How old is too old for a pericing?
where is the least painful spot for a tattoo?
What if you "Tattoo" your girlfriend's name, but she dumps you? Thanks.?
How can you soften hard and calloused knuckles?
Am i that unattractive? Dont be too mean please.?
Do you always wash your belly button when you shower?
What is the mean fragrance and flavour consumption per head in the world?
Does getting a tattoo hurt THAT much....?
Does anyone have a unique birthmark?
iron on lettering help??????????? please?
Would like some suggestions for my first tattoo?
Has anyone got a recent henna tattoo in south padre during this yrs spring break and it left a itchy rash.?
Tattoo idea that represents my daughter?
Color Tattoo question?
what is the item to temporally imprint before tattooing?
How did Michael Jackson Turn White?
How long do you wash your tattoo?
How much does getting a tattoo hurts. Where does it hurts the least?
is there ANY tanning salons in nagoya, japan? the cheaper the better.?
Should I stop using Proactiv?
Tattoo Ideas - LYRICS?
Where can i find a decent picture and design of rihanna's tribal tattoo?
Can doctors use polyacrylamide gel to inject women faces to fill the wrinkles around the mouth?
Is this a bad idea for a tattoo?
Do girls think the bad boy tattoo and earrings look is hot?
should i be able to get a tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
I Just Got a New Tattoo?
How old was you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?
Idea for a tattoo? what do you think?
Where should I get my tattoo?
wheni i was getting my tattoo done the ink would not stay in my inner shoulder can someone tell me why?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Where to get magnetic implants in Texas?
how to decrese the fat in belly only ?
rashes on the foot?
Recently my granddad sadly passed away and i'd like to get a tattoo in his memory?
about how much would this tattoo cost?
How long should I go without shaving my legs before getting them waxed?
making soap? (new) any tips for making the soap last longer in the shower?
What would this tattoo feel like?
Where can I get a tattoo at the age of 14 or 15?
girls:dark hair or blonde hair?which do you find more attractive in a guy?
What to do with a swollen tattoo?
Cute quotes for tattoos on your foot?
Acne help!!?
What is the tattoo in the movie "the vow"?
do hip piercings always reject?
What kind of education do I need for Tattooing and Piercing?
Is Wings tattooed on your back considered a girls tattoo?
what language is this tattoo in?
Which tattoo to get - please give opinion?
can 13 year olds get tattoos?
Looking for Tattoo Studios in Las Vegas.?
would this effect my job oppertunities?
Do Fairly Small Text Tattoos Require a Shading Needle?
which music tattoo will i get?
is there places that removes tattoos for free?
Which do guys prefer? Slow sex, or Fast More Rough Sex?
Under eye bags?
Circus freaks vs pin ups?
Is there cream for loose, bulgy skin?
What should I get for my first tattoo? I have many ideas.. but can't come to a decision!?
what should i do to my tattoo?
should i get a tattoo when im 18 without my parents knowing?
why r so many women getting covered in tattoos? its getting so old?
Doctor Who tattoo placement?
What do you think of Proactiv?
My boyfriend wants to get a tatto of a set of udders on his back, What should I do?
Tattoo idea(no haters)?
I want some ideas for a Tattoo?
Tattoo for mother's day? Need ideas?
any idea how to do painless threading?
Tattoo shops in and around general LA area?
Should I stop using Proactiv?
Looking for good Oni demon designs for a tattoo?
how to stop munching finger nails?
Best Tattoo transfer paper?
Does Tattoos Hurt More On Your Neck Or Leg?
I need help picking a tattoo. I honestly have no idea.?
I want a tattoo and not sure what to get?
Miami ink?
What's a good samurai Tattoo Idea?
Even if im not 18 yet, can i go into a tattoo shop and...?
what do you think of my new tattoos?
What should I wear to show off my new tattoo?
Is there a way to get rid of body hair forever without paying a fortune.?
In need of some advice for Tattoo Quotes... Ideas?
Apprenticeship for piercing?
What's going on with my tattoo (pictures included)?
Is there another type of temporary tattoos that last longer than henna?
beginner tattoo artist help?
Whos name is Unique?
boys.. question about tattoos!?
Tattoos I am 59 want one for my 60th?
What's wrong with my tattoo?
i want a tattoo that expresses my love for music?
How many tattoos and / or piercings do you have??
do you think it's weird to get a tattoo in another language?
Where should i get my tattoo in my body?
i have really small pimples on my skin nxt 2 my nose and small blackheads on the tip and side of my nose?
what do you think of my tattoo? reapplyed with a new link!?
Do you like my tattoo?
whats a good age to get your eye brow pierced ?
Has anyone got a foot tattoo? A couple questions?
Is it painful to be circumcised? If it is how painful and how long would it take to be healed?
How can i lose weight?
should i get a tattoo and why?
I'm a kid, 10 actually. I have extremely hairy arms and I can't shave, what do I do?????
Do you have any regrets about any of your tattoos?
I've had my lip pierced for a little over a week I'm concerned ?
i have a question about getting a tattoo retouched?
tattoos in air force?
how often are you supposed to put bag balm on a new tattoo?
Headphones tattoo?? (pictures please!)?
Has anyone used J.R. Watkins Petro-Carbo medicated first aid salve on a fresh tattoo?
Can anyone estimate how much this tattoo would cost?
if i had perants permission could i have a tattoo im 16?
How to use bleach?
Is washing your face with urine good for your complexion.?
Girl with skull/flower chest piece tattoo. Who is she?
Does anyone have a sleeve with their inner arm tattooed?
Tattoo placement ideas ?
saw a hot stripper with a tattoo of Thomas Hardy on her side and more have you seen her?
What to put on my lip piercing ?
Microdermal piercings questions?
thermal tattoo copier?
Why is being fat considered ugly?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
what should i do to remove my skin pimples?
is my tattoo ink coming out?
How Much Does A Wrist Tatttooo Hurt?
do tattoos hurt when you get them on the side of your body ?
Greek tattoo ideas/opinions?
Tattoo keeps peeling off color? Almost all of it?! WHY?
How old do u have to be to get a tattoo in italy?
just got my first tat - what do you think?
What kind of style and font is this?
Need Wrist Tattoo Idea's- Used to be a cutter!?
What does getting a tatoo on your wrists feel like?
Preparing for a tattoo?
What would be the cost of this Tattoo?
is this normal for navel peircing?
Wanting to get a tattoo on my left shoulder blade to match the one on my right sholder?
Do you have a tatoo?
tattoo help wrist or forearm?
what are some fast easy ways to loose weight?
what do u think of this tattoo?
I just got this tattoo...(pic)?
What do you think of this tattoo?
i have 2 tattoos 1 at the top of my left arm and 1 on my left shoulder,how can i cover them on my wedding day,
With parent consent, how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo but I am catholic?
What kind of Tattoo Gun would You purchase if you were just starting out?
i am a c cup, but I'm also 5"1 and petite is that way out of proportion?
My mom won't let me get a tragus piercing.?
need some help with a tattoo?
Does a neck tattoo hurt?
tattoo question...another meaning for 'fate'?
I want a Full Sleeve of tattoos...HELP?
Does getting your eyebrow pierced hurt?
What does getting a tatoo fell like?
what do u eat to make yor boobs bigger???
I have my kids names on each side of my left ring finger. i want them to last as long as possi?
Reunited tattoo ideas please?
Ladies whats Your Favorite Perfume that u can recomend to me to buy and why?
should i use antioxides ?
I need help on how to take care of my tattoo.?
Would this tattoo be cute?
tattoos myrtle beach?
want to get a tattoo. help?
How much will my tattoo cost approximately? Can someone give me a quick estimate.?
My brother, sister, and I are all thinking about getting matching tattoos to symbolize the three of us.?
Can I go out after a tattoo?
Tattoos, any ideas???? Sexy lower back?
Tattoo Idea?
I have a mild sunburn. What can I put on it to prevent peeling while still to laying out? http://answers.y?
how do i get samples on the net on how to write a business proposal plan?
Is a finger tattoo very painful?
how can i get pink and glowing cheekballs without using gloss and cosmetics naturally?
i have liitle bumbs on my forhead, what are they?
What is the correct way to measure for a bra?
Why don't they make plus sized avatars?
Where can I go online to see the meaning of tattoos?
How much tattoo in philippines?
Custom Tattoo artwork
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
What tattoo should i get?
what is a "henna"tattoo"?
allergic to 2 creams put on tattoo now i think its infected?
Underage tattoos in myrtle beach?
What type of underwear is best??
Tattoo question.....?
need the meaning to my kanji tattoo is vertical the words mean eternal,love,heart, soul not sure it means that?
What Does Michael Clarkes Tattoo Say?
What would be the cost of this Tattoo?
What is the usual skin tone of germans ?
Extending my tattoo ?
My face got burned at the beach and now it is peeling. It hurts real bad. Any ideas on what I could use?
when becoming a vet will your job get turned off because of a tattoo on your wrist? i have a key with a heart?
What will happen if someone had an infected boil?
What are Axl Roses tattoos of?
Does anyone has a clearer picture of this tattoo? (Shannon Hoon)?
Which of you does NOT have a tattoo?
Why do ****** wear so many tattoos?
Ideas for tattoo - please read before answering...?
Piercings? yes or no?
Tattoo shop needs identification but no i.d?
A girl, blue eyes, light brown hair w/ hilights, around 145, about 5'6", and 36c?
Can Someone give me some henna help?!?
do women find tattoos ugly.?
can i get a tattoo with an ID i got as a minor? 10 points!?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
I need help thinking of a quote for my tattoo..suggestions please?
What do I use on my new tattoo for cream?
sunless tanning?
For those who have ink, have you ever had second thoughts on second thoughts...?
what happens when you draw with a permanent marker on yourself to fake a tattoo?
Any ideas? Looking for a good quote for a tattoo?
which is the best, easy and home made remedy for getting rid of dark circles?
what do girls find hot? a toned guy or a muscular guy?
Can u get pregnant if you have been sterilized during menestration?
i am 16 years old and i want a tattoo done at the top of my back do you have any suggestions?
How much would a small bird tatto on my neck cost?
I need help making my tattoo quote longer?
How do you feel about females with tats in their private areas ? ?
tattoo locations and pain?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
where to put my tattoo?
i just got a tattoo done 2 hours ago and i forgot what plaster my tattoo artist said i sud get?
Can sperm stain clothes?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Detailed/tattooable picture of Audrey hepburn?
can anyone show me some good tattoos?
Colored or non-colored flower tattoo looks nicer on shoulder?
tattoo changing during pregnancy?
I Pierced my ear (third hole) and my mom might get mad if I show it to her...What should I do?
Family tattoo idea for my father-in law?
how does differin work?
Why do white people want to darken their skin, and dark people want to become fairer?
Do you put lotion on a new tattoo? If so, What kind?
I am looking for ancient Swedish Symbols to get as a tattoo?
Is it safe to tattoo onto dry skin?
How do you get rid of a hickie?
is it illegal to have a tatoo on the face or hands?
How do you get rid of shine on your face?
I want to know how much a tattoo i want to get will cost ?
how can u get rid of blackheads on ur nose and face???
How much swelling is normal after a tattoo?
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
how can iget acne off mybutt?
Thoughts on this tattoo/placement?
what can i put on my legs after i shave to stop the itchiness?
What is wrong with my tattoo, has it smudged? Please help, I'm very worried!?
i heard about a water diet. you take your weight divide by 2 and thats how many ounces of water that you drink
tattoo question need some help?
How can someone get rid of stretch marks?
Can rubbing alcohol be used as toner?
how to avoid itching problems?
What kind of tattoo do you have? And what does it mean to you?
whats ur tattoo of?
Which is the best means (cream, gel, etc.) for getting rid of cellulitis?
what do you think of this tattoo location?
do guys like short girls?
help me i want to clear all my pimple scars?
boys do you wear (boxers, underwear,or nothing)?
can you give blood IFyou have or get a tatoo?
Help! I'm Addicted To Chips and I Don't Want To Get Fat!?
Does anyone know if Victoria's Secret sells bar soap?
What is considered a small portion(of food)?
Getting ears pierced at tattoo parlor?
how can i increase my breasts size?? natuarlly? and keep them firm and rounded?
My two day old tattoo may be infected, how can it be healed and will it affect the way it heals?
what do you think of my upcoming tattoo design?
Are these really random tattoos?
do you still love your tattoo?
what is the cheapest tattoo parlor in anapolis, md or somewhere around?
Tattoo on Breast? please answer!? :)?
I'm want to get a tattoo on my wrist what should i get?!?
how can i get marrige i m 16 year?
Are tattooed wedding bands detrimental to employment?
What is side affect for beauty products?
How much would it cost to get a small tattoo on my hip?
Is this too much (tattoo question)?
I have white bumps appearing on my new tattoo, is this normal?
what do guys think about girls with half-sleeved tattooed arms?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
Easily removable and more reputable tattoo company?
should i get david beckhams tattoo?
What piercing do you think is sexiest on a women?
tattoo help / idea , please help?
tattoo idea? thoughts? other ideas?
how can you make your ti**ies grow??
Do you like this tattoo?
Tattoo 2 weeks before surgery?
Tattoo help in Springfield, MO for a minor.?
is there any solution to get rid of unwanted hair?
where is the best place to get a tattoo?
ideas about my tattoo?
Beauty mark tattoo under lip?
does getting a tattoo retouched cause it to peel all over again?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo?
What the hell happened to my tattoo?
do tattoos hurt peoples some do some dont?
14 and I am getting a tattoo?
is there any one is okc thats would tattoo someone under 18?
Where can i find or get designed a good flower lower back tattoo? Most on the net seem so generic.?
Are the lower back "tramp stamp" tattoos the stupidest most ugly things in the world?
my eyelid continues to jump and move can anybody tell me why it does that?
How can I show my parents that I am mature enough for them to let me get a tattoo? Any words of advice?
Irritated nose piercing - pic included ?
Do you think I'd be hot if I lost some weight? (pic?)?
would you put a tattoo on your forehead for $15.000 to advertise for a company ?
tattoo cost ? how much would it be?
what causes a varicose vein? Can you get them anywhere on your body? Can they be removed easily?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
what should she do with this tatoo?
question about my tattoo , advice?
back tattoo crazy ideas?
How do triple forward helix piercings work? Are they normal or like microdermals?
how much would i get charged for this tattoo in that size?
My new tattoo is peeling?
do you think girls who dont shave there underarms are attractive?
Does anyone have tips for more comfortable waxing?
Would you tattoo your name on your body?
If I get a tattoo on my back...?
should i give up with my tattoo or find another tattoo studio?
How do make a fake tattoo without alcohol ?
What should I do next with this Tattoo?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Septum piercing and sinus infection?
what can i get extended on my tattoo?
Which tattoo do you think would be more offensive?
Do you have Tattoo's and if so why?
My wrist micro dermal is swollen and now sunk into the skin.?
whats a good place for a small letter tattoo?
where in ca can i get a black light tattoo?
what do you do with a scar on your knees which are so dark?
Tattoos and Some advise?
I am getting the word "family" tattooed on my shoulder blade, how much will it hurt?
how can/could/do you convince a parent to let you have a tatto?
tattoo question...getting ready to get my third tattoo but cant decide what to
How do I apply a henna tattoo?
How much would you expect this tattoo to cost?
quickfade tattoo fading gel?
To the ladies, what is the biggest physical turn on that attracts women?
does anybody know the email of matthew marsden (the main hero of movie "helen of troy")???
ok, here's a gross question...but i really need an answer...?
How much (Can $) would a tattoo about 4 by 4 inches in size cost? Not sure of the pic yet...?
36 C size bra ,what's the meaning of that ? i know men like to answer it.but i need women answer.?
Serious question about my rib tattoo (please help)?
I am looking for a french eye drop (OTC) called - if I remember correctly- "Collyre Bleu." Please-HELP
how long would a tattoo of a bearded dragon take?
When is the tatoo trend going to go away?
whats a good tattoo idea for a mom of identical twin boys?
First Tattoo suggestions?
Should I continue to go tanning with a sunburn?
Anyone know anything about corset training?
foot tattoo quote? opinions please?
What is the best tattoo removal cream?
Does a septum piercing go through cartilage?
Where can I get a tattoo?
do u have any effective method by which i can increase my height?
Are these bad places to get my tattoos?
Getting the tattoo "seize the day" need input?
my boyfriends lips tattooed on me? how?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo ?
least painfullest place to get a tattoo?
legal age to get a tattoo in France?
Are there any negative side affects to sunless tanner?
What can i do to a person who is always trying to copy me?
Does it REALLY hurt to get a tattoo on your foot?
what are some good tattoo ideas that are sexy?
What do you think of my idea for my first tattoo?
if i have a degree can i still get a decent/good job with a sleeve tattoo?
Help with tattoo apprenticeship?
Tattoo ideas please?! :)?
What is a good, short quote for a tattoo Im getting for my mom?
Need help with a Guys name for a tattoo model?
Would another tattoo on my back look bad?
I have reddish bumps on my brown colored arms, how can I get rid of them?
do i have signs of a eating disorder?
How do u get rid of pimple scars, because I cant really use bleaching cream because my skin is so sensitive?
how much should i weigh??
I don't have acne just a couple pimples how do i get rid of them fast?
where the best place to get my tattoo?
just looking for some input?
Ed Hardy & Miami Ink Posers?
Age Requirement for tattoos?
how much dose a normal size glow in the dark tattoo cost?
What is the legal age of tattooing?
I got my first tattoo the other week, what do you think?
How much would be a wrist tattoo.?
I'm getting a tattoo... help?
Green machine tattoo short stoke liner ?
How do I get my BUTT to look like KYLIE's?
what it look right to get a phrase in german(my nationality) and already have an american flag tatttoo?
tattoos and anaesthetics?
products for helping uneven skin tone?
i am designing a half sleeve tattoo but i am stuck on what to add now?
Is it possible to have a bad brand of tattoo needles?
why is one boob always smaller than the other?
what 2 words can i get tattooed my my wrists?
Tattoo help, tricks & tips?
Who is the best Tattoo Artist in New York City?
what should my next tattoo be on my back?
Describe your face in one word?
does anyone else not shave their legs in winter?
what is the perfect time to go outside to tan?
Can you help me with a Tattoo design please?!?
is a giraffe tattoo stupid?
Help me decide my next tattoo, PLEASE!?
If I get a tattoo, could I be turned down for a job?
Newcastle Tattoo Convention?
My eyes are really puffy from crying. How can I make the swelling go down quickly?
Where should i get my tattoo?
How much does a tattoo usually cost?
Can a nurse have tattoo's and piercings?
What is this style of tattoo called?
Where to put this tattoo?
Any good dragon tattoo flash online?
Is it okay to get multiple tattoo consultations before deciding who to go to?
Angelina Jolie's Buddhist Pali incantation Tattoo?
I have 18 piercings... is this too much?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Favorite song as a tattoo?!?
Removing popped blood vessels ?
what is a small/short quote for wrist tattoo?
orangess and watter??
My hookah takes a long 15-20 minutes to "start"?
Best Tattoo Placement on a Guy?
genital frenulum piercing?
stretching up to 7/16 with tapers?
Tattoo idea symbolizing love?
tattoo is good or bad ???
my first tattoo, nirvana smiley.?
I'm a guy and i want to get a tattoo on the side of my stomach?
Is nerve damage in piercings instant or does it take time?
Around how much would this size tattoo cost?
I live in libertyville illinois and looking to get a tattoo heard private ink is a good tattoo shop... true? ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Peacock or Phoenix Tattoo?
I want to get tattoo writen in elvish... can somebody tell me how to write "too weird to live, too rare to die?
Im trying to find a cheap and easy to use self tanner that won't leave me orange!!!?
Pros/cons of tattoos in the workplace?
how old u got to be to get a tattoo in Tempe AZ?
Tattoo Cover up help. (picture)?
For guys only? Would you rather a chick with big boobs but saggy or smaller firmer boobs, mine are perky!?
Can I have any piercings in while I am running track?
How much would "Imperfection Is Beauty" tattoo cost on my hip?
Best tattoo aftercare for a healed tattoo?
Who's pierced their own belly button??
who is the sexy actress in world?n what is her address?
best ingredient for skin spots, frekles?
How can i loose 6Ibs in 2 weeks?
What colour are the swallow prison tattoo?
I am thinking of getting a tattoo and i want it to have to do with Trust, and honesty. Any ideas?
Weight 115 i skinny so were is the most painful spot to get a tattoo at?
Done by a professional, how much money/time do you think this tattoo would take?
How do you take care of tattoos?
My wrists are tiny! How do I make them bigger?
What rang would this tattoo cost?
Which is the best way to keep feet clean in the rains?
what are some good ideas for friendship tattoos?
I would like to get a small tatto maybe on my hip.?
Where can you get numbing cream for piercings?(nape piercing)?
is it good for a girl to show off her body parts ?
tattoo latin translation?
How long does it take you to shower and get ready?
Questions Ankle tattoo ?
Suggestions on some ink? (need some advice from some estrogen plz)?
I go to the tanning bed and use Jergens natural glow.Will it interfere with the tanning bed?
Heel Tattoo? Information needed.?
Do you personally find nipple piercings unnatractive? ?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
full color elbow tattoo, looks like little white dots all over where arm hair is growing in, normal?
why i cant see any colour of my eyebrow tattoo after it peel off?do i still need to wait for some time?
any suggestion for tattoo website!?
How much would these tattoos cost?
Do you think that this would be a nice ankle tattoo?
Can someone name some tattoo artists that don't have tattoos?
Has any one tryed Body Bronzing from a spa? or What products do you use for Bronzing?
Anchor tattoo Christofer Drew?
What age do boys start shaving.......?
I need advice about first tattoo...?
Tattoo shop needs identification but no i.d?
tattoo Idea...what do you think? and who to draw it?
im 15 and weigh almost 220 how can i lose weight?
What is tasha tilbergs chest tattoo a symbol of?
Tattoo help/Suggestions?
What is it like getting a tattoo?
How Much Would This Tattoo Cost?
i just got a tattoo like 2 days ago . its still painful but the swelling is gone?
how does my foot smell if it doesnt have a nose the world will never know???
shaving legs and underarms?[girls only please!]?
im 16 weeks pregnant and i got a tatto on my arm will it harm my baby?
i got a tatto recently .. is it infected?
Is it bad that im addicted to tatts and piercings?
What is the best sun block lotion to use?
are black skin attrative? i mean, brownish skin like beyonce?
need help on a neck and chest tattoo?
can u tattoo legaly from home if so how?
what are the daily basic steps of skin care?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo with someone over 18 there with you?
How to protect my tattoo while I sleep?
I need help finding a tattoo meaning Life goes on and?
Why do Asians (China) look younger then any other place in America?
why do people get tattoos?!?
Would i have to do anything different if i wanted a tattoo over self harm scars?
Is exfoliating the skin good before getting a tattoo?
Allergic to real henna - or just lied to by the artist who gave me my the tattoo?
What are some nice-looking small wrist tattoos?
Will my tattoos be ok?
your opinion on a tattoo design?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Do guys like best extremely suntanned or fair girls?
How much would it hurt to get a tattoo on my back ?
what does a tattoo feel like- how painful?
Tattoo ruined my life, I feel as if I'm not the same person anymore?
Aftercare of new tattoo?
What colors would make this tattoo look better?
a month old tattoo? is this normal?
how much would it cost to color in an already existing tattoo?
What can i ues to get rid of scars from acne or insect bites?
What kind of tattoo.............?
im thinking of gettin a tattoo?
tattoo question plz help?
What are some exotic piercings i can get?
if you get a star tattoo on both wirsts does it mean you are gay?
How old you you have to be to get a piercing in Mississippi with parents consult.?
Tattoo Help Please ?!?
Do girls like tattoo's or piercings on a guy? If so, where at on his body is best?
Anyone know any good tattoist that work from home?
Where should I get a tattoo?
what would be a good military courage saying for my tattoo?
Where can i buy bio-oil from if i live in the u.s.a?
tattoo on foot, day after?
Would you get a tattoo with your husband's name?
What are the best places on the body for this tattoo?
Where to get the best tattoo in the Philippines?
What do people think about last name tattoo's?
Temporary tattoo problem?
How long will my tattoo take? (Detailed description)?
Does anyone have a non-greasy recipe for a face moisturizer?
What tattoos do you have and where?
Does getting a tattoo on your calf hurt?
Scab off tattoo peeled and loss all my ink?
I'm getting a tattoo?
I am fat.Should I be on a diet or be happy whatever figure I'm in?
How much would a forearm tattoo hurt?
i got proactive the other day and i used it for 2 days and now my face is reallly beginng to hurt so muchh!?
Best tattoo shop in Ft Smith, Arkansas?
What kind of tattoos do girls like on a guy?
Any suggestions for a remedy for body acne?
Who has a pimple right now?
Should I get my eyebrows waxed b cuz people tease me?
Thoughts on tattoo design?
chaos is a friend of mine.?
where can i find good mehendi design on web..?
what is the natural way to fair the colour of the skin?
What would be a better tattoo format "Son Of God" or "Child Of God"?
I use dove soap which contains 1/4 moisturising cream after bathing should i wipe my body with a towel?
what tattoo should i get?
Do you think tattoos look scary/intimidating/Poserish/?
getting a job with hand tattoos?
I kinda want to start my period when do you know you are going to start?
would it be gay to get a cookie monster tattoo?
Can someone suggest a homemade skin lightener or bleach?
how many tattoos do you have?
what can i do for my dry skin with out any chemical used.?
Henna Tatto In Arizona?
what is the best remedy to reduce wrinkles?
Tattoo underage HELP?
TATTOO HELP!!!! So scared...?
Can anyone help me with my tattoo idea?
Ladies, Have any of you ever used Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer that is suppose to give you a suntan look..
Can you cover up a scar with a tattoo?
is this to much to get a tattoo?
I being a guy is it OK to get a butterfly tattoo on my foot?
IF I get a tattoo that says to infinity on my side about how much will it cost?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Would you get a lower back tattoo that says "MOM"?
What do you think about my tattoo?
Tattoo design? (Irish, Dutch, and German)?
would this woodstock tattoo look cool? idk where to put it though, where would you?
Are you aloud to have tattoos as an actress?
Where can I get a tattoo done under 18 in New Hampshire?
tattoos and long sleeve shirts in the work place?
My skin is discolored due to too much sun exposure,how do i make it lighter ??
My bro wants to get a tattoo on his kids initials and we would want to know how to write j in japanese?
How do I clear up skin that is oily every day ?
I wanna get a tattoo will it hurt ?
Got a tattoo Saturday?
I am thinking of getting a breast reduction.......?
Im looking to get some tattoos. Ive been offered an $80 price tag for hundreds of dollars worth of work?
could i possibly get this tattoo for $50?
does tea tree oil stain?
can a tattoo cover scars?
Tattoo question?
Would you get this tattoo? (its a girl tattoo) What do you guys think of it?
Where should i get my tattoo?
How much would a qoute tattoo cost?
On a scale of 1-10 how painful is a foot tattoo?
What kind of lip ring is this?
Are there any pills for weight reduction that really works.?
why dont girls?
ok.....urine therapy? wtf?!?
Girls only?
What are some good tattoo ideas for a male?
Pittsburgh Pa tattoo shops that do White Ink Only tattoos?
only one of my parents approves of me getting a tattoo, what do I do?
Is 5 '6 tall for a girl who is 16yrs old?
can anyone give me some Goddess Kali tattoo designs?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Does the amount of pain differ when getting a tattoo in different areas? What about on your hip?Or on shoulder
Only half my body tans, why?
Inner Forearm Tattoo?
Tattoo cover up,quick question?
Taking 3 tylneol helps tattoo pain right?
Do you have a Tattoo in any place of your body??? If you have where it is and how big?
Is pyrex glass safe for septum piercings?
I'm having a lot of pimple in my entire back and some in my soulder caps, is there a way to treat it?
When considering a tattoo...?
What should I do about my crooked nose?
TATTOO SHOPS in twin cities mn?
Which one do you like better? Shower or bath?
Women, have you had any plastic surgery done? If so what did you have done? If not what would you like done?
I'm 16, How do i convice my parents to let me get a tattoo?
how can i have my light complexion back??
when do girls normally start wearing thongs?
I've asked this before but tattoo pain?
Help with skin care!?
What is the best soap to use leaving a nice scent and clean body?
How can you get rid of bags fast and how long would it take?
Need help with my back tattoo?
Cheap but good place to get labret or monroe piercing in Austin, TX?
i feel ugly beacause of my scars?
Belly button piercing?
Tattoo Pictures of Flowers?
can 13 year olds get tattoos?
which tanning lotions do you reccomend?
any tattoo artists..?
A few questions about tattoos?
what do you think about this idea for a tattoo?
how much do you tip tattoo artists?
Uneven skin tone around the neck?
how do you put on a pantech pursuit wrist strap lanyard?
how to sit still through a tattoo?
Have you ever had a "laser tattoo removal" and if so, see details...?
Dose Maria carey have baby's with her partner ?
What is the adequite amount of time after having a staph imfection to get a tattoo?
i want to have a tattoo on my back but i have some small acnes and beauty spots. do they represent any danger?
How do I properly care for my new tattoo?
Why does society make women feel like crap if they are overwieght?
What do you think of this for a tattoo?
girls only !! do you wear your bra to sleep and is it comftorable?
Finding the right tattoo design...?
Can someone tell me or show me a high nasal bridge?
Is my tattoo healing right?
Do you like a hotdog to9be THICK OR LONG?
I got a commission to design a tattoo - what to put on my contract?
where can I get carpe diem tattooed on me?
What is the best way to clear up scars on your face that was caused by acne that doesn't cost a lot of money?
how much sleep do you really need?
how many is too many tattoos?
Can you get a tattoo over scars?
why do people like to pop pimples so much?
what would you say about a jonas brothers tattoo?
Tattoo idea help????? Please help?
Does it hurt having a tatoo on your ankle?
What is the sexist thing on a girls body?
I'm a 16yrs old teenage.Plz give me some tips to reduce my weight.?
What is approx. cost of lumineers for your teeth?
Tattoo artists....What do you think of this tattoo?
It seems like women prefer men that have no chest hair, so should I wax my chest?
i have black/blue permanant marks on my side/back from my bra band. can i get rid of them and how?
my body is OK I guess-but I need to know how to get rid of the annoying roll that hangs over pants?
How do you feel about tattoos?
Getting a Tattoo on my leg?
What does a tattoo feel like?
Where are the least and most painful places on the body for a tattoo/piercing?
how do u get rid of freckles?
what race is u???
what do you think about mineral oil (petrolatum,vaselin) in cosmetics products?
how to make the skin shine?
Stress reducing exercises?
Positive mental attitude symbol...?
Guys!!! i need your opinion on a sexy tattoo?
im thinking of getting a tattoo of my last name mcawley down the right side of my body what do you think?
Getting a Tattoo? Stupid idea?
Where can i get my tattoo removed?
Whould your skin be darker if you lived in Hawaii rather than California ?
Anyone have pictures of Lester's tattoos?
Where do you find body hair sexy on a partner?
two random questions...?
To have a tattoo artist draw a cover up, must I pay them for the darwing and help?
what size are mandy murders gauges?
What are some tattoo parlors in virginia that tattoo on 16 year olds with parents consent.?
Where can I find tattoo design ideas?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo in Canada?
1st Tattoo.. need help?
Red bumps on my lowerback tattoo?
i want to get this tattoo but im not sure where to put it...?
where can i buy a tattoo pencil?
tattoo and showering help!?
Hip tattoo ideas ?????
Outlined Tattoo.....?
Is it possible to get a tattoo of my dog on my back?
I got 4 anchor piercings on sunday on my cheek bone. no swelling but a little sore today is that normal?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
need the meaning to my kanji tattoo is vertical the words mean eternal,love,heart, soul not sure it means that?
I need help with the layout of a tattoo?
Should i get an inner lip tattoo?
could you put aloe vera body gel on a tattoo ?
there is a pic of a guy with a shoulder tattoo that i can find?
Can you change a stud helix piercing to a CBR?
What are a few good "earthy" looking fonts for a tattoo?
do tattoos really get in the way of getting a job?
I'm looking to get a bible verse for a tattoo. I just can't find the perfect one. Help?
Do you have an innie or outtie (belly button)?
When im older i plan on getting koi fish fighting on my left leg?
Around how much would my future tattoo cost me?
amazin tattoo artist in the uk?????????
How much should I tip my tattoo artist?
Tattoo Location?? Where would this look best? ;)?
Can i wear shoes and socks with new foot tattoo?
can u donate blood after getting a tattoo?
give me your opinion. Where should i get this tattoo.. on my hip, or the side of my lower back?
Will antibiotic ointment effect my tattoo?
sorest place on body to get a tattoo?
Tattoo pricing and difficulty?
What is a good first tattoo?
Help with this tattoo?
Memorial tattoo help?
Can you tattoo over scars?
How should I tell my parents I got a tattoo?
What does this tattoo represent?? help?
how to get teperary lip tatoos in stores?
What can I use to get rid of small acne scars on my face?
Which quote do you like better?
Can i workout now from getting my new tattoo?
I want a tattoo on my wrist but I can't handle pain!?
How bad does a chest tattoo hurt? compared to other body parts?
Is it safe, to get a tattoo ,while being pregnant, if the needle is clean?
Any good self tanners for very fair complexions?
Do black people get sunburnt?
Shaving? Girls?
What is the general opinion of tattoos in europe?
Tattoo Question Help?
Does each henna tattoo mean something different ?
I shrink rapped my tattoo two days later and now it look raw and bubbly is that Goin to affecting the healing ?
I am 41 years old. My forehead always has a glaze of oil on it. I also have sebaceuos hyperplasia all overHELP
Question about a wrist tattoo?!?!?!?
How do I control the shine on my face. Those little blue sheets by clean & clear work, but are expensive?
I got a tattoo yesterday and there are divots in my skin?
who is better public it the appointed or the elected?send your
How much would a small tattoo cost?
do you think i can get a tattoo?
Suggest me a Kanji word to write as tattoo?
Which tattoo is cuter?
Can Someones Draw me a Tattoo?
tattoo for my babies?
Tattoo to go with fleur de lis on opposite hip?
To anyone willing to mar their body with a tattoo .......?
What's normal for a new piercing?
What is your peroid?
Does anyone have any tattoo design ideas?
Piercings and infections?
Scandinavian skin! aaaahh! help?
Friendship tattoo ideas?
Are you allowed to have tattoos and wear nail polish to work at Sun Diego?
Does any type of food, spice, or alcohol make your face break out?
Where can I buy Garnier sunblock 40 in US?
Am extremely overweight. would like to hear from someone who has lost over 100 #'s and would like to share.
Can someone tell me how to remove my tattoos?
i lake this tattoo India?
Question about tattoos?
Can I get a bath with a new tattoo if...?
Is getting a tattoo on your forearm unprofessional?
how much do tattoos hurt?
What to wear for a hip/side tattoo?
how do i convince my mom to let me get another tattoo?
who is the best black n grey portrait tattoo artist in dallas area?
Do tattoo artists charge if you ask them to sketch what you want designed?
anyone heard of south bay tattoo in carson, ca?
Are tans permanent?
How do you come up with tattoo ideas?
Can I Own A Tattoo Shop But Don't Tattoo?
career for girls with tattoos?
Is this normal to weigh this much at this height? Does it consider me fat?
Where should I put my tattoo?
whats better taking a bath or a shower?
How can you get rid of loughing line ?
Why are some reasons a girl would get a keyhole tattoo on the back of her neck?
What the most popular men's fragrances?
Should i get this tattoo?
Will this tattoo make me look like something i'm not?
Wdyt of this tattoo.....?
wondering about black hair on a tattoo?
Where can I download free templates for temporary tattoo stencils?
how to remove black blemishes from skin?
i really want a tattoo but my mum really doesnt want me to get one?
I am 6'3" and weigh 300 pounds I wanna loose weight to like 210 pounds. How do I go abt it.?
Im thinking of getting a tattoo over my heart saying my heart is forever true. Is that gay since im a guy?
What are some ways to get a tattoo that will last forever without being in pain?
tattoo design HELP?
Need help on tattoo idea ( its kind of sick )?
I want a tattoo of a dreamcatcher... But where?
what is the meaning of summation scar tatto on arm?
Why doesn't denying health care to a child because of tattoos and piercings fall under "discrimination"?
Why is it hard for some people to forgive and continue in love?
who has used proactive or a cheap system like it and is it really effective?
A tattoo that says : Philippians 4:13?
ideas for a half sleeve for girls.?
What do you think about getting a girls name tattooed on u?
help with japanese kanji tattoo!!?
how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo right behind your ear? my sis and i are wanting to get matching tats?
why do woman think they have to shave their forearms?
Desecrate locations for a Tattoo for a Man?
who here dominican and how old are you and male or female?
Do you like this leg tattoo? (pic)?
well juz wana knw tht for galz what matter in guys physical appearence?
Honestly, how much to tattoos hurt? + tattoo experience stories?
should i tattoo my boyfriend's name on me?
Help me develop this tattoo idea?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Cracked feet?
I got 4 anchor piercings on sunday on my cheek bone. no swelling but a little sore today is that normal?
Roughly, how much would this tattoo cost?
HELP! if you help me i will give you 5 stars :)?
I wanted to cover my tattoo up?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo of my sons footprints when he was first born?
Why is it not recommended to get tattoos when you are pregnant?
What are your thoughts on this friendship tattoo?! :)?
how many cost this tatoo if it is long 20 cm?
why do men have 2 be so stuck?
If you are single and whant the perfect girl for the rest of your life what will be the best place to know th
In theory, how much should it cost to get a 7 letter word tattooed on your wrist?
Tattoos tattoos tattoos!?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost around in the UK?
How do i remove pimples from my face?
Need help finding a quote for my tattoo..?
Does getting a tattoo of ur lovers name cause the two to separate ?
How long should i wait after getting a piercing before i can get a tattoo?
what to wear when getting ribcage tattoo?
Need help finding a tattoo for my arm?
How to turn a dragon tattoo into a full sleeve?
Im getting my first tattoo!?
Ok, I just had my daughter about a month ago and I'm very confused on where to get her name tattooed help?
Does a wrist tattoo hurt?
Why is it ok to like butts, s and boobs, but feet are considered "weird?"?
What product can I use to make my breast bigger?
I'm getting my first tattoo soon! Any advise?
i'm 5'4''. and my weight is 80lbs. am i underweight?
How bad do tattoos hurt?
since when did a swijerbach become a contuse? What the heck?
Is it possible to fall asleep during a tattoo?
Going to a six flags trip after having a tattoo for 7 days?
does anyone know any tattoo shops in new jersey near middletown or keport that allow minors to get a tattoo?
Is chap stic addictive? I know I use it at least 50 times a day.?
ok i have the most horrible sun burn on the back of my legs, how do i get rid of it?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What is a good remedy for acne?
Im thinking of getting a really small star tatto on my hand ? Will it hurt, (its near the edge, where my thumb?
Ladies: Electric shavers?
do you think tattoos are becoming more acceptable in today's society?
Would you ever get a tattoo?
a awsome idea for a tattoo for my bf?
Which tattoo should i get?
am I fat? 5ft6 for 140lbs!?
Is my fiance wrong for wanting me to cover up my tattoo?
i am almost 5 foot 8. out of curiosity how much should i wiegh??
price of this tattoo?
Ideas on tattoo location?
Regularly going for morning walking or jogging nearly 2 hrs a day. Face is becoming dark. Why & remedies??????
i need to get rid of acne FAST?
what is the best tanning lotion?
What's the easiest way to pick up a fat chick?
Is an armband tattoo sexy on a woman?
Where should I get my lyric tattoo?
Commission a tattoo artist for a sketch?
I really want to get a tattoo on my arm but don't know what to get any ideas ?
i want to drop 5-10 pounds...I NEED HELP!!?
I want to translate Emily into Khmer to get a tattoo, can any one help me?!?
does any one know what sit i could go to for dragon tattoos?
Will Mederma work on scars that have been present for over 10 years?
Where should I get a portrait tattoo?
Foot Tattoo....need advice?
Ear Stretching Issue?
when to stop tattoo aftercare?
Would a tattoo on the inside of my hand work on me?
what is the best thing for an african-american to use on their face to not leave scars?
Thigh Tattoo and healing process?
How come nobody has ever reported seeing a fat alien?
Waht are the chances of scarring from invisible tatooing?
Can I Get My Tattoo Covered Up?
What is a good place to get tattoos?
Is there a website that shows you what your tattoo would look like on you?
Heath effects with tattoos?
What are some fairy tale themes tattoo ideas?
Do you think a tattoo on a girls theigh looks trashy ?
have you ever tried havin' a crush on some1 who doesnt even know you at all but your cusins of friends do?
how much do nose piercing cost at club tattoo?
How long would it take to get this tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo based on the love for my 2 daughters?
what is a good tattoo parlor in the washington d.c. area?
Tattoo design question?
have you got any tattoos you regret?
I'm to scared to ask my mom if i can shave my legs what should i do?i need help!?
I'm all hyped up about getting snake bite piercings, the only problem is, is it painful as it looks?
What is the best (hottest, well-done or most meaningful) tattoo you've seen on a woman?
Where can i get my children a tatoo?
טרנספורמציה OR שנוי צורה?
under age teen getting tattoo.does the person signing for u have 2 be ur parent or just someone of legal age?
where can i buy a cheap but good tattoo machine online?
My boyfriend tried to pour hot wax all over me last night and it didn't burn at all but i woke up with serious
Nose piercing question?
what is the best home remedy for pimple marks?? how can i improve my gets tanned easily?
tattoo and laser therapy?
wondering about black hair on a tattoo?
Is there anyway...?
What is the best deoderant?
Tattoo ideas... without asking a shop...?
Do men thing nipple piercings are sexy or not?
how can i remove a 3 dot tattoo on my hand how can i remove it by myself?
should i get my tattoo?
does any female in here have any prominent hand veins that always bulge out and never go back in the skin?
should be banned on the age of 80?
Is the tattoo im getting a sin?
I need help wit tattoo design...?
How do I get rid of adult acne (I am over 30)?
Guys! What do you think of girls with piercings?
Anyone of you ladies have suggestions what I can do to get rid of tough, white, ing cuticles?
What are some good ideas for couple tattoos?
Best Tattoo places in the Sacramento area?
I ran out of shaving cream today. What condiment would make the best substitute?
Looking for a tattoo artist that specializes in trees?
Where can I find Vaseline Intensive Care Milk Cream with Vitamin E moisturizer?
Opinions on a side tattoo font?
can someone suggest a good body lotion for really dry skin?
best place for a tattoo of a phrase?
how to cure stretch marks the easiest and healthiest way.?
Should I wrap my infected tattoo?
what do you use to wash zinc oxide off your skin?
Whats a good tattoo to get?
What should my friend put on his infected tattoo?
Need a Tattoo Cover Up?
can you get a tattoo touched up if its faded?
Did I Ruin My Tattoo?
what was your first tattoo?
toughly how much would this tattoo cost?
How much does a one letter tattoo cost?
Happy trail...really so happy? (girls only)?
Sister tattoos, CLUELESS!!!!?
Did Kat Von D get her Pixie tattoo removed?
can you have a tattoo when pregnant?
Industrial piercing aftercare?
Got a tattoo as a dare?
Really important tattoo question?
When you think of tattoos...?
Hip tattoo!? please help!!?
stretching up to 7/16 with tapers?
I want to become a TX state trooper or a TX game warden but im tattooed and i plan to get more?
how a young women describe a male body if it is naked?
I am going to get my first tattoo and I don't know where to start?
How do you feel about tribal tattoos? Just opinions?
When should i repierce my lip?
Iron Butterfly Tattoo Ink?
tattoo quote ideas/suggestions?
Can you give me some information on industrial piercings ?
Is Dove soap okay to use on the face?
Does anyone know of a good tattoo removal NYC?
What tatto to get for my aunty who passed away?
how can i recover xp password?
What's a different way to word this quote?
Should I get a Homer Simpson tattoo?
has anyone used wreckingball tat fader?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
Why is my tattoo oozing everytime I put A&D?
Need Help With An Memorial Tattoo For My Grandfather?
Polynesian shark protection tattoo?
what is the best weight for me??
Do you have any tattoo's?
Does cranberry juice really help get rid of zits?
anybody get a tattoo removal?
what is the best way to remove male body hair?
Laser Hair Removal: Does it really take 4-5 treatments to really be effective? ...your experiences please.?
I want to get a tattoo and i was wondering how painful it would be.?
how do i convince my mom to let me get a tattoo?
where in NY can i a plastic surgen with resonable prices and great job.?
do any of those Breast enhancement pills work?
Would a homemade tattoo gun be as risky with professional ink?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
IS being Really tall intimidating for women??