How do i become fat? I`m 18 and i weigh only 42kg...?
How bad did your tattoo over your heart hurt?
whats ur favourite shape?
How do I remove a new tattoo?
how can i grow my breast size without the pills creams and surgery?
About how much is the procedure for TUBA (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation)?
First Tattoo: Any tips on calming my nerves?
Can most Tattoo artists do Arabic phrases?
i have hiper pigmentation around my lips and a back line between my lower lip and chin doctor told me its?
Can 14year old get tattoo?
How can I prevent (read deatil)?
Can I use Higgins black waterproof ink to fill in a tattoo?
How small can I get this tattoo?
Where can i get a henna tattoo done?
Tribal Tattoo HELP!!!?
i have an army of leg and upper arm zits. why are they there and how do i get rid of them?
3 or 4 word quotes for music tattoo?
someone tell me a price for these two tats?
tomb raider games are the best .. how many have you completed?
How much should you tip a tattoo artist? ?
Poll for people with tattoos!!!?
Emu OIL or gel caps for ear stretching?
what are some good quotes for a chest tattoo?
Domino Neck tattoo... looking for pictures????
How much do you think this tattoo would cost? (UK)?
tattoo aftercare confusion?
Does a laser q-switch tattoo removal from ebay work?
Ryan Sheckler tattoo pic ?
Tatoo on tan skin......................?
can a grey tattoo be covered up by black ink?
I want to get a tattoo. Which is the spot on the body that doesn't stretch, etc the least?
Do some girls really tattoo their eyebrows on?
do you think this a dumb tattoo idea?
Good area for your first tattoo?
guys, how do you feel when girls have their lip pierced?
question about UV tattoo ink?
which tattoo to get? HELP PLEASE!!!?
Do you think this would be a good idea for a tattoo?
help give me tattoo ideas?
what type of tattoo's best suit dark brown skin?
why do so many people get japanese themed half sleeves?
hey question about tattoo's??
Any good quotes for a tattoo?
How to get anxiety about getting a tattoo. Any suggestions on way to over come it?
What do you think of piercings?
can you put mupirocin ointment usp, 2% on a tattoo?
matching tattoos? good idea?
Oh my god!?
After Tattoo question?
How much does a tattoo hurt on the wrist? (When the palm is facing up)?
Will 10mm (00g) shrink back to normal if needed?
can acrylic nails be applied without drilling the nail bed?
is more attractive, without make up, skin with few blemishes or absolutly none. both with nice complexion?
how many tattoos is too much on girls?
Does any one else agree Tattoo's are addictive?
Will a tattoo warp if I loose 30lbs after I get it?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How do I pop a pinple from my face?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
I would like to get a bible scripture tattooed on my body with a great meaning, any ideas?
Does anyone know the piercing/tattoo policy as an employee at 24 hour fitness?
What do you think of this ? Would you change anything about it?
Where should I put my tattoo?
where should i get a tattoo?
Help with tattoo ideas?
I'm a guy So I shaved "down there" & now it stings & itches guys help!! What can I do to make it stpo?
How long would it take to get this Tattoo done?
I'm getting a tattoo on my inner thigh, what should i get?
Has anyone tried laser hair removal? Does it work? Does it hurt?
ladys, are you attracted to men with tattoos more or men without tattoos more?
Can i get a tattoo? I'm hesitated about it because "read the details :)"?
wat is LOL?
What is this style of tattoo called?
Which one?
Should you not get tattoos while prego?
My tattoo: How should this be written?
does anyone know of a face cream or something because my face is breaking out really bad . PLEASE HELP ME!?
tattoos and piercing at the work place?
Where can i find ideas for Cyrillic Tattoos?
i need help with getting a tattoo?
do you think i shold let go my boyfriend for a new one?
how do i get rid of those red bmps from shaving?
hey who knows a fast way to get rid of pimples!!?
Models and tatoos ??..?
how much would this tattoo cost?
How would a portrait-style tattoo look on/inside the knee?
Pregnancy.. Piercings and tattoos?
What do you think about people with tattoos?
Home made tattoo ink ?
How much do wrist and finger tattoos hurt?
Is a tattoo painful ,sore , or uncomftoble the day after?
Where is a discrete place to get a DIME-sized tattoo?
acne true or false?
how come blonde girls are the most popular in high school?
Mm stud size for cartilage?
Does anyone know how I could cover up a Tattoo on my forearm?
Is this bad luck?
i hve a lot off dry skin..on my legs ..and it sucks wht do i doo i hve tried everythin...?
has anyone had a tattoo removed?
Cartilage tattoo?
how will yo uplease tell me?
how bad do tattoos hurt? like what do they feel like?
Do you have a tattoo? What is it?
Need ideas on where to place my tattoo?
Tattoo Apprenticeships in Scotland?
How painful is a back tattoo?
What do I do.............?
Tongue Piercing at Mr. B's in Maryland?
I'm getting a tattoo and I need a little advice?
how do u remove your pubic hairs, other then shaving?
can anyone give me cheap recipes for skin and body care if so give them to me plz?
alis volat propriis..."she flies with her own wings" tattoo?
tattoo ideaa's HELPPP?
im getting my first tattoo in june? what do you think? (pics)?
has anyone used proactive makeup?
What tattoo should I get on my ***?
i just got a tattoo in my armpit. and now its swelled, is there a good anti inflamitory out there? ?
how do you get your nipps not to stick out?
How long will this tattoo take?
sparrow tattoos on the back of your ankles..who has a picture of this?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my back...?
Has strivectin sd worked for you?
What do you think about tattoos?
Newly done tattoo (10 Points)?
I am trying to get my mom to let me get my ears pierced for the first time, could someone please tell me. . .?
how can i make my tattoo keep in good colour?
Do you think this tattoo looks good?
Tattoo aftercare advice?
How long dose a tattoo take to heal ?
Why do girls get tattoos on their lower back when they know they will get old one day....?
will a tattoo behindthe ear hurt?
What is the tattoo in the movie "the vow"?
My tattoo is ing and it's really dry, it's been a week since I got it.?
What weight do you think I should be for my height?
what do you think about this tattoo?
Do you consider it ok to wear just a sports bra and shorts when a woman is exercising?
how can i hide a tatoo from my daddy?
Military Memorial Tattoo Ideas?
HELP! Any color suggestions for this tattoo? (pic) And how much it would be?
hockey life quote for tattoo?
i am 16 what to do i feel on the top of the world?
What are some good tattoo ideas for me?
What do you guys think that is the sexiest guy alive....?
im 14 and want to get my belly button peirced?
What is involved in getting a bikini wax?
Tattoo on leg - hair removal?
Why do some people defile,deface & torture their bodies with tattoos and piercings?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Average tattoo like this cost?
How long do i have to put Aquaphor on new tattoo?
Questions about nipple piercings?
how can u remove or make the mole disappear, apart from any surgical procedure, as it is on the face?
do tongue percings hert?
What do you think of this tattoo idea.....?
How do you remove permanent scars from your skin?
anybody know matalans policy on tattoos?
Do you think tattoo parlors would pay for this service?
BodyBuilding While Watching T.V?!?!?
OK ..Honestly,,,what do you think of my tattoo?
Best tattoo artist in West London?
When I want to rebel I get a temporary tattoo?
Im getting a tattoo will it hurt to get on my sholder blade? its not very detailed?
Ladies, which bodypart of the male physique grabs your attention right away?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Do women like guys to whisper how hot they are into their ear at public places?
What do you think about getting my girlfriend's name tattooed on my fingers?
Tattoo Artist Thanks You!?
Do you think the tattoo I want is stupid?
Which tattoo do you think I should get?
who does gilad body in motion or total body sculpt with gila?
If tattoos hurt so badly, any suggestions on how to get through the pain of it?
What reduces redness after brow waxing?
I'm a metal vocalist, looking for tattoo ideas?
What are a few good "earthy" looking fonts for a tattoo?
Any good Greek-themed tattoo ideas?
I would like to get a tattoo on my outer ankle, it's my first one is it a bad place?
I need a good tattoo images website?
Why are Americans obessed with girls sunbathing topless ?
Can i get a tattoo? or not?
Too much lotion on new tattoo or what?
Where can i find a descent picture of Cesc Fabregas' tattoo?
Why do i want one so much?
Does anyone have an effective way to get rid of the appearance of streatchmarks?
What do you think of girls with tattoos?
Why lower back tats have such a bad wrap.?
smelly feet?
do i look real fat????
is this a good way to cover my tattoo in the summer?
Anyone wanna design my tattoo? :]?
How much shea butter can go into soap making?
What's the difference between pimples and acne?
I want a tattoo on my bottom or the side of my bottom, i'm in need of some suggestions of what will look good.?
When using a tanning bed, shoud you leave the lotion on after tanning or is it okay to wash it off?
do you go to hell for tattoos and piercings?
would you find this tattoo disrespectful?
Do girls like piercings on guys?
Guys thoughts on girls with tattoos?
Will a burn ever go away?
any good tattoo artist in Legaspi,Albay or Bicol ?
can you help me find cheryl kilwy?
Did anyone notice how almost every avatar on here is so cute??
Anchor tattoos for soon to be Navy wife. Just a cool tattoo in general. What do you think?
Does somebody have a tattoo idea?
Jacquard Mehndi Henna Kit Instructions?
Tattoo ideas I need help deciding..?
how to get rid of freckles?
Tattoo at 14????!! Need some advice..?
what is the best skin care line?
Who else is tired of being judged for their tats?
what should i do to look whiter?
Getting a large tattoo on my ribcage is there...?
What do you put on your body to keep u refreshing after shower/bath?
If I got a tattoo of a grape, in time when I age will it gradually transform itself into a raisin?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
how do you get rid of acne marks on your cheeks?
women with arms raised: attractive?
New tattoo treatment help?
So how bad of an idea is this.. or is it a good one?
Self tanning creams?
Will I tan if I apply a low SPF?
What are some good short quotes for a tattoo on the side of my foot?
Anyone else have a tramp stamp?
anyone know how much this tattoo might cost roughly?
How can I convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
what is ugly?
My dream is to be a professional peircer and tattoo artist?
should i get a tattoo of a dog on my front shoulder blade?
If you eat cereal all day will lose weight?
Anybody know a homemade remedy to get rid of cellulite or make them look more toned and smooth?
Which tattoo idea should I get?
Small tattoo, 1 week old, feels healed! OK for jacuzzi/steam room?
I need help finding Feminine Cross Tattoos!?
how can yo get a tattoo without a parent signature?
Mom upset about me getting tattoo?
Why are tattoos so addicting?
please help me find a tattoo meaning?
how do i get rid of my acne problem?
Any good ideas of how 2 make this tattoo work?
Pretty Angel Tattoos?
Which of these would be the best message for a tattoo?
11 day old tattoo help?!?
is it okay to put sunscreen on a very new tattoo i just just last nite?
for example..: i have a scars..and it is 5year+old..what can i do to disappear it?
I think somethings wrong with my tat?
If I get a black tattoo and it turns green, can I get it touched up?
Why do guys find tattoos attractive on females?
How do you get rid of canker sores?
Do you think this tattoo looks good?
I want to get my hood pierced, but I cant find anyone to do it. What can I use to do it myself?
Would you get a tattoo from Tattooed Heart Studios?
How much does a tattoo hurt and where does it hurt the most?
Are freckles the "style" now?
Is their any stores or drug store that sell creams for dark areas for your private spots?
Do you think this would be a good tattoo?
Hey there I saw that you had a tattoo of your bf. Do you still have it and are y'all still together?
How much did your tattoo removal cost?
COSPLAY HELP!!!: Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4) Tattoo?
TVXQ / DBSK's Jaejoong's Tattoo?
question for women in oklahoma....?
how much does it cost to tattoo entire body?
is there any homemade remedies for fading freckles, and is it true that lemon fades freckles?
How do i get rid of a pimple quick? or make the redness go down?
DO YOU NEED a APPOintment to get a tattoo?>>>>?
Where would be a good place for a tattoo..?
How long would a basic text tattoo take?
Christian tattoos?
Should i put this lyric as a tattoo on my wrist?
Getting a tattoo.....?
My Close cousin passed away and i wanted to see if this was a good saying to get?
Help with my tattoo please?
do tattoos hurt??
Where could I get this tattoo? Why not on the foot?
i'am curious on the price of a tattoo i want to get?
Does anybody really take a 5 minute shower?
Would I look good with a lip piercing?
where can I find bath and body works deodorant?
how much do tattoo's hurt?
what tattoo should i get?
Anybody know any specific cardio excercises or pilates moves???
I have bad acne?
tattoo question that i need help with?
who's got a tattoo, where and what is it?
Surf tattoo in Brisbane - best place for really good, original artwork?
What is easy way to develop & firm my breast IMMEDIATELY & with out more cost ?
Is it strange to get a tattoo to honour a deceased Grandparent, whom you never got the chance to meet?
My boyfriend doesnt want me to get another tattoo..?
How long will it take to muscle up.... read details?
How do i lose weight in 1 month??
Tanning Question?
I'm thirteen, is there a way for me to get a tattoo without my parents' permission?
Do you like tattoos?
Do you like these tattoos, should I get them, can a 14 year old get one with parents permission?
Can you still get a tan after 5:00pm on the east coast (usa) if it is very sunny?
i have a question??
Anyone with a tattoo?
Why Does Everyone Expect Women to be Thin & "Perfect"? What Kind of Affect Does this Have on You?
My husband and I want to get a matching tattoo based on a couple myths but...?
which part of the body is the most painful for a tattoo?
Which commerical wax is the best one?
qutoes for tattoo ideas!?
Getting a tattoo in India??
What is the name of the design of the tattoo that Dwayne Johnson has?
What you think about getting "The all seeing eye" tattoo on my inner wrist?
Where can I get a tattoo at age sixteen WITH parental consent .?
who is shiina ringo?
why did YOU get a tattoo?
Trying to think of a good sentamental tattoo, need some opinions?
I just recently got a tattoo behind my ear of stars and I dont like it because i think it looks sloopy, help!?
Ladies, are you unattracted to guys with tattoos?
What are all your tattoos and what do they mean to you? ?
Is a&d making my skin break out on my new tattoo?
What was your first tattoo and where is it?
I'm trying to find the name of a product used for tattoo removal.?
should i be a model??
I really like this idea for a tattoo!?
Ways to become a sailor but still have tattoos?
Steampunk tattoo design question.?
what can i do if my gf is too skinny?
You know where I cann buy sun cream with betacarotene. No pils!!! No sel-tanning lotion!!! Thank You!?
what to look for when searching for a tattoo artist?
Koi Tattoo - Help Required to Personalise?
Do you Jasmine Villegas is cute?
Antihistamine on a tattoo?
tatoo's,how bad do they hurt? and cost?
sore tattoo almost two weeks after??? help?
is it a sin or against god to get a tatoo?
How can I learn to apply henna tattoos?
Why do people have to judge others by the way they look? Isn't it supposed to be whats on the inside?
Where can I get my belly button pierced around the dallas area?
Opinion on Tattoo idea/place? Tattoo pain?
My old tattoo is stinging? is there a reason why?
Can i put gauze on my tattoo?...i juss got it done about 3 hours ago?
4-9 verse poem or verse for my sister and best friend, something about them watching over me.?
Not trying to cause offence but have an old photo of my grandafthers tattoo?? I want 2 no what it is?
how long do i have to wait before getting my henna tattoo wet?
how can you close open pores?
Should I get the word "URANUS" tattooed on my forehead?
Where to buy an airbrush tattoo set?
I'm 35 and have only been with 3 men by choice. Always in long relationships. Why are men downing me for that?
Question about ear tunnels- swelling and a lump?
Good tattoo shops in Ohio?
I need outside opinions on tattoo quotes?
Where is a good place for a tattoo you don't want to be seen by most people?
Which tattoo should i get?
i want to have sex with my boyfriend but how.?
Reputable, clean tattoo shops in Milwaukee area?
One of my eyes is green and the other is dark green. Is this hot or weird?
treadmill workout to firm flabby thighs quickly?
my poor naiiiiiiiiiiiiiils?
tattoo regret!!!!!!!!!!! now what?
help on a tattoo idea?
Need help with my tattoo?!!?! PLEASE HELP!?
what should be my first tattoo?
Is it stupid or get your name or your sign tattooed on you...??
How much will my tattoo hurt?
help with a bible verse to get a tattoo of?
Do you like this tattoo?
what is the cheapest tattoo parlor in la?
Tattoo's meaning guidance?
Thoughts on this tattoo idea?
Is it likely that an average/good tattoo artist could replicate this Alex Gray picture?
help pleased?
Websites for symbols or ideas on tattoos.?
i break out in red, dry patches all the time, is there a cream that would be good for that?
is there any really quick way to get rid of a hickey in less than a hour?
I really wanna lose up to 10 lbs in 2 weeks??? is that possible?
really, REALLY upset?
What is a jack rabbit and what does it do?
Is a 2% salicylic wash safe on my tattoo?
my lower lip is pink and my upper lip is dark?
Can you design a Tattoo?
Last question about a tattoo?
What's the funniest tattoo you've seen?
You know any homemade acne treatments that will get read of it?
Help with Tattoos ideas?
Im Planning On Getting My First Tattoo?
Why do ladies ruin their skin with tattoos?
can you tell me the name of this or details?..?
Why are there lumps on my tattoo?
i got a tattoo and now i'm fed up of it!?
Tattoo Idea...........?
Is it reasonable to get a tattoo touched up after several years?
i need to find a tattoo artist in az...?
Questions about tattoos?
Tattoo removal... What should I do?
tattoos easy question .s 5stars?
do you think someone with tatoos is 'hard'?
Tattoo color ideas and suggestions?
tattooists--i have ''spirit'' paper. Is there ANY OTHER kind?
How do you get rid of shine on your face?
Why does my skin get itchy after every time i take a shower?
How much should a 3-4 inch tattoo on my ribs cost?
When can you get Micro-dermals Redone?
bikini area questions..grls answer please?
little help on tattoo design?
hey im going to get a tattoo for my first time and i was wondering how does it feel?
What Kind Of Bikini ??
Non-tacky tattoo ideas to represent my brothers?
25% body fat for a girl?
Should I get a tattoo of Che Guevara?
Would you suggest a tragus or scaffold piercing..?
My foot tattoo is itching like CRAZY!!!?
What is the best brand of sexual lubercation?
Why do people get piercings?
how can i lose 135 lbs quickly without surgery?
anyone know a good way to remove/lighten sunless tanning sprays..?
Is my tattoo crooked?
Tattoo on my wrist?!?!?
may i please get info on how to be AWESOME?
Would this place be painful for a tattoo?
my 15 year old son wants to know how bad tattoos hurt what should i tell him?
i want a tattoo for my girlfriend but i dont want her name on me as im young what should i have?
I need some good tattoo ideas?
tattoo.. where can i find an image?
I Just Ordered Proactiv, Does This Stuff Really Work?
OK tattoo ideas?
Tattoo Equipment and Accessories?
Tattoo pain, will it be worth it?
I am looking for a cool and unique tattoo idea for myself and my husband that represents a little freaky?
My skin is naturally pale, and I would like to keep it that way. Any suggestions?
Stay Looking Good?
Whats your opinion for tattoos?
Rough price of a Tattoo like this one...?
Fun Vote: Help me choose the perfect spot for my tattoo!?
when kissing ...tongue or not tongue?
Can anyone recomend a good tattoo shop around Long Beach, CA?
does aloe vera barbedesis miller gel clog your pores?
I want a tattoo but my family hates them?
Anorexic people getting tattoos?
Do u feel itching when u do exercise?
Are finger tattoos girly?
Ideas for covering up this tattoo?
does anyone know if the national geographic program on tattoo is out on dvd? if yes, where?
honestly guys, what do you think of girls with tattoos?
What diet can u lose the most weight on fast?
Is it bad to put liquid cover up on a new tattoo?
Triple forward helix question?
Where should I get a microdermal anchor?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a rib cage tattoo hurt?
Do people usually get wrist tattoos on the right or left?
What is Harry Styles arabic tattoo?
i have scars all over my arms and it looks lyke i icut and burn my self what am i supposed to do!?
What is the name of this font?
How painful is getting a tattoo?
Is it feminine to get a tattoo on your wrist when your a dude?
Thermals or Warmers?
10 points for help with Tattoos (repeated question)?
i am 17. i have lot of pimples and blackheads. moreover my skin is shrinked which gives me aged look.suggest?
If you had tattoo's and was asked to cover them for a wedding how would you feel?
i have a tattoo that my mom has seen but she dosent know its real and she wants it gone how can hide it?
I need small tattoo ideas?
How do I lose my belly?
tattoo quotes please!?
Why are you so jealous of my gorgeous looks?
How do I hide cute on my wrist?
how to reduce tan if u get one?
Tattoo price!! How much?
what is the difference between a girl and a boy?
is it normal for a 13 yr old to have.....?
I have small boobs any suggestions?
Will a tattoo on the wrist hurt really bad?
I want to get my lip pierced but im super scared. The only piercings I have are my ear lobes and cartlage?
Have a small clear bump on tattoo? ?
Can you get a bruise from a tattoo?
Why do YOU Like Piercings.?
Tattoo Price Estimate?
Is 5.8 for a 12 year old abnormal?
Can someone design my tattoo? Or where is the best place for someone to design a tattoo for free?
Which tattoo should I get?
how much does sears optical take for contact lens exam?
Tattoo ideas / beauty?
does anyone know what dept store carries freeze 24-7?
Gauging process help?
Why do men like skinny girls if the chubbie ones are fantastic?
how much is a 3 to 4 inch tattoo if its very simple and black?
i want to get a tattoo on the inner part of my finger but i sweat a lot?
What are some very creative tattoo ideas?
Where's the best placement for a portrait tattoo?
My new tattoo! What do you think?
Good tattoo quote? "if you can't handle me at my worst then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best"?
Tattoo line - is it correct?
Do tattoos really hurt?
Got any tips about how to get acne to go away?
What does it feel like to get a Tattoo on your Bicep?
Opinions on tattoo ideas?
I'm going on holiday to florida next year and I want to get a tattoo?
Would this tattoo be noticed?
what is the best thing a guy do with you in your bedroom?
dieting for free?
Do you think this is a cool tattoo idea?
name some circumstances in which it would be helpful to understand change of state?
Do you think Will Smith is hot?
Tongue piercings and Cigarette smoking? (only if you know about piercings please!)?
should i use tattoo goo after only 3 days?
Can doctors have a tattoo?
Question about Henna Tattoo?
where can minors get a tattoo?
Im thinking of getting my eyebrows tattooed at 16?
How much would this tatto cost?
Is there any way to reduce the size of one's ribcage (particularly width)?
am i too young to do go get piercings?
First Tatto?
I am trying to decide on a tattoo to get in my parents' honor. Any ideas?
Where is a good tattoo removal center in Orange County? Good price?
where to put my tattoo?
Any ideas for a wedding band tattoo?
Who is the best gothic/dark tattoo artist in the world?
How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Tattoo my daughters name.?
somebody has any permanent scar ?
I'm going to get a tattoo?
Should I add to my tattoo?
How do you get rid of oily skin???
fake tan help?
1st time tattoo!!!(:?
Keeping ointment on a back tattoo?
how do you get rid of black heads?
What does everyone think of this tattoo design? And will it hurt on my upper rib cage?
what do u guys or girls think about girls with 17 ear piercings?
i got a tattoo about 9 months ago and i still have blue/black around it. Is this normal?
omg im sooooooo hot but i hve no bust (what will increase my bust)??
How much would this tattoo roughly cost? ?
I have a tattoo question for y'all?
how can i get thinner thighs?
homeade tattoo without a motor?
Should I get a tiny star tattoo?
My tattoo artist drew on my skin with pen and the tattooed over it. Will this cause an affection or anything?
What to consider when contemplating tattoos?
What was the Burberry perfume that had and add and a smelly sample in a magazine this month?
What's the best treatment for rosacea?
dose Chinese tea really help people lose weight ???
I want this exact tattoo. About how much would it cost?
After Tattoo question?
my daughter is 12 and she wants to get her ears pierced. Should i let her?
Should I get this tattoo?
Who want a real tattoo in kuwait?
I want to get a tattoo that involves my family motto? Ideas of where? ? ?
since when has it become a bad thing to get a tattoo just because it looks cool?
where is most common spot for tattoos on men?
how far its painful if a female buried up to her neck?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
I have a big flat mole on face you think laser surgery is possible to remove? any scars?? SERIOUS ANSWERS PLZ?
what is the best home remedy for a sun burn for a fair skinned person?
How much do you think my wrist tattoo will hurt?
Anyone know a good homemade facial mask i can made for myself?
Do the Dove skincare line help improve acne prone skin and oily skin?
Help for a tattoo idea?
Ideas for a lesbian tattoo?
i just got my lip pierced should i get snake bites?
With the pain associated with a tattoo, what can it be compared to?
does alcohol helps the pimples to go away?
Ideas: tattoo for my 21st?
Does anyone still use suntan beds?
Who thought up using hot wax for hair removal?
Choose one between this paris of girls?
Brother/Sister tattoo ideas?
Is there a product that actually works to take away acne scars?
how much would a tattoo cost in malaysia?
Are hip piercings permanent? ?
How fast does nail poilsh dry completely?
Why is my lip infected months after I removed my piercings?
Why do people call a lower back tattoo a tramp stamp?
GIRLS:What nail polish color u like wearing most? BOYS: Whats the sexiest nail polish color for girls to wear?
I want to get a tattoo symbolising old soldiers never die they just fade away?
Is tattooing/piercing bad for you?
Tatto help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
meaning/ popularity of cross tattoos?
I just got my first tattoo. its now thursday night. and my tattoo hurts, is this normal?
tattoo parlors in belfast?
Do they num your lip for a lip piercing?
Is it better to be rich...thin.....beautiful....or happy?
does MaMa lotion really work??
Can working out and sweating cause you to have pimples. I have had breakouts ever since I started working out?
Whats the best prodouct to reduce pimples/zits?
where do you go in dallas texas to get nude body painting done?
What do you think of girls with septum piercings?
what should i get a tattoo of ?
why do we itch, and why does scratching make it go away?
is there someone outthere that does not care if i wear makeup or get dressed up?
What company has the best make-up such as eye shadows and press powder or powder foundation for the summer?
what' s the safest, fastest, whitening product for asian men? specifically Filipinos.?
How much does an inner lip tattoo cost?
What can you put on a new tattoo that wont pull out ink and help it heal?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in the UK?
done my first tattoo after owning a kit for 2 days room for improvement or give up now ?
Help on deciding new tattoo?
How do you deal with terrible shaving rash?
how much do tattoo's cost?
cure for cleft palet ?
Am I wrong for not letting my boyfriend tattoo other girls?
I just got a new tattoo but theres a problem please help, im scared! :'(?
What is good to put on a sunburn?
Matching tattoo ideas for brother and sister?
Good colorful tattoo websites?
I want my teeth a little more white... What household items can I use?!?
Does anyone know if park n swap has someone that does piercings?
Will these tattoos ruin my chances for a job?
Are photo facials good for your skin?
Covering up a laser treated faded black tattoo?
How do I prevent or cure varicois veins?
Fantasy Tattoo For Hip?
What to put on my tattoo?
tattoo help!?
tattoo question? (sleeves)?
Where can I get the cheapest tattoos? I want something cool and BIG but don't have much $?
where should I get a tattoo and suggestions what of?
"Blue eyes",should i believe what they say?
Lyrics or Quote for a tattoo?
how can i get my face tanned in winter?
how to remove dark hair dye from skin?
what are some good ideas for a tattoo?
how much time would it take to do a full forearm tattoo?
girls do you like tattoos on men?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Can someone help please!?
How long does a tattoo take?
do you think this tatto is cool???(pic.)?
Can i get a leg tattoo when pregnant?
First tattoo scare help? !?
Herbalife Products?
why is the wrist a bad place to get a tattoo?
im 28 years old and stay with my parents im a balck light skin male and i have tattoos the I regret and hate.?
Question about Henna tattoo care.?
Full, Landing Strip, or Clean Shavin'...pick your fave or create your own?
I need a hug!?
any one know any great tatoo artists in montreal?
Good henna tattoo places?
Do you wish your NOSE WAS LONGER.....OR SHORTER?
Need tattoo help! please!?
how much would a blacklight tattoo cost and would you be able to see it well in normal light?
I have a tattoo on my hand could I join the navy?
Lower back tattoos hot or not?
What's the most DISCREET place to get a tattoo?
Is this the right way to heal a tattoo?
can i get my tattoo re-done?
Where should I place this tattoo? (pic included)?
Can you get a tattoo without parental consent?
Best tattoo studio in Portsmouth, UK?
I am 21 years old male.I usually dont go out in the hot sun.even then my face skin has become tanned.Explain?
I just bought Aquaphor Healing Ointment for my tattoo is that the right one?
Help Finding a Tattoo Artist in UK?
how do i buy a thong if im scared that the cashier looks at me funny?
why short women tend to have big breast, and pretty women tend to have small breast?
Why is my tatto still dry?
inspirational tatoo ideas?
Tattoos on the shoulder blade!?
I need a real push, that's all.?
Does getting tattoos on yur shoulder blade hurt ?
How can you make your nails grow longer faster without nail growth formulas from stores?
Who can give me tips on healing a stubborn navel piercing?
how to make henna? places to get the stuff NOT ONLINE?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
does how you scar determine how your tattoos will heal?
yuk why would people carve their skin?
what are the best tattoo parlors are in nj?
plsssssssss help!!! i am in serious trouble!!!!?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to show my love for my lover what should I get and where?
The word "Euphoria" on someones wrist?
how are fiberglass nails compared to gels?
I forgot my I.d back at home and im wanting to get a tattoo?
what can i do i have stretch marks?
should i get my lower lip pierced *pic inside*?
where should i get my next tattoo?
Chinese tattoo, is the translation correct? please help?
What is a word that goes with...?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Tattoo Brainstorming for troubles conceiving a child.?
Where can I find Kiehl's products in Manila, Philippines?
Can anyone tell me the name of this font?
What's a tattoo that can represent "Positive Thinking"?
Would you get a tattoo of someone's name who you are only dating?
How long should I wait to go running on the tredmill after I got my tattoo a week ago today?
Honest opinion on red heads?
Got bitten on my tattoo. Help!!?
I bought some hair remover..and now have a mow hawk..what to do?
Can I get a tattoo...?
Tattoo theme, will I regret it?
Your opinion on tattoos ?
if i become a tattoo artist will i starve?
Anyone else in this world have acne problems? Tell us your solutions and methods...products? habits?
am i beautiful?
Sweating, working out, with a new tattoo?? Bad?
good taylor swift lyrics for a tattoo?
will my tattoo fade quicker if i use nuviderm every week instead of waiting 6 weeks in between?
do you like this quote for tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Has anyone had their tattoo removed by excision?
Is it okay to put a band-aid over a new tattoo?
Why do women paint their toenails to bring attention to them ,but shun you sucking on them??
How can I make my forehead look bigger?
I heard that Henna Tattoo's can cause infection and scaring?
What kind of skin bleach is good for marks on your shoulders?
does this sound fair to you?
Tan everywhere, but chest peels...??
GUYS! Are belly button and nose piercings hot?
Real vs fake?
I have noticed some bumps on new tattoo?
What are the cons of getting a back tattoo?
New Tattoo help?
disadvantage of having piercings?
how can i make the pimples/acne on my face go away.have done every thing,but still it wont go.even seen doctor
How much would my tattoo cost?
Sexiest place for a tattoo on women ?
Is there still stigma with hands,neck,face tattoos?
Inspiration quote for tattoo?
4-9 verse poem or verse for my sister and best friend, something about them watching over me.?
how can you stop getting wrinkles on your hands?i am only 22.?
Adrenalin Ink is know to be one of the best tattoo shops in Durham? DO you know there address?
How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
Why do my zits get bigger, then smaller, but never really go away?
Does anyone know what miyavi tattoos meaning on his back and the other tattoos?
i am thinking about getting a tattoo where is the less painful spot to get one?
Tattoos- which should I get first?
What advise would you give people who sweat a lot?
what is the best website/link to see korean writing for tattoo ideas please? thnx?
i want a tattoo that acts as a reminder to get my life back on track, help for ideas?
Where can i find a chart of flawer meanings, like monly flower meanings ?
What tattoo should I get?
Where do you like a tattoo on a guy's back?
Glow in the Dark Tattoo Ideas? Quotes please?
my tattoo is pealing??!?!?
How much would this tattoo cost?
would like some opinions on this?
Princess tattoos on a Matryoshka doll?
What one will look better?
Blackheads on nose?
what r the benifts in mail?
I Need Someone To Design A Tattoo For Me?
SERIOUS first tattoo idea...?
Tattoo that represents strength?
how much do tats cost?
SMALL simple TATTOO ideas?
any ways to make a strike brand darker?
any ideas for a nice girly tattoo?
How can I order a card that I can use as a preferred card for my customers?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Boston for wildlife/animal work? ?
bad tattoo idea???????
Tatoo in Miami Ink!!! Help me!!?
Are there any home recipes to get rid of acne?
Do Tattoos Risk anything really. ?
how to avoid shave bumps?
Do you think a wrist tattoo on a girl is unattractive or manly?
how can i get firmer abs with my medicine ball?
Do GUYS find bones attractive?
Is it safe to use AHA, BHA and Clindamycin simultaneously??
People who are over 40 years old and have tattoo.?
i was just wandering about wrist tattoo pain?
I need tattoo idea help?
What is the best place to get a tattoo?
Ideas for tattoo of my parents names?
Is this considered complicated to tattoo?
tattoo apprenticeship in the cleveland area?
swollen and hard piercing?
How do I fix an uneven skin tone/blotchiness on my face?
Why do ALL GIRLS Get Tattoed?
What does this tattoo mean?
I'm hoping to join the Navy soon but I have an anchor tattoo on my forearm with family first. can i get in?
Where do you think this tattoo would look best?
Help with This Tattoo?
does anyone know any good websites for step by step nail varnish application?
At what age do boys stop growing, an what age do gilrs stop growing?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Tanning and Jewelry?
Is this is nice tattoo?
is it possible to get this tattoo?
How much do you think theyll charge this tatto?
What do you think of tattoos?
I want to get a tattoo and i want to know if my way is ok.?
What do you think of this tattoo design (pic included)?
Females Only Please... Bikini Line Shaving Bumps... How Do You Prevent Them???
What if I got this tattoo?
is this quote a good idea for a tattoo?
hi I'm getting a tat soon and i live in mandurah I'm looking for a good studio?
is a sperm cell alive?
Whats more humiliating?
Tattoos in Indiana? help please?
OWER tattoo meaning on knuckles?
Are forearm tattoos okay in the professional Interior Design world?
How do you get rid of peeling skin from sunburn?
are industrial piercings cute?
should i get a tattoo?
good realism tattoo artist in CT?
convincing my parents :o?
red little pimples?
What dose it mean when someone has a spiderweb tattooed on their elbow?
ok parents what would it take for you to let your kid get a tattoo?
Tattoo scabbing after only less than a week?
My knees are really dark and the rest of my leg very light, what can i do/ use for my knees?
How do you gain weight?
has anyone lost weight through hypnosis?
how much do you think it would cost to get a tattoo of (with Pics) ?
how to do smurf smiles on facebook?
Where should I get my new tattoo so it won't interfere with other tats or bra? Also has to be hideable?
whats the best jean for me?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
What do y,all think of this tattoo?
what do you think of my tattoo idea?
Who here, thinks that all/any tattoo is ART?
I've been considering getting a "in memory of" tattoo...?
Why are tattoos so popular in Europe?
Do men prefer overweight women?
Stretch 8g to 6g is painful?
Haii guys, i'm looking for some tattoo ideas.?
how to make your own refining mask for your face?
I'm looking to get a tattoo idk what kind?
Lip piercing on the side!!?
veet rasera bladeless kit?
Since tattoos are a sin, will getting a tat of God be disrespecting him?
tattoo opinions please?
If a person is mixed, are they half white or half black? What do they put on an I.D?
How do I replace a nose piercing painlessly?
I want a cool, creative tattoo. I would love ideas and suggestions!?
if i got a tattoo of my sons portrait/picture when he is a toddler do you think he would be embarrassed when?
Does anyone know any good Tattoo parlors in Cartagena, Spain?
I'm getting my tattoo soon, not girly enough?
How many times do i have to ask to get this simple question answerd,where in the body would this tat best go?
Any designs or picture ideas of small black and white flower tattoos on the hip?
Tips on getting a first tattoo, and general cost?
Bellybutton ring is sinking into the piercing?
One of my eyes is on my cheek and the other one is on my nose, is this right?
what is your thought on these tattoo ideas?
REAL Inspirational tattoo idea please!!?
What does a man find attractive in a woman?
Im getting my tatto tmrw! Advice ?
Roughly how much would my wrist tattoo cost?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on ya thigh and near shoulder ?
Can certain foods and drinks give u bad skin?
What are some good, whitecolar jobs you still can get with a wrist tattoo?
Is Nair safe to use on your bikini line?
i am sixteen and i am thinking of getting a tattoo, is it worth it?
Do dermal piercings hurt bad?
Do u think im cute?
I am thinking of getting an angel wing tattoo for my gran but would like a quote to go along with it ?
if i exercise and diet..will i lose alot a weight in 4 months and after??
Petrified for wednesday to come! explain experiences?
Where Can I Find Pictures Of Tiny Hip Tattoos?
i wish to apply for job as a nurse?
who's the best tattoo artist in ohio?
How does one stop chewing ones fingers nails?
Tummy Tuck-pants size-before/after pics.?
hey im lookin for a special tattoo of the cartoon chacter TAZ this tattoo is very special to me since?
Tattoo ideas in memory of my dad?
How many tattoos do you have and what are they of ?
Is this a good price for an ear piercing?
Female Beauty... Perfection?
How much would this tattoo cost?
do tattoos huuuurt? lol?
Fitness websites?
do u shave on your arms?
What's a tattoo symbol meaning in-sync?
How do you get rid of belly hair for girls?
How do i loose weight after an operation?
Tribute tattoo for my grandfather ideas?
What do you think of my tattoo design?
belly button tattoo design?
belly button lint?
are men really bothered that i have small boobs but a nice slim body?
what do you think...................................…
Will a small wrist tattoo effect my chances of a job?
what can you do to relief red and dry face skin caused by skin picking/squeezing?
I would like to get my first tattoo...Is there anything i should know about?
does proactiv work?
hey im looking for cool intelectual tattoo quote ideas?
what is a good acne treatment?
Tattoo question: please read & help as best you can!?
You want some new tattoo ideas?
what tattoos do you have???
What part of my body should i get a red hot chili peppers logo tattoo?
Ideas for wrist tattoos?
laser tattoo removal, does it leave traces of the image, or none? This is an all black tattoo.?
How do YOU keep ur n l area clean, fresh, and smelling good??
i need peoples who have experience plzzzzzzzz it is matter of my ....................?
what retail shops allow tattoos in the uk?
is it normal to want a neck full neck tat ?
What to do with my star tattoo? ?
I'm a soldier, I got my first tat a couple days ago, will my uniform rub the moisturizer and harm the tat?
Is painting necessary to become a tattoo artist?
What do men think of women with tattoos?
What's the best place for to get a pedicure near downtown Silver Spring, MD?
Can your tongue be tattooed?
Getting a tattoo on my chest, how badly will it hurt?
I have very large pores with blackheads all over my nose. Will anything actually help to get rid of them?
is it okay to shave my armpits with a men razor?
My 5 year old wants a tattoo?
what are some cute word tattoos?
What do & symbol tattoos mean?
What do you have pierced? Any tattoos?
i'm 15,can i get a tattoo or not?
has anyone ever had to get a limb amputated because of a tattoo gone wrong?
how to numb your lip??is it even possible ?
How much would these tattoos cost?
How long do you think a tattoo like this will take?
Where can I find tattoo design ideas?
is it weird if you have a tattoo sleeve and you only shave that arm?
what are possible reasons for a girl to kill herself?
how much does tattoo cost for upper back? all black ink, Tribal.?r=1257161248?
I've applied a tattoo on ma arm by a software.. So, does it look real to u ?
What's the best time for getting a tattoo?
General questions on foot tattoos?
Meaningful wrist tattoos for men?
What's the LAMEST tattoo I can get?
How do "you" decide on a tattoo?
need delipatory hair removal advice. what's the best brand: veet, nair, or something else?
do you like this Lady gaga logo as a tattoo?
Do Tattoos Hurt,And How Much Do They Hurt?
Tattoo! What herts worst?
where is a good idea to get this tattoo?
is this a good tattoo idea?
My toenails are peeling, they have ridges and they are easily splitting?
guyz, do u like curves, or skinny girls?
If someone got my name tattooed on them, but I didn't want them to, could I sue them?
Tattoo jobs in AZ?
Tattoo for my baby?
how can i make to white my armpit skin?
Tattoos do hurt a lot rightttt?
My friend, Is starting to get like white marks on her face. Is that bad and how can you take it off?
I want to get my cartilage pierced?
First tattoo: on the wrists?
My tattoo lines are too thin?
Whats the longest tattoo session for you?
how to incorporate passion, pain & pleasure in a tattoo?
Do you think this would be a good tattoo?
What color should i get my tatoo colored?
Warts maybe? small flat white like warts. How do I remove them? its very emabarrasing.?
What is the proper ettiquette when getting a massage and accidentally getting an erection?
Approx How Much would this tattoo cost me?
question about a tattoo?
what's the best way to lie to your parents about a hicky?
If I draw on my skin with a sharpie marker then get a real tattoo over top of it what could happen ?
how to become slim I am 56kg?
Will waxing your legs make the hair grow back thinner?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Good memorial latin tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost? (picture included)?
Fall Out Boy related tattoo?
How can i see the word i'd like to tattoo written in elvish symbols (Quenya) ?
Laser hair removal. Clinics are popping up all over. How do you know if a place is safe and effective?
which is the best way for removing a mule from a face?
is there somthing wrong with a big booty and wide hips?
should i get a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost on average in California (around L.A. and Sunset)?
Can I take a bath if I got a tattoo recently?
do i need to shave my public hair?
Best place for a phrase tattoo?
Tips to avoid regretful tattoos?
is it safe to tattoo on my body?
I am 20, with fair skin, auburn hair, and lots of freckles. Is it too early to begin using anti-aging creams?
what are gang-related tattoo fonts?
Tattoo artists? Any information on your work and how you would help a novice artist to improve?
what would you rather have tattoo or belly piercing?
What does guitarist of RED, Anthony Armstrong, hebrew tattoo mean?
Any good tattoo quotes?
I want to get my first tattoo my kids name what do you think of my idea?
How will I enhanced my butt?? They always tell me that I have no butt and its flat and no shape..?
Why is the line work around my dragons black AND gray?
Whats one word to describe who I am?
Why do men and women (society in general) still pre-judge people with tattoos. girls especially?
how much does it hurt to get your tounge peariced?
Good ideas for a tattoo, guys and girls opinions wanted?
I got my tattoo 15/16 days ago, would now be a alright time to have a bath without the ink coming out?
is it just me or is this the worst portrait tattoo you've seen proudly dispayed on a tattoo artist's website?
What is the real reason men like boobs?
Tattoo Advice ! ! ! please ! ! Thank You !!?
is there a way to have butt surgery using my own fat?
Would a barbie doll tattoo be stupid to get on my side of my stomach?
what does witch hazel do?
laser hair removal?
What do people think of tattoos?
tattoo zoning in texas?
Anybody know any specific cardio excercises or pilates moves???
Are you suppose to tip when you get a piercing or tattoo?
where to get white power tattoos in californa?
Music is a huge part of my life and I want a tattoo for this reason. Can anyone help me think of a design?
Tattoo Meaning?????????????????
How old do I have to be in order to do a tattoo apprenticeship in the UK?
Tattoo Idea?
how can i improve my smile?
Piercings, how many is gross?
How much do peck tattoos hurt? and cost?
Which design do you think makes a better foot tattoo?
What si the best face wash for very oily skin?
i want to get a tattoo done, how much do they hurt?
Should I get A tattoo? What should it be?
I had my tattoo done a few months back...?
Why cant I pick a tattoo?
Removing a tattoo? Is it expensive?
Where to get a word tattoo?
For the women. Do you prefer a circumsiced man or uncut?
what tattoo/piercing would suit me?...pic included.?