if you have tattoo that are far from perfect and doesn't please you in the way how to accept?
Does anyone know a really good colonge for men??
Is this place really painful to get a tattoo ??
these day boys are more influenced by girl's face than body. so, tell me .......?
is it possible 2 fall asleep with ur eyes open if so how?
can you fully remove a tattoo?
Teen Tattoo?
how to convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo?
I need tattoo help pronto?
getting a tattoo before rugby season?
Do you think this tattoo artist is good?
Best LIGHTWEIGHT Long Sleeve for tattoo cover?
What kind of tattoo should i get on my upper back?
Am I 2 big for my age?
I get sweat pits almost every day. What deoderant is best to stop it?
about shaving?
Is getting a tattoo related to harry potter kind of lame?
What do you tip at a salon after a facial that cost around $90.?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
I wanna get a tattoo of something written in spanish bu don't know what to get does ne1 have ne suggestions
my daughter is 12 and she wants to get her ears pierced. Should i let her?
What is the pierce called over the upper lip on the side?
If you had to get one (or another) tattoo, where would you do it and what would it be?
Tattoo in mother's handwriting?
New Tattoo Aftercare Question?
What's a good tattoo lyric?
Wats a good idea 4 a 1st tatoo&were shood i get it?
What do you think of my tattoo? PIC incl.?
Can I touch-up my tattoo after a week (details inside)?
How do I get rid of an ugly tatto?
I really want to get a tattoo, just a letter, but where would be the best place? I want palm but it comes off?
What does my tattoo mean?
Are hand tattoos a good idea?
Girls, what the HECK?
If you get a tattoo as a teen would it stretch over time?
What are the cons of a tattoo on the forearm?
Few really obscure questions about tattooing.?
I was wondering about a tattoo on Paul walls hands?
Would this be a good idea for a tattoo?
Tattoo speeds and needles for tribal filler?
I ran out of Johnsons baby oil for my body. Would it be ok if I use the oil from my KFC drumstick instead??
whats the best ways to get your teeth whiter!?!?
I need tattoo ideas for girls?
creative hip tattoos?
If were going to get a tattoo (IF), what would it be of?
tattoo owners? please and thanks.?
how a 19 years boy can look smart?
Is getting matching tattoos a bad idea?
how do i become anorexic?
should I get a boob job??
Tattoo Placement and Translation? Please answer!? :)?
Would I look okay with facial piercings?
What would life be like if your nose had taste buds?
st louis tattoo!.............?
do tragus piercings hurt?
about finger piercings?
If I'm beautiful........?
Tattoo cream? Preparation H?
i really want a tattoo on my bikini line, should i wait till after i have kids?
Any ideas for the finishing of my tattoo?
Does anyone know a good place to get a tattoo near the MA/RI area?
what tattoo should i get?
Wheres the sorest place to get a tattoo ?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Is it wrong to get a tribal tattoo that has no relation to me?
How do you get a tattoo?
Best way to reduce a tattoo?
Tatto quotes, any suggestions?
New tattoo...when can i wear bra?
Getting forearm tattoo, I play soccer?
Has anyone ever used Alitol? (freckles)?
i need ideas on a cover up tattoo?
A good website for good arm tribal tattoos?
Do you have a tattoo, and if so how old are you?
white tattoo, yes or no?
I would like to lose 50 lbs. what is the quickest way?
Who is fluent in Arabic? I want a tattoo in Arabic!?
Is it true that massaging breast either during sex or else destroys the shape of breast?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
what does girls like in a boy?????
Does this sound like a good tattoo?
Good places to get my first tattoo?
How do I loss wieght? About 8 pounds. Without pills or workout videos.?
Chinese tattoo help? 寛恕?
Male wrist tattoo ideas?
Dry skin and self-tanner?
period (ONLY FOR GIRLS)?
i wanna get a new tattoo?
Does anyone know what is tattooed on the back of Angelina Jolie's shoulder?
i got a tattoo this past saturday, and am supposed to be going to the beach on sunday?
My son jus got a tattoo and now he has alot of bumps all over it.could it b from the pool ?
Is 14 too young to get a tattoo?
Will this tattoo hurt?
How to get rid of dandruff?
what gets rid of wrinkles under the eye area?
Bellybutton piercing??
I have a question about eyebrow piercings?
How long does it take to get an animal print tattoo done?
Which fingernail grows the fastest and which finger is the most sensitive to touch?
Are tattoos on the hip ok for guys to get?
Does this tattoo make sense?
how do you keep your feet from being dry & ed on the heels???
What's the best way to bifurcate your tongue?
Anyone got tatoos?
I want to get a tattoo the has something to do with my kids? any ideas?
Vitamin B5 & Acne?
Is it possible to clear up my face completely in 2 weeks if right now it's covered in acne?
£300 for this tattoo?
there are some tattoo removel cream, does it really work?
How can i get rid of fat from my tummy?
What Price Range Would a Tattoo Like this Cost?
Tattoo to cover self injury scars?
how can i rid my face of all marks?
Opinions on my tattoo idea?
did the sun ever shine where it shouldnt have shone?
Can tattoos be removed?
how to setup visual certexame plz step by step?
I want over 80 piercings and currently have 5?
i just got my lip pierced should i get snake bites?
Cant find a wing tattoo design?
So i need some advice for my tattoo?
Rate and tell me what you think ?
Instructions 4 Clearasil?
do nose peircings hurt?
Your experience with lower back tattoos?
is there any one is okc thats would tattoo someone under 18?
i have all over pimple marks on my face what is the best way to get out of them ?
If you have a tattoo before you become a muslim will you go to hell?
How do I convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
Best tattoo aftercare method (10 Points)?
Where can i get a henna tattoo done?
I'm a soldier, I got my first tat a couple days ago, will my uniform rub the moisturizer and harm the tat?
Cher Lloyd's tattoos???????
i am a dark skinned ,if anyone can suggest some site for home made natural remedy for fair skin.?
How long would this tattoo take to get done?
am i fat? i feel like i am.....?
What things could i do henna tattoos on?
I just got a tattoo 2 days ago is it normal for it to fade out?
Looking for a good tattoo studio - Roseville, CA?
Meaningless Tattoo - Should I???
About how much would this cost?
Do you think I'm fat?? NO JOKES?
Has anyone had a tattoo using ametop gel to numb the skin & does it really work?
Question about ear tunnels- swelling and a lump?
how can i get rid of circles and the tiredness look under my eyes?
HAS ANYONE tried that drying lotion for acne from mario badescu?? if so how did it work..?
geting healthy?
Can you get ink poisening from writing on yur hand all the time..?
What do you think of this tattoo (matching sister tat )?
Getting my foot tattoo tommorow..want a little advice?
Do you think getting a tattoo in memory of someone is a good idea?
how do you get rid of skunk smell?
Knuckle tattoo ideas?
do you think its bad luck to get someone's name tattooed on you?
How Can anyone actually get rid of Cellulite!?!?
Tattoo pain and aftercare?
im 15 and i have REALLY BAD stretch marks PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Should i get a lower back tattoo?
Guys, What is the strangest place...?
where is the least and most painful place to get a tat?
is it okay to get a tattoo here?
Part of my tattoo is possibly a blowout - is it really worth getting fixed?
Can a girl with pimples look good?
Can i get some New tattoo opinions?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
what are some tattoo ideas?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Screla tattoo procedure?
Will a shower filter solve my hard water problem?
what do you think of my new tattoos?
Does anyone know about/ have any experience with piercing their cartilage?
Do breast enlargment pills really work?
So kind of you to help me. What simple home procedure can i follow to make my lips more pink?
which food help to reduce the extra fat in the body?
how much is a tatto behind of the shoulder?
I want to open my own tattoo parlour, do have to be a tattoo artist?
What is the sexiest tattoo a girl can get?
Is it legal in Massachusetts to get a Tattoo with ashes in it?
New York Tattoo age law?
Do lotions really work to tighten saggy skin or get rid cellulite?
I want to get my cartilage pierced?
Too Much Tattoo, Not Enough Body??? I Need Opinions PLZ?
Want a tattoo and need help?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
I am a kind of person that musquito usally disturbs alot and after that, my body will be affected what do i do
is there anything I can do?
What tattoo can i get to symbolise weight loss?
Why do girls like that Tattoo on their lower back? Is is sexy or tramp stamp?
Where is the location and website of StudioMax Tattoo parlour,Duckworth Street,St.John's,Newfoundland?
what colour are your eyes?
Why do humans worry about skin color?
What can I use to get rid of small acne scars on my face?
i would really like too know why my daughter has acne and i never had acne when i was young.?
ladies,why do you use body lotion?
would it be wierd if a guy waxed his chest, back, and his butt?
Is Factor 35 suncream good enough for tattoos?
Tattoo Question? Help?
What would be a good tattoo idea to symbolize family?
benzol peroxide?!?
Should I get this tattoo? Help?
how can i break my arm? serious answeres only?
good words to tattoo on my hip about freedom & liberation?
I want to get a tatoo but I dont know what I want?
how much should my tattoo cost? (average)?
what is your thought on these tattoo ideas?
Anywhere to get great bath and body stuff CHEAP?!?
first ever tattoo help?!?
i want a tattoo on the back of my neck idk what to get?
I get these white bumps on my forehead. How do i get rid of them?
Can I Design Tattoos Without Actually Being A Tattooist?
Want a tattoo, but I'm 16, and mom or dad won't let me.?
Is it illegal for me to get a tatoo?
How do ypu get rid of black spots(blemishes) on ypur skin?
Tattoo locations?
Tattoo Question? Forearm Tattoo?
How to maintain body if a person is fat what to do daily?
What are some short quotes that I can tattooed. Its for a dead loved one. Nd where should I put it?
I need some tattoo ideas?
Models + tattoo's = what and where?
About how much would a tattoo like this cost? (pic)?
How much would a tattoo cost that is on the outer thigh and about 5 in. long and 2 1/2 in. wide without color?
How much do upper back tattoos usually cost?
how do i stop biting my fingers???
Does N~E~1 know how to get rid of dark circles or bags under your eyes......?
What's a good tattoo lyric?
how much do u think this tattoo would cost?
Pure lidocaine while tattooing, Does it wokr?
Can i use cling wrap to put over a tattoo with a & d ointment on it ?
need to know if there is a way u could tell me if i can make a herbal treatment on skin and beautytips too.?
both sexes: orgasms occur from intercourse, oral stimulation, both...?
Can a tattoo cause back pain? *I already have one*?
What is the yellowish brown buildup underneath my fingernails?
Does a laser q-switch tattoo removal from ebay work?
4th tattoo and having some possible issues?
I'm wondering about branded tattoos?
whats your take on smiley piercings?
How much growth is needed for a bikini wax??
Is it ok to get a tattoo within a week before going overseas?
Does gettin a tattoo Hurt As Bad As I think?
i hate nair and veet!! anything else i could use ?????
I have gotten a great answer for my facial wrinkles, but where do you buy the infrared light or massager?
HELP MY SIS IS FaT AnD ShE EMBaRRASES mE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Maroon 5 song lyrics for tattoo?
Tattoo for my daughter.. ?
I Had Recently Got A Tattoo On My Wrist Now Its Fully Red All Around What To Do ? Plzz Help?
can i get my 13 that is tattooed on my body to look like a cover if i want to cover it up?
Memorial tattoo with birds and quote?
if u stink hella bad cant u smell it?
Reputable tattoo studio that will do UV in GA/SC/FL?
Please tell me what you think of my idea?
can my colour tattoo be turned black and grey?
Tattoo ideas for my brothers passing?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Can I drink Alcohol after getting a new tattoo?
what color eyes are the best?
Plastic Surgery Yes or No?
Do nipples stay hard after you pierce them?
Question about Blacklight Tattoos?
is it ture?!?
where's the best place to get a tattoo?
Why do i see some people with like brown designs tattoo look alike on their arms?
do you like my tatt?
can you get a tattoo with a blood factor?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo with my BF name, but the thing is we're not really together anymore Should I?
Does getting a tattoo hurt that bad?
what piercings do you have?
How long does it take to build a tan?
Bruising right after getting a tattoo. This has never happened before.?
how can i loose 20 pounds fast and get toned up over summer?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
Can I Get A Tattoo????? ?
Is it weird to get a tattoo of the national symbol of a country you have no connection to besides...?
Pearl Jam tattoo idea?
I got a tattoo on the inside of my wrist, does it matter that it's upside for viewers, but not for me?
were to study cosmetic tattoo in taiwan?
Armys view on certain tattoos...?
What can I do to clear up my acne? What products are most effective?
can i get a tattoo if . . .?
Do men get bikini wax too?
i really want a tattoo on my lower back...?
Tattoo price!! How much?
How Old Do I Have to Be to get a Tattoo????
Where to get lube ? For gauges ?
Tattoo general help & questions?!?
Can you get your eyebrows tattooed blonde?
Women self esteem problems?
Good Tattoo Parlors in NYC
Just got my first tattoo done and the itching is killing me any advice on what to put on it ??
Firefighter tattoo help.?
Best place to get a small written tattoo?
should i be concerned if i have a tattoo on a mole and have had skin cancer?
How can I best prepare for my first brazillian bikini wax and what can I expect?
I got a tattoo yesterday on my front arm and i have to work tonight?
Which is better, In your experiences, Proactiv or Biore?
How is a plant cell different from a animal cell?
A question that's a little uncomfortable..........but answer it anyways?
How much more expensive are color tattoos than black?
Good ideas for a tattoo, guys and girls opinions wanted?
Does anyone have any tattoo design ideas?
willu go out with me?
Question for Tatt lovers only!?
Age for tattoo? And would this be cool?
Are tounge piercings unattractive if girls get them?
what does this chinese tattoo mean?
Ladies - do you like tatoos on guys and if so, what and where?
disadvantage of having piercings?
i got my cartilage pierced at claire's, and now i regret having it done with a gun. what should i do?
Help me!! Is this well written? s im spanish speaker?
My older sister is covered in tattoos and piercings and wants me to get some. ?
you pick a scab off your haed and then you touch it and then its all greesy and not bloody is tha wrong?
Where should i get this tattoo ?
Clubbing after tattoo?
getting a tattoo next week?
Where should i get my tattoo :)?
How can you make your skin smooth?
i am seeking a sex change and cosmetic surgery to look more female but this costs lots of money i dont have?
Do you prefer piercings or tattoos more?
what do you think of my tattoo idea?
Will flesh tone ink cover shadowing on a tattoo?
how can i get rid of my pimples?
do fake tans help prevent sunburn?
Fat women alwyays fascinate me. I dont know why, Can some one tell me?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
How do some people under the age of 18 get a tattoo?
jason bartlett's tattoo?
I am looking for a tattoo parlor in NYC that won't be judgmental when I ask for a small tattool t?
Will weight loss affect a tattoo?
Do you have tattoos?
How do I convince my mom to let me shave my legs?
does anyone want to design me a tattoo saying : Dios. Union. Libertad + a flor de izote design?
How easy is it to use a fake ID to get a tattoo? ?
Henna (Cornstarch) Alternative?
i have fat nose is their any natural way to reduce its size?
What do you think about this quote "Love is where you find it"?
Can I touch up my white ink tattoo with black ink?
Inner elbow tattoo?? Help?
Do behind the ear tattoos hurt?
Is this a cool tattoo idea?
Does self tanner/mystic tan help prevent sunburns?
Help With Understanding Tattoo Needles ?
If i get a tattoo on my bicep n then start working out will it mess up the tat?
Powders for airbrush tattoos?
creative minds for a tattoo only!?
What is the tattoo in the movie" the vow"?
dose it hurt to get a tattoo on your lower back?
When you puncture a woman's breast with something sharp, does it bleed?
what's mean of Love?
How much will a tattoo cost?
Me and my sister want matching tattoos?
how much do you think this tattoo will cost?
Where should I get a portrait tattoo?
which eyedrops are best to use for redness?
HELP MY LIPS please more info down here...?
Who is the best tattoo artist?
Do you like my new tat im going to get?
Collar bone tattoo? How painful.?
Can I get still get a tattoo sleeve?
where would i go if i wanted to paste a tattoo on a doll or see what it would look like?
How much should I wiegh at "5 6"?
Which scent is better vanilla or cinnamon?
Anyone out there use Hempz Lotions??Hempz Body Wash??
is a godoy v3 tattoo machine worth 550? anyone got some review?
why are supermodels so thin? they all have BMI lower than 18 or 17, all weight like 100 lb or even less!!?
What suggestions would you give for this tattoo?
i am a 14 yr old girl and i want a tattoo on my upper back. how bad will it hurt?(it is my first)?
Healing up stretched ears?
I want to be an A.D.A but I have a tattoo on my hand?
Why is it that tough guys with tattoos don't wear shirts?
How can I convince my dad into allowing me to get a tattoo.?
What would be a good foot tattoo?
what is the best tatto quote for a guy?
if I get my arm tatto up will it look different when i gain muscle ?
Have been wanting to get a tatoo for years....scared of pain involved...usually have a high pain tolerance but
Where on my body would this tattoo look best?
Oh my gosh! I heard!?
Rememberance TATTOO for dad?
tattoo looking for ideas for sleeve?
tattoo idea, thoughts please?
i have a seriously embarring problem and i need advice badly!!!!?
Tattoos as a software developer?
can a child under 18 get a tattoo?
Tattoo idea good or bad ?
I am getting a lavendar awareness ribbon tattoo on my foot for my mom and would like some ideas?
how much do tattoos usually cost?
Would an inner wrist tattoo that says "Blessed" in cursive be better on a guy or girl?
what should i add to this tattoo to make a half sleeve?
should i get a tattoo?
closing hours for "Airport Tattoo" in oxnard,cal.?
What is a good way to cover a solid tattoo?
How much to tip tattoo artist?
do brunettes suit monroe piercings?
How many of you actually utilized your artist and got a custom tattoo?
Burning itch on my tattoos?
Do anyone know?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Getting a tattoo and getting scared about it?
What tattoos do Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have?
what should i get as a tattoo?
tattoo ideas dont know what to get?
Opinions on a tattoo idea please?
Dawn Zulueta.... pretty?
how can i get beta ?
When you get a tattoo..?
I have red bumps under my eye and on my chin. Could it be allergies? I haven't had them long, or ever before
any good portrait tat artists?
Can I get a tattoo over some scars?
I have breast implants and my nipples stay hard even when I am not excited and it can be aggravating why do?
is it weird that this gray face to my left looks exactly like me?
anyone got a tatoo on their foot?
Custom Tattoo artwork
How many of you out there DON'T want a tattoo?
how can i stop biting my toenails?
How do you make nails grow faster?
you're getting a trampstamp tattoo, what would it be/say..?
Shaving or waxing?
would you date a girl that had spots on her legs?
Who do I contact about buttocks enlargement.?
How do I stop biting my nails?
I am a male with full blown AIDS...?
Witch guys are the sexiest.European,Aisan,Eglish or American?
Tattoo Design Placement?
okay is this a good tattoo idea?
Help with a doors tattoo?
Why do white people think tanning makes them look good?
Best way to make tattoo ink?
When you get your tongue pierced, what metal is the stud made of?
Can you high schoolers give me some advise about 8th grade and entering high school?
Who has symbolic tatoos for strength, health, empowerment ect...?
My sister feel guilty of piercing her daughter's ears.?
whats a smallish meaningful tattoo about my mom?
Who, in your oppinion, is the best looking player on the Italian team and why?
Where can I get Hindu god tattoo gallery web site?
how can you get rid of pimples without buying any creams?
can i go to the beach with a new tattoo?
I have a hip tattoo question?
will a tattoo hurt please answer?
Does anyone know where to find a FEMININE tribal vine tattoo design?
Can I get a tattoo of a eyeball in the middle of my forehead?
Is there anything between a 1/2" stud&a 5/16 for a Monroe? Because the 1/2" is too long but 5/16 is too short.
I have a friend who has Keratosis Pilaris. How can she treat it? Is there a method to hide the effects?
Whats the best most effective way to un-clog the pores on my nose?
should i get this tatoo?
hip bone tattoo for girl?
Tear drop tattoo question?
Tattoo: What would you choice?
Tattoo design help!!!!!?
hELP! my tragus piercing is sinking into my skin!!?
What are some tattoos for Italian heritage?
Where's best to get a tattoo?
Racisim Part 2?
Tattoo ideas in memory of my father?
Is it safe to get a tattoo while on Humira and Methetrexate(not sure if spelled right)?
I have 'Respect' and 'Loyalty' tattooed on my wrists, I hate them, need ideas on what I can get to cover them?
Who has the biggest boobs in the world?
text tattoo- font question?
Do tattoos damage your skin or have the potential to damage your skin?
How do your parents feel about your tattoos?
What is a good tattoo parlor in Las Vegas located close to Harrah's?
Tattooing your own name on your body. What's the point.?
what should my first tattoo be?
How long does it take you to shower and get ready?
I want a unique tattoo, any thoughts?
Possible Lip piercing infection?
tattoo question?
What kind of tattoos do girls like on a guy?
how can i get my boobs to look biger ithout stuffing my bra or like is there any way to get them to grow faste
My boyfriend doesn't want me to get a tattoo.... should i get one anyways?
Which Height Would You Choose: 5'4 or 6'1?
Ink Come Off New Tattoo?
Question about back of the neck tattoo...?
Good and reasonable tattoo shops in Alabama?
Got my tattoo 2 days ago, just a few questions?
What Tatto has Chad Reed got on his wrist?
when someone says youre thick should that be taken as an insult?
is tanning healthy?
Tattoo apprenticeship??? ?
I have a tattoo on my wrist that says MAC and i want to change it into something different?
Has anybody used Dr.Numb? i want to use it when i get my tattoo..?
Do i keep cleanning my ear piercings?
Any ideas for a REALLY Chav tattoo?
Other tattoo artists like Paul Booth and Toxyc in Los Angeles?
nirvana foot tattoo help?
How can I explain to my mom that tattoos are not that bad?
what is the best rated exfoliants?
What are some of the best ways to practice good Posture.?
how can i make my pores smaller and who did they get that way?
I want a tattoo....?
Hey did you ever get that tattoo you wanted on you other area?
i want to get a tattoo to honor my uncle, any ideas?
What do you think of Tattoos & people who have them?
my nails break really easy wut do i do?
Is getting a tattoo a sin?
What should I get tatooed on my ***?
Does anyone know what this symbol means?
where can i buy blackheads remover tools?
I need really good pictures of "rebel stars"?
how can you prevent oily skin?
What can I add to this tattoo?
Which hurts more a naval piercing or a tattoo on your lower back?
is it illegal to do tattoos in the uk without a liscence?
A chest piece..any ideas?
What are some words to describe a hard time for a tattoo?
Need tattoo ideas?????
Why do people pass out during tattoo?
Tattoo to honor the loss of my sister?
What are some inspirational lyrics from Coheed and Cambria that would make for a good tattoo?
tattoo machine help please?
Its been 6 days since i had my tattoo, can i go swimming?
Its been 3 weeks and my ear piercing still hurt when i clean them?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
Is this a good tattoo quote?
wrinkles under eye?
my tattoo is ing and peeling, does that mean its healing?
i want to get a tattoo on my pubic area?
can i tattoo my arm over a scar in new jersey?
Any ideas for a really funky, different tattoo up my spine?
Best way to get rid of Body hair is?
I have this ANNOYING problem. Please help me!!!?
Why is the fluff from your belly button blue?
too many tattoos need rid of some?
....... Tattoo care......?
How Old Do You Have To Be In Order To Get A Tattoo In South Carolina?
Custom Tattoo artwork
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks???
MY first tattoo area.?
If I get a tattoo on the side of my ribs, how long do I need to wait before going back to softball practices?
Where can I get cheap tattoo chairs ?
i want a tattoo of swirls and couple stars down my rib cage. will it hurt less because its basically lines?
does size matter? just answer!!?
help i need answers!!?
What are some of the best tattoo fading creams?
how can I remove stretch marks without surgery, i want to be america's next top model?
if your 13 and your cousin is 18 can he take you to get a tattoo?
how can you remove a tattoo?
A side tattoo.........?
hey what are some good reliable well know tattoo shops in MN. Is Beloved and Saint Sabrinas good?
tattoo removel question?
why the countries fight for powers?
Why are neck tattoos considered taboo?
i am thinking about getting another tattoo but don't know where, any suggestions people?
Im designing tattoo & need help!!!!?
what retail shops allow tattoos in the uk?
Best place to get a tattoo?
Tattoos - do they hurt?
I want one.....?
What kind of hand lotion is best for really dry skin?
Hi guys, does anybody know if there is a symbol for 'courage' and 'spirit' in tribal art for tattoos?
what do you think of my tattoo??
Y do ppl h8 tattoos?
Where should I get a tattoo?
how to get rid of moles?
I got a tattoo while drunk and it's ruining my life what should I do??
how can i add some wait.i am female 22 and 49kg heavy?
Tattoo doesn't itch??????
I wanna get a tattoo?
How to remove a tattoo naturally?
do you think that chinese symbol tattoos are too popular and i should get a diffferent kind of symbol instead?
I'm still virgin and i want to do it but am really scare because all of my Friends tell me it hurts the firs
Is it odd to have two different kinds of tattoos on each arm?
Tattoo Idea's for amputation!!!?
Cost to get tattoo of suicide butterfly?
i suffer from terrible dark circles,i drink loads of water and get enough sleep,wot shall i do?!?
What should i get tattoed?
Help with tattoo ideas?? :)?
Is ProActive a reliable acne-wash?
Help! Tattoo confusion D:?
How much does 2 hip tattoos hurt?
where should i get my tattoo?
Tattoo of my son's name, with or without junior?
Does tatbgone, wreckening balm or any tattoo remover like these work?
Does anyone live near or atleast know about the village in in Manhattan?
i live at Asia,can i know what type of sunblock can protect my skin?
Does anyone know anything about tattoos?
Tattoo ideas for my forearm HELP PLEASE !!?
How much would a tattoo like this cost ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Reasonable tattoo ideas?
Help me develop this tattoo idea?
ideas for tattoo i dont have any idea ?
suggestions for tattoos?
What classes should I take in high school to become a good tattoo artist?
bad luck when you get your boyfriend/girlfriend's name tatted on you ?
tattoo looks like its peeling?!?
how can i prevent a pimple and how to make my face white?
What is the name of the store at 261 main street, huntington, ny 11743?
What is your idea of a sexy person?
Preferably Chinese people:geting a tattoo with chinese symbols for strength,ambition,courage.?
Good tattoo ideas for "Kia Kaha"?
tattoo estimate cost?
Are tattoos addictive?
TATTOO HELP!!! please and thank you!!:)?
Could you come up with some sort of tattoo design for me?
Where should I place my tattoos?
how get to rid of fats from your arm??
What can I use to get rid of a very red complexion?
Do you think this tattoo vain?
Can someone help me please?
Korean script tattoo?
My bestfriend and I want to get a tattoo something that would show loyalty love and respect any ideas?
Help with tattoo apprenticeship?
Why do women paint their toenails to bring attention to them ,but shun you sucking on them??
How do I tell my mom about my tattoo?
if i get a tattoo of a bullseye on my forehead...?
wats a good age to get a tatoo and what should it be of ?
Is it lame for me to get...?
How do you take care of tattoos?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
shitty tattoos and not enough money to get them removed.?
tattoo idea help please?
Im looking for tattoo ideas?
Going to treat myself tomorrow either a small tattoo or a piercing what would you chose?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Do you have a tattoo?
what makes your boobs grow bigger, faster?
do tattoos on the neck hurt worse than one on the calf?and you find neck tattoos on a girl sexy?
What are some good symbols to have as a tattoo?
I Want to Get a Tattoo? But my mom say's no?
Where would be a good place to put 1 Corinthians 13:13 as a tattoo?
Tattoo appraisal help?
I need someone to find me the coolest and prettiest pic of a dove tattoo? 10 points.?
Should I Shave My Legs?
Sexy Tattoo HELP PLEASE!?
Help with choosing cool tattoo designs or tattoo quotes?
i have hiper pigmentation around my lips and a back line between my lower lip and chin doctor told me its?
Whats the best ink fo tattoos to hold good color??
Can someone design my tattoo? Or where is the best place for someone to design a tattoo for free?
Fresh tattoo and the sun is it ok to be out in the sun if it's only for like 7 to 8 minutes ?
Why is my tattoo swollen and itchy?
has anyone taken ephedra and if so does it work.can you tell me where to buy it?
i want to get a small tattoo?
information about tattoo removal?
DR.TATTOFF i want to know, can i get my multi-colored sleeve removed. The tattoo is about 85% purple shading?
What tattoo should i get?
Tattoos in the work place, is this okay?
What does this tattoo symbolise?
Please help with this tattoo! Is this a jinx?!?
Who has got a tattoo design from ?
What should I get tattooed in memory of my dad?
I want a tatoo with my zodiac sign (Scorpio) but my husband doesn't want me to get a tatoo. What to do?
What lyric to get a tattoo of?
is my tattoo well done or is it messed?
I have a question about tattoos?
I want an atheism tattoo?
PLEASE HELP! Tattoo ideas, please? for my mother.?
Contemplating an inner lip tattoo...?
how long after you had your tattoo done did you start to put lotion on it?
how to impress a boy?
If you could get a tattoo for free, but by an apprentice would you?
How can i get more breast, butt, and/or gain about 3-10 pounds?
weight problem?
Tattoo! Where should I get it?
tattoo started to bleed and pimples?
Do you have a tattoo?
am i too young to do go get piercings?
Tattoo dilemma?
what does it feel like to get a tattoo?
How long would this anchor tattoo take?
people who are into tattoos and piercings. help!?
for females/ girls only!!?
Can you get a liver transplant if you have a tattoo?
Do you like Jennifer Lopez boobs or her booty or both?
Streching ears 1g plug-0g plug (using tape)?
How do you make a tinted moisturizer?
I have a henna dilemma?
lip ring maintenance ?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo or not I'm not sure?
Lower Back Pieces?
Air force tattoo policy?
I've heard of pigmentation which turns brown skin to white........?
Would this be a good first tattoo?
How to get over fear of getting a tattoo?
classic heart and wing chest tattoo?
My face got burned at the beach and now it is peeling. It hurts real bad. Any ideas on what I could use?
Guys, what are your opinions on?
Piercers in Dublin?
Would Vans sponsor me if i got A tattoo of their logo?
How do I look at the current Avon book online?
How could I get this tattoo without it looking like death?
Chinese writing Tattoo?
Truth about tattoos stretching?
smooth, perfect celebrity worthy skin..?
First Tattoo Help Please?
Help! what product can reduce or stop acne/pimples?
how do i stop armpit sweat???
i've too long legs.indian bus seats are too ailing..?
this is a question for all the guys out there!?
How many years do you think it will be until tattoo removal is painless, cheap and fast?
How much do breast implants cost on average?
How bad does a wrist tattoo hurt?
where is an Infinitink tattoo parlor in missouri?
would you ever get a tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo of a hand on each butt cheek?
Least painful place to get a tattoo?
Should we not sleep in afternoon after excersing in the morning?
Can someone tan with sunblock on?
Saying to go along with bird tattoo?
Best traditional tattoo artist in Arkansas?
Does the old idea of "a visible tattoo can cost you a job" hold any water?
I want three new piercings, what one hurts more?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
what can i doto make it stop?
can you tattoo the iris of your eye?
Is the programable tattoo system on think geek real?
I want to get a tattoo for my mom who has breast cancer--any suggestions?
My friends won't talk to me because I have a tattoo on my forehead that says "Hottie". Are they jealous?
How much would it be for my tattoo roughly?
Where can I find temporary tattoo printer paper?
what do you think of your tatoos?please answer!?
zebra stripped tat???????
Help please I want to get a quote tattoo but need ideas?.?
Does any type of food, spice, or alcohol make your face break out?
How much would this tattoo cost around?
Very dry three week old tattoo, keep moist or dry?
amazin tattoo artist in the uk?????????
If a guy has a kiss tattoo on his neck are more likely gay?
Tattoo Artist Advice!?
Looking for a really, really good tattoo artist in MAINE?
Do you have a tattoo?
What is this gold skull tattoo called?
wot do you think of this for a tattoo?????????
For Men-tatoos and piercings?
is ashanti having a baby by nelly?
i really wanna tattoo....?
I want to get a tattoo in memory of my mother?
how do you feel about women having hairy armpits? turned on, turned off, don't care?
is there such thing as a perfect tattoo? how to accept my tattoo that has mistakes?
I am getting an tattoo of a guardian angel and I want to get three birds with it?
do tattoos hurt?
Am I overweight?
Ruined tattoo question?
What are other names for lower back tattoos?
take dog to tattoo shop?
wheres a good place to get a peace sign tattoo? (guys)?
What are the best fonts for a chest tattoo quote?
Vibrating razors.?
what would you do if some one said they are going to kill someone?
Dagger tattoo placement?
Scar removal and tattoo?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
can henna stick on tattoos expire?
what do you think of my tattoo...idea?
I have 5 little brothers. I am looking for ideas for a tattoo that incorporates all of them.?
im 18 and i want to get a small tattoo on my inner wrist of a shamrock. is it really noticeable(like for jobs)?
What do you think?
Tattoo cover up's Question?
why male person take intrest in female?
Females: what do you think of this kind of tat on guys?
Does the tanning lotion determine what color you'll be? Read for details.?
First tattoo - time/cost??
Tattoo on shoulder blade?
getting my first tatto. please asnwer?
Where to get a tattoo removed near Ontario ca?
Tattoo on side of neck?
do i have the potential to get a tattoo apprenticeship?
Tattoos?! what do you think....?
would you be annoyed if your friend got the EXACT same tattoo as you?
Acne problem?
What is the coolest thing you know about tattoos?
How much will this tattoo cost? (pic)?
How do you really improve your bust without surgery???
Which is the most bendable and flexable labret stud?
so i want to get a harry potter/hogwart tattoo?
Can I pierce my ear with a regular earing? (dull earing used for already pierced ears)?
What's the quickest way to get rid of sunburn?
Is 25 too old to have plugs?
plz help i need to know how 2 get noticed at my skool ?
How much would this tiny tattoo cost? I'm 16 haha I'm inexperienced!!?
What PART of your BODY do you wash FIRST?
Guys! Are lip piercings attractive?
get rid of cellulites?
I just got a new "extreme" body piercing - anybody else?
how to do i tell my mom i have a tattoo becuase im only 15 and she hates tattoos?
Please help with my tattoo design?
Memorial tattoo for husband and daughter ideas?
i need help with my next tattoo?
Tattoo questions please?
Grandparent quote for tattoo?
tattoos tattoos tattoos?
Why is it that dudes think angelina jolie is hot when she is really skanky?
where should i get this tattoo?
Is there a lot of blood with a wrist tattoo?
I have a design concept for a tattoo...?
How can I make sure my first tattoos don't get infected?
Should I have this tattoo or not?
Will getting a tattoo guarantee that ill go to hell?
what is the best way to get rid of pimpels?
how to make my skin glow.can u give me some tips?
acne problems!!!! help!?
I live in libertyville illinois and looking to get a tattoo heard private ink is a good tattoo shop... true? ?
How long do i have to wait to gauge my belly button piercing?
Tattoo artists....What do you think of this tattoo?
how much would a hand tattoo similar to Demi lovatos cost in the uk?
Can you get a tattoo on FRESH SUN tanned or SUN burned skin?
how can i get a gf?
What tattoo do you think I should get?
I got space on my arm for another tattoo. Any ideas for a hip hop tattoo? you like your women with a little flesh on them? Or pencil thin?
any good acne products out there?
Ideas for what to have on a writting tattoo? 10 points?
How Bad would you say getting a Tattoo feels?
Do y'all like this tattoo?
can you use hair removal gels and solutions on your crotch area?
Where can I get my mandible pierced?
Which tattoos hurt more?
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
Where to start with designing a tattoo sleeve?
I got a tattoo design done and someone said it looks not so great?
Can you change the color of your eye or have a lighter pigment?
giambi tattoo?
Should companies be allowed to not hire people because they have tattoos?
Ideas on where to put a tattoo.?
Need help!! any tattoo ideas ?
What is the best tattoo book to look in for tattoo ideas?
what are some original places to get a tattoo?
How much will a very detailed black butterfly tattoo be?
Where to get this Star Wars tattoo?
ultra-violet rays?
Can you get rid of a tattoo with skin grafts?
Truthfully, do tattoo's hurt?
HI does anyone use Grassroots face cream or any other product ?
how do you mantain a tan?
Tattoo questions, please?
I want forgiven in Hebrew tattooed somewhere... where should it be?
whats the best thing to do with A brand new Tattoo?
kerala natural photos?
Tattoo for my twin boys?
Is tattoo aftercare easier than piercing aftercare?
Where can I get a tattoo in oahu?
How can I get a tattoo at 16?
what is the most important thing to a girl at age 11-13.?
places that tattoo a seventeen year old? in Texas?
What is the best tattoo/ piercing parlor in Philadelphia?
which or your five senses would u lose first it you had to lose one and y?
Should I wait to get a tattoo?
What's your impression of people who has tattoos?
cute, girly tatoo ideas??
Ulcers underneath tongue from piercing?
Do women enjoy revealing their navels? Is it a sexually sensitive part of their body ?
what's the appeal of tattoos? I simply can't understand it, marks on your body, yikes!?
So I'm probably getting a Pokemon tattoo soon?
What Is The Best Remedy for Acne-Pimples ?
What is the best overall machine for black and grey shading?
Tattoos on physiotherapists - job prospects?
Is there anyway to reduce or get rid of acne scars of any kind?
How bad does it hurt to get your Calve tattooed?
are there any cures for sun poisoning?
Least painful place for a tattoo?
what is your opinion on tattoos?
I am a women and I want to know if shaving facial chin hairwill make it grow in like a man's beard?
What are your thoughts on tattoos?
Why don't men like women with skinny legs?
First Tattoo in memory of Grandmother?
using white ink for a tattoo?
how to get rid scars of any type?
I am looking for a tattoo design that incorporates scorpio and libra zodiac signs together. any ideas?
to all people who know skin care!!!!?
Instead of a longer labret, could they put a glass retainer in a Monroe?
Does any one know where to find?
what are some good matching tattoo ideas?
are rotary tattoo machines better than coil machines?
who is the model in brintey spears perfume commercial?
tattoo questions! please help!?
I'm in love with my best Friend but i don't no if she likes me shes going to Texas next week for the summer
getting rid of a tattoo?
Is it very painful to get your nipples pierced?
what do u think about this tatoo idea?
Why is my tattoo faded?
Would it be weird to get a tattoo of my grandma's name while she's living?
tattoos on the wrist?
I need help thinking of tattoo ideas?
What happens if I don't use soap on my new tattoo?
Tattoo idea help?...?
Does overuse of A&D cause scarring on a tattoo?
Is body piercings socially acceptable to you?
What do you think of relationship tattoos?
what is your opinion about "continuing" this tatto? i want to make it bigger! flowers tribals? etc?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
Are visible tattoos okay at Wal-Mart?
How does sunscreen actually protect us against UV rays?
In the long run are expensive facial creams good for your skin or do they make you age more quickly?
Are their any cons on getting a tattoo?
I'm getting fattttt?
Is someone up to design my first tattoo for me?
eyes eyes eyes?
if during a pedicure you could also have your tores sucked and feet licked would you accept if done...?
How much would my tattoo cost?
Suggestions on how to make a tattoo symbolizing freedom with a Falcon?
how can i ask my mom for a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost to get?
who has experience with zulu tattoo in los angeles ?
i m an indian my skin is on a tan side i want 2 b fair i was little bit on a fairer side?
How old, is too old, to get a tattoo?
Covering up a small tattoo on shoulder blade?
where can i buy proactiv solution for acne in cleveland or surronunding areas? Looking for a store, not online
Basketball tattoos that look good?
if I accidentally sleep in makeup how bad is that?
where is cemburu spa located?
The best tattoo parlour in westdrayton? (west london)?
How do you get pimples to go away?
How do I get yellow ink to stick to my skin in my tattoo?
What are your feelings about getting names tattooed on your body?
Question about my tattoo..?
What cream is best for streach marks?
when will my tattoo heal and feel like part of my skin?
How can i make my ears bigger and stick out more?
Is my elvish (tengwar annatar) translation correct (for a tattoo)?
which tattoo looks better A or B?
Which tattoo shall I get & why ? pics included?
How can I lose 8 kg in 1 month?please help me to follow a diet supposing that i exercise twice a week?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
I was out in the sun way 2 long and now my skin is dark and I don't like it. How do i get it back 2 normal?
Would I look like a racist person if i got a Confederate Flag Tattoo?
Are there any french sayings out there similar to c'est la vie? It's for a tattoo?
Am i crazy?
what is a good treatment for your zits ?
K.P lotions?
i want to get a tattoo on my toe..?
How do I get Soft Smooth Hands?
Should I get this tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost ?
How to increase facial muscles through exercises or eating any food?
what is the best treatment to eliminate acne scars?
I want a tattoo on the outside of my hand but...?
Is it true that fat but sexy is more attracted to the man? Rather than skinny but sexy too?
How do I look older?
If I were to get a tattoo of a glass of grape juice, would it turn to wine when i get older?
On leg shaving...girls and guys.?
Any good perfume reccomendations out there?
How do i choose a tattoo?
Should I get this tattoo like my whole entire family?
would i look okay with a lip piercing?
a good quote for a tattoo on a shoulder?
How to get rid of dark circles around the eyes?
How do you get rid of stretch marks?
does anyone know a good pore reducer?
should i get a tattoo?
father-daughter symbols, quotes or phrases for a tattoo?
i have alittle hair on my stomach n i dont wanna shave it or wax it should i bleach/make it blonde i'm tanned?
why dont more black women play tennis when they know they can dominate the game?
Should I get this tattoo?
is my lip ring spoze to be be hard in the inside?
Can someone help me with traditional Japanese tattoo ideas?
Should i keep my tattoo?
what do you think about tattoos???
what kind of pericings?
What would look good with roman numerals om my back?
How to retain the elasticity of my face and prevent it from being saggy as I age? Thanks.?
What do you think of...?
Do girls like it when guys have scars?
do you want any piercings or tattoos?
How much for tattoo removal?
HELP ACNE PROBLEM!!!!someone help????
tattoos to get with your boyfriend?
Will I be able to function normally for my tattoo with tylenol codeine?
Questions about tattoos?
Where should my tattoo be placed?
HOW can I remove a tatto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have it in all the right places But!?
Rock music tattoo ideas?
what to do if the tattoo hurts while getting it done?
what does the phrase "little man in the canoe " mean?
How do I hide or get rid of dark circles under my eyes without makeup?
what should I use to tan?
tattoo hurt alert or not ?
why are humans so fat??!!?
Would you get a tattoo of the new muse album cover? I WOULD :D?
what nickname do you have? and why they call you that?
My son has shaved his legs - is this a new trend in high school?
I would like to get a tatoo?
What tattoo do you have to represent your children?
Please post links for pictures of symbols of Grace?
Thinking about getting a Tattoo?
Cartilage Feels infected?!? Pls answer ASAP!?
why is my tattoo ing?
belly button pierce..?
How u like this tattoo quote ?
If Mao Tse-Tung were alive today would he prefer women with or without tattoos?
Help with my tattoo Idea?
Do you have an idea what it could be?
a Q for anyone who is familiar with Down Syndrome ?
Help what lip piercing should i get?
is there a good remedy either medically or homemade to treat or cure bad foot odor.?
Could you please find a nice font for these quotes? (tattoos)?
Need help with this tattoo please?
Some of the best tattoo artists in Arizona?
waxing body hair--best to do it at salon, or do it yourself with an at-home kit?
Does anyone have a tattoo symbolizing or reminding them of their best friend?
what would be some good tattoo ideas?
if you got black hair and brown eyes does that mean you are brunette?
Which technique is best to remove blackheads, Tools (which i don't like) / Strips or FaceWash.?
How to lighten your skin?
Stencils for Temptu Dura Ink Pro?
How can i get clear unchapped lips and clear skin (in a method that works??) HOW DO YOU DO IT?
Cross tattoo with a ribbon going around it saying "Life Goes On"?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?