Can I use olive oil soap on a tattoo?
How can i learn to be a tatto artist in australia?
what are the least painful areas to get a tattoo?
My question may not sound too appropriate: What is a really good deodorant?
is there a way of testing how much pain u can take if ur getting a tatoo./?
How can I keep my feet from hurting while walking around the mall?
what should i do??? ( girls mostly lads too 4 this Q) ?
Friday the 13th tattoo idea?
Is it normal for the ink on my tattoo to fade while it's scabbing?
What are the pros and cons to getting a l piercing?
For guys-body mods or no?
Tattoo ideas for my father who passed away?
how can i be a higher than before and without drink a white juice from a cow...?
do girls think chest hair looks good or bad?
What can you do to reduce wrinkling, without using creams? I'm already getting lines and I'm still a teen!
Does anyone know any secure sight to buy Henna, other than
Tattoos and ballerinas?
Where could I design a tattoo online?
should i get a tattoo saying "Please don't touch my nipples"?
how do i become financially succesful and have many tattoos peircings and my hair done however i want?
homemade temp tattoo?
Anyone have their nose peirced?
Why are my breasts so small?
Tattoo Design Suggestions?
My armpits sweat like crazy and i am not fat. Deoderant doesn't work that well. HELP!!!?
Does someone want to draw up my tattoo? (:?
I need some Tattoo Suggestions?
i know i'm gonna get ripped for this,but how come?..?
I have dry skin on my chest what can I do to soothe my skin?
Tattoo/piercing parlors in Tuscaloosa, AL.?
quickest way to lose fat on a diet?
Tattoo regulations military ?
Christofer Drew Ingle anchor tattoos?!?
Which tattoo design should I get? Help!?
why do men think that bigger is better?
what ways can people get rid of pimples and acne?
should I listen?
What Do You Think Of This Tattoo?
Questions about tattoos?
any ideas for my knife tattoo?
Can you work out with a fresh tattoo?
I want to get me another tattoo.?
I want a tattoo above my ?
what kind of tattoo to get?
whats the most painfull place you have had a tattoo?
where can i buy henna for designs in Turkey?
Tongue piercings and Cigarette smoking? (only if you know about piercings please!)?
? about lip ring size?
I have a really BAD BODY ODOUR & BAD BREATH. please recommend some home made remedies.?
please don't write rude things or anything i'm just wondering?
i was thinkn of getting my peirced any thoughts?
Why did you get your first tattoo?
Should those with Tattoos and Piercings be deferred as Blood Donors?
how would having a tribal tattoo effect a models career?
can we use deodorants and perfumes at the same time.?
Semi - permanent eyebrow tattoo?
My tattoos have not scabbed up...?
Nair? Does it work?
looking after my new tattoo, does this sound ok?
Ladies, would you be overly upset if the guy you were dating...?
I need an quote idea for a tattoo? About being strong and carrying on.?
I have like acne and can anybody give me some advice on it?
Tattoo Hiding Spots on female body?
How do I safely remove hair from the inside of my ?
Help with tattoo ideas!
what can i use to apply tattoo stencils?
Help i put petroleum jelly on tattoo and faded?
what should i do after removing the dress of a girl to have sex?
what are some good ideas for friendship tattoos?
Help sizing my nautical stars?
help with a good quote..?
Do you like my tattoo?
whats a good quote to get as a tattoo on your back?
do you like girls with tattoo's?
I reallyyy want this tattoo but... I need ur opinion ?
iron on lettering help??????????? please?
Where can i get Fake tattoo?
Best place on arm (preferrably) or anywhere for a tattoo on a girl?
TATTOO HELP?!?! Please :) ?
should i get a tattoo or is it trashy?
Where can I find portuguese tattoos?
Where's a cute place to get a tattoo so that my dad won't see it?
How to get the pee smell of of a dog?
Does tattoos on your foot hurt ?
Help with tattoo ideas?
How long before you see results from using Proactiv?
i really want a hip tattoo, or lower back and i just have a couple question?
how much does a little tribal tattoo cost to get on ur shoulder an along the side?
I've heard that there are certain things that I shouldn't drink before having a tattoo done, what are they?
Do You Like This Tattoo?
is it safe to get my tattoo?
Need help With tattoo sleeves?
Wanted 2 get a medium sized tattoo done..not too big on my ankle?
Don't tattoo that part!!!?
Tattoo Care? (Back of the Neck)?
How do tattoos work? The process?
Am i fat for my height???
How do I get rid of reddish brown spots on my back?
Should i get a tattoo? Why?
Would the fore arm be a good spot for a tattoo?
why do people care if tattoos hurt?
Ex boyfriend getting my name tattooed on his chest?
Would you get a tattoo of your lovers name on you?
do u think im fat ???????????
am I ugly.....I am..........what a stupid category to put this question on?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo to remember a guy?
need some tattoo ideas PLEASE!!!!?
stupidest TATTOO ever!...............?
a tattoo idea?
why does boobs have a more importance for a good figure ?
song lyrics as a tattoo?
Don't you know that getting a tattoo is unchristian?
Would jobs allow my piercings?
Who Hates the Smell of Axe?
Has anyone ever used Nair?
where is the best place to get a tattoo in the montrose, delta, grand junction colorado area?
will a tattoo that is visible prevent you from getting a professional job.?
How can I make my ring tattoo prettier?
Ladies, what is your favorite curve on your body?
I need tattoo word ideas?
how to gain wait?
Can someone help me decide which tattoo to get? Ideas inside. :)?
What is your favorite body lotion or cream?
which material is cheapest-316L surgical/stainless steel, titanium, or glass?
Which place is the cheapest to have an eye exam for contact lens?
Where can i find loads of kanji tattoo designs?
Im 16 years old and i want a tattoo.?
Tattoo price estimate?
license picture help?
My Tattoo's itchy???
What does everyone think of the tattoo I want to get as a memorial to my girlfriend who died in a car accident
is it really necessary to use eye make-up remover to remove eye make-up?
What does an allergic reaction due to acrylic jewelry look like?
how can i get rid of blackheads on my forehead?
how can i make my skin fair and handsome,how my body mass can be improved, how seflconfidence be improved?
Tattoo Age Limit In Australia?
i want a tatoo but i dunno what i want ?
I need help with an estimated price on a tattoo. ?
what are all of the tattoos the alexis neiers has?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne?
Nose job - what do I tell coworkers about taking time off?
why does keep deleting my questions about tattoo's?
witch tattoo should i get "all you need is love" or "love is my weapon"?
Why do people get corporate logo tattoos?
What memorial tattoos should I get?
can anyone give me an idea for a tattoo?
what in papaya helps in whitening?
Are keloids from piercings avoidable or preventable?
Can I put anticeptic on a fresh tattoo?
My taper won't go through my ear?! D;?
Do white ink tattoos work on black people?
I have a sunburn!?
How to apply A&D ointment to a fresh scared that of I wipe off the access I'll take it all off ?
Need help with a meaningful tattoo quote?
I Want To Get A Tattoo On My Ribs , What Can I Do Before To make It Not Hurt While Im Getting It Done ?
how do i convince my mom to get a tattoo even if its a memorial tattoo she wont let me get it?
Question preferably for GUYS:would messd up skin make the guy suddenly dislike me?
Good ideas for a tattoo?
Are there any tan in a can products that ACTUALLY work without looking splotchy in daylight?
can any one help me to choice cream/gel reduce eye wrinkle.?
IS there a minimum legal age for getting a tattoo ?
What is Your Favourite Perfume? Least Favourite, and What are you wearing at the Moment?
here u r just try out this tipfor glowin skin the u say my slin goes lalallallla.........?
Marilyn MonroeTattoo?
Suggestions for a memorial tattoo?
Can you help me with a rib tattoo?
Where may I purchase Rosemary Gladstar"s Perfect Cream already made?
How does one draw finger waves, as in asian artwork or tattoo flash?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What should I get on my chest piece to go with my last name Outlaw?
How can I reduce the visibility of raised veins on my feet?
Is there an alternative tattoo ink besides Indian ink?
I have tried fake tan and my neck is really orange, any tips of removing it or making it less noticeable?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Does anyone know any Air brush tattoo place NEAR Disneyland?
How long would this tattoo take?
Is there anything wrong with having two?
what are some good ideas for a tattoo?
Tattoo 4 hours ago, how long before shower?
what is the difference between a brazillian bikini wax and a regular bikini wax?
I have alot of pimples and despite following the advices in magazines, i cant seem to get rid of them .?
Tattoo suggestions, help?
help with an idea for a tattoo?
Getting a tattoo ! Any advice ?
question about my earlobes! need help!!?
any way of having a temporary tattoo everyday ?
What tattoo shops in the hampton roads area tattoo minors?
what is the best prescription for acne?
How do I get my face cleared up?
Is there such a thing as painless waxing?
Got a a new tattoo, then found out I have a baseball game 3 days later?
Does anyone have a picture of what Leslie from America's next top models tattoo looks like??
How painful is a tattoo and my oldest daughter want a tattoo should I ?
will this tattoo affect me from getting a job?
cute tattoo or not??
what should a guy do about rear hair?
I have had a new tattoo today and was wondering...?
whos evrybody know bout hena tatto in yokohama/tokyo, let me know please?
What do you think of having a tattoo seen on prom?
what happens if u remove foreskin?what would it look like?
Do women find guys with tattoos attractive?
Half sleeve tattoo ideas?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Do the SkinMedica Line and Jan Marini Line have the same growth factor? At the same ratio?
how togive urself a tattoo with a candle and a stick?
Is this a bad tattoo idea?please help?thankyou?
Tattoo that represents strength and hope?
Is there anyway that you can get a tattoo before you turn 18??
I'd like to get a tattoo of honoring my dad?
What is 'fat'?
How to honor my grandfather with a tattoo?
shave or trim?
whats a good website to look at awesome tattoos?
Lump on the inside of my lip?
Favourite out of these two designs?
how much will it hurt to get a tattoo on my spine?
my friend says she can see her pores in the mirror. How can she make them not visable and have clear skin?
Anyone have any experience with under arm sweat?
what would you recommend to make your lips appear lighter and smoother?
Full sleeves in the air force?
Any ideas for a dedication tattoo?
How bad does a Hand tattoo hurt?
is it stupid to get dog paw prints tattoo?
How can i make my lip pink by natural ways?
Any ideas for tattoos?
I want to finish my tattoo but cant decide what else I want, please help!?
How do i treat iching that i get from tanning?
My acne wont go away! what do i do?
I just got a bad tattoo....?
Tattoo quotes??????????????
Being a cop with tattoos?
My supposed to be shaded tattoo is still black!!!?!!!?
Best Friend Tattoos? What should we get?
how do i remove my tan quickly n easily without having to spend big bucks on it?
question about a snake tattoo?
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow- what to expect?
should i get this tattoo?
Where can I buy fake tattoo sleeves in the UK?
Ear piercing pain?
What's the approximate tattoo price in UK?(United Kingdom)?
What's the traditional background or backdrop used with a Fu/Foo Dog tattoo?
The easiest question to answer ever here!?
thoughts on quotes for tattoo idea?
Any suggestions for a tattoo?
Is it possible to fall asleep during a tattoo?
Ok girls, what is the best dress you can wear to a nice dinner and party when you have a little bit of a tummy
How can I get rid of chapped lips?
on LA ink , what picture did kat tattoo on christina perri?
My boyfriend and I want to get a matching tattoo for love.. Help?
what do men think of women with tattoos?
Do tattoos on your head hurt?
How well does Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream work? I've just started using it for my dark undereye circles.
whats your reason behind your tattoo?
Tattoo Idea?
how can i get rid of pimples fast????
Getting a facial piercing at 14? Please help?
Do you need a tattoo license in El Paso, Tx.?
How can I get real long nails?
Ok I am going to get a new tattoo dad, husband?
anyone know this commercial???
Nipple piercing questions?
I need a unique tattoo idea for something that would represent my son?
how can I remove stretch marks without surgery, i want to be america's next top model?
What tattoo to get for my mom?
opinions on tattoos and piercings?
Anywhere to get great bath and body stuff CHEAP?!?
Tattoo care information?
Memorial Tattoo Idea?
I think I'm fat but everyone thinks im skinny and i want to lose my stomache... give me workout tips plz?
does getting a tatoo hurt?
What are your feelings about getting names tattooed on your body?
i have a pimple by my eyebrow right by my eye and its starting to make my eye swell?
any tattoo artists..?
Need ideas heeeelllpp?
Getting a tattoo touch up tomorrow?
Is sex is different frm love>?yes or no..?
What is your opinion on tattoos ?
Tattoo aftercare and my job?
If I want to get a tattoo on my ribs.. But Aim a bit Over weight, Not Alto, SHould I GEt it or shoul I Not?
how affective is the drug rocutane regarding acne?
how to maintain our face glow?
I am a kid how do I loose weight?
Fake Tan - RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!?
Is it true that your breast grow larger when a guy touches them?
what does a female like in the body of a man?
Where can i get my tattoo removed?
Why do guy's get both of their ear's peirced. and is it sexy.?
Should i get my lip peirced?
How can i grow tall as a girl of 13?
Does anybody know if the men's fragrance "Krizia Uomo" is still being manufactured?
Alchemical symbol tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo, any ideas?
do diet pills work and are they all dangerous?
Star Gang Tattoo meaning in Orange County, CA?
What kind of tattoo should it be?
Do you have tattoos or body piercings and why did you get them.?
What sign/symbol/design of a tattoo could I get that signifies strength?
your opinion on women w/ tattoos...?
weight is 63kgs, age is 24 and height is 5.6 i want to loss my weight without going slimcare how it is possibl
I have acne fairly bad I use ProActiv but it doesnt really help.I am 13 and shouldn't have to deal with this!!
scale of 1-10 how bad does lip piercings hurt?
i really want a tattoo, which do you think i should get?
a tattoo that symbolizes strength courage beauty and overcoming strugle and new beginings?
I need tattoo Ideas Any ideas???
Does it hurt having a tattoo?
guys i need all your opinions on tongue piercings?
finally i decided of a tattoo. tell me what do u think?
Lost tattoo help :) !?
Has anyone tried IPL treatments?
where in glasgow can i get collagen injections on my lips and how much does it cost?
does anyone know what web-site i can find some cool medievil images such as coat of arms, weapons etc?
What is the smallest front size or print tattoo I could get without it bleeding together?
hey i dont know if its something to be concerned about, but i noticed a couple new birthmarks on myself that?
i want to get a tattoo on the inner part of my finger but i sweat a lot?
Tattoo Help please anyone?
What are your honest opinions about getting someone's name tatooed on yourself?
If I am from Iowa can I go to Missouri to get a tattoo if I'm 17?
Will my tattoo stretch?
Which is best to keep fit. Cycling or Walking?
I just broke out in little red bumps on and under my chin. They are not pimples or hives-what are they?
i want more friendof the age of 12?
how do you treat pimples on your back?
do tattoos on the feet hurt?
what is the russian name for the star tattoos?
What do you think of a 14 year old getting a tattoo?
does it hurt getting a tattoo?
what is the shortest air stewardess height?
New tattoo in sunlight?
I want to get a tattoo for my son...not sure what i want..?
I need some ideas for a tattoo that involve myself being adopted from russia. Any ideas?
How long after I get my tattoo do I have to wait to go swimming?
I have bumps on my nose and chin are they going to get red and break out if so will clesing towlets help?
My daughters name is Liberty and I want a really awesome tattoo to symbolize her any suggestions?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
Why do Asians (China) look younger then any other place in America?
is it possible to burn if you go tanning at a salon?
Tattoo ideas........?
too many tattoos help?
how do you get rid of acne or pimples without using some kind of special medicine or facial wash?
Questions about a tattoo?
WHY is it that woman will parade around on the beach in a flimsy bikini in front of complete strangers?
Anyone who is on answers (right now)...?
How Could I improve my face complextion?
Tattoo ideas for wife's birthday?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo and/or piercing?
What can I wear over a chest tattoo?
What happen to Skintimate Moisterizing Aftershave?
My tattoo is septic what do I do?
whats the best tanning lotion?
where can i find godiva skin care products in US...specifically in Los Angeles.?
Piercing Places near Boston Ma?
how do i get rid of my pimples!?
When is the best time to get a tattoo? During the day wise..?
how do i get rid of stretch marks that is over 10 yrs. old?
Is it weird getting a tattoo like this?
tattoo on fingers, could it affect touch sensors?
Questions about piercings?
Are there tattoo shops in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis area that tattoo long lasting color on African Americans?
I have an 8th grade dance coming up, and my dress is a light light tan/beige and i have brown hair ....?
First tattoo help?..?
I'm planning on getting my tattoo soon, but I dont know where...?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in MD?
how does aloe vera help in removing pimple scar? how do u use it?
does anyone have tattoo's out there, I'm thinking of getting one...what should I get?
Should I get my Fiancè's name tattooed on me?
I want a small tattoo, will it hurt?
Where should i get this tattoo?
what can i shave with and not get bumps?
Can I get a tattoo at 17?
Should I get a tattoo of a hand on each butt cheek?
tattoo on the back of the neck - pain?
do you think it is wrong that men look after there body and use skin products (facials etc.)?????
Have loyalty tatted on tha right side of neck, want spirit of detroit in middle, wat do think for tha left?
Help with TATTOO designs?
Tattoo of favourite band name?
Why do girls stay in the bathroom so long?
Aigt so I'm thinking bout gettin a tattoo. I work out and I'm getting big, would the tattoo stretch out?
Question about getting a Tragus Piercing?
Is it possible to remove a tattoo with ink remover?
Why is it, that people say that it's "what's inside" that counts, yet everyone judges people by their outer
Just got my 1st tattoo yesterday what should I expect from now on?
Does anyone have tips for more comfortable waxing?
want a love quote tatoo for by my collar bone.. need some help?
does chemical peel have any long term side effects?
How do I get my tattoo license in KY?
i got a little tattoo for personal reasons and now everyone says i look like a lezbian. what do i do?
How much would a quote tattoo on the back cost?
Pro-abortion tattoo ideas?
What route should I take at 16/17 to become a tattoo artist? I currently study level 3 art 3 days at college?
im looking for a picture of a tattoo...along the lines of a black rose and red ribbon?
The cost of a Small Tattoo?
Bigggggg lips?
Were to get first tattoo for a 14 year old?
Cuchulain tattoo ideas?
where is the least painful spot to get a tattoo?
What are your opinions of neck tattoo?
Worrying does give you more.......?
Fake tattoo on my bakk?
What does a foot tattoo feel like?
what product can I use to eliminate razor bumps on my bikini line after I shave?
where can i get henna tattoos?
New tattoo is scabbing?
what is the best cream to make your breast firm?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
Family Tattoo idea help?
Are angel bites more for girls or guys?
why do girls like to show their thongs?
How much 'excess ink' should there be?
Is 13 piercings to many?
smallest tattoo possible...update...?
Anyone have a close up pic of Christofer Drew's anchor tattoos?
Need some advice on tattoos!?
im thinking of getting a facial tattoo?
Is it weird that i have my dogs name tattooed on my wrist with a butterfly?
How much is 65 kilos in pounds? And is it good for my height= 5'3?
What color are each of the members' of Sum 41 tattoos?
Question for people who have tattoos.?
how many tattoos does the Boys of One Direction have?
Is my septum pierced too low? PICTURES**?
need Information about the first tattoo?
How much would it cost to get this tattoo?
Best quote for tattoo?
I have barbells in right now...can I switch them into plugs?
how to get a fair complexion?
What would fit better?
i hav loads of spots and i dont know how to get rid of them. plz help me!!!!?
How long will it take to put on 500 lbs?
How do you pierce your own belly button?
How much will my tattoo cost?
How can i get a tan?
where is a good place for a tattoo that says "live"?
Ideas for an animal tattoo?
whats the best diet pill out there?
What to do about a misspelled tattoo?
I want to start tattooing...?
What's sexier, piercings, tattoos, or bare skin?
what does 'ti amo' mean?
thunderstorm tattoo? help me.?
Am I too fat for a belly button ring?
I would realy like to get this tattoo but wasnt sure how to present it to the tattoo artist?
Who will tattoo underage teens?
I need a picture of Angelina jolie's tiger tattoo; I would love to know where i can find one.?
Why do models usually have short fingernails?
when your tattoo starts peeling, should you still wash it?
I'm under 16 and I really want a few tattoo's?
How do you cure razor burn---fast?
what facial piercing should i get?
I need help tattoo people?
Are the fingers on your right hand fatter?
"It will look bad when you're old!"?
what is the best prescription for acne?
Tattoo issues PLEASE PLEASE HELp :( ? ?
Wetzels Pretzels accepts people with tattoos?
How bad does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder?
Start practicing now?
Do people look down on tattoo artists as a career?
Charlotte NC; tattoo & piercings?
i want to get tatoos but i need couple mor ideas wat would b good to get?
How much would a fist sized tattoo on your thigh cost?
ok so i want to get a tattoo of a butterfly but with music notes incorpertated somehow help please!!?
Would it be insulting for someone who is not a war veteran to get a POW flag tattooed on their body?
im living in sweden and i would like to no im any one could help me find a job body modeling.?
does collegen really smooth wrinkles?
how can you get a popstar body?
Do hand tattoos always get messed up?
How do you feel about meaningless tattoos?
Anyone use Rocoo's old school tattoo balm?
What Should I get Tattoo of on My Wrist?
my son has a large scratch across his cheek, nose and lips. what will make it heal faster?
Who came 1st egg or a chicken?
OK help neeeded sooo bad with my eyebrows?
Tattoos on skinny guys?
What can i do to make my breasts grow bigger either than plastic surgery?
The skin on my elbows?
what is the quickest and the most effective method for weight reduction?
Bra shopping?
Which is better, tattoo disposable nozzles or steel?
do u curse?
Tattoo to remember a child lost by miscarriage?
Is it ok to get a tattoo on my boob?
Why doesn't my family approve of tattoos?
i want to get some mehndi (henna) done . . .?
i dont have pimples but many whiteheads. what i should do?
Tattoo ideas......s?
My tattoo lines are too thin?
how to erase the black dots around my face?
first tattoo ! help ?
For the MEN?
What is the most effective way to permanently remove pubic hair with less pain if possible?
receptionist? tattoo parlor? age?
Getting a tattoo and ID methods.?
First tattoo question?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost (UK)?
can win a heart of 35 years beautiful lady?
pless Share me evrything new abut womans and sex?
Where can I get fake snake bites in the UK?
Help on what font this tattoo is in?
Someone know this girl?
I want another tattoo but im having trouble thinking of where i want it?
Tattoo i get on Thurs!!?
I put neosporin on a new tattoo, how much damage did I do?
I work out alot and sweat alot how can i prevent my face from breaking out?(i wash my face as soon as i'm done
does getting your tongue pierced hurt?..?
how did most porn stars break in to the business?
My wife got a tattoo on her leg on?
Peramanent straight hair, Skin &Beauty fairness?
does any one used breast developing cream recently? of what make ? price and does it effective?
On a scale of 1-10 how much does getting a tattoo hurt?
What is a simple symbol for a tattoo. i just want a plain small tattoo that is creative and symbolic?
im getting this tattoo soon! what do you think of it?
Any body else have SORTA bad acne?
poll - if you are 30 or older and got a tatoo as teenager, do you regret that tatoo?
wht type of girls do men like?i mean physically.?
Tattoo aftercare advice?
What to wear... Hipp tattoo!!!!!!!!?
Foo Dog Tattoo Design?
what does getting a tattoo feel like?
Is there such thing as a painless tattoo shop?
How do you stop someone from wasing his hands alot and taking 1 hour showers?
what piercing should i get? pics?
Tattoo that says "love"....HELP?
Are you creative?! I need a CUTE idea for a tattoo... 10 points best answer PLEASSEEEE!!!?
I want a tatoo????????
i want to tattoo E=MC2 but i don't know about the font, size, place, any help?
How much do tattoos hurt on a scale of one to ten? (Read Description)?
Do you think that mini skirts look cute on a girl or just trashy? How short do you think is too short?
will this help my acne scars?
Should I get a tramp stamp?
what to apply to a dry skin?
how much for this tatoo?
What do you think of my ear ring ?
Tattoo quote ideas about scars?
My dimple piercings are leaking?
what exercise can trim my waist completely?
Im representing the plus sized females and Im pretty.Just want know why the slimmer females think their better
what happens to a tattoo on the abdomen?
What do you think of this tattoo? Picture Provided.?
caring for brand new tattoo!?
what is the most effective way to get rid of acne scars?
tattoo art galleries?
How can I have a bright skin?
Tanning Advice?
what do you think about tattoos?
Help with tattoo script?
Is it illegal to have your ears pierced at 9 months old (in the UK)?
How can I fix my tattoo?
What can and can't I do once after I get a tattoo?
i was thinking about going into the marines but i have a large tattoo. will i be able to get in.?
Any cute or sexy tattoo ideas?
Small tattoo pain? Picture included.?
do u think that zac efron is hot???
Help with tattoo idea!! its my first one?
any one know any good sites for free tattoo stencils?
When one takes a shower is it ok to NOT scrub your legs and feet?
State outline tattoo ideas?
Would this be cool for a tattoo?
any design ideas?
Do you have piercings or tattoos?
What could I cover this tattoo with? Ideas please?
hey who knows a fast way to get rid of pimples!!?
Has anyone used Proactiv Solution?
I want a tattoo of my mothers name (olga) on my foot but i want a design around it any ideas?
What wrinkle cream works best on eyes?
my boyfriend and i are getting matchin tattoos but dont kno where to get them?
Girls only: What would you reccomend for very, very dry lips?
Motivational word for tattoo to stop cutting? ?
how long should my tattoo peel for?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo parlor in or near Lafayette, Indiana?
I hear that when you get chill bumps your hairs grow. Is that true?
is it a bad idea to get a tattoo when your?
do u like this tattoo?
What do women find sexy about tattoos?
Where to find cheap lip studs?
Does anyone know any good Tattoo parlors in Cartagena, Spain?
Down to 2 Designs, which tattoo should I pick? Long description, sincere opinions plz?
which colors would look good for this tattoo?
What nationality are the preatiest women in Europe?
What tatoo should i get?
Should I get a tattoo on my hipbone or wrist?
i have one white spots on my both cheeks and one spot beside my lower lip how can i get rid of this problem.?
does anyone know how I can cover up my tattoos?
Is 25 too old to have plugs?
how to care for a tattoo?
i want a forearm tattoo and dont know what to get?
how painful is it to get a tattoo?
how long does a small tattoo take to heal?
should i get this tattoo.?
Can someone please give me an estimate of the price of a tattoo like this?
Anyone have Henna Tattoo Ideas?
where should i put my tattoo?
Tattoo artists! Please help me design this! I need advice?
How much do spider bite piercings cost?
tattoo pain question?
I got a tattoo without permission. ?
Does wrapping saran wrap around your waist and butt really help you lose weight?
I just got a tattoo two days ago and I woke up with a tiny bit of peeling on my t shirt.?
I'm 20 and have two kids what can i do about the stretch marks and now my man looks at porn?
Sometimes the outline of my tattoo itches and then it kinda bubbles up why?
Tattoo Idea's for amputation!!!?
is there any surgery to change the color of skin?
Can I get a tattoo with a staph infection?
What ance product (beside Proactiv) were u recommend?
Will a tattoist do a tattoo on the back of my neck if I haven't had any tattoos before?
Help? tattoo looks like its fading a little already, an i just got it on tuesday!?
looking for a tattoo artist who can do flowers similar to jeff gogue's style?
TATTOO or contacts?
how much would an estimate be for this tattoo?
How can i get rid of the lines on my neck? i have them since last year.?
Good ideas for sibling tattoos?
i got a dark pigment on my face and i tried alot face creams and they don't work and i need help to get rid of
Tattoos = Unemployable?
The fifth day of having a tattoo?
does a eyebrow ring hurts bad?
Where is a good place for a tattoo?
Should I get guages in my ear or a tattoo for my 16th birthday?
Is being out in the sun good for acne?
Where (geographically) can i find girls with a lot of tattoos?
Why do girls like that Tattoo on their lower back? Is is sexy or tramp stamp?
How much will a very detailed black butterfly tattoo be?
Need Help what to ADD ON to my tatoo?
How to heal a scratch mark on your face?
how can i reduce oiliness on my face??
if you have regular facials, does your skin eventually become flawless? why do people have facials?
what's your opinion on this tattoo?
im 13 and have bad acne how can i get rid of it?
detailed colored tattoos?
Good tattoo artist in the Downriver area of Michigan?
Can you help me find a rose tattoo?
what to do to make the skin tightness?
I want my tongue done ?
Are these good tattoo ideas?
any ideas for a nice tat on my..........?
Im getting a tattoo on my back you can say on shoulder blade but would it hurt?
why is the new layer of my skin red, irritated, there are tiny bumps and its itchy?
how can i get a gf?
I am thinking of getting an angel wing tattoo for my gran but would like a quote to go along with it ?
I want to get in a tattoo apprenticeship in the dayton area any ideas?
oil control lotion?
Having second thoughts on my tattoo?
Does anyone know of any mature modelling agencies for over 60's?
What do you think of these tattoos on a girl?
is it nice to use warm water always.?
My daughter is 16 and wants to get her belly button pierced ....What should I do?!?
What's your reaction to those of us who are tattooed?
what is the Missouri tattoo age?
how do i get rid of facial hair?
I want to have a tattoo of lord SA on my hand.suggest me where to go in hyderabad and how much it will cost?
Is getting a tattoo on your foot illegal..?
My top lip is burning and dry what should i do?
tattoo for girls questions?
Do fairness creams really work to enhance one's tone..? if so how to identyfy the right product..?
to dave B.....?
why do people who hate tattoos say this?
Are there any tattoo parlor in NYC that allows you to get tattoos if you are under the age of 18?
How many hours would it take to have a tattoo like this?
need a tattoo quote for distance and love?
ladies, what is a good facial mosterizer for me? I have terribly dry skin, but seem to break out on my forhead
are tattoos a turn off for guys?
my son wants to put stretchers in his ears, he tells me hole will close up when he takes them out.. is this tr
In Northern Ca area I am looking for a tattoo artist that specialized in Japanese style?
Tattoo artist went over an area again and charged me?
How to convince my parents on piercings?!?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo.?
Tattoo Question: How do i make it more interesting?
Guys: Is a tattoo on a girls butt a turn on or turn off?
Is it ok for a christain to get a rosary/cross tattoo?
would you get a tattoo?
first tattoo i want done for my birthday?
Piercing Places in Boston?!?
Free bird tattoo cost?
Is my foot tattoo ok?
Can you get brown tattoos?
How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?
does anybody know of a good face wash you can make at home? with normal products.?
What is the best tattoo coverup makeup?
quickfade tattoo fading gel?
Good tattoo parlors in Vancouver?
There is a sort of cream that helps your face stay young forever. do you know its cost?
Anyone want to design my back tattoo of my name?
Should I get this tattoo for this reason?
Matching tattoo ideas?
Which is the best depilatory cream?
do black and grey tattoo sleeves look good on guys scrawny arms ?
Don't you just love tattoos?
guys: would you rather have girls with curves, or a really skinny girl?
Industrial piercing aftercare?
Why do the women care to much about their diet and clothing?And sleeps with the men at the end?
What tattoos are you tired of seeing?
what is the fastest way to reduce fat of tummy?
tattoo design HELP?
does it mean my breasts r growing?
i want a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think a girl having a tattoo on her shoulder or arms is unattractive??
Tattoo shop help? texas?
Would would my forearm be a good spot for a tattoo?!?
What kind of coverup can I get for very THIN, black "sunrays" on my tattoo?
ideas for a quote tattoo on the ribs?
I have a tattoo on my thy . Do I just apply the A&D to my leg without putting on a plastic over it or do I?
Which of you does NOT have a tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a Tattoo ?
Tattoo inside ear???????
Country Music Tattoo idea?
For all those who has a tattoo?
What products would you recommend to clear acne on someone with sensative skin?
My sister is 10 and she thinks she ways 2 much she is 4'9 and weight about 80 pounds is that to much her her
Would you hire someone who is completely covered with tattoos?
Can I get a Tattoo in France but Be from England?
What do you think when you see a girl with a real tattoo?
Music tattoos for men websites?
I need quote ideas to add to an existing tattoo.?
What is it like to work in a tattoo shop in Florida?
Help with theater/drama masks tattoo?
Are lower back tattoos sexy?
tattoo ideas about space?
Tattoo artists! Please help me design this! I need advice?
Will my tattoo peel if I scratch too much?
sacred heart tattoo cost question?
Is it a big thing if your boyfriend tattoos your initials on him?
do men mind stretch marks?
full color elbow tattoo, looks like little white dots all over where arm hair is growing in, normal?
What is a good word or phrase for a shoulder blade tattoo for a man?
Looking for the translation of Hope into Hebrew........any help?
everytime i bump my tragus piercing, a keloid appears for about a month...?
I want a cobweb tattoo but the shop doesn't have it on the wall?
Can anyone answer some questions on fernum piercings?
Does anyone know what this tattoo means?
i want a baybayin tattoo!?
legs not getting dark in tanning bed!!!?
Should I get a tattoo?
How much is the average tattoo at the place where NY Ink is done?
Tattoo quote help please!?
How much would my tattoo cost?
what do you think of skyline tattoos?
Any idea for this girl name?
I really want to get a tatoo.....?
Anyone have a tattoo idea?
how to get rid of scars within a week naturally?
Cool design(s) for a Bible verse tattoo?
Do you know any spas along the Pacific Coast of US/?
does baking soda really help to lighten teeth?
Do guys prefer girls that are stick thin or have a little meat? Or do they go by personality?
Should I go for this tattoo even though it will hurt really bad?
I am medium in colour.What must I apply yo my face to get good colour and charming on my face.please help me.?
Which is better, getting kissed by someone or kissing someone?
Best way of getting rid of acne scars?
does having a tattoo hurt?
Where do you think is the best place to get a tattoo??
Ideas for a first tattoo?
Do Chinese people get English sayings tattooed on their bodies?
TATTOO HELP ?! please answer..?
What does Todo Segalla japanese symbol tattoo mean. I have the same tattoo and didnt get the proper meaning.?
Is a uv tattoo dangeruos?
Is This a Cute Tattoo Idea?
What tattoo should I get to inspire me after all the things people have done for me in my life?
How much would a feather tattoo cost MAX?
if you can draw, please help me with a tattoo design!?
Have you ever regretted having a tattoo?
Ideas? I have a celtic cross tattoo on my shoulder. I want to add to it.?
Do tattoos affect your future in regards to getting a job and what not?
How long until I can do active things after getting a rib tattoo?
Baby foot prints on my foot tattoo.?
What kind is a good kind of over the counter cleanser for someone with dark, oily skin?
Belly button piercing getting infected?
How long before I can wear a bra after a rib cage tattoo?
Are there ANY guys out there that like tattoos and piercings on girls?
where to get my tattoo?
When I shave my armpits...?
what kind of soap should i use to wash a new tattoo when in the shower?
Do girls really shave all their hair off "down there"?
Where to buy Bioequa products???
Why do unhot guys approach me at bars?
is Mattew McConaughey the hottest guy on earth?
What font would you recommend for a tattoo?
viva sieffert?
would it be too soon to get my tat touched up?
I want to know how much my tattoo will cost? with picture?
How much should a 1-2 inch black tattoo of a trinity symbol cost?
Quotes for a tattoo...?
when You get Tatoos do they hurt.?
Is my new tattoo rejecting the ink?
why is my butthole red?
Want to get a tattoo!, Give me nice and short quotes with meaning!?
How does a tattoo feel?
Back tattoo too small?
Do you think fake tans look good on the right girl?
How can i get rid of my Corns..they are so embarrasing...?
Why are Americans obessed with girls sunbathing topless ?
girls only plz!!!???
New tattoo please helppp?
what tribal tattoos represent strength?
Is it reasonable to get a tattoo touched up after several years?
What to wear to a tattoo shop to blend in?
Where would a tattoo hurt the most?
Im getting my first tattoo today but not sure where to put it at on my body, i was thinking wrist but not sure?
how much does a tattoo cost ?
Do You HAVE to be 18 to get a tattoo?
Whats the best chap stick for realy dried lips?
Are there any middle aged women out there that regret getting their tattoo?
how do you make aloe vera lotion?
Do you guys think an anchor tattoo is cool?
What would it feel like to get a tattoo while you're high? And is it a bad idea?
if i get huskier would my tattoo stretch?
I want to get a tattoo of my kids names, but ...?
What on EARTH possesses a person to get a homemade tattoo?
What are some hamemade acne remedies?
Do Yall Think my Avatar is Hot or Pretty Be Truthful ?
i have lots of pimple marks.what is the medicion for this?
Lip tattoos in the uk?
why does my dog poop in my bed when im sleeping?
Is the numbing cream worth it?
What to cover my tattoo with?
have you got any tatoos if yes how many and what?
Darker skin between legs and hip?
Not sure if this is a good idea for a tattoo?
What can I do about my red, irritated eyes?
A&d ointment on tattoo?
Is this a bad tattoo idea or a good one?
im 17 and getting a tatto of my dead baby brother is it a good idea?
Is it lame for me to get...?
Thinking about getting my first tattoo...price/pain?
what's a good place to get a tat where your parents woudnt see it.?
If i got a lower back tattoo, is that frowned upon if i want to be a newscaster?
what's the sexiest place for a girl to get a tattoo?
Anyone tattoo suggestions?
Tattoos of my kids names?
Tatto in rememberance of unborn baby girl that didn't make it?
is there a way to get rid of or reduce stretchmarks?
Im getting my first tattoo tomorrow, advice?
is it bad for your body it you cut?
when does all the peeling and itching start with new tattoos?
How much does a tattoo cost ( per hour )?
Thinking about getting a tattoo, does anyone know any nice sayings or quotes?
Tattoo problem, please read, I'm confused?
if you recently got a tattoo, can you still get a muscle biopsy?
is there anyway to get throught the pain of getting a tattoos?
How much do you think a 4 letter word 2 inch each letter tattoo would cost?
What products on the market will help reduce the appearance of acne scars?
Where should I get this tattoo?
i read about an injection made of natural extracts shot directly in the fat layer and after weeks it starts...
how to be fairer whiter and handsome?
Which tattoo idea do YOU like better?
Bob Marley tattoo quotes?
I want plastic surgery but I have heard so many horror stories. What is the death rate on tummy tucks?
Hip Piercings...young ppl answer?
GUYS - What do you think of a tattoo in *this* spot on a female ?
why girls hide their breast though the breat is the most beutiful part of their body?
To tattoo or not to tattoo, skin health pros and cons?
how much would this tattoo cost?
How many times a day am I supposed to put lotion on my tattoo?
Has anyone gotten permanent eye/lip make up done?
Going to get a new tattoo in October.... I want a symbol that's means either harmony or strength...?
i recently asked a question about getting a pink rose tat on my hip. here are more details?
Which do ya think is better?
Tattoo cover-up or removal?
I want to get a tattoo on my chest but dont now what to get ?
are you against tattoos?
initials of siblings for a tattoo. Cheesy?
Whats the best way to look after a tattoo??
Is it ok to get a tattoo on my boob?
I have a hairy back and shoulders-what should i do?
I am 36C and thinking of getting them enlarged?
Where can I buy Badedas bath gel in NYC ?
Medusa piercing pain?
How painful is a back tattoo?
What is up with all of these girls getting star tattoos?
Did I get a good Tattoo?
Can I drink alcohol on the day I get a tattoo?
Can you get away with peeing in the pool?
My sanskrit lotus tattoo is upside down.Is it okay even tho its upside down or should i freak out more?
Ourobors tattoo Greek mythology question?
Tattoo idea 10 POINTS?
My Cousin was thinking about a nose job and cheek implants??
Can I use needle & thread to 'tattoo' my skin with instead of ink/pigment?
What is the meaning of the expression "Hold on" in a tattoo?
Good and reasonable tattoo shops in Alabama?
Where on my body should I get my tattoo?
Where is the mOst painful place to get a tattoo?
how should i prevent zits?
First tattoo ideasss?
Sudo cream or vaseline for my new tattoo? ?
am I wearing the right bra (size)?
Which tattoo is better??? Please help?
Advice on my first tattoo?
Easy 10 point question!! :)?
Does anyone know how much it usually costs to get your tongue pierced?
how do i get rid of my dark circles??? i take enough of sleep but it really doesnt help?
Tattoos and shy girl?!?
the pimple on my nose has caused an open wound ,how can i cover it?
is atomic tattoo and piercings good; for a nose piercings ?
Week and a half tattoo when drying it with towel the tattoo flakes came of is this right/?
Does having a tattoo hurt?
what do you look at when you first look at some one?
Urgent strange tattoo question?
how can I ask my parents for a tattoo?
What is the best face scrub for oily skin?
Memorial Tattoo?
My girlfriend is black and wants to know how can she get rid of?
Which leg should I get my tattoo on?
4 those who have gotten a piercing done or a tattoo at JP Spectrum Ink in ottawa wat time&day does he open?
Tattoo moisturiser uk?
where do i get cheap designer perfumes?
which hurt worser a tattoo on the leg and arm or a belly button piercing somebody be real????
Doing colour linework?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo that is easily hidable?
whats the average price for cursive writing tattoos?
Where is the best location for a tattoo on a conservative female?
Is this body type unattractive?
What is a good comparison to how getting a tattoo feels like?
General small tattoo price?
It is expensive a tiny tattoo in the finger?
Where should I get my first tatoo? I want it to be special!?
How do you like my first tattoo?
What do you think of Tattoos & people who have them?
Do you like Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume?
why are there so many haters out there?
estimate on tattoo for first ink getter?
Girls Help Please...?
Why is it that tough guys with tattoos don't wear shirts?
is it safe to tattoo on my body?
Tattoo Removal, help!?
How to pick the first tattoo?
I want to get a tattooo?
Is this a horrible place to get a tattoo?
I need some opinions..?
Anyone have any suggestion for my tattoo?
fat burner product meso name type not sure?
How old do you think i should be to pluck my eyebrows?
oK i reallllllllly wanna get a a tattoo? PLEASE ANSWER and i'll give ya 10 points :D?
so im getting a tattoo later today, and i was just wondering...?
Should I just find another tattoo artist?
Why do people think it's weird when guys shave their legs or arms?
Do you know someone who shouldn't own or wear a speedo?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Topless Photograph in Magazine?
Tanning Question for people that live near Portland, Oregon?
does even heat (not direct sunlight) affect the colour of your skin and tan/ darken it?
Where should I get my tattoo? It's the Aztec day sign for my name?
How do women and men feel when they dont see their likness on magazine covers or in the media?
How much would a small finger tattoo cost?
views about tattoos on women?
How long do i need to wait before stretching my ears again?
Have you gotten a tattoo and regretted it?
Would I suit a half sleeve tattoo?
tips to have a clear skin?
Where can I get my tattoo ideas sketched up so I can get them tattooed?
For people with a lot of piercings and tattoos?
is it okay to put baby lotion after tattoo?
What's the deal with American females and tanning?
Is 13 too young to get a tatoo?
how many times a week do u shower and DONT lie?
is there any whitening creams in Canada that work fast and are reasonable prices?
im obssesed with tattoos!!?
Tattoos - horrible or what?
I would like to have cosmetic surgery?
ID copy with disclaimer?
girls only please: when and what age is it the best to start shaving "down there"?
what is your study when you meet me?
girls please...this is about loseing some of the fat on my sides...?
how hard is it to cover an old tattoo with a new one?
How long does it take cheek/dimple piercings to heal?
I was wondering about a tattoo on Paul walls hands?
how to reduce weight from hips and abes ?
what do you tink of fake tatoos?
I am planning a tattoo with a white ferret, what kind of border would you recommend?
can i be rastafarian if am white and got a tattoo?
BIKINI LINE WAX, Can someone answer my question please ????
can someone find me some small tattoo designs?
should i get a tattoo or not?
Do men prefer tall girls or short?I'm 5'10", which is quite tall & I often get a bit paranoid about my height
What tattoo/tattoo's do you have? Questions..?
Tattoo concepts. What do you think?
Lifeguarding with a tattoo? ?
Which tattoo do you prefer?
Fresh tattoo and the sun is it ok to be out in the sun if it's only for like 7 to 8 minutes ?
I was thinking about getting a Yankee tattoo, which idea do you like better...?
I have two questions in here regarding piercings?
Would Fushia show up on dark brown skin (with a red tint) well when it comes to a tattoo?
does anyone konw what it the best breast enlargements pills that you can get?
if u take 8 (500g) pills whats the danger?
can minors get tattos?
How much does it hurt getting tattoo on the side of your wrist?
Should I get a tattoo?
What kind of butterfly is this tattoo? - PIC?
im 12 and 5'8 and weigh 135 is that bad?
what web sight can i find a bath massager,liquidsoap dispencer,footscruber all in 1, for 19.99 with free robe?
Good Tattoo Idea? I need the help :[?
Do you have a tattoo??
Remembrance Tattoo for Grandmothers?
Tatoo's On Girls???