can anybody tell me the best home remedy for curing pimples?
Tattoo machine's help?
what tattoo should i get?
what does getting a tattoo feel like?
Can you give me a guideline on what bra sizes mean? What are the smallest cups and what are the largest?
Wrist/Hand Tattoo Ideas?
Marine girlfriend here getting a tattoo?
How much would any of these cost?
how to get rid of red pimples.?
Has anyone tried Acuzine?
ideas for a half sleeve for girls.?
How to get rid of oily skin?
How do I properly take care of a fresh tattoo?
Is it safe to get a tattoo on your wrist?
i want to were bikini but i have lots of spots on my legs what can i do?
is this to much to get a tattoo?
Are these dermal piercings?
how will yo uplease tell me?
How Do You Make Henna Tattoo Ink?
what does a nerd look like?
Would it be wierd to get this tattoo?
Whats your opinion for tattoos?
Can tattoo combinations look strange?
Piercing apprenticeship in redditch or birmingham?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
should i ask my boyfriend to marry me its not liike were getting any older rite?
Would a patrotic tatoo be stupid?
*Guys* What do think about girls with bicep tattoos?
Tattoo memorials for horses?
how to remove dirt deposits in the underarm breast line and in the neck?
questions about an almost 3 week old tattoo?
would someone design me a tattoo?
Custom tattoo websites?
Do rib tattoos hurt really bad?
Any good Henna Tattoo Sets that i can get to use myself?
I want to be a tattoo artist..?
I neeed Fair & Lovely!!?
I want My First Tattoo! help?
guys only- do you like big boobs or small ones?
Tatoos! I Really ,Really want a lower back tatoo?
what would be a good tattoo to get after surviving physical and emotional abuse?
lip piercing........?
Does a tattoo on the finger hurt?
Debating having a tattoo in the centre of my back where my bra does up.Any suggestions for a small and?
what do koreans use to make their skin smooth, soft & fair?
is it ok for a 15yr old to get a tattoo?
what is the best way to erase dark circle around the eyes?
I could use some help on a tattoo idea coming along..?
what is botox, I know what it does by what is it made from?
average amount of tattoos for women??
Mariska Hargitay Tattoo ideas?
Can i report a tattoo parlour for under age tattooing?
best way to get rid of pimpels?
Who thinks tatoos are cute??
Need free tattoo stencils?
Tattoo on inside of elbow....?
Could a tattoo artist do a design like this?
What do you think of this tattoo?
silly question about henna...?
Legal age to get a piercing and/or tattoo in the UK?
Please help with my tattoo design?
What should I gauge my ears to? Don't answer with a "not at all"?
Will a touch-up hurt more than the original tattoo?
My first tattoo?.... (pic)?
the difference between stainless steel and carbon needles? Which is better?
Where can I buy henna powder in Toronto?
I am looking for a company that makes custom made men's cologne.?
Would a meaningful small wrist tattoo be ok if i want to go into clinical psychology?
Are these hints that ishould ask her out? READDETAILS PLEASE!!!!!!!?
Why is it that artwork that isn't good enough to hang on the wall ends up as someones tattoo?
How much does it cost for a small tattoo?
Would I be able to get this tattoo coverup?
im 15 and i want a tatoo next year when im 16,but i dont know if they'll do it?
Quotes like/same basic meaning as alis volat propriis? Tattoo Quotes.?
What is your first thought typically when you see an obese person?
darkness after shaving armpits?
I need some advice from people with different opinions?
What are the odds of fainting during a tattoo?
Where can I get an inner lip tattoo in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)?
Do you have any tattoos ?
Just got a new tattoo. Can I still go to the beach if I cover it?
What is this green dot on my wrist?
first tattoo shoulder blade or foot?
Help with a tattoo for a quote? Opinions and suggestions please! :)?
Would a Chest tattoo stretch...?
what do you think of this tattoo ?
Salt & Water?
Any places in the north east where a 16 year old can get a tattoo?
Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?
Tattoo Idea for Tragic Events/Pain?
Looking for a vitamin or oil that helps remove/heal old bug bite scarrs on arms/legs?
Does it hurt all that much to get a tattoo?
I have a crazy question about something I may have swallowed during the night??!lol?
Is body building okay for the guy of 15 years old?
Im 13 and I want to get a tattoo.?
How long did it take for your tattoo to get done?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How can I find a great tattoo online?
What do you think of Chinese symbol tattoos?
what is the best way to get rid of underarm hairs?
How long is too long to wait in between tattoo sessions for a large piece?
new tattoo... <pics>?
My dads tattoo of me.. Ideas?
Does anyone know of anybody who is looking for ans Tattoo apprentice in MD?
Guys.....? I have a dilemma!?
how much would this tattoo cost ... £££?
how do you do a hot oil manicure?
Why are there so many beautiful women in the world?
Do you personally get tattoos because you like the way they look, or because it means something to you?
Tattoo/ henna design websites anyone!?!?
Does anybody besides me like smelling like coconut, vanilla, cocoa & pear caramel?
How do Piercings effect jobs?
I want to get a tattoo on my?
is proactive good? from a 1-10 scale wat would u give it?
iwant to be most handsome what to do?
couple tattoo?
Is big beutiful?
I have a question about dermal anchors?????
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Would this be a stupid tattoo?
Is it bad luck to get two Kois instead of getting a Koi and a Dragon?
clever tattoo ideas :)?
Does a tatoo on your foot hurt?
Getting feet tattooed and wearing shoes?
Cute Looking Shoulder Tattoos? 10 points!?
Tattoo Advise,What quote would you get tattooed to your self ?
All photographed women's armpits are smooth and spotless. Is this natural, or do they do some makeover?
Hair or Bare??
what product can help my eyes stay looking young?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Do tatoos hurt even if they'r little?
what do people think of women with piercings?
What is the legal age to get a tattoo in Virginia?
Where should i get my tantoo?
What makes acne and acne leftover spot go away?
Does my stomach look slutty?
Who could design my tattoo?
Any tattoo ideas or suggestions?
Why do men cheat?
What is the purpose of armpit hair ?
What's your opinion on tattoos?
What is your view on women with tattoos?
is there any natural substance i can put on my skin to make it healthier and richer.?
How much room do you need for three lobe piercings?
do tongue piercings hurt when you get them?
Legal age to get a tattoo with parental consent?
Tottooing or piercing apprenticeship or course. PLEASE PLEASE HELP !?
How many girls find guys wit tattoos attractive?
What could I cover this tattoo with? pic included.?
Why do people like tattoos so much?
What's your favourite quote about being an outcast?
how long would it take to tattoo this?
im not overweight but only my lower part of the body looks fat what shall i do?
why do woman think Hugh breast are attractive and sexy.?
What lyrics by Elliott smith would make a good tattoo?
Pictures of a small parrot tattoo?
I have a beauty secret.....can any of you share any?? ......mine are........?
I am thinking about taking an apprenticeship to become a tattoo/piercing artist and I was wondering...?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Where should I put my tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo at 16 maybe 17 in Brisbane with my parents permission, is this possible?
Where To Buy Henna Ink And How To Apply?
Rate my ideas. 10 points!?
Why Do I Love Girls Covered In Tattoos?
how do i get Dr. 90210 email address?
I want to get a tattoo with a meaningful quote?
What are some good overcoming self harm/depression quotes that i could get tattooed on my arms?
Should i get a tattoo on my arm?
HELP! How do I make my stomach look slim?
Which tattoo sholud I Get?
I heard that Henna Tattoo's can cause infection and scaring?
Tattooists advice please?
What are some tattoos for Italian heritage?
Help designing tattoo? Tattoo ideas?
What would be fat for a 12 year old?
Are there any home waxing kits to do a brazilian job?
did honey make our body slim?
Charlie Scene's tattoo?
What is Tummy Tuck? what is its procedure? i.e. how its done? who are (doctors or others) are involved in this
What does tattoo in the music video six days (DJ Shadow) mean?
I have this Brown/ Yellow stuff in my underware. WHat is it? Help me please!! Im 12?
all comments welcome please be honest?
Feminine tattoo help?
why are supermodels so thin? they all have BMI lower than 18 or 17, all weight like 100 lb or even less!!?
I'm thinking of getting another tattoo. What should I get and list some websites if possible.?
Another tattoo question, possible infection?
Girls what do you think guys wiht tattoos?
what's the best way for a woman to remove unwanted facial hair?
Is This A Good Quotee For A Tattoo? Im Gonna Put It On My Thigh!?
Do shoulder blade tattoos hurt?
new tattooo question!!!!?
I want to sue a tattoo shop, can I? They messed my first tattoo up really bad.?
Why do people put cucumbers on your eyes when you have a facial?
Sweat Stains?
how do you unstain fingernails? (from red nail polish)?
why do some people think blond and blue eyes is prettier?
Advice On my tattoo idea?x?
Okay stupid questions, but do arm tattoos hurt? and do neck tattoos hurt?and what will be a good sleeve tatt?
Has anyone tried Borba water?
Which colors should I make this tattoo?
how to look after a tatto?
Do you like my tattoo idea?
is there a way to get rid of the hair on your legs without..?
Sexiest place for a Tattoo on a girl.? long should my pubic hairs be before i try waxing them?
what's the average price for a foot tattoo?
Where hurts less for tattoos?
Bob Marley tattoo quotes?
it's about tattoos...would a side tattoo cover it?
Where to put my Tattoo?
I was so stupid and shaved my upper lip, I am a female, now I am trying to figure out how to fix the mistake?
Scale 1-10 how bad would getting this tattoo hurt?
decent guardian angel pictures for a tattoo?
What tattoo should i get next?
can i get a tattoo at 13?
How long will it take my ears to close????????? 10 POINTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sister Tattoos.......?
How do i incorporate these two together for a tattoo?
I want to add to a tattoo I got a few years ago because I'm bored of it and it is really badly done :(?
My new tattoo... what do you think?
Should I show my bra to my friends?
How old with parents consent do you have to be to get a tattoo in Louisiana and Texas?
Does anyone know where Proactiv Solution can be bought in stores in Sydney? Does it cost anymore than online?
I just recently got my monroe pierced, i was just wondering what the inside of my lip should look like?
how can you tell if your friend is a poof ?
if you got black hair and brown eyes does that mean you are brunette?
Will I harm my new tattoo on my foot if I cover it just long enough to do my treadmill workout of one hour?
Am i able to lighten my tattoo with cream before getting it removed?
chest tattoos or sleeves?
do you think someone with tatoos is 'hard'?
what font is this tattoo?
I have a scar on my wrist with some bad memories, any ideas for a tattoo to cover it?
I am going to get a tattoo on my left pec, and just wanted to know what to expect pain wise?
how can I stop from biting my nails?
Eyebrows and Nail Growth?
I want to be a tattoo artist, help?
Where can i get buy a book of airbrush tattoo stencils?
wheres a good place to get a phrase tattoo for a guy?
Hate my man united tattoo now?
Do you like this tattoo for my ankle?
Question about a tattoo i want to do?
Which tattoo should i get?
What is the perfect bra size?
my first tattoo! in need of some good advice.?
How could laser damage my tattoo?
Is there an effective way to get rid of pimple marks on your face?
i was just wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of hickeys? i tried the cold spoon trick but it didnt work
Why do guys ?
Moms, what tattoos do you have that represent your kids?
For those with Bellybutton Piercings.?
Should I get my third lobe piercing, or first cartliage?
do you think men would be stupid wearing womens deodorant coz i have sensitive skin which product is good oh d
Do you like my Tattoo?
anyone know an easy way to get rid of mosquito bites fast?
I want to get a tattoo symbolizing deaths in the family. i dont want tears tho. what symbol would be good?
Would Cheek Piercings suit me?
How do I fix my complexion from sun damage?
Tattoos body art? help!?
Trying to design a tattoo, need help with fonts?
Does anyone know how to tighten up lipo-suctioned skin???
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo? with consent.?
where can I sunbath nude in Hays, Kansas?
How much would a tattoo like this be?
What's a good place to get a tattoo for a girl?
2 gauge go back to normal?
I burn through the highest sun block any help?
Guys please! Tattoos on girls. Yes or no?
So, what does everyone think about my brand spankin' new tattoo I just got?
If u could get a body peircing anywhere on ur body, where would u get it and why?
First Tattoo, want it to say, However or whatever?
howcan i be cured to blackspots in my face ihave asmooth face but theres these black spots that irritates me.?
How much will it cost to get a 4 to 5 inches, black and grey, realistic tattoo in a well known tattoo shop?
septum ring!~!!!!dsgtd?
Best way to make tattoo ink?
Are you happy with the way you look? If you could change anything on your face, what would it be?
Does anyone have a tattoo on their foot? Does it look like it was suppose to?
iam weatish complexion women age 24 how can i get fairier skin tone iam a mother of 4 months old baby?
may i please get info on how to be AWESOME?
Where, on the body, is the best place for a tattoo?
how long would it take to get this tattoo?
i eat 1 or 2 small chocolate bars everyday, does that increase my pimples and black heads?
how much do eyelid tattoo's run for?
what websites can i go on to find a tattoo?
I need ideas on how to Self tattoo?
Cost of Tattoo Removal?
I got a tattoo I shouldn't have of a treble clef on my lefts shoulder blade. Any ideas to make it better?
tattoo help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......…
how to make a homemade tattoo removal?
I want to get the word believe tattooed on my wrist... Do you think that word shows weakness ?
Why is it that only one of my ear lobe piercings hurt?
Tattoo suggestions? ?
How big is the standard ear lobe piercing?
How to get rid of zits on my back?!!?
about how much would a 3" by 3" tattoo be?
Is my tattoo lame? Is it worth it to remove?
What is the name of the pornstar with green nipple rings?
Which tattoo should I get (pics)?
what is your oppinoin on my avatar?
getting a tattoo symbolizing strength? any ideas?
How do prevent your skin from breaking out?
Whats the best tattoo you've ever seen?
Could I get this as a tattoo.?
do you know how to eliminate scars from your skin?
I want to get a tattoo, but I don't know what to expect.?
I can't decide where to get my first tattoo?
My first tattoo ideas ?!?!?
Ointment causing tattoo to move?
need help with tattoo ?!?
Sayings to get tattooed on wrist?
Inner forearm tattoo ?
how do i get rid of rough and sweaty hands?
I'm going to get the word beautiful tattoo..Where should i put it.?
Any cute belly button peircing ideas and advice?
.. advice on my next tattoo .. what should I get: an Ankh, an equal sign, or a torn/sewn heart?
how long for tore skin on a tattoo to heal?
need tattoo ideas please...?
Need help making an Acronym for tattoo?
Which font do you like better for a tattoo?
Where is Everlast tattoo on High street?
dose any one have a black light tattoos?
Is it normal for a chunk of my outline to be missing on my new tattoo?
How much does a wrist tattoo hurt, ?
Guys...what do you think about this tattoo on a girl?!!! PIC INCLUDED!?
How much is this tattoo gonna cost, how long will it take?
How do you peel/fade off a healing tattoo?
how to get rid of acne cheaply and keep it away!?
I think tattoos on men look dirty and gross. Anyone else agree?
What is good to help your nails to grow?
Question about finger tattoos?
Does anybody know of a tattoo parlor in or around atlanta that will do payment plans?
what is the best way to cry?
I'm thinking about getting Botox...what is your experience with it?
would this tattoo cost more than $100?
How to solve obesity problem in girls of age fourteen?
Who's a good artist out there?
Do tattoos hurt?
what would you think if you saw some one with a tattoo that says?
Is this a cool looking tattoo?
does any one know what product is good for spots?
how do i make an awsome spa at my own bathroom? with materials that i should have?
Tattoo ideas for a suicide survivor?
Does anyone know what "Plumeria" flowers represent or mean?
Question about tribal tattoos?
what age should girls start plucking/tweezing their eyebrows?
Please Suggest any Sanskrit, English and Italian tattos 'Quotes or words'?
whats the average of what a tattoo would cost?
when is the best time of day to put on anti aging cream, im only 21, but its to prevent:)?
what does 'ti amo' mean?
advantages of black skin?
Where can I get a tongue piercing in newyork?
How old for a tattoo and piercing?
Sweeney Todd's Razor blade cut's my neck?
Sexy tattoo and Sexy places?
Should I pierce my......??
Do people clean their healed piercings?
what should I get?
ive got very dark circles under my eye is this lack of sleep and also has any one got any tips how to get rid?
Where can I get a tattoo that wont wrinkle if you lose weight?
How do I get rid of Blackheads?
British, celtic tattoo help!?
are sunburns sexy?
I have really bad pimples.....?
Any ideas for a tattoo cover up 2 small initials behind my ear..?
What would be a good place to put this tattoo?
Do you think female body builders are attractive ?
Please Help!?
Where should i get this tattoo?
What can you use to remove scars?
What's the difference between debit card and credit card?
I need some Music Quotes for a Tattoo!?
Olive oil based tattoo aftercare cream?
I'm having half a sleeve done in March, I've always wanted something that has to do with mum...?
Is it possible for a tattoo to come off this way?
tattoo help pleaseeee?
Best place to have memorial tattoo of nan and grandad?
how do you know if you have mosquito bits or boobs?
Is it bad to have a tattoo at 16 in the UK?
what's a good value but excellent quality self tanning lotion/mouse/spray etc - no streaks, no messing?
I am about 5'5" & i weigh 112 do you think i need to lose weight?
how do i get rid of red skin?
Home tattoo removal???????????????
how to get rid of pimples on face,neck,back, butt,thighs legs and all over the body?
shelf life estee lauder night repair?
How painful are thigh tattoos?
how do you get rid of darkened elbows?
Wayne Rooney tattoo regret?
How often do you remember to change your toothbrush?
I have teary eyes....?
i want to get a harry potter tattoo any ideas?
Can anyone help me with my tattoo idea?
Tattoo Ideas?
do you think its wrong for a person to be heavily tattooed and not be famous/tattoo artist?
is there a site for like chinese/japanese tattoo names like say example missy there a site that shows its symb
What is the policy for wrist tattoos in sc hospitals?
anyone know a good a tattoo pic of a heart with a key hole? or two entwined hearts? or any heart tattoos?
What do you think of scaffold or helix ear piercing?
What can i use on my tattoo?
How to remove the dead skin on your elbows? (or ankles)?
Can someone design me a tattoo saying true?
im getting a tattoo on the outside of my bad will it hurt?
Does Tattoo removal WRECKING BALM really work?
What place would be the best for a small sexy tattoo (I'm a guy, please read properly, thanks)?
There are 3 girls and all of them love me. They asked me to tell them witch girl I want. Please help me?
Tattoo idea help????? Please help?
Information about a tattoo?
need step by step in how to do a barzilian wax?
Do girls think tattoos are trashy?
What perfume smells nice on a guy?
Can I get a tattoo over acne scars? (back)?
the pours on my nose are always blocked what should i do?
FOR GIRLS ONLY wat can you do?
Tattoo shops In Portland Oregon?
What should I get?!?!?!?
Irish tattoo ideas? Last name Sullivan?
how can you get rid of discolorations on your body?
i waint to pierce my jugular vein with a 9" nail..will i die?
when are getting emoticons???
Henna Tattoos? Cost/design suggestions?
How much would a lateral body tattoo cost?
The biggest ears strech without your parents knowing?
A question to women. If you were to put a tattoo with words on your body what would those words be?
I just got a tattoo yesterday can I use neosporin with the pain relief on it?
I'm 65 years old and i want to please my wife: where can i purchase that thing?
Does anyone know of a tattoo artist that does good work in the Largo/Pinellas Park Area?
discreet tattoo places? please help?x?
Will I absolutely be damned if I mark my body (Tattoo)?
I want a tattoo, advice?
Looking for my Avatars twin ????
I think my tattoo is sexy,is that conceded?
Pls tell me if it's normal?
Anyone use breathe 24/7 moisture gradual tanning body lotion by bath and body works???
how much do you think?
What's a good tattoo lyric?
when you get cuts and they dont heal properly is a tattoo the best idea for you?
Tattoo Ideas...?
What are some matching tattoo ideas ?
Opinions on this tattoo?
What r the 3 easiest ways to lose weight?
wheres a place to put a tattoo?
I need some ideas...i wanna add something to my tatto!?
Key to my heart quotes ?
do you think 68pounds is fat for a 10 year old????
if you have your period already...can you still grow?
Tattoo meaning? manatee n sea turtle?
What is a good tattoo idea to represent a Godson?
How much does it hurt to get your eyebrows waxed?
Tattoos? Need Help here..?
Is there something you can eat that'll make your skin a darker tone?
im planning on getting a tattoo and i need a lil help!!!?
Dose any one have some extra hair around the ****?
Thinking Of Getting A Small Tattoo. Approximately How Much Would It Be?
industrial barbell fast Q?
Crest Whitestrips. Good Vs. bad..... have you ever used them?
Im wanting to get a tattoo for my little bros here are sum examples help me chose the way to do it? Please?
Generally speaking, compared with Whites, do blacks have longer legs compared to their torso length?
Inner finger tattoo, cost, fading, pain level?
How much should you to a tattoo artist?
Right shoulder.. Lower back.. In between shoulders upper right breast?? Where should i get my tattoo?
What if I get my tattoo across my back?
Does getting a tattoo across your chest hurt?
Pay for my dermal anchors?
possible infection of a tattoo?
If your friend has a bad odour or smell would you tell him or not.?
what is a good tattoo kit to use on practice skins?
Tattoo issue!! Answer please!?
Where to create a tattoo online for free?
Should I get lip injections? What's out there for lips nowadays?
Whats the best time of day to weight yourself???
Nipple piercings? Advice?
How can I tell my dad that I am going to get a boob job?
when did u loose your virginaty?
know of any good laser hair removal practices in the south suburbs of chicago that are also affordable?
is Kokkai Sumi tattoo ink good?
How bad does a nose piercing hurt?
I need ideas....I wanna get my lip pierced, anyone gotten it done?
What do I do at the first signs of acne?
If I am allergic to nickel, can I get a tattoo?
i way 91 pounds at 14 years old. is that unhealthy?
What do you think about this for a tattoo idea?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on your butt and hips?
Which tattoo idea is better?
Tattoo ideas to represent my Papa? (Grandad)?
I have a star tattoo (like tom fletcher from mcfly) in the same place and i was wondering?
Where can I find a really good fat suite? One that will make me look plump and sexy.?
Are there any tattoo parlors in wisconsin that will let a 17 year old get a tattoo with a parental consent?
What are buckle belts?
how much would a pretty big tattoo cost me. I'm looking to get a arm holding a necklace?
Tattoo question dealing with location?!?
How do I make a temporary tattoo?
Why do people freak out about piercings?
plastic surgeon salary?
what do you think about this tattoo?
Underage piercing in Colorado?
Choosing a tattoo...........?
How much does a simple mole removal cost?
Where would be a good place to get a spouse s name tattooed?
can someone help me with a tattoo idea?
what is the meaning of true love?
how much do nose piercing cost at club tattoo?
How much roughly for this tattoo ?
Whats the best way to get acne off your chest? Cause it really makes me feel ugly?
ladies Please, which sunless tanning lotion / spray is the best and why?
Ocean tattoo ideas with this quote?
Good artists ATTENTION! Need tattoo help?
where is a place to get your nose pierced at in winder ga?
Whats a good idea for a tattoo for my dad that passed away?
Everyone that has a tattoo!?
what men's cologne do you recommend?
Girls, please rate these on order of preference...?
Slimming gel?
do tattoo hurt a lot on the wrist?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
Are you supposed to tip your tattoo artist?
First tattoo ! Ur inspirations?
How painful is a tattoo?
What is the prettiest eye color?
how much would a tattoo cost?
Can someone get a Tattoo with Asthma?
Tattoo ideas????????? ?
is this a normal reaction to tattoo removal?
I'm seeking a retail location in colorado lingerie & spa products what type of area should I look for?
Body Piercing & Tattoo Articles?
skin & body?
Where do you think is the most painful place to have a tattoo done?
I hav dark circles formed below my eyes. Am plannin to use contact lens. How do i remove these circles?
How do I tell my parents I want a tattoo?
can anyone tell me how much a tattoo hurts? if you can compare it to something.thanks?
What does and anchor in a tattoo symbolize?
do tatoo's really hurt even if its a small one?
Guys: Would you ever turn down a classy girl just for having a tattoo?
Have anybody tried the 6 week body makeover that they advertise on TV?
is this an accurate way to describe the pain of a ribcage tattoo?
best brand of tattoo gun/supplies?
How long would it take to make this tattoo?
How can I get rid of my hideous freckles?
is it possible to get a tatoo without my parents knowing even if Im under 18 (and dont get permission)?
how do u loose weight really fast?
How long would it take to get this tattoo done?
Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser Houston Texas?
My lower body never tans like my upper body does, even when i'm swimming. Can anyone help me?
I need to know Whats the best way to heal my tattoo,Wich is the best ointment?Ect..?
Is my shoulder blade a painful place to get a FIRST tattoo?
Help Finding a Tattoo Artist in UK?
Finger Tattoo Pain Level ?
Really think I regret this now?
People Who Have Tattoos ?
I want a tattoo, What should i get?
Behind ear tattoo? Help?
Ciao!!!!!!!!!can you enter please?
Can i have one of your thongs?
Can Anyone Help Me Find A Tattoo?
does getting a tattoo hurt??
Lubricants. Discuss..?
Is this a cool tattoo?
Should i get a wrist tattoo?
whats your opinion on ppl getting tattoos in others languages?
i want to be a tattoo artist, i need things to draw !?!/ GIVE M IDEAS?
how to be slim without dieting?
Good quotes for a tattoo?
Hey I need Help with a problem called PIMPLES!!!!!!!!!?
tattoo down arm (outside)?
When my tattoo stops peeling, can I wear normal clothes?
what deoderant is best for your body?
How does benyzol peroxide make your skin sensitive to sun?
Memorial tattoo of my fiance's grandpa?
I'm 5'4 and weigh 116 am i fat???
Can someone please tell me the thing for a sunburn? Fast-relief.~PLEASE.?
hey! got so many pimples out here! pls advice me how to remove these ones at the shortest time possible.......
How much would this hurt & cost?
Which tattoo should i get?
can i use a sharpie to give myself a tattoo?
who is the most urgly person on earth?
Question about sponsoring child?
Baby niece memorial tattoo ideas!! ?
Why does having a tattoo and owning a pit bull go together ?
Would I be able to get this later made into a full sleeve?
Can a nurse have tattoo's and piercings?
Do tattoos look like... ?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Getting my dog's paw print tattooed onto is this going to work?
What do you think to my friends tattoo?
I don't look 30 do I?! ..I'M SCARED PEOPLE. O_O?
How often can one take a steam bath & for how long & at what temp?
how can i prevent pimples and how to whiten my skin?
Would the UV rays affect my tattoo even if it is cloudy?
Where can I get a Henna Tattoo in Oakland,CA?
Is this wrong I'm 14?
What kind of symbol,do you think could represent this quote,(for a tat) if possible?
I'm a athlete and I sweat a lot, should I get a tattoo?
Wrist Tattoo ideas please?!?
tattoo pain?
(Fr) : y a-t-il du plomb dans l'encre des tatouages foncés ?
Is it a good idea to shave your balls?
Do you believe that cream and medicine tablet can enlarge breast?
I'm getting a wrist tattoo very soon. How do I prepare for it being on the wrist?
What happend to the girl with the DRAKE tattoo?
How to be skinny in one week?
What face wash works best for you, I really need some help I have very oily skin and don't know what to do.
when my tattoo peels is the color supposed to peel a little bit?
Do tattoos hurt?
do u know cosmetic surgery?
Would a tattoo on my stomach be painful? If so, how much?
Do tattoos hurt when you get them on the upper half of the arm?
tattoo was slapped?
I've just shaved my bikini area and now I have little red bumps all over. Any suggestions?
Scale of 1-10 pain of getting tattoo?
I want to get joe jonas' initials tattooed, what would be a good place? Ankle, lower back, neck or wrist?
Do you think this is a cool tattoo idea?
is scars on someone face cool or just ugliness?
I really want a tattoo, but ive no idea what to get, any ideas?
what is the easiest way to get ride of a scar that has left a big mark?
Does anyone here use Silk-appeal? for removing unwanted hair?
What is the best spot to get a tattoo?
This is a yes or no question?
Do you like my new tattoo?
is it true that milk can whitens skin?
i am in class 10 and very fat . due to my studies i dont get time to help?
I'm thinkin of piercing the top of my ear.Does it hurt bad? and for how long ?
How can you make an spray on tattoo permanent?
How much would this tattoo cost?
got a tattoo last night on the back of my neck, when can i start running or exercising again...?
Im getting my nose pierced and was wondering...?
Hypotrophic scarring (piercing keloid)?
Do Tattoos hurt when there on your arm?
stretch marks?
Think i should get my lip peirced?
How much would a tattoo of this description cost?
What should I add to my next tattoo idea?
how long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Tattoos or nose piercing !?!?!?!?!?
What's wrong with my fingernails?
How do I make my skin less oily?
Side tattoo ideas (for a girl)?
what should i wear to my tattoo appt?
Where should I get a tattoo of my husband's name?
anyone know of a legit translation website?
i need tattoo quote ideas please?
Are there any tattoo designs featuring an indian with something forming an X with it?
Tattoo artists!! Can I have your opinion?
What is your opinion on tattoos?
Eminem Tattoo quotes?
What should I get as my tattoo?
im planning to get a full back tattoo, will it stretch?
What's a good quote for a tattoo?
My dermal below my eye has a puffy red ring around it is it infected?
Any guys out there to answer????
Anyone know of any good tattoos shops near the vegas strip?
Should a 13 year old get a tattoo?
Do you think my tattoo is ugly? It is a spider/web and cross used as a coverup for a skull i had?
What pain can you compare tattoos to?
does home eletrolysis work?
zero skull tattoo pictures?
this question is for girls/13 year old girls.........?
How much does getting a tattoo on your back hurt?
I need Half sleeve ideas!!?
Is 4 tattoos too many?
Is it possible to get this nasal tip piercing?
how to move from one theme?
Ideas for a Henna Tattoo?
What do you think about this idea for a wrist tattoo?
I'd love to get a tattoo on the side of my neck. Do you think it looks too rough?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
What shall I add to my wrist tattoo of 3 swallows flying?
what is the fastest way to flatten my stomach?
First tattoo in Colorado?
someone knows her name?
are tattoos okay?
Do tattoos have to be symbolic?
girls thoughts on tattoos ?
TATTOO, black or white or should i do color? please?
Should I get a septum or monroe piercing? (PICTURE)?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Do tattoos and piercings make a woman less attractive?
Why are so many women obsessed with being thin?
Tatoos, what is the point?
Thrifty brazilian body wax: Can I just use duct tape and a bottle of whisky?
I'm thinking of getting something tatooed in runes on my arm. I need ideas for what the runes should say.?
Getting a Tattoo on wrist hurt bad?
Tips on lasting an 8 session on 3/4arm sleeve?
body acnes ruined my life...SOS?
Is it safe for me to get a tattoo? ?
Where would this tattoo look best at?
Can black tattoos be covered up?
Best Tattoo Shops In Daytona Florida?
wats da best way to create smoke shadeing for tattos?
Your experience with human branding/scarification?
Opinions/design help for my second tattoo?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes without makeup?
What is the meaning behind your tattoo, if any?
what ever happen to that show miami ink?
Hip tattoo!? please help!!?
Guy's! What do you think of The Dove campaign for real beauty?
a tattoo that symbolizes strength courage beauty and overcoming strugle and new beginings?
iam 15 and want a tattoo...?
i want to know about freckles on skin and its remedy i can opt.?
I need a tattoo idea?
How much job restrictions are there for having a foreman tattoo?
Ok. I am 21 and I just got my first tattoo on the 3/15/07 around 10:40 pm. I was told to use Vitamin A&D Ointm
how do you tell her she's too loose?
Father to son quote for a tattoo?
Getting my first tattoo! Help me decide!?
Does anybody know of any tattoo shops specializing in Celtic/Irish tats in Ohio? ?
Has anyone felt any discomfort from a tattoo during MRI?
where can I find reliable information on preparation and care for downstairs piercings?
What design or drawing should I get around this quote tattoo?
I want a tattoo to represent me getting through a hard stage in my life, any ideas please?
what to use on my new tattoo?
why do tattoo artists wear surgical masks?
What do y'all think about tattoos?
I want some ideas for a Tattoo?
I just got a new tattoo and sprayed perfume on it by mistake now I have a big rash there what do I do?
If you were to get a tattoo with a writing on it, wat would it say?
What quote do you like better for a tattoo?
Worst tattoos you can possibly get?
how to get rid of black patches on the face?
Help guys, please. really need some?
Tattooing in Germany?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
people think im kinda ugly do u think.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i dont are they jut jelus and i really look what i say?
would you ever consider......?
tattoo pigment information?
What do you think of y tattoo idea?
Tattoo on the outer leg above the ankle and the bone??
increase penis size on a 16 year teen....?
what does this tattoo stand for ( pic)?
how can i loose alot of weight without looking sickly? and how do i get red of all my pimples?
I have a lil acne on my back is it ok to get a tattoo over top of it?
what tattoo do you think i should get?
can anyone recommend (from experience) a good guide for tuning a tattoo machine preferably without $$$$ ??????
Lower back tattoos: yay or nay?
they say that using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face?
Am I ugly?
On a hot sunny day, what color of clothing is one recommended to wear?
does a tatoo really hurts when you first get one?
Is it common for men to shave/trim their pubes?
Who won the last Miss International 2005?
best mens face moisturizer?
Is it against the Lord to have tattoos or piercings?
Wow r u all asleep? I NEED SUM ANSWERS PLZ. my mom gave into a belly ring...does it hurt? AND ring or bar....?
Will this tattoo make me look like something i'm not?
How many of you out there DON'T want a tattoo?
what's your favourite name for someone with sticky out ears?
Can a nutritionist have tattoos and piercings?
First tattoo care and weird feeling?
is it okay??
How can you tell if a chick has had a boob job?
Why would a girl get her boyfriend's name tattooed on her?
Tattoo ideas for women?
Can I Have Visible Tattoos Working At Wendy's?
What can I use to cover a tattoo for work?
How do you know what tattoo ink is safe for skin?
Which tattoo should i get ?
I need help with Tattoo ideas?
tattoo placement and design, and piercings?
Should I get dad tattooed on wrist?
My friends say that only girls get tongue piercings. PLease answer 18 only
id really like the get a smallish tattoo?
what do i need to do to get a 6pac?
Tattoo idea, please help?
I need tattoo advice?
Couples tattoos???
A place to get a white ink tattoo in the UK? (preferably south)?
Tattoo aftercare advice?
How much would a tattoo cost?
i got my tragus pierced almost 3 weeks ago. just a few days ago it swelled up. is it infected?
if you put baby powder on your face dose it do anything?
What is the cutest tattoo a girl can have?
white toothpasste on pimples? and now look at me!!?
Help me find chinese symbols for Existence, Hope, Faith, Believe, and Peace.(=?
what do guys think about girls with half-sleeved tattooed arms?
where do i go 2 look at free tattoos?Not download or buy anything.?
Does anything out there help, really help to get rid of stretch marks?
Am I the only woman that doesn't get the Brazilian wax job?
is a west coast tattoo gang related?
My sanskrit lotus tattoo is upside down.Is it okay even tho its upside down or should i freak out more?
am i too skinny to get a tattoo?
I Need A LittleTattoo Help Please !?!?
Get rid of a pimple?
"better days ahead" as a tattoo?
opinions on tattoo i'm getting done?
My newish tattoo looks faded?
Do tattoo's on your ribs hurt?
Tattoo suggestions and types of tattoos.?
Any good estimates on this tattoo.?
Is it okay to apply lotion daily to an already healed tattoo, or can that do something to the ink over time?
Would a Chest tattoo stretch...?
How do cover up a tattoo?
how much will this tattoo hurt any what will help?
Quote Ideas for Memorial Tattoo?
Got a $100 gift certificate to a tattoo place, amy ideas? nd place to get it?
which tattoo?
How effective are sun screens? Which is the best sun screen?
I really want a tattoo. Any suggestions on what i should get?
Does putting toothpaste on your zits really clear them or is that just a myth?
Mexican Revolution art for a tattoo?
What should I put on a fresh tattoo?
I just got a REALLY bad henna?
About a Tatoo?
Im 18 yrs and i'm thin .My problem is i have a long neck and a small and thin face.How my face be better?
wat do you think about tounge piercings and belly piercings?
y do fat girls wear tight clothes?
What are some good matching tattoo ideas?
quick........ what should i get a next tat of ???
tattoo is not what i expected...?
tampons again?
Where is the sexiest place for a women to get a tattoo?
whats better shaving or waxing?
What soap/body wash do you use?
Opinions on my tattoo design?
Would you get a simba tattoo on ur biccep?
make up artists, i need ur help?
ATTENTION JERSEY TATTOO ARTISTS (Can you draw something for me? details inside)?
Does Witch Hazel work for Zits/Pimples?
Am I ugly?
Is this quote too depressing for a tattoo?
Is there any where I could get my eyebrows tattooed in, in the UK, I'm 15, I know I'm under age.?
tattoo professionals PLZ HELP!?
Wrist tattoo peeling, should i be worried?
My Mum just found out about my tattoo- how do I make her chill out?
Tattoo pain comparison?
What is the perfect figure size for a women?does it vary according to our height?
Where can i get a tattoo removal in san diego?
What is the highest quality tattoo uv ink?
What should I wear to my tattoo appointment when getting a piece on my upper thigh?
Help with new tattoo?
what's the hottest perfume on the market?
Do Tattoos & Piercings Hurt When You Get Them Done ?
How do I get rid of redness and scars after waxing my chest and stomach?
Do I have an allergic reaction?
Which is better, electroloysis or laser for permanent removal of facial hair..?.Price not an issue.?
i am 16 and i want to get a tattoo but...?
First tattoo - time/cost??
what are some tattoo fonts?
I know that tattoos are fashionable with young women but did you ever think?
Best (and cheapest) place to get a tattoo on Long Island?
Tattoo idea?... on my foot!!!
What's your tattoo of?
should i get breast implants?
Unique tattoo location?
ANYTHING I can use on my tattoo while tomorrow?
can getting a tattoo cause keyloids?
Position of a tattoo?
Would I look like a racist person if i got a Confederate Flag Tattoo?
Do you prefer a tub bath or a shower?
small tattoo shoulder blade?
What piercing would suit me?!?
what is the most you spent on plastic or reconstructive surgery? what surgery?
I keep growing pimples on my face, 1 after 1 after 1. And i have no idea what to do. Help PLease?
Do you mind using products that have been tested on animals?
Women, do you ever stick out your butt to get a guys attention?
i hate when people judge people by ther skin color... how do u feel?
Do people get symmetrical tattoos?
ONLY BOYS what u like the most about a thick girl?
Is there such a thing as prescription deodorant? If so what are the names?
What's the symbolic meaning of a garter tattoo ?
remove already faded tattoo?
Is a tongue piercing supposed to bleed?
How do u get ur friend not 2 like ur Boyfriend ??
Does anyone know which episode of Miami Ink showed Pixie getting her tattoos done by Kat?
What Does A Heart On Your Wrist Mean?
Do you like my tattoo?
How can you close facial pores in a very cheap way or without going to dermatologists?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What are the pros and cons of placing a tax on Tattoos, piercings, and other things offered by tattoo places?
whats your definition of a s$LUT?
im getting a tattoo soon?
Tattoo of boyfriends name?
does anyone know henna shopes in tampa,florida?
how to get rid of old scars as soon as possible?
people who are into tattoos and piercings. help!?
whats ur tattoo of?
I have a dark patch of skin (probably due to tan) on my neck. Can somebody help me go without it?
What's your opinion on this owl tattoo?
What do you think of this?
I need a cute tattoo place?
what is new skool tattoo?
Who is this female tattoo artist?
What's an easy and quick way to get rid of acne?
Art design creation for tattoo.? u think?..?
i'm getting a tattoo. Should I get it on my stomach or my lower back?
Which tattoo do you like better? Where should I put it?
What body parts can you pierce?
Is it true that getting ur right eyebrow pierced means u r gay or lesbian?
Whats you in take in tattoos?
Any suggestions for skin care?
I need help making a tattoo different and creative!?
How can I persuade my girl to trim up down below?
is my tattoo infected?
I really want a tattoo..?
Would it be weird for a guy to get a tinkerbell tattoo?
Where on my body would this tattoo look best?
What picture is your tattoo(s) of?
Would you let your 15 year old get a tattoo?
Which tattoo place hurts more?
Ear peircing?
Should I shave if I plan on wearing a Speedo this summer?
Okay I been searching and searching online for the best Christina piercing that I would like to get...?
I have really bad athletes foot and how do i cure it?
What is Colie Edison's tattoo, from Real World Denver of?
Girls please i need help on this, which one its relly good?
do tongue or lip piercings hurt when you get them?
i want to fix my tattoo. can it be done? (PICTURES)?
Will I be able to hide this tattoo from my parents?
will a lemon exfoliate my skin? is it bad for my skin?
new tatto.... you like?????????(pics included)?
I am a cyclist and I shave my legs. Ladies, do you think men with shaved legs are sexy?
How to soothe industrial piercing?
does waxing hurt?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
I want to get a tattoo but i'm scared.?
Tattoo dilemma?
Tattoo on arm and loosing weight?
any1 hav ideas for a hip tattoo?
do you prefer baths or showers?
How much will a full sleeve colour tattoo cost in the UK?
small tree tattoo on inside of foot, going to be a teacher...?
I just got a tattoo, is it normal to peel and scab a little? ?
Please help with drama masks tattoo?
tattoo help? need some advice?
Where can I buy e45 cream?
im 13 and getting a tattoo soon... Any ideas?
What is a good way to get rid of scars?
How to get clear, glowing skin?
My mom will kill me if I get tattoo but I am living on my own and am almost 20. Should I respect her opinion?
Has anyone ever used the product Meladerm advanced pigment reducing complex by Civant Skin? If so how was it?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo removed?
Where in Chattanooga TN can you get a henna tattoo?
I'm Asian. So how can I gain fat?
What do you think about a girl with a lip piercing. is good or bad ?
I'm getting my first tattoo and I've been thinking lower abdomen but I'm very thin and I'm know it will hurt
how old do you have to be to get a industrial piercing @ jade dragon tattoo?
what do you think of my tattoo design?? =]?
If I remove a mole can it leave scars or be cancerous?
wat should my mom use to make her face shine and she has like manchas wat should she do 2 get rid of them?
i read about an injection made of natural extracts shot directly in the fat layer and after weeks it starts...
Which tattoo idea is better?
Where can I get a henna tattoo in Seattle?
Is below the ankle a bad spot for a tattoo?
Am i hot or beautiful or fair or ok or normal or ugly?
weird nose?
Ways for contacting another person who has removed a tattoo?
can too much smiling draw people away from you?
Tattoo ideas please?!!?
Instead of shaving I am thinking of switching to waxing. Can anyone recommend a good waxing product?
Foot tattoos? Should I be wearing shoes?
What tattoo should I get that represents my family?
what is a good saying about life for a tattoo?
what tattoo should i get?
tatoo question??????????????????
how this girl can lose weight of 44 kg in three month ?
i'm planning on getting a tattoo soon and i have questions!?
do i need to use a diaper when im 72?
do guys prefer a cury but slim lady or a skinny lady?
Has anyone ever tried Nads hair removal product?If you use it will the hair grow back more or less?I'm curious
What can i do to prevent this during that tattoo i want?
St. Augustine or Jacksonville Tattoo?
how can i get rid of some scars the natural and fast way? pls help?
Do any guys find full sleeve tattoos on women attractive?
what is the difference b/w cold and hot wax?
How to stop a tattoo getting wet..?
Please help me out with my tattoo...?
Who has the best tattoo shop in/near Greenville, SC?
Girls are you attracted to guys with piercings,tattoos,split tounges and ear plugs?
Can someone help me find the perfect song?
I'm a cat lover thinking of getting a tattoo.What would be a good idea for a tat? Small in size by the way.
what does olan roger's tattoo stand for?
Neck tattoos on a chic?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does anyone actually look like their Avatar? Lol.?
How much does a brazilian wax go for?
this question is for "snake" the tattooist of ten years you answer my one question bout tghe G.E.D earlier..
So, I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow and i'm SO nervous!! Any advice or tips? I Deffinatly apiciate it! xx?
Women self esteem problems?
do tattoos hurt when u get your first one?
What can you do to reduce wrinkling, without using creams? I'm already getting lines and I'm still a teen!
Tattoo brighter in one spot than the rest?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Should it be in black and grey or color?
i ve pimples.i want to kow about my face care?
My daughter wants a pubic tattoo. Is this some new fad?
Will my tattoo scab or not?
Quick HOME remedies for folliculitis? (don't tell me to see a doctor or give me info from sites)?
how can i lose 135 lbs quickly without surgery?
i need a proffesional piercers advice or someone who has similar experience?