Who out there thinks that women who get tattooed are displaying abusive tendencies?
if u could get a tattoo, where would it b & y?
Which is the most healthy way to help the removal of a new tattoo?
best tattoo artist in austin, texas?
Wanting to get a tattoo..?
i really need help deciding on my next tattoo design, any ideas?
Mm stud size for cartilage?
Do you like freckles?
How old till I can get a tattoo?
is fair skin less atractive or sexy than tan or dark?
im 5'3 and how much should i weigh ? and i im not a sporty person?
What is the best indoor tanning lotion for super dark results ? what brand ?
How much does a chest tattoo hurt? 10 points?
area around eyes is deep so it look like i am sick what can i do to fill that area?
Foot tattoo & ideas ? ?
Should i tattoo my own name on my inner wrist?
What's the best way to get a cover up tattoo?
where is the best place for piercings / tatts?
Monroe question? Please answer?
have you ever had a tattoo that stays "shiney"?
What's the easiest way to stop biting my nails?
Is hypoallergenic soap okay to use on tattoos?
Me and my fiance want to get matching tattoos thet illustrate our love for each other.Any suggestions?
How do I shed a few pounds in a month? What REALLY works??
Is it crazy to get a tattoo at 16 under these circumstances?
If i have been retouching my tattoo and wanting to get rid of it and wanting to retouch again, good or bad?
If I get a tattoo on my leg can I still wax?
Am I crazy for wanting tattoos like these?
What are these types of tattoos called?
do u think its weird?
Tattoo Sleeve Design?
is 13 too young to get nipple piercings?
hELP! my tragus piercing is sinking into my skin!!?
do any of you think troy ZAC EFRON IS HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I make my skin lighten its color?
Can I expose my 5 day old tattoo to the sun? Safe to use sunscreen?
I have freckles not big ones but do people really say they are cute or are they only making me feel better?
Right cost for a high quality tattoo?
How do I get rid of my acne scars?any home remedy?pls help....?
Where does it hurt most to get a tattoo?
How many piercings do you have?
Does anybody know an easy at home pedicure?
Who thinks Osama Bin-Laden is hot!!!!?
Please help with tattoo ideas?
i need help coming up with a picture for me tattoo, i have the lyrics i want i need a picture to go with it?
Do you like the new Almay line?
I really want a tattoo, will they tattoo me?!?
Does Noxema really work???
How to care for a new tattoo?
will i ever be able to get tattoos/piercings?
i need some tips on making my pimples go away!how do you keep ur face not oily even though i wash it evry day?
Which way is best to remove a tattoo off my skin color which is tan?
how do u get the best tan?
what wrist tattoo should i get?
Pool Party and need Help?
How much would this tattoo cost?
im getting a tattoo, does it hurt ??x?
If i want to run what should i wear wide clothes or tite clothes?
How should I take care of my tattoo?
How do I get rid of redness and scars after waxing my chest and stomach?
What is a really good tanning lotion to use for tanning beds?
what are very short tattoo phrases?
Best portrait tattoo artist in richmond va area?
Hey I need Help with a problem called PIMPLES!!!!!!!!!?
So I'm thinking about getting an upper back tattoo...?
using an epilator on legs or getting a tattoo .. which hurts more?
Has anybody ever used an epilator and are they any good? as I want to buy 1 coz Im tired of waxing my legs.?
best beard trimmer?
My henna tattoo is itchy?
Give me ten reason why I should or shouldn't get my lip pierced.?
Be 100% honest......?
When I turn 18 I want a shoulder tattoo.?
Quarter sleeve idea help?
Do people really look down that heavily on meaningless tattoos?
Why does skinny have to be beautiful?
Need help with a tattoo idea about being strong?!?
Do those battery powered pore cleansers work?
how much would a color tattoo cost?
whats a good tattoo idea for a mom of identical twin boys?
Where can I buy a high quality TATTOO GUN?
which tattoo should i get?
will loosing weight in D size breasts make them sag more?
Looking for a tribal face to re-work into a tribal jester, know where to find good designs?
small harry potter tattoo ideas?
What is the legal age to get a tattoo in spain?
I know you probably think it is stupid and I should wait but just read first please?
wut is considered fat for an 11 year old?
hey! got so many pimples out here! pls advice me how to remove these ones at the shortest time possible.......
whats good to use for sun burn?
Boys always look at my boobs when i'm talking to them, what should i do??
How long would this tattoo take to do? [10 POINTS]?
I'm thinking about getting a wrist tattoo....?
Who is the Brazilian pornstar with the full waist tattoo?
iwant chubby cheeks.what i do plz help?
Should I get my boyfriend's name tattooed on me?
Do you think its alright to get microdermabrasion while pregnant?
Back tattoo advice for a woman?
Can you get a tattoo when you're 14?
is it true most girls like the guy's back/butt/legs rather than his face and stomach/groin, is this true?
Best area on body to get my first tattoo?
Please, i need a tattoo price estimate?
There shouldn't be bar or prohibition in the sex or intercourse in between a male and female friend,?
can i get a tattoo at 16?
Tattoo help please???
what does the tribal tattoo for love look like?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
in what way has your master branded you or how have you branded your slave?
does having tattoos on girls mean?
Is it bad to Scrub your face??
Are chinese symbols a good tattoo idea?
What is the best way to grow out nails from acrylics?
Describe what it felt like when you were getting a tattoo?
What is the best spf of sunscreen to use when you want sun protection, but you still want to get a little tan?
where can I find the angel tattoo by Corey Miller?
Cute fonts on bytafont?
how long does it take to get skinny from makeing yourself throw up?
Ideas for a tattoo?
If there was acne for avitars, would anybody use it?
head tattoo regret what a stupid decision?
how much would i get charged for this tattoo in that size?
do Venom bite piercings hurt?
How much could this tattoo cost?
Girls please answer ? Its about peircing...?
what should i be for halloween ? (pic)?
any good tattoo shops around santa monica or westwood?
Tattoo idea. Your opinions?
Tattoo ideas?
How long does it really take a tattoo to heal.?
y do guys show boxers hanging outta their pants?
The fifth day of having a tattoo?
Whats the difference between regular tanning bulbs and face tanners?
Tattoo Help ;) please! What should i get?
Is it okay to get a tattoo on acne prone skin?
wat is the minimum cost of abdomanplasty or lipoction??
What is the best way for a woman to get rid of little hairs developing under the chin ?
Is my new tattoo supposed to feel rough?
quote tattoo i need creative help please?
what's the best way to remove zits?
what is the best tattoo shop in the treasure valley (i.e caldwell,nampa,boise,meridian-IDAHO)?
New tattoo...when can i wear bra?
Would this be a suitable tattoo?
How can I get a tan during spring break in PA?
Collar bone tattoo... ?
So what is the current situation with tattoo policies in the workplace?
Good Tattoo Artist in Manitoba?
numbing cream for tattoos...?
Important, navel piercing?
why wont my ear strech to a half inch? :(?
Whats the BEST place in new england to get a tattoo?
I need someone to draw my tattoo! Graffiti?
whats a good age to get your eye brow pierced ?
(pics) - Opinions.... which do you like better?
Please help, tattoo question?
Does this sound right to you???
do you think i am trashy because I have 3 tattoos and 12 piercings?
What tattoo should I get?
Any tattoo ideas and where to place it?
how to get rid of freckles?
tattoos symbolising/quotes about father? **Please Read**?
small breasts a prob to guys?
Can doctors use polyacrylamide gel to inject women faces to fill the wrinkles around the mouth?
indian herbal beauty foods?
I had an exhausting day today, what can I do to relax?
Picture of tattoo idea?
Tattoo machine diagrams?
Why is my lip infected months after I removed my piercings?
how do you get thick?
What's the difference between magnum tattoo needles?
dark circle and deepness around the eyes?
best aniti-wrinkle creams?
where should i put this quote tattoo?
How to widen my hips?
if you have stretch marks on your inner bicep can you still get a tattoo there?
is it true that earpiercings hurt more???
Tattoo cover up ideas ?
What tanning lotion do you recomend?
What piercings does BackStage Tattoos & Piercing Rock & Roll Boutique in the palisade mall do?
Question for tattoo artists ?
can I be having a reaction to zinc oxide?
How do I keep my feet from getting blisters and corns on my feet? How do I bring back my flawless feet?
do snug piercings hurt?
How do you get rid of Bumps on your arm?
Is there a reason that some people get freckles and others don't?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
is it true that if you lose weight you get prettier?
i got a little tattoo for personal reasons and now everyone says i look like a lezbian. what do i do?
how much would a nautical star tatoo cost?
I want a tattoo in Latin?
Is something wrong with my well water ? I always get dry flaky skin even if I don't use any soap.?
Have a tattoo me?
How can I hide my tatt from family at a cousin's wedding?
if i get a tattoo of a bullseye on my forehead...?
Chest piece ruined by pregnancy?
Do any professional people out there have tattoos?
Where can I buy an at-home or do it yourself henna tattoo kit?
Underage Tattoo?
Was i too young to have mine!?
How do you get rid of blood blisters?
Will a tattoo on the finger fade?
Opinions on this, i dont know if its bad?
Where on my body should i put a tattoo of my babies hand prints?
Is this a keloid? What should I do about it?
what is de best way to clean de hair in bikini area?girls only?
"Mother" "Grandmother" or my mothers and grandmothers name for a tattoo ?
Other than Aloe, what is the best way to deal with a sunburn?
I have a tattoo in reference to a band would it be weird to show it at their concert?
What tatoo should i get?
How should I bandage a new tattoo if I'm out in the sun?
Tattoo laws in Ontario?
I want to get a tattoo.First timer needs help with questions,Please!?
Which is the most beautiful thing u think does a woman possess ?
how old do i have to be to get a tattoo?
The corners of my mouth and bleed. Anyone know why?
How much would this tattoo be priced at?
If tampons kill more women in the U.S. each year than troops in Iraq, why do women use them?
Do you like this "Los Angeles" Tattoo?
what is a good way to get in shape a month before a big dance?
My girlfriend keep grabing & squeezing my balls strongly every day because she love that, what should I do? &?
Little Heart tattoo designs?
How much would this tattoo cost and time required?
Hip tattoo ideas? help!?
Tatoos? Opinion? (can't think of longer title)?
Tattoo Quotes that have to do with believing in a greater being?
is it ok to sunbathe on your own?
I know this is weird...?
what does shyness really mean?
does any1else like feet?
okay so i am going to pierce my lip or my friend is going to do it for me, so i need to know the most info pos?
Would you allow your tattoo artist to sign their work?
How much and how long should this take? (simple tattoo)?
is this tattoo sexy on a guy?
why is my tattoo sore?
do papaya and milk makes your breast larger?
what is the best facial wash for acne?
How much would a medium size tattoo of 13 in roman numerals on my thy cost around?
whats your personal prefrence on tattoo placement for a name?
High inner thigh tattoo - text?
Do you think it is a good idea for me to get tattoos all over my body?
Do you think I should get a tattoo?
facial tanning??
where can i find a place that will wax the whole lower part of my body. well from the stomach down?
what small and cute tattoo should i get?
How do you get chest muscles and abs?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm not sure what tattoo parlor I can go to. Any suggestions?
Tattoo Aftercare - Will massaging a tattooed area with lotion cause damage to the design?
free online tattoo makers?
from the uk - getting tattooed in holland?
Ramessess's Shadow in Memphis, TN?
am i fat? i am 107 lbs and 5'0?
ideas for half sleeve tattoo?
Picture of boondock saints tattoo veritas aequitas?
Cystic Fibrosis tattoo ideas?
is 102 pounds ok for a 21 yr old girl wid 5"2 hgt?
Is this tattoo gay for a guy to get?
How do you get rid of dry ed feet?
i am planning to get a tattoo for my birthday please help?
What does the tattoo say on his arm?!?
How much do you think a small tattoo on my hand like this would cost ?
Should you have a consultation before getting a tattoo?
Parents with tattoos: Have your children ever reacted negatively to your tattoos?
underage tattoo please help?
I need help deciding what kinda tattoo to get?
how to improve the redpores on my cheeks and forehead?
am i fat???
sexiness? tattoos. ugh..?
is this a good idea ?
Can someone please sketch my tattoo out.?
Wanting a tattoo!?
Where should I get my tattoo? ?
Need tattoo ideas on a quote below neck, my fiance is getting it....(read more)?
Am i properly taking care of my new tattoo?
Getting a tattoo at 17?
any crazy ideas for a tattoo for my wrist in memory of my brother who passed away?
How do I get celebrity, clear, no hair arm-pits, with that "I never had hair there" look.?
Which tattoo for the lower back?
i need to get rid of acne FAST?
I need something?
does anyone know any good fall out boy lyrics i can have as a tattoo?
Why women in US shaved?
what is the fasest way to get rid of a zit?
How can i get rid of the acne on my back?
What's the largest FIRST tattoo ever done?
I want my boobs to be bigger without surgery?
what is a good way to lotion your back without help?
Tattoo idea.. ? Opinion please .. ?
my skin is so soft and i can't stop.......?
Ladies Poll - How many of you have piercings in other places....?
I'm getting a tattoo and need a visual and was wondering if someone could draw it up for me?
what would look good with this tattoo?
When you get a tattoo is it normal for some of the ink to come out?
What is NY Adorned's ID check policy?
About how long would a medium size tattoo on the lower shoulder blade take to heal?
i got a question?
best food to make a kid fat?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in UK?
What's a website I can look at tattoo artist's Portfolios online?
i need to know about a tattoo?
How do you earn your huelga bird tattoo?
What do you think of my rib tattoo?
why are alot of people (not all) against tattoos?
What kind of tattoo(s) should I get?
If you were going to tattoo a word on you?
Skipped to a 12g by accident? (Ear stretching).?
A yr ago I got a tattoo on my leg above my knee,as it healed there was a hard lump under the entire area.?
who are the best tattoo artist on the east coast NY, NJ area and in Cali for Asian style( manly koi) tattoos?
what should I use for dry skin?
am i fat?????????????????????????????????????…
Tattoo shops in/near Allentown, PA with female artist?
How old do you have to be to get a tatoo without parent's permission?
Whats a cool tattoo to match the meaning in my name?
why is it that when women are going through their 'menopause' they feel bloated and get hot flushes? do men?
where can I get a large temp tattoo to put on my side?
i am 17, and i want to get tattooed in my back "in my stars i am above thee", a quote from shakespear?
how to have big breasts without undergoing a plastic surgery or taking any medicines?if i massage them?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on ur ankle ?
What Tattoos &&/or Piercings Do You Have?
How much would this cost?
Pete and Frank Tattoo?
Need a quote to go with this tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoos of my kids names?
How much will my tattoo cost? its 16 words, black ink, on the left pectoral?
whats a good web site for belly button rings?
how tall r u?
What facial piercing would look best on me(PICS)?
Wendy Williams recently did a show on fat loss thru non-surgical liposuction. Does anyone have the 411?
I'm not sure what to do with my tattoo?
Behind ear tattoo? Help?
the pores on either side of my nose on my cheeks r always open n the skin looks really old n tired.wat do i do
toe hair anyone?
is a tattoo on your hip bone considered a tramp stamp?
Bringing a picture into a tattoo studio?
Where can I find tribal tattoos for girls?
cant even get a tattoo or lip ring?
Any recommendations for tattoo artist in Chicago area to do an abstract black and grey horse tattoo?
Is it possible to get the names tracy and jeff combined in one tattoo?
Need a Happy tattoo font?
i am 17.i am so sad with my pimples problem.i have only meet this problem this year.can anyone help me?thanks!
Ideas for half sleeve?
OK speedos are NOT sexy on men now, but they were in the 70s right?
so ipierced my own lip. watcha think?
Which do you prefer a shower or bath?
i am goimg to descibe my girlfriend you could get 10 points?
Are there any niceTattoo parlors in Northern Va?
this is for the gurls would you rather have a skinny,average,few extra pounds,thick,orbig gurl? And why?
Cam Gigandet hip tattoo question?
Where the sexiest place to have a writting tattoo on a female?
my boobs r too big?
How long would this tattoo take and how much would it hurt?
how do you lose inner thigh fat??
Facial piercings and the workplace?
tattoo location? opinions?
where can i get this?
Dimple piercings, monroe, bottom lip or all?.pics included! :)?
Tattoos in NC? Good place?
3rd Chakra Tattoo on biceps?
Star wars wrist tattoo idea?
My tattoo artist messed up my tattoo!?
Is the size of the penis based on genes from your father?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Does anyone know the meaning of this tattoo quote?
i got my first tattoos yesterday and i don't know what to do to protect them at work?
How can i save my tattoos while tanning in a tanning bed?
Where can I get a Tattoo done in norfolk..when Im aged 16 with parental consent..Yes it is legal!!?
Best fake tan you use or have use.....?
I'm looking for a dermatologist in the Hayward, CA area that accepts Medi-cal/medicaid?
Any one looking young even though you're in your 50's ?
Stallion and Eagle tattos?
I need to know fast please!! What would u say "deadly and dainty" means?
Tattoo placement help?
How long would this tattoo take in hours by experienced artist?
why do they say a girl with a tattoo on her lower back is not a virgin?
Serious question about tattoo ink.?
how do you get rid of acne scars?
how can you lessen underarm wetness???
My tattoo didn't scab over it peeled but the color looks milky now instead of bright is that ok?
what is the best way to become beautiful?
does anyone have an Easter Lily tattoo?
hippy help?
what peircing would look good on me?
How painful is a tattoo on your thigh?
getting a tattoo need some advice ? (:?
Where to get my Tattoo on my body ?
What would go with tattoo because im redrawing it to make it my own?
Women & Tattoos?
Are there any books about tattoos that I can get for research?
whats a good bible verse to get tatted on me ?
would this look cute?
I really would like to get a tattoo...?
How old must you be before you can get a tattoo in Singapore? Is there even an age limit?
What would u say if i kissed you?(Boys Only)?
I am going to get my first tattoo and I don't know where to start?
What are the first three muscles to be developed in a newborn?
What would you like to askblock my sefl?
I want a tattoo and i love the beach. HELP?
Why do most men go for the skiny girls???
Girls only please: Whats the best method to get rid of body hair, shave, wax, thread or cream?
what is a good age for a tatoo?
going to get my tattoo fixed today need ideas?
What do you think of these tattoo ideas?
Should i get an assasins creed tattoo?
Can a tattoo hurt on your ribs?
I need ideas for a tattoo, please help?
What are some quotes a Marine could get tattooed?
Where should I get my tattoo?
What are some good words or short phrases to get a tattoo of?
Who is the best tattooist in Tayside for black and grey designs?
Does anyone have a good recipe for a homemade facial mask?
Tattoo? Me and my 2 friends... getting a tattoo?
How much do tattoos cost in Ireland? ?
ok heres the deal...i want to stretch my ears but mi mom is worried that they wont ever go back to normal if i
Tattoo in black ink or grey ink? Opinions and suggestions?
Who is the best tattoo portrait artist in chicago?
Tattoo Question! some ideas please?
Would a tattoo of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh..?
Doing colour linework?
Apricot scrub?
Why do people cut?????
I would like to know the difficulty level of lip tattoos. Any tips would be appreciated.?
Thinking about getting a Tattoo?
Matching tattoos ideas?
Do physical therapists have to cover up their tattoos?
i want my tongue periceddd.=[?
Tattoos on women: sexy or trashy??
Can I ask you a personal question?
Cant find picture of miami ink tattoo?
I hate tattoos.They should solely be for sailors.Anyone getting tattoos automatically defaces him/herself.?
how to get more fairer(i mean facial)?
website with cool looking tribal henna tattoos?
I have lost alot of weight recently and my skin has yet to tighten back up. Iif I get a tattoo will it be ok?
Nose piercings......?
Why moms say so>? Plz only serious answer.. I really need to know?
which quote is better for tattoo?
Women with Tattoos please answer!!?
Wat should you do if yur unhappy with yurself because you want to satisfy others?
Tattoo age laws in Oklahoma?
tattoo on fingers, could it affect touch sensors?
how do i get rid of acne fast? i hate it so bad! HELP!!!!?
How do i make my skin lighter with out surgery.?
What do you think is the best eye color in guys?
Atheist Tattoo symbol?
Tattoos on women?
Girls, tattoo on my chest or forearm?
is it normal....?
Strict Guardians Who HATE Piercings?
if i got a snake tattoo, what does it mean when the head is up, down and straight?
Where can I buy an air brush tattoo kit?
What age did you get your first tat?
i have a job where i have to stand all the can i make my feet hurt less?
Is there a font i can download like this? (for a tattoo)?
How much would this tattoo be?
Does anyone know of a at home product that works for fading dark acne spots on African American skin?
Tattoo on my penis?
Why do Tall girls Hate Short Women?
how can a girl enlarge her breasts naturally?
How much will this tattoo cost?
why is society so worried about being skinny?
Anything wrong with my piercing?
this outlining dosent appear to have any ink in it??? pic?
What do you think about my first tattoos?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
is this a cute idea for a tatto?
Where can i get a job with piercings?
Im trying to find a tattoo that Kim saigh did on Episode 9 series 3 on La Ink.?
tattoo apprenticeship in the cleveland area?
New tattoo and direct HOT sunlight !!?
What products should I use on my face?
what is the name of this specific color ink getto greenish i have pictures?
I just got the larger cross in my 3 month old tattoo half sleeve touched up, how long till it blends?
what do you guys think of this quote for a tattoo?
Does the state Virginia allow teens under 18 to have tattoo's?
Finger Tattoo Placement?
Ribcage Tattoo idea? What do you think?
Would it improve my chances if I went to a tattoo school?
After slicing onions, how do you get that lingering smell of onion out of your hands?
What do you think about a unicorn tattoo?
Is my next tattoo idea silly?
Where can I get a picture of the Boon dock saints Jesus tattoos on their backs?
Would getting this tattoo on my fingers hurt my chances of getting a job in finance?
Will my tattoo hurt less if im a little drunk?
Hair all over the body?!?
Is this a good placement for a tattoo?
tattoo is wrinkly and shiny after 7 days?
is this tattoo tacky ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Hawaii tattoo laws..?
My husband and I are getting matching tattoos but can't figure out something really unique, any ideas?
Do u like blue eyed girls better than brown eyed girls?
Tattoo Pricing Question?
Is It necessary for the parent to write a permission paper for a tattoo?
What is you're honest opinion about tongues piercing?
i have somewhat bad areas on my face, small "holes" on my cheek, what can correct this?
planning to get a tattoo soon... (artist questions)?
What is the most cheesy tattoo a person can have?
I want to get a hip tattoo....good idea?
How can I heal a sun burn fast?
what size is Tyra Banks?
is carrott oil suitable for very fair skin when in the sun?
Can someone suggest where i could get a tattoo drawn?
what do guys think of piercings and tattoos?
i want to get a tattoo how much dose it hurt?
how much will this tattoo cost?
Tattoo. What do you think?
what are some questions that i can ask for a interview about tattoos?
Did you feel your tattoo looked weird during the shading and outline phase before you went in to get color?
I am gettin my eye brows waxed for the first time! does it hurt!? im scared!?
colour that would look good for irezumi tattoo?
Tattoo idea 10 POINTS?
Skin at Night tips?
you're getting a trampstamp tattoo, what would it be/say..?
would you be put off sleeping with, going out with or marrying a girl because she had a tattoo?
Any tips for looking younger?
What quote should I get with this tattoo?
One word tattoo location and price?
please suggest some herbal face packs for removing tan .?
Would this be a silly tattoo idea?
whats the best tattoo shop in or near little rock arkansas?
what are creative names for facials?
Would this tattoo be considered gang related?
OPINIONS?? [pic included]?
Where is a good place for tattoo removal in NJ?
After shaving.... down there, how do you get rid of the itch and irritation when the hair grows back?
sun tan anyone?
Can Regular Tattoo Ink Be Used For Permanent Make Up Ink?
Many girls in my school have big bellys...but normal weight...what causes this, is it the new style?
Products for glossy legs?
Will I turn orange!!?!!?
Thoughts on tattoos...? Chavvy or no?
Why does Nair stink so much?
I need some help with a tattoo design.?
Needing ideas for my first tattoo?
How much does a tattoo artist make per year?
new tattoo care, lotion question?
Can You Use Blenching cream to make your feet the same color as your leg?
A good place to get a tattoo in Richmond?
Tattoo ideas? Tacky or tasteful?
How to fight stress?
How can I get my nipple ring back on?
Is tattoo pain tolerable?
Any tattoo ideas, please?!?
i need names of sexy parfumes?
Doo you think I should get this tattoo?
Need help with tattoo ideas?
What does this tattoo mean?
I want to get a tattoo that has something to do with having psoriasis. I was thinking a quote maybe any ideas?
Do you regret your tattoo(s)?
Do girls like guys bum?
Scar Treatment. What's a good topical over the counter product for scar treatment?
Tattoo location ideas?
[BOYS ONLY] Female piercings?
Tattoo Question time, cost, pain?
Is it fashionable for a girl to have a lot of tattoos?
How many people without tattoos.piercings have..............?
How long should I wait before I can change my nose ring?
After a tattoo what can I use instead of A&D ointment to put on it?
Is my tattoo infected or is this normal?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
why do we get bags under the eyes, what can we do with them?
how do you grow bigger breast?
A little help please? o: [:?
tattoo cover up idea?
Do you like this idea for a tattoo?
Question about rib/side/hip tattoos and pregnancy?
What is a good moisturizing lotion for very dry skin.?
How do I get a six pack?
Tatto sleeve questions?
serious answers o n l y?
Lip piercing question...?
getting my tattoo on monday?
Tattoo Advice...Where would it hurt the least and good designs to get?
Bridge piercing question?
can people with tattoos still donate blood?
Need help Figuring out these colors?
Can A Tattoo Thats Been Shaded Way Too Dark Be Highlighted?
Sak Yant in Bangkok ?
is it ok to get a streight barbel and bend it and then use it as a belly ring?
I would like to get a small Native American eagle totem tattoo, but I don't know where to put it?
What is a clever or funny small tattoo for a female's butt?
Why is my top lip darker than my lower lip?
Mexican Revolution art for a tattoo?
do you think i shold let go my boyfriend for a new one?
please tell me some home made herbal face-cleanser for oily skin which can be used twice daily without harm.?
where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
I'm thinking about getting an inner wrist tattoo?
Can you have trouble getting a job with a visible cuss tattoo?
Foot tattoos! Lots of people answer, please?
Is this tattoo worth it?
Unwritten tattoo "rules" and sizes?
How do you suppose to get a boyfriend????????
How much would this tattoo cost (picture inside, drawn in sharpie for size and reference)?
What do you think of teen girls getting tattoos?
Tattoo help urgently!!!?
Looking for a Tattoo...?
Reaction to black tattoo ink?
I REALLY want to get my lip pierced but my mom wont let me. HELP!!!!?
friend quote for a tattoo?
Rash question????
can you get a tattoo of a fake beauty mark?
Can I put a tattoo over a belly button piercing that was rejecting and had to be removed?
Does this tattoo look ok?
wrist Tattoos?
double navel piercing cost?
What are the risks for getting a tattoo?
These are my tattoo options, which do you like and what font should I go with?
Small homemade tattoo risks?
where are the stores with beauty product selections for pregnant women?
Tattoo - Pain and feelings?
GUYS, do you prefer a certain nipple color for your girlfriend/wife?
can i cut the web underneath my tongue myself?
which country has the most handsome men?
Serendipity tattoo inner forearm for man?
Question for women only!?
Magnetic jewelry?!? Nose stud(s)?
how much would this tattoo be about?
What size are most lip/labret peircings and rings? 14g or 16g?
Do you have any tattoos?
Should I get my boyfriends name tattooed on me?
Can't believe I did this!!!! HELP!!?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on.............?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo with or without parent guardian in singapore?
Do forearm tattoos hurt?
Nagative Effect of tattoos in urgent fields?
can someone help me find some angel wings for tattoo similar to these? pleeeeasssseeee (PIC)?
Can Someone make this tat look better?
Do tattoo's on lady's look sexy to you?
Is smoking weed before you get a tattoo bad?
tattoo look like a saran warp (transparent flesh skin)?
Unsure where to place second tattoo - any advice?
Henna Tattooo info ???????????
Tattoos in the sun HELP!????
Where is the best place to get a tattoo?
What do you think of tattoos? Attractive or not?
How can i remove this tattoo?
Would my tattoos clash together?
Where can i find a sketch of the tattoo?
Im 11 and have a gut?
Are stretch marks a total turnoff?
Rate and tell me what you think ?
How long does it take a suburn to go away?
where is the best place to get a tattoo with the least pain ?
I got an all black tattoo on my lower back and the outline is darker?
Glitter tattoos stencil?
i have acne i need to know what product to use?
What route should I take at 16/17 to become a tattoo artist? I currently study level 3 art 3 days at college?
do you have any tattoos?
How much would this quote tattoo cost me (an approximation)?
My nose hairs are REALLY ANNOYING ME! I try to shave them with a lame nose hair cutter.?
Are there any tips for eliminating dark circles and eye bags?
My tattoo dried up during my sleep on the 3rd night of the healing process, Is this bad?
How can I make my legs look fab in shorts?
i am a fair lady. But my hands are brownish, what can i do to have fair hands?
Possible Tattoo Infection?
Are tattoos suppose to scab?
does clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion clog pores?
Are Pond's Whitenning Products "REALLY" effective?
my summer holidays are going on and i am not able to understand what to do during this vacations.Iam a degree?
what do you really think about overweight women?
Quotes that you loveee?
i have got freakels problem mean i have brown dots on my face. can they be removed plz tell me and help me?
What would b a cute tattoo?
Whats the dif between labret and lip?
4 People who have tattoos?
Where should I get my tattoo?
How do I get a big butt fast?
how can you get pedicure perfect feet&hands?
Can people with sensitive skin get tattoos?
Arabic tattoo, what does it mean?
Does PROACTIVE (for blemishes on face) REALY work? please tell me if you have taken it and what happened!!!!!!
How many tats do you have? What are they? Where are they?
What will pregnancy do to a belly or side tattoo?
Which lyrics should i get tattoed?
Just breathe tattoo? ?
Matching tattoo with my mom that symbolizes strength and protection?
Rainbow and Rain Tattoo Design?
Should my tattoo be doing this?
Can yu use dove scented soap to wash off a tattoo?
Where can I buy fake tattoo sleeves in the UK?
Having 2 bird tattoo's look silly?
Why is my back numb were I got a tattoo almost 5 years ago?
Is there anything wrong with this tattoo?
Do all girls have lines up to their navel?
What does this Chinese tattoo mean?
i need a meaningful quote for a tattoo?
If you had to get a tattoo what would you get?
Want an over the counter product similar to Mary Kay's Timewise Night Solution. Mary Kay too expensive.?
I how much to you estimate my tattoo might cost?
Am I ready to start tattooing script/cursive?
Question about what this kind of tattoo is called?
Should I bring a tattoo design with me to get my tattoo??
are clit piercings hot or not?
Why do white people think tanning makes them look good?
what are some good places to get a tattoo?
Is it safe to get a tattoo on the wrist?
Getting my piercings: 23rd Street Body Piercings or Mystical Illusions? (Oklahoma City)?
Tattoos when your 18?
Rough estimate of how much this tattoo would cost me?
make up tips?
Which tattoo do you like best?
Key to my heart quotes ?
help with tattoo ideas?
I wanna get a tattoo that represents strength an faith?
Is this a painful spot to get tattooed?
I was think about getting a tattoo of a cross with a lilly around it but?
On the body, where is a good place to get a tattoo?
Question for anyone who has a tattoo?
what would you say if you saw a guy having a tattoo of rosary beads on his foot goin around!? no the ankle!!?
do you think im fat?
My nose is flat and rounded. I hate it. Are there any ways to make it look better besides plastic surgery?
My mother passed away feb 6,2010 I want to get a tattoo for her and i just dont know what to get any ideas?
ok so tattoo number three?
What are some good, inspiring tattoo phrases?
nose pierced, ouch! I'm not sure this is healing correctly! Any help?
Unique italian quotes for tattoos?
Can you recommend a reputable tattooist in the manchester area?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
Been thinking about a tattoo, cant find the right pic?
What tattoos does everyone have? If any?
How much would a nose piercing cost at Ink Wizard tattoos?
Sexiest place for a tattoo on a woman?
When is someone too old to get a tattoo?
Why are people so against light-skinned people?
Why do women shave?
For those who like tattoos:is this good artwork to get done?
I want to lose weight before school starts!?
Is it Gay for a man to get a tattoo of another man?
tattoos do they hurt?
which design do you find prefer?
Tattoo price for my first tattoo?
What is your next tattoo going to be?
Warts maybe? small flat white like warts. How do I remove them? its very emabarrasing.?
I want to get a locket with a key tattoo and a sm. love quote but I want it to involve a lock and key. Got any?
What do you think of this tattoo?
looking for prices on New Horizon Day Spa in Princeton, WV. (for a gift)?
how much do tats cost?
Some objects similar to lock and key?
are there any legal requirements and or paperwork/ licenses you need to be a tattoo artist?
Extremely dry skin.?
Quote ideas for tattoo?
Does anyone know a self-tanner that doesn't stain your clothes?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo removal, is it painful?
My sister is 43 year old, She still has acne breakout. What causes that? and How to prevent that?
I got a tattoo two days ago and it already is starting to feel kind of dry and hard, is this normal?
help with tattoo idea?
what do you think of these quotes?
anyone try jergens natural glow daily moisturizer?
Type of font for this tattoo?
what do you think about this as a tattoo on the inside of my arm??
lower pelvic tattoo quote?
I had a tatoo done on my ankle and is swallen. Is this normal?
How much would this cost/hurt?
Tattoo healing/aftercare question please?
Is it insulting to Hindus for a Nonhindu to get a Hindu deity tattoo?
How do you define beauty? Is it purely physical? Or is it something more?
A tattoo on my shoulder or lower back?
How badly does a hip tattoo hurt?
Do oral supplements (capsules) really work to heal/prevent face acne? Is it safe? I need testimonials!!?
should i get a tattoo?
What are the names of some tattoo parlors in Richmond, VA that will tattoo a minor with a parents consent?
How to get my Skin to Fair?No creams only natural Foods and Fruits!!!!?
how often do women really orgasm not faking?
Is there any way or exercise with will reduce weight from the Buttocks and sides soon within a month?
Young Tattoo Question?
what is the easiest way to shave your genitles?
how remove the pimple marks?
tatto question?
how old do u have to b 2 get a tattoo?
Opinions on people with stretched ears?
tattoo at 15 yrs old? blacklight tattoo?
I'm 17 and thinking about getting a tattoo?
Ideas for this tattoo idea...?
nipple peircing infection?
Where is the best place to get a first tattoo?
I have a birthmark can i tattoo over it?
What exactly do girls mean by a ''cute'' tattoo?
How long before i can continue work on a tattoo?
Question about a tattoo?
I am looking for a tattoo parlor in NYC that won't be judgmental when I ask for a small tattool t?
Tattoo ideas saying mum?
how do i change my avatar into a girl?
Questions about tattoos ?
laser tattoo removal?
getting a tattoo of my leopard gecko need help?
What would you say to a friend that said this about your tattoos...?
why do men think that bigger is better?
Stratigic Placement for a Tattoo?
i just got tattoo done on wrist an it hurts and it is not looking very good seems some of color came out...?
I want to get a tattoo? Please Help, Simple question?
What razor do you use to get the closest shave?
i got a question concerning bad does it hurt?
Russian tattoo ideas?
does each laser tattoo removal treatment hurt less then one before?
My buddy has a tattoo problem.?
Help on snake bite piercings?
rough price of a song tattoo.....?
What's a good place to put a tattoo that your parents won't find it ?
Y does my man always look at my legs during intercouse?
How much does a trinity tattoo cost ?
Needs Opinions on Tattoo Question?
Help !!!! Please help (I know you can help)?
how do i overcome the stench after pespiration?
youngest age to get a tattoo!!!?
just got a tattoo what should i do to help it heal?
Im not sure if I should get implants... I always wanted a bigger breast ...?
If I bring a picture to a tat artist and tell him I want a tattoo of that only bigger will he do it?
i need to cover my new tattoo and hide it from my brother can i put makeup on it?
how can i help my sunburn?
how much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Should I get a tattoo?
First Tattoo (What do you think)?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
money or beauty which one is first?
tanning lotion?
Best place for a female to get a pretty big tattoo in? ?
im under 18 and have over 10 tattoos when should i stop getting them?
if you use too much ambi fading cream will your color come back?
**What are the best colored tattoo ink brands in the world?**?
can you get a tattoo in southern california if your under 18?
I need some tattoo ideas?
Piercings in tattoos?
If a girl were nicknamed "cross country buns," what would that imply?
fake jewelery?
How do i care for my new finger tattoo?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
Is my tattoo infected?
I have this strange idea for a tattoo but have no idea where to put it.?
Is Satan really all bad? Does Satan have a "Prince Albert"?
where to get a tattoo?
how do i lose weight.. quick as poss.. with out much exercise ???
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Looking for tattoo artist Lola in Sarnia, Ontario?
does tea tree oil stain?
I want to start a geometric dotwork sleeve tattoo who can recommend an artist?
Whats a good tatoo design to get?
why do we get pimples or any other sort of acne?
who is the sexy girl dancing in the red zone commercial?
What are some good matching tatoos for you and a boyfriend??
Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?
tattoos, comments such as picture, pros, cons, removal?
Aagh!! Can bread make your face swell up?
getting my tattoo on monday?
How to calm the ink lust?
what lotion actually works to heal dry skin?
Do monroe piercings hurt if your only 14?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
What is the best product for fixing sun damaged skin? That really works?
What do you think about people who tan?
what are the best type of symbols used for tattoos in your opinion ?
butterfly wrist tattoo?
White Lotus Flower For A guy?
i need tattoo ideas please?
Has anyone ever got a tattoo to mourn their pet?
Does getting a tattoo hurt on your shoulder or chest?
im black and i wanted 2 know if this product called GODIVA ETHNIC SKIN WHITENING/BRIGHTENING SETwill work?
need help regarding my shoulder hair?
how i increase my weight?
do nipple piercings hurt?
Where are the least and most painful places on the body for a tattoo/piercing?
How much would a foot tattoo cost?
where to get sons name ?? tattoo?
What ya'll thing of this tattoo?
Owl Tattoo Suggestions?
How to properly take care of cartilage piecing?
Dose it have to be my parent that sign the sheet if I want a tattoo?
do Maori tattoos have a story or meaning?
advice for a fattening diet please....i am about 99pounds and would love to gain about 5 more.?
do water pills really work ?
how much damage will 1 really bad sunburn do to a 3 month old tattoo that's on the stomach?
Is there a tattoo parlor on Oahu that does good kanji work?
how much should i weigh?
im getting my first tat?
easy n effective home remedy for acne n pimples?
Can you use softwear plugs to size up to a bigger gauge size?
Where do u think on ur body is the most painful and unpainful place to get a tattoo???
Fix a messed up tattoo?
Would the UV rays affect my tattoo even if it is cloudy?
what kind of tattoo...?
What do you girls think about guys with chest hair?
Dominican Tattoos idea,?
Does getting a tattoo on your wrist hurt?
what tattoo should i get it and where?
i am thinking about getting a tatto of either a celtic cross or my family crest?
what is the shape of ur pubic hair?
Do you take shower every day?
has anyone made a purchase with what was your experience?
how do you make a tattoo gun?
Where should I get this tattoo? Ill answer yours. ?
How much would an Inner lip tattoo cost?
How do you apply wax paper tattoo stecil onto the skin? ?
avon peal on manicure?
will legs that havent been shaved for 3 days (hairy) not tan as well as bare legs?
how can i get a bigger bum what can i eat or do to get one?
tattoo ideas for meaningfull words.. please help?
how do i talk to my mom about things that are going on with my body like puberty?
Suffers from Persistent Acne Only?
why did my sister act weird when she found out i had a tattoo?
How should I care for my tattoo?
Will tattoos change if you tone your body?
Men who paint their toenails?
need words for a tattoo please help me ?
do we need to tip when getting a tattoo?
Do young guys care what you look like?
what piercing should i get that would look nice?
if both my parents are there is it leagal to get a tattoo age 15 in newyork?
My son is 15 months old. I would like to get a tattoo to honor him. Any ideas?
Where is the best tattoo parlor in central New Jersey?
Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas?
Place to put my tattoo?!?
How long would it take to make this tattoo?
Which Chinese signs should I get tattooed?
About how long would a medium size tattoo on the lower shoulder blade take to heal?
Do color tattos hurt?
Which quote do you like best,for a tattoo?
What tattoo font is this?
i have a big yellow pimple and it hurts is it affected?
טרנספורמציה OR שנוי צורה?
Who want a real tattoo in kuwait?
any freckle fading remedies?
What is the best product to use to clear dark spots from your face for an African American??
Where is the best tattoo shop Arizona?
Do you think there are any sports that helps to have not very big but quit big breast?
I've applied a tattoo on ma arm by a software.. So, does it look real to u ?
how yo became fair?
Does it Hurt to get ur belly butten peirced and should i do it?
What does undertones mean?
Should I get a lip ring?
What is bisabolo?
How to get rid of suntan by home remedies?
Do you think this has enough meaning behind it to get it tattooed?
How to fix sinking/embedding navel piercing?
where is the safest and cleanest tattoo salon in vancouver bc?
Where is the best place in Florida to get a tattoo?
which hair style is best for a guy, i need to kno fast as i dnt kno whether to have a cut or not?
Can I get a tattoo even though I have epilepsy?
Quote tattoos? Opinions?
My tattoo is lumpy and it has lost its color.?
Tattoo Idea...........?
Help me pick my tattoo theme?
after skin has peeled from a sunburnt... how long does it take for the new skin to be normal?
Do you have a Tattoo?
Is it true that someone can't open a tattoo parlor in Hinesville, Georgia? And if so, why?
eyebrow tattoos?
Is it just me or are tattoos addictive?
Tattooing my sister name?
I am getting a tattoo...?
Tattoo Quote: I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night?
tatto, cute or no?
can you get a tattoo touched up if its faded?
Places to get a tattoo with a quote.?
what should i do to my tattoo?
Half sleeve or 3/4 sleeve japanese tattoo?
why do people make fun of other peoples skincolor or there heritage and on and on?
How do I get rid of my body acne (pimples, blackheads, etc.)???
Tattoo's on women?
Looking for a specific tattoo design....?
how to remove depilatory wax from clothing?
why do some guys grow their pinky's nail?
how do i get rid of deep rings or circles under my eyes?
how to prevent acne?
I'm looking for investors for my hair and skincare business?
Possible tattoo quotes..?
What's the most painful place on your body that you've been tattooed?
tattoo over cigarette burn?
Tattoo at age 17? yes or no?
How would you fel if your veterinarian had a half sleeve?
oes iturt to have an old tattoo covered by a new one?
How much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
where can i translate words for a tattoo?
ladies do your have piercings or tattoos?does it hurt?
Which tattoo do you like better?
can you get a tattoo in a dream and have it in real life when you wake up?
Getting a tattoo. How to tell parents?
Should I get a tattoo and should I tell my parents about it?
How much would a 12 inch thigh tattoo be for Kat Von D?
What would be a good phrase to get as a tattoo?
Does it hurt more for a skinny person to get a tattoo?
how do UV ink tattoos work?
Is this a good tattoo?
For a runway fashion model who is 5'10" thin build, what would her likely weight ,measurements&drs. sz. be?
What's the most effective way to get rid of blackheads, without damaging skin?
Want to get a tattoo that says "Courage", but not sure where to get it?
Do you think women look good with tattoos?
best place to have a portrait tattoo?
Do you have any meaningful tattoos?
How long will my tattoo take?
how to treat acne or spots?
I'm getting my first tattoo?
What should my tattoo say?
need to find a reputable cosmetic sugeon for breast enlargement. procedure to be done in spain ,malaga?
what could i get to cover my unwanted tattoos?
what does the tattoo on kivanc or mohanad's left arm means?
why would someone get this fraze tatted on them?