Whats a good place to get a tattoo so that only I can see it?
Question about Tattoos?
anyone have any different or unique symbols for a tattoo?
What Do You Think Of This Tattoo, & Where Should The Placement Be?
What are some good skin toners for uneven skin?
i know i'm gonna get ripped for this,but how come?..?
Any good tattoo ideas for sisters?
Anyone like my avatar?
Tattoo addition for my current idea?
is it advisable for a 15-16 year old to have a tattoo?
tattoo design idea? feedback and ideas?:)?
is there anything that makes your tan go more golden after you've been on the sunbed?
i have got my nails yellow and i want it in natural condition as soon as possible, what should i do to get myn
What is the best cleanser you can buy at a drug store?
are lower backs tattoos nice on gurlz..?`?
Does getting a tattoo on your thigh hurt? On a scale from 1-10?
will a tattoo artist do a cover up if they make a mistake?
what is best to use on a new tattoo?
i really need to know pad or tampons?
My skin tone is very fair,can I use a tanning bed and how long will it take to get some color?
heat itch, i get small red dots and itch when i get hott, plz help?
HELP I need tattoo ideas!!?
tattoo question that i need help with?
what would be a good idea to tattoo on your wrists or hips?
i am 17 how can i convince my grandmother to say yes to letting me peirce my lip?
would you like to get a tattoo?and what would that be?
Baby oil...?
Has anyone tried Hydra+ (from Roc) for mixt skin?.. How is it?
best moisturizer?
Whats the best way to keep your skin from pealing after tanning?
Is there a product that effectively whitens your underarm?
what does it mean when you have dimples on your ?
should a boy have one nipple pierced or two??
I want to get a tattoo for my mother, but i need help!?
who is the richest person in india?
I have coarse hair. Is there a home rememdy that I can use to cut down on how often I have to shave?
im getting my first visible tattoo and afraid of my dad's reaction?
Tattoo on shoulder blade?
--Need Answers To This QUESTION--?
Tattoo symbols for an artist.?
Do monroe piercings scrape your gums and teeth on the inside of your lip?
piercings and tattoos?
Do I wash my tattoo every day?
What are some examples of tattoos that would apply to me individually?
What would be the meaning of this tattoo? Pic inside, bird and cage.?
I'm 20 in st. charles Missouri, and I want to get a tattoo on my back of a phoenix.. ?
Which measurements do you guys prefer?
What can you recommend for acne? Elaborate Plz thanks?
How paintful are tattoos?
Where is a good place to get a secret tattoo? and how old do u have 2 be to be able 2 get one?
PEASE HELP I need adsvise on a tattoo!?
will i grow?
What do you think of my tattoo?
how to get rid of pimples and pimple marks?
Doese Daniel Radcliff's father have daniell's good looks?
new tattoo, and sweating?
Am i fat?!?!?
Getting a tattoo pain...?
I want to get my hood pierced, but I cant find anyone to do it. What can I use to do it myself?
How to maintain body if a person is fat what to do daily?
what would be a good military courage saying for my tattoo?
Im 16 years old and i want to know if im aloud to do tattoos with my parents permission?
What are some fun jobs for people with lots of visible tattoos?
People with tattoos: Are you really that worried about how they will look as you age?
Which tattoo should I get?
what's the best product to use for acne?
How can I get rid of acne?
What do you think of this? but slightly altered?
Tattoos and allergies question for artists and serious aficionados?
What is Tummy Tuck? what is its procedure? i.e. how its done? who are (doctors or others) are involved in this
Do girls like guys that shave their legs?
what is the best way to get rid of the blotchiness on my face?
Why do people get....?
i have one white spots on my both cheeks and one spot beside my lower lip how can i get rid of this problem.?
My boyfriend wants to tattoo my name, regardless of what I say. What should I do?
Would the calf be a stupid place to get a tattoo?
Can you mix the color of an existing tattoo?
anything for acne ?
Are you against tattoos... if so please explain your reasoning.?
how many people use Mary Kay product?
How much does a side/rib tattoo cost?
First tattoo ideasss?
Would like 2 get a tattoo of the pink ribbon in rememberance of my godmother-diffiuclty finding designs- help!
Best razor brand? Gillette or Schick?
Being that I have stretch marks on my arms I avoid tank tops, do guys think strecth marks are ugly?
whats the best way to get rid of blackheads?
Does anyone know about any pills for butt enhancement?
nipple piercings for guys (from female perspective)?
upper back tattoo, angel wings, a few questions for those of you who know a thing or 2 about tattoos?
Original girl with dragon tattoo?
I saw a man with the name SHARON tatooed on the back of his bald head. Why would he do that?
Only For People who have had tattoos?
i need to get rid of acne FAST?
when you get the lipo dissolve procedure, are you given any meds prior to that injection.?
Any tattoo ideas on the chest ?
What would happen to the skin colour if a tattoo was burnt/scarred?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
is it okay to put sunscreen on a very new tattoo i just just last nite?
How much do Henna tattoos cost?
Should I get a tattoo with my boyfriends name on it?
Portrait tattoo touch up?
would you tattoo your partners name on your body, why?
detailed colored tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What tattoo should I make my friend get?
Where should i place my first tattoo?
What is a good cure for eczema?
Are tattoos on women sexy?
getting a tattoo before rugby season?
Which are the beautiful parts of ladies (no vulgar description please)?
I need help finding just the right tattoo?
got pimples!!?
How dangerous are UV tattoos? How visible are they in regular light? What ink should an artist use?
What do you think about this tattoo design?
Price of tattoo, 1cm big?
Piercings & Tattoos=Pain?
young tatto?
I'm really black and I'm getting a tattoo?
Help with my new tattoo sleeve?
Does electrolysis cause facial lines or creases?
For Girls Only?........?
Lazer Tattoo removal, Removing shading.?
Covering up a brand new tattoo?
Id like some help on the subject of my tattoo if any of u can help me out thad b cool?
Dark circles even after 14h of sleep????
I was born without a penis, is that common in men?????
Why did this happen to my tattoo?
Any one know of a diet pill that actually works?
You know those tattoos will never come off right?
Tattoo placement help?
tattoo design please help?
tattoo and gaining body mass?
Im visiting michigan,im 13 can i get a tattoo there?with parent con'sent?
tattoo in romanian....?
how do i get a good tan on holiday?
bob harper tattoos?
how can i keep my new tattoo dry in the pool?
tattoo quotes please.?
need help with tattoo Design?
First Tattoo.. Quoted tattoo.. Help<3?
Which tattoo would look best?
is a tattoo more painful on the foot or shoulder?
im thinking about a new tattoo?
Do you have to have no tattoos model?
Are all Garnier Products good?
What is your favorite perfume/cologne?
Do you regret any of your tattoos?
ladies: question about guys and tattoos?
What looks better on a female?
I have horrible dry skin, how can I get my skin softer and clearer?
how to use nipout?
What tattoo design would go with this quote?
Do you thank teens under 18 should get tattoos?
What can I do about my oily skin?
Piercings & Tatoos..?
PLEASE HELP!! Where do they sell tattoo cover up?
What sunless tanning lotions gradually builds a sunkissed color?
Im getting a tattoo. help me! 10points?
what is the procedure for a thigh tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo over my scars?
if you use too much ambi fading cream will your color come back?
i want a tatto but im only 17. Help!!!?
i just had a tatoo that i don't like (yesterday). if i sit in the sun will this get rid of or fade it?
What does the tattoo behind Mike Hranica's left ear say?
TATTOO IDEA! check it out please and thanks?
do industrial piercings mean you're gay?
Tattoo idea's, need help please!?
how much would a tattoo be?
i Like this tattoo do you like it too?
what is a good tattoo for a memory of someone?
Angle wing tattoo at 16? Full back or shoulder blade?
Let tattoo scab? and other healing questions..?
What do you think of this tattoo?
where is the best pace to get a tattoo?
what's michael trucco's tattoo from the show fairly legal?
How do you get rid of facial hair without having to shave, pluck, or wax?
how much do you think this would cost?
what can i shave with and not get bumps?
Does sum1 rlly look like a dif type of person going from no ink or peircings to 3 peircings and 3 tats?
good tattoo quotes for a girl?
Which tattoo idea should I get?
i have a really hard time falling asleep....any ideas??
Where Could I Get A Ta Moko Tatoo?
Can i make a tatto if i have myotonia?
I had gastric bypass 4 weeks ago. is it ok to get a tattoo so soon after surgery?
Where should I tattoo my bf's name?
Would I be at risk for a keloid if I get a tattoo?
Question about my tattoo healing?
How long do i have to wait to go swimming after a tattoo were going on vacation next week?
what can i use to remuv my unwanted hairs in my hands plz tell best way?
Tattoo question about Greywash?
How do I deal with parents / in-laws who are against tattoos?
Y v can't fly by sitting on top of the aeroplane? So v can enjoy the fresh air, then women(Airhostess) company
How do i find tattoo training in england?
what do you honestly think of my tattoo? [pic included]?
tattoo sleeve to symbolize science vs religion?
what u do if u know in party ur zip is open?
Where would be a good place on my body for this tattoo?
Do you have "leftover" hairs when you wax your pits?
I want to get a tattoo on my chest but dont now what to get ?
Dermal anchor above the belly button?
who makes the wax that you put on as a cream and it turns into the strips that u peel off?
Girls, what the HECK?
Best acne cleanser, toner, moisturizer, for sensitive skin?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
tattoo where and what looks nice on women?
Opinion on this thigh tattoo? :)?
Am I crazy for wanting tattoos like these?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
can any one recommend a great self tanner?
Can someone list a few places for a females first tattoo . I'm not one for pain either so less discomforzones ?
What do you think of this tattoo (on a scale of 1-10, 10 = Awesome)?
How much will a Chelsea FC emblem tattoo cost?
Because of my future workout ideas, should I wait to get a tattoo?
Can anyone draw me a tattoo?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Can a baby be tattooed? Will the tattoo get larger when the baby grows up?
What the most popular men's fragrances?
Tattoo Ideas (Lower Back)?
In need of a good tattoo artist in queens NY?
Opinions on this tattoo idea.?
can you get serious ink poison from calligrophy ink?
i would like to give my self a whole makeover does anyone know if there are any websites?
White bumps on my tattoo?
BEST hair removal cream??????
i am a dark skinned ,if anyone can suggest some site for home made natural remedy for fair skin.?
What does a man find attractive in a woman?
what looks good on a fat woman ?
What do you think of cartoon tattoos?
I Would /like to have a tatoo done, But My question is do they hurt? and where is the best place to have one?
i would like to see the picture of katie prices tatoos?
for those of you out there that got the supernatural anti posetion tattoo about how much did it cost?
how do you lighten dark skin on the elbows?
Tattoo going up your back?!?
Friday the 13 tattoo special bay area?
Lip Piercing Questions...?
I have overcome my anxiety and I want to represent that with a tattoo. It would be on my back.?
if i used the facial peel product then do i still have to used a exfoliator?
Is it possible to tattoo over a scar?
home Tattoo help!!!!!!!!!?
a tatoo on my pec of my girlfriends name nice or tacky?????
Does it Hurt to get ur belly butten peirced and should i do it?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on very firm A cup breasts?
How much will this tattoo cost roughly?
What can I use to prevent bumping when shaving my bikini area?
Why did you get your Tattoo?
Can I have a bath if I don't submerge my tattoo?
What do you guys think of this tattoo?
Do you think this is a stupid idea for a tattoo?
i need ideas for my tulip tattoo?
Is it a bad idea to get a foot tattoo in the winter?
basketball tattoos?!?!?
Important Tatoo Question?
do you have a tattoo?
Girls: help me..?
Tattoo idea. Thoughts?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Do you have to be 18 to have a tattoo? Or can you be 16 with a adult?
Help finding the right girl (my tattoo)?
Who is the best tattoo artist in north san diego county?
. . . . . Dogtag tattoo . . . . . .?
Is alieve or ibuprofin okay to take before getting a tattoo?
If keloids run in your family,but your a fan of piercings would you get the tragus ?
do you have any tattoos..................????????????
Is this normal with a tattoo?
Lower back tattoos: yay or nay?
I need help with tattoo ideas?
Will I get a 6 pack in 2 months?
I want my teeth a little more white... What household items can I use?!?
hair removal....?
How many of you have a tattoo?
Do you think that blue flames tattooed around my ankle is a good idea or is it cheesy? What do you think?
how long and how painful?
Good tattoo for teenaged girl?
how many tattoos do you have and what are they of?
Where can you get tattoo ink ? ?
Tattos cost me my future? and how painful?
Are Tattoos bad for your health?
where should i get my tatto?
What's a meaningful quote?
help i need advice!?
lookin for a new piercing?
I really need help withthis one!!?
Does getting a tattoo hurt THAT much....?
Tattoo mispelt only noticed after three weeks?
Tell me about your tattoos!?
My black/gray tattoo is all black...i'm in need of some advise!?
im 13 and i have lots of pimples how do i get rid of them!! i am not rich so i dont hve money to buy medicene
How to remove hair off testicles?
What is hoodie piercing?
Opinions on a tattoo?
What is a good tattoo idea that represents the beach and ocean?
will a ring tattoo last longer or shorter if i wear my ring over it about half the time?
Artistic tattoo artists in NYC?
How much should a tattoo cost?
would you ever tattoo your face?
Saran wrap over tattoo for 5 days?
Irritated, red, and itchy tattoo with bubbles/bumps?
i am a female who weighs 117, brown hair w/ blonde highlights 5"2 and am 13 years old, do you think i'm hot?
Getting a tatto removed?
Do you think tattoos are addicting?
Got a tattoo today & dont like it. How long do I have to wait till I can get it improved by another tatooist?
How long does it take you to have a shower or bath?
Little small lumps on tattoo, is it infected?
does any one know what product is good for spots?
how would you react if you woke up in the morning and suddenly as if by magic all your tattoos had GONE?
Hot or cold shower/bath?
Have any of you ever regretted your tattoos?
I'm 30 & I get horrible acne on my lower face, neck & back unless I tan? Why & What can I do?
What tattoo ink has latex in it ?
My tattoo is pealing ...when i wash it am i supposed to wash off the the peeled skin???
Why do boobies have to be stored in booby cups?
I need help deciding what tattoo I should get on my foot?
Is it very painful to get your nipples pierced?
good tattoo quotes related to, faith, strength or rising above something?
What color pubic hair do red heads have, preferably answers from actual redheads?
i wanna tattoo on my shoulder blade a small size solar system , what do you think?nice or too weird?
body piecing?
Covering up a brand new tattoo?
Im 15, and I am trying to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
I live in libertyville illinois and looking to get a tattoo heard private ink is a good tattoo shop... true? ?
I just got a new tatoo and with it i bought a ccan of tatoo goo but have no idea of how to open it?
Tatoo or No Tatoo?
What tanning lotion gets you dark the fastest?
Armband tattoo ideas?
Help on my tattoo sleeve need ideas on japanese style.?
How do I get rid of black spots on my knees?
Tattoo ideas?
How much does tatoo removal cost?
What is the BEST Anti-Aging/Firming Cream/Lotion/Serum on the market? Something that REALLY works!?
Do you think that visible tattoos are classy or trashy?
tattoo removal help?!?
What is a good product to remove the hair down there. I dont really like the brazilian wax idea?
Is a lower back tattoo considered a tramp stamp?
Dose any tell me where is the best, good tattoo place in Irving or Dallas, tx?
What do you think of Rhonda Allison skin products?
i got a henna tattoo kit and there's no mordant...?
I'm looking for designs for a new tattoo?
Is it Possible to Be too skinny for a tattoo?
How can i prevent bleeding?!?
Questions about tattoos?
Any off the wall solutions for bad acne?
I need some fresh ideas for my tattoo quote!?
Getting a new tattoo where do I get it?
are tattoos on girls sexy ?
POLL: Am I better than you because my mother has a heart tattoo that reads, "SON".?
How much do tattoos hurt?
i am sixteen and i am thinking of getting a tattoo, is it worth it?
What should I get as my tattoo?
What is your fav soap or bodywash?
HELP!!! every person i know calls me...?
what do girls think about men who have monthly facials?
what would be a good idea for a tattoo on the ribs?
I know all tattoos hurt, but what places hurt the most?
i wanna get a tattoo...?
anyone got any good tips for home waxing?
How long should I wait to get this peacock side piece tattoo finished? (PICS)?
How do i get my 11 yr old daughter to quit biting her nails?
I'm interested in getting tribal tattoo down my arm. Will muscle growth effect the shape?
Tattoo: my last name is Reich and of German descent need help!?
Question about hiding my tattoos?
Florida Keys flowers...? memoribilas...?
I have my prom on April 27th and i dont know wich color to pick for my dress.?
Oil of Olay - used to have different names in different countries. Why?
Advice on my new tattoo?
where do you get rose water?
How do you get rid of acne scars without using proactiv or other medication?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in south carolina with parental consent?
Is a microdermal piercing on your wrist worth it? It looks EXTREMELY painful =/?
How do you bind breasts for fitting a dress?
how do i kill black heads on my face?
do you think i should get a lip piercing or an eyebrow piercing?
Tattoos of London landmarks?
scroll tattoo idea adding dates as i go?
Chest tattoo? (above the breasts)?
How was your first tattoo experience?
What's the easiest and quickest way of getting rid of pimples?
UK folks with star tattoos...?
is it possible to get TOO tan?
Will a lip peircing hurt?
whats the best characteritic of a man to consider?
Does the Tattoo artist strap your arm down when giving you a tattoo?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
Beauty lies in............????
What site has a tattoo of a bear with a gun with the letters FTW on blocks?
what would you add to this tattoo?
tattoo questions...?
why do people get tattoos?!?
What can I use as a dispenser for body powder?
DO GUYS THINK THIS IS SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
15 and wanting meaningful tattoo. Help!?
Is there any pill or cream ot make my breast bigger??To make estrogen faster?
who did kiedis' tattoos? (other than henky penky?)?
Can i still get a tattoo like this? answer plz asap!?
How can I make my boobs look smaller( without a breast reduction)?
Will color tattoos show on my skin ?
how do i get rid of acne scars??
Can your face get stuck in 1 position?
Reviews on Neha and Dulhan Henna powder?
Has anyone used a product called Stencil It for making tattoo stencils and if so, did you like it ?
Im 14 and really small and petite and i wear a 34 B is that to big for my age?
how long and how much would this tattoo be?
Would a small (1in) heart tattoo on my wrist affect my employment?
I want to get a tatoo but I dont know what I want?
What do you think of the cost for this tattoo?
is being 14 too young for a tattoo?
Why in the morning is your breath so horrible?
Does it give the wrong signal to have a tatoo on ur lower back?
Which tattoo do you prefer? [Pics]
tattoo decision?
New tattoo? What cream do I use ?
> I wasn't born with vitiligo. If it's not infectious,?
who's more sexy Hilary duff or either of the olsen twins?
If you could get a tattoo right at this moment...?
how much would a belly Button piercing and a tattoo cost?
Temporary tattoo suggestions?
Q. for people with visible tattoos... whats ur occupation?
Would you have a tattoo on your eyelids or the inside of your lip? What about a snake coming out of your ear ?
Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
Does anyone no of tattoo shops in England, preferably in the north east that are prepared to tattoo ashes?
what is the best home made sugar wax recipe for removing body hair?
Which facial is the best for normal/normal to oily skin and what should be the intervals for that?
How should I prepair for a tattoo on my shoulder blade?
tattoo questions...?
Who is this male model? Tumblr, tattooed, watch.?
what is survivermans tattoo?
what is the effect of contraceptive pill when taken by a men?
how much do you think cheryl coles thigh tatoo was ?
do tattoos behind your ear hurt?
Does anyone know of any tattoo shield designs?
Opinions on a tattoo?
Should i be worried that my 18 yr old daughter just got a lower back tattoo?
what should I look for with a new lip tattoo, should I be worried?
Plastic Surgery?
Chicks with tons of tattoos: Hot or NOT?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Tattoo In CA.?
If you had to lose one body part what would it be?
would this make a cool tattoo design?
Anyone had an herbal body wrap?
why do boy ask girl out?
What should I do to get rid of my acne on my forehead and nose?
I am a 26 year old man with really dry skin, what helps?
How much do Tattoos HURT?
how long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Looking for Tattoo artist in Glasgow using Vegan based ink.?
How to find great tattoo artists?
Which tattoo should I get out of these two choices?
How long should I wait to swim after getting a half sleeve tattoo?
Still having pain in tattoo and up the leg 17 months after Tattoo?
To take a shower or not. Should I take a shower at least once a day?
how to make energetic,fair looking and happy?
Why are guys not interested in big girls?
What are the fashionable tattoos these days (please read the details)?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
TATTOO LOVERS: tell me what you think!! =)?
Can black tattoo ink cover up warm colors (red, yellow, orange)?
Wrist Tattoo :Questions?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
what you think of this tattoo ?
What hurts more a tattoo or a tongue piercing?"?
Henna tattoo removal!!?
Opinions/design help for my second tattoo?!?!?
Help with a tattoo idea!?
How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Eyebrows Tattooed?
how can i get agood friend?
Males / females out there in the world, would you consider this a "girly" tattoo?
what should i do 2 get a better tan?
Garlic breath cures!!!?
Do You Approve Of Tattoos?
Women, do you wear clothes to make men notice you butt?
can you put glow in the dark ink on top of black ink?
Tattoo prices in Washington US?
best friend tattoo ideas?
Heavily tattooed girls! Yes or no?
What is the best way to have a flat tummy? Any good excercises?
will getting this tattoo strongly affect me getting a job?
I am a 26 year old man with really dry skin, what helps?
dry skin, what moisturizer?
im about to turn 18 and thinking about getting a tattoo?
Tattoo artists? Apprentices? Anyone with experience, help?
whats the age for getting a tattoo?
i got one question about tattoos?
How can I stop abscesses from forming on my skin??
I am very upset for my pimples in my face i have done so many treatment but i am not relief from pimples?
Is tattoo ink better now then it was in the early 20th century?
need help on tattoo idea? 10 points?
New Tattoo? When should I get it done?
I've never waxed my legs before always shaved them?
i can't wear backless blouses - it'll only reveal my unsightly pimples there! help me!?
What is the maximum resolution for a tattoo?
what is the suitable products for skin with pimples?
How to convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
how u think freckles are sexy ?
Does anyone know the name of this font of this tattoo?
Ideas needed for a tattoo...?
How do i minimize the look of pores on my face?
Monroe piercing question?
Can you get a liver transplant if you have a tattoo?
Which Should I get?..?
Uneven ear piercings....stretching?
I want to make my script more creative for my tattoo?
How much would it cost to get ths tatto and should i get it on my shoulder?
I personally don't care much for tattoos but I had to get one anyway.?
Irritated nose piercing - pic included ?
i want my first tattoo soon of the date 11.11.11 in roman numerals, where on the body would be best?
I would like to know which are the rules to tip in hair salon/spa if the owner is who take cares of you?
If you're African American and you tan does it go away? And is there any way to prevent it?
Should I get a tattoo?
I have acne scars on my back, what is the best way to get rid of them.?
Do you have to have a Tattoo license to be a Tattoo artist?
Friends want to get a tattoo together?
Girls only?
is farting contagious?
what is a tasteful amount of tattoos for a woman to have?
What do you think of girls with tattoos?
which saying is better for a boob tattoo?
how much would it cost to get a pimple or mole removed from your face i need docters opinion please help me?
i want to get a tatoo?
Meaningful tattoo phrase ideas? (Pictures included)?
I have a passion for writing and I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder/chest reflecting that passion.Any ideas?
what tattoo should i get?
what cheap and healthy tips can I do to maintain my beauty?
Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?
I got a tattoo on my love handles?
Do you like this tattoo?
I have a full sleeve Tattoo!?
Would like to know average price of this tattoo?
Can someone translate a phrase for a tattoo for me into Farsi?
If iHave flabby But skinny Arms Should iWork out a little before iGet a Tattoo ?
Piercings what's the difference between?
what dou think about these tattoo ideas?
wizard tattoo ink?
First time tattoo ideas?
Tragus piercing, shrinking?
Is this tattoo idea really that awful?
Where is your birthmark at?
ok.....urine therapy? wtf?!?
where are any tattoo artist schools in bronx new york?
Help with deciding on a tattoo?
Why are people so nieve about tattoos?
Have any of you use wrecking balm?
What's the best lotion you've ever used?
Im going to manga expo as zero & i dont want to keep having to re touch his tattoo?
what should I use to cover my new tattoo?
Can you get an apprenticeship to be a tattoo artist while in university?? ?
matching tatoos!!!! help?
airbrush tattos????
Can i go swimming with my new tattoo?
can you get a tattoo over pimples?
what are the top 10 rated self tanning lotions?
i shave ma legs & ders a lot of spots (ya'll knoe wat im talkin about) wat should i do 2 make it go away??
Thoughts on this tattoo idea?
I have my kids names on each side of my left ring finger. i want them to last as long as possi?
Does this sound like a cool tatoo?
brand new tattoo fading?
how many pierceings do you have?
Would you like your Nail Technician to come to you ....?
how do i keep my new manicure fresh?
Beanstalk tattoo design?
Has anyone had a Brazilian waxing before? Does it hurt?
Getting my first tattoo?
i need a quote to go with a sparrow tattoo?
dont tread on me tattoo?
Can i get tattooed over scar tissue?
How much would this tattoo cost?
why do people hate on others that have tattoos?
What age did you get your period? (Girls Only)?
Which tattoo should i get ?
What is the best face moisturizer you' ve discovered.?
My six months old tattoo is "rising" from my skin.?
i want to get a ying yang tattoo with blue as one color what should the other color be?
I need a good idea for a tattoo, and suggestions?
How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?
im 16 and i want a tattoo????????
!!comment and rate this tattoo!!?
how do i get lighter skin?
I am looking for a location near me that does body wraps with excellant results, I live near South Bend, IN?
What is a good medication, solution, or cleanser for black heads?
I need Help on my Face?
I want to get a tattoo of the quote "Everything Happens for a Reason" !?
What is the best skincare product that you have used?
I have and uneven skin. Black marks around the mouth liness especially on windy days. What should I use?
getting a tattoo to remind me of my sister. ideas please?
do tattoos hurt....................................…
I have extremely dry skin on my feet and elbows. What products would you recommend?
Tattoo yesterday.. I may have taken bandage off too soon?
can you get rid of strectch marks?
Would you rather date somebody from.... (interesting survey)?
tattoo question? would this be a "tramp stamp"?
How much do sleeve tattoos affect proffessional jobs?
Im thinking about getting a tattoo .. but im not quite sure about the pain .. does it hurt bad??? ?
I need help with tattoo ideas.?
Some reviews on Biotherm Aquasource line?
would this woodstock tattoo look cool? idk where to put it though, where would you?
How to make your own temporary tattoo ?
Do you think I broke my arm?
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow!! Will it hurt bad?
Guys, does it matter where a tattoo is on a girl? Is having one on the arm the same as the leg?
Do girls prefer dudes with or without tattoos?
Should a child under 18 pierce his body and get a tattoo?
Thinking about getting a Tattoo?
Back of Shoulder Tattoo Pain?
Where should i get my tattoo?
Is getting a tattoo worse than getting blood taken?
tattoo ideas? "something about going through you dads toolbox"?
Does getting your cartilage piercing at a tattoo parlor with a needle hurt?
im planning to get my fist tattoo on my lower back?
Idea's for three sister tattoos?
Burn Survivor/Family Strength Tattoo help!?
my new tattoo is started to peel?
What tattoo should I get above my privates?
Question on Breast loss.. lol ..???
I want to get my mom and dad's name tattooed on me where should i get it on me?
were can i find a belly buton peircing kit and how old do i have to be?
Can anyone tell me the best way to treat acne?
Anyone know how to get the professional acyrlic nails off without ruining real nails (at home)?
I've just had a tattoo done how long does it hurt for?
red bumps around 9 day old tattoo?
Do you have any tatoos?
how much would this tattoo roughly cost?
what is the best way to remove stretch marks?
How old do you have to be to pierce your Septum?
California Tan "Sizzling Butter Mousse", do they still make that?
Is there a measure to define a perfect smile?
Urgent strange tattoo question?
Tattoo artists in Cincinnati
What's the best electric razor?
Will My Tattoo Be Healed In Time Or Will It Get Infected?
how do i get rid of a real tan fast?
Will my avatar be reported abuse and removed?
why is my tattoo sore?
Could this be symptoms of an STD?
tattoo under a foot?
Irezumi Koi/Carp Tattoo - Colours? ?
Overall, how long do you think a 7x7 tattoo would take?
Need tattoo help! please!?
Anyone got cool rock lyric tattoo ideas? ?
Can I use scar removing/smoothing cream over a tattoo?
I had a tattoo on saturday its now wednesday and i have been using vaseline?
Is there any sunless tanning lotions that don't have a bad smell to them?
Chicago Tattoo Removal Recommendations?
I just found out about my girlfriend's tattoo. What should I do? I hate tattoos!?
what should i bring with me when i get a tattoo?
Monroe question? Please answer?
Good Tattoo artists for Celtic Knotwork in the Baldwinsville/Syracuse Area?
Do cold showers actually help your complexion and reduce wrinkles when you are older?
where can i find pictures for a fairy tattoo?
Your opinions on Driv3r:?
What's a tattoo image that could resemble memories?
anyone know of a legit translation website?
Any opinions on Lucille Roberts Health Club in New York, NY?
In loving memory tattoo of my dad!! Shoud I get it?
im a 16 y/o girl going to get a tattoo on monday, i want a tramp stamp but dont know of what, any suggeations?
what hurts more the outlining of a tattoo or the coloring in?
How do I convince my parents that a tattoo would be okay?
Can blood be used as tattoo ink?
Where can a 13 soon to be 14 year old girl get a tattoo in Ontario Canada?
Engagement ring tattoos...anyone have this?
Guys only????????????
alpha and omega tattoo?
do tattoos really get in the way of getting a job?
wats the best way to get rid of zits?
would a big red rose cover this tattoo?
Does anyone have a good idea for a modern life is war tattoo?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
why do I still get spots?
where does a 21yo m find tattoo girls?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
Tattoo idea? What do you think?
Does it hurt getting your palms tattooed?
Does it hurt to have your ears pierced?
How to prevent wrinkles?
Back tattoo too small?
Would white tattoo ink cover over black tattoo ink?
why do women get tattoos?
Tattoo design Suggestions?
where would you put this tattoo?
Which is better to get pierced, the tongue or the belly button?
What are some matching tattoo ideas ?
I was wondering where is a good place to get a tattoo in Tampa, Florida or the surrounding cities?
would you get a full back tattoo?
I wanna get something pirced but I dont know what?
Why did you get your first tattoo?
Do you think plus size grls are unattractive?
Lotion on my tattoo....?
Tattoo Ideas?
How do i pierce my belly button on my own?
how much would it hurt to get a mole removed from your nose and head and maybe your neck?
Do tattoos really hurt? HELP!!!!?
Tat idea: good or bad?
How much would this tattoo cost me? (PICTURE)?
get a belly ring...or not?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Does anyone know how to prevent breakouts after waxing?
I have acne how can I get rid of it?
WHat is a good way 2 perswade my parents intoletting me gat a tattoo im 16 ?
New Tattoo help?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
What is the best weight lost system with the least amount of excercise required due to lack of time?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How can we remove the warts that you cannot feel the pain?
if i get a tattoo behing my ear will it effect me wanting to become a dentist or a pediatric?
A tattoo of wings on your back? hot or not?
Would you be willing to have a corporate logo tatoo'd on your body?
If u could get a tatoo what and where would it b??
If you were going to get words tattooed on your body what would you get?
I m thinking about getting a tattoo done your suggestions please ?
Help me with my lip pierceing?
i want to get a tatto. of a paw on my right inside wrist. does it hurt. ? will it look good?
Tatoo Shops Or Tatoo Artists Alike .?
is putting SEMEN on the face good?
Why did Tribaldelic Tattoo in Ut close?
how can i get my hips o grow bigger?
Beauty lies in............????
What do you think about tattoos?
Finger tattoo........?
Is TCA cream or laser surgery cheaper to remove a knuckle tattoo?
Where should I get tattooed?
Where can I find pictures of cool tattoos?
Where can I buy real Rose Water around Chicago?
Can I get a TATOO on my UNDERARM?.........?
Did Frank Sinatra have any tattoos? If so what were they?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
Temporary tattoo suggestions?
does my tattoo get "sun poisoning"?
Which is in absolute the most common tattoo and where is it done ?
Impossible Ad's..........Should they be banned?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Headphones tattoo?? (pictures please!)?
Im 13 I weigh 119 and im 5"4 is that normal?
Help with my first tattoo :)?
how do i protect my new tattoo while playing a sport?
Help with placement of tattoo to honour my grandfather? (Easy 10 points)?
Apprentice portfolio?
Are all colors of UV ink clear without a blacklight? ?
Which one of these quotes do you think is best for a tattoo?
Would this be a good tattoo?
what can be added to liquid castille soap to make it thicker?
Who has the coolest tattoo?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
What brand of deodrant would jesus prefer?
how to destroy foot warts?
worrying pain on tattoo?
what is a great smelling "perfume" for a guy?
How much would you estimate a tattoo like this would cost?
Aside from getting drunk, what can I do to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo before I get to the shop?
what is the price range for a submental lipectomy?
Tattoo suggestions? ?
Which would look better as a tattoo on my wrist?
If you shave hair off your abs, face, or whatever does it grow back thicker?
where should i get this tattoo?
How to get rid from acnes????
Can my boyfriends grandma becone my gaurdian?
what do you think about ladies with halfsleeves?
Snakebites (lip piercings)?
weird bubbles on ear?
Does anyone know a good site for tattoo ideas?
would it be wierd for a guy to get a hibiscus tattoo around his belly button?
Any half sleeve tattoo ideas?
Anyone have tattoo on their palm? Please help?
Why does wearing underpants make us feel more comfortable?
What do you think of this tattoo (pics)?
how to lose a 2 kg spare tyre around waist in 4 days!!!?
I have a Tattoo Question?
I took out my nose ring to change it and I can't get it back in?
Want another tattoo ?
Nose Piercing, aftercare??? HELP.?
Anyone else in this world have acne problems? Tell us your solutions and methods...products? habits?
WHAT do YOU THINK OF B!RTHM@RKS and beauty Marks?
Clubbing after tattoo?
Would you kindly tell me where this tattoo would best suit me?
any info for my manicure/pedicure assighnment.?
I want to have three tears tattooed on my face?
tree of life half sleeve tattoo is that emo?
Is anybody out there Petite also?
do tattoo's hurt?
Is the lower back butterfly tattoo the stupidest tattoo a girl can get?
would this make a good tattoo?
Serious question requesting serious responses about getting a tattoo?
is sunscreen bad?
cosmetic solutions for under-eye circles?
Can you give yourself a tattoo this way?
I was wondering if there are any places in nc that airbrush over tattoos?
17 and want tattoo? Where in Edinburgh area does it or near?
Hey Guys..I am getting a lot of scars due to my do i get rid of them?
Should my tattoo be peeling and fading after a week..?
Were can I get a UV(glow in the dark) tattoo in North Carolina?
your opinion on a tattoo design?
What is the best lotion to use on a tattoo?
My tattoo machine is not breaking contact, what could be the problem?
Can someone tell me how much they think both of these would cost if i got them on my calves?
what ink can you buy from any store to give yourself a tattoo?
does your stomach hurt when you develop your period? and does the blood on your pad stink?
Where can you get numbing cream for piercings?(nape piercing)?
I want to get rid of my two week old tattoo, is laser my only real option?
Is anyone willing to help draw a tattoo out for me?
When using disposable tattoo tips.would a person have to sterilize and clean the tube?
what is whitening mask and how does it remove acne scars?
anything suggested for sexy legs?
How come everyone likes to diss getting ....?
How can I add height to a new massage table I have just bought?
are you considered fat if youre 5'3 and 125ibs?
womens facial hair problem! Embarrassing question...?
Who tried "Breast Gain Plus"?
will my tattoo stay a secret ?
How much would a tattoo parlor charge for a SPOT?
Is it weird to get a tattoo of the national symbol of a country you have no connection to besides...?
Which company has the best products for acne??
My next tattoo! what do you think?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
how do i make my tattoo stop itching?
What is toner for men?
who is the sexiest actress?
Samurai Champloo Fans!?
Can somebody design me a tattoo?
Does ham make your butt grow?
Query about tattoos, please read for more information thank you :)?
where do athletes in the olympics get the cool temporary cheek flag tattoos?
How many hours does it roughly take for a half sleeve tattoo?
how do people make themselves look unattractive when they have low self esteem?
My sim has a tattoo and I have a question about it.?
What do you think of this tattoo? Will I regret this...?
Why Does My Healed Tattoo Sometimes Burn & Become Swollen?
Dermal piercing in Melbourne?
I personally find it odd..?
will a tattoo artist cover this?
Who makes the best facial cleansing products?
My husband has a ingrown hair on his face from shaving, how do you get rid of it?
How do I tell if I have acne scars?
Someone want to design a tattoo for me?
Military Memorial Tattoo Ideas?
I want a new tattoo but i'm not sure what to get.?
i have such a hairy body how can i get rid of it..i dnt wanna shave it.i want it to go away forever?
is sex is important in life ?
Is 2 weeks long enough to wait before swimming after getting a tattoo?
Is it necessary to use ointment after tattoo?
Pierced my septum. What now?
Does a tattoo hurt? (read description)?
i have dark circles arpund my neck what can i do? I need something with a natural remedy?
Is it feminine to get a tattoo on your wrist when your a dude?
Are there any SUPER creative people interested in helping me with a tattoo idea?!?
When/What should I pay for my tattoo?
Meaning of this Celtic tattoo design?
Which tattoo do you like better?
Travie McCoy Feat T-Pain - Ms. Tattoo Girl?
Dermal anchor piercings WHERE?????????
Poll: Best tattoo shop in California?
How can you get rid of ugly dark circles from your underarms?
I've always wanted to ask Marilyn a question since she appeared in Playboy - can I have your telephone number?
Can you get your lip pierced with a horseshoe ring?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo?
How did YOU decide on your tattoo?
Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?
A half sleeve or chest?
Has anyone ever had a tummy tuck or lipo?
How can remove the blackmarks under eyes?
what are the tattoos.?
can m a s t u r b a t i o n cause Acne?
New Jersey Tattoo Age?
Collar bone area tattoos?
What picture is your tattoo(s) of?
Will getting a tattoo make me less or more attractive to women?
How do I get pale skin? Besides avoiding the sun....I already do that =/?
to tattoo or not to tattoo?
Is having a bird tattoo really that cliché?
How old do you have to be to pierce your Septum?
Possible Tattoo Pricing?
tattoo question?! what do you think?
Tattoos on a female or not? and what if she smokes? ewwl?
is there a such thing as too thick?
do u have a tatoo?were?WHY?dose it mean any thing?
how do you get rid of adult acne?
What tattoo could represent me?
British, celtic tattoo help!?
just got 3 shots how long do i have to wait before its safe to get my tattoo?
My husband and I want to get a matching tattoo based on a couple myths but...?
Would a kiss (lip mark) tattoo be gay on a boy?
Do all these skin care products really work? Do they not instead harm the skin with all those chemicals?
What piercing will suit me? pic included! EASY QUESTION!?
Collagen injections at 30? Good idea or not?
I'm getting a foot tattoo on saturday... any advice?
do you think tattoos on women are tarty?
Sailor Jerry styled tattoo idea?
I am a short man. 154 pounds. I am 31 years old. About 5'8". Is being short a disadvantage?
What are some good websites to look at for tribal tattoos?
Can you give me some skin tips????,so I can have glowing skin.... Thanks !!!?
has anyone used this when getting a tattoo?
i think that i look so fat i cant get over ot at all i am only 12 what can i do.?
Could someone please tell me the best product out there for dealing with acne and scars?
Opinions on upper arm & foot tattoos on women?
Will one tattoo on my forearm interfere with my new job?
how do i loose a lot of weight in a week. i want to appear slimmer.?
Which is better tattoo on the side of your hand or wrist?
Me and my girlfriend want matching tattoos, what should we get?
do you think i will look good with a nose piercing (pic included)?
how offten should i replace my sunsreen?
want to get a tattoo. any ideas?
Should I keep my tattoo covered?
Where should I get my tattoo?
I burn through the highest sun block any help?
i think my tattoo is it the problem of the ink?
Ideas for my tattoo... Japanese Sayings.?
Where can I buy fake/temporary tattoos from? Such as the one on Prison Break, it was easily removable.?
Can someone give me a tattoo price for these 2 tattoos?
Tattoo of Gun n Roses?
Does it hurt to get a wristband tattoo around your wrist?
Im looking for rose vine armband tattoo pic?
GIRLS - What would you do if your boyfriend didn't want you to get a tattoo?
is there anyway it get rid of freckles?
Piercing and Hair colour.?
Do local doctors do tattoo removal?
Need advice on my tattoo ideas?
What can I do to get rid of after shaving bumps in my bikin area?
Tattoo for my girlfriend?
i need to know what the design is inside of the star tattoo on fearne cottons ankle....?
why do *** tattoos fade?
Does Anyone know the designer of Angelina jolie's hand tattoo in the movie wanted? ?
First time Tattoo.. HaLP.....?
are you addicted to piercings??
Tattoo help pleaseeee?
hello!!!!! plz read girlz only k?
What tattoos do you girls have?
Tatto for first day of school?
How much would this tattoo cost to get? Around about?
Tattoos in the work place, is this okay?
Which beauty expo around the world is worth going to?
where is a good place in Pittsburgh to get a body piercing specifically gauging?
Where should I get my Blink-182 tattoo?
why do we have fingernails and toenails???????/?
do you have any tatoo ideas?
Information on tartan tattoos?
where would you put this tattoo?
stretch marks?
how much does it cost to get a tattoo and piercing?
what is the best anti aging regime you have used?
I've had this bump on my nose for over 4 years! I don't know what is, what do you think?
Would two completely different tattoos match on my back?
Tattoo design- text to symbol?
What do you think of having the verse of Luke 6:35 as a tattoo?
I am considering getting myself tattooed like Scoefield from Prison Break do you think this is a cool idea?
sunscreen how does it work exactly?
how do i get a good tan on holiday?
Mexican Revolution art for a tattoo?
What are some cute tattoo ideas?
Is my tattoo supposed to look like this (pic included)?
For tattoo artists only?
Guelph Ontario, Canada, Tattoo help! How old?
How painful are rib tattoos?
Do you put lotion on your face before bed or only in the morning?
I'm 14yrs old and 5'4 and my weight is 124 lbs,do u think I'm fat?????what can i do 2 lose my weight?
How could i get this tattoo without it being too long?
Does this count as 8 glasses of water per day?
Would you rather have freckles or acne? Why?
Samll lips and small breasts?
I need help with some Harry Potter Tattoo ideas.?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Opinions on a lyric tattoo?
I use dove soap which contains 1/4 moisturising cream after bathing should i wipe my body with a towel?
how to get rid of facial thick black hair on girls face?
Grandma tattoo ideas anyone?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
help with tattoo ideas?
Does scrubbing down a tattoo with soap make it heal faster? depending on the type a soap?
Adoption Tattoos for males?
I want to get a tattoo on my wrist or forearm representing me and 2 siblings?
Does using stencils save you money and if so about how much?
STILL Bleeding Tattoo?
best tattoo cover up?
haha who believes this story?
real world cancun. jonna's tattoos n peircing anyone know where i can see pics of them. heard they were crazy.?
if you would like to have a tattoo...what would it be ?
how to remove black circles around the eyes using ayurvedic treatments..or natural treatments?
why do your teeth fall out when you get old?
Are rib tattoo's really as painful as people say?
Tattoo Addiction!?
First tattoo ideas for girls?
should i get this tattoo? be honest?
How do you gain weight?
How can I make my breast firm?
i need help with a rib cage/side tattoo for a girl.?
What is the name of the tattoo Brad Pitt has in Oceans Twelve?
paper towel stuck on tattoo ? what do i do?
Should I Change for a Boy???
Looking for good tattoo ideas pleaseee:)?
How much would my tattoo cost?
what's the best way to remove zits?
Underage Tattoo?
What are your opinions on tattoos and piercings?
my face is really bumpy and red how can i help it? so i look really pretty?
Cool tattoo ideas for Nihilists?
scabbing new tattoo question?
How to prevent wrinkles?