acne scars how to get rid of ? are lasers useful?
What do you think of this tattoo?
can anything reduce pore size on your face?
want to answer a fun little tattoo survey?
How much would a tattoo an inch by inch and a half on my wrist cost? (Price range)?
for girls: i want to learn how to shave down there...*?
tattoo healing process?
how much would it be if i get a tattoo of a nauticle star 2in by2in?
ladies! can you help me??
someone told me if i had a kid,ink from my tattoo would get into my baby's blood stream,IT THIS TRUE????
My bf and I used the same tattoo needle both of us don't have anything, but can this still cause anything?:(?
Why does my new tattoo burn?
what do germs look like?
Gettin a tattoo& I need to figure out a way to put somethingmeaningful with my brother and parents in it. help?
Where is the hard candy glamofauge concealer sold? Other than Walmart?
How much would this tattoo cost aprox / how long will it take to do / how much will it hurt?
First professional tattoo; nervous about the "surprise"?
I you were getting a sleeve tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo hurt????
What piercing would get next?
No other treatment besides laser to effetively remove StretchMarks?
recently got a tattoo just off the centre of my spine....?
How long does it take a for a "up" in gage in a nose ring to stop hurting?
Would this look wierd on my arm? picture?
What is a symbol for beauty?
Where is the Best Place to Get a Tattoo without Much Pain?!?
Doest tattoo in upper back hurt?
pros and cons of tattoos?
Why do people discriminate?
i have an acne problem. i use st.ives but it burns.... does anyone know a really good product that i can use?
where do tattoos tend to stretch the most before you reach 18?
Im looking for a reputable Tattoo artist in the Wolverhampton/Birmingham area?
is it stupid to get a tat on my wrist?
will a tattoo behindthe ear hurt?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
My hair is extremely straight, unable to set into a style?
Whats the best place on my body to get a tattoo so my parents dont see it?
three greek graces inspired tattoo, any good images to work from?
i just got my first tattoo today and i was wondering if i would be able to take a shower?
what should i do to keep from burning when im in my pool all day but i hate sun screen?
what do you think of tattoos ?
Joint pain after tattoo?
how many of you girls have more then 6 tattoos?
Bump on vch piercing please help?
Kuro Sami black ink?? does it really turn blue with age?
im 14 and my breast are a size b. will they get any bigger? and how can i make them bigger faster?
can someone give me a picture of travis mccoy's side hand tattoo?
What are your thoughts on a smily face tattooed on your knee..?
Tattoo ideas please for song lyrics?
Jungle theme tattoo ideas?
I want to get a facial piercing (Pic)?
What works for REALLY dark circles?
guys....are nose piercings pretty on girls?
I just got a tat how much A&D should I put on a day?
My daughter wants a tattoo shes 12!!!!!!!! what do i do?.....................................…
Tattoo Question Help Please?
Tattoo idea for having overcome anxiety?
at what age can i get a tattoo?
do i need to have great skin to be a model?
Do you think my tattoo is tacky?
Best home wax kit?
what do you call tattoos with skin effects?
Will my tattoo change with weight loss?
is there a mask for your face that you can make at home?
opinions on my new tattoo :)?
is 15 too young for a tatoo?
Weres the less painfull place too get a tatoo?
Does anti bacterial soap work?
I really want this foot tattoo but I have a problem...?
Where should I get my tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo but i need some help..?
Would it be dangeroud to take tramadol before getting a tattoo?
help with henna tattoo care?
Do women think men look more attractive when they go to the gym and have a nice body?
Tattoo idea>?:).........?
what is the best product to remove black spots on the face?
Tattoo questions? Preferably artists...?
What are dark spots and why do people think they are so nasty?
colors to put in this tattoo? graffiti?
can you have a future with a guy who has alot of visible tattoo's? on face, neck, arms etc?
Whos hotter??? Blondes with a tan, or brunettes with a tan????
On a scale of 1-10 how much does getting a tattoo hurt?
any one good at drawing?
What's a good and fast way of getting rid of pimples/acne?
i've not had a tattoo before, but am looking to get one.?
i just got my lip pierced like 3 days ago?
what is the best solution for dark circles under the eyes?
how should i take care of my tattoo?
why do boys now a days like FAT girls????????????
if all brides are beautiful were do ugly women come from?
Question for the ladies, do you like guys with tattoos?
Why are people so nieve about tattoos?
so i just got 4 piercings in my ears like a 2 weeks ago now am wondering is it safe 2 change the earings yet?
If you saw a black girl with a lower back tattoo, navel ring, and a monroe what would you think?
Is the Shadow tinting on my tattoo good?
Snake or a dragon tattoo?
where is the least sensitive?
Nautical Star tattoo price ?
What do you need to take when getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop not including the tattoo sketch etc.?
Can sak yant be done on the arms?
Pain free cream for Tattoos?
Help with a tattoo!?!?
I Just Gave Myself My Own Tattoo On the Side My Foot, is This Okay?
Caring for a new foot tattoo?
I just got my belly pierced!?
Girls Only! If you had a tattoo...?
for the girls?
What is your favorite scent from Bath & Body Works?
Are there any tattoo conventions around 'spring break'?
What do you think is the best place for a tattoo on a young lady?
does acne have an effect on tattoos?
What are the fashionable tattoos these days (please read the details)?
What is your opinion about behind ear tattoos?
What dose te mean?
Is a tattoo going to look okay the next day for close up pictures?
what is everyones take on getting a nose ring and tongue ring??
best place for a tattoo?
how can you make your skin whiter?
How do I write this date in roman numerals?
Help! Is my tattoo coming off?
What is the best way to get rid of an old scar?
under age teen getting tattoo.does the person signing for u have 2 be ur parent or just someone of legal age?
Can you itch a tattoo?
Tattoo, lower back/hips, Uk, price?
What are these bumps on my tattoo?
First tattoo on my foot a bad idea?
Why are tattoo artists so arrogant?
How long do you think this tattoo will take? Its is covering up a tiny one i already have.?
Do you think this is a good tattoo to render to ?
Should I tip the person at the tanning salon that cleans up?
What are some good current lyrics for a tattoo along the lines of "a beautiful life" by Lindsay Lohan?
Is it safe for me to get a tattoo?
Price for a tattoo on my foot?
Hypo-Pigmentation and tattoos?
Can you get rid of black moles without surgery or major scarring? can laser treatment break down the pigment?
I got a tattoo and it looks like the blacks leaked onto my pink will it stay that way?
what can one do to have a smooth toned face?
Got a tattoo 2 weeks ago just above my ankle? When can i shave my legs again, there gettin fluffy!?
I'm depressed and suicidal because I don't meet dating requirements of 5 foot 9 cuz I'm 5 foot 6. I am!!!!!!!!
i want a tattoo of a short phrase can you guys give me ideas?
Can someone please tell me the thing for a sunburn? Fast-relief.~PL...?
this is an akward question?
What is the best black ink for temporary tattoos?
What are some good ways of getting rid of razor or hair bumps?
What is your favorite fragrance/scent/perfume on a man?
Do you like my 'new' tattoo? :)?
Leaving home - Tattoo ideas?
Tattoo help! confused how to word it?
where is the best place to get a tattoo in vegas?
What are some good sayings for a tattoo in memory of my grandfather?
How to prepare for my first tattoo?
Girls only...How old are you and how much do you weigh?
How do you get rid of a tan?
What does a teardrop tattoo mean? and what do you think about face tattoos?
How do I stop fingernails from growing curved even though they are short?
Should I get a tattoo saying "THUG LIFE" across my chest?
Where to get this quote tattooed?
I am soon to be getting my nose peirced & I have a question.?
What is the name of the plastic surgery doctor that performed plastic surgery on Cher the singer/artist?
has anybody used Mary Kays new product..TimeWise Even Complexion Essence?
about how much would this tattoo cost?
cant pick a tattoo?
Whats the best look for, well, down below? Brazilian?
Where is the best place in Florida to get a tattoo?
Becoming a tattoo artist ?
is it true men like something to hold on to or do they prefer skinny girls?
Tattoos,sports, and healing time! help!!!?
Medusa piercing pain?
who thinks the media is putting out the wrong message?
Need help trying to symbolize this in a tattoo?
Can anyone find a picture of this tattoo?
what would u describe a tattoos feel like?
About how much would a tattoo like this cost? (pic)?
tattoo quote ideas for loss of parents?
Has anyone ever had a tattoo removed? Is the scar worse than just keeping the tattoo?
golden ink in a tattoo?
Neck Tattoo At 14?
Idea for my first tattoo?
How long does it take for a multiple star tattoo?
How much should I wiegh at "5 6"?
Where can i buy Glitterati Lip tattoo.?
Can i still get my tattoo?
I am about to befriend a girl but i found out that this girl is not having only white but also a brown teeth?
10POINTS.. How long would this tattoo take?
What do you guys think about my idea for my snakebite piercings ?
How much will my tattoo hurt?
I'm looking for a tattoo that symbolize overcoming depression, anxiety and suicide ?
how can reduce holes in my face& iwant nice fair give me some tips for to that?
Large tattoos on women, sexy or slutty?
i feel ugly beacause of my scars?
(For Girls) When did u get your period?
Are tattoos addictive?
Every time I wash my new tattoo it seems to get whiter?
should i uncover my tattoo?
What is the side effects tattoo?
tattoo . tattoo . tattoo . chest tattoo ! help?
Script tattoo either on side hip or back hip?
I have a rash on my 2 month old tattoo what could it be?
where do you think is best for a woman to have a tattoo? what looks the most attractive?
You have any ideas for my Tattoo?
Ladies, a tattoo on my groin?
Is colored titanium body jewelry safe to use for long periods of time?
what is hemmoroid cream?
Burns and Scars?
what do you think of this tattoo ? (picture)?
Is a small under the collarbone tattoo too girly?
Does running make a girls l section tighter?
Girls how many piercings you have and where?
Does anyone have a good idea of how to incorporate all of these ideas together to create a tattoo?
when you think of a masculine tattoo what do you think of?
Is there anywhere I can get a Sak Yant Tattoo in the U.S.?
Can I get a tattoo? I'm 14?
Which of these place hurts less when getting a tattoo?
how do u get rid off undereye dark circles?
I need a bit of support here?
should i get my bellybutton pierced?
Are blacklight tattoos worth it?
Just got my first tattoo (7th July)?
Help with a Mastodon tattoo design.?
How can I make my stretchmarks less visible?
How much full back japanese tattoo cost ?
what is the best way to stop from thinking?
I want to get a tattoo symbolising old soldiers never die they just fade away?
Sparrow tattoo ideas?
He tattoed my name ( i did not force him) but now i think i wanna break up? what to do?
Estimate on tattoo.................?
is it best to pop zits or let them heal on their own?
Should i ice my tattoo?
should i get a tattoo on my 18th birthday?
Girls, when was your most embarrassing slap on the butt?
what dose it feel like when you have a tatto done?
my bikini area didnt bulge..i look like baby in swim-suit..why?
Is it the same price for a tattoo. . .anywhere?
Would You Be Embarrassed If Your Parent Had A Tattoo Of Your Name?
do you have a tattoo??
How long will my tattoo take to get done?
Contemplating a side tattoo, but looking for ideas?
Where is the best place to get a Chinese Calligraphy tattoo in London ?
does anyone know a way to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation?
Tattoo.. to young?
Can a nurse have tattoo's and piercings?
First tattoo advice for a guy?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
How long will a tattoo take?
Italian Family Tattoo?
Do tattoos on top of the foot hurt bad?
I wanna know if its something serious :/?
Beside hip bone what's a good place to put a tattoo if you don't want people to see it?
tattoo on my heel??????
LIP RING ADVICE! ON Changing lip ring!?
how to get rid of mosquito bites in my face.?
what exactly r acne?r they skin color thing on face which take forever 2 go.any remedy??
how many drinks are allowed the night before a tattoo?
i need a proffesional piercers advice or someone who has similar experience?
Did Audrey Hepburn have a tattoo?
How long does it usually take to get a tattoo?
Where Should I Get My Tattoo?
Please help! I need ideas for matching tattoos...?
Can anyone tell me the best way to treat acne?
You think getting bf/gf name tattood on u is stupid?
how do you get all the hair off of your legs and get them shiney?
Is there any safe Laser Treatment to shrink pores in the face? If so, how many sessions is needed?
what is the sexies part of women?
Does anyone know a good way to prevent skin peeling after sunburn?
Is there a way to prevent irritation when getting a brazilian bikini wax?
How many tattoos and or piercings do you have?
Any good suggestions for adult acne? I never had it as a teen, and once I hit 25...ugh! What about Proactiv?
Tragus Piercing Experiences :D?
Ok...wat was ur funniest urinating story ever?
does getting a tattoo hurt?
Don't you hate when people say you look like a baby!!?
Can you get tattooed over keratosis pilaris?
tattoo's in the travel industry?
What are the best beauty tips and beauty secret you have?
Why do you think it's stupid to get a tattoo of your own name?
tattoo help choose?!?
Tattoo Parlours in Prison?
How to quit habit of biting nails?
Ive had a tattoo redone a couple of times, skin still looks ashy-ish?
Is this is an act or is she for real? (I know this doesnt fit the category...dont ask)?
what face cleaner is good for your skin and does not make you break out and gets dry.?
where is the island LESBOS?
TATTOO HELP!!!! (for a 16 year old girl)?
should i get a tattoo on my forehead?
Would you rather be skinny, fat or medium.?
What's the deal with American females and tanning?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I nearly died in a car crash and want a tattoo to remind me how lucky I am!?
should i wait to get this tattoo/ does gaining muscle mass distort tattoos?
how to stop bloody nose?
im christian can i get a rosary tattoo on like my left wrist?
Want new Tattoo, but has had Staph infection.?
Stretch marks and tattoos?
Tattoo to honor the loss of my sister?
Why did the skin around the black tattoo (lettering) turn more pale? Is it possible? What's the reason?
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)?
Tattoo On Upper Back - Painful?
Any tattoo artists out there?
My skin complexion is dark and i want to be fair. what should i do ?
Is 2 weeks long enough to wait before swimming after getting a tattoo?
WIll my piercing close up....?
Tattoo Care? (Back of the Neck)?
Cover up tattoo suggestions?
How long should a tattoo on my spine me?
Is it possible to cover a tattoo with a temporary tattoo?
Do tatoos hurt?
u like this tatoo on ankle or back of shoulder?
How long would this tattoo take to do?
If you got a tattoo of your favorite quote, what would it say?
Where do acne scars come from and how do you get rid of them?How long would it take?
Need idea for old German tattoo design?
Real or fake tattoo? -Pic!?
How much would this guardian angel tattoo cost?
I need a tan for an important event. Where should I go? Which kind should I get?
I have acne bad and have tried almost everything?
how to get rid of the dark skin around inner thighs?
Chistopher McCandless tattoo ideas?
is it ok too use A-D until the tattoo is 100% healed?
First Foot Tattoo so much PAIN!!!!?
Where is there a place in Fort Worth, Texas that well do snake bite piercings, lip piercings, and eye brow?
good inspiring or love quote ideas for a tattoo ?
Where can i get a tatto so my mom wont see it?!?
What is the best product for acne?
what's the best type of bra to wear for a larger sized girl?
How many times can a man te in a week ?
Has anyone out there ever had BOTOX and if so, would you recommend it? How long does it last , does it hurt?
are you ok with your weight?
Tattoo of my son's name?
do you like lower back tattoos? does it hurt when you get one?
i want a tiny tattoo on my hip. any ideas?
is it possible to get TOO tan?
would it be against god to get a tattoo of jesus christ's name on my wrist?? ( NO BASHING )?
Woman/girls Only--what hair removal do you prefer and why?
Arabic Tattoo Translation?
whart visual merchindising teckniques are there in a tattoo studio ?
how can i get prettyier?
I got a tattoo today do you think it matters that happiness is spelt happyness? ?
Do girls find musclemen more attractive than their daily hunk?
Tattoo's That Are Recommended?
Where should i get my tattoo?
how badly does it hurt?
People with tattoos, answer this please?
Hi can anyone give me info on laser hair removal .I heard if you get pregnant that the hair can come back .?
Small Black and White Tattoo on Wrist Pricing?
what am i going to do when my clinical instructor told me to prepare the patient's surgical site?
What do you think about getting your boyfriend/girlfriend's name as a tattoo?
how expensive is laser treatment? (for hair removal)?
I have a couple of bad tattoo's does anyone know a reliable way of getting rid of them?
what do u think about a 12 year old and a 15 year old dating?
How do you do a home pedicure?
Would I look okay with dimple piercings? (pic)?
How long would it take to finish this tattoo without taking any breaks?
Got a tattoo today & dont like it. How long do I have to wait till I can get it improved by another tatooist?
Tattoo in remberence of my mom and sister?
what is the diffrence between acne zit and pimple?
How old do tou have to be to get a tattoo?
what is the best nail hardener that you have used?
what color tattoo show up the best on a black person??
change/evolution ideas?
Foot tattoo questions?
When is the best time to get a tattoo?
i have a triple d size bra and people make fun of me alot what can i do to make it look smaller?
Tattoo idea help and guidance?
please help me i dont get it!!!???guys!!???
What would you estimate to be the cost of this tattoo?
Im 13 and i really want to pierce ma tongue...should i?
tattoo saying for inner wrist?
Bikini Line Rash - Girls only please!?
How was ya'lls foot tattoo experience?
Do you like bikini line tattoos?
Hey I want to get a tattoo and does this sound like a good idea?
How do you get rid of ALL belly button lint for an "innie"?
I have my tongue pierced and removed the barbell and Im wondering will the hole in my tongue eventually close?
I'm turning 16 and im 5'8 i want to get a tatto will it stretch?
How To Fake A Lip tatoo.?
I need help picking a design!?
offering to cover hand tattoos at job?
Subtle and acceptable first tattoos for a guy?
Parfums and oils do not last on my body, even when I layer them. Any suggestions on a long-lasting scent?
is there anyway to get throught the pain of getting a tattoos?
How to remove scars?
If I wanted to clean my face with rubbing alcohol, will it iritate my skin?
I have just had a tattoo, when should I remove the plastic wrap?
I'm getting my first tattoo? Advice?
What is the best indoor tanning lotion for me? I am an olive complation/?
Tattoo Quote Ideas? ?
I have have tiny blackheads all over my t-zone I've tried masques, special face washes and!
What is the coolest thing you know about tattoos?
which 2pac picture would make the better tattoo?
Which areas on a women's body are sensitive to tattooing?
is there a cure for warts on the scalp?
I want to get a tattoo? please give me some ideas{prefer something related to manchester united}?
What causes wrinkles?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Should I get My dogs named tattooed on me?
Does vitamin E really help reduce the appearance of scars?
Getting plug piercings, process help?
how can i make my skin fair and handsome,how my body mass can be improved, how seflconfidence be improved?
What's an open chest wound tattoo called?
what's the best way to hide a tattoo?
how could i make my breast size little less by using any product of sehnaaz within india?
how can i give myself a temporary tattoo?
Just how badly does getting a tattoo hurt?
Need help deciding a tattoo for my trip around the world...?
wheres the best place to get a tatto?
Need a good idea for a tattoo! ?
Star tatoo?
Which one do you think i should get? which tattoo?
MEN: (and gals) what do you think about this tattoo??
is it alright for a christian to get a tattoo?
Rachel Perry Tattoo Question!!!!!?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Help! My tattoo scabbed and it doesn't look too good?
I am a cyclist and I shave my legs. Ladies, do you think men with shaved legs are sexy?
Girlfriend name tattoo regret?
Should I pierce my lip? PICTURES!!?
Is a drug-Free knuckle tattoo appropriate for a law-firm/ police department setting?
Lip Piercing Scars???
how do you know when your chest is growing?
does a tongue piercing hurt worse than an industrial?
there is this really mean guy that is always making fun of my height what do i do !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what is the description of an ideal woman's HIP ?
covering up an old tattoo/Tattoo ideas?
Where to get a pair of angel wings tattooed?
Is a BLUE KOI tattoo too GIRLY?
should i get a tattoo on my ankle and get my bell and tongue Perice?
Tattoo advice for a 15 year old?
how can i have fair skin colour?
what is wrong with tongue rings?
Artists needed! Want to design a tattoo for me?!?
I went from 5' 110lbs to 142lbs and i like the way I look but a lot of weight went to my stomach.?
How long would it take to have the word desiderata tattooed on my forearm in latin writing?
persons who have tattoos:what did you do when your tattoo was itching badly...?
I'm 5 foot 10 inches and I weigh 170 pounds am I fat?
what should my first tattoo be?
Dance quote for tattoo?
how do i stop biting my fingers???
How much would this tattoo cost?
At what age do your breast's stop growing?
How do i know what gauge/mm my dermal piercing is?
I want a tattoo that symbolizes moving on.?
Does tattoos make a limb look bigger/smaller?
What do you think of my memorial tattoo idea for my dying cat? Need location and quote?
which is more important ,a sexy body or a beautiful face?
how bad would have been Dianna Agrons tatto?
what wrist should i get my tattoo done on tuesday?
What do you think of women with...?
If I tatoo his name on my a**, is that a guarantee he'll break up with me?
what can i add to my tattoo to make it prettier?? pic included...?
i want to say thanks?
home remedys for fingernail whitening ?
Is a wrist tattoo a good idea?
Live life to the fullest tatoo?
Bath & Body Works or Philosophy?
what's the best non oily over the counter sunscreen?
Do you prefer black and gray tattoos or colored?
Garden of eden sleeve tattoo for a girl, any ideas on things to incoorporate?
can i run 6 days after I got a tattoo on my foot?
What does this tattoo mean?
Tattoo ideas? And how much would it cost?
ideas for an italian phrase tattoo?
Does anyone have links or pictures of really sexy tattos?
What's a good quote for a tattoo around my wrist?
Am I allowed to get a tattoo over a burn mark to cover it up? Or will it damage my skin?
how do you take care of your face when you're between teenage?
How bad does it hurt getting a tattoo?
Please help me Decide what tattoo to get ? Opinions Please?
what product can i use to make may skin smooth?
how can i pierce my nose at myself?
I'm trying to track down a certain tattoo artist in NW Arkansas.?
What's a good tattoo idea?
Whats it take to be a tattoo apprentice?
Do Back of the Neck Tattoo Hurt?
Underage piercing in Colorado?
What is a good tattoo to represent me?
Need help with a tattoo..?
woman only please!?
A tatto that I recentlly got.?
ineed help with my tattoo idea!?
How to get started to be a tattoo artist?
Is it ok to have tattoos?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Homeade tattoo for now....?
tattoo or ears pierced?
is there any tried exercise for you in making a tummy smaller and for that gorgeous abs to come out!?
where could i find a picture of aequitas and veritas beautifully lettered?
have any of you ever got a burning feeling on ur face after putting a face cream from Boots?
how much would a tattoo the size of a sunflower seed cost?
pimple problems?
how much does it cost for flaxel laser treatment?
My eyelashes are coming out..?
I want to get a tattoo that no one will ever know about, what should it be?
got a tattoo that i regret how can i make it start fading?
Tattooes...should I or should I not?
rib tattoo second session?
What are the side effects of lazor hair removeal?
Pics of eyebrow piercing?
Would it be stupid to get this tattoo?
what do guys think about 'dreamy' girls?
A tattoo design idea?
hi ! plzzzz help me?
Can Essential oils be easily mixed with olive oil??
Are there ANY tattoos that won't get bad feedback?!?
Would it look alright to get a tattoo on my breast?
Soulja boy lion tattoo?
Does anybody know a place that will do Monroe piercings if your under 18 near Dayton, Ohio?
Armpit Hairr [[Girls answer only pleas]]?
do you think a 12 yr old who is 116 lbs too fat?
Where should I get a tattoo?
How many artist have Pray tattooed on them?
Can you have tattoos while in job corps center?
i am 16 and have 5 tattoos! i think i am addicted?
I need some good tattoo ideas?
Tattoo Placement Help?
Dolphin Tattoo.. where to put it?
How do you get rid of scars on legs from rashes??
If you could get any tattoo of your choice what would you get?
A question about a tattoo price ?
Do you agree with this?
Arrow tattoo on back of head?
Estimated time for a tattoo similar to the one linked bellow? Same size and colour etc. Thank-you?
I need help finding a tattoo...?
lip piercings???? help please(:?
Where is a good place to tattoo lyrics?
Can women have orgasms from getting a tattoo on their ?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
i want a lower back tattoo?
Tattoos on women good or bad?
What do you prefer - a sitting bath or a standing shower ?
Do you think belly peircings are hot or NOT ?
I have a cupcake tattoo on my left foot what should I get on the right? ?
AM I A racist?
Has anyone ever used the new Zeno device for acne?
Frenum Ladder Or Reverse Frenum Ladder?
How often should I hang around the tattoo shop?
Okay so I am getting my first tattoo, I would like something that isn't trashy and means something, any ideas?
what is a 'g-spot' exactly,ive heard if a penis reaches out there a girl gets maximum satisfaction?guys hv it?
What are all the things you would need to give people Tattoos?
getting a tattoo???????????
How to get my finger nails to grow?
Does getting a visible tattoo really affect your ability to get a job?
where i can find "how to losting the jerawat?
Where on Viggo Mortensen's body did he have his Elvin nine tattoo inked?
What is the best tanning lotion I should use?
what is the best poduct over the counter to clear skin of acne without paying to much?
why do flowers grow better when you talk to them?
Can i play hockey, 2-3 days after getting inner bicep tattoo?
Got this tattoo for a laugh now I hate it?
tattoo transfer?
Would u like getting an tattoo?And why or why not?
Should I Get A Tattoo? Or Piercing?
Girls Help Please...?
Question about tattoos in the workplace, (vet tech)?
Does Red Tattoo Ink have mercury in it that leads to depression symptoms and fatigue?
Va beach ink or ocean mystique?
I keep getting these dry patches on my skin. What is this?
I want to get a tattoo, but im only 16 and my mom won't sign for permission?
how much does a tattoo on your hand hurt?
tattoo/symbol that represents struggle/overcomming?
Is 13 piercings to many?
cheap place to remove tattoos in london?
Why to so many females have a tattoo on their lower back?
What is your honest opinions of my unique tattoo design?
Design ideas for covering a tattoo on my hip?
How painful is a tattoo?
Some help with a tattoo please...?
Questions about tattoo aftercare?
What does it feel like getting a tattoo?
What would be a good spot for this tattoo?
Around how much will this tattoo cost in the UK?
Can someone help please?
How much would an inner lip tattoo cost?
help on tongue piercing?
hows the pain level for a tattoo on the rib cage?
When should i get a tattoo?
Help with a doors tattoo?
Where to put my tattoo and what language?
does a brazilian wax hurt i wanna get one but i'm scared?
Where can I buy all natural products for my skin that won't cost me an arm and a leg?
Help is my belly button piercing infected?
new tat looking weird?
was molested and raped and want to get a tattoo symbolizing it. something that shows pain i have gone through?
Have I Done Damage To My Tattoo?
should i get this tattoo?
tattoo's, the legal age?
How much would a tattoo cost that is on the outer thigh and about 5 in. long and 2 1/2 in. wide without color?
what are the most painfull spots to get tattoo's becuase i have a bunch planned out already?
Which tattoo should I get?
Matching tattoo ideas?
Caring for my new tattoo? ?
new tattoo red PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
do you thinks this tattoo is just awesome?
I have an under arms situation here. HELP!!!?
why are people bi?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Missouri?
Tattoo pain vs. injection pain?
Tattoo: What does one star on each side of the hip mean?
How much does a tattoo on the ankle/lower leg hurt?
what do guys think clitoris piercing?
How do you tell your mom you want a bra?
japanese style rooster tattoo?
guy next to me smells to high heaven?
what is the best treatment for stretchmarks?
GIRLS many of u liked it when ur guy squirted it on u?I personally think it stung liek a mother!!lol?
why are so many white women having plastic surgery to obtain black female characteristics?
Tattoo quote opinions please?
Will my tattoo be disfigured?
Where can I find an accountant for my Mary Kay business.What is the yearly cost?
Tattoo ideas and where to put it.?
The area to get a tattoo with the least amount of pain?
why when you lose your virginity most girls get sprung??
How do men honestly feel about women who have had breast implants?
I wish I had a bigger ________ (your answer please!)?
Final Fantasy 7 fans, what should I tattoo on myself?
Tattoos tattoos tattoos!?
Shaving? Waxing?
how bad of an idea is it to get a tattoo on my wrist if i want to go into the professional world?
Just got a tattoo, need some advice on how to care for it- soaps? ointments?
Tattoo! What herts worst?
bird tattoo placement?
Webpages with tattoo ideas?
Q for Females only--how often do you have to shave your legs and underarms?
Roman Numeral Font For Tattoo ?
im not racist but do african people get sunburns? and can michael jackson get a sunburn?
should a person with keloids on their chest and shoulders get a tattoo on their back?
Whats your next tattoo?
I need specific details here. When was the first bathing suit worn?
My age is 23 and i want to gain some wait and height how i can plzz?
What are your thoughts on this tattoo?
Does anybody know the font used in this tattoo?
is there any regular diet so that our skin can be wrinkle free?
Tattoo question help pleasee.?
Would this idea work?
What should i do? Tattoo help.?
nipple piercings.... .how was it for you? :) gals and guys welcome!?
Knuckle saying Tattoo ideas?
does anybody know if it's OK for me with oily skin not to apply facial cream as my skin is so greasy?
meaning of tattoo rendering?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wichita Kansas?
When your going to get a tattoo why do they ask if you have high blood pressure?
its a store, they only sale perfume's i might not be spelling it right?
could i pull these piercings off?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Would you get a tattoo in a market?
my boobs r too big?
My tattoo is scarred can it be fixed?
tattoos and long sleeve shirts in the work place?
Placement for tattoo?
where can I find the skin care line Glycolic options?
What are some good bible paragraphs to get as a tattoo?
passing gas?
Do people with body piercings have to remove them before going through an airport metal detector?
tatto help????????????????????
Would u like getting an tattoo?And why or why not?
Does anyone know of a home remedy for mosquito bites?
If my mom is with me, and she signs whatever papers, can I get a tattoo? I'm 15 and I live in Georgia?
does this sound like a good idea...?
Tattoos: Different artists or a single artist?
does it signify ur gay if you get one of your ears double pierced on the right ear?
should i get my ear pierced in the middle right where the cartilidge starts or at the top?
Tattoo In Memory Of My Best Friend?
Tattoo removal cream, is it a waste of money?
how pretty am i? any beauty tips?
Will a tattoo shop ask me for I.D ?
what color tattoo show up the best on a black person??
Is it possible to get a neck tattoo over a scar?
eyebrow tattoos?
Please girls only, if there are guys answering, I will report them under abuse for violating me!....?
a tattoo hurts?
acne complex has anyone used it? does it work?
whats a good name for a tattoo book?
How long do i wait to put lotion on my tattoo?
I want to get "WHO AM I?" tattooed?
where do i find elizabeth arden skin care in southern california..they are no longer in the department stores?
What age do you have to be to get a helix ear piercing?
Do you like this tattoo design?
Permanet make up near orlando-tampa ?
Is possible to have a tattoo outlined in a brownish color, so that it looks like a permant henna tattoo?
Any suggestions on a font for a Beatles lyrics tattoo?
My tattoo ideas!!!!!?
Why do you shake after having a tattoo?
How many of you have tattoos?
I need so ideas! i want a rib tattoo just don't know what to get.?
Thinking of another tattoo already what u think ?
Where should I get this tattoo?
A couple of tattoo questions.?
Tattoo infected -> color faded -> When can I redo it?
Where are some good places to tattoo lips on you?
Anyone wanna try their hand at tattoo design...?
Do tattoo removal creams really work? If so, whats the best/most effective one to get?
Body paint or tattoos?
does anyone kno how to deal with emotional pain besides cutting?
does any one know what Fearne Cotton's Chinese tattoo mean?
Girls, What facial cleaner do you use?
Are eyebrow rings cool? (opinion)?
Opinion on getting a tattoo on my shoulder?
if brunettes are sexier than blondes then why do they say that blondes have more fun?
Which tattoo should I get?!?!!?!?
wat do i do to my uneven skintone??
Women Only Please?
Can hyperpigmentation be removed ?
i want to get a tattoo of a quote "id die for mine" translating into arabic can anyone help?
when you get your tongue pierced do you have to have birthcertificate?
Opinions on this, i dont know if its bad?
Lotion on my new tattoo?
How much does an inner lip tattoo cost?
can you stretch your ears with glass plugs?
Is having Tattoos a sin?
how to get a tattoo lisence?
I have a tiny heart tattoo, with black words and the color of my tattoo is bubbly looking is this normal?
help me make my tattoo better!?
School Assignment: Why do teenagers like hip hop and tattoos?
what acne treatment is best Neutrogena or Proactiv?
respect for fernando torres?
how do i look fresh and new?
Why do girls disfigure their bodies with tattoos?
Is it ok to tan and have a tattoo?
Is this a cool tattoo?
help with tattoo ideas?!?
How much does it usually cost to get you belly button pierced?
which of these tattoo's should i get first!?!?!?!?!?!?
I need some tips, can anyone give me any?
where can I find a site that will show me what my breasts might look like after reduction surgery?
Words like Forever, Always, Dream, Hope?
Opinions on people with stretched ears?
Tattoos anybody have one or some that mean anything special to you?
What is your dream tattoo?
Name tattoos-have you got one?
what kind of diet would u go on if u were trying to lose weight in less than 2 weeks.?
*Tattoo* I wanna pen my name in Tengwar, but I can't seem to understand how the lang. works!?
Any good stradegies on loosing weight?
worried about belly piercing?
How do you check falling hair?
Is Theraseal OK To Put On A Tattoo?
How Much Do You Think This Tattoo Will Cost?
Getting my first tattoo - pain?
Why don't more people skip instead of walking or jogging? It's so much more fun!?
what tattoo shall i have?
Tanning and sunscreen?
help with eyebrow/lip piercing?
Every time I wash my new tattoo it seems to get whiter?
Are tongue piercings typically for males or females?
Rag/Voodoo Doll Stitches Tattoo?
my big sister is getting me a tattoo for my 18th birthday, but i don't know what i want? any ideas?
Should I get braces I'am 21 1/2 .My 2 front teeth are crossed, but the rest of my teeth are all straight?
Is 40 years old too old for a tattoo?
Looking for a tattoo design, because search engines give too many results. Any website recommendations?
Would you allow this?
Dermal Anchor Help?
What does "personal lubricant" mean on the one touch massage.?
Does sum1 rlly look like a dif type of person going from no ink or peircings to 3 peircings and 3 tats?
Got my tattoo 2 days ago, just a few questions?
Can you guys help me?
I just started epilating my legs, but they don't turn out smooth. They're rough...kind of like stubble. Help!
what four words for tattoo?
how much would a tattoo on my wrist cost?
What type of tampons do you perfer (Girl Only)?
How do you keep razor burn from my bald head?
Where can i find a Henna Tattoo Shop?
how do I keep the ceelulite from comimg back?
how to get more fairer(i mean facial)?
how do u get rid of zits and or black outs (bff wants 2 know) ????
Is Bangkok school of tattoo and body piercing a scam? ?
How to prevent pimples/acnes......?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Is it possible to make a shading needle into a lining needle?
Itching tattoo on neck??
How can i get rid of the brown spots on the cheek bones?
what colors look good on freckly people?
If anyone could do this for me..?
When did tattoos become popluar?
Is this a good tattoo quote?
looking for pin up pictures,4 a tattoo weither its a drawin or reAL not lookin for anything cartoonish?
help my lonely phoenix?!?
What kind of Tattoo should I get?
I want to get a tattoo that involves my family motto? Ideas of where? ? ?
What are your view on heavily tattooed woman?
What do you think of people with tattoos?
Is my tattoo infected?
Help me design my tattoo?
Mother and daughter tattoo...please help!!?
How much would this cost?
do you think a hot girl can be a nerd?
why isnt the ink going in for the outline of my tattoo?
Who wants to have a fairy tattoo?
If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?
Tattoo help?????????
I am getting tattoos removed and my skin looks scarred!!!?
should i get a tattoo...?
Can Anyone design a tattoo online for me for free?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in the UK?
hey what is the best way to get a mustach wax?
Will my mom let me get a lip piercing?
do tattoos look better once you get them shaded?
how do i get rid of my birthmarks without going to the dermatologists?
What kinds of things should I look for when picking a place to get my first tattoo?
Ideas for a new tattoo?
I have two tattoos on each on of my hip bones. When I get pregnant will they stretch or become weird looking?
Ideas for a tattoo please?
what should my first tattoo be?
What should I do next with this Tattoo?
How much would my tattoo cost?
How much would this tattoo cost?
So, how exactly do tattoos work?
What is the best soultion for pimples?lol?
Do you have to have a tattoo on either side of your back?
Need help with my tattoo!!?
Do girls like it when guys check them out?
What Type of Tattoo Should I Get?
How much does it hurt getting tattoo on the side of your wrist?
How do I get rid of acne?
Should i pierce my lip?
tattoo or no tatto?
are tattoo parties legal?
If geneticly the Europeans/Mediteranians were considered the most beautiful,how come the Asians rival them?
I need tattoo advice, desperately!?
Foot tattoo. yay or ney?
Ideas for a tattoo symbol of one's "sense of self?"?
Can anyone help with tattoo ideas?
Question/advice about TATTOO SLEEVE? (picture inside)?
How much would it cost to get an infinity sign and a diamond tattooed on my ring finger?
are there any places near Universal Studios in orlando florida to get a piercing/tattoo?
Tattoos while Pregnant?
Polynesian tapping method of tattoos?
Im getting a tattoo of a diamond with my childhood best friend. Which finger and what hand.?
how much would this hurt?
What is a good tattoo idea to represent a Godson?
what are some of the sexiest tattoo's out there?
Immortal Beloved in german tattoo?
Tattooing in Germany?
i gave myself a tattoo?
what to look for when searching for a tattoo artist?
Need your help asap on tattoo please?
What do you think of guys with small tattoos?
Do facials from the spa help your complexion to look prettier/clearer?
Price tag on this tattoo?
Do you like my new tattoo?
I am thinking of trading my "goods" for his "services" with my tattoo guy?
Can Anyone Teach me how to Setup A coloring tattoo machine?
Ok I'm 13 and i am skinnier then all the other girls in our grarde?
has anyone got any ideas?
What about this tattoo?
Hmmm... where can I get a great tattoo in Kansas City?
i have a very tiny pimple of my face somewhat close to my lip, i really need it gone by tomorrow, help pleasee
Use of Vitamin E (capsule) on acne scars?
What is another way to remove a tattoo? besides laser surgery. ?
to control hir fall what i want to do?
Do tattoos on top of the foot hurt bad?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo while your on mtx ?
anyone have any tips on how to reduce dark circles from around the eyes?
If you were getting a tattoo of song lyrics, what lyrics would they be?
I am a Female and I am getting my First Tattoo. I should get it on what part of my body?
Jolen Bleach instructions?
beauty experts?
Does someone know a novel that includes a person who has a tattoo and/or is pierced?
where can you get an industrial?
why does it smell like fish?
is this what it meant to do?
Do you think Tattoos are trashy?
I want "high five!?" tattoo'd on the palm of my hand...?
what do you think of chest tattoo's on women?
Tattoo cover up help?
tattoo removal laser training uk?
is it bad if my pants rub my tattoo?
Can I take Nyquil after getting a Tattoo?
Rough price of a Tattoo like this one...?
a face tattoo...?
What quote should I get with this tattoo?
With my new tattoo would it be ok if?
First Tattoo :] helpppppp.?
Good tattoo artists/places in Arizona?
tattoo help please.....?!?
I am getting a memorial tattoo, I'm getting just the person's name. Should i get it on my shoulder or my foot?
Is artificial tanning really bad for your skin?
my tattoo scabs fell off and now it looks like a faded grey?
why do so many teenagers have s*x?
How much does an inner lip tattoo cost?
When are boobs too big?
Tattoo Help!?
My Brother is getting a tattoo of his son's name ...?
If you could get any tattoo right now what would it be and why?
Should i get a full Full Face tattoo?
How Much Would This Tattoo Cost?
Tattoo quote ideas??????
What's the best anti-shine product you've ever used?
Temporary tattoos?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Will a forearm tattoo hinder my career progression in journalism?
how much would a tattoo cost?
Where should I put my tattoo?
if you could exist just as 1 part of the body, what would it be? Why?
where can i purchase pressure earrings for keloids?
getting my first tattoo soon, whats a really nice shoulder tribal tattoo (for men)?
Do guys like bellie button piercings?
Tattoo ideas to represent my Papa? (Grandad)?
how do u get rid of freckles on ur face?
can you tattoo different color inks over black?
Doing a survey about Tattoo, Need help?
how many girls are proud of their bodies, any girl??
Does tattoo ink stain skin IF not applied by a needle?
the first thing that the girls like most ?
how much does a tattoo cost?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
Opinion on Tattoo idea/place? Tattoo pain?
ONLY BOYS what u like the most about a thick girl?
Help me with my tattoo?
How too fix my tattoo power box?
i have bad acne breakouts?
tattoo help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What tattoo design would look best?
Is my tattoo ok It is doing really weird things?
Clashing colours for a tattoo?
Who is the Best looking big busted model?
What are the best tattoo shops in the Everett, Washington area?
How badly will this tattoo distort after pregnancy?
Got a tattoo today but need some advice on how to clean it?
Breast Implants?
Evening Tattoo and Piercing courses in Nottinghamshire or close to there?
What kind of tattoo do guy like on girls?
Hi I would like to know if it is safe to put sunscreen on my tattoo now?
Can I go in the ocean with my microdermal?
Where to get my first tattoo; neck or hip?
how do I get rid of dark circles?
tattoo aftercare back of thighs?
Does anyone know of any good facial moisturizers?
would you go to walmart in your pajamas?
What's a cute tattoo idea that represents a thirst for knowledge?
tattoo age in illinois?
how do you get rid of hard skin on the heels of your feet?
how are tattoos poisonous?
what are some cool verses from the bible for a tattoo?
how can i convince my parents to get three piercings on both ears (at the earlobe)?
is placenta cream really effective in removing stretch marks?
What are the new tattoos Harry Styles got?
What is the best Tattoo shop in Edinburgh, UK or nearby?
Tattoo on hip..need some quotes?
Women, if you go to a spa, would you want your car detailed while you are inside?
tattoo ideas symbolizing beauty strength and independence?
How do I get rid of goop on my new tattoo?
Tattoos on girls legs. Sexy. Yes or No?
how many Caucasian people here are scared of Black people?
what is the best kind of chapstick for dry lips?
do you like this tattoo design?
How can I get rid of a tattoo at home?
tattoo advice needed..?
white bump under my tongue ring?
What would you do if your friend got pregnant?
would you ever get a tattoo?
Tattoos on girls?
ok so guys look at me in weird ways. they are always staring at my boobs?
How do u get ready for a bikini really fast?
how can i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Should a girl shave her arms if there hairy?
Question about a tattoo i want to do?
Ideas for an Annabel Lee tattoo?
Can black people tan?
friend wants to get a tattoo?
Catapult or aquafor for tattoo?
ideas for a tattoo 20 characters?
First tattoo queries?
where would it be better to get a tattoo on the wrist?
Did my son get a tattoo?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
What is your opinion on a 16 year old getting a tattoo?
How can I get into the perfect shape?
Want to become a Dental Hygienist & also want a tattoo sleeve on my right arm, is this possible if i cover it?
So I am thinking about getting a tattoo?
First Foot Tattoo so much PAIN!!!!?
What vitamin do I need for healthy nails?
I got my tattoo one week ago it's scab but all the scabs have fallen out (I didn't pick or sractch them)?
how do u know if ur hot or not?
Where in virginia beach can you get a small tattoo for less that 40 bucks?
is there any place to get an underage tattoo in the Melbourne region with parental consent?
Has anyone ever criticized you for your tattoo?
anyone who has had scoliosis surgery?! and has a tattoo....!?
im going to get a hawaiian tribal tattoo for my baby?
Thinking about getting an Inner Ear tattoo?
i need pretty ideas for a tattoo!?
What do you say to someone who says 'your tattoos will look horrible when you're 60'?
thinking of getting a Tattoo!!?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
How to convince my mom to let me get my helix (high part of ear) pierced ?
Detailed process for getting my first tattoo?
Foot tattoo question?
Where would you get a little black crescent moon tattooed?
should i get my eyebrow and lower lip pierced?
want a tattoo, but my job is very physical, could i still get it?
how do you get a tattoo of the ultrasound picture on yourself?
When is the best time to bathe, in the morning or at night?
how do i get rid of a huge pimple before 6pm cuz its my prom today!!!!!!!!!?
Retouched tattoo question?
how many virgins are still out there?