plastic sugery, yay or nay?
What's the easiest way to pick up a fat chick?
In need of a tattoo idea!!!!!!!?
Country Tattoo Ideas!!!!?
How old were you when you started you period??????????
I am looking for Beautiful Goddess in lebanese arabic for a tattoo?
how can i get rid of some scars the natural and fast way? pls help?
I need tattoo advice?
Tattoo Shading still red months later?
Where in the United States is the best place to get a tattoo?
Shave Bumps Anyone?
would it be gay to get a cookie monster tattoo?
back acne is really bad. what can i do?
A question about my tattoo portfolio?
Stick and poke tattoo?
Question about my nose ring?
If i have a fresh star tattoo on my lower stomach and have it in the sun for like 5 hours will it ruin it?
Where can i find a picture of khloe kardashian lower back tattoo?
Tattoo morphing in dreams?
How much would this tattoo cost ?
Bumps under my new tattoo?
tattoo placement help?
I want to get a tattoo but im only 16...?
Mitchel Musso tattoos?
How can I get a 6-pack in less than 2 months without any equipment?
What part of the tattoo process is the hardest for you?
best way to remove scars from your faces?
how do you get rid of acne cists and marks left behing? alos, my skin is so dry from trying to put -?
Where should i get my tattoo?
Question about Tattoos?
Would this be a good tattoo?
ring or barbell for nipple piercings?
do you like tattooed backs on girls?
I Need tongue piercing help Asap!?
Where should I get this tattooed?
How much does a tattoo on the top of your shoulder hurt?
Is it racism?
What website can I go to to take this quiz?
what is a pedicure for?
Should I get a tattoo when I'm older?
Is my tattoo infected ?
Where to put my tattoo!?
Effective Skin Care for Combo Skin?
tattoo cover up ideas please?
how can i rid my face of all marks?
How many tattoos are to many?
Newest Acne Craze On the Market?
Need help finding a quote for my tattoo..?
I want to get a tattoo on my lower back but I have two questions?
Getting a birthday tattoo in a couple days help?
septum ring!~!!!!dsgtd?
I really need help with a tattoo??????(native russian speakers would be helpful too)?
Short Tattoo Qouts /Sayings?
I need a tattoo?
harry potter quotes related to cancer?
If I get a tatto on my side would I have to worry about it stretching when I get pregnant?
to all women, is it acceptable for a guy to have one tattoo?
Tattoo's on a teacher?
has anyone actually used TCA to remove a tattoo? Trying to find some real experiences!?
Tattoo ideas in memory of my father?
Does this work?
Tattoo ideas rhyming with:?
Tattoo help please guys n girls?
about tragus piercings??????
Where can I hide tattoos well?
good place to get my name tattooed on my body?
Do you have any tattoo's?
Is this tatt worth the $250 im being charge?
How to select a tattoo artist to do my first tattoo?
what is the effect of contraceptive pill when taken by a men?
Add on to my tattoo, need help?
what is the best product to remove black spots on the face?
what is an itch?
Nervous about this tattoo?
Whats cocoa butter .....?
Not too sure if i should or shouldnt ..?
What can be done about the ingrown hair after shaving your bikini line?
Should I get a tattoo for my 16th birthday? ?
how bad does a tatoo actualy hurt?
what do you tip at a nail salon in New Jersey?
how much would this henna tattoo cost?
TATTOO ideas????!?!? 10 points!!!?
Do Fat Bottomed Girls make the Rockin World go round???
How do you get beautiful?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost x?
russian stars meaning?
tatto, on hip. hurts?
if you pierce your lip with a 16g needle...?
Can you get fake tattoos which look realistic?
should i make tatto if im 14 years old?
how much would u think this tattoo would cost?
what can make yuor booty big?
Am I too young to get a tattoo?
I need some advice/Help please!!!?
What do you think of this floral thigh tattoo?
When you first get tatoos are they suppose to look like the color is faded? / does it take time for it to peel
Does anyone know the name of this specific temporary tattoo ink ? You paint/draw it on.?
Over 30 and still have acne?
Best ways to handle getting a tattoo? [read details before answering]?
Meaningful tattoo phrase ideas? (Pictures included)?
does my parent need to sign any papers for me to have a airbrush tatto?
Short Tattoo Qouts /Sayings?
How much is the price of ellen's miracle cream?
how long woud it take to get this tattoo done?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how imporant is a girls shape to a guy...?
I have a Kanji tattoo meaning warrior on my chest but its just the symbol, how can i improve it?
Im drawing on myself, what/where should I draw? :p?
anyone tried applying 3% hydrogen peroxide to face for acne?
why do girls wear so much perfume?
What is your opinion about thigh tattoos?
Need advice on getting a tattoo...!!?
My tattoo Machine Stopped working?
HUGE tattoo problem. They butchered my tattoo! Can I sue?? [LINK TO PICTURE INSIDE]?
Has anyone had luck with L'Oreal AcneResponse cleaning system?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Do sleepinng without bra make boobs bigger?
Hairy chest survey? Ladies only?
Tattoo program?
Why do they call a really buff person "ripped"?
Would it hurt to get a tattoo on the bottom of my leg?
Should I get this tattoo? ?
how to post a question on bodyartforms forum?
Getting tattooed for the very first time?
How do people get big buts?
Do Back of the Neck Tattoo Hurt?
They dont let us have Piercings at school what do i wear so the hole wont close ?
does or did anyone order from the proactive website?
What is the smallest font size a tattoo artist can do?
Tattoo estimation? Ideas?
Where can I get a tattoo removed in San Antonio TX?
Me and my fiance want to get matching tattoos thet illustrate our love for each other.Any suggestions?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
I have a huge wart on my face?
Getting my first tattoo around my lower hip?
I wan to tattoo my husband's name in my lower back is it right?
Im 16 years old and i want a tattoo.?
tattoos involving u?
family tattoo ideas? its to represent me my mom and my brother recently on our own together. any ideas? thanks?
How can I get my man to shave?
Do tattoo artists mimmick tattoos? Or are they against that?
Where should I place my tattoo?
Which one should I tattoo in my mouth?
Where on my body should I get my tattoo?
to minimize pimple scar, should i take vit. E or use it like cream?
In the long run are expensive facial creams good for your skin or do they make you age more quickly?
is there a product that permanantly keeps your skin lookin beautiful and flawless? if so where can i find it?
help with quote for tattoo!?
What is petuli oil?
Like my tattoo ideas?
can we have bad thoughts and still be good christians?
What is your fav soap or bodywash?
Tattoo cover up?
is there anywhere i can get a tattoo designed online?
Tattooing in Germany?
Worried about getting my first tattoo, will i regreat it?
Do you look like your avatar?
I want to know about Tongue pirecings, Does it hurt, what about numbing it?
wats your favorite brand of bra, i need a good one?
Shoulder/arm pain.....hurting for a few days now!! what could it be?
What are the first three muscles to be developed in a newborn?
what makes a man look sexy ?
PInvoke stackimbalance was detected?
Does anybody have a good idea for a Dr. Seuss Tattoo?
How much would a Tattoo like this cost?
Tattoo advice?!?! NEED HELP!?
Give me your opinion[my first tattoo's]?
Any ideas or images for ankle tattoo chain?
Do I absolutely need a tattoo consultation?
Do piercings hurt?
Legal age in London to get a tattoo?
Where can I get a henna tattoo in Kansas City?
Could someone please answer my tattoo question?
How old do u have to be to get a tattoo ?
Could anything have happened to my new tattoo?
Would i need any permission from anyone to get the Mandalorianskull tatooed on me?
Can someone help please!?
how to eat food??
Where's a good place to go get a lip piercing?
What's the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
how can evaluate a person's physic beauty (male and female)?also beauty of face?
70lbs weight loss's affect on a sleeve tattoo?
Anybody got any good websites with good tattoo designs on as I am getting a new one!?
can u put cocoa butter on a new tattoo?
If tanning will give you cancer and you die....?
Infinity tattoo...Is the location alright?
where should i get my tattoo?
help...i weigh about 45kg,how many pounds is that?
what exercise to do to achieve fuller hips and thighs?
how do i get rid of red strech marks on my stomach?? Any home remedies?
Latin sayings/tattoo help?
Are skincare products with alcohol in it bad for the skin?
I this a good tattoo idea?
Should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo Ideas: Crash Bandicoot/ Donkey Kong/ Zelda?
Do yu think if I can give birth I can get a tattoo on my chest? Lol?
Neck Tattoos: How is the Pain related to location?
why people dont care for skin?
Help i need Tattoos ideas?
Are tattoos a form of vanity?
Where to get a tattoo on my wrist?
would I be jeopardizing my career by getting a neck and knuckle tattoo piece (s) on me?
tats or scars?
What is the best lotion?
Tattoo locations and pain?? ?
Sun protection for children?
Can I sue for this? Regarding tattoo.?
What Would A Sixteen Year Old Need In Order To Be Able To Get A Tattoo ?
Blackheads - any top tips on reducing/preventing/removing?
Do you know what this piercing is called? ( Pic Included )?
Does proactive work on ur face?
where can u get a job at where u wont be discriminated against for your tattoos or piercings?
How much is a tattoo in the Ukraine?
Are more visible tattoos more regrettable?
How long until the swelling/irritation goes away on my tattoo?
Is it too cliche to get a chinese symbol tattoo even if it means something to you?
i did it...?
How painful are stomach tattoos below the belly button anyway? Please help!!!?
good tattoo parlars in oxford?
Zelda tattoos, anybody?
Where should I place my tattoo?
I want to become a tattoo artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do girls find musclemen more attractive than their daily hunk?
tattoos. how many do you have?
How do you not care what other people think?
I Had Recently Got A Tattoo On My Wrist Now Its Fully Red All Around What To Do ? Plzz Help?
Why do people get tattoos and piercings?
I'm a Teenager I used to be a Tomboy. I'm Kinda New at this. But how do you apply perfume on you?
Describe what it felt like when you were getting a tattoo?
What does getting a tattoo feels like?
What states allow tattoo's under 18?
I'm really black and I'm getting a tattoo?
Would this be a cool tattoo?
What are some of the best ways to practice good Posture.?
where are the stores with beauty product selections for pregnant women?
what would be around a good price to pay for a roughly 3X3 inch tattoo?
Was animal testing done to produce obagi system skin care products?
how to cover up a tattoo?
a tatoo or not?
What do you think of these tattoo ideas?
help me with my tattoo idea of a lady and gentle man?
Where should I get my tattoo?
An amazing tattoo artist in central London?
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
would a flower nature sleeve be girly for a guy?
Bird tattoo ideas(small behind the ear)?
I want to get a tatoo done on my neck. Any suggestions are welcome?
Planning on getting a tattoo, have a few questions?
Is tattoo removal creams a waste of my time and money?
Best place on the body to get a text tattoo?
Tattoo question....where do i put it?! [ten points best answer!]?
Where would you get this Text tattoo placed?
Tattoo Pricing Question?
Looking for a back tattoo of a tree I saw in a movie preview.?
What is it with parents and tattoo's i am getting one in two weeks and my mom doesnt want me to why?
Having a tattoo touched up?
Would u get a tattoo on your butt?
im tiny and i want a tattoo...?
Tattoo Apprentice Wanted ...?
can anyone give me a good design of a tribal guitar for a tattoo?
I want a non-permanent tattoo I can draw on myself. How?
gettiing a led zeppelin tattoo?
What is your idea for a tattoo sleeve for me?
Size and degree of pain of a tattoo?
Come as you are tattoo?
do tattoos hurt?
Where should i get my Henna Tattoo?
Planning to get tattoo on arm. Any advice? ?
I got a new tattoo and i have a few questions.?
I lost a lot of weight and have some loose skin on my belly and chest. I don't want a plastic surgery. Help?!!
Price my tattoo please?
Would this look nice with my tattoo?
who is the sexy actress in world?n what is her address?
Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo. Any Advice?
Who invented the tattoo?
Any there any cover-ups for stretch marks?
Help! I need tattoo ideas!?
Lip piercing scars??? HELP!!!?
What do you think of girls with chest tattoos?
tattoos in egypt? asjkbnds?
can a tattoo be lighter?
Is this corny?
OK ..Honestly,,,what do you think of my tattoo?
What does a phoenix tattoo represent?
best manual razor for women?
will i ever find a boyfriend?
Can a word tattoo in black be covered up with other colors?
What do you think of black light tats?
Why do so many people dislike or eschew the idea of a tattoo?
I have this really nasty pimple and i need to get rid of it buy tomarow wht should i do?
I want to get my first tattoo do they hurt and what does it feel like?
How much does it hurt to get your belly button pierced???
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
I need tattoo Ideas Any ideas???
how can you stop getting wrinkles on your hands?i am only 22.?
how to maintain our face glow?
How much would this tattoo cost approximately?
Tattoo symbolizing Africa?
Finger Tattoo Pain Level ?
Best tattoo designs sites?
what will eyebrows look like in 1000 years?
How do you paint your nails without painting your finger as well?I don't want to go to a beauty salon...?
matching tatttooos with bf!?
Do tattoos hurt when you get them on the back of your calf?
How old are you and how many tattoos do you have?
do you think this tatto is cool???(pic.)?
how do i know that a girl has a genue attaction and love for me?
guys do u prefer real breasts or implants?
Is it bad if i tatoo the name of my girlfriend in my arm?
Im in -Phone love and I need to lose weight fast, can you help me out?
Can people with piercings be just as good at modelingas others without piercings?
Anchor logo - tattoo ink?
Bepanthen for a tattoo; how and when do i use it?
2.5% benzoyl peroxide on a tattoo?
can a mole be related to cancer?
Home remedy?
haha this is embaressing to ask but does anyone know how to get rid of a pimple in one night? PLEASE HELP!?
ABR Tattoo idea????????
I'm Wanting To Get A Tattoo For Someone Who Has Cancer?
I need some more ideas for my koi fish tattoo?
remove already faded tattoo?
are you supposed to tip the esthetician that does your deep cleaning & extractions at your dermatologists?
Women, What mens fragrances do you prefer/like/love?
What's your favorite perfume/cologne?
wrist tatto pain 1-10?
Is there a good body lotion out there?
Need help with Hebrew translation for tattoo?
Ladies would you be mad?
Tattoo swollen and sore :/?
Does anyone know what tattoo shop Randall (who used to be at Glenn Scott) is at now?
Can they reject me?
Do you have any Tattoos or Piercings?
Should I get a tattoo at 15?
Would this tattoo suit me?
I want a small, behind-ear tattoo symbolizing my life long struggle with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome...suggestions?
Does it matter how high up you put your nose ring when you get your nose pierced?
I need a good tattoo ideas?
What sunless tanning lotions gradually builds a sunkissed color?
How badly does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder blade?? What about your Forearm. ? Answers please... ?
woman jail-house tattoo name on ankles?
How do cover up a tattoo?
What is the best self-tanner?
I want to get either a monroe piercing or a lip(side) piercing?
Does anyone with a tattoo think it was a good idea?
Can i workout now from getting my new tattoo?
Dermals/piercings?!? helppppppp!?
is getting a tattoo on your left or right wrist hurt?
To tattoo or not to tattoo that is my question.I'm 37 and professional.I want a stingray on my shoulderblade.
does a tattoo on your hand really hurt that bad?
how to make the face white?
What do you think of people with tattoos?
i need some tattoo ideas anyone know of any?
My waist is 30 and my bust is 32 and my lower body is near 38 what shuold i do to reduce my weight ?
What is the most painful spot for a tattoo on a girl and boy ?
Airbrush Tattoo Gun 10 points for BA?
Temporary tattoos?
i need a tattoo idea for my new lil girl. i already have a red rose on the other arm for my first daughter?
tanning, can it cause harm to tattoos?
Should I get a tattoo of stars on my foot?
I sorta have a huger, well massive problem....can you please help me!?
Has tattoo ink changed over the years?
Thinking of getting a Dragon Tattoo?
Do most tattoo studios offer temporary/henna tattoos?
Our organisation, cultivating all medicinal and herbs looking for manufacturer tie-ups internationally where ?
hidden places to get a tattoo for guys?
how do i get soft skin without exoliate or ant face products?
Do microdermal piercings on ypur ring finger come outt easily?
small tatto quote help.. 10 POINTS?
Does anyone know any effective ways to get rid of acne scars/pigmentations whatever you want to call them?
Estimate on this tattoo?
Do you know any daily exercies girls acn do to be fit and toned?
Can ANYONE find an image of the tattoos Darren and Yoji tattooed on each other from an episode Miami Ink ?
How to run my jerk off tattoo machine right?
lips getting so dry, have used lip balm, but no success. any suggestion?
I tried the Bare Minerals make-up and I've gotten acne. Has this happened to anyone else?
VOTE on my NEW TATTOO!!!!!?
Is it true that shaving your legs will make your tan go away?
Can i do this with a Chinese tattoo??? ?
Tattoo Quote Idea, yay or nay?
A chest piece..any ideas?
Is it true if you get or have a tatto on your lower back it means somthing? If so what does it mean?
I need a little help deciding....?
Best NATIVE INDIAN tattoo you've seen?
Why do warm cotton pj,s feel so good to wear?
Is possible to have a tattoo outlined in a brownish color, so that it looks like a permant henna tattoo?
If i got the inside of my lip tattooed (i get canker sores) would my sores affect my tattoo?
Who is hottest to least hottest, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Vince Vaughn, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio?
What is the most memorable tattoo you've seen or currently have.?
how do i make people with piercings feel awkward?
Got a tattoo Yesterday.....Is this normal.?
tattoo yes or no?
Should I start waxing my underarms?
is getting a tatoo a sin?
Do it yourself permanent tattoo?
help me with a really meaningful tattoo design idea?
what do you guys think of pierced belly buttons?
Thoughts about tattoo?
What Body Part Is This Tattoo Located On??? ?
Do you think this is a good idea for a tattoo?
does any one know where you can get traditional method tattoos in australia?
I'm a 26 year old and im a Male, what are good skin care products or anything for my face to reduce wrinkles?
I just had a half sleeve tatted on and it has a generous amount of shiny spots...what helps this?
gain a few pounds in one day?
how do i increase my brest size naturaly, without spending a lot of money?
Im thinking of getting a tattoo... i want a simple cute b&w one of my right back shoulder...any suggestions?
Do girls like guys with big nipples?
I want to go get a tattoo tomorrow, any good ideas?
I want to get a tattoo, but am afraid of the pain.?
High inner thigh tattoo - text?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
am i supposed to tip my tattoo artist?
do tattoos hurt?
What site has a tattoo of a bear with a gun with the letters FTW on blocks?
Why do guys judge girls by their looks?
Any pics of this L.A Ink tattoo?
Rachel Perry Tattoo Question!!!!!?
What is the best type of lotion to use after getting out of the tub or shower?
Can tattoos lose ink?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
sick tattoo! how much would it cost on my back?
Can I get a tattoo over a skin graph?
how much would my tattoo cost?
grls only. what tattoo is better? Cross with thorns, or thorns with blood? what is more attractive?
Should I get 3 tattoos or 5 piercings?
Skin Peels (DCL Glycolic acid)?
new tounge piercing and really sore throat?
Dot Matrix Printer For Tattoo Stencils?
Any tips on putting fake tan (st tropez) on apart from exfoliate & moisturise?
Minimum charge for tattoo at Ink-Side-Out, Norwalk, CT?
Information about a tattoo?
Male and female tattoo differences?
I'm looking to get a tattoo of a bluebird somewhere on my back, but can't decide on the placement.. any ideas?
Can i get a tattoo on my forearms?
what could be a good idea for a grey and black beads tattoo cover up on my wrist ?
Tattoo location????????????
How much a sleeve tatto ?
What is the average size a 20 year old girl should wear? And how much should they weigh?
Need help on picking a tattoo. My last name of family crest?
About my Tattoo to add.?
Opinions on name tattoos?
which tattoo do you like more?
Are temporary tattoos bad for you?
Who Do You Think You Are?
What do you think about this tattoo design?
just got a shoulder to shoulder tattoo?
Anyone know how to prevent razor bumps when you shave?
Thoughts on tattoos and tattoo ideas?
women have you ever used your bf jeans or his shirts?
i scrubbed off my black henna with alcohol, is that bad?
could i possibly get this tattoo for $50?
when is X II result coming CBSE ( time specify)?
can fat people skinny dip? and if so, why do they name swimming in the buff 'skinny'?
creative minds for a tattoo only!?
Is There any way to get rid of a pen ink tattoo?
Is a 2% salicylic wash safe on my tattoo?
If you were getting a tattoo of song lyrics, what lyrics would they be?
HELP! I have a sweat problem!!!?
is there a way to get rid of freckles?
Place to get a tattoo? ideas appreciated :)?
Does anybody know what Seal is as in the last name , would be in greek , for a tattoo . thanks?
I was wondering where is a good place to get a tattoo in Tampa, Florida or the surrounding cities?
what's the sexiest tattoo you have ever seen?
Sexiest Women?
On what website can i see a virtual model of myself?
Ideas for filler tattoos on feet?
Tattoo shops in/near Allentown, PA with female artist?
is it safe to shave ur unwanted....?
I had a miscarriage and im looking for tattoo design's what should i write. i didnt know the gender?
how to gid rid of blackheads & whiteheads(types of acne)?
where can i find johnsons spray mist oil (aloe vera)?
oreganol oil on nipple piercings?
My tattoo is dry and wrinkly?
what word should i get a tattoo of to encourage me to keep fighting and stay strong?
is it really dangerous to do a tattoo yourself?
look im about to get my first tattoo this spring for my 16 b-day does it hurt?
Where can I get fake snake bites in the UK?
tattoos in words!?!?!?
Chris Brown's tattoo..?
Is there a universal gang tattoo?
tattoo on tongue??help anyone?
Help with my tattoo ?! please & thank you !?
Piercing and tattoo?
i was very fair earlier but as i started playing basketball my colour has reduced a lot.i m worried about it?
What did it feel like when you got your tattoos and what was the most painful one?
Will A Tattoo on above your privates hurt?
Do you shave up or down?
right, im 16 and i want a tattoo.?
Does it hurt getting your belly button pierce?
why does my tattoo feel irritated but looks normal?
How can a lady handle a first date? What is the best cream for pimples & black spots?
whats the fast way to get rid of my jelly belly?
How do i know a good tattoo studio in Hong Kong?
My lips have become dark in color,how do i make them smooth and pinkish?
5 star tattoo design?
Where is the best place to get your ears pierced?
Is there anyone or any legit place in medford oregon who will give a minor a tattoo?
should my tattoo have scabbing?
Do you know of any Finland tribal tattoos?
I am considering getting a tattoo?
Who is Sexiest??
what do u think of piercings? like not juz the ears?
what is the name of the tattoo parlor in sauble beach ?
How much does it cost to go to a spray tanning place?
I didn't wash my tattoo for two days , is that alright ?
is it comon for men to go to a nail salon for a pedicur?
how much would this tattoo cost?
What tattoo design would look best?
Where can I get a colonic near St. Charles il?
How to make a tattoo machine?
Quotes about strength for tattoo?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.?
Where should I get a tattoo?
any ideas on a tattoo for my mom. i want her name down my ribs but what could i do with it?
do tattoos REALLY HURT and what kind of pane can you relate it to???
Tattoo On Upper Back - Painful?
Why are loads of people getting long sleeve tattoos ?
What good tattoo should I get to symbolize this?
who is right? mother or daughter?
Why does my belly ring keep bleeding? ?
Inside of thigh too painful for first time tattoo?
Tattoo Career Path...?
need help w/ flat-chested/bikini issues!?
Fake tattoo sleeves!!!!!! help!!!!?
Is it possible to put the word hope in the heart tattoo on the link below?
How do I get rid of skin that is greasy with open pores?
What tattoo should i get?
Is this a real tattoo?
Can a black and green solid tattoo be covered up?
What would you say about facials?
How much a half sleeve tattoo be for the first session on average?
will my tattoo stretch?
How can I restore the moisture in my hands withought getting a parafin dip and the salon?
My boyfriend and I want to get "his and hers" tattoos? Any ideas?
what is wrong with tongue rings?
Ok I'm 13 and i am skinnier then all the other girls in our grarde?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Does a tattoo on your shoulder reallly hurt?
I've had my tattoo for about 7 months, If I apply lotion daily to my skin will it be harmful to my tattoo?
Bladeless hair remover question... =(?
How bad do a tattoo on the foot hurt ?
TATTOO HELP!!! (easy s)?
Is it stupid to have a name tattooed behind your ear?
Tattoo quote opinions needed!?
Tattoo question... Flame tribal... quarter sleeve and half chest =?
If i got this piercing?
forearm tattoo ideas? ?
Is this tattoo going to hurt???????????????
how much would a tattoo like this cost?
Tattoo on the inside of the finger?
what do you think about this tat (picture included)?
What is that star tattoo on lil scrappys neck called?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
What Do You Think Of Him? (easy 10)?
New Tattoo...Need help..plzzz?
Tatfoos of a fairy?
Demonic tattoo designs?
Jello makes nails grow?
Do you know of a sunscreen that keeps the skin from getting oily. I have oily, blemished skin?
Present Suggestion?? Help please?
Friday the 13 tattoo special bay area?
Tattoo script placement?
I want a tattoo 4 my b-day where are some places on the body can i get one dat doesnt hurt?
can u get a tatoo inside your nether region V word?
opinions wanted guys and girls... about tattoos?
exotic tattoo designs ?
tattoos sleeves?
So why is this that...?
please help me find a tattoo meaning?
I got my cartilage pierced with a gun...?
Could this tattoo idea work out as well as it is in my head?
is there anywhere in Minnesota that will tattoo a minor?
What happens to Tattoos when you build muscle?
What do I do.............?
Lads, What Do You Think Of Tattoos?
How should I remove my permenant Tattoo?
Am I safe going to school after a foot tattoo?
how long roughly will this tattoo take?
What is the Japanese Symbol for Strength? I want to get it as a tattoo but I don't know what it looks like!
What is the total amount of fluff collected by the average navel in a lifetime?
ladies do u like being kissed on thighs?is the spot sensitive?
How bad do tattoos hurt?
Questions On TATTOOS??????????????
how much does it cause and how many traetement does it takes to remove a teardrop tatto?
how to get rid of strech marks?
Should you put lotion on a tattoo after getting it?
Tattoo pain question?
About spider piercings, Do they sleep ur lip to make it?
how to take care of a new tattoo??please help!?
What piercings are cute on young girls ?
Whats the best product for dark circles under the eyes?
Opinions on tattoo idea?
I want a tattoo on my wrist...?
What are the best tattoo places in houston?
how Can I take care of my face for the summer ?
I need help looking for tattoo designs please help meee. (:?
looking to get a tattoo on my chest plz help ?
Will these tattoo's not "blend" or mesh" well?
Do guys like girls with....(only for guys)?
If you wax at home, what is the best kind to use?
My friend needs advice on her tattoo?
How can you tell the difference in ethnic or traditional tribal tattoos?
I have a lower back tattoo that is still raised up after 4 years .can I still tattoo over the raised tattoo?
Does cocoa butter really work for discolored skin and stretch marks?
Looking for some cool earrings!!?
Red itchy bumps around my new tattoo?
what kind of Tattoo should I get?!?!?
what is hemmoroid cream?
were can i get at tattoo at that wont ask for my age!!!?
I want to freshen up or change my old tattoo.. any hints?
I want a tatto on my upper back. Any suggestions on quotes that would be good?
Name bar tattoo, what are they called?
What is a (waterproof) way that I can hide my tattoos?
I'm thinking of getting something tatooed in runes on my arm. I need ideas for what the runes should say.?
wrist tatto pain 1-10?
Tattoo Idea: which is better?
who looks better?
Favourite out of these two designs?
pierced ear closed.?
How bad does getting your septum pierced hurt?
What's a cool piercing i could get?
Ear tattoos???????????
Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Ontario ?
how to stop peeling after a sunburn?
Tattoo removal treatment?
what do you suggest.............?
Can my parents force me to remove my tattoo?
What should I do?! I'm a little torn between 2 decisions?
Are women with tattoos easy?
how come tan skin become some famous and every body wants it?
is there a tattoo of a peace sign on lady gaga's left wrist?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Breakouts..... Ummm Help?
How does an ankle tattoo on your lower ankle feel?
Shaving cream substitutes, ladies?
Is there anything wrong with getting multiple tattoo's in one sitting?
Good quote to get for a tattoo?
Tattoo cost estimate?
Is lemon juice good for your skin or hair?
Will they go away?
Tattoo Idea?
I want 2 get my belly button pierced. Does it hurt?
Does This Sound Good For a Tattoo?
are eye brow piercings sexy?
Is it wrong if I got a tattoo saying...?
Would this be a bad tattoo?
How can you make temporary tattoos?
i got a tattoo last year what do you think off it?
i have a tattoo that my mom has seen but she dosent know its real and she wants it gone how can hide it?
How long and how much for tattoo?
What would be some good things to add to this tattoo?
what sould i do about my tattoo?
A small tattoo on a girl?
i peirced my lip myself and im not suppose to have it HELP?
tattoo to the side of abs above hip stretch ? wax or not?
Christofer Drew Ingle anchor tattoos?!?
i keep hearing about tramp stamp tattoos on lower back. Why are they called that?
I heard that the earlier you start your period the earlier it'll go away?
Tattoo Price and Time Estimate?
How much does it cost approx. for a rhinoplasty procedure in Ontario CANADA?
i want a tattoo but im a whimp?
are these tattoos THAT bad/stupid?
What tattoo could represent me?
Semi new tattoo is now swollen after a week! help please!?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
how do i get rid of acne scars on my back?
i have a wart on my finger and its do i get rid of it??
What makes a person sexy?
Tattoo Help ? Someone pleaseeeeeee?
Which way looks better?
what is the best buttock exercise without lifting weights?
Ok to use a tattoo to mask a scar?
what's the best thing to do about stretched and open pores?
should i use vaseline cocoa butter ointment on my new tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
was molested and raped and want to get a tattoo symbolizing it. something that shows pain i have gone through?
tattoo question...(pic)?
what kind of licensing do i need to buy cosmetics at wholesale?
Teenagers? Do you want a tattoo when you are older?
why are mosquitos atracted to a human....?blood?
My tattoo has scabbed is that nromal!?
Whats estrogen>and is there such thing as a hormonal cream?
what does an infected tattoo look like?
Does anybody know how it feels to have thier period?
should i get a clit piercing? or nipple peircing?
on a scale of one to ten how bad does a brazillian hurt? i have never waxed anything.?
What is the law on Tattoos?
Do/should you tip piercers?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
What are some good tattoo ideas for me?
Will a tatto interfere with this job?
Dry skin ?
Should I keep working at this tattoo shop?
Would this look nice with my tattoo?
"praying hands" tattoo?
Tatto quotes, any suggestions?
How small should a tattoo design be?
What is a dictionary?
where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
what would you do if you woke up and had orange knees?
Can breast implants burst?
Do you have large pores on your face?
Ladies: What do you think of guys with tattoos?
Anyone know any good quotes abouts brothers for a tattoo?
Tattoo idea for me...?
Does anyone know of some good websites for canadian themed tattoo's or does anyonw have some good ideas?
i am female & heavily tattooed.i have just got a promotion?
tattoos - transfer paper and pen...........?
is shower bath good or ordinary mug bath?
What do you think of this snake tattoo?
How to be famous ?
I have lips that are really, really red naturally, is there something wrong with me?
girls thoughts on tattoos ?
What's the right beauty regimen for the face?
Ideas for my tatt? :D best answer may gets 10 points (:?
a picture of the ultra derm whitening cream?
Breast implants or natural breasts?
I am planning to get breast augmentation. What size should I get?
Help with tattoo underage?
lower back tattoos hot or not?
Can I use neosporin on a new tattoo?
how to have fairer skin tone for a dark indian skin?
can you change the color of your tattoo to another color?
Where is a great tattoo shop in Alabama?
text tattoo- font question?
Im 13 n Im getting my belly button pierced in like the middle of august, Does it hurt? im really nervious!?
How much would this Tattoo cost? Estimates please!!?
People on here were saying 75-85 for this tattoo, but the tattooist charged me 160 +BQ?
Any tattoo artists that can help me I would be thankful tattoo site very painful?
Unique short tattoo quotes?
henna tatto help please?!?!?!?!!?
TATTOO, black or white or should i do color?
How come tattoo removals are so expensive? I doubt it would cost them that much for using laser.?
First Tattoo, pain or pleasure.?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Is there like a home recipie for Tanning Oil?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on very firm A cup breasts?
Where can someone get henna?
help for tattoo quote?
Do you like my new tattoo?
How do u clean lip piercings?
Does drinking just water REALLY help your skin?
Should i get a tattoo?
wats evening primrose capsule?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What do you think of these kind of Tattoos?
Some skin scratched off my nose and it left a red spot. How do I remove this and repair the skin?
I just got my nose pierced and I was wondering what I should do at night?
which is the right defination of the word integrity?Differentiate between integrity and holiness.?
How come if you are seen wearing black or have a lot of piercings that you are considered goth or punk??
can anyone tell me how they feel after having laser resurfacing on there face for acne scaring?
How do I choose my first tattoo?
I am 26 and still break out. Any advice?
A bigger A*S?
How can I get rid of pimples?
Breast feeding in public?
what do you consider too many piercings?
How much do you think this tattoo is going to hurt me?
How do you think oil prices affect labor markets?
I need some advice on me getting a tattoo?
I need a Tattoo Quote?
i have a rough face how do i make it smooth?
How much would a 4 inch legend of zelda triforce tattoo cost?
Any home remedies for removing a Henna Tattoo?
Any other ladies out there have large calves?
I Feel Like I'm Dealing With Everyone's Problems But Mine. What Should I do?
how do i keep my boobs looking supported and not droopy in my swimsuit without wearing a bra underneath?
How much would it cost to get this tattooed?
hair removal: PERMANENTLY?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Anyone have a tattoo idea?
What color should my tattoo be?
I have a dark spot on my arm its the size of two quarters?
Is liposuction effective?
Little black specs coming out of tattoo? normal?
Tattoo underneath my breast?
ten years from now, how many women are going to regret the day they got tatooed?
New Tattoo -- Is This Normal?
Any recommendations for ingrown hairs?
can a guy with not so-perfect-teeth make women attracted to him? is this a major factor?
What are some good tattoo parlours that offer microdermal piercings in Mississauga and the surrounding area?
if i get a full sleeve tattoo can i get it coverd with another sleeve if i dont like it?
Would this be a good tattoo? How should I do it?
am i too skinny im 22 and i weigh 90 puonds and im 6two???
does getting a tattoo behind your ear hurt?
dose an inner arm tattoo sag more than anywhere else?
What is a good tattoo place in Manhattan?
Reliable Symbols For Tattoos?
I think I have a problem...?
how much would this tattoo cost to get covered up?
What is a good way for a teen to get rid of acne?
Am I the only one worried about PARABENS in cosmetics?
How much to have a very small tattoo removed?
savonette inc. from new jersey, is the mfg of a product i would like to may i contact them?
How to fix a messed up tattoo?
where to buy air brush tattoo/face painting materials?
Ashlee Simpson, Nose Job???
Womens opinion of a tattoo?
Can pimples be caused by sensitive skin?
Is my first tattoo infected?
Has anyone gotten an tattoo?
Why do oily people need to moisturize?
Do anyone know where to get your belly pierced at? How much do it cost does it hurt?How old do you have to be?
I'm getting a tattoo on my tricep from elbow to shoulder just black writing. How much do you think it'll cost?
tattoo cover up ideas please?
Mendhi henna tattoos and Toronto?
What's the best sunscreen/sunblock?
best place to get quote tattoos?
How long would this tattoo take?
why does waxing your upperlip sometimes leave small bumps and sometimes it doesn't?
im a skinny girl will a tattoo on my ribs hurt ?
About how much would it cost to get tattoos like this?
What is it with large area tattoos?
Do Tattoos look trashy on women?
Do anyone know some food facial treatment I can use for acne?
Anyone ever try Proactive like on tv?
Dermal Anchor - Chest Area?
Rash near new tattoo!?!?! HELP?
Can you cover up a birthmark with a tattoo, if so, what should I get?
Is there a correct way for a tattoo to face?
First piece ever. Big or small?
Advice and opinions on a half sleeve tattoo ?
Would this be a good behind the ear tattoo?
I will turn 18 next month, and i want to get a tattoo in UV ink will it show in the daytime after healing?
Different tattoo quotes for remembrance. Need help deciding..?
tattoo help please!!!?
randy orton's tattoo artist?
which one of these words mean the most?
Will my tattoo turn out ok?
have just had inner labia pierced 3 days ago and its hurting how long will this last?
i need a cream or ointment for my pimples... what should i use?
belly button pierce..?
how many stone is 85kg?
Opinion: Tattoo ideas! Have he concept but not the symbol.?
HOW MANY FEET IS 184CM? im not sure what that measurement in height is.?
What is the tattoo in the movie "the vow"?
What to do with my kanji tatoo on fore arm?
For those of you who use dermabrasion: how often do you do it?
what is the best self tanning stuff for the face that has no streaks or orange coloring?
My first tattoo will be at the back of my neck,anyone with one there,how painful is it?
Adam's Apple reduction?
What is the reason for tear drop tattoos?
my best friend just had a baby and she has stretch marks everywhere now and she's miserable so i was wondering
what tattoo should i get?
How do you gain arm muscle or even fat?
Question about my tattoo?
is this hygiene ?
Where is the least sorest place to get a tattoo?
Is it a no-no if you bring pre-made tattoo to get done?
where can a 15 year old get a tattoo?
Excessive pain to get a tattoo in this area?
my boobs are sooooo tiny that they look like little men muscle and there is nothing to squeeze.?
Buying an airbrush tattoo kit for starters?
At what age do you have to be to get your nose pierced?
Can i peel the dead skin flaking off my new tattoo?
what would be a good tattoo to get after surviving physical and emotional abuse?
I Have a flat black mole on my faces any chance of skin damage with laser surgery??? need to know please?
how would i look with my lip pierced? should i do it?
Is see no evil hear no evil speak no evil skull tattoos racist?
changing tattoo color...?
Any decent tattoo studios specialising in portrait tattoos in...?
How to learn to tattoo at 14?
Are guys attracted to chubby girls?
i need an idea for a tattoo, help please?
is 34B a small bra size?
How long have you had a tattoo and how happy are you with it?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Im getting a tattoo, help?
Egyptian Musk Oil?
how much does an average medium sized foot tattoo in 3 colors cost ?
I have supper dy feet?
I want to keep my skin healthy, glowing and plump from the inside. HOW?
What pain is comparable to a tattoo?
Should I get a lower tummy/ bikini line tattoo or a lower back tattoo?
Where to put the tattoos?
alright who hates/likes my tattoo xD?
my face is somewhat oily.what can i do to stop it.?
Should I cover up my tattoo if so how?
Is there a Temporary Ink Tattoo Artist near Sacramento, CA?
Has anybody use the Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Demabrasion b4? Any comments? Any good results?
Someone give me their Tattoo opinion?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Who's prettier, Rhiana or Ciara?
Where would i find tattoo tutorials?
how much for one session of tattoo removal?about?
TATTOOS behind the ear? HELP.?
Shaving Your Legs?
Does size matter?
fearne cottons tattoo?
Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?
Am I fat? I am 5"1 and 100 pounds. Do you think I am fat? Cuz this kid keeps callin me fatty. :(?
Who Hates the Smell of Axe?
I have scars on my face and legs How do i clear them?
How important is tanning for prom?
If I were to become a tattoo artist would It be ok if I had no Tattoos?
If u could change 1 thing about yourself what would u change?
What is the best non surgical face lift or beauty aid?
When you get a tattoo on your ankle, what's the pain feel like?
Where can i find customer reviews of biotherm abdo-choc?
Tattoo placement ideas?
Tattoos on women?
Where would a tattoo hurt the most?
Getting my first tattoo on Saturday, and I have a few questions?
Idea for a tattoo? .......?
getting a tatoo do it really hurt i mean really hurt til you just cant take it?
If I got a really small tattoo would it hurt my chances of getting a good job?
Why do i have pimples?
Thinking if getting a tattoo which sounds better.?
can i use graphite paper to transfer henna designs to my skin?
Whats' the best self-tanner out there that's easy to use?
Inner lip tattoo questions?
Tattoo excision-- has anyone had experience?
does drinking more water help clear your skin from blemishes and darks marks from acne?
What do people think of a tattoo on my thigh?
kaplan tattoo machine?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
can i get a tattoo if pregnant?
Is there any way to reduce the size of one's ribcage (particularly width)?
I have a large black, grey, and red tattoo on my forearm. Could I get it covered with a detailed half sleeve?
What does theatre mask tattoo symbolise?
What's your favorite thing to sleep in.... or nothing at all??
Funny tattoo ideas???
So lately I've been thinking about getting a tattoo...?
Some of my eyelashes were accidentally cut when I got an eyebrow wax. Do eye lashes grow back?
Help! 6 day old tattoo scab just ed and bled?
Do you associate tattoos and piercings with people you think are druggies, or dirty in some way?
need help with tattoo?
Tattoo Colors Chemicals?
I have these red bumps on the back of my arms and regular lotion doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions?
Where is your birthmark at?
I want a tattoo!?
Tattoo Decision?
where is a good idea to get this tattoo?
Any ideas for a tattoo about living in the present not in the past or future?
Would you prefer a girl with tattoos/piercings, or one without?
how do i get rid of zits not products wise.?
im going to strech my ears..?
Are there any tattoo courses in South Wales?
Does it hurt more for a skinny person to get a tattoo?
Side tattoo ideas (for a girl)?
is it true most girls like the guy's back/butt/legs rather than his face and stomach/groin, is this true?
American chicks and fake boobs turn me off?
can someone please tellme the nameof the procedure done to the calf muscles to make them slimmer by taking out
How to tattoo yourself?
Girl tattoo full sleeve ideas?
some good pictures of rib tattoos?
Are belly piercings and tattoos trashy? Good looking? Should I not do anything to my body?
Best Place to get first tattoo?
My skin is very dry .I have become dark due to this ..kindly help me with home remedy ?
What are some good quotes about autism for a tattoo?
Where should i get this tattoo?
Describe what a tattoo feels like?
where is the least noticable please to get a tattoo?
tattoo song?
POLL: Do you like my tattoo?
Tattoo at 16 years old laws in Florida?
Serious question requesting serious responses about getting a tattoo?
Brand new tattoo red bumps?
If you could do without any body part, which one would it be?
Fire tattoo,I need help with design?
why is it harder to wax after shaving a couple times before?
Is 8 1/2 inches considered big or average??? I need to know if I've been screwed over by God or not...?
New tattoo and it dried out last because i fell asleep.. is it okay?!?
Bellybutton ring is sinking into the piercing?
i live in the UK and my mum said i can have a tattoo so would i be able to get one if my mum is there with me?
In one word, describe your lovemaking???
Friendship tattoo ideas?
Would this look good as a tattoo? (PICTURE!!!)?
What does this tattoo mean?
I want to get a sak yant tattoo---?
Tattoo sayings..........?
is being 5'3 and weighing 85 pounds normal in in 8th grade w/ details?
Short quotes for tattoo?
Do love black-white tattoos or colour tattos?
I don't have to take off my whole shirt for a shoulder tattoo, do i?
Where is the best place to get clavicle piercings in central Florida?
I am looking to get a tattoo representing my grown up son who will be 20 this year.?
Where can I get a tattoo?
School starts in about a week, How can I tone my stomach and lose some weight?
How hard do you have to scratch a healing tattoo to hurt it?
what is the best subsitute for a condom? a guy on the street asked me that.?
Can i sue this guy for giving me a tattoo that left a scar?
how many tattoos can a girl have before it looks trashy?