How much do tattoo costs range?
best website for checking available tattoo apprencticeships around the UK?
Bad tattoo idea???
How can I cover tattoos on my feet?
My first tattoo, i need ideas?
Tattoos and Swimming..?
I want to get a tattoo but I'm not sure what to get.?
French quote for a tattoo?
whats the deal with all these tattoo machines being sold on the internet without contact points?
What are your opinions (pics included)?
how would a girl be able to get a bigger butt?
Good colours to use for rose tattoos?
I'm planning on getting a tattoo..?
How can I make eyebrow plucking less traumatic....?
would you get a tattoo of your boyfriend 's name?
guys, what do u think of girls with a tattoo sleeve??
Does the tattoo artist show u the tattoo before making it permanent ?
got my tattoo almost 2 weeks ago and it looks like pieces of it are falling apart?
I need the official website for the texas cosmetology commission?
ladies do your have piercings or tattoos?
tattoo ideas for first time?
I bought mehndi/henna it says maroon?
Tattoo idea? should i get it? opinionssss?
What should I add on to this tattoo?
Are there any Indian stores that sell Henna in Houston?
can i use neutrogena moisturizer on my tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Nebraska without parental permission?
where can i get indian ink?
fair and lovely?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wichita Kansas?
How do I get better skin?
What do you think of this Tattoo?
how to get henna tattoo off?
About how long do you think someone has to be apprentice before they do big tattoos?
What' s the quickest way to loose a lot of weight?
What does this Tattoo stand for?
Question; wanting to get my tongue repierced. PICTURES!?
What is a unigue tattoo to represent my son?
I'am turning 18 in 10 days and i really want to get a tattoo tomorrow . i live in LA.would they let me?
Where is a nice place to put a tattoo?
Im African American and i have skin discoloration , whats the best way to get rid of them?
I just started epilating my legs, but they don't turn out smooth. They're rough...kind of like stubble. Help!
Where can you buy henna tattoo kit near Utah county?
Acne Problem plz help ,Like a Dr or someone smart!?
has anybody used
Where is the best place for a tattooed quote?
tattoo ideas? any suggestions would be appreciated! plz read?
I'm want to get a tattoo on my wrist what should i get?!?
Tattoo for a 15 year?
Which body skin portion is the most exposed to pain when getting a tattoo?
In need of tattoo suggestions?
Besides Proactiv what is the other best medicine for acne?
If you were a piece of furniture, what type of furniture would you be?
Can anyone give me advice on strengthening my fingernails?
Please help with tattoo ideas?
I'm fifteen and I'm going to get a tattoo. Any ideas?
Would my mom find a tattoo on the inside of my lip? Any Tattoo Ideas?
do your own tattoo?
Should i get a tattoo?
"GUYS" if a girl is ....?
Do I have to switch to unscented lotion for my new tatttoo or could I just keep using the ontiment for once ?
Where is a good place to put a tattoo?
What treatment would you recommend for a teenager who has scales on her legs?
what did u use 2 clear up your skin when you started breaking out what really really works??
Would you ever get a tattoo of your partner's name
How much could this tattoo cost?
I need ideas got getting a tattoo fixed?
i wanna get "for3ver" tattooed on my wrist for my brothers?
Im getting a tattoo of my brothers inittials..where should i put them?!?
Your favorite celebrity tattoo? I'd like a girl's perspective..?
i want to get a tattoo on my knuckles and its gonna be "Thug Life"good idea or bad idea?
where's the best place to get a tattoo?
What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?
How do belly button rings work? Can you just buy the ball part?
what can i do about my dark circles?HELP!?
Does anyone else think tattoos are special?
How much do you think it'll cost for this tattoo?
anyone know of any cream that lightens scars or anything that works.?
I want to know how to get rid of acne without having to take medication. Do you have a good remedy for this?
what does it mean when a tattoo has wings?
at what age should i start buying my daughter a training bra?
tattoo to represent my brother
How do you get rid of or prevent acne?
American Pride Tattoo Piercings?
Where can i find a good tattoo idea with libra and cancer combined into one?
pleaseeeeeee help me out........?
Do guys find tattoos on girls arms attractive?
question about pain and tattoos?
Tattoo age in Norway?
how do i lose 19 pounds in 3 months time? i have been exercising but have not obtained any positive results !?
Getting a wrist tattoo
Why are the vast majority of American men circumcised...?
How do you plan a tattoo sleeve?
Tattoo question number 3?
How to keep a tattoo dry in a pool?
does anyone know how much this tattoo would cost?
im 15, and 5 feet 8 inches but i weigh 155 that too much?
Tattooing small, intricate image: have been told it's impossible!?
Boyfriend wants to get a lil tattoo that I think he may regret & his mum might kick him out,should i stop him?
my friend she smells bad very bad and i don't know how to tell her?
ATTENTION LADIES: is it strange if i shave my body in bald from the neck down?
question about skin!!?
Post your favorite Tattoo(s) that is inked on you?
How many of you have done your own piercings?
Does anyone kow how much an esthetician makes?
manicure conta-indications?
possible infection of a tattoo?
Cost Help Please!! :D?
Ladies,which do you prefer body wash or bath soap?
My second tattoo???????
how to get rid of pimples?
How bad is it gonna hurt to get a tattoo?
How long does a tattoo take?
what is the best way of shaving my chin, with best result, and daily?
How can I lose A LOT of weight in a short amount of time?
Tattoo ideas that can represent my family?
How much would a 6 by 5 inch cross tattoo cost on my arm?
Do you regret your tattoo(s)?
Is it true that if I drink lots of milk my breast will grow?
do you think dreamcatcher tattoo's are girly?
san antonio tattoo shops?
i got a henna tattoo kit and there's no mordant...?
Collarbone piercings?
does my tattoo slant up or is it crooked?
can u help me?!?!?!?
piercing or not piercing?
How long will a tattoo take?
anyone got any tips to make having a tattoo less painful?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
Tattoo to resemble my family?
what do you think about tattos, cool or wasting time?
my 1st tattoo does it hurt ?
Good tattoo artists in Birmingham UK?
18 Year Girl Wondering If Its A Good Idea To Get Her Nipples Pierced?
Any one know of any good tattoo shops in Denver?
is there any sunless tanning spas in voulsia county?
I want your thoughts on my future tattoo?
Tattoo rates and prices (Tattoo artists please)?
Why are so many people against tattoos and piercings!?
I burn through the highest sun block any help?
healed tattoo itchy?
How to avoid getting sweaty armpits?
I have oily AND normal skin on my face & acne. What should I use to clear up my face?
can you tell about how can i make my skin clear bcoz i have pimples and have a oily skin?
why dont they invent another way of making bra's?
how to get rid of spider vines in legs?
Do u think 130 pounds in too big for a 11 year old that is 5'3?
Before I get my tattoo, I want to know this?
How much would this tattoo cost/take/hurt?
Which would hurt more? A tattoo under the breast(rib area) or on my inner bicep?
who can draw really well? i want to get a tattoo soon and i have a bunch of ideas?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo but i dont want her to get one?
Tattoo help (meanings)?
Question about snake bite peircings?
Do you still like your tattoo?
Ideas for what to have on a writting tattoo? 10 points?
Who invented that awful toilet paper, that was like tracing paper?
I want to change my lip piercing (help)?
Would you look at me and judge me if I had a tattoo on my face?
how can hair remove permenently?
So I need Tattoo suggestions?
is this acorny idea for a tattoo, a lion on my chest with the quote "at the end of the day im walking with the?
shave before gyno?
Can I get my girlfriend's name tattooed on my penis?
What are all Megan Foxes Tattoos ? And What Do The Ones With Writing Say ?
I want to get a tattoo as a 16 year old teen...Should I?
Are tattoos more common in men or women?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Where should I get my tattoo? ?
somebody has any permanent scar ?
Why do people get piercings?
Help I need Tattoo Ideas!!?
Tattoo's! I want a tattoo on my back?
Will you women date a guy shorter than you? why? why not?
What is easy way to develop & firm my breast IMMEDIATELY & with out more cost ?
Tattoo artists: would translate well as a tattoo?
Tattoo artists wanted! or at least ideas?
My face is in need of a GREAT acne product!?
how many guys/girls like this?
Portrait tattoo touch up?
smiley piercing pro's please! :D?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
How to go to the beach with a new tattoo?
What are your thoughts on LIP PIERCINGS ?
Where Should I Get My Tattoo?
Guys .... Have you ever noticed while talking to an attractive woman...?
Answer if ... You had your dimples/cheeks pierced before? :)?
If you wanted to be a Tattoo artist how would you start?
Looking for a Leo Cancer Tattoo?
What do you think of Justin Bieber's tattoos?
Is it ok to have a portrait tattoo of my parents at my back ?
Japanese Kanji Symbol for "Lady Luck"?!?
If I use anti-age cream before I have wrinkles will it cause me to have wrinkles?
I would like my eyes tattooed?
I already have two piercings in my navel, had my tongue done, what could I pierce?
Is it ok if i put seran wrap on tattoo before i go to bed?
any information/advice on cover up tattoos?
Where should I place my next tattoo?
Huge Pores! PLZ HELP!?
Getting a script tattoo?
Will weight lifting cause an inner bicep tattoo to become distorted?
Can you get a Tattoo at the age of 16 in the UK with a parent?
where can i find johnsons spray mist oil (aloe vera)?
what's better??????
What to get a symbolic tattoo, Does this seem a bit tacky?
big fish tattoo in jamaica queens prices?
How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
please help me......?
Is it big, normal, or small?
Meaningful quotes for a tattoo?
my son of 20 years has been killed in car crash i want tattoo any ideas?
How much is a tummy tuck?
What can I do to help my nails grow, and have stronger nails.?
would a crossword puzzle be a cool tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What is the best product/treatment for blemishes on ones face?
How much to tip for a tattoo?
My boyfriend c-u-m-s on my face, Is this good for the skin?
Where to get a tattoo, where my parents won't see it?
Girls, are you proude of your fogure? Which part of your body specially made you so proud?
Tattoo template idea please?
How do Boy's/Mens pee? By The Way I'm 30 Cause The Stupid Quetion.?
Where can I find someone to custom design a tattoo for me online?
tattoo cover up ideas. HELP PLEASE?
estimate on tattoo for first ink getter?
brown eyes to blue, contacts?
I need help finding a self-tanner that is frangrance free!?
Young Tattoo Question?
can someone tell me how to get rid of acne scars besides surgery?
How much does an ankle tattoo hurt?
whats the naughty's thing ever happened in histroy?
Best way to make tattoo ink?
which do you like better? i might put it on my left sholder blade.?
Where should I get this tattoo?
When I go to get my industrial pierced will they make me take my cartilage earring out?
should i get a tattoo?
what do you guys think about uv ink tattoos?
is there any perfumed body oil available in the market?
Feeling Sick After Getting a Tattoo?
Where can i learn the basics of a tattoo machine/setting it up and cleaning?
tattoo shop near dc?
First time getting a tattoo?
Honest Opinion on This Tattoo?
Is it normal to have half inch redness around a newly stitched tattoo?
can anyone tell me if this tattoo is possible? Also, if you don't mind, explain how or show a brief design?
does getting your nipples pierced hurt?
what's the best womens' deodorant that doesn't have a "flowery" scent?
do you think gettin love, peace, and hope tatted in chinsses is sexy on a girl?
What are your most hated types of tattoos?
Can i change my lip ring?
Whats the best thing to say to ward off strangers politely who ask what your tattoos mean?
My nose is flat and rounded. I hate it. Are there any ways to make it look better besides plastic surgery?
did honey make our body slim?
anyone have info on plastic surgeon Joanna L. Partridge?
i am not feeling good about myself these dayzzz. wat should i plzzz.?
How can you get your breats back in shape after child birth? aside plastic surgery?
Dog paw tattoo? reasonable?
Addicted to getting tattoos, help?
piercers please help cartilage piercing?
how can i have a healthy glow on my skin?
Do guys think that it is sexy for a girl to get a tattoo?
looking for the best tattoo inks available, any opinions?
Is it wierd that I shave my legs and chest?
Can a tattoo have more than 1 meaning?
How do I get rid of back acne?
i need help with a guy....plz read?
What are the pros and cons of tanning? Or are there any pros...?
How to reduce acne?
I want a tattoo but have a heart condition?
Lip keloid please help?
Any ideas for a tattoo about beauty or imperfections?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin with parental consent?
Is my new tattoo supposed to....?
What is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
What's the difference between blackheads and whiteheads?
How much will this tattoo cost???
baddd sunburn...peeling and still hurts... help!!! :(?
what whitening product in Malaysia can really make our skin fair?
What is the best way a teen can get rid of acne?
I have this tattoo but, its kind of boring now and i want to do something more with it?
what tattoo design should I get?
what`s your flavor ?
how can i get rid of hyperpigmentation?
would this make a good tattoo?
can i get a tattoo while I'm pregnant?
Why I have acne and I feel so wretched?
Why do people get tattoos when they can just use a permanent marker?
Does Jack Barakat from All Time Low have any tattoos?
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
Do girls find men with tattoos attractive?
i need a quote to go with a sparrow tattoo?
does getting a tatto hurt a lot?
whats a good quote to do with the ocean and surfing any ideas?
Would scars like this be easily covered by tattoos?
How well do chemical peels work at removing old acne scars?
Approximate cost/pain of this tattoo?
i want to get a small tattoo?
tat to commemorate my nana?
Boxers or Briefs?.....?
Tattoo question.....?
Help but please don't judge.?
braces i need to know everything u know plzzzz?
What does Mitch Lucker's tattoos say on his knuckles?
How did you decide on what to tattoo on your body?
why underarm of ladies always shown shaved clean wheras gents hairy?
I need help finding a REALLY GOOD tattoo parlour in the Bay Area, hopefully in the 510 or 415 area.?
On what age u stop growing?
What would look good with roman numerals om my back?
How to remove my body hair?
how do you get allthe hair offof your les and get them shiney?
What do you think about girls getting industrials?
hi can anybody help me , i like to have my kids names in hindi translate for a tattoo. emily und leonie thanks
How did our finger nails evolve and how they look 1000 yearsfrom now?
how do i get ride of scars on the face?
Tattoo of Two crosses On thumb and circle on the thumb what do these mean ? ?
What's the best care for a new tattoo? ?
How much did your thigh tattoo hurt ?
Is there anywhere I can find a vertical ancient script like Angelina Jolie's tattoo?
How painful are belly piercings?
I want to have a tattoo of my Gran Dad's name, birth date and death date. Where can I put it on my body?
what should my hena tattoo be?
Ideas for wrist tattoos?
Is there such thing as glowing Tattoo Ink? My friends Want To Know?
What was your first tattoo and where?
Shaving..Ladies only please!!?
Chinese tattoo?
White in my tattoo still has blood marks in them?
Tattoo Hiding Spots on female body?
I broke out in hives today and this time my tattoo went bumpy like bubble wrap. Anyone seen this?
Is my pencil tattoo infected?
Anyone in Minnesota who has a lip piercing. PLEASE READ!!!?
Tattoo ideas. Hispanic/ African?
a picture of ultra derm whitening cream from cannada?
Thinking about some ink.?
Am I to fat to get my belly button pierced?
Guys do you think its hott when a girl gets a tatoo on her butt or boobs?
Wife is pregnant, we may be having a boy......should we circumcise him? what % are? any thoughts?
whats a good work out so i can look buffer?
I have a Job interview at Panera bread tomorrow and i have a tattoo across my chest? how to cover w/ no makeup?
Is there any cosmetic or treatment to whiten the color of the penis or scrotum?
I'm getting a tattoo sometime next week and I was wondering what would be the best place on my body to get it?
okay so i turn 18 in like 38 days.....?
In the state of Texas, is a minor ALLOWED to be in a tattoo parlor?
need a tattoo suggestion?
Are tattooed people a turn off for you?
why wont the ink in my homeade tatoo stay?
Is it OK if I'm rubbing off peeling skin when I put lotion on my new tattoo?
when taking a shower/bath.....?
Why is swimming bad for a healing tattoo? what damage does it do?
i have been looking for this stencil for this tattoo and i need help?
what do you think of tattoos on women?
How can I find the right tattoo for me?
need an idea for an amazing tatoo?
does it hurt getting ur eyebrows wax's?
I want to get a tattoo when I'm older, but my friends tell me that it hurts. Does it really hurt?
What place would be the best for a small sexy tattoo (I'm a guy, please read properly, thanks)?
Bellybutton piercings---cute or trashy?
Designing a Tattoo...Need Some Ideas!!!!?
i am 77kgs pls suggest a fast way to reduce my weight to 50kgs?
What are 'crow's feet' and why are they called that?
i wana be a sexey look what the step make a sexy look and how can i use this?
How much would this tattoo cost?
tattoos-plz give me links to nice designs?
Would a tattoo like this fit on my wrist? Pic?
where would you pierce and why?
Tattoo Price Estimate?
Why is my tattoo oozing everytime I put A&D?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost?
i am black, can i have a tattoo done?
How much will a tattoo hurt on my chest?
which tattoo do you like best?
Plucking after fresh tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo over a scar?
Follow me on Tumblr? I follow everyone back 100% <3?
what are good, original sayings for a tattoo ?
Do you think this tattoo is pretty?
I have a few questions about tattoo pain. What areas hurt the worst?
Very dry three week old tattoo, keep moist or dry?
14 and thinking about a tattoo?
My face is in need of a GREAT acne product!?
When a tattoo artist says someone is a 'cadaver,' what does that mean?
For Mature Adults Only!?
Frenum Ladder Or Reverse Frenum Ladder?
Tattoos for an interview?
How much would this tat cost?
anyone ever hate being called anorexic?
Why do people get tattooed.?
are piercings considered risky behavior?
whta is the best way to put self tanner on your back?
can i make money as a beauty therapist in ausralia?
Why do you think some people are bothered by people with tattoos?
Are there any good, but cheap day spas in California?
Is how we (women) walk mainly determined by the bum size?
How long should I leave my tattoo covered in Clingfilm?
what tattoos do you have and why?
Bubble Seal injections for buttocks?
How bad do these tats hurt?
Tattoo ink questions?
I want a tattoo for a good reason, am i too young?
healing tongue piercing?
How can I get rid of a tan on my forearm?
i have a super bad sunburn!!!!!help?
Breast Implants: What do guys REALLY think?
What is this tattoo design called?
How small can a text tattoo be? (pic included)?
Cincinnati area tattoo artist?
What tattoo parlors in Tulsa Oklahoma will tattoo minors?
Question about Getting a tattoo on your foot?
What to do my first tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Some Tattoo help please!?
Half Sleeve Tattoo...I have half lf a half sleeve (front bicep and shoulder) It is Bio Mechanical Design?
How to become a tattoo artist?
what to do to make the skin tightness?
can you sleep while someones snoring?
how would you write the name Aaliya Moore in Arabic? its for a tattoo?
What is used to put the outline of the tatto on your body?
picture ideas for this memorial tattoo?
Ladies,how long is your forearm hair?
Can I be an 'Expressive Art' therapist with tattoos?
How much tattoo in philippines?
14 and I am getting a tattoo?
Where is a good place to get a henna tattoo in the Wanganui-Manawatu region?
what is the best buttock exercise without lifting weights?
Which tattoo should i get?
Is waxing worth it?
About how much would a small tatoo cost?
Tattoo ideas for a Seventeen year old? Read Below ...?
i am not feeling good about myself these dayzzz. wat should i plzzz.?
piercing/tattoo havers?
does my tattoo get "sun poisoning"?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! How much would this tattoo cost?
do guys like short girls?
how long should i wait before i get a tattoo?
Where should I get this Harry Potter tattoo?
i have a money tatto on ma finger.but now i dont want it..any others idea?
On a scale of 1-10 how much do you think this tattoo would hurt?
Can you get acne from kissing someone with acne?
Tattoo cover up?
tanning with a tattoo?
How can my get rid of pimples in my face?
Ladies, What do you recommend ??
Is there a reason I was asked to get naked for a piercing & tattoo?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Do Yall Think my Avatar is Hot or Pretty Be Truthful ?
How do u get rid of pimple scars, because I cant really use bleaching cream because my skin is so sensitive?
hmm is this too corny? fpr a tattoo?
Who invented the tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo! ...But what?
What is a good way to indicate whether or not you can handle a foot tattoo?
how much does tattoo ink spread?
which is better, plucking or shaving?
after getting a tattoo, is it natural for it to itch a lot?
Why do we fall for the bad boys?
What does this tattoo mean?
Nagative Effect of tattoos in urgent fields?
do you think it is a good idea to get a tattoo against your mothers answer which is no?
Tips on R.I.P Dad Tattoo?
harry potter tattoo ideas?
Best way to get a tan? Should you lay flat? What are some other tips?
what if u in love with this person and u really care about this person but he dup u for no reason what should?
Vegvisir tattoo question?
has anyone ever tattooed a flat white keloid?
is it bad to have 3 tattoos before the age of 16?
Why is my 2 week old tattoo still scabbing and itchy?
my daughter is 11 and we need to have girly talks what sort of pre teen body books are out their?
Tattoo??????? Did I do something wrong ?
what does Shenae Grimes' tattoo on her ribs say? i saw her on the cover of us weekly i believe. just wondering?
How do you get rid of blemishes on your face?
Tattoo Idea with this quote?
Why do many girls get tattooes? Don't they KNOW they are UGLY???
Do you like my new tat im going to get?
what's a good place to get a tat where your parents woudnt see it.?
professional jobs that take piercings and tattoos?
Iz gotz thizz tattooooz on ma bakk....?
Where can i get a black light tattoo in Chicago?
What do you think about having this tattoo on my hip?
how many times a week do u shower and DONT lie?
What should I add to turn my tattoos into a sleeve?
POLL: Do you think tattoos on women are attractive?
What are your eye color and what is your favorite?
Tattoo ideas i need ideas & thoughts for my next tattoo, i wanty something meaningful!!?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Home made tattoo, is it safe?
can they do tatoos on your palm?
Ideas for lip tattoo?
girls only alright?
Should I get a tattoo?
My husband got a tattoo without consulting me, can I demand he remove it?
Why do all of the sudden I have the worst acne breakout of my life?
I want to get my nose pierce, do you think guys find that attractive?
To all those with a lot of tattoos, how much did it cost all together?
What hurts more neck or hip tattoo?
What is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
If you had to get a tattoo of one word, what would it be?
I need Tattoo advice?
How many of you have more than one tattoo?
do you care if a girl has stretchmarks?
comfortable/small tampon for 13 year olds?
Are there any Florida trained tattoo artists new to Denver?
Red itchy bumps around my new tattoo?
which falcons do i need to go to in Columbus, Ga?
greek mythology sleeve?
does anyone have or know where i can get a full picture of Ian Watkins guns on his hips?
Can I get my tattoo touched up (UK)?
is bruising around the bone, say a kneecap, common in tattoo outlines?
wrist tattoo.............?
Does putting on a 30 SPF sunblock plus a 50 SPF sunblock mean you have on a 80 SPF?
Ruined tattoo question?
what over the counter products will plump my lips?
I have a tattoo booked for this week, my mum is fine with it but my dad isnt?
Am I too old to get one of them tramp stamps?
knuckle tattoos mainstream now?
How to make your jaw more angular?
I dont know if she got a real tattoo or a fake one?
i need advice on my first tattoo?
i had fake nails now they are brittle?
I need help finding a rose tattoo design!?
Whats does the singer chipmunks tattoo say?
Nose piercing and Belly piercings?
should i pierce my nipple?
Where is there a place in Fort Worth, Texas that well do snake bite piercings, lip piercings, and eye brow?
where and how much does a body tattoo cost ...n where in bangalore?
Whats the heaviest wieght you can be to be a model?
Is being a tattoo artist a good career or no?
ok, here's a gross question...but i really need an answer...?
Butterfly tattoo for lower back?
Can you give me some advice on how to deal w/forehead acne? I'm 23...?
This may be a stupid question but?
Do you have to have a lisence or permit or anything like that to tattoo if you dont have a shop in AR?
How do you make the liquid for henna tattoos?
Anyone know good places to get a tattoo in Saskatoon or Regina?
word for a tattoo; like hope?
Microdermal Hip Peircings?
Best place on the body to get a text tattoo?
Haida tattoo for someone who has no Aboriginal blood?
where and what to do a tattoo?
Least painful piercings?
Wat does Joffrey lupuls tattoo on his wrist saysy? ?
Can someone give me a tattoo idea?
why do ppl always copy me?
Is there any safe way to remove moles?
i need help with an idea on a tattoo ?
Does water help your face?
do you know anything about pheromones on the market?
i need serious help?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Pl give some tips on making skin glowing?
will a hip tattoo hurt?
Should I get this tattoo on my left collar bone or on top of left shoulder ?
is this normal????????????
i'm thinking about going to the pool today.....?
how long can i expect my tattoo to keep itching and peeling?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What does custom work mean?
Is a juniors to big??
Do women think a man with tattoos is sexy?
Irish tattoo (Flag ripping through skin)?
My friend needs an eye doctor!!!!Not Joking??
So I have been thinking about getting my hood periced any storys or advice?
how can i take a preemptive strike against bad skin?
Can wool grow out of a human?
my tattoo scab fell off and it feels weird?
is there any place in fargo, ND that tattoos 15 year olds?
Is there any way to clear, heal, or remove a bursted capillary on the face?
I have my kids names on each side of my left ring finger. i want them to last as long as possi?
Would a pinup tattoo look ugly on the inside of your bicep?
My nails have these ridges on them. I hate it! What can I do to get rid of them?
Do you like this tattoo idea?
is it safe to use shaving foam cream and a razor to get rid of pubic hair?
whats the best soap to use on your face when your taking a shower?
what can i do for this?
My monroe fell out 2 days ago, can I repierce it?
Bronzer or Tanning Lotion for Dark Skin?
What would be a cool tattoo to get representing completing or will power...?
where should i put my tattoo?
Do boys like fat girls?
How do u get rid of acne on ur back?
what is crepiness???
Tattoo on the inside on my ankle or outside?
How many calaries should I eat a day if i wiegh 120lbs?
Should i be worried about hiv? My friend got a tattoo gun?
opinions on this tattoo?
Am I too short?
How did YOU decide on your tattoo?
How old do you have to be in WA Australia to get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
stretching ear lobes with the tapeing method?
Please help; Does it look like my navel piercing is rejecting (pics)?
should straight guys wear make up?
whats happening to my tattoo? read my short paragrapgh need help bad?
Are belly piercings and tattoos trashy? Good looking? Should I not do anything to my body?
Are tattoos worth getting?
benzoyl peroxide?
What kind of lotion can I use on my tattoo that I just got today?
Looking to get a zebra tattoo on my foot. Got any pics?
i have a ton of black heads on my face what should i use?
What tattoo should i get? and where?
this is the tattoo im getting on the 5th?
I'm getting a Tattoo with my gf's name?
Wolf Tattoo - Need Help?
Do tattoos hurt on feet?
is that a HICKEY - there - beneath your belly-button?!?
Im getting married soon. How do I lose 20 lbs. in a couple months?
who likes girls with small chest better?
I am a girl of age 21 .I have extra fats around my waste ,thies,arms and neck.Please me some excercise?
im 16 and i got 2 tattoos, one in my back and one in my chest, by the time i grow up they gonna be messed up?
how to keep your skin look so smooth even if you have blemishes?
Best NATIVE INDIAN tattoo you've seen?
I'm a 15-year old (almost 16) girl, and I want a tattoo/tattoos!?
i would like to know if you get hip piercings does each side come with 2 or just 1 piercing?
Best face wash for normal skin?
what kind of diet would u go on if u were trying to lose weight in less han 2 weeks.?
"om mani padme hum" tattoo?
What you think of this Tattoo?
can you tattoo over scars?
Tattoo for my daughter.. ?
How small can i get a flower tattoo wihout taking away detail/effect for now and in future?
Getting a tattoo on back of neck...?
is my tattoo healed yet?
Tatto placement idea advice ?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
Question about the tattoo i want?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
gals:1} wat are razor-bumps exactly??2} is it safe to nair or veet d pubic area??
Want to see something unbelievable?
washing new tattoo, im not sure?
Does spes manet mean hope remains in latin?
What would you think of a Tattoo artist with no Tattoos?
What tattoo should I get?
helppppppppp my lip?
My new bicep tattoo design?
How do I make my child more colorful?
Why do men have beards-- whats their purpose?
what to do about zits?
Where Can i Find pictures of a Bodark Tattoo?
how do I lose body marks?
How do you get rid of blackheads on your nose and face???
I want a tattoo on my forearm of ONE single word. but family is overused.?
Anyone heard of botox for armpits?
When can you get a tattoo in Long island,NY?
Tattoo help!!?? I cant decide ?
what typeee of lip peircing would look good on me!? ( PICTURE INCLUDED )?
How can I lighten scars?
Not for Tampon users: Do these improved lacy sanitary belts and thin disposable pads work better?
What do girls like in a boy.Does it matter if he is built, like muscular, and does it matter if they are slim?
Creative unique custome ideas for a tattoo?
do you have to have parent permission when your 16 to get a tattoo?
no italian last name?
I am a male with full blown AIDS...?
Bruising right after getting a tattoo. This has never happened before.?
Can I cover up my tribal armband tattoo?
can someone design me a tattoo ?? please?
Good tatoo ideas..? 17 yo boy?
What is the best facial lotion that will not clogg pores or cause a breakout?? And reasonably priced?
would you get your partners name on a tattoo?
Would A Thigh Tattoo On A Male Look Gay?
What are the faded color (usually nautical or old school style) kind of tattoos called?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
Help with my tattoo idea?
my feet smell really bad ever since i was little how do i stop this?
Is it more acceptable to slap a European womans butt than an American womans?
I want to get a tattoo but it needs to be well hidden since I am going to be a teacher. Ideas for placement?!?
We want to make Temporary tattoos?
Is this a reasonable price for this tattoo?
Are tatooed, pierced people offended when people stare at them?
Acne problemo?
where can i get good tattoo designs for free?
What tattoo should I get?
Barefoot or Shoes?
Wrist tattoo question?
What's your opinion on tattoos?
How much do you estimate this tattoo would cost?
best side to get a tattoo on?
Tattoos on a girl. Sexy or not?
I got my tattoo touched up because it blew out. Was I supposed to tip the artist?
Did anyone try Himalaya Ayur Slim Herbal capsual?
Tattoo pain???!?!!????
aye, i wuz just wantin 2 know how can i make my skin brighter, without bleaching?
Cover up, add to my tattoo?
any web page that i can look for phoenix tribal tattoo?
Do you agree with this?
how to keep skin glowing and fresh all day long?
How do you get rid of bimbles on your face?
where to buy henna tattoo kits excluding ebay and
Mall piercings, For nose?
do you prefer hip piercings or bellybutton?
Can u apply vaseline petrolleum jelly on your lips directly?
Okay so I'm torn between tattoos?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Can models get tattoos?
Does tattoos on your foot hurt ?
I am looking for a company that makes custom made men's cologne.?
is it safe to have any sexual contact after you got a new tattoo?
whos more sexy? nikki sanderson or halle berry?
if you have a tattoo please tell me..?
Low blood pressure after tattoo?
I got a new tattoo about a week ago. it has now formed a scab that is peeling and ing. normal or not?
How many word tattoos are too many?
Do you think this is a good idea?
New tattoo will i be to shower ?
Miscarriage tattoo ideas?
Foot tattoo advice!!?
back tattoo or side tattoo?
what would 'flow' with my tattoos?
Does anyone know of a tattoo place that does the temporary tattoo ink that lasts like a year plus?
Custom Temporary Kuckle Tattoos?
Arabic tattoo translation help?
How long does it take a for a "up" in gage in a nose ring to stop hurting?
tattoo cover up for a photo shooting sesstion?
Saying to go along with bird tattoo?
wheres the most painful place on your body to get a tatoo?
do u think brand names really mean good products?experiences please?especially cosmetics,shampoos etc?
how much will this wing tattoo cost?
Female tattoo - where should it be on the body? (not too noticiable, not too hidden, not to "tramp"-like)
Tattoo memorials for horses?
What do you think of this as a Tattoo ?
Tasteful face piercings?
Getting a tattoo!?! hellplpppp?
What are some cute tatto ideas for me :) ?
What is a creative, deep tattoo like a rosarie around the ankle. im looking for something like that, ideas?
I am turning 15 on july 23 and I want to get a tattoo does it hurt its my first time?
chris brown tattoos?
Any ideas or phrases for a tattoo?
Wrist henna tattoo ideas <3?
How painful is a tattoo?
im going to get my first tattoo and?
I am looking for a cool and unique tattoo idea for myself and my husband that represents a little freaky?
What's the origin of "tramp stamp?"?
What do I look up in phone book to find places that do "back waxes"?
I want to get if god brings you to it he will bring you through it?
Quotes for my tattoo help ?!?
Do guys like tattoos on girls?
am broke my skin is terrible,how can i cure acne without seeing a dermatologist?
Where in Virginia can a 14 year old get their lip pierced?
Adoption Tattoos for males?
Ladies, did you know that the new name for a lower-back tattoo is a "slag-tag"?
i have an allergy to henna. Can i have a original tattoo?
Any nice ideas for me? read this?
Who can prescribe for me a cream or medication that can make my skin lighter, brighter, smooth and soft?
Would this be a good tattoo?
Saggy Boobs!!?
So what do you think of the tattoo i got a couple days ago?
What do you think- Like it or hate it?
Thinking of getting a tattoo, how to go about it?
Tattoo leaking ink? ?
Hawaiian Tattoo symbols?
Are back dimple piercings (Lower Back Dermal) Allowed in the Air Force?
Help with chest tattoo?
Do people realize you limit your employment opporunities dramicly change when you get a neck tattoo?
What kind of tattoo saying?
pliz give some explanation why a boobs can make backache?regarding to the bra?
how to get rid of a bad odher in my under arms?
what would be a good first tatoo?
Mary Kay Microdermabrasion set someone please help?
please help me hide a wrist tattoo??????
How much would this tattoo cost ... £?
Help about my tattoo.....?
do smiles cause wrinkles?
would you get a tattoo at my tattoo shop if.........?
Do I need to have a rough sketch of my tattoo idea, or can I just explain it to the artist?
Hi im sixteen and i want a tattoo?
Is it girlish if a guy has a hummingbird tattoo as a part of a jungle sleeve?
What would look cute with this quote?
Does anything out there help, really help to get rid of stretch marks?
Do your ears...?
Muslim people?
what is your longest relationship been?
Tattoo position - chest or arm?
I am looking for a french eye drop (OTC) called - if I remember correctly- "Collyre Bleu." Please-HELP
What is the name of the boutique(s) that make customized perfumes in Paris?
Is it safe to get a tattoo in Africa?
What is the proper way of getting rid of a pimple?
Would sunbeds deteriorate a uv tattoo?
why is this happening?
TATTOO HELP! good tattoo ideas?
what do women think about tattoos and piercings?
Ideass for a tattoo??
I am looking for the Best Artist?
What to put around my tattoo?
looking for a maori tattoo artist in melbourne?
i have always have an eye bags (dark circles) even i get enough sleep, how can i improve this situation??
Would it hurt to get a tattoo on the veiny part of my wrist?
Tattoo price estimate?
Support the Marines tattoo?
Laser Tattoo Treatment?
How do I know whether or not a tattoo artist is a good one?
What does this tattoo symbolize (Picture Inside) ?
How to remove upper lip unwanted hair permanently ??
how to get rid of achne?
what would look hotter a lip piercing or a tattoo?
thinking of getting a tattoo on my wrist?
tattoos on femails?
I want a Japanese tattoo but I'm not sure which is right?
Hows do you get rid of a sun burn fast?
what''s wrong with my tattoo?
Is any woman entirely happy with their body?
Plastic surgery cost: with the ecomony being at its all time worse.. is the cost of plastic surgery lower?
I want a tattoo to symbolise my son- any ideas?
tattoo apprenticeship in the cleveland area?
Is this normal for a new tattoo?
About how long do you think someone has to be apprentice before they do big tattoos?
Quote tattoo ideas for a dying loved one?
how do i cover up my 1 week old tattoo!?
I'm getting a new tattoo on sat morning is it ok to drink alcohol on saturday night?
I've got a dark elbows and knees. Darker than my skin color what shall I do?
about tattoo i want to get I <3 NEW YORK?
Who was the chick that was on an episode of Dr.90210 w/ the awesome hibiscus tattoo? On her left arm.?
how much would these tattoos cost ?
what color of a tattoo fades fast??? please help?
why do some people dislike blacks?
A lot of people show off their tattoos in the summer. Any chance that some of those are temporary tattoos?
How much does a good tattoo kit cost?
Best tattoo shop in New York?
Tattoos on girls.. what do guys think?
Is it a big deal getting 3-4 tattoos all in 4-5 days?
What do you wear when you go to the solarium?
What do you think about tattoos?
i like sleeping on my tummy but im wooried will it make my breast shrink or get smaller will it?
Please help!! Where do you take the hip measurement?
tattoo Wiccan help..............?
where can i find this font for a tattoo?
I have a tattoo on my back, can i still use my proactive on my back?
what should i do to make my boobs lift?
Last question I promise! piercings?!?!?
How much would a tattoo like this cost in chicago?
I want a few piercings...?
I am 5"0 and weigh 110 am I fat?
I want to get a tattoo for my grandma and grandpa, was thinking a cross or something similar.?
Bradly Nowellarm tattoo got any info?
How do you cure hangnails ,fast?
any way of having a temporary tattoo everyday ?
Any one know any thing about taking care of tattoos?
what is the difference between a body lotion and a face moisturiser?
when can i start my workout after gettin a tattoo done?
how can get rid of pimples?
Is there any fairness cream that really works?
Help With My Tattoo ???????
do u think i should to get my lip tattooed?
Should i be worried that my 18 yr old daughter just got a lower back tattoo?
1st tattoo,, please help:)?
Please help!! Where do you take the hip measurement?
How can i combine my existing tattoos into a sleeve?
Tattoo healing period?
Foot Tattoo Advice for a tattoo virgin?
Sak Yant in Bangkok ?
What is the best lotion for dry skin?
how do it feel to get a real tatto?
Tattoo Question ?
i want a tattoo but im a whimp?
Are guys suppose to have soft hands??
Can someone help me please?
How long will a lip tattoo last before fading?
I recently got a tattoo. is it attractive or tacky?
Which tattoo should I get?
I'm 5 foot 10 inches and I weigh 170 pounds am I fat?
do you kiss your spouse when you first wake up in the morning? smelly breath and all?
Is it Possible to Be too skinny for a tattoo?
cool places for a girl to get tattoos?
How often should I hang around the tattoo shop?
Should I get a tattoo on my 18th birthday...?
i need some tattoo font help?
Should i get this tattoo? why/why not?
is it normal for a 11 year old girl to have tiny hairs next to her belly button?
My "boy friend" has wanted me to tattoo his name on me for a while now I have finally decided i will?
I'm wanting to get another tattoo of a quote.?
Is short hot?
Tattoo placement on women?
tramp or not!!!?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
does this tattoo mean anything?
Where (apart from Y!A) can I post a forum question about tattoos?
When using a tanning bed, shoud you leave the lotion on after tanning or is it okay to wash it off?
Hawaiian tattoo web sites?
How much can a slightely over-weight person expect to lose in two weeks of the atkins diet?
I gave myself a tattoo now how do I remove it at home?
should looks really matter....?
What is the meaning behind your tattoos?
guys do you think a tattoo looks good on a girl?
Murad Acne Treatment....?
How long do you think it'd take for this tattoo?
In your opinions..Which do guys prefer..boobies or butts?
tattoo pain for in between your thumb & index finger?
Do you think tattoos look good on girls,yes or no?
Need an idea for matching tattoos??? something for guy and girl?
how you feal when you have a new baby?
What do you think of a "Let it be" Tattoo?
Hedley jacob hoggard tattoos?
this outlining dosent appear to have any ink in it??? pic?
What is the best sunscreen???
how can I get rid of facial hair without using laser treatments?
So I wanna get a tattoo on my wrist. Ideas?
What to expect during my first tattoo?
What is the best thing to put on a fresh tattoo?
Tattoo pros and cons ?
who will pay me to get a tattoo?
Need help with acne, its driving me insane.?
How to let facial hair appear moustace, goatee etc. ? Any methods ?
Are there any rules against radiologists having tattoos?
Arm pit hair?
I am 14, Would my tattoo stretch?
what happens when you shave when your too young??
Does anyone know of a skin care company that will dropship to my customers? Thanks!?
I got a tattoo a week ago 2day I got 2 stars below my waist and the color is coming out and fading whats wrong?
Will tattoo artists be okay with doing multiple small tattoos in one session?
There are goosebump-like raised areas on my tattoo. What are they and how can I get rid of them?
what can i put on my fingernails to quit biting them?
What's your impression of people who has tattoos?
Certain tattoo acceptance in becoming a police officer.?
tattoo questions! please help!?
god places the heaviest burdens on those he knows can carry its weight?
Has anyone used Jergens Daily Glow lotion and skin darkener?
Tattoo ideas for my brothers passing?
STILL Bleeding Tattoo?
Tattoos. On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being a feather, 10 being birth.) how bad do tattoos hurt?
What Are Some Ideas To Cover Up A Cross Tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
what is the best way to ask a guy out?
Ear tattoos???????????
do you think girls who dont shave there underarms are attractive?
What are some good cover up tats that will cover a black tattoo on the arm?
What is the best lotion to use for dry skin?
Does anyone know where to get a tattoo when your young?
i feel shame to wear sleeveless because i have black under arm what can i do to be whiten?pls help me?
Nipple Piercing?
What would flash tattoos be made out of?
want to get an om tattoo but im christian?
what is a nice original tattoo to get on the hip ?
What is your opinion of tattoos?
I am 20, with fair skin, auburn hair, and lots of freckles. Is it too early to begin using anti-aging creams?
Where should I put this quote as a tattoo on my body?
Is popping a zit better since you are getting all the gross gunk out? won't it heal faster?!?
Can i sue this guy for giving me a tattoo that left a scar?
Website about body modification horror stories?
I'm getting a tattoo in a few months but I'm still trying to figure out what to get. Any ideas?
How long do I have to keep this on after getting my tat?
im a transsexual..whos interested in natural ways to increase breast size..any positive input is appreciated..
OK ladies...... what (in your opinion) is the fastes most effective diet that you have tried?
How much does a tattoo cost?
UV tattoo, help me out please.?
what and where are your tattoo's?
(picture) what can I get around my parents portrait on my arm?
if you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be, where would you get it, and why?
How many piercings can I get in a day, because im turning 18 and I want the double botton lip,nipples,and ?
How many tattoos do you personally think is too many?
wich ear do guys get pierced?
Are girls with large noses really unattractive to guys?
How much do you typically tip at a day spa for a 6 hour spa package?
What Does Its Feel Like To Get A Tattoo On Your Wrist & How Much Does It Hurt?
Snake or a dragon tattoo?
Do tattoos on the side of your hand fade away?
Does "airbrush tanning" really work? look natural? and last?
In Japanese tattoos does a koi swim downstream or upstream if you want cherry blossoms?
you think this is a crazy tattoo?
its my first time using the Soap "Jabon de Azufre con Lanolina" is it healthy to use for my face?
Does anyone know if proactive is in stores yet? And does proavtive solution work?
can you get a tattoo on pimples?
Tattoo ideas, for wording underneath chest?
im talented and funny, but i don't have a boyfriend.?
Should I get a biohazard tattoo?
wat is ur shoe size.....???
How do you take care of a tattoo?
coochy cream What do you think of it. Is it worth trying it. I'm a male and??
Can i play hockey, 2-3 days after getting inner bicep tattoo?
i got my girlfriends initials tattooed under my belt?
what is the best place for a tattoo if you are a businesswoman?
Would 3 star tattoos behind the ear look gay ?
How do I stop unsightly ingrowing hair on the bikini line?
Question for women, do you like tattoos on men?
I want a tattoo of a poem representing my love for my children.?
I dreamed that I was in a tattoo shop getting a butterfly tattoo on me but I never got it finished?
what do you think of tattoos?
How can I keep my tongue web from migrating?! :/?
Where should I get my tattoo? ?
What are some good friendship tattoos worth getting?
Any idea of quote tattoos that I could get?
people with tattoos only please!!!?
Why do people say your skin will sag?
So i need some advice for my tattoo?
Were can I find the stencil design for the tattoo on Bam Margera's ribs?
I want a fall out boy inspired tattoo. What should I get done?
Memorial qoutes for my tattoo.?
Cheryl Cole's Thigh Tattoo?
How to attract a girl (ladies only please)?
What would you estimate to be the cost of this tattoo?
Who are some tattoo artist? ?
Getting my first tattoo in December, any pointers?
piercers please help cartilage piercing?
Whats the best place for a girl to have a tattoo?
I am 5'1 and I weigh 105, do you think that is fat for my height ?
Are there any dresses out there that are drop dead gorgeous? and are lined with silk?
What do you think of my new tattoo? (PICS!)?