meaning/ popularity of cross tattoos?
what do people think when they see someone with a big zit?
Tattoo healing question, is something wrong?
Angle wing tattoo at 16? Full back or shoulder blade?
Why do I get made fun of at school?
Where to get my sons name tattooed?
"better days ahead" as a tattoo?
I just got a tattoo i have a question?
Tattoo on back of my neck?
Best Age For A Tattoo :)?
whats the best way to get rid of unwanted hair in your pelvic area?
Why are my tattoo lines so thin? They look like faint scratches and like a pen.?
What kind of tattoo could I get to express...?
irish tattoo ideas for girls?
Should I get a tattoo of a Buddhist symbol even though I'm not Buddhist?
Is this still considered a Tramp Stamp?
What is this tattoo of?
Has anyone tried an anal DP?
Would getting a tattoo hurt?
how long does a tattoo last?
I want to get a tattoo but im only 15 and my mom said in a few years, but what and where should I get one? is a tough Q for beauty experts out there?
How many letters can fit on a wrist ? ?
how much would a tattoo like this cost? (link)?
Do lip piercings leave scars on your mouth when you take it out? If so, can I get rid of the scar?
Tattoo bleeding a day after having it done?
Just got a black henna tattoo?
Girls only, no guys?
I think my lip piercing is infected!?
What are some good friendship tattoos worth getting?
Symbols for not looking back/looking into future?
im scared im having a tatoo tommorow!?
What Tattoo Should I Get?
is there anywhere that i can get a tattoo drawn up?
cross tattoos for men? thoughts? suggestions?
How much will this tattoo cost?
i need tattoo help?!!?!?
How much do cover ups cost at red octopus tattoo?
Help with tattoo idea?
What is the cheapest possible way to get rid of spots on your forehead? Im 13yrs old and annoyed!?
What should my tattoo say?
anyone have any different or unique symbols for a tattoo?
what is ryan shecklers stomach tattoo say?
Can someone give me advice for future tattoo?
alla prima tattoo ink.?
Do tattoos/piercings hurt?
What do you say about the girls who wears spectacles?
HAS anyone tried a lipostable kit at home? for fat loss?
what is a good small tattoos to get?
Good place for a girl to get a pin up tattoo?
what do you think of a tattoo on this spot?
I am looking for symbols that represent maternal love or eternal love?
healing tongue piercing?
Do color tattos hurt?
Help with desigining a tattoo!?
do guys like belly peircings or does it look cheap?
I would like to know whats the best way to clear black/whiteheads from nose and wont dry skin?
is it strange to still not have your period even if your 12?
What is required to be a tattoo artist?
i sweat a lot in school what should i do?
Can an existing tattoo be 'redone' on a 16/17 yr old with parental consent in the UK?
Are rib tattoos really as painful as people say they are?
how much would this henna tattoo cost?
which is the best way to remove armpit hairs for girls? shaving, trimming,or waxing?
Is it alright to get a tattoo age 15-17?
women?If you had the money would you get a boob job?
girls: tattoo question?
Girls And Guy What Do You Think Of...?
Do guys like fat women?
good quotes for a Tattoo?
Best place to get a small tattoo..?
Only people who have tattoos?
how much weight would i have to lose or gain for my body to shrink or stretch my tattoos?
Does puss have to come out of a tattoo for it to be infected ?
what do you think about a girl who has a tattoo?
I need some tattoo quote ideas, easy?
OMG PLEASE HELP ME. Having Tattoo in 2 hours !! WILL IT HURT ? Hate pain?
Cool tatoo ideas? 10 easy points!!!?
New belly button hurts?
I would like to hear about ppl's experiences getting tattoos at Far East Plaza(SG) as i want to get one.?
MATURE LADIES AND MEN Do you like a man/woman to be shaved or unshaved down there?Not the face or chest?
Tattoos. Help please ?
Okay I want a tattoo on my left hand right below my pinky and ring finger?
Opinions on a Memorial Tattoo?
Lifeguarding with a tattoo? ?
Are you "Tatted Up"???
I need help choosing a tattoo?
i want to have a good figure before school starts, any mature guys that will tell me whats attractive?
Does getting a visible tattoo really affect your ability to get a job?
Will my tattoo stretch with age?
what are kinds of perfumes? It has a classification? What are they?
are black skin attrative? i mean, brownish skin like beyonce?
Will a small tatoo hurt ?
what will eyebrows look like in 1000 years?
What are the pros and cons of using a tattoo numbing cream?
Can I get a tattoo on the bottom of my big toe?
I'm scared to enter the tattoo industry , please help!?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Prison tattoo meaning: "FEM"?
I need tattoo ideas for a tribute?
I got my tattoo Tuesday & it's messed up. why?
Don't you think it's a bit unfair how it's "frowned upon" if women get a tattoo, but not when guys get them?
i want a lion tattoo?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
How do i minimize the look of pores on my face?
Which tattoo should I get?!?!!?!?
Need help with future tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo ?
Tattoo!!!!!!!!!!! HELP??????!!!!!!!!!?
What should i get on the top of my angle wings?
do tattoos honestly hurt?
What u do when u break up with a girl/boy? Or u sad?
Is someone's skin important to you?
I want to get a tattoo symbolising old soldiers never die they just fade away?
How do you keep a tattoo looking new?
Which tattoo should I get next ?
Girls with tattoos? Hot or not?
can I please chance my charcter?
Has anyone ever used hydrocortisone 1% cream for treating acne?
Can I work out a day after getting a tattoo on my chest?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Should I be concerned about my lip piercing?
If i use Jergens Natural Glow can i still get tan from the SUN?
I'm ready to get my first tattoo and I need some advice?
In Northern Ca area I am looking for a tattoo artist that specialized in Japanese style?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in britain?
Can you get a tattoo done if you have braces?
blackhead help?
can you have a visible uv tattoo?
Can I put sunscreen on my tattoo?
i am thirteen and weigh about 230 pounds i have tried everything how do i lose weight please help im begging u
What do you think of females having full sleeve tattoos?
I want to get an industrial bar but im only 17?
Where can I possibly put these tattoos?
I hate my tattoo, what can i have done with it?
why do woman feel that they have to look a certain way.from sweets?
Tattoo in Albuquerque or Los lunas.....?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
So i just got a tattoo....?
Could my sister sign for me to get a tattoo?
What is the most Feminine place to get a tattoo as a female?
How much would this cost in order to get tattoo'd on my left shoulder?
how sore would a tattoo on your foot be ?
Do you regret Tattoos?
I accidentally picked a bit of scab off my new tattoo, will it be ok?!?
What to do-shaving?
How much would a tribal tattoo cost in malaysia?
How much do say size 12 gages cost?
do you like this tattoo??
I have a tattoo idea. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I want. Where should I get it, though?
i want to know what the price is to get this tattoo?
Are freckles on woman ugly or beautiful?
Belly button piercing advice???
Are the Target brand products as good as the name brand products?
Is it normal for someone to be 5'5 and weight 88lb?
how long should I let my tattoo heal before going on acutane?
Please tell me what you think of my tattoo?
What do you Think about Nose Piercings on Guys?
How bad will this hurt????
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in UK?
Tattoo on my foot??
how do i get try banks skin?
Will a chest tattoo stretch?
Tattoo artist recommendation in Atlanta area?
Should I get this as a tattoo?
i can't decide where i want my tatttoo?
Can i get a tattoo over a calcium deposit on my back?
GIRLS: what do you think about small arms?
What's a good short Beatles quote for a tattoo?
Are tatooed, pierced people offended when people stare at them?
A Few Questions On Tattoo's?
i have a medium complexion, how do i improve it to light complexion?
Can I get my TATTOO on my BREASTS?
How much would my tattoo cost?
tattoos In Niagara Canada?
Help! My toddler has blackheads!!?
If I were to get a tattoo where could I get it to hide it from my parents?
should i get this tattoo on...?
Which tattoo looks better?
Was your nose pierced with needle or gun?
Tattoo idea? What do you think?
What Is The Best Remedy for Acne-Pimples ?
First tattoo ideas?????????
Good tattoo artist in CT?
how to get rid od cellulite?
please anyone who can help me by answering some tattoo questions?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
How do you get rid of a pimple and fast?
My dad feeling my body?
How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?
would it be hard to support a family as a tattoo artist?
Do you self-tan? If so, what do you use - lotion or towelettes?
I want to get a tattoo, but I have a question...?
Where to get tattoo without stretching?
What would be the price range for this tattoo?
was molested and raped and want to get a tattoo symbolizing it. something that shows pain i have gone through?
did my tattoo fade? before and after picture?
Is this a good reason to get a tattoo?? I'm 18.?
Just got a new tattoo - its majorly scabbing?
Lip tattoo inside bottom lip ?
First time Tattoo.. HaLP.....?
Does anyone know where I can find AVEENO skincare products in Hong Kong?
why do so many people get japanese themed half sleeves?
Underarms, knees, and elbows discolored?
Does coffee really make U short?
i have spot in all over my body and it isnot attractive for me to wear short skirt please help me on what t do
My new lip piercings are producing pus and I can't think of why. I've kept them super clean. Help?
Tattoo artists/good drawers, help please?
why does pimples comes?
Where should I get this tattoo?
my breasts are big what can i do to make them reduce?
I'm getting a new yay and I want everyone opinions please?
i was just about to answer a question...What is a great product to use for waxing?
Who Is Hotter Chris Brown or Zac Efrom?
How many times can one person have chicken pox?
help on a tattoo idea?
Anyone here have cherry blossom/sakura flower tattoo?
Tragus Piercing Experiences :D?
what do u think of my new tat?
applying transfer paper to skin?
Can you dye your skin?
how old are you, where are you from, and how much do you weigh?
I think my artist gave me bad advice?
What part of your body is a good place to put a quote?Any other Suggestions for success quotations?
I'm Getting a Tattoo but i am really scared! Help && Advice Please?
How can we wipe away stress mark after pregnancy?Asked by Cindy?
is my tattoo infected?
Owl/om tattoo opinions?
What should I do to get rid of my acne on my forehead and nose?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Im getting a new tattoo witch spot?
Do you have trouble finding a Mary Kay consultant?
About small white bumps on tattoo ?
Anyone got some tattoo ideas..?
Where Can i Find pictures of a Bodark Tattoo?
this girl in class she needs to wear a bra..?
Is my elvish (tengwar annatar) translation correct (for a tattoo)?
Does colour ink hurt more?
Using lyrics as a sleeve tattoo. And some designs around the words. How would that look?
If you are considering a tattoo, have you thought about your future interests?
Walk in tatto In Melbourne CBD?
Tattoo for keeping strong/overcoming depression/self harm?
Boysss onlyy pleasee :D?
What tattoo should i get??
First Tattoo; Need Advice??? Pleasee?
I'm wanting sleeve tattoo could use tell me if use know any tattoo designers?
where should i buy,tattoo supply,should i order a kit ?
Rabbit in the Moon Tattoo?
Are tattoos on a womans arm too masculine ?
any ideas for a good lower back tattoo?
What Should I Get On My Japanese Arm Tattoo?
We need tattoo ideas!?
I love tattoos and even have my own... but does anyone else think that this looks repulsive?
What is everyones opinion on tattoos and piercings?
does some one have a 6pack.anywhere?
where can i buy vermont's original bag balm?
What tattoo place in San Diego has tattoos half price on your birthday?
My mother thinks that I'm overweight but I'm only 130 pounds and I'm 18, what should I do?
how do women remove hair bumps?
What does it mean when girls have a lip print tattooed on their neck?
who is the best tattooist in london?
What Tattoos do you have????
Should I? Or should I not?
is the leg will be painful for tattoo?
Babylon A.D Vin Disel Tattoo on neck meaning?
Anyone know the meaning of this tribal tattoo...?
how would a girl be able to get a bigger butt?
How much would a polynesian tattoo 4"x14" cost?
My weight loss tattoo quote.?
Where should i put my tattoo?
When getting a tattoo...?
Maybe a silly question, but will the piercing grow out?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
I am looking for a home use laser to use on capillaries or broken blood vessels.?
Dermal Piercing Question, Is it Normal?
I am considering getting my tongue pierced. Just curious of any risks and what to expect while its healing?
Can a physical thereapist have tattoos and piercings?
is this tattoo going to hurt alot?
hypoallergenic facewash and cremes?
What should i get tattooed on my wrist?
What is easy way to develop & firm my breast IMMEDIATELY & with out more cost ?
If your parents give you permission?
I have been really wanting to get a tat sooooo bad wht should I get?
how can i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo for my 16th birthday?
Can certain foods and drinks give u bad skin?
I am black can i get the iron cross tatted on me. and will it look right.?
Why do people make a big deal about how tattoos look when you get old?
I want to get "Living the dream, Chasing a future" tattoo but not in English. Any good translations?
how can i have a new look?
Anyone else love DHC Skincare (Japan)?
tattoo on my hand looking for a job?
why do american girls look so beautiful on television but face to face you will be like no thanks???
whats the best product to get rid of pimplez?
pimple removal?
Black and grey tattoo with colour background!! Does it look good?
Eyebrow Tattoos??????????
female tattoo design?
nastyy kneess!!?
Does anyone know travis from gainesville's magick dragon tattoo?
Interesting piercings that aren't painful?
Is medicated power good for prickle it?
What are the differences between body lotions and body creams?
What do you think of this tattoo for a girl?
best tattoo artist in austin, texas?
what is the ideal weight for a 15 year old 5'2 and 133 pounds?
Anyone know any good hard sources for tattoo and piercing discrimination?
do you want any piercings or tattoos?
How do i get a temporary tatoo off?
how can i get rid of dark complexison?
Any Studio needing guest tattoo artist?
Sanskrit tattoo price help!!!!!!!!!!?
Survey: If you have a tattoo or tattoos what was your first one and why?
Tattoo stencil maker, fax machine?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
what is the best soap to really clean the skin and get rid of black heads?
if u take 8 (500g) pills whats the danger?
how much to you thinks my tattoo will cost?
how do i get dirt off feet?
Can anybody tell me a home remedy for removing facial hair on hands and face?
What do u guyz think about tattoos?
Which tattoo would offend/attract negative attention more?
I am designing a tattoo and I need some help...?
What's the best way to tan with a tattoo?
tattoo scabbing??????
how can/could/do you convince a parent to let you have a tatto?
I have my lip pierced and i have puss it infected?
Placement for a tattoo?
What Is Your Opinion On Piercings And Tattoos?
How should I tell my mom i'm getting a tattoo?
What is the easiest way to stop smoking?
I need help picking out a tattoo. Help me?
what are your thoughts on portrait tattoos?
How old do i have to be to get a tattoo?
hey guys. can anyone help me find a tattoo design? i'm looking for something oriental with a shadowy bground?
very sore pimples around tattoos?
Unforgettable Love Tattoo?
What do you think of my tattoo's? :)?
Is my tattoo healing correctly?
do you think i should pears my nose u think it will look good?
what really grabs guys attention about girls?
What's greater: 8 pack abs or acne scars on chest? Girl opinion wanted?
What do you think of having a tattoo seen on prom?
what would you think if you saw some one with a tattoo that says?
What is the biggest appearance turn off?
Where are some good places to tattoo lips on you?
I am looking for a bar soap that is green in color and had rain printed on it? Any ideas?
which is better, nair or veet?
Does my tattoo look out of place because my arm is big?
does mac studio fix (powder) give you pimples?
Is this quote too negative for a tattoo?
Why are my tattoo lines so thin? They look like faint scratches and like a pen.?
what to get for first tattoo?
What's the longest you've gone without bathing?
How much would a tattoo such as this one cost?
Questions for Tattoo Artists or people with Tattoos.?
I had a tattoo on my wrist (the underside) and it hurt like hell but i am wanting another one?
I have a scar on the right hand side upper back and I am planning on covering it with a tattoo, any ideas?
How can I get a treasure tattoo without it looking tacky?
Tatoos: Scale of 1-10 how much do they hurt?
girls or women help!?
where is a good place in Pittsburgh to get a body piercing specifically gauging?
How do I look older?
Is it stupid that the only picture I can show my tattoo artist is of someone else's tattoo ?
Would this tattoo look okay?
how do i get rid of bruses and strech marks?
Will Biolife know if i haven't had a tattoo for over a year?
how do make zits go away?
Where should I get this tattoo?? Opinions Wanted?
which hurt worser a tattoo on the leg and arm or a belly button piercing somebody be real????
Why do some girls smell so good all the time?
Is there a good tanning product that dont streak?
Place for a tattoo that can be covered up and won't stretch?
painless tattoo?
How much would a black tattoo (3X5 inches on my upper arm) cost?
Should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo at 15 weeks preg.?
Tattoo design help please??
basic tattoo questions. please help this is my first tattoo!
I just got tattooed is it a bad Idea to where a tight under armor shirt?
How much does a tatoo hurts?
Is it okay to pitch the day after a tattoo?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
thw growth?
Can i take out my newly pierced earrings for a minute to clean them?
How do I remove black heads on my nose?
new school vegas inspired tattoo...?
where should i get my first tattoo?
My 13 year old daughter has bumps on her arma that look like acne. What is it and how do we get rid of it?
I really want to get a tattoo, just a small one, but what?
How much, size wise, would this tattoo be?
Question about changing the color of my tattoo?
whats going on with my tattoo ?
How painful is getting a tattoo on the top of the foot?
Giving myself a tattoo?
2 weeks ago I got a tattoo on my foot, it itches like CRAZY!?
Tattoo ideas for overcoming hardship?
would you get a tattoo?
Which BDSM symbol should I get on my wrist?
How much does lastering tatoos cost ?
Ladies, Have any of you ever used Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer that is suppose to give you a suntan look..
how do you get rid of age spots on your skin pls?
how can i make my skin lighter?
need a tattoo suggestion?
Anyone Know Any Nice Mother And Daughter Poems?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Before I get my tattoo, I want to know this?
1st tattoo~ best answer ten points?
does any one used breast developing cream recently? of what make ? price and does it effective?
Whats a good egyptian tattoo?
bikini line...?
Men : Does a woman with lots of Tattoos look desirable or cheap ?
Small tattoo pain? Picture included.?
Does an ionic cleanse pedicure really work?
Do guys like 6 feet tall girls?
How to remove a stick and poke tattoo?
Tattoo advice???? Please only nice appropriate answers?
any tattoo ideas for my foot?
What Tattoos do you have and what are their meanings?
Wanting to get a tattoo?
How to care for my two week old tattoo?
How can i get a tan?
How do you get rid of acne around my forehead?
is there a place in Hattiesburg ms that i can get a henna tattoo?
what do girls think about guys shaving ot nairing their legs?
Heel Tattoo? Information needed.?
Need a Tattoo Cover Up?
I have very pale skin. I like the way I look tanned. Could I get my entire body tattooed to look like I'm tan?
Plagued by stretch marks?????
Tribal style arm tattoos: Cool or Not?
Are therapists allowed to have visible tattoos?
What should I get for a tatoo?
Is it possible to make a shading needle into a lining needle?
What is this tattoo design called?
anyone taken accutane before?
How will the ink from tattooing show on my dark skin?
Rate this portfolio....?
Question about foot tattoos?
does anyone know some kind of herb or chemical that will make a scar permanent?
is someone handsome good enough to tackle a women?
Do you like this quote for a tattoo?
Swimming with a new Tattoo?
how important is booty in girls?
I need to loose weight . Best practise?
tattoo care please?
What happens if you have taken your lip ring out before its healed?
tattoo from labios compartidos video?
How many people have been scammed by the tattoo artist Rob Laux? Does anyone have his current number?
greek mythology tattoo idea?
Where is a good place to get this tattoo?
Getting feet tattooed and wearing shoes?
which tatoo idea do you like?
led zeppelin tattoo colors?
Help with tattoo ideas?
Will you break out on your face if you use aloe vera?
Piercing my ear(s)?
What is better for the skin: micro-dermabrasion or simple exfolating?
new tattoo question??????????????????????????
What is Shower Creme?
If you were girl was dating a guy and found out he had a few REALLY feminine tattoos, what would she do?
My little sister...?
Whould your skin be darker if you lived in Hawaii rather than California ?
Symbols to represent...?
people are judging me cause i have a wrist tattoo?
Im Getting a tattoo in 2 days?
Does this tattoo idea sound stupid?
Quote to go with My Wing Tattoo?
How much do you think that an all black tattoo of the number 13 the size of a quarter behind my ear would cost?
nipple piercings????????
What are some nice-looking small wrist tattoos?
Where should I get my first tattoo placed?
Whats the best product to use on black heads and normal spots to help get rid of them?
I want to get a small tattoo of an apple, since I'll be a teacher soon- I have a few questions about it...
i sometimes get...(girls only)?
i am very short by what means i can increase my height?my age is 19 my height is 4'5?
what is the best way to loose weight in 1 month?
Cool tattoo ideas? (Small ones)?
lip piercing doing it myself?
I just got a tattoo..Is the best lotion to use A+D ??
What are tattoos symbolizing family and loyalty?
whats a bold tattoo? is it something about the shading on a tattoo?
im trying to find a tattoo idea that incorporates my last nme and/or usmc anyone have ideas or suggestions?
where is the best place to get a quote tattooed?
Why is the scab soft and coming off my new tattoo?
where is a place to get your nose pierced at in winder ga?
I'm 18, I have a job, I pay for my own stuff. How can I get my parents to approve of my wanting a piercing?
Does it hurt when you get your clit pierced?
does anyone know what the normal reactions from a tongue piercing is?
can anyone be TOO clean??
which is better aquaphor or Ink Fixx?
Is there a gang tattoo for specialitys?
can i use baby lotion on my 4.5 week old tattoo?
Is this tattoo idea really that awful?
Any Native Hebrew speakers??? About a tattoo.....?
Which piercing should I get?
girl sleeve tattoo ideas?
im black and i wanted 2 know if this product called GODIVA ETHNIC SKIN WHITENING/BRIGHTENING SETwill work?
need help on tribal tattoo!!?
What to tell my tattoo artist so that my future cat tattoo looks obviously female?
How to prevent acne?
I have wide shoulders. any ways to shrink my should shorter?
I'm going to get the word beautiful tattoo..Where should i put it.?
what harry potter tattoo should i get?
how do you get really clear skin?
Is their anyone who has purple eyes?
What are some good tattoo shops in New York City?
Ear stretching question?
Apprentice portfolio?
Where to purchase a set of grillz in Memphis TN?
tanning & tan removers?
My husband may be getting circumcised, anyone with experience with men with and without?
Help with my tattoo looking to finish it off?
does using hydroquinone for 4mos will have a bad side effect..and will it really remove brown acne spots?
If you haven an anxiety disorder is it bad getting a tattoo?
what helps reduce strech marks?
Are there any laws regarding employees having body piercings in the workplace?
Would a tattoo of a paw print look nice?
My ear peircing wont heal (lobe)?
ok i got a better link what do you think of me?
Recommend any NYC tattoo artists?
How Much Do You Think This Would Cost?
What will my first tattoo be like?
I need a good tattoo ideas?
Has anyone tried any of the home microderm abrasion kits? Do they work?
Skinny girls...question?
Where should I get my 'evil eye' tattoo?
Where is a good place for a small tattoo on a girl?
Trying to decide what colour to have my tattoo? and bathing it?
Is Ur body slim?
Are tattoos supposed to flake?
Need ideas for tattoo design?
is this to much to get a tattoo?
Do you have a tatto and if so of what?
I need a little help with my tattoo?
how do you remove dark skin from elbows?
what do you think of girls with these tattoes?
What is the lotion or cream that makes your body/leg hair "shrink".?
Could I Use Renew Lotion On My New Tattoo If I Don't Have Anything Else?
Which kind\part of a tattoo comes out fastest during Laser Removal?
Is it gay for a guy to get a fleur de lis tattoo?
Side tattoo idea.....?
What Should I Get On My Japanese Arm Tattoo?
I got 4 anchor piercings on sunday on my cheek bone. no swelling but a little sore today is that normal?
after your tattoo peels is the ink on your arm suppost to be dull(like black shading) its all gray....?
How to hide an inner lip tatto?
Who can recognize this tattoo artwork?
does anyone know where a 16yr old can get a tattoo in london with parental consent?
What kinda tattoo should I get as a first?
How much do you think this piercing would cost at a tattoo parlor?
Should i get a tattoo on my foot, on my neck near my hairline, or my wrist? It would be a very small tattoo.?
Is tattoo art?
Tattoo placement question.?
how much is it to get this tattoo?
I really need some ideas for this tattoo?
tattoo question???
What is the deal with back hair ?
sunless tanning lotions lines, how do I remove?
I would like a tattoo, but I'm still not sure?
how can I remove permanently remove my hair above lips?
Who has gotten Permanent Makeup using the Feathering Technique???
Where do you think I should put this tattoo?
What is the ultimate, easy and quick excersie regime to tone upper, lower n oblique abs?
inwant a tattoo when im older.?
Reliable places to but henna tattoo kits online?
Eminem inspired style tattoo?
Do you think this would be a good tattoo?
is it bad to put too much A+D in my tattoo?
What is your most favourite part of your body??
Need help on tattoo placement!!?
Does anyone know of any tattoo shops in Charleston, SC?
Y do u guys like do my face as if they are doing my "sweet spot"?
Will you do my tattoo?
How do I get rid of blackheads on the nose? Any natural/commercial remedies that actually work?
what can i use to make me grow taller lol?
I need a good polish poem/quote?
What is the appropriate age for a girl to get a full sleeve tattoo?
Ideas for a tattoo using the quote "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent".?
How could i alter and add to this design?
Tattoo on ribs or hip?
Tattoo please answer!!!?
should i get my belly button peirced?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo ?
Do women with smaller breasts tend to be prettier than the ones with the huge bazookas?
What is the font of this tattoo?
Tattoo idea for having overcome anxiety?
Italian Family Tattoo?
How much would a sleeve tattoo be?
Best way to remove captive bead ring?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Feedback on this tattoo idea?
Cost for tattoo in Toronto?
Are chinese symbols a good tattoo idea?
a picture of the ultra derm whitening cream?
what do you think of this tattoo?
my passion is to become a tattoo artist but i don't know how?
I've just shaved my bikini area and now I have little red bumps all over. Any suggestions?
should I get a tatto now (age 17) or wait?
How much do you think this piercing would cost at a tattoo parlor?
How much would this Tribal Dragon tattoo cost?
Any one know any thing about taking care of tattoos?
whats the best soother for diaper rash?
Scorpio tattoo- yay or nay?
how do i reduce the scars(not marks) caused by pimples/acne?
Good tattoo magazines in South Australia?
does sleeping really make people pretty or is beauty sleep a fake.....?
How to remove white spots from the body?
If I Stick n Poke a star around my nipple will it have any affect on breast feeding when im older?
i need an opinion on this tattoo?
How do I order clear advantage outside the US or canada?
Ladies: do you always shave your legs in the winter?
need help with tattoo design?
Im thinking of getting a memorial tat for my brother?
How to make a tattoo gun with pencil sharpner motor?
How do you shave your legs?
Is something wrong with my tongue piercing?
How much thought do you really put into your tattoos?
Tattoo design suggestions?
Tattoo Question... Placement & Price?
How painful are tattoos on your hands?
Would it make sense to get a rose tattoo if my middle name is Rose?
Im 13 and I'm getting a tattoo?
How do u get sparkling white teeth?
wat should i do to get rid of pimples on my face?
whats a good tattoo for a 16 year old guy to get?
How to get rid of orange streaks?
Most effective way to treat acne vulgaris ?
facial... cucumbers?
looking to do a stitch themed tattoo from lilo and stitch any ideas?
Tattoo at 16 years old?
advice on tattoos?
Is it not true that someone can have black eyes?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo that says "stay positive" or "be positive'?
What kind of tattoo saying?
Tattoo idea help and guidance?
I have a hard time tanning, especially my legs. What's the best way to get a good tan?
How should I put my kanji tattoo on my forarm?
Can a 20 y/o with no current artistic ability, apprentice to become a tattoo artist?
What do I need to do to become a tattoo artist?
Omni group eva cream?
I hate it!!!?
I'm 15 and I'm 5'8 I'm suppose to be like 6'3 if I get a cross tattoo on my back shoulder will it stretch?
Too much lotion on new tattoo or what?
Are tatttoo's suppose to be in order or doesnt matter?
When was the 1st time you lost your virginity?
Questions about tattoo aftercare?
Tattoo at the age of 16?
how do i get rid of stretch marks..?im 17yrs,female.?
what do you think about this tattoo i want to get.. pic?
Ladies, Whats it like to have a brazillian?
Does This Sound Good For a Tattoo?
wat is the procedure for waxing?
POLL: Am I better than you because my mother has a heart tattoo that reads, "SON".?
What would you think about someone getting a tattoo on...?
which soap is the best one for sensitive skin?
would it hurt more to get a tatto on my hip/stomach or my lower back?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of my biggest fear... the face of Linda Blair in The Exorcist....?
Im getting my new tattoo soon, opinions?
does it look alright when women have a tattoo of a pin up girl?
Bad Idea for a Tattoo?
My 2 year old tattoo has a red scar?
my ex friend is getting an illegal tattoo??
I'm getting a Rosary Bead tattoo around my ankle. Next to the tattoo I want a little quote. Any ideas?
What should I get a tattoo of in memory of someone?
whats the top acne treatments that is not proactive?
how to get a bigger booty?
What is the best way to keep your breasts firm?
Im getting a chest tattoo?
What are some great homemade facial mask?
What effect does sweat have on a new tattoo?
Lower back tatoo?
What is the easiest way to lose weight that many people dont know about?
I am wanting to get a tattoo but i am wanting to know would it hurt?
what am i going to be in futurehow ami going to look?
I'm getting a new yay and I want everyone opinions please?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
Do tattoo artists treat you differently depending on how you look?
Ladies I want to put the Kiss rock band tongue right above my winnie what do you think?
Script Tattoo in Garter Belt Style?
i have a question about girls and there butts??
Why is it that young women think it is cool to cover their bodies with tattoos?
STATISTIC SURGERY . is it a wisdom or stupid thing ?
What is up with the different levels of tanning beds?
home tattoo removal remedies?
Best razor brand? Gillette or Schick?
how do you delete this tattoo?
How much would the Owl Tattoo that Mitch Lucker had on his stomach cost?
what do you think of this tattoo?
A tattoo on my hip? How much do you think that'll cost?
What art materials do you use for making tattoo flash sheets?
Painful getting a foot tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo on my wrist. What should I get that is small?
What is the law on underage tattooing in Queensland?
Will a tattoo on the finger fade?
Would this make a good tattoo?
can you get a tattoo when you turn sixteen?
Do you think the word "fate" in my tattoo looks crooked or bigger than the rest of the lettering?
Where to start with a Lifehouse tattoo?
Ideas for a Nirvana tattoo?
I Had A Dream Of A Baby & A Crown Tattoo ?
If you saw a woman with a tattoo on her neck of lips, would you think it's inappropriate?
which can get you cleaner bath or shower?
what font should i get my text tattoo in?
What do you think of this tattoo sketch?
I would like to find somewhere in Bath, Somerset for a seaweed wrap for myself and 2 daughters?
Help Me , I Look Horrible ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Should i get this tattoo????
What's the weirdest compliment you've ever received?
How can improve my complexion which has darkened due to sun exposure?
My tattoo is ing and it's really dry, it's been a week since I got it.?
Whats the dumbest tattoo you have ever seen?
Would a Rainbow Tattoo Seem Homosexual?
A good, clean, tattoo shop in southern california?
is it good to use deo regularly?
bald or hairy?
Is Clear Skin Regimen Gel and its effects for real or just a gimmick??
Full moon tattoo, black ink?
im thinking of getting a star tattooed on me but i dont know where?
Should I get my lip peirced?
MY brother has acne on his arms!!?
Boyfriend thinks my getting a tattoo will turn him off...How do I deal with this unexpected thought?
What is the white markings on the finger nails mean?
Does anyone know a way to help natural redness in the cheeks to go away?
How do U tell someone?
How bad will it hurt getting this tattoo?
Is it easy to just get one tattoo without getting addicted for more?
how can i get rid of a black eye quickly?
Can women have orgasms from getting a tattoo on their ?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice design for a small tattoo of a thistle?
i need a quote to go with a sparrow tattoo?
How many pairs of socks do you own??
What does a tattoo look like when dug to deep in spots?
great ideas of first date?
Does anyone not have a tattoo these days?
Could you use an anchor tattoo as a meaing of staying strong?
anyone know of any tattoos similar to this one?
Does a belly pearcing hurt?
What oral vitamins prevent wrinkles?
Why do you hate tattoos/piercings?
Can you give me suggestions about tattoos?
I'm 13 and i want to get a tatoo either this summer or next.?
do freaky birthmarks mean anything...andif they do what does mine mean?
Electric razor anybody?
who is the best love?
What should i get a tattoo of?
The best way to connect a sleeve to chest panel?
Tattoo Problems - Huge Blisters?
Tattoo places in toronto?
Do you like my tattoo? I've got pictures?
how to get rid of black spots on my face?i need tips?
What tattoo should I get?
i want to get a tat.?
How to get rid of black spots after pimples are gone?
What should be my next piercing for my face??
Just curious, why do people get tattoos?
what is the most attractive part on a female?
Henna Tattoo Ideas for the summer?
What can go with the word ''purity''??? PLEASE HELLP...?
Where in Georgia can i get a lip piercing?
*Guys!!!!**What Is The Sexiest Place For A Girl To Have A Tattoo?
tatto question?
Pain Factor Tattoo On Your Hip.?
what can i use on my 2 year old's skin he has eczema and i want to clear it up?
How bad do collar bone tattoos hurt?
Symbol/Sign that represents Protection or Guardian? (tattoo)?
Thoughts on this tattoo idea?
How much does a tattoo usually cost in India?
I want a tattoo reminding me to stay strong?
Dose my tattoo make sense to you? Please read ?
I have an extra toe on my right foot. Is there anything I can do to give it sex appeal?
Where should I have this tattoo placed?
Are there RN's that have visible tattoos on their arms & their job dosent make them cover them up?
Could this transfer paper be used in printers?
I cut myself?
I need ideas for a nautical based sleeve?
Do helix piercings hurt?
Can I pierce my ear with a regular earing? (dull earing used for already pierced ears)?
Is my tattoo ok? I had it for about a week and I think it may be permanently messed up but i can't tell. Help!?
I was wondering how much it hurt when you get a tattoo behind ur ear?
where would this look good/sexy as a tattoo?
help picking first tattoo?
What is your boyfriend thinking about when he is making out with you?
Is anyone else tired of them?
What does a getting a tattoo feel like?
Baby tattoo idea's!!?!?
Why do people put down Big people? When they are Just like other people!Just bigger!?
for those of you out there that got the supernatural anti posetion tattoo about how much did it cost?
Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?
Are there any medical reasons a tattoo can bleed out under the skin?
I Need Tattoo Idea HELP!!?
for my next tattoo..?
Just a question....but please be nice...?
Replacing snakebites CBR with labrets is 3/8ths to big? I have full lips so it might not be im just not good?
Piercings and operations?
pimples? how to pop them?
what's the sexiest tattoo you have ever seen?
What tattoo would be able to cover up my old tattoo help?
Rate my tattoos ………………………??
How much would a tattoo cost in the UK?
Tattooing a 16 year old?
Who has symbolic tatoos for strength, health, empowerment ect...?
I want to get a tattoo, but I want to work/do the college program for Disney?
im 5'3 and how much should i weigh ? and i im not a sporty person?
I am starting to get white dots on my chest since I started tanning this summer. How do I stop it?
What is the wosrt part of your body to get waxed?
How much does would this tattoo cost?
I have 14% bodyfat and i'm 6'1. Is that OK?
Tattoo removal question ? ?
Do i have to be religous to get a tattoo that mentions God?
I have a couple question's about nose piercings.?
What is skin pigmentation?
Is this redness around my tattoo normal?
My tattoo is swollen and hurts, is this bad?
Sleeping Girl gets tattooed face?
How much would a medium size tattoo of 13 in roman numerals on my thy cost around?
What kind of tattoo.............?
Shoulder tatto ideas?
What would be a good tattoo to get if I love techno music and shuffling?
I want to know the difference for a hebrew
would u tattoo ur partners name on your body?
Its not Funny...My one ball hungs much lower than other...both are of same it normal?
does anybody have a picture of a nose piercing skin color retainer?
How much will my tattoo cost!?!?!?
Where do I get Original Oil Of Ulay in Mumbai?
Will the sun fade an all black, dark tattoo on a black person?
Tattoo's That Are Recommended?
help with surface piercings and tattoos?
does proactiv really work?
Where can i find a clean and affordable place to get a tattoo here in Bangalore?
What do you think of this as a tattoo?
Is it illegal to have a Disney character tattooed on your body?
Does anyone have any tips for getting spray tan off my feet please. Used Pumice and no skin left to rub!!!?
What does barbed wire around wrist mean?
Do girls like guys with tongue piercings?
What signs of aging do "age guessers" look for to tip them off about a person's age?
Should I get my tattoo on my lower back, shoulder, ankle, or back of neck?
how can i take away pimples?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Would this tattoo look good?
Has anyone heard of 'tuscha' or sounded similar, it's a butt enhancer (injection) are often use in Japan.
Are tattoos not allowed visible working at Wendy's ?
how do you cope with pimples?
how do you gain weight if you have a fast Metabolism ?
Im wandering if a tattoo above the collarbone will really get you discharged from the air force?
acne scars?
New Tattoo; scabbing and peeling, is this normal? Will it still have the ink if the scab falls off?
Can anything be done about the bags under my eyes?
Ear Piercing?
if v use hair removal cream so does r body get tanned or black?
How can I Make my henna tattoo darker.?
how much does a tattoo cost ?
How can you prevent sweat spots under the arm?
aura therapy doctors in india?
If I get my bellybutton pierced without my parents knowledge...?
christie brinkley playboy pics?
What is the exact name for copper wire use for tattoo coils?
What things could i do henna tattoos on?
Creative Tattoo Ideas...?
would someone design me a tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo is pretty?
i think i have a skin problem but i want a tattoo?
if you have a tattoo and get a spray tan will it cover the tattoo up?
how long will a rib tattoo take ?
I am a man going for a Brazilian wax..what can i expect besides PAIN?
does Appeton Fat Loss really works?
Tattoo suckiness.....?
I'm thinking of getting the monroe piercing?
Curiosity about peoples tattoo's?
Where to put my new tattoo?
What will cover up my tattoo at the beach?
ideas for tattoo on the lower back?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
u like piercings?
Girls please i need help on this, which one its relly good?
Do guys think that fake boobs are just as good as the real thing?
Can you change a tattoo color to a completely different color?
What do you think of this tattoo?
WOMEN ONLY: Why did you get a tattoo?
What do tattoo artists like to see to offer you an apprenticeship?
lip wrings and girls?
Why do some people just choose not to exercise?
Does anyone know if tattoo cover makeup is any good?
why arnt guys into me?
How much does a tattoo cost?
Can I get a piercing with a college ID?
should i get my lower lip pierced *pic inside*?
Why men are wearing jeans so low that show their butt?
I'm looking at quotes for a tattoo. Can you tell me what you think about this one?
Ryan Dunn tribute tattoo ideas?
UV(glow in the dark) Tattoos in San Bernardino County?
Should I keep it trim or shave it?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Hi im sixteen and i want a tattoo?
how do i get rid of acne on my face?
who's the hottest super-heroine?
Best way to figure out size to get for breast augmentation?
I live in Western, NY in Wyoming County, does anyone know a good place to get a tattoo?
how do i make face mask out of avocado?
I live in Mississippi and I am looking for my tattoo artist his name is Will and he use to work at Squinches?
Writing on hand with Sharpies or pens?
my face changes to oily sometimes and i have pimples and after that they stay like stains what should i do?
getting the words be brave tattooed on inner side of my forearm?
ONLY BOYS when a girl tells u that she got a bubble butt what u think about it after?
Scabbing on a Tattoo due to too much moisturizing?
were do you find time to shower?
why and how to use sanitary napkins?
Tell me your opinion on my tattoo idea.?
dose eczema really go away when you get older are do you have it for life?
I have saving in frenchstyle 27yes old, bocoz of making saving in carelessmanner shade on face appear soiuti
people who like tattoos, is this a cute idea?
What piercing do you think i should get?
How do you get rid of black heads.....?
i am a mobile beautician in leeds yorkshire & would like to advertise on here so can u advise me on where to?
does a tattoo in this area hurt a lot?
does tea tree oil stain?
I'm looking for a quote for a tattoo idea?
I got my cartilidge pierced 2 years ago, now i want my belly button pierced. which is worse?(pain wise)?
Can someone hold down a job and still have tattoos?
Tattoo parlors that will tattoo minors in Michigan?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Who old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
What would this date be in roman numerals?
What is your opinion on tattoos, body piercings, etc?
Are tatto's safe to get?
HELP: Do you think this is a stupid tattoo? 10 POINTS?
After getting a tattoo, how long should I wait before taking off the plastic wrap?
Unique tattoo ideas that will totally rock?
Ideas for an animal tattoo?
How many tattoos do you have?
what should be my first tattoo?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo now a days?
does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Peolpe with Piercings and Tattoos :)?
What do you think of this tattoo Idea?
question about tattoo on foot ?
im 16 and i have a tattoo i dont know if i should tell my parents or not pls HELP!?
I'm depressed and suicidal because I don't meet dating requirements of 5 foot 9 cuz I'm 5 foot 6. I am!!!!!!!!
what is the best way to whiten teeth w/o spending a lot of money?
do you think 12 year old girlsw should have cell phones?
What was your first tattoo you got?
how come big bone girls don't get attention?
Where to place the needle when piercong your tongue?
I want a tattoo, how do you think i would have to pay for this?
Small, simple Tattoo ideas?
laser tattoo removal ?
any one have any tips for clearing up dry skin & blemishes on the face fast?
do tattoo artists get paid vacations?
I get ingrown hairs in my pubic region. My question is, how can I get rid of them w/o a doctors visit?
I want a tattoo, any ideas?
What tattoo should I get?
Where can I find soap making supplies in Connecticut?
I want to get 2 tattoos representing my heritage?
What do people think of tattoos?
Follow me on Tumblr? :)?
tattoos do they hurt?
Dark Circles?? How to remove?
How do I know if I've had a REAL orgasm?
Getting a tattoo after a c section delivery?
Tattoo After Care? What should i do after the first week? Please help?
How do you get rid of that ugly line on your skin caused by pantyhose?
how to convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
pink floyd memorial tattoo ideas?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What is the best body hair removal technique that leaves skin smoothe and isn't too painful?
what tattoo should i get?
I have been told that darker women get black spots after shaving. Is there any way to get rid of the spots?
My mom won't let me get my ears pierced!?
I have thought on a tattoo but would like help!?
Are there any store brand facial cleanser with glycolic acid?
What type of tatoo do you have (or want)?
How big did this person stretch their ears to?
A meaningful girl tattoo on the ribs?
Can you get a tattoo on your weiner?
does drinking lots of water make you lose weight?
I am a girl and I want to have a neck tattoo with the initials of my sisters (letters O and L) intertwined. ?
Africa Animal Tat Ideas?
3 or 4 word meaningful tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo idea of one of my favorite bands?
Where is the best tattoo place in Las Vegas?
How do I deal with parents / in-laws who are against tattoos?
What is the best way to keep your breasts firm?
Hi im 19 and wanting a tattoo, does it really hurt?
What do you think to yourself when you see a fat person?
Is this tattoo idea tacky?
what is the cost of a colored phoenix rib tattoo?
How many people have actually...?
Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo?
where can i find a thermofax tattoo machine?
How do you treat adult male acne?
medical conferences checklists?
Doing shading on tattoo while it is still peeling?
how long do henna tattoo's last?
What is the best thing to take for pain before getting a tattoo?