how do i know my skin time is it oily, dry ...ect?
What do you call a tattoo that starts at the middle of the bicep and ends halfway down the forearm?
Am I wrong for not letting my boyfriend tattoo other girls?
Whats This Tattoo Of In Chinese Help?
I'm 16 and want a tattoo my friend is over 18 can he consent to getting me a tattoo?
if you had to choose your hair and eye color what would they be and why?
Tattoo design and quote... help?!?
what would be a good inspirational quote to get for a tattoo?
which is better the white tip or the pink tip and how does the pink manicure tip look?
What would be a good fist tattoo?
My granpa is going to get a tattoo of Dolly pardon on his chest?, what can I do to talk him out of it?
Self Tanners?
I wanna get something pirced but I dont know what?
what is the fastest way to loose wait wthout excersicing?
Tattoo Saying........................."Beauty in Simplicity"?
Homemade tattoos??? Help?! Advice?!?
Does your first tattoo hurt?
tattoo question help quick?
Help me cover up my Guns N Roses-esq tattoo with something beautiful & Positive!!?
Is life busy in america/canada? even for student>?
Does anyone else have a hyperextension?
is it okay to use alcohol on zits.?
Do you have a tattoo?
What should i get for my tattoo?
Where can I find Venus de Milo?
Do you like Aquolina Pink Sugar perfume?
Tattoo cover up ideas?
White ink tattoo decision help!?
Will my tattoo blend together?
I just got a new Dermal piercing! but it looks funny is this normal?
Piercing question...............?
I need wrap around tattoo designs. From top shoulder down around the back and side to the front hip.?
Would a tattoo in this area hurt more or less than an inner wrist tattoo?
I have a 2 and half hour tattoo booked, what things should i do to prepare?
will my tattoo look weird when i lose weight?
Are there any good tattoo parlors in misawa?
Foot tattoo question?
father-daughter symbols, quotes or phrases for a tattoo?
i need nice ideas for an albanian tattoo.?
Butterfly tattoo on stomach ?
i am getting a tattoo but i am in the middle of a music design or Chinese writing ?
Why is my tattoo doing this is it normal?
what is a fast and easy way to get rid of zits???
Do you think white girls with tattoos and piercings are a pitiful site ?
where is the best place to put a butterfly tattoo?
Realistic opinion about my tattoo?
KKK tattoo but not what you think.?
What produccts are good for dry combination skin?
Do you think this would be okay for a foot tattoo?
What age were you when you got your first tattoo?
Would it be a good idea to get a tattoo that represents love in your relationship?
side tattoos?????????????
Do you like this "Los Angeles" Tattoo?
Need words for this tattoo HELP PLEASE?
About how much would a tattoo that is about 1 or 2 inches long cost?
aaron cain or micky sharpz?
Tattoos in Ibiza??
tattoos && piercings?
How to get tattoos??
Tattoos in this place..????
Tattoo help!!?? I cant decide ?
Should I get a tattoo?
Spider Bite Piercings?
i wanna get a tatto when i'm older but not a place where it will hurt! HELP?
Can you get a tattoo at 13 in the uk with parents permission?
Can you get a spay tan and then later in the day get a tattoo?
so how many times do you have to clean out your gauges and how do u do this?
I just got my tattoo a few hours ago on my upper bicep and shoulder area. Can I where a shirt with a sleeve?
which part of the body do gurls love in a guy ???
how to convince my mom to let me get tattoos?
Should I still get this tattoo?
Will my tattoo fade from baths?
how to stop melenine production in skin? Is there any side effects?
How many tattoos is too many to have for a female? I have 3 already.?
how does a tattoo jinx a relationship ?
My daughter has a infection with a newly pierced ear. Shoud she take it out to clean or clean around it ?
Do you think this tattoo artist is good?
is it really true that there's a scar remover?
I want to die my skin for a dare. What should I use?
How do I get this helix earring out of my ear?
When did Jaejoong get his tattoo?
whats a bold tattoo? is it something about the shading on a tattoo?
Where can I get a UV/ Blacklight tattoo in or near Wisconsin?
What do you think of new tattoo and picture in general?
"Gals only" does anyone know an inexpensive firming eye gel that works good?
how do I get rid of tan lines from wearing a watch?
TATTOOS:whats the name of the two blue birds on this girls stomach?
Where could I buy temporary tattoo paper?
When your 15 and get a taTtoo on your shoulder is there a way for it not to mess up while still growing up?
how much would this tattoo cost?
why is there no child match ups sites?
Can you recommend a face cleanser that contains jojoba oil in it?
i am getting a tattoo of "beauty". can someone help please translate them into the arabric symbols? thank you
What is the best permanent french manicure to get that will last the longest? gel,acryclic,crystal,pikandwhite
How can I get rid of dark cycles from under my eyes?
Tattoo (new) feels weird, as if were knitted onto my skin - will it always feel like this..?
hi! i have a tatto on my arm its my wife name would it be a problem? i will be working in saudi next month!tnx?
Why do caucasian people get tans?
Does anyone know what this symbol means?
Shading for paw print tattoo?
Do you know any highly experienced WHITE INK TATTOO ARTISTS?
Gabriel Macht Tattoo. The tattoo of "Beacuse I Said So".?
how do i get a clean face? no pimples, not oily, and get rid of scars?
Girls Only!!! Plz. I need help!?
how to have the perfect body?
tattoo quote ideas for loss of parents?
Question for tattoo idea?
what is more beautiful than a woman's body?
Can I get a tattoo if I have a keloid scar?
Can any of you share some of your tattoo experinces with me?
Tattoo wedding rings: good idea or not?
I get teased!!!?
how much would nicole richies angel wing tattoo cost around?
how do i get rid of stretch marks? im 17?
Can you smell me?
Am I Too Skinny for My Height and Weight?
How many laser treatments to fade tattoo for cover up?
Does anyone have any piercings or tattoos? If so, what are they?
Lip piercings???????????
Being a man is it abnormal to have your nipples pierced?
will u ever get tattoo like this?MG0f6AA32809092400102"> what are the consequences if i tattoo myself (im 14)?
What is a good tattoo that i could get?
Toronto tatto shops!?
What do you think of Justin Bieber's tattoos?
Parts of my new tattoo look like theres no ink is that normal?
How amany tatooes do you have?
Is there any way I can make my face less shiny?
How much would this tattoo cost roughly?
looking for a dragon tattoo?
is it better when a girls thick (not fat) or skinny?
Questions about ink on skin/fake tattoo. Please read all?
I have 2 and a half yrs baby she dosnt listen to me ,she is very mischief I want her to be sharp in studies.?
Getting a lyric tatto but not sure whether to get correct english or stick with the actual song?
What is your favorite Mens cologne?
Do lip inner lip tattoos hurt?
how long will it take for a coloured tattoo to fade?
follow up#2 to perspiration?
my teeth are like brown and yellow stained?
So what's the best thing to do for a WICKED bad sunburn?
homemade temporary tattoo ink?
How "fat" do you consider unattractive? [Both Genders Welcome]?
Can Any one tell me a place where there is tattoo in abu dhabi? i want tattoo in arm pls tell me?
any advice?
are rose tattoos on men gay, or emo??
how much would a tattoo across my back on my shoulders cost on average?
Polar Bear tattoo questions?
why are people so vain?
Where can I remove a tattoo with surgery?
To guys and maybe even some Gals from the old photos we've seen from WW2 era the....?
Are women with tatted sleeves hot? PIC?
Girls,Do you think tatoos are sexy on other girls,like a small tattoos on there lower backs?
Does this tattoo seem to dark/emo?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
how do i stop my face from getting so oily all the time???
How does the sun affect tattoos? What product is best for tanning skin but not fading tattoos?
What to cover my tattoo with?
places to get a bamboo or any other style of tattoo besides with a tattoo gun?
Tattoo idea help? [Overcoming depression]?
what do you feel about a small lower back tattoo ?
industrial barbell fast Q?
Good tattoo artist in CT?
Is this tattoo okay for an actress?
Is a barbed wire tattoo gay?
Can I get a different artist to color my tattoo?
piercing combination ideas?
tattoo is "leaking" its ink..?
What can I use?
What do you think about the hip piercing?
I'm starting to regret getting these tattoos here.. Do they look stupid?
Are my drawings pretty and cute?
Can I cover my tattoo for a few hours?
does this make scene
I need help with this tattoo idea?
what do people think of this tattoo i want it so bad?
How can I tell if my friend is a lesbian?
How much would a 6 by 5 inch cross tattoo cost on my arm?
What are some good sayings to put in an infinity tattoo?
Oily face, what do I do?
i want to design my own tattoo?
Shoulder tatto ideas?
Anybody knows which tattoo place is better Artistic demograghic in boardman ohio or West Coast in calcutta oh?
need a tattoo idea on my arrm?
Tattoos.....what do you have? where? any pictures?
First tattoo placement, help?
I thinking about getting a tattoo...?
Going in for a sit today.....?
i have very very sensitive skin, and i need a good sunblock. any advice?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I need help finding a tattoo meaning Life goes on and?
Should i get these tattoos?
How can my faace be wrinkle free?
What is the best face moisturizer you' ve discovered.?
black ink on new tattoo is raised and crusty?
is it unusual for a boy/girl to have brown eyes,fair skin and blonde hair ?
Can someone please tell me what this tattoo says?
Tattoo artist questions?
Should I use a tanning bed?
teeth whitening?
What is up with this?
hey help please?
Do women find men with tribal tattoos sexy?
What are these styles of tattooing called?
cartledge ear piercing?
Why do overweight girls always try to wear clothes too small for them?
How can people tell you are wearing fake piercings?
what is the secret to a smooth face?
Is there a tattoo place In Los Angeles, California that tattoos 17 with parent consent (southbay)?
Which is the best product name for anti-aging cream?
Would I be at risk for a keloid if I get a tattoo?
How long till i can work out again with new inner bicep tattoo?
how much would it cost to get my tattoo?
Multiple Tattoo Question!?
If you could get a Tattoo what kind would you get?
what is the best skin lotion to use for ure face to help w break outs?
wat should i do to get rid of pimples on my face?
I am looking to get an ambigram tattoo but I am unsure of where to put it I was thinking the top of my thigh?
Where should I get this tattoo?
I need help with a tattoo?
I just got my first tattoo. how often should i wash it?
How much should a tattoo like this cost?
help with pricing a tattoo?
How can I get rid of a pimple in less then 24 hrs without taking a knife to my face?
Is there anywhere to purchase shea butter in Peoria, IL?
What do you think of this idea for a tattoo?
Thoughts on Intenze Zuper Black ink?
I am considering getting a tattoo?
how do u change the apperance of your face without plastic surgury like so u look almost like a new person?
can you get a tan when it's cloudy?
What happens when a tattoo artist won't finish my tattoo?
Need Some Tattoo Ideas?
What does this tattoo represent?? help?
Is my tattoo infected?
should i pierce my nipple?
Tattoo removal in Thailand?
What do you you think would work best on acne?
How much will this tattoo cost approximately?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
How much does a tattoo like this cost?
What tattoo woulddd bee hotter?
what is breast?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
If I'm 17, and want to get a tattoo can my 20 year old cousin take me?
Why do we wear clothes??
which arm should i get my tattoo and why?
i have the nicest 6 pack but i don't have lots of arm mussles do girls like the 6 pack or the arm mussles?
Shortish quote for a tattoo?
In summers I sweat a lot specialy in underarms what should i do for it?
why can't guys ever take hints?
Should I get a design or just a quote for my tattoo?
What objects around the house have a motor that I could use to make a tattoo gun with?
Will my tattoo stretch?
i got a tattoo, is it safe to take a shower? 10points?
I want a picture to go with my quote tatto?Ideas?
Ring Finger Tattoos---Help Finding a Realistic Design?
Tattoo Ideas for my left wrist?
How much would this cost as a tattoo?
Does anyone know what this tattoo says?
Do you think a tattoo would hurt more on your lower back than on your shoulder blade?
I spent lots of time in sun last yr. and now i have a discoloration above my lip that resemble a mustache!!?
how do i cure my acne ?
can you stretch your ears with glass plugs?
Which tattoo should I get and where?
my eyes....?
Does anybody know how long this tattoo might take?
I need anybodys help? Easy question ?
do dermatologists help?
Help with Day of the Dead Tattoo?
y are black people so much cooler than white people?
best area to get a tattoo?
Opinion about getting a tattoo about your favorite band?
||||||||||||||Do you think portrait tattoos are creepy||||||||||||||||||||?
Would this tattoo be weird?
i want a tattoo with a polish word or phrase?
is there a fir in your house right now?
People with tattoos please answer this...!?
tattoo machines and the coils they use?
anyone know what a chinese tattoo with the saying "follow Me" Looks like??
Can someone design a tattoo for my boyfriend please :D?
what should i get a tattoo of?
Where can i put my Secret tattoo?
Tattoo distortion and pregnancies?
horizontal belly button piercing?
Should I get a tattoo?
How tattoos will look when your an old lady/man? Does anyone actually care?
What does a tattoo feel like?
How do you get rid of/prevent the dark bags/circles/dark lines under your eyes? How are they caused?
How much would a small star tattoo cost? (Canada)?
Where To Buy Tattoos?
How do you get rid of pimples?
tips for tattoo cover up?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Thigh tattoo and weight loss question?
GUYS QUESTION: where should i get this tat?
How would you rate your looks from 0.0 to 10.0?
Does anyone know of any good sailor style pics like this?
2 questions?
Help me finalize my tattoo !!?
where should i get this tattoo?
Of all of your physical features, which one do you LOVE? Which do you HATE?
how to change kilogramas to pounds?
how much would nicole richies angel wing tattoo cost around?
I just got a tattoo on the inside of my finger and?
chest hair!!!!!!!!?
would you ever get a tattoo, and where would you put it?
Do you like this piercing?
What should I do to my tattoo?
Swallow Tattoo: opinions?
How much would this Tattoo cost?
How can I get clearer and healthier-looking skin?
Ideas for punk/rock music tattoos?
How do I get long nails fast?
I used Veet--A test spot on my leg...?
What should I expect when I get a tattoo?
14 and thinking about a tattoo?
Questions about ear piercings?
Is it possible to surgically remove a small hypertrophic scar?
Concerened about getting a White Ink Tattoo?
has anyone used the skinculture facial peels successfully?
industrial piercings?
y are black people so much cooler than white people?
Whats the best sunless tanner that covers the most blemishes on your leggs?
Help i put petroleum jelly on tattoo and faded?
Would it be hard to tattoo 32 words along my forearm?
Would regular ink out of a pen work on a homemade tattoo?
What is it ?
Why won't my needle and ink tattoo work?
How long will it take to get a tattoo this size completed?
which tatoo should i have removed??
Opinions on L'Occitaine?
Ladies!!!!Talk to me what's the best shaving cream to make my leggies feel smooth? Or the best razor as well
Glow in the dark tattoos?
Is there a tattoo shop anywhere in Albuquerque NM that doesn't ask for an ID?
Is it safe to get a tattoo done while taking antidepressants 'fluoxetine'?
Does this Soap Cause Wrinkles?
Can I get the sexy video clips of Indian celebs?
what can i do to quit eating so much? im trying to lose weight,,,,?
What is the pain difference between an ear piercing and a tattoo?
why do boys stare at beautiful girls ?
tattoo on my face?
Where is the best place to get a Celtic tattoo in Richmond, VA?
What is the best way to get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs? i constantly have them. thanks?
What should i do to get a tattoo if i have dermagraphism?
would u look diff. if u lost over 90 pounds?
Cute, German Quotes/Symbols for a tattoo to represent heritage?
Why do young ladies get tattoos? Do they regret them later?
Please post links for pictures of symbols of Grace?
What flower can be a reminder to love and accept myself?
Tattoo that symbolizes change in ones life?
where should i get my tattoo?
Is 16 too young for a tattoo???
Has anyone ever tried the acne medicine Proactive? and does it work like they say on the infomercials?
Im 15 yrs old and i was wondering if i got a tattoo would it stretch much over the next few years?
How much would breast implants cost if performed by Dr. 90210?
How to reduce fat without excersise?
I have tatoo's all across my back, and also some on my chest and arms... 12 total. Do girls like that?
does cleaning your dace with alcohol good for your skin?
Help on tattoo ideas?
IS it bad having tattoos?
When I get out of the shower my tattoo gets gooey?
Where is the best place on his body, for a man get a tattoo?
Why does a girl get a 'tramp stamp'?
pain rating out of ten for a small tattoo?
is there a way to get rid of blackheads on nose?
Should I get my tattoo?
Everyone is being really nasty to me about my tattoo idea?
Tattoo's tattoo's tattoo's?
What do you think of this quote for a tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo design?
if you put baby powder on your face dose it do anything?
Help with next tattoo idea?
How can i get rid of the bags under my eyes?
Why girls look so beautiful on dream?
Do you think my tattoo is ugly? It is a spider/web and cross used as a coverup for a skull i had?
my bf is going out with another girl and i just found out,what do i do?
Opinions on a leg tattoo?
Is Mystic Tan unhealthy?
Guys what type of physical charactersitc attracts you to a girl first?
Why do young ladies get tattoos? Do they regret them later?
How can I have a beutifull skin and make my hair grow fast?
how do i prevent pimple - like bumps around my chest area?
I need help picking out a tattoo?
i need advice! please help me out on something.?
OMG! I wore fake nails and now my real one won't top chipping and breaking! I've tried everything, even milk!
Tattoo Idea?
whats the hottest area on the body for tattoo's?
I want to get a tattoo but i have very sensitive skin.?
Do tattoos on your breast stretch during pregnancy?
Girls with tattoos - yeah or nay?
Does It Hurt to Have your ears pierced/ get a tattoo?
How much with this tattoo cost and how long will it take?
can I still get a tan if I have sunblock on?
General Idea of the Cost?
Tattoo Lou's on Long it good?
i need peoples who have experience plzzzzzzzz it is matter of my ....................?
Am I fat?????
Does anybody know?
What age do i have to be to get a tattoo?
How much do Henna tattoos cost?
chest tattoos or sleeves?
do you regret gettin ur tattoo?
what do you think about this tattoo. ?
Do guys like piercings on the face?
Tattoos covering Self Harm Scars?
to anyone who has tattoos?
why do so many people get there tattoo removed ?
Me and my sister are getting matching tattoos!?
Could you come up with some sort of tattoo design for me?
lower back tattoo, trashy or no?
People who have tattoos, and people who have tattoos on their fingers how bad do you think finger tats hurt?
ok so i really like this tattoo a girl had and i wanna draw it on my foot?
Tattoos vs boyfriend. Should I really have to decide?
Who does the best tattoo removal in Las Vegas?
ways to prevent pimples?
should i tattoo myself?
How much does getting a tattoo hurt?
are there any tattoo artists near the Boston or Providence area who specialize in Japanese style work?
Will my tattoo fade from baths?
I have a tattoo on my right shoulder blade. I want "You are my sunshine" somewhere, not sure where. Help?
Is this tatoo real or temporary?
how do u tell a friend nicely that she stinks!!!!????
Do you like this design for a tattoo?
Why do colored girls try to make their butt as big as they can w/o getting a fat belly.?
how to tell your mom you have a tattoo?
Ladies I have a gross question about going to the bathroom. please help.?
tattoo's, piercings or both? if so, where?
Do GIRLS like to see the BULGE on boy's pants or beachwear caused by their penises?
How much would a small tattoo of a cross on my wrist hurt?
Kissing someone with lip piercings?
Do you regret any of your tattoos?
What are some crazy body proportions/relationships? ie the size of this is equal to the size of this?
Tattoo laser removal? How much does it cost roughly in australia. whats your experiences?
What is the ideal weight for my height?
i used dish soap on tattoo an hour ago what should i do?
im 12 and i really want a tattoo?
Why is my top lip darker than my lower lip?
Tattoo problem?
Can i use SPF 14 Moisturising cream on my new tattoo?
can u tattoo your eye ball.?
is it true that when you shave body hair it grows back twice as thick? I thought it was an old wives tale!?
anyone know any good exercises to get rid of baby belly?
What does the red dot on an Indian woman's forehead represent?
Does anyone else think that tattoos on women are going out of style?
Insecurity About My New Tat?
Need some advice on tattoos!?
shaving bumps?
discreet tattoo places? please help?x?
Why does Mederma make my face itch ?
I am 6', muscular and VGL., but I have lost a bet. I now need to pay up in cash, or.........?
Is there a foolproof diet out there?anybody.....?
Why don't men (besides male swimmers) shave their legs?
How Much Would This Tattoo Cost?
I need Half sleeve ideas!!?
Buffy And Angel Tattoo Help?
what is the best smelling perfume for girls?
can you put things like icy hot on a healed tattoo?
I am an Indian. I live in japan don`t know japneese very well what do we call face bleach in japan.?
How much will this tattoo cost? and how long will it take?
My tattoo is scabbing, and ink seems to be going over the lines underneath?
Im getting 2 tattoos tomorrow and i want to know do they REALLY hurt?
Renaissance pic of angels fighting for a tattoo?
Would I look good with a lip piercing? Pictures included?
HELP with this tattoo..?
Does whitening toothpaste really work?
Wire or wireless bra?
where can I find a good local tattoo artist that specialize in Japanese art, in OC, CA? ?
If you get a cover up tattoo will the original tattoo fade as the cover up tattoo fades?
How old are women when their boobs stop growing completely?
Ship wheel tattoos for a girl?
how can I give my self a natural face lift?
What do you think of this tattoo for a girl?
country music tattoo?
how could i convince my mom that not all tattoos are bad?
I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow...?
Tatto Ideas?[: Pleeeeease helppp[:?
How to fet fat and healthy?
What do you think of this tattoo idea, would it be possible?
how long does it take to get skinny from makeing yourself throw up?
First tattoo ideas pls?:)?
Tattoos of Sports Teams?
What would a tattoo like this mean?
How long before I can wear a bra after a rib cage tattoo?
How to remove my body hair?
matthew fox tattoo right arm?
weird problem with tattoo not taking ink?
Tanning Beds?
I'm getting my first Tattoo tomorrow @ 11a they told me to eat before i go, Whats a good breakfast food to eat
want to lighten and brighten skin?
For all those out there with tattoos. ANSWER!!!!?
what does boys like in girls?
My henna tattoo didn't work out all that great.?
Tattoos and modern day pin ups?
Suggestions For Tattoo Position? (Not On Me, On My Photography Model)?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my back...?
Why are your ID's photo copied when getting a tattoo/piercing?
Does waxing the bikini area hurt enough for me to be scared? Can you do it yourself? Where do u get the stuff?
What is a good quote that captures most aspects of my life and my need to survive, succeed, accept and endure?
tattoo questions + help, 10pnts!?
did anybody ever use nuetrogena ance mark fading peel?
what is the best way to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Where would i put this banksy tattoo?
How much are tattoos? And do I have to be 18 to get one?
Ok confession time for all of you who have tattoos. Am I the only one?
what does the aries tattoo symbol mean thats red and black?
Will one tattoo on my forearm interfere with my new job?
How do I stop the horrible rash I get shaving my bikini line?
Tatoo's On Girls???
Ladies Only: If a man shaves his legs does that make him a homosexual?
What are Ohio's tattoo laws?
Tatto question, pretty simple?
What do you think of getting a barcode tattoo?
Wow r u all asleep? I NEED SUM ANSWERS PLZ. my mom gave into a belly ring...does it hurt? AND ring or bar....?
Small White Bumps All Over Tattoo?
Girls are you attracted to guys with piercings,tattoos,split tounges and ear plugs?
I'm thinking of getting a small tattoo - Where should I put it?
I have a burnt on my chest in between my cleavage and wanted to cover it up with a tatoo,is it safe? 16, about 5'6 and im an english dres size6 (U.S4) i hav c cups..wot do u think? shud i like my bod?
Survey: Which Tattoo do you like best?? [part 2]?
Tattoo idea for someone who has overcome cutting. ?
My girlfriend wants to get a rose tattoo around her nipple. is there any danger of doing so?
How does stinky feet smell like?
Thinking about getting a tattoo above my ankle?
Should I get a tattoo of my husbands name?
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow!! Will it hurt bad?
How to get a piercing in a tattoo place underage?
How much is cherry blossom tattoo on a foot cost?
is my tattoo okay?
what are the effects of using a cheap tattoo machine?
got pimples!!?
would it be possible to make a not so detailed sleeve more full?
Tattoo on inner arm pain? help?
What you think of these people?
Would a lightning bolt tattoo be interpreted as racist?
Is is okay to wear a tank outside with new back tattoo?
Symbols of strength for sobriety tattoo.?
I want a really large girly tattoo any suggestions and pics please?
best richmond tattoo parlor?
how the heck do people wear a size 0.?
so should i get 7 1/2?
Just gotta new foot tattoo, any good healing tips?
how do you get fake tattoos off?
how long for tore skin on a tattoo to heal?
Where should I put my first tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo for my 16th birthday?
I dropped my 12g plug down the sink, and I don't have a replacement one. What do I use till then?
I need a good remedy for breakouts!?
Tattoo's or henna tattoo's, help please!?
Are you the business?
What shoud i do?
Italian Tattoo question?
Are there any tattoo artists or parlors with decent prices in V.A.?
Can estheticians have visible tattoos/piercings?
Guys, do you think tattoos on women are attractive or are they a turn off?
do people think your agly?
if you had to marry a person on the beach what would you wear,just bra and undie,nothing or a bikini?
What do you think about my first tattoo idea?
Getting a tattoo weight question?
when you have a period how long does it last?
what should i do about a tattoo on my tricep when im only 16??????????????????????????????????????…
can i put sharpie ink in my home made tattoo after it stops bleeding?
my period help!?
Only for those who have tattoos: Do you regret getting your tattoos?
would a tattoo on the foot hurt ? helpppp .?
Are pretty toes important to guys?
I don't look 30 do I?! ..I'M SCARED PEOPLE. O_O?
Who is that singer that has a tatto on his shoulder that looks like it is a wooden hinge like a puppet?
First tattoo in Colorado?
Best place on arm (preferrably) or anywhere for a tattoo on a girl?
Getting A Hip Tattoo...?
how to ged rid of black underarms?
I really want a tattoo!!?
Does anyone have a tattoo under where their watch would be?
Has anyone tried L'oreal Sublime Tightening &Toning Treatment Gel?? is it good?
Will having a tattoo on my wrist affect my chances in getting a job in the future? (read description)?
Can a copper magnetic bracelet ruin tattoos?
Tell Me Everything You Know About Tattoo Artists/Jobs/Pay?
How do I polish and buff transparent acrylic body jewelry?
Why do people come on here and ask if they are hot it just doesnt make sense it is stupid lol.?
my husband hates tattoos! what do I do?
How much should I tip my tattoo artist?
I have weird spots (almost puncture looking) on my tattoo?
do men find women with tattoos and pierces gross!!!! i what your thought on this ?
Place to put tattoos for loved ones I've lost?
How can I shave my pubic hairs down below without getting razor bumps , and if I have them already how do I?
How much would this tattoo hurt?
What do you think of the girls on Sexy or trashy?
how sexy does a women have to be in order to met a guy?
Spray on Tan? Tanning Booth? Or just plain under the Sun Tanning?
Tanning products?
I am a small woman a nearly A cup at 21 years old. Is there still time for me to develop breast?
Why do women call there chest boobs?
what is the best way to remove unwanted hair on your legs ?
Tattoo placement help?
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo to show my love for my lover what should I get and where?
how bad does it hurt?
Pimple emergency!!?
do you have any tattooes?
I am 5'1 and only weigh 100 pds i have had 3 kids and still can't put on weight HELP ME PLEASE?
Good priced tattoo in new Mexico?
Apocalypto Tattoo meaning?
what is the best way to get rid of the darkness over the upper lip area?
where would be the best place for my new tattoo?
How do you get rid of pimples?
How can you make your breast larger??
does it mean my breasts r growing?
Will my tattooed eyliner get darker ?
I'm getting a tattoo tmrow and I'm scared its gunna hurt real bad D:?
Advice for when I get my nipples pierced?
What is better big boobs small boobs real boobs or fake???
i want to get a tattoo?
Fastest way to loose 50 lbs??
guys PLZ help!!!?
is it good for a girl to show off her body parts ?
how much would a tattoo saying no regrets cost on my ribs?
whats the best ance medicine/treatment to use?
How long should I stay out of the sun before getting my next laser tattoo removal session?
Homemade tattoos??? Help?! Advice?!?
Good for a 1st tattoo? :] Pics included :D?
Is it ok to wax pubic hairs(esp. for gals) rather than shaving?
Is it okay for me to use expired Crest Whitestrips? The package says best used by 27/AL/2006!?
Age for tattoos?
What do YOU think of tattoos on under 18?
temporary tattoo question?
I need a good idea for a tattoo, and suggestions?
I just got a tattoo last saturday and I want to know if I can go to the beach or pool? ?r=1248963113?
How much would this tattoo roughly cost? ?
Is there a place in Miami that does bellybutton piercings but is not a tattoo shop?
Any sweet tattoo ideas for my back? Something like angel wings but not so overused?
You think a trucker getting a nautical star tattoo is dumb?
How do i make a sunburn hurt less?!?
Need a little help with a tattoo design?
TATTOOS ON GUYS: turn on or turn off?
Is there an at home recipe for break-outs?
Well I want to be a lawyer but I want a tattoo?
Does/has anyone used Cindy Crawfords product, meaningful beauty? does it work? what about olay regenerist?
how will i grow taller in just a month? like 5'2 or higher?
fastest tan bed lotion?
how to contact northstrom department store web?
Any ideas for a cute feminine behind the ear tattoo?
what's a nice tattoo for the lower back for a teenage girl?
4 month old piercing?
do you have any tattoos or do you plan on any?
can you get tattoos that arent completely permanent?
an estimate to gettin a 7inch tattoo on my forearm laserd off?
im planning on getting a tattoo and i need a lil help!!!?
bleach cream, & tattoos.?
how would this tattoo look ? :)?
does anyone want to design me a tattoo saying : Dios. Union. Libertad + a flor de izote design?
Do you think getting tattoos of your childrens names is tacky?
dose any one wax off there own pubi hair and will you tell me what is the best wax to buy?
i feel dumb asking..but how do you REALLY shave your armpits?
Tattoo Quote - What Do Yous Think?
what is the best bubble bath soap and where can I get it?
why don't they NUMB you before doing a tattoo or piercing?
Has anyone used nair on their upper lip?
the correct link to my tattoo advice question?
how long does it take till the adreline kicks in for a tattoo?
Tattoo Inspiration Reqiured!?
Please Help! Tattoo is SCABBING?
Am I too old to use Noxzema?
What causes skin tags and how can i get rid of them?
Anyone know info on FREAKS off Broadway? I need price ideas?
Ideas for Tattoo?
I have been wanting to design my own tattoo....?
What is the best thing for dry skin?
i'm thinking of getting a raven tattoo, but does everybody think the bird is evil?
what about tattoos can i do my project on ? because i have writers block :( it should be a positive paper?
Is their anything that makes scars go away?
Quote Tattoo on Wrist?
Is my tattoo healing correctly?
is there any sites where i can put a fake tattoo on one of my pictures for free?
Why do people come on here and ask if they are hot it just doesnt make sense it is stupid lol.?
My BF calls me thundering thighs ! But what does it mean?
How long does a new tattoo need to be kept out of the sun?
How can i protect a new tattoo at football practice?
How much for a famous family tattoo?
are there any tattoo places in bay area that will tattoo a minor?
what are the tips to have beautiful facial skin and hair in a natural way?
Can you apply temporary tattoos (well) to casts?
i have a question about getting a tattoo retouched?
What is the tattoo that is on trey songz right wrist ? And do you have picture?
which is the best chapstick??
tattoo quote ideas/suggestions?
Where should i get this Tattooo?
tattoo help me please!?
Any home remedies for curing acne?
Aftercare for a tattoo that's on my back?
How long does it take for your cartilage to stop hurting?
Tattoo On Stomach What Do You Think?
Male and female tattoo differences?
Can you get a tattoo when you're 15? What's the legal age?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in australia?
Is sun tanning safe?
Where can I buy henna at either in store or online?
Can you use gradual tanners on your face?Which ones best?
Could the skin turn more pale around the tattoo (black lettering)? Why, if so? How soon a tattoo will fade?
I have just had a tattoo done on my foot.?
HOT OR NOT? -Tattoo/Piercing-?
What's the best lotion for very dry skin?
Does it make any difference at all if a guy is circumcised or not?
What’s the stupidest tattoo you have ever seen?
how do i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
i need tips to get a girlfriend?
Could you be a model and have a tattoo?
Help with a doors tattoo?
could i plz have some home made remedies to get a better complexion(other than having friuts and vegetables)?
Do men really like girls with a "little meat" on their bones?
Where is the best placement for a tattoo?
do tattoo's really hurt as much as people claim?
Study Purpose Only: When Did You Notice Aging?
How long would this tattoo take?
How much would this tattoo cost aprox.?
What are some girls' opinions on guys with pierced tongues?
What tattoo would you to get most?
why do guys like girls with tattoos?
can you get a brooch piercing corset?
Tattoo help please folks?
Give me opinions on my new tattoo?
How can I protect my new foot tattoo from the sun?
wheres a cool place to get a tattoo ?
How do i get rid of a pimple quick? or make the redness go down?
How much will it hurt?
where can the razac lotion be found what stores or where?
Did Kendall Schmidt really get a tattoo???? ?
What are some tattoo suppliers?
Where are your tattoo/s?
where is the best massage parlour in bangalore?
Walk in tatto In Melbourne CBD?
How much would a 30cm red rose tattoo on my forearm cost thats bright and looks realistic?
Where is the best place to go to get a tattoo in Nocross Georgia?
What piece of art or picture can represent youth and/or forever? for a tattoo?
anyone have nummular eczema? treatment possibilities?
Girl's Only Please How do u remove hair from upper lip without shaving it!?
Lot of Moles on the Face, How to get rid of them?
possible tattoo idea?
How to convince my parents?...?
How many tattoos are to many?
Where Can I Get A Henna Tattoo In Santa Cruz, Ca?
I need to find a temporary tattoo of "nipples". Any idea of where to get these. Yes, womens nipples!
I Need Help Fast!!!!!!?
how to get ried of pimples?
Can I cover my tattoo for a few hours?
I have stretchmarks on my belly. What shall I do to make my stretchmarks disappear?
Question about Laser Tattoo Removal?
When is a good time to get a tattoo?
how do you treat burnt skin from charcoal?
I want to get a tattoo symbolizing deaths in the family. i dont want tears tho. what symbol would be good?
does every girl need to get rid of hair?
What are good prayer/scripture tattoos to get tatted?
Fake Tan - RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I look weird since shaving my eyebrows?
Do/should you tip piercers?
I need to know a cost for a tattoo?
new tattoo care, lotion question?
answer for a first tattoo?
What would be a good representation of anger for a tattoo?
would this be an okay tattoo?
Tattoo cover up advice?
Guys with lung cancer tattoos?
i wanna get a tattoo around my hip, i dont want my mum to know?
tattoo placement/pain?
Questions about septum piercings...?
I'm depressed and suicidal because I don't meet dating requirements of 5 foot 9 cuz I'm 5 foot 6. I am!!!!!!!!
Thinking about getting a tattoo but I'm not sure where to get it. any suggestions?
Behind the ear tattoo's aftercare?
What do you think about these tattoo idea?
Pregnant and tattoos?
advantages and disadvantages of pale skin?
Where to get a Brand (scarification) in Cleveland ohio?
What should I expect after getting my first tattoo?
Are tattoo parlors open on labor day?
im 15 and weigh almost 220 how can i lose weight?
What do you think about blacks?
How much would a tatoo similar to this cost?
what's the funniest thing you ever witnessed?
Waist tattoo designs?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
Is there a legal age limit for getting a tattoo ?
if you saw a women have a leg tattoo that has symbols to show her favourite movies would you think it dumb?
im thinking about getting a tattoo on my foot but alot of people say it hurts... does foot tattoos hurt???
Has anyone ever heard of the body shop?
What do you think of this tattoo?
is there a name for girls with tattoos and big gages?
gettiing a tattoo in an hour and mom isnt too happy about it help asap?
should i get this tattoo?
Getting my tattoo in 2 weeks! All booked, and now some questions?
I have been asked to design a tattoo for a friend.?
my tattoo is 2 months on lower back and is bumpy wat can i do do help get rid of bumps?
does it hurt to have the cartillidge on ur ear pierced?
Best Tattos artist in Nor-cal, Sanfran up to Oregon Border.?
Which tattoo magazine is better in your opinion and why: Skin&Ink or TATTOO?
i need advice! please help me out on something.?
I want to know how to get rid of acne without having to take medication. Do you have a good remedy for this?
When you first got a tattoo?
Why hasn't my tattoo scabbed up or itched?
Where to put my tattoo if I want to be in the health industry?
Do tattoos on certain parts of your body heal differntly than others?
Will it hurt alot to get a tattoo behind your neck? ?
Tattoo cover up ideas?
School is so not fun.I really hate PE?
how do you get tattoo artist experience?
Questions about tattoos ?
What do you think about girls getting industrials?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
where should i get my tattoo?
Which tattoo would hurt the worst: Top of foot, back of neck, or shoulder blade?
stretch marks?
Is there any where I could get my eyebrows tattooed in, in the UK, I'm 15, I know I'm under age.?
what`s your flavor ?
Please suggest some places on my body to get this tattoo?
How much would these Tattoos cost?
Do anyone of you think men or women with piercings or tattoos are attractive?
how long after having the flu vaccine can I have a tattoo - can I have both the same day?
serenity prayer? what do you think?
Should I get a tattoo?
Girls only: do you get any marks female marks on your skirt inside back and front from your underwear or not?
how to hide a tattoo?
Will you break out on your face if you use aloe vera?
tattoo placement help?
What can I wrap a rose around for a tattoo?
tattoo on my back?
Only for gals. Should I shave my armpits? 34 y/o man?
Will a hand tattoo affect me getting a good job in the future?
Is HempZ lotion okay to use on tattoos?
If you could have free plastic surgery on one part of your body, what would you have done, and why?
Would it be ok, to get another tattoo at 16?
What is the best way to apply Cologne so that is is just enough and not too little/too much?
What do you think about girls getting industrials?
should i get a tattoo?
what is the best zit cream and face wash?
Where can i find or get designed a good flower lower back tattoo? Most on the net seem so generic.?
Do you think this is a cool tattoo?
Tattoo Isn't Turning Out How I Expected It To Be..?
Do girls with tattoos look gross?
how do you make fake tattoos permanent?
How should I position the fox for my tattoo? Help :-]?
To tattoo your boyfriends name? or to not tattoo your boyfriends name?
quote for a tattoo??
Are there hazards associated with using a tanning bed?
Is it weird if i want to take my dad to a pericing/tattoo shop with me?
Can a 18 year old go alone to get a tattoo? ?
Tattoo to represent a lose of someone close to me?
where can i get a tattoo done professionally in aizawl?
Piercing & Tattoo stores in Markham?
Does anybody have a black light tattoo? If so can you describe it and how much it cost. Any extra info also.?
how can i get skinny?
I Need Help Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
getting a microdermal anchor on a mole?
Any one know a cure for acne?
Green eyes or blue eyes?
lip piercing or no? plz dont say that theyre ugly?
so I'm 16 and i want a tattoo in memory of my sister?
Ideas on what to add to my tattoo ?
Punishment for my teen getting a tattoo be hide my back.?
Good tattoo for teenaged girl?
Tattoo Artist Apprenticeship, how much should you expect to pay (if at all) for working in Midlands?
are kids allowed to go into a tattoo shop?
Is there anyway to disinfect tattoo needles?
Which tattoo should I get and wear should I get it? ?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
Ekti bhalo sexy mey chai .Sandhan dile puroskar ache.Nije ele double puroskar.Chobi pathao ekhuni noito e-mail
who is better looking jhon ibraham or upen patel?
Me and my sister want to get tattoos together. We want to get the infinity symbol ?
My tattoo will be two weeks old tomorrow but it seems scaly...?
how do u avoid blemishes and pimples?
Any good ideas of how 2 make this tattoo work?
Can I get a Yacht Triangle tattoo on my wrist?
how can I put on weight quickly?
anyone know a sweet name for a tattoo shop?
how to heal an infected tattoo??
What are some good Psalms verses for a womans tattoo?
How many times are you supposed to swipe deodorant under your arms?
Why is it that God rewards women for having babies with flabby thighs, loose bellies and stretch marks?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Don't you think that since women must shave legs/pits/bikini area, that men should have to also?
How do you find out if you're popular or not?
how to rectify an infected tattoo?
Is there any way to get around need a parent's signature when getting piercings?
is there a cheaper way to treat leg scars from melted cellophane?
Would it be okay to get three tattoos at once?
can they numb you lip when you get it pirced and were can i get a pircing when im 13?
Tattoo question help?
first tattoo....good idea?
Were girls bottoms made to be slapped?
Can anyone help me find a bigger picture of this tattoo?
Does anyone know any good website for determining skin tone & undertones?
Does Lanolin really hurt your tattoo?
Advice! Tattoos!? Location location?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Why does people judge people by the way they look but not by the way they act first?
Do You Think Getting A Tattoo Here Would Hurt? (Picture Included)?
hi i'm a guy with acne scars and i want some thing to cover them up with but i want it to be water proof?
Are feet tattoos a bad idea?
Do you think its trashy to get a shoulder tattoo like this?
When you get tattoo does it hurt?
Best thing to apply to fresh tattoo?
Why's the are around my eyes so dark and what can be doene to sort them out?
i have age spots on my hands, so gross any advice?
Are Guys really attracted to short petite Girlz?
tattoo ideas anxiety?
globe tattoo loading?
How do I get my mom to let me get a tattoo?
What's the best way to force yourself to get up in the morning?
tattoo aftercare help?
Tattoo question, yes or no!?
Can I get a tattoo at 16 with parental concent in indiana?
Waxing...(at home or professionally?)?
Do you think this will be a "job stopper"?
Colorado People! Anyone been to Remis tattoo place....?
Alrighty, Anyone know about Plugs!?
tattoo tipping etiquette?
How much will this tattoo stretch?
what is the remedy for scars due to accidents?
How much does a tattoo cost in Poland ?
What color should my tattoo be?
Would this be cool for a tattoo?
Night moisturizer, please help me find it?
what are some tattoo ideas???
Christian tattoos?
i need a fiend what kind of friend should i look for?
What is the best way to get rid of ACNE?
Is it ok for a 13 year old to get a belly butten pierced?
Tattoo question: which is better?
Can I use earbuds now?
My tattoo itches oh so bad!?
I'm 13 and dad said he wont let me get a nose pierce or tattoo when i'm older?
about how much would this tattoo cost?
How much would a cubic centimeter sized tattoo on my forearm cost?
How bad to tattoos hurt??
how can i make myself look older???i know this is not a tattoo question?
What do you guys really think of Victoria Beckham ?
Male - Tattoo on my wrist?
Why ugly and white dude can be together?
Any Tattoo Suggestions?
Would this be a trashy idea for a tattoo? Price?
I need ideas for my sleve tattoo?!?
Do you have to be 18 to have a tattoo? Or can you be 16 with a adult?
Wat to tatoo on my upper back?
Can Acne Be Fatal?
Am I weird for considering a Gaara quote as my first tattoo?
Does that teeth-whitening stuff work?
Do you need permission to get a tattoo if your 18?
How do you get rid of acne on your back?
Will my tattoo hang if I lose lot of weight?
Zelda or Mario tattoo?
Tattoo Idea Suggestion?
Lowerback tattoo?
How do i get rid of spots on my face?
What would be a sexy tattoo to get right next to my vag?
Is this a cute idea for my tattoo?
Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs - I'm a black though?
who is prettier? jennifer aniston beyonce or rihanna?
I want to get my nose peirced? Any cons or pros to it?
what exercises will help me loose my belly baby fat?
how much do most tattoos cost?
Did I tip my tattoo artist too little?
What tattoo should i get?
Best ointment for a new tattoo?
Tattoo idea? suicide attempt?
if i wax facial hair, will it grow back thicker and/or darker?
What can I add to this tattoo to complete it.?
What is the best weight lost system with the least amount of excercise required due to lack of time?
I really want to get a tattoo, just a small one, but what?
Anyone know Tattoo Prices ?
What type of tattoo should I get?
What are your thoughts on colour use in oriental/Japanese style tattoos?
SW FLORIDIANS, How much for this tattoo?
I want a tattoo to represent me getting through a hard stage in my life, any ideas please?
How do you hide or get rid of pimples really fast?
what do celebrities use to make their body skin shine?
has anyone used acctuane for the 2nd time and got promising results for ance & oily skin?
How much would a small tattoo cost on the back ?
what are the best tips to reamain beautiful and slim?
which tattoo is nicer?
do u smoke?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo?
a question for someone who really knows there tattoo stuff please? what are your sources?
whats up with women not wanting to go natural in the pubic region,everyone's got to be clean shaven. why?
I would like to get a tattoo in thai saying life and love, help?
is fair skin less atractive or sexy than tan or dark?
if u had to get a tattoo on the skin right above the hip, what would it be?
Rib Cage Tattoo Removal?
Acne Scarring Solutions? How to reduce and minimize them?
VCH tomorrow.....what gauge should I get? Please only experienced modders?
Which should i get tattooed?
Which arm should I get a tattoo of Africa on?