how does colon cleaning and body flush prevent body odour?
I'm not very skinny and hate showing my legs on the beach what can i do to hide the top bit of my legs ?
I cant find this style of tattoo! help!?
How can I make people believe I have a tattoo?
I want a tattoo but dont know wa to have?
Will the tattoo stretch with weight loss?
what do you think of this tattoo?
How much would a teen pay for weed?
what do you think about this idea?
Snakebite piercing Q? (pic)?
what is a good face cream?
Usual cost of ear pointing?
can a lighter colored ink go over a black inked tattoo?
How to prevent my tattoo from getting wet?
How much do tattoos really hurt, please be honest?
I'm trying to decide if I should get a tattoo....should I?
whats the easiest way to lose weight?
Scripted tattoos... help please?
can a person tattoo them selfs at home.?
What ink is used for tracing tattoos?
I have dry skin on my chest what can I do to soothe my skin?
dry itichy skin that when scratched bleeds and leaves marks on face, arms and back of hands?
meaning of a nautical star?
is putting applying Vitamin E oil on your face good?
Temporary Ad Tattoos?
anyone any use for toe nail clippings?
Where, on a women's body would a tattoo be appropriate and yet stylish?
tattoo basic questions and opinion?
Tattoo help??????????
what is the cocept of reparation?
How come nobody has ever reported seeing a fat alien?
I recruit representatives for AVON, anyone interested on buying, or selling? got a Referral?
Can someone help me with my tattoo idea please?
Getting my first tattoo what to expect?
Miami ink?
Large smooth burn scars be tattooed?
Is this good tattoo placement?
is there anything that works to make scars not so noticeable?
Tattoo ideas for my brothers passing?
i am a fair lady. But my hands are brownish, what can i do to have fair hands?
Getting white tattoos?
how can i get prettyier?
where can i buy air brush tattoo machines for my kids?
Should i get a tattoo????? 10points?
new tattoo help!?
Arabic Translation for Tattoo?
can i cover up this tattoo?
i do i get rid of dark circles?
Anyone knows where can i get H.I.M Heartagram tattoo tube? Same as Kat Von D's tube?
what to do for tattoos?
Tattoo ideas for modification?
do you like my new tattoo its not yet finished I'm probably going to need a touch up and Ill also add a frame?
Is it normal to have little bumps on thescrotum?
Lip just got pierced last night, and just came out!!?
Blossom tree foot tattoo?
what is it like to get a tatoo?
Can someone tell me about this tattoo? help?
Can anyone tell me what is the tagalog term for Sunflower? Cause i need it now.?
how do u feel about yourself physically?
Jimi Hendrix tattoo ideas?
It's deep and it hurts?
How painful are wrist tattoos?
Does steve-o from jackass have a deathbat tattoo?
silly question about henna...?
i got a tattoo on my lower back a few days ago and ever since ive been getting really bad lower back aches?
Where can I find Keith Urban's tattoo sketches?
tattoo and laser therapy?
Tattoo Sayings?Help?Your Favorite?
HELP ME!! i have boyfriend problems?
Star sign tattoo for baby!!?
Meaning for a Tattoo?
'MJ' HIStory Logo?
I want to get a memorial for my father.?
Women: How do you feel about men shaving their pubic hair?
I'm looking for a tattoo specific to Welsh descent, and I don't want the red dragon, any ideas?
Hebrew tattoo advice?
Tattoo placement/pain?
Do you think tattoos on a girl are sexy? If so where?
Can someone design me a tattoo saying true?
Tattoo ideas. Representations of family members.?
T OR A? Which do you prefer?
Rainbow colored butterfly tattoo equal gay pride? Lesbian/gay/bi?
Is this a good design for a 1st tattoo?
Should i get it or not?
Is there anything I should do/eat/drink to prepare my skin for a tattoo?
Ideas for small tattoo on wrist?
How do you feel about tattoos and piercings?
What do you think about this tattoo?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
Can I put a bandage on my tattoo?
does baby oil help prevent strechmarks?
Can you help me design a tattoo for my brother?
Raised tattoo?
Different fonts for script tattoo across chest?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Can anyone translate the text in this tattoo? I think it might be arabic.?
Need a source(s) for name tattoo?
Ladies: am I the only woman who notices that my pad can sometimes stimulate accidentally?
why not tattoo when pregnant?
Facial Skins Problems?
I am a guy, i want a tongue ring, can someone that has a tongue ring gimmie good and bad details please?
i was thinkn of getting my peirced any thoughts?
where to get a tattoo?
What are some good words in punjabi to get tattoed on my wrists?
Opinions of tattoos on girls?
Why do ALL GIRLS Get Tattoed?
ideas for quote tattoo?
My tattoo didn't peel is that normal?
How small is too small ?
i need help about tattoo?
Do women think breasts are asthetically pleasing?
what you think about USHER??
Boysss onlyy pleasee :D?
Tattoo advice needed?
What credentials are required to become a tattoo artist in Florida?
What is it about girls 5'2- 5'6?
Girls, do you like having your toes sucked?
im gonna get a tatoo but i dunno what yet i dont want anything big i just want something little like a name?
who's got a tattoo, where and what is it?
Tell me what yall think about this idea for a tattoo...?
Why is my new tattoo so itchy?
Anyone know a good way to get rid of blackheads on your nose? Seriously?
Is there a place that I can have someone make me a custom temporary tattoo I have a pic of what I want?!?!?
I am so thin what can I do?
Rockstar tattoo help please?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
How do i become less nervous?
My niece wants her nose peirced and wants me to do it, is there any complications?
What do you think about this tattoo idea?
Cool unique tattoo sleeve ideas?
Is it ok to not have a single tattoo on ur body?
Tattoo Idea.. ??? (Image Idea to go with this quote)?
What are you're tips on how to clear acne?
doesn't it hard for women to shave their body hair every day?
One word tattoo location and price?
if you leave a fake tattoo on long will it become real?
Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin tattoo?
I need Tattoo cover up ideas?
in texas, can you get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent?
does ben bruce from asking alexandria have any ear piercings and if he does what kind ?
I am looking for a journal that compares treadmills according to their qualities in favor of consumers.?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
I need help with my tattoo idea?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in NY with parental consent?
Microbiologists with tattoos?
Harry Potter tattoo?
Looking for artists to sketch tattoo ideas?
Looking for some temp tattoo sets pleaseee?!?
What do you think about my tattoos?
Tattoo Question (Bleeding)?
When can i shower with a new tattoo?
Does a tattoo of an eagle have any particular meaning or symbolism?
Has anyone here actually met a celebrity? Or are friends with one?
If geting permenant tattoo is there any problem for moving ome country to another?
Undereye Circles?
Why Are Short People more approachable than tall people?
Should I get a bottom or a top lip piercing?
A question to those of you with tattoos....?
why does massages turn people on?
What are some funny yet inappropriate lip tattoos for girls?
How do i keep my nails strong? They are quite weak and keep breaking? Any tips?
Ok im trying to get a tattoo..need help?
What Episode is this tattoo from on LA INK ? Please help me ?
Will your skin be the same as it was after getting a tattoo removed?
how long does a plucked eye brown take to grow back?
when is it good to get a tattoo?
Wen will my new tattoo heal?
I need suggestions/opinions.?
Tattoo script ideas :(?
what if my bfs pravite dosent fit for us to have sex?
Is Liv Tyler real?
Im pregnant an getting a tattoo on my lower bacc tomorrow...?
i just gave my self a tattoo will it be ok?
what can i use to apply tattoo stencils?
What's your first thought (honestly) when you see someone with a tattoo?
What Should I Add To My Tattoo?
why is my face so oily like oil will fall from my face...... even washing, cleansing, toning does not help....
Can you guys help me to cure the scars on my body?
I need help with my tattoo ideas?
tattoo questionnnnnnnnnnnnn?
what are some good tattoo sites?
Whats a good place to get a tattoo so that only I can see it?
How much would a tiny, black tattoo cost near Phoenix?
How fast can Henna Dye come off?
can anyone tell me how to get benoquin without a doctor's prescription for my extremely dark knees?Please Help
Can you get a tattoo professionally at home?
i got a really bad henna?
Tattoo on upperback/ lower neck and hip?
What can I use to get rid of a very red complexion?
Has anyone ever a tattoo do this?
Does playing with your monroe make it heal any slower?
What tattoo should i get?
where would be a great place for my tattoo its a quote just 1 paragraph.. im thinking on my back?
What age did you start to where a bra?
do nose piercings hurt?
im 14 and im thinkin about having sex with my bf.?
What is the name of this font?
What can I cover my tattoo's with.. ideas?
What are some peace tattoo designs?
how often u take bath in a week??? and which body wash u use?
how 2 get ride of pimples.?
what does this cross mean?
What's your favourite colour of human eyes?
How do you cure dark smokers lips?
help pleased?
family crest tattoo?
I need tattoo judgment! (PICS)?
Is My Tattoo Idea Good?
need to get in touch with store that sales homemade soap in Montrose Colorado?
Where on my body should i put up a "Lace Up" tattoo?
anyone know a good a tattoo pic of a heart with a key hole? or two entwined hearts? or any heart tattoos?
I want a tattoo around my wrist but i dont know what to get?
How long would these tattoos take?
What does vitamin E oil do for your skin?
What Colour Eyes are better, Blue Green or Brown?
do you people think i made a good avatar?
Can you tell me any way for controlling oil on my face?
Why can't you get a tan on palms?
how to get slim ? im a little plump?
which design do you find prefer?
how to impress a boy?
I feel ugly when i'm not. What can i do?
I am thinking about getting another tattoo. I know what i want but not exactly where on my body. Any ideas?
Cant find tattoo pic! Help?
Ronnie Radkes tattoo?
How Do Back Tattoos Age?
this is for women in the san francisco area but open to all people?
WHY DOES MY anus leak fluid throughout the day? This has destroyed numerous underwear,?
is there a ink that is skin color?
what do you think of this for a tattoo?
Difference between body wash and body lotion?
Would putting Olive Oil on a fresh new tattoo be something smart to do?
I am thinkin of getting a tattoo but need ideas for something to represent life ?
Would this be a trashy idea for a tattoo? Price?
why have i got brown hair and blue eyes?
Are you obsessed with your looks?
What happens if you peel your tattoo when it scabs?
Bob Dylan Lyrics Tattoo?
I am about to get my first tatoo, Do you tip the artist?
If you could get any tattoo right now, what would it be?
Tattoo Placement Help?
Tattoo chioces?? .. help!? ?
can they numb you lip when you get it pirced and were can i get a pircing when im 13?
how can I get a tattoo off?
about a behind the ear tattoo?
Where does jeff hardy get his tattoos done?
If I am allergic to nickel, can I get a tattoo?
Can my color tattoo be changed to traditional black and grey?
What do you think about getting the same or similiar tattoos that someone else has?
Lower back tattoos!!!!?
Good quotes for a foot tattoo?
How do you get clear skin?
Can a tattoo artist make a tattoo from a design i got on google?
Is it true if you get or have a tatto on your lower back it means somthing? If so what does it mean?
What is a cheap way to get rid of blackheads fast and profficiently?
Will I ever get Curves? Please answer.?
What design or drawing should I get around this quote tattoo?
I want to start a geometric dotwork sleeve tattoo who can recommend an artist?
Any ideas or inspiration for a tattoo for a young crossdresser?
Meaningless tattoo thoughts?
Twice as nice in memphis, tn?
How do you take a captive earring out of your cartilage ??
can you get a tattoo at the age of 16 with parental consent?
Husband wants me to get a tattoo I don't want?
Meerrpp. tattoos, wanna help?
How much would it cost to get a small tattoo removed?
What do you think of tattoos?
Can a girl use Edge ActiveCare shave cream?
is there any way to quickly get rid of old acne scars??? without spending too much money???
Who agrees it is OK to urinate whilst showering? And has anyone defecated in the bath?
HELP please !!!!!how can i make my short nails grow and stop biting them!!?
ideas for a quote tattoo on the ribs?
Idea help with my tattoo?
Is this tattoo ugly?
Can a nurse Have tattoos?
how to become a piercer and tattoo artist?
good tattoo idea/quote?
Is there anywhere in the world that would do me a tattoo...?
does getting a tattoo on your back hurt?
How much will this tattoo cost???
What would be a sexy thigh tattoo idea ?
I want a cobweb tattoo but the shop doesn't have it on the wall?
What is your favorite perfume or body spray?
why does boobs have a more importance for a good figure ?
Does anyone know of a baybayin/alibata tattoo artist in Colorado?
Anyone know where I can get Angelina Jolies' bengal tiger tattoo?
I want to convence my mom to let me get a tattoo for my 14th birthday!?
Is having your nose peirced more painful than a tat??
10 POINTS!!! Is there anybody that knows someone, or does piercings without parental consent in SOUTH JERSEY?
what you think of this tattoo ?
Is it gay for a guy to go tanning before Prom?
do guys find girls with tattoo's atractive if yes were do u like them to have there tattoo's?
Tattoo question please answer?
Should I keep working at this tattoo shop?
Do you think I should add to this tattoo ??
How much did you pay for a full side tattoo?
How much will my tattoo cost? (Roughly)?
What do you think of this tattoo design?
How can I increse bust size without surgery?
libra/scorpio cusp tattoo?
What to do with poor service at tattoo parlor?
girls: what race is sexiest?
Why do we have toe nails?
Who can prescribe for me a cream or medication that can make my skin lighter, brighter, smooth and soft?
Legally changing my name, tattoo, piercings...?
I am going to get a belly piercing?
what do you think of portrait tattoos?
Waist Tattoo Pricee??!!?
how many times do you have to do laser hair removal for under-arms before the hair is completely gone?
does anyone know of a slimming tablet that does actually work and isnt too expensive to buy????
does this idea for a tatoo seem silly or stupid?
I am 6'3" and weigh 300 pounds I wanna loose weight to like 210 pounds. How do I go abt it.?
I have a warrant for never showing up to court for my Dui.?
GIRLS! What do you think of guys with tattoos?
Do you ever wonder how many people are suing for libosuction mistakes?
Which tattoo quote is the best?
Tattoo over stretch marks?
Where can I buy e45 cream?
is this a good idea ?
If you have tried a home body wrap, what did you use in place of the sheets that they use in the spa?
Can I go out after a tattoo?
HELP! Any color suggestions for this tattoo? (pic) And how much it would be?
Where should I get my tattoo?
What does a four leaf clover tattoo make u think of?
White heads on my tattoo help??? please?
what is the best tanning lotion ( for indoor beds) thats in the $20 range..that will get you brown fast??
What is the best way to get rid of dark circles around my eyes. I sleep well and have good diet. Thanks, Mike?
i have HORRIBLE acne!
What's the beat and quickest way to get rid of acne/pimples/blackheads w/o using a daily scrub?
where should i get my tattoo?
Why are tattoo machines inside a bag, when tattooing?
How to ease//prevent excess pain whilst getting a (rib) tattoo?
Was there ever a guy named Vince on LA or Miami ink?
what could I cover this tattoo up with and what could I do to add on more of my sleeve?
Where does it hurt the most to get a tattoo?
Is it normal for a chunk of my outline to be missing on my new tattoo?
Does the breast size increase after child birth? Does it remain big or does it reduce after some time?
can i go in the water this soon after getting my tattoo?
I'm getting my tattoo on my foot today :) actually i;n like an hour. Any words of advise?
i was wondering... if any guy tried hair removal cream for the purpose of a shave? sounds funny. huh.?
Girls: Can a guy's bellybutton be sexy?
tattoo on my ribcage please help!?
What kind of Tattoo is cute behind the ear?
pain 10 months later?
I need ideas for a tattoo?
Getting tattoo over bumpy skin?
tattoo idea that i need help on?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
where can i get a henna tattoo in Cleveland Ohio?
What tattoo sounds better?? I'm stuck?
if you saw a women have a leg tattoo that has symbols to show her favourite movies would you think it dumb?
Art supplies for an inspiring tattoo artist?
What is the perfect size of boobs for an 12 years old>?
Can I take a bath if I got a tattoo recently?
Tattoo idea's... music lyrics for someone?
Are finger tattoos girly?
I want to get a tattoo of a quote from a book, are there copyright issues associated with that sort of thing?
I'm Thinking about getting a tattoo
How much would this tattoo cost?
Has anyone managed to hide a lower back tattoo from their parents?
what do you think are the tackiest/overdone kind of tattoos?
How to hide a shoulder tattoo?
the cheapest and safe way to get rid of acne?
I need tattoo ideas please!?
shvers for girls?
what piercings hurt the least?
WAT KIND OF eXCERCIZE HELPS U LOSE WEIIGHT?with out buying sumthing?
Tattoo Question any help would be great!!?
Do you think i should cut my hair in order to get permission from my father to get a tattoo?
HELP! Can i sue a tattoo artist for a horrible job?
What are some names for a tattoo on the small of a girl's back?
Should i get a tattoo without my mom knowing?
How can I get rid of pimples FAST?
Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!?
Whats a classic tattoo that a teenager would get?
First time tattoo experience? How was yours?
I lost my ID. DMV is closed... Want tattoo... help?!?
girls why do you deface your bodies with tatoos they look horrible, you keep your bodies clear so to speak.?
How painful is it to get your nose pierced?
What tattoo symbolizes freedom or change?
How much would a 12 inch thigh tattoo be for Kat Von D?
tattoo healing right?
My breasts are too small and I am deciding if i shoud get implants?
ideas for a good place for a tattoo that could be hidden at times and not at others?
can they redo my hello kitty bow tattoo at the shop?
So I want to get tatoo, Im 16 and live In Washington.?
Has anybody tried Accutane? Did you have any of the side effects? Did it work?
how would you close large pores?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
What kind of tattoos do you have in your body?
A good hidden place for a tattoo?
what piercings are allowed at jobs?
Tattoo ideas, good or bad (Taking suggestions)?
What careers allow you to have tattoos?
I have a black dot on my iris?
Why is my tattoo not scabbing?
need a tattoo idea representing introspection and personal thinking...?
How do you get rid of pimples naturally?
what do you think about piercings?
What sort of tattoo should my character have?
Tattoo question idea to finish my sleeve! ?
Tattoo ideas/suggestions????? :D?
What would you do if your friend stole your tattoo idea & got it done before you?
What does a scorpion tattoo on the back of the neck means?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in australia?
What do you consider to be a "bad tattoo"?
i'm getting my first tattoo in a couple weeks... is there anything i should know to be prepared?
Where to get my next tattoo?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
What is the most ridiculous Tattoo you have ever seen?
Between all of these tatoos (Lyrics) which is your favorite?
What age do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Is it ugly if you can feel your raised scar in your tattoo? or would you ignore it? old tattoo?
What was the most painful spot you placed a tattoo?
what is the best deodorant for sensitive skin?
Where's the best place to get a barcode tattoo?
hello I'm getting a VCH on Friday?
What is the most effective diet?
How many piercings are too much?
How many tattoos does Harry Styles have?
i need a tattoo artist in New Mexico who can tattoo what i want and still make it look like a watercolor?
If using a self-tanner can i still get a natural tan outside?
What type of tattoo should I get?
I want a tattoo that reads diff. from each side on my hip bone, ideas please?
What's the approximate tattoo price in UK?(United Kingdom)?
should i get a tattoo?
wash your #ss!!!?
i want a tattoo on my rib cage?
I wana get a tattoo or tattoos on my triceps that represent confidence and respect. Any ideas?
Pudgy lower half?
I need sister tattoo ideas?
Can the ultra violet light in a tanning bed still hurt your eye balls if you keep your eyes closed?
Can you still get a tan from using spf 60??
How to hide wrist atttoo?
Can no one help? (asked this question already, but got no concrete answers)?
Whats the policy on tattoos in the airforce is it 1/4 of ur EXPOSED arm or just ur arm n general?
this for all the beautiful women out there.what is your favorite color when it comes to eyes in us men?
is it okay to use alcohol on zits.?
How Long Does A Permanent Tattoo Take To Completely Set Up ! Done !?
is A&D good for tattoos?
Im bored and want a piercing or a tattoo? Pics inside?
Where should i get a tattoo done?
how should i reduce my weight please give some tips natural?
how the heck do people wear a size 0.?
having a shadow added to tattoo, will that make it appear 3D?
Is iron butterfly a good tattoo ink?
How can I get rid of bad undereye circles without plastic surgery?
i'm pretty pale and i can't tan i just burn! any ideas on what to do????
What pain is comparable to a tattoo?
Help me with a tattoo quote.. vote please?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
will i be ok?...tatted tomaro?
which body massage is the BEST for fatique?
How many birth marks do you have on one arm?
Has anyone had good results using Proactiv for acne?
Does it sound like my tattoo is infected?
Tattoos on Girls!?
New tattoo treatment help?
my parents are both taller than 5'6 and im about to be 14 and only 4' 10 1/2 will i grow taller?
I want a dress for a summer garden party where can I buy online?
Is it safe to get your lip piercid with braces?
What does everyone think about tattoos?
Where can you get fake tattoos that are better and look a lot more real than henna?
lose weight?
Is there a national tattoo month or day? If so what is it?
How can a tattoo be hidden in plain sight? Does a special ink exist other than UV?
Guys: Do you like Chubby girls or Athletic girls better?
What tattoo should I get?
My grandmom died in 01. Now I wat a tattoo to remember her.?
Can I get a tattoo at the age of 15 in Texas with a parent?
opinion on a chinese symbol tattoo?
is cosmetic surgery useful?why or why not?
lower back tattos????
Is it better to get your clit pierced or your clitoral hood?
Why has the world gone mad on tattoos? Will everyone still like theirs in 30 or so years time?
Why does a tattoo have to have meaning?
The best place for my music tattoo?
Recipe for natural and homemade hair remover?
Would it be okay if you went on like water slides 13 days after you got a tattoo?
Please Help!?
Does a sleeve really have to be themed?
how much would this tattoo cost me?? (uk) ?
Is a palm sized tattoo considered medium sized?
anyone have any good ideas for a tattoo?
What's something that comes in fours?
how to remove my tattooed eyebrows?
Tattoo artist in the Aberdeen UK area?
Best place to get a small tattoo in London?
wondering about Tattoo pain.....?
What do you think makes a model?
what tattoo do you have/reccommend?
Is vaseline ok to put on my tattoos?
Does anyone else brush there teeth in shower? Random but wanna know?
Has anyone tried putting Preparation H under their eyes to reduce the bags?
What animal signifies strength?
Which beauty expo around the world is worth going to?
Tattoo decision?
How bad do foot tattoos hurt?
Are women with tattoos sexy?
Does Red Tattoo Ink have mercury in it that leads to depression symptoms and fatigue?
I'm getting my first tattoo soon!!?
how does getting a tattoo go exactly? what do i need to bring?
What are some really good tattoo ideas? ?
my friend popped her pimple and now its like a cut so i was wondering if theres anything to heal it faster?
any suggestion for tattoo website!?
how do you get rid of dark circles unders your eyes?
A place to get a white ink tattoo in the UK? (preferably south)?
why do *** tattoos fade?
lower back tattoo?
Im gettin my first tattoo soon I'm still decidin if I shuld get it on my thigh r neck will it hurt?
My underarms hair is growing in all directions,making it difficult to wax. The area has gone black?
Can I get my dimples back?
Opinions on this star tattoo?
When should I get my tattoo?
How do you treat light spots on the skin?
best Tattoo's on men?
why do girls say to guys that they are fat or ugly?
Where should I put my tattoo?
would this make a good tattoo?
Is semen good for the facial area?
Would you rather have freckles or acne? Why?
Can someone help me with English to French translations for a tattoo?
my tattoo looks like there's a glossy cover on it....?
doesAnyone knows what lacto calamine therapyis.I wanna know how its done?
for guys and girls...were is the BEST place on the body for a FEMALE to have a tattoo?
Do you think tattoos will be more tolerated 20 years from now?
Please be honest with my tattoo?
i'm thinkin of a tattoo what should i get?
tattoo information please?
Getting my first tattoo around my lower hip?
i want to get a tattoo with my mothers, fathers, and brothers name. i want it small and either on my neck or a?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
what is the best way to lighten scars?
I wanted to cover my tattoo up?
How much roughly for this tatoo in the uk?
Korean script tattoo?
is there any way to make your cheeks and lips pink naturally??
does toothpaste on a pimple really work?
Where on the body does it hurt less to get a tattoo at?
Can anyone tell me how tattoos are given and about how long it would take to get an 8 letter word?
Freckles and tattoos?
can anyone find me...?
i want to get my lip pierced?
does any one know where i can get VICHY and what is it?? someone recommended it to me?
I want a halloween black cat tattoo. which one of these should I get?
I am in the process of getting my first tattoo ?!?!?!?!?!? Pain!!!!?
People who have (or have had) tattoos and/or ears gauged: how old are you and do you regret it?
please help?
basic tattoo questions. please help this is my first tattoo!
How can you increase your bust size without taking any pills?
How can I extend the time between manicures?
why do people get tattoo's on their back?
Question about Laser Tattoo Removal?
Quote question for tattoo? help!?
Tattoo - Starting to scab?
how can I cure my skin's dryness?
Simple - Do you like or dislike tattoo's?
White ink tattoo, anything I should know ?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo at the age of 15?
How much (roughly) should this tattoo cost?
Help! Can anyone tell me how to easily make a tattoo gun?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Subdermal implant, materials and placement?
How much would you say this kind of tattoo would cost?
Does juicy J have any tattoos ?
why did my tat not stay on me?
lazer removal tattoo?
Best place to get a tattoo in Jamaica?
Does your very first tattoo hurt???
Is it normal for me to soak my feet in my own pee twice a week?
I want a tattoo that symbolizes music and my life, but I don't know what to get. Any ideas?
Tattoo on inner forearm or outer forearm?
do people mack salt or mine it or where do they get it?
what would be a good work of alex Grey's to get tattooed on me?
First tattoo and it's fading (I got two days ago)!?
Who's prettier, Rhiana or Ciara?
Where can I find a good pin up girl tattoo artist?
GUYS: What do you think about girls with tattoos?
How do you get rid of Zits? what is the best product? HELP!!!!?
Help me I need Help Bad Skin?
Is this a cute well thought out tattoo?
i have a major problem!!!!!!!?
Place to put tattoos for loved ones I've lost?
Tattoo for baby.................?
hi good night i am a young woman 30 years with a high belly skin i really dont know what to do about it?
I was born without a penis, is that common in men?????
what do all the various items that Ganesha holds mean?
should i got to the tattoo studio or wait for them to phone me?
What is the best and easiest way to get rid of acne that isn't really all that bad but I hate it!!?
Does anyone know a way to clean your body with ONLY safe herbal treatments??
Is too much lotion bad for skin?
a tattoo that is far from perfect. blow out and etc. how to accept imperfections?
how can I make a bar fit in my?
Tattoo parlours in London? Who should I go to?
What happens when you put blue food dye in henna? Will the tattoo be blue?
How may I get a real tattoo in Kuwait?
do you have a myspace account?
What is the full story behind teardrop tatoos?
My mom and i want to get matching tattoos. we want the infinity symbol with a short quote in it? any ideas?
Tips for making a tattoo feel less painful or a good distraction?
I need to find a site that will show me great tattoo designs?
Shock over new tattoo?
I want to get a breast augmentation and it costs approx $5000.Is there a way I can get a bank loan for this?
What do you think of my ear ring ?
I need to know Whats the best way to heal my tattoo,Wich is the best ointment?Ect..?
What gets rid of acne best & quickest?
Is there a gang tattoo for specialitys?
does anyone do tattoo home or outside..temperory or permanent in saudi arabia?
What are some examples of tattoos that would apply to me individually?
I'm getting a tattoo next week, what's cuter?
Tattoos stopping me from getting a job ?
How do I protect my new tattoo from sun?
how to groom my pubic hair?
should i get the hamsa palm tattoo?
Will my tattoo shading look better? ?
i have these bumbs on my arms for a long time there kinda like pimples how do u get rid of them?
Tattoo - "Hakuna Matata" - what do you think?
Does anybody know any tattoo quotes?
how to get abs?
How much do you think it would cost?
which is better, starting a salon business vs being a software professional?
How do you get rid of these "love handles" on the side of your stomach?
I am 17 years old and for my 18th birthday i want to get a tattoo but I'm having mixed feelings?
Hip microdermals/navel piercing questions?
how much would this tattoo cost approx.?
What are some cool tattoos you can get?
When is the best time to get a tattoo?
How can I get rid of acne on face and back? I have acne for at least 12 yrs.?
what should i get what hurts more?
What is the best moisturizer on the market?
just caught my new wrist tattoo on door handle?
do you have a tattoo?if so do you regret it?
How much would the tattoo hurt?
do you think i would be randomly beated for having a white pride cross tattoo?
do you know the difference between these acne medicenes?
Can you mix diff colors OVER red tattoo?
3 different piercings at once?
Vertical clitoris piercing question?
Does anyone know a good quote that would go with a tattoo of butterflies?
What type of make up is good for brown skinned girls?
Dog tattoo advice needed?
does getting a tattoo hurt?
Help! I can't stop itching!?
Toby hemoingways tattoos?
Will guys still want you if you have scars?
Is a wrist tattoo safe?
People with braces who have a lip ring, please help!?
should i???????????????
Would having a tattoo affect a child?
Tattooing over stretch marks? Does anyone have any pics of results?
what do you think about this idea?
How much would this tattoo cost ?
Can black tattoos be covered up?
How do you feel about meaningless tattoos?
would this be a good tattoo?
Ideas for a remembrance tattoo?
Having trouble finding a spot for this tattoo?
Do people usually get wrist tattoos on the right or left?
When does the next issue come out of Inked?
What kind of Tattoo Gun would You purchase if you were just starting out?
Heard about the female condom,,,,, how does it work?
First Tattoo suggestions?
If you were a 14 year old girl turning 15 , Would you rather a PARTY BUS for your birthday or a TATTOO ?!?
What do you think of this as a tattoo?
Wayne Rooney tattoo regret?
Painful getting a foot tattoo?
how can i stop smokig cigarettes???
Are you addicted to piercings or tattoos?
what can ido to the so many pimples in my face?
How to hide a tattoo from my dad?
My girlfriend and I want to get tattoos that kind of remind us of each other, or have to do with our past?
What does this elvish tattoo translate as?
Is it dangerous to get a tongue piercing when hungover?
There is this girl on winterpixel who keeps bothering me when i ask questions help me?
I want a non-permanent tattoo I can draw on myself. How?
What are some values about people who get tattoos?
Do you think that i need to loose weight?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Can a tattoo that is just a black outline be covered up with any color?
what kind of gun is a good starter?
how do keep urself beautiful?
How bad does an upper arm tattoo hurt?
is it okay to wash now? (mystic tan)?
Any ideas or phrases for a tattoo?
where can i get a tattoo of my bf name? 10 points!?
I need a tattoo sketch?
What was your first tattoo and where is it?
Dose it turn girls on if a guy gets a tattoo on his penis?
Would it be dangerous to tattoo your dick?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
what works best to get rid of hair on your arms that is cheap?
Can anybody suggest me some treatment for dark circles under eyes? I am using Cucumber slices and potato juice
My tattoo looks ed?
Looking for a tattoo...?
New collar bone tattoo and bra strap?
Is it safe to stretch my ears from 4mm straight to 6mm?
Tell me what tattoos you have and why you got them?
how can you treat swelling from radiance?
first tattoo shoulder blade or foot?
What tatoo aftercare do i need to do?
im getting a tattoo gun and stuff what all do i need?
Can u get your boobs to grow?
I want to be a model. Will my three tattoos ruin that for me?
Can you recommend a reputable tattooist in the manchester area?
Is it possible to get a tattoo under the age of eighteen anywhere in australia?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Orlando?
is it right for your teacher to tell you that you are dressed like a prositute?
Snakebites (lip piercings)?
i want my tattoos colour changed, is that possible?
Would i regret getting this tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo of my pet goldfish?
Is my tongue piercing ok or not?
cannot find a phrase for a tattoo for my nan.?
can you still get tanned when the weather will be windy and cold but the sun will be shinin to you ?
i need to know if theres a way to take away a tattoo. a simple way?
How much would a 5x5 tattoo cost?
tattoo advice?
If u get a tattoo on the wrist will it hurt?
1976 Camaro tattoo suggestions?
how do you feel about getting a pets name tattoo'd on you?
What do you think of paw print tattoos ? (picture)?
What is the best thing for severe ed feet?
looking to get a tattoo...?
I have the world's most horrible nails. They're SO bitten and peeled! How can I stop?
Hi!, i wanted to know can tattoos be removed?
Why do people think light skinned black people are white?
What is the best way to get a tan from a sunbed if you tend to burn?
Does Anyone no what i can do please i really need help?
clown fish as tattoo for men?
Do Chinese people get English sayings tattooed on their bodies?
Tattoo cover up help please!?
Can I be an 'Expressive Art' therapist with tattoos?
area around eyes is deep so it look like i am sick what can i do to fill that area?
lyric tattoo suggestions?
Going to get a new tattoo in October.... I want a symbol that's means either harmony or strength...?
I want to get this as a tattoo. Help?
In much need of some tattoo help?
Im getting a tattoo of a diamond with my childhood best friend. Which finger and what hand.?
How can i get rid of zits and blackheads on my face?
I am looking for the official website for the company that produces Cru De Provence?
If you guys could get a tattoo what would it be?
What do you think of this tattoo. please reqd whole thing. ill answer yours ?
Which side should i put my tattoo on?
Next piercing help needed?
If you haven an anxiety disorder is it bad getting a tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo over my self harm scars?
Who do u think look better,beyonce,ashanti,eve?
getting a tattoo with dermatographism?
I'm planning on getting my tattoo soon, but I dont know where...?
Boyfriend disapproving that I'm getting a tattoo... Help?!?
Is it very painful to get a tattoo?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
guys and girls help plz?
The corners of my mouth and bleed. Anyone know why?
What fake tanner do you reccomend?
what risk of hip piercings rejection?
Where should i get my tattoo?
I saw many tribal girls of nagaland (India) have naturally hairless under arms.But my girl refuse to believe.?
I am keen on a tattoo is it the right thing?
How many people think I should go to sleep?????????????/?
How much does it hurt to have a tattoo removed?
Question about a tattoo (opinions, ideas)?
which is a better piercing?
Should married women get facials or is that something that is for single girls??
Dermatitis with Tattoos?
Would my mother let me get a tattoo?
Perseverance tatoo - joining the army suggestions please?
help me , please & thank you ( about tattoos ) .?
Can you get this done at 12?
does getting a tatoo hurt?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
Whats my tattoo REALLY mean?
Opinion on this thigh tattoo? :)?
if you had to choose your hair and eye color what would they be and why?
am i too tattooed?
Is a co2 laser peel successful on the face?
Im a 15 year old male with mild acne... how often should i use a face scrub?
I just had knee surgery on the 15th, is it ok for me to get a new tattoo and piercing on the 24th?
Where do you draw the line on body modifications?
how much would you estimate this tattoo to cost?
On a scale 1-10 how bad does a tattoo hurt?
How do you get rid of/prevent the dark lines/bags/circles under your eyes? How are they caused?
Tattoo experience plz?
i want a tattoo with a polish word or phrase?
Question regarding tattoo designs?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
Symbolic meaning of open-winged butterfly versus a closed-wing butterfly?
Tattooing a Baby?
Ideas for a tattoo with the Acadian flag and British?
how do u make ur boobs grow?
How did you decide what to put in your sleeve tattoo?
help meeeee plzz?
Little bumps on my tattoo?
Tattoo ideas for last names?
Hip painful is it?
Hair!!:What type of prenatal vitamins are good for growing your hair?
when you take a photo to a tattoo shop does it have to be perfectly clear?
Darkness around nose?
why do people have such a problem with girls and tattoos?
These are my tattoo options, which do you like and what font should I go with?
Ten points to answer this tattoo question?
How can you get rid of irritaion after shaving your legs?
Memorial Tattoo for my Grandma?
tattoos, comments such as picture, pros, cons, removal?
why do i have crust in my skin after getting my tattoo?
What tattoo should I get?
how much do tattoos hurt?
Normal for new tattoo to have blurry gray edges as it heals?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my penis what do the ladies think of that?
my friend and i are getting tattoos monday but we have a problem?
can we have beautiful skin if we ever have accident n make our skin leave the wound???
I have two tattoos...a frog on my lower back which didn't hurt and a sunflower on my right hip that only hurt ?
is it disgusting not to shave one's legs? i sometimes dont!!!?
ProActiv Question?
Do Guys With a Tan Look Good?
My boyfriend and I want to get a matching tattoo for love.. Help?
Does anyone know how to make skin dye with walnuts?
Why do I look like a cow?
Tattoo speeds and needles for tribal filler?
How long do you think this foot tattoo would take?
Is it normal for the color of my tattoo to be slightly different once the flakes start coming off?
I want a tattoo above my ?
where body tattoo stickers for men are available in mumbai?
My gf has double flared gauges and cant get them out..?
Tattoo idea. Thoughts?
khmer or cambodian tattoos any one know?
what is a good remedy for scar treatment???
Where can you get tattoo ink ? ?
whats the best deoderant out there? i sweat alot.also...whats the best way to put on perfume? thanks a bunch..
how to sit still through a tattoo?
how can i stop a new tattoo from scabbing up?
SKin Problems!!!!!?
Only For People who have had tattoos?
Will I look too trashy? Is this too many piercings/tattoos?
Please Help With Tattoos On Both Feet...?
Is praying hands tattoo unoriginal?
I am getting my first tattoo tomorrow, what are some tips you could give as to prepare me for it?
Question for tattoo artists ?
What tanning lotion do you recomend?
where should i get my fleur de lis tattoo?
Good chinese tattoo designer/artist in Victoria.?
Can I get a tattoo in Virginia w/ parent consent if Im from out of state *(I have a NC id)?
Tattoo Placement Help Please?
Where on my body should I get my tattoo?
tongue piercing plz?
I want to know if it would hurt less to get a tattoo in cursive or is it the same as regular letters?
Where do you think is the sexiest place for a boy to get a tatto?
Question about tattoo leaking ink?
What Does Joe Trohmans Stomach Tattoo Say?
What's up with tatoos?
Can I get pierced & get a henna tattoo in Cabo?
What will go with a lion tattoo?
What are the best products to keep a man clean?
Rate my new memorial tattoo :)?
Need tattoo ideas?????
how to reduce my body acne in a short period of time?
is this a good idea for a tattoo?
HELP Please!!?
Why is my 20 yr old tattoo suddenly raised and itchy?
picture of the tattoo on the shoulder of the character Katherine Parker in Fight Night aka Rigged?
need some help coming up with a piercing shop name?
can a tattoo artist do this.,...?
how old are you suppose to be to get a tattoo?
Is getting a tattoo of a nautical star on your hip for a male gay?
Name Of This Septum Ring?
i love Dylan sprouse.who ever loves dylan sprouse come here?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How much for breat implants?
I buy thongs without telling anybody should I tell someone?
how should i care for my new tattoo when i have to wear tennis shoes?
Has anyone ever seen a pimple thats red, white, and green from bottom to top?
foot tattoo help, design ideas?
I really need some ideas for this tattoo?
Opinions on a tattoo?
Where can i work,if have neck tattoo?
Are there any products in the market that are good for tightening loose skin around the tummy?
First time getting a tattoo. What size should I get?
Tattoos and Swimming..?
Is $400 for a large tattoo on my back a rip off?
Forearm sleeve ideas?
Running and week old tattoo?
flat chest?
Cherry blossom hand tattoo?
Tattoo questions!?! Please anwer I will anwer yours!?
I dont have lotion for my fresh tattoo?
Would it be tacky of me to go to my white collar job with a tattoo that could be seen in a short sleeved shirt
Are women with tatted sleeves hot? PIC?
if i got a tattoo on my foot would i be able to work the next day?
What PART of your BODY do you wash FIRST?
Is it possible to get an infection from a lip tattoo?
Ferris Wheel Tattoo Pictures?
could somebody design a tribal tattoo that means something for me?
What foods make you break out?
I want a wrist tat but i think my wrist is too skinny?
How much would a tattoo on the ankle of a small dolphin or butterfly be?
What tattoo should I get to symbolize my grandpa?
What is the best thing for severe ed feet?
is there an age restriction on getting tattoos?
can i use this kind of soap for my new tattoo?
Will a tatto interfere with this job?
I need help with a tattoo. ?
How exactly does a tattooing needle work?
all the ladies out there...?
00000 Ideas for a tattoo.?
Do I need to replace my acrylic nails every so often?
Fresh Industrial Piercing!!!?
What message does a "tramp stamp" tattoo send?
I'm a girl and I'm getting a tattoo?
Im getting a rib tattoo and i want a reallllly sick one.. anyone no where to look? pleaseeee..?
Is it a bad i dea to get oyur nose peirced with a gun?
My boyfriend is really attracted to tattoos...should I get one?
Is it weird to get this tattoo?
i want to be a tattoo artist, i need things to draw !?!/ GIVE M IDEAS?
Am i overweight?
wat kind of deordorant do u use ?
different X's???
what is titan laser procedure?
will my tattoo look bad because im skinny?
Any tips on how to cure B.O. without taking a shower?
can you be ugly but at the same time still be sexy?
Would having large moles on your arms influence your decision to wear sleeveless tops?
I want to get a tattoo, dedicated to my 5 month old son. Any ideas?
help with my boyfriends tattoo?
Where is a good webpage for state rating on state tattoo parlors?
Tattoo removal in Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire?
I am getting my nipples pierced and want to know experiences?
Why are people so darn clueless when it comes to exercising and weight loss?
Any nice ideas for me? read this?
Would You get a tattoo of anything of twilight?
Tattoo Placement Help! Foot vs Wrist?
what should i do to remove my hair?
would you ever consider......?
how bad is it to fake tan 2 days after getting a tattoo?
is it wierd to go to a tattoo place alone to get a piercing?
i need to know what is on the cosmetology state exam in maryland?
Black/green tattoo ink?
Henna Tattoo Ideas for the summer?
Help, how do i decide on what font for my tattoo?
does a tatoo hurt more in different places?
What do you think is the best place for a girl to have a tattoo???
Hip piercings and ballet!?
do you think a wrist tattoo is feminine on a girl?
do tattos hurt?
Baby oil sun-taning?
Whats another good way to say never surrender for my tattoo.?
please please help meeee!???!!!!!?
Tanning tips?
cover up star tattoo?
What do you think about these tattoos?
I just gotmy tattoo but I'm already wanting to add more to it?
preferably only girls answers. do girls like shaved chests and genital area?
pretty tattoo ideas , any suggestions ?
How much does a one letter tattoo cost?
Is this tattoo cute on a girl?
How much would a tattoo on the ball of my foot hurt?
Whats the best way to get rid of a tattoo without getting it lazer off?
Ok opinion on this tattoo idea?
Fix a messed up tattoo?
Ideas for this tattoo ???????
Irritated, red, and itchy tattoo with bubbles/bumps?
Where can i get a cheap but good tattoo gun and ink from?
Will cocoa butter for stretch marks work on spider veins? Or are they really two separate things?
What would be a good place for a paw print tattoo?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
what is the best medicine for acne treatment?
Is it a good idea to get your best friends initials tattooed on me?
I want to get a quote on my brest tattooed, this is my first tattoo and i just want to know if it'll hurt bad?
What is it like?
Why does sunburn flare up worse at night time and what is the best cure for sunburn!?
What would be a sexy tattoo to get right next to my vag?
Query about tattoos, please read for more information thank you :)?
Hi I wonder if I remove a spot in my shoulder with my nail and it bleed. It's that normal? And I had that spot
should i cover my ex gf's name that i got tattooed?
Any idea how much this tattoo would cost?
Why do my red/yellow tattoos burn when I scratch them?
What are some jobs where you would be allowed to have tattoos?
can I have my breasts firmed without reducing their size? Where do I get a good surgeon to do that?
How often do you remember to change your toothbrush?
Is it bad that my foot has been swollen for two days after my tattoo?
Where to place my tattoo?
If I get my bellybutton pierced without my parents knowledge...?
Do you use mouthwash when you brush your teeth?
Tattoos Do guys find the sexy or not?
How long should I stay in the sun to get a good tan?
Laser tattoo removal ?
i need someones help please?