shall i get into a good weekend?
any ideas for a tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo... help?
Tattoo placement question.?
What tattoo place in San Diego has tattoos half price on your birthday?
when ur get a tattoo does it hurt less getting it on ur wrist?
does lemon juice really get rid of freckles?
Belly Button?
Tattoo that symbolizes change in ones life?
I have a question about dermal piercings?
How can i protect my henna tattoo from fading in the pool?
im 11 is 90-100 alot for weight?im 5'1?
hey! people what is the problem?i cann't spell.and write sentence now?
What can be done to remove hardened and dead skin around the toe ?
do you like this tattoo!?!?
tattoos u like them or hate them?
New tattoo ripped off?
any idea on how to moisturize...?
Which tattoo should I get?
Where would be a good place to get this tattoo put?
what is the point of a tattoo?
Questions On TATTOOS??????????????
How much would you play these tattoo's.Advice please.?
I have a couple question's about nose piercings.?
how long will a tattoo like this take? how much will it cost? and how bad will it hurt? this is it below?
what is sexier?Big Butt or Big Boops?
if i get a tattoo of a bullseye on my forehead...?
Tattoo on the inside on my ankle or outside?
I am having some black marks in my face, how can i cure it?
how much do septum piercings hurt?
Hey Guys! Tattoos-sexy or trashy?
do you need to buy a special type of pen on a tattoo stencil?
Tattoo elvish tengwar writing?
Is this normal new tattoo?!?
Ideas for Tattoo Design...?
Do you think Monroe Piercings are ugly?????????
back dimple piercings pain after?
How long do you take in the shower?
Are you jealous of my looks?
Pubic area?
Should I get this tattoo, I'm undecided?
My lips get so dry and sometimes chapped, and it drives me crazy, what can i use to keep then from chapping?
Is it tacky to get more than one tattoo that has stars in them?
Tattoo peeling and really faded. Is that normal?
what are some good tattoos?
my acne scars are very persistent and some are icepick scars. how can i get them to heal faster?
When should I change my ear piercings?
Do ladies like tattoos on guys?
What are some ways to "accidently" show your side tattoo. Or lower stomach tatt. Either one?
What is your opinion on a Matryoshka tattoo?
Howmuch have you grown since 17?
i am a girl , 24 years old and i have stretch marks all over my bode will anybody love me?
So I'm getting a tattoo in memory of my dad ?
Is it a bad idea to get a tattoo while your on mtx ?
Who is the best tattoo artist in the Phoenix Area?
how can u take hair off your legs without shaving!?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Wisconsin and Minnesota?
Belly button piercing advice???
Tattoo help, please! :)?
What is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
why do pepole wear underwear?
Removing piercings for drivers license ?
How much will it cost me to get my belly pierced if i get my own charm seperately?
I want to get a tattoo!?
Where to get my first tattoo?
how bad do tattoos hurt? like what do they feel like?
Short Quotes for my tattoo?
I dreamed that I was in a tattoo shop getting a butterfly tattoo on me but I never got it finished?
Is there anything wrong with a girl being 5'10"??
Do you like bikini line tattoos?
Best tattoo place in the Enfield borough London?
What malls in Atlanta, Ga sell Proactiv?
Is it normal to have ur veins kind of showing in the back of your knee (the popliteal area)?
i want to clear my face without it costing too much.?
is it good to shave hairy toe knuckles?
New wrist tattoo is a little ed? (pic included)?
I want to get a short poem tattoo about my mother !! Help with ideas please people?
Is getting a tattoo really that painful?
small tattoo and tan?
What should I do?! I'm a little torn between 2 decisions?
where to put this tattoo?
What do you think about getting a girls name tattooed on u?
Foot tattoo and work?
Is it legal to get a tattoo at the age of 16 in California?
can a tattoo get infected even if its already scabbed over?
Can this REALLY be??!!?
Which hurts more, tattoo on ankle or foot?
me and my friend are both getting wrist tattoos together...were not really sure what we want to get..?
how old do you have to be to get your lip pierced?
can a woman with a tattoo enter miss world?
I want to get a tattoo but im only 15 and my mom said in a few years, but what and where should I get one?
Tattoo in remembrance of my father?
Can a 16 year old girl get a tattoo in the state of kansas?
tan or no tan.?
why don't boys like girls with glasses?
What do you girls think about guys with chest hair?
What are good piercings a 14year old can get?
I want a shoulder tattoo?
if i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?
I want to get a tattoo on my upper arm but I have sensitive skin does that affect me?
How Can I make them look smaller?
What is a good rate to pay for a tattoo ?
I want a tattoo but afraid of pain.?
Are tattoos withty considered trashy?
Great products that make your skin look healthy and glow?
how bad does a tatoo hurt. regardless im gonna get one on my back?
When you are dating someone, are tattoos a turn on or a turn off?
I need help on my design for my future tattoo?
How to get a good bellydancing tattoo?
Wat is a good phrase for a tattoo?
Is it okay to wear socks and shoes right after getting a tattoo?
cam gigandet right arm tattoo photo?
Which of these tattoo's do you like?
Tattoo'sand Piercings, what and where?
ok i' ve tried evrything for my skin and its not so bad i mean i dont have acne but i cant keep it clear, HELP
about a name tattoo
ingrown hair on my tattoo?
Is having a breast reduction a bad move if the breast are natural.?
Girls opinions on areas for a guy to have a tattoo?
Would you be mad if your 14 yr old got a tattoo?
First tattoo.. neeed opinionsss! Answer mine and Ill answer yours :)?
Do you see yourself ever getting laser tattoo removal?
what tattoo should i get?
Solutions for Adult Acne?
Im getting a tattoo! Help with an idea!?
Lotion or Vaseline on a tat?
Is it unusual to have hairs on the shaft of your penis?
Where can i find a "good" tattoo artist to tattoo my 12 year old daughter?
anyone know tattoo age restriction for nz?
I'm getting a tattoo of my girlfriends name on my the side of my neck. Is this a dumb idea?
tattoo ideas with dates?
tattoo parlors in new jersey that will give fifteen and older tattoos with parental concent?
If you get a tattoo by someone who is unlicensed and it sucks do they have to pay to fix it?
What acne product works?
How to properly take care of cartilage piecing?
How many times are your EARS pierced?
what to do when you get too much self tanner on feet? Already stained?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
Where are the least and most painful places to get tattooed?
Can you breathe while getting a stomach tattoo?
why tattoos are bad?
is it okay to remove stomach hair with a razor?
i want to design my own tattoo?
i'm a 16 year old guy, how do i get rid of blackheads all over my nose?
hey dose eny1 no where the worst or most painfull place 2 get a tatto is?
Why do people get there name's tattooed on themselves?
Looking for a Border around the writing on my tattoo, across my back.?
does your gf put lotion on you?
If i tattoo on my whole arm top to bottom of my kids name will it stop me from getting a job?
I have really oil skin, especially the skin on my face...have tried everything but nothing works....any ideas?
if i got this tattoo, would i not beable to get a good paying job?
Is it true that plain old vitamins can help with acne?
Tattoo design- text to symbol?
How do you bind breasts for fitting a dress?
Acne help!!?
How can I get rid of acne on face and back? I have acne for at least 12 yrs.?
Are genital piercings cute to men?
How much does it normally cost to get rosaries done on your wrist?
getting my first tatto. please asnwer?
Is it ok for a person to not bathe in 2 days or more?
where is a sexy place to get fiance's name tattooed?
Bath & Body Works or Philosophy?
Men, do you like painted or fake fingernails, or do you like the natural look?
Tattoo in memory for someone?
where to place a tattoo if i want my shoulders (back) to look smaller?
do u have a tattoo?
Is Mary Kay Cosmetics good?
How often should I hang around the tattoo shop?
What is a good idea for a tattoo?
Tatoos, done by friends or pay more money for a professional to do it?
does it hurt getting a tattoo ?
who's hotter, mary lou peters or sally sue?
Peedi Crakks tattoo, where can i see them on the internet?
What razor has worked the best for your legs?
I wanna tattoo but its my mum who says NO?
Using a Deodorant destroy the hairs (hairs on chest,underarm,neck) of the body is this right?
tattoo ideas for moving on from child abuse?
Help designing a tattoo?
I can't get my earring off?
I JUST pierced my bellybutton. Needle is threw. How long should I leave it in and how should I gage it?
Do you regret your tattoo?
wheres a good place to get a hidden tattoo?
Does Tea Tree oil reduce redness in keloids/scars in general?
Best Place for a Tattoo?
I got a perfume for Christmas that I don't really care for. I didn't get a 'gift receipt' with it.
cheap place to remove tattoos in london?
So many people say you will regret a tattoo when you are older?
i hateee needles but i want a tattoo, how painful is it really, for a small one?
How do I get rid off acne on my back?
Opinion on the tattoo?
How much do you think it would cost to get this tattoo?
Where is a good webpage for state rating on state tattoo parlors?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
What do tattoo artist use to lubricate(mosturize) the skin during the tattooing process?
My wife doesn´t like it but I feel an urge to shave my head. Should I?
So, an opinion: septum or lip (pictures included)?
Are there any websites that let you design a tattoo for free?
I feel unconfortable with my bat?
Should I be wearing a tshirt while my tattoo is healing?
I want to be as thin and light weight as possible I'm 5'10" tall. How low can I go ?
what would you tattoo around you belly button?
whats the best perfume for teenage girls thats last a long time?
I want to be a therapist but I have tattoos help?!?!?
had a tattoo on my upper ankle and know my akle bone area is very puffy?
okay is this a good tattoo idea?
Even though I shower every day, sometimes twice, what is the best deodorant in this heat?
How would this look as an interesting tattoo?
does anyone know any tattoo place that pierces under 16 year olds without a gardian?
Tattoo Reaction?! Help!!?
tattoo idea.. helpppp!!!?
Need to know how to shape my arms....?
getting a friend to draw tattoo?
What is a good everyday moisturizer with a minimum 15SPF in it?
What do you think about tattooing a spouse's name on you?
What is the meaning of the yingyang??
how do i make my skin more glowing and wrinkle free?
Need Wrist Tattoo Idea's- Used to be a cutter!?
how many spiders do we eat a day?
how do you get a big butt?
i got my cartilage pierced?
Has anyone tried the cream called ''RECOVA" does it work?
Is it a sin to get a tattoo?
How often do you weigh yourself?
Someone's lips tatted on me? ?
I'm getting a tattoo for my birthday and thinking about getting them on my palms. Does it hurt?
Does anyone get a tattoo because.... ?
What saying should I get tattooed on me?
SHould I get a tattoo on my upper thigh or bum as a surprise for my BF?
orgasms and tattoos?
A men's upper back tribal tattoo which represents India or Hinduism?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
On leg shaving...girls and guys.?
Touch up tattoo has bumps in it?
can u tell me what some of the best brands are?
What is the best tattoo parlor around St. Pete/ Tampa Bay area so get a custom black and gray sleeve?
what should i get peirced?
How can I stop my toenails to stop catching on things?
where can i get minimizer bras in india?please suggest shop names.don't want to buy online.?
Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?
Anyone know a good way to get rid of cellulite, that's not a scam?
is it true there are cremes at some tattoo parlors that help numb your skin?
where can i have one like this?
any tips for tattoo aftercare?
How much would these tattoos cost?
i want to know about malayazia?
do guys prefer a cury but slim lady or a skinny lady?
Will my "downstairs" piercing set off an airport metal detector?
Tattoos that symbolize karma?
how to tell my mom I'm getting a tattoo?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
Bigggggg lips?
Possible Tattoo Body Locations?
Do you have any unique and attractive tattoo designs. I am writing a Paper about tattoo. But I don't have enot?
Does applying sunblock prevent tanning?
where should i get a 1st tattoo on my body?
Good colours to use for rose tattoos?
Where should I get my first tattoo? ?
Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel 100%?
Asking your artist for a referral to another artist?
In Memory of...Tattoo Ideas?
What is your favorite body wash scent?
I need a quote for a tattoo?
Tattoo help please??
Dull Pain on Rib/side Tattoo?
what is the most you have spent on one tattoo?
Is there any harm to skin by shaving beard with blade & without using shaving cream or foam?
Plastic Surgery?
are men repulsed by a bit of cellulite?
Quote tattoo ideas for a dying loved one?
Is the tattoo going to hurt?
Do you have (or want to get) a tatto?
Does anyone out there have any piercings and why?
How would I as my mom this?
Captive bead hoop in my cartilage..?
Has anyone had a nose job? I'm getting one in June. Help!?
is there a way???
Tattoo idea? army related.?
Has anyone tried Photo-rejuvenation?
i had to get my tattoo ouched up and it looks like it has to be touched up again. normal? or am i doing wrong?
On what part of my body can I get a tattoo where it will be least likely to stretch over time?
Neck tattoo's - a lot of places will not do them?
Where can I order customized henna tattoo stickers in the Philippines? Help please?
Realism/traditional sleeve questions?
Which tattoo idea is better?
Hi has anybody used sauna belt ? is it really worth Buying.?
My tattoo has white lines? ?
How to get rid of pimples..if i facial my face once do i have to repeat it every time?
Question about tattoos on shoulder blade.?
not getting a tattoo?
Where in Houston, Texas can a 16 year old get a tattoo with a parent's consent?
around how much would it cost me to get a smiley piercing in the South East area of LA county?
i am going to make a homemade spa for my mom for her b-day. can anyone tell me a good homemade facial mask?
Where can i find a cheap Sonic Toothbrush?
I'm 14 and allowed to have a small shooting star tattoo. should I put it on my wrist?
this is a tattoo question?
if there was anything you could change about yr body what would it be?
Getting words tattooed down spine, opinions?
What is the appropriate age for a girl to get a full sleeve tattoo?
Can Anyone Help Me Find A Tattoo?
It looks like there are a few enlarged pores in my t-zone area. How do I tell?
hey i need sum advise on a tatoo?
Been discriminated against because of your piercings & tattoos?
Gauging my ears- How? Do I have to be 18?
Rules for piercing in the state of Texas?
Do you think this is a good spot to get a tattoo of my moms name?
around how much would it cost me to get a smiley piercing in the South East area of LA county?
Insecurity About My New Tat?
what happens to tattoos if you lose/gain weight?
Can you change the jewelry in an anti eyebrow piercing?
how many tattoo's do you have?
What's a good way to get rid of acne on the back/arms/chest/face?
is there any one there know where can i find victorias secret product in australia?
how do u get rid of porn on google when u type a letter in it pops up if anyone knows please help me thank you
Would u like getting an tattoo?And why or why not?
Does getting a tattoo on your foot hurt?
Tattoo placement on a guy....?
Opinion on tramp stamp?
Out of everywhere on your body, where hurts the most to get tattoo'd?
Where should I put my tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo would look trashy?
can anyone show me some good tattoos?
What do you think of my tattoo?
How do people get big buts?
How Much Would This Tatoos Cost About?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
How long does it take for a multiple star tattoo?
can my tattoo be covered up with a butterfly?
I have this Brown/ Yellow stuff in my underware. WHat is it? Help me please!! Im 12?
Is it gay for a guy to go tanning for prom?
whats your favorite tattoo?sayings?
Suggestions: the best place to get a tatto of your nick name?
Serious tattoo question!?
Scottish Tattoo Law ? Kinda urgent, Have appointment. ?
Is it a sin to get a tattoo?
i need help choosing my first tattoo!!?
Help with first tattoo ideas?
Will I be able to feel the needle when getting a tattoo?
I want a steampunk style tattoo, where is a good place to get it in SF?
How bad does getting a tattoo here hurt?
Tattoos Someone May Regret In the Future?
I want to get a tattoo where is a good place to get it around here?
Do you show your tatts?
Tattoo parlours that don't check your age?
Can you get a tattoo if your 15?
what can i do to get blackheads off my face.?
Shading for paw print tattoo?
ok im 20 and is there any way to make my boobs more perky?
anywhere that will tattoo a 16 year old...?
Is this tattoo idea tacky?
Best acne cleanser, toner, moisturizer, for sensitive skin?
Aftercare of new tattoo?
If you are under 18, is it all right to use a tampon?
Is private ink in libertyville illinois a good tattoo shop?
Have you ever gotten a tattoo at a convention?
Is it ok to get an army tattoo for my father?
I want to get a Hebrew tattoo. I would like Psalm 23, but I want it vertical.?
Help with my new tattoo sleeve?
I'm From Va and i wanted to know if there were any black strip clubs in Richmond Va?
I'm 5'4 and i'm 125 lbs is this bad?
Which tattoo lyric should I get?
Ancee is taking over my face pleasee help!!!!?
I'm getting my first tattoo..what do you think of these ideas?
Do you think it would be a good idea to get this tattoo?
where should i get this tattooed at?
What do you think about an inverted cross tattoo?
I wanted to know if it hurts getting a tatto?
I want to get a tattoooo?
whats a fast way to get rid of zits without going to the store and buying an acne product?
i am 15 and getting a r.i.p grandad tattoo soon and i do not know what to get ?
how can you make facial scars fade away?
Should I get a tattoo today???
How do I convince my Mom to let me get a tatoo?
Need help with my tattoo?!!?! PLEASE HELP!?
Where can I get ntural breast supplements at?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Does Tea Tree oil reduce redness in keloids/scars in general?
Is my tattoo supposed to be doing this?
How do I get tan skin! I hate laying out!?
When in a relationship, when is asking about someone's tattoos ok?
Where is a good place to put my tattoo of a name?
why is the new layer of my skin red, irritated, there are tiny bumps and its itchy?
which music tattoo will i get?
natural medicine for freckles?
How often do you wash your face?
i got a tatto recently .. is it infected?
For adults only, question about tattoos.?
Everyone that has a tattoo!?
Where is a good spot to get this tatoo?
tatto ideas???
i know this might be a crazy question but how do you get fatter?
Can I bring a printed picture for a tattoo?
what do you find attractive in a girl?
which is the most costly car in the world?
i wanna get a tattoo on my neck bud i don't know what to get can ya help me for sum ideas?
Tampons and Maxi Pads?
I want to get a Bob Dylan tattoo; feedback please.?
I need Help?
I need help finding a good tattoo (read descrip)?
Anyone have a tattoo on the inside of their wrist? Did it hurt badly?
help with idea for a tattoo?
What would your next tattoo be? please include pictures :D?
Can you get a tattoo over "chicken skin"?
Is purpose by j&j a good facial soap??
Need help regarding a tattoo ?
getting a tattoo and need a little help?
Face is peeling from sunburn heeeelp!!?
first tattoo....good idea?
translation in tengwar for tattoos?
Are there any easy-to-make facial masks?
I love England, UK, English, especially London or Sting's songs. Any ideas for a small tattoo?
Who is proud of their nice ___________?
I'm a 13 year old, soon to be 14 in september. i, live in new jersey, can i get a tattoo?
Does Hydroderm really work?
How much do snake bite piercings cost at Dark Lotus?
will this tattoo stop me getting into the paramedics?
how do people pierce your tongue?
What is your view on tattoos? Do you think that tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable?
Has anyone had luck with L'Oreal AcneResponse cleaning system?
What are some matching tattoo ideas ?
Looking for pain comparison in piercings?
i am allergic to nickel and latex, and i want to get a tattoo. would i be able to get one?
What's the best lotion you've ever used?
what is the official name of the traditional gypsy girl tattoo?
What are people's thoughts on tattos?
Nervous/Anxious and Second thoughts, is that bad?
Tattoo removal in Ohio.?
What is ment by "Gwendoline"? some details please?
do woman like penis piercings?
Where is a good place to get a tat?
Would a tattoo on a woman's inner forearm look manly?
Tattoo in memory of a hard time, like rape.?
Places around brooksville Florida to get a tattoo if you are 15.?
I am thinkin of getting a tattoo but need ideas for something to represent life ?
do all cheekbone piercings have to be microderal?
where do you live and what is your religion?
ladies.. chest tattoos on guys?
Is getting your first tattoo in one 6 hour session a bad idea?
ladies: it's probably a dumb question, but do you shave or wax your underarm or do u do something else?
is this tattoo possible?
should i get a tattoo?
ideas for my first shared tatoo?
How Long Will A Wrist Tattoo Take To Heal?
i want to buy Dr Hauschka beauty products direct from Germany (cheaper!) any suggestions?
Not sure why my tattoo is still warm?
Tattoo Suggestions?
how many calories equal to 1 pound?
do you think im fat?
Is this collar bone tattoo trashy?
I need some advice/Help please!!!?
How much will this tattoo cost?
I have a tattoo on my wrist and have an interview with the RAF. Help needed.?
tattooing myself with copper wire and pen ink?
what do they ask you when you get fake boobs?
Is it possible to get a tattoo and have a friends parent sign papers..?
can you get tattoos at 16 in the uk?
What's your mind when you look your body get tattooed forever?
how come calgon doesn't work?
How much does i stick and poke tattoo hurt?
Good words to get as a tattoo?
Has anyone tried Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer and got odd dark ORANGE spots?
what should i get a tattoo of ?
Do Guys Like Tattoos on a Girl??
2 quick questions about tattoos, please read very short!?
is my snake eyes piercing infected?
What are some good types of tattoo designs that are not so common?
aimed at guys . . . if i was fat . . . . would u shag me? even if i had the same personality as i have now??
Sore red lump under an old tattoo?
HELP! Can i sue a tattoo artist for a horrible job?
Where is the best part on my body to get this tattoo? Excluding arms.?
Tattoo idea, HELP!!!?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm 'voluptuous'...?
I'm interested in getting tribal tattoo down my arm. Will muscle growth effect the shape?
I was wondering how the colors of a pink cherry blossom tattoo holds up over time?
how much would a tattoo cost?
is it hot or trashy to get a tattoo on lower back?
Healed 3/4 blow out ear?
Hermes Wings?
I just found out about my girlfriend's tattoo. What should I do? I hate tattoos!?
where can i find a gallery of bio mech tattoo art?
Is avocado really good for you hair and skin?
How do I gain fat on my butt and hips without putting fat on my waist?
I'd like to get an "invisible" tattoo like Lindsay Lohan's. I'm not sure what the real term is though..Do you?
"carpe diem" or "love" tattoo ?
Ok I shave my pubic area basically everyday and just recently I have noticed razor bumps...?
I have noticed some bumps on new tattoo?
Tips on dealing with pain?
Where are some great inexpensive tattoo/piercing places in wilmington, delaware?
I was just wondering what others think about nose piercings, my daughter is almost 15 and she wants one?
Can i get a tattoo over stretch marks?
Need help with tattoo advice!?
For Men...?
I'm looking for an image of a tattoo artist doing a tattoo? (example)?
how do you get rid of black circles under your eyes?
so i wanna get a tattoo....????
What facial products/cleansers are good for me?
Do men prefer tall girls or short?I'm 5'10", which is quite tall & I often get a bit paranoid about my height
can you give your opinions?
what is a....?
any design ideas?
'Squatters rights' symbol tattoo ~ How to alter image? Link provided... how could this be done?
Can anyone suggest some tattoo cover-up ideas?
Anything for smooth silky skin?
I am getting my wedding date tattooed, need advice!?
what causes sists in the calf area?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
i want to reduce my weight ?
hi i want a tattoo on me foot but my veins show on half my foot will they still do n can i have it onver them?
what is a good quote?
Inspirational Quotes to write on wrist! Help?!?
What are some good tattoo ideas for a teenager?
acne treatments?
I have these red bumps on the back of my arms and on my legs. Does anybody know how to get rid of them.?
About how much would a small tatoo cost?
How much would it cost to get this tattooed?
What is the symbolism behind this tattoo: girl wearing a wolf head as a hat/cape?
How does it feel to get a tattoo on your chest?
Can you tattoo color over shading?
Where should I get a tattoo at ?? Ideas? ?
I just got another tattoo and it's oozing pus!?
How to remove my wrist tattoo?
Is there anywhere I can get a Sak Yant Tattoo in the U.S.?
I am female, what can be done about facial hairs?
would my boyfriend mind that i have stretch marks and dark inner thighs?
Is it posible to get rid of STRETCH MARKS!!!?
How much would this world map tattoo be?
What should I get for a tattoo?
dangers of apricot scrubs?
would i look good with a lip piercing ?
Help with tattoo design?
Does anyone know how to make your legs?
how to take care of a new tattoo??please help!?
tattoo advice please?
ear peicred! need help!!?
Can you give me some advice on this......?
Cleaning my nose piercing?
Will a tattoo artist do both tattoos in one session?
how to get rid of black heads?
why do indian people have dots on their heads??
looking for tatoo meaning?
I would like to get a tattoo?
tattoo questions?
is there a product for knees & elbows with darkened dry skin?
What is your favorite eye colour?!?
Can you tattoo over stretch marks?
How do I clear up dark spots from my skin?
How long would it take and how much money for this tat?
What's something sexy for a girl to get tattooed on her buttocks?
what is good to make eyelashed grow and a good conditioner to use on them?
ideas for my old tattoo?
Wrist piercing swollen (dermal)?
What do you think of this?!!?
how to get rid of red cheeks?
Do u think alot of tattoos on girls look good?
Sunflower Tattoo? Where to get it?
I just got a new tatoo on my calf, is it ok to set my tatoo down on a the ground completely?
Does electrolysis cause facial lines or creases?
Should I get this as my first tattoo?
how much would this tattoo cost?
Does anyone know what it means...?
what tattoo should i get?
Someone recently referfed to me as "Androgynous" ive been trying to figure out exactly what she meant,
B&w video shot in 80's with a man and woman in a bar. one has a pink elephant tattoo one plays guitar other sa?
Guys Only!?
i'm getting an armband tattoo on my left fore arm, does that symbolize homosexuality?
Tattoo help please..?
Whats a good couple of words to have tattooed behind ear?
How can i learn how to do a front split in about 2 to 3 weeks?
Im pretty flat chested,will overeating make my boobs bgger or my stomach bigger? Oh yeah im 13.?
Can you cover up a scar with a tattoo?
Should I have this tattoo or not?
Infected Dermal piercing?
im switching from a&d to i still use the same process?
I want this tattoo, What are your thoughts?
An illustration to go with the text of my tattoo?
i've just got a tattoo, and i'm scared i've done the wrong thing, i did it impulsively! please don't judge
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Would this keep me back from anything? Would I be judged?
What do YOU think of tattoo's and piercings?
How much would this tattoo cost? (Approx)?
Do you think which one is better? Dark skin or white skin?
Why do some white people want to get a tan?
Tattoo ideas!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way a teen can get rid of acne?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Enochian tattoo help!!?
my boyfriends tatto has started to swell up- hes had it a year?
What is the font of Rihanna's "Shhh..." tattoo?
first colour tattoo.. ?
14 year old getting tattoo?
Is there any way I can get rid of my freckles or moles?
Going through photographs of the top 100 models and business women in this country not one has a tattoo?
9 week tattoo peeling?
I want a tattoo to represent my friends any ideas?
Where can I buy Amira Magic Cream in Singapore ?
tattoo idea help, i've seen it before but can't find it anywhere?
Does it really hurt?
Help designing a tattoo?
tree tattoo : D advice?
what should i get a tattoo of ?
Can a keloid scar be successfully tattooed over?
Im 18 my fingers have recently started to become very dry and they peel a bit. Could this be caused by stress?
wrecking balm "tattoo removal"?
I got a new tattoo!?
does getting a tatoo hurt?
Surface piercing scars?
What is a good website for pictures of tattoos?
It seems like women prefer men that have no chest hair, so should I wax my chest?
Where should I get a short quote tattooed?
Is my tattoo infected?
My tattoo has a red bump on it?
would a wrist tattoo prevent me from getting a job in the graphic design industry?
Your favorite celebrity tattoo? I'd like a girl's perspective..?
Oatmeal is supposed to be a good moisturizer for dry facial skin, but how do I make the mixture?
how to get rid of white heads on ur nose?
Tattoo removal?
How to have a..?
Why does ink from a tattoo pool under the skin and does it ever fade away?
is it true that getting a tatto doesn't hurt???????
how much would a portrait of marilyn monroes face cost to get it tattooed on my forearm?
ok i reall neeed help and when i say i relly of plz help me ok plz help badly inneed of help ?????????????????
What do you think of girls with tattoos?
from were we get milk?
Tattoo Outline and Shade?
Where Can I find Boucheron Shower Gel for men, in San Jose, Ca?
do anti wrinkle creams really work?
What is the best antibiotic for acne?
girls do you like tatoos on men?
How bad would it hurt to get the underpart of your wrist tattooed?
Opinions on where I should get this tattoo?
Tattoo of the word "happy"?
Im planning on getting "exaltat humiles" tattooed on my back, its part of my family crest, what do you think?
Tattoo feel like compared to chemical burn?
what kind of tattoos n piercings does everyone have b specific!!!:)!!!!!!:)!!!!!:)?
the meaning behind bert mcens side tattoo?
tattoo at 15?..............................?
How long would it take to get this tattoo?
Tattooing A Minors Neck?
tattoo, pic for this quote?
How can i stop my skin peeling after i have caught a sun tan???? Fair skinned?
nipple piercings for guys (from female perspective)?
Is it normal for a brand new tattoo to tingle, like getting goose bumps?
Tummy hair??
Please help,how good does nair work on pubic hair???
calligraphy fonts for tattoo?
do you think i should get this tattoo?
What tattoo do you think could look better?
how to get a big piens?
Do you normally using a tanning bed naked?
My tattoo is scabbing.. I'm worried!!!!!!!?
i ve pimples.i want to kow about my face care?
Which tattoo should I get?!?!!?!?
its my first time using the Soap "Jabon de Azufre con Lanolina" is it healthy to use for my face?
Is this a good Rotary Tattoo Machine?
What is the best way to moisturize your legs?
Does cranberry juice really help get rid of zits?
what would look good below this tattoo (under the stars)?
Need a short quote about self acceptance and loving yourself?
what's a good tattoo that represents "timelessness"?
Im Planning On Getting My First Tattoo?
Can I get a tattoo at 16 with parental concent in indiana?
My sleeve: quarter, half, or third?
Am i Average OR Skinny?
Should my 14 year old get a tattoo?
Is antibacterial hand soap ok to use on a new tattoo?
is tattoo a form of art?
do they do Henna tattoos in Queens Center Mall?
What is your favourite perfume? Can you describe its scent?
Can I numb the spot where im getting my tattoo with numbing cream or ice or sumthing like that?
i want a lip ring what do you think?
What are some good skin care brands for sensitive skin?
How much is usually the minimum charge for a tattoo?
First time tattoo ideas?
How would you use this song to come up with a tattoo?
cream ?
How can I convince my dad to allow me to get a tattoo?
where is the best place for piercings / tatts?
Death before dishonor tattoo?
U people just dont pay attention, do you?
whats the best place on the body to get a tattoo of song lyrics?
Is it abnormal if I don't use deodorant?
Are teachers allowed to have tramp stamps (back tattoos)?
How many laser treatments to fade tattoo for cover up?
Quote idea for tattoo? (:?
Cute tattoo ideas & sayings?
Has anyone seen a good image of the 'comedy tragedy' or 'theatre' masks?
What happens when cooking oil hits your face,it hit mines?
I want a tattoo on both my ankles but i want some thing cute...does anyone have any ideas?
How Good Do You Think You look?
Is Ur body slim?
Beatles tattoo idea!?
Where can I buy fake/temporary tattoos from? Such as the one on Prison Break, it was easily removable.?
Is this a bad tattoo ?
What tattoo/s do you have and why did you get them?
What stores in Australia can you buy piercing equipment?
How to get rid of Black heads and White heads Permanently????
what do you think of this tattoo?
used a&d ointmint for 2 weeks on a tattoo?
Can someone who lives in LA get me an American Electric Tattoo t-shirt?
what hurts more: tattoo or piercing?
Should I get a tattoo or piercing?
For the ladies....Old Navy body spray question?
A question about industrial piercings.?
What is the purpose of getting a tattoo if you're the only one who understands it?
any decent piecin/body jewelery sites oot der?
Where can you get tattoo ink ? ?
i need sayings for a tattoo i wanna get that has to do with growing up. that has to do with flowers/blossom?
Question about Tattoo :) First one?
Would a girl date a guy with a few fairy tattoos on his thighs?
After I got my tattoo, it was extremely swollen. Could I be sensitive to red ink?
are my tatoos really that ugly?
On saturday i had 2 snakebite piercings done and i just noticed today my lip swelled and ring seems to go in? ?
Lip Piercing Scars???
I have tatoo's all across my back, and also some on my chest and arms... 12 total. Do girls like that?
Tattoos, do i need 2 use id?
Dreamed that I got a tattoo over and old tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo ?
Is it normal for tattoo to leave ink on your bed?
After my tattoo is done peeling, what should I do for aftercare? Thanks!?
What quote sounds better for a tattoo?
where is the best place for a girl to get a tattoo?
Is it bad to get a tattoo over stretch marks ?
Can you Rate my Tattoos????
How many carbohydrates are in a gallon of whole milk?
I got a new tattoo on the back of my thigh 2 days ago and I cant put pants on. What can I do to cover it?
Fave thing to do when you bored?
What should I do about my 2g?
How long was the longest you went without showering? Why?
Hair on upper lip?
belly button tattoo?
ideas for a quote tattoo?
Tatoo on tan skin......................?
How can one have a flat tommy? just want to know if any food can help without exercise?
do u have any tattoos? is so what r they?
What is the average size a 20 year old girl should wear? And how much should they weigh?
I Have A Question About Oil Sheen Hairspray?
cover up tattoo! What to get?
quy question: why do guys like tattoos on girl?
How much would this tattoo cost?
im 15 and i live in new york, my mom said i can get a tattoo, can i ? if so, where?
What is the best DEPILATION type for you? With long duration!!!!?
Can you still give blood if you have a tattoo?
acne complex has anyone used it? does it work?
.......... OH SNAP ..........?
what are the age restrictions on piercings?
Which Design is Better?
I was wondering about a tattoo on Paul walls hands?
Tattoos - How much do they hurt?
where can we use Nair or Veet?
what is skin astringent and what is the purpose of skin astringent?
does anyone know who is the best tattooist in Manchester England?
Wrist tattos a good idea?
rear end trimming for guys?
Good place for a tattoo?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
i wanna get a bad do they hurt? (one on my arm and one behind my shoulder)?
Why do I smell like a tuna fish sandwich that has been rotting?
should i get my tounge split or piecred?
What can u do to make a girl be interested in a guy ?
How can one reduce pimples ?
Is it true that shaving your legs will make your tan go away?
Can I get a tattoo while I have a natural tan?
is it possible for your boobs to get smaller, without a breast reduction or anything?
I want to get a tattoo but i hear it hurts really bad.?
Where can I get magnetic finger implants?
Where Can i Find pictures of a Bodark Tattoo?
How is the word love written in sanskrit?I can't find a picture of it online .?
Small femenine tattoo ideas.?
What countries is it illegal to get a tattoo in?
dry skin on foot and inching?
Where should I get my tattoo?
how much weight can be lost before the skin will not stretch back to how it was before the weight gain for men
How much is a tatoo?
Can I get a tattoo before basic training?
what are the best products and procedures for getting rid of acne?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how can i get a tattoo mentor or teacher?
mario gee coachee?
Thinking of getting an inner lip tattoo...?
bow and arrow tattoo meaning?
What are some good, meaningful tattoo ideas for girls?
Do Kristen Stewart and Niki Reed have matching tattoos?
Would i have to lie? helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppp…
New Tattoo..... What do you all think?
I need an overnight solution to whiten my teeth.:| A home remedy or something.Help!?
since sparrow tattoos are overrated, what other birds would make a nice tattoo?
How can I make my booty bigger? My butt is as flat as a pancake...?
What should I do to get rid of stretch marks? And at the moment, what should I do to lessen the appearance?
What are Dee Snider's tattoos?
Will this tattoo look good?
are lower back tattoos trashy?
Im off Accutane now and my skin is breaking out really bad again!! Any suggestions?
how do you get really soft legs?
its been 2 months can i use nair to remove hair over tattoo yet??????please i need answers?
is this percing orginal? ?
What is your opinion of a girl with tattoos (pics included)?
how to get rid of freckles?
Is my tattoo healing correctly or has there been some blowout?
Mitch Lucker's(Suicide Silence) left forearm tattoos?
i have very bad and hard s under my both feet... how do i remove these s?
what is a water bra like ?
anyone know a good font for a latin tattoo?
I just got me belly button picered!!! HELP?
Do tattoos hurt on your foot?
What Colour Eyes are better, Blue Green or Brown?
DO cahsew nuts cause pimples?
Does my bum look big?
How much do you tip the person giving you a tattoo or body piercing?
What does this tattoo stand for?
If i bring in a small picture of a tattoo i want ,can they re size it without ruining quality?
How long should I wait?
Tattoo idea. what do you think?
How can I get bigger natural breast?
i got a really bad sunburn yesterday is there a way to get it to go away in a day or less ?
Tattoo positioning advice, pweeease?
Getting first tattoo!!!!!!!!?
How to cure zit breakouts on the nose?
What do angel wing tattoos represent ?
Girls only: do you get any marks female marks on your skirt inside back and front from your underwear or not?
Behind ear tattoo? Help?
Which Star Quote Do You Prefer?
can u find kevin randlemans back tattoo?
Hey Guys, Navel piercings are Trashi or Sexy?
i have to shave my legs every day because they get very hairy any ideas what i could use?
Anyone know where to find Victoria Secrets old powders that matched the lotion lines they have???
Ear peircing?
How much does a small foot tattoo hurt?
What do you guys think of my tattoo?
What is good to use to prevent blackheads on your face?
birth-mark issue?
me and my best friend got tattoo last night.. we want to know if putting vaseline on them is good?
Im getting a tattoo this weekend .?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Wheres the best place to get a tattoo that can and cant be seen?
is this tattoo too boyish or would it be pretty?
How many tattoos do u have?
Have you ever gone to Scratch The Surface tattoo/piercing place in orlando FL?
Where is the most common place to get zits?
since sparrow tattoos are overrated, what other birds would make a nice tattoo?
what kind of skull does cher lloyd have tattooed on her arm?
Tattoo ideas to represent my Papa? (Grandad)?
I have a really bad allergic skin. It is really red , swollen, very thin and peeling skin.?
University and tattoos?
Micro-dermal piercings?
Looking for ideas for a tattoo that symbolizes weight loss?
What exactly is the process of getting a tattoo? I have a lot of questions?
why do we get bags under the eyes, what can we do with them?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
Ideas where to get tattoo?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
dry skin management?
Can i get a job as a tattoo artist?
How long do you have to tan at a time outside to get a good tan?
Help me decide on a tattoo and location?
Infected tattoo, how to treat?
Can you tattoo the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot?
how do i convince my mom to let me pierce my navel?
Is it my imagination? have most girls stopped having tattoos and piercings?
Im looking for a tattoo sleeve i seen once b4, Have you seen it ?! please help !?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Can you share a tattoo needle?
Nervous about my first tattoo!!!! *Picture included*?
Can i get tattoos over a scarr? ?
Anyone like designing tattoos?
What acne cleansers/ medications work really good?
do u think that zac efron is hot???
How do you get rid of a wart on a private part??
tattoo ideas ? quotes?
If love is the answer, how do we do it?
self tanners?
Guys only????????????
How much would this tattoo cost?
Breast Cancer Tattoo?? ?
Ear piercing at Claires ?
Tattoo question.......?
Is there anything I can do to make my tattoo less painful?
Looking for a karma tattoo, Help!?
i am fat how can i become thinner? of course not too much?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
should i be concerned if i have a tattoo on a mole and have had skin cancer?
What Happens If I Pass Out During My Tattoo?
What do you think of inner wrist tattoos and should I get one?
I have a lot of bumps all over my legs?
Unsure where to place second tattoo - any advice?
need help please! for my tattoo?
Is okay for pediatricians to have tattos?
Is there a tribal tattoo artist with an online gallery and biography?
How much would a quarter sleeve koi fish tattoo cost?
What would be a good tattoo name design on a guy?
aftercare for first tattoo?
Have you ever pulle out your eyeball and...?
Blisters on Tattoo from a Sunburn?
Would this be a dumb tattoo?
I want a small tattoo and need some advice from someone who knows..?
How can I get a tan from a tanning bed?
How much would a 1/2oz. bottle of tattoo ink cover?
y wont acne leave?
what age do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Can someone tell me their laser tattoo removal experience?
Can anyone answer my questions on sleeve tattoos?
I have tattoos, can they say no to hiring me?
What might happen if female breasts suddenly became cuboid?
i want to know what the best job is for a person with a more than a few tattoos and piercings...?
how to stop my nails from peeling?
Can freckles appear at a certain time in your life, or do you have to be born with them?
Answer my question about breast please.?
Wrist tattoos on a guy?
What's the youngest age legally for getting a tatoo?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Berkeley, CA?
Would you get a tattoo in another language if you didn't understand it ?
Will my tattoo strech?
How much does it hurt to get your lip pierced?
Will Alum help to reduce wrinkles?
Can a club turn you away for having a tattoo?
Help with tattoo I'll be getting in a month?
i would really like too know why my daughter has acne and i never had acne when i was young.?
Troublesome rook?
How bad does a tattoo on your wrist hurt?
Who Sucks wood?
how much would it hurt to get a tat on my finger?
Can a club turn you away for having a tattoo?
can you get a tattoo that lasts for five or so years, just not forever?
What would be a better tattoo format "Son Of God" or "Child Of God"?
How do I take care of a tattoo?
Average price of a tattoo?
so hip piercings " are going to eventually reject"?
Seaside, beach, sea, tattoo ideas? ?
A tattoo healing process question.....?
becoming a tattoo artist?
What will look better?
Do tattoo's on lady's look sexy to you?
What in your opinion is the best cleanser against acne or blackheads?
i am17 and she is 21.should i havesex with her?and she love me but she is my teacher?
Where to get a Bikini Wax in Jacksonville, Ar?
How long do you think 3 five in feathers tattoo would take?
Is it disrespectful to get a Maori tattoo without belonging to that culture?
What kind of high quality but affordable tattoo parlors are there in Sacramento?
How can i stop my skin peeling after i have caught a sun tan???? Fair skinned?
Tattoo ideas?
If Mao Tse-Tung were alive today would he prefer women with or without tattoos?
do you know a scar removing product? I wanted to get one, I have scars on my legs, pls help.. I am from Philip
What should i add to my tattoo?
I fell asleep studying and drooled <gross> but now I have permenant marker on my face and cant get it off
What do you think of this tattoo?
Finding a good tattoo artist for wrist and word tattoos?
What kind of piercings are those that they put on the top of your ear?
Tattoo aftercare questions...?
tattoo question, what do you think?
What would be a sexy place to put this skull and bow tattoo on my body? pic included?
Whats the worst place to get a tattoo in your opinion?
How does getting a tattoo feel like?
What is the name of this font?
Any catchy NAMES for my new unisex Fashion/lifestyle Magazine?
Shavex Alum Blocks?
24 days new Tattoo lifting weights problem?
how much would nicole richies angel wing tattoo cost around?
Do all people with tattoos and piercings do drugs?
I am 16 what is the penalty be for me if I got a tattoo without a parent consent?
What brand of soap do you like to use?
would my tattoo look better with or without an outline?
Should girls get tattoos?
what software do tattoo artists use?
my first tattoo?
Best self tanning brands??
What is your favorite cologne or perfume & why?
do any of the Miss USA contestants "sport" tattoos on their bodies?
does chemical peel have negative long term side effects?
Does anyone know a website where I can find Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura's name in Japanese Symbols?
what can i do for dark armpits? what to use to remove the darkness?i need something that is tried and worked?
Is my tattoo infected?
How do I get my face to clear up?
opinion of tattoo and ring idea? easy 10. (pic included)?
lower back tattoos????
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
Boxers or Briefs?.....?
How can you close facial pores in a very cheap way or without going to dermatologists?
Tattoo Ocean themed sleeve idea's (sea creatures)?
does anyone have pictures of max green's tattoos?
Permanent Marker ink got in my wound?
what is the best cream to make your breast firm?
Why are so many people looking for price instead of skill and quality when looking for a tattoo these days?
getting a tattoo this weekend....?
Wrist Tattoo?
Need tattoo ideas???????
What should I get tattooed?
should i keep going on with tattoo removal with all my disadvanteges such as age and my skin color?
Are my nipple piercings healing correctly?
Easy ten points to answer this price question about a tattoo?
i have several tattoos and i am looking for a cream to keep the colours looking bright.?
should i get rid of my nose hairs before getting my septum pierced?
has anyone tried zeno? acne device?
Am i the only one who has problems making ink stick in tattoo practice skin?
I got a black henna tattoo?