How do i get rid of a birth mark?
What you think of these people?
Are these hints that ishould ask her out? READDETAILS PLEASE!!!!!!!?
Which memorial tattoo should i get?
what is the best wax for bikini area??? ONLY FOR LADIES?
Can i be a model if i have a tattoo?
Tattoos! What's a short and simple quote?
Tattoo removal cream?
How painful are lip piercings?
mom's name tattooed?
how about telling me your size?
what is a good and easy way to lose weight that is fast?
Question about working out and getting a tattoo?
Lip tattoo;;im 15? (?
Need some help with alice in wonderland tattoo placement. Come on at least 10 answers please.?
when is the tattoo expo san diego?
Covering a black tattoo with color ink?
Tattoo removal from forearm? ?
how can I loose 25 in 1 month?
How much would 297 words tattoo cost?
I hate my tattoo what to do?
Can i get tattoos over a scarr? ?
I live in Florida my 17 year old got a tattoo with out my permission and has a bad staph infecction.?
How much would an eight point star tatto cost?
Tattoo suggestions? ?
How too fix my tattoo power box?
How much will my tattoo cost?
I would like to get a crocodile tattoo?
does vita- k solution for stretchmarks workk??
Sharpie tattoo ideas?
How do i use lemons to lighten my knees and elbows?
Would it be an insult to the artist to get a coverup tattoo from the same artist who put the original one on?
Issues when sizing up from 2g to 0g?
will the skin feel as smooth as b4 after removing the pimple scar by remedy( aloe vera ) or other?
Going to get a new tattoo in October.... I want a symbol that's means either harmony or strength...?
Never-Ending Story tattoo?
What do you think about this tattoo idea?
I just got a tattoo that I don't like and would be hard to alter. what can i do?
Does Veet and/or Nair really work?
Even Rachel wood tattoo?
what is the best self tanning lotion?
where the tattoo shop in dubai?
MYy skin - blackheads. Change of lifestyle. See below.?
What to do if have reaction to fotofacialRF?
How long does it take to get a call for a second interview?
I have a sun tattoo and want to know what I can evolve it into?
how do i remove pimple scars on my face within 3 days?
What is the most ridiculous tattoo you have ever seen on a member of the public?
TATTOO.....huuuurts !?
Best Tattoo cover up makeup?
How to cure zit breakouts on the nose?
what do you think of this tattoo...yay or nay?
i have both my nipples pierced, do men like this or freak them out??
Do men prefer women with big boobs?
cool placement for a quote tattoo?
who is monika burdova?
.. Strange addiction with poking needles through skin?
how to loose weight?
What should I get for a tattoo?
Getting a tattoo (pain wise)?
places to put tattoo? words?
bitting nails!!?
using cocoa butter on ur face, will it make you break out?
how can i make my nails grow?
Question about tattoos for minors in Georgia.?
How easy or hard is it to have a tattoo redesigned if u dont realy like it anymore?
is it a turn on when you french kiss someone with a lip piercing!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
how much would this cost?
Quote tattoo placement. GIRL?
Roughly how much would my wrist tattoo cost?
what type of tattoos do guys like on girls?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
Ideas for my tatt? :D best answer may gets 10 points (:?
Tattoo on my wrist would it hurt?
What all do i need to know before getting a tattoo?
im 13 and i was wondering about a tattoo?
hey help girls! only girls?
Philips HP5241 facial sauna availability/price in the US?
i got a tat on sunday its now friday is it ment to scab and the colour start falling off?
i'm 5.2 tall and i'm 120 pounds but i wanna be 68 pounds?
What can I do do get tanning bed sun burn relief?
What do you think about these tattoos?
Why are you hating???
do you like or dislike my tattoo?
Question about Two different tattoo ideas, please help me on and tell me what you think?
How many laser treatments to fade tattoo for cover up?
Take a spa to court?
What tattoo should I get on the back of my neck that won't make me look like trash?
How do you know what tattoo ink is safe for skin?
I need a word that i can tattoo?
what if u in love with this person and u really care about this person but he dup u for no reason what should?
hi i m 16yr old girl my palm is very rough i feel embarresed when i shake hands?
What Sounds Better for a Tattoo?
Is this a stupid tattoo idea?
White tattoos advice?
Will having a forearm tattoo effect me becoming a teacher or other future jobs?
What's unique about you?
Where is the gap that tattooists adjust on their machines.?
How much does it cost to make a little black tatto?
Is baby oil a good product to moisturise your whole body and face?
"Capulet" tattoo sleeve help?
whats the stupidest tattoo you have ever seen?
Is there any product anyone can recommend for a tattoo fanatic?
how much does a tattoo hurt?
name of straight male pornstar with tribal tattoo on upper left should and half of bicep?
My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting tattoos together ... Any unique ideas?
can Pond's make the acne dissappear?
Will the navy pay for tattoo removal?
How much will my tattoo cost?
How to increase the size of wrist and fore arm?
How efficitive is tca< for tattoo removal?>?
Tattoo ideas? help please?
Inner bicep tattoo pain? 1-10?
why does massages turn people on?
How much dose it cost to get a tattoo?
What is the best home remedy for acne?
Anybody ever try breast enhancment pils?
can anyone draw me up a tattoo? for my upper arm?
how is perfume , soap and perfumed soap made?
Tattoo issue?
What happens to a tattoo during and after pregnancy?
does getting a tattoo on ur leg hurt?
at home solution to bikini shaving bumps anyone?
anyone has fancy catholic rosary tattoo? can pls show me? :)?
Is liposuction safe?
[For Both Sexes], What's the most appealing part of the body in the oppisite sex?
wax or shave?
Is Kat Von d good at being a tattoo artist?
ladies.... I gained a little weight about the mid section and i want to get rid of it fast!!any suggestions?
What do tattoos feel like?
How much would the tattoo hurt?
If you were to get a tattoo on your hand, what would it be?
Tattoo help in cape cod area...?
Is a 130lbs healthy for a 22 year old girl that heighth is 5'3???
how to deal suntanned skin?
Should I Shave My Legs?
What sounds respectable to be a virgin or addict in sex?
I am planning on going to a sunbed place 5 times a week do you think i should still use foundation?
Picture of the barbie cartoon?
Do guys think that fake boobs are just as good as the real thing?
How was ya'lls foot tattoo experience?
I'm starting to regret getting these tattoos here.. Do they look stupid?
where can I to lean how to do tattoo's?
What happens if I'm skinny and make a tatto and then become brawny ?
What is your opinion on tattoos ?
How much pain for a spine tattoo?
what kind of tatto should i get ?
does drinking tea or coffee makes ones skin dark?
If I use lemon juice to bleach my upper lip how long should I leave it on nightly?
Would this be a pretty bad *** tattoo to get?
Who is a good tattoo artist in Philadelphia ?
1 to 10 what do u rank this tattoo (10 being the best)?
Tattoo help please!!?
can some one give me a rough price?
What kind of tattoo.............?
How should one treat severe acne?
What's unique about you?
how do you get rid of acne scars left over from pimples?
Least painful place to get a tattoo?
Repiercing my eyebrow?
Are there any good portrait tattoo artist in the northern virginia and maryland area??
where is a good spa for brazilian waxing?
tattoo scabbing question?
how does one really get to know what they want with their life.any tips?
Should I be worried about my new dermal anchor itching?
Ladies ONLY!!!! HELP!!!!!?
what you think of these tattoos ?????? (2 tattoos)?
Is Veni Vidi Vici a good tattoo to get?
Has anyone tried Nivea cellulite cream?
is Aluminum Chloride safe to the skin?
any ideas for back pimples?
Where is the best place for a tattoo?
Why dont girls understand why dudes dont like tattoos(and piercings)?
How do I make my face look narrower?
So,once u have determined that a girl is too skinny what advice can one give her to help put on weight?
how come some people think tattoos are for pathetic, stupid, attention seekers?
how long do gumball machine tattoos last?
Matching tattoos???
where can i translate words for a tattoo?
I need help with a tattoo idea?!?!?
I don't look 30 do I?! ..I'M SCARED PEOPLE. O_O?
bikini SHAVE!?
i lost my mom... in memory of her i would like to have a tattoo.. can somebody give me some idea on this?
How can I avoid the red bumps I get after shaving my Bikini line?
Choosing my first tattoo!!! Help?
should i cover my tattoo with a gauze to work out since its on my lower hip bone and ive only had it for 4 day?
How can u find ur perfect match?
I need help finding a tattoo that is like a tree roots that turns into a cross!?
O got a tattoo 8 it ok for me to go back and work out...and get in the pool..?
Least and most painful tattoo spot?
What does a tattoo feel like?
What do you think of people that...?
Where would this tattoo look good?What do you think of the design?
Should I get this quote tattooed on my body?
Awesome tattoo quotes?
Tattoo ideas for 16 year old girl?
where should i get this tattoo?
is there a way to cure oily face? can a guy use a face powder or foundation to prevent skin oiliness?
underage and got tattoos?
A tattoo that says : Philippians 4:13?
Tattooo stuff/Tattoo websites..?
How do it take for finger nail polish to get old?
what does the tattoo sv on shaggy 2 dopes hand stand for?
UV tattoo parlour / artist SYDNEY?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Questions about nose piercings?
what do women think about tattoos and piercings?
can new tattoos peal off?
Why is it important to moisturise your skin?
what would be a good feminine tattoo and where would it be located on the body?
Is this a good meaning behind my tattoo?
Will my will be 13 days old, will I be okay to go to a water park or will I royaly mess up my tat?
Anyone who has a tattoo: I'm getting one. Should I do black, or color? I hear color fades & doesn't look good.
is 16 too young to get a tattoo in your opinion?
Are you supposed to tip a tattoo artist for the first touch up?
what is all this noise about plastic boobs, cant an honest 'bouncy' be appreciated anymore, eh people!!!!
Best tattoo parlor around livingston county ny or rochester ny for white tattoos?
Tattoo place in Philadelphia that will ink minors?
Where would be a classy place for a tattoo?
the skin on ur face?
What do you think about my appearance? prefer comments from girls, thank you.?
how to get a tattoo parlor to pierce someone underage without parent permission?
For women ONLY?
how much do septum piercings hurt?
Whats a really good fake tan (wear off) which gives you a brown colour rather than orange?
how do i make these acne scars disappear?
how can you get rid of eye bags?
What professions/careers accept visible tattoos?
Is possible to have a tattoo outlined in a brownish color, so that it looks like a permant henna tattoo?
i have a question about tattoos?
I need help with my tattoo idea. Please help! Would Orchids, Irises and Poppy flowers look good together?
Thinking of getting a tattoo of a heart behind my ear, kinda below my ear but to the side...?
Tattoo quotes of betrayal?
How long would a tattoo take if its the size of a small fist ?
What is your opinion of this tattoo?
What is the procedure to pierce your tongue?
wieght problem?
What is the Best Non-Comogenic FACE lotion?
can i use this kind of soap for my new tattoo?
Anyone else think that smaller boobs are much sexier?
Is getting a tattoo really that painful?
on a scale 1 to 10 how painful would it be to get a star tattooed on the right side of my wrist?
Swimming with a fresh tattoo?
How do I stop the horrible rash I get shaving my bikini line?
ok i have the most horrible sun burn on the back of my legs, how do i get rid of it?
Need art help for tattoo?
can midwives have visible tattoos?
Why does people judge people by the way they look but not by the way they act first?
What is the meaning of a Phoenix tattoo?
How much will this tattoo cost?
how many tattoos is too many for a girl?
do you have any tattooes?
Tattoo not fading after 2 laser sessions, feeling distress and hopeless?
If the makers of Oil of Olay are so convinced that their spunk-like cream works.............?
People with tongue piercings only... please help me im really scared!!?
Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
How much would you expect/ be willing to pay for this tattoo?
Will*Lime Green* ink show over Dark Green** ink?
How do YOU SMILE..without feeling ockward...? Best ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
What's your first thought (honestly) when you see someone with a tattoo?
tell me what you think and if i should add a little something?
How to change this tattoo design to seem less dark/emo?
Is there a problem with my tattoo?
how should i get rid of the hair on my legs?
my skin is aweful! im 26, and ive had acne since i was about 12?
Who did Randy Orton's Tribal tattoo on his back?
Is it true that only men have noticable adam's apples?
whats a good way to get rid of pimples quick?
what should i get for my first tattooo ?
Do you like my tattoo? x?
Ideas for a Tattoo cover up!?
Howe to get it?
Becoming A Tattoo Artist.?
Piercings & Tattoos=Pain?
Lyric Related First Tattoo (coldplay)?
what is the coolest tattoo a girl could get?
Natural ways to make ur hands softer?
Does anyone know a place in NY that does micro dermal piercings?
My first tattoo, have some questions?
Does Anyone have a good pic of Kelis Tattoo?
do you have?
I want to get snakebites, someone tell me honestly how much it hurts, I hate needles but want the piercings!?
I was bullied when I was younger I am turning 19 in 2 months . I want a tattoo that represents against bully?
can someone find me some small tattoo designs?
should i get a george orwell tattoo?
where do tattoos tend to stretch the most before you reach 18?
Timing on a memorial tattoo?
What ways coould i asl my parents if can get a tattoo?
tattoo removal?
Best place to get tattoo on Montreal, PQ.?
Tattoo representing motherhood and sisterhood?
Tattoo symbol to represent my brothers?
If you had to get one (or another) tattoo, where would you do it and what would it be?
I got a tattoo, do you think it's too low?
how to stop melenine production in skin? Is there any side effects?
Will muscle gain effect tattoo on leg?
SHORT Eminem Qoutes/Lyrics for a Tattoo?
Is this tattoo grammatically correct?
how do i change the color of my lips to pink??
Do you think its retarded to travel from Illinois all the way to Oregon just for a tattoo?
Where is a good place for a tattoo about God?
I am thinking of having a tattoo of my daughters names on the nape of my neck.?
about how much will it cost to get me and my friends bellybutton pierced???
Where would be a good place to tattoo my son's name?
what is the best product to use to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
I have eczema and how old do you have to be when it goes away and how can I make it go away?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
What are ways you can get stronger?
Need something to cover my tattoos? Please Help!?
Ok, I just had my daughter about a month ago and I'm very confused on where to get her name tattooed help?
Ok, I am wanting to get my tongue split.?
Does anyone know what the symbolism in this tattoo means?
i want a tattoo this weekend, but not sure where to get it...?
Would you recommend diy bikini line waxing?
Women... What is your favorite?
I have a star tattoo (like tom fletcher from mcfly) in the same place and i was wondering?
i have really oily skin?
Ladies - What is the best deodorant or antiperspirant you've found?
Anyone know of an acne product that actually works??
cool placement for a quote tattoo?
How long do i have to wait to swim w my tattoo i got on july 4, 2012?
Thinking of getting a tattoo?
Can't Decide Between 2 Tattoo Design's Help!!!?
do you think it is really bad to get a tramp stamp?
My nails are so soft, what should I do??
I want to get a small quote tattoo. I want a quote about life/no regrets/love etc. Any ideas?
(girls help!) suitable punishment needed for my g/f?
Ideas for a wrist tattoo?
What kind of tattoo looks sexy on a girls lower back?
Glow in the dark tattoo?
Want to get a butt enhancement done?
What are cute little tattoos?
Do these products that say that they clear your pimples in 1 week TRUE ??
Bumps under my new tattoo?
General Idea of the Cost?
getting snake bites friday , any tips ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Clothing & Semen?
want to get a tattoo re-touch, on my 3 year old music note.?
My dad & mom are completly different & Id like to get a tattoo that represent this, they're like fire & water ?
i'm 5'4''. and my weight is 80lbs. am i underweight?
Im getting 2 tattoos tomorrow and i want to know do they REALLY hurt?
i want a tattoo this weekend, but not sure where to get it...?
How to get rid of zits fast?
Getting a tattoo while on Accutane?
Which do you like better for a tattoo on the top of my foot?
People always touch my butt at school what should I do?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
Why people get tattoos?
blemish help!?
how could i get "mom" tattooed on me?
Cool names for a tattoo/piercing parlor?
What do you you think would work best on acne?
how to get rid of the scars and red spots after pimples?
repost: looking for some input!?
Do you think this is a good idea for a tattoo ?
Suggestions to cover up a tattoo?
Where can I get a picture of the Boon dock saints Jesus tattoos on their backs?
how many kids do you have?
Tattoo on inside of upper arm+military?
Trouble deciding between two tattoo ideas?
Can you guys tell me if my tattoo idea is pretty good?
Do navel piercings hurt?
tattoo question........................?
Best Japanese tattoos on longlisland NY?
home remedie?
How much will this tattoo cost?
My new hand tattoo I got today?
What's an inner lip tattoo called?
How do i care for a tattoo? ?
have been trying the slimming world diet for four months and only lost weight the first week,?
Where can I get a UV Black light Tattoo in ottawa or toronto?
How many women shave their pubic hair?
Age for tattoo? And would this be cool?
what do u think of piercings? like not juz the ears?
How should I get this tattoo?
Whats the Best way To CONTROL melamine content in our body?
when u go out with a guy, gilr do u like him to swear or just think he is showing off?
face tattoo? im thinking of getting a face tattoo what do you guys think, ney or yey?
A Good Tattoo Quote.. ?? ?
best suggestion for sleeved tattoo?
What do you consider to be a "bad tattoo"?
Got my tattoo fixed. What do you think?
sample marketing plan?
Does anyone have any other tattoo designs?
Tattoo ideas for couples?
What is the best make of fake tan on the market today ??
Tattoo cover up for a wedding?
Is a sleeve tattoo only considered a sleeve tattoo when it wraps around the entire arm?
Good tattoo artists and shops in nj?
What can I use to temporarily cover up tattoos?? help?
Tattoos in the work force?
Tattoo on front, lower abdomen/waistline on guys -- Gay or not?
Is my tattoo infected and what should I do?
what do u think about having a tattoo ?
pale skin but want to use self tanner or tint but unsure-any suggestions?
2 tattoo sessions dangerous?
I want to get a tattoo for my mother but I am not sure what, any suggestions?
i'm getting a tattoo on my ribcage in a few days.?
Tattoo question?
I want to be tan but I'm not sue of the best approach?
I want to get a matching tattoo with my fiance..but i'm having trouble thinking of ideas..any help?
Increasing bust size without surgery?
How much can a slightely over-weight person expect to lose in two weeks of the atkins diet?
how do i get white flakes off my nose and clean the pores????
Questions before I get my tattoo. Legit answers...?
help picking a tattoo!?
what do u think of tattoos on women in thier 40s ?"?
Howcome I dont have really any scabbing on my tattoo?
Has anyone every tried Proactive? And does it really work or is it a scam?
Can you get a tattoo on FRESH SUN tanned or SUN burned skin?
what tattoo design should i get for my brother and sister?
how long does it takes a tattoo to get heal?
when using a self tanning lotion, do you have to go in the sun?
how do you know if you have mosquito bits or boobs?
What do you think?
Should i just keep hidding my tattoos?
Am I pretty or ugly?
Girls only please...?
I've got little red dots on my tattoo ?
To get a tattoo or not to get a tattoo?
What is a cheap way to get rid of zits and pimples that is effective?
Thoughts about lyrics that I should use for my tattoo?
Is it possible for your skin to become dependent on eucerin?
question for the girls - do you prefer a big muscular or a thinner toned Physique?
Hey, i was thinking about a tattoo and im debating between fonts.?
Why do they call a really buff person "ripped"?
how much would this tattoo cost?
How much do peck tattoos hurt? and cost?
Should I get this tattoo behind my ear or on my right shoulder?
Tattoo for the baby I lost, where should I put it?
do looks really matter????
Tattooists in glasgow that will tattoo under 18's?
Ideas for my shoulder and arm sleeve tattoo?
What is up with the Triangle tattoos?
What do you think of my design for my wrist tattoos?
Insight into tattoo stretching?
Need to know how to shape my arms....?
How can i make my breast look smaller?
Tattoo idea for evolution?
what is wrong in being naked?
i have a tattoo that i dont like i was wondering should i cover it up?
how do i get rid of acne marks?
Can you rate my tattoo ????
Realistic opinion about my tattoo?
Will I be able to function normally for my tattoo with tylenol codeine?
What are your tattoos and what do they mean ?
my GF likes my beef bayonet to be fully waxed is that fair?
Could my sister sign for me to get a tattoo?
Has anybody tried SK II?
how do you remove body wax?
I'm white....does that mean I'm ugly????
On a scale of 1-10, how much does eyebrow waxing hurt?
Harms of body piercings and tattoos?
What is a Yon-Ka massage?
Besides Proactiv what is the other best medicine for acne?
I got space on my arm for another tattoo. Any ideas for a hip hop tattoo?
How much do estheticians make each year?
Where should I get my tattoo?
i need some tattoo ideas?
Ladies - What is the best deodorant or antiperspirant you've found?
How long do you wash your tattoo?
Tattoo Price Ranges, just an estimate?
Good female tattoo artist in Toronto with reasonable rates?
Does fake tan work as a good base tan before going on holiday?
what should i do to increase my height?
Do you think its possible to get like a tatto with jesus listening to music because im think about getting it?
Are navel piercings attractive?
How old do you have to be to get a permanent tattoo?
Does a tattoo on the finger hurt ?
what is the best treatment for undereye puffiness?
what's better? Scarguard or Mederma? please give a description of both also the quality. Thank you!?
Do you have any piercings? If so, what do you have pierced?
I have VERY sensitive skin, what can i use to get rid of pubic hair??
What do you think of this tattoo (for a disney fan)?
Is my pencil tattoo infected?
experience getting a foot tattoo?
I'm 5'5 and 124lbs. is that sexy?
what should i add to my sleeve tattoo?
Want to be a RN Nurse, so is it unprofessional if I get a sleeve tattoo done?
paris hilton or britney spears .?
should i get a tatoo?
where should i get "Ciao Bella" Tattooed?
How do i get rid of redness from a burn?
belly button piercing is it infected?
Questions about my first tattoo, help please?
Where can a 13 soon to be 14 year old girl get a tattoo in Ontario Canada?
Is it discrimination? Tattoo policy change. Very serious PLEASE help if you can.?
Why do some of my fingernails have defects/indents/dimples in them?
my passion is to become a tattoo artist but i don't know how?
what would you recommend to make your lips appear lighter and smoother?
Im in West Virginia..and was wondering where is the best Tattoo shop is at.?? .plz help if ur in WV..!!?
Which twilight tattoo should i get?
Anyone know If there is a Cheaper version of Guy Aitichisons reinventing the tattoo?
on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), how bad did your nose piercing hurt?
My new tattoo isn't accurate. How do I tell my tattoo artist this without sounding stupid? Help please!?
Where should I put my tattoo?
do you believe that people with tattoos are dumb thugs?
Does anybody know how to get rid of lets say "three really bad pimples fairly quick?
What is wrong with my tattoo? :S?
Is a half sleeve tattoo on a 16 year old going to look good in another year or 2 ?
Shoulder tattoo and pricing?
do you have a tattoo..?
how can i get a tatoo when im 16 without parents permission.?
I need tattoo help!!!!?
Does anyone have links or pictures of really sexy tattos?
is there a diet pill that really works and if so what is the name?
Would you go to a therapist with tattoos on their forearms?
advice about body peircing?
Where Can I Get my Penis tattooed in nyc?
Are Piercings and Tattoos sinful?
Artists .. i have a favour to ask of you!?
what causes little red veins on nose and face.?
How do reduce acne/pimples problem,please reply back.?
Whats wrong with my legs?
Waxing Eyebrows?
How can I lose my basketball gut?
is someone handsome good enough to tackle a women?
Why did you get a tattoo? :)?
Any suggestions for skin care?
Peeling Tattoo Losing Color?
how can i tan quickly?
Everything to know about tattoo's...?
Tattoo allergic reaction testing?
First time tattoo question?
My girlfriend wants to know, if you use Nair, down there, how long does it stay gone; and does it still itch?
Has anyone heard of bath products called Chinese Garden oriental relaxation therapy?
How come I flirt so much am I jsut craving for attention or I just like to flirt! I even flirt with guys that?
How come modern day guys look more muscular than guys in the 60's, 70's, and 80's?
how to pick out a tattoo?
how much woud you pay for a tattoo like this?
Which Design is Better?
what do u think of this tattoo?
I just got a labret done, I can feel it on my gums, is the oversize bar the problem?
Tattoo help!!! Somebody who knows a lot about them? urgent please answer?
Roughly how much would it cost to get this done? Pictures in description?
people with any piercings plz help!?
10 points for the best Hawaiian tribal and or Hawaiian tattoo?
does anyone know another way to enhance breast size that is safe and easy other than implants?
I am considering getting myself tattooed like Scoefield from Prison Break do you think this is a cool idea?
I would like a tattoo to represent my 3 kids living and one who died, what should i get?
What are the best bath & beauty products for sensitive skin?
I want to get a tattoo but..?
A quote for a tattoo ?
Butt Doctor?
Does dancing pilates help?
Is there a certain age to get brazilian done?
Do sleepinng without bra make boobs bigger?
How do you find true love?
I'm 12 and I want to get my belly button pierced...Suggestions?
my son get burned from hot it is healing.what should i use to prevent from scars or marks in future?
Skull wings tattoo backpiece-flash tattoo mag?
shaved my brows?
any cool Slavic tattoo ideas?
Is olive oil good for a new tattoo?
Ladies and Woman: Do you think being overwieght, though pretty, can effect the way you are treated at work?
does any one know what to do to stop growing taller?
I'm looking for a tattoo to put ?
PA + Reverse PA = Apadravya?
if you were to get a tattoo what would it be?
question about ingrown hairs?
When i shave my underarms it still looks like i didnt shave them. What can i do???
tattoo shops?
What is better Mary Kay , Jafra, or Avon??
Considering getting a Hamsa tattoo?
Girls Help Please...?
Why do white people think black women are...?
which quote should i get tattooed onto my ribs?
Do Tattoos stretch/disfigure if you put on weight?
Your thoughts on my tattoo idea? Have you regreted a movie Tattoo?
just had a new tattoo anddd...........?
how to grow my health?
what should i get a tattoo of ?
I want a tattoo in love of my boyfriend, ... he's inspired me.?
what lyrics should i get tattooed on me?
Where can you get a Henna tattoo?
Vegetarian tattoo.. Anyone want to design a tattoo for me?
I'm getting a feather tattoo & want some suggestions for words to go with it?
Hey girls...Which body would you rather have?
septum ring!~!!!!dsgtd?
Can I make airbrush paint for tattoos from another paint?
PIercings Question?????I?
Does anyone know of anybody who is looking for ans Tattoo apprentice in MD?
should i continue washing my scabbing tattoo?
Do you think that its important to get a tattoo with a deep meaning, or just get one because you like tattoos?
Has anyone ever tried Neutrogena's Acne Mark Fading Peel?
would you let a 14 year old get a tattoo?
How much would a 1 inch tattoo vaguely cost (inner wrist, outline of a leo sign) I live in UK?
what is the latest form of effective treatment available for keloid scar?
need some help with a tattoo?
New Tattoo: Need a Phrase for next to my lotus flower?
my face breaks out when dirty people touch my face what product should I use?
Does Danica Patrick have a tattoo. And if so does anyone know what it is.?
Would you get a tattoo of a "" on your forehead for $USD100,000?
I need tattoo advice please!?
how to ask my parents for a tattoo?
i would like to view full size images of free tattoos without having to subscribe to it?
Tattoos while Pregnant?
What is wrong with getting a tattoo?
How long would a very thin line tattoo take to heal?
What is the best solution to remove a rub-on tattoo that will not come off my child?
Tattoo under breast, hot or trashy?
i need to lose 5-10 pounds wats the best and quickest way to lose weight beide pills?
Me and my friends did something stupid..?
Should I forge it.......?
Very dry three week old tattoo, keep moist or dry?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Cost to get tattoo of suicide butterfly?
i want the answer of my question why i does not found true love now till i think you cant tell me its reason?
I am getting an inner lip tattoo...will this fit if its somewhat small(:?
Piercing/tattooing your pets?
Can a tattoo in the inner side of your wrist really cause you to not "get the job" or even get fired?
uh I just seen a preview of ink masters on spike tv... are they,really going to tat dead bodies?
How much would this tattoo cost?
where to get skin tone paint to cover up tattoo in singapore?
Which brand of the following skincare is the best? Shiseido, Estee Lauder, or Lansome?
I wana be a tattoo artist so bad, im fascinated by the whole process, how do I approach it?
Is Getting a Tattoo on the back of your Arm Hurt?
Where is the best place on a woman's body for a tattoo?
i have dark complexsion and want it to be fair or whitish. my other sis/bro have whitish complex.i m 25 male.?
i want this tattoo but not sure if i should???
I am 15 and i want a tattoo my mom will sign for it....but is it true it will get mess up when i am older?
What about this TATTOO?
Tattoo after-care, help! s for best answer!?
Reef tattoo logo idea? (10 points)?
allyson chemical in soap children?
What kind of excercises should I do in the morning?
Peter Pan tattoo placement?
how much will a small wrist tattoo cost?
if you use too much ambi fading cream will your color come back?
I have problem with Tattooing bright colors(yellow,white)into skin?
Ideas for a Mermaid Tattoo?
I am looking for a Persian/Iranian tattoo artist...?
tattoo ideas please can someone help me :)?
Tattoo help please!!?
Why is picking a tattoo so hard!?
need help finding a tattoo that symbolizes the bond that me and my mom share... shes my best freind!!?
my tattoo has scabbed a bit should i put bepanthen on it or let it dry out?
Guys: What do you think of tattoos on girls?
What is the best place to get this tattoo?
I have a pimple under my new tattoo?
So my mom is really against tattoos.?
Pantyhose alternative??
what tattoos do you have???
Which Chinese signs should I get tattooed?
When did tattoos become popluar?
Can you recommend a good natural deodorant?
Deathly hallows tattoo?
Christian Tattoo ideas ? Please !?
What would u think if you saw i guy with old school roses tattooed on his leg?
HAS anyone tried a lipostable kit at home? for fat loss?
Are the piercing artists at swap meets licenced professionals?
Where to get tattoo without stretching?
Is there anything wrong with a girl being 5'10"??
Ronnie Radke on LA ink?? ?
Are tattooes cool or crass?
does nose piercings and belly piercings leave scars?
Human Rights Tattoo Ideas?
What do you have to do to become a tattoo artist?
i need help to find this tattoo .?
where would be a good place for a serenity prayer tattoo?
what color clothes suit dark skin people which black hair and are thin ?
WHY is it that woman will parade around on the beach in a flimsy bikini in front of complete strangers?
I want a baseball tattoo, but i need some creative ideas?
my first tattoo with color and it lookss crazy?
I want a textual tattoo, where should i get it?
How Old Were You When You Got Your First Tattoo? Do You Regret It?
Is a woman better off having shaved legs or hairy legs?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo near Ventura, California?
What are some prison tattoos from a long time ago?
What do you think of these tattoos on a girl?
My new tattoo seems blurry in some areas is that normal?!?:(?
Does figures means a lot in friendship relationship? Does a person have to be slim to get a good friend?
Good Tattoo shops in west chester/cinci Ohio?
What do you think about these tattoo idea?
Is This A Good Meaning To A Wrist Tattoo?
dresses to cover tattoos?
Do women find men more attractive with tattoo's than without?
Can you get ink that's lighter than your skin?
lower back tattoo, epidural?
How does my new tattoo look..(pic)?
Help with skincare!(#2)?
I'm afraid of having sex because of this..Pls help!?
How much would this tattoo cost in the UK? (Link provided)?
Fresh tattoo question ?
How can I get rid of my acne?
Henna Tattoo Paste- Will It Still Work. ?
Do u think my avator if kewlio? i'm just curious, so don't get all snobby wit me!?
Arm sleeve tattoo cost?
What do you think of this tattoo?
what is your favorite designer fragrance?
Where would be a good place to get this?
how do to lighten my complexion and free of dark patches on forehead and cheek bones. tried some cosmetics?
If you have a tattoo on your wrist..?
How many tattoos is too many?
Pimple! :(?
I shave my legs and the hair grows back like 20minutes later what do i do for this.?
Are Pond's Whitenning Products "REALLY" effective?
Proper care for a navel piercing?
What do u think about tattoos?
good quotes for tattoos?
Japanese Katakana Tattoo?
Would a pinup tattoo look ugly on the inside of your bicep?
I've A really bad case of facial hair,located on the chin.It won't go away!I'm thinking of lazer hair removal?
how does my foot smell if it doesnt have a nose the world will never know???
Is there ususally an initial breakout when using salicylic acid, 1.5%?
women and tattoos??? sexy or not??
are piercings attractive on girls?
is it true that some hot women have three boobs?
am i hot in this outfit?
Can a tattoo still get infected if all the scabs came off already?
Earlobe piercing?
i want to get an ear tattoo!?
Is tattoo removal painful?
How much would this tattoo cost?
tattoo laser treatment?
Does my tattoo look like its healing fine?
jealousy about a tattoo?
Are keloids from piercings avoidable or preventable?
Is skipping good for me and will I lose weight doing it?
How much does a tattoo cost?
does anybody know a good tattoo place in so cal?
Is this a scabbing tattoo or what's wrong with it?
Im getting my first tattoo, && i dont know what to get. What should I get.?!?
Am I fat??
what should i do with my spots?
How can women get rid of thick hair growth on the their face. Any homemade remedies?
When your spouse doesn't like tattoos?
help me i really want a tattoo?
I need help with acne?
Does anyone have a homemade solution to bleach underarm?
Should my tattoo be peeling already?
Is my tattoo considered trampy?
do you have any tattoo's? if so what of?
Im getting a new tattoo witch spot?
How can I make my tattoo look more vibrant?
what is a good spot for getting a quote tattoo?
tattoo and a soon surgery coming up?
How do you get rid of the dark circles under your eyes?
do you have genital piercings?
Wheres a good place to get your belly button peirced?!?!?
How do i take care of tattoo?
Would this be a cool tattoo to get on my forearm?
Cover up tattoo ideas?
What exactly do girls mean by a ''cute'' tattoo?
wut do modeling agencies do to make their models lose weight?
anyone know were to find any good tribal tattoo designs ?
Difference between front rib tattoo and back rib tattoo?
Where can I get magnetic finger implants?
TATTOO ?????????????????
what do you think about this tattoo idea?
what is the best natural awy to get rid on acne?
where can i get this done? and is it possible to have it done easy?
SERIOUS question mostly to guys about neck tattoo?
Unsure what to fill my half sleeve with?
im curious?
Have you ever swatted or pinched a woman's bottom?
Unsure where to place second tattoo - any advice?
Does getting your cartilage piercing at a tattoo parlor with a needle hurt?
do tattoos behind your ear hurt?
I want a tattoo, but my boyfriend says he doesn't like them. What do i do?
Why do we breathe?
Can I exercise with a new tattoo?
if i get a tattoo on my wrist would that b bad for job interveiws and such?
advice on getting first tattoo?
for girls only?
My skin is breaking out really bad???
ingrown hair?
Question about tattoos and swimming?
what should i use on a tattoo to make sure it heals properly ? 10 points best answer?
What is the best cure/solution for acne scars or pimple scars?
How badly does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder blade?? What about your Forearm. ? Answers please... ?
I have tattooed eyebrows and was considering laser removal to remove them. I was then informed theres a chance?
what would you say this is a tattoo of?
can i get a piercing/tattoo down at the beach if my friend signs?
I have a bump on my nose, it isnt a bone bump, but sort of like a mole, what is it and how do i get rid of it?
how do i permanently get rid of stretch marks?
Tattoo Chest Tattoo Pricing and Time?
what do u guys or girls think about girls with 17 ear piercings?
Tattoo ideas quotes, helpp?
How much would this tattoo cost on average?
Micro-dermal piercings?
What's the best thing put on a tattoo after it's heeling?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo? And should you have waited?
I Finally Decided 2 Get Tattoo , Do U Like What Im Gonna Get ?
Why are there red spots on my legs....?
What is a good acne solution for sensitive skin?
I want to get a matching tattoo with my cousin and we cant think of anything, any ideas?
Where to get lube ? For gauges ?
How dangerous are UV tattoos? How visible are they in regular light? What ink should an artist use?
Tricep tattoo pain level?
What type of Tattoo should i Get?
How to get good complexion?
I am getting a tatoo but I want it to be absolutely perfect. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?
TATTOO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats your favorite tattoo?
What Deoderant do you use?
what do you think of girls with tattoos?
I have a question about a tattoo, help!?
Do you have any small Marilyn Monroe quote for a tattoo ?
What to expect during my first tattoo?
How much will a small wrist tattoo cost?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Boston for wildlife/animal work? ?
Can I get a Henna tattoo that is perminant?
I want to get a tattoo,my son says anywhere except the small of my back will look trashy is he right?
Could this work as a tattoo?
will tanning beds make me look funny?? please help!?
How much would a dream catcher tattoo on the side ribs cost?
Beauty Secret - What's Yours?
Why do people judge outer appearances so much compared to inner beauty?
Septum hurts worse than conch?
What do you think of getting a wing of a crow tattoo on my wrist?
What are some of the best smelling body products?
Anybody tried a home laser hair removal kit?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
help picking a tattoo!?
Bellt button Rings!!!?
New tattoo lots of brusing not happened with any others! why is this? should i worry?
Pain rating of tattoo placements.?
Why one person become so important in ur life which is not related with ubefore?
were's your tattoo? what is it? and why did you get it?
What would depict "excellence" well in a tattoo?
should i get a tattoo at 13 read more?
Do you think that visible tattoos are classy or trashy?
I like piercings and tattoo's but my boyfriend doesn't, what do I do?
for women only?
What is a good facial mask to treat and prevent blackheads?
where does it hurt the least for a tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
where should i get my tattoo?
Why do people keep asking if they are fat?
i think i have the flattest butt in the universe,anything to share on how to have a jlo kinda butt!?
tongue piercing...?
Why do people who clearly don't like tattoos comment in the tattoo section?
Is getting a tattoo "wrong"?
Ambigram Tattoo/Free Ambigram!?
why slim girls seem sexy to every one?
Cute tattoos..and where? (:?
Need tattoo ideas???????
Under bicep tattoo pain?
can anyone draw me up a tattoo? for my upper arm?
If I got a tattoo here would I have a hard time getting a job?
can anyone help me >translate to german?
Whats your favorite kind of chocolate?
tattoo advice needed..?
if a guy would get a tattoo, what kind do you think is the best?
what could be a good idea for a grey and black beads tattoo cover up on my wrist ?
what the best kind of cover up?
Oh my, how do I get rid of my acne, on my face and on my back?
what ink can you buy from any store to give yourself a tattoo?
Curves or slim?????
Tattoo: should it have color or no?
What do you think about my tattoo idea?
Can I go swimming, with a fairly new tattoo?!?
Does Claire's and Ardene's do cartilage piercings?
My pores have grown large over the time that I have had acne. What should I use to make these pores smaller?
Do you regret or love your old tattoo(s)?
Is this okay?
Will getting a half-sleeve tattoo hinder my future as a professional worker?
Which design do you think makes a better foot tattoo?
Is it worth getting a white ink tattoo on my wrist?
How many piercings do you have?
What tattoo do you think could look better?
What does witch hazel do for the skin?
Where can I find a tattoo artist to tattoo my pubic area?
Best tattoo to symbolize confidence and Belief?
My facial skin is very dry and prone to adult breakouts. Are there any otc products that can help me?
Are tattoos on girls trashy?
more tattoo ideas?!!!?
I have a tattoo on my upper chest I want to hide for a company pool party, can I hide with no makeup?
Adding on to a tattoo...any ideas?
What should I get my tattoo of & where?
whats a hot tattoo for guys?
how do i give myself a bikini wax at home?
Where should I put an Anchor tattoo ?
Can you tattoo information between your toes?
Where can i find "Dermablend Leg and Body Cover" in Leicester Uk?
New tattoo, should I use sunblock?
Do any of you have tattoos?
what do u recommmend for acne and better looking skin?
Do those Breast Enhancing Tablets really WORK?
Why do human beings have eyebrows?
Anybody know of a wax that i can use on my eyebrows?
help with tattoo ideas?!?
by dint of playing in heat i been brown i was fair before i wanna b fair again?
Where should I get My Doctor Bird tattoo?
does anyone know where you can get henna tattoos done in Middlesbrough?
Native American symbols for tattoo?
What is the sense of a 'clit' piercing? Does it bring pleasure or what?
How do I tan faster out in the sun?
My tattoo? What do you think?
Do you guys think my green eyes are cute?
GIrls only! ....boobs problem!! please give me suggestions..?
trying to get certified in blood bourne pathogens. where to go in the state of NJ?
why do most tattoos look faded?
My half-sister and I met a few years ago and we were looking to get a tattoo to symbolize our relationship? ?
What do you think of Mothers with tattoos?
How to convice my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Hi, i'm 14 is there and exersices or something that i can do to mkae my boobs bigger?
How can I change my body`s look in 2 months?
how often do you exercise?
A good tattoo to go with a luck horse shoe one?
If your skinny, what can you wear to look more curvy, or what would you wear to compliment your body?
Where do horseshoe piercings go?
What happens if i get a tattoo abroad?
Informative books on piercing and body modification?
What do you think of this tattoo?
bird tattoo. any idea's and thoughts on it?
wat can i do?
i have a guy problem?
What do you think ofParis Hilton's nose?
Is this about right?
breast augmentation?
Should I shave just before a massage?
How Much would this tattoo cost?
what are the chemical components that help aid pimples and acne?
Do tattoos really fade because of skin growth?
is it true that if you get a tattoo on your lower back that you wont be able to get an epidural?
I'm getting a tattoo of a bear on my arm/should. I've been looking around but can't find?
How much would this tattoo cost? ?
i need ah good pic of the tattoo keyshia cole has on her wrist..?
Im drawing on myself, what/where should I draw? :p?
Is it okay to eat only one meal a day?
is there a place that does jagua tattoo in chicago?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Canada?
guys where do you like a girl to have tattoos?
Picture of my tattoo. Need ideas on how to improve the design.?
states you can get a tattoo with out a parent and under 18?
How big should my wife get her boobs?
I really want a tattoo on my wrist..........?
all comments welcome please be honest?
What could this tattoo mean?
Does this tattoo idea sound stupid?
I need an idea of a horse tattoo? American Saddlebred tattoo?
Tattoo ideas? any suggestions?
what is the best drugstore Sunless tanner?
Women what do you like to smell on a man?
Can i get tattoos over my scars?
i think that i look so fat i cant get over ot at all i am only 12 what can i do.?
Tattoo that symbolizes family?
Why is it that artwork that isn't good enough to hang on the wall ends up as someones tattoo?
Should I get some ink?
how tall r u?
who is worlds bandha person...?
I need a tattoo saying!!!?
Whats the worst place to get a tattoo?
I did laser treatment to my face. After the sessions small pimples are appearing, what can I do?
My daughter just turned 11 and has acne starting, does anyone have any good masks or whatnot to help her out?
Is this tatoo real or temporary?
Need help for a foot tattoo idea!?
Which quote for a tattoo?
good GAWD - where did you get THAT?!?!?
does any ine have a diet plan that works?
How/Why do you use baby powder?
I have large, open poors on my face, prone to blackheads, what's an inexpensive solution?
Help with Tattoo in Basingstoke, Hampshire (UK)?
Does anyone have tattoo ideas?
how do you give yourself a tattoo?
how can i get a bigger bum what can i eat or do to get one?
Why do u think people judge people with tattoos...?
i really want a tattoo but im not sure where to get it.. and my mom keeps saying in a private spot. any ideas?
is there a website i can design my own tattoo with ?
Girlz- What's all this with bleaching?
Where do you get printable temporary tattoo paper?
How does Heide Klum stay so thin?
dos anyone know the best way to take off the hire of the lieges and by the time to disappear?
Where is the best place to put your first tattoo at?
Did anyone try Avon Banishing cream? Did it work for you?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower back during the summer. Does it hurt alot?
anyone know of a reputable place that does electrolysis in Vancouver, BC?
I want a tattoo, how do you think i would have to pay for this?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Do you think tans are attractive?
Can a solid black tattoo Cover a black n grey tattoo ?
Is this a good picture for a tattoo?
Who agrees that Justin Bieber's tattoo is sexy?
Acne home remedies?
So since I am 18 now and I want to go get a tattoo but I don't have any kind of ID telling i'm 18, what should?
I know there are lots of hair,skin & nail vitamins out there. But has anyone ever tried some Really Good ones?
a meaningful tattoo quote, please help?
What goes good with this tattoo?
Can exercise be done at night?
If you had to get a tattoo of something what would it be?
how can i get a tattoo license in california?
I want wings tattoos on my ears . Cartlidge?
does it hurt more then usual to get a tattoo on a finger and can u tattoo over scars.?
Suffers from Persistent Acne Only?
I saw a picture of someones tattoo and it had in eye and symbols around it, what is it?