How to convince parents to get me a tattoo?
Can i still get a tattoo on my back?
pimple like sore on the head legs belly that hurt.?
If you are a tatto artist what do you feel about the scratchers and can anyone of you guys help me out with an?
Does anybody besides me like smelling like coconut, vanilla, cocoa & pear caramel?
Fifth day of my tattoo?
Who's Best Cassie or Rhianna?
How tall you are?
Whats the worst tattoo you've ever seen?
Worried about having my tattoo on friday?
Can someone tell me if this tattoo represents something in particular?
how to improve the redpores on my cheeks and forehead?
How much will this tattoo cost me?
Do you have to have the initial test patch for laser tattoo removal, with the place that's going to do the?
what is the difference between clone,perfume,deodrent,body spray,and sent?
I want a tattoo on my inner wrist but i want it small any ideas?
Do any of you know what are the parts of a muscle? cuz i have a project on muscles so i need to no plz answer!
What's a good body exfoliating product?
How small can a tattoo be?
What is the appropriate age for a girl to get a full sleeve tattoo?
Is it normal to shave arms and back for men?
How badly does an upper back tattoo hurt?
Recent miscarriage tattoo to represent my loss.?
Tattoo ideas for new life and overcomming obstacles?
half sleeve tattoo time?
What do you think about tattoing ?
For Young Girls what are better Tampon or Pad?
How to make a temporary tattoo?
For those that liked getting you tip your guy tattooing you?
any1 can tell me whether anna sui's secret wish nice smell o not ?
What does Mike Hranica's finger tatoos say? (TDWP)?
how many tattoo's do you have?
How old do you have to be for a parent/ gaurdian to sign off for you to get a tattoo in Georgia?
where can i walk in and buy jagua ink or jagua tattoo kits without buying online?
HOT OR NOT? -Tattoo/Piercing-?
Help with tattoo design idea? :)?
I have small bumps on my forehead, that are the same color as my skin, anything I could use to get rid of them
Tattoo on my lower arm not sure what sort of quote to have?
Suggestions for meaningful tattoo?
what does it mean to have a spider tattoo on your back?
Pain level of a tattoo like this?
What kind of tattoo should I get for my grandma and little brother?
Tattoo help?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?
I want to know about your tattoo!!!?
I have some facial hair on my chin...barely showing...should i shave it? and will it show if idid?
Do you have tattoos or body piercings and why did you get them.?
i want a tattoo that says "bliss" on my marriage finger but i'm not too sure if the ink will last as long.?
how much do you think it would cost to get a tattoo?
How do i shave my bikini without cuttin myself?
how bad are chest tattoos?
Why are the bottoms of my feet and my palms really pink?
Overthinking this too much?
my complexion is bit dark is there any way to make it bit lighter any gud docter?
What do you think of the placement of my tattoo?
Is it abnormal if I don't use deodorant?
Do you have a tattoo??
Tattoo reflecting light?
What do you think is the coolest piercing ever?
how can i get rid of my stretch marks?
Could someone please answer my tattoo question?
how much would a 3" by 3" nautical star tattoo cost?
can ne1 fall in love at 1st sight??????/?
Women Only- Have you ever danced as a stripper?
When getting a tattoo, the choice of where to put it matters?
What are your thoughts on colour use in oriental/Japanese style tattoos?
I have a unwanted piece of skin downstairs help?
how much will a ab tattoo cost?
Is a drug-Free knuckle tattoo appropriate for a law-firm/ police department setting?
should i use a booth?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
i have a butter fly tattoo on my back well kinda lower back?
what are some tattoos for girls?
i want to be slim &trim.what to do?
Is it a bad idea to get a small wrist tattoo?
Is there any an operation to make the back or the shoulders smaller?
What is the right weight for a 5'5 female?
Do wrist tattoos feel about the same/similar to cutting?
Looking for a painless tattoo!!!?
What's the difference in Islam from piercings in the ears and other body parts or tattoos?
How long did it take for your tattoo to get done?
What is the font of this tattoo?
Does tattoo laser surgery hurt?!?
What are some really cute piercings to get that dont hurt that bad?
What's your opinion on peace heart tattoos?
can alot of tattoos prevent jobs from hiring you?
Where can I hide tattoos well?
How can i get fit in the next 2 months without harming myself?
Dermal piercings help!!?
i am sixteen and i am thinking of getting a tattoo, is it worth it?
Please help me Decide what tattoo to get ? Opinions Please?
First tattoo in Colorado?
How do I gain weight in just 2-4 weeks?
does alcohol helps the pimples to go away?
Is my tattoo healing properly? I think I wrecked it..?
Me and my best friend need friendship tattoos.?
What is the best way to clear ethnic skin of discoloration and blotches?
What can I do so that my smells fresh after taking a shower?
Looking for a rough tattoo estimate?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
am i fat?.........?
How do you turn a sunburn into a tan?
What Is A Good Weight For a 12 Year Old Girl Who Is 5'2?
Do's and don'ts after getting a tattoo?
what is dexafenadrine?
what is a good and easy way to lose weight that is fast?
Hii/:) I'm thinking about getting a tattoo....?
Burn scars on legs, can you give me some advice to get rid of them?
What chemical/product can you use to wipe off a botched spray tan?
First tattoo help?..?
What makes tattoos beautiful to you?
Tattoos? Need Help here..?
I was wonderin.. do guys prefer girls hu r fat but nice or skinny but bitchy.?
why did YOU get a tattoo?
Who wants to have a fairy tattoo?
I need some help with a tattoo drawing?
hi just wondering if anyone can recommend a good but different tattoo design for a woman's ankle.
Can I get a tattoo on one of my cutting scars?
has any one seen another person with this tattoo?
what is that piercing below the lip right on the skin called?
How to remove keloid scars on the legs without lasers or operation?
I need to lose my belly fat whats the best exercise thats been proven to work?
How do I overcome self conciousness?
Do christians not like tattoos or piercings?
Underage piercing in Colorado?
Im getting a tattoo next week help?
Will a tribal tattoo cover up my existing tattoo?
I got my tattoo a week ago, but now its itchy and large bits are falling off, what do I do?
does anyone know a stie where they may show a tattoo that says his ride or die chick or similar?
Should i get a tattoo? i'm 17 and know the risks?
What is the best acne solution kit?
Why would someone get a tattoo of the United States on their back?
how do you shave your back?
Why do ppl say tatoos are bad?
Do nipple piercings hurt?
How painful are they?
I live in hillsborough nj nd i need 2 find a place nearby that i wud b able 2 hav a custom tattoo design made?
How can I win a prom date with a celebrity?
I am interested in getting a breast aug. does anybody have any good advice or any feedback period?
I'm underaged, and I wanna have a tattoo in LA and my mother will be with me.. will I be able to have it?
who is better daddy yankee rakim y ken y or zion y lennox?
What do you think of Tatoos?
i want a tattoo on my lower back! can somone help me?
If I have a tattoo on my neck would I get denied to be part of the military?
what does the symbol he has on his back mean? EXTREMELY IMPORTANT?
Is it true that kids ca actually get permanent tatoos? SO nice!?
Do you people think bad of a woman or any less if they have tattoos?
Does this sound like a good tattoo idea?
Inner wrist tattoos- risky? ?
I think I want to get a tattoo?
I Need an Idea for a Tattoo?
Any ideas on my straight edge star wars tattoo?
Where should I get this tattoo?
what all parts of the body..?
If I get a tattoo on my arm will working out over a year or more stretch it from muscle growth?
How can I get rid of embarrasing acne scars?
Where on the body is the best place for a man to get a tattoo?
I don't know where to get this tattoo?
When A girl gets "wet" and she's a virgin does that mean her Hymen broken?
is this a normal stage of adolescence?
what do you think about tattoos?
have anyone got their gotten their belly pierce from oni ink tattoo?
I'm getting my first tattoo next Thursday. I was thinking about getting it on my foot, is that a good idea?
Need help with quote for anchor tattoo...?
In the movie, I Am Number Four, what is the tattoo of on number six's (Teresa Palmer) neck?
I need an Australian themed tattoo, that isn't the same as every other person in Australia?
Best friend tattoo??:)?
Oily face, what do I do?
I have size 6 tapers and how long should I leave them in before I push it in a little bit further?
question about my tattoos and cousins wedding :)?
Which cosmetics company has the best career opportunities?
in your opinion what is your favorite face wash?
What's your fave perfume...mine is still ''Poison'' but my partner hates it.?
Which memorial tattoo should i get?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Need more tattoo ink?
lip piercings and jobs?? i have a few questions?
does anyone have an Easter Lily tattoo?
Has anyone ever had laser hair removel done? Did it work?
know some home remedy skin whitener ????
How long will this tattoo take?
I need idea for tattoo lettering and detail. Any suggestions?
A tattoo that I need help with?
Is there a way to remove home made tattoo's ?
What do you think about this idea for my first tattoo ?
nail question?
why are most people right handed?
Is shea butter lotions with vitiam e good to use on a new tattoo?
I did a homemade tattoo with pen ink, will it fade away?
Tattoo ideas i need help?
Tattoo gets kind of wet in shower?
Why do people tattoo their OWN names/ initials on their bodies??
decent studios in central scotland for cover ups?
Do you think its appropriate to get shivohum tattooed on my left wrist?
Is it a girls duty to keep her legs shaved?
how to apply a half sleeve tattoo stencil?
How bad do stomach tattoos hurt?
How old were you.....?
is facial lazer--safe and effective in India and from where ??
i want to get my first tattoo and i need some ideas. i was thinking about a quote. i love music so any ideas?
Where could I put this tattoo?
Please help me with my portfolio? A question for tattoo artists!?
I wanted to get the Korean symbol for honesty tattooed on me. I cant find it anywhere though?
do tattoos on your side hurt?
Do women think a man with tattoos is sexy?
How much does a tattoo behind your ear hurt?
Can my color tattoo be changed to traditional black and grey?
Where should I get this tattoo put on my body?
how to remove dark circles from the eyes?
should i get my lip pierced?
How do I get started as a tattoo artist?
What foods should i aviod when trying to get acne to GO AWAY?
I'm getting my first tattoo in 2 weeks and I just want to know, how bad will this hurt?
Is it possible to get a job if you have a tattoo on your face?
i can enter to my e mail and forget my passwor from myspace?
What's the best type of ink for a pinch & poke tatoos?
best place for phoenix tattoo?
tongue piercing questions? smart answers only please :) ?
how can i make my chest bigger. fed up wearin padded bras whats the point when take um off and av nothin there
What can I do to make the dry skin on my face go away?
How can I make my nipples longer?
Need Help With 1st Tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
it is ok if i a person with ulcer take glutathione pills, it is not bad if i take it with other vitamins?
where is the worst place to get a tattoo on your body?
i heard that putting egg yolk on your face helps acne. is it true?
Tattoo Price Ranges, just an estimate?
how do you make a home made tattoo gun?
Does anyone about a tattoo shop in Philadelphia that is owned and run by women?
Face tattoos is becoming the new tramp stamp for guys.Anyone agree?? LOL?
Ideas for a tattoo formy husband. Ideas that are out of the box are appreciated.?
on average how much would you think this tattoo would cost like make an estimate please:D?
I have a question for teenage guys and please be nice...?
What part of my body should I get a tattoo of my childrens feet?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
how much did your back piece cost?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
Getting rid of pimples?
Can an 11 year old get a tattoo on the side of her pointing finger/?
Friendship Quotes For Tattoo?
Is there anyway to make a home-made version of a tattoo?
can u suggest a specific brand in whitening soap and whitening lotion that I can buy here in the Philippines?
How much would a foot tattoo cost?
Why do Onions make us cry and any remedies for it ?
Is this a good tattoo?
What was the first tattoo you got?
Which hurts more?????
My lip ring is infected very badly, please help!?
I really need help with this one..?
I just got a new tattoo?
Opinions on my tattoo idea :)?
how bad does getting a small tattoo hurt?
why do lip skin peel off and how to stop it?
Have loyalty tatted on tha right side of neck, want spirit of detroit in middle, wat do think for tha left?
Ideas for Neck Tattoo? I want all possible ideas before i commit to just one.?
my tattoo is coming off?
how much would a coloured - black and white tattoo of a space shuttle on the side of my finger cost?
HELP!!!! I have a wedding I have to be in in 3 wks, how can I lose 20 lbs QUICK...?
i got a labret about 3 weeks ago but now a ball? seems to be growing below could it be cancer is it normal?
Who All Got Tattoos And What Are They And Where Are They?
Do you think tattoos look good on women?
Where should I put my tattoos?
Can I get your advice..?
Is Jessica Alba hot?
Do you have large pores on your face?
Is tattoo removal creams a waste of my time and money?
Wdyt of this tattoo.....?
Do tattoos fade?
i am too hot.i don't know how to handle this situation.solution please?
Tattoo Care As Its Started Healing ?
why do people make fun of other peoples skincolor or there heritage and on and on?
What is EDP spray?
Where can i buy candellia wax only.?
I am a 19 year old guy and i need some advices concerning my body.?
Does anyone know good tattoo artists in the boston area that do detailed work of human faces?
what is glyco peeling?
Why do some people dislike tattoos so much?
what is your favorite body piercing?
tattoo of hands holding hooks meaning ?
Who is more fine, Chad Michael Murray or Brad Pitt?
how to care for my new tattoo?
Old people with tatoos???
Detailed tattoo question?
Tattoo. Will I be able to donate?
Is it okay to put Vaseline on my new tattoo?
me an my friend was wanting to get matching tattoos of lips on our hips how much would it cost?
I want a tattoo about cheating death HELP ME!!?
i want to get a RIP tattoo of both my dad,s father and my mom father any ideas would be great?
Ladies and Woman: Do you think being overwieght, though pretty, can effect the way you are treated at work?
how much do dermal anchor piercing's cost at high priestess?
Is it OK if I'm rubbing off peeling skin when I put lotion on my new tattoo?
Should i be happy about my tattoo or go for correction?
Questions about a tattoo?
tattoos and piercing at the work place?
Who old do you have to be for a tatto?
Do you have any?
what are white spots on your teeth?
Where should I get this quote tattood on me?
4month old tattoo raised and itchy with a cloudy film.?
Do your ears hang low?
My new tattoo seems blurry in some areas is that normal?!?:(?
What is the best anesthetic for anal sex?
need help got a tattoo but its plain? any ideas?
i want a tattoo..any ideas?
What are some unique tattoo ideas :)?
Does metabo eXtreme work? Please only answer if you have tried it or know somebody who has tried it. People,?
websites for an orchid tatoo?
heart tattoos?
Tattoo ideas please?
Death before dishonor tattoo?
do i need to lose weight?
Can anyone tell me where a good tattoo place is in Deland Fl..?
Any Finger Tattoo Ideas?
Should I marry a girl who has a "Slippery When Wet" tattoo on her thigh?
Are there any places in Charleston, sc that does tattoo excision?
How much would a tattoo an inch by inch and a half on my wrist cost? (Price range)?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
my stupid biore black head strips arent working?
ideas for a Wizard Of Oz tattoo?
I wanna pierce my belly button......?
Preferably who do you think are head turners?
I need TATTOO advice?
How long do i have to wait to donate blood after i get a tattoo?
should a size 14 girl wear a bikini?
is it possible to lose weight without giving up on sweets?
How do you treat a sunburned face? Any home remedies that work...??
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
mens electric razor for a womans legs????
I have a tattoo and Im 16?
i love a girl very much but she is a big but she is beautifull what i do pls tell me?
Getting a Tattoo over a scar ?
i dont have a passport or driving licence can i use my citizen card for a tattoo?
What's a good idea for this tattoo?
Ideas for tattoos with the theme of the future?
My bf said I need to diet. Is this true? I think I look good right now.?
Would nipple piercings be worth it?
Could you give me the example of at least one state/country president with not shaved face?
Can I have a full back tattoo in the marine corps?
im not sure what kind of tattoo 2 get?
do tattoo's hurt?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo but i dont want her to get one?
does a foot tattoo hurt?
i frequently get pimples on my face?how can i cure it?
Can I use Emla cream for a small tattoo?
Has anyone used a tattoo removal cream?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Where should i have my fox tattoo?
Discworld quote tattoo?
I have a couple questions regarding the tattoo artist proffesion..?
how old do you have to be to get you r belly button pierced and nose pierced?
Painful Tattoo Places?
What is your favorite cologne or perfume & why?
I got my eyebrow pierced yesterday, it hasn't swollen or anything. Normal?
NEED OPINION. What do you think of my tattoo?
How much will this tattoo cost me?
Opinions on this tattoo?
is there any home cure for marks on face?
to add to my tattoo idea?
My dimple piercings are leaking?
where can i find a good tatoo for me and my sister to share?
How much to tip for a tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo and your belly button pierced?
Is it possible to get ink poisining from tatoos?
What men's skincare product has actually worked wonders for you? What did it do for your skin?
Where can I find a great Japanese tattoo artist in the Baltimore/DC area?
What is an effective way to get a flat tummy by the summer?
Two Tattoos in One (Up-side down & Right-side up)?
is 'remington' epilator good for epilate?
Question about Tattoos?
I want to get this tattoo and it means something to me?
What is the best razor a woman can use to shave her bikini area?
Need a good design for getting my sons name jonathan on my wrist?? dont know what design to go for?
Tattoos on feet ???
Is there something just as good as Proactive Skin care for much cheaper?
how can i get rid of the dark circles around my eyes?
Getting a Tattoo that says (Architect) in "Arabic" good or bad idea?
Anyone know a good tattoo artist in Los Angeles willing to come to my residence?
What really makes you fat?
Parents: would you allow your child to get a tattoo?
Can someone draw my tatoo?
just out of curiousity? [on looks]?
what you think of this tattoo ?
does breast cream work??
Do you think girls with tattoos is unattractive?
can you give me your opinion on this tat i want?
Brazilian wax anyone?
Good quotes about life for a tattoo idea?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
I want to get a small quote tattoo. I want a quote about life/no regrets/love etc. Any ideas?
Should I tattoo on my friend while he's sleeping as a prank?
Could i get a legal tattoo at 16?
Getting tattoos in bali?
I Wanna Get A Tattoo?
One or two word tattoo for wrist to remind me that I only have today ?
Do you think it is a sin or bad to get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how much would this tattoo be?
Text tattoo on ankle?
what do you think about woman and tattoos?
Free Tatoo Websites....?
Questions about lip tattoo?
If I Get Bear Paw Tattoo Will People Think I'm Gay?
ideas for a tattoo in memory of my mom?
Looking for a picture I saw online a while ago?
advice on inner conch piercings?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in North Carolina?
Nautical Star Tattoo Help?
Can you help me with a rib tattoo?
Would this weird or odd?
Should I get a tattoo?
if you shave your hands will you get some kind of cancer?
What are these dark dots on my legs?
what is the best way to get blackheads out on my face?
is there any way to make your waist smaller?
I have acne and i've tried everything on tvand in the magazines. What should I try next?
Is it possible to have a dark tan while living somewhere hot, and then move somewhere cold and lose your tan?
Tattoo opinions? * PICS *?
how do you get rid of dandruff?
How can i remove my scar on my skin - naturally?
Tattoo in memory of my godson?
I want to go to Yokohama,Japan to get a tattoo from Horiyoshi 3,does anyone know his prices and contact info?
How much would it cost to have a very small tattoo removed?
Help With Chest Tattoo Please?
What are some good places to put a tattoo?
Does it look like my eyebrow piercings rejecting?
my legs are how can i make my legs longer. I am 25 years young man!?
Do you have to be a great artist to be a tattoo artist?
What is the purpose of getting a tattoo if you're the only one who understands it?
Why don't the soles of your feet and palms of your hands, tan the same as the rest of your skin?
Issues with my new tattoo. Not sure what's wrong?
Should I get a pink superman or slut tattoo on my p**ssY?
Need a cute idea for a tat?
Seriously Speaking, why do black people get tattoos?
how can i lose my tan?
Which one should I get tattooed?
Women Only! Why are women so sensitive about their weight?
who go's to the YMCA?
What do you think of making this henna tattoo ?
If you could get any tattoo...?
Do you think you soul is tattooed, just as you are?
how do I get rid of the black heads on the nose?
will the skin feel as smooth as b4 after removing the pimple scar by remedy( aloe vera ) or other?
In the maybelline Falsies commercial the actors have a angel wing tatto on their wrist...?
Improving scarred, oily skin?
im can i grow taller?
Guys: Would you date a girl with a tattoo?
Will my hand tattoo effect my career?
How much would this tattoo be?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Can I be a photographer and have tattoos?
forearm tattoo pain???
How does the ink from tattoos work?
How to get rid of marks on your face?
What was your experience getting a tattoo?
Why do I have spider veins at 24 years old?
is there anywhere online i can design my own Maori inspired tattoo?(not a copy)?
i want a tattoo... but i don't know what to get...?
Help with new tattoo!?
Industrial cartilage piercing opinions please!?
Could my auntie (38) or my sister (19) act as my guardian for getting a tatoo?
Why are piercing guns even allowed to be used?
Where should I get Chinese symbols tattooed?
How bad do tattoos hurt?
why are all these girls asking questions about how boys want them to look?
Want To Get Matching Tattoos?
whats the best way to push away stress?
Black or grey tattoo?
tatoo ideas help! (wrist)?
do freaky birthmarks mean anything...andif they do what does mine mean?
how do i make homemade sugar scrubs ?
Can people get tattoo's at this part of the body?
Whats my problem here?
Need advice for a tattoo font.?
What do you think of this saying as a tattoo?
(pics) Which tattoo idea is better?
What should I do about tattoo's?
getting babydaddys name tatted, am i stupid or not?
why are women mean to someone they like?
do we as women dwell on our bodies more then men do? Do they notice our imperfections like we do on ourselves?
Redness around surface piercing.?
Can this mess a tattoo up?
Taking care of Tattoos?
see the details?
How important is a dark tan to you?
Can you get an inner lip tattoo with a labret?
Does anyone know of a product on the market, besides plastic surgery, that is effective in enlarging the lips?
willu go out with me?
waxxed then tattoo on chest ?
are most guys/girls grossed out by really fat people when looking for a bf/gf??
whats the better tattoo choice?
I want a microdermal on my chest but...?
Whats the nautical star tattoo mean?
New eagle tattoo help?
Why is my skin rejecting the ink?
Anyone know a good tattoo artist in Chicago?
Tattoo advise (prices and design)?
help me please cover up tattoo :(?
what is the name of this tattoo symbol?
Is it painful to get teeth pulled? To they num it or put your mouth to sleep frist?
what would go good with the tattoo i have "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional? i want to add to it.?
How do you get rid of the red bumps AFTER you had an eyebrow waxing?
Which is less harsh on skin..shaving, waxing or hair removal creams?
tattoo over cigarette burn?
Getting into tattooing and need some advice?
what is sex? (the true meaning eg.spiritual connection with the one you love?,etc)?
Why do I have cellulite even though I'm not fat?
Whats a cool tattoo for a girl to get on her foot?
why is soap so slippery when you shower?
My new tattoo was in the sun briefly, is this bad?
is is okay for a girl to have this tattoo, its what i have?
Getting my first tattoo?
I'm getting my cartiledge pierced. How much will it hurt?
I am looking to get another tattoo cant decided what I want!?
how do you get at&t things but keep the normal adress you already hav?
Quote ideas for a tattoo.?
what do you do?
Tattoo that means vulnerability but strenght at the same time?
im gonna get my first tattoo?
Which One?......,..,.........?
how do you get rid of hickys?
Getting a tattoo behind my ear?
Quote for tattoo on ribs?
I want to get a tattoo but can't think of anything with real meaning. Does anyone else have this problem? Help
Spot suggestions (upcoming tattoos)?
Do people chip their teeth often when they have a tongue ring in their mouth?
Alright, So I really want a wrist tattoo. But I have no Ideas.?
Tattoo Idea for my deceased uncle.?
emergency!!!! new tattoo!!?
What kind of tattoo should I get [more details inside]?
What facial products/cleansers are good for me?
Tell me what you think of my new tattoo!?
Ladies.. tattoos on guys?
Funny tattoo ideas, please!!!?
is this a good tattoo idea?
Do tattoos hurt on your shoulder blade?
Does anyone know the meaning of Ryan Phillipe's new tribal tattoo?
Is it not masculine to get a tattoo on your side ? ? ?
Can somebody show me a colored picture of a poseidon tattoo?
Tell me what you think of my tattoo idea?
Do you know any products that can get rid of spots?
I want a tattoo any ideas help?
Day 5 of my new tattoo healing process. It's starting to peel. Is it safe to start to put lotion on it?
What is the meaning of the expression "Hold on" in a tattoo?
Hennas tattoos? Safe.?
I'm a 36 year old male. What is the best product to use to make the skin on my face appear healthyand younger
parents are pissed about my tattoo?
How do I get rid of my acne.?
where in cleveland can you buy bath sea salts. Sea salts are wondeful for your skin?
What is the average cost for this tattoo?
Anybody know of any good tattoo artists in California?
Tattoo Idea; What do you think?
what price would i be looking at for a sleeve tattoo?
how can we tight our skin?
I'm getting this tattoo tomorrow what do you think?
Which tattoo should I get?
How much would this tattoo cost?
When doing a tattoo, what do you take or what do you do to numb the pain?
How have tattoo shows affected the industry?
What technical art skills needed for tattoo artist?
My baby brother is 10 and he has a skin problem what is the best soultion 4 it.?
script wrist tattoo help?
Would applying an SPF lotion daily as a moisturizer be acceptable? And would it moisturize?
Can i get a tattoo at 15? If so can u hav 1 on your wrist on the vein ?
Should I get my tougue pierced?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
what do you all think about getting a tatoo on my hip saying This is Life Not Heave I am not Perfection?
I have an old tattoo that I want fixed but I don't want a cover up tat.. please help!?
What happens if I don't use soap on my new tattoo?
Tattoo idea for a biker lady who rids her own?
A quote for my next tattoo?!?
I have lost my invisible friend, Any ideas on how to find her?
micky sharpz info??? ?
My sister has spinal cancer and I want to get a tattoo for her, can i get a ribbon tattoo?
Is vitamin b5 effective in preventing or clearing out acne?
what Kat Von D book do you like the best?
Fragrances for teenage girls?
Does lavender oil really help reduce the appearance of scars?
does anyone live in brighton here?
I have at least 9 birthmarks?
how many tattoos do you have?
TAttooooooos ! (girls help or any1)?
MY first tattoo and its healing process?
If tanning will give you cancer and you die....?
Do you have any tattoo's? What and where are they? Do you plan on getting one if you dont have one?
How should I go about using Henna?
Can Someones Draw me a Tattoo?
Should i have a boyfriend.?
why do we have fingernails???
I just stripped my skin of its natural oil, how do I replenish it over night?
is there anyway to make a sleeve out of my first tattoo?
Is it wrong for a man to have long finger nails, and clean?
Why do tattoo artists and piercers always look so extreme?
which one from these: tattoo help?
will a tattoo hurt on my forearm? am 15 years old and am abit scared of what it will feel like?
How 2 insert a super tampon?????
picture of a girl with a tribal tattoo that wraps around her belly button?
where should i put my first tattoo on?
I am still 13, I want a navel piercing so badly but I dont know how to tell my parents. Any suggestions how to
Does this sound like a good idea for a new tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo at uncle inky's?
Looking for an Owl tattoo design?
Can I put to much lotion on my new tattoo? I use unscented Lubriderm.?
Butterfly tattoo on stomach ?
do getting your bellybutton piercied hurt?what about the labert(chin/under lip)?
Est.How Much for this tattoo?
i wna get a tattoo..wat shud it be??
how do you clear acne(pimples)?
where should i put this tattoo?
"yesterdays history, tommorows a mystery" what do you think for a tattoo?
Should I get this tattoo, yay or nay?
A tattoo question please help?
Pregnant and tattoos?
Any suggestions of forcing yourself to the gym?
ladies how do you enjoy sleeping next to your man?
Would I be able to get this tattooed on my wrist?
Tattoo Question, Now I know?
my older sister is soo much cooler and prettier than me! what do i do about this? HELP GIRLS!?
Back neck much pain to expect?
Protection in tanning beds?
is there a store that sells elicina cream cause iw ant to know like target or wal mart or something like?
Can anyone suggest a good self-tanner/bronzer that is not streaky or bright orange??
Heart Tattoo on my palm?
How much/long would it take to get this tattoo?
Single Inspirational Words (To Get Tattooed)?
tattoo opinion pleasee!?
Best tattooist in NY that does bamboo tattooing?
Gauges Question......?
tiny pieces of my first tattoo is are peeling off?
Is my foot tattoo ok?
How do I get rid of pimples and zits on my forhead?
What does this tattoo mean?
POLL: When did you last get a tattoo ?
i'm 5'4''. and my weight is 80lbs. am i underweight?
what is the meaning of six lightening bolts side by side in a tattoo?
What colour eyes do you have?
טרנספורמציה OR שנוי צורה?
My toenails are starting to discolor?
How can i stop peeling?
What can i do to cover up this blob?
Where should I have my tattoo placed?
does anyone know who is the best tattooist in Manchester England?
How do I get rid of the hair on my back permanently?
Is it a MUST for for a new convert to remove their tattoos ?
how can i get rid of pimples and pimple scars with out using any products?
how to remove sun tan by some homely available ingredients?
Tattoo Idea?
Shower day after laser tattoo removal?
Im gonna get my first tattoo today on my shoulder. What would keep me calm and relaxed while getting it? ?
Is it painful to get teeth pulled? To they num it or put your mouth to sleep frist?
Tattooed wedding ring............?
where can I go to get a good tattoo in orlando florida?
What do you think of getting a barcode tattoo?
How do you get rid of bimbles on your face?
Do you think Monroe Piercings are ugly?????????
do you prefer hip piercings or bellybutton?
is it ok to get a streight barbel and bend it and then use it as a belly ring?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo?
tel me home remdies 4 remo'n hair 4om my face n also pimple spots?
Tattoo Aftercare???....?
What is inside a bra?
Good family tattoo quotes/sayings?
having troubles coming up with an idea....?
What do you do to get a wrist tattoo to hurt less before getting it and what to do before to propare yourself?
hi! i intend to go in for laser hair removing,however I've got braces! will there be any side effects?
question about my tattoo , advice?
would you get a tattoo of your lovers name?
I've got little bumps on face (mainly on my forehead) - how can i get rid of them?
I need an idea for a large tattoo. Arm pit to hip bone, onto stomach and back. Need some ideas/themes.?
How to get started to be a tattoo artist?
Is Jovan Musk deodorant for men still available in a roll on or just a spray?
whats a good tattoo quote or phare for men?
I need a simple cursive script for my tattoo...?
Upper Back Tattoo Info?
will my tattoo stay even if my hand grow bigger ?
do you like my tattoo design?
Sak Yant in Bangkok ?
What are some cool bf and gf matching tattoos?
Does StrinVectrin-HS Hydro-Thermal Deep Wrinkle Serum Works ???
Tattoo estimate price?! HELPP?
Any ideas or inspiration for a tattoo for a young crossdresser?
my girlfriend hates the fact that i have a uni-brow. i dont think its that bad, but she cant stand it.?
Whats the best way I can clean off pimples and pores off my teenage face???
Please Answer? Tattoo?
Where should I get a Tattoo?
A very serious question?
what is the best product for weak and breaking nails?
Tattoo parlors in soho?
does getting you private thing wax hurts alot???
which is more orange? cara (my friend hu wears a LOT of tan) or an oompa loompa??
Can you get a permanent tattoo without having to get a bunch of needles stuck into you a bunch of times?
how to get a tan?
How much do foot tattoos hurt?
I'm fair skinned, will I get a dark tan in the Bahamas?
Is it bad to copy someone's tattoo if you see it on the internet?
Farsi, Iranian, help! Idea for a tattoo?
Oh my god!?
Tattoo Risks and How To Take Care Of It?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on you hand?
I am getting a tattoo on my lower or upper back, which would be the best idea, lower or upper?
How Long After Taking Antibiotics Do I Have To Wait To Go Tanning?
How much more would a rib/side tattoo hurt?
What shall i do for becoming fair. pls reply me with any home remedy or any known products.?
How to make home made yogurt?
Ideas for what to do with my neckpiece?
i wanna make a tattoo on my wrist...any suggestions?!?
i am a lady and want a tatoo on my you know what. but dont want the tatooist seeing.?
I want to get 3 sets of initials tattooed on me for my family what kind of designs could I do and where?!?
Can a tattoo artist flip an image without redrawing it?
Tattoo Laws in South Australia?
Dove with a heart tattoo?
I am getting a tattoo on my 16th birthday what is your opinion?
What is the purpose of toenails?
first ever tattoo???
i have some red pimple marks on my face. they r not deep. i m fair so they look odd. please suggest .?
What is the best method to remove facial hair (for women)?
who made the first move ADAM OR EVE ?
If my 19 year old step-brother takes me, can i get a tattoo? (i'm 15)?
What's the best way to fade a new tattoo?
i want a tattoo but imm really scared:|?
How do they do it?
How long does a NEW tattoo?
Sharpie question... If I write a 13 on my wrist and...?
What tattoo should i get?
Where could I get this tattooed on my body?
I really want A LOT of tattoos but I am no good with pain and still scared to get my first!?
tanning while cloudy???
What can you use on yourr lip if you cut yourself shaving?
Tattoo question on color...?
Getting A Tattoo At 14?
Should sleeve (tattoos) my arm if i want to be a teacher?
i'm getting another tattoo and i think i'm gonna get it on my lower back....advice?
Any tattoo font for my tattoo?
is faint facial hair common in women?
help question about my tattoo?
who would you like better a girl that plays softball or a cheerleader?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin and Minnesota?
Is it bad if my new tattoo is red all around and hot to the touch?
Is being 5'6.5" and weighing 120 pounds fat? And what is a fast way to get rid of excess belly fat?
Just got off Accutane a month ago, is it okay to get a tattoo?
im getting my first tattoo?
what is the best way to get rid of pimples?
How much would this tat Range?
Are these good tattoos to get?
hello, I'm looking for a good fitting body shaper for a slimmer look. has anyone tryed one.?
what does everyone think about large tattooed wings on the entire back? hot or not?
Will I regret my first tattoo?
Tattoo over a a scar from a burn?
Which type of bra should I wear to increase my cleavage if I wear size B cup?
My sisters and I are looking to get matching tattoo's...any ideas?
How much are Spider Bites at Stray Cat in Manhattan, Kansas?
corkscrew nose ring sticking out of nostril..?
how can i keep my skin from getting bad in the sun?
Tattoo placement ideas?
is this a good tattoo idea?
More details on lip piercing bump heelllp?
i need help with my tattoo please?
what is a good way to REALLY get self-tanner off skin fast?
Around how much is this tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
which tattoo should i pick?
my daughter is 3mths old and im having doubts about piercing her ears. what should i do?
Best Tattoo Parlor in NYC?
Lighten new tattoo that I want to keep?
Just got a tattoo yesterday and wanna add....?
Ladies: Favorite cologne on a man?
is there anywhere that i can get a tattoo drawn up?
benefits of water?
Would it be stupid to get a tattoo of the ralph lauren polo symbol?
Do tattoos look trashy on women?
Where to get my tattoo?
Would I be at risk for a keloid if I get a tattoo?
Do you think this is a good tattoo for my rib cage?
Where should I get this tattoo?
What is fruit facial?
Teens and tattoos????,?,????
Peroxide to remove a tattoo?
How can I convince My mother to let me get a tattoo?
What do you think of this as a tat?
best place in northumberland/borders (scotland) to get a portrait tattoo...?
Should a girl shave her arms if there hairy?
can you get a tattoo while on blood thinners?
if i have tattoos will people think?
tattoo's, can someone design me one for my partner please?
If you HAD to get lyrics tattoo'd on your body...?
tanning salon in the philippines?
How long would a tattoo on the side of my hand last before it starts to fade bad?
Why are my tattoo lines so thin? They look like faint scratches and like a pen.?
what does 'ti amo' mean?
What kind of tattoo do you like better?
Tattoo.. to young?
lower back tattoos????
My fiance and I need tattoo help! We just had a baby boy and want...?
Why do so many white women get plastic surgery?
Whats a good idea for a sister tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo.?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Can a 18 year older sign for a 17.5 year older for a tattoo in CA?
Are infinity tattoos only for couples? What exactly do they mean?
i have some dot sized rashes on my arms and shoulders .they r black in color .no iritation no other problem?
Tattoo, need to check the latin!?
Are inner lip tattoos safe ? yes or no ?
'Fate will find the way, you just need to keep walking' for a foot tattoo?
Tattoo of a cross/yinyang/chinese symbols: Definition of douchebag?
Is there any way to make my butt bigger? I want to be slim with a giant booty.?
Tattoo in Oklahoma professionally done?
I am learning to be a therapist, and I am planning to get a wrist tattoo. Will this affect my future jobs?
what are your opinions on tattoos?
Getting a Tattoo under 18 in Texas?
Will my tattoo scare my kids?
Does anyone know St. Michaels (health & beauty ) product from England?Where can I get it online?
my passion is to become a tattoo artist but i don't know how?
Modeling with tatoos and piercings?
are you ugly? and if so, then does this annoy you?
Has any one had a Brazilian wax, it is really painfull?
What piercing do you think i should get?
where should i get a tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo on my thigh?
Why is my two year old lettering tattoo suddenly raised?
I'm getting my tattoo soon, not girly enough?
Brand new tattoo red bumps?
Why would someone's skin just reject tattoo ink?
Do tattoos on your fingers fade quicker than on your shoulder?
Will I be able to function normally for my tattoo with tylenol codeine?
my tattoo scabbed heavy where the solid black parts were. and some scabs came off little early. is it a scar?
How does a tattoo feel when they are putting it on?
First tattoo (teenager)?
Tattoo help?
do you think its hot for girls to have tattoos?
Good quote for a tattoo?
peace and cross sign tattoo - find me the design?
do you got your TONGUE PIERCED?
whats the best cream to use to get rid of under eye bags?
I need tattoo advice?
Tattoo artists....What do you think of this tattoo?
where can i get some info about massage theraphy?
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR) tattoo, in chinese? (Translation please) :P?
Words tattooed on a man's inner wrist?
Do tattoo's distort much when losing/gaining weight?
ways of improving skin complexion?
Pete and Frank Tattoo?
It's Friday night and I have a huge spot on the end of my nose?
wat is LOL?
which is best for the pimply black marked skin ? dove? or pears if pears the which model?
do you like my tattoo? PLEASE RATE?
is my tattoo(s) a problem for her?
Would you ever get someones name tattooed on your butt?
how to make your jaw pointed and sharp?
what do you think about a lip piercing?
Can you tattoo over stretch marks?
guys what do you think is the sexiest place a girl can have a tattoo, and what kind of tattoo?
If you could do without any body part, which one would it be?
what design is this called?
Placement and font for a short text tattoo?
can you remove a tattoo with stale milk?
If you had to lose a sense which sense would it be and why?
What tattoo should i get on my tricep?
Tattoos and TB skin test?
Who did Kat Von D's tattoo?
at what age should i start buying my daughter a training bra?
color ideas?
I am getting a new tattoo and need some ideas on where to put it?
which tattoo would hurt more?
Is it possible to get a clearish slivery glitter tattoo?
i'm planning to get a medium sized tattoo on my it not allowed that nurses have tattoos?
is this a bad Tatto Idea?
Have your breasts ever popped out of your bra?
I really want a tattoo, but ive no idea what to get, any ideas?
What would be a good tattoo idea to symbolize family?
only if you know anything about hollywood undead!?
What is the best tattoo parlor in Amarillo Texas?
what is your tattoo and how much did it cost you?
Can everyone get a tan?
how two install mesenger (for chatting) on xp proff windows i tried 1ce but its not opening to sign in?
where should i put my snake bite piercings?
Does eating breakfast cereal make you fat?
I wanna get another tattoo, something to do with laughter. Any ideas?
i'm going to get this tattoo... so just rate it....... girls onli?
;i wana get a tattoo starting from my lower bikini line going up my rib to my arm pit, WILL iT HURT???????? =(?
Do you like this tattoo?
i want a hello kitty tattoo but something different unique n girly...?
Would you use lotion?
Tattoo websites please.. 10points?
Does any one think TATTOOS are just pure TACKY !?
On my face I have a tiny little dot that is red I think it is maybe a broken vein or something.?
Why are so many girls put off by PIERCINGS AND TATTOOS ..?
Can anyone give me prescription on acnes & pimple? Thanks for all the answers...?
Im visiting michigan,im 13 can i get a tattoo there?with parent con'sent?
How can I get rid of pimples FAST?
Tattooo ???????!?!!??!?!!?!?!?
Symbols for strength?
how to make energetic,fair looking and happy?
how can i stop smokig cigarettes???
do tongue or lip piercings hurt when you get them?
flower tattoo artist in Glendale?
Where can a 15 year old get a tattoo without a parents consent?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Minnesota ?
Tattoo goo and other aftercare products. Help?
I have a huge day tomorrow, but I can tell I'm getting a zit. Any hints on stopping it in it's tracks?
Tyra if somone judges you on how skinny you what should u do?
Ladies what is the best bleaching cream for body hair?
what's the quickest way to get rid of a still forming zit?
Need more help with memorial tattoo for grandpa?
is there a difference between piercing your left eyebrow then your right now?
First Tattoo Ideas??!?
does anybody know how to get rid of pimples in 3 or less days?
i hv swelling under my eyes... also dark circles.. how can i remove it? i want home remidies...?
taaaaattttttoooo??? for guys?
How perminate are oil tattoos and how much would a 6inch by 1inch Death Bat cost?
Need Help On Tattoo Please?
question laser tattoo removal ???????
Tattoo ideas? Which is best?
I need some real original/unique or just really cool ideas for tattoos.?
Getting a tattoo? What hurts the most?
Gauging my ears again?
Should I get this tattoo on my lower stomach?
Has anyone ever heard of the Arbonne Company? What do you think?
What can you use (that works) to get rid of a fever blister on your lip?
when do tattoo parlors open?
I had a tatoo done on my ankle and is swallen. Is this normal?
Like my bio-wings tattoo design?
Good Detroit Tattoo Artist?
Does anyone know a Kadi Titus or a Jessica Delgado?
opinions please! your favorite perfume?
Friendship Quotes For Tattoo?
Why is the "after" photo of one's weight loss in front of a white backround?
Tattoo help "My Brother My Hero My Marine"?
I use the "Murad" skin care system and it seems my skin has gotten worse. Has this happened to anyone else?
What kind of tattoo should I get in the future..?
A tattoo reference picture?
anybody advice on nose piercings??!!?
Is getting tattoos on your side or neck really painful?
"Barcode" tattoo?
Thoughts on my tattoo ideas?
Girls!! Do you regret having a tattoo??
What's the average weight for a 12 year old? My sis wants to know.?
Tattoo, Soccer, Healing Time?
OK speedos are NOT sexy on men now, but they were in the 70s right?
Is it ok for a guy to shave his private area?
My son has a friend, who has cobweb tattoos on both ears and elbows... What exactly is this supposed to mean?
Your Common Tattoo Question?
Tattoo at age 15. Is it possible?
I have a tribal type got burned and infected from a tanning bed..will i be able to fix it later.?
need help on tribal tattoo!!?
does a brazillian wax hurt really bad?
tattoo over an elbow scar?
anyone tried the *StrVectin-HS*?
Fight Club, Symbol, Foot Tattoo, HELP?
will nivea work for tattoo cream?
In California, how old do you have be to get a tattoo with parental consent?
i need my tattoo filled in?
How much would the tattoo hurt?
how do you know if someone is your best friend?
tattoo idea, could use some thoughts please :)?
Where can I find photos of the tattoo design from the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
pls help me i really need ur help?
Tattoo behind the ear ideas?
Where is the most popular place for a tattoo...?
Any ideas for a really funky, different tattoo up my spine?
What age were you when you got your first tattoo?
tattoo.??? or not tattoo?
i am 17, and i live in colorado. i want to get a tattoo, but do NOT have parental consent...?
if someone gets a tattoo saying "white pride" is that considerd the same thing as "white power" why or why not
i want a tattoo....any suggestions?
Girls do you like piercing on Guys and Where?
I'm getting two angel wings on my hip bones. will that look trashy. only a little of it will show?
I HAVE A LOT OF PIMPLE SPOTS , HOLES , WHITEHEADS.Can you please suggest me some home made cheap natural cure?
Should I get a head tattoo?
Thinking about a Tinkerbell tattoo?
How long after a full back tattoo should I wait before I workout again?
I am a teacher and I want a tattoo. Any suggestions for an educational tattoo?
How do I put up my real picture instead of aviator thingy?
Help me!! Is this well written? s im spanish speaker?
Pros and cons about Dove soap and/or other skincare products?
how can i do with my dry skin near my eyes?
Does anyone know of a good tradtion tribal tattoo artist?
Why do women get the "tramp stamp" ((lower back tattoos))???
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Who old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Tattoo Ideas?
How do you MAKE henna ink? ?
How much will my tattoo cost? (Roughly)?
Where is this tattoo from?
how many tattos do you have .... and where?
Which tattoo do you think would look better (pictures)?
How painful is a tattoo on the small of your back?
tattoo- inside (but below) left ankle, directly above the heel?
does anyone know were i can get cheap gel nails?
Is 5'1 the right height to be in 9th grade? Is that average?
Would snakebites, monroe, or angelbites look better on me? (pics)?
I need tattoo ideas that represent the month of december.?
Helllllllllppppppppp with tattooo.?
How much should a tattoo like this cost?
pain of tattoo on inside of wrist?