is the best bronzer to buy for carmel complexions?
do you like tragus piercings? (EASY 10 POINTS)?
Do you like tattoos: yes or no?
My parents died a few months ago and now i want to get a tattoo of their names.?
What do you think of this tattoo Idea?
Will my tattoo stretch?
Getting a tattoo in Ann Arbor, MI?
where is a good tattoo shop in michigan, around the metro detroit area?
Help with a tattoo idea please?
Why does my tattoo look grey?
Tattoo HELP!...........................?
I made a bet what's the lowest age in the u.s you can have a tattoo?
I have big boobs, I don't like it when women stare at them...?
Big boobs or small boobs?
Tattoo removal cream / gel ?
Do the gel nails break more easier than acyrlics?
How much money have you spent on Tattoo's?
Any Esthiology people out there?
my boyfriend ownes a tattoo shop. he is VERY good. but he wont tattoo me.?
Is this a good tattoo you think he will like it?
tattoo artist flashes?
What tattoo do you have to represent your children?
is this a good tattoo to get on my upper left arm?
Any1else find it hard2tan their legs from the knee down? I can sit in the sun4 hrs&tan evrywhere but my legs!?
what is the best way of removing wrinkles on my forehead?
lip tattoos?
Risks of getting a tattoo?
So lately I've been thinking about getting a tattoo...?
I am looking for a soap called R K Mens Bar.?
tattoos ideas for the back of my neck?
Renaissance pic of angels fighting for a tattoo?
Can I go swimming in a river with a fresh tattoo? (read carefully)?
Tattoo....Life is beautiful, i need some more inspiration?
Do you think it's stupid to get a tattoo of song lyrics that mean a lot to you / that you like?
Is anyone out there 21 weeks pregnant and don't feel pregnant?
I need to make up a story about this tattoo?
do women feel shy if their boobs being seen by people ? if not,why many girls like to show cleavage?
Should I get this tattoo?
Would getting a tattoo on the side of my breast hurt a lot?
What color should i have this tattoo done in?
Who loves wearing flip flops and why? do you want to show off your preety feet?
Does Proactive make your skin go from bad to better?
EyeBrow Piercing? I am thinking about getting one. :]?
Is it difficult to manage contact lens?
tattoo questions?
Adding things to be more unique?
I'm getting a tattoo any ideas?
Need help with tattoo idea?
What color should i get this tattoo in and which spot?(photos inside).?
I want to be a tattoo artist but..?
Can you make a color tattoo into a black and white one?
Do tattoo apprentices get paid ?
Don't you have to ask for parental permission to get a tattoo under 18 yrs old?
Does sweating hurt a new tattoo?
Naval ROTC and tattoos?
do you think this is a good idea?
My friend is 14 and has 7 tattoos ?
Do People Really Think They're Being Rebellious By Getting Tattooes or Piercings?
How do I know that my tattoo is fully healed?
tell me the first thing that comes to ur mind....NOW?
guys!!!! whats the hottest tattoo in your opinion on a girl?
Do asian people get tattoos in English?
is it possible to get TOO tan?
could anybody plz explain me the difference between acne and pimple?
I want to get a quote tattooed on me is this a stupid quote to get?
Help with tattoo ideas about new beginnings?
Jason Leo tattoo work...?
What kind of tattoo should i get next?
Can i still get my tattoo?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
do you like my tattoo?? only 2 days until i get it started, George Clooney (Seth Gecko) From Dusk Till Dawn!!!
Will losing weight effect a tattoo I plan to get on my wrist? Should I wait to get it?
What kind of tattoo should I get with my son's name ? (I already have one for my daughter)I?
Where can I find a good waterproof tattoo concealer in the UK?
Does anyone out there have KP? (Kelatonin Pilaris) If so I want to kno what products work best on this cond.:)
any tattoo images ideas to match my phrase?
can i conceal my raised mole with makeup?if yes then how?
wheres a good place on ur body for 1st tattoo?
I started getting peelings in my right hand and ive washed it very well and it keeps comming back what should?
looking for jackblack men shaving products?
Are tatoos on women sexy or tacky?
Do you regret having a tattoo?
my mother says showering right after dinner/lunch will make your tummy grow bigger. is it really true??
What does Kat Von D's tattoo mean?
My tattoo is peeling a lot?
bikini or swimsuit?
what piercings do you have?
Do you have or want any tattoos?
Tattoos are for bad people?
opinions on tattoo's?
im too skinny wat can i eat to gain 5 kg in just 2 weeks?
should people have tatoos? ideas for a girl?
How long the body and the face being white skin after using lotion for asian people's skin?
can i tattoo with pityriasis rosea?
whats the best cream for wrinkles?
How long does it take ear lobe piercings to close completely?
How much will this tattoo cost?
can i get a tattoo at 14, WITHOUT my parents signature? or get one of my friends that is 18 to sign?
What is a good fat burner without stimulants?
How smooth/soft is the skin on the soles of your feet? Does looking after them make them more ticklish?
Another tattoo question. Healing process?
Is it possible to become a model if you have tattoo's?
||||||||||||||Do you think portrait tattoos are creepy||||||||||||||||||||?
To all the woman out there! What aftershave on a man do you really like?
Do you think this is a kool tattoo design?
any ideas on home made made facial masks?
Am i crazy?
Can anyone get a still photo from Max Payne of Doug's tattoo? When I try, it doesn't work!! :(?
i have developed some blisters on my back a few days back...any idea what id could be due to?
what can you do to stop acne?
How the cup size and bra size of a women's breast be found out?
Can anyone recommend a good acne medication besides over the counter medication like Clearsil?
how can i take care of my sensitive skin?i'm 30 years old.?
What is the best Axe scent?
what is the best remedy 4 hair removal so tht it is not painful n also?
Ideas for this tattoo ???????
wanna get a tattoo to honor my children?
Getting Tattoo at 16?
Is my tatto supposed to get really scabbed and turn grey when they fall off?
What kind of tattoo Font, or style is this tattoo?
What Do You Think About This Idea?
Hip piercing or hip tattoo?
breast sag!!!?
What are your thoughts on this? Is it morbid?
Around how much would this tattoo cost me?
Would this be a lame tattoo?
What type of tattoo should i get?
Do some colors in a tattoo heal slower than others?
What should be done about the hair on the body how to remove them in rainy days?
what would be a good tattoo?
I have a third degree burn in my upper thigh/hip area which i am very self conscious about; is there anything?
Good tattoo parlors in Vancouver?
My age is 23 and i want to gain some wait and height how i can plzz?
comparing a tattoo and a piercing which hurts more?
How to get rid of dandruff?
ok...weight problem?
Do I need my parent there to get a tattoo if I am under 18, or can my friend's mom sign for me?
Tattoo cover up,quick question?
Is it possible to do this......?
Should a tattoo apprentice be useing a cheyenne hawk thunder?
Where do acne scars come from and how do you get rid of them?How long would it take?
Bump under nose piercing after changing it?
What tattoo should i get next?
I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder. It hurts?
Tattoo about overcoming hard time in life?(I'm a guy)?
what store in queens,ny sell massage oil?
Dont get tattoos b/c it will fade??? My take on the situation... what do you think?
Does laser hair removal really hurt? or no?
When can you get Micro-dermals Redone?
Where can i get a tattoo at 16 w parent consent?
Working out with a new tattoo?
Help! How do I stop sweating?
tatto idea? help please?
LADIES ONLY!!!! I have never waxed my legs before & I'm thinking of doing it. Any advice or experiences?
should i use acne mark fading peel?
Women: What cologne do you prefer on men?
tattoo tipping etiquette?
How much would this tattoo cost?
my sisters are driveing me crazy!!!they blame everything on me!!!im going 2 kill them!!!!?
I need tattoo help! I would love it if somone who can draw and design tattoos could help me?!?
What is the Funniest Tat YOU have ever seen??
cute TaTToOs for a foot!!?
skin care products that get rid of wrinkles?
do you regret having a tattoo?
Inner bicep tattoo on girls?
what kind of tattoo is this?
what can i call a tattoo removal cream plzz help?
How can i start my career as a tattooed model!?
How to translate ( Never Give Up ) in Tengwar?
Looking for a unique way to get a tattoo that says "not easily broken"?
Is there a tattoo shop in indiana where i don't need a legal guardian but just someone over 18?
can anyone recomend a good skin wash for acne?
Do a tattoo hurts?????
Tattoo idea help please?
girls, what dress size are you, trying to find an average?
How can you get rid of a wart on the end of your nose?
i have a bad habit...?
how do you get paint off your hands?
Tattoo on my ankle, tacky or tasteful?
My tattoo is scabbing?
How can i keep my face smooth and spotless?
What Tattoo Ink Give You The Most Vibrant Black?
Homemade Tattoo Stencil?
I got really bad acne. I need help. Are their any home remedies?
Tattoo ideas for a $300 budget?
How long should you wait before getting another Tattoo?
Who else is tired of being judged for their tats?
Need help translating some words in Hebrew?
i would like to know how a 13 year old could lose weight be Christmas? any ideas?
Quick how do you lighten a airbrushed tan cuz'it turned me orange how do you get rid of the orange see details
Can I put a tattoo stencil on myself and then go to a shop that will do the tattooing?
Does Tattoos begin to stretch are look small if you lose are gain Weight?
im thinking about getting a tattoo and my question is would the needle bother me due to me having very?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Yearly shower? Or is that too soon?
people in delaware where is a good piercing and tattoo studio?
Im 13 and getting a tattoo?
New tattoo aftercare help rash?
how old do you have to be to become certified as a tattoo artist in VA?
What is your favorite Mens cologne?
how do make your boobs bigger without surgery??
How much would it cost...?
Tattoo healing period?
I want to get my grandson a tattoo, whats the youngest you can be to get one ?
Friend has slight moustache? any remedies?
Which language would this script look good on for tattoo?"Fear none,but God"?
What is the INK called used for Tattoos?
how long does a homemade temporary tattoo last?
parents opinions with their teens and tattoos?
why dont you know that i am beautiful?
Does this tattoo look to girly?
What all do i need to know before getting a tattoo?
Zebra Tattoo or not?
what do you think of this tattoo font?
is colby o'donis dating ashley michelle and who is she?
Wat tatoo shal i get?
Not everyone who has a tattoo is a criminal...but virtually all criminals male and female have tat's?
Tattoo artists in or around london england, is it possible?
What's a good tattoo for best friends who are like brother?
hi , my question is what can one do to have white skin and nice hair?
How do you get rid of pimples?
is there anyone out there who DON'T have any tatoos?
What does it feel like to look at your tattoo?
Tattoo design for social awareness?
How does one prevent body odour?
how many piercings do you think i have?
whats the legal age to get a tatoo?
girls, where is the best place on the body for a guy to get a tattoo?
Is it normal for a tattoo to scab and peal a week after getting it done?
Are tattoos worth getting?
Can you get a tattoo in the UK if...?
Anyone familiar with Arbonne International products?
Dry skin treatment?
Anyone know a GREAT Tattoo artist in Arizona?
How painful is a tattoo?
Question About Lip Pierings?
Tattoo Help Pleaseee?!?
Can I count on anyone to be rooting for me????
My cousin got this tattoo in January, and gets a lot of negative feedback on it, what's your opinion of it?
Would you get your wedding band or spouses initials tattooed on you if?
why do i bite my fingernails?
Scab on tattoo mistakenly rubbed off. concerned...?
acne scars?
Farnk mirs tattoo on his arms meaning?
Is getting a tattoo painful?
How much would a tattoo cost in the UK?
Girls do you prefer guys to shave their leg or ????
Will tattoo shops accept tattooers that does tattoos at home?
Would you prefer girls to do or to not wear makeup?
is there a name for girls with tattoos and big gages?
girls would you consider geting a tattoo on your foot ?
Help with tattoo I'll be getting in a month?
Little small lumps on tattoo, is it infected?
Foot tattoo, can you give me some advice?
i need advice on tattoo & the pain ..?
How bad would a tattoo hurt if you got it on the shoulder blade?
How do i get rid of spot scars?
Efoliate at night or day?
What's a unique place to put a tattoo?
Angel wings Tattoo, how much will it cost?
I have lines but they're kind of bumps underneath my eyes. I've been applying eye gel regulary. What's wrong?
What does this Chinese tattoo mean?
My new tattoo was in the sun briefly, is this bad?
How long should I leave the henna paste on?
Help me convince my mom to get this piercing?
I joined a new gym in a predominantly gay area. I have been getting hit on quite a bit. Should I enjoy this?
Can a parent sign for a tattoo for me if they are not my legal guardian?
A tattoo that says Philippians 4:13?
Just got a new tattoo...aftercare?
Why is that I look bigger than everybody else?
I ideas for this tattoo....?
I have supper dy feet?
Are UV tattoos legal in the UK?
Do you find tattoos on a woman a turn on or turn off?
What causes you to laugh when you get tickled?
Is it legal for a minor to go to another state that requires parent consent to get tattooed?
i don't get it....??
Okay, is there any permanent way I can get my upper lip done, and I won't have to do it again?
What are some sweet tattoo designs?
how long does a tattoo take to heal?
Opinions on my tattoo idea?
is there any place to get a tattoo (a good one) in delhi?
would a woman be turned on if a guy with nice shaved legs wore thongs and panties instead of boxers?
A quote having to do with lions that would make a great tattoo?
what should i do to lighten the dark circles around my eyes?
my new tattoo (words) is a little smudgy in one spot but not the rest. is this normal?
Ears Stretching help!?
Need help on my tattoo design?
If a woman had a tattoo on her belly and she got pregnant would it stretch the tattoo and ruin it forever?
Would this be a lame tattoo?
why do guys shave their legs!!?
Any opinions on Advanced Aesthetics in Dayville, CT?
stop wetness from underarm?
Italian tattoo question. Please help?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Why is being fat considered ugly?
What is the best way to remove unwanted hair besides laser?
Should I get snake bite n septum piercings?
Tattoo places. Need help.?
Ideas for a rosary tattoo?
Questions about laser removal & getting tattood in the same spot?
Socially acceptable?
Another tattoo question. Healing process?
I am 16 and my breasts are starting to grow. Is this normal?
i have sex with my girl friend every day some times having twice a day i want know can it be harmful for body?
Where can I find proactive solution in london?
i wanna get two tatoos but i'm unsure?
does any one have any suggestions for stretch marks (other then prevention...too late)?
Psycho realm tattoos?
What tattoo do women like on men?
what is a good, homemade way to treat pimples quickly?
How to tell your artist you want to coverup his work?
what is the best way to kill blackhead acne?
i have a scar about 1 inch on my forehead what should i use?
Is it ok to pierce your own belly button?
what are Rapeseeds Linseeds?
when i turn 16 can i get a tattoo in TN with parents consent?
how do you get rid of scars just with homemade things?
Anyone tried Mystic Tan?
Venom Tongue Piercings?
Where to get No No at?
what do you think of these tattoos? and which ones your favorite?
im used to plucking my eyebrows..does waxing hurt? read the details..?
Can somebody clarify the USMC tattoo policy?
Dance Tattoo ideas!!!?
How much would a tatoo like this be?
What are some of the ~ugliest~ tattoos you've seen?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Where in Hong Kong, can I buy Henna Mehndi Paste?
Koi tattoos do you like them or do too many people have them..?
what do you guys think of my new tattoo?
what tattoo should i get it and where?
What type of Laser equipment do the Doctors use to remove the tattoos?
Why is my tattoo doing this? ?
girls only question!!?
wheni i was getting my tattoo done the ink would not stay in my inner shoulder can someone tell me why?
tattoo help please!!!?
Where is a good place to put a quote tattoo?
How long would i have to wait to play soccer with a new tattoo?
Aquaphor on a new tattoo?
Will Chemical Peels work for my problem??
Are you tired of all the "lose weight fast" questions wanting a quick fix?