Would this be a dumb tattoo?
The tattoo artist messed up my tattoo! What do I do?
What do you guys think of my tattoo?
has anybody used
How much can I expect to pay for a facial?
ineed help with my tattoo idea!?
my first tattoo idea?
Would you ever get pirced down below?
what's a good way to get tan in 7 days?
Which lyric from Drops of Jupiter should i get tattooed?
is 14 too young to get a tattoo?
Looking for a cute/cool thigh tattoo.?
Want to get a tattoo of my bf name or intials help ?
I am looking for the tattoos that were on the old dove soap commercial?
i bite my nails and im trying 2 stop anny sugestions?
New eagle tattoo help?
Why do American girls tan, dress, and use make-up in such a way as to make themselves look older than they are
were on a a girls body do u think is good place for a piercing or a tattoo?
I'll draw your tattoo ideas?
What would the opposite of a snowflake be?
Question for Tatt lovers only!?
Where is a good place to get a secret tattoo? and how old do u have 2 be to be able 2 get one?
best moisturizer?
Help With A Henna Tattoo Scar ?
Does a "Live and Learn" tattoo contradict a "Sink or Swim" tattoo?
ladys, do you guys like guys w/ skinny jeans ?
Just started my half sleeve - is this a rash, reaction or just bruising?!?
who agrees that chinese tattoos?
Tattoo on ribs, would it hurt?!?
Tattoo feel like compared to chemical burn?
my boobs are very big as compared to my body?so can anybody suggest me how to decrease them?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my shoulder blade, but I'm also losing weight... will it affect it?
My week old tattoo is still swollen and purple around it...?
Whats the best moisturize/face cream and acne cream for sensitive skin?
Tattoo's - cool or not?
Need help with this one!?
Does exercising before tanning help to increase the chance of tanning faster and/or darker? If not, any tips?
New Tattoo Care Question?
Tipping Tattoo Artist?
Should i get a tattoo on my ribs?
Is there a way to see what size tattoo you want?
Does anyone have any tips for temporay tattoo covering?
I have a bunch of blackheads, and lets just say, i'm pretty young. Do you know anything I could do?
would you tattoo your partners name on your body, why?
How bad will a hip tattoo look after pregnacy?
Is it better to get a tattoo on the inside or outside of your ankle?
Would it be wrong for me to get a tattoo if I'm a Christian?
What tattoo would "blend" with my 2 existing ones?
what is the smallest human race on earth ?
what do you like better belly button piercing or a small tattoo?
im getting a tattoo on my lower back for my 16 birthday, and ideas?
What kind of ankle tat?
should i go to sleep?
Using my butt as eye candy for the guy that I like?
How to learn to tattoo at 14?
How much would this tattoo like this would cost?
Is there any significance to where you put a tattoo?
What should I do to my friend that slapped my girlfriends butt?
How long after laser tattoo removal does it take for the tattoo to start to fade?
laser tattoo removal?
What colour eyes have you got?
Whats a household or cheap item i can use as an alternative power supply for a tattoo gun?
What do supermodels do to keep their bikini lines so bare? Wax? Laser? Creams? Shave?
what is the best way for me to market skin care, for gay men?
I have a tattoo that occasionally becomes raised, why?
i have strange fetishes when it comes to what is a sexy on a man?
Getting 1st tattoo on my calf idk my pain thershold an im kinda scared of needles but not terrified by them.?
Front of Thigh tattoo pain?
Where's The Best Place To Have A Tattoo?
What tattoo should i get ?
Would tattooing over scars work?
Should I get another tattoo or more piercings?
this is a question for people who has tattos?
I want a tattoo soon, and I want to get a really nice meaningful saying, do you have any ideas on what to have?
So i'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my arm but...?
Good tattoo quote?You only live once so live it to the fullest because everybody dies but not everybody lives?
Does this sound like a good idea for a tattoo?
Should i get my boyfriends name tattooed on me?
Do Tattoos hurt?
i can never think positive i always think negative what do i do 2 build a positive feeling in myself?
I want Tattoo that represents me as a person.?
Dark batman quotes for tattoo?
what is the risk of hitting a vein with a wrist piercing?
Front shoulder tattoo?
A tattoo on your side ribs; does it hurt?
Is there anything wrong with....?
what is the best way for whitening the skin?
skin tanning?
is it a good idea to go to a dentist abroad for less money to fix my teeth?
GIRLS ONLY: Do you like hairy guys??
Can Albolene be used on tattoos?
What do you think about girls with LOTS of tattoos?
what do i do about my nose piercing?
how should i get my tattoo?
has anyone brought a tattoo laser machine?
Would you ever get a tattoo portrait of someone you love?
How many tattoos do you have.?
Good and reasonable tattoo shops in Alabama?
more tatoos...?
can you give me your opinion on this tat i want?
Does anyone have tattoo ideas?
Does getting a tattoo make me a bad mom?
what tattoo should i get?
does getting a tattoo on foot tickle?
Gorilla tattoos, good or bad etc.?
how to make your face fair,rosy and glowing (for men & women both)?
how bad is this tattoo?
How much do you think my tattoo would cost?
From 1-10, how much does a tattoo in the inner arch of the foot hurt?
1st tattoo suggestions. What should be inked on a 19 year old's arm.?
Aren't tattoos a form of self-mutilation?
What do I need to do to open a Day Spa?
What is the perfect height for men in today's united states' society? what about women's?
Would this tattoo be noticed?
What tattoo design could I get to show the passing of someone special. nothing cheesy. & a small tattoo.?
does my avatater look hot???????????
Im thinking of getting a mass effect tattoo. im 100% positive that im getting an n7 on my forearm but i also t?
Do you think im good looking?
Does anybody know how to stop drooling in their sleep?
do you think its attractive when women get full sleeve tattoos?
How much does a small foot tattoo hurt?
I Need a Tattoo idea please!?
POLL: Tattoos... hot or not?
Native American tlingit tattoo?
I am wanting to get a LARGE tattoo on my ribs does it hurt?
Does anybody know a good way to take the japanese symbol for love and incorporate it into a heart?
auckland tattoo places
Getting my first tattoo...?
Plato's Cave tattoo. Any suggestions?
How much will a rainbow butterfly tattoo cost?
Irish tattoo ideas? Last name Sullivan?
I am looking for tattoos of mugunghwa?
Ideas for a meaningful tattoo?
removing pigment on new tattoo?
Do tattoos hurt as bad as people say.?
Need help with future tattoo?
it's 4:35 p.m. and still light out. can i still get a sunburn or a tan?
Full back Valkyrie wing tattoo. Cost?
Do you like girls with tans or fair skin better?
I'm really into alchemy, so im looking for suggestions for a tattoo?
Should A Girl Get PLastic Surgery even though there is nothing abnormal about her?
Katakana tattoo help please? Anyone from Japan or who can read Japanese please look at this question.?
Will my tattoo strech?
How much would this tattoo cost?
How many peircings do you have?
whats my bust size actually?!?
Why do people get tattoos when they can just use a permanent marker?
I live in hillsborough nj nd i need 2 find a place nearby that i wud b able 2 hav a custom tattoo design made?
Can anyone give some good advice on how to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
any ideas?(a best answer will be awarded)?
is placenta cream really effective in removing stretch marks?
Tattoo location????????????
New tattoo, on my hand?
Questions about a tattoo?
Who has any tattoo's?
Mom and i wanna get matching tattoos!?
if you have a crush on a boy that is cute and he does not know and some boys told him WAHT IF HE ASED ME !!!
please help me, does any1 no what takes the sting out off sunburn?
whats the meanings behind piercings?
Is it easy to cover-up red ink with black ink on my star tattoo?
Would it be stupid to get a second turtle tattoo?
RIP rib or hip tattoos for girls?
Where is the cheapest place I can get the word Mom tattooed to the back of my wrist?
ideas for a friendship tattoo?
How many Tattoos do you have and what are they???
What are these little itchy red bumps all around my new tattoo?
How can I stop sweating?
this is for the ladies-Do you think it appropriate for a woman who is full figured to walk in public naked.?
Sunburn I think...?
Isn't this a kickass tattoo?
Can someone please help me design my tattoo? I have a quarter sleeve of fire on my arm and I want to change it?
Do you think long toes on women are ugly?
how can i achieve a smooth and blemish free face?
Country lyric as tattoo?
Does anybody know of a reputable watercolor style tattoo artist, preferably in the southern California region?
How painful is a hip bone tattoo?
I would like an opinion...?
Is there fake tan available for light brown skin?
What design/picture could go with the symbol family for a tattoo design in chinese on my wrist ?
i have a question about tattoos?
tampons vs. paddes, which one?
Should I get a salmonbellies tattoo?
how can i make skin fair and clean using natural things?
How long to moisturize new tattoo?
Best tattoo removal method?
Will a tattoo here be dreadful?
Tattoo Ideas and Questions?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Which quote do you like best for a tattoo?
Tattoos and allergies question for artists and serious aficionados?
I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my upper thigh.?
Facial Piercings?
Hip Dermal Piercings PROBLEM, Help!?
My tattoo looks really shaky! Is there anyway it could be fixed or touched up?
If I had tattoos on the sides of my neck how hard would it be to get a job at a fast food place?
I want to tattoo my sister's name on my arm ... Price ?
New Tattoo?
Are you supposed to rotate your rook earring when you clean it?
copper peptides?Do the work for you?
how do i get rid of facial hair?
How much would a tribal dragon tattoo to go on my shoulder cost?
Why can't anybody decide on their own tattoo design and where to have it?
Why did you get your tattoo(s)?
Any way to prevent or treat ingrown hairs other than laser?
Is it possible to get a tattoo like this?
Am i too young to get a tattoo?
Does a tattoo on your shoulder reallly hurt?
oppinion on upper back tattoo?
to anyone who has a lip ring or know about them !!!?
what do you think of getting this tattoo (pic)!!!!!!?
What could be a good symbol to represent dreams or reality vs. dreams for a tattoo?
guaging ear, uh, problem?
What does my tattoo mean?
how do you treat dark circles around the eyes?
If I see this question in tattoos ONE MORE TIME.....I'm going to put my eyes out with a spoon?
how much would this tattoo cost?
why are girls so crabby?
any solutions to making your lips look bigger without cologen/surgery?
tattoo help ideas pics included?
getting a tattoo and i got questions?
Inner elbow tattoo?? Help?
what do i do about my tattoo on my back rubbing on my clothes?
Need Tattoo Advice for arm/forearm?
What design should I get to go with my tattoo?
Is it a good idea to get a tattoo of my parents names on it?
doesn anyone know how to lose alot of weight really quickly?
Most painful tattoo placements? would prefer people with tattoos to answer?
Anyone know where to buy a women's perfume called FLEURSSE?
i am researching my senior project and want to know what the most common reason people get tattoos...?
Which condom is better?
what you will do if no guy looks at u and u have never been asked out for a date?
tattoo.. Mistake or am I in the right?
People from Arizona, tattoo help.?
What is your favorite skincare products? And why?
Do guys like girls who have freckles?
How much does King Afa at Zulu tattoos charge per hour? And what's the minimum?
naval piecing help!?
What is the estimate cost of my tattoo?
Tattoo idea to symbolize my daughter?
any Ideas for my tattoo?
is hair removing lotion OK if used on eyebrows??
What's the best way to loose weight quick?
what would you do to make this tattoo better?
Age and tattoo?
What would be a good idea for a tattoo meaning focus or staying focused?
Does anyone have a home cure for reducing stretch marks? (for free)?
Whats the best way to get rid of zits quickly?
my tattoo has scabbed a bit should i put bepanthen on it or let it dry out?
Would you let your child get Piercings?
Do YOU think i should get this tattoo?
would you date a ugly person if they are nice to you and respect you even tho they are extemely ugly?
Upper back tattoo. Tattoo artists and girls ONLY...?
My new tattoo... what do you think?
should i get a tattoo on my lower back or the middle ?
Tattoo help please and thanks <3?
the cheapest way to get rid of wrinkles?
tattoo quotes for a tattoo with stars?
In the state of Texas, is a minor ALLOWED to be in a tattoo parlor?
do you really need antibacterial ointment to care for your new tattoo?
Women Only- Have you ever danced as a stripper?
how to make good body shape??
looking for a picture that Ami James from Miami Ink did in the episode of The Family of a cross?
how many tatoos does harry styles have?
i want to get my nose pierced what side do u think looks better?
what age to start using anti wrinkles cream?
Have any of you ever regretted your tattoos?
getting a tattoo tomo anything i should know or do ?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
La Bella Vita tattoo?!?!?!?!?
Lip tattoo inside bottom lip ?
Where is the best place to get a Chinese Calligraphy tattoo in London ?
how much would a tattoo across my back on my shoulders cost on average?
I'm getting a tattoo at 1:00 today. I have a soccer game at 7:00. How bad of an idea is that?
What are best & $$ alternatives to BOTOX for eye lid, chin (jowl area) and face firming affects? Age is 45.?
need opinion on tattoo..?
what do you think i should do?
ideas for a first tattoo?
Average tattoo prices?
What is this style of tattoo called?
where can i get a cute cherry tattoo design?
Smallest septum jewelry?
Help on my tattoo sleeve need ideas on japanese style.?
Can the ultra violet light in a tanning bed still hurt your eye balls if you keep your eyes closed?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
is it true that lime helps to remove the tan from the skin?
Do asian people get tattoos in English?
What you think about getting "The all seeing eye" tattoo on my inner wrist?
HELP PLEASE!! :)----> Tattoo or Piercing?
Where can I find Oxy Daily Wash Maximum Strength for acne?
i reallly want a tattooo. ideas please?
What are some ways to "accidently" show your side tattoo. Or lower stomach tatt. Either one?
Tattoo design.. Rlelvant to my life, won't regret it...?
i am 18/m/WA i am thinking about getting a tattoo of a girls name on my arm anyone yes no maybe ?
questions about tattoos?
help plz i think im fat for my age help me answer my question plz anyone?
Covering up birthmark with tattoo?
How to you figure out bra size, I dunno if i'm an A,B,C er w/e, help?
if i get a tattoo now will it look bad later in life? i am 15 but im 6 foot and 165lbs. i workout too.?
I have acne. What should I Do?
what do u think about this tattoo?
Soo I want to become a Tattoo artist....?
Is their anyone who still makes the cologne Hai Karate or something that smells like it?
Need some simple words for tattoos?
does anyone noe any soap that will make you smell good all day?(details inside)?
Is Kat Von d good at being a tattoo artist?
im 16 and im getting my first tattoo?
tattoo shops in san francisco?
Do you have a tattoo? If so, what?
What do you think of girls with facial piercings? How about tattoos?
Am i overweight?
Where should I buy Henna?
can you cover your new tattoo?
which diet makes you lose weight faster.for a special about 10 days.?
Help quickly need to get help?
Has Anyone actully Tattood over a scar?
Why do people get cake tattoos tattooed on them?
strange sort of gay question."no ffende to gays"?
What are good tattoo ideas for a 18 year old boy?
I have a kinda big forehead and i wanna know if i can hide it?
Would a seahawk symbol Tat with tribal around it look better on my peck with the hawk at an angle or straight?
whats your best physical feature?
How much should a tattoo thats a single line of words cost?
what facial piercing should i get?
Can I get a tattoo ANY size I want?
Would this tattoo look good?
need some ideas for new tattoo quote?
whats the best diet pill out there?
i need to remove some fat from my waist and hips?
why do people pay so much for acne medication?
How long do I have to waite before showering after I go into a tanning bed?
my looks????????
tattoo and laser hair removal question, before and after?
Is "believe" tattoo a good idea ?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
How often do you bathe?
how do i set up my tattoo gun from a liner to a shader?
Do you think this is a good spot to get a tattoo of my moms name?
I need help with acne?
What is the purpose of getting a tattoo if you're the only one who understands it?
How many word tattoos are too many?
Tattoo modification ideas?
Is my tattoo PEELING off?
What are some ideas for short, creative dance quotes for a tattoo?
How long does it take you to have a shower or bath?
Bathtub vs Showers: Which is better?
tattoo help please?disney fans help too?
what is a triple milled pure vegetable soap?
What about these spots to get a tattoo?
What would the price range on this tattoo be?
I have have olily skin, How can i decrease this problem?
How long will it take to go back down to an 8 from a 4g?
can anybody read or under stand any of the word or is everybody retared?
What of Snake tattoos?
What do you think of Chinese symbol tattoos?
What is the symbolism behind this tattoo: girl wearing a wolf head as a hat/cape?
Possible Tattoo Body Locations?
Tattoo Needle depth changes on it's own during tattoo?
How much would a Kat Von D tattoo be?
Dose it hurt to get a tattoo on your arm?
On the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger...that area...does it hurt to get a tat there?
why do people go gaga over blondes?
problem with proactiv?
I have a full sleeve Tattoo!?
Do scars tan in the summer?
How can I tell my dad that I am going to get a boob job?
Which quote should I go with?
Symbols of education?
What do you think about Braun's new Silk epil X'elle??
What kind of lotion can I use on my tattoo that I just got today?
simple cursive fonts for a tatto?
Small, girly tattoo on my hip?
South Yorkshire!! Listen Up.! Does anyone know any tattoo artists that will give15 year old's a tattoo inSYORK
How bad does a tattoo on the back of the neck hurt?
Would this look funny?
What part of a man's body do you love most...oh, 3 then? And be honest!?
What are some tattoo ideas for a women dealing with domestic abuse?
What would be a good tattoo, for a teen who was stalked and almost raped by an older person?
OMG! Some apartment complexes are refusing to rent to people with tattoos and piercings?
why some mornings you look in the mirror and think your pretty and some mornings you think "YUK"!!!???
I need to hide my tattoo !! HELP ?
GIRLS: what do you think about small arms?
What do you think of me?
Tattoo Artists - Best Blue ink?
What do YOU think Of tHis TaTTOO?
Can you get a tattoo over a scar?
Just got off Accutane a month ago, is it okay to get a tattoo?
My age is 25. Height: 5.2" Inches ,weight 46 Kg. However there is lot of fat at thies & hips. how to reduce
Any ideas???? I need help with a tattoo?
Need Ideas With Soccer ball tattoos?
what's your opinion on wrist piercings?
Has any one ever got a Tattoo to cover VITILIGO ?
my bf doesn't want me to get a tattoo?
How do younger people get so many tattoos?
could a partial arm tattoo showing under my sleeve affect jobs?
Doe Monroe piercings hurt ?
Do male models & such shave, wax, trim or laser the hair from their "bikini lines?" I was watching wrestling
I'm getting 3 Girly Skulls tattood on my arm soon & need help with cute names for each of them! =]?
what would look good with blues jeans that have buterfly?
I have alot of pimples and despite following the advices in magazines, i cant seem to get rid of them .?
Subway pay me to put on a tattoo?
how to apply a half sleeve tattoo stencil?
what lady in the u.s. as the most sought after photo of feet?
Would you go out with a person who had acne that really wasn't bad? Be honest.?
Can nurses have tattoos if they're visible but decent?
nastyy kneess!!?
have you used nair? the new lotion kind?
How badly would a tattoo just under my collar bone hurt?do you like my idea?
I'm thinking about these quotes...?
Which shade in powder/foundation are you?
his and hers tatts?
Poll: What kind of tattoo do you have?
If you don't like tattoo's why are you here?
Is getting a christian tattoo make it right?
Do anyone know where to get your belly pierced at? How much do it cost does it hurt?How old do you have to be?
I got my first tattoo the other week, what do you think?
Why do people get face tattoos and piercings? What happens when theyre old and it looks horrible?!?
What Is a French Bikini Wax?
i dont like to cover my boobs with bra what can i do.?
I want a tattoo on my lower hip, but am I too chubby? ?
Can I get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent?
How do you all like this tattoo design?
Why did I just get 105 respnses in 15 minutes When I asked why fat chics eat so much?
tattoo shops in arlington tx?
does a tattoo on your hand really hurt that bad?
Which of these would be the best message for a tattoo?
what is the best soap for face?
im goin into the high school, amd my concern is the showers?
tattoo on my hand looking for a job?
What two good 5-letter words?
how do i remove my mole without pastic sugery?
Should my nose piercing be bleeding? HELP?
So I'm looking for this tattoo....?
How can I grow taller?
how much would it cost to havea big woulf tatoo n my ribs?
Does waxing your legs also peel away dead skin?
Pin up girls?
I have had acne at the back of my arms for a year now.Many people have the same problem,but I find no solution
what natural ingredient acclerates tanning in the sun?
In your opinion, which hurt you more?
How bad does a foot tattoo hurt?
Cheshire cat tattoo. Help finding picture?
Could someone draw me a tattoo design?
What is the best method for permanent hair removal. lasers or electrolysis?
whats your opinion on tattoos?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Guys, what is the best, most affordable razor for a beginner?
The tattoo that I want from the Twilight movie. What do you guys think?
dose paper ashes and water work for TEMPORARY tattoos im not punshuring my skin just painting on it?
can your face break out from chlorine?
Which tattoo should I get?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo i am 15?
Did anyone ever try the product "Acuzine" to get rid of there acne? did it work?
Side Finger Tattoo advice please?
How Are You Supposed to Feel Sexy if You Don't Like Your Body?
How to order something online without your parents knowing?
My breast is very big.What can I do?
bad body odor?
How do wrist tattoo's compare to others pain-wise?
advantages and disadvantages of pale skin?
Symbols to represent...?
Do they still do tattoo removal by exicsion in adelaide?
marlowe ink verse comes a time: piercings?
ideas for a motorbike themed tattoo?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
Tattoo to symbolize...?
Best lower back tattoo for a classy girl?
I want to tattoo my sister's name on my arm ... Price ?
rough tattoo price for this?
how should i get a 39 tattoo?
Do any of the cellulite creams work for excess fat/flab around the middle area?
Blood Spots Under Tattoo Skin?
My first tattoo!!! What do you think of this idea?
Can you be DQ'd for getting a tattoo while being in Air Force DEP ?
MEN ONLY: Do you find tattoos on women sexy?
First tattoo ! Ur inspirations?
help with correct spelling / details for tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo?
what is more sexy in a guy.........abs or bisceps?
Tattoo. Questions....?
What is the difference between Tebori tattooing and regular tattooing?
Cool half sleeve tattoo ideas?
How much would this tattoo cost?
what should my next tattoo be?
Do you think the word "fate" in my tattoo looks crooked or bigger than the rest of the lettering?
Can anyone recommend a site where I can get free tattoo designs? ?
Would this be okay with my tattoo?
My tattoo's peeling, is that normal?
Looking for a tattoo...?
y does breast sag?
tattoo removal - need advise?
how to lessen eye bags?
What do you think of my tattoo idea? :) Help please?
A local store to buy tattoo ink?
would you get your partners name on a tattoo?
I got a new tattoo a few days ago, is it ok to put saran wrap over it when I got to work?
Where should I get this tattoo?
HELP with my next tattoo?
Is it "slutty" for a girl to get a tattoo on her lower back?
How te get a nice radiant glowing skin?My face is so dry.?
Why did you get a tattoo? :)?
Biore Pore Perfect Deep Cleansing Pore Strips?
RED PIMPLE&im getting my picture taken 2morow! any last minute cures to make it less red?
Do you think Tattoos have to have meaning?
Should i be worried that my 18 yr old daughter just got a lower back tattoo?
Would a tattoo ruin a career?
why do blondes think they look better than other girls like paris you feel me?
Weird reaction to tattoos?
Need help please?? about self-tanning spray?
What's the difference between Idebenone and Idebenol?
does any of those aging creams really works?
Perfume referred to in movie "Scent of a Woman" translated from French means flowers from a book. Real?
Getting a tattoo...I need idea help.?
What body part do you like the most at othe people?
What else shall I get pierced?
i heard that baby piss works great for acne. is that true?
how much trouble can you get in if you get a tattoo underage and your school see it?
What tatoo aftercare do i need to do?
Should I get my last name tattooed across my chest?
Trying to get an approximate tattoo Cost Estimation?
Scabbing on tattoo is "ing"?
tattooo advice please!?
Question about a tattoo (opinions, ideas)?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
I just got my first tattoo done a week ago and am having trouble getting used to it?
Did my new tattoo make me sick?
tattoo in brisbane?
what does an upside down blue triangle mean?
How old do you have to be to get a tatoo?
Can a sleeve tattoo be covered up or redesigned?
Any suggestions on getting belly fat to go away?
does getting a tattoo feel like a shot?
Anyone have any tattoo ideas?
how much would a back tattoo with 3 words a total of 18 letters cost on average?
How can i get rid of dark spots that started to appear on my cheekbone area ?
i have a question about a tattoo idea?
Whats your favorite eye color?
what is the best way to make you stop biting your nails so that they will grow longer?
after you get tattoos, does the tattoo area skin become dry?
Where do tattoos hurt the most?
Websites where I can "hire" or pay an artist to draw a custom TATTOO design?
What color should I get on my tattoo?
Would people think I'm a Nazi if I got an Iron Cross tattoo?
What's the difference between pimples and acne?
Need help on tattoos!!?
Tattoos ......?
body shapers...?
Do you know any tips to treat oily face?
Do stretch marks effect a tattoo? Should I wait til they go away?
Will my tattoo fade or change colour?
I am getting a brand done in 2 weeks?
Help me I need help emergency?
Who can help me with their opinion on this tattoo im thinking about getting soon?
Whats your tattoo opinion..?
Any Esthiology people out there?
Opinions on this neck tattoo?
Probably a dumb question butcan this be illegal >.<?
question about a tattoo? help!?
My first tattoo on the shoulder ?
How much will my tattoo cost?
I want to get a tattoo of a sparrow and i want a quote to go with it.?
10 POINTS Can you post a pic of a small cute girly tattoo?
Does anyone know about any pills for butt enhancement?
Please help!! Would it be wrong to take someone elses tattoo quote?
Angel Wings tattoo on ankle/neck?
Boondock Saints All saints day Tattoo pen?
Minimum charge for tattoo at Ink-Side-Out, Norwalk, CT?
Do you like this tattoo?
what kinda of tattoo should i get?
Anybody know a tattoo& piercing place that's cheap and you can be 13 and older to get it ?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Ive had a tattoo redone a couple of times, skin still looks ashy-ish?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What do you think of this tattoo quote?
Will sleeve tattoos prevent someone from getting a job?
How many hours does it roughly take for a half sleeve tattoo?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Okay, I'm getitng my first tattoo...I have some questions!?
What stores can I buy "ONE MINUTE MANICURE IN A JAR"?
for white people if you like tan skin why don't you like African People?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Opinion on a tattoo phrase?
Parents don't know...?
This is the tattoo im getting. Do you like it and should I add/change anything.?
What do I do? 14 with a tattoo!?
Getting a tattoo next week what to expect?
My tattoo doesnt hurt or burn after i got it this normal?
johnny richter tattoo?
I need help finding a good ideas for my tattoo?
Do you think tattoo's are sexy?
tattoo on a girl's lower back.?
symbolic meanings of tattoos?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Im 15 am I ugly?
TATTOO- black & white or color?? which one?
what is the best skin lightening product for ethnic skin?
Good tattoo ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is getting my first tattoo on the back of my neck, a good idea?
Tattoo parlours in the Brighton/Hove area?
Can i take medicine and wear long sleeve after tattoo?
Need some general info on tattoos?
Any tattoo ideas on the chest ?
Need some tattoo ideas?
I need to loose weight fast. How is the best way?
how tall am i if i am 58"?
I am looking for an Akron Ohio tattoo artist whose name is Renee?
How many tattoos do you have.?
Looking for a man named Justin, with cenebite tattoos. Anyone know anyone like this?? URGENT!!!?
how to get rid scars of any type?
Places in Indy to get a good tattoo?
If you get a tattoo across your lower stomach will it get messed up after you have a baby?
Good colorful tattoo websites?
Does it hurt more to get a tattoo on the top of your foot or on the ribs?
what's the best and easy way to get rid of ance?
If i got this piercing?
i come off as a friend to guys and i flirt and all how can i let them know without saying it that im intereste
how to prevent from getting in trouble from this tattoo?
wheres a place to put a tattoo?
My tattoo healing HELP?
Would this be a nice tattoo?
Will sweating effect my tattoo?
Has anyone else ever gotten stretch marks from building muscle? How do you get rid of them?
can you use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth??
Why does one nut/ball always hang lower than the other?
what kind of tatoo to get...need help with a design...please read my story and give me a real answer?
Does any piercing hurt worse than a tattoo?
Where to get a tattoo that is easy to hide?
Industrial barbell with charms help?
How much does it cost to go to a spray tanning place?
Will an intricate wrist tattoo change with weight loss? Tattoo experts please :D?
what does this tattoo mean ?
How do i get bright spots out of my face?
Best LIGHTWEIGHT Long Sleeve for tattoo cover?
Hide a tattoo from parents at 16?
Is this a good tattoo idea??? need help.?
when you cry do your tears burn your face?
my boyfriends lips tattooed on me? how?
Picture of the rose tattoo on Slash's inner forearm?
Why do people think it's weird when guys shave their legs or arms?
10 Points: Does anyone know Chinese calligraphy or know of a legit, accurate generator?
Sexiest place for a Tattoo on a girl.?
can midwives have visible tattoos?
should i get a rose tattoo?
What are some good....? (.s) tattoos?
what is the smallest size of bra and biggest size,and may i know your size?
Do you think this tattoo is trashy?
Girls only please its embaressing?
girls, where is the best place on the body for a guy to get a tattoo?
i have lots of pimples and black heads on my face.i m 17 years old and i feel very bad because of my face?
White Ink
Does this tattoo idea sound lame?
at what weight do you consider a girl to be too heavy?
what kind of eye color is the prettiest ( black brown blue)?
Why doesn't he tell me how many tattoos he has?
do you have any tattoo's?
whats fashionable about a tattoo?
Where can i find loads of kanji tattoo designs?
little help on tattoo design?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo on the bend of your wrist?
Tattoos on or not? And why would they be hot/not?
Native American Art as tattoo - asking PNW native Americans specifically?
What is a good lyric/quote from a classic rock song for my tattoo?
I have just had two tattoos done .....?
Is it really bad that I swam in the ocean a week after getting my tattoo?
i want a tattoo will it hurt ?
my lips in every season.what do i do to prevent this?
Can i use eucerin moisturizer for my tattoo?
How old do you have to be in order to get a tattoo?
do you think guys should get tattoos of peoples names on their bodies Ex: mother or girlfriend--kids?
How do I get all of the bumps,marks,and pimples on my face off ?
Help on deciding what tattoo I should get?
If someone got a tattoo of what looked like your being ripped open and your a robot inside....?
barbed wire band tattoo on left arm meaning?
i want this tattoo..?
question for tattoo people.?
who thinks i am ugly??? tell the truth please?
what happens if a tattoo artist goes do deep??to shallow??over works the area?
What should my lip say?
Do you like tattoo's?
best spot for this medium sized tattoo?
what is a good treatment for your zits ?
Any opinions on New Skool Tattoo in Brownstown Twp, MI?
Can hair grow over a tattoo? ?
what is wrong with a full breast that went saggy?
Tattoo ! need help please!?
Is something wrong?
do you like big ones or small ones on women?
Anyone wanna design my tattoo? :]?
belly button piercing?
Where did Lakyn Heperi get his 'Let It Be' tattoo done?
what is a good tattoo to get on your upper arm?
what are some meaningful lyrics by brand new that would make a good tattoo?
Tattoo idea. What can go below my tribal band?
Is my new tattoo blurring? Please help! (pic included)?
what can i do to lose weight by August 15th?
how long would this tattoo take?
comments on my tattoo idea?
how to have clear skin?
Disadvantages of nose lift/rhinoplasty?
Im looking for a good shakespear quote?
tattoo ideas?
on a scale 1 to 10 what am i?honest opinions?
My tongue piercing is now healed so i changed the bar to the.regular short size and....?
I have an idea. Will it work?
what do you think of tongue piercings?
Is a tattoo under my breast slutty or tacky?
how old do you have to be to get your ear pierced or to get a tattoo?
If you get a tattoo in a flabby place, and lose weight, will the tattoo be distorted?
safe marker tattoo?
Where can i put this tattoo?!?
I don't have any tattoos but?
Anxiety about telling my parents I got a tattoo?
which tattoo is better?
help with a hebrew tattoo..?
Should i get this tattoo?
how can i forget my x boyfriend?
Best solution for acne and pimples?
what's mean of Love?
Another Tattoo Design.?
Estimate On A Tattoo?
tattoo help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i clean my nose piercing?
My tattoo looks ed?
I am very much ashamed of how fat my big toes are. Is it possible to have liposuction done to them?
Tatto placement idea advice ?
How popular are full blue moon tattoos?
Getting a tattoo specifically for my dad, but he doesn't know.?
Tattoo.......anwser plz......?
After i tak a shower My face is always peely and dry what can i Do?
How old is ashley?
First tattoo placement, help?
What is the best way to give yourself a pedicure ??
Where should i place my tattoo?
what is the right age to shave for girls.?
Tattoo Ideas for a Medical Assistant?
waxing your leg tips?
has anyone made a purchase with what was your experience?
How much should one 7/16 taper cost?
do you like my new tattoo. i think it looks pretty awsome!?
tattoo on your wrist?
can you get a tattoo on the back of your hand?
Should I get a tattoo and should I tell my parents about it?
What's the best way to treat large pores?
i need a tattoo what should i get?
i have really oily skin?
im looking for a tatto but i wont it in the less painfullest place and small?
I drew my own Tattoo what do you think?
Chinese characters in an Egyptian tattoo?
Pierced tongue or tattoo?
What's the best way to get rid of a scar?
Do u prefer small tattoos or something more extreme?
Stretched from 8 to 6 and it bled, help?
Is it better that some facial places don't do extractions on the first visit?
girls??? and sex?
I know you know, so just tell me?
Is my tattoo infected ?
yellowish color on my skinon the side of my new tattoo?
What piercing should i get, (pics)?
Can i fix my tattoo ?
Guys, Opinions on girls with piercings?
every winter I'm so tempted to get another tattoo, why?
Do tattoos hurt really bad?
Memorial Tattoo idea? WDYT?
I have a secret tattoo?
i want to get a funny tatto on my a$$, any ideas?
How bad does it hurt to get your nose pierced? And which is sexier on a girl, hoop or stud?
Hip/stomach tattoo, opinion?
i have two tattoos on my neck,one on each side,nothing bad or offensive,do i have a chance of becoming a cop?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
How do you keep really sensitive skin clean and free from grossness?
Does this tattoo spot hurt? rate!?
what should i do with my pimples?
Would You Kiss someone who has on........?
Will tattoos change if you tone your body?
I have very pale skin. I like the way I look tanned. Could I get my entire body tattooed to look like I'm tan?
How old do you have to be to get a Tattoo ?
I Need Help With A Tattoo Concept.... Very Important?
What is the price of an excision tattoo removal?
I work in a kitchen and just got a tattoo on forearm, should I cover it?
adding to my tattoo..?
can i have your opinion on my tattoo idea?
help with this tattoo issue!!!?
Tattoos over stretch marks?
How do you get your skin clear?
How long would this tattoo take 'look at picture'?
After getting a tattoo is it ok 2 dye hair?
A lady at my work wants a tattoo on her ankle ?
Do tattoo's in your hurt?
Please help me find....?
can tattoos cover up stretch marks?
My tattoos ink is coming up?
what is the best treatment or lotion for dry, ed feet and heels? Please help these feet hurt..?
is it too tall??
Has anyone ever had a problem with the spray on tans (mystic tan) at a tanning salon?
What does getting a tatoo feel like?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Will a nipple effect the look of a tattoo?
Whats your opinion on women with sleeve tattoos?
Has anyone tried "St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Invigorating" ?
Has anyone had Lapband surgery, and what were your results like? Are there any tips you can give??
Microdermals vs. surface bars?
I have been considering s full arm sleeve either zodiac,polynesian, skull?
I really want a tattoo, but..?
What looks good as a hip tattoo?
i have this scar from an operation on my waist!!can u remove it?
Tattoo quote ideas 6 words long or shorter?
Tattoo goo and cuts ?
Where can I find photos of the tattoo design from the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?"?
Can i put a nicotine patch on with week old tattoo?
quotes on loosing someone you love. for a tattoo?
i want to get my first tatoo, what should i get and where should i get it?!?
have any other women ever used a toothbrush as a vibrator?
Is there a gang tattoo for specialitys?
Tattoo opinion! Help?!?
how do you make a tattoo gun?
Flower tattoo idea, not sure which to get. ?
what do you think about this tattoo?
How do I convince my parents that a tattoo would be okay?
i have exceptionally oily skin, do you know of any natural remedy that could cure it?
whats you fave lush product?
Is it trashy for women to get tatoos? Is the "tramp stamp" something guys really believe in?
Who loves tattoos???????????:)?
How much would a tribal tattoo cost in malaysia?
uneven skin tone?
Why do people think tattoos are attractive?
I want a tattoo. But, I want a real creative one. Any ideas?
What is the name for the skin cut tattoo?
Who uses or had used Proactiv?
Inner bicep vs rib tattoo?
Twin mommy tattoo question?
My stage name and nick name is "Spider" I want to get a tattoo of one but am having hard time picking one.?
How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
tattoo at age 17...bad idea. Help!?
tattoo for beginner?????????
My girlfriend and her razor...........?
if i were to get a very small tattoo, say, that of a pixel, would it look good?
how do i lose weight?
Why's similar or goes with a Buddha for my tattoo. I cnt think of anything. Mind block. ?
Guy's! What do you think of The Dove campaign for real beauty?
Is it bad if you put too much cream on your tattoo like bepanthen?
I have VW a tattoo on my back, but now i have a huge zit on it?
Anyone want to help me out deciding my tattoo?
Is any of your parents tattooed or pierced?
Your opinions on these. ?
HELP!!!I have a weight problem!!!!!!!!!?
The band QUEEN tattoo quotes please?
is haveing a tatto on your belly a good idea?
How long does schooling take to be a tattoo artist?
How long do you wash your tattoo?
What tattoos do you girls like on a man?
Tatto in rememberance of unborn baby girl that didn't make it?
Where can I get Tattoos done at cheap rates in kolkata?? please mention the area and rates?
I need you opinions on ear stretchers?
Whats an effective way to get rid of dark circles around your eyes?
How much pain should be expected getting a tattoo?
How to cure dark circles?
wrist tattoos?
Grown Women, I Have a Question?
How do i know what gauge/mm my dermal piercing is?
When someone asks why you like being tattooed, what do you tell them?
Would i have to get a canadian french or a canadian tattoo?
Would this drawing be too small to be a detailed tattoo?
hi, i have this idea for a tattoo, can anyone draw a raven with a bleeding rose in its beak or foot?
how to fix dry chapped lips?
which quote is better for a tattoo?
Tattoo design...Let me know what you think!?
tattoos in the workplace?
how much does big buddha tattoo studio cost?
remove at home tattoo.?
Im looking for a new tattoo on my forearm (wrist to elbow kind of thing) any suggestions ?
How much would a tattoo on the neck/throat that says "Straight Edge" cost?
My foot is swollen after getting a large foot tattoo but I can barely walk on that foot! Help!?
What do you think is a good Breast size for women?
Should I get a septum or monroe piercing? (PICTURE)?
has anyone ever had to get a limb amputated because of a tattoo gone wrong? if you all think i shouldnt get a tattoo on my boob..?
who won tha nail competition at profesional beauty show in london last weekend?
Los Angeles Tattoo Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Around how much would a small tattoo on my wrist be?
My boyfriend's name tattooed on me?
Tattoo question: Italian of French?
Can This Prevent Me From Gettin Tattoo? *IMPORTANT*?
2nd time i ask: what is the best time (age) for start using an anti-age face cream?
how old do you have to be in TN to get a tattoo?
who has a good 2 areas in a girls body?
Is there a 2 of everybody? I mean resemblance.?
What Does A Tattoo Feel Honestly?
What type of lettering or style should I get this tattoo in?
does any1 no any fantastic drawings, poems or quotes 4 me to get a tattoo about protecting my family?
Question about the tattoo I'm getting?
Wat to tatoo on my upper back?
Symbols for Purity and Innocence?
Girls - Guys with Tattoos?
what do you think of the tattoo B2E ?
Where is a good place to get a tattoo in montreal?
Placement for this tattoo?
How can somebody with dark complexion get it fair?
Is there such a thing as an invisible tattoo that only shows up under UV light?
How much will it cost to get my cheeks pierced?
Where is the best place to get your first tattoo and will it effect applying for jobs?
Why do people yell at us and not little kids?
should i get a tattoo?
where does it hurt the least for a tattoo?
Cover up tattoo ideas?
Why is my tattoo looking this wac?
A monkey tattoo design?
I just got a tattoo about a week and a half ago and need to know if i should wait to shave my legs.?
How much will a tattoo like this cost?
What kind of tattoo is on this girl's shoulder?
Which is better sun block or sun screen, or are they the same? And Sp what is the one recommended to work best
I own a tanning saloon and I would like to expand my client base. How do I coax Blacks and Asians in?
Piercing? And tattoo?
eating disorder recovery tattoo ideas?
I wanna get my arm all sleeved out with tattoos, should I wait till after im married?
Are there any piercing and/ or tattoo games that i can play online?
I was drunk and I got a Pokemon tattoo?
What causes those nasty s on the ball and backs of the feet?
Is this phrase too long for a tattoo?
will my lip piercing close in 4 hours ?
I want a tattoo but because of my body type i have no idea where to put it. icannot add a pic link?
Adding to an old tattoo ink question.?
i want a tattoo?
Slapping your tattoo to itch it?
what does this tattoo say? I think its in chinese or japanese?
lip piercing !!!!!!!!?
Is Clinique skincare products bad for your skin?
What font would you recommend for a tattoo?
Tattoo Questions Please?
where shout i get me tattoo?
does anyone like this tattoo?
Anyone of you ladies have suggestions what I can do to get rid of tough, white, ing cuticles?
Any suggestions on a good tattoo artist in Gwinnett/Barrow County GA?
I got my ear stretched and it's swollen?
What question do you hate getting about your tattoos?
tongue piercing questions? smart answers only please :) ?
Small tattoo for my wrist ideas?
Good place for Female Tattoo?
Husband wants me to get a tattoo I don't want?
in need of tattoo artists?
what is the best treatment or lotion for dry, ed feet and heels? Please help these feet hurt..?
Looking for the best Oriental Style Tattoo Artist in South Florida. Anybody know of one?
Has anyone tried Fake Bake tanning products?
how does tanning oil work?
Girls, do you find a facial piercing attractive on a guy? and NOT the ones that have 'sexual benefits' (tongue
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Where would be the best, most decrete and least painful place to get a tattoo?
Getting a tattoo specifically for my dad, but he doesn't know.?
where is the best place to get your ears pierced?
what is the best way to shave w/o getting razor bumps?
how long does it take a tattoo to heal?
a quality tattoo shop in saint louis?
Can you take painkillers before you get a tattoo?
do blacklight tattoos stay visible?
how much does a tanning bed membership cost?
I need something to eliminate pimples?
All dimple Piercing questions.?
Do I look fat to you?
Tatoos! I Really ,Really want a lower back tatoo?
Will I regret getting this tattoo?
I am having a hard time finding Almay Milk Plus skin products. They've discontinued the line. I need them
looking to add some more to my tattoo?
how do i get rid of strech marks?
Im trying to find out the name of this girl and I'm looking for anyone who can help.?
How to make your own temporary tattoo ?
I have a full sleeve Tattoo!?
I want a tattoo.?
do black people get sun burn?
Im looking to get a tattoo that represents that ive learned from my mistakes,could be a symbol or some writing?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Ever done anything you thought you would have never done?
Where can I get a tattoo on body (read inside for more details)?
how do you know when your feet stink?
Does it hurt more for a skinny person to get a tattoo?
i want a tattoo on my lower back! can somone help me?
what do you think of my new tattoo?
what is the fasest way to get rid of a zit?
what is the hottest piercing?
Can i get a tattoo at the age of 16?
can people actually die of a broken heart?
Ew! My nails are sooo stubby and i want them to grow but they just arent!?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo for woman in mid 30s?
Is this Tattoo a good idea?
Im 14 and im getting a tattoo small to medium what should i get?
will getting tan make my acne go away?
How much do tattoos cost?
tattoo isnt how I wanted it to be .. help!?