Male opinions only please, Do guys think girls with a hip tattoo and a belly button piecing are attractive?
How Do I get Rid of this Ugly little Keloid on my EarLobe that Looks like a Pimple ?
I need an idea for a tattoo?
Lip Piercings? HELP!?
is it okay to get your nose pierced at 45?
Does anyone know of a good moisturiser?
how do i get rid of back ance?
how much would this tattoo be?
what kind of deodrant do you use or like?
A good spot healer..?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
I want an atheism tattoo?
shaving ur arms?
is laser hair removal effective at all?
Any of you do home facials?
What would look good with this quote? Tattoo?
Have you ever gotten lint in your belly button?
Is my new tattoo supposed to lose color?
Tattoo ideas? i thought about putting an inspirational saying but i'm not sure what. any ideas?
is it safe to clean my belly buttton with bactine? i just got it pierced 4 days ago?
removing pimples?
where can i buy nirvae botanical orange sandlewood lotion?
Should I keep working at this tattoo shop?
Why do most caucasin girls have the most messed up bodies????
Tattoo pain tolerance?
where should i get this tattooed on me..?
Who are some good paul booth style los angeles tattoo artists?
Do they make ear retainers for normal ear piercings?
Which will give you a better tan, tanning outside or going to the tanning bed?
Chest Tattoo price estimate?
Where is the best place on your body to get a name tattooed?
How do you get elasticity back in skin after big weight loss?
i need names of sexy parfumes?
What all is involved in getting a pedicure for guys? How much?
Best tattoo shop in Glasgow?
Is it just me or is Nick Lachey sexy?
Where are the best tattoo parlors in northwest ohio?
Pretty Italian phrases that uses the word love in it for a tattoo?
How do I convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?!?!?!?
What can you do to obtain nice abs without having to incur a large gym bill?
I'm 5'5 110 pounds do i need to gain weight?
Would this be a cute tattoo?
I'm an adult but parents disapprove of my new tattoo?
is it bad for your body it you cut?
dark body hair on girl help!??
Is it against the law to tattoo a baby?
What tattoo should I get on my ribs?
Hi, my age 25-weight -46, I am C.A. by profession. I feel lot of sleepiness even after I had enough sleep?
How can I Fix this tattoo?
What hurts more a tattoo or breaking a bone?
What is a cute tattoo to get for a girl's 16th birthday?
Home microdermabrasion..does it work?
can a tattoo get infected even if its already scabbed over?
will miley's dad let her have a tattoo?
In New Jersey, how much for a tattoo removal? I have a super villain name on my shin.?
Why do people say, i'm not fat, i'm fluffy? Truth is i'm fat, why?
how do you shave you legs?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
what is the use of magnesium lauril sulfate on cosmetics?
How do I get my henna tatto darker?
I am really interested in getting a niho mano tattoo, but i am a haole/white male and i am wondering if this?
will a rib tattoo still hurt even if your not really bony?
Where to tattoo when a minor in mission Tx?
question about a snake tattoo?
Ladies Only: If a man shaves his legs does that make him a homosexual?
Does anyone else battle with acne?
What tatoo should i get?
Anyone seen a cherry blossom tree tattoo?
how do clear your face from acne and pimples in a home remedy way?
Opinions on where I should get my tattoo...?
Death before dishonor tattoo?
what's a cup size? how many cup sizes are there? Explain...?
tattoo question?
Does anybody know any tattoo quotes?
Should I get this tattoo at 15?
Im pretty flat chested,will overeating make my boobs bgger or my stomach bigger? Oh yeah im 13.?
Has anyone tried ELICINA?
where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
me n my boyfriend want to get matching tattoos on our wrist lk mine saying something then his is completing it
Is my tattoo coming off?
Detail in a small tattoo?
Is it safe to get your hip pierced...?
I recently got a tattoo of a lightning bolt in memory of a friend but I am now worried it has other meaning..?
is women like men with hairy chest?if yes why? if no why?
Want to get a tattoo of Nordic Viking runes on my wrist. Will they make each other not make sense?
Can you go to a tattoo/piercing parlor with someone over 18?
Tips and ideas for my tattoo.?
Help me design a tattoo combining the initials A, V, N, and possibly K.?
Which language would this script look good on for tattoo?"Fear none,but God"?
Question about getting a tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo artist is good?
If while getting a tattoo (tramp stamp) someone keeps jumping, who's fault is it that it gets ruined?
what should i add to this tattoo to make a half sleeve?
Anyone have experience on stomach tattoos and pregnancy?
My daughter is 12 and has just a few breakouts not many but she hates splashing water on her face?
What is the meaning behind your tattoos?
I love to wear flip flops in the summer, but me feet and toenails get so dirty and stained. how do i clean up?
advice on tattoo quote?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Sexiest Women?
what is the procedure for a thigh tattoo?
for a tattoo should i get imperfection is beauty or love conquers all?
Whats the best type of black-light inks to tattoo with? And how can you tell if a persons allergic?
what should i pierce?
Is my friends butterfly, rainbow colored tattoo--a gay pride tattoo?
Family Tattoo?
can you get a tattoo in southern california if your under 18?
do you have a matching tattoo with anyone?
girls: do you have the same problem?
How do they transfer the tattoo?
Ok; Author? Tattoo Artist? Singer?
Why do all strippers seem to smell the same?
Where should i put my first tattoo?
Newly done tattoo (10 Points)?
can you get taller by stretching yourself lengthwise? i'm 4'9" and I really want to get taller?
Is getting a Tattoo done painful ?
Are minors aloud into tattoo parlors?
what would you get as a tattoo or where would you get your next piercing and why?
Age and tattoo?
What do you have to do to become a tattoo artist?
what is a manicure and a pedicure?
What does a labyrinth tattoo mean?
Would this be a good quote for a tattoo?
Is my mom being fair?
Where can I find tattoo leggings?
What do you think of big girls with tramp stamp tattoo's?
My tattoo looks ed?
How can I balance my body??
How much would this tattoo cost?
How long until I can do active things after getting a rib tattoo?
Would my mother let me get a tattoo?
I need to know the best way to convince my parents to let me get a navel piercing without being suspicious.How
im getting tattooed....?
Quick poll on tattoos................?
why do you ask this kind of question? people are trying to ignore smoking because its dangerous effects, but,?
Instead of a longer labret, could they put a glass retainer in a Monroe?
matching tatttooos with bf!?
What do you think of this tattoo?
i am very lean can i improve my weight?
Will you please be a little more creative?
So kind of you to help me. What simple home procedure can i follow to make my lips more pink?
I have a tattoo which is 6 letters long, how much will it cost to be removed?
What are the chances of contracting aids from getting a tatoo?
undecided between two tattoos...?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
Is this a doable tattoo (photo)?
any really good ideas for a tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo is too extreme for a woman?
I have a question about tattoos?
is 34B a small bra size?
Does a laser q-switch tattoo removal from ebay work?
Is this adult acne? Can it be prevented? What is the best treatment?
why are my armpits very dark in color?
First tattoo experience?
How many tattoos is too many? Do you have one' or not?
What do you think of tongue piercings?
i need help on a tattoo idea..?
What is the best way to get rid of dark tired looking eyes?
What piercings do you think are sexy?
what happens when you burn your skin?
Are wings on my back a stupid idea for a not so girly girl?
How do I get a prison tattoo without going to prison? I'm a Detroit Lions fan.?
What truly is the best way to get rid of blackheads???
Which facial is the best for normal/normal to oily skin and what should be the intervals for that?
Is a cream containing hydroquinine good for me?
Me and my best friends were wanting to get some kind of tattoo before college, what should we get?
How old do you have to be in order to get a tattoo?
Will he get the wrong idea?
Do you have any piercings?
Does Anyone Know A User Name for the Corbin Fisher website?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Height problem?
would a big red rose cover this tattoo?
WRIST TATTOO? how bad did yours hurt?
HOW do I know when my tattoo is healed, its my first tat, help please?.?.?
how do guys and girls feel about tongue rings?
quote tattoo i've been thinking about..?
Kari you are correct, I need suggestions on old acne scars.?
If i am 5'7" and weigh 120 lbs, am i overweight?
how do you?
what would you think of someone with this tattooed on them?
I'm 13 going on 14 what's the average bra size for that age?
how much would a tattoo of a letter behind my ear cost?
Where can i find a Japanese bookstore in NewOrleans?
Does it hurt when you get your nose pierced?
where do ya have a tatoo and piercing? if ya got.. this question only for F!?
kerry katona's back tattoo.............................?
Tattoo ideas for the poem Annabel lee by Edgar Allen Poe?
How do I get rid of my sunburn FAST???
Friends suggest me some tips to improve my complextion only natural and home recepies entertained.?
Why men like busty woman?
Is this a dumb tattoo idea?
What image could go with this quote? tattoo?
does anyone know if Therma-firm from Avon is a good product?
Where should I put my 1st tattoo?
What do you think of a monroe piercing? Chic or chav?
Best place to get a tattoo in Philadelphia?
Would it be acceptable for a Doctor to have a shoulder tattoo?
Is there anything wrong with a girl being 5'10"??
What physical features do guys want in a woman?
How much would snake bites cost at skin works tattoo in Shreveport la ? ?
I have small boobs any suggestions?
How many times are your EARS pierced?
Is it normal for the ink on my tattoo to fade while it's scabbing?
tattoo question! is my mums word enough?
I need to find out the font in this tattoo?
tattoo ideas i need helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
who can help draw my tattoo?
Opinions On My New Tattoo? :)?
Would getting a tattoo on the right side of my rib cage hurt really bad?
Should i get this tattoo?
You know those boogers that are hard to get out? How do you get them out?
TATTOO IDEA HELP????????????????? YEAH?
Would wearing a white bathing suit make you look less pale?
what is the ideal dress size for a person who's 5'3''?
tattoos with your best friend?
Dragon Tattoo Concept?
Should men shave their chest & back hair?
how to prepare turmeric as a pasted for temporary tattoos?
do i have to update my license if i want to get a tattoo on my birthday?
what is the weight that guys like for a 13 year old girl?
plz help.....zits r taking over my face?
Tattoo cost estimate?
Do you like to smell yourself (because it's stinky)?
What does Angelina Jolie's shoulder tattoo mean?
Do you find green eyes on a guy or girl sexy?
What do you think about a tattoo on a girls butt?
How many sweat glands are there in the body?
anyone got a tattoo on there thigh?
how do you pierce you ears at home without a pierceing gun?
Is the wrist painful to get the word LOVE for a first tattoo?
My boobs are small and i kno that its genetic but is there a way u can enhance them... o n?
Tattoo Help! How can I make it original?
Would you get a tattoo of a girl/guys name?
Pin-up girls with tattoos?
pit bull terrier humps my leg?
I got my second tattoo today and it's already swollen...?
what deos the "tree of woa" tatoo mean.?
What works the best to get rid of cellulite?
tips on how to get rid of varicose?
What do you think of tattoos on females?
How long should i tan for the first time?
Tattoo Quote Opinions?
My grandma is 70 years old, and has no Wrinkles. She has never ever used botox or had any surgery.?
how do tattoos damage your skin?
What company can a person go to to get a tattoo removed in Minnesota?
I'm wondering how and where I can get a temporary Tattoo?
What does the tattoo on Pocahontas arm mean?
why dont people have eyes on the sides of their heads like cows?
i have got acne, i don't know what to use on it, what would be the best product to get rid of acne quickly?
MY first tattoo and its healing process?
Tattoo ideas for a girl?
New tattoo leakage..?
whats a tattoo design meaning no worries?
Can i still get a tattoo on my back?
tattoo ideas for katy perry inspired tattoo?
professional tattoo artist i have a question?
i need help with tattoos?
how old do you have to be to tattoo in the state of New York?
Is my tattoo infected?
tat to commemorate my nana?
GIRLS ONLY!!PLZ! until were do u shave ur legs?
why do guys always go after the skinny, pretty, beautiful girls and pay no attention to the normal girls?
POLL: if you were to get any line from a song tattooed on you, what would you get?
If you were a tattoo, who would you be on?
I need a good face wash, any suggestions?
Monroe question? Please answer?
Is it weird or stupid to get sister tattoos in different places?
Pink ring/scar around nose ring?
My tattoo is peeling?
Best lotion for newly healed tattoo?
help with an idea for a tattoo?
TATTOO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Blackfeet tribal symbol/ idea for tattoo?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
Tattoo: Need help with a quote?
Trouble picking a piercing?
my boyfriends tatto has started to swell up- hes had it a year?
least painful tattoo.?
Got a new tattoo and the tattoo artist messed up on my polynesian tattoo by connecting the band around my leg?
I'm looking to get something added to my tattoo..?
Is there anyone out there know how to get rid of stretch marks?
I'm getting a tattoo... Which is the best quote...?
i need help with a tattoo idea?
Should i get a tattoo on my ***?
any body have a tattoo?
3 week-old tattoo still greyish-black...pls help!!?
People with tattoos: If you have writing or script on you, where is it?
can anyone tell me ho to maintain oily skin...???
Tattoo Peeling Question?
Hair dye and a new Tattoo?
Need advice? Have a tumblr?
When i turn 16 i want more piercings on my ear, got any pictures that you could show me?
Where is a good place to get a tattoo of my fiance's name?
"I'd rather live, than live forever" for a tattoo?
What's the best Face Lotion?
how do u get rid of hickies quick?
what's the best way to cure pimples?
Body paint or tattoos?
Tattoo help??? Ten Points:)?
Is this a nice looking tattoo?
List of Tattoo shops in Hollywood California?
tattoo quote ideas/suggestions?
i need help with this guy. i need tips.?
Is numbing cream worth it?
How do girls make their ear piercings look cool?
where can I find Sujialih face cream and where I can buy sujialih face cream?
where can i find a plastic drying face mask for cleansing the skin ?
How can you get rid of dark spots and blemishes on your face??
Ideas on where I should get this tattoo?
Tanning Question for people that live near Portland, Oregon?
i want the answer of my question why i does not found true love now till i think you cant tell me its reason?
How much does a tattoo cost?
Can anyone recommend some good tattoo colours?
Do you find tattoos on a woman a turn on or turn off?
i'm a bit insecure about my breasts- can u give me advice? no silly answers please!?
Iam 47 .there is a black colouration around my mouth and eyes.It is very clear when Iam weak.?
How old do you have to be to get a Tattoo in the UK?
i need some help please...?
who can Find me a tattoo?
Can anyone reccomend any medication for back acne? Why do I get back acne?
Is ok to take It out?
remove brand new tattoo?
she devil & she angel tatto ideas?
how many of you have taken a shower with your boyfriend?
well im very pretty and there is one problem my cheeks are so red it looks like im wearing blush but im not...
Where should I get this tattoo?
Why not get something meaningful?
Piercing?!? guys advice!?!?
I want to cover a stupid *** tattoo I got when I was 17 on my left shoulder with an american flag.?
DOVE tattoo help please anyone?
Where can I possibly put these tattoos?
i was thinking about going into the marines but i have a large tattoo. will i be able to get in.?
wreckingbalm tattoo fade, has anybody used it?
Why is it that teenage girls are always have to be skinny to fit in????
Best place for name tattoo?
Does anyone know what the SINGER LIGHTS has tattooed on her forearm?
Why do some people boycott deodorant?
Scottish Tattoo Law ? Kinda urgent, Have appointment. ?
I want to get a tatoo on my right hip?
I want to get a tattoo,but will it affect my body since i have cerebral palsy and seizures that are controlled?
Tattoo help a.s.a.p.?
any ideas?(a best answer will be awarded)?
Has anyone out there tried those breast enhancing pills? Do they work?
Is this a cool tattoo idea?
06/06/2006 what has it brought to u today?
What does a butterfly tattoo mean?
is it ok to use this cream!!?
My name is Angel would it be stupid to get a tattoo of wings on my shoulder blades?
Witch one???
Which tattoo should I get tomorrow?
where is the best place on my body to get a tattoo that isnt visible?
What is the most effective way to recover from pimple scare on my face? I want a flawless skin.?
Has anyone successfully removed a tattoo with a TCA peel?
Where should i place my tattoo?
Help me with my tattoo!?
Wat is da most common tattoo girls get??
What's a very easy and no cost way to lose like 5 pounds?
Has anyone ever shopped from?
Which location is best for my third "Carpe Diem" tattoo?
best facial cream for men?
Asking the guys?.... and girls if interested.........?
i have an oily skin,im fair bt coz of oily-stickyness, its look litlle dark&absurd. what shld i do,help me?
General small tattoo price?
Do stretch marks effect a tattoo? Should I wait til they go away?
what would you get for a tattoo? why?
Age to get a tattoo in the state of wisconsin?
How do I get rid of pimples and scars???
Why is a hot shower good for the skin?
how much would this tattoo cost?
belly button piercing question?
im 14 and i wanted to get a cross tattoo on my wrist for religous reasons should i get one?
What is more trendy? Belly ring or lower back tattoo?
Is this tattoo stupid and cliche?
Tattoo confusion, help?
can tattoos have red on them?
Which do ya think is better?
tattoo help i need help!?
What words or quotes for a tattoo?
never been kissed..?
Any home remedy tips for "WHITTER TEETH"?
Can fake tan cause cancer?
I really seriously want a tattoo?
Which facial piercing would i look b est with?
Tattoo artists: could I get my tattoo covered?
Can you get a tattoo on your penis?
price of this tattoo?
i think cute white girls just wont grind up on skinny indian guys unless they know them. what do u think?
how old do you have to be in Canada to get a tattoo?
Why is it so wrong for guys to try to tan?
people with oily skin age slower?
is 15 days long enough for a tattoo to heal?
Anyone know a good tattoo artist in Los Angeles willing to come to my residence?
Short tattoo ideas, two questions?
Do you think my avatar is cute?
i am having a tattoo about my sister who has past away and i want a short poem or quote, please help! xx?
Are tattoos on the inside of the bicep tacky or trashy?
wat can i use on ma face so it can be less oily?
What would make a nice small horror themed or scary tattoo to go on the wrist? ?
Am extremely overweight. would like to hear from someone who has lost over 100 #'s and would like to share.
Why did they quit making Toni Home Perms????
What is the best acne facewash?
How to bleech facial hair? is it something u do at home or what?
How can i make my hands softer?
what is the latest form of effective treatment available for keloid scar?
What are things that define you that you chose to get tattoos of?
can i get a tattoo after donating blood?
Nipple Piercing?
Is it okay to put Vaseline on a Tattoo?
How can I clear up my acne fast?
So I want to get a tattoo on my 18th birthday which is in the middle of track season?
how do I have a bath with a full back tattoo? I don't have a shower?
Tanning with a tattoo?
is there something wrong with being light skin?
WRIST TATTOO? how bad did yours hurt?
whats a bold tattoo? is it something about the shading on a tattoo?
Is there an alternative tattoo ink besides Indian ink?
How to honor my grandfather with a tattoo?
I have horrible legs! Do guys care??
True or False?
Anyone have a bad tattoo experience?
Had a tattoo done just over a week and a half ago and it's itching!!?
I want to get some tatoos but i dont know what does anybody have any ideas ?
Idea for tattoo???????????
guys only- do you like big boobs or small ones?
where is the least painful spot to get a tattoo, ideas for my tattoo, need advice?
need some suggestions for my tattoo, 10 points?
Where in Georgia (preferably closer to Atlanta) can I get a henna tattoo?
gun shooting out stars tattoo?
Do men think pierced belly buttons are attractive?
Is the wrist painful to get the word LOVE for a first tattoo?
professional tattoo artists?
Is a Network Engineer allowed to have visible tattoos?
WHat is a good way 2 perswade my parents intoletting me gat a tattoo im 16 ?
Anyone know a GREAT Tattoo artist in Arizona?
How does one draw finger waves, as in asian artwork or tattoo flash?
Does anyone know the name of celebrities with skull and crossbone tattoo on their throat?
How do you tell someone it's proper hygiene to shower and brush your teeth everyday?
Has anyone heard about eyelash implants?
how do you get rid of hickys?
Tattoo Aftercare Help?
tattoo quotes...need a little help?
How old were you.....?
How can i increase my bust size? 36B?
Freckles and tattoos?
Wrist tattoo........?
Which would look best as a tattoo?
flesh or white ink over faded black tattoo
skin problem?
Please comment how i look???
I want to add to an old tattoo. And ideas?
quotes about pain for tattoo?
Can a tattooist transfer writing from a normal piece of paper?
Where can I view pictures of tattoo?
Anyone have any tattoo ideas?
Need advice on getting a tattoo...!!?
what is this red bump on the side of my nose and how do i get rid of it?
Rihanna's tattoo?
what do female measurements (such as this one: 34D-24-34) mean?
What does a panther and snake tattoo mean?
my girlfriend hates the fact that i have a uni-brow. i dont think its that bad, but she cant stand it.?
what's the best thing to put on a sunburn? Home remedies or other?
I got an ankle tattoo, kind of paranoid about it?
who's got a tattoo, where and what is it?
tattoo help????? please?
New tattoo ideasssssss!!!!!! Help?
Will my tattoo stretch?
Am i fat?????????
I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow?
Any special meaning behind this horse tattoo?
Places to get a tattoo that won't stretch?
How to make................?
Do You Like This Tattoo?
What other piercings would I look good with? Pic Inside?
I want a tattoo, but I am not creative and don't know what to get!?
Tattoo representing siblings?
Need Tattoo ideas for my inner sleeve?
Tattoo help?! please answer(:?
What is the best eye cream for sensitive eyes, with dark circles and wrinkles?
would it be crazy for me to tattoo eyes on my lower back???
can smoking really make the face dull?
im wanting to get a tattoo of a butterfly or a star but i done no where to put it (some where not so painful)?
Is my tattoo infected?
Should I get a Tattoo on my forehead?
Would this be a good idea for a tattoo?
i was just wondering...?
who can help with creative ideas on a tattoo about faith?
When you get a tan on half of the top of your foot why does the other part never tan?
do you like girls?
employment with a Tattoo in wrist?
Should I get my tougue pierced?
plz help Tattoo idea for dyslexia :)?
Has anyone used DHC beauty products? And if so.. what did you think?
Should i get a tattoo? Your advice greatly mentioned!!! :)?
a good home faceal treatmenent?
Should A Girl Get PLastic Surgery even though there is nothing abnormal about her?
Wondering about these .....?
Penis piercing without parents knowledge?
i have these lil dots on ma legs help!!?
tattoo/piercing parlors in or north of atlanta?
How can you make an spray on tattoo permanent?
What is a simple symbol for a tattoo. i just want a plain small tattoo that is creative and symbolic?
My mom is finally allowing me to get a tattoo?
If u see a guy with 2 earings a tattoo and walks with his chest out, would u think he is shy ?
do u think u have a good personality?
Does anyone know any goods places to get a tattoo in Vancouver Washington?
My son has those pierced ears that have huge holes in the lobes?
Is it normal for men to walk around in streets with flip-flops? Why?
only three more weeks until i get my lap band surgery and im so nervous im just wondering if i have my hopes u
is my tattoo too scabby?? please i want opinions i got it 5 days ago.?
Tattoo Ideas? PLEASE?
Tattoo question that i have (i dont want anti tattoo answers ok)?
Is it big, normal, or small?
How to draw a Heart on your wrist?
Can laser tattoo removal make the skin look lighter,darker,burned, or what?
do i sound fat to u?
I have a faicial scar on the bridge of my nose and a small one near my lip. Will girls still go out with me?
17 Year Old Tattoo Question?
Tattoo help?! Pleaseeee?
What is wrong with me?...?
Is there a way to prevent ingrown hairs?
How badly does a wrist tattoo hurt?
do you think this is a good tattoo idea?
Should I get a nose ring?
my sister just died of an overdose i want a tattoo to remeber her by?
why do all young girls get tattoos?
how do i get into the Tattoo's And piercing Business?
How do you find places that'll give you a makeover like clothes, looks, ect?
is colby o'donis dating ashley michelle and who is she?
tattooing over self harm scars?
Is it discrimination? Tattoo policy change. Very serious PLEASE help if you can.?
Better or Worse.....?
Is having a round face a good or bad thing?
how much do tattoos usually cost?
should i let my nose piercing close?
why do guys like girls with big boobs instead of smaller ones you would be afraid to run and get hit by them?
taping method help??????????????????????????
What can you tell me about tattoo covering make up? ?
Do you prefer showering first thing in the morning or before bed?
Should I get my ear pierced?
This may seem like a stupid question but....?
So I want to get a tattoo on my 18th birthday which is in the middle of track season?
how old is too old for piercings and tattoos?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your foot?
How much would a tear tattoo cost?
help....nail care?
I got a tattoo yesterday with my sister.?
Question for professional tattoo artists - What do you think of Skin Candy tattoo ink?
How long do I keep tatoo bandages on?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
What does the three dots tattoo mean in sweden?
Why do the women shaving their legs in commercials always have a big smile on their face?
What is the best over the counter eye cream?
if you are me your preety talk if you dare?
Best site for australian tattoo designs?
Do you think my friend is really skinny?
Is this a good placement?
What is the best tattoo needle to use for coloring in a shape with a solid color?
What does this tattoo mean?
why is my tattoo fading?
Do you think this tattoo could work and look good?
Tattoo at 16?should i ?? =)?
Central to Eastern North Carolina........?
Can you get hired if you have a tattoo behind your neck?
Is this a bad idea for a tattoo?
How do i say never give up in japanese i plan on getting it tattooed?
how do you get all the hair off of your legs and get them shiney?
Sun Burn HELP!!!?
Where is a good tattoo parlor in chicago area?
can i put color over a black/gray tattoo?
What is the best recipe for a natural home made facial mask?
whats a good way to get rid of pimples quick?
How do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Laser Tattoo Removal Question regarding inks:?
Is this a dumb tattoo idea?
can anyone draw me up a tattoo? for my upper arm?
hay ladies my ex wants to get her boyfriends name on her left shoulder, wut do yall think? should she?
I just got my tattoo touched up the other day and it looks gray is this normal?
So I'm getting a tattoo in memory of my dad ?
pls help me?
laser tattoo removal?
how would this look on my forearm?
are tattoo shops liable for bad tattoos resulting in scaring?
What are some tattoo ideas for a really crapy tattoo cover up on my chest?
Why Have Men Started Plucking Eyebrows?
would it be ok to have a tattoo on my upper arm if i play sports?
Does an eye brow tattoo get swollen enough to stretch the tattoo?
i have a very oily skin?
I need some tattoo ideas...?
Shaving? Waxing?
Anyone know anything about corset training?
Cant find a wing tattoo design?
Has anyone ever used strivectin-sd for stretchmarks.?
On a hot sunny day, what color of clothing is one recommended to wear?
Tattoo placement ideas?
Am I the only good guy left?
getting a tattoo retouched in boston area?
what's the best bar soap?
What tattoos do chicks dig?
how do u extract the gel from aloe vera plant?
do tatoos hurt? like if you get one on your lower back or wrist?
how much does it cost to get a tattoo and piercing?
I'm under 16 and I really want a few tattoo's?
24 hours after brow waxing skin is still red and swollen. Looks like large blisters. Tips to reduce swelling?
How can I cover up or clear stretch marks????
Is there anywhere online I can get a tattoo designed?
This guy friend of mine wants to get my lips tattoo'd on his neck! Do you think I should do it?
Where should I put a small tattoo?
Tattoo question?
Help me choose a tattoo?
I had my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago and its really sore and red, should i take it out?
my boyfriend and i are getting matchin tattoos but dont kno where to get them?
tattoo removal help?!?
Tattoos for you baby's name?
What race has the most beautiful women?
What is Astridex?
how do you lose inches?
Commission a tattoo artist for a sketch?
Wanna get a memorial tattoo but don't know how to begin with it.?
Why is it when someone asks a question about getting a tattoo?
How long would it take to get this tattoo done?
is AFA Applecross Tattoo Art Studio Western Australia a good one?
what do you think of these tattoo ideas?
How much would it cost to have a very small tattoo removed?
Anyone got any facepainting ideas?
guys--what do u think of girls who wear basketball shorts and like a white t-shirt or more...
Someone please help me with this tattoo ?
How do you prevent acne?
What to add to my half sleeve tattoo? Pic inside?
what diet should i be on to make my butt bigger?
When is the best time to get a tattoo? During the day wise..?
Where should i have this tattoo?
How much would a tattoo of this size cost?
As a person without tattoos, do you judge a person with tattoos diiferently then someone without?
Is there a place online where I can see a sample of a tattoo I want?
i like a guy alot but i dont no if he likes me what should i do??
Where is a good place to hide a tatoo?
I want to get a tattoo in memory of my childhood friend.?
I'm not proportioned?
for my first tatoo would it be dumb to gte the victoria's Secret PINK dog?
What ya think of my tattoo? (Pic)
Opinions for collar bone tattoo?
Is 120lbs at 5'2" considered fat?
Are tattoos on a women's arm a turn off?
What are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo on your lower back?
I'm useing moms tattoo ink and the black is so think when i out line the tattoo it smears the design?
I'm planning on getting a tattoo soon any ideas?
Thinking about getting a tattoo?
Do you have any tattoos?
Tattoo placement suggestions please!?
Who tried "Breast Gain Plus"?
Tattoo raised year after healing?
Need ideas heeeelllpp?
Green Vein on My Face?
dave matthews firedancer tattoo?
Hi i wnt 2 get a tat on my ankle wrist or back of neck n wondering which hurts most n what to get there?
Tattoo question (Idk the name of a certain kind)?
i need help with my tattoo...?
Got any tattoos?
What is the best way to get rid of pimple? I have tried acne cream, face washes and even toothpaste!?
Tragus Piercing Complications?
Dimples Anyone????
Where do I put my tattoo & which quote to have?
Trying to find the chinese symbol for strength for a tattoo?
How much do belly button piercings hurt?
I really want a tattoo?
about tragus piercings??????
Can you use polysporn on a tattoo?
Im 13yo and I really want my navel pierced.?
Who is the best tattoo artist?
Hey i want to get a tattoo? but i dont know what to expect! can any1 tell me their experience?
I need help finding my eyebrow ring size!?
about how much would this tattoo cost?
i want a tattoo and am wondering what is symbolic for change. without it being some little symbol.?
How can you get rid of a birthmark that is lighter than your natural skin color?
Tattoo Ideas please!?
tattoo on foot?
My tattoo still feels raised after three weeks. Is that okay?
what is 2+2=?
Is 6 weeks enough for lip ring to heal, so I could take it out and go to school?
How to cover wrist tattoo (Job purposes)?
Will the holes ever close up??!????
How much would this tattoo cost?
i have tattoo questions?
Help me convince my mom to get this piercing?
people with tattoos what would u do?
How long does it take for a tattoo to fade?
Do you regret your tattoo?
Should I get a pubic tattoo?
What kind of hand lotion is best for really dry skin?
Can i get job in factory or in any other sector in australia or nz with neck tattoo?
Girls PLease!?
should i get this tattoo coloured? or leave it as it is?
Does anyone know a good fake tanning lotion or spray to use?
15 and wanting meaningful tattoo. Help!?
Where can you get a henna tattoo?
is this weird?
Anyone know of a website that features tattoos on dark skin?
If you had to get a tattoo that was a short quote in cursive, would you get it on your ribcage or shoulder?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
What tattoo should i get? Mainly scripture, or something deep?
Which tattoo should I get?
First tattoo............?
opinions on tattoos?
whats cuter freckles or braces?
does shaving increase the number of hairs that grow from ur skin?
How/Why do you use baby powder?
Should I get this tattoo?
I have a tattoo on my right hip and a big one on my left shoulder. Where should I get my next one?
any actual tattoo stores in maryland?
Should I get a tattoo?
I need help on deciding on a tattoo.?
how can I make a bar fit in my?
What are sign of a tattoo done with bad technique?
Hiding my tongue piercing...?
Would it hurt to get a tattoo on the bottom of my leg?
whats happening to my tattoo? read my short paragrapgh need help bad?
where should i get my first tattoo?
Is any one hot out their?
Does a collar bone/chest tattoo hurt? How bad?
is black tea necessary for henna tattoo paste?
Will i jump when i get a tattoo?
Frankenweenie tattoo?
nautical beachy songs?
about how many gurls like it in the azz?
can black people get cover up tattoos?
Does this tattoo look girly to you?
i have a nice body, but all wats left are the pacs, how can i make them visible in the least time??
Is this a bad future?
tattoo idea/design help?
Can sunscreen damage a tattoo from the sun if i just got one and use it?
I want to get a tattoo but i'm scared.?
am i fat?.........?
i want a shakespeare quote tattoo...any ideas?
I have dark knees and elbows! What is the best cream to use to make it lighter?
Why do Tall girls Hate Short Women?
I have foot fetish :(?
Where can I find victoria secret tropical nectar lotion?
Are there any famous well-known traditional Japanese tattoo artists?
what tattoos do you have and where are they located?
thigh tattoo on chick, opinions & pain?
If you were forced to get a name tattoo..?
Scar tissue / stretch mark tattooist in OR?
Need ideas for my tattoo?
wrist tattoo? or somewhere else?
Tattoo idea?... on my foot!!!
I want to be a tattoo artist - where do I start?
Any ideas? Looking for a good quote for a tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo on the hip hurts?
Is there a trend between fit people to get tattoos?
Discovery of wrinkles on your face, does it hurt knowing that you're getting old?
Will I be able to drive after a thigh tattoo?
Tattoo placement question?
Getting tattoo but may not have enough to finish?
What part of my body should I get a tattoo on?
please give me a solution for pimples?
i shave my armpits regulalry and for the past few days i have noticed that my armpits are turning....?
HELP! Would I be able to stretch my ear if it's not pierced right in the middle?
Is she interested or just being friendly for work? should i ask her or what?plz help get good points!?
how would people look like in a million years?
What is microderabrasion?
Does anyone have a sleeve with their inner arm tattooed?
Tattoo damage after the beach?
what is the better colour for skin?
foot tattoo?
Girls only please its embaressing?
tattoo Idea...what do you think? and who to draw it?
Is getting your tragus ear peirce a good idea? Does it look cute on a girl?
Stretchmarks? whats the best.........?
It has been two weeks since I got my tattoo, can I return to the gym and workout?
Does this look like a good tattoo?
to dave B.....?
Who is the best biomech tattoo artist within 500 miles of Jacksonville for a coverup?
Black girl skin question?
where can i get a tattoo in edinburgh? im 16. i have my lip pierced and my parents are not really against it!?
Getting my first tattoo, having question about my id?
It this common with Laser Tattoo Removal?
I want to own a tattoo shop?
i'm about to get my first tattoo but...?
whats a good website for sexy tattoos?
Tattoos. What's your opinion tword them?
Im getting a tattoo sleeve need Help?
What's a good Wrist tattoo?
Whats the best look for, well, down below? Brazilian?
what are some true american tattoos?
what's a cute tattoo?
Guys don't like curves anymore?
how do one obtain a natural skin tone?
I also think they should have there full name branded on the bottom of there foot do you think so too?
what is the diff between invention and discovery.......?
Heelllppp...piercings!! :P?
Tattoo Placement Question?
I want to get a tattoo on my inner wrist that says strength in pink.?
ACNE- anyone know a serious way to get rid of acne, besides acutane?
Cover up mistake for a tattoo?
How often do you get your tattoos retouched? How much money would it cost?
Need some tattoo placement ideas, suggests.?
Ladies...If you have piercings, are they for fashion or for pleasure? If for pleasure, explain.?
i am taking doxcycline for the treatment of acne and it broke my out the first week, will it get better?
how can i make it so my thighs arent so big?
I need a picture of Kano's chest tattoo in Mortal Kombat 9?
Tattoos?????? plz answer if only you are a christian, plz..?
How to remove a fake tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost..?
Tattoo'sand Piercings, what and where?
How long after I get my tattoo do I have to wait to go swimming?
Do you have any suggestions for a good facial cleanser for someone with combination and/or blemish-prone skin?
Is it advisable to have my chest and both my breasts tattooed with florals ?
Do tattoos really hurt that much?
is my tattoo healing properly?
Tattoo template idea please?
What is the most money you have ever spent on a tattoo?
Kanji tattoo question?
What is a good acne medicine to use? Is differin gel good?
is it possible 2 fall asleep with ur eyes open if so how?
Can you get a Tattoo at 14?
Which tattoo quote should I go for on my ribs or lower side?
Help with a good font? Something feminine and curly yet still masculine maybe tribal? Help combining?
Will blue tattoo ink turn green against brown skin?
Tattoo idea question?! please help.?
I got my tattoo touched up because it blew out. Was I supposed to tip the artist?
tattoo over a scar dat i had from a infected insect bite! its safe or not?
How small can a tattoo be made? If I wanted one the size of a freckle, could they do it? Would it look good?
What would be a good tattoo?
What is the best way to tone up my stomach?
where to put a small tattoo?
How do i shave my bikini without cuttin myself?
How much would two nautical stars tattoos on my hips cost?
How do I get rid of these bumps on my legs?
Does anyone use baby oil post shower?
Do guys like it when a girl has a tattoo?
Are tattoos wrong and should I get one?
girls: tattoo question?
How much does it cost to tattoo your eyebrows?
How do I become taller?
Who loves Brianne, or juicybebe222?
Tattoo Age Limit In Australia?
if a mole is not fully removed, will it leave a mark?
how do i rent, or find a tattoo machine?
My Mom Has & pimples by her mouth?
What does your tattoos mean? :)?
Knuckle tattoo pain ?
Bactine and Aquaphor to clean a tattoo?
how do you properly care for a tattoo?
what is the quickest and most efficent way to get rid of a hickey?
Should i shave my leg?
Rm Williams Tattoo Australia or anywhere please?
What tattoo should I get?
Does body hair gross you out?
i have got small skin growths on my neack .what is the cause of this?
Whats the difference between bikini area and genital area cos you dont use shaving cream near the genital area
i went to the dermotologist today...?
Men that like tattoo on females (and Females if you have a lower back tattoo)?
Can you give me some advice on this......?
Want a snowflake tattoo? Any advice.?
Ive had an animal sleeve tattoo done' would it look better to choose another theme for my next tattoo,?
does ban deodorant work well? or nah?
Which is the best perfumes for females. How much $$$. where?
Going tanning the day of getting a tattoo. Good or bad idea?
what should be done in a situation of constipation?
Forearm sleeve tattoo?
I need help with a tattoo opinion and ideas please and thank you.?
hi my problem is my hands n legs skin look v dark so how can i reduce this pigmentation?
help i've got spots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What is the best thing for blackheads?
I hate my tattoo what should I do?
just caught my new wrist tattoo on door handle?
Tattoo. Where should I put one?
Another translation please for a tattoo! (Hindi)?
I plan on joining the Army. i have a typical issue, which is a half dollar sized tattoo on each wrist?
does mac studio fix (powder) give you pimples?
Tattoo Ideas?? To represent a twin miscarriage?
Cant find picture of miami ink tattoo?
Tattoo idea please help?
hi,i had tried many products to clear my severe pimples skin.But it didnt work out.Please suggest anything.?
Girls, how many tattoos on a guy is too many?
Does a tattoo take 6 weeks to heal?
How can i lose stomach?
do u think i can get a great boi in 1 day.?
lippp ringgggggg===== help!?
Kanji tattoo finder ; In God's Hands.?
Need help for first day of school....?
I am loking for a tattoo?
Long or short neck?
Anyone ins Seattle do black light/ uv tattoos?
I ideas for this tattoo....?
First tattoo...?
Poll-How many women shave their pubic area all the way-just a little on top-or not at all? Please Explain.?
I am looking for the official website for the company that produces Cru De Provence?
Foot Tattoo Pain & Walking After?
im nervous to get my tattoo. How can i relax myself?
can I get a tattoo I'm only 14 years old. my parents OK with this?
Tell me your opinion on my tattoo idea.?
Do you think this would work as a cover up?
(women only) when you cramp were do you cramp at?
Household items too...?
How much thought do you really put into your tattoos?
Attractive or Unattractive, lower back tattoo at 15?
What kind of Tattoo Gun would You purchase if you were just starting out?
What was/is your first tattoo and how old were U?
Can black tattoo ink cover up warm colors (red, yellow, orange)?
Good tattoo palors in and around Quincy, MA?
Tattoo irritation?? Tattoo redness..?
Tattoo is peeling, seeing some blank spots, is that normal?
Eyebrows!!!PLEASE HELP?
Does it have a certain meaning when a female gets piercings on each side, near the collarbone?
Help with ideas for a tattoo for my mum?
Do you prefer tattoos in black and grey or in color?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Small tattoo, 1 week old, feels healed! OK for jacuzzi/steam room?
My half-sister and I met a few years ago and we were looking to get a tattoo to symbolize our relationship? ?
What kinda tattoo should i get?
What do you think of inner wrist tattoos and should I get one?
Do you like Hip tattoos on girls....?
Where is the in your body to get a dragon tattoo?
Why do women obsess so much over breast size?
help....nail care?
Foot Tattoo?
i have my first job interview .. i need to hide my piercings =/?
Is this a cool tattoo?
should guys shave their legs? and is there anywhere else that should be shaved?
Tat idea: good or bad?
i have a rather large penis...have injured several girls..what should i do?
I got my eyebrow pierced yesterday, it hasn't swollen or anything. Normal?
I have a unwanted piece of skin downstairs help?
What "style" tattoo would this be? (image)?
What does it mean to have a crescent moon tattoo?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Is there a way to remove home made tattoo's ?
What is a good idea for my tattoo?
lame idea? Tattoo, or cute?
How is it that some people that smoke don't look that old and some others do?
how many piercings or tattoos do you have?
can u tell me something about chemistry as applied to cosmetics?
whats the best acne treatment?
Between the shoulder blades or lower back?
Where's a good place to hide a tattoo?
question about anti-cellulite body moisterizers?
Ideas for a best friend tattoo?
Good place to get a tattoo?
Has anyone ever bought contacts from before.?
TO ALL TATTOO ARTIST..... i am a beginner in tattoos?
Who Sucks wood?
Good Tattoo Places In Saskatchewan?
is it a complete stupid idea to get my bf's initials tattooed on myself?
Should I get a tattoo of this saying on this part of my body?
ladies: what bodyparts can't you keep your eyes off?
Tattoos on hips hurt?
What does a tattoo actually feel like?
what do you think about this tattoo?
I'm getting my wrist pierced tomorrow, does it hurt and is it dangerous?
Is there an easy way to reapply a tattoo stencil after the outline has been started and it has been wiped off?
I want this tattoo HELP!?
what is the best way to lose weight?
Scared shitless to get my first tattoo:( ?
what can i add to my tattoo to make it prettier?? pic included...?
fourteen year old with a tatoo?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
How much would getting a Cursed seal of heaven (sealed) tattoo hurt/cost?
will you draw a leprechaun tattoo?
Toby hemoingways tattoos?
im having a tattoo on my shoulder/back/ right side. what do you think?
Where can i find breast cancer tattoos online?
I'm looking at quotes for a tattoo. Can you tell me what you think about this one?
NEED OPINION. What do you think of my tattoo?
Is chest hair a turn off for girls?
What's the most painful body part to get a tattoo?
Think my dermals are rejecting? (pictures)?
Has anyone gotten their tattoo at age 18?
i have a dark complexion i just want to become fair suggest me few tips ?
where does chocolate milk come from? brown cows?
what do you think of a tattoo on a girls wrist?
Why do my fingernails have dents and bumps in them?
How much in £ do you think this tattoo will cost me?
lower back tattoo ideas?
Is it bad to get a tattoo over stretch marks ?
Lotion on my tattoo....?
Ban leg hair!!!?
How bad does a tattoo on the foot hurt?
Girls do you like six packs?
Information On A Tattoo...?
Sunburn help?
I have a friend who commited suicide and wanted to get a tattoo, "Rest In Peace" Where can I find the designs?
do you go to the gym? workout at home? or neither?
i want to get an ear tattoo!?
Tattoo on side of neck?
What's the easiest way to stop biting my nails?