when im older i was thinking about getting a full arm tattoo...?
Would I look good with a lip ring, If so what kind? Pictures Included?
wheres a cool place to get a tattoo ?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
Hi does any1 know the best exercise to have slim calves?
Need help figuring out the cost of this tattoo?
how can i avoid pimples?
Is there a good tanning product that dont streak?
I want my tattoo removed?
What's your favorite homemake face mask recipe?
Bumps 5 days after tattoo?
How can i tell if my ear piercings healed?
how can u remove or make the mole disappear, apart from any surgical procedure, as it is on the face?
i want a tattoo really bad!?
Arabic Tattoo Translation?
I need someone who can tell me where I can get someone to design a tattoo.?
Does Nair Really Work?
any one like him wtf?
how much would this tattoo cost?
girl tattoo ideaaaaaa?
Love tattoo on wrist? :I?
how much would this tattoo cost roughly?
I am looking for a cool and unique tattoo idea for myself and my husband that represents a little freaky?
What age were you when you got your first tattoo????
What are suggested tattoo parlors in bradenton FL?
If I flex my muscles, and noone is there to see it, am I still sexy?
i like a girl but i dont know how to ask her out can u help me out plz?
Reaction to red tattoo ink?
I am 22 and I moisturize skin around my eyes every day. Am I too young for such pampering?
how does one stay motivated to loose weight?
Among the current french open tennis players,,, who wears a pink panty?
What part of the body hurts the least to get a tattoo?
is this a good tattoo.?
Who makes the perfume called "Angel"?
In which countries are people crazy about tattoos?
What's the best treatment for rosacea?
I have a red rash on my face, does anyone know anything to help?
just got a tattoo- if i cover it up, can i go tanning with it?
Why can I never sleep the night after getting a tattoo?
I am thinking about getting a inner-lip tattoo and I was wondering if the word DYKE is a bad thing to get?
Foot tattoo sore and stiff? ?
Is salicylic acid safe on a tattoo?
What bra size would be just right??
Poll: should i get a tattoo with a skull with wings?
i want a tattoo but i dont know what i like what are some creative ideas?
Need some general info on tattoos?
Can I get a tattoo after my Pilonidal Surgery?
I need a cute tattoo place?
I fell so over weight what can i do?
Is there any significance to where you put a tattoo?
Why do stretchers/earrings smell weird?
how can i add some wait.i am female 22 and 49kg heavy?
Opinions on my tattoo idea?
Do hood piercings close?
How do I make a butterfly tattoo look less tacky?
Which Soap is the best... that Smells really good with lots of perfume?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Chicago?
How does a tattoo feel when they are putting it on?
How long should this tattoo take to finish? How much will it cost?
I want to get a lower hip tatto but im not.....?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
whats the general "rule" for wrist tattoos?
Tattoo Answers needed?
what is the best over the counter remedy for undereye dark circles and puffiness?
What would be a sexy thigh tattoo idea ?
Can i get a tattoo if i have a parent or guardian with me?
Why would a guy not want his girl to get a tattoo of his name on her?
Tattoo's: How old do you have to be to get one in 'The woodlands' - Houston?
About infinity tattoos?
There's a Gears of War tattoo I've been looking for...?
can i wash my face with soap aftr havin a chemical peel done..???
Getting a thigh tattoo ?? opinion?!?
Can i get a tattoo if im joining the marine corps BUT havent signed anything?
TATTOO HELP! only comment if you KNOW what your talking about?
great ideas of first date?
Where to get a tattoo that won't keloid?
Tattoo on inside of upper arm+military?
New Tattoo help?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
Do you feel ink or something after a while of having your tattoo?
weres the best place to get a tattoo?
Is it normal to have half inch redness around a newly stitched tattoo?
How long will my feather tattoo take to get done?
i am looking for some ideas for female breast tattoos. dose anyone have some good ideas?
oil-free sunscreen........?
Chinese tattoo, is the translation correct? please help?
Appropriate teenage girl tattoo?
do you like my new tattoo?
I want a tattoo? Will it hurt?
Who should i buy from?
Triple forward helix question?
How bad do ankle tattoos hurt?
(For Ladies Only) What are some home solutions for yeast infections?
How do belly button rings work? Can you just buy the ball part?
What is the best (easy and efficiant) way of getting rid of cellulites? Thanx :)?
is a football tattoo the right thing to have i not sure anymore?
maui tattoo and piercing shops?
tattoo phrases on courage?
proffecionel tattoo artists, nebula tattoo?
I am a teen. I've have bad acne since 5th grade. What can I do to help control my acne?
if i exercise all summer this dance yoga thing can i loose weight by the time september comes!!!!?
Question about do-it-yourself Henna kits?
How to get a tan tattoo ?
i think iv gone and done something daft?
tattoos and eczema help ?
I want a tattoo - any advice?
Can't believe I did this!!!! HELP!!?
I have a tattoo on my foot and the colour has come out of it so now it just looks like a scar!?
Have you had success w/Strivectin SD and how long did it take to notice any results?
Aftercare tattoo questions?
GIRLS many of u liked it when ur guy squirted it on u?I personally think it stung liek a mother!!lol?
i suffer from terrible dark circles,i drink loads of water and get enough sleep,wot shall i do?!?
What tattoo's do you think are cute for a 16 year old?
How long is a standard tattoo needle from end to end?
Which tattoo quote sounds the best?
How do i get rid of stretch marks ?
what cheap product can i use to whiten the underarm?
My lady friend is 26. Her problem is with her breast.?
tattoo aftercare help?
i have deep eye circles not bags?
tattoo ideas...have no idea for my next one?
Tattoo Artists - Great at Portraits?? Know Any?
What is the best way to start drawing tattoos? What are the best machines and inks to buy?
What do you think of my new tatoo? opinions please?
Facial Piercings! opinion?
can you get fat with eating fruits?
Should i get a tattoo on my ***?
strength tattoo ideas?
Is chemical peeling really works??
Can you get a tattoo over a raised, 6 month old burn scar?
Does Ascorbic Acid make you thin?
how to pick out a tattoo?
To all the woman out there! What aftershave on a man do you really like?
why do most people prefer white colored skin ppl rather then dark??
jessica simpson's legs?great or yuck?
tattoo updateeeee!!!@#$%^&*()@#$%^&$%^& lol?
ah help. cant decide which to get as a tattoo?
Tattoo sleeve background help?
Do you think Im ugly?
what can i do about hair " down below"??
Brazilian tattoo question?
Will a tattoo artist modify or touch up an existing tattoo done by another artist?
Which lyrics should i get tattoed?
Im white and need to blend my skin?
guys answer this what do u think is nastyer on a girl is it big ears or fat stomach?
Does applying sunblock prevent tanning?
what are these kind of tattoos ?
when you take a photo to a tattoo shop does it have to be perfectly clear?
my moms letting me get my first tat soon(btw im 17)?
i want to get the back of my neck pierced....?
What are the best places to get a tattoo at in Saint John NB?
If you could get a Tattoo what kind would you get?
Do you like my tattoo idea? How much would it cost me?
i want a tattoo, but the pain freaks me out, r there pain less tattoos?
Does NAIR usually do this?
Which line of 'Who Wants To Live Forever' should I get tattooed?
If you have many tattoos, what part of the body hurt the most and least to get them on?
what does this chinese tattoo mean?
Tattoo idea!!!....wheres less painful?
where should i get my tattoo?
i want to were bikini but i have lots of spots on my legs what can i do?
I want a tatoo with my zodiac sign (Scorpio) but my husband doesn't want me to get a tatoo. What to do?
I need help picking out a tattoo. Help me?
Has anyone ..?
Is it really a bad idea to get my knuckles tattooed?
Tattoo on back pharse what do you think?
a question about navel ring,guys help.?
for my girls only!!!?
14 1/2 years old..5'1, 110 pounds. is that bad?
Can I get a tattoo if I'm under 18 but with a parent?
im about to turn 18. im not big at all, i have STRETCH MARKS only on the back of my thighs,why? what can i do?
Need help on quote for tattoo? please help:)?
Does anyone know of any good tattoo artists and/or shops in South Korea?
ideas for a tattoo? easy 10 pnts!?
Any good natural glow/self tanning products??
Would this tattoo look good?
Is it OK if I'm rubbing off peeling skin when I put lotion on my new tattoo?
Is the wrist painful to get the word LOVE for a first tattoo?
Do the spray on tanning salon stalls get sanitized after each use? Is it Mandatory?
?What are the best ways to remove age spots?
what is the color of ur tampoon?
why is my face so oily!!!!!!! i want it to stop caz my pimples are getting worse!!!?
I need tips for weight lifting?
Is going to the tanning salon every other day enough?
Where should i get this tattoo?
tattoo colors please post with pics i need help!?
which food is very good for our eyes & why somany are suffering eye problems, how to prevent eye problems?
Why do girls develop breasts even if they never give birth?
what type of tattoo should i get?
Does anyone know whay kind of skincare regime Jennifer Aniston uses? Which product line, etc?
On A&E's Inked who was the girl with the folding fan tattoo?
what would a girlturning 12 want for her birthday???
What type of tattoo is this?
Where should i get this tattoo?
help designing my full sleeve tattoo ?
this makes me SO mad!!! help!!?
Where would be the best place to get my tattoo?
i got the mani mantra tattoed on my neck. opinions?
I need help on how to take care of my tattoo.?
where to get my last name tattooed?
Symbols for tattoo (Chinese, Japanese, etc...)?
first tattoo shoulder blade or foot?
What do you think of my tattoo design?
SHould I get my belly re pierced?
What are some fairy tale themes tattoo ideas?
Is my tattoo supposed to be doing this?
jergens natural glow-oily or not?
where can i get a good tattoo in chicago for cheap?
Which is better, sun oil or sun cream?
Why do fathers think that their daughters havr to wear pants that go up to thie bellybutton?
How Much Will It Cost To Get This Done?
I'm looking for photos of draining massage to learn how make it myself?
Illness after having a large tattoo done?
Should I get a playboy bunny logo tattoo ?
I need a good tattoo idea? Something beautiful, a phrase, word, short quote.?
Where is a good place to look for tattoos?
Is there a minimum age or restrictions for getting a tattoo?
Wil having a few drinks the night before getting a tattoo be dangerous?
which tatoo should i have removed??
good ideas on how to put this?
could i tattoo a dot on myself by heating a needle with pen ink on it and then stab myself with it ?
Keloid from tattoo if got one from piercing?
I need idea for tattoo lettering and detail. Any suggestions?
how often do I need to replace my fiberglass nails?
should i get this tattoo?
how much does a piercist make?
Nautical Star Tattoo Help?
How do I prevent getting a tanline from wearing sunglasses?
will putting neosporin on a tattoo make it fade or damage it?
if father has natural black eyes, mother has natural brown eyes, but the daughter has blue eyes what meaning?
What is the name of the stuff that covers up tattoo's? Is it called Tattoo-Goo or somethingl ike that?
African American Self Tanning/Toning Cream(s) or Applications?
Do you know any tattoo parlors that do henna?
what is ceteareth 20?
Do you know where I can get a UV tattoo in Texas?
Ideas for a tat?
Henna tattoo ideas and places...?
is it normal to get little bumps right after u get a tattoo?
help i need answers!!?
Can I still get my tongue pierced? Veins near centre? (PIC)?
I need tattoo help!!!!?
what color eyes whould you have if you could change them?
would this be a good tattoo?
i only eat fruit no meat or candy and pies people say i wont have no more peroids will i die.....?
Want to draw my tattoo?
are tattoos painful?
should i get this tattoo??
what is honestly the best way to get scabs off my chin area?
How would i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Help! My tattoo scabbed and it doesn't look too good?
Hair problem ???
What is your OPINION on this tattoo?
Tattoo experience plz?
when can i showr normally again? ive had my tattoo for two weeks?
everyone says that I'm really skinny for my height but i feel fine just the way i am?
Is TANNING in a TANNING BED for 1 month straight everyday bad?
why does everybody hate that i have tattoos?
should i get a tattoo?
Will a tattoo affect my chances of becoming a US citizen ?
is it safe to have any sexual contact after you got a new tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
In New Jersey, how much for a tattoo removal? I have a super villain name on my shin.?
how can i.....?
what's the best place to see tattoo designs, i'd like to see some pics of a crossroad?
Need help on placement of my tattoo - Thanks?
ive got a tattoo on my wrist booked for tomorrow. is it advisable not to smoke before and after?
Tattoo idea help please?
Tattoos on belly?
How do i get rid of my pimples and whiteheads?
Tattoo bleeding a day after having it done?
Getting Tattoos At 14... Good Or Bad?
How long should my monroe piercing barbell be when I first get it pierced?
Cartilage and Tragus piercing questions!?
What will go with a lion tattoo?
I need some tattoo info please?
Anybody that is familiar with Bright Eyes, help me decide on a tattoo?
Should you tip a tattoo artist after each session, or all at once after the tattoo is completed?
what can i do to reduce underarm sweat?
How do you get rid of body hair permanently without going broke trying.?
what do you do if you are having sex and ur friend walks in???
tramp or not!!!?
Flash tattoo websites?
How can i lose weight?
If you did not know your bra size would you rather have a male or a female measure your breasts and why?
Does anyone know about this tattoo ?
Are there tattoo artists like Amanda Wachob in CA??!!?
First tattoo design ?
Does anyone know of a good tattoo artist that I can get to commission a drawing for a tattoo idea?
Is it true the Bible says not to get tattoos?
how many of you have taken a shower with your boyfriend?
Tattoo design how do people do it?
Ametop or other numbing gels?
Want a tattoo but dont know?
My tattoo consultation is tomorrow and i still haven't decided on a color?
After having three children my breast are left smaller and have lost their shape. Are implants my only hope?
is a tattoo unattractive on a girl?
Can a nutritionist have tattoos and piercings?
How big should I get this tattoo on my arm? the word Sacrifice in edwardian script?
best place in northumberland/borders (scotland) to get a portrait tattoo...?
What do you think of this tattoo?
How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced professionally?
how does this tattoo sound?
what is the easiest way to pierce my labret?
waxing your leg tips?
People with stretched lobes answer please ?
What are some ab work outs and good viatamens to look healthy?
any tattoo regrets?
What are your opinions on tattoos?
How can I get rid of my acne?
body bleaching?
What's the best reasonably priced oil-free moisturizer?
First tattoo idea! i need help with backgrounds?
Would a guys name tattooed on the inner wrist with Old English script look too masculine for a girl?
If u could change 1 thing about yourself what would u change?
Does anyone know of a at home product that works for fading dark acne spots on African American skin?
does a tatto on your wrist hurt???
I want a tattoo on the inside of my finger, anyone know a good place to go?
im looking for a tattoo with meaning behind it... need help?
Can an eleven year old get a six pac?
Is it true if you have a tattoo you cannot donate your organs when you die?
acne scars in the face can be erased using snail slime creams?
Good idea for a tattoo?
Ideas for a quote tattoo?
What are some opinions of tattoos on a woman?
I'm getting my first tattoo and I need to decide where to put it! Girls answers only.?
How much would this tattoo cost?
any ideas for a nice tat on my..........?
How long will this tattoo take?
Flip up septum? Please help, I need an answer fast!?
is this a good idea? tatoo?
I am Robyn how do I keep my legs soft after shaving???????
What do you think of the new black nail polish trend?
Intricate tattoo fading? How long does detail last?
Would it be silly to get two different tattoos, but both including feathers?
Can anyone tell me about the symbolism in a pelican tattoo?
Whats a tattoo feel like ? ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I Want A TATTOO :D yay?
Good Tattoos for a guy?
What would be the average cost of this tattoo?
how to ged rid of black underarms?
What is a good lotion or cream to remove spots caused by the sun?
Info on henna designs ?
Do you like this leg tattoo? (pic)?
Should a man shave his armpits?
Is anyone stronger than me?
Ho can you reduce acne marks fast?
Want a tattoo but dont know?
kerry katona's back tattoo.............................?
How badly does a hip tattoo hurt?
What do you think about a girl getting a tattoo?
need help on tribal tattoo!!?
Why do people worry so much on how they look?
I want to get a cartliage peircing in my ear. Does it hurt? How long will I need to wear the post?
the skin on the side of my face is darker than the skin in the middle of my face, any suggestions for fade cre
Help me decide on my first tattoo?
Where can i get my lip periced and how much will it cost?
Where can I get a Yantra Tattoo in the United States?
can you cover your new tattoo?
Is this tattoo a good idead ?
Do you know about some product to erase the black spots in the face caused by the exposure to the sun?
How much should I tip a tattoo artist if....?
How much does bikini wax hurt and is there anything that can be done to minimize the pain before waxing?
Best tattoos for a mixed latino?
I had pimples on my cheeks and forehead.I brokeit and on my forehead ihave a continuous dark band.tell cure.?
What do the tattoo's on Kapri Styles *** mean?
is anyone familiar with philosophy products?
One or two word tattoo for wrist to remind me that I only have today ?
Non permanent tattoo in georgia?
Tattoos on a girl? sexy or ugly?
Tattoo....Life is beautiful, i need some more inspiration?
how long will it take to get a hand tattoo?
Tattoo regrets? Please help me prove him wrong!?
Guys, what do u think about skinny girls?
How do you clear dark circles right away?
what side of your nose do they pierce it?
STILL Bleeding Tattoo?
would two stars tatooed to the right above my groin on the literally just below boxer waistband look okay?
I have dark spots on my face..what should i do to remove it..?
tattoo for my cousin?
Tattoo on a girl is that a turn off?
what do you think of my tattoo?
Is this normal for tattoo healing?
I am 5'2" and weigh 7 stone 9. Am I overweight?
What is too young for my son to get a tattoo?
R&P: What tattoo design do you think is gnarly?
how do i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo is going to cost?
how much would this tattoo be?
How many peircings do you have?
Hey Ladies..Name your fave perfume of all time...?
Is it a good idea to get a tattoo if you are a business major in college?
Which tattoo is better??? Please help?
If you ugly and you cant get a boyfriend should you go lesbo???
Monroe question? Please answer?
What tattoo will go good with my chinese Dragon tattoo?
For all you with tattoos, PLEASE take a look at this. You will make me one very happy person =)?
Can anyone give me an idea of how much a tattoo like this would cost me? PLEASE READ!!! !!! !!! !!!?
will a rib tattoo still hurt even if your not really bony?
Where could I do work experience if I want to be a tattoo artist?
Anyone ever heard of Sensaria Natural Bodycare?
Would this look wierd on my arm? picture?
can i runway model at 5'6? with medium heels im 5'8!?
How long should I wait until I start playing basketball again?
Tanning beds/Sunbeds?
Hi, my age 25-weight -46, I am C.A. by profession. I feel lot of sleepiness even after I had enough sleep?
I am looking for a facial moisturizer that contains both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy. Any suggestions?
Getting my tattoo in 2 weeks! All booked, and now some questions?
how much will this tattoo cost?
would it be safe for me to get a tattoo from this guy?
Should i get my infinity tattoo on my hip or lower back?
need official web site for Gehwol foot products,to buy wholesale for my business?
i want to beautician & i want to take my education in abroad(of beautician). i want degree course?t?
Why women dont fully cover their breasts and keep them half naked?
Would this make for a good tattoo?
What kind of tattoo(s) should I get? (Read full question).?
im 15 yr old girl and im just 5feet 1 inch plzz help?
how can i reduse my belle belle is 39 after delivery.opreation.i have stiches on my belle.plz help?
Good angel tat for a guy?
itching tattoo?
Why Does My Healed Tattoo Sometimes Burn & Become Swollen?
how to prevent an infected/rejected bellybutton piercing?
tattoo help pleaseeeeee !?
Will it cost extra if my tat artist re draws the design the way i want it and makes a stencil then tattoos it?
How much would these tattoo be?
if i got my nipple pierced diagonally can i put a ring in it or will it look wierd?? lol?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Acne Issues?
Questions before I get my tattoo. Legit answers...?
Best kinds of tapers etc. for stretching ears...they always fall out!!?
Tattoo quote ideas: Less than 5 words?
my weight is at it's highest; 278 pds. how do i lose weight?
How can I get rid of stretchmarks?
when you clean your tounge ring, is it safe to use mouth wash without alcohol in it?
Back of the neck tattoo?
Should i get my tattoo colored in?
Why lower back tats have such a bad wrap.?
Leg Hairs....?
Should I get this tattooed on my shoulder?
What would you rather have..bad hair or bad skin?
Straight bars on eyebrow piercings?
Can a waitress get a tattoo on their foot?
A good face moisturizer that wont clog pores??
whats the best way to take care of your skin naturally?
Which brand of the following skincare is the best? Shiseido, Estee Lauder, or Lansome?
are ebay tattoo machines tuned?
how long does it take for the new tattoo to heal?
My skin is naturally pale, and I would like to keep it that way. Any suggestions?
how do u get water out of ur ears after swimming?
How can I make an "washable tatoo"? Something removable easily?
Tattoo to represent Porcupine Tree any ideas?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Thoughts on this tattoo?
Need help with my tattoo!!?
Tattoo design ideass?
what body part should a girl get a tattoo on?
How to hide a tattoo from your parents ?
What's an appropriate tip for different size and detailed tattoos?
Have you ever heard of this TATTOO being done?
How much would it cost to get a tattoo of a elephant going down your stomach with the trunk missing?
what are the problems in proving causation (in criminal law) please help me out?
Cover Up Tattoo Advice?
Is it better to get a tattoo on the inside or outside of your ankle?
aura therapy doctors in india?
How do I shave "down there", her, and not get bumps...?
Tattoo aftercare??????
how can i get rid of acne scars? I have African skin?
What are cute little tattoos?
Tattoos on women, cool or just butch?
what type of piercings do you guys and girls have?
My mom don't want me to get a tattoo because...?
Hi.... look at my new tattoo!!!?
What kind of tattoo can I get with my son's name in/on it?
Why are people so darn clueless when it comes to exercising and weight loss?
is it good to rub tomato slices on your face?
What should I get a tattoo of and where should I get it?
What would be a ridiculous price for a script tattoo on the wrist?
Hip Tattoos? Symbolism between these two?
What is your favourite perfume?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
how do you get rid of ingrown hairs?
Why do some black people have dark black spots on their knees and elbows?
Any Tattoo Suggestions?
Is my tattoo supposed to be doing this?
i would like to know what i can use to make my lips look plumper without having to have injections in my lips!
tattoo today. trying to figure out a place to put it!?
where to get a tattoo?
about how many gurls like it in the azz?
how can you be sure that your guy doesn't just want you for your body???
Opinions on tattoos on feet?
what can i do to help my short peeling fragile fingernails grow stronger and longer?
tattoo help..would it be best to use ink on the needle while im carving it in or pour the ink in after carved?
how should i take care of my tattoo?
what should i add on to my tattoo?
Is there such thing as mobile tattooists?
Did i really can get taller making special exercises?
i am looking to buy full lenght nails by the 100 count to the box....extra curved.?
What would be a better quote for a tattoo?
how can i make my butt BIGGER?
What is the name of pornstar AD with angel tatoo on her side?
what would you recommend for a first tattoo and where to have it?
I just got a tattoo, should I shower, or not?
Best tattoo artists in Ontario/NY who specialise in Japanese/Oriental?
How many tattoos do you have?
What are the most painful places to get a tattoo?
Will a black ink tattoo completely cover my birthmark?
How long would this anchor tattoo take?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
is there a web site that will translate English to Kanji ?
Where should I put my first tattoo?
tash remember me u wanted ur friend 2 hook up with me remember write back?
why do some woman have saggy boobs when they have a cup size of b or c?
Is this a painful spot to get tattooed?
my 16 year old daughter wants breast implants for graduation, DD size.?
Do men really prefer larger women to slim and fit women? What is your opinion about being obese?
Can I use the lotion I have for my new tattoo?
would a tattoo at the side of my hand(like the palm) stop me from getting a job ?
have you got a tattoo?please read?
Get tattooed while taking Ibuprofen and Aleve?
Why is picking a tattoo so hard!?
where do i find a tatto of posieden?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
what is the best brand for tattoo equipment?
Why is my tattoo wrinkled?
Does a Tattoo hurt ? Hate needles !!?
How long should I leave the henna paste on?
Would you ever get a portrait tattoo?
Zits--To pop or not to pop? That is my question.?
what is a home remedy to remove discoloured marks on your face?
What are the best ways to soften the soles of a persons feet?
what can i use meanwhile?
Is this a good Tattoo idea?
what is the quickest most effiecient way to pick-up hot girls,?
If I put topical anesthetic on my body before tattoo removal will the process still be painful?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
HELP....I have Adult Acne?
What is the fastest way to lose weight through simple excercise?
my face is darker than the rest of my body from the sun. how can i get my face back the normal color?
my bones are too heavy?
how to hide a tattoo?
anybody who has a tattoo at 15 ?
ingredients in arbonne products?
Opinions on design for my second tattoo?
Would a tattoo parlour let me pay in installments for a tattoo?
do you think i should get more piercings even tho i have 9 already? i want my tongue done!?
Tattoo ideas!! Tell me what you think?
how bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Can you get ink poisening from writing on yur hand all the time..?
Do tounge rings get infected?
how do you not have hair shadows after shaving?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Tattoo? Im confused about it. 10 points to best answer!?
Any idea for this girl name?
How old do you have to be to get piercings?
how can i stop the itch of sunburn?
can you sunburn your tongue?
Do you know that soup and alchol make a wonderful diet?
what natural vegetable and fruits are used to treat skin cancer?
Azure Dragon tattoos, any suggestion?
how painful are tattoos?
I got my cartilidge pierced 2 years ago, now i want my belly button pierced. which is worse?(pain wise)?
I'm under 18- Can my grandma take me in to get a piercing if my parents wont?
Can someone tell me about industrial piercings?
do girls like tall pale guys?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Brown spots on face.?
Interesting perserverance quotes for a tattoo?
Should I be wearing a tshirt while my tattoo is healing?
How much would a really small tattoo cost?
what product to use for skin discoloration or the best product?
How do I lose weight in the legs only?
What kind of bird tattoo should i get in memory of my grandmother?
How long does it take to get a butterfly tatto done?
How much to tip a tattoo artist?
tatoo on ur body?
I this a good Tattoo Kit?
lip piercings. your take on them?
What tattoos do chicks dig?
tattoo highway, there was a girl on there that got a big koi fish tattoo on her lower back, looking for a pic.?
What do you use for your bikini line?(girls)?
what does really help against acne and pimples???
Tattoo issues PLEASE PLEASE HELp :( ? ?
Do y'all like this tattoo?
if i wear a padded swimming suit with the padding like go in and stick to my boobs and look unnatural?? HELP!!
Please help me think of a tattoo idea...?
When Should You Start Anti-Aging Cream?
should i consider getting plastic surgery to fix my huge nose?
I used to clean my under arm hairs with hair removing creams b4...but, now, i use razor....but, still my under
where's the best place to have a tattoo done in london?
Where is the sexiest place to put a tattoo?
I want ask why, tattoo girls look sexy?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how are tattoos permanent?
Who looks better with tattoos? ?
Redness around new tattoo?
How could i convert these into 2 different tattoos?
Are chemical peels bad for my face?
14 and want to get an infinity tattoo behind my neck?
what non-surgical breast enhancing products have you proven effective?
what is the coolest tattoo you can get?
Do I look good or what.?
anyone's ever gotten a tattoo and regret it after?
I had ed lips, now they're gone but there's dark area on the edge of my lips. What should i do?
Tattoos do hurt a lot rightttt?
tanning bed or not?
Who is a good tattoo artist in Philadelphia ?
Should you tip a tattoo artist after each session, or all at once after the tattoo is completed?
Best henna pen available?
Would this quote make a good tattoo? "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going. Are you coming with me?"?
what is the best taner?
Sexiest place for a tattoo on a girl?
More tattoo ideas???
whats the fastest way to lose weight without using pills or surgery?
If you eat junk food will it really give you bad skin?
On average, how long does a sleeve usually take?
What are some good sayings or lyrics for a tattoo?
Good place to get this tattoo?
im getting a tattoo advice needed?
Tattoo Idea; What do you think?
Tattoo idea for quitting smoking.?
tattoo and pierce, is it ok?
Can you recommend a good place to get a tattoo in Auckland?
What is an effective way to get a flat tummy by the summer?
How Can I Reuduce dark spots on face left after pimples???
wheres a cute,good idea 2 put a music note tattoo..?!?!?
What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have ever seen on a member of the public?
I want a tattoo of a dreamcatcher... But where?
What is the font of "Xtina" tattoo?
little question for the guys on corset piercings?? 10 points?
How do you get rid of whiteheads around the eye area?
How do i incorporate these two together for a tattoo?
what is real beauty?
I want a tattoo, is this a turn off?
i was wondering... if any guy tried hair removal cream for the purpose of a shave? sounds funny. huh.?
just got a new tattoo on my upper arm and girlfriend can't find out, any suggestions?
what is the best diet to go on ?
What is the meaning of the expression "Hold on" in a tattoo?
Is this what kids are doing now?
how many tattoos do you have?
Anyone have any ideas for a tattoo? or not?
A couple years ago on Miami Ink, there was a great half sleeve tattoo of a tiger. does anyone have a picture?
what is the best tattoo parlor in dublin?
how much will a small wrist tattoo cost?
which of these quotes would be a good idea for a tattoo?
Tattoo ideas. Representations of family members.?
get rid of cellulites?
do tattoos on your back hurt a lot?
What color eyes do you prefer?
Urgent strange tattoo question?
I'm writing to my mom to convince her that I am ready to get a lip piercing. Have any ideas on what to write?
How old does she look? Go there and then reply?
Would a tattoo on my forearm be a good spot?
Concealable Spots for a Tattoo?
Where can i design my tattoo online?
Piercing? And tattoo?
back tattoo or side tattoo?
at what age do you get the brown ring on your bottom?
would you rather :be too hot or too cold?
I have a tattoo gun, i've been experimenting with people i know, but it feels like im scapping skin. need help?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
i m 17 n i m a model i hav had sex with my boss now i m worried that my breast will get loosen ?
how to attract people in a nice way that is not cheap?
tyra banks show?
With getting tattoos does it hurt the more the fat?
guys: what do you think about girls with stretched ears?
Is it ok to get my ears re-pierced?
Life/Death Tattoo Quotes or Sayings?
does tat-med work for tattoo removel?
What was your first tattoo or piercing and where is it? What does it stand for?
Would a small heart tattoo hurt?
tattoo help!! i need a two word quote.?
Help!! Tattoo advice? Quotes?
Tattoo help please and thank you?
what is the tattoo on Synyster Gates chest?
How young is to youngfor a tattoo?
Tattooing someone's name on you....?
What can I do to make my acne go away?
Questions about tattoos?
Is this tattoo weird?
cool places for a girl to get tattoos?
First Tattoo Help Needed!?
Which is the best brand of lipbalm you've ever used, and why?
Does a guy with a foot fetish repulse girls?
i would like to get a tattoo to symbolize my daughter and her name is Lily.?
Has anyone ever had electrolysis?
Price estimate for tattoo?
Where to place a tattoo?
Advice please: Rejected by two professional piercers for nipples?
How much do breast implants cost on average?
Do you think it is trashy for someone to get a tattoo on there inner wrist even if it has a good meaning?
Matching tattoos in a relationship?
Is there a way to tan faster outside?
How much do you think this tattoo will be?
i'm allergic to perfume! I can only wear deodrant....but i miss perfume! wut shud i do?
Question(s) about my tattoo..?
Would you consider being a tattoo artist a 'dumb' job?
I really want a tattoo, and I'm not sure which one to get. could you help?
Has anyone ever shopped from?
can i get a tat at 13 with parental . but do i have to wait to 16.?
what do u think of a tattoo that says life happens?
How much do you think it would cost to get Bam Margeras side tattoo?
I am getting a white sox tattoo on my arm- would you ever get a tatoo of a team on yourself?
Im getting a henna tattoo tomorow what should i get it of?
Tattoo suggestions, creative people please!?
how old should u be to get a belly button ring? because my mom wants to know for me im 13?
true er not?
Why do people prefer 'ordinary' tattoos rather than designing their own?
Making a simple chinese symbol tattoo more!!?
Im looking for a tattoo that was on "LA Ink"?
Would applying a temporary tattoo to a leather wallet make it permanent?
do men get turned off by stretch marks?
Please help,how good does nair work on pubic hair???
My tattoo artist messed up my tattoo!?
A tattoo idea i need thoughts on?
Help with Tattoo ideas?
Numbing cream for Tattoo!!!!!!!!!!?
Design for a delicate & feminine tattoo on thumb (flower/ butterfly/ 4-leaf clover)?
how do you gain weight? i'm 15 and 98pds and i can't gain any weight even if i eat alot i don't know how to ?
i want a tattoo of heath ledger...what do you think?
lip piercing !!!!!!!!?
Tattoo laws in Ontario?
am i not considered a lady if i fart?
i dont want 2 bleach my face due 2 allergy what 2 do of the facial hair?
Can this mess a tattoo up?
is tattooing a good way to cover self harm scars ?
Would getting a tattoo of a video game character be nerdy?
Could and raindrops tattoo on wrist?
Are tattoos sexy or ugly? Do you have any?
what is your favorite olay product and why?
I'm worries when I get my tattoo my dad won't talk to me?
DUB FX Liberta tattoo.?
if i pierced my tounge?..?
how do i lose 2 inches off my waist with out giving up the foods i love?
My boyfriend has a tattoo that matches his ex-girlfriend's tattoo. I hate it! should I tell him?
best place to have a portrait tattoo?
help! my lips are always chapped and dry and ed! i use chapstick and vaseline but that only helps a lil?
Does it hurt really bad while getting a tattoo?
what kinda nuts do u like?
How painful is a tattoo really?
Lifes hardship tattoo help?
what type of tattoo should I get?
How many tattoos does Avril Lavigne have?
How to explain a tattoo?
Hey im pale girl just wondered if thats attractive or do u think i should go on the old sunbeds?
I Am Thinking About Having My Entire Body Tattooed...Am I Crazy?
why do females smell like fish?
lips getting so dry, have used lip balm, but no success. any suggestion?
Lip piercing.. labret or ring?
Getting a back tattoo ; pain levels?
why do we have cuticles and how do you take care of them?.?
Should I get this tattoo?
Tattoo at 15 weeks preg.?
From a scale 1-10 how painful is Fitbone surgery, and how about Ilizarov to grow taller?
When can I start Laying on my tattoo?
I am planning on getting a tattoo on one side of my chest. I want an estimate of what it will cost?
is this a specific style of tattoo?
What should I get a tattoo of and where should I get it?
what do tattooed guys think about tattoos on women?
It has been 4 days and the tattoo is ugly and it inching like crazy . I am useing coca butter is this normal?
~Which one would be better???~?
Do you prefer showering first thing in the morning or before bed?
When a guy gets a Tattoo of a bluebird does that mean they are gay?
How many tattoos do you have?
will my tattoo get dark?
You know any homemade acne treatments that will get read of it?
Some good tattoo artists in LA?
i want to get a industrial ear piercings for like $30 but i cant find a place can you help?
what is love?
im going to get a tattoo this week any ideas on what i should get?
Do modeling agencies approve of tattoos?
What is the best way to get rid of scars and keep things from scaring?
How to become a tattoo artist in mumbai..?
Any good tattoo ideas!!?
Can I get a white tattoo?
What is Capislow?
i want to talk to a male virgo?
Wrist tatoo question?
Can you work out with a fresh tattoo?
Can you help me pick out a tattoo?
how many tattoos do you have and what are they of?
Opinions: 15 year old girl with tattoo?
Ear stretching advise?
can you lose weight but sticking toilet paper up your butt?
Guys only- Do I sound hot?
I Want to get my mans name tattooed on my lower back,just above my bum?
Do anyone know any good sites that have good tattoo designs?
Is it ok to use Olay Complete on a new tattoo?
How do i get rid of a wart...FAST?
Best Tattoo Artists in Ohio/Michigan?
piercing question, just out of curiousity?
nike ads ACG?
What states can minors get a tattoo with parental consent?
what tattoo for my children?
Tattoo not covered???
Can you still donate blood even if you have a tattoo?
Dose any one know of a good web site? i just want ideas!?
O got a tattoo 8 it ok for me to go back and work out...and get in the pool..?
Should I get this tattoo?
tattoo shading help and ideas?
Should i get a tatto?
Best place for a guy to get a tattoo.?
Where can I get ideas for an arm tattoo?
Describe the pain of getting a tattoo.?
what does a tattoo feel like?
i need help with getting a tattoo?
how much do eyebrow piercings cost?
how to remove skin tags?
Where's a good place to hide a tattoo?
Tattoo healing okay? Help please!?
I want to lose weight. But i wanna keep the money cost on the low.?
What would this tattoo symbolize?
is it worth waiting 9 months on a waiting list to get a tattoo?
Who else is tired of being judged for their tats?
Will tattoos hurt my daughter's chances of getting a job?
Where should I get my tattoo?
poll:what internet slang do you hate the most?
how do i prepare myself for my tattoo?
Full body suit tattoo?
i just got a new tattoo is this normal...?
Which is better, getting kissed by someone or kissing someone?
Does Witch Hazel work for Zits/Pimples?
for a girl that is 5'5 is 197 a fat persons weight and would a man find her sexy?
help with tattoo idea?
State outline tattoo ideas?
Does a stick and poke tattoo hurt?
Where is a good and safe place to get a tattoo done in Saginaw, MI?
How much would this tattoo cost and how long would it take?
what should i expect?
How do you determine the cost of a tattoo?
i have developed some white areas on my neck and face which itches?
Why muslim women turn on so much while looking at fat big beard Islamic mullahs?
How to get my Skin to Fair?No creams only natural Foods and Fruits!!!!?
Where is a good tattoo parlor in chicago area?
Do foot tattoos hurt and how long does it last for?
How much would a full set of wings cost?
Types of ear piericings, what types are better for healing?
Ive gone through a lot and want a meaningful tattoo?
Tattoo Question... Placement & Price?
how much would this type of henna cost?
Can you give me some tips on how to become more taller? Thanks!?
I have had a heart op when i was a baby (transposition of the major arteries) Should i get a small tattoo?
I got my henna tattoo wet, please help me?!?
Why do people get....?
what should i do if make up causes rashes on my face and im very average in looks?
Where would a long quote for a tattoo be the best placement?
what do u think of tattoos on women in thier 40s ?"?
i am thinking about getting a tatto of either a celtic cross or my family crest?
How can I avoid the red bumps I get after shaving my Bikini line?
what writing style is professor greens lucky tattoo?
For guys: Do you find large butts attractive?
What is the name of tattoo ink manufacturing companies?
My dad died so im looking to get a memorial tattoo?
For anyone that has been a tattoo apprentice/knows someone who has...?
The word "Passion" ..?
Question about a new tattoo?
Salt lake city piercings?
how much do ear piercings hurt?
I just got "Ed Hardy" tattooed on the right side of my neck. Do you think it looks cool?
Help me make a tattoo design?
Got my foot tattoo 6 days ago. Worn a shoe for the first time today and it has rubbed?
will a hip tattoo hurt?
I'm debating which piercing. Pic included.?
Is it cute for a girl to have more than one tatoo?
half sleeve tattoo ideas?
Do nose piercings hurt?
how can you rid off pimples(using materials or substances that can be found in the house)?
Is it a bad idea to get a matching tattoo with my best friend?
Do you think its alright to get microdermabrasion while pregnant?
Tattoo Advice?
Bubble Seal injections for buttocks?
Why did you get a tattoo?
Guys how do you feel about big and skinny women which would you choose and why?
i have always my lips dry ,what i should do.?
will i ever find a boyfriend?
2 week tattoos how much money?
where is the best place to get a black tattoo in dublin?
What is the best tattoo parlor in boulder colorado?
Which hurts more, laser treatment or getting a tattoo?
Is blistex medicated lip blam is a good thing to use on dry lips etc.?
What is a good idea for a first time tattoo?
My tattoo is peeling. Will the color stay?
What can I do to protect my skin from long term damage?
Best kinds of tapers etc. for stretching ears...they always fall out!!?
why do some women have perfect armpits?
could you get a tattoo on your inner wrist?
can you tattoo over a mole?
what do you think is the best indoor tanning lotion for fair colored people who want to get a dark tan?
Im looking to get a tattoo that represents that ive learned from my mistakes,could be a symbol or some writing?
Do you think its alright to get microdermabrasion while pregnant?
how much for a bicep tattoo?
Should i get my boyfriends name tattooed on me?
Can teachers have tattoos?
How much is a tattoo in Miami?
Really worried about my tattoo tomorrow- how painful is it compared to piercings?
Do you think tattoos are good to have?
Where should I get this tatto [pics included]?
What should I do to become a tattoo artist?
Problems with my plugs?
Armpit tattoos thoughts?
I'm debating whether or not to get a tattoo with my friends. I kinda want one but then I don't. ?
How can I avoid the red bumps I get after shaving my Bikini line?
Opinions on this tattoo?
how do you get rid of black heads?????
Help with a tattoo design?
Does anybody know if using body/hand lotion is good for your skin from a medical standpoint?
will sweat be bad for a tattoo?
How can i stop stretch marks on my legs?
Help with finding a tattoo design?
What to expect with the healing process of my first tattoos?
my new tattoo lossing color? 10 points for the best answer!?
Where to get next tattoo?
Tattoo Ink Allergy ...advice please!!:(?
Would a small (1in) heart tattoo on my wrist affect my employment?
What do we think about this tattoo?
what happens if your tattoo dries up because of no ointment?
Should i worry about my super swollen tongue ?
Why do people think light skinned black people are white?
question about tattoo machines?
what is the best treatment or lotion for dry, ed feet and heels? Please help these feet hurt..?
How painful are tattoos?
What would a wrist tattoo feel like?
Where can i find this tattoo?
How do you get fair skin?
Tattoos!! In the area in New york like Syracuse or even Oswego?
Tattoo idea help please?
Websites selling good Tattoo Kits?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your left shoulder blade?
who here thinks that PETE WENTZ IS TOTALLY HOTT!!??
I need help figuring out ideas for a tattoo!?
Why woman has to be pretty and smarter then the other woman?
How old do I look?
Did u ever get a bikini wax before?
my lips are very dry and chapped what would i do?
what do you think about my tattoo?
i got a tattoo last year what do you think off it?
Any polynesian tribal tattoo artists by Irving or Dallas, Texas?
Realism/traditional sleeve questions?
My new fading hand tattoo's?
Suggestions for this tattoo?
How do I get rid of my sunburn FAST???
Tattoo location question?
wieght problem?
Tattoo ideas for a teenage girl?
Tattoo shops in/near Allentown, PA with female artist?
One of my nipples goes in instead of out when I get there any way to change that?
does a tattoo on your lower back hurt?
opinions please?
Does proactive really work?
IS this a good tattoo no bad comments please?
Need help picking a qoute for a tattoo from a Metallica song?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo.?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Upto what age a girl can keep her boobs straight and up? How?
Best black tattoo ink(s) ?
Advice With Chest Tattoo Please?
Has anyone tried Ibenol? Its for wrinkles and lines.?
Where is the best place to get a Celtic tattoo in Richmond, VA?
boob job??
How should I add text to my tattoo?
How do I get rid of a tattoo immediately?
im 14 and my breast are a size b. will they get any bigger? and how can i make them bigger faster?
Is this a good portrait tattoo?
Where is the best place for a girl to get a tattoo?
how much would a tattoo cost if i got it done on my tongue in johnson city tn? good idea?
Anyone who does tattoos in Michigan ?
how do you get jessica simson style clear skin?
Ever noticed (admitted) that Ginger Haired people have ugly skin that burns fast in the sun? Sure you have...!
what do you think about tattoo?
Are tribal tattoos looked outdated and toolish?
does miley cyrus have a tongue ring?
Need help for a tattoo?
Where to have a tattoo?
How do you get rid of acne?
How do you really improve your bust without surgery???
Does anyone know any remedies for facial discoloration???
I have to be outside in the sun today but I have a new healing tattoo?
do u have any?
Anyone speak Italian? Tattoo help please?
How often can you get tattoos done?
where is the best pace to get a tattoo inkansas city?
Who is better looking Beyonce Knowles or Christina Aguilera?
Army, neck tattoos???????????
What is the best way and what are the best tips that could be done in having a very clear & pimple-free face?
Women, do you ever stick out your butt to get a guys attention?