What tattoo quote sounds better?
Tattoo designs for military/firefighters?
My bf wants to get my name tattooed on himself but I don't feel comfortable getting his name on me..wat to do?
Best place to get a tattoo?
Can hair grow over a tattoo? ?
Do you think by holding in your stomach?
For the girls.?
Info about fake boobs from someone who has them.?
People with and without tattoos.?
where is the best place to get a tatto on your body?
New tattoo will i be to shower ?
how much would a 56-word long side tattoo cost?
Someone help!! water issue?
what does this tattoo mean?
What breast size is better on a woman who's 5'2", a 34C or a 34D?
Would having both a black and white and a colored tattoo on my back look weird?
what do you think of this tattoo?
I Have a MASSIVE Nose :( :( :(?
how do you clean a neck tattoo ?
piercings. Can a guy get his nose pierced ?
I HAVE a mole that has gotten bigger over the years ?
do u kno any home remedy for hair removal? no faking?
Why do some guys cut off their nipples?
What's the best sunblock for the face? whichever SPF i put, my face is just getting red?
men only --- two sexy women; one is slim, the other one is "chubby". who would you prefer?
Tattoo that symbolizes 'Regret' in Celtic or Latin?
how painful is getting a tattoo?
My second tattoo???????
HELP!!! My tattoo is going horribly wrong?
I need help, I paid for a tattoo but don't want it anymore what do i do?
What do you think about my tattoo?
palm of hands tattoo?
What do you think bout this tattoo idea?
How often do you girls get a pedicure and a manicure? How much do you pay where you live?
Know any affordable spas in the Houston Area?
What's a good language for tattoo?
My boyfriend wants to get a tatto of a set of udders on his back, What should I do?
how can i attract a beautiful, attractive and lovely women for dating?
What tattoo design should I get with this quote?
what are the different sizes of tattoo needle tubes?
how much do tattoo's cost?
On a scale of 1-10 how much does a tattoo hurt?
Are you jealous of my looks?
how do you treat burnt skin from charcoal?
how do u cover up...?
What should I get tattooed across my knuckles?
How much would this tattoo cost?!?
I started me peorid what should i do?
Im 18 my fingers have recently started to become very dry and they peel a bit. Could this be caused by stress?
My tattoo is EXTREMELY scabby! Is this normal?
question about nair hair removal...?
How much does the tattoo cost?
Which one of these quotes/words would make a nicer tattoo?
What size CBR is needed to fit into an 8 gauge flesh tunnel?
How much would a medium size handprint tattoo cost?
in the town jeremy renners forearm tattoos does anyone know what they are?
i have a red sox b tattoo....?
About how long will this tattoo take?
What tatttoo place will hurt more? inside ankle or shoulder?
Where should I get this tattoo?
0g streched ears helppp?
What font looks better for the tattoo I'm getting?
What should i get tattooed on my wrist?
what is the average cost of snakebite piercings?
Where would be a good place to get the AC2 logo tattooed?
why do guys have a problem with dating girls that are taller than them...?
I'm getting my first tattoo and I need to decide where to put it! Girls answers only.?
Tattoo ideas about recovering from addiction. ?
Is laser hair removal effective with light-colored hairs?
Plastic surgery cost: with the ecomony being at its all time worse.. is the cost of plastic surgery lower?
Does tattoo blowout happen over time or immediately?
What's ur favorite eye color?
is 20 tattoos too many?
Italian word as a tattoo?
Tattoo symbolizing loyalty..?
I just got a tattoo 2 days ago is it normal for it to fade out?
Taurus tattoo please help?
im thinking of having a tattoo on my lower back. is this bad?
how to make real friend in net?
If you have a tattoo near your hand thumb area (3 word quote) can it keep you from getting hired as a teacher?
Tattoo filler ideas for a 3/4 sleeve?
I am looking for a design of a phoenix for a tattoo. Suggestions?
how do i get the dead skin off my face?
F*%K!! lol help on TaTToo info about id and tricking the parlor....?
Need help with tattoo ideas?
What's up with my tattoo?
Need help with tanning?
what tanning lotion for outdoors is the best to use?
Suggest a placement for this tattoo?
Guys what is ypur favorite piercing on a girl? ( do u like tounge rings)?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
Does anyone know of a good acne medication?
I want "You are confined only by the walls you build yourself" tattooed on me. Whats ur opinions?
At what age did you lose virginity?
does bio oil really work to fade acne scars? how long does it take for them to fade if i use bio oil?
like my new tattoo ??????????????
Anyone know a website where I can view different types of tattoos - perhaps view stencials?
Can I be a teacher with this tattoo?
Help with a big tattoo, scared?
Should fat teenaged girls be permitted to have an attitude?
Do you have a tattoo, how many and of what?
I really need help! Can I add cherry blossoms OVER a part of an existing tattoo? PIC?
do hip piercings always reject?
What was your first Tattoo experience like?
Need help with a tattoo!!?
does sweat clog pores?
Do tattoos hurt when getting them?
what is the official name of the traditional gypsy girl tattoo?
is it good to wash your face with normal soap?
Do face tattoos mean that someone has been in prison? Do you think they are attractive?
Tattoo? Which one is better? And which place would it look good tattooed?
How to protect out of blemishes?
hi good night i am a young woman 30 years with a high belly skin i really dont know what to do about it?
This question is for a dermatologist or someone that may work for one........?
what does this tattoo mean?
Union Jack Tattoo - Positive + negatives?
Tattoo Representing Home?
My buddy has a tattoo problem.?
what and why????
What is wrong with me?...?
how do you become a vampire?
Would this tattoo be offensive?
Nose ring!?
Got a tattoo and I'm not sure if this is normal- extreme pain, swelling, red, etc.?
how do i lose weight fast, safely, and without using pills?
At what age do you think you should be able to get your first tattoo?
I have a boy frend that cheated on me and liyd to me do I dump him or stay with him?
how much would a tattoo like this cost about?
what do i do when theres some girl trying to take my man from me?
Question about black tattoo??? Please?
well i like this guy but he does not even know i am around what should i do?r?
earrings with both sides flat?
Can I wear shirt over tattoo?
which tattoo do you like best?
Help with cover up tattoo.?
how do you know the guy girl likes you?
tattoo help??
I'd like to get a few tattoos, but I am skinny and concerned that they'll stretch if I gain weight?
i have 7 tattoos and im thinking about getting my tongue pierced is it safe?
Girls, do you think a tribal cross tattoo looks good on a guy?
Neck or Wrist tattoos?
Can you legally get a tattoo for your cat?
A tattoo artist accidentally melted my synthetic shirt into my arm, is it dangerous?
1st tattoo...?
Price estimate for tattoo?
i might be getting a tattoo in a couple years?
why come you dont have a tattoo?
I recently went through ovarian cancer, and to remember the tough time I am thinking of getting a tattoo.?
I'm using proactive but it's not helping. what r some other acne treatments?
well my mom is letting me either get a belly button ring or a tattoo and im only 15 so i dont know which one..
Would I look okay with facial piercings?
i had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago and the colour is raised and patchy is this normal it looks ed?
Pics of eyebrow piercing?
Are these such things as temporary tattoos? That last months or even years?
Would it hurt worse to get a foot tattoo or behind the ear?
Infected nose piercing?
Percentage ... who gets tattoos more men or woman?
I can't get my earring off?
Any of you do home facials?
What does a tattoo feel like?
How much would a foot tattoo cost?
What acne medicine is the best? and what make up is good for your skin?
would wearing clothes over a new tattoo slow or mess up the healing process?
do you have to be a great artist for tattoos or can you be decent,and know how to trace well.?
Do tattoos really fit in with the rockstar lifestyle?
do you like tattoos?
I want a tattoo....?
i Just got a tattoo on wrist. is it okay if i use Nivea body?
Tattoo on top of Big Toe. Pain?
What should i do? Tattoo help.?
what is the correct translation for this quote (i want it in arabic and dont want a wrong tattoo)?
What piercings would look good on me?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
tattoo supply stores?
Is "drawing" with a tattoo gun similar to draw with a pencil?
I want to get a tattoo, but I need some information?
First Small Tattoo care?
Are hip piercings permanent? ?
Circumcised or Uncircumcised? What do girls prefer?
Miami Ink fish tattoo without an outline?
How can i get rid of my acne?
Would it be dumb to get a Band Tattoo?
i have a big yellow pimple and it hurts is it affected?
Would you consider this trashy?
Height problems!!!?
what is your favorite bath and body works product?
i can tan on my body except my feet and it drives me crazy!!! what do i do?
Upto what age a girl can keep her boobs straight and up? How?
Does it hurt to get the back of your neck tattooed?
Need help on placement of my tattoo - Thanks?
Need help about getting a tattoo?
How about a lip peircing?
I want to own a tattoo shop?
Best tattoo designs sites?
Is getting a tattoo in another language a good idea?
what does this tattoo mean?
Not sure about getting a tattoo?
I want a tattoo.?
Your Appearance!!?
How does getting a tattoo feel like?
where is the most painful place to have a tattoo done on your body?
Does anyone know how to get rid of freckles?
Meaning behind having a nautical star on your knee?
Ladies please rate my poem on a scale of 1 to 10?????
For a barcode tattoo with my boyfriends name?
does anyone know what this tattoo means?
How do you treat skin darkening on the waistline area caused by too tight jeans?
Symbols to go with this tattoo idea?
best tattoos/tattoo artists in rochester ny?
getting a tattoo on front of thigh?
Ladies, do you feel more comfortable with a female tattoo artist?
what is the best way to get a tan if your fair skinned?
What would be a good phrase to get as a tattoo?
if i were to get my lip pierced? (spell check!?)?
Island in the stream by Kenny Rogers is my wifes fave tune, I thinks it cack and illogical?
I would like some ideas on different tattoo designs with quotes?
self tan disaster?
Could someone tell me the names for these 3 ear piercings? Links Down below :3?
Tatoo in Miami Ink!!! Help me!!?
How would you describe this tattoo?
i am having dark complexion, is there any way to increase my complexion through home remedies?
tattoo parlors near waukesha wisconsin, allow 17 year old to get tattoo with parental consent?
how long before i strech to a 0?
Russian and English tattoos help!?
Color or Black & Grey for my tattoo?
LADIES ONLY! What would u suggest is a good razor to shave down there?
Do the spray on tanning salon stalls get sanitized after each use? Is it Mandatory?
how do you get rid of acne i wash my face everyday!!!!!?
Meaningful tattoo phrase?
please answer?
Piercing. How long after I remove the belly button ring, will the hole heal-close?
Should I get a tatoo or not?
How much would a tattoo like this cost me in England?
washing your face with soap does it put moles on your face?
when getting a tattoo is there any way you can get the area numbed?
Any ideas for a is a unique foot (or hip) tattoo design?
I'm 20 and want to get my 1st tattoo ive been wanting one but to afraid and ideas where i should get my 1st ??
Are tattoos withty considered trashy?
Who's the best portrait tattoo artist in Miami?
I need advice on henna tatoo powder.?
Foot tattoo of Elsa Pataky. Can someone help me?
Can your tattoo stretch ?
do u think it makes a 13 year old look bad if they have there nose pierced?
Matching tattoo with my mom that symbolizes strength and protection?
sissy cross dresser needs to get a tattoo?
Where can I find photo of Debora Kara Unger's ankle tattoo which she had in No Way Home movie?
i am getting my nose pierced in a few weeks and i was wondeirng how bad it hurt.?
Is size 7 considered big for a woman 5'7"?
How do Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and the Olsen twins stay so skinny?
I love tattoos and even have my own... but does anyone else think that this looks repulsive?
who likes girls with small chest better?
Should I get a tattoo?
What is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?
WIll Mystic tanning camouflage scarring?
Does O.P.I Nail Envy really help brittle nails?
Can my tattoo be fixed? ?
I want to get a tattoo. I need opinions!?
can you help me plzzzzz?
What do you think of this tattoo?
I usually get a Brazilian but I don't have time to get to the salon today. What can I do instead?
Can cake designers have Tattoos and Piercing's?
How much should I tip a tattoo artist if the tattoo is about $50?
Tattoo cost , quick question?!?
on what area of the body is a good place to get 3 butterflies tattooed?
Many girls in my school have big bellys...but normal weight...what causes this, is it the new style?
Are titty piercings sexy?
Will a smaller upper rib tattoo severely stretch?
ladies: question about guys and tattoos?
Star sign tattoo for baby!!?
do you like this tattoo idea?
i am getting a tat but
If you are under 18, is it all right to use a tampon?
What should i should i add to this tattoo?
How can I minimize the look of enlarged pores?
Getting a tattoo with sensitive skin?
I need help with creating a tattoo design!?
how do yall feel about tattoos on girls?
henna tattoo pricing?
tattoos and piercings on girls?
Is there any way to treat a fresh scar to make it look look less visable?
When people get a tattoo on their back and their back starts sagging when they're old?
i'm thinking of getting my shaft tatooed,,, what should it say? would women like it?
Help with tattoo symbol?
losing weight for teens?
Best place to get a skull tattoo?
Why do woman use their period as an excuse to be crabby to guys?
Just Found out ive been cheated on *tattoo ideas*?
Would this artwork make a good tattoo?
How do you shower after getting your tattoo?
I just had my tongue pierced yesterday but I'm now thinking of taking it out...Is it to soon?
where can i find temporary tattoo paper?
Tattoo's yes or no?
I still need help with my question...?
I had a tattoo a week ago and im meant to be going swimming on wednesday, will the tattoo be okay?
who is hotter lil kim or madonna?
What goes good with this tattoo?
why do I allergic to chocolate?
i have bra strap marks on my shoulders and it looks sooo awkward,, i need help please!!!!?
if somebody had 'F.A' and 'G.R' tattooed on each wrist, what do you think it would mean?
Tatto placement continued?
Recommendations in Lynnwood,WA? (tattoo wise)?
how can i get shine and clear flaw less skin?
how much will my tattoo cost?
Tattoo ideas, please?
Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Designs For Guys – Tribal ArtWork?
does it look stupid to only get one nipple pierced?
How much are Spider Bites at Stray Cat in Manhattan, Kansas?
Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?
What's a good way to get rid of bags under the eyes?
Pain free cream for Tattoos?
How do u get rid of an oily face?
how do i get rid of a real tan fast?
Ok, Im getting a tattoo and I need a list of things that are red?
Tattoos, a turn on or a turn off?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
How are these coded measurements for girls mean? like 34D 34C?
advice on inner conch piercings?
What is the easiest way to stop smoking?
If you get a tattoo will hair still grow where that tattoo is?
Why do I break out in spots (pimples) when I drink dairy products?
What facial piercing should I get?
increase penis size on a 16 year teen....?
Inner forearm tattoo on females?
does anyone know of a really good dermatologist in miami? or do u know of an acne treatment thats prescribed??
how do u get bigger boobies?
What do you think of my hookah smoking caterpillar tattoo idea?
whitening the dark skins?
What should you put on a tattoo, while it heals?
Left hip tattoo, would this look good.?
How much do lower back tattoos really hurt?
I want a tattoo on my bum but i don't know what to get!?
foot tattoo retouch numbing?
tanning bed or not?
What to add to my tattoo?
tattoo shops in arlington tx?
do you have any tattoos?
What is the best feature in a guy?
Picture to go along with tattoo quote?
what do you think about this tattoo?
my odd breasts?
Adults only: My husband wants me to get a tattoo. Should I?
I have dry skin on my legs. What do I do?
Why do men have to shave?
Can I use Aveeno Baby (Eczema Therapy) on my tattoo ?
Why is the leg (calf area) a good/bad place for a tattoo?
if i say indian beauty whom i am talking about?
I want to get a tattoo.....?
Girl has pimple problems! Need help?
i have got small skin growths on my neack .what is the cause of this?
Sexiest place for a tattoo on a woman?
How do I get my bikini area and underarms from being so dark?
What is a substatute for a blacklight that i can do at home?
What is getting a tattoo like?
how do u lose the fat off of you cin???
HELP!! Im getting my first tattoo and I need to know if it looks better in black or in color??
my brother wont stop snoring?
I'm 14 i live in California my brother was murdered a couple months ago and I want to get a tattoo of him ?
What was your experience like, trying to get a tattoo apprenticeship?
can a 16 year old get a tattoo in milwaukee?
Full back Valkyrie wing tattoo. Cost?
things about smiley piercings?
Does proactive work well for blackheads and open pores?
tattoo help please!?!?!?
How long does it take a new tattoo to stop being red and match ur skin? ?
has anyone found any cheap medicine to fix up acne scars?
Where can I find someone to custom design a tattoo for me online?
How much would a tattoo of this description cost?
Is there any tattoo artists in las vegas who can do extreme colour work?
My mom just passed away. I'd like to get a tattoo of her name to honor her. Should I put a quote too?
Is it possible to get a clearish slivery glitter tattoo?
Can Shea Butter Body Cream help darken a Henna tattoo?
i just got a tattoo on my wrist and i was wondering if i really cant ever get a job while having it?
my but is already big but how do i get it bigger?
I heard a rumor that if someone has a tatto of tears under their eye....?
Are tattoos worth it?
omg im braking out wut do i do?
I want to get my monroe pierced?
Anyone of you ladies have suggestions what I can do to get rid of tough, white, ing cuticles?
where can i get a notarized consent form for getting a tattoo?
I want a tattoo?
how old where you for your first kiss. How was it?
Why do black people get black ink tattoos?
Do guys prefer shaved arms or hairy arms?
where can i see free tattoo images?
Is it normal for dermal anchor piercings to shift?
Tattooed men. Why did you get tattoos? Do any guys in your family have them?
Tattoo Shop Name Ideas?
Neck tattoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Tattoo feeling like its tightening?
New tattoo help me out?
What is ment by "Gwendoline"? some details please?
What is your opinion of 14yr olds getting tattoos?
would this tattoo be possible on my rib cage?
How old do you think I am?
if i get a tattoo at 16 will it stretch out and look bad?
would you consider this underweight?
Is a homemade ink made of berries or foodstuffs safe to use as tattoo ink?
tattoo questions (price etc with a pic)?
Which face sunscreen is the best for everyday use?
how is the most beautiful girl?
u like this tatoo on ankle or back of shoulder?
White ink tattoo looks grey?
Have any of you been to IMATS?
Aftercare for first tattoo? ?
What malls in Atlanta, Ga sell Proactiv?
new tattoo, shower, and ink on towel?
Where should I get this tattoo put on my body?
Do you think this is trashy?
How much would a wrist tattoo cost?
After getting a tattoo is it ok 2 dye hair?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
How to draw a Heart on your wrist?
Can my tattoo be fixed? ?
how do you calibrate a scale???
tattoos on women?
i want toget a tattoo over my scar on my spine... will it hurt to bad?
spiritual tattoo ideas for guys?
i am 5'3" and i weigh 190lbs. would you consider me a fatty or a thick milkshake?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in North Carolina?
Do you have any tattoo regrets?
Were In The UK Can I Get Ear Tapers From?
Where to get a tattoo for a dancer?
My girlfriend keep grabing & squeezing my balls strongly every day because she love that, what should I do? &?
I am gonna shave my entire body, where should i start first.?
i just got a tattoo on my fore arm about a day ago and it i sa lil swollen is this normal?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
Good place for a girl to get a tattoo?
Are pin up tattoos too masculine for a girl?
Blackhead Strips?
what's a good value but excellent quality self tanning lotion/mouse/spray etc - no streaks, no messing?
what is a good brand of cocoa butter to use?
Is it safe to shave over my new tattoo yet?
how to take care of skin to prevent wrinkles.?
what do you do as an tattoo apprentice?
I wanna make a tattoo of a word “SHREERAJ” on my hand.. wanna write SHREE in hindi and rest in english… where?
Good tattoo shops in New Jersey?
Is it true that the mixture of lemon and cucumber juice can be good for sun tan or fair complexion?
I am a alt-model. I want to find a website where you do not have to get naked but its ok to have tats. Got any
Do they ask your age when you go into a tattoo shop?
Cellulite at the age of 17!?
I really need help with this one..?
Tattoo for sisters? :)?
Has anyone tried Fake Bake tanning products?
where can i get a temporary airbrush tattoo pretty cheap?
why have i all of a sudden developed fat on my waist , lower back . a medical condition or just fat?i m still?
Are UV tattoos legal in the UK?
How much does getting a tattoo on your shoulder hurt.?
Who manufactures Starbrite tattoo ink?
Anyone with lip/body piercings,please help.?
I bought mehndi/henna it says maroon?
why my's tattoo got uneven and rough in surface?
in your opinion which is better... hip or foot tattoos?
What should I do next with this Tattoo?
If you saw a woman with a tattoo on her neck of lips, would you think it's inappropriate?
Is a speedo sexy on a man ?STRAIGHT LADIES only please.?
I need help making a tattoo different and creative!?
need help with tattoo?
Okay. so tattoo and piercing question!! (:?
tattoo first one?
whats is the best tattoo machine to use?
pics of tattoos needed?
Tattoo help please guys n girls?
what does a pedicure consist of and how will you know if the procedure is sanitary?
do you like this tattoo?
Need help with tattoo idea?
Just did my first self tattoo x)?
tattoo question? hellpppppp?
how much would this tattoo cost to get?
Want a tattoo... can't decide on a location?
whats the best way to get rid of eye bags and dark patches.?
Got my wrists tattooed?
How come some people don't realize that they have a body odor? They can't smell it?
Want to become a Dental Hygienist & also want a tattoo sleeve on my right arm, is this possible if i cover it?
I'm thinking about getting 8 tattoos is it a good idea?
Why does my tattoo look raised up really gross looking and itchs really bad help!?
are either of these girls fat?
Which tattoo causes the most pain?
where should i get my tattoo?
Im getting my first tattoo tomorrow, advice?
What should i wear while i get my full back tattoo?
Would this be a cool tattoo?
dermal piercings? HELP!?
What do you guys think of a tattoo similar to this?
where is the sexiest place for a girl to get a tattoo?
Considering adding to my star (astronomy) tattoo, any suggestions?
at what weight do you consider a girl to be too heavy?
tats or scars?
What is a good one word quote to get as a tattoo?
I dont know what a looks like. Can anyone Show Me?
Can river mud get rid of freckles?
Why do you get wrinkles on your hand after you've been in the water too long?
Does anyone have any good ways for me to stop biting my nails???????
Which one hurts less- upper arm tattoo or thigh tattoo?
Do real women have curves?
How do i get rid or diminsh acne scars?
I hav too many tattoos please help?
How do you get rid of terrible under-eye circles without expensive products?
what is the best medicine to remove skin pigmentation?
Thinking of getting a tattoo of a heart behind my ear, kinda below my ear but to the side...?
Stuck For Tattoo Ideas?
how to get consent for a tattoo?
What is the best razor for womens legs?
tattoo pain for in between your thumb & index finger?
When a guy is having a massage... is it OK to get aroused ?
Whose tattoo is better?
Helpppp !! i got a tattooo and the skin is coming off .?
do tattoos hurt?
Pros and cons about Dove soap and/or other skincare products?
Question about back of the neck tattoo...?
tattoo artist in-store or on-line...make a difference?
Does getting a tattoo removed hurt more than getting one?
HELP!! i poked my tattoo with a needle and i think i messed it up?
What should I do with my skin ?
is it true that you get hairy palms if you masterbate a lot?
What is a good inexpensive skin aging creme to use?
who are some of the more reputable tattoo atrists on Maui?
Hives on my healed tattoo?
Help with tattoo idea!! its my first one?
You think tats on the neck is bad to get a Job?
Rash after 18 months?
Can women have orgasms from getting a tattoo on their ?
Is it okay to pop pimples.......?
Does getting a tattoo on your stomach/hip area hurt?
I know im bi but i need my first are you the one?
Should I get a tattoo on my back shoulder to shoulder?
What do you think of my friends tattoo?
any natural way to make my lips pink and soft?im a guy and i smoke?
What happens if you don't put anything on your tattoo for about 4 days?
Which is safer and less painfull?
HELP ! HELP ! HELP ! for tattoo !!!?
Y do the women cry with the crocodile tears most of the time?
what is a good tattoo idea?
Which wrist tattoo is best? [4pics]?
what are some cute word tattoos?
Tattoo parlors in Somerset, KY?
does a tounge piercing hurt?
Is there a particular or special reason why one would want tattoo on a finger?
Rose tattoos - opinions needed?
How long does it take cheek/dimple piercings to heal?
Is $200 a fair price for an outline tattoo?
Wrist tattoo........?
i literally want to cry please help me tattoo question?
Guys, do you think its unattractive when a girl has a tattoo?
help designing a tattoo.?
wrist, ankle or lower back tattoo on a girl?
i have hips like a boy, how can i enlarge them?
How Much Do You Think This Tattoo Will Cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
do you think that cutting is okay? it releases the same energy as crying, but some people just can't cry.?
What is the coolest tattoo you have ever seen?
Does cutting vitamin E capsils and spreading them on acne really work?
How do you delicately suggest to your wife/girlfriend that she needs breast augmentation?
Scabbing on tattoo is "ing"?
"when will our school days continue in all of our life" ?
Tattoo Like Cam Gigandet?
Why Do Girls Moan When Having Sex?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What bar soaps are pH 5.5?
Would you say this pain chart is accurate?
Personal experiences from moderately tattooed women?
i asked this question on behalf of my sister. her nose is annoying her because it bug?
Small hip tattoo - ideas?
What are your favorite scents at Bath and Body Works?
Butterfly tattoo question?
I have a budweiser tattoo and how could I get paid for having one.?
How do I make old acne red spots lighten up? And pores appear smaller?
am i not considered a lady if i fart?
How to properly take care of my tattoo?
Where to get a tattoo around or in Texas at 16 with a parent?
what are the most common tattoos?
does it hurt to get wrist tattoo?
Tattoo questions help ten points ?
Me and my best friend need friendship tattoos.?
right shoulder tattoo of a palm tree? good or not?
Will chlorinated water help mild acne?
Are nipple piercings on girls..?
What can i do to prevent this during that tattoo i want?
I Want Breast Implants!!! Any Suggustions?
I'm getting a tattoo. any ideas?
How long does it take to remove a small black tattoo with laser removal and how much is it.?
Can you wear TOMS or Crocs after you get a foot tattoo?
Am I the only one who knows about P.A.B.A.(para amino benzoic acid)for treating sunburn(100% success 40 years
Where can I find a tattoo artist to tattoo my pubic area?
which website got those beautiful tattos on the back?
Quickest Way To Tan???
Does any one think buff girls are hot?
where should i place my tattoo?
Wrinkles and bags under the eyes.?
What is the best way to get the perfect summer tan fast?
Good things to write on my wrist?
any body please guide me how to destroy the back heads on face?
looking for good porn sites.?
Where's a clever place for a bow tattoo?
female with tattoo problem?
Should I get a "Dinner Is Served" tattoo above my snatch?
Palm piercings ???????????????????????????????
How can i stop my acne?
I want a tattoo designed. can you help?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Good angel tat for a guy?
can you use labret retainers for industrial piercings?
How much does the classic Heart /w Banner tattoo cost?
What is worse a tattoo or a belly button pierce? Why do you think that?
what's the best way to get rid of acne?
Art design creation for tattoo.?
i am a 14 yr old girl and i want a tattoo on my upper back. how bad will it hurt?(it is my first)?
what is the best way of losing weight, what can i eat?
Exercising with a new tattoo?
Do you like men to shave their groins?
what is the best way to cry?
what was the place called in costa rica that tim henderson was at on miami ink?
What's something that means beautiful?
a boy in my school has a big belly button and he likes me?
Do you want to lose pounds?
I want a tattoo on my lower hip, but am I too chubby? ?
CAN you tan over acne scars?
What do you think about my new tattoo (pic)?
i want a tattoo ?
Where should i get a quote tattoo?
OK - todays the day - gettin the tat!! How far do the needles go down into the skin?
Tattoo for baby.................?
Tattoo ideas for the back of my neck?
Tattoo from LA Ink, does anyone know the original artist?
What part of tattoo would hurt more?
I have looked up blow out as a possible solution but it doesn't seem to be the same thing?
What s your opinion on this tattoo?
question about peircings!!!?
What are possible side effects of Botox injections?
What is the font of Randy Sheckler's strength and honor tattoo?
Could I give myself a tattoo with a heated needle ?
u.s. marine corps tattoo policy. please help?
10 EASY POINTS!! Which piercing do you think i should get?!?
where would be a good place to get this tattoo?
Is it normal for the area to be red on a tattoo, a day after I got it done?
Is it possible to sleep while getting face tattoos?
in your opinion, a cartoon-ish goth fairy is a childish tat?
Advice for my first tattoo?
how do u make your eyebrowes your own shape without going to the salon or getting them wAXED?
How can I cure Chapped lips?
What is the name of pornstar AD with angel tatoo on her side?
Is my new tattoo going to be ok?
What tatto to get for my aunty who passed away?
Muslim people?
will my tattoo change if i lose weight after getting it?
Tattoos for my twin sister and me?
Do you have any random tattoos that have no thought at all behind them?
I'm thinking of ideas for a tattoo, Help?
Need help with tattoo consultation?
I need help with a tattoo idea?
What does my tattoo mean?
I am planning to get a lower back or tummy tatoo, good idea?
Proper after care for a full back tattoo?
Whats a cute tattoo...?
What is this obsession with lightening the skin?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wichita Kansas?
Can I put a tattoo on my belly, even if I'm a little bit fat ??.?
why do woman think Hugh breast are attractive and sexy.?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo and were is a good tattoo paler in islington london.?
im pregnant can i get a tattoo?
Tattoo help please and thank you?
My mom doesn't want me to get a tattoo?
im 14 with a tattoo what should i do?
How much would this cost?
I am trying to remove my tatoo myself.... what to expect?
should i get my ears pierced or will they get infected too easily????????
Will my eyebrows grow back to original state?
Is there a plastic surgeon in the U.S. who uses aquamid as a buttock filler?
What can I do with this tattoo? ?
My friend has terrible acne. What can I do for him?
Behind ear tattoo? Help?
who makes the wax that you put on as a cream and it turns into the strips that u peel off?
Tattoo and piercing-what do you think?
Should I get a tattoo if I'm becoming an actress?
I wanted to know if it hurts getting a tatto?
About how much would a 12 by 2 inch balck and white tattoo cost?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo with someone over 18 there with you?
When you get ur lip done would the piecer let you pick the jewlery,or is there a specific kind they put in?
Tattoo merchendise..........?
Does anyone have tips on how i can get myself to drink eight glasses of water a day?
Quick-acting zit zapper?
I am planning to get a tattoo on my ankle of a jigsaw puzzle piece..?
does any1 kno where i can go to get a tattoo in ny i live in valley stream if that helps??
girls act!?
Tattooing over scars?
do guys love women or do they use us?
Are there are any tattoo artists in Michigan who specialize in the Japanese style?
Are there any places where you can buy diet pills in Dubai?
where do i find skype sneakers?
what is the best face cream to get rid of wrinkles.And i want a natural glow what should i use?
How much would one of these tattoos cost?
Showerhead spa?
can you get a tattoo at 16 in the UK?
Can a club turn you away for having a tattoo?
homade tattoo guns. and there accuracy?
A couple ? about tattoos?
Would a sitting fee for a tattoo cover two people?
Why does my underarms smell and I don't have any hair?
i sweat a lot in school what should i do?
when u shave sometimes u get very heavy blck hair on your legs with big dots how to get rid of iot help!???!?!
15 and want a tattoo in MI. Help!!?
What are the best tattoo shops in the Everett, Washington area?
Saying for cousin tattoos?
how to loose weight and stretch marks specifically on stomach post delivery?
Matching tattoos for sisters?
why my skin becomes oily although i am fair?
my brother and i want matching tattoos (quotes or whatever)?
Why do guys find tattoos attractive on females?
my body colour was black so girls dont see me what i can do for fair?
Renaissance pic of angels fighting for a tattoo?
Anyone good at drawing tattoos?
Iam a 17 years boy and i will do some new tatoos , anyone can help?
Do any tatoo parlors give tatoos to minors if they have parental consent?
What are your opinions on getting your pet's name and paw print tattooed on you? I did and want opinions?
Where is a good place to get a one word tattoo for a girl?
why don't christians like tattoos or piercings?
girls only, tattoos on men?
do i apply suncreen before moisturiser?
Waht is happening when you feel you have 'an itch'?
I know tattoos are supposed to be what you want. I have been thinking this over and over and im pretty sure im?
what is the best treatment to eliminate acne scars?
Does Clean&Clear's Advatage Acne Spot Treatment work?
Would like to know average price of this tattoo?
Where to hide a tattoo?
Is this a good tattoo quote?
What's a good place to get a medium sized tattoo for a girl?
Ladies,how long is your forearm hair?
tattoo question........................?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
Anyone have before and after pictures of thier own tattoo removal?
is it safe to buy a proactive solution to the 3rd party distributor like on ebay?
cost of this tattoo idea?
Why do pimples exist?
I'm looking for a tattoo studio in Norwich - anyone got any suggestions?
Tattoos whilst breast feeding?
This one might be a little tricky...?
How much would a cross tattoo will cost?
neeed help pleeeeeeeease on tattoo?
do guys perfer a girl with some meat on her(not fat thick)or bones?
where can i find helpful hints using household items as beauty aids as seen on abc tv. i heard theres a book.?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Looking for ideas for an inspirational tattoo? ?
what do you think of vintage tattoos?
Which tat should i get and where?
Anyone know tattoo artist or painter who did something like this?
Does anyone know how to get rid of freckles?
Getting a tattoo today in 2&1/2 hours??? ?
where can I sunbath nude in Hays, Kansas?
How do I hide cute on my wrist?
What's the best way to treat a painful sunburn?
Ideas for a Mermaid Tattoo?
Can certain foods and drinks give u bad skin?
Tattoo removal cream- does it really work- or just make a mess of your tattoo?
attention inked people, i want a tattoo but i have a few questions..?
Do normal permanent tattoo inks contain PPD?
When is it apropreit to shave?
im looking for a tatto but i wont it in the less painfullest place and small?
how long and how much would this tattoo be?
where can i buy blackheads remover tools?
Why do people talk about tattoos and getting a job?
Can somebody draw/find me a specific-ish tattoo?
easy question?
tattoo filler question ?
Will these tattoos hurt?
is gluthatione really heps whiten any type of skin especially asian?
Is it true?
Help with reasons NOT to get tattoo?
My son shaved his eyebrow in two lines! does it mean something?
tattoo ideas for chest piece of writing?
I am a straight guy, but am thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower back. Any thoughts?
my mom is just 40 n started getting wrinkles can any1 tel me the remedy to get rid of it permenantly?
how bad does it hurt?
Tattoos: Billboard of stupidity > Meaningful Self Expression?
Do guys like girls with big lips or little lips? "i'm serious i want to know this"?
can a tattoo be removed?
i need my tattoo filled in?
tattoo issue, someone care to help? :)?
What are some good quotes for a foot tattoo?
I'm having my tattoo lazered off?
Word tattoo- What would you get?
Collar bone tattoos?
Hey lono shiit, can't get through to you. email not confirmed?!? Hope this helps you.New'ees I posted b4.
Good or bad tattoo idea?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
can you get a brooch piercing corset?
do u know a good body concealer thats long lasting? n do stretch mark become less visible after losing weight?
thinking of a tattoo similar to angelina jolie's tiger....?
Tatoo Artist please answer this question ?
Can a forearm tattoo prevent me from getting a job?
how much would it cost?
What's the most effective hair removal method?
What is your favorite perfume/cologne....?
how old do u have to be to get a piercing on your eyebrow or lip in connecticut?
Tattoo at 14?? can I get one?
How much do tattoos cost? ?
hey! i want a tattoo, ideas?
First Tattoo Question!?
TATTOO! Help? Suggestions? (:?
Homemade tattoos??? Help?! Advice?!?
My brother sister and I considering to get a family tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost? (estimate)?
Nipple piercings sensitivity loss the first few days?
if I get my arm tatto up will it look different when i gain muscle ?
ideas for an italian phrase tattoo?
Spot suggestions (upcoming tattoos)?
Best friend tattoos ?
blotchy skin..any tips?
Should I get a tattoo?
ladies how do you feel about airy chest ?
I want to get the Hawaiian Islands tattooed but I need a beautiful design!?
How do you get thin legs fast?
I need help thinking of tattoo ideas?
how many toes does a normal person have?
How do you make lip exfoliant?
i need tattoo help please.?
What is a banana hammock?
If I change the oil every 3,000 miles, I should be alright, right?
How popular are full blue moon tattoos?
Sexiest place to get a tattoo on your body?
What can and can't I do once after I get a tattoo?
so do tattoo's hurt when you get them? upper chest or around the waist line(im a guy)?
has anyone tried to iron the wrinkles out of an old person?
what do you think of this tatoo idea?
getting a tattoo of my leopard gecko need help?
Freedom tattoo with bird flying...?
getting a friend to draw tattoo?
Can you get pimples from sleeping face-down on your pillow?
Good PORTRAIT tattoo artist in Virginia?
What is that star tattoo on lil scrappys neck called?
what are the effects of being up all night for a long time on skin and eyes ?
Tattoo ships in Chicago illinois?
is there any way to influence the color of your eyes beyond using color contacts?
What should my next piercing be. . .?
Could anyone give me an idea of how much this TATTOO would cost? Would it hurt where I am getting it??????
I keep getting these dry patches on my skin. What is this?
Are there any Filipino tattoo artists in Nashville, TN?
Back of thigh tattoo pain?
Is it true when you get a tattoo when your "Big" and when you lose weight it sags? Does anything happen?
Getting a tattoo on my boob?
What could this tattoo mean?
How can I tell my brother that he stinks?
how do i hook my multimeter up to my tattoo machine?
What is a good idea for matching tattoos?
Would it be dangeroud to take tramadol before getting a tattoo?
Does this sound like a cool tatoo?
tattoos about a lost love?
Would it be a hassle for a tattoo artist to do this?
I'm so hot that.............?
Why are there red bumps on my tattoo?
How to cover wrist tattoo (Job purposes)?
How will a treble clef tattoo in red or purple look?
Is this normal???
im getting my first tattoo of a butterfly a hibiscus flower and 2 ladybugs on my ankle does it hurt?
Ideas for a tattoo? (Story below)?
Is it possible to have a bad brand of tattoo needles?
Should i be this puffy after two days!?
Would this quote be a good tattoo?
Tattoo removal in Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire?
how much does LA ink charge for tattoos?
What is a good tattoo quote to have on my forearm or wrist?
How to stop the accusations? I HAVE NOT HAD SURGERY!?
tattoo aftercare tips?
I need some help with tattoo ideas, help please?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Variation on the Teardrop Tattoo?
What should I expect for my first tattoo?
How badly does a hip tattoo hurt?
When Does Aging Become Visible?
can i shower and wash my hair when i get my tattoo?
What is a good brand for a face wash?
does anyone have any good ideas for a leo tattoo?
Giant, red, infected pimple under 2 year old tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo with stretch marks?
Why is there ink staining around my tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
How much does it cost to tattoo your eyebrows?
what is the item to temporally imprint before tattooing?
Tattoo color decision help !?
How Much would a word tattoo cost?
Is there anything I can do prior to a tattoo to reduce the pain?
Help!!!tatoo of the letter T?
Should I get a tattoo on my hipbone or wrist?
Does Man shave their legs and hands? Or only women ?
I'm getting a 3-4in by 1in tattoo.. either back of my neck or lower. wondering about the pain. any input?
My tattoo scabbed the second day, and it moves.?
Does Universal Tech. Institute allow visible tattoos?
Questions about mendhi henna? HELP! plz!!?
What causes earwax?
Women with tattoos ONLY please (men seriously wont know!!!)?
What is a good product line for men's skin care?
i love a girl very much but she is a big but she is beautifull what i do pls tell me?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
is 150lbs fat for a woman who is 5'8"?
what do uthink of my tattoo design?
What tattoo should I get?
Hip piercings and ballet!?
how do you clean a neck tattoo ?
Where do I get my tattoo?
what do you think of a disney world character tattoo for a 26yr old woman that has a passion for disney world?
why is bugers salty?
Is this a good tattoo?
What is the tattoo that Justin Bieber got on his collar bone of?
where should i get a tattoo?
Can anyone please tell me where i can find a picture of Garrett Hedlund's tattoo on his back?
Are freckles cute?
Why is my tattoo swollen?
Tattoo Dedicated to my son?
How are these coded measurements for girls mean? like 34D 34C?
best way to protect a four day old tattoo at a water park?
how does it feel to get a tat on your chest?
how do i buy a thong if im scared that the cashier looks at me funny?
Help with designing a first tattoo?
How bad does a tattoo hurt?
Are emo girls hotter then preppy girls?
What are the ways to increase the size of breast?
which wax is best to use?
who is the most beautiful girl in the world?
Tattoo sessions time?
How much would this tattoo cost?
basic tattoo questions. please help this is my first tattoo!
How much would a tattoo on the neck/throat that says "Straight Edge" cost?
FOR REAL GIRLS: is it okay to shave the arms?
How do you get rid of ALL belly button lint for an "innie"?
Measurement preference..?
Hi, my age 25-weight -46, I am C.A. by profession. I feel lot of sleepiness even after I had enough sleep?
Do women want men to shave their hair on chest?
Lip piercing help plz im very worried.?
What do you think of this tattoo?
My tattoo Idea, Angel + Devil Conscience, need ideas or pictures?
For tattoo haters??
Why hasn't my tattoo healed yet?
Where should I get this tattoo put on my body?
Do you prefer a tub bath or a shower?
Can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze tell me how I can get a big butt? Please describe?
What do you think of a 14 year old getting a tattoo?
need help please! for my tattoo?
why is my mom against tattoos?
Have you ever noticed this too? Or is it just me with this problem?
Tattoo Advice Help Please?
What do you think of my tattoo idea (pic)?
Chest tattoo on skinny guy?
How do you make traditional 'natural' way of tattoo?
john o'callaghan from the maine chest tattoo?
I want to get "Odin" and "Loki" tattooed on my hands?
Would you hire someone who is completely covered with tattoos?
Can tattoo combinations look strange?
Where would be good to get this tattoo ?
what is the most efective and safest way for a woman to remove unwanted facial hair?
wich tatoo is best?
how do you stop sweating from your armpits? deodarants aren't exactly working for me.?
would this tattoo look better on my back shoulder or my ankle?
Where is a good place for a quote tattoo?
Michael Jackson Tattoo(s)?
How do I get yellow ink to stick to my skin in my tattoo?
getting a tattoo done with the word happiness (Kafka)?
What does the tattoo say?
Questions about a monroe piercing?
i want a tatoo on my forearm can you estimate a price?
Front of Thigh tattoo pain?
Question about sponsoring child?
Question about tattoos?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in oklahoma?
what are things that represent Power, Strength and Wisdom/knowledge?
how do i get rid of my dark circles??? i take enough of sleep but it really doesnt help?
Would this be a horrible first tattoo?
can i get a tattoo with my parents permission?
Is this a good location for my tattoo?
How painful would it be to get a tattoo on the side of my ribs?
Im getting my nose pierced and was wondering...?
Help with a tattoo?!?
what's the best way to lose weight if a diabetic?
what do guys look for in a girl?
Does egg mask good for acne?
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
I want to get a tattoo on my toe, any ideas? and how bad does it hurt?
is it weird if you have a tattoo sleeve and you only shave that arm?
I want to know?
Is this memorial tattoo appropriate?
Can you use Aloe Vera Skin Gel on a freshly done tattoo?
How to make your own tattoo gun?
tattoo network?
she should a women get an name tattoo on her?
where can i buy proactiv without ordering it ?? anywhere around chicago?
how to use paraffin wax spa?
mom's name tattooed?
How bad will it hurt to get a tattoo on my rib cage?
Do you have a six pack?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Opinion on tramp stamp?
Is life an illusion?
Tattoo really hurting..took off bandage?
does tanning beds help reduce the look of stretch marks, or make them more noticeable?
How can I tone my stomach to get a six pach quickly? Or even just a flatter stomach?
a simple question?