how bad to microdermal piercings hurt?
Is there anything that I can do while getting a tattoo that will make it hurt less?
Where is a tattoo shop in New Orleans that will tattoo minors with consent?
First Tattoo Help Needed!?
Question for Tattoo Artists...?
Can I have my tattoo altered?
One of my eyes is on my cheek and the other one is on my nose, is this right?
Tattoo help, please!?
are ther any creams to remove hair?
How much will my tattoo cost?
What happens if I don't use soap on my new tattoo?
what is the best way to get rid of a bulging tummy i am 24 yrs old?
I HAVE A LOT OF PIMPLE SPOTS , HOLES , WHITEHEADS.Can you please suggest me some home made cheap natural cure?
Tattoos and pimples question?
Which Design is Better?
Where are the least and most painful places to get tattooed?
i am looking for the cresent moon and stars tatoo from miami-ink show from last season?
What kind of touch up should I do on my tattoo?
Do you think the age for tattoo/piercing should be lowered or raised?
Can you still get a tan after 5:00pm on the east coast (usa) if it is very sunny?
Help Genital tattoos?
How many lazor treatments to get rid of a tattoo.?
Why is my black tattoo grey ?
Tattoo regulations military ?
which hair style is best for a guy, i need to kno fast as i dnt kno whether to have a cut or not?
is there a website where i can download free body piercing dvds?
Can anyone recomend facial tanning lotion for indoor tanning?
How long and how much for tattoo?
What can be done to repair "blown out lines" in a tattoo?
Is it proper 'tattoo etiquette' to ask artists to draw up something for your before you come in?
Tongue Piercings..?
is it true that UV rays cantrate through glass windows?
What is worse then going to a tattoo artist and hearing him utter 'Oops'?
Do you like freckles?
how togive urself a tattoo with a candle and a stick?
Tattoo ideas? PLEASE HELP I need to decide for tomorrow!?
what's the point of having a tatoo?
how to make the face white?
Can i go up one more size?
What should i do with my new tattoo?? help!!!?
How to maintain body if a person is fat what to do daily?
How much will this tattoo cost?
If a guy looks real good and don't pay real girls attention why do they call him gay?
Would this be a stupid tattoo?
For guys who shave down there? any tips? does it really get smooth?
Would i look right with a lip ring?
what does the phrase "little man in the canoe " mean?
Sharpie tattoo ideas?
Do you have any tattoos?
my piercer wouldnt even look at my naval piercing!?
Where would this tattoo look best?
Price for an upper half sleeve?
Will my tattoo be okay if i do this... ?
what is the different of deodorant and perfume>?
Tattoo help a.s.a.p.?
is it worth it???
Why won't my self-tattoo work?
Dark Circles?
How much would tattoo cost?
I walk barefoot alot!The soles of my feet are severely dry and y. How do I fix them! There ugly!?
does toothpaste on a pimple really work?
how to ask mum for bra?
does anyone know where they do tattoos for ppl at the age of 16?
my boyfriends lips tattooed on me? how?
tattoo on your wrist?
Next tattoo idea.? help meeee?
Has anyone heard of 'tuscha' or sounded similar, it's a butt enhancer (injection) are often use in Japan.
how to care for my new tattoo?
Stencils for Temptu Dura Ink Pro?
Reliable places for tongue piercings near Trenton, Missouri.?
Has anyone used the Avenno Tanning lotion?
Fresh Cosmetics?
Any ideas for crow tattoos?
Which is a better quote for my tattoo?
Does this idea sound good?
Can knuckle tattoos be removed?
Find specific Paul Booth tattoo art.?
Does Jimmy Ashurst have any tattoos and if so, where's a pic?
Color vs black tattoo...HELP?
Is it that hard to open a tanning salon?
i need an opinion on this tattoo?
Descibe how gettinga tattoo feels.?
Do you think my tats are trashy? Opinions?
what is the best way to remove the tattoo?
Tattoos on your back, pain level?
Tattoo in memory of lost child & mother?
Should we not sleep in afternoon after excersing in the morning?
whats the worst tattoo related thing someone could do?
the nice men are ugly...the handsome men are mean and nice/handsome men are guy so do u gay's agree with me?
i am doing a lot of work outs?
Why are tattoos frowned upon while pregnant?
how would having a tribal tattoo effect a models career?
can I have my breasts firmed without reducing their size? Where do I get a good surgeon to do that?
Where should i put my cupcake tattoo?
When u see a female with a tongue ring, what is your first impression of her?
Any good tattoo shops in Puerto Rico?
Question to all tattoo artist (apprentice) ?
which Deodorant do u use?
i dont know where to put my tattoo idea lol. help me?
I 43yrs old I'm thinking of getting a tattoo.?
I have a really bad under arm sweating problem and I was wondering if there is a product I should use.?
Does anyone out there have any piercings and why?
Why is my back numb were I got a tattoo almost 5 years ago?
I want to get a baby girl's ears pierced - I live in London and would like to get sleepers put in?
Where does birthmarks come from?
Why is my winkle called a dinkle?
What piercings do girls find sexy?
What does getting a tattoo feel like???
Can someone design a tattoo for me please?
What is something that symbolizes a struggle?
Honestly, how much does getting a tattoo hurt?
are there glitter tattoos?
Is this to extreme?
Profound quote tattoo for overcoming addiction?
What do you think is a reasonable, meaningful first tattoo?
Where to put my new tattoo?
what lotion can i wear in a stand-up tanning booth besides an excellirator?
Pleeease answer!!?
Tattoo idea for this saying?
I need a art of the name juliet for a tattoo?
I want a tattoo and I was wondering if it was a silly idea?
If I make a deposit to the tattoo parlor to come in tomorrow, can I change my mind and get my money back?
what is your favorite tattoo mel c has?
Ideas for tattoo design?
which material should be used for tattoo needle?
i pierced the side of my wrist?
tattoo question???????
How long would it take for alchohol to dry out the acne in my face?
tattoo for remembrance?
I have a slight sunburn and I'm about to get a tattoo?
what do you think of this tattoo?
How dangerous are UV tattoos? How visible are they in regular light? What ink should an artist use?
will i be ever good in style or makeup?
Tattooed female celebrities?
Tattoo on my wrist question!!?
how can i lose weight?
Tattoo help!!!?
Good place for a tattoo?
What lotions and soaps can you use on a foot tattoo when it's healing?
Would this be an ok tattoo?
how do you get rid of black circles under your eyes?
Id like to get a tattoo, something to do with being gemini, any ideas???
any really good ideas for a tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo if you have an ICD?
anyone have tattoo suggestions?
Has anyone successfully used TCA to fade a tattoo?
Where should I get a tattoo?
would this tattoo hurt? (pic)?
use of application of honey on face ?whats procedure?is it benifical?
Where and/or who can I turn to for a beautiful cover-up tattoo in Southern California?
after mba whatwe have to do is it phd or mphil?
Getting an Elephant Tattoo?
Which tattoo would you rather have?
What can i use instead of a lebret stud in my lip?
I need 5 good reasons to get my belly button pierced..?
whats a good tattoo idea for a mom of identical twin boys?
Are there any tattoo conventions around 'spring break'?
Like the idea for my tattoo?
Where will 18 in. extensions end at on me if I am 5'2 and have a short torso?
Ghost Riders (In The Sky) Tattoo?
Where should I get this tattooed? (pic)?
I want a tattoo- something that has to do with my son.?
I got a new tattoo and i have a few questions.?
i got a tattoo of my x's name on my butt!!!?
Do anyone know about temporary tatoos for eyebrows (not the permanent)? And where to get them?
Why is it that even though your smart cute skinny guys still don't likeyou. And no im not a show off.?
Which tattoo idea do you like better?
I need some first tattoo advice?
does anyone knw how to lighten darkened parts of ur body like underarms,elbows,knees etc. using natural things
Acne?! How do i get rid Of it?
What do you think men should wear, a g-string or a thong?
Describe how you really look!?
i have a curious question for guys?
any suggestions for sexy legs?
i have heard that if u have sex in a pool the chlorine will kill the sperm, is that tru? i was also wondering
How to make a michael myers tattoo a little bit feminine/ cute?
Which font should I use for my Silverstein tattoo?
Can i play hockey, 2-3 days after getting inner bicep tattoo?
Do you think this will be okay for work?
Getting first tattoo!!!!!!!!?
Questions i have about getting my first tattoo?
Can I Show A Picture Of What Tattoo I want?
Does water improve your skin tone?
my mom never had me wear a training bra and now my big boobs sag like heck... is there a way to help this?
how thin is too thin?
How can i get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Question about tattoos?
Is this funny or gross?
Aramaic translation for Tattoo idea?
i got small fungus on my buttock due to sitting long in bench what oil can model keep theirs well
How to become fair ? I dont need unwanted answers plz give the correct answer .?
are segment rings or seamless rings really hard to get out of septum piercings?
How do you get rid of whiteheads around the eye area?
Just thinking about getting a tattoo...?
How do I deal with being pretty?
How to take care of a tattoo ?
how much does a tattoo like this one cost (pic)?
When to wear cologne?
Skin care tips?
suggestions for tattoos?
I have alot of tattoos and I regret them :( plz help?
Embarassing Tattoo?
What's the best way to wash your face?
i need some tips on making my pimples go away!how do you keep ur face not oily even though i wash it evry day?
Need help with a tattoo idea...?
i just got a tattoo?
Need a little help with this tattoo design?
TATTOO HELP?!?! Please :) ?
What dog breed should i buy, in replacement for one that just died?
Tattoo suggestions for the wimp?
Which race of women is most likely to want there butt slapped?
How to prepare myself for my first tattoo tomorrow...?
tattoo shop near dc?
How old do you have to be to go into a tattoo parlor?
what do u think of this tattoo?
For guys mainly, but girls go ahead and look...?
What are your opinions on this tattoo idea (need help)?
zebra stripped tat???????
Okay. neck tattoos...?
hey america can you guys tell me who is hotter shakira or paris hilton?
Can someone help me please?
does a tattoo on the top of your foot hurt?
Should I get a cupcake tattoo?
Where's The Best Place To Have A Tattoo?
how much would this tattoo approximately cost?
What do men think?
good quotes for tattoos?
How much do you think it would cost to get Bam Margeras side tattoo?
Help me with some Badass tattoo ideas!?
Im 121.254244 pounds, 5.08530184 foot, am i fat ?????
Piercings what's the difference between?
Is having two tattoo sleeves and 2 inch plugs too much?
How do I get my tattoo license in KY?
What happens when you try removing blackheads with a pointed object?Is it infectious?
Guys: Is a tattoo on a girls butt a turn on or turn off?
How much does a tattoo behind your ear hurt?
How hard do you have to scratch a healing tattoo to hurt it?
Lip ring question, i got ink in it?
Is it possible to get ink poisining from tatoos?
How do I become a professional pirecer or tattoo artist?
Do you have to be 18 to get a tattoo at a tattoo shop?
What is a good facial mositurizer for dry acne skin?
Where can a 15 year old get a tattoo in Ontario?
Is a half sleeve tattoo on a 16 year old going to look good in another year or 2 ?
Tattoo fade out cream?
nair or veet shaving cream?
i want to do outline tattoo but..?
I have fat thighs but don't want to buy expensive machinery what do i do?
how to do brazilian wax at home?
Tattooed Men?
i hav severe tan on my hands!!!how do i get them back to my true complexion?any solution?
do you like sexy girls with their something touching outwards.?
I need ideas for a tattoo! i want it in this place (pics)?
I got a tattoo like six months ago on my right four arm... from time to time i get these little bumps and they?
how badly does getting a tattoo hurt?
how much would it cost to get the number 3 in roman numberals tattooed on my middle finger?
I need to get rid of acne before school, I need a clear face please help!?
getting a tatoo on my are and shoulder and the back of my arn will it be painful?
woman body is unique i think.skirt,bra,tampon,ear ring,stocking r made for women.what for men?
How Do I Write My Name In Mexican?
Why do people dislike tattoos?
Does proactive really help?
How much would four lines of black text be for a tattoo?
Can someone help me with traditional Japanese tattoo ideas?
do you care about wat ppl think?
help me out ladies?
I want to get a tattoo at Hart & Huntington in Vegas. How much I am looking in cost?
Monroe piercing question?
I want a Japanese tattoo but I'm not sure which is right?
how can one get rid of pimples o the backn also 2 remove the scars?
I want to know how to make a?
How much would each of these cost?
Why do preditors be so cute?
what's the best treatment for acne?
i just got a tatoo last saturday and in certain parts it looks like its going to scar? help!?
tattoo and healing questions BLACK AND GREY!?
Where is a betta place to get a tattoo?
what kind of person would get a **** The World tattoo ? what would you think if you seen someone with that?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Are freckles the "style" now?
When a woman does this. Does she feel like she belongs to you? 10 points?
Process and after care of a tattoo?
how old do you have to get an inner hip tattoo in reno? Can you be 17 with a parent?
im looking for a tattoo idea?
Laser tattoo removal ?
im thinking about getting a tattoo.?
I'm getting a tattoo on friday behind my ear how painful is it?
What do you think about this tattoo?
I am hurt! People wont stop commenting on how pale I am (I am NOT like albino pale!) what should I do?
Do tatoos hurt really bad?
Ear piercing aftercare problem!? please HELP!!?
Does anyone know someone or a place that is a good artist, that can do my tattoo in the San Antonio,TX area?
remove already faded tattoo?
Where to find tattoo designs?
My man doesn't like wearing cologne. I bought him Axe to get him used to it. Well the can is still full.
I'm trying to fade my tattoo to get a nice cover up, which creams actually work?
laser tattoo removal, does it leave traces of the image, or none? This is an all black tattoo.?
products for helping uneven skin tone?
Tattoos on women Hot or Not?
How can I prepare my skin for a tattoo?
Heavy tattoo scabbing?
What's a nice alternative to butterflies?
Country lyric as tattoo?
where can yo get a uv tattoo?
Are guys turned off by strech marks?
What are some good, meaningful, (maybe bible) quotes for a tattoo?!?
How to take care of a new tattoo?
{[♥]} tattoos {[♥]}?
what do you think about tattoos?
Are the Target brand products as good as the name brand products?
does anyone have a good short saying about never giving up?
what lotion actually works to heal dry skin?
How much would you guess this tattoo would cost?
my display picture what kind of star is it ?
What do you think of my future tattoos?
Getting my cartilage pierced today?
Tattoo Designs! For my sayings!?
What's the best treatment for acne?
Would an all white tattoo work on my finger?
how can i make my butt look bigger?
Should I get a tattoo of Geospiza Fortis? pic?
Tattoo at the age of 16 w/ parental consent in Oregon or Washington?
Bath & Body Works or Philosophy?
Roughly how much would my wrist tattoo cost?
how to get rid off skin scars??
Ok. Hi people. My name is Britt :] Not that that is needed at all, just putting it out. Well..?
I think I have a problem...?
Any ideas how to reduce puffiness under eyes?
Is there any kind of tattoo which shows after drinking alcohol?
Is there something wrong with my tattoo?
GIRLS!!!! need to know if this is a hot idea (must like tattoos on guys)?
how can i improve my smile?
what can i do to my tattoo?
i want to be a tattoo artist?
Saran wrap on new foot tattoo?
What is the cure of body odour???
where should I get my tattoo?
what is the best cream to put on a tattoo during the healing process?
How much would this tattoo co$t?
how do celebs lose all that weight and still maintain their breast size (not the ones with implants)?
Where would a good place to get this tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo at seventeen years old?
Can any one please help with Japanese tattoo design?
Question about getting a tattoo?
What am I going to be when I grow up?
Does Tea Tree oil reduce redness in keloids/scars in general?
where is the best place to put a butterfly tattoo?
Where can I find portuguese tattoos?
Does this tattoo look guy-ish?
I have acne scars on my back, what is the best way to get rid of them.?
What brand of soap do you like to use?
for piercings how old do u have to be?
Tattoo scab healing help?
would my boyfriend mind that i have stretch marks and dark inner thighs?
hair problems please help?
Getting a tattoo in brown ink instead of black?
Can sperm stain clothes?
What do you think of this tattoo?
How do you keep your facial skin shines and looks healthy?
Tattooing: Good or Bad? Your opinion is needed.?
How do i fix my natural nails after i had acrylics on ?
Where on my back should I get my tattoo...?
what would be a good quote tattoo?
What should i do to get a tattoo if i have dermagraphism?
how can i get rid of dark rings under my eyes :( ?
when will my tattoo heal and feel like part of my skin?
whats cuter freckles or braces?
What do you think for this as a tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost?
Nervous about nipple piercings..?
I have a wedding to go to I need to drop 10 pounds like today to fit in my dress what can i do?
should a 15 year old be able to wear tampons?
What do you think to this tattoo?
What am I going to do now?
whats yalls favorate body wash or soap?
getting inked while recovering from a broken bone?
Tattoo that means or shows protector?
need help! any product you can recommend which can work fast in giving me pretty hands? thank you!?
What's the most interesting tattoo you have seen?
Tattoo Removal outcomes and risks?
My first tattoo? Help!?
How much do henna tattoos cost?
How can I make my face GLOOOOW??
what is a brazilian wax?
Tattoo with white in it question?
how long should an eyebrow piercing last?
German tattoo ideas??????????
What should I get tattooed in memory of my dad?
I am looking for a tattoo artist who specializes in hawaiian imagery tattoos.?
Need some ideas for a tattoo symbolizing perseverance?
whats a good tattoo idea?
Do Women like Tatoos on men Yes or No?
Do a tattoo hurts?????
Is 13 to young to get a belly button piercing I don't think so but I need opinions because I have been?
My new tattoo is swollen, helpful ideas?
HELP! I got sunburned today :(?
How soon after giving birth can you get tattoos/piercings?
Worse place to get tattood?
I'm about to turn 14, and i want my tongue and other things piercied, but nuthin drastic?
any one use okusil under eye syrum with great results?
patriotic tattoo???????????????????????????????
What do the tattoo's on Kapri Styles *** mean?
Could you give me the example of at least one state/country president with not shaved face?
Is it appropriate for a doctor to have a visible tattoo?
I need lip tattoo ideas!?
Can you sweat after getting a new tattoo?
Can someone tan with sunblock on?
Any tattoos, what and where are they?
What do your tattoos mean?
What tattoo should I get?
is she too tall?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Does having a wrist tattoo stop someone from getting into medical school?
how can i get rid of my spots?
how old do you have to get an inner hip tattoo in reno? Can you be 17 with a parent?
On a scale of 1-10 how painful is getting a tattoo??
how this girl can lose weight of 44 kg in three month ?
I have a lower back tattoo that is still raised up after 4 years .can I still tattoo over the raised tattoo?
Hey guys tell me where i should get a permanent tattoo in delhi and how much would it cost?
Tattoo Ideas..? Recommendations?
How old do I have to e to get a tattoo?
Tattoo Placement help?
I'm getting my wrist pierced tomorrow, does it hurt and is it dangerous?
can anyone help me >translate to german?
Where is a good place for a female to get a tattoo?
HELP! Would I be able to stretch my ear if it's not pierced right in the middle?
my tattoo healed in 1 day?
need help with tattoo ideas!?
Is my labret infected?
Tattoo help please (peeling)?
Where can i get a tattoo at on my body that parents won't see?
Why did Tribaldelic Tattoo in Ut close?
'til death' sayings?for tattoo...?
im a bit of a stress eater....what should i do??
what should i do when i've acne problems??
do guys think its cute wen girls have dimples wen they smile?
why is everyone so against tattoos and peircings?
How long sould i stay on one side before floping over to my back side when tanning?
Do Tattoos Risk anything really. ?
wats the best smelling lotion out?
how about psoriasin gel for a tattoo?!?
Can UV acrylic dust glitter powder be used for glitter tattoos?
How do you say "the only easy day was yesterday" in Latin?
Tattoo Getting Faded/Lighter !?
Tattoo pain vs. injection pain?
How much will this tattoo cost? (pic)?
Where could you go to spend the week at a spa/relaxing type setting but affordable?
Tattoo help question?
ever wonder why it smells kinda like parmesan/romano cheese when you pop a pimple or on pops on you?
Good tattoo quotes for on ribs?
Does snapping a rubber band on your wrist cause scarring:L?
Star wrist tattoo?
Would you date a girl with tons of tattoos all over?
What do you think of the tattoo I want to get pic included?
tattoo help please! :)?
Would it be totally ridiculous if I got the tattoo Captain Jack Sparrow has?
Strong Female Tattoo ideas?
What do you think of my tattoo?
What kind of tattoo is this?
Is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
I despise my tattoo to no end... Please help me?
what would be the best place.....?
how to make my face more neat clean and radiant?
Poll: Do you have a tattoo and/or piercing?
inspiration for this tattoo idea? maybe a picture?
Where's the most painful spot you've gotten tattooed?
Where should I get tattoo?
I want a tattoo or two. Please help!?
Why does my "tanning moisturiser" streak?
Is getting three piercings in one day too much?
What does getting a tattoo FEEL like?
Help me choose please!?
Tattoo quote ideas?!?
TBS The Body Shop - Invent Your Scent Fragrance?
How painful is a tattoo?
Will a tattoo hinder my chance of a job?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Connection between the song Let It Be and bird tattoos?
Do you reccomend Phisoderm Clear Confidence Acne Facial Wash?
I have very large pores with blackheads all over my nose. Will anything actually help to get rid of them?
New Clothes or tattoos?
Tattoo for nieces and nephews?
my friend says she can see her pores in the mirror. How can she make them not visable and have clear skin?
Foot tattoo questions...?
Who loves Brianne, or juicybebe222?
Script tattoo on inner forearm pain level?
I am skinny but i want to?
Wrist Tattoo Questions?
why do so many people get there tattoo removed ?
Where should I put a tattoo?
Would getting 2 tattoos that symbolize my daughter be too much or over the top?
Inspirational quotes needed!!?
How to care for your belly button peircing?
Convincing my mom to let me get a tattoo?
if someone gets a tattoo saying "white pride" is that considerd the same thing as "white power" why or why not
Should I get this tattoo on my thigh?
Tattoo suggestions?
i would like some tattoo quote ideas please?
Where can I get a henna tattoo in Seattle?
Should a man be hairy or hair free?
guys only please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Tattoo dedication to my uncle who passed.?
Question about tattoos?
were can i get a tattoo around cranbourne victoria?
Help with a tattoo?!?
answer THIS!?
Do u think that men should also remove hair from their armpits?
do you have a tattoo?if so do you regret it?
Can you get a tattoo when youre 14?
my skin are as bad as an orange skin,any DIY ways to salvage my face?
I feel so ugly what do I do?????
Ever done anything you thought you would have never done?
Genital piercings..?
Which direction should i get my tattoo?
Tattoo Designs I Can Print Out And Trace?
How many ear piercings can I get at once?
What will help me tan?
why do some people consider tattoos on females "trashy" or "unfeminin"?
Why are tattoos so popular in Europe?
Would I look good with snake bites?
would airbrushed fake tan work to cover deep red or black tattoo?
I want to get tattoo, but my mom won't let me?
The best of the best?
I'm looking for a dermatologist in the Hayward, CA area that accepts Medi-cal/medicaid?
I'm getting pimples on my tattoo?
where can i get a permanent tatoo in mumbai ?
Good Tattoo Artist in Manitoba?
wat can i do to get rid of pimple scars on my face?
What are some of the best tattoo fading creams?
how long should it take an eyebrow peircing hole to close?
How painful is a rib cage tattoo?
Anyone get Lazar treatment to remove hair?
Doese this seem like a good tattoo idea?
Convincing my mom to let me get a tattoo?
How can I stop razor burn when I shave my bikini line?
Best tattoo machine.....?
how do you use a tampon?
comments on my tattoo idea?
Does getting a tattoo on your wrist hurt?
How bad do tattoos hurt?
is pale skin a turn off for guys?
W.I.T.C.H, I wanted to ask what are their real names?
how to move from one theme?
Am I weird for considering a Gaara quote as my first tattoo?
What do i need in a tattoo portfolio?
wt should I do about my acne problems and black spots?
I wanted to get a tattoo with 3 questions mark?
Are Girls better than boys?
What is the best sun block?
where can my boyfriend and i get a good brazilian wax near White Bear Lake, MN?
Doo you think I should get this tattoo?
what do u think about my tattoo?
how do u stop ing ur nuckles?
Do you regret or love your old tattoo(s)?
I'm looking for the original Realities perfume by Liz Claiborne. Do you know where I can purchase it from?
OK boys would you rather have a "big" girl with a good personality or a skinny gorgeous girl with a bad one
Does anyone know about tattoos by Faces of Death?
how to explain the meaning of my tattoo?
Staphh infectionnn ; tattoo help :( ?
Do tattoos give off a certain odor?
How to convince your parents to let you get a tattoo?
My tattoo will be three weeks old this Thursday; how long should I wear tube tops to give it air? and lotion?
whats the best way to lose weight or just look skinnier in 5 days?
Your opinion on tattoo design?
Tattoo help please? :)?
will a lemon exfoliate my skin? is it bad for my skin?
Why arent silicon breast implants replaced with air implants so they can be lighter to carry around?
Of all of your physical features, which one do you LOVE? Which do you HATE?
Tattoo and weight loss?
My eyes looks sleepy all the times.. What should i do?
Inner Wrist Tattoo Idea ?
Tattoo places ? HELP !?
What's the name of this font?
Im getting a behind the ear tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo of a meaningful life quote, anybody have any ideas?
Recipes for Facial Hair bump Removal?
What does a dream of getting a tattoo mean?
do eyelashes grow back?
Sunbed advice please!!?
Cutting scars...getting a tattoo?
Swimming with a tattoo?
Anyone seen a picture of a name 'text' tattoo of...?
"Ancient Ink" Help!!!! im looking for the traditional japanese hero tattoo on womans back.?
how to remove skin tag from neck?
when people start to light their skin with product that contain hydroquinone?
Do you prefer people with pale skin or people with tanned skin?
How long will this tattoo take to complete?
Tattoo design for lyrics "Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me"?
Tattoo ideass? 10 points?
What do you think of the tattoo I'm going to get on my wrist black, cursive letters....?
Good tattoo artist in Virginia?
What can I add on to my tattoo idea?
What can be done to make stretch marks look better?
Where should i get these tattoos?
Girl has pimple problems! Need help?
my ex friend is getting an illegal tattoo??
I'm getting my first tattoo and have some questions. So if you've had a tattoo, please come answer.?
If I get a tattoo will it hurt my chances of getting a job?
Tattoo scare helppp? ?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Is there really G Point ?
what does a tattoo feel like?
what is the average height for a 15 year old?
Help with tattoo nerves? ?
Should I add any more to my tattoo?
I'm pretty frickin nervous of showing my tattoos?
Why do tattoos have to be so addicting?
receptionist? tattoo parlor? age?
why do some people say tattoos on your hands is illegal and others say the oposite?
Things that symbolize the Beginning and End?
is there a way to get rid of or reduce stretchmarks?
Has anyone gotten their tongue piercing while living with their rents and them not notice?
What do you think of my tattoo?
can i use hair dye for henna tattoo?
Bad Tattoo?
How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?
where is the most painful part on your body to get a tattoo?
What should I do abot my acne problem?
tattoo parlors around southern ohio?
should i get a tattoo from someones basement?
Can i remove a scar covering with a tattoo the same color of my skin?
can you make black tattoo ink at home?
What do you think of this tattoo for my first?
Ear peircing.?
Just wondering what its like?
How do I look older?
Is it bad to sit with your legs crossed?
What color ink is this?
do tattoos fade if you use salicylic acid?
Opinions on these tattoo ideas...?
Hi!, i wanted to know can tattoos be removed?
My new tattoo is ing a little.?
i need cute tattoo ideas?
Any cure for softer feet?
Good Henna Tattooing in NYC?
Can you go to hell for having tattoos or piercings?
I would like to get a memorial tattoo for my cousin...?
is it possible to lose weight without giving up on sweets?
Tattoo designs ideas/websites?
Tattoo ideas? Which is best?
I get zits on my shoulder and chest and face and nothin I use works. Wat are sum good stuff???
I want a tattoo, but...?
henna tattoo question?
Is it possible to get a tattoo on the palm of my hand?
im 14 my mom said i can get a tattoo. what should i get?
Is it painful to be circumcised? If it is how painful and how long would it take to be healed?
How do I get a tan without my freckles coming out?
How do you get rid of zits and keep them off your face for good?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say "Unoriginal tattoo"?
If you could get any tattoo what would you get?
Has anyone heard of
Which tattoo? (PICS)?
what is shea butter made from?
On average, how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Hair in butt??
What should I get a tattoo of?
What do people think of a tattoo on my thigh?
can putting shimmer on the body cause allergies?
People who do not like tattoos,why do you view them as trashy?
Are tattoos in the hip area painful to get?
Which tattoo parlor is better? Inkredible Ink or Miss Heidi's Tattoo&BodyPiercing?
What is the best way to clear up scars on your face that was caused by acne that doesn't cost a lot of money?
What do u think a dragon and tiger tattoo on the back symbolizes on a women ?
Does Silicone Bandages really help scars get better?
Soo I want to become a Tattoo artist....?
How can you get rid of acne without using acne removal products?
If you get a tattoo by someone who is unlicensed and it sucks do they have to pay to fix it?
Do you think i wear to much makeup or do you think its hot?
I want to know the difference for a hebrew
Does it hurt getting a tattoo on your hip?
Aloe Vera after Proactiv. Is it okay to put on Aloe Vera after I put on Proactiv for more moisture.?
Too young for a tattoo?
fake tattoo help please ?
getting tattoo on foot how long would i have to keep it uncovered?
I have chronic acne problem, does an extra shot of antibiotics work?
Is numbing cream worth it?
where in georgia can i get a tattoo at 16?
on a NEW tattoo.. should i use lotion or ointment on it? which is better?
Question About Tattoos??!?
Inspirational Tattoo Ideas?
Just got a black henna tattoo?
wats da best cream 2 get rid of blackheads?
Second ear piercing? WHICH SIDE?
Are small boobs better than big ones?
what doesent mean this tatto?
Should I get a tattoo with my boyfriends name on it?
What could be the meaning of a tattoo that has 3 birds being blown out of a dandelion?
tattoo on sole of my foot?
GALS:do u pie and bleed durin chums from the same whole in d ?
tattoo... do or dont?
I'm 14 and I want a tattoo?
Good family tattoo quotes/sayings?
how else can u clean a tattoo if u dont have antibiotic soap?
are small boobs really a turn-off guys?
Boys n Girls its for you both....kindly advise me the tattoo design for shoulder/ back/ chest/ back forearms.?
Someone want to help with alpha and omega tattoo design please?
Who is the most muscular 50 Cent,LLCoolJ,Usher,or Nelly?
Oily skin?? What do you recommend?
Tattoo on my 18th birthday?!?
help me gain weight...?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Nagative Effect of tattoos in urgent fields?
Which tattoo parlor is better? Inkredible Ink or Miss Heidi's Tattoo&BodyPiercing?
For all the tattoo artists...?
Will pregnancy distort a rib tattoo?
How badly does getting a tattoo hurt?
Tattoo Ideas?? ?? ?????
Tattoo general help & questions?!?
whats the best way to lose weight or just look skinnier in 5 days?
What kind of tattoo gun should I get?
Tattoos ......?
do guys think that dragonfly tattoos are hot?
Can you use polysporn on a tattoo?
Anyone know of anywhere that will design my tattoo?
opinion on a tattoo.?
HELP!! Need to find a good tattoo cover up for hands?
Will this be a good tattoo and how bad will it hurt?
Why do dark circles form under your eyes?
Girls only please??
how do you lose my stomach?
tattoo over cigarette burn?
My sister is 10 and she thinks she ways 2 much she is 4'9 and weight about 80 pounds is that to much her her
Where can i get a good tattoo in singapore?
I have acne REALLY bad .?
Taurus tattoo please help?
What is the most effective way to get rid of pimples and acne?
i have a larger chest is that attractive?
how long will my tattoo last?
what is true love?
If you have a scar on your legs, will you go out and wear tiny shorts or go swimming in a bikini?
Lip pieced 10 points best awnser will be chosen?
most effective way to remove eyebags and belly fat?
What hurts more? a tattoo or a piercing?
Girls: Does she look good with it?
I need font...............?
Whats a positive word i can get as a tattoo?
wight gaining problem?
a tattoo question about pain and other stuff?
How do I get a prison tattoo without going to prison? I'm a Detroit Lions fan.?
What Does Joe Trohmans Stomach Tattoo Say?
Roman Numeral Tattoo?
Can somebody help me to translate my surname QUIÑONES in different characters for my tattoo? please..?
Should I get a tattoo?
what should i get for my next tattoo?
Anyone who can translate the following sentences into kanji signs? - it is ideas for tattoos.?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Best way to protect fresh shoulder blade tattoo while washing hair in shower?
Which places on the body are considered "extreme" to tattoo?
Dermal piercings help!!?
Can you get brown tattoos?
Does anyone know what celebrity is a size D, my friend wants breast implants and I am telling her D is TOO big
Is there anything out on the market along the lines of a lotion/pill that will make breasts firmer?
i want a tattoo on my the top of my hand?
If i get a pentagram tattoo and barbell?
Scorpion tattoo on rib?
why would someone get this fraze tatted on them?
My wife and I have been fighting over me getting a tattoo?
why is it that almost all of asian girls are hot?
Need help with my tattoo!?
Florida and tanning???
How much to tip a tattoo artist?
any good fake tan products out there?
Not sure why my tattoo is still warm?
keloid scarring from first tattoo?
how get to rid of fats from your arm??
i am fat how can i become thinner? of course not too much?
where should I get a tattoo of my sister who recently passed away?
What tattoo color mixture is right for my tattoo and skin complexion?
I want to get my hood pierced, but I cant find anyone to do it. What can I use to do it myself?
Can anyone give me some advice on getting a tattoo?
I'm currently using Natural deodorant and it is irritating my skin, why am I experiencing this?
Will my tattoo look funny if I get a six pack?
Would you distance yourself from someone who had a tattoo on them?
Petroleum jelly on tattoos?
First time getting a tattoo?
can somebody help?
Good place for a tattoo?
Is there anything wrong with getting your 1st Tatt' at 62?
Good places for tattoos?
What would be a good spot for this tattoo?
going on Holiday need to cover tattoos over can you suggest any creams?
my face is really bumpy and red how can i help it? so i look really pretty?
where can i buy FRESH rose face mask in Australia (Canberra)??
Is the weight 60kg ok with the height of 5'6and pls also tell how to reduce weight of thighs naturallly?
Need help with Tattoo Idea?
How can I hide tattoos?
Tattoos on a girl?
Are body piercings unattractive?
Tattoo Placement help?
20 something group. Who is scared about getting older?
what is the best bronzer to buy for carmel complexions?
How much will a tattoo cost?
i want a tattoo just on my ribcage next to my bra strap, any quotes?
I got turned on getting my tattoo?
what does jordan sparks have tattooed on her wrist?
What is the best acne treatment out there?
How do I loose weight before August 8?
Tattoo aftercare??????
Is there any possibility that a girl has longer 'inseam' than another girl who is taller than the first one?
Your opinion on this tattoo?
Parents don't approve of chest tattoo?
Tattoo anyone........?
GIRLS Whats the cutest place for a boy to have your name tattooed?
I want to get a tattoo of a quote about being myself. Any really SHORT quote ideas?
Does hot water effect new tattoos?
How Much would this tattoo cost?
How much do you think this will cost?
Can I cover it for just a few hours?
How is this going to work?
Want to be a RN Nurse, so is it unprofessional if I get a sleeve tattoo done?
Shaving Question?
Lip piercings at school trouble, HELP!?
question about belly piercings please help?
I need help with a saying for a tattoo.! My uncle passed away we were really close.?
i have pimples on my face , which come irregularly n pain alot?plz suggest an answer?
Can someone under the age of 18 get a tattoo?
what type of girl good?
MY NEW TATTOO! *pic(s)*?
PLEASE HELP! Tattoo ideas, please? for my mother.?
Fake tattoo on my bakk?
Is it safe to tattoo onto dry skin?
I need to loose weight fast. How is the best way?
i was thinkn of getting my peirced any thoughts?
could this ruin a new tattoo?
hottest place for tattoo on girl?
i wanna get a tattoo!?
I am the tallest girl in my class and people tease me, how do i make it stop?
Ear piercing--Eyebrow piercing question?
What would be a sexy thigh tattoo idea ?
Need help with tattoo theme?
Is it a good idea to get 2 piercings and tattoos in the same day/period?
how long does it take to get skinny from not eating?
how do i loose 10 Pounds in about 2 weeks? with out any fasting or stupid diet plan??
Can anyone draw me a tattoo?
What would be the best tattoo for me?
Where can i get my arm tattooed?
will taking a vicodin before a tattoo help block out the pain ?
how much would a wrist tattoo cost?
tattoo question please ?
i really want a tattoo on my bikini line, should i wait till after i have kids?
Is Veni Vidi Vici a good tattoo to get?
what do you think of my tattoo idea ?
How can I produce my own skin care product? Where do I start in developing the products?
I am getting a tattoo on my lower or upper back, which would be the best idea, lower or upper?
Did your first tattoo hurt?
treatment allergic skin reaction to lotion containing chamomile?
tattoo looks like its missing color?
Question about getting a tattoo?
A tattoo displaying great pain, loss, and struggle?
Is my tattoo infected?
Tattoo ideas? HELP!!?
I want my first tattoo next month?
how can i reduce weight?
tattoo where and what looks nice on women?
Dyi Home made tattoos?
I am really trying to lose like 10-15 lbs how can i do that quickly and affordably?
Getting a tattoo from a Unlicensed tattoo artist?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
Female tattoo, where and what?
Whats better for evening skin tone, laser or peels?
Boobs - why do men always say................?
i have scars on my face because of severe acne problem.How can these scars be removed?
i need advice on how to hide my tattoo from my parents.....?
Steps for properly healing a tattoo?
Facial Skins Problems?
why do people sweat even after they put on deodrant?
Losing Tan?
hey i get a pimple specially when i hav to go some occasion, is thr any way to cure them forever,,its a headec
Where should I get my first tattoo?
Is Avon "Skin-so-soft" really an efficient insect repellent?
White ink tattoo decision help!?
Tattoo idea, what do you think?
What are your views on people with tattoos?
where is the best place to get a tattoo in Huntsville, Alabama?
wats a really good thing to do for clear skin ???
are there any body piercing/tattoo shops that will pierce my belly button?
Would you say this pain chart is accurate?
how to get rid of Pimples? easiest way ?
My boyfriend has extremely oily skin...can anyone suggest something?
restrictions for underage tattooing in NC?
Do i sound Like I Am Attractive *Women ONLY*?
Good tattoo to last forever?
Mountain Tattoo Designs?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in North Carolina?
Does anyone know if Strange World Tattoo in Calgary Alberta does walk-ins, And their starting rate?
Anyone else's daughter thank you for telling her NOT to get a tattoo?
i read about an injection made of natural extracts shot directly in the fat layer and after weeks it starts...
Do you need a tattoo license in El Paso, Tx.?
i want another tattoo lol?
What is the best way to shave your legs?
Can anybody draw/design a tattoo for me???...?
Can my boyfriend take me to get a tattoo if he is 18 and i live with him?
My sons name is caleb which means dog and i want a tattoo for him but i want it to be a bird?
Will I absolutely be damned if I mark my body (Tattoo)?
have you gotten an under aged tattoo?
Q for the ladies... whats better, tall,thin and sweet or tall, muscular and arrogant? Looks or personality??
how much would this tattoo cost?
What tattoo would I get in a situation like this?
i have 7 tattoos and im thinking about getting my tongue pierced is it safe?
help on getting a matching or symbolizing tattoo with cousin?
would a tattoos across the chest of a big person hurt as much as it would for a skinny person ?
What tattoo best represents independence?
Is it normal to have little bumps on thescrotum?
Can you get a NHL tattoo? Like a Toronto Maple Leaf.. or will they not do it becuase its a brand type thing?
How small can a tattoo be made? If I wanted one the size of a freckle, could they do it? Would it look good?
How much will this small black tattoo cost?
I am feeling weird motions in my penis Should I go to conclusions that sperm being produced?
Can I get a tattoo in a different state than I live in?
is bruising around the bone, say a kneecap, common in tattoo outlines?
i am 17 how can i convince my grandmother to say yes to letting me peirce my lip?
how effective can be the papaya scar remover?
What do you think about this?
looking for tattoo advice?
Best place to tattoo on a male?
I need some advice?
An idea for a tattoo?
Would guys think its hot if I get a tattoo a boob on each butt cheek?
Would a tattoo of Medusa's face on my elbow not work because of the looser skin?
why does my wife likes to walk around the house in a worn out transparent maxi, without her slip,?
Baby 's Footprint tattoo?
Please help!!!!??? (tattoo question)?
What is a good tattoo idea for the given info?
How can I mak emy skin look clean?
im 13, should i get a lip piercing?
What is a good monster saying for a tattoo?
Were in Melbourne, Victoria can I get an inner lip tattoo?
Where is a good place to get a quote tattoo for men?
Is it okay to get your horoscope tattoo'd on yourself?
What,kind of tattoo shpuld i get?
any1 know??????????
ouch ouch ouch?
Lots of walking not helping to lose weight! Any ideas why?
What do you think of tattoos?
Family tattoo ideas for cousins?
which piericng should i get?
What tricks do you use to look at your best? :) As in: wear yellow beacause it looks great on you or ...?
Is a uv tattoo dangeruos?
Tattoo Idea: Having "Noble Character"?
what are some advatnges of having a tattoo?
what other design i could put on this tattoo to make it look better?
Need advice on my tattoo ideas?
Tattoos and Weight loss?
Why do tattoo artists charge according to placement of tattoos?
My daughter has a infection with a newly pierced ear. Shoud she take it out to clean or clean around it ?
Do you think I will regret this tattoo?
What would you do if your friend stole your tattoo idea & got it done before you?
I need simple tattoo ideas?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me found a zit, and it's two weeks before school how do I get rid of it? Help
What to use to write on skin?
who thinks bob marley/damian marley is cute if u do u on the right page?
Heavy handed tattoo artist?
Does a juice fast HELp clear acne?
I want to get a tattoo but I don't know where or what?
~*What is th3 b3st s3lf tann3r lotion for light skin that wont turn you orang3*~?
where can i buy alpha hydroxy?
What is temporary tattoo means?
Why do people call people with tattoos white trash ect..?
Cross tattoo on a female? HOT OR NOT.?
Removing piercings for drivers license ?
What kind of tattoo do you think would be cool to have? Where woul you have it on your body?
Help with my first tattoo :)?
Anyone good at drawing? I need help with a tattoo design.?
should i get this tatoo?
What is used to put the outline of the tatto on your body?
What are some good tattoo places in kissimmee,Fl or Orlando?
need QUICK opinion!! :) EASY points?
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lose around 10-15 lbs in 2 weeks?
tattoo quote issue please help?
I have this strange idea for a tattoo but have no idea where to put it.?
tattoos and pain?
Tattoo laws in the UK?
belly button piercing is it infected?
I reallyyy want this tattoo but... I need ur opinion ?
How much would a black and white portrait tattoo typically cost?
What is a tribal "strength" tattoo?
Upper Back Tattoo Question?
if wearing sunscreen at spf 15 can you still get a tan??
How long would it take to get a small tattoo of a heart on ur wrist?
how many of you have a tattoo?
Guys! Do you think a girl with piercings in attractive?
Is it alright to get a tattoo age 15-17?
how much would it hurt to get a wrist tattoo ?
For Regular users of Certain Dri antiperspirant?
Creative unique custome ideas for a tattoo?
Do color tattoos fad faster then black and gray?
How hard would it be to do this tattoo?