Tattoo cover up Ideas?
please help! tattoo question?
How Much Would This Cost?
On a scale 1-10 how bad does a tattoo hurt?
do you think i could get this tat?
How can I give myself tattoo?
Have you ever seen a Dermatoligist and did you find them helpful?
can you be ugly but at the same time still be sexy?
How can I convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
Can I make my eyes change color??
Girls, If my girlfriend gets long acrylic nails will it hurt if she gets mad and scratches me when we wrestle?
Tattoo swollen about half an inch away and very hot?
Do you think Tattoos are trashy?
are there any benefits with mixing your favorite facial wash with baking soda?
Is it possible to do this......?
What's the best sunblock for the face? whichever SPF i put, my face is just getting red?
Is a tattoo at the back of the neck, attractive for a 16 year old girl?
How do you avoid sunburn and what is the best way to treat sunburn?
What is the current age restrictions for getting a tattoo in South Carolina?
Is this normal for a tattoo to be like this?
Tattoo an infant?
Does arm hair grow thicker and coarser when using nair hair removal? how often you you have to use it?
Tattoo behind the ear?
whats the FASTEST way to treat acne??
Starting price for a half sleeve tattoo at a unbusy tattoo shop?
Question about chest tattoo?
Cute quotes for tattoos on your foot?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on ur elbows?
Carpe Diem and momento mori tattoo?
In the movie, I Am Number Four, what is the tattoo of on number six's (Teresa Palmer) neck?
Why is picking a tattoo so hard!?
How do you shrink or cover up ugly scars on your arms?
Do you really have to exfoliate before doing the mystic tan?
hey im a guy im 6ft tall weigh 135pnds n i need to gain do i?!?!?
does this mean im a lesbian?
How to get Fair complexion ?
im getting a tattoo and my belly pierced for my birthday?
Can I do an ethnography on people with tattoos?
Where can I get hired with facial piercings?
i have star tattoos but i wanna add on to them does anyone know tattoos that matches stars like skulls or w.e?
Shave Bumps Anyone?
What font is similar to the one from Jeffree Stars vanity tattoo?
Tattoo placement....?
Tanning Beds?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo in Memory of Dad.?
How much would an upper arm tattoo cost?
y do guys have nipples?
I'm thinking about a tattoo?
Are ribbon tattoos on the back of your leg trashy?
What does getting a tattoo feel like?
how much does little johns tattoo cost for a belly button piercing?
does it matter what leg you get a tattoo on?
something is wrong with tattoo PIC INCLUDED?
i have really red skin on my face i cleanse and tone my skin every night anyone any idea what it could be?
my tattoo got infected theres parts that the ink is gone and it looks like a white little scar .?
how do you stop a person from biting on thier nails and skin?
Does anyone like this tribal tattoo in this link below ?.?
i got a tattoo on wrist 3 days ago. it is tender, tight feeling and very dry and ed looking. what to do?
how many of you like tatoos and where would you put them on your body?
how can i improve my skin quality?
Is tall atractive?
Do you think Belly Button piercings are cute?
My legs itch all the time?
can anyone suggest me a good perfume for women that is strong and nice smell.?
Tattoo placement trouble?
my acne will not go away!!?
The pores on my nose are clogged baddly?
Is toothpaste really effective in clearing pimples, or is this a myth?
How should I extend my tattoo?
Two day old anchor tattoo? swimming? ?
I woke up with K.E. tattooed to my ankle. I was at a party.?
Tattoo location?! Body picture included :)?
how much will this tat cost?
A couple of tattoo questions.?
My red tattoo looks pink?
How much would this tattoo 'roughly' cost?
is having a tattoo on the stomach painful?
What do guys think about girls with tattoos?
How much would a tattoo on my wrist cost?
How are tattoos like that done (painted?) ? Real or not?
Will my home made tattoo ever go away?
tattoo ideas?
Which tattoos are you tired of seeing?
Should it cost this much?
how can i get rid of peeling body skin fast?
Thinkin about hip tattoos plz tell me wat u think.... and?
how old where you when you starting noticing acne/pimples?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
Old Spice Endurance Wipes?
how can i releif dark stains on my face?
how to get henna tattoo off?
how to give yuorself a homemade tatoo?
how to trim ur tummy and thighs in in 14 days?
My new tatoo apx 1 1/2 weeks old is very red and swollen all around the tattoo not my 1st but am worried?to do
Should I go with something cool, or simple for a first tattoo?
who hates waxing?
best place to get this tattoo?
How do you treat an infected tattoo?
Are you a nail biter and why do you think you have that habit?
Should I get a tattoo?
hey im a guy im 6ft tall weigh 135pnds n i need to gain do i?!?!?
What do guys notice first in a girl [face wise] (Ex. nose, eyes,hair,skinect.?)?
Still having pain in tattoo and up the leg 17 months after Tattoo?
How do u get rid of whiteheads and blackheads? I have whiteheads all over my do i get rid of them?
Thanks to tell me what's the tattoo on suicide girl Zoli's arm?
Wanting to get a tattoo...?
can anyone post some tattoos of swallows?
Do tattoo's go scabby? And can they wear off?
any quote ideas for my tattoo?
My ear piercing is infected PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Would you please tell your idea?
Need opinions on design for tattoo? Creative people please help!?
What was your first tattoo?
how can a 13 year old get rid of zits?
where would a tattoo across the heart go exactly?
How can I restore the moisture in my hands withought getting a parafin dip and the salon?
How do I become a tatoo artist? ?
Tattoos where hear grows?
does it matter if a girl is taller than her boy?
I need help with a tattoo?
What is the best way to get your nails to grow?
My Close cousin passed away and i wanted to see if this was a good saying to get?
how to know if your too deep or not deep enough when tattoooing.?
What kind of tattoo i should get?
What are some good designs to get tattooed on your hip?
Tattoo cover up Ideas?
One or both ears pierced. Which is better for a guy?
Tattoo ideas for Karma?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Should I get a band tattoo?
is it safe to tattoo on my body?
What is a cool french-canadian tattoo?
Where could I get these help!?
What do Elinas Tattoos Say?
question on proactiv click for more details >>>?
hiya ppl i recently went on this acne website nd it listed a few home remidies to banish spots?
How do you prevent "bags under eyes"?
Friendship tattoo ideas?
What would be better tattoo choice?
What is up with the fashion world?
how many tattoos does : Valerie Poxleitner have?
how would you write the name Aaliya Moore in Arabic? its for a tattoo?
How old do you have to be in WA Australia to get a tattoo?
can anybody tell me the solution 4 moles and freckles......plzzz immediately?
Does anyone tried to use saunabelt? and what where the it true that can help?
Is it normal for my new tattoo ?
Girls how many piercings you have and where?
How much would a tattoo saying Jesus in Hebrew cost at a local tattoo shop?
I have this really thick dark skin on my toe, and everytime I have it removed it comes back thicker and darker
How much would this tattoo cost?
advice on tattoo quote?
why are soo many people apposed to piercings and tattoos?
Smaller up top...?
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (PLUR) tattoo, in chinese? (Translation please) :P?
Would you rather go to a female or a male tattooist and why?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
Im getting another tattoo :) i cant wait?
How many tattoos is too many? ?
best spot for a cross tattoo?
Any good and effective ways for removal of moles from the skin?
I Want A Tattoo On My Shoulders Does It Hurt?
Do you like this leg tattoo? (pic)?
is it good to rub tomato slices on your face?
Would you have plastic surgery?
how can i get rid of my pimples?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Under bicep tattoo pain?
Tattoos on a women neck tacky?
do u guys think skinny girlz look better than fat girlz???
Where to put a tattoo?
Do you think an arm piece cosisting of ....?
do girls have adams apples?
Where should I get my tattoo?
How bad Will this tattoo hurt?
Back/side quote tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo?
How long would a tattoo like this take?
who here has tried botox or restylene?
Will this plan work?
What are the odds of fainting during a tattoo?
would this make a good tattoo?
what is the purpose of cleansing,toning then moisturising?
what tattoo parlor did rihanna get her tattoos done in new york?
are there any bright eyes fans?
Help with a tattoo idea(simple)?
does anyone have an idea on how much this would cost?
I need a girls help...?
Thinking of getting a tattoo of a heart behind my ear, kinda below my ear but to the side...?
What's your opinion on this owl tattoo?
Do Guys With a Tan Look Good?
Best place to get a Tattoo in MO or IL?
Do you HAVE A TATTOO, what is it ?
my boobs move too much when i play soccer or excerise. whats the best sport bra!?
Grandmother doesn't like my nipple piercings. Should I take them out? I'm 26?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost, here in uk?
Who is the sexiest woman at present?
how can u remove or make the mole disappear, apart from any surgical procedure, as it is on the face?
Just been told I'm ugly!!?
Do people still go on blind dates , if so why?
Is it safe to tattoo any part of your scalp?
thin fast?
how much will this tattoo cost? picture attached!!?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm...?
I want a tattoo, but I have eczema.?
Where to get lube ? For gauges ?
How can you stop biting your nails!???
Would you get a dragon tattoo like the one mentioned in audio book Tattoo by Paul Elard Cooley?
Im getting my first tattoo next week any tips on how to make the healing process as easy as possible?
Tattoo Location - Please Help?
Would a bat tattoo look trashy?
Question for tattoo idea?
How long is too long to wait in between tattoo sessions for a large piece?
to get a tattoo or not to get a tatto that is the question?
How can you increase your bust size without taking any pills?
How do you think visible piercings/tattoos effect your chances of getting a job?
Do knuckle tattoos hurt more then getting one on your arm?
Whats a good size for breasts to be?
can you use a&d cream on a new tattoo?
Do you regret your tattoo?
how come my girlfriend wont let me get a my little pony tattoo on my arm?
tatoo ideas for partners?
This question is for Tattoo Creams?
what is the meaning of 'day of the dead gypsy' tattoo?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Do I have too many piercings for my age?
what are hypoallegenic and tend skin product.?
what tattoo should i get at 16 and where?
How much would a small finger tattoo cost?
Do you like the idea of this tattoo?
can i use a sharpie to give myself a tattoo?
Is it better of your fatter or skinner so it wont hurt that bad for a Hip Tattoo??
Do you have to be Spanish or Mexican to get a sugar skull tattoo?
What does exfoliating do for your face and how do i do it?
get 2tattoos in 3week period or wait?
Has anyone ever stepped on there razor blade while showering?
I need a creative mind for memorial tattoo ideas? Asap.?
What should I do to increase the hairs on my body?
Which tattoo design?
question about a snake tattoo?
are button noses cute or horrid? or any other adjectives...?
How do i ask this :)? i have some questions about tongue piercings, could you please help me?
Sullivan Family Motto Tattoo?
Does anybody know how I can get a stomach like bettie page?
do you know any good tattoo designs in the shape of a bell?
how to become fair and clear skin and i want to bcome a model?
what exercises will help me loose my belly baby fat?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
where can I find this tattoo?
Average how much would it cost for 8 letters?
Antichrist tattoos? (not satanist)?
how do you make a tattoo gun?
I'm only 16 but really want a tattoo. Advice please?
Do Tattoo's hurt?
help with acne?
How young is too young for a tattoo?
Self-made tattoos....?
I have ichy and white skin how do i get a tan and nice smooth skin?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Advice & opinions on my tattoo idea?
What is the difference between normal sunscreen and sunscreen for kids?
Tattoo Idea Help. I am looking for bible verses to put on my arm. everybody welcome to help?
I want a picture of a peace lily tattoo, please help if anyone knows a website.?
Foot tattoo/ time for socks yet?
I have a tattoo that i need an idea for a cover up or what to add to it?
Tattoo art added to my chain of siblings?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Can I get a tattoo at 16?
should i get a tatto on my arm,leg,ankle or wrist, tell me please?
Why do people judge the ART of tattooing when they are totally ignorant?
How much does it cost to have plastic surgery for drooping eyelids and dark circles?
Getting a Tattoo?
Chances of complete tattoo removal?
Have you ever used a tattoo removal cream that actually worked?
what do i do my tattoo looks like its peeling or ing looks like a lot of ink is coming out?????
how long does a homemade temporary tattoo last?
what am i gonna be when i grow up?
is this a good tattoo?
A survey for everyone with tattoos...?
How do you design a tattoo if you can't draw?
What do you think of this phrase for a tattoo?
orgasms and tattoos?
hey does any 1 no were i can do a course on body piercing?
where can i buy celeteque products in uae?
what does an infected tattoo look like?
Where should i get this tattoo?
what do you think of tattoos on preps?
How long would it take to get this tattoo done?
Why do you wait a month before recoloring a tattoo?
Does anyone believe that Belgian girl slept through 56 stars tattooed on her face?
Price Estimate On a Tattoo?
Can you get sued for desiging a licensed character tattoo?
What is the proper punctuation for these lyrics?
Can anyone give me some tattoo advice and suggestions?
How many ladies out there play their own velvet banjo?
where would this look good/sexy as a tattoo?
I want a tattoo but one question?
tattoo idea that i am considering.....?
What do women like most about men?
wich do guys like better?
Where should I get my 'evil eye' tattoo?
TWLOHA is an inspiration, what is a good quote to have tattooed on my arm that represents that organization?
What should I do about my "black henna" tattoo?
what is the best line of facial products for the face. i.e. wrinkle creams ect.?
Is it safe to get a tattoo from a scratcher?
i'm 13.i think i'm fat.i'm 120 pounds and all my others friends are really please..?
will sunscreen keep my skin from becoming darker?
how do u know if ur hot or not?
Do helix piercings hurt?
i have really bad acne all of the sudden?
Tattoo Ideas? Anything helps?
will this be stupid?
How to make a temporary tattoo?
how to get rid of HUGE cystic pimple???
Whats a good idea for a simple tattoo?
How Many Tattoos Or Piercings Do You Have?
i have a wart on my finger and its do i get rid of it??
I want to get a cute love phrase tattoo or just something meaningful in Gaelic under my breast, any ideas?
Having trouble finding a spot for this tattoo?
Have you got any tattoo ideas?
Has anyone felt any discomfort from a tattoo during MRI?
Is tattooing/piercing bad for you?
Does anyone know where I can purchase tree rain products like the ones in this link?
Is waxing worth it?
My boyfriend wants to buy me tattoos?
How to lighten your skin?
Losing weight?
What is your favorite perfume?
What tattoo should I get?
Where should i put my maori tattoo?
Lotion You Love The Most?
They charged me two dollars at the piercing place to rescrew the barbell for my tragus?
Where would be a better place for a tattoo?
Does losing weight have to wrinkle your face up so badly?
Bob Dylan Lyrics Tattoo?
Any opinions on places to get a good bikini wax in Raleigh, NC? Good staff and reasonable prices.?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo, or does it sound stupid?
What do u call a mexican with two left feet?
What are some names of good tattoo shops in Philadelphia ?
Help : Tattoo Meaning ?
tatoos, piercing, branding, what will be next?
Need more help with memorial tattoo for grandpa?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
Does anyone have a good body lotion with a sunscreen in it?
what do you do with a scar on your knees which are so dark?
how much does it cost to get praying hands tattoo?
if someone has a full body tattoo and they need an autologous skin graft, does the tatto go with it?
What is the best kind of Deoderent?
is visible tattoos on firefighters ok?
Should I get a tattoo at 14?
Tattoo quote ideas??????
If you are already much do you have now and how much more ink are you planning to get?
face cream for wrinkles?
when should i start shaving?
What's a good age to start getting Piercings?
My Sternum tattoo, help?
What are good reasons to get a tattoo?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Wot should i do before go to Brazilian Wax?
How can u make ur skin lighter naturally?
What shall i do for becoming fair. pls reply me with any home remedy or any known products.?
Tattoos at hollister?
is there an alternative for multani mitti?
Ladies: Do prefer a guy with a hairy chest or a smooth chest?
first time tattoo, location and effect?
Like it? Dislike it? Why?
A good language/font/writing for tattoos?
I need some good tattoo ideas ?
when you wake up there is some gooey stuff in your eye, what is the scientific name for this?
if i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?
Hey, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo I have some ideas what do you think?
which tattoo ink colors do i mix to make it a skin color?
Sunless Tanners / Sun Tanning?
does jack n the box allow tattoos?
what is the best remedy for spots ?
What do you think of this quote as a tattoo?
i hate my best friend for takeing my boy friend would you?
ok so where can i find this o so popular witch hazel?
What do you think about my new tattoo?
If im under 16 then who do i have to ask to get a tattoo or piercing?
Do you think this would be a good tattoo idea?
I'm having my keloids removed!!!?
poeple in high school call me fat what should i do??
Can you legally get a tattoo for your cat?
how bad will a tattoo between the shoulder blades hurt and how long do you think it will last?
why would a tattoo artist do this?
i had to redo a tattoo cause i put to much cream on but when i got my tattoo the next day i want to the gym?
Is this a cool tattoo idea?
where should i put this tattoo?
Tanning with a tattoo?
Tattoo Julian Beever art?
What is the perfect size?
whats the best tattoo you have EVER seen?
How long does it take for you to take a shower?
Tattoo aftercare help!!!?
is it sexy for a female to have a tattoo on her stomach ?
Are these tattoos too feminine?
I'm 14 and i'm in high school, and people are making fun of me because of my height what should I do?
Did it really hurt u when u got ur TATTOO?
good quotes for a Tattoo?
Tattoo Question Grey Spots?
What does the tattoo say on his arm?!?
where can i get a permanent tattoo in uganda?
too skinny....???
what language would you think this phrase would look the prettiest for a tattoo?
What was the most painful spot you placed a tattoo?
Doles everyone prefer skinny girls or the hour glass?
Whats the best products to get rid of calluses on your feet?
I want a lower back tattoo that has some sort of meaning...?
Will Mystic tan on a pale person look ridiculous?
Anyone know of a sure fire non-surgical way of getting rid of stretch marks?
how to get a tan?
When getting laser tattoo removal can some of the broken down ink migrate to your heart, lungs and caus death?
I'm 14 and I live in the UK, would it be possible for me to get a tattoo?
If my tattoo ink sits in my car and heats up and cools down repeatedly will it damage the ink?
If im lanky and i buff up will it just make this tattoo will it distort it?
Tattoo appraisal help?
Need help on my new Face Mask please?
is there a good website to design personal tattoos?
im getting a tattoo today, on my lower back. is it going to kill to get?
Can hair grow over a tattoo? ?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
How do i get a temporary tatoo off?
Do you think 14 year old should have a tattoo, myspace, tongue ring, or boyfriend?
Where do you guys think I'm from? :D?
Tattoo (very easy 10 points)
What's the best tattoo you have?
Proactiv Solution?
Little red bumps on my tattoo? What's wrong with it?
Tattoo under chin???
most expensive tattoo?
when will I die?
I want a lotion for my dry skin?
Tattoo Artist??? Help please what do you think?
I just got a bad tattoo....?
I'm getting a Tattoo with my gf's name?
My skin turns a green kind of color after shaving. How do i get rid of the color?
do u regret ur tattoo?
Does anyone know how to tighten up lipo-suctioned skin???
remove brand new tattoo?
should i get this tattoo?
Do you have a tattoo and why?
i wanna get a tattoo on my chest of the chinese symbol for evil,,,is that a good idea or bad?
My new tattoo seems to be smearing, and it really hurts.?
Will losing weight effect a tattoo I plan to get on my wrist? Should I wait to get it?
Where Is The Least Painful Place To Have A Tattoo?
Japanese Virgin Pink Nipple Cream?
I am getting married in a month?
What do you think of tattoos on the hand?
how to remove hina from hands?
Red dots around my tattoo, had it for 8 months?
About how much for a tattoo?
What can you compare a tattoo on a chest too?
Is it cliche to get French words tattooed?
Tattoo removal in Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire?
Tattoo Designs I Can Print Out And Trace?
ladies and gents?
How bad does a rib tattoo hurt?
Help! I don't know how to tell people I have a tattoo... what do men think of women with tattoos..?
How bad would getting a tattoo hurt on my ear, underarm, and foot?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Please help me add to my tattoo.?
Do you think stars tattoos are overused or okay?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Where can i find lot of cheap airbrush tattoos?
Do I have ink poisoning?
I am wanting to tan and need a good tanning lotion. Is Spellbound a good lotion?
I want to have a tatto but my parents will not let me. where is the best part to put a tatto without parents?
Where should I put this tattoo? Forearm or shoulder blade?
I want to get the word believe tattooed on my wrist... Do you think that word shows weakness ?
have you hear about pca peeling?
i want a tattoo that will fade. how can i do it?
"love never fails" tattoo?
What exactly is a brazilian bikini wax?
what facial piercing do you think i should get?
What is the largest guage that would be safe for me to pierce my earlobes with?
looking for a female tattoo artist in dubai.?
Is this a good tattoo cover up idea?
does aj hawk have any tattoos?
is it normal for black tattoos to scab excessively?
how do you take of tattoos?
Does anyone know of a clean, professional tattoo artist/parlor in Myrtle Beach, SC?
if u could switch genders for 1 day, what would u like to experience?
how do you gain weight? i'm 15 and 98pds and i can't gain any weight even if i eat alot i don't know how to ?
Can I get the best tips for taking the sexy tattoo on my sexy body? I like the neck of the front?
Am i ugly??
Black/white tree tattoo - adding some red?
what matching tattoos could me and my boyfriend get?
Getting a tattoo on your neck?
Can you bring a design like this to a tattoo artist?
How long to wait to shower after henna tattoo?? ?
I want to get a tattoo to symbolize my son...But can't think of what to get, any suggestions?
I need to lose 3 stones in 3 months. Any ideas? And don't say join a gym!?
I've wanted a tattoo on my chest, but it's too hairy, other places I might enjoy one?
Is my belly button piercing infected ?
Tattoo question?????????
LADIES ONLY: What do you think of a guy with a pelvic tatoo, one that goes from hip to hip.?
What is you addicted to?
Tattoo Cover Up Question!?
Is this a good tattoo (pic) do you have any suggestions..thanks!?
Not sure why my tattoo is still warm?
Do girls like guys with tongue piercings?
Infinity tattoo w/ love in it.... Or.......?
My skin has gotten really tan once I started on my acne medication. Is there any way I can lighten my skin?
what should i do to my tattoo? (pic)?
will u go to hell if u get pircings and pernmanent tattoos?
Good quotes for a tattoo?
i'm allergic to perfume! I can only wear deodrant....but i miss perfume! wut shud i do?
What do you think of temporary tattoos on an adult?
Where's a good spot to get a tattoo for a teacher?
what color is ur eyes?
I Want To Get A Tattoo, But It Can't Be Visible If...?
What Celebrity Do I Look Like?
How can I get rid of the bags and puffiness under my eyes?
how long do gumball machine tattoos last?
around how much does this tribal tattoo cost?
how painful is genital tatooing?
Help with tattoo ideas about new beginnings?
What is the best way to get rid of acne on your back?
Why do my legs itch when i stand for long?
im 14 and im thinkin about having sex with my bf.?
Im getting a tatoo?
have strech mark tais?
How do you remove pen ink inside your lip?
Tattoo: should it have color or no?
have any tattoo ideas?
Im getting another tattoo, and i need a quote!!!!!!!?
where on your body would you prefer to have a tattoo?
I want to know about safe face hair removal methods?
how can i convince my parents to let ne get a tatto of my lastname on my arm?
How bad do small wrist tattoos hurt?
i want to get a tattoo my dad says he'll take me but my mom says no what should i do?
What kinds of flowers look pretty as a tattoo?
What r the perfect body lotion and perfume or jel u use when u take a shower on a banio ??!!?
"be the change you wish to see" tattoo...any ideas?
what things men like in women?
how can i get a boy to notice the real me?
Side effects of laser hair removal?
can people with tattoos still donate blood?
tattoo advice?
What color is used for an AZALEA flower which means first love?
How to cover up a tattoo tactfully?
My face is clear . I don't have any pimples but still I don't have that glow . Wat to do?
Why Shouldn't Under 18s Get Tattoos?
Could someone recommend a cheap men's aftershave that doesn't smell cheap??
Why does waxing (brazilian wax) make you darker than your actual skin color?
girls like long or fat digs?
tell me how to get rid of face blackheads and white heads???
How bad do Wrist Tattoos hurt?
Is it sexy or skanky for a girl to have their nipples pierced?
should i wait for results while using proactive?
Do you have a tattoo of a quote or phrase?
What cosmetic products are best for getting rid of blackheads?
Has anyone tried using cooking oil to tan? Best tanning methods?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
do i look like a hanna?
Are wrist tattoos really painful?
What colour variation of this tattoo do you prefer?
I need an idea for sister tattoos?
What naval piercings have a loose ball at the bottom?
what is preparation H ?
Which hurts worse: Belly ring, foot tattoo, or industrial?
how to tell if my tattoo is healing correctly?
Anyone speak Italian? Tattoo help please?
Healing time for a cover up tattoo?
tattoo of daughters birth date?
Anybody knows which tattoo place is better Artistic demograghic in boardman ohio or West Coast in calcutta oh?
Do you think I should stop with the piercings?
Can anyone tell me where a good tattoo place is in Deland Fl..?
Has anybody got any tips on getting rid of stretchmarks??
My boyfriend has a tattoo that matches his ex-girlfriend's tattoo. I hate it! should I tell him?
Where is this tribal design from? (TATTOO)?
What is a good weight for a petite 15 year old girl whose 5'2?
how will i grow taller in just a month? like 5'2 or higher?
Is getting a tattoo of your child's name a bit chavvy?
Im 16 years old and i want a tattoo.?
How to shade in or color a tattoo?
Having a Tattoo. Very scared of Needles. Will it hurt ?
does it hurt getting a tattoo on the back of ur neck?
Tattoo ideas? any suggestions?
What about this for a tattoo?
i want a tatto and need help........?
The I zone of my face is oily like every 5 minutes. what can i do about this?
tattoing with a pen??
Dry skit not near tattoo?
Why doesn't he want me to get his name inked on me?
Heart tattoo below belly button for a guy?
Tattoo ideas on my life?
I want a tattoo reminding me to stay strong?
How can I appear flatter chested?
should i get fake nails?
How much would a tattoo hurt on my lower hip ?
I need help with a tattoo?
buttcheek tattoo :]?
How can you get a tan? Besides tanning beds and that lotion stuff?
i need help plz who did this tattoo?
how to lose a 2 kg spare tyre around waist in 4 days!!!?
Is ok to get a tattoo over acne blemishes?
my hair r oily.After wash it looks nice.But after soma time it looks oily and very bad.?
Where's best to get a tattoo?
how to reduce weight within a month?
tattooist for pin up design?
Do women with smaller breasts tend to be prettier than the ones with the huge bazookas?
i just got this done how does it look?
What kind of tattoo do you have?
how many piercings do u have?
Is it safe to get your lip piercid with braces?
Anyone with a polynesian marquesian tattoo...?
Tattoo peeling and really faded. Is that normal?
Is it a Bad Idea To get a Wrist Tattoo?
Whats the best "kit" to buy when doing tattoos?
how long does it take a sun tan burn to heal?????tell me soon!!!?
Are you supposed to turn over in a tanning bed?
Can you give me some information on industrial piercings ?
I need a name n meaning of a colorful flower for a tattoo i wanna get?
Is baby oil a good product to moisturise your whole body and face?
anybody in here have someones name tattooed on u(boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife for example)?
The smaller the tattoo, the less time it takes to heal?
how do i get rid of this tattoo?
I have scars on my arms and legs. How do I get rid of them?
where can i buy jagua in singapore?...?
Question about tattoo aftercare?
How do you impress a girl who's into guys who are bad, with tattoo's and piercings, when your none of those?
tatto0 qus???????plz help(PICS)?
does anyone know if the product imadeen actually works please?
Laser tattoo removal ?
What facial beauty treatment is the best? Give the brand.?
Small tattoo behind the ear?
ok i need to lose alot of weight and i have a tattoo i was wondering it it will effect it?
HELP! What to get for my lower back tattoo (female) OPINIONS WANTED!!!?
I have ehlers danlos classical type is getting a tattoo out of the question?
What makes a tattoo trashy?
what tattoo should i get?
Where to put this tattoo ?
is there anyway to get rid of my tattoo without a cover up or lazer removel? what dose the lazer feel like?
quote tattoo i need creative help please?
How much would 3 piercings be?
Has anyone ever tried the acne medicine Proactive? and does it work like they say on the infomercials?
Wheres the best place to get a tattoo that can and cant be seen?
Is it safe to get a tattoo in Africa?
How can i see the word i'd like to tattoo written in elvish symbols (Quenya) ?
why do we die ?
Is there something you can eat that'll make your skin a darker tone?
im a gal, how to perfectly shave down there & what to apply then & make it smooth???????
how can i help my sunburn?
does anyone know a good tattoo shop in oceanside clalifornia?
Do any women like hairy backs?
my daughter is almost 5 and has had a wart on her finger for over a year now...?
Need advice on how I should fix my tattoo?
Which hurts more? A lobe piercing or a cartilage one?
What's a good tattoo idea representing my creativity?
Archangel wings on a guy?
What is the best eye cream for sensitive eyes, with dark circles and wrinkles?
have you ever gotten any piercings besides for earring and if so did it hurt? GIRLS ONLY?
Cover up tattoo help?
ok....i was tanning and i fell asleep for 1 im as red as a lobster.. HELP! What shall i do!?
i have a red sox b tattoo....?
any one know prices at blue star tattoos in concord california? nose piercing. thanks!?
I want a tattoo but my girlfriend doesnt like the idea. what do i do?
Just recently pierced my lip.?
how do i remove stretch marks from arms?
what medical clinics are tattoo friendly?
The purpose of my body...?
is there a real natural cure 4 cellulite?are creams safe 2 be used and aren't they cancerous?
which of these tattoo sleeves ideas sound good/bad?
I want a tattoo designed. can you help?
Parkway Drive lyrics for a tattoo?
would it be gay to get a cookie monster tattoo?
Rainbow and Rain Tattoo Design?
should i get the word believe tattooed on my wrist facing towards or away from me?
how long does it take to reject a tattoo?
tattoo or no tattoo? what do you think is too old or too young to get a tattoo?
should i get a belly button piercing~?
embarrasing body acne!!! help!!!?
I have really dry skin on my face. How do I get rid of it?
Can someone tell me if I was to get a tattoo...........?
Anyone know a website where I can view different types of tattoos - perhaps view stencials?
Do tattoos hurt?
what other tattoo should i get?
I got my ears pierced for the second time on Saturday........?
How much will it hurt?
my tattoo line thicken/widen? I don't know if its blowout?
tattoo for 17yr old. :)?
Did my son get a tattoo?
Is there anything you should know or prepare for when getting a brazilian wax?
TATTOO IDEAS..........?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo Parlors in Coeur D'alene?
Tattoos? Good or bad?
Im 13 and i wana go on a diet, is ther any diet out there for teens my age that can let me lose 15 pounds?
Question about tattoos?
Who is the best tattoo artist in the mid-south?
how long would this tattoo take?
has anybody had microdemabrasion - dermapeels or silkpeel to there face to reduce ance scars? i?
I would like an uncommon english word or maybe even latin/greek words for a tattoo?
Do any guys find full sleeve tattoos on women attractive?
how do you remove wax on hair? Specifically eybrows??
tattoo and piercing shops in stockton california?
What do u think are some good tattoo ideas?
Im planning on getting a tattoo. should i get the love symbol in chinese or a cross with my grandmas name?
How can I shrink my pores permanently?
where should i get my tattoo?
Where can I buy Evening in Paris and June perfumes in the UK?
My dermal anchor just fell out - what do I do?
tattoo on my wrist?
True or False?
where can i buy nirvae botanical orange sandlewood lotion?
Tattoo on the back of the neck?
Women please?
What male actors have writing tattooed on their ribs?
What does the pain of a hip bone tattoo compare to?
Ideas for a tattoo, adding more detail?
i had botox injection 10 days ago now i have an eyelid droop,how long does it last?
TATTOO SAFETY...? Question.?
Funny tattoo ideas???
What product do you suggest I use to get rid of black heads?
Where does birthmarks come from?
What quote can i get tattooed on me?
Opinions on tattoo cover up ?
Tattoo's, if you have any..
My stepdaughter has a tattoo of her mother on her back, how can it be removed?
Where to have a vector flower tattoo - pevlic area or foot?
My tattoo is starting to peel, did I do something wrong? And is it ever going to look as good as it did?
Tattoo - How Old Is Too Old?
I have combination skin and and looking for an anti-wrinkle cream. I am 38. What product should I use?
Got a tattoo - Arabic?
If a person is on coumadin is there any risk on getting a tattoo ?or is it a definitely no?
Only for girls plz...?
need help with a tattoo*?
why does perfume smell different on different people?
I need a good cleanser for oily skin?
What do you think about double gauging?
What is better-cold or hot-for your skin?
Getting a tattoo weight question?
How much does a lip enhancement cost?
I need to make up a story about this tattoo?
Does anyone no a rough price for a tattoo like this?
Serious Tattoo Question Help Me Out.?
Can I expose my 5 day old tattoo to the sun? Safe to use sunscreen?
Who's prettier, Rhiana or Ciara?
pain testing for a tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo while I have a spray tan?
dinner conversation to a hault...what do u think?
how old do u have 2 b 2 have a tattoo?
I need Help finding a Tattoo stencil?
How old with parents consent do you have to be to get a tattoo in Louisiana and Texas?
how much would this tattoo cost?
why dont people except who they are and what they look like why do we feel the need to change?
do you think it's sexy for girls to wear flip flops?
Would there be any problems with this tattoo idea?
im about to get a tattoo on the weekend?
What advise can you give me about puberty??? I am nervous!!! Is it scary???
what age can i get a tattoo?
What tattoo shop would you recommend?
How you think the tattoo of the head of a Tiger Roaring on my chest?
how much does 1lbs equals in kilogram?
Ladies please help!!!!!!!?
If you were going to have a tattoo done , what would it be of?
do you think this tattoo is trampy?
What should I get done on my back?
Tattoo ideas please!?
Has anyone seen this!?
Swimming with a new tattoo?
Whats the best and safe way to remove a corn?
can petroleum jelly whiten your skin?or can hydrogen peroxide whiten?
How many of you have tattoo's?
Good tattoo quotes for wrist?
Does anyone have any ideas for a mom-daughter tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo but i am a lawyer...i want it on my you think this would be appropriate.
im going to ask again, Can you get a tattoo in California with your parents permission?
Barcode tattoo book????????????
Is it normal for my tattoo to be itch after 3 weeks?
my friend wants to lose weight she isnt fat but wants to get in shape n lose some what are good ways that wrk?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
what cheap product can i use to whiten the underarm?
What do you guys think of this tattoo. Please anwser?
How would a portrait-style tattoo look on/inside the knee?
can you "lighten" a tattoo?
do tatoos "scream" BAD BOY?
tattoo placement question?
I put neosporin on a new tattoo, how much damage did I do?
How could I quit biting my nails?
Girl i've been seeing for 2weeks wants to get my name Tatted on her back?
I want to get a tattoo involving the "its 11:11, make a wish"?
Would you still get a tattoo even if your SO didnt want you too?
can anyone tell me what is the official site for Guinot in the UK?
Can you get a tattoo while pregnant ?
I need good tattoo quotes?
Girls: What is your honest opinion about my looks?
Any remedies for acne & how can i loose my tummy without exercise, it's the only fat i have?
Need help with a tattoo?
Matching tattoos in a relationship?
Should I cover up my tattoo if so how?
Do tattoos on your fingers fade quicker than on your shoulder?
am i hot plz answer plz i look like my avatar a little but i dont have that white line on my chin and im not?
I have been thinking about this for a long long time but i dont kno if i should do iit to my body?
What is the most inexpensive way to get rid of acne?
Designing tattoos...what should I draw?
Why do girls stand for abuse?
Great products that make your skin look healthy and glow?
How do you make transfers for skin?
Tattoo Price and Time Estimate?
What can you use (that works) to get rid of a fever blister on your lip?
getting my first tattoo soon, whats a really nice shoulder tribal tattoo (for men)?
wrist tattoo?
Wanting a tattoo, questions?
what kind of under eye gel is best for getting rid of under eye puffines?
i want to get a tattoo on my upper forearm. Its of Disney's stitch and my moms name under it.?
Question about a foot tattoo?
How many of you say 14 is too young for a tattoo?
I have a dark spot on my arm its the size of two quarters?
how to say goodbye to freckles!!!!?
My tattoo is peeling and scabbing. The color is coming off to wear it looks like a scar. what should i do?
japanese style rooster tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Is something wrong with my tongue piercing?
How much do spider bite piercings cost?
Where do you get tongue tattoos?
what can i do about brittle nails?
Can I drink Alcohol after getting a new tattoo?
Which s better for your skin Cotton or Polyester?
Are fake tans (from a tanning bed) really bad for you?
So Im On The Verge Of Getting A Tattoo Ps.25:16-22 Its My Favorite. But I Dont Think Itll Look Right Any Sugg.?
what can I do to get rid of chicken pock marks in my face?
Am i underweight or just right? I'm 13, 4'11, 92 pounds?
My aunt just passed what tattoo should I get in memory of her ?
Last night, I got a tattoo, and..?
Anyone seen any cool designs for "Our Lady Guadelupe"? For a tattoo?
Tan lines or do you ladies tan?
can jessica alba be categorised as white?
lip piercings?????? please anser!!?
what is considered heavily tattooed for a 17 year old?
How much would a pot leaf tattoo on my wrist cost me?
I have a tattoo on my lower back of the playboy bunny, how is that slutty?
Are tattoos a sign of ignorance?
Best Portrait Tattooist In Brisbane?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
How much would a 1 inch tattoo vaguely cost (inner wrist, outline of a leo sign) I live in UK?
Wrecking Balm tattoo cream?
do you have any tattoos you wish you never had gotten?
Parents, how would you react?
My tattoo has faded a lot is there anyway to bring back the colour?
i have bulging tummy which looks bad when i where T shirt and jeans. telll me how i can control?
What's the best way to show a conservative parent a tattoo?
I want to add to my current tat & get a poem tattoo'd on my lower stomach, just around the waist of my pants.?
Is it possible to get a six pack in 12 hours when you dont have anyhing but skin and bones?
Is this a good pic of me?
Nose job - what do I tell coworkers about taking time off?
what can I use for toe comfort when I wear thong sandals?
I'm getting a tattoo soon but I can't figure out what I want?
How to remove a Tattoo?
mole removal??
Acne Medicine?
This question is for a dermatologist or someone that may work for one........?
What are hidden tattoo locations?
Where is it the most painful place to get tattooed?
I'm getting a tattoo. A wuoate or something to do with my mam?
I am 24 years old and i weigh 92 kgs. I have protruding abdomen and chest. How can i reduce it ?
my tattoo rite now after a week it being done looks like there's a film around it.?
Somekind of scars appears on the body after losing weight what can I do with them?
Why do you non tattooed people feel compelled to waltz around with your pale skin?
Cool words for 4 Finger Rings !?
tattoo on left or right wrist?
I have a chinese tattoo can someone tell me if it means what I think.?
where on my body is the best place to get a tattoo?
How much weight will i lose in 1 month by walkingand doing crunches?
How much do spider bite piercings cost?
Opinion on something...?
List all the things that can pull ink out of a tattoo?
does masterbaiting get you pregnant?
I need advice on a tattoo asap please.?
my foot tattoo i got scarred and I don't know if it can be fixed help any good tattoo artist in hawaii?
how old were you when you got your first tattoo? wot was it? and why did you get it?
guys is my butt size weird for my body?
band tattoos?
Where can i get a good tattoo in Canyon Country?
Do guys like skinny girls or thick girls?
What do you guys think of my tattoo?
Tattoo-On My neck or behind my ear ideas?
Question about nose piercing?
You may have seen...?
Can I get a doctor not a dermatologist to give me a prescription for acne?
Where is a good place for a girl to place a quote tattoo?
what colour are your eyes?
Do you like this tattoo for my ankle?
how can i help to my skin to be youth and fresh every time?
How much does a working tattoo artist make per year, on average?
i have very tense shoulder?
if your skinny and tall is that beautiful?
What typeface is the mumford and sons writing in?
Decent tattoo stops in Phoenix, Arizona?
Brand new tattoo. How can I remove it?
I would like to have someone wax my area... I have been shaving lately and pulling the strays up my shaft.?
Tattoo parlors near Corona, California?
hey i dont no if i should get a tatoo?
What do you think of this for a tattoo?
what do you think of this tattoo ?
in the town jeremy renners forearm tattoos does anyone know what they are?
What are some things that can help lose weight?
Are good tattoo machines ?
Movign on tattoo ideas?
How can i make my ears bigger and stick out more?
i want to get my belly button pierced but I'm scared its gonna hurt.will it?
Can I get a tattoo with a staph infection?
what kind of tatoo should i get?
what do guys like in a girl?
Need your opinion and help on this cross tattoo?
at what age do you get the brown ring on your bottom?
Questions on tattoo removal... please anyone with good advise:?
my tattoo is flaking.. PLEASE HELP!?
I have so many pimples on my face.How to clean my face daily?How to makeup my face & eyes when i m going out?
Whats the best thing to use on a scabing and flaking dry tattoo that wont ruin it?
How much would my tattoo cost?
Heavily tattooed women.?
What tattoo's have you got and what is the reason behind it?
Tattoo places around Pittsburgh?
How do I gauge my ears to a 00?
what do u think of a tattoo that says life happens?
How to remove under eye & hands wrinkles.?
Questions about ear piercings?
i did it...?
Where on my body would this tattoo look best?
What tattoo should i get?
Need help with tattoo idea?
Acne prevention?
Im 14 and i want a tattoo ?
Can I change my septum piercing now?
Please help me out !:D?
what do you think about wing tattoo's on your lower hip bone?
I'm thinkning about peircing my lip myself..?
Does anyone have some good advice for a tattoo idea?
Why do women spoil their pure beauty with tattoos?
What kinda sun stick should I put on my tattoo since it's been 6 weeks?? I don't want it to fade ?
What's the appeal behind a tattoo of a nude woman?
Looking for opinions on this tattoo work?
How do you create an oatmeal mask for your face?
One day before getting my first tattoo nervous what should I do to calm down?
what would be a good tattoo for your ear?
i like it weird?
I got wrinkels on my face how to remove it?
does clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion clog pores?
who has used proactiv and they loved it?
how much will a teardrop tattoo cost?
did proactive work for you???
i'm getting an armband tattoo on my left forearm, is that symbolizing that i'm gay?
Is there any tattoo shops open on sunday?
estimate on tattoo for first ink getter?
how much does this usually hurt ? including the outlining and shading. its my first tattoo by the way?
how do i take good care of my skin in this summer?
how much does little johns tattoo cost for a belly button piercing?
Bottom lip piercing? brushing ?
what exactly is witch hazel and what kind of skin is it good for? why do they call it witch hazel?
I have too much dead skin on my face!!!?
I want a tattoo on my hip..but I'm only 95 pounds?
Tattoo for a 14 year old girl?
Where can i buy proactiv?
Any Dermatologists out there? Please?
How should i ask for a Tattoo?
tattoo healing process?
im thinking of getting a tattoo in italian, i want to get a saying about love. any suggestions?
Cheek Dimples?
Do you look your age?
Can you make a design for this?
I want to get another tattoo?
short quote for bird tattoo?
My new tattoo looks, faded, dry & ed. The lotion I am using has petrolatum and cetyl alcohol, is this bad?
Good priced tattoo in new Mexico?
BELLY PIERCING- pro's and con's?
Has anyone safely done this?
Is this quote to long to get tattooed?
Tattoo ideas for a recovering self-harmer?
tattoo question?
Any tattoo artists that could give an approximate pricing for the tat I want?
Would this tattoo be inappropriate?
i want to get a star tattooed on my hip but if i get pregnant later on, will it be all misshapen after wards?
Well? I want to get a cross tattoo but were 2 put it btw im 16?
What is the girls name with this famous tattoo?
the first thing that the girls like most ?
can i wear sleeves with my 3 day old tattoo on my upper arm?
does drawing on yourself with highlighter under black light really give you a tattoo?
SMALL simple TATTOO ideas?
I want to get an industrial bar but im only 17?
What should I use on a new tattoo for now?
If you took the propylparaben out of "Oxy Acne Wash", would this drasticly change the product?
how many times a week do u shower and DONT lie?
daily skin care!!?
if you have a crush on a boy that is cute and he does not know and some boys told him WAHT IF HE ASED ME !!!
i'm 17, know any shops where i can get a tattoo in New York?
Do you have any tatoos?
for women only :why some men like to peep women underwear when they use skirt?r they sick / what ?
What are buckle belts?