girls please?
I need help with acne!?
what tribal tattoos represent strength?
My six months old tattoo is "rising" from my skin.?
Have I Done Damage To My Tattoo?
(Fr) : y a-t-il du plomb dans l'encre des tatouages foncés ?
What do guys look for in a girl?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
Do tattoos hurt really bad?
Tattoo Questions! Help!?
how to lose weight...?
do guys perfer a girl with some meat on her(not fat thick)or bones?
Should i get a tattoo?
Howcome I dont have really any scabbing on my tattoo?
Brisbane/Gold Coast tattoo artist?
What does guy thinks when he sees woman who he doesn't know, he see her with streach marks on her stomach?
Would you ever get a tattoo of your partners name? would you not be scared if you brake up?
I have a pimple under my new tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo with a parent in california?
What tattoo design to get?
Want a song lyric tattoo? Help? ?
How old, is too old, to get a tattoo?
where is the best place to get a tattoo that will not hurt that much?
I am 16 and want to get a text tattoo, 6 words. Where is the best place to have it( on my body)?
I have had acne at the back of my arms for a year now.Many people have the same problem,but I find no solution
what is the tatto "toy" significant?
What part of the body does it hurt the most to get a tattoo on?
Is it possible to get a tattoo on the inside of your mouth? ex: bottom inner lip, upper inner lip.?
Im 13 nd i have had my tattoo since last saturday night and some friends think its fake because its peeling!?
im thinking of going bolemic again.?
Tattoo Price Question?
does proactiv really work on blackheads?
Am i fat (115-120 pounds) and like 5"6?
looking for a good tattoo shop in the valley?
Tattoo advice for the tattoo I wanna get?
Pimple under skin?
I have a chinese tattoo can someone tell me if it means what I think.?
What tattoo font is this?
tattoos sexy or not?
Why in Britain you have generally distorted ears as Charles?
Wht is the best place a girl can get peirced?
tattoo parlors in new jersey that will give fifteen and older tattoos with parental concent?
What brand provides the best men's skin care products?
Where can I learn to do laser tattoo removal?
first tattoo?
Is there anything you should know or prepare for when getting a brazilian wax?
I have acne. How can I get beautiful lookung skin?
First tattoo - portrait on ribcage?
what would be a really sexy but nice tattoo?
want to get a tattoo of my daughter?
I enjoy wax epilation
why do people care for life, im not goth but the only basic point of living is becoming alive then dieing?????
is pen ink good for tattoos?
I need a art of the name juliet for a tattoo?
Gauging your ears? :) I think it looks super, how about you?
My new chest tattoo piece?
how do I make my nails and cuticles looking nice again?
childrens names tattoed on you???
cold sore help?
what is your oppinoin on my avatar?
Has anyone ever use ''curell'' lotion for their tattoo?
Can I get a sleeve tattoo by making a series of small cash payments.?
First tattoo....?
How much will this tattoo cost?
How much would this tattoo cost ?
website of forever flawless clinic in the philippines?
How do you get rid of butt pimples?
Do you realize that in about 40 years, we’ll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?
well i kinda want too get....?
boxing gloves tattoo?
what is a sexy young 18 year old girl suppose to do when she is out of state by herself without a boyfriend?
what is a nice tattoo design around a letter?
Tattoo to go with fleur de lis on opposite hip?
I got my tattoo on Monday (May 3) And my Tattoo feel like the "skin is raised" ?
Breast augmentation implant size? anyone have 360cc already?
How to remove moisture from wood plugs?
Is my whole tattoo supposed to be scabbed?
I want to lose weight. But i wanna keep the money cost on the low.?
Tattoo? I'm planning on getting my first tat...?
What do you think of my future tattoos?
Tattoos that represent the city you were born: dumb or no?
how to you pop zits without leaving those scars?
how big is the needle for liposuction? (local anesthetic)?
Ideas for a feminine tattoo?
Am I ugly?
Tattoo Ideas?? ?? ?????
Has anyone tried Pink's Fragrance?
what can one do to remove the dark spots from the face and pimples and what causes them?
what would be a cool new method for hair removal?
I want a tattoo for my birthday but....?
tattoo apprenticeship opportunities in Virginia?
How would you explain the fact that we have perfect look alike(s) in this world?
whats a good representation of change in a tattoo?
Lip piercing question..?
What type of Tattoo should i get?
Are size 8 1/2 narrow shoe size considered big feet?
how can i get rid of a popped pimple by tomarrow?
What is the best way to get rid of chapped lips?
Around how much does a tattoo cost in the Netherlands?
How much would a 10in. By 6in. Tattoo cost?
Will I be able to get a tattoo?
Im looking for a good tattoo design. I want something about a father and son if anyone knows of any good ones
Does having a tattoo in high school increase your chances of getting more girlfriends than non tattooed peeps?
so i want to get a harry potter/hogwart tattoo?
is there a way to make tattoos not hurt?
How can you get rid of spots effectively?
Tattoo: Yes or No? please only actual tattoo owners!?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo behind the ear?
How can i get rid of my panda eyes?
How does a man tell the difference between fake boobs & real?
Where to get tattoo without stretching?
Tattoo shops/studios in London?
Wearing a bra? Share how you feel about why it is or is not important.?
Does a inner lip tattoo hurt?
please help me hide a wrist tattoo??????
Va beach ink or ocean mystique?
Tattoo help!!?? I cant decide ?
How old do you have to be to get an apprenticeship in the tattoo industry?
rough estimate for this tattoo?
Finger-Tattoo Care Question?
does anyone know a good tattoo studio in Munich ?
i need some pictures for a military tattoo.?
Am I overweight?
Where should i get this tattoo?
how do you remove warts on your wrist and how could they have gotten there?
i want to get a tattoo that says........?
How painful is a tattoo on the top of your shoulder?
How do I lose at least 20lbs in 8 weeks.?
How to tattoo at home(making your own tattoo machine)?
what does it mean if you have a birth mark on your tongue?
My newish tattoo looks faded?
how long should I wait before swimming with a new tattoo?
Is there any way to minimize or get rid of cellulite? Effective otc cream or home remedy available?
What is the name of the paper that tattoo artists use to ...?
Belly button piercing?
Any good tattoo ideas?
Do you have a koi tattoo?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
Shaving Question?
tattoo help please.....?!?
Looking for a sketch of a sad or wild looking gryphon tattoo for lower back.......?
where should i get a tattoo?
to dave B.....?
ok i am 13 what kind of guys wood like me???
Rubbed new black tattoo in shower to get peels off, now concerned?
Is getting a henna tattoo a good way to see if i would like a tattoo?
My nails are stained from fake tan. How can I remove it please?
Would my mom find a tattoo on the inside of my lip? Any Tattoo Ideas?
university medical or proactiv?
how long does it take to get a sun tattoo ?
i useed nair and now my legs
anyone know the Japanese kanji symbol for misery?
Are you obsessed with your looks?
Does having tattoo mean?
how much would a tattoo cost?
Can you give me some tips on how to become more taller? Thanks!?
Is anyone familiar with the number of hours needed to become a licensed Esthetician in New Orleans?
Anyone know Tattoo Prices ?
is it ok to use this cream!!?
Meaning Behind A Tattoo With 2 Hearts Intertwined, One Open And One Closed?
Information on Nipple piercings?
Rough price of a Tattoo like this one...?
Don't you hate when people say you look like a baby!!?
Frankenweenie tattoo?
What should i do this week, tattoo or anniversary shirts?
Where can I Design a tattoo of my Son's written vertical on my forearm? Is there a virtual tattoo site?
dose paper ashes and water work for TEMPORARY tattoos im not punshuring my skin just painting on it?
I need a good acne treatment???
tattoo sleeve design?
what are good or cute quotes that would make good tattoos?
Do girls like it when guys check them out?
does any one know if st. ives has a sunblock cream?
Getting my first tattoo?
Tattoo excision on inside of ankle?
Truthfully, do tattoo's hurt?
Commission a tattoo artist for a sketch?
Is getting a henna tattoo a good way to see if i would like a tattoo?
How much will this tattoo hurt?
Does it really hurt as much as ppl say?
belly button ring?
Would it be dumb to get a Band Tattoo?
Rate my tattoo?
how long should i leave my tampon in for?
I have acne bad and have tried almost everything?
Any one have a tattoo quote and/or design for the passing of my father?
how do you keep pimples from forming?
Where to have a tattoo?
wat do u do when someone says ur ugly and fat?
I don't smoke, drink or do drugs or anything & my lips are like dark at the right & left bottom corners/edges
What do purple rose tattoos symbolize?
Im thinking about getting this tattoo... yes or no?
I live in the south so skin care is especially difficult...?
Where to get a word tattoo?
Music tattoo ideas please?
Shop Selling Body Jewelry that's Tarnishing & Rusting?
i have inserted 3 pics of tattoos...?
How can i get more breast, butt, and/or gain about 3-10 pounds?
Is the Love Hate Tattoo studio in edinburgh any good?
10 points immediately to anyone who can answer ?
i just asked how to keep your l area a nice color- i meant that girls in nasty videos look perfect how?
How painful is a back tattoo?
How many tattoos do you have and how much in total did they cost?
how old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in michigan?
where is a tattoo parlor where you can be under the age of 18 near madison, wisconsin?
what should i get a tattoo of ?
Does anyone know how to get rid of blackheads in less than 1 week?
How does thermal transfer paper work for tattoos?
I'm going to see someone i haven't seen in awhile...?
where can i purchase rudy profumi lotion?
What's One Place You would NEVER Tattoo Yourself?
Im getting a huge tattoo 2mo that will take 3 hours.Is there anything I can do to ease my nerves & nausea?
How much this tatoo would cost?
Behind ear Tattoo concern !?!?
Unique Music tattoo for singing?
would like some opinions on this?
question about tattoo pricing..answer pleasee :)?
Why do GUYS like big BUTTS ON GURLS why??
If you were a tattoo, what would you be?
How do you get rid of body acne?
what if my bfs pravite dosent fit for us to have sex?
i just got my lip pierced two weeks ago and...?
"Barcode" tattoo?
im thinkin about getting a tatttoo?
does anyone have any easy weight loss tips...things that will work not fast but atleast quickly?
how can i improve my complexion and remove my acne on my skin?i dont want stupid ans from stupid people.?
Tattoo on the back of the neck?
I am a male with very red skin on my face, is there any make up I can use to disguise it?
Do tattoos on legs hurt?
Tattoo help please folks?
i am looking for an example of a completed skin & eye treatment consultation card for a beauticians course ple
Tattoo i get on Thurs!!?
How do I remove darkness under my eyes?
Has anyone ever had a tattoo done and then later found out the ink was recalled?
How many tattoo's does Christofer Drew from never shout never have?
ADULT -My sub male is to get a tattoo under his scrotum ...anyone know a tattoo place mid PA or Philly ?
Do people look down on tattoo artists as a career?
can you get a tattoo in south Carolina when your 17, if your parent comes with you?
Is there a way to incorporate all of these things and have it look good?
im almost 13 and i weight 90 pounds and i am 4'7. am i fat?
I'm getting a tattoo of a solid black swastika on the left side of my chest?
Does a guy with a foot fetish repulse girls?
Help! How can I get a good close shave? My legs never get smooth. What can I do?
What body parts does this tattoo cover and is that a certain type ?
piercing course prices in the uk?
I got a tattoo yesterday with my sister.?
Will water damage a new tattoo?
i am looking for a bottle of cologne called Borsari Uomo. I have not been able to find it on the net.?
I'm a girl, where should i get my don't tread one me tattoo ?
Should i get my tattoo on my wrist?
Is there a way to naturally Reduce the sixe and fullness of breasts?
How much would this tattoo approximately run for?
Hey Gals.....Is STETSON cologne on a man appealing to you?
What kind of lotion can I use on my tattoo that I just got today?
Tattoo in memory of my grandma?
Ive got a beckers nevus, can i still get a tattoo?
What do you think of these lyrics (Green Day) - negative or not? For tattoo.?
Where should i get this tattoo?
Where would you get a tattoo?
1/4 cup of walnuts a day and dark circles go away?
Can I fade out a re-touched cover up tattoo to get re-re touched up?
i want to get more work done on a tattoo i have?
What image would go good with a "fear no evil" tattoo?
Can i put bag balm on my tattoo?
My tattoo just finished healing?
Tattoo on Penis..................................?
What hurts more for tattoos, outline or shading and coloring?
I've just started shaving my legs but i can never get all the hair. There is always a bit of stubble leftover.
Are wings on my back a stupid idea for a not so girly girl?
Which is better to get as a tattoo and what kind of design. should it say this or that?
Does drake have tattoos?
I need an answer about a nose piercing.?
Is 17 young too young for a tattoo?
I want to get a bow tattoo?
swimming and tattoos?
i got a new tattoo and seem to be scratching it in my sleep?
Who could design my tattoo?
i just got a tattoo, what should i do?
tattoo idea............?
What is the best women's face products on the market?
excessive sweating?
Can you get a tattoo at age 15?
how to get rid of "panda eyes"?
What do you think this tattoo symbolizes?
At first glance, can you read my new tattoo?
Why are some people ok with men having tattoos but not women?
who am I? what is my future?
Would this be cool for a tattoo?
tattoo question?
my tattoo scabs fell off and now it looks like a faded grey?
How painful is a rib cage tattoo?
hi, I'm getting a tattoo on my lower there a cream you can get to numb the skin. if so whats it called
Anyone know how I can find good 18 gauge barbell jewelry?
What do i take precationns to control hair fall?
Problems with Tattoo's and Ingrown Hairs?
how can I get duct tape off my skin?
girls... tattoos good or bad?
What would be the best place to get a tatoo in NYC?
Bridge piercing question.?
I need help with a saying for a tattoo.! My uncle passed away we were really close.?
Fallen soldier battle cross tattoo? ?
wat do u wear underneith a skirt,, specially a mini skirt and short short skirt ( same thing,, )?
need help from someone who knows about tats!?
starting my first sleeve -inner demon related sleeve?
I need to know if u have ever gotten a mole removed? From your face please tell me any side effects?? its flat
I have tone abs and my bf doesnt like them whats up with that???
I just go my 3rd tattoo today. It has been 12 years since the last one. But the artist used plastic wrap on it?
i have a pimple like underneath the skin, its like hard, and i cant pop it, what can i do to get rid of it?
Any idea of Tattoo Prices?
Help me pick a tattoo font? And any advice on tattoos?
Where can I get a good foot tattoo in Southern California?
i got a new tattoo, dont have any lubriderm or Vit A+D till after school, is polysporin okay to use ?
Would it be a good idea to get a tattoo that represents love in your relationship?
can you make a tattoo darker?
A chest piece..any ideas?
What is the best indoor tanning lotion for super dark results ? what brand ?
Do you like this tattoo? I really want it!?
strechmarks? why and how i can get rid of them?
I need help with designing a tattoo.?
What should I get for a sleeve(tattoo)?
what would be the average charge for a tattoo this size on the top middle of my back?
Can anyone recommend a good Dermatologist that specialize in black skin?
GIRLS: Do you like guys with a lot of tattoos? specifically the arm (sleeve)?
Got to sign off now and go to bed?
Just got a tattoo and have a question about the sun....?
How can I get my tattoo secretly?
if you have tattoos on your hands and two sleeves can you get a high paying job?
Can I get my tattoo thicker?
How to find the right Filipino Tribal Tattoo?
Is it normal for ink from a tattoo to drip down ink down your skin a few days after you have had the tattoo.?
Ladies... What is the Best Way...?
Thinking on getting septum pierced?
I need help with my tattoo idea. Please help! Would Orchids, Irises and Poppy flowers look good together?
What do guys think of lower back tattoos on girls?
when should i spray on perfume? before or after putting on body moisturiser??
tomato for skin?
Do you have any tips for my friend??
Behind the ear tattoo?
Where to tattoo not to be visible?
Best (and cheapest) place to get a tattoo on Long Island?
My waist is 30 and my bust is 32 and my lower body is near 38 what shuold i do to reduce my weight ?
Which would look better on a girl, lip peircing or anti eyebrow? agh i need advice fast! helppp!?
Brand new tattoo ointment?
Hi, i'm from Bangalore, India and i want to know which is the best place here to get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how can you get your face cleared up...???
My husband wants to get a trampstamp but he is a muslim?
how can i get a tattoo ?
Symbiotogram tattoo... what would this look like?
What's a good tattoo to put onto a girl's butt?
Is my tattoo crooked?
do you like this tattoo?
why do many pepole look different?????
any cool ideas??
sleeve tattoo ideas.?
How much would a small tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
people with piercings?
Any simple solution for dry lips?
is it a turnoff if a girl has a few extra pounds even though she is really pretty??
Should I get a tatto tear?
What body parts does this tattoo cover and is that a certain type ?
What do you need to take when getting a tattoo at a tattoo shop not including the tattoo sketch etc.?
need help with a tattoo*?
Why do guy's get both of their ear's peirced. and is it sexy.?
how can u make your skin whiter?
What race has the most beautiful women?
how do you prevent oily skin?
Is $50 a hour is good price for a tattoo?
what you think about my new tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo and where should it go?
What do you think about lip piercings on girls?
how old do i have to be to get my belly button pierced?
I woke up and had this huge pimple on my cheek.?
i am so stressed right now and i can't calm down?
Why do people care if I'll regret my tattoos?
I have a question about eyebrow piercings?
This question is for guys....?
Brainstorming tattoo help!!!!!?
how much would my tattoo cost?
I need help with a saying for a tattoo.! My uncle passed away we were really close.?
Need some help with my tattoo idea?
Where should I have my tattoo?
feather tattoo on left upper thigh?
Tattoo placement....?
Different spots of pain for a tattoo?
Anyone used self tanning from avon? or bought the airbrush do it yourself kit?
Im only 23 and i have noticed im getting wrinkle lines?
What are some good words in punjabi to get tattoed on my wrists?
there are some tattoo removel cream, does it really work?
Thinking about another tattoo?
how can i get rid of backacne?
Is shaving your armpits a guy?
Next tattoo idea, please be?
piercing questions?
Anyone know how much cost Randy Orton or his tattoos?
Really short quotes for Tattoos?
What do you think of this design being a tattoo on the inner top forearm (pic)?
can family mean gang?
has anyone had the double chin liposuction? if so, are you glad you did it & was it an easy/hard recovery?
How do you feel about tattoos.?
where can i buy the advanced glutathione formula by dr james it sells in the philippines by it made in the usa
What are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo on your lower back?
A tattoo that says Philippians 4:13?
Why can't I find Nair Microwave wax anywhere?
how we know that our love is true...?
good or bad idea for a 15 or 16 year old girl to get a tattoo?
I want to tattoo a centipede on chest, is this lame?
How do you remove a tattoo ( it is about a month old)? can they do it at a tattoo parlor or do you need a dr?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
Quote For A Pirate Ship Tattoo ?
I'm looking for Leopard print clip art or an outline to do a bunch?
How do you keep your face as clean as possible without getting your face covered in ziTS?
what if u in love with this person and u really care about this person but he dup u for no reason what should?
Where can I get some good script tattoos?
Will getting a tattoo cause keloids?
How painful are forearm tattoos?
Can you go over a white tattoo with black ink after?
i have my ex-bf i wont him back but i cant we broke up cuz some one toll a rumore that he belived .?
What does a foot tattoo feel like?
Tattoo Help ~ First Tat!?
Getting Rid of 20 y/o blackheads?
should I get a cross tattoo?
would a crossword puzzle be a cool tattoo?
barb wire tatt on shin?
what do you think of skyline tattoos?
Tattoo Cover Up Help!?
Is it worth getting a tattoo really?
Where is a good place to put a small tattoo?
is it true sodium make peolple fat ??? and why ????
what is new skool tattoo?
what does your skin look like when you have scabies? does it look the same as when you have eczema?
Tattoo question, help!!?
Does anyone know what kind of font this is? tattoo?
Do you think getting a tattoo of my couisns babys name is cute?
Was there ever a guy named Vince on LA or Miami ink?
how much weight would i have to lose or gain for my body to shrink or stretch my tattoos?
What are the rules in getting a japanese full/half sleeve tattoo also what are their origins?
Can anyone tell me which tattoo disinfectant has the longest open shelflife.?
tattoo aftercare instructions?
im looking for a specific tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo? (PICTURE)?
Chistopher McCandless tattoo ideas?
When should I start using anti-aging products?
How long would i have to wait to play soccer with a new tattoo?
What do you think about ' Tattoos"...?????
Opinions on a side tattoo font?
where does miss kim tattoo at?
need to find the pic?
How much is for a simple name tattooed on my wrist?
How painful are belly piercings?
what is the meaning of 'day of the dead gypsy' tattoo?
Feeling Sick After Getting a Tattoo?
Idea for my second tattoo?
I have normal size bre ast but my are real like p o rn stars and a but like Jennifer Lopez am I hot or not?
would to armbands look good on the same arm?
i am male 12.5yrs, 146lbs, 5"6, waist 34, hips 35. am i overweight?
I have bumpy skin, but not acne. How can I get rid of the bumps so my skin is more clear?
If you have big breasts when you're young will they be saggy when you are older?
Has anyone ever criticized you for your tattoo?
In your opinion whats the best type of tattoo machine to get?
Can I cover some broken blood vessels with a tattoo?
HELP. Divinity Tattoo AZ.?
I wanted to know if you think i am cute or not look in my profile because this boy told me i was ugly anyway..
How much will this tattoo cost?
Do I have to pass a drug test to get my tattoo license in Mississippi?
how should i do a tattoo on the left and right of my inner forearms?
Do tattoos on the inside of the wrist hurt?
Have you ever seen a tat on some1's calf of words and a drawing? Was it big or small?
can anybody read or under stand any of the word or is everybody retared?
is there a way to remove a beauty mark on your face?
I want to touch up my tattoo on my ribs.?
Places in Hull to get a tattoo?
memorial tattoo for a teen with strict parents?
What do you think about girls with tattoos. ?
how can i lose the loose skin that hangs from my ribs and stomach?
How old do you have to be in order to get a tattoo without parent consent?
no one likes me i'm ugly please help me?
Will my hair ever grow back looking normal?
Tattoos in Barcelona?
Is there a way to design a temporary tattoo?
People with tattoos...?
Unique idea for a tattoo?
Best place to get a tattoo in Sumter,Sc?
tattoos on women a turn off?
Question about tattoo scabbing ?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a face piercing or tattoo?
Tattoo problems with boyfriend?
Y should you only use facial scrub like 1/2 times a week?
how do u lose weight without excersise and in 3 days?
How can I stop abscesses from forming on my skin??
How do you get rid of a hickie?
would it be posiable to get a tattoo on my penis?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Has anyone used Glycolic acid face washes or lotions? What was your experience?
What are some interesting tattoo ideas for...?
How to convice my parents to let me get a tattoo?
I need tattoo
Advice for when I get my nipples pierced?
Can you take some asprins before you get a tattoo? And the pain would be less?
What to use on my tattoo?
Do original tattoos fade more after you get a cover up?
What colors should a guy use to fill in his tattoo?
tattoo idea that i need help on?
Why do girls want BIGGER boobs but when then get them they want SMALLER ones?
how to love by lil wayne tattooed on me?
getting fleetwood mac tattoo?
girls, please help me, im 24 yrs got no boobs? do u have any safe & effective product?im serious its annoying?
Are they any GREAT acne products out there?
What classes and objects will greatly help me become a better drawer to become a tattooist?
how long does a henna tatoo last?
i need to know more about tattoos!?
are tattoo artists ever aroused when doing intimate piercings or tattoos?
Can i put two different things on my face?
question about cost of tattoos!!!!!?
Virtual piercings......?
can perfume be returned that you just do not like?
how can i choose a tattoo?
how can i gain weight if i am a girl ?
how long tattoo time take?
Does anyone know about laser hair removal?
best most unnoticeable body jewelry to wear at work?
I want to get a tattoo but nervous ?
Needing ideas for my first tattoo?
Getting a tattoo on ur wrist, would it hurt?
Tattoo laws in Illinois ?
What are dark spots?
I need help creating a tattoo?
im gunna sound really dumb asking this but....?
tattoo's and career goals....?
What are some of the dumbest tattoo's you've ever seen??
whats the best product for acne?
I need wrap around tattoo designs. From top shoulder down around the back and side to the front hip.?
is this a nice idea for a tattoo?
I want a eye brow peircing but my mom hates them!! How do I tell her I want one!!!??
how do i get rid of my boyfriend??
why do people get feather tattoos?
neck tattoo?
How should I take care of a Tattoo touch up.?
does a tattoo hurt really bad?
Do women ever urinate outside like guys do?
First tattoo idea for a guy?
What's a good website to get tattoo ideas from?
Deep scabbing on new tattoo?
Is there any cure for stretch marks ?
I want to get a tattoo? please give me some ideas{prefer something related to manchester united}?
Wondering about these .....?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo on my inner bicep if im playing hockey 2 days later?
what do you think of a girl having tattoos all over her arms,?
I need Tattoo Artist to help me design A tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo or belly button piercing for my birthday ?
What are some ideas for some tattoos for couples?
Angel tattoo on shoulder blade?
what do you think about this idea?
Anyone know any good hard sources for tattoo and piercing discrimination?
wats the diff between a pad n a tampon?
Tattoo on upperback/ lower neck and hip?
Does vitamin B5 really cure acne?
How much would it cost to remove an X tattoo 2.5cm by 2.5cm on my hand?
what does it feel like?
People keep asking what my tattoos mean and I don't want to tell them?
Tribal style arm tattoos: Cool or Not?
What to do about a keloid, PLEASE HELP?
Which girl has the cutest feet?
What can be used as a tattoo border?
Snake with the Cross tattoo question?
What does a spider on the hand mean in prison? And does anyone know a site that has prison tattoo meanings?
How do I deal with forgiving someone, who has done something terrible to me.?
My girlfriend has a tattoo and wants another, but I really don't want her to....?
New tattoo and cardio..?
how much would a tattoo like this cost/ rough estimate?
Do you need an appointment?
Ten points to answer this tattoo question?
I smoke 2 cigarettes a that too much?
I'm wanting a tattoo on my thigh?
how do u brake a ankle?
Guys would you rather have a skinny girl or a girl with a few extra pounds?
Tattoo on inner forearm and job discrimination?
Hey guys. I'm looking for a picture/sketch of a tattoo that I once found online.?
Besides Pro-Active is there anything else that will do the trick?
Tattoo dedication to my uncle who passed.?
Do tattoos on the side of your hand fade away?
Your opinion on tattoo design?
I've applied a tattoo on ma arm by a software.. So, does it look real to u ?
How long would it take to get a small tattoo done?
Would you get a piercing or tattoo?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! why do I have pimples on the rims of my lips?
Ever washed your face with bottled spring water?
Whats a good site to upload my tattoo to get rated?
Where should I put this quote tattoo?
me and my boyfriend want to get a tattoo representing our daughter and us. any Ideas?
Any ideas on a small tattoo?
I'm 16 and thinking about getting a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost/take/hurt?
are you suppossed to take showers after getting a tattoo?
Would it be ugly for a sixteen year old girl to get a small indian head tattooed on her elbow?
How to talk parents into letting you get ear gauges or a tattoo? Either will do.?
at what age,women breast developed?from flat figure can be a round one?amazing?
How does thermal transfer paper work for tattoos?
How to tattoo yourself?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
Around how much would a small tattoo on my wrist be?
where can i buy mens fragrence by ivessaintlaurent called opium ?
Opinion on a tattoo phrase?
How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal before you can change it?
Am I short?
i got a tattoo on my ankle 2 1/2 weeks ago. it got infected. i have been cleaning it with antibacterial soap.?
Air force tattoo policy?
Guys with lung cancer tattoos?
what does cher lloyds tattoo on her finger say..?
how do you get used to a brazilian wax?
Have anyone gotten a tattoo lasered off?
slutty piercings?
I used a......?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I'm 20 in st. charles Missouri, and I want to get a tattoo on my back of a phoenix.. ?
any ideas what tattoo I can get on my hip??
girl only answer please?
Where should i get my tattoo :)?
How could I get a tattoo done by Kat Von D? I don't want to be on the show just want a tattoo done by her?
Word this better for my tattoo?
Why Are Tattoo's Bad For You?
razor burn?
My grandmother recently died & i would like help with a tattoo idea please.?
My skin is terribly two colured and I would like to have even toned skin. What can I do to achieve this?
Getting a tattoo. How painful it may be?
Should i worry about my super swollen tongue ?
What's a procedure that will get rid of hair, permanently?
do tattoo's hurt?
Exact place of henna tattoo in Milan italy?
Do you find women with lots! of tattoos attractive?
Can a 50 or 60 year old get a tattoo?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Want do u think of Tattoos?
What age did you start to where a bra?
Can I get a tatoo at 16?
how to get smaller pores and reduce redness?
Can i get tattooed over dark acne type marks?
I want a meaningful tattoo of a bible verse?
Anyone has an upper inner arm tattoo?
do you think it is weird to shave your arms??
New tattoo is dried out?
Is vasoline ok for my new tattoo?
I heard the tatoo on the lower part of your back called a "tramp stamp". Do people think really think that?
Bottled tan issue?
My tattoos are itchy?
for my first tatoo would it be dumb to gte the victoria's Secret PINK dog?
Homemade tattoo with razor?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Can a 14 yr old get their nose pierced?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Too fat for sexy tattoo?
I wear a 36-c...I want to get my boobs done.?
Tat idea: good or bad?
Can you tell me?
Ok opinion on this tattoo idea?
What age is a descent age to allow a child to get a tattoo?
If you ugly and you cant get a boyfriend should you go lesbo???
How bad is the pain for getting a tattoo on your foot?
Good tattoo shops in Camden, (England)?
Can sugar or carbs make you breakout?
Placement for tattoo?
Henna removal help please?!?
How many showers do you take?
what does this tattoo mean ?
Mineral Oil (Baby Oil): good for your skin or bad for your skin?
What do you think bout this tattoo idea?
tattoo tattoo tattoo!How old should a girl be?
Does anyone here use witch hazel? What does it do?
Has anyone ever gotten a tattoo on there wrist?
Would a tattoo parlor finish and fix a tattoo they didn't do?
led zeppelin tattoo colors?
is there a way to make my boobs grow with out inplants??
I need tattoo idea help?
My nose is rubbed raw. I've tried everything over the counter but it all stings horribly.?
Would you get freaked out if you had a tattooed surgeon operate on you?
first tattoo experience?
Surface Wrist Piercing Cost?
if i got a teardrop tattoo, would it be difficult for me to find a job?
My boyfriends getting a tattoo next weekend...?
What do you think of two lambda symbol tats on either side a lil above my pussy??
Best discreet tattoo location?
Where should I put my tattoo?
describe a tattoo that would be sexy on a woman ?
How do you take care of a Henna tattoo to make it last?
Hello! question about tattoos!?
Do you have a tattoo?
I need to know if u have ever gotten a mole removed? From your face please tell me any side effects?? its flat
Black or grey tattoo?
swallow tatttoos?
Tattoo On Stomach What Do You Think?
How should I tell my dad I'm getting a tattoo?
Does this sound like an okay tatoo?
I want a tattoo but im scared about what people will say?
Best place on arm (preferrably) or anywhere for a tattoo on a girl?
Tattooist wants pay after denying work.?
My Girlfriend wants to get like 10-15 tattoos once she turns 18 and I don't like em .What should I do?
tattoo idea help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can you get a tattoo when you turn sixteen?
the best tattoo in LA ?
Is this tatt worth the $250 im being charge?
What is this skin care brand ? Montage junnease ? Can anyone give me the exact pronounciation ?
How perminate are oil tattoos and how much would a 6inch by 1inch Death Bat cost?
what food place jobs allow you to have facial piercings?
is it better to get a foot tattoo in black ink or color?
How much do permant tattoos costs?
Tattooed boyfriends name on me?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Wrist tattoo what symbolizes something strong or unbreakable?
Not trying to cause offence but have an old photo of my grandafthers tattoo?? I want 2 no what it is?
Help with a tattoo for my brother?
what is the new tattoo on Keith Urban's upper right bicep?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
Good priced tattoo in new Mexico?
Where should i get my first tattoo?
I go tanning sometimes and I have a tan but how can I get a browner tan?
can a 16 yr old female loose 37-40 pounds without having loose flabby skin if she is NOT obese?
what kind of piecing would look good on me?
im 13 now, but when i turn 16 i want a tattoo. i want a tounge tattoo.?
Looking for tattoo #2?
To tattoo or not to tattoo?
whats ur favourite shape?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Things to do to distract me when im getting my tattoo?
Ideas for Sister Tattoo's?
i have pimples how can i be pretty?
how can you remove skin tags?
How long would it take to get "blood is thicker than water" on my hip tattooed?
How do i make a tattoo gun?
I wanna get a tattoo writen in greek, what would it look like?
what's the best anti-wrinkle cream for men?
Someone please help me with this tattoo ?
if u wax ur stomach will it grow in thinner (on a chick)?
who thinks men should wear womens clothing why or why not?
Any good tattoo suggestions? Fonts?
Need opinions and help on a tattoo?
What does it mean when someone has a tattoo of an eye on their hand between their thumb and index finger?
Good tattoo idea? birds and cage?
Getting a Tattoo under 18 in Texas?
I need a really good self tan, please help?
Hey, tattoo help (pic)....?
How can i get clear unchapped lips and clear skin (in a method that works??) HOW DO YOU DO IT?
should i use tattoo goo after only 3 days?
Glass retainers for lip piercings?
Tattoos that incorporate piercings?
whats the best lotion for my skin?
I want to get a tattoo. Should I ?
How much do tattoos really hurt?
Any handmade formula can make the face more bright/light/white..?
DO tattoos hurt?
Are Tattoos Gay???
Do you think it's OK for a 13 year old to get a tattoo?
are women/girls with tattoos whores?
Getting a tattoo on top of the foot....
getting a tatoo then tanning?
me and my friend are both getting wrist tattoos together...were not really sure what we want to get..?
what do you like the best? Piercings or tattoos?
Problems with my lip piercing?
how often should i put lotion on my tattoo when it starts to scab?
tanning salon in the philippines?
Why are most women, whimsical in a sense with their feet? Dangling, nodding, stretching, seeking attention.?
Is it normal to be told to saran wrap a foot tattoo for 3 days?
Wht should my chest tattoo be?
what do you think about the concept of back cleavage?
How to get rid of zits and pimples on your face without using any medicine?
Will having a tattoo on my wrist affect my chances in getting a job in the future? (read description)?
I'm going to art school, will a tattoo ruin my chances of a career?
How Do I Get Rid Of Pimple Scars The Cheap Way???
who can give me a free total makeover?
Is getting three piercings in one day too much?
I am getting a tattoo on my ribcage!?
Where would you get this tat?
Whats YOUR favorite flower? Its for my tattoo!?
Tattoo shops near Ellwood city PA?
May have been infected by a dirty needle... please help?
my face got hit by a baseball and it is totally bruised what can you recomend me to heal it?
how to stay young and sexy even after 30 years old?
Does anyone know where I can purchase tree rain products like the ones in this link?
Dog tattoo advice needed?
Do u like to have straight hair??
Buffalo New York Tattoo Parlors?
How did you feel after you looked in the mirror and saw your first (new) tattoo?
how much do Tattoo Artists make? per year.?
What would be the best and most time efficient DIY tattoo removal? Swift answers appreciated.?
When you get a tattoo, does it hurt?
i hav mosquito bites & chicken pox marks on my hands & to get rid of these marks?
what eye color do you think is the best for a woman?
I want to get a meaningful tatto, but don't know what to get. HELP!?
First Tattoo? Will it Stretch? Best Spot?
What are some good designs to get tattooed on your hip?
who is the person tattooed on ville valo's right arm?
im 15 and i want a tattoo?
what's a good site for tattoo ideas?
please help me this is pretty important?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
why am i not comfortable with myself?
How much and How long does a tongue piercing hurt?
Ok I want my belly button pierced is 15 too young?
Inner Forearm Tattoo?
Any tattoo Ideas for a country girl?
Why do your lips get dry when its cold?
Should I get a tattoo?
Thinking about getting a Tattoo?
Can someone design my tattoo? Alice In Wonderland Inspired.?
Tattoo idea, please help?
Does anyone know a good acne restoration creme?
what age do you have to be to get a lip ring in texas?
Can a plus size woman feel and look sexy and how?
What's an Estimate of this Tattoo?
How many piercings do you have?
any ideas for forearm tattoos like skulls things like that?
How much would a a large tattoo cost?
Ancient text in tattoo HELP.?
Does anyone use "Sure" anti-perspirant which claims 'no white residue', if so, is it true?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Is it weird to get tattoos one after another?
i just got a tattoo in my armpit. and now its swelled, is there a good anti inflamitory out there? ?
How come when women wear flip flop or sandals their heels get really dry? How can you combat this?
What would your next tattoo be? please include pictures :D?
tattoo designs? any ideas?
I'm considering getting a relatively small tattoo but...?
Should it cost this much?
How much will my tattoo cost?
Got my first tattoo today :) if anyone interested in experience/ and i have questions?
Tattoo idea to symbolize my daughter?
Where to start with designing a tattoo sleeve?
good place for quote tattoos?
What tattoo would "blend" with my 2 existing ones?
Does Tattoos along your ribcage hurt more than other areas?
I have some facial hair on my chin...barely showing...should i shave it? and will it show if idid?
How much would this quote tattoo cost me (an approximation)?
how do i make vegetable soap?
Proactive solution, has anyone tried it and do you recommend it?
Has anyone used Proactiv Solution?
Do you think it is a sin or bad to get a tattoo?
stretch marks?????
How visible is a UV tattoo in regular light? Anyone with experience?
what can i do with acne scars?
Anyone got a tattoo over a scar?
Where should I get a tattoo?
How to know if shes just being friendly for her work ? Anyone work at or have worked @ a beauty salon?
do tattoo shops hire 15 year olds?
Help with Hope tattoo honoring mom and dad?
what do you have in piercings?
i need a dry skin home remedy for my bath any ideas?
Placement for crying eyes tattoo(s)?
I want a tattoo but I dont want my parents to see it just yet... wheres a discreet place to get one?
big fish tattoo in jamaica queens prices?
What is the best make-up foundation to use on acne prone skin for more coverage and for a more natural look?
TATTOO IDEAS ? do you have any designs for this saying ?
tatttoo need ur opinions:)?
Would it hurt if I got a tattoo on the top of my foot?
Tattooo idea help please?
how much do you think a cross with jesus christ on it would cost?
Does this look like a stupid tattoo idea?
A question done to death, where should I put my tattoo?
I know someone that got AIDS from their tattoo... how did it happen though?
What do u guyz think about tattoos?
I am a alt-model. I want to find a website where you do not have to get naked but its ok to have tats. Got any
I want a tattoo but I"m unsure what to get?
What do you call a tattoo that starts at the middle of the bicep and ends halfway down the forearm?
how old do u have to be to get a tattoo in the uk ?
Where can i find ideas for tattoos?
are people who are really into tattoos and other body modifications bothered by how mainstream they are now?
I have put 4 layers of standard black electrical tape around a 0 guage plug, what guage am i at now? 0 yet?
How to hide a armband tattoo from my mother?
What do you think of my piercings?
is 13 too young to get nipple piercings?
If your clothes smell can u smell also?
What do you think of this idea for a tattoo?
anyone usese jojaba oil on there skin? how is it?
I have problems getting a good shave on my face. Any advice for a good shave?
how can you remove scar?
What tattoo should i get?
How much would a tattoo on my rib cage cost?
Does an eye brow tattoo get swollen enough to stretch the tattoo?
Tattoo Birthmark/Monroe on Face?
What tattoo should I get?
Has anyone got a tattoo from Red in dundee or Aberdeen? ?
How much would a wrist tattoo cost?
What would happen if i go from a 16 gauge to an 18 gauge in my lip?
tattooists, what do you think of this tattoo?
Around how much would this tattoo cost?
Side tattoo ideas(20 letters)?
What would you wear to a casting call for Tao Beach?
Does your Avatar look like you? Mine does!?
how can i tan quickly?
how much do you think it will cost to get this tattoo removed?
Can an open bird cage with birds flying away symbolize this....?
i need to find a tattoo artist in az...?
Would you rather be thin with and unattractive face or, overweight by 70-90 pounds and have a pretty face?
Has anyone had tattoo removed?
Why did my tattoo turn out bad?
what can i do to my tattoo?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
I want a tattoo on my foot.?
Will they file off the top layer of my nails for gel nails?
Blackbird on back of neck tattoo?
how to cover up a tattoo that wraps around my wrist, for a job?
im getting a tattoo, give me a heads up on the pain!?
i need pretty ideas for a tattoo!?
Why do fat ppl look gross, and too skinny ppl look sick? Wheres the inbetween?
how many tatoos does lil wayne have?
tattoo to represent my grandma, where should i put it? (picture included)?
How should I keep a tattoo dry while surfing?
Best place to get first tattoo?
Can i get a tattoo while pregnant?
Where are "work appropriate" places to get tattoos?
Tattoo parlors that are open 24 hours Buffalo, NY?
How to make the skin whiter?
why do boys now a days like FAT girls????????????
How long does the itching (healing) last?
Opinions on getting a tattoo over a scar?
I just got my tattoo yesterday and now it has little pimples around it is that normal?
What are some popular cartoon character tattoos?
whats the best solution to acne?
Im 15 and I think im ready for a Tattoo but its something i dont think i will regret..?
Where to put a quote tattoo?
small but meaning full tattoo idea?
can you mix black and white ink to get a gray ink 4 tattoos,because ive seen that they do it with witch hazel?
How long will a tattoo of this size take to get?
What does this tattoo stand for?!?
am thinking of getting a tattoo --- should i??..?
Least painful place for a tattoo?
help me GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
burning feeling?
French speakers please help! tattoo ideas!?
do guys like small breasts?
How much would this tattoo cost?
i really need help deciding on my next tattoo design, any ideas?
Im bored and want a piercing or a tattoo? Pics inside?
I just got a back tattoo and it's huge what type of cream should i put on?
Can this REALLY be??!!?
Do you put cling film on a new tattoo during the day at work?
Is my tattoo infected?
How much would it cost to get a simple wrist tattoo?
Has anyone use the product wrecking balm the tattoo removal?
girls do you like guys that have a small paunch or big some how ...?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in california.?
What is a good moisturizer for African Americans?
I have a lip ring problem?
can i become white ?
How do i make friends in myspace?
Would yellow tattoo ink show up good on my skin?
Can you take painkillers before you get a tattoo?
I want a tattoo of a dreamcatcher... But where?
Cheek Piercings - Can I change to shorter bars myself or should I go into the tattoo shop?
Can I own a tattoo shop if I can't tattoo?
Trying to design a tattoo, need help with fonts?
do I look hot?
Are either of these good ideas for a tattoo?
I kinda want to start my period when do you know you are going to start?
do you know whare to buy this for under $150.00??
Tattoo Cover Up HELP....?
Does anyone have any examples of music scale tattoos with words incorporated into them?
tattooooooos D; !!!!?
quote ideas for my next tattoo?
i need tattoo advice now!?
Thinking about getting a tattoo of someone's name?
have you yourself pierced any part of your body on your own? Not by a professional, but at home. If so, what?
What's the best remedy for lighteneing darks spots on African American skin?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What is the best sunblock to use on tattoos?
should i get a tattoo on my ankle and get my bell and tongue Perice?
What is a tattoo called for couples that you put together to say/show something?
TATTOO IDEAS..........?
How long should I stay out of softball practice for a tattoo?
Why are pimples red?
What is a universal sign for fun or good living/enjoyment?
Will tattoo removal cream be enough to fade 3 red letters from my tattoo, so that I can get a tattoo over it?
i want an opinion on a tattoo idea?
New Tattoo -- Is This Normal?
Girl i've been seeing for 2weeks wants to get my name Tatted on her back?
do you like tattoos survey for men and women?
does this tattoo using a real photo?
i have these purplish pink lines on my high thighs i think they are stretch marks?
Do men find tattoo's a turn-on?
Does anyone actually find tattoos attractive?
Where will 18 in. extensions end at on me if I am 5'2 and have a short torso?
What to pay an apprentice tattoo artist?
what is the font in this tattoo
my mom has liek dark circles around her theryre a good way to lighten them up a little?
In your opinion, where is the sexiest place to get a tattoo? (for a girl)?
I'm getting a tattoo, but what do I do?!?
What's the largest tattoo you have?
Whats your next tattoo?
Hello Kitty Tattoo?????????
Are those tanning products harmful for the skin?
what part of your body doesn't stretch as you grow?
Help With Understanding Tattoo Needles ?
Liposuction - Is it normal to pay over $100 for a consultation?
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.?
i Just got a tattoo on wrist. is it okay if i use Nivea body?
Please Suggest any Sanskrit, English and Italian tattos 'Quotes or words'?
How much does an inner tattoo?
What can protect my tattoo in the sun ?