I want to get my girlfriends name tattooed on my leg? But where? Dont want it to look stupid?
Tattoos on skin leads to skin cancer or not. Which problem generally people face due to tattoo on their body.?
How do I get out blood stains from my underwear?
Where on my body should I get a tattoo so that it doesn't interfere with my career?
Tattoo quote help please!?
Any advice on someone who is looking to become a Tattoo Artist?
What are some recommended places to go to get a tattoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
what is the tattoo on cedric bixler zavala's wrist?
why do i need a transformer in make a tattoo gun?
i wake up frequently during the night, and i wake myself up shaking, burning hot, feeling dizzy...?
How much will my tatto hurt?
Does getting your skin numbed before a tattoo work?
good tattoo for a dark skinned guy?
using toothpaste on a zit?
Ok, i know what i want the thing is i don't know where?
Tattoo in a few hours!?
Could you get a tattoo like this?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
my skin is dry and when I put on foundation it goes into lines and flakes. Any advice?
Which tattoos hurt more?
is my frnd TOO thin?
How long does it take for a navel ring hole to close?
convince mom to let you get a tattoo? please answer!?
Will a tattoo on the finger fade?
Zen circle tattoo Advice?
I need help obtaining a few images for a tattoo I planned on getting for quite some time?
So, tattoo of your pet...?
Should I get a tattoo for my 16th birthday? ?
Whats a good size for my first tattoo?
Do u think Pro-Activ is a good product for blemishes n acnes???
Tattoo on forearm Approximate pricing?
girls only Dos girls like?
OTC retinol cream?
john o'callaghan from the maine chest tattoo?
do you like chris brown?
I want to get a tattoo. but where to put it?
How to make Squarish, Heavy Jawline face to Small Oval Shape without going through plastic surgery?
Tattoo excision-- has anyone had experience?
I earned a point!!! Success>?
What's a cute girly tattoo?
How much would it be to get a small heart tattoo on my back? (a tramp stamp)?
i have a tattoo of an all black butterly on the middle of my back, does it sound sexy?
i have strange fetishes when it comes to what is a sexy on a man?
Does anyone know a Japanese tattoo artist or studio that is in London?
does wicked kitty tattoo and piercing do septums?
nursing student gets a tattoo on her lower back?
For anyone who's a fan of tattoos, what is your favorite design on a guy?
What is the strongest doederant?
Is it true or is my friend just being ignorant about my tat?
does anybody know if it's OK for me with oily skin not to apply facial cream as my skin is so greasy?
i need a tattoo designed soon?
I want to get a spider bite piecing on my lip but are the holes noticeable when you take them out? 0.o?
Tough hair removal, need advice!!?
Face tattoos?
Define physical beauty in a woman?
Doest tattoo in upper back hurt?
hey! i want a tattoo, ideas?
Need help for tattoo ink?
Help me out with this tattoo idea?
How can I condense my tattoo?
Whats this font name?
Fresh Cosmetics?
I want to get my cheek pierced.?
Is it alright to use my ear solution on my new belly button piercing?
what are the tattoo ages in New York and Maryland?
i have a tattoo with three letters and 3 stars on my wrist how much bigger i want to go to cover it?
Will a tattoo prove my love?
aesthetician and post resume online?
Can you used bleaching cream to make your feet the same color as your leg?
does your tattoo make you feel more feminine or masculine?
Do girls like guys with tongue piercings?
how to get rid of facial hair?
Bikini Line...Open pores and ingrown hair?
Different tattoo quotes for remembrance. Need help deciding..?
what is the best way to get rid of nasty zits?
Ahhh confuesed .. am i allowed too?
what is the best line of facial products for the face. i.e. wrinkle creams ect.?
When cucumbers are placed on you eyes, what benefits do they have?
What can I do to treat/prevent spider veins?
Tattoo pain in certain places?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in paris?
Should I get a tattoo...?
Brand new tattoo. How can I remove it?
With the pain associated with a tattoo, what can it be compared to?
Will i b alryt 2 get a tattoo?????? Lol?
Septum Diameter Help?
Does anyone know of a tattoo place that does the temporary tattoo ink that lasts like a year plus?
What kind of bra helps in getting bigger boobs?
Tattoo Help needed straight answers?
Do you think age effects the way people view tattoos?
Is washing your face with urine good for your complexion.?
Asking your artist for a referral to another artist?
ingrown hair?
how to take care of a new tattoo??please help!?
Why is it that feet smell and noses run?
2 gauge go back to normal?
Who likes the band Great White? I want a tattoo, any ideas. 10 points?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Poll: How many tattoos do you have?
getting a tattoo, but don't want to make it up on a whim?
where do tattoos tend to stretch the most before you reach 18?
is it better to wear flip flops or flats after a foot tattoo?
Are my legs sensitive to shaving?
has anyone had their nipples surgically "fixed"?
If i have a hip tattoo is it better or worse than ribcage tattoos?
Sex Help needed!!?
does anyone know any home remedies for pores?
Are my tattoo ideas stupid??
wrist tattoos?
Tattoo Artists what do you prefer?
what do you have to go to school for to become a tattoo artist?
Should I get this tattoo re-designed slightly or not? Also black or colour?
I want to get a new tattoo but I'm trying to go to the Navy. Will I get DQ'd?
what is the floppy part of your ear called?
what do you like better belly button piercing or a small tattoo?
Need lists of cosmetics products that help make a dark skinned person lighter?
A homemade remedy for waxing, ladies?
Is Kat Von d good at being a tattoo artist?
What are some high paying jobs available for people with visible tattoos but nothing offensive?
How much will this small black tattoo cost?
why is it that girls keep insisting that they're fat when they really are not?
If you were to get a tatoo where would you put it?
Tribute tattoo for my grandfather ideas?
Opinion's about tattoo's...?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What is josh franceschis tattoo of?
Is this a good idea for a first tattoo?
Give me opinions on my new tattoo?
Has anyone out there heard of Elusun??
Whats the best light summer perfume?
a questiosn bout tattoos?
Women with tattoos?
Tattoos and body piercings?
Should i get this as a tattoo?
How do I know that my tattoo is fully healed?
hi. i need to find a tanning product that works really good really fast,.?
how much would Demi Lovatos tattoo cost?
What are some good tattoo ideas for me?
My tattoo has a week old scab that hurts.?
I have a faicial scar on the bridge of my nose and a small one near my lip. Will girls still go out with me?
What does double black ring tattoo on the left forearm symbolize?
what can u use to scratch an itchy foot with tickling?
should i get the hamsa palm tattoo?
When one takes a shower is it ok to NOT scrub your legs and feet?
Just got a tattoo and have a question about the sun....?
I just got my first tattoo on Friday....?
Tattoo in Albuquerque or Los lunas.....?
What would be a good tattoo for me and my husband without getting our names?
is it true that getting a tatto doesn't hurt???????
What are some great homemade facial mask?
HELP!! Where would you place this tattoo? (pic!)?
Where would be a good place to get this?
Getting a tattoo?????????
This Tattoo - sexy or weird?
Will a tattoo on your side change if you lose weight?
How painful is it getting a tattoo on the upper back?
Unsure where to place second tattoo - any advice?
stretch marks?????
What do you think about men getting "Brazilian" waxing?
Best place to get a small tattoo..?
do the dr put u under when u undergo liposuction?
what tattoo can i get?
Tattoo/Quote Ideas for a tattoo:?
My grandmom died in 01. Now I wat a tattoo to remember her.?
whats a smallish meaningful tattoo about my mom?
I want a tattoo on my bottom or the side of my bottom, i'm in need of some suggestions of what will look good.?
how painful is a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost (picture inside, drawn in sharpie for size and reference)?
Why do woman have hair around their l area?
how can i make my second tattoo idea more feminine and beautiful?
Who is proud of their nice ___________?
What Quote Should I Go With?
tattoo locations and pain?
will this tattoo prevent me from getting a job in the RAF?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Lower Back Tattoo Idea?
Can UV tattoos be covered by a standard ink tattoo?
how do i get rid of the extra wax after waxing my legs?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo suggestions / quotes?
Why do men cheat?
How long does a bikini wax last? How painful is it?
I really need help withthis one!!?
How do tattoos turn out covering stretch marks?
i just got a tattoo like 2 days ago . its still painful but the swelling is gone?
Where would be a good place for this tattoo?
Opinion on this tattoo artist?
tattoo artist and laser surgery experts and all others please answer my question about laser removal?
Ladies, do you find tattoos attractive on men?
In south carolina where is a good place to get piercings?
Tattoos for an interview?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
I have a Tattoo Question?
Stretch marks question and tattoos?
Anything out ther to remove ance scares?
what are some signs that your tattoo is infected?
for all the lovers of tattoos only?
placement of this tattoo ideas?
Help with Designing a Tattoo?
What is a good location for microdermals on a girl?
what facial piercing should i get?
What's up with tatoos?
What tattoo to get to remind me of boston?
thinking of fixing my tattoo?! help?
Which tattoo would hurt the most?
I am looking for a dermatologist who has EXPERIENCE working with african american skin/hair types in Tampa ?
what do I do with many tattoos?
Harry Potter chapter stars tattoo?
Lip Labret is sinking into lip?
can anyone draw me a tattoo?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
in the state of new mexico how old do u have to be to get a piercing?
Where is an easy place to hide a tattoo?
question about piercings?
what's the point of having a tatoo?
Cud u give me a remedy 2 reduce under eye dark circles? (except for gud sleep!!)?
a tattoo with arabic writing, need a translation?
Trying to find the perfect quote for my tattoo?
Does getting electrolysis hurt and does it work?
Im looking for a reputable Tattoo artist in the Wolverhampton/Birmingham area?
i have a question!!?
Where can I get a tattoo at the age of 14 or 15?
Can you get iridescent tattoo ink? (I'm designing a dragonfly)?
Do guys like tatoo's on women and if so where is your favorite spot?
What about your tattoo? What is it, where is it, and are you still happy with your purchase?
can i get a tattoo at 14, WITHOUT my parents signature? or get one of my friends that is 18 to sign?
Are there any websites that someone can design a tattoo for me?
First Tattoo Aftercare?
Is my new tattoo rejecting the ink?
How much would a teen pay for weed?
Advice on septum piercings?
How many years should a tattoo laser removal doctor have?
What has been your experience with green tea concerning weight loss and skin structure?
flower tattoo artist in Glendale?
Behind the neck tattoos…do or don’t?
Where to get my next tattoo?
Tattoo artists and people who have gotten tattoos please?
Do you have any tattoos that you regret ever getting?
Why do models usually have short fingernails?
I need ideas for tattoo of good quotes or song lyrics about strength and family?
What are some places to get tattoos that aren't as big of a deal?
Quick Henna/Mehndi removals please?
Where does a tattoo hurt the worst?
Is my tattoo ruined??? First tattoo, please help!?
i waz wondering how do u get ur nails growing faster?
cheapest piercing place in henderson, nv or las vegas surroundings?
wat is the average height for a supermodel?
can you have a tattoo at the age of 13 in the uk ?
Should I get a heart or flower tattoo on my butt?
Is this a nice tattoo idea?
I need some help with my legs.?
does toothpaste on a pimple really work?
Why are my feet dry and peeling, and my toenails thicker than they used to be?
hygiene prcautions to tanning?
Little bumps by tattoo?
I would like to get a tattoo. But in need n idea for a word . i would like to get "Loyalty over _____ "?
his and hers tatts?
What would a tattoo such as this be called?
New tattoo about fate any ideas?
I want to get another tattoo, but I don't know what of and where to get it!?
Should I get a tattoo?
Will you please be a little more creative?
Ensuring my tattoo is vegan-friendly & differences between the two types?
Which country has the sexiest women in the world?
Should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo design help please!?
what are strech marks from?
How do you get rid of dark patches on your skin (upper inside of thighs - groin area)?
can i use canesten cream on my tattoo?
Can lyposuction be covered by medical insurance?
pimples pop up any time & anywhere, what should be done?
Ladies again please! you ladies are just too sweet!?Guys you may go on and answer it aswell.?
what do u think about these piercings (pic included)?
I want to get a memorial for my father.?
My daughter is 12 and she weighs 134.2 and is 5''4 is she fat?
Age Requirement for tattoos?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm not sure what tattoo parlor I can go to. Any suggestions?
Where can i get a piercing and be thirteen?
whats your reason behind your tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
How painful are neck tattoos?
Is it possible to sleep while getting face tattoos?
i am black, can i have a tattoo done?
Should I shave my private parts?
any good idea's for my first tattoo ?
Tattoo of my bf's name?
Is this a tribal tattoo?
Is it true that women in France do not shave their pits?
what tattoo should i get it and where?
best and least painful place to get a tattoo?
Smooth legs?
Mountain Tattoo Designs?
I am looking for a symbol for The Three Fates or The Moirae for a tattoo?
How would you translate "strength and courage" in Arabic?
do you think surface piercings are gross?
Can I use Nystatin Cream for tattoo healing?
Where could I design a tattoo online?
what is the effect of contraceptive pill when taken by a men?
Words to go with a feather tattoo?
Least painful place to get first tattoo?
New back tattoo and bra issue?
What do you think of guys with small tattoos?
What to do about 7week tattoo that is puffy and flaky in certain spots.?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
How much would the tattoo cost?
Does anyone know what the tattoo is on Mike Holmes's arm is?
Any good ambigram flipscript tattoo ideas?
What do you think of these tattoos?
Chick piercings?
got a TATTOO
any cure for stretchmarks?
how do I get fatter?
What would a good tattoo be for me? I am German,Irish,in the Air Force national guard, somethinthat reflectsme?
I got a new tattoo of.....?
what do you feel about me getting the word "weightless" tattooed onto my finger?
I have tried so many things! I really want my face to clear up and stay clear. Requesting reccommendations!?
Why do some guys cut off their nipples?
Should I get this tattoo?
why i am very smart?
Reggae lyrics for my tattoo...?
sleeve tattoos whats your political view?
I unknowingly got a ppd temporary tattoo?
If Your Eye Came Out Of Its Socket But Remained Attached, Could You Turn It Around And Look At Your Own Face?
How do cover up a tattoo?
can anyone give me a good design of a tribal guitar for a tattoo?
Looking for a tattoo artist that specializes in trees?
Girls do you think that using soap to shave will make my skin dry/irritated?
how can yuo provet acne?
bible verse tattoo idea?
Can i wear shoes after getting my foot tattoo'd?
finally i decided of a tattoo. tell me what do u think?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
if u get fresh tattoo then u get boils after it what does it mean?
How much do these areas hurt for tattoos?
I'm thinking of getting a small tattoo - Where should I put it?
Im thinking of having a tattoo done!!?
Is There a Way To Shave Your hair on your arms and not Grow It Back?
What is a good tattoo for me to get based on this information?
i useed nair and now my legs
tattoo ideas for my back?
My skin is turning green and scaly and my eyes are going yellow and black, what should I do?
What Should I Use On My Tattoo ?
whats good to use for sun burn?
How bad do wrist tattoos hurt?
Is it bad to shave your boobs?
What does getting tattooed feel like?
what is the shortest air stewardess height?
Help with a Japanese (or Chinese) symbol please!?
what do you think of a wrist tat?
Do any self tanners give you a realistic looking tan and don't have a funny smell?
Would a Rainbow Tattoo Seem Homosexual?
why dont you know that i am beautiful?
is it ok to wax around your anus?
Tattoo shops in Myrtle Beach, SC?
Best excercise for breasts to keep them in shape?
Age Laws in Conn?
Suggestions for marketing sugar scrubs, lotions, etc.?
Side tattoo placement with lower back tattoo?
Where is a good place to get a tattoo?
I'm light-skinned with acne...?
How can i get rid of pimples?
tattoos on girls, like or not?
Anyone know of a website that features tattoos on dark skin?
Do tattoos really hurt that much?
How much do you think a tattoo like this will cost?
What 's the meaning of Chief tattoo?
Tattoos ideas for both wrists?
Is it hot to get more then 3 tattoos and should they be in close spaces towards each other?
i'm getting a lip piercing soon. should i get a stud or a ring put in first?
Help me I need help emergency?
How big would you consider this tattoo?
What do you clean tanning beds with?
Is ST. Ives Appricot Scrub good for your skin?
Anyone else sometimes have a red, blachey(sp?) face?
how to avoid my nipples sticking out in my shirt?
i'm a virgin and really pretty guy's say. and they all asume that i'm not a virgin. what can i do to change??
How prettie am I?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
How old do you have to be for a parent/ gaurdian to sign off for you to get a tattoo in Georgia?
Best place to put a quote tattoo?
hve oily skn and get zits . u knw a chep + effctve clnsr tht wll clr up my?
How much would an Inner lip tattoo cost?
anyone know of a good color portrait tattoo artist in upstate NewYork?
How much would this tattoo cost roughly?
Is there a way I can print out images and then apply them as temporary tattoos?
I have an oily skin, what shold i do?
Who looks better paris hilton, or Beyonce?
what are the homemade remedies to make skin glower?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo advice please?
Who can give me tips on healing a stubborn navel piercing?
i want to get a tatoo??cost?
Is is wise to take ibuprofen before getting a tattoo?
needs to make a fat avatar they make almost chubby ones but not fat?
I have really sensitive skin and im looking for some good face cleansers.?
Just recently pierced my lip.?
I want A Tattoo.... just not sure of what!!!! HELP!!!!?
do you know of anything that elimates scars totally?
henna tattoo and ears?
i asked this question on behalf of my sister. her nose is annoying her because it bug?
age restriction to get a tattoo in england 2012?
Another tattoo question. ?
is it really necessary to be slim to attract a boy?
tattoo places checking for ID?
Does a tongue piercing hurt?
how long will it take to get the rosary tattooed around my ankle?
Is it normal for a tattoo to itch and be bumpy?
I want my zodiac sign tatted on my shoulder is it gonna hurt?
i pull my nail cuticles and now have black patches under my nails.what should i do?
how old do i have to be to get a tattoo?
I want a tattoo, please help!?
Do these go with these words? Tattoo?
tragus piercing..... how do i know if its a keloid or just scar tissue problems?
why women get rid of all there body hair?
has anyone ever used TATTOO AFTERCARE, HEALING BALM?
how does it feel like when getting a tatoo?
how do you gte rid of celulite?
I want a Tattoo does it hurt?
Tattoo healing question?
what do you think of a quote tattoo?
Tragus/Catrilage Piercings? HELP!?
what do you think about the tattoo faith on your wrist?
Can i take a needle and give myself a tattoo?
Tattoo on spine Does it hurt?
How would you combine this into a tattoo?
Feather or swallow bird?
How should I care for my new tattoo?
What would be a good tattoo for my girl to get? It's her first one. AND DONT SAY BUTTERFLY. lol.?
Tattoo Price Quote????????????????
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
How much will this tattoo cost?
how bad does getting a small tattoo hurt?
Tattoo suggestion?? Pleaseee help :-)?
if i were to get my lip pierced? (spell check!?)?
how to get a fairy white complexion?
What is the best/cleanest/cheapest place to get a tattoo in Wisconsin Dells, WI?
Why do some guys cut off their nipples?
How much would a full tattoo sleeve cost?
Legal age for tattoo?
Got a $100 gift certificate to a tattoo place, amy ideas? nd place to get it?
Question About Lip Pierings?
which wax is better?
Where should I put this tattoo?
ima get my 1st tatooo helpppp/.:)?
Does tattoo hurt, and where is the best place for one?
Rabbit tattoo = Bad idea?
where can i get my boyfriends name tatted on me where i can easily hide it?
Did Kat Von D get her Pixie tattoo removed?
what mens cologne smells summery?
Does puss have to come out of a tattoo for it to be infected ?
do ya think mybody size is alrit?
My finace' wants to get a tattoo of his last name on his back. It's only 4 letters so how big should he get it?
Do those saline injections really get rid of spider veins?
Has anybody got any tips on getting rid of stretchmarks??
what are the hottest kind of clothes to wear?? in winter and summer????
I need some tattoo help?
Will this damage my tattoo?
what is the best body lotion?
Can I get a tattoo with written parental consent?
HELP! accidentally banged my new tattoo and the ink came off?
for about period stuff?
do men like a curvy girl or one that is stick thin?
Any ideas for a cute name tattoo?
Getting my first tattoo, need help finding a saying/quote.?
I have a small tattoo and I plan on rushing a sorority next fall?
Tattoos!! in white ink?
How much would this tattoo cost to get done?
what do the tattoos devendra banhart have signify?
April Jones (5) missing presumed dead - is getting a big pink ribbon tattoo on your arm a crazy and tacky idea?
How to tell my girlfriend not to get a tattoo...?
tattoo painful much?HELP!!?
nose piercings?
My Daughter wants piercings & tattoos?
Would a small tattoo on my hand and possibly ankle affect me getting a job as a doctor?
GUYS: what is hands down the BEST perfume on a girl?
~*~*What do you have a tattoo of*~*~?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin and Minnesota?
is it stupid to get a tattoo in latin?
I have a tattoo above of my last name above my peck i want to add to it but should i add?
Would you get your idols signature tattooed on your body?
What is the most over done tattoo at the moment?
what is the best colouer for foam bath ?? and which smil do like ??
How do reduce acne/pimples problem,please reply back.?
How do u know when you are and love?
what is the pupose of ear piercings?
Can I get a tattoo with consent of parent?
Guys...what do you think of tattoos on girls?
What if.....??
Where is a tattooist in Melbourne, Victoria that does UV Blacklight tattoos?
how old are you, where are you from, and how much do you weigh?
On what part of my body can I get a tattoo where it will be least likely to stretch over time?
do nose peircings hurt?
What would be a good saying to get tattooed on chest?
are moles pretty?
Would I look good with Tattoos?
Which quote should I use for a tattoo?
[tattoo] which is more painful? outlining or colouring?
I just got a cosmetic tattoo , my eyeliner and eyebrows ..during recovery can I go out in the sun, play tennis?
What is the tattoo on the inside of Mac Millers arm?
What does 32A mean in breast measurement? 32 is? and A, B, C, D sizes? why so complicated..?
did mileycyrus get a tattoo on her lower back? annd is she banned from disneychannel??
how does geranium oil help with getting and healing of a tattoo?
Im thinking of adding wings to this tattoo if i decide too... what do you think?
How are you able to get adult acne marks to fade???
I want to make my own skin care products. Where shall I start?
Has anyone here actually met a celebrity? Or are friends with one?
Tattoo design ideas please?
Tattoo controversy.?
I'm really picky. Should I get a tattoo?
What type of font is this tattoo?
Why can't natural body fat be used or cultured for breast implants instead of a gross, unnatural saline bag?
what is waxing?
What can I do for oily skin?
Who has a tattoo?
Best place for a tattoo on a woman?
I want piercings. PLEASE HELP!?
What can I do to make my skin on my face look healthier?
Why is picking a tattoo so hard!?
Glow in the dark tattoos , Should i get one?
Is it ok to sleep on a neck tattoo?
Is it Beauty or Brains?
was it a bad idea to get a tattoo...?
how many days 1 need to workout in a week to get glow not for slimming purpose?
does anybody have any song lyrics tattoed?
How to become a tattoo artist? Apprenticeship or school?
does anyone know of piercing studios in leics/notts area that pierce with/sell ptfe?
Will My Tattoo Look Different After The Redness and Swelling Goes?!?
Short Quotes for a Tattoo ? Help?
My tattoo looks wrinkly,shiney and bumby from past 40 days what what should i do ?
I want to get a tattoo of a quote on my arm, which of these do you think is the best one?
Finding a job that accepts Tattoos and Piercings?
what percentage of titanium dioxide does one need for UVA protection in sunscreen?
How are traditional bamboo tattoo needles made?
Is it still considered unprofessional to have a visible tattoo?
i'm thinking about getting a tattoo,i'm 15,but i'm not rushing into it or anything.?
What is the best/cleanest/cheapest place to get a tattoo in Wisconsin Dells, WI?
Am i too young to get my belly button pierced?
How long do you think a tattoo like this would take?
what's worse, foot or wrist tattoo?
Tattoos on girls.. what do guys think?
Which tattoo idea do you like?
Best place to get first tattoo?
I Need Some Help On Hip Piercings!!?
Do you need a lisence to tattoo?
Straight edge tattoo?
Approx How Much would this tattoo cost me?
Why the plastic in plastic surgery?
Tattoos on girls-Guys' opinion?
how to do a stellar smooch?
i have got dark rings around my eyes. it's in heridity. how to get rid of it?
Hello. You know where can I find sun spray with beatcarotene? No self-tanning,no pills!!!!?
Deciding between two tattoos?
Any good tribal wrist tattoo designs for men :P?
would it be wrong to get a tiger tatoo if..?
In acne, which treatment is better- laser or tropical or any other? any clues? please help?
Does regular waxing makes our skin black??
Can I file down an Acrylic circular barbell?
Scar Treatment. What's a good topical over the counter product for scar treatment?
Can you give me suggestions about tattoos?
Tattoo's what are the most popular on Men and Women?
Short Dove/Love Quotes for a tattoo?
tell me the first thing that comes to ur mind....NOW?
Where should i get my penguin heart tattoo ?
would u ever get a tattoo? if so of what and where?
Placement for a tattoo on a bigger girl?
what are some of the sexiest tattoo's out there?
how much would it cost?
Girls I need an answer...?
Where is a good place to get a tat?
Whats alternative tattoos? ?
What's the BEST, Natural Food product to help vanish facial wrinkles??
tattoo pics for a cover up?
would someone like to design my next tattoo for me?
Recommendations for a London based tattoo artist, black&grey, custom?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm not sure on where.?
what would you put in am garden of eden tattoo?
Is my tattoo healing correctly
My skin gets oily throughout the day but the surface is really dry and ed, good mostureizer?
tattoo questions! please help!?
People With Tattoos Only!!!?
should i ask my boyfriend to marry me its not liike were getting any older rite?
anybody know a way to get longer eeyelashes without fake eyelashes or taking pills ro anything? just some hom
where is the least painful spot to get a tattoo?
My work colleague has a tattoo on his bum?
IS SOAPS-SUCH AS ZEST,DOVE,IVORY,CARESS,ECT,,,,,BAD FOR YOUR FACE? i wash my face everyday in soap, and i ....
Can i take out my newly pierced earrings for a minute to clean them?
Bacitracin on new tattoo?
Ok I'm 13 and i am skinnier then all the other girls in our grarde?
need a tattoo idea, read please (:?
How do you take care of a back tattoo?
Im 16 under age to get a tattoo but if my friends mother does it (own kit from ebay) will she get in trouble? ?
What do tattoos with knives through the heads of cats mean?
Tattoo Pain? Im curious about ur experiences.?
How long do I wait to lift weights after getting a tattoo on my side?
Someone told me there is a symbol fo a tattoo that means that evil cant enter... anyone know of this symbol?
How can I keep my hands from dying in the winter?
what kinda nuts do u like?
Ideas for matching tattoos?
Does anyone know of a good moisturizer for dry skin ( facial moisturizer)?
Why is it so hard to resist getting your feet done?
Is it good to pick your nose or butt?
Do girls like guys bum?
You guys like tattoos on the lower backs of girls??
How long should my Message Tattoo be?
Is there any harm to skin by shaving beard with blade & without using shaving cream or foam?
is there such a thing as a tattoo that lasts a year?
Tattoo questions.. please help me out :)?
Where can you get temporary tattoos that look like henna tattoos?
Where can I get a henna tattoo done in Western New York?
Approximately how much would this tattoo cost?
Why are piercings Bad for a 14yr old?
Having a tattoo in a language that you don't speak?
i just read a question and must know if seman is good for you?
Is it possible to get a tattoo of my dog on my back?
Will a tattoo on my thigh change as i age?
If your a tattoo artist please read?
I want a pair of paw prints tattooed on my boobs, would it look tacky?
Should I get a tattoo like this?
i want to marry him?
Is the 'Jergins natural glow' tanning cream safe?
what should i get for my first tattoo?
Color tattoos on dark skin?
Are Albinos Their Own Race??
[tattoo] which is more painful? outlining or colouring?
I got my tattoo and it looks like ****?
Ladies: I was thinking of getting this tattoo on my arm?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Brisbane?
Ever gotten someones name tattooed on your body?
how effective is pro much is it in US?
does anybody know of any exercises that can be done while in the pool?
does it look stupid to only get one nipple pierced?
tattoo help please.....?!?
Piercings and infections/healing?
does anyone know what the tattoo on keith lemon's knuckle says?
How much would a small tattoo hurt?
First Tattoo? Advice, Idea's, and Help?
lip piercing or no? plz dont say that theyre ugly?
Is a tattoo all that bad?
Dermatologist in the Toledo Area?
should i get a face tattoo like mike tyson?
Waht do you think of this tattoo?
Where should i put my tattoo?
What is the best tattoo artist supply website or catalog?
Chris Brown's tattoo..?
do you think tattoo sleeves look better colored or black?
how many piercings do you think i have?
what do you guys do about tanning lines in bikini areas?
Pain level for a spine tattoo?
Is getting a tattoo on your foot illegal..?
Do you have a tatoo? if so what is it and where?
How can I get rid of dark circles from under my eyes?
What do guys really find atractive in girls.?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
What's the coolest/best tattoo you've ever seen?
Pale complexion?
I want to get a belly tattoo but I plan on getting pregnant someday, will it look bad after I have a baby?
Is it wrong to get an om tattoo and not be hindu or religious?
Any suggestions on a good?
Around how much will this tattoo cost in the UK?
Which tattoo shop in Göteborg or Malmö (in Sweden) should I choose?
Is the shaved head look cool?
Which tattoo? (PICS)?
Is something wrong with my tattoo?
new tattoo, and sweating?
What's your favorite thing to sleep in.... or nothing at all??
Help with my tattoo idea?
Is it safe to tattoo any part of your scalp?
Should I cover up my tattoo?
just got a a tattooo.?
Dove and raven tattoo?
Would a tattoo on my arm affect my career?
ima get my 1st tatooo helpppp/.:)?
How much will my tattoo hurt?
what do you think of vintage tattoos?
how do you stop unwanted oroma.?
How much would this tattoo cost? ?
Do tatoo's really hurt?
Where can I go to look up some wicked sick bat tattoos?
Symbol for tattoo-- i need ideas?
I have a question on building a better buttox for a girl?
How can i grow callouses quicker than usual?
good places for tattoos in melbourne?
Where should i get my first tattoo?
Do laser hair removal centers lie and cheat to get more business?
translate "drishti" in greek?
what do u have to say about tatoos & piercings?
Should I get another tattoo?
what will happen to the tattoo after is peel off?
I really want to get a tatoo.....?
Can you get sued for desiging a licensed character tattoo?
how do you make your 120 pound and 5'3" friend belive shes not fat?
How much will a white ink wrist tattoo cost?
What does this tattoo stand for?!?
dont know what tattoo i should get?
what sould i do about my tattoo?
Good song lyric to get as a tattoo?
Which Tattoo I designed do you think I should get?
Is there anyway to make your eyelashes grow longer or thicker or better once they fall or break?
if you have a perfect stomach, is a belly ring sexy or would it mess it up?
tattoo christian? what should i get?
Temporary tattoo with indain ink?
Is normal pen ink ok for a home made tattoo?
navel or hip piercings?
Tattoos anybody have one or some that mean anything special to you?
Whats the best homemade facial mask?
is this a stupid idea for a tat?
If my 19 year old step-brother takes me, can i get a tattoo? (i'm 15)?
If you have a small tattoo on your wrist...?
I want another tattoo!?
I would like a tattoo, but I'm still not sure?
what is the best way to tan??
Ideas for a tattoo symbolizing my four brothers?
Eyebrow piercing?
How to avoid little red spots after shaving legs?
Do tattoos/piercings hurt?
Tattoo ideas please?! :)?
what do you think on tattoos on ur wrist?
where do u think is the sexiest place for a female to have a tattoo??
tell me one sentence in which total a to z alphabets should come and any alphabet should not repeat.?
gugys what isthe #1thing you love about women?
I JUST pierced my bellybutton. Needle is threw. How long should I leave it in and how should I gage it?
guys??? do u?
Will an intricate wrist tattoo change with weight loss? Tattoo experts please :D?
How old is TOO old?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo at uncle inky's?
How much will it cost to get my cheeks pierced?
how can erase the eye circles?
Should i get a phiten necklace or a power balance wrist band.?
Deoderant for girls??
Is taking a vicodin or oxycodin a good idea before a tattoo?
where is the best spot to put a tattoo?
smooth looking legs?
which of these tattoos should i get?
tattoo removal question?
Covering up a small tattoo on shoulder blade?
how can i make my skin very fair?
How much should I tip my tattoo artist?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
Suggestions for a tattoo please!?
is "tattoo camo" really waterproof?
Where would be the least painful place to get a tattoo?
Thoughts on white ink tattoos?
Question for Tattoo Artists :)?
Tattoo ink is like bleeding out ?
In much need of some tattoo help?
Design for a loyalty/matching family tat?
i would like to find a coat of arms for a tattoo for the pfundstein family?
Help me find a domain name for my tattoo online store,pls!!!?
i cant wait to get this tattoo on my back!!!?
How did Michael Jackson change his colour from black to white?
Where would you put words on your wrist?
What's the best cleanser for oily skin?
i need help choosing a tattoo design?
will i be able to be a psychiatrist or lawyer if i have tattoos on my forearms?
How much would this tattoo cost around?
if you have a pimple on your penis is it ok to burst it??
Many girls in my school have big bellys...but normal weight...what causes this, is it the new style?
thinking about a tattoo for me in the near future?
tattoos-plz give me links to nice designs?
Big or Small breast???!!! Quick-Quick answer?
i used 2 cut myself on a regular basis and i haven't done it in awhile, but tonight i really have the urge...?
Would you get a tatoo of your face that has a tatoo of your face on its face on your face?
tattoo on my bikini line?
How do I keep my bikini area hair-free and smooth?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
Which tattoo idea is better?
Why is swimming bad for a healing tattoo? what damage does it do?
What do you think about my new tattoo?
getting my first tattoo?
is it normal to be 5'1 and 125-135 lbs???
When getting laser tattoo removal can some of the broken down ink migrate to your heart, lungs and caus death?
how much does LA ink charge for tattoos?
Tattoo design advise?
What's your opinion on cosmetic surgery?
What is a good ance treatment for a black/maori women?
Feminine tattoo ideas?
I need help, Quote tattoo.?
What goes well with a rose tattoo?
Question for tattoo artists ?
My girlfriend wants to get a lower back tattoo?
How cool are these 2 tattoos?
my first tattoo with color and it lookss crazy?
First tatoo decisions?
my cheeks has severe acne and dark spots due to previous there any way to get rid of the acne?
i want to get a tatoo?
do tatoos hurt? like if you get one on your lower back or wrist?
I'm an artist looking to be an apprentice in a tattoo parlor, do anyone know where can I go in New York City
Should I get initials as a tattoo?
what tattoos do you have and why?
How many tattoos do you have? What are they of?
Any good ideas for tattoos?
? about lip ring size?
Getting my boyfriends name tattoo on me need advice?
Would you ever change for somebody you love. Honestly?
Tatoo Shops Or Tatoo Artists Alike .?
Are tattoos are turn off OR turn on?
if i get 3 consecutive stud piercings on the cartilage of my ear, how long should i wait to swim?
Do you think 14 years old is too young to get a tattoo meaningfully?
what does this tattoo say? I think its in chinese or japanese?
why does my tattoo itch?
Are there any home waxing kits to do a brazilian job?
I want to get a tummy tuck but have the worst credit. I just got over a hernia repair. What should I do.?
Am only 15...... do u think i should get a tattoo ?
What Tattoo Should I Get?
How does a tatto feel? do they hurt?
What is the best water filter, for drinking water?
Tattoo Design =Mind Body Spirit?
Will anything happen if I take this before tattoo?
will you go to hell for having a tattoo...I did not get it in's for my family and it's on my foot?
Would you get a tattoo of a video game character?
is it bad to use a facial scrub everyday? In other words is it bad to exfoliate daily?
Hey..Im playing football next year in high 6'1 or 6'2, im real skinny tho..?
Wolf Tattoo - Need Help?
I have dark color skin at underarms and bikini area, how can i get rid of it ?
belly button or nose?
is it normal to bleed loads when having a tattoo done?
I need a new phrase for my tattoo, help?
Do you think wrist tattoos are trashy?
Heard anything about Rob Hoskins from IDLE HANDS?
what cologne do women most love to smell on a man?
Suggestions for first tatoo?
am I UGLY.......?
Best tattoos for a mixed latino?
how much would such a tattoo cost me?
what are creative names for facials?
Tattoo ideas???????????????
Normal for new tattoo to have blurry gray edges as it heals?
What is the silicone in body jewelry made of?
I didnt really get very many good answers last time to this question and I REALLY WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!!?
If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?
How much would an ankle tattoo hurt ?
Tattoo foot pain rating?
how do you get rid of wrinkles?
I would like to know a range for the cost of a tattoo like this?
where is a good place for a tattoo that says "live"?
is my tattoo infected?
Thinking about getting a tattoo, does anyone know any nice sayings or quotes?
a good party plan buisness that I can do out of my home in Saint Charles, Mi.?
how to stay calm before/while getting a first tattoo?!?
does a tattoo in the wrist hurt alot?
Does a tattoo on the rib cage hurt as much as the back?
MEN! Breasts: Natural of Fake ?
Hiding Your Piercings?
What do you think of this phrase for a tattoo?
what does the aries tattoo symbol mean thats red and black?
Quotes to write on my wrist? Please?
What kind of ink do people use before you get scarification done?
black color make woman' s looks thin?
This is my tattoo. Its the Japanese symbol for Love. What would look good around it?
Do first tattoos hurt?
Tattoo help! I want a tattoo of my grandads name but not sure what language to get it in?
just got a a tattooo.?
How to get sharpie off my arms?
how to get rid of Pimples? easiest way ?
Why does ear wax smell of Salt & Vinegar chrisps/chips?
Does anyone know a good quote that would go with a tattoo of butterflies?
Which "FACE MASK" is good for dry skin?
Is my new tattoo ruined? =(?
I want to get a tattoo, my parents are completely against it. What can I say to get them to change their minds?
Where should i get my first tattoo?
what are the best home remedies to treat acne?
what's your opinion of tattoos?
lip piercings// help?
How much would this tattoo approximately cost, on average?
compualsory to get a tt after having a tatto?
Anyone have a tattoo idea?
Meaningful bible verse that can help me keep going?
Any good quotes for a tattoo?
How do I shave "down there", her, and not get bumps...?
how can avoid my pimples all over my face, and back clear and smooth. i used cream, mask, cleansing all is not
Does Nair Hurt?
scared of getting a tattoo?
does waxing cause rashes?
Ideas for a multicultural tattoo?
When did this shaving pubes start? I missed it.?
is this to much to get a tattoo?
How do I protect my tattoo from the sun?
Do tattoo removal creams work?
Soccer tribal tattoo?
the Yulia’s tattoo on her lower back what does it mean>>?? ((Yulia Volkova from T.A.T.u team))?
need a saying for a feahter tattoo!?
should I get my boyfriends name tattooed on my ?
Am I allowed to get a tattoo over a burn mark to cover it up? Or will it damage my skin?
Can 15 year olds get tattoos?
wrist tattoo: can they always be concealed?
How bad does getting a tattoo hurt ?
What tattoo should I get?
So I'm 16 and I want a tattoo...??
Boxers or Briefs?.....?
Where is a good place on your body to get your first tattoo?
my male freind is fat and has boobs what should he do?
would i look okay with a lip piercing?
Ideas for my tattoo that I want to get?
tattoo thoughts? help!!?
Tiny little itchy bumps on new tattoo?
I want to get a small tattoo of an apple, since I'll be a teacher soon- I have a few questions about it...
Scarring problem and tattoos?
Which would be a better spot for this tattoo?
should i get this tattoo?
what is the best way to keep a "NATURAL" tan... i'm getting browner and want it to stay...?
Tattoo Cost (With Image)?
Why do people call a lower back tattoo on a girl a "tramp stamp"?
how do you pop a cyst?
What do you think about?
What is the best product to use to make your skin clear from acme?
what is the cost of a colored phoenix rib tattoo?
how much will the tattoo cost and hurt in ireland?
How to numb the pain of my next tattoo?
I'm thinking of Getting A Tattoo? How bad does it hurt?
What employers are tattoo friendly?
Question about a tattoo i want to do?
Tattoos.... do ya have 'em?
i really want a tattoo but....?
Is this a scabbing tattoo or what's wrong with it?
Is short hot?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Girls opinions on areas for a guy to have a tattoo?
Do you consider 110 pounds obese for an 11 year old girl who is 5 feet?
If the Man's (woman's) Body's all limbs in right ratio with each other,That human body will be beautiful!!
help me i want to clear all my pimple scars?
Does L-Gluthathione really makes your skin white or fair?
Tattoo ideas????????
Can u successfully remove a huge tattoo?
What is the best deoderant?
Anyone with multiple conch piercings?
What was the meaning of Mitch Luckers Face tattoo?
Teenage spots! but not a teenager. What next?
What placement/kind of tattoos affect jobs, careers, etc?
how cani control my oily skin in the summer?
Is this the right salt for a sea salt soak for a cartilage piercing?
i want to have glow on my face.wt should i use to have glowy skin?
I have naturally tanned skin have dark brown hair dark eyes I am petite do you think that's nice?
Looking for a vitamin or oil that helps remove/heal old bug bite scarrs on arms/legs?
Can anybody tell me what font this tattoo is?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Temporary tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Which tattoo should i get?
Does anyone know a tattoo/piercing shop in Tampa Fl that will pierce a minor?
I'd like to get a tattoo and since it's my first I'm kinda confused. Any experts?
How long will my Tattoo take to heal?
How bad does getting a tattoo?
what do you think of taking neocell fish collagen capsules?
Is there any quick way of getting rid of spots?
how do you get rid of scars?
What is the best cream to use on a tattoo?
if you could have any tattoo..?
what can i do to resolve pimples or that uneasy feeling of a breakout on my face overnight?
How much would a chest piece cost?
I am looking for a picture of a tatoo featured on Miami Ink the Amee special?
Can you use printer ink for tattoos?
What to wear for a hip tattoo?
how to get rid of dark eye circles.better suggest somthing that i can do at home specially herbal?
how can i protect my face against spots? any medicine u can recommend?
Why are so many people getting the infinity tattoo now?
Monroe piercings?
Do girls ever wish their chest was bigger or smaller?
What is your opinion of getting someones name tattooed on you?
How to make the hair stop growing?
Do all tattoo shops do labret piercings with a 14 gauge needle?
Getting a foot tattoo?
Tattoo's: How old do you have to be to get one in 'The woodlands' - Houston?
In life having girl friends is good or bad?
If You Were to Get a Tattoo, What Would It Be of and Why?
i need ideas on how to change my tattoo?
What can i put on my new tatto that i got on friday.?
Girls Only Please !!!!!!!!?
best place to get a custom tattoo?
Do you guys like girls with tattoos?
Why do you get bags under your eyes when your tired???
Will I regret this tattoo?
Henna (Cornstarch) Alternative?
im getting a tattoo today on my outer forearm?
Can you get an infection from a calligraphy ink tattoo?
what do you think about these tattoos?
Is my body going to reject both piercings AND tattoos?
Tan skin or fair skin?
bikini bumps?
tattoo artist in-store or on-line...make a difference?
If I go to a tattoo artist with several pictures, will the combine them on the spot and give the tattoo or..?
About how much would this tattoo be?
friend of mine asked!?
What kind of soap and lotion should I use for my tattoos to keep them looking fresh and new for longer?
Roughly, How Much Should It cost to get your nose pierced?
Should I get my foot tattoo?
Will a thigh tattoo stretch with a 20 pound weight gain?
Do women find tattoo artists attractive?:)?
i am female & heavily tattooed.i have just got a promotion?
What are your thoughts on tattoos?
how do you make you fluids squirt out of you when you have an orgasm?
How much does a Tattoo Machine cost?
if i wax my back will it grow thicker ,darker or longer?