Motivational tattoo quotes?
Do ankle and lower back tattoos hurt?
What do guys think of girls with tattoos?
Is it possible to change my dark skin to fair.-- Thanks in advance..:-)?
tattoo + sunlight = ?
how to impress a boy?
will it looknice if u had a tatoo in ur wrist?
Is Vintage Ink Tattoos, Inc a good quality tattoo parlor?
do you think this is a dumb tattoo?
Angel bites on girls? yay nay?
Is it ok for a 15 year old to get a tatto ?
Does anyone know of a good plastic surgeon in New Orleans?
I know why the caged bird sings?
Should I pluck my eyebrowns?
how much do you think it will cost to get this tattoo removed?
what tattoos do you have?
what is mutual funds?how they work?
Whats the meaning of the 2 stripes tattooed on the upper left forearm?
ankle vs. foot tattoos whats your take?
I want a "Stay Strong" tattoo but..?
Does the tattoo artist show u the tattoo before making it permanent ?
Raised and bumpy tattoo?
Where to place my tattoo shoulder or lower back, or side?
If I design a tattoo, how much should I charge?
Memorial Tattoo for my Grandma?
Sternum Microdermal? Redness?
do crystal liu have email address?
how do I shave my penis? do i do it erect or not? and do women prefer it saved, trimed, or natural?
girls with tattoos?
tattoos,.....mexican bandit!?
What deodorant is best? Gel or the powder stuff?
I got my nose piercing close to 3 weeks ago, But it looks infected?
does the consumption of papaya really increase breast size?
Tattoo ideas for my wrist?
Will your tattoos still be cool when you are a senior citizen?
Average how much would it cost for 8 letters?
Ideas for a matching tattoo with my sister?
help with a good quote..?
What tattoo should I get?
how do you get rid of a double chin?
Perseverance tatoo - joining the army suggestions please?
Italian Tattoo question?
Outer Limits Tattoo & Body (Costa Mesa, CA)?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Tattoo Cover Up HELP....?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Ideas for a tattoo for someone who passed from cancer?
where would you place this tattoo?
I just got a tattoo last Saturday and I'm in need of some aftercare advice?
are you supposed to show off your tattoo?
why r so many women getting covered in tattoos? its getting so old?
Monroe piercing infection?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo parlor in Manhattan?
can i wear sleeves with my 3 day old tattoo on my upper arm?
How do i fix my natural nails after i had acrylics on ?
Simple question; Who is this woman?
Should i get this tattoo?
Would a tattoo hurt on the side of your stomach?
How long after I get my tattoo do I have to wait to go swimming?
I need some help on where I should get my tattoo?
How to translate this phrase for a tattoo, and where to get it?
Looking for pain comparison in piercings?
in one matrimonial application one man wrote?
would it be sissy?
Tattoo template idea please?
i just got my cartilage pierced, so how long till i can go in water?
In LA ink Nico did a tattoo that had a girl-boxer on some ladies arm a while ago, who was the original artist?
What sticks glitter to the skin besides glue?
♥What is your favorite tattoo?♥?
what really is the cologne A&F stores use as fragrance for their store? is it really Fierce?
Three word latin tattoos?
Tattoo on shoulder blade?
Getting my first tattoo?
Whats your opinion on this tattoo idea?
What was your experience like, trying to get a tattoo apprenticeship?
is it true.?
best way to remove pubic hair?
Gorilla tattoos, good or bad etc.?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Are tribal tattoos looked outdated and toolish?
I am so hot........ I mean with the heat, any suggestions on keeping cool?
Should I get a Hello Kitty tattoo? I'm 52 years old! :)?
What tattoos does Jemina Pearl have?
tattoo saying ideas help?
Do you think that this specific tattoo is "trashy"?
Do you prefer black and gray tattoos or colored?
if you pierce your long will it be red? For 1 day or more..?
Are there any tips for eliminating dark circles and eye bags?
Can someone design my tattoo? Alice In Wonderland Inspired.?
My girlfriend and i.are getting tattoos ?
Do I look fat to you?
Is Tanning the best to get a tan?
Tattoo fade/cover up?
i want to get a tattoo representing my family in stars&animal print design inside.could u help me with a list?
how do I get smaller pores on my face?
Is there another way of saying together forever or always together that doesnt sound so corny?
what do you think of this tattoo? ill answer yours?
What's the tattoo on Chester Bennington's right shoulder blade and antecubital space?
how to take lip ring off?
im getting a tattoo and my belly pierced for my birthday?
how much for an areola tattoo?
can you get serious ink poison from calligrophy ink?
Can anyone tell what kind of flower is this?
Will a tattoo hurt more on a diff. area?
How 2 insert a super tampon?????
what would be the price range for a barbed wire tattoo around the wrist cost?
do you have any tattoos you wish you didn't have?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo and were is a good tattoo paler in islington london.?
Does anyone want to get a tattoo just to experience the pain?
family crest tattoo?
silly question about henna...?
is my tattoo infected ?
what can i use to make fake tattoos?
i want to get a tattoo on my thigh?
sore tragus 4 months?
What's Your Favourite Eye Colour?
BAD Undereye Circles....good remedies to get rid of them/hide them?
white spots on the skin after being in the sun?
Is there a meaning behind the tattoo I want?
I got my Nipples pierced, wat do you think?
Does wiz khalifa have a tattoo shop?
Hello, i'm a 16 yr old female, and i'm gonna be getting a tattoo....?
How often would one have to retouch a tattoo on the inside of your finger?
how can u hypnotized people?
Simple lower back or trash stamp?
Discreet tattoo location?
Really need help with this now?
tattoo still swollen after 3 days?
What is the best way to slim your butt & thighs?
What do you guys think of this tattoo?
why is my tattoo bumpy?
What does a tattoo on the lower back suppose to mean?
what should i get a tattoo of?
what makes you beautiful?
Are infinity tattoos only for couples? What exactly do they mean?
What is the Japanese Symbol for Strength? I want to get it as a tattoo but I don't know what it looks like!
Cool tattoo ideas quotes or pictures ?
What would you do if your friend got pregnant?
Do tattoos fade?
question for tattoo artist about cover up ?
how to get rid of acne?
What are some ideas for short, creative dance quotes for a tattoo?
Where can I purchase African Shea Butter please? Thnks.?
How bad will this tattoo hurt?
how tall is alyson michalka and how much does she weigh?
what kind of jobs can you get if you have tattoos?
how do I use philips epilator painlessly?
Tattoo Placement ideas?
Have you ever tattoo your lovers name on you?
Harry Potter Tattoo ideas!!!?
does breast enhancement pills really work?
woman body is unique i think.skirt,bra,tampon,ear ring,stocking r made for women.what for men?
Best friend tattoo idea's? HELP?
what false tan is best for not leaving residue ie ornage marks on clothes?
i want a tattoo..any ideas?
Wat is the best lotion around♥?
I want a tattoo what are the ladies thoughts on my idea ?
I am 29 years old girl.MY skin is very greasy(oily)and It also is spotty too. what soap or treatment is useful
I have acne how can I get rid of it?
do you think it is ok for a 17 to have a tattoo?
Getting a Tattoo over a scar ?
Can you tattoo the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot?
I was thinkin about gettin footprints up the back with my kids names on it..what you think??
What tattoo inks are the best in your opinion?
what should i do with my pimples?
I want to get joe jonas' initials tattooed, what would be a good place? Ankle, lower back, neck or wrist?
Do you think this would work as a cover up?
How can a woman increase the size of her breasts without using any pills, cream or silicone treatment?
I am looking for a location near me that does body wraps with excellant results, I live near South Bend, IN?
Thigh tattoo and weight loss question?
very depressed over ugly tattoo - is laser worth it?
Getting my first tattoo. any suggestions for pain killers..or something similar?
tattoo updateeeee!!!@#$%^&*()@#$%^&$%^& lol?
I need as much information about angel bite piercings as possible.?
I'm going to start to look for an apprenticeship but I don't know how to get started?
Can I remove a mole with wart freezer? How else can moles be removed at home?
Is there anyway...?
should i appy toner and mointurizer after mask???
best tattoo cover up?
things that go with a wolf tattoo?
Memorial Tattoo Idea but I cant decide?
can you tattoo over scare tissue and it be covered up by the ink?
Does one of your parents need to come with you..?
Why does my tattoo look raised up really gross looking and itchs really bad help!?
are half phlipino's half white turn a girl on or not?
What do yall think is my cute nickname guys?
I want a dandelion tattoo but idk where to get it. suggestions?
what do you think is the sexiest language?
Tattoos that symbolize fearlessness bravery or courage?
do u think im fat ???????????
is there a place in Hattiesburg ms that i can get a henna tattoo?
Tattoo poll: Do you prefer color tattoos, or black and grey tattoos?
Whats a good cream to use for eczema?
i caught my son...............................?
men with ankle tattoo?
What is the best way to ensure you don't break out with zits?
how do you feel about this placement for a text tattoo?
can anyone believe that you could sleep through a tattoo.. on your face?!?!?!?
CAN CELULITE go away if you keep ur body toned and tight??
How do I go about becoming a tattoo artist?
HELP I need tattoo ideas!!?
How do you non-surgery increase your Brest size?
Should I take my cartilage piercing out?
can you use a night cream while using retin-a treatment at night?
I have a tattoo on my entire chest and I want to get it covered up any ideas?
Forever & Always side rib tattoo ideas?
Whats a good tattoo machine?
I'm 17 and getting a tattoo on my arm where should I get it?
Does anyone know any cool tattoo fonts?
why are blondes always looked on as bimbo's?
Tattoo for a minor? What do you think?
Need some Tattoo Ideas?
What is a good moisturizer for African Americans?
Is it alright to get a tattoo age 15-17?
how much would this tatoo cost?
Do you know any tattoo parlors that do henna?
how can i give myself or somebody give me a tattoo without goin to a tattoo shop?
Blood stuck in my tattoo?
what is the best home-made spa? such a rip off going to pro twice a week..?
What do you think of my idea?
how could i convince my mom that not all tattoos are bad?
Nice translation for a tattoo for my boss?
Any suggestions for a side panel tattoo?
What should I get as a tattoo?
My tattoo is flaking and looks slightly faded under the flakes?
I want a tattoo but my parents said no what should I do?
any idea on how to moisturize...?
Homemade tattoo with razor?
Which quote do you prefer for a tattoo?
Dont get tattoos b/c it will fade??? My take on the situation... what do you think?
so im 15 and have my whole upper body tattooed is that bad?
How old do u have 2 b 2 get a tattoo w/out ur parents/guardien signing?
id like to get some stickers made of my tattoos?
What Tattoo Ink Give You The Most Vibrant Black?
Okay, so i'm wondering ALL the types of piercings you can do with an ear gun. How many are there?
is there a way to get rid of the hair on your legs without..?
I am 5'5 and weigh much weight should i lose?
Does it hurt to get a tatoo on the lower back?
Should I get a tattoo of San Gabriel Valley across my chest?
First tattoo after care.........?
How do you get rid of *all* of the hair beneath your arms by shaving?
What do you call this type of tattoo?
what are my chances to become a massage therapist if i am a male?
What do you think about tatoos?
Ladies: Electric shavers?
IS this TATTOO infected? ???@?@?@?
clear skin tips?
Website to find tattoo artist?
Would this tattoo look right on me?
Opininions on Sayings for a tattoo?
tatoo josh duhamel ( danny mccoy)?
how do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
I want to get a tattoo that has to do with my heritage (I'm Irish) any ideas?
how do you get rid of acne in like a day or two?
Will a tattoo artist tattoo 3 concentric circles on me without lining them in black ink?
wat do u like to hear a guy say to u on the phone? and plz BE NASTY!?
Symbols for not looking back/looking into future?
tattoo that i want to get?
I want to get a tattoo...?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Any ideas ? Needa drawer.?
Guys! Do you think a girl with piercings in attractive?
i have a LA dodger tattoo on my arm and I want to put something in the background any ideas?
I want a yin-yang tattoo but?
Why do some women have tattoos on their lower back?
Tattoo ideas for 16 year old girl?
how much would a tattoo across my back on my shoulders cost on average?
should you wear a bra to bed or not?
Is thia really a bad idea for a tattoo?
Semi-long-term tattoo cover-up...?
For anyone that has been a tattoo apprentice/knows someone who has...?
What is the best tattoo shop in Albuquerque?
best body part for my 1st tattoo?
do tatoos realy hurt
Tattoo price estimate?
how can i shape my nails rounded if it is square shape and short?
How do I get rid of stretchmarks?
Should society encourage fat people to move to the moon where thier weight wouldn't be such a problem?
what can i add on to my tattoo?
do guys with tattoos and piercings date girls who don't have any tattoos but have the same interests as them?
how do you remove gel nails at home?
does anyone know were they can find a good picture of hank moody's finger tattoo?
What is your most annoying place to get a pimple??
what do you think of this tattoo?
If you could change one thing about your body, What would it be?
Its official, this is the biggest idiot ever, care to see?
What Happens If The Teacher Sees The 3 Dots Tattoo In School? And Im Underage?
Can someone tell me if this tattoo represents something in particular?
geting healthy?
Is this normal? A new tattoo.?
Does anyone know if you have to be licenced in Mexico to be a manicurist?
How much would a small tattoo cost a butterfly or drangonfly?
Is the shaved head look cool?
Is it stupid that I have my own name tattoo'd on myself ?
should i get a tattoo?
What do you think of a tattoo like this?
What perfume smells nice on a guy?
I'm gunna get a tattoo,help please?
tell me one sentence in which total a to z alphabets should come and any alphabet should not repeat.?
does dr. hauschka skin care really work?
by dint of playing in heat i been brown i was fair before i wanna b fair again?
How long would this tattoo take, cost to do?
Whats the best place for a girl to have a tattoo?
I want to get a new tattoo.. Can you give me ideas what is nice looking on a girl?
Is shea butter lotions with vitiam e good to use on a new tattoo?
I am a young 43 yr old; a few nice tats and a nose ring. I want a tongue ring... how painful is it?
What hurts more? A Tragus piercing or a tattoo?
What those this tattoo symbolize to you?
I'm an artist looking to be an apprentice in a tattoo parlor, do anyone know where can I go in New York City
I want a tattoo representing me, my mother, and my sister?
how do you get allthe hair offof your les and get them shiney?
Should I pierce my......??
How much would this tattoo be around?
I need help with an estimated price on a tattoo. ?
What food stops acne?
i am black, can i have a tattoo done?
henna tattoo and ears?
how to hide a tattoo?
Does anyone know how much i would have to pay for this tattoo in UK?
Have you got a tattoo? If yes what and where?
What do you think of my idea for my next tattoo (description inside)?
open jobs for cathay pacific?
Anybody got any cute tattoo ideas?
I the area around my mouth is darker than the rest of my skin on my face.Any products that can make skin even?
I want a tattoo to symbolise my son- any ideas?
Which do you prefer? Black beauty or fair skinned lady?
Should I get this tatoo?
how to make henna? places to get the stuff NOT ONLINE?
what would you think of a girl with a visable swastika tattoo?
Plzzz Help First Tattoo Need Help Plzz?
Do u know any ppl who are good at portraits?
What jobs allow tattoos?
Does this tattoo mean something?
what are some good ideas of quotes for a tattoo that has to do with love?
most painful tattoo?
Which would you like as a tattoo?
what is the most best way of getting a tattoo removed??
How much would a tattoo hurt if i...?
Got a a new tattoo, then found out I have a baseball game 3 days later?
how long would it take to have upper arm haida tattoos placed on each arm and a haida chest tattoo?
weird question???
Tattoo-No color, black tat. Vaseline safe?
What is the most wonderful smelling body lotion for ladies?
Opinion on this tattoo?
Can someone who lives in LA get me an American Electric Tattoo t-shirt?
which is more practical to use for oily skin,a 2-way powder foundation or a cake foundation?thanks.?
Acne is getting worse! What should my schedule be to reduce them?
Mythological Tattoo Ideas?
nair or veet shaving cream?
What are some good bible paragraphs to get as a tattoo?
Does anyone know any good rose cover up tattoo?
Woman, would you like some advice?
Tattoo schooling help? ?
what is a quick and easy way to wash hair dye off my face?
New foot tattoo and socks?
Foot Tattoo suggestions?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
Do lip piercings ever heal? ?
Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Can yhu get a tattoo when yhur parents are there?
how should i finish it?tattoo?
Are you a girl who lives in London who has tattoos on her arms? I need to film them for a short film I'm makin?
I'm getting a tattoo on Thursday, need some advice first though...?
Home made tattoos Help?
What do you think of my very first tattoo I just got half an hour ago?
what is your favorite tatto?
BIG GIRL = small ? Formula works the other way too?
Where is the cheapest place to go in Orlando Florida for stretching materials?
describe a tattoo that would be sexy on a woman ?
Should I get this tattoo re-designed slightly or not? Also black or colour?
Best place on the body to get a text tattoo?
Tattoo idea like or dont?
Should my new tattoo be scabbing up this much?
I need someone's help so much on stretchers?
I already have 2 tattoos (on my shoulder and bottom of my back) How many is too many for a girl?
Those of you who got a certain design because you've always wanted it...?
I'm fourteen and want a tattoo...?
underage tattoo?
Best tattoo studio in Sydney?
Tattoo ideas about being strong?
Guys: Would you date a girl with a tattoo?
Should I blow my child support check on booze and another tattoo tonight?
how to get rid of acne?
Do inner elbow tattoos hurt?
Good Quote for Tattoo?
How much will a Chelsea FC emblem tattoo cost?
What could i add to this tattoo?
How much does a sleeve tattoo effect your employment?
I want to get a tattoo to represent mineand mymothers relationship ?
Ladies...have you got any tattoos.?
English to Sindarin translation?
my tattoo got infected theres parts that the ink is gone and it looks like a white little scar .?
Swimming with a new Tattoo?
How do you get rid of blackheads on your nose?
Tattoo Question? Help?
How long does sunbathing take?
Will a tattoo on my shoulder be distorted if my weight fluctuates? ?
Does getting a tattoo hurt? And whats involved in the process?
What to do for hormonal acne?
Boys only! what do boys look at when they look at a girl?
Does anyone have a tattoo they regret? If so, why?
I have an allergy to nickle, so can i get a tattoo?
Tattoo Ideas of Americas best actresses?
has anybody used glycolic acid for age spots?
Tattoo suggestions?
does gorge thomson have a web site(Your friend in the diamond buisness)?
How cool are these 2 tattoos?
How much would a small simple wrist tattoo cost to get done?
Does anyone know where to find a day spa in or around Knoxville TN? Preferably a nice one...?
I have eczema and how old do you have to be when it goes away and how can I make it go away?
Artist Willing To Draw Me Out A Tattoo [:?
tipping a tattoo artist?
I am looking for pin 2 win cntest?
Tattoo or piercing and what/where?
a few questions about tattoos?
What do you think of my tattoo's? :)?
BOYZ ONLY!!! What is your favorite part of a females body???
My tattoo that normal?
Do you like my tattoo?
red spot on skin.....?
is it possible to get TOO tan?
I was wondering about where I want to get my tattoo. ?
How much would a qoute tattoo cost?
As hands age to be 40+ years old, why do the veins on the backs of them become more prominent?
How to sleep on tattoo plasma?
Which careers allow body modifications?
are there any legal requirements and or paperwork/ licenses you need to be a tattoo artist?
My artist gave me a quote for this tattoo. Is it a good quote?
Where is a tattoo shop in New Orleans that will tattoo minors with consent?
How old is ashley?
Tattoo in spot were only I can see ? ?
I am a Female and I am getting my First Tattoo. I should get it on what part of my body?
first tattoo and i need some good ideas?
What will make your nails grow faster?
Help with tattoo apprenticeship?
I am having a tattoo on the side of my wrist?
I need tattoo advice?
Architect having a tattoo?
If you had to (were forced to) get a decent sized tattoo on your forehead, what would it say/be?
I'm getting a Brazilian wax next week. Has anyone else ever gotten one?
have oily skin and every time i swim ( night ) have pores , my skin is very sensitive to clor , what i can do?
is there any place to get a tattoo (a good one) in delhi?
Tatoos? Should I get one?
do you like sexy girls with their something touching outwards.?
half sleeve to much for a 17 year old?
fairy wing tattoo ideas?
I want a tattoo in love of my boyfriend, ... he's inspired me.?
why does keep deleting my questions about tattoo's?
does chocolate really give you pimples?
Can they tattoo your ankle bone?
Where Would you put this?
If you use lemon juice to get ride of your freckles will it lighten your skin?
getting inked while recovering from a broken bone?
Tattoo for my twin boys?
Where should i get my tattoo?
If you put some numbing cream before a tattoo..?
Will I be able to drive after a thigh tattoo?
I am black can i get the iron cross tatted on me. and will it look right.?
how can i get darker?
Tattoos - The Biblical Transgression?
Does it hurt getting a tattoo?
What are some ideas on a tattoo?can you help?
Body hair and tattoos?
How to take care of a tattoo that will be under clothes?
what does cher lloyds tattoo on her finger say..?
tattoo ideas dont know what to get?
i need tips for skin?
I am looking for a tattoo...........?
I want to get a tattoo symbolising old soldiers never die they just fade away?
Lazer Tattoo removal, Removing shading.?
tattoo is wrinkly and shiny after 7 days?
How much should I expect to pay for a small white tattoo?
Do you want/have any tattoos?
Is getting a tattoo sinning?
Is getting a full sleeve a bad idea for your first tattoo?
does anybody in Australia know where i can buy a sterling silver tattoo gun charm for a necklace?
am i fat???????????????
Why do people say that asians have no butts??
boys only ....... jess but i have to ask! your pretty?
I am from australia. I am wanting to know if anyone that is a child care worker has any tattoo/s..?
how to stay calm before/while getting a first tattoo?!?
what is the best product to use at night after cleansing ur skin, do u need to put eye cream as well?
Prices of Lower Back Tattoo?
Do you like my ink (tattoo)?
Can I use liquid eyeliner as tattoo ink?
Does this tattoo look bad?
Where to get a tattoo that won't be affected by weight loss?
increasing my cup size?
can some help me find more pictures of this girls tattoos?
Foot Tattoo Healing Question?!?
Tattoo numbing cream - where do you buy it from?!?
i have scaly skin what is the best way to get rid of them?
What are all your tattoos and what do they mean to you? ?
Where to buy beginners ear stretching kits?
Okay. neck tattoos...?
If you got a tattoo and you cut?
Should I get a tattoo of San Gabriel Valley across my chest?
Is it true that if u get a tattoo on the bottem of ur foot it will rub off?
Lip piercing question..?
UV black light ink Tattoo artist in Connecticut?
Is my tattoo infected?
Could someone describe to me how a tattoo feels? I want to be prepared.?
Models + tattoo's = what and where?
Commission a tattoo artist for a sketch?
At what temperature does an average person start to tan?
Any one knows about Zodiac Tattoos?
Help finding the right girl (my tattoo)?
i need the best and quickest weight loss technique?
whats ur fave perfume?
how do you get rid of bad acne without seeind a dermatologist.?
Youngest age you can get a tattoo?
Would this idea work?
what do you think of these tattoos? and which ones your favorite?
Should i develop this more before i get it done?
Tattoo Advice?
what is the best SPF to get a good tan ??
are you supposed to print out a tattoo stencil?
what should i do when my 8 years old bro keeps stripping in front of my friends help?
what is the best lotion for dry skin?
can i get shading done to an already colored tattoo?
i am having tattoo trouble.Can you help me?
concerned about my tattoo people with tattoos answer?
is there any remedy for getting rid of chicken pox marks on skin?
how painfull is waxing.?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
Do to many tats on the back look tacky?
Eyebrow waxing after doing my own for years?
Does getting a tattoo on your thigh hurt? On a scale from 1-10?
does every tattoo leave a scar?
what does the phrase "little man in the canoe " mean?
Blacklight Tattoo Artist?
Can someone help me with tattoo ideas?
I would like to know ways to lose 20 pounds and get in shape before early july/late June. Any suggestions?
To tattoo or not to tattoo, skin health pros and cons?
I am 41 years old. My forehead always has a glaze of oil on it. I also have sebaceuos hyperplasia all overHELP
Do you find women with lots! of tattoos attractive?
how much would an estimate be for this tattoo?
how to prevent an infected/rejected bellybutton piercing?
Is garnier a subsidiary of l'oreal?
what is the best way to remove scars without undergoing any medical surgery?
Questions about henna tattoos? 10 points!!!?
HOw old do you have to be in the UK for a tattoo?
Why do you Blush?
Can I pierce my ear with a regular earing? (dull earing used for already pierced ears)?
How much to tip tattoo artist?
This ones for boys and gurls!?
Opinions On My New Tattoo? :)?
My first tattoo? wht yas think?
What you pay for a tattoo at Lost Souls Tattoo in Fontana, Ca?
How long is a manicure?
I'm trying to recover from self-harm, tattoo help?
do you think temp tattoos are cheesy?
Henna Tattoo and Sunburn?
What do you think are the least painful piercings?
IS SOAPS-SUCH AS ZEST,DOVE,IVORY,CARESS,ECT,,,,,BAD FOR YOUR FACE? i wash my face everyday in soap, and i ....
I have little bumps on my face!?
Meaning of certain tattoos?
Tattoo Cost? please help?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Is it normal for my tattoo to scab like this? (Picture included)?
Can I be a pediatrician if I have tattoos?
If a girl loses weight or tones her body, is it true that it makes a girls breast look bigger?
Tattoo design help please??
I want to get a tatoo for my 60th birthday; WHERE on my body should I get it?
How can I get slim in 15 days?????????????
any tattoo suggestions plz ????????
how long does it take till the adreline kicks in for a tattoo?
I need advice about first tattoo...?
What is 6' in cm and 175 in kg?
How much will it cost to get a bunny?
Which design should be my first tattoo?
Could I give myself a tattoo with a heated needle ?
Anyone know a good homemade facial mask i can made for myself?
What can I expect while getting an armband tattoo?
Should this be happening?
how to set a tattoo machine?
what tattoo/piercing would suit me?...pic included.?
i want to cure my pimple fully and no pimples in fututre?
Girls i need an honest opinion on tattoos?
good half sleeve tattoos?
I need help with my flag Tattoo idea.?
I want My First Tattoo! help?
Tattoo on my wrist. I need your opinion.?
how long after i get my dermal anchor will i need to be cautious of the area. ex: swiming? sleeping on it?
I want to get a tattoo to symbolize my son...But can't think of what to get, any suggestions?
Best neo traditional tattoo artist in the bay area?
Would it be kinda uncreative to get praying hands tattooed on me again?
How much will it hurt?!?
tips to have a clear skin?
I have something from a Japanese game I want to put as a tattoo..?
does anyone know of any tattoo artists that specialize in ankle tattoos?
*where should i get this tattoo...?
Ladies do butt tattoos look horrible on guys?
What is the current Skin Care Market like in the US?
SW FLORIDIANS, How much for this tattoo?
Do you obsess about your apearence? Explain?
Getting first tattoo?
how much would a nose piercing cost in spain?
do tattoos make a girl look thrashy?
Veet and Nair hair removal kit question?
How to remove under eye & hands wrinkles.?
When i try to apply lotion to my tattoo, some of the ink is coming off with the skin. what am i doing wrong?
the future of tattoos and people hiring?
Can i get tattoos over my scars?
i have a girls only period question so pleas truthful answers.?
Me and my three brothers want to get matching tattoos.?
my nose looks very dirty, should I see a dermatologists???
why are my knees darker than my skin color?
Mario coin tattoo on bottom of wrist?
looking to get tattoo?
Oh help me please :D?
what is that little mark "dent" below our nose above the upper lip?
How do you get ride of a hickey like mark?
Lifejackets and new tattoos?
Can I get a tattoo of copyrighted art?
why do people smell like onins when they sweat??/?
Pretty Italian phrases that uses the word love in it for a tattoo?
How long should I let a new tattoo heal before I can put makeup on it?
I need tattoo ideas... athiest and religion equality?
I am a heavier set girl, what are some good places on my body that I can get a tattoo, and it still look nice?
how to reduce under eye circles?
rough estimate for this tattoo?
does geting a tattoo hurt if i get it on the arms?
Tattoo ideas for my dad?
If someone smells?
does liposuction work for people over a certain weight?
Is there anyway a minor (12 in this case) to get a tattoo with parental consent?
Could this be turned into a half sleeve easily?
Where should I get this tattoo?
What creme have you used for scars that really work??
Why do a couple of skin care companies use pomegranate seed oil as anti aging element in products?
what is that little mark "dent" below our nose above the upper lip?
is my lip ring spoze to be be hard in the inside?
What are the usual tasks for an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist?
Has anyone ever used Veet? What's it like? Does it have any bad side effects? How long are you hairless?
My tattoo artist is highly recommended & he did 2 of my previous tattoos that came out flawless, he did my 2 ?
Do wrist tattoos hurt much?
About how much do piercing kits sell for?
Who's the better artist?
Does cranberry juice really help get rid of zits?
Why Do Men Love Thick Women?
japan and the tattoo industry?
Tatto placement idea advice ?
is it ok to put alcohol on a tattoo?
HELP!!!!!!!! QUICK i need some help on my new tat?
Question about a new tattoo idea?
are runway models 5'8, 5'9, etc. flat footed? & kate moss is only 5'7, 1" taller than me, mayb i could runway?
my breasts are big what can i do to make them reduce?
Whats your take on 16 year olds with tattoo's.?
What Song lyric should my sister and I get tattooed?
what should I do when my boyfriend don't communicate with me?
What does a vintage microphone tattoo mean?
TVXQ / DBSK's Jaejoong's Tattoo?
tattoo cover up ideas?
I need help with a tattoo. ?
Ladies Poll - How many of you have piercings in other places....?
Tattoo design for lyrics "Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me"?
chest tattoo opinions?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
i need help?????
Ladies again please! you ladies are just too sweet!?Guys you may go on and answer it aswell.?
Can you help me make a decision?
I want a Tattoo Designed. Is there anywhere online that can do it for me?
Are freckles on woman ugly or beautiful?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Hip piercing does it hurt bad?
is patti Labelle realy tigga mothers off of 106 and park?
Getting tattoo in a week?
What helps clear up acne the best that does not contain Benzoyl Peroxide?
can you get a polynesian tattoo and be white?
Where can I find an accountant for my Mary Kay business.What is the yearly cost?
tattoo ideas for moving on from child abuse?
TATOOS: a turn on OR turn off?
Whatever Tattoo on 17 St. Marks Pl?
I am thinking about getting a tattoo, what are some good ideas?
How often should I put bepanthen on my tattoo?
Would love some Tatoo advice!?
Getting a wrist tattoo? ?
Is my new tattoo going to be ok?
Which nail colour should i get at my next pedicure? Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, or Holy Pink Pagoda?
need to know if there is a way u could tell me if i can make a herbal treatment on skin and beautytips too.?
Lotus Flower Quote For A Tattoo?
how can i increase the fairness of my skin by using home made products?
Please, Tell me about the product, Proactive?
Where should I get this tattoo?
tattoo's and career goals....?
how i can cure my acne & pimples effectively with minimum time possible?
I have a boy friend and i want to have sex with him?
Tummy hair??
how bad would have been Dianna Agrons tatto?
What does a teardrop tattoo mean? and what do you think about face tattoos?
70% of the people who got tattoos said that they regret it! is this true?
i'm 24. having oily skin, lots of pimples, what should i use? should go for facial & of which one?
Has anyone ever come across a mint scented perfume?
What is the smallest front size or print tattoo I could get without it bleeding together?
My little sis has alot of acne...?
I need help thinking of a tattoo!?
Tattoo removal...?
adding to my tattoo...?
I need some Tattoo Suggestions?
What is the point of no return for stretching ears?
If a fat girl falls in the woods, do the trees laugh?
my lil sis wants to know what screw means like screw you what does it mean i forgot?
How long do I keep tatoo bandages on?
CHEST TATTOO IDEAS SUCH AS...(Loyalty,Honesty, etc.)?
I need an idea for sister tattoos?
Does anyone know how to turn a burn into a tan?
if i got a tattoo of my sons portrait/picture when he is a toddler do you think he would be embarrassed when?
Would this be a good tattoo idea?
What wild b a sexy tattoo to get?
enlarged facial pores?
Revolution/Social awarness sleeve tatto?
Are really BIG Breasts sexy?
I got a tattoo a week ago - red colored ink!?
Help with my tattoo!!!!!?
How bad would a couple of words on the inside wrist hurt? (TATTOO)?
How can you describe the pain of a tattoo?
What do you clean tanning beds with?
How can you find out if you skin are allergic to products and how do you get wride off the rach( face mainly)?
Do you find this odd? It's about a teenage girl and her body?
Is it ok to sleep on a neck tattoo?
Symbolic brother/sister tattoo?
Which tattoo quote sounds the best?
I have horrible stretch marks!!!!!!!!!!!?
Piercings on stardoll?
what is the best home remedy for quick weight loss?
What tattoo parlor did Rihanna get her finger tattoos?
Tattoo appraisal help?
what tattoo should i get next?
how many tattoos' is to many?
are you scared of dying?
Is it good to repierce your bellybutton?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Crest Whitestrips. Good Vs. bad..... have you ever used them?
Hip tattoo!? please help!!?
Does a tattoo HAVE to be outlined?
Should I get this tattoo on my thigh?
should i get my nipple pierced?
tattoo idea that i am considering.....?
i am planning to get for my 17th birthday is my nanay name on my arm she past away a year ago?
Which is easier to care for, and least expensive? *sternum piercings*?
Tattoo modification ideas?
Shaved head?
How can I avoid getting ZITS?
Owwwwwwwwwwwweeeee!Ive got a realy bad sunburn,how do i get it off?
Does a back/ neck tattoo hurt?
I am looking for a Persian/Iranian tattoo artist...?
Getting tattoo question?
I need a tattoo mixture of my parents name can u help doing it ?
What shud i do to maintain my health?
What do you think of a finger tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo without consent? (Vancouver, Canada)?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Are small boobs better than big ones?
around how much would a tattoo like this cost?
now that my breast have grown, my nipples have too.?
Is it stupid to have a name tattooed behind your ear?
how many tattoos do you have?
Hey men out there, what do you prefer?
What should i do about my tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get your belly button peirced?
tattoo ideas--south america?
Does anyone know of an Eyebrow Embroidery center in Ohio?
Would this be to simple?
What kind of tattoo do you have? And what does it mean to you?
Is this a bad tattoo ?
is this a good tattoo idea?
can someone give me the best websites on celebs gaining weight and girls gaining weight?
whats the best way to soften the skin on my heals from wearing flip flops and sandels?
TV Add: Body wash for men that make men irresistible to women. what is that BRAND??
on a scale of one to ten how bad does a brazillian hurt? i have never waxed anything.?
My tattoo has a red bump on it?
What place on body for color tattoos to stick?
i want to have a henna tatoo in glorieta since its near from our office and house. but where in glorieta?
Can anyone estimate how much Peaches Daisy and Unicorn tattoo cost?
people think i am goth just because i like the color black?
How do you get rid of a zit and fast?
I would like to lose 50 lbs. what is the quickest way?
10 points for the best answer?
how long would this tattoo usually take?
Ladies, what is your favourite perfume?
*GUYS ONLY*where would be a sexy place to get a tattoo on a girl?
effects of radiant heat in beauty therapy?
Tattoo for my father idea?
Tattooo question please?
What would be a nice tattoo as a remembrance to my older brother?
why do people get tattoos?
Ideas for a wrist tattoo?
take dog to tattoo shop?
Im looking for Gemini tattoos?
What kind of treatment works good for mild acne?
What do u think of this tattoo idea?
Does anyone know where to find a pic tattoo design, incl patterns that Kat Von D usually has behind scripting?
I need help with a spot of where to put a tattoo my friend and I are getting!?
Why do our palms not tan?
I'm currently juggling three girl friends at the same time and it's getting hard. What should I do?
I got a new tattoo , 7 days ago , and i want to know if it's ok to use sunblock SPF 60 ?
I want to get silky smooth legs any home remedies?
how much would this tatto cost?
How Can I make them look smaller?
tattoo help please?!?
I want to kill a pig and her piglet but how?
I have a question about dermal anchors?????
how do you get a tattoo of the ultrasound picture on yourself?
I want another smaller tattoo I have 8 of them already, need help with a design and location?
Does tattoo ink enter the bloodstream?
can i hide a side rib tattoo?
I need ideas for a tattoo! help me!?
Longest lasting Henna Tattoos?
has anyone tried breast enlargement pills? if so which ones?
Japanese Tattoo in San Francisco?
any one with russian heritage? please read!?
What has been your experience with laser tattoo removal?
How does my new tattoo look..(pic)?
What can i do to get rid of acne scars?
I want a new tattoo, help me choose where!?
how can i make my skin softer?
Heelllppp...piercings!! :P?
are there any plastic surgerys that will make a smile great, and im not talking about teeth.. i mean the smile
hip piercings and tattoos?
What do you think of Zodiac sign tattoos?
Who came 1st egg or a chicken?
Tattoo Placement suggestions? I really appreciate the Help!!?
What is your most favourite part of your body??
Where Can I Get my Penis tattooed in nyc?
Tattoo designs and help!?
tattoo gun stops working after a few minutes...?
Where to put my Tattoo?
Tattoo question?
I want to get a tattoo of a meaningful life quote, anybody have any ideas?
Where do you think would be the best spot for this tattoo?
is it okay to get a tattoo here?
Where can I get a Henna tattoo in Kansas City, KS?
Can anyone help with a tattoo font?
How long would it take to get a tattoo this size done?
Would a arm tattoo look weird if it didn't start on the shoulder? ?
Where is a good place to get a tattoo?
What would you think if you seen a young shaven head male with "MADE IN ENGLAND" tattoo across forehead?
Does anyone know a good tattoo artist in San Diego that can do very detailed art?
How bad would a lip piercing hurt?
What gets rid of stretch marks cocoa butter doesnt work?
tattoo that i want to get 18 year old male?
How do you deal with tattoo pain?
What would be good products for...?
My new tattoo has a rash, do i need to put lotion on it?
Is that true that birth control pills help with acne?
How much for a tattoo?
do u guys think i should get snake bite lip rings?
Who would you choose to do your ink?
Can I get my tattoo thicker?
sun beds???
I wanted egsact tattoo, didn't get what i expected?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
What are the little white marks on my fingernails? How can I get rid of them?
New Tattoo .. Soap.. Help Meeee?
Adding to an old tattoo ink question.?
what should i consider/think about before i get a tattoo?
where is there a tattoo shop that does really good japanese style tattoos?
How much do you think a tattoo going across the top of my foot would cost if its 11 words?
Question about a foot tattoo?
How do you deal with terrible shaving rash?
how to know if your too deep or not deep enough when tattoooing.?
Aftercare tips on how to take care of your laser tattoo removal?
Can I get a tatoo with permission under 18?
thoughts on these tattoo sleeves?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Is it good to shave your arms?
Do some guys think girls with tattoos are hott?
Breast implants. How do I reduce the incision scars?
do you think that a lot of tattoos on people are attractive?
Question about my tattoo?
nipple pericings?
where my tattoo looks better !?
how much would it cost if i get a small tattoo on my wrist?
Doe Monroe piercings hurt ?
"Infamous Al B.", where are you?
How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
Can I safely take some Klonopin before getting a tattoo?
would you reccomend venus divine?
Belly Button piercing! Please read!?
Can somebody please help me realise what I'm doing wrong with my tattoo aftercare?
I'm taking my eldest son to have a tattoo done on his birthday?
dose Chinese tea really help people lose weight ???
where can u by Blu Mediterrano di Sicilia perfume without spending $100?
Ok this might sound a little stupid but i heared that toothpast can get rid of acne. Is that true??
Tatto Question Please Answer !!?
HELP! how can i get a artist at shop to fix another artists' at that shops work? PLEASE READ!?
is my tattoo good can i get feedback please?
who is monika burdova?
I need idea's for a tattoo !?
How much to tip a tattoo artist?!? ?
why dont people have eyes on the sides of their heads like cows?
Does shading from one color to another cost more?
Will color tattoos show on my skin ?
Is there anyway to get my tattoo removed? PIC!?
I'm Fourteen and I want to lose weight?
my dermal on my wrist is swollen after door slammed on it?
What's a razor that won't cause razor bumps?
How bad do dermal anchors hurt?
Tattoos??? - pros and cons?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Where can I find a reputable tattoo artist in Missouri or Tulsa, Oklahoma area?
what eye cream is best?
I want this tattoo, where should I get it. Pics included?
What size is considered small?
Will tanning oil, not self tanning lotion, also turn me orange?
What would happen if you put bio-oil on a tatoo?
Can you be tattooed in Jasper, South Carolina if you are under 18?
which perfume smell turns on guys the most? or do they prefer clean body smell?
Would you ever get a tattoo portrait of someone you love?
Why does my black tattoo feel raised in places?
Should I get a tattoo or is it a bad idea?
i am 13 years old and i am 170 pounds how can i drop down to 110 pounds the fastest?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
One word tattoo idea about love, relationship and strength?
how do you get rid of acne?
Should I get a tattoo on my forehead that says "Property of Chuck Norris" ?
I have a question about getting an arm / wrist tattoo?
Basic Care for a Henna Tattoo?
where can i find a tattoo shop which do a tatoo in singapore?
Neutrogena At Home Microdermabrasion. Is Good To Use? Can It Damage You're skin somehow?
Maori / Polynesian Tattoo Designs?
i have got a tattoo and i am sixteen can my mum do anything about it if she finds out?
how much do you tip the person who did your tattoo?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
what piercing would look good on me?
ACNE & LIVER - How can I make my liver healthy and balanced without any topical solutions or drugs...?
will a tattoo strech and look pretty bad if you get a tattoo too young?
Regret a Tattoo?
how to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Idea help with my tattoo?
Where do a tatoos least hurt at?
I need tattoo opinions!?
how much would a tattoo cost?
if you could get a tattoo or peircing ANYWHERE right now where and what?
How many lazor treatments to get rid of a tattoo.?
What is a good tattoo phrase?
What would be a meaning full tattoo quote for my forearm?
Sore red lump under an old tattoo?
How many calories equal one pound?
My first and possibly only tattoo?
why my new tattoo keep peeling off?
What do piercers normally charge?
Will A Tattoo on above your privates hurt?
In the Silicon Valley, CA ( South Bay & Peninsula) What is the best salon to go to?
whats wrong with tattoo and piercings?
Are you looking for henna on Kauai?
are there any places in london that would paint on a temporary tattoo for you?
need help to find a tattoo!! :)?
Are you aloud to have sex after geting a yantra tatoo?
is there a place that does jagua tattoo in chicago?
I need female tattoo ideas....?
wat face pack r u aplying today?
where to put a memorial tattoo?
How long does a NEW tattoo?
Body Piercings?
Position of a tattoo?
What would happen if I didn't take a shower for 1 month? Just curious.?
Another tattoo question!?
What would make a nice small horror themed or scary tattoo to go on the wrist? ?
How much would this cost to get? (estimation)?
which tattoo looks most like "me".?
Has anybody got any tips for tannning on the sunbed?
Is there anyway to make a bird tattoo, have a father daughter meaning?
New tattoo care help?
Are naval piercings still sexy?
Do you think Madonna should stopping workinng out? she wants to look like shes 22 and she looks hot!?
what would you feel about... [DESC] ?
what do u think? NAME TATOOED?
what are the dangers of piercing your lip, are there any vains or something?
If you get a back tattoo does that mean you can't get an epidural?
i want to become a model of any kind. can someone please help me. this is what i want to do with my life.?
Hows the sleeve looking?
Inkslinger, in the likely chance that you'll see this question...?
I love this tattoo...where should I put it??
Does anyone know what this symbol means?
tattoo and laser therapy?
Is this tattoo gross?
What does a new tattoo feel like afterwards?
How many tattoos do you have.?
what is true love?
what are your opinions on cheryl cole's hand tattoo i need opinions PLEASE!!?
what is the best body lotion to whiten black skin? (serious answers only. thanx)?
tattoo removal??? yes or no?
Tattoo coverup...?.....?
tanning salon in the philippines?
Will losing weight effect a tattoo I plan to get on my wrist? Should I wait to get it?
Lower back tattoos, What do you think about them and why?