what tattoo design to cover my callus (corn) at the back part of my ankle?
Whats a good quote to get with a skull tattoo?
My tattoo has white lines? ?
Best tattoo place in the Enfield borough London?
Hey how do i survive from the sun I burn rly badly even AFTER i put sun lotion on so help???
how much does a tattoo cost (sizes in description)?
Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
how many calories do i burn ,40 min mini stepper ?
what nickname can i get for the name ashley???
Hip piercing does it hurt bad?
Can anybody help with a Tattoo question ?
ladies ladies ladies are tattoos hot or not?
In terms of weight gain and stretching of the skin, which is the better location for a tattoo?
What is a tattoo tht suits me?
If a woman is 5' 4" and a size 12 or 14, what weigh do you think she is?
If a woman has shaved her face will the hair grow back like a mans?
Symbols to represent...?
What are some good tattoo quotes?
Is my tattoo healed yet?
When putting a tatoos does it hurt ?
First tattoo after care.........?
Where can I find a photo of Viggo Mortensen's tattoo of the Elvan symbol for the nine?
why is there such stigma and denigration associated with having a big bum?
Henna Tattoo Paste- Will It Still Work. ?
Tattoos, a turn on or a turn off?
Tattoo Advice please!!!!!?
What do girls think of short buff guys?
How do I get rid of this growth?
Does putting olive oil on your skin when your tanning (outside) work to help tan faster?
How long would this tattoo take?
Ourobours Tattoo Meaning?
Can any artists out there help me with a tattoo design?
Butterfly tattoo on stomach ?
What color of eyes do you perfer?
First tattoo, "Forever in my heart" dedicated to my mother.?
where is the best place to look at plus size women ?
Tattoos on the inside of your lip?
I need ideas for tattoo of good quotes or song lyrics about strength and family?
need help on a neck and chest tattoo?
When u get ur belly button pierced, how bad does it hurt.?
how do they price tattoos?
Blood Spots Under Tattoo Skin?
How to sneak a large object past your parents?
When researching about body modification (mainly tattoos) in different cultures today and in history...?
is it normal for a 13 yr old to have.....?
I want to get a tattoo, but I want to work/do the college program for Disney?
Is it okay for a teen mom to keep getting tattoos?
Psychologist with a tattoo?
Why is my black tattoo grey ?
is it ok to get lotion on a new tattoo?
what is the use of the shaping bra?
i hv pimples on my face 2 get rid of it?? also i hv oily skin...?
Was Harvey and William right about the tattoo on Peter's chest?
Who is the best tattoo artist in the dfw area?
Why are children joinig gangs?
How to hide a shoulder tattoo?
how much will a tattoo cost for a six letter tatto nd symbol?
What would you liken the pain of a tattoo to?
Tat lovers, don't you hate it when...?
How to cover wrist tattoo?
Ideas to make my tattoo better?
What age is good to have the first tattoo?
I have VERY CHAPPED LIPS all the time:( What should I try?
tattoo ideas, just need ideas? opinions?
What brand of soap do you like to use?
My nose hairs are REALLY ANNOYING ME! I try to shave them with a lame nose hair cutter.?
how much does a henna tatto cost and where can i get one in oklahoma?
Tattoo placing. I need help!!!!?
why do some woman push their sleeves way up above their elbows and others half way?
Thought about waxing my I nuts?
would the tattoo of a dark purple lotus cover a black filled in heart, please look at the links?
what you want to be called BeaTifuL or SeXy?
my nose turns purple sometimes, can anyone of you guys and girls help me with my dilema??????????
what is the best weight loss method??? that actually works?
What aresome symptyoms of being pregnant in the frist two weeks?
whats the name of this piercings?
Best lotion for tattoos?
What is the best way to pierce your own ears?
Any sites where I can find a listing or reviews of places to get a facial in LA?
do white people get aztec tribal tattoos?
how can I stop nibblin my fingernailz????....?
Does getting a collar bone tattoo hurt?
Whats it take to be a tattoo apprentice?
I have a tattoo on my neck and it's too plain, I want to add something too it but I don't want it any bigger.?
How do i use lemons on my skin?
Chest Tattoo Experiences/Question.?
If I got a tattoo of a grape, in time when I age, will it gradually transform into a raisin?
Tattoo on hip?
nightmare tattoo what to do with it?
john keats poem lyric tattoo?
Do i put anything on tattoos to make it not fade faster?
My friend sweats really bad under her armpits when its hot how do you stop it ?
Does L-Gluthathione really makes your skin white or fair?
How old should a girl be to start shaving her legs?
(For Ladies Only) What are some home solutions for yeast infections?
Okay so turn 18 in July and I really want to get a tattoo! :D?
Tattoo Ideas for inner Bicep?
ideas for a tattoo that i could get?
how do you get cold sores to go away faster?
Got my first tattoo last night...what do you think?
what would you think if a girl got this tattoo?
Where should I get this tattooed? (pic)?
Does soap spoil/expire?
Please :) is this tattoo okay? I really want it...?
want a tattoo, have for a while, but not sure what to get?
Any Tattoo Ideas please?
Has anyone had success getting rid of vitiligo on face, feet, hands or blending it in with pigment around it?
if i got a teardrop tattoo, would it be difficult for me to find a job?
how many words can i get tattooed on my inner lip?
I need help with a tattoo.?
why do people hate on others that have tattoos?
acne scars?
Looking for a good picture of Tom DeLonges tattoo..?
טרנספורמציה OR שנוי צורה?
Does ham make your butt grow?
Fellas. Do any of you occasionally get pimple like bumps on your legs?
roughly how much would a tattoo like this cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Sweden?
I just got my first tattoo on Friday....?
Has anyone tried Proactiv Green Tea moisturizer?
Back tattoo too small?
How to get clear, glowing skin?
would you get a tattoo from an amateur?
whats the best massage school in tx?whats the best massage sool in nyc?whats the best massage school in the US
I want a tattoo but which one should i get ?
who is your favorite tattooed celebrity & why?
Would this quote make a good tattoo? "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going. Are you coming with me?"?
Ladies do you shave?
How can I remove the spots that I've born with from my skin?
Is there any way to get rid of my severe body odor? please i really stinks and am so embarrass...?
eating disorder recovery tattoo ideas?
Microdermals or surface piercings?
New tattoo in sunlight?
who know how to do awesome tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Ideas for a tattoo symbolizing my four brothers?
any help with design of tattoo please?
Getting a tattoo tomorrow... Anything I should do to prepare?
Has anyone tried Tat2bgone?And does it work?
Should I get a tatoo?
Does anyone know of a lotion that you put on your face to make it less oily?
does it hurt to get a tattoo?
How long does it take to get rid of a tattoo with doctor tatoff?
Is this true?
Bald, Bushy or landing strip?
air brush tattoo help !?
how can i stop biting the skin around my nails?
What small image would go with 'per aspera ad astra' tattoo?
would a purple rose look better on left arm(starting at wrist) or on front of neck?
Who knows the Paris Award Fragrances from 1969 to 2006 , and which of them are your favourites?
i need help with temporary tattoo?
Ideas for a cute tattoo?
How much would it cost to get dirtbike tracks tattooed on up my back?
Which lotion is better for a new tattoo?
Do you find it hard not to judge fat people whose shopping trollies are full of crisps,chips & biscuits?
Infected tattoo can I sue?
who loves andra barzagli the italian soccer player?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
Have you had a chemical peel or microdermabrasion done? What does it do?
How can I talk my parents into letting me get a tattoo?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Which tattoo would look better on me? (pics)?
I am not a hairy person but I have enough hair to cover my torso and some on my back, what should I do?
What are your favorite physical appearences ?
Places to get a tattoo that won't stretch?
Why do white people always try to get tans?
is it tacky to have lots of tattoos?
Got my tattoo lasered. ?
What do you think about tatoos and piercings?
How to learn to tattoo at 14?
Playing card/gun tattoo design help?
Home made tattoo, is it safe?
Whats the best place on a girls body to get a tattoo of a quote?
what is some great tanning lotion to use outside to help with tanning darker quicker?
I want A Tattoo.... just not sure of what!!!! HELP!!!!?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your left shoulder blade?
Where should i get this tattoo?
What is the best tooth whitening product for sensitive teeth?
sun burn what should i do?
forearm tattoo good idea or not?
i have started getting pimpels on my face, what to do?
GUYS: Do you find this tattoo trashy?
I want to get a tattoo right on my forehead. What should it say?
What would be a good tattoo for my adventure across the Unites States?
I have itchy armpits even if I use underarm lotion with no alcohol what can I do?
Could a new healthy-looking tattoo cause a swollen lymph node in the neck?
Help Me , I Look Horrible ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
What area of the body would this quotation look better at?
What ingredients are used in Bath& Body works skin balancing Rice face wash. No ingredients listing. harmful?
How to get pale?
Is there any good way of getting rid of the double chin, or defining the jaw line?
i need a website designer for my beauty salon?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
How many piercings do you think is '' To much''?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo behind your ear?
how do i find different styles of writing for a tattoo?
Ideas for a chest tattoo on a guy?
Why do women obsess so much over breast size?
What is the most painful spots to get a tattoo?
im 13 years old and want a tattoo.what do you thinks a good age to get it?
Playing card/gun tattoo design help?
Should a 15 year old get a tattoo?
what defines cosmetic grade in a product?
any ideas on a tattoo involving a.............?
Get the same tattoo as my boyfriend?
What's your opinion on tattoos?
A Good Tattoo Quote.. ?? ?
how much do ear piercings hurt?
some like it softy ....why ?
This isn't my avatar it's actualy my photo.?
Owl Tattoo Suggestions?
Guys,you like girls with long and beautiful real/artificial nails or without nail polish/natural nail?
Where around Campbelltown area in Sydney Australia is a good and safe place to get tattoo's done?
Should I have a tatoo and if so where?
How do you tame oily skin?
What can u do for a quick tan?
How to tell my parents I got a tattoo...?
What are the little white bumps on my chin?
are clit piercings hot or not?
kat von d doing your tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo?
How long can i get my surface piercing to last?
any yamy snacks??
how much would a tattoo like this cost?
Pin-up girls with tattoos?
i hate shaving my "Down There" but i want it hairless HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can i wear tattoo camo over a tattoo that was freshly lasered?
so im gonna get a tattooo............?
how can i get tan? all i really do is burn!?
My tatto is starting to flake and fade baaad :(?
what is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair...waxing? shaving? what???
Girls only who have Curious perfume..please read!!?
I need some quotes from Twilight for a tattoo!?
Best place to get first tattoo?
Minimum charge for tattoo at Ink-Side-Out, Norwalk, CT?
if you live in toronto with a tattoo please answer!?
How much would this tattoo cost...generally? (Canada)?
my nose is vary sensadive and hase red on the sydes is there a whay that i could get ride of that?
What is your opinion on this tattoo idea?
nair or veet shaving cream?
How can you lean to give tattoos?
I am looking for a Persian/Iranian tattoo artist...?
where can you get a tattoo and still be able to donate blood?
tree wrist tattoo up or down?
Should I get my lip pierced?
help! how do i deal with a really smelly friend??
Guys thoughts on girls with tattoos?
Where should I get this tattoo?!?
Do you have any tattoos?
Do septum piercings hurt while healing?
Piercing / Tattoo / receptionist apprentice North East england?
If I get this tattoo, would it affect my health?
Can anyone please help me out???
Things you don't wanna hear at the tattoo shop?
What do u guyz think about tattoos?
can anyone give me some websites that give good kanji translations?
Tattoo ideas for deceased father?
What should I have tattooed on my arm?
How to get good abs?
How do I treat/prevent ingrown hairs when I shave?
If You Were to Get a Tattoo, What Would It Be of and Why?
help, needing tattoo addition advice.?
How old do you need to be to get a tattoo done?
Where can I find a reputable and reasonably priced Dr. who can perform laser tattoo removal?
will tattoo artist charge you more if..?
Why do people give dirty looks to someone who has tattoos or gauges or a lot of facial peircings?
Can women in the Navy have tattoos on their forearms and calves?
Discreet places for small and simple tattoos?
Tattoos and hair regrowth?
Where can you find a wrinkle cream which really works?
Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?
Forearm sleeve ideas?
erm,,,,is it 165metre is okay 4 lady`s figure?especially 4 asian woman??
Help quickly need to get help?
Do you have any tips for my friend??
please make me a unique tatoo design (read 4 specifics)?
How do I make my skin glow and look shiny like models, actresses,etc?
What lyrics should I get a tattoo of?
i need your help!!!!?
Barcode tattoo book????????????
Do people with visible tatoos find it harder to get a good job?
I have a really bad under arm sweating problem and I was wondering if there is a product I should use.?
What is the best after shave for black males with ingrown hair problems?
so i have a plain jane gemini tattoo on my back need some good ideas?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo?
does a tongue piercing hurt worse than an industrial?
is a and d first aid ointment acceptable for a new tattoo?
How old do you think someone has to be before getting a tatoo?
short septum ring... SO CONFUSED?
Whats your opinion on this tattoo?
What should I expect when I get my belly pierced?
do you think 12 year old girlsw should have cell phones?
Please help, Tattoo pain.?
I really want a Michael Jackson tattoo?
Thinking of getting a tattoo.......?
girls; what kind of tatatoo do you see me with lol?
Ford Tattoo?>?10pointsBestAnswer!?
Whats good for cleaning tattoo gun?
song lyrics as a tattoo?
tattoo's in west palm?
should i get this tattoo?- picture included?
Who are wealthy people with tattoos?
My wife wants to get a lower back tattoo?
Cherry Blossom tattoos paired with?
Ho do you get rid of freckles on face?
Guys with lower stomach tatttoo?
Honest opinions on this tattoo?
does anyone know or experience any side effect from "accutaine"?
does a tattoo hurt?
Should I get this quote tattoo'd?
question for the girls - do you prefer a big muscular or a thinner toned Physique?
Tramp stamps?
id really like the get a smallish tattoo?
i skin is very seneitive as i ride bike it gets tanned and blak especially forhead?
Do tattoos really hurt that much?
Tattoo Artists, what are your biggest pet peeves?
What are your veiws on skin lightening?
what do u think of this tattoo?
Can you give me some advice on how to deal w/forehead acne? I'm 23...?
What do you think of my tattoo idea? :) Help please?
Any great anti-wrinkle products that you know of? That won't make me break out?
What's the point for gang members getting tattoos ?
Can you get a tattoo at 16 in New York with parental consent?
How Much Would You Think This Tattoo Would Go For?
anyone have tattoo suggestions?
Where can I purchase Glow in the dark tattoo ink? Not UV Ink!?
Rib tattoo vs. under collar bone tattoo?
Tattoo Style Question?
Is my tattoo infected?
How long will it take to get my tattoo?
Men/women? Would you ever get tattoos?
is my tattoo supposed to be pealing already?
My breasts are too big?
Do you have a tattoo, where is it located and what does it stand for?
What is a cool idea for tattoos on the top of the feet for men?
Opinion on tattoo idea?
Orange juice and tattoos?
Is this tattoo too trampy-ish?
Do you think I should go tanning?
Which tattoo you like the best?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
Does anyone know how much i would have to pay for this tattoo in UK?
Need an idea for matching tattoos??? something for guy and girl?
do you like this tattoo?
Are you aloud to have sex after geting a yantra tatoo?
Why is my skin so irritated all the time?
טרנספורמציה OR שנוי צורה?
hey do you think i should get a tatoo?
do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?
People with tongue piercings only... please help me im really scared!!?
What do you think about my appearance? prefer comments from girls, thank you.?
Some tattoo ideas I have?
i want to clear my face without it costing too much.?
i was wondering... if any guy tried hair removal cream for the purpose of a shave? sounds funny. huh.?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
Psychedelic/Bohemian symbols?
I want to get my cheek pierced.?
Where, when, and by who was the first tattoo shop opened in the state of Idaho?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo's?
so i have a tattoo question i am looking for a picture to go with the saying below.?
What sounds respectable to be a virgin or addict in sex?
Laser tattoo removal?
Hi, what can I do to avoid my oily face. It is so annoying! Please help?
are there any tattoo shops in the bay area open past 10pm on saturdays?
Nipple Piercing?
any ideas for two tattoos ?
Tattoo ideas... please help!?
in the future, how will a 70 years old woman with lower back tattoo be see by family and doctors/nurses?
What's the ideal weight for somebody that is 5"4 ?
How to get rid of ingrown hairs and scars on face?
What is the best treatment for acne?
How to make your own temporary tattoo ?
Would getting a hand tattoo affect me getting a job?
Script on inner bicep or shoulder?
What can I do to make the dry skin on my face go away?
Best place to get a tattoo with lots of writing?
Should I keep my tattoo moist still?
whats the best way to conceal a tattoo without covering it with clothes?
Where do I get my tattoo?
do you think i can get a tattoo?
Is it really a bad idea to get my knuckles tattooed?
how much is a white ink tatto a small one saying mum on m wrist in the uk?
What tattoo does shaq have on his chest?
Scared to get my tattoo, do they really hurt THAT bad?
what do you think is the best indoor tanning lotion for fair colored people who want to get a dark tan?
One of my eyes is green and the other is dark green. Is this hot or weird?
Got any tattoo ideas.? ?
is it ok to wax around your anus?
How to make a tattoo gun?
tattoo tips for beginers?
Tattoos on feet ???
woman with eating disorders?
Redness around my new tattoo....?
Memorial tattoo ideas?
Why does needlejig company have horrible service ?
Small star tattoo on leg?
Girls OnlY?
What is Live fast, die pretty in latin or french? really want it as a tattoo!?
I want to become a tattoo artist...what do I need to get started?
what do you think about this tattoo?
Good tattoo studios in Middlesex/London?
i can't get a dermatologist appointment?
Where can I find tattoo fonts online?
how much would it cost to get a music note tattooed on ur wrist?
how much would this tatoo cost?
Is this normal? A new tattoo.?
how to avoid my nipples sticking out in my shirt?
what could i do to this tattoo?
Would this artwork make a good tattoo?
Claire's Accessories? Is It A Good Place For Piercings?
I want a cherry blossom tattoo on my hip...?
how can I lose wieght quickly? Serious answers only, please.?
Which nose rings are better the straight ones or the curved ones?
Does anybody think about having a tatoo on the tip of the nose?
I want to get my grandson a tattoo, whats the youngest you can be to get one ?
Brazilian or weird?
I have have tiny blackheads all over my t-zone I've tried masques, special face washes and!
what can i put on a new tattoo, for dryness and irritation?
Italian tattoo harder than i thought :(?
which is more better: a mermaid or hula girl tattoo?
who knows how to draw, or design tattoos?
Tattoo removal.........?
Can someone help me with English to French translations for a tattoo?
Should i get my tongue pierced?
My son is 15 months old. I would like to get a tattoo to honor him. Any ideas?
Should I get a tattoo that says issues?
How often should you use face masque? (Two questions)?
FAST acne killer?
I'm really scared, I am afraid I will have skin cancer when I am older... Give me your thoughts an opinions.
What kinds of things should I look for when picking a place to get my first tattoo?
Will my tattoo return to its shape after birth?
Tattoo modification help?
do you have long or short nails?
What do you think of tattoos in general and on women?
how do you make fake tattoos permanent?
Tattoo's - Are they painful?
Rough tattoo cover up estimate....?
Tattoos that resemble enlightenment, serenity or happiness?
Can I Design Tattoos Without Actually Being A Tattooist?
I want to tan!!! HELP?
im dark in colour... hw can i be fair?
My lips dry a lot. Any solution on that?
Girls/Guys, What do you think when someone has tattoos?
anyone know of any cream that lightens scars or anything that works.?
how much would this cost?
how can u get rid of black heads with out it hurting?
I have been thinking about getting breast implants, but my husband says he doesn't want me to?
Where do u think on ur body is the most painful and unpainful place to get a tattoo???
Twilight tattoo ideas?
how to prepare for the pain of a tattoo?
Do you think it would be a good idea to get this tattoo?
How can i get rid of stretch marks?
acne and blackspots?
I'm 16 and I need to get a job, problem is I have a few facial piercings...?
i am dieting and exercising but I'm getting tired what should i do?
has anyone tried a weight loss pill and it actually worked? if yes which one?
Tattoo questions (Pain, muscle vs fat, exercise)?
I want to get a tattoo, but i'm worried about it messing up, please help?
I need someones help about a tattoo placement?
Any good Harry Potter tattoo ideas?
can you get a tattoo in a dream and have it in real life when you wake up?
Rob Zombie Themed Tattoo?
Does anyone know of a good self tanning lotion?
Hourglass tattoo on midsection:nice or tacky?
Do you have a picture of Natascha McElhone's Tattoo on Califronication?
Tattoo ideas?
How much would a small bird tatto on my neck cost?
what font is the best for getting a stomach tattoo, it will say C.R.O on my stomach and how bad does it hurt?
Is there an age limit to get ur lip peirced?
how do u stop ing ur nuckles?
Do you think there are any sports that helps to have not very big but quit big breast?
Question About My Tattoo?
Tattoo ideas? Having overcome anxiety?
How painful are tattoos?
when a new tattoo starts to peel....?
I am a size 10-12,I want to be a size 8-10, but i dont know please??
i need help with my face!!?
How much would a tattoo like this one cost?
I'm 16 do and i want a tattoo on my upper back of an Irish flag am i too young and will it hurt?
Who started the trend of navel piercing???
Which of these two tattoo designs i drew up do you like best?
Matching Military tattoos?
i put a plaster on my tattoo!?
Is there some type of ear glue or tape to temporarily correct prominent ears on people?
where should i put my next tattoo?
i have blackheads and darkspots what should i do to get ride from this problem?
Does this outfit make me look fat?!?!?!?!?!?!?
A good language/font/writing for tattoos?
Star Tattoos for guys?
I had a tattoo a week ago and im meant to be going swimming on wednesday, will the tattoo be okay?
My neck is very black. What to do. Is there is any simple tips daily to do in home?
Where To Get Long Lasting Temporary Tattoos?
Can I perk up my boobs?
Paying with PayPal on Tattoo Johnny?
What is the beat cream to use for a tattoo?
Make a leg sleeve tattoo? Ideas needed!?
a site to get a tattoo design?
Is proactive really as good as people say?
brand new tattoo fading?
Best way to say this quote for a tattoo?
can u tell me what some of the best brands are?
I felt a spiderweb on my head?
Body paint or tattoos?
how much is breast implants?
why dont more black women play tennis when they know they can dominate the game?
How much do you think my wrist tattoo will hurt?
What makes pimples go away?
whats the best type of tatoo to get?
Do tattoos look awful after pregnancy?
Im getting a tattoo of of the sayin Like Mother Like Daughter but i want it in Gaelic. ?
Where can i get a tattoo at 16 with parent consent either in or around south carolina?
what is wrong with tongue rings?
how hard would it be for a tattoo artist to do this?
can any tattoo artist attempt to price this for me?
is it true that tanning helps to hide stretch marks???????/?
I don't have to take off my whole shirt for a shoulder tattoo, do i?
Can I get a tattoo while I have a spray tan?
Will my tattoo look stupid in this spot?
whats a good first tattoo?
Piercing and Tattoos question?
Sunless Tanning... Does it look orange... I dont want to look like an orange or a pumpkin?
Details about getting a tattoo.?
Nipple Piercings? Please help! ?
I need help regarding a foot tattoo?
Getting a tattoo on my big toe?
Im getting a tattoo and need ideas got any?
Would this be a good tattoo idea?
I can't believe someone tattooed this on me while I was asleep?.......?
I need tattoo quotes like 'live today as if you'll die tomorrow' someone help?
can a tattoo be lighter?
Are tattoos okay to have if you work in a hospital?
OMG!! How can I prevent spider veins!!!!?
How can i see the word i'd like to tattoo written in elvish symbols (Quenya) ?
gotta meet my BF's parents in 3-4 days.Pls advise?
i'm getting a tattoo. A couple of stars, on my foot. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Why did you get a tattoo?
who loves andra barzagli the italian soccer player?
Tattoo question please help!!!?
best richmond tattoo parlor?
Where should I go to get my belly button peirced and how old do I have to be to get it done?
how do i start as a tattoo artist?
Can this be re-worded into something more simple?
A tattoo reference picture?
What is the best way to get rid of dark circles around my eyes. I sleep well and have good diet. Thanks, Mike?
What do YOU think....better with or without background?
do you prefer baths or showers?
tim burton tattoo arm sleeve questions?
Does getting a tattoo on your calf hurt?
Should i get a tattoo? Your advice greatly mentioned!!! :)?
Why would my mom let me get a tattoo but not a peircing?
How much would this tattoo cost?
does this idea for a tatoo seem silly or stupid?
Is this tattoo trashy?
Black girl skin question?
Females tattoed wanted for contest, rocker style clothin lines, models for tattoo things ne body know?
How much would this tattoo cost ?
How Come Every Super Hot Chick That i Meet Is CRAZY??!?!?!?
how often fo you take a bath or shower?
Im 12 & i am going 2 get my belly button pierced & i was wondering If it would hurt because Im younger?
new found glory tattoo to honor my friend?
How much would this cost/hurt?
Short memorial tattoo ideas?
piercings. Can a guy get his nose pierced ?
where can i buy off! botanicals insect repellent. i can not find it anywhere. thanks?
where do ya have a tatoo and piercing? if ya got.. this question only for F!?
Is severe acne contagious? If leaking acne gets on your face from someone else can it get passed to you?
Do I need a tattoo license in Australia before I can practice on a fruit or animal skin?
Cost of Small Pink Outline Heart Tattoo?
7 Deadly Sins / 7 Heavenly Virtues?
Why do people get tatoos and pericings?
Where do you think this tattoo should go?
is there any ointment for pimple scar?
Should I get my foot tattooed?
Knuckle tattoo pain ?
I would like my eyes tattooed?
What does the tattoo that Rod Daily has on his left arm say?
How much do full sleeve tattoos cost?
How much would one of these tattoos cost?
how do i use proactiv?
how many of you like tatoos and where would you put them on your body?
Do you think this tatt is trashy?
Opinion on tattoo idea...?
Positive quotes for tattoos?
Is there a cream you can put on your face to stop it looking red.?
Does my tattoo looks guy is not skilled enough? the line looks abit crappy?
What is a good facial moisturizer that won't clog pores?
another question about a tattoo?
Tattoo on my neck?
Im starting my tattoo sleeve today..?
How much vibrancy should a tattoo lose?
if im 14 and still growing will it stretch out and look nasty?
Black circles under your eyes?
Why people get tattoos?
roughly how long would it take to do this as a tattoo?
Which foot would this tattoo look better on?
Does anyone know an artist by the name of Aki from Houston or anywhere in Texas?
Are most back tattoos done laying down?
Ladies...have you noticed in pictures of ladies underwear?
Tattoo Question (Bleeding)?
I want to cover a stupid *** tattoo I got when I was 17 on my left shoulder with an american flag.?
Does the tattoo "the persuit of happiness lies within" make sense?
i want to be a suicide girl, i already applied and they like me but i still need to send them a set?
if i get huskier would my tattoo stretch?
Do tattoos look trashy on women?
YOU!!!!!....have you been tattooed?
What is the meaning behind your tattoos?
if you now how to make a cake duh?
My daughters name tattooed?
what is the most effective diet pill?
Best friends name tattoed on me?
Come on Girl's, help a guy out here.?
Firefighter tattoo help.?
Know Anything About Conch Piercings?
Wht hurts more? Tattoos or plugs?
Tattoo quotes about love/family?
How could I make this tattoo look?
why do I have spots on my cheeks but no where else?
What kind of tattoo should i get to represent self harm ? please help!?
how often do women really orgasm not faking?
Do you think tattoos on girls...?
What do you think of my future tattoo?
Carthage Piercing questions?
whats the best thing to get rid of spots?
blackhead/acne remover?
what do you do when you are a 27 year old and your parents get mad at you for getting tattoos and piercings?
Help I will be 40yrs old at the end of the month,being female is it all down hill from now on?
Can anyone recommend a good tattoo studio in the Halifax/Huddersfield area?
Good idea for a wedding tattoo?
how to take care of the new tattoo?
foot tattoo retouch numbing?
I'm a guy and don't wanna wear make up so how do i get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
What do you think of this tattoo design (pic included)?
how to remove pimples on the face(simple steps)?
Do tattoos fade completely overtime?
Why are my feet so boney?
I've been looking for Ohm by OLAY Jasmine and Rose body wash. Could you help me locate this item. Thank you.
Does anybody know of a tattoo parlor in N.Y.C. area that does henna tattoos?
How much will a tattoo cost?
How to remove acne?
I have really dry skin and I've tried almost EVERYTHING as far as lotion and bath products. What should I do??
What do you think of this tattoo?
what is a good color tattoo for tan skin?
Where can i find a picture of a tattoo that was done on Miami Ink?
Is there a way I can convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Tattoo question. Please help?
I recently shaved my upper lip and I guess I didn't need too because there are little holes on my upper lip!
Tattoo quote help please!?
How can I get my nails stronger and healthier?
I love this tattoo...where should I put it??
How long would this take?
discrimination of tattoos and piercings at the workplace?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost? (UK)?
why is there so much negativity towards people with facial tattoos?
how do you lose 50 pounds in 2 months?
Does anyone no of tattoo shops in England, preferably in the north east that are prepared to tattoo ashes?
Can anyone tell me the best way to treat acne?
Does anyone have a picture of the tattoo on Ne-yo's arm of a sun?
eyebrow tattoos cause hairloss?
How to connect these two tattoos?
should i let?
Help sizing my nautical stars?
What is a cheap way to get rid of razor bumps around your bikini line?
What tattoos do chicks dig?
Do some tattoo artists start out doing henna?
does anyone know henna shopes in tampa,florida?
What is the most attractive thing about men?
if you have tattoos.. whats the best one you have ever gotten?
swollen,raised,bumpy or bubbles like on tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost?
Which one do you like better? Shower or bath?
how much would a tattoo of the outline of ohio cost?
how to have fairer skin tone for a dark indian skin?
Filiculitous (sp?) cures???
why do you get acne when you are through puberty?
how to erase my tattoo?
Arabic Translation for Tattoo?
if i used the facial peel product then do i still have to used a exfoliator?
How to maintain a new tattoo?
are all lower back tattoo's tramp stamps?
It looks like the ink is coming out of my tattoo?
Will my tattoo be okay if i do this... ?
How do I convince my Mom to let me get a tatoo?
anyone ever been to a beauty spa, if so, what kind of things should i try?
question for Tattoo artist.....?
Tattoo what do you think?
Triforce tattoo on wrist: How bad will the pain be?
photos of dream catchers?
what would you think if a girl got this tattoo?
Women can get "bikini waxed" or totally bald professionally. Is there anywhere a man can have this done?
What is the best tattoo idea?
what does a tattoo feel like?
How would I make a thesis statement about tattoos and how they reflect on society using form and symbolism?
If iHave flabby But skinny Arms Should iWork out a little before iGet a Tattoo ?
I am looking to get a tattoo that has some meaning - To Thine ownself be true?
help me im a wierdo!!?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
plum and cherry blossoms?
i got a tattoo when i was young?
just got a tattoo yesterday and I want to go swimming? bad idea?
I want to know how much a tattoo i want to get will cost ?
What is the minimum length of penis the girls expect for intercourse?
can you get fat with eating fruits?
what could you compare the pain of getting a
Marines tattoo policy keep me from being able to enlist tattoos on my wrists?
Least painful place to get a tattoo?
Lots of Love . . .?
How long will my tattoo take?
Can i get reg tattoo over uv without messing up the uv?
tattoo ideas????help?
Girls, do you find it attractive when a guy has tatoos?
Is a size 8 junior miss fat?
what are the requirements to get a tattoo license in all of the states in the us.?
Tell me what you think of these EAR TATTOO pics please!?
Could someone help me design my tattoo?
My husband may be getting circumcised, anyone with experience with men with and without?
should i get this tattoo?
"In all seriousness....... IF you have a tattoo or tattoos..............?
How much would a medium size dove tattoo on my neck cost?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo ?
I want some ideas for a Tattoo?
How can I get my fingernails to grow without wearing fake nails because I'm allergic to acrylic?
Why does my new tattoo look like the ones ive had for 12 years?
Detail in a small tattoo?
Can I sue the tattoo artist?
How painful is a tattoo?
Lip Peircing?
what erases old scars on legs?
Would You get a tattoo of anything of twilight?
Tattoo Placement (quote)?
what is that piercing below the lip right on the skin called?
Tattoo in least then a week. Anyone have any tips that i should do before?
tattoos and eczema help ?
Any good Greek-themed tattoo ideas?
Does tattoos hurt? And what does it feel like?
Can i get some ideas for a Wolf Tattoo?
Piercings and infections/healing?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo?
sunblock. tattoo. help?
heyy everyone i just need your opinion of what tattoo looks better?
Whats the tattoo on Andy Sixx's neck?
Collarbone piercings? Help!?
Does this sound okay for a 16 year old?
||||||||||||||Do you think portrait tattoos are creepy||||||||||||||||||||?
Getting a wrist tattoo? ?
Should I get a thunderbolt tattoo?
What is the strongest doederant?
my hands get so pruney....?
What tattoo will be best to cover up a music note and two stars?
does anybody know what this tattoo stands for?
need artist's name, work used as tattoo reference?
How bad would theses spots hurt?
new tattoo care, lotion question?
Do tattoo's hurt?
has topical erythromycin helped anyone with acne?
Whats more attractive; pretty face or good body?
What is the tattoo that Justin Bieber got on his collar bone of?
My eyes...? pls advise me?
i'm trying to lose 5-8 pounds in 2 weeks. will it work if i don't eat as much & i use laxatives and diet tea?
tattoo filler question ?
BEST BEAUTY SKINCARE for pigmentation skin?
Where is a good place to look for tattoos?
Does the small breast affect the beauty of a woman very much?
What can I do to get rid of blemishes?
Is this about right?
What are some good tattoo ideas?
Memorial tattoo with birds and quote?
what does an armband tattoo symbolize if its on my left fore arm?
A question for the guys out there?
Help with new tattoo?
I'd like to get a tattoo and since it's my first I'm kinda confused. Any experts?
Tattoo idea help and guidance?
this is not my thing?... makeup...?
Is this funny or gross?
tattoo tips for beginers?
what is the best cream to put on a tattoo during the healing process?
what is the font of tom hardy's "padre fiero" tattoo?
tattoo parlors in woodbridge?
I always have red bumps when I shave my underarms, what can I do to get rid of them?
How much a half sleeve tattoo be for the first session on average?
Are tattoo's a turn on too males?
what do you think of a tattoo of a teddy bear?
are piercings attractive on girls?
Whats this tattoo style called?
Can I get a tattoo with a staph infection?
How can I Fix this tattoo?
I need english translated to latin, its for a tattoo and I dont want to be the idiot that messed it up.?
what is the best colouer for foam bath ?? and which smil do like ??
Anyone have any secrets for getting rid of post acne red marks?
my skin are as bad as an orange skin,any DIY ways to salvage my face?
How do you make pimples by your mouth go away?
Serious answers and opinions plz?
Can you get a custom kiss print tattoo?
What do you think of this star chest tattoo?
I need someones help about a tattoo placement?
Tattoo symbolism ideas - for my father?
Tattoo related question?
Where's a good place to get a tattoo?
Is my tattoo "too much"???
Recommendations for tattoo artist N-W Uk?
wat is the best way for a teen boy to get rid of a few zits?
i'm thinking about getting these 2 tattoos on my wrists on my birthday?
how much woud you pay for a tattoo like this?
I want your opinion on this tattoo!?
Has anyone ever used alcohol on acne? What were your results?
I want to get a tattoo?
im gonna get a tatoo but i dunno what yet i dont want anything big i just want something little like a name?
Is tattoo removal creams a waste of my time and money?
Getting a Gorilla tattoo, NEED HELP?
Are there any products (that actually work) to remove or fade stretch marks?
Mothers Kiss Tattoo on the shoulder? Weird or no?
if i get a tattoo now will it look bad later in life? i am 15 but im 6 foot and 165lbs. i workout too.?
how dangerous is it to get a tattoo on a wrist where the veins are raised?
thinking about getting a tattoo?
Any advice on a side tattoo?
how do you get all the hair offof your les and get them shiney?
Removing belly button ring?
what are my chances to become a massage therapist if i am a male?
Are tattoos really as painful as people make out?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Is 15 too young for a tattoo? ?
Need ideas for this sleeve tattoo.?
Would it hurt to get a tattoo on your thigh?
What do you think of this tattoo and how much do you think it will cost?
Should i get a tatoo on my hip?
If you could get any tattoo right now what would it be and why?
why do i get itch after i shave my ampit?
Which of these would be the best message for a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost...generally? (Canada)?
where can i find a pic of silvers tattoo in 90210 (jessica stroup)?
Can I Have Visible Tattoos Working At Wendy's?
who has used oil free acne wash by neutrogena?
Ear piercings, cartilage ideas?
custom made tattoo or ideas?
been out in the sun, feel good about myself, what makes you feel good about yourself?
Are good tattoo machines ?
what is beauty?
Lip Labret is sinking into lip?
Tattoo help to represent my brother?
I have a tattoo of APS on my side what are some good ideas on a new tattoo to cover this tattoo up? Thanks?
If you could get any tattoo right now what would it be and why?
Way to get rid of armpit hair?
The Only One Without A Tattoo ?
what do you do at a spa?
Okay so I want this Tattoo On my rib cage?
Is this an unoriginal tattoo?
Where can I get a tattoo for a good price in Virginia?
Religious tattoo ideas!!?
Henna tattoo tricks and tips?! please!?
New Piercings?!?
tattoo ideas for my sister that died?
i want to get a tattoo removed but would another one on top work?
What is the best SPF to use for African-Americans?
i want a tattoo with my bfs name that says his girl and a barcode by it. where should i put it?
tattoo memorial? help please?
Struggling with a tattoo idea? To do with being alone?
Liposuction - Is it normal to pay over $100 for a consultation?
I want to get a tattoo of a Leo Fairy?
Ghost Riders (In The Sky) Tattoo?
would my boyfriend mind that i have stretch marks and dark inner thighs?
do tattoos hurt alot?
Do boys Like girls With Tattoo's???? Girls w Tats vs. Girls wit no Tats..?
how much would a tattoo saying no regrets cost on my ribs?
Tattoo or tongue piercing and clothes?
People who hate or love tattoos?
how do u take the earrings that u got your ears periced with out.?
is this tattoo corny?
I saw someone with this tattoo today. What does it mean?
MEN, do you like Tattoos on women's feet?????? I DON"T, IT LOOKS YUCKY!!!!!!! :O?
tattoo stretch and look stupid?
Would you agree that it is common to get a tattoo, unless you are in the armed forces or a tramp?
What do you think of this tattoo ?
I'm in uni now,hoping to become a vet/doctor/some type of animal research.can i get a forearm tattoo?
how to deal with skin dryness?
Kansas Tattoo Artist Brandon Shields?
Need help with this one!?
what do you think about silicone injections?
what should i do to remove my skin pimples?
I need tattoo ideas for a aries sign ?
How can i make this tat look sick?
Im 14 and really small and petite and i wear a 34 B is that to big for my age?
Need help deciding on tattoo idea!!?
i would like to get a tattoo on my foot.....?
my boyfriend wants a tattoo for our upcomming baby?
I want to get my first tattoo do they hurt and what does it feel like?
Will it mess up my tattoo?
Which tattoo should I get?
If you get bags under your eyes, can you see handles?
How can you tell if your tattoo has faded?
Where should I get my tattoo?
POLL; for a tattoo, would you get the word "live" or the word "rise?
is there a bra that supports ur boobs during school,running, so they wont go up and down?
Women only please!! Birth control question.?
Tattoo ideas to commemorate my grandfather?
Is it cool to have tatoos if your a middle aged woman?
women and tattoos??? sexy or not??
Looking for a definitive answer to what tattoo blowout looks like?
Tattoo/Quote Ideas for a tattoo:?
Would it be a good idea to get a tattoo that represents love in your relationship?
I got a tattoo on my wrist, however, when I raise my arm, it looks all crooked and off center. What can I do?
Newest Acne Craze On the Market?
Is my UV thumb tattoo a lost cause?
Wrist or behind ear tattoo?
I am looking for sites with beauty news and tips?
Do ankle and lower back tattoos hurt?
Tattoos on women?
What's an good idea for a tattoo on ur side?
How much would a small tatoo cost?
My girlfriend got a tattoo with my name on it?
could you get a tattoo on your inner wrist?
the future of tattoos and people hiring?
Does anyone have a pic of bow wow dollar signs tattoo on his chest ?
anybody get a tattoo removal?
wheres the best place to get a tatoo?
How much do tattoos hurt and is this a good one to get?
How much is this tattoo gonna cost, how long will it take?
A good idea for a taurus tattoo?
I just had a baby & i want to get a tattoo that represents my love for her..?
Tattoo ideas... need female opinion!?
what can you use to fade dark spots on your skin?
Pink floyd's lyrics tattoo?
opinions on tattoo i'm getting done?
where can i put a tattoo of a dove with the word freedom written below it?
Where is a discrete place to get a DIME-sized tattoo?
How much does a skin removal sacrification hurt?
Surf tattoo in Brisbane - best place for really good, original artwork?
How do you earn your huelga bird tattoo?
To people with tattoos....?
how do i get rid of from black sade on my face?plz?
Do inner helix piercings hurt?
if you pierce your own lip, can you like die if you dont do it right?or will something happen?
First tattoo any ideas?
do you think it is weird to shave your arms??
does shaving increase the number of hairs that grow from ur skin?
I WANNA GET A SLEEVE on my right arm only, what do you think of tatted girls?
Should i get an SAS Who Dares Wins Tattoo?
"Harsh" Cleansers?
how to remove permanent tattoo (pachabotu in telugu) is there any remedy?
what are good abs?
What is it with V.P.L and chilean women??
Why I have acne and I feel so wretched?
Tattoo font ideas please?
why women hand can be softer than man hand ?
Do you have any tips against acne/spots, that worked for you?
What will my tattoo be like after my infection?
will scrubbing my already healed tattoo affect it at all?
Got tattoo?
Can someone give me an idea on how to combine these tattoo ideas?
what do you think of this tattoo? need opinions?
how much does "Zeno" cost and is it for kids to?
what products does natalie imbruglia advertise?
What can be done about excess armpit sweat?
Im getting another tattoo, and i need a quote!!!!!!!?
Why is a hot shower good for the skin?
do you think its wrong for a person to be heavily tattooed and not be famous/tattoo artist?
I have a hard time tanning, especially my legs. What's the best way to get a good tan?
For people on Retin-a, what do you use when you wash your face?
Why is the sauna good for your skin and body? And does it help to firm you skin.?
Can you help me with my tattoo decision...again?
Doesn't it annoy you when??
Tattoos of cartoon characters: Classy or Trashy?
why am i so pretty? god i just cant help it?
how much does getting a tattoo hurt?
Need suggestions for fading/removing my tattoo?
Im looking for some suggestions on a tattoo quotes for my sid/rib something to do with losing a father?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo...?
How do I get rid of the redness and bumbs after waxing?????
Any ideas for a tattoo from lyrics or quotes?
Body Modification Norms?
why does the meat i bought have a big number 4 tattooed on it?
how much does a tattoo hurt on lower back area?
Most effective way to treat acne vulgaris ?
Describe your face in one word?
Would these look good on my feet?
Where should I get this tattoo?
How can I stop razor burn when I shave my bikini line?
Plastic surgery or laser treatment is better to remove my neck tattoo?
I want a shoulder tattoo?
Should my tattoo look ed?
I have a friend that smells like fish all the time. What can I tell?
What do i do when i accidentically fart in front of my girlfriend.?
What are some tattoo ideas for a women dealing with domestic abuse?
Does NEOSPORIN work for breakouts?
Where would you get your first tattoo?
Is it discrimination? Tattoo policy change. Very serious PLEASE help if you can.?
Do Fat Bottomed Girls make the Rockin World go round???
Guys with lower stomach tatttoo?