What is the best tattoo shop in London?
I am not a hairy person but I have enough hair to cover my torso and some on my back, what should I do?
where to get this tattoo???
When i shave, there are always dark spots left but my legs feel smooth. Why?
What should i get for my first tattoo ?
Tattoo Price Ranges, just an estimate?
Best Tattoo Studios in Birmingham, UK?
Little bumps?
Im breaking out on my tattoo!!! help!?
How much would these tattoos cost?
Piercings and gyming ?
i am 13 and i am thinking of getting a tattoo?
Is there a retailer that sells Tatjacket or a similar product?
Piercings Question?
Can I use white tattoo in as a primer?
Do you think this is fine?
do i have to be thin for a ribcage tattoo?
Tell me about your tattoo(s)?
Questions about rib cage tattoos?
Any recommendations for a good Rat Fink tattoo artist in San Diego?
I want a tattoo of some lyrics. Help me choose?
I want my zodiac sign tatted on my shoulder is it gonna hurt?
Quote to go with My Wing Tattoo?
I get zits on my shoulder and chest and face and nothin I use works. Wat are sum good stuff???
Need guys help on this one?
What is a good tattoo for your ribcage?
Will weight loss affect a tattoo?
can anyone tell me how much this might run me?
What tattoo sayings would you get?
Tattoos body art? help!?
How to go about setting up a tattoo apprenticeship?
How old do u have to be to get a tattoo in the Philippines without parents consent?
do tattos hurt?
Tattoo at 16 years old?
Is my tattoo dumb, be honest?
After you get a tattoo what happens right after?
how can my sister get rid of stretch marks on her tummy?
do you know where in tasmania, hobart i could get a tattoo at 16 with parent porrmission ?
Is this a pretty Tattoo to get?
How much do you think this tattoo is?
Can someone translate this asian writing from this tattoo?
Can you help me with this tattoo decision?
Which is the best spot for a cursive signature tattoo? ?
Why do people have to be so mean?
what kind of pericings?
Experience of Laser tattoo removal?
Can sometimes help create a tattoo?
Roman Numeral Tattoo?
Why do men want a woman who accepts them as they are, but then are totally against dating a fuller-figured one
Tragus piercing, shrinking?
I want to do an airbrush tattoo, what do I need?
What was the meaning of Mitch Luckers Face tattoo?
Caring for a piercing in a really, really dirty environment?
who holds the world's record for longest female legs?
when should i get the tattoo?
Rate this foot tattoo?
Chest tattoo design help?
Can anyone find me a really good hannya mask picture?
GIRLS Whats the cutest place for a boy to have your name tattooed?
Are there certain requirements for tattoos?
If a minor gets a tattoo and the doctor sees it, are they obligated to tell parents?
respect for fernando torres?
Strength tattoo idea?
what you think about yourself,do you vant to cange somenthing on you and why?
Advice needed: Tattoo and my parents?
Memorial Tattoo for my Grandma?
dark patches on face due to years of sun?
I want a face tattoo but a little one what do you think?
whats the best way to remove facial hair above lip without having it grow back thicker and darker?
What should a teenager get for her first tattoo?
natural cure for acne?
what is the best product for height enhancement?
more than a handful is a waste? why?
Rockzone piercings in gilroy?
Is it weird for a man to exfoliate and moisturerize?
Help! Need assistance with tattoo design?
Guys please! Tattoos on girls. Yes or no?
I have thick scabbing on my tattoo, dry heal or moisturize?
If I'm trying to get a tattoo, what do I need to bring to the tattoo artist?
I want to get a tattoo but nervous ?
good or bad idea for a 15 or 16 year old girl to get a tattoo?
how do u get rid of acne w/o using anything?
I want to know how Botox can get rid of wrinkles.Is there any side effects in my body.How long will it last?
why are skinny asss models and skinny white girls on mtv considered "perfect" or thin???
Where can I buy henna at either in store or online?
Can Nurses have Tattoos?
where would be the best place on my body for me to get a tattoo ...?
Ideas for my first tattoo?
My Papa just passed away and I want to get a tattoo in remembrance, what/where should I get it?
How to go about looking for a tattoo artist?
Tattoo is flaking and coming off?
How much would each of these cost?
What kind of tattoos are these come?
why do guys?
underarm stains...?
anyone judge you for your tattoo?
If you could get any tattoo...?
What typeface is the mumford and sons writing in?
Im getting a tattoo and need ideas got any?
Will a tattoo stretch and go dull if i grow?
What should i wear while i get my full back tattoo?
What store can I go to, to find body shape products? Example Walmart?
whats a good tanning lotion?
what do you think of proactive?
should i get a tattoo at 17?
For the person who asked about tattoo license requirements.?
Half sleeve on my shoulder?
I'm 22, male. Suggest some cheap, easy, painless ways to reduce face pimples. Thanks.?
Is 5 '6 tall for a girl who is 16yrs old?
in need of some guidance on a messed up wrist tattoo?
how can i ask my mom for a tattoo?
2 day old tattoo question?
Moisturizing my tattoo.?
what do you think about girls with tattoos?
Can anyone refer me to a tattoo removal place in the Riverside, CA area?
what is a good tattoo shop in houston?
I tattooed my self with a sowing needle and pen ink ! It was bleeding a little when I did it?
Will my tattoo on my spine deform if I loose large amounts of weight fast?
why can we say that female has a milky skin but male has not ?
Sak Yant in Bangkok ?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Can i get a tattoo in TN if im a minor and have parental permission?
Do you think tattoos are trashy & unladylike for females?
A few tattoo questions? ?
Tattoo ideas. I need some suggestions?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
My boyfriend wants to get my name tattooed on him, I don't want him to. What should i do?
I need attractive,clean, femenine tattoo ideas...?
If a moles on ure back itch is it something to worry about?
i want to make myself a homemade tattoo?
HELP~ Tattoo Question--What Should I Do?? Get my tattoo recolored first OR go ahead and get my 3rd tattoo?
Which tattoo would look better below your bellybutton? A paw-print or cherries?
Can tanning give a side effect to waxing?
what tattoo should i get?
What Mother ~ Daughter tattoo can I get?
What are some tips on getting a great tan - also without harmful effects of the sun?
can i get my outie belly button pierced?
What is going on with my tragus pierceing ?
Tell me what you think of my tattoo idea?
Why does ear wax smell of Salt & Vinegar chrisps/chips?
How much does a tattoo of this size would cost to be removed / touched up?
dermatology equipment hyphercator?
Which physician is the best for boob job in the US?
I have a big tattoo of morbus"the disturbed maskot" on my arm,can it be cover up?
Wondering about these .....?
Tattoo under breast?!?
Do I have the right stuff for aftercare of my tattoo?
Do you think a tummy ring is sexy then a tongue pierced?
my name is salma i want to know about breast success pls help me i need website adresses?
What does "The wolf with the red roses" mean?
Easy 10! Best place to put a tattoo?
I've never gotten a tattoo before so..?
this may sound stupid but im getting a tattoo&?
Would this tattoo look good?
getting a tattoo (its going to be an area code)?
What do you think of this tattoo?
I want a wrist tattoo?
I need ideas for a tattoo to symbolize my 3 kids?
I am helping a friend design a tattoo, I have the image worked out but need a banner or something?
What tattoos & piercings do you have? Had? Want any?
Should I get a Tattoo?
Does taking a tatoo hurt badly?
Does drinking apple cider vinegar help clear up acne?
what is a good cream to use on a new tattoo?
I just got an inner wrist tattoo with white ink in it. I can already tell my skin won't work with it.?
Tattoo hurting and oozing bigger scabs on the red color. Should I be worried?
Why is the leg (calf area) a good/bad place for a tattoo?
Question about back of the neck tattoo...?
What is your favourite perfume? Can you describe its scent?
why is the new layer of my skin red, irritated and itchy?
What quote would be good for a tattoo for my grandad?
What voltage should i set my tattoo power supply at?
Woman- What is your favorite perfume? Men- What is your favorite cologne?
Tattoo Idea? Need Opinions?
I want to get a tattoo on my wrist, but I know my family won't approve. I have 3 already as it is. Need advice
Is is ok for guy's (straight) to go to a tanning salon once every 2 months?
Semi-long-term tattoo cover-up...?
How much would a wrist tattoo cost?
My girlfriend wants to get a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of a dandelion. How long would it take?
My eyes are light brown which color do guys like best?
how can yuo provet acne?
What are the best self tanners out right now?
i need to know where to find the spa-di-do kit for $9.99 in the family circle magazine for march?
Whats better for evening skin tone (red marks), laser or peels?
What would be a good idea to cover up an anarchy tattoo??
Can I get a tattoo at 16 if my mum is wih me?
I want to get a cute love phrase tattoo or just something meaningful in Gaelic under my breast, any ideas?
Why do people with bad breath wanna talk to you? i just don't understand?
GUYS and GALS, do you believe that 125 lbs is big or small for a girl that is 5 foot 7???
Has anyone ever gotten the same tattoo in a different place?
Good Tattoo Places In Saskatchewan?
About how much would this cost?
Are there any good stories out there about Acutane?
how do you get rid of a mole on your boydwithout using a knife or laser. Are there any natural products?
how much would this tattoo cost? (estimate)?
tattoo help!?
Girls...should a bloke..?
What do you think of this tattoo?
When Should iget my first tattoo?
Do you think I'd look good with venom bites?
slimming belt is really effected or not?
i hate when people judge people by ther skin color... how do u feel?
things i should know about a QR-Code tattoo?
Worried i messed up my ear from piercing my cartilage?
What is the aftercare of a foot tattoo and what shoes should I wear?
Why didn't my waxing kit work?
how do loose wight i weigh 120 pounds and im 15 and i want this guy to like me?
What do you think about cheek piercings?
How much does it cost to get snake bites at silver city tattoo & body piercing?
What tattoos do you have and what's the meaning behind them?
Need help with Infinitink tat?
I have a tatoo on my lower back that says STEVIE, How can i cover it up...Young and dumb?
When is the best time to get a tattoo? During the day wise..?
my face skin is greasy one,it's oily everytimes n that's y i have lots of!?
ear plug and ear gauge plugs?
Another question about leg waxing????
Can I go swimming in a river with a fresh tattoo? (read carefully)?
Need opinion tattoo idea?
i just got a tattoo when can i swim?
If I have a grape tattoo will it age to a rasin?
Any super markets sell temporary vampire bite tattoos? ?
How much do you estimate this tattoo costing?
i am 1.64m and weight 86kg. How do I loss 10kg in 4months. i am a guy?
i want to let my kids write their names on me and get them tattooed good idea?
Can I change the color red to orange in my tattoo?
How many tattoos do you have?
Whats the best way of dealing with tattoo pain?
Do you need to be skinny to get a belly button piercing??????????
Reef tattoo logo idea? (10 points)?
wat foods shuld i eat to gain weight?
What other images go with a Phoenix?
is it normal to feel your foot numb after a couple of hours of getting a tattoo done ?
Are stretch marks a major turn off for guys?
what is the creame to used in my face to become smooth & white?
Why do women/girls want tattoos?
can i get a black tattoo covered up with purple ink?
How do tanning oils and sprays work to be specific?
can you cover your new tattoo?
I'm getting a foot tattoo on saturday... any advice?
Price for just one snake bite?
has anyone got the same tattoo cheryl cole has round the top of her leg? no haters please!?
what is the difference between tanning accelerators and bronzers?
What worked for YOUR acne?
I'm 14 and allowed to have a small shooting star tattoo. should I put it on my wrist?
How much APROX would these tattoos cost?!?
Do tattoos hurt?
Skin Problem Please Helpppp?
I got a couple tattoos 8 days ago.. is it alright to expose them to sunlight yet?
how is a chemical peal differnt from a mirco abrasion for skin care?
How do I cover up my tattoo for my wedding?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Who thinks tattoo's on girls are hot?
What could I cover this tattoo with? Ideas please?
other words for BOOBS?
LADIES!How do I deal with wearing a bikini for the first time?
My mother and I are planning to get a tattoo?
Cool ruby tattoo designs?
Why do women want to put tattoos all over their bodies?
Do You Think Im SexY!?
Getting my first tattoo?
Forearm tattoo pricing?
Do you like my tattoo? [Pics included]?
How can i loose 6Ibs in 2 weeks?
would this be a cool tattoo to get on my right forearm?
Stitched art into skin, instead of tattoo?
ok im 20 and is there any way to make my boobs more perky?
What do you think of these tattoo ideas?
will my tattoo give me career problems?
How much would a name tattoo cost?
Tattoo timing!!!!! :)?
Do you think girls with tattoos are hot??
Is 4 piercings too many?
where is the best place to get a black tattoo in dublin?
where i can go ge my skin lighten from head 2 toes surgically like michael,latoya,beyonce and lil kim?
how do u remove a malodorous perfume from the skin??
I want to get a tattoo on my wrist. I want a word or saying. Any suggestions?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Perth, WA?
What are the legal requirements to be a tattoo artist?
Should the amount/placement of ear piercings be even?
i use the neutrogena clean pore face soap that can be used as a mask and stuff, but my face is still breaking?
Tattoo on foot ? :) :)?
Arabic translations. I want a tattoo with my parents and siblings names, but I'd like the names in Arabic.?
Industrial piecing is still crusting even after a whole year of having it?
What Does A Tattoo Feel Honestly?
if im allergic to having my ears pierced.. would i be allergic to have a tattoo?
Beatles tattoo idea!?
Please, I need help with my tattoo .. Someone ?
where can I find a site that will show me what my breasts might look like after reduction surgery?
Quote tattoo on ribs, opinions?
How should I bandage a new tattoo if I'm out in the sun?
Is 95 pounds fat for someone who is 4 foot 8 and 11?
Would it be possible/worth/beneficial for me to to go to a tattoo artist to help/watch at 16?
I have no tattoos and will be soon going to prison probably, can i get many tattoos in one sitting?
I need ideas for a feather theme..?
I want to get a tattoo on my left hip, but I'm unsure of what to get. Ideas?
Is drinking water from your bathroom facet healthy?
how do i get rid of back zits unexpensively??
Help with tattoo ideas?
The skin on my elbows?
What is the most Painfull thing that has ever happened to you?
How do I get tan skin! I hate laying out!?
What's a tattoo symbol meaning in-sync?
what shoud i do before getting a tattoo?
What is the best method to remove facial hair (for women)?
Thoughts about under arm tattoo? ?
What makes a tattoo hurt?
is it dangerous to get a tattoo...?
How do I avoid the the little red, irritated bumps in my arm pits after I shave?
Tattoo idea for nieces and nephews ?
Do they have sparkling ink for tatoos?
I'm having a lot of pimple in my entire back and some in my soulder caps, is there a way to treat it?
Japanese Snake Tattoo Help from Tattoo Enthusiasts?
Is getting tattoos on your side or neck really painful?
Girls!! do you think its weird for guys to shave their legs?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
What tattoo should I get?
How do you keep cool during the hot summer?
I got a pin up tattoo and am unhappy with it. It is too simplistic and the face looks awful.?
tatoo healing- itching anything that can help?
Hi girlz are u attracted towards big biceps?
Studded Wrist cuffs leave marks?
Can you be legally tattooed at 15 anywhere?
what looks better color or black art?
What is good to help hide or eliminate crows feet and deep wrinkles by the nose area?
what does mean abs in body?
what is the best thing about being a women?
My dermal piercings seem loose?
What is the best place to get a tattoo?
Just bacase a girl is fat dose that mean she ia ugly?
i have a problem of my feet get ed regularly.what to do?
build you own real life size doll (Part 4)?
to all you tattoo artists out there.... I could use some help...?
why is it that white girls are so easy to bang ?
should I use shaving tubes or shaving gels?
New Tattoo help?
im trying to find someone who will draw my tattoo out?
does anyone know what font rich boy's chest tattoo is?
Belly Button Rings-- on a scale of 1-10...?
I just got a tattoo have questions about healing process?
piercings. Can a guy get his nose pierced ?
Will getting a tattoo guarantee that ill go to hell?
Do you guys like girls with tattoos?
how can pimples be prevented?
how long should I use bepanthen for tattoo ?
Is there a way to really lose 30lbs and inches in 6-8 weeks? I am exercising but it isn't working?
I'm getting tattoo soon and I have a few questions....?
whats a good estimate of a Biomechanical tattoo on my forearm be?
if you were going to do an at home tattoo,what kind of ink would you use and not use?
Where can I get a scarification tattoo around Boston?
tattoo quote help! what can i write for my tattoo?
Help! Is my tattoo coming off?
What to put on my tattoo?
Where is a good place to get tattoos close the the Outer Banks of North Carolina?
dye my hair after tattoo?
New tattoo? What cream do I use ?
Is it normal for some of the ink to come off of my new tattoo when i wash it?
Does looks matter???
What do you think of women who have tattoos on their backs,above the butt?
Can you get a tattoo at 16, without parental consent, if you've moved out?
how to remove permanent tattoo (pachabotu in telugu) is there any remedy?
what is the best deodorant for sensitive skin?
Tattoo fading normal?
What material is used for the tattoo mats on the tatoo artist workstations?
Is she interested or just being friendly for work? should i ask her or what?plz help get good points!?
Tattoo Ideas relating to World History?
Serious help!!!!?
What is the procedure for Botox?
why does "amazing face" tanning lotion make my blemishes look worse?
Hey I want a tattoo that will last a few years but not permanant?
Does Proactiv really work?
I have a tattoo booked for this week, my mum is fine with it but my dad isnt?
Good WAX???
do stretch marks gross guys out?
classic heart and wing chest tattoo?
Where can I get cheap, no questions asked, gastro-bypass surgery?
I think I'm addicted to sugar: what to do?
foot tattoo pain? someone helppppp?
are there any cures for sun poisoning?
Is my tattoo infected or is this normal?
Hip piercing questions:?
How long do water blisters last after getting a new tattoo?
How can I shrink my pores and keep the blackheads & whiteheads from coming back so I can have flawless skin?
I got a tattoo at a party?! HELP!!! i'm 15?!?
How do you stop yourself from sweating under your arms?
Is it just me, or do these stars who keep putting more and more puffiness into their lips look stupid?
where would this tattoo look good?
What is a good brand for a face wash?
How to live with large hypertrophic scar on my whole tattoo? anyone on the same sit?
what is the best way of perventing pimples without taking any cure?
why didnt my henna show?
whats the best way to get rid of blackheads?? i have used biores blackhead nose peels but they...?
Tattoo idea- what do you think?
New Tattoo...Need help..plzzz?
People from Arizona, tattoo help.?
What color nailpolish matches everything..?
Is a tattoo on the middle of your lower back slutty?
Foot Tattoo suggestions?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost? On average?
I have naturally tanned skin do you think that's nice?
why do tattoo artists wear surgical masks?
What to get as a tattoo?
what do the tattoos devendra banhart have signify?
Twisting cartilage earring while cleaning?
Why is it so irritating for skinny chicks to complain about being fat?
What should I get as my tattoo?
does any 1 have beauty tips for spots?
Do you think its pointless to get a tattoo of your favorite band's Symbol?
where are some good day spas in phoenix?
aye, i wuz just wantin 2 know how can i make my skin brighter, without bleaching?
Microdermal Anchor piercing and liquid?
Is it easy covering word tattoos when they are thin solid black lines?
is a tattoo on the upper leg sexy or slutty?
a way to look skinny in the 8 grade?
Thinking of getting a tattoo, how to go about it?
how did you get your parents to let you get a tattoo?
i´ve done a tattoo with an 8 point but the color didnt stay on good when i was doin it how do i get better?
what can i do to my tattoo?
What would you think about a 20 yrs. old girl with no piercings or tattoos ?
Which lotion is better for a new tattoo?
I found a tattoo that I want, but it's on a person in the picture...?
Which tattoo should I get?
I have a tattoo over a year old and it still hurts why.?
What to write on my tattoo of a heart. 1) Since I don't really have one or 2) Two hearts double the love?
What is the best tattoo shop in San Diego for black and whites?
question about piercings?
can someone please help me on a descreet place for a tattoo?
Is a woman who's 5'4" tall, 157 lbs and about a size 10 fat?
help me girls!?
What tattoo parlors in Ann Arbor MI tattoo minors?
Vietnamese style tattoo in san diego?
Discreet places for small and simple tattoos?
I need a good remedy for breakouts!?
What tattoo should I get?
It's my day off, should I go get a tattoo?
Why do some black people have dark black spots on their knees and elbows?
Do you like this tattoo idea? Or is it trashy?
How to get rid of minor varecouse veins?
Tattoo Like Pete Wentz' Stomache Tattoo?
Which should I get tattooed Lily of the valley & Rose v.s Lily of the valley & honey suckle????????
what is the best way to get rid of pimpels?
i wanna get a tattoo on my penis will they do it? i want a school bus or lava lamp?
I'm starting to regret getting these tattoos here.. Do they look stupid?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
where can i find a place for a me and a friend to have a massage together?
Does anyone know where I can get a Twilight temporary tattoo from in the UK?
Where should I go to get a brazilian wax?
What was your first tattoo? And do you still like it?
Help!!! please! this is super important!?
how long after you wax does the hair come back?
I got a tattoo on the inside of my wrist, does it matter that it's upside for viewers, but not for me?
i want a tattoo but i dont know what i like what are some creative ideas?
Where is the best place to get first tattoo?
Is there any home remedy to remove facial hair and also hair on the arms and legs?
How long was the longest you went without showering? Why?
Where can i get a tattoo that my parents wont see?
Easy ten points to answer this price question about a tattoo?
what do you think??????
Ring Finger Tattoos---Help Finding a Realistic Design?
Tattoo placement problems !!??!!!!?
What would be the best place to get this tattoo?
Good Tattoo Idea? I'll love you forever--->read more.?
how do i get rid of back zits unexpensively??
Can I use Vaseline lotion on my tattoo?
when do you exfoliate before or after you shave?
Tattoo Help? Any Opinions?
Looking for a pin up girl Tattoo idea?
is there any regular diet so that our skin can be wrinkle free?
where in glasgow can i get collagen injections on my lips and how much does it cost?
Do you think my tattoo needs redone!? I just got it a week ago and its already faded SO much.. pic included?
is it safe to swim with my tattoo at the moment?
Does accutane..........?
A tattoo healing process question.....?
Calf tattoo specifications?
list all the piercings you know of and be specific?
Is getting a tattoo worse than childbirth?
What does it feel like getting a tattoo?
How can i get my body parts pierced safely myself?
Why does hair grow on my big toes?
Does anyone have some good advice for a tattoo idea?
washington state tattoo laws?
tattoo design question?
How often should I hang around the tattoo shop?
What is the best way to answer the question "So what are your weaknesses" a interview.?
should i get my favorite quote tattooed on me?? ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Are these tattoos real because?
How to find out if your skin will hold a certain tattoo color?
I am looking for a location near me that does body wraps with excellant results, I live near South Bend, IN?
How do I get rid of several ingrown hairs on my bikini line left over from getting it waxed?
how to get a tattoo parlor to pierce someone underage without parent permission?
i want a tattoo ?
What gauge do I start with my ears?
shaving ? ?
Should I get a lower tummy/ bikini line tattoo or a lower back tattoo?
Does anyone else find people who tan unattractive?
My first tattoo in ct?
pokemon tattoo ideas for couples?
Is there any safe Laser Treatment to shrink pores in the face? If so, how many sessions is needed?
I have tatoo's all across my back, and also some on my chest and arms... 12 total. Do girls like that?
I would like to tattoo a tear in my face?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say ...?
I got my nose pierced and it's not healing..?
orgasms and tattoos?
How long do I leave my tattoo bandage on? (Its a special non stick bandage)?
Do you like my tattoo idea?
So what do you think of the tattoo i got a couple days ago?
to every one who has a tattoo! why did you get it?
what is musk perfume?
Tattoo is peeling off!?
I am 15 and want a tattoo on my chest, but im still growing. I lift weights, will a tattoo on my chest stretch?
Can I work after just getting a tattoo?
I want to get tattoos on the sides of my pinky's, nothing to big or strange, this ok if i am a doctor?
Daughter's name as tattoo; common, normal and/or strange?
Does anyone have pictures of bio-mechanical tattoos?
How much would it hurt to get a tattoo on your ear lobe?
why are people so concerned with how a tattoo will look on there skin when its old and wrinkled?
Is it OK for a 15 year old to get a tattoo?
How should I get my my tattoo done??? And what will look best?
What technical art skills needed for tattoo artist?
whats the most effective way of removing hair from pubic and underarms area for a male?
Ladies: should a well-muscled guy keep his body hair, or go smooth?
Has anyone had a Bikini wax?
Should I be allowed to get this tattoo?
New tattoo; tight clothes?
how do i get rid of pimples on my tongue?
Help me with a tattoo quote.. vote please?
Should I get a tattoo or piercing?
Becoming A Tattoo Artist.?
Need Help On Tattoo Please?
tattoo to put under Hebrew lettering?
ideas for heart tattoo?
a tattoo with a name and not just any name your lover's name?
is it wring that I'm not attracted to guys with tattoos even though I have one and plan on getting more?
Curious about tattoo removal?
Does Jasmine Tea have another name and could you tell me what it is ?
Im worried of judgemental people... Of tattoos?
tattoo placement ideas?
indian sikh tattoo? any ideas?
i got my cartilage pierced at claire's, and now i regret having it done with a gun. what should i do?
Tattoo healing? Are shiny spots normal?
what is the least painful part of your body to get a tattoo?
tattoo cover up on black?
When should i stop putting cream on my new tattoo ?
What was your first Tattoo & Where is it located?
should a guy get his bellybutton pierced?
i have purchased olay body wash for normal skin..wil use it after a it good?
How to properly take care of cartilage piecing?
my looks????????
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
what tattoo should i get?
I have a swastika tattoo, will it put some girls off dating me?
Can I go to a water park two weeks after getting a tattoo?
When do you get I.D'ed when you enter a tattoo/piercing parlor?
changing my tattoo initals?
what is sexy?
Okay so about my new tattoo?
tattoo Idea...what do you think? and who to draw it?
I had sex and now i am late on my period I might be pregnant what should I do HELP?
Can I train MMA a day after I get a tattoo in my arm?
How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?
Whats the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
Is size 7 considered big for a woman 5'7"?
i have a lot of pimples on my face.they have covered almost all my face.plz suggest something dat really works
where would i find a close up pic of layne staley's tattoo on his left shoulder?
What would be the best tattoo for me?
who was the original owner of Body By Design Tattoo in Crestwood Il?
Can a couple of people take this simple survey on Tattoo's?
Is my tattoo ok It is doing really weird things?
is it normal for the skin around my tattoo to be dry and flaky?
"Determination" tattoo?
how can i convince someone to not get tattoo?
Is a size 5-7....?
Any opinions on Joann's Day Spa in Augusta, GA?
Does This Fairness cream really work. What one should do If she or he wants to beaome fairer?
just had a tribal tattoo on side of my hand shall i put cling film on it?
Tattoo question?????????
I've got two swallows tattooed on my feet, I want something written above them, any ideas?
Is a barbed wire tattoo gay?
this is random but oh well?
who can help draw my tattoo?
looking for a tattoo job listing in the quad cities have 8 yrs experiance?
Help with my tattoo looking to finish it off?
white bump under my tongue ring?
How do I get all of the bumps,marks,and pimples on my face off ?
Question about a tattoo i want?
if you draw a tattoo on yourself is the tattooist literally allowed to just go over it?
how to take care of a new tattoo??please help!?
I want a tattoo for my 18th! What are the popular female tattoo options? :)?
Are blacklight tattoos worth it?
please help me find a tattoo meaning?
Who can Help me with a quote for a Tattoo?
Questions from a tattoo virgin?
What do you think about chicks that have alot of tattoos?
does chocolate really give you pimples?
When getting a tattoo, how far does the needle actuallytrate the skin?
how do i give myself a "tattoo" with a pocket knife?
Piercing in Pittsburgh?
Where should I get my tattoo?
What is a good remedy for stretch marks?
Purple ink cover up on light lime green ink?
Quotes for tattoos about (LIFE,TRUST,FEAR,COURAGE)?
What do youlook for in a skin care product? Multiple uses? Scent? Medicated?
What Tattoo Should I Get?
Do you think I shud put a tatoo saying call me sexy chick on my butt or my arm or my palm?
Best place to get a tattoo in calgary?
Joker tattoo?! 10 points!?
how do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
henna tattoo question?
what lyrics would you get for a tattoo??
hmmm....elmo tattoo on my lower back?
I'm getting a tattoo..?
Working out with a new tattoo?
My nephew got his industrial piercing completed one month later, has full bar in now?
ear piercing hurts, red bump on the outside of it?
i want to tan, what can i do to keep my tattoo out of the sun?
Where should my tattoo start? 10 points!!!!!!!?
who made the first move ADAM OR EVE ?
How do i get over the only guy to give me about 30 orgasms in one play period?
how can i make pimple scars lighten or disappear??
i am thinking about get my bf name tatooed on me in 2 years?
i do not have dry skin, but around my nose area it is, any suggestions as to what products might help?
Pain levels of the following tattoos?
Aren't tattoos a form of self-mutilation?
What is the feeling, you feel, you are going to feel, you have never felt?
spots spots BLOODY SPOTS i need a fast way of getting sir of them HELP?
Tattoo laws in Illinois ?
Help with my horrible skin?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
good inspiring or love quote ideas for a tattoo ?
What are some good Symbols/Characters for the following concepts? (brainstorming tattoo idea)?
this is a good question...i hope!!!!?
are samurai tattoos played out and too common?
I picked my tattoo but not the colour.?
Tattoos? are they advisable for an Actor?
what is the best way of removing wrinkles on my forehead?
What exactly does Nair and other hair removal lotions do?
Tattoo question for a 14 year old?
So after weeks/months of treating, you can submerge it in water, go in the sun, etc.?
what would you put in am garden of eden tattoo?
Where in ottawa can i get a white ink tattoo done?
Does anyone no a rough price for a tattoo like this?
If you could get any tattoo what would you get?
where's a good spot to put the fu dog tattoo?
what should i do to clear scars and pimples on my face immediately?
Industrial Piercing questions...?
Tattoo Design - T & J?
Do you like youself?
This Is Me, Tell Me....?
Opinions on tattoo ideas?
how painful are tattoos?
Would it hurt worse to get a foot tattoo or behind the ear?
Do Tattoo's behind the Ear hurt?
amazin tattoo artist in the uk?????????
I want a nice?
TATTOO ARTISTS OUT THERE: Would this work as a coverup?
Doo you think I should get this tattoo?
Where to get an underage tattoo? (UK)?
i want a roman numeral tattoo?
How do I naturally get rid of dark eye circles? Without make up?
How much will this hurt?
Only for gals. Should I shave my armpits? 34 y/o man?
Im getting a shoulder tribal tattoo and I was wondering what i should do about keeping it safe.?
Help with my first tattoo?
How long would this take?
foot tattoo?
are big boobs that big of a deal?
Should I get this tattoo?
I'm 17 and getting a tattoo on my arm where should I get it?
I'm getting a tattoo sometime next week and I was wondering what would be the best place on my body to get it?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Would this tattoo look better on inner or outer forearm?
Would an inner wrist tattoo that says "Blessed" in cursive be better on a guy or girl?
Pirate Tattoo Ideas?
i want to get my lip pierced?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo license in Ohio and what is the cost of licensing tattoo equipment?
Two different tattoos at once?
hello im 12 and how old? wats the youngest age to have a tattoo?
How to remove a tattoo naturally?
would you ever have plastic surgery?
How do Piercings effect jobs?
Hip tattoo help please?
is this happning hellp plzzz!!?
i did my own tattoo?
What is a healthy percent body fat (for women)?
open jobs for cathay pacific?
nair cire divine?
What is the best tooth whitening product for sensitive teeth?
Why do people think tattoos are trashy?
Tattoos at Harvard University?
To anyone with a tattoo???
How much does a wrist tattoo hurt?
im getting a tattoo soon and i want it to do with music/drums but i dont want a simple music note. any ideas?
I need major tattoo help!!!!?
Would an inner wrist tattoo that says "Blessed" in cursive be better on a guy or girl?
How old to you have to be to get a tattoo at needful things in Dover Pa?
i am trying to find a tattoo that describes something that has had an impact on my life?
I have tried fake tan and my neck is really orange, any tips of removing it or making it less noticeable?
Need a set of 4 chinese symbols for tattoo, only have 3?
is it save to use indian ink for tattooing?
Having my first tattoo soon and I want it to be a well known lyric that resembles the loss of a love one,help?
do i make a cute cartoon?
I need a thesis for tattoos in the work place?
i'm lookin for a venom and carnage tattoo?
Why cant they tattoo over a tattoo thats still bumpy?
insisto vestri somnium or vivete somnia tua for tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo at the age of 16 in PA?
Where should i get my tattoo?
anything suggested for sexy legs?
Tattoo ideas???????????
what is the difference b/w cold and hot wax?
Appropriate teenage girl tattoo?
Which is a good acne product out there besides Pro Activ?
What is a good home remedy to remove scars ?
i wanna've a swimming lesson and i wanna know which sun block to use?
Tattoos on the inside of your lip?
I'm looking for a tattoo and i want to get something with like lyrics or some bad *** phrase...any ideas?
are ther any creams to remove hair?
Why is my body always itchy? It has lumps because I starch it.?
i have what i thought was a pimple but it's just a hard knot under the skin with nothing in it.?
Is exfoliating the skin good before getting a tattoo?
Is your weight depressing you lady's?
i need tattoos wallpapers?
How much would this tattoo cost to put on my ribs (about 13 inches long) no color? https://sp1.attach.mail?
What was your first Tattoo & Where is it located?
Adding to an old tattoo?
Anyone know of a trick to make perfume stay on longer?
How long should you stay in the bathtub?
What is your opinion on septum piercings?
How can i convince my mum to let me get a tattoo?
Can You Get Custom Tattoos?
what do you think about this tattoo- picture included?
where and what style of tattoo is the best looking?(guys only)?
Whats wrong with my cologne? Sean John Unforgivable?
Pls. suggest remedies/products for nails that are yellowish from the use of nail polish?
tattoos that symbolize depression?
Getting a tattoo in another country?
what kind of waxes for girls are there?
Accidentally scratched my new tat?
what will i do to my oily face?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Cozumel Mexico?
Any one in hollywood fl that has gotten a tattoo?
which hurts worse , lip or tongue ?
help me gain weight...?
I just got a tattoo, I'm just 15.?
I have a few questions before I get a triforce tattoo (from Zelda)?
does this sound like a good idea...?
Neutrogena sensitive skin solutions?
when someone grows up is it natural to have pimples?
where is the sexiest place for a girl to get a tattoo?
does it hurt to get wrist tattoo?
Should I lose what I want before getting a tattoo?
i have oily skin what soap can i use?
Would you ever get a tattoo of your partner's name?
Why is my top lip darker than my lower lip?
Help me chose what combination of piercings to get?
how to get rid of bumps after lip wax and prevent them in the future?
should i get my ankle tattoo on the inside or outside of my ankle?
hay ladies my ex wants to get her boyfriends name on her left shoulder, wut do yall think? should she?
How do i get rid of redness from a burn?
Dry Skin? How to get rid of it?
your opinion on women w/ tattoos...?
I have a pimple under my new tattoo?
which color tattoo does look much better Black or Blue?
Whats wrong with my tattoo?? :( 10 points for the most informative answer?
How Can I get rid of Black heads on my nose?
What are some good cover up tats that will cover a black tattoo on the arm?
i want to get a breaking benjamin logo tat?
tattoo on my tummy ideas?
Venom Piercings Info.?
do tattoo sleeves look better black or colored?
how can i get rid of dark rings under my eyes :( ?
What's a good tattoo that exemplifies toughness?
How many tats do you have? What are they? Where are they?
Any great tips for first tattoo?
Does anybody know the font used in this tattoo?
Tattoos on girls?
First tattoo help? Best answer?
Is it wise to get all your tattoos at one time ?
I want to get a tattoo in memory of my childhood friend.?
--Need Answers To This QUESTION--?
Can a 16 year old get a tattoo in a different state then they live in?
My face starts becoming oily as the day progresses , So what must be the reason and its effective remedy?
Weight issue?
how do u get rid of pimples overnight?
Can you get a tattoo if you have an ICD?
How do you get rid of acne scars?
I'm getting a tattoo for my birthday and thinking about getting them on my palms. Does it hurt?
Tattoo idea question?
Opinions on the small letter of my tattoo?
Do you think tatoos are cool?
labret piercing?
getting a tattoo ideas would help heaps!!?
How bad does a tattoo on the ear hurt?
how long does it take to reject a tattoo?
where can i get a beautiul tattoo in singapore?
would a lower back tattoo be a good idea?
Any one know how to ease to pain of stretching your ears?
Dance Tattoo ideas!!!?
Tattoo Poll: Do find these guys attractive?
Would a piercer permit 6 helix piercings in one sitting?
Where would be a good place to put 1 Corinthians 13:13 as a tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo will be?
tribal tattoo that represents regret and sadness?
how much for this tatoo?
On average, how long does a sleeve usually take?
if u only have 9 toenails do u get a discount when u get a pedicure???
Cheek Piercings On Chubby Cheeks?
need a cover up tattoo for a cross i have on my chest. need suggestions?
nipple piercing?
Where on Viggo Mortensen's body did he have his Elvin nine tattoo inked?
Tanning question?
is it a turnoff if a girl has a few extra pounds even though she is really pretty??
Any suggestions on a font for a Beatles lyrics tattoo?
Do you tan? Sun, tanning bed, spray tan or other self-tanner? Why or why not?
My sister isnt allowed to get a tattoo?
does this hurt.........?
i am going to get a tattoo of my boyfriends initial on my finger but i dont know which one help!?
What is a pretty language to get a tattoo in?
If someone got a tattoo of what looked like your being ripped open and your a robot inside....?
what exactly is witch hazel and what kind of skin is it good for? why do they call it witch hazel?
Can I get a tattoo over acne scars? (back)?
do tattoos make you look?
Has anyone ever tried Neutrogena's Acne Mark Fading Peel?
Aproximately how much would have this tattoo cost?
Monster breasts, are they really necessary?
anyone tell me the name of the font used for 50 cent's "southside" tattoo on his back & where to find it?
Sunburn with no peeling?
Does anybody know of any good Custom japanese style tattooist in the midlands. UK.?
Looking for an artist to create a sketch for the tattoo (polynesian style)?
What color should I get on my tattoo?
tattoo country music quote idea?
sexiest tatto uve ever seen on a girl ?!
Can black people tan?
Accidently Overtipping Tattoo Artist?
Is there anything wrong with being fair skinned?
which female celebrity has claw prints tattooed on each breast?
Do guys like girls with big lips or little lips? "i'm serious i want to know this"?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Tattoo pain 1-10? (:?
i am getting my first tattoo soon?
How much will this tattoo cost?
My nose ring just fell out, how can I get it back in?! :[?
how do get rid of scars...!!!!!?
I need a cool tattoo that means 'life'?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
How bad do tattoos hurt when it's big and colored?
Has anyone done both sugaring and waxing? Which do you prefer?
i am getting a tattoo but i am in the middle of a music design or Chinese writing ?
Do you know if tatoo causes problems?
how to cover tattoos?
does masterbration makes a person fat?
How much do you think it will cost to get this tattoo? (Pic)?
What is the name of this pornstar with star tattoos on her scapular?
Don't you know that getting a tattoo is unchristian?
Does anyone have any pics of lily of the valley tattoos?
i am a 19 year old girl, i am 5 inches height. how can i improve my height? please give me resolution?
Can I get a tattoo when I have a rash?
i got a tattoo yesterday and....?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
thinking about a tattoo in spanish guera think its a good idea?
Where can I get a continuous nose ring?
Hey guys i am 15 and about to start shaving. What kind of razor and shaving cream would you recommend?
4 seasons, one tree tattoo? thoughts?
Can you get a tattoo over "chicken skin"?
Healing my tongue piercing?
What would be a good tattoo design for family/love of family?
to control hir fall what i want to do?
I want a tattoo, advice?
Symbolic tattoo for "those who find beauty in ugly things"?
How painful are neck tattoos?
im 14 and i want a tattoo now should i wait or go ahead and do it ?
Need advice on tattoo's (Your advice would be appreciated)?
I Just Tattooed myself someone please help!?
HELP: What do you think of this tattoo? 10 POINTS?
good tattoo parlars in oxford?
How bad do tongue tattoos hurt?
What are some ways to help nail growth and strength?
I need ideas for a tattoo on the side of my back?
IF you change one thing about yourself what would it be???????
Anyone know good places to get a tattoo in Saskatoon or Regina?
What would be a good scene name for me.?
Theatrical masks tatoo design?
someone who knows alot about tattoos help?
I need a new phrase for my tattoo, help?
Should I tell my parents about my tattoo?
Would getting a tattoo in a visible area really be that bad?
do you think 14 is to young to get a tattoo?
what website can you design your own tattoo online for free?
I am a black american women, and having problems with my?
help me with my tattoo idea of a lady and gentle man?
Should I get my belly button pierced or should I keep it the way it is ?
How much do the following piercings hurt?
'NINA'(i just got an answer from u) I NEVER heard of permanet make up to cover stretch marks...plz give detail
How do I get yellow ink to stick to my skin in my tattoo?
help with japanese kanji tattoo!!?
Best place to get this tattoo ?
Am I ready to start tattooing script/cursive?
Is 13 to young to get a tattoo?
Potatoes or Eggs?
Girls opinions on areas for a guy to have a tattoo?
i want a tattoo?
Do you judge people with tattoo's?
does lip piercings hurt?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Looking for early stage design advice.?
how long does it take a sun tan burn to heal?????tell me soon!!!?
Tattoo suggestions and types of tattoos.?
i need some help with tattoo ideas?
Powders for airbrush tattoos?
Does secret deodorant really works for every skin type?
want to get a tattoo for my kids need ideas?
gUYs oR GirLz which is Sexier on a girl a hip bone tattoo or a lower back tattoo??
This is for woman only..........?
What would be a nice tattoo as a remembrance to my older brother?
Tattoo's at 16yrs old?
Good tattoo quote?You only live once so live it to the fullest because everybody dies but not everybody lives?
What is a symbol for Ambition? Tattoo help.?
can you tattoo different color inks over black?
Any tips on following a program to a healthier face and body?
"Carpe Diem" vs. "Follow The White Rabitt"...?
Good sports/motivation quotes for tattoo?
Infinite Ink, Coventry?
should i get a tattoo?
Is it bad to have a tattoo exposed in an interview?
Is it bad if you put too much cream on your tattoo like bepanthen?
can a person get licensed as a tattooist and then move to another state?
What bird tattoo does Proudlock from Made In Chelsea have?
i have a black hair which is very dull, not shiny, even my skin is very oily in summer so what u think i do.?
Do i have a "chewed up" tattoo?
change name tattoo into something?
whitening teeth at home?
Does the VEET Rasera Bladeless actually work?
help give me tattoo ideas?
Rest in peace tattoo ideas for my little brother?
First Tattoo , Help (:?
How to keep my tattoo looking its best for a long time?
where could i get a tattoo of...?
so im getting a tatto but my parents dont aprove and i need to hide it wheres a good place to hide a tatto?
SW FLORIDIANS, How much for this tattoo?
How much would a chest tattoo cost?
My girlfriend got a tattoo and something went wrong!?
Where does birthmarks come from?
i always wounder who is chris browns real girlfriends most girls be lieing?
where would be a good place to put a matching sister tattoo?
Does anyone have any pictures of a tattoo star with a tiger print design?
Tattoo in memory of Grandpa?
name of straight male pornstar with tribal tattoo on upper left should and half of bicep?
does every girl need to get rid of hair?
i have a tatoo that 6 letter and about 5 inches long how much will it cost to be removed?
Why do some men find women's feet to be such a sexual turn on?
Why do many females have big almond shaped eyes and not men?
what is the most effective diet pill?
This is for anyone that has tattoos... do you regret getting your tattoo? Why or why not??
How is the easiest way to get a good fast tan in the tanning bed? I don't like all that?
15 year old giving tattoo is there anything that can be done to stop her?
Tattoo Ideas!?!?!?!?!?!!?
If you were girl was dating a guy and found out he had a few REALLY feminine tattoos, what would she do?
help me , please & thank you ( about tattoos ) .?
A few Q's about tattoos...?
whats the best way to lose weight?
What is something nice for a girls first tattoo?
Foot tattoo questions...?
I had acne when I was a teen and now have dreadful pock marks over my face. What's the best treatment?
I want this tattoo only 3 by 4 inches?
Tattoo policy in military?
Opinions on me getting a tattoo? ?
Should i get this tattoo?
How many piercings do u have? how many tattoes? where and of wut?
i called my boyfriends small and simple?
What's the smallest lip stud I can get?
Why do people get tattoos?
Am I crossing the line with this tattoo?
How bad does a leg tattoo hurt?
What is the most you've ever spent on a bottle of Perfume?
Is this okay for my first tattoo????
Help what lip piercing should i get?
Tattoos. please help?
Which Design is Better?
What does this japanese tattoo mean?
Are the any places in chicago that pierces belly buttons under age 18?
What race has the most beautiful women?
Would you get this tattoo? (its a girl tattoo) What do you guys think of it?
Can someone tell me if I was to get a tattoo...........?
A few questions for Tattoo Artists?
Tongue Splitting in Tallahassee FL?
question about a tattoo im thinking about getting?
Tattoo aftercare lotion?
Any Ideas for a symbolic tattoo?
What to do with an infected tattoo ?
anyone know a good way to remove/lighten sunless tanning sprays..?
How do I get rid of scars on my legs?
My own tattoo design, what do you think?
Whats the tightest tattoo youve ever seen?