How do you get rid of body acne?
Tanning and sunscreen?
How to hide a tattoo?
how can i wash or get rid of suntan on my face..?
why when u bite your lip/inside of mouth you always seem to bite it again and again???
im considering a tattoo on my face - what do you recommend?
what symbol can represent energy/life?
has anyone had work done on their nose, did it hurt and how much did it cost?
Best way to remove captive bead ring?
Is the dermal piercing painful??? should get that? or tattoo?
wut do dudes look for in a girl?
how do you create a character profile? give me examples.?
what is your definition of tattoo?
how do i loose 10 pounds in 7 days???
What is a good moisturizer for dry legs?
Swoosh this to die??
Is there a certain order that I should follow for my skincare routine?
Painting/picture to tattoo.?
Piercing / Tattoo / receptionist apprentice North East england?
Thinking of getting an anklet tattoo but need ideas?
if you pierce your long will it be red? For 1 day or more..?
does anyone know any tattoo shops in new jersey near middletown or keport that allow minors to get a tattoo?
What kind of tattoo design go good with this story?
Another Question for the guys: What is your first impression of a pretty blonde?
Black Light or Regular?
what should i get pierced?
Which one do you think i should get? which tattoo?
Is this normal???
Tattoo idea question?! please help.?
What arm would best to get an hawaiian armband tattoo right or left?
skin problem?
unable to tan or burn?
Need help deciding on a tattoo...?
What is your opinion about behind ear tattoos?
I have a lower back tattoo that is still raised up after 4 years .can I still tattoo over the raised tattoo?
What body part would this tattoo be best on?
Why do people get tattoos/piercings these days?
where is a good place on your body to hide a tattoo?
Why Do Guys Like Big Breasts Only IF They Are On Thin Girls?
I have been told that darker women get black spots after shaving. Is there any way to get rid of the spots?
My neck is very black. What to do. Is there is any simple tips daily to do in home?
can someone design me a tattoo please...?
I need tattoo help! I would love it if somone who can draw and design tattoos could help me?!?
Electricity tattoo?
What's your opinion on tattoos at work?
3 tattoos too many for a girl?
what do you guys think of the following tattoo? im getting it on sunday.?
got any good ways to loose waight?
Where's the best place on your body to spray Perfume to make it last longer?
what is a 'g-spot' exactly,ive heard if a penis reaches out there a girl gets maximum satisfaction?guys hv it?
What's a good tattoo idea for independence?
Becoming a tattoo artist ?
How much would this tattoo cost? (Approx)?
What is the cheapest place to get a leg wax? Can I do at home leg wax?
What is the sexiest place for a tattoo on a girl?
Where is the best place for a girl to get a tattoo?
how detergent remove dirt?
how do I apply to get on the show plastic surgery?
Is it easy to just get one tattoo without getting addicted for more?
What is worse then going to a tattoo artist and hearing him utter 'Oops'?
I was disqualified from enlisting in the USMC, but I want a tattoo to show my love for the Corps. Ideas?
Can you please give opinions on this tattoo...?
What's the name of this symbol ? (tattoo)?
First time tattoo questions?
whats wrong with not wanting a tattoo?
In the girl with the dragon tattoo...?
how to find a meaningful tattoo?
why do teens get plastic surgery?
What do you think about freckles?
does Proactiv work?
poll: tattoos on a girl- sexy? or skanky?
How much do Spider bites piercings cost in St. Pete, Florida?
what do the tattoos devendra banhart have signify?
Tattoo Placement Question?
i have pierced my septum,not healing.wat to do?
what if u were 15 is that too young to get a tattoo, and why or why not?
Does this tattoo sound stupid?
henna tatto help please?!?!?!?!!?
Where can I find pure raw shea butter in it's original form with nothing added to it in Dallas Texas?
Covering a red writing tattoo?
Ink coming off my tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo, anyone have any ideas of little ones?
Is it hard on the face to switch from a powerful acne medicine like proactive? can my face get addicted?
Ideal private piercing on your body?
i have tea tree do i use it?
am i too young for a tattoo?
Do you have a picture of Natascha McElhone's Tattoo on Califronication?
i want to get matching tattoos for me and my dad?
What should I wear to my tattoo appointment when getting a piece on my upper thigh?
whould you ever pierce or tattoo your private area?
Ladies, how do you prefer to maintain your private area; shaved, trimmed or full growth?
Does anyone have any natural body recipes...?
What do you think about scarification?
can someone make a custom perfume to match the scent of a shampoo I love?
Just got a tattoo on my foot Saturday and going to a three day festival Thursday. Any tips?
Are lower back tattoos a target for a guy to finish on ?
how do you calibrate a scale???
TATTOO ADVICE - can I get one?
would a tattoo artist do this if i asked?
Who's the model on the cover Tattoo for January 2010?
my brother wieghs 130 and is 11 and his height is 5'4 is that 2 much??
I found an italian perfumebottle, I need help identifying it. Reads "GD"?
What are your thoughts on this friendship tattoo?! :)?
Color tattoo healing problem?
how much aftercare cream should i put on my new tattoo?
will my tattoo stretch if my arms get bigger?
How much for this tattoo idea ?
Where to get my tattoo?
Would a neck tattoo effect my construction career?
Need help with tattoo for Mother-in-law that passed?
how 2 B a gentleman men?
Is it wrong to get an om tattoo and not be hindu or religious?
Does anyone have any ideas of good/evil symbols for tattoos?
How do I pronounce L'Oreal ?
What is the hard part of being a hottie?!?
Why do people use fake tan?
Can an open bird cage with birds flying away symbolize this....?
What should my tattoo say?
I need a good spot for a tattoo that can be hidden from parents. the tattoo will be a "13"?
is there any natural substance i can put on my skin to make it healthier and richer.?
ok my mom wont let me get a tattoo as my b-day presnt win i turn14 but i now wat i want and wher help me convi?
Should I get a tattoo?
Diablo Dimes cat tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
help with this tattoo?
Dreamcatcher tattoos?
Do girls like guys that are funny and do really stupid things???
Tattoo and piercing help?
I would like an uncommon english word or maybe even latin/greek words for a tattoo?
Tattoos and hair regrowth?
Does white ink last long in a tattoo?
do you believe that people with tattoos are dumb thugs?
nervous about tattoo (needle fear)?
How do I know my tattoo is healing properly?
Are Clean & Clear products any good? Or Clearasil?
is there any others states beside north dakota that you can get a tattoo when your under 18?
can anybody tell me the solution 4 moles and freckles......plzzz immediately?
I got my first tattoo on my wrist. It is small.?
I want a Japanese tattoo but?
I want a tattoo, but I have eczema.?
tattoo help...where?
have you got a tattoo?
I'm scared my new tattoo may be infected!!?
Why are tattoos so popular? Is it just another fad to waste money?
Risks of a DIY tattoo?
Can i get a tattoo that only last like 5 years or something?
What are your tattoo/piercing plans for this year?
Don't you think that Lindsay Lohan is soooo pritty?
I need some tattoo ideas (quotes)?
how much pain and price for this tattoo?
Will tattoo fade after 10years?
how do I use tattoo's on face book?
what training do i need to become a tattoo artist?
Am I fat?????
How to care for a newly pierced nose?
Do chest tattoo hurt more then ankle?
Trying to find a decent tattoo parlor in the DC area...?
Where should i place my first tattoo?
the good the bad and the ugly...?
Half back tattoo of wings?
Stencil muddied up my white ink tattoo?
Need opinions on tattoo styles and how they would look together?
my nose is vary sensadive and hase red on the sydes is there a whay that i could get ride of that?
my skin is really oily what can i do for it so tht it becomes normal??
Will this tattoo hurt? ?
Looking for something ?
Getting a tattoo on my big toe?
how much do you think it will cost to get my tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost (any guesses)?
Going to work day after getting tattoo?
Tattoo ideas for a Seventeen year old? Read Below ...?
which would you get if you were me?.. need honest opinions! please answer! for my tattoo!?
Laser Tattoo Removal Stories?
Opinions on a leg tattoo?
randy orton's tattoo artist?
where are good places to get ambigram tattoos?
What was your experience of having your ears pierced?
why leg nails grow slower than hand nails?
Where did the tattoo on the rocks arm faster originate from an where can i see pictures of it?
How do you get rid of those little hair bumbs on your legs without spending lots of money?
Colored or non-colored flower tattoo looks nicer on shoulder?
How long would it take to get this tattoo done?
Tattoo behind your ear?
Be 100% honest......?
Which is better on girls? chubby or slim figure?
Which brand of Vitamins can I buy?
Is your tattoo a part of your identity, and why did you get a tattoo?
what do you think of your tatoos?please answer!?
what are some good quotes for a chest tattoo?
So i got a tattoo and it itches?
tattoo sleeve to symbolize sciience vs religion?
I need really good pictures of "rebel stars"?
How do you achieve a more defined jawline without surgery?
I really really really want my tattoo right now...?
Aloe Vera after Proactiv. Is it okay to put on Aloe Vera after I put on Proactiv for more moisture.?
i need a small quote that has to do with beauty, flowers, and life for a tattoo.?? HELP(:?
I need help with a decision for a tattoo(pic included)?
what do you think of tattoos?
how do u treat blisters?
Proactiv sux!!! yes or no?
i want a tattoo but imm really scared:|?
What is your tattoo and what does it represent or symbolize?
What do you think about my new tattoo?
What to get as a tattoo?
I am wanting to get a tattoo of a quote or a very good bible verse, any ideas?
im at a 0 gauge currently , and i need 00?
what is the best clinique product?
What do you think of my tattoo :)?
Please can I have your? honest opinion on this tattoo before I get it! Thanks! ?
I have chronic acne issue. Is an extra shot of antibiotics gonna help?
Can i use my brothers ID to get a tattoo, UK?
Where can you buy blank tattoo transfer paper?
Tattoo placement please?
How much would this tattoo cost?
If my brand new tattoo wrinkles in my side when i sit ..?
A guys wobbly bits?
Will this tattoo hurt? ?
how to get rid of sunburn?
(Girls!!) For a man: Boxers of Briefs?
hey any opinions would be helpful peoplezzz?
DO U Have Those Days When U Feel B-utiful and the next day just plan-o- ugly?
I Want To Get A Very Small Tattoo. Approximately How Much Would It Be?
GIRLS: Tatoos or not?
What should I get as my next tattoo?
when taking a shower, what do you normally soap first?
a tatoo or not?
Where are the best tattoo artists/studios located at in Columbus, Ohio?
Help convincing my Dad to let me get piercing(male)?
Who is beautiful?mother teresa or aishwarya rai?
Is painting necessary to become a tattoo artist?
I'm getting my first tattoo(s) on my feet?
dermal piercings? HELP!?
what do you think a hello kitty tattoo could mean?
how do to get rid of black spots on my legs?
What does God think about Tattoo's?
I feel so ugly what do I do?????
How are you keeping cool this summer?
Does a tattoo behind the ear hurt?
Where to get magnetic implants in Texas?
does anyone know of any homemade body exfoliaters??
How much should a 13 year-old girl weigh who is about 5'0"-5'1"???
Tatoos, done by friends or pay more money for a professional to do it?
how much would my tattoo cost?
Is raja bells wife white and fat?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
Tattoo Section: Is anybody here a fan of Kat Von D?
where do you think is best for a woman to have a tattoo? what looks the most attractive?
I have a tattoo on my wrist and have an interview with the RAF. Help needed.?
Needing tattoo ideas:)?
Does anybody know a tattoo place in Devon(UK) that will do tattoo's at 16 with parents consent?
Poll: Someone who cries during tattoo?
what are the top day spas in new york city?
doing tattoos in your basement???
question about shaving?
Can I use Aveeno cream on my tattoo?
Hemp cream to regenerate skin after a tattoo .cannabis-cosmetics.?
Hi i want to get my Nephew's name tattoo'd on my wrist but not sure what kind of font id like. any idseas?
Let's say your 12. Can you get a tattoo with parental permission?
how much does it cost for flaxel laser treatment?
what are the best products and procedures for getting rid of acne?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
First tattoo help!!!!?
how can I shave without getting hair bumps?
Is it true about lower back tattoos?
is it a complete stupid idea to get my bf's initials tattooed on myself?
Ankle tattoos and fading (placement question)...?
how can i get rid of my pimples?
Swimming after getting a tattoo?
Is your tattoo something that represents a personal meaning to you?
Good tattoo artist in Virginia?
Which of these is preferable to girls?..?
When you shower, do you face the showerhead or have your back to it?
Does my lip ring look ok?
would u find a girl with small but attractive?
sunless tanning were to go in toronto?
How do you cure dark smokers lips?
What are the best exercises to do to thin and tone my thighs and/or hips?
Would a tattoo just above my inside ankle fade?
Rob Zombie Themed Tattoo?
Is it a bad idea to get a tatoo of a latin quote in a font i found on microsoft word?
Cant shade with practice skin,..?
Anyone know any homemade medicine & food therapy that can get rid of acne & the dark spots?
My navel piercing re pierced various times?
Can I have a inferiority complex of height at 5'10" or 5'11"? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tattoo Ideas, any help?
Know what i want for a tatttoo, where to get it!?
Anybody have any ideas for this tattoo i want?
My girlfriend is getting a tattoo on her ankle bone, will it hurt alot?
Can Girls Get Arimpit hair?
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
is getting a tattoo on your left or right wrist hurt?
any tattoo ideas please?
tye dye tattoos :D??
i really want a tattoo on my bikini line, should i wait till after i have kids?
Tattoo question????!!!!!!!!!?
I want to know all about lip rings.?
I want to get a tattoo?
Tattoo ideas, i need some help in deciding what tattoo to get, i want something that means courage.?
How would you rate the spray on tans?
Against Piercings and Tattoos?
Recommend any NYC tattoo artists?
I want a tattoo supporting breast cancer awareness but...?
Full back tattoo vs Chest?
serenity prayer? what do you think?
What do you think of this tattoo?
How are tattoos removed? and what device is used to do it?
What kind of tattoo is on this girl's shoulder?
I want to get another tattoo to....?
Is it normal for a tattoo that was redone to heal faster than a new one?
Your opinions on rocksmith?
is it okay to immediately put a retainer in your lip piercing right after your get it done?
Nervous to get a tattoo, but have wanted one for awhile?
How many women would rather shave than pluck?
When you see a tattoo, what do you think?
Which quote do you prefer?
small tatto idea for a girl?
sacramento stores that sell shaving kits?
How do you prevent a rash when you start growing a beard?
Survey :- If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?
What would the guide price be of this tattoo?
I think my tattoo is healing too fast!?
what's better for tattoo?
Can you use hair removal cream on your bikini line?
My tattoo didn't scab over it peeled but the color looks milky now instead of bright is that ok?
does Nair really work?! has any one bought it?
guys: short or tall girl?
I want to get a TATTOO behind my ear of a bird ..any SUGGESTIONS?
Does anyone know who this girl is ?
4 those who have gotten a piercing done or a tattoo at JP Spectrum Ink in ottawa wat time&day does he open?
What do breasts with implants feel like? (Not HAVING them...I mean TOUCHING them.)?
Do you know a product that ACTUALLY clears acne besides medications?
I want a new tattoo.. ideas?
Has anyone used Jergen's Natural Glow moisturizer? Face or body?
Will this look weird?
Help with a homedone tattoo? what kind of ink?
Does this look like a stupid tattoo idea?
why are most people right handed?
How often should I apply Savlon to my wrist tattoo?
tattoo ideas for guys?
A wrist tattoo at 17?
Can you still donate blood even if you have a tattoo?
What kind of tattoo will seven bucks get me? :)?
Tattoo ideas for my father who passed away?
What's an open chest wound tattoo called?
Does getting a tattoo removed hurt more than getting one?
Flo from bad girls club?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo in a month or so, but I was wondering...?
What do you think of my ideas for tattoos?
Tattoo Location - Please Help?
what do you think of my tattoo idea?
do i look real fat????
I really want this tattoo I just dont know where to put it....Advice please?
how to get rid of pimpels?
question about a tattoo - preferably people from MN?
Is there a reputable tattoo shop in NYC that will do a ultra violate tattoo?
Can you bathe in soy milk?
should i get an eyebrow piercing? (pic incl.)?
is there anybody that can explain salabrasion?
Does geeting a tattoo hurt?
What can symbolise family or home?
home recipes for anything-?
I need some ideas for a tattoo?
I am male, can I use face wash? I personally think that face wash are meant to be for females!!?
can anything happen if u sniff nailpolish?
Help with a place for my tattoo?
why don't tattoo artists use computers for design and outline stencils?
Is it risky to get a tattoo at 17 year old?
Do Cartilage piercings hurt?
Stretch Marks?
What should I get?!?!?!?
What should i get tattooed on my hip area?
Lip piercing !!!!!?
What do you think is the best tatto to get?
Quotes that you loveee?
How to get better skin when you're 30?
how to close an open pores due to pimples????
Can nurses have tattoos if they're visible but decent?
Does sephora's skin care products work?
Pictures of John Ohhh from the Maine's lip tattoo?
One of my stretched ear lobes is randomly swelling up and getting very sore?
If you had to get a tattoo of one word, what would it be?
Wats a good idea 4 a 1st tatoo&were shood i get it?
I'm pretty frickin nervous of showing my tattoos?
Where is the best part on my body to get this tattoo? Excluding arms.?
Arabic the new Chinese?
I have been wanting to get a tattoo done at inkstop tattoo in manhatten does anybody kno the pricing for them?
Coloured nail polish on toenails; tacky or sexy?
I am turning 16 soon and my mother is letting me get a small tattoo. I want to get the perfect one!?
I just got a tattoo on my wrist, how can I cover it up?
am i too fat?
what is the meaning of this tattoo...?
How much sunscreen are you supposed to put on your face?
What is the biggest risk to getting a tattoo?
To cover or not cover the tat?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin and Minnesota?
Tattoo websites please.. 10points?
Is it too feminine for a guy to take a bath?
Help with tattoo design?
I need some advice/Help please!!!?
What is the closest state to Oregon that will tattoo a minor (15) with parental consent?
What should i get tattooed on my wrist?
does ban deodorant work well? or nah?
has anyone lost weight through hypnosis?
Can anyone give me some opinions on Derma Funk Tattoo Studio in Bracknell?
Where to get a tattoo that wont show as much?
Tattoo aftercare question?
Will these tattoo's not "blend" or mesh" well?
Can you get a tattoo at 15 in ny?
Where can I buy Tattoo Goo?!?
How do I know if my naval piercing is infected?
Why do people really get tatoos?
I want to get a tattoo but I don't know where or what?
Do guys find tattoos on girls arms attractive?
how do i pierce my own tongue?
i'm 14 with practically flat breasts. will they ever grow large enough to satisfy my future guy?
Back of neck or shoulder blade?
Is this collar bone tattoo trashy?
How can you help me come up with tattoo designs/concepts?
What to expect with the healing process of my first tattoos?
Why do ppl say guys with piercings have hepitites?
Is this a good reason to get a tattoo?
Where should I get this tattoo, need help for ideas?
Can i get a job as a tattoo artist?
Lip piercing worries?
My tattoo is peeling a lot?
Waist Tattoo Pricee??!!?
How do you get rid of canker sores?
what is the best possible way of loosing wait?
does breast enhancement pills really work?
Are there any negative long-term side effects to moisturising &/or conditioning your skin &/or face?
What do you like to put on a zit at night to make it less noticeable by morning?
Does it matter if you have tattoos?
Places in Victoria where you can get a tattoo under 18?
How much does a Peter Aurisch tattoo cost?
golden ink in a tattoo?
Where should I put my tattoo?
random tattoo ideas, snowboarding?
Do you find tattoos on a woman a turn on or turn off?
mens cologne???
How would you put the 4 elements into a half sleeved tattoo?
Guys .... Have you ever noticed while talking to an attractive woman...?
Why do women after they turn 30, right above their upper lip does it appear as if they have a mustache? ICK!?
i want to change my tongue ring?
Im Going to pierce My own Nose Tonight ?
has anybody had botox?
What does it take to get smooth skin on your legs?
Best Tattoo Shops near or around Martinville Va?
What's the best moisturizer to use?
What is the proper way to care for a tattoo over a six month period?
how can you remove skin tags?
I have reddish bumps on my brown colored arms, how can I get rid of them?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo?
Why are Tattoos considered cool & artistic?
Which tattoo should I get?
Future of tattoo removal? ?
Can woman like a guy who is bald with big ears and acne scars?
Why does waxing (brazilian wax) make you darker than your actual skin color?
What qualifies as being good looking?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
would a two-piece be good if u had a big bottom, thick upper legs, kickin' curves?? But r not fat at all?
Whos in to woman with Curvy figures?
Help on my first tattoo ???!?
How to test to see if my skin accepts tattoo ink?
what should i do about my tattoo.?
Would a dotor refuse or feel embarrassed to remove my tattoo which is on my scrotum?
Should I get a tattoo?
I want a tattoo any suggestions?
Could someone draw me a half sleeve tattoo?
Will a lower back tattoo really matter?
Secret Tattoo.. Suggestions?
Can you offer some advice on foot tattoos?
whats the difference between a 12coil wrap and an 8coil wrap in tattoo machines(the "guns")?
best facial homemade facial mask?
Help with Urdu/Punjabi script for a tattoo!!! Please help =]?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
Ladies, are you unattracted to guys with tattoos?
Would a neck tattoo effect my construction career?
how can i reduce oiliness on my face??
Tattoo Ideas!!!!!!!!!!?
Girls!! do you think its weird for guys to shave their legs?
About Eyebrow Piercings?
where can i get a tattoo without parent consent?
Can I put a tattoo over a belly button piercing that was rejecting and had to be removed?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
In "I Miss You" by Blink 182, what do you think the line "in the night we'll wish this never ends" means?
How do u get rid of small bumps (like hair bumps) on legs?
when you get your fake nails off why do they look short and stubby?
Is this a good tattoo? Ideas can help too!?
getting a tattoo to remind me of my sister. ideas please?
what are lady gagas tattoos!?
Would a tattoo on my arm affect my career?
What do you think of this tattoo?
I am going to the doctors on tommorow after school to see if i can get my ears pierced.?
Tattoo idea please help!?
I am getting a tattoo near the back of my ribs. Will it cost more with numbing spray?
what is the best item for tattoo protection from the sun?
Where to get a tattoo?
Is This True OR False About Tattoos!?
WHY DOES MY anus leak fluid throughout the day? This has destroyed numerous underwear,?
Getting my first tattoo. any suggestions for pain killers..or something similar?
Can a tattoo artist get sued ?
I am a young 43 yr old; a few nice tats and a nose ring. I want a tongue ring... how painful is it?
stretch marks?
What is a good quote to go along with a turtle tattoo?
tattoo and laser therapy?
do u think it would b skanky 4 me 2 get a tattoo here?
is my tattoo power supply any good in the u.s.a?
I wanna get a tattoo but idk if i should wiat?
ladies, how do you remove facial hair? what's good on the market?
What should I do to avoid my tattoo from getting grey?
im 15 and i live in new york, my mom said i can get a tattoo, can i ? if so, where?
if anyone of you watched the view today or is watching please answer?
Are anti-oxidents good for the skin?
How long after you get your nose pierced can you change out the piercing?
What defines beauty and ugly?
I want to get a tattoo on the inside of my lip...?
Tatoo ideas? side of my lower back.?
get fat quick tips?
Is it advisable to go for facial treatment when under an antibiotic and prescription face regiment?
I keep gettting more gorgeouser everyday what should i do?
Skin Problem please help!!!!?
What is the script called where you design a word so it says the same thing frontwards and upside down?
Details about getting a tattoo.?
my tattoo is flaking.. PLEASE HELP!?
i have an old nipple peircing that didnt heal well its bigger and may have scar tissue. will i get infected?
What would a woman think if she saw a man covered with tattooes from waist to feet?
needs to make a fat avatar they make almost chubby ones but not fat?
Acne trouble!!?
Is aloe gel ok for a tattoo?
Is it safe to get my lip pierced again in the same spot?
whats a good site or sites that have info about symbols tattooed or painted on the body from various cultures?
Chicken pox scars??
what is the best way to lose your underarm flab?
What would be a good way to add onto my tattoo?
Why do most guys like thick girls?
i am 19, and i have open pores on my nose from the age of 14. plz suggest home remedies or medical treatment.?
What men's skincare product has actually worked wonders for you? What did it do for your skin?
how do you put on a pantech pursuit wrist strap lanyard?
Circa Survive Tattoo?
how to cover up a tattoo of someones name?
A good language to put a tattoo in?
how much woud you pay for a tattoo like this?
Is it normal for my tattoo to scab like this? (Picture included)?
what do female measurements (such as this one: 34D-24-34) mean?
Tattoo ideas pleassseeeeee?
how do you make your complextion lighter?
Does tatbgone, wreckening balm or any tattoo remover like these work?
Do you know what is sad and pathetic?
if you have your period already...can you still grow?
will getting a tattoo hurt?
Does chocolate really make you break out?
Is there any sunless tanning lotions that don't have a bad smell to them?
Tattoo Quote Help...?
best way to stop armpits from growing?
How painful would it be to get a tattoo on my finger pads?
What are some ideas of tattoos with a meaning behind it?
Products for glossy legs?
tattoo what should i get !?!?!?
best and fastest way to fill in a tribal tattoo?
Will a tattoo stretch on my bicep?
What type of font is this tattoo?
My tattoos sometimes get bumps on them. ANyone know what they are?
Can a physical thereapist have tattoos and piercings?
Does anyone know anything about the injection (non-surgical) breast lift?
Im designing tattoo & need help!!!!?
Where should i get my tattoo ?
How long would this tattoo take in hours by experienced artist?
What do you think hurts more tattoo or eyebrow threading?
Is the side of your ribs the most painful place to get a tattoo?
Any diet tips?
My foot tattoo is itching like CRAZY!!!?
What to expect with the healing process of my first tattoos?
Ideas to change this tattoo?
Does anyone have a tattoo symbolizing or reminding them of their best friend?
whats your opinion on this tattoo I want to get?
What do you think of these 2 tattoos? need opinion?
do you think tattoos are ugly on a girl?
why do i get pimples in the same places?
When you see a girl with a tramp stamp tattoo?
I want to get Stay Strong tatted on me but idk where?
tattoo design idea? feedback and ideas?:)?
How long does it take to have your belly button piercing close up?
How to take care of a new tattoo?
I'm 20 and have two kids what can i do about the stretch marks and now my man looks at porn?
What do you think of people that...?
A stubborn zit?
Would you tell me about the best tattoo shop experiences you've had?
So my daughter snook and got a tattoo what should i do?
tattoo script writing?
how can i get rid of the dry white pimple that started to spread under my eyes?
Why's similar or goes with a Buddha for my tattoo. I cnt think of anything. Mind block. ?
What should I wear to show off my new tattoo?
how do you feel about getting a pets name tattoo'd on you?
what tattoo should i get?
Price for just one snake bite?
I am thinking of getting a couple of star tattoos on my lower abs?
tattoo colors?
Too Much Tattoo, Not Enough Body??? I Need Opinions PLZ?
My tattoo is fading after only one week, what the heck?
how to overcome pimples?
Best tattoo guns/power supply?
Are tattoos sinful?
Having a tattoo touch-up?
will loosing weight in D size breasts make them sag more?
is there an image of a mathmatically perfect female figure on the internet?
Half sleeve for a man?
new tattoo was red and after few days there is brown pigmentation around the tattoo?
i am 18 male and only 5'3" and weigh 57 kgs. is there any way to increase my height?
would it be wierd for a guy to get a hibiscus tattoo around his belly button?
can someone give me the site to add piecring in my pic?
can you still get an epidural if you get a tattoo on your lower back where they actually give u the epidural?
hey im 14 should i get a tattoo?
Help with Hope tattoo honoring mom and dad?
What do you think of my tattoo?
I need meaningful tattoo ideas!?
Do you know what tattoo forums are good? The more is better.Thank you.?
I'd like to get a tattoo and since it's my first I'm kinda confused. Any experts?
What is the smallest words can be in a tattoo?
What sounds better for my tattoo?
best friend tattoo ideas?
Large tattoos on women, sexy or slutty?
does it hurt to have the cartillidge on ur ear pierced?
Which tattoo for the lower back?
What is a good way to remove blackheads and prevent them from forming?
I am having a tattoo tomorrow and have my baby's swimming lesson on Saturday morning (24hrs)?
i've been dating this boy for 2 weeks?
Scabs on tattoo help...?
is it alright for a christian to get a tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
FOR People who have tattoos...?
I love to wear flip flops in the summer, but me feet and toenails get so dirty and stained. how do i clean up?
what are some good exercises for trimming up your inner thighs?
I want to get a tattoo on my stomach, a little lower than my hip bone.?
do tattoo shops hire 15 year olds?
Im getting a tat ! wat do you think?
what can i put on my legs after i shave to stop the itchiness?
What dose it mean when someone has a spiderweb tattooed on their elbow?
whats the best way to conceal a tattoo without covering it with clothes?
Hiding a tattoo without my mom knowing?
i want a tatoo but i dunno what i want ?
Can I cover a purple tattoo with blue?
Unsightly yellowish patches on armpits of white clothes - help! How do I get rid of them, please?
I Want a tattoo but i having trouble finding a tattoo artist that will just draw it for me...?
Tattoo price estimate?
tattoo question.?
Am I short?
Just thinking about getting a tattoo...?
what lyrics would you get tattooed on your body?
My grandmother recently died & i would like help with a tattoo idea please.?
do tattoo sleeves look better black or colored?
why do fat girls like to......?
Got a tattoo and am allergic to A&D ointment. What else can i put on it?
I have a wax machine that makes hands soft, can I use that to wax off the hair on my v*agina.?
Will I look like a hooker if I get a mohawk?
My First Tattoo Need Help?
which falcons do i need to go to in Columbus, Ga?
can anyone tell me where i can buy tattoo needles and ink by australian suppliers only?
What is the best/cleanest/cheapest place to get a tattoo in Wisconsin Dells, WI?
I just recently got a tattoo behind my ear of stars and I dont like it because i think it looks sloopy, help!?
for the guys?
How much would this tattoo cost roughly?
how can I broaden my marykay cosmetics business(besides parties,send brochures,give samples and have website?
Where's a good place for a guy to get a tattoo? (girls opinion)?
\Where do I find a good cosmetic surgeon?
I am planning on getting my first tattoo of the word "sex" on me in Greek. What is the correct word?
what is the best facial moisturizer for older women>?
How badly does getting a tattoo hurt?
what's the ugliest part of your body?
Will my nose bleed if i get it pierced?
Should I get a pubic tattoo?
tattoo behind your ear? good , bad ?
should a size 14 girl wear a bikini?
When you got your first tat did it hurt as bad as you expected?
need tattoo advice???
I want to get a tattoo.?
First tattoo is a batman half sleeve... which picture should i choose?
I was so stupid and shaved my upper lip, I am a female, now I am trying to figure out how to fix the mistake?
We do people that are against tattoos answer questions about them?
How Old Do You Have To Be In Order To Get A Tattoo In South Carolina?
Should I show my cleavage or just my legs?
Tattoo opinions......would like a few opinions and suggestions?
Neck tattoos on a chic?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am look for a train track pattern for knitting or crocheting...for a tattoo?
How do I find a day spa willing to wax any part of the male body (looking for more than a Brazilian wax)?
whats your favourite colour of women's knickers?
Which one would hurt worse?
Where can i get Fake tattoo?
Ladies -> would you prefer guys with or wtihout tattoos? Which type and which part of the body?
How to know that the tattoo ink is good to fix down in the skin?
I just got a tattoo...?
how much would a serenity tattoo cost?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
How do you get back to?....?
what should i do to cure a pimple FAST!?
I want YOU, to tell me what you think of this tattoo...?
if you tattoo and have ?
Memorial tattoo idea help?
Want to get a tattoo but cant decide....?
I want a picture to go with my quote tatto?Ideas?
I am a woman of normal weight. How can I change figure from "funnel" to hourglass/pear shape?
White ink finger tattoo?
i just got my monreo?
is it true that birds don't fly over the black sea?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Is this dark enough for fair skin?
wat product do u use to lose your acne???
Could and raindrops tattoo on wrist?
Where to get a Tattoo..?
is astringent lotion very affective. will it help me to reduce or get rid of my foldy skin permanently?
What can be the best treatment,for the Sun burn problems???
How to remove tattoos?
Tattooo stuff/Tattoo websites..?
Can my tattoo get infected or am I in the clear?
What is the name of a good place I can go and get a facial? (In Chicago?)?
Best tattoo social media website or blog that holds infinite amounts of tat pics?
i have heard lemon helps scars heal or lighten them is lemon juice a permanent scar fader or temporay?
Doles everyone prefer skinny girls or the hour glass?
I need to hide my tattoo !! HELP ?
Hip piercings and ballet!?
Anyone have a idea to cover up a batman logo tattoo?
How to convince my dad to let me get a tattoo?
an eye question?
If a guy has ACAB tattooed on the knuckles of one hand, what does he have tattooed on the other?
How much would it cost to get a quote tattoo on your rib cage?
What is the Aztec symbol for Balance?
Are lightning bolt tattoos racist?
I'm getting a tattoo tmrow and I'm scared its gunna hurt real bad D:?
what are all of the tattoos the alexis neiers has?
What is the best acne medicine?
how do you keep your face oil free and shine free?
Does this tattoo look Emo?
i dont want 2 get tanned and have radiant complexion??
Where should I get this tattoo...?
10th tattoo but im having issues.. lower back. anyone else....?
How to tell your parents you have a tattoo?
Getting a tattoo under clothes?
attractive place to get a tattoo on body?
Whats your opinion for tattoos?
do you think EYEBROW piercings are attractive?
Help me with my lip piercing!!?
how old do you think is a good age to get you belly button pierce?
tattoos at 15???
is sex is important in life ?
sun tan lotion vs sunscreen?
Whats that old people smell?
need a tribal tattoo or a website with tribal tats and their meanings?
Do you like my new tattoo?
First tattoo?? help!?
how bad does it hurt?
do your think this girl is 140 lbs?
can anyone tell me how to become fair?
Does getting your nose peirced hurt?
what are the best Tattoo parlors in New York City?
what do tattooed guys think about tattoos on women?
I have some tattoo ideas, what should i go with first?
Peeling Tattoo Losing Color?
how to cure and control pimples??
I'm trying to figure out the cost of a tattoo?!?
Will the light from a lamp help fade my tattoo?
I'm getting my first tattoo!?
How long am i supposed to leave noxzema on my face?
How can i see the word i'd like to tattoo written in elvish symbols (Quenya) ?
How can i see the word i'd like to tattoo written in elvish symbols (Quenya) ?
Any good tattoo suggestions? Fonts?
Using my butt as eye candy for the guy that I like?
Getting a poem for a tattoo, what is a good fancy font style?
Where to put a small tattoo?
Would a "below the belt" tattoo be skanky?
i need advice to fix my tattoo?
i specifically told my boyfriend not to get a tattoo on his hand. he did it and now wants to know what i think
I am wanting to get a LARGE tattoo on my ribs does it hurt?
Need Artistic help, can anyone help with a tattoo design?
Why do I love breast implants so much?
will aveeno lotion fade my tattoo.?
Would a small, outlined tattoo on the back of my neck affect my chances of becoming a teacher?
Sweating and a new tattoo?
what tat..?
Is an anchor tattooed with "You left me in the deep end with ankles made of bricks" a good idea or?
how do i whiten my underarms without using lasers and the like?
Question about a tattoo behind my ear?
My tattoo still feels kind of raised some areas. (picture included)?
How clean is soap?
Pls pls pls answer? its a bet?
Tattoo related question?
do you like tattoos?
Can a 17 yr old get a tattoo?
What color are your eyes?
What do you think of this tattoo Idea?
When you get your tongue pierced, what metal is the stud made of?
back tattoo would this be ok as one?
What tattoo would look good with a scorpion?
Do you think this tattoo is traditional Japanese looking so far?
i want a second eyebrow piercing but NOT?
considering mesotherapy???
POLL: Do you have a tattoo on your booty?
Do shoulder and back of neck hurt ?-- tattoos--?
how come a profesional piercing hurts less then you doing it at home?
HELP! - How do I get rid of my unslightly yellow fingernails?
How to protect out of blemishes?
how to get a girlfriend?
brett and jake are they cool or not cool?
im looking for a tattoo idea for my 18th birthday?
how do keep urself beautiful?
What's the best way to get a quick, even tan with a tanning bed?
Do tattoos hurt?
Should sleeve (tattoos) my arm if i want to be a teacher?
question about tattoos?
What would you say if I got a tattoo??
im a size 3 5'1 and 115lbs would that be considered "thick" to you?
What should I wear to get this tattoo?
I have a butterfly tattoo on my ribs and I am looking to extend it.. Any Ideas?
how should i get my next tattoo?
Anyone have any tattoo ideas?
How much would a Kat Von D tattoo be?
what do u mean by exfoliating?how do i exfoliate my butts?
cellulite do diets for getting rid of it really work?
How do you non-surgery increase your Brest size?
Finidng the perfect tattoo quote?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Would this hurt.......?
How, exactly, can tattoos be a "fad"?
is it possible to fade a inner lip tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo done for my 18th Birthday and don't know what to have done and where. Any suggestions?
tattoo for my troubled past?
serious answers o n l y?
sun tan lotion vs sunscreen?
thin fast?
How much would a small simple wrist tattoo cost to get done?
What kind of tattoo should i get next?
Short Quotes for a Tattoo ? Help?
For guys only? Would you rather a chick with big boobs but saggy or smaller firmer boobs, mine are perky!?
Someone says you have to get a tattoo or die -- What do you get?
Im not happy with my tattoo and I want to change it, which idea is better? (Pics).?
Where can I get a scarification tattoo around Boston?
can u suggest a specific brand in whitening soap and whitening lotion that I can buy here in the Philippines?
How do i hide my tattoo...?
Tattoos on girls?
what't the difference between the tattoos?
Tattoo ideas? Which is best?
What would you do with this tattoo?
what is available that will remove layers of discolored skin on people of color?
What and where is a good idea for a tattoo?
can i transfer my NY tattoo License to NJ or do I have to do an appreticeship over?
If I am allergic to nickel, can I get a tattoo?
What can I use instead of A&D ointment on a fresh tattoo? Urgent!?
is it bad to workout right after indoor tanning?
What are some good quotes for tattoos?
Is it okay to get multiple tattoo consultations before deciding who to go to?
Where should i get my tattoo?
foot tattoo retouch numbing?
I want to get a rose tattooed on my hand, but want to be a nurse when im out of college?
I'm planning on getting my thigh, or shoulder inked?
belly piercing ? help please !?
Which tattoo is better?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo at uncle inky's?
tattoo help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is Katt Sadler's (of E! Daily10) tattoo of?
what's the best moisturizer for very dry face skin?
cute tattoo or not??
i got acne marks along with some permanent cut marks on my face which are black and look very dirty.?
Don't know what tattoo I should get?
Which careers allow body modifications?
i need help on a tattoo idea..?
Help with Tattoo design?
Did anyone here ever stuff their bra?
Infected nose piercing?
What are some home remedies for acne?
Are chicks with tattoos easier?
Why would a bull tattoo describe Dally from The Outsiders?
this question is about good looks?
What are some cool sleeve designs with my existing tattoo?
How badly does it hurt to get a tattoo?
helo with bad achne?
Have any tattoo ideas?
White bumps on my tattoo?
When you take a shower, how long are you in there?
Should I tattoo my eyeball or p***s? Your opinion? s?
acne problem.. please help me!?
I need ideas for a cool tattoo with the remembrance of a family member?
is olive oil a good moisturizer?
Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanner?
I need help making a temporary tattoo, please?
whats the best way to get rid of under arm hair?
How do I choose my tattoo design?
How long do you think 3 five in feathers tattoo would take?
I want some type of tatoo?
do you have to be 18 to buy tattoo ink?
Tattoo question?
My boyfriend and I both would like to get the same tattooo?
Should I get a tattoo ???
Good place for a quote tattoo?
is this a good tattoo idea?
Has anyone got any homemade remedies for the eye area..ahhhhhh! I am 34!!!?
Tattoo touch up help please :]?
Fluffy skin on the face?
I want to get a tattoo that represents love?
What can I cover up my tattoo with?
Where can i get a tattoo at 16 w parent consent?
Are matching cat tattoos lame?
GUYS...What would you think of a chick w/ a black widow tattoo?
led zeppelin tattoo colors?
does proactiv work?
what happens when you start to think your attractive?
where abouts could i get a hull city badge tattoo?
Placement suggestions for this tattoo?
Would you say this pain chart is accurate?
i need every one help on this one?
I really want a tattoo?
Would a black and grey 'ANKH' with shaded blue finger waves crashing over it look cool as a tattoo?
AM i FAT????
Tattoo over or around a scar?
I would like as much information at i can get about laser tatto removal?
Portrait of someone?
How old do you have to be in Texas to get a tattoo?
Ok I'm 13 and i am skinnier then all the other girls in our grarde?
Full back tattoo vs Chest?
why do people who have tattoos?
Where should I put This tattoo???
Can i get a tattoo at 16 with parents permission? I like in the UK?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Would a tattoo on my foot hurt?
I want a tattoo, but i have a question or two...?
Wearing shirts on a newly done tattoo?
tattoo this weekend, i want ideas ?
im getting a tattoo on the outside of my bad will it hurt?
will a tattoo artist do a cover up if they make a mistake?
what do you think of a guy who has genital piercings?
I need ideas for my sleve tattoo?!?
Azure Dragon tattoos, any suggestion?
dark body hair on girl help!??
Do people with that tattoos think...?
Animal print tatto on men?
Is it ok to put your nightcream twice?
Foot tattoo & ideas ? ?
Is it true that getting ur right eyebrow pierced means u r gay or lesbian?
tattoo ideas? any suggestions would be appreciated! plz read?
What's a good tattoo lyric?
what can i put on a tattoo if i don't have A&D ointment ?
does anyone have some recipes for home made body scrubs, facial cleanser, etc.?
Any good rock / punk lyrics for a tattoo?
need quote for matching tattoos?
how deep does a tattoo go?
Help with a couple of Japanese symbols!?
Question for "Real" women?
i got proactive the other day and i used it for 2 days and now my face is reallly beginng to hurt so muchh!?
Is it possible to get the names tracy and jeff combined in one tattoo?
Bepanthen causing fresh tattoo to burn?
can I just eat whatever I want without diet or exercises but not gain weight?
Does anyone know how to gain healthy weight? without having to overeat?
Do tatoos hurt?
I'm looking for something to add onto "Live in the Moment" for a tattoo?
What symbol could represent the word flow or float?
I just got a tattoo yesterday can I use neosporin with the pain relief on it?
Best Tattoo artist in Melbourne, Aus?
Skin begins with the letter S and so does Sensible Skin Savvy: Avoid the three S's - Sun, Smoking, and Stress.
what should i do so that my face skin looks sexy.what to apply on it???????????
Tattoo quote ideas? ?
Empire Tattoo in Upland, Cali?
dont know what tattoo i should get?
Tottoos time?
Tattoo aftercare lotion?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Any good stradegies on loosing weight?
How many tattoos does Harry Styles have, and what are they of?
what's the best type of sunscreen to use while you're using alpha hydroxy?
Poll: how many people want a tattoo?
can you get a tattoo at the age of 16 in the uk ???
would it be lame to tattoo word "love" ?
what exercise can trim my waist completely?
Which do you think looks better?
Really need some opinions plz help :( x?
Would a Rainbow Tattoo Seem Homosexual?
Have Any Of You Out There Had Any Ink Removed?
Tattoo of her footprints & a quote? ...?
Earrings for my tragus?
How much roughly would this Libra tattoo cost me?
Why wont ink come out of my magnum needle when I try to shade my tattoo?
What would be a good ONE word or phrase tattoo for a girl?
Thoughts on this chest piece? (pics included)?
How many pillows do you sleep with?
It's been about 7 years sence my dad died, he was cremated, I just need a tattoo to remember him. ?
I want this tattoo SO much, but I'm such a perfectionist!?
Can I Get A Tattoo At 16?
How much would a smaller tattoo cost in canada?
Pllllzz HELP id really enjoy it!?
Is there a cure to heal eczema?
What should i get tattoed?
What word/saying/quote would be good with this tattoo?
getting a tattoo this weekend....?
Infinity tattoo w/ love in it.... Or.......?
Thinking of getting a tattoo?