Is it true that if you get a tattoo on ur lower back(female) she cant have kids?
is there brown ink for tattoos, could i get a brown tattoo?
Wen will my new tattoo heal?
Tattoo idea: what you think?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
how can i get out of blackness on hand's knees?
Tattoo placement help?
Getting a TAT, I'm scared of the pain, what can I do?? PLEASE ANSWER!?
What should you tip your tattoo artist?
I need a little help coming up with an idea for a tattoo.?
Do back tattoos have to match?
does anyone know if the national geographic program on tattoo is out on dvd? if yes, where?
How many women like Tattoos and Piercings ?
Foot Tattoo and healing?
If you had to get a one word tattoo. What would it be?
What is the best product or brand to achieve a white underarms?
i am 13 yrs and i am short where as my cousins are tall how do i grow tall?
how do i lighten the colour of my skin ?
I think I'm fat but everyone thinks im skinny and i want to lose my stomache... give me workout tips plz?
which would you get if you were me?.. need honest opinions! please answer! for my tattoo!?
i want to draw my own tattoo?
Tattoo and Piercing schools?
Moms, what tattoos do you have that represent your kids?
how can reduce holes in my face& iwant nice fair give me some tips for to that?
Wrist Tattoo With Lettering....Will It Blur Over Time?
Would i have to do anything different if i wanted a tattoo over self harm scars?
What do you think of my hookah smoking caterpillar tattoo idea?
is tattooing a good buisness?
acne problems?
Angry Cheek Piercings?
I got a new tattoo of.....?
What is the best product to use to clean out dirty pores on the face??
Why one person become so important in ur life which is not related with ubefore?
i am thinking about getting a tattoo where is the less painful spot to get one?
i want to promote someones japanese style tattoos anyone want to do the inking?
Is there anywhere in Springfield, Missouri that does airbrush tattoo cover up?
Where can I find roll-on scented oil bottles w/ colorful tops for sale that are empty?
Tattoo and break outs?
when can i shave my tattoo? haha?
portrait tattoo artist...?
What kinda theme suicide girls tatoo is?
hey guys please tell me how to make my breast size small at home ! and how to be fair?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Can i still pursue a career as an actress if ive got a tattoo on my chest?
im 15, i wanna get a tattoo but i dont if it will stretch when im getting older,?
Irezumi Koi/Carp Tattoo - Colours? ?
Lower back tatoo?
How much would a small tattoo cost?
Curves or slim?????
on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), how bad did your nose piercing hurt?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Help designing a tattoo?
How much will my tattoo cost!?!?!?
i have ink and mud on my best shirt, how can i make it be gone?
How much does a rib cage tattoo hurt?
What do you think of this?
guys where do u like girls to have a tattoo?
how can i get rid of a black eye quickly?
What's the difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant?
Help with my tattoo idea in memory of my grandma?
I wanted to get tattoos?
How much does a side-boob tattoo hurt?
Is 120lbs at 5'2" considered fat?
Retouched tattoo question?
are there any places near Universal Studios in orlando florida to get a piercing/tattoo?
do guys ever in there whole life wish they were girls?
(_Black Heads_)?
I got my ears pierced for the second time, what should I do to avoid potential infection?
I am getting a tattoo in 2 days time and the phrase I want to tattoo is;?
What is the age to get a tattoo?
make up tips?
Is someone up to design my first tattoo for me?
what lady in the u.s. as the most sought after photo of feet?
I want to get a tattoo. Question to guys..?
Is there any way to cover up freckles?
Does anyone know where on the web i can find a gd picture of the chinese symbol for integrity?
I need help choosing a tattoo?
First Tattoo?? please help!!!?
any good tattoo ideas...?
girls only?
Tattoo allergic reaction testing?
Where can I find a good salon for spray tanning in Croydon, Surrey?
How much to tip for a tattoo?
How to get rid of the gap between two teeths in front?
Good idea for a circle shaped cover-up tattoo?
Whats your advice on....?
what do guys think about girls with half-sleeved tattooed arms?
neck tattoo what would u get ?????
How can i get rid of my "Big hurty pimple"?
wonderinrg if anyone has had acne scar revision?
I really don't like my Tan i want my pale color again even my lips changed color its a little darker ?
Can anybody design a tattoo for me?
Which should I get tattooed Lily of the valley & Rose v.s Lily of the valley & honey suckle????????
i really want a tattoo down my spine does anyone know how painful it is by chance???
Whats the hottest tattoo on a guy and where?
What would this tattoo symbolize?
What should I tattoo on my body?
How old would i have to be to get a tattoo?
would a tattoo damage my chances of a job at a top end gym for example david lloyd or fitness first?
friendship tattoo ideas?
Where is a good place to look for tattoos?
I want a small tattoo but my husbin is in the navy and I dont want too look bad?
what is the right skin care regime?
hello!!!!! plz read girlz only k?
Where is the classiest place on my body to get this tattoo?
im too sexy for my shirt what should i wear?
I need fake tattoo help?
can you srub off your tattoo?
how to tell your mom you have a tattoo?
Triforce tattoo :O Thouhgts please? :)?
I'm a 35 year old dad wanting to get my first tattoo to honor my wife and two daughters.?
Does Getting your belly button pierced hurt? and 4 how long does it hurt 4?
How much would these tattoo's cost?
i need to pass the pee drung test?
Brand new tattoo red bumps?
Country lyric as tattoo?
What is the best way to prevent acne and the best way to get it recover fast !?
How many days after getting a tattoo can I drink?
I needs some help with this tattoo... plz?
if you were a movie star whose boobs would you like to have?
A tattoo studio in Los Angeles?
i frequently get pimples on my face?how can i cure it?
What should I get my tattoo of & where?
A 15 year old girl wanting a tattoo for her 16th birthday?
what are the chances of new tattoo gettin messed up after 6-7days?
I am thining about getting apinup tattoo..Im a girl, ir this weird?
how much do you think it would hurt???
Does anyone know of perfumes which are non alcoholic and branded ones? And where can i buy them?
has sarah jessica parker had botox?
Can you have sex with someone that you dont love, since is emotional feeling?
Should I get my back dimples pierced?
how do u get rid of freckles on ur face?
Whats the appropriate age for a tattoo??????
tattoo in 4 days need opinions..?
how long could it take to get a half sleeve tattoo ?
Which of the following would u prefer guys,?
What is the best moisturizing cream for dry, sensitive skin?
how long are tattoos on the calf of your leg supost to hurt?
I am not a hairy person but I have enough hair to cover my torso and some on my back, what should I do?
why is everyone so against tattoos and peircings?
Should straight men wax their chests? We're not talking gorilla here just average growth w/ moderat coverage.
Question Regarding Arm Tattoo?
Guys, Opinions on girls with piercings?
how do i get fair?
Any teenagers with tattoos?
How do you get a good tan without getting burnt to death???!!!!?
what tattoos do u have and why?
Which African symbol tattoo has a sword looking handle and as the blade goes up it starts to swirl in a circle?
Which language would this script look good on for tattoo?"Fear none,but God"?
Is this statement true, if a person has more than 3 tattoos they probably don't shower often?
Tattoo at the age of 16 w/ parental consent in Oregon or Washington?
What can I do to reduce swollen/puffy eyes in the morning.?
Tattoo ,poison ivy help?
I need a quote for this tattoo. I want to get it on my forearm. How much?
What is the tallest building in the world ?
Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo. Any Advice?
I need advice from a tattoo artist?
what is the best remedy for bad sunburn ?
What is a good cute location for a tattoo that I can cover up for nice occasions?
tattoo advice I was going to get the quote "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved."?
Do you think tattoos on girls...?
is wearing a supporter while working out necessary? can i get hernia if i dont wear it?even for light workout?
What is the best top of the line equipment for tattoo?
as you get older would you consider cosmetic surgery?
Which tattoo should I get?
How do I get this helix earring out of my ear?
Why do people say your skin will sag?
Has anyone used Glycolic acid face washes or lotions? What was your experience?
what's the best treatment for acne?
Could I have a tattoo?
Where to start in Tattoo business?
where (on the body) is the best place to get a matching 'sister' tattoo..?
What does this tattoo look like?
How would you describe a tattoo parlor?
Where can I find Godiva skin care products without having to get it shipped from the Phillipines?
How long does it take to see results from crunches???
How much would a tattoo like this and placed exactly where it is cost?
who thinks david beckham is buff?
Is there anything wrong with this tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
need help with back piece tattoo?
when you get a tattoo then go get a tan does it dissapear?
What are good matching tattoos?
Is this an okay tattoo for a guy to have?
had a tattoo for 2 hours now and i have tag football tournament in 2 days..?
Any cute/good ideas for a tat idea for my son?
Tattoo ideas. Representations of family members.?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo?
if you tattoo and have ?
Why do men scratch themselves in public?
Why do guys, beat ladies...?
what men's cologne do you recommend?
My hands are so dry?
How long do tattoo re-touch ups take to heal?
Do you have a tattoo? What is it of and where is it located?
What font is this on this tattoo?
Should i get a tattoo on my ***?
Would it be blasphemous if I got tattoo of wounds similar to Jesus'?
Wheres the best place to get a tattoo but with it being an interference in future jobs and stuff?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
Can Fade Cream, fade tattoos? Such as Ambi?
does anyone know how to get rid of stetchmarks?
I need ideas for a tattoo representing me surviving a drunk driving accident?
can scrubs remove scars?
What do you think of girls with chest tattoos?
hello i have lots of pimples and when they go they leave behind lots of scar tell me wht to do as i have?
What kinds of flowers look pretty as a tattoo?
do any of you have something you dont like about yourself?
is it true sodium make peolple fat ??? and why ????
how do you pierce you ears at home without a pierceing gun?
Tattoos and Piercings??
Do tattoo artists charge you when you come in and ask for examples?
Your most painful tattoo?
I want a six packs abs,..what are simple moves that helps a lot?
Ear piercing?
What is tattoo culture?
Wrist tattoos, help!?
Shade Tattoos... How to do it?
Is Ur body slim?
How do I get rid of a pimple?
I've seen a few tattoos depicting a samurai wrestling a giant koi fish? What is the symbolism behind this?
How much should I tip on a tattoo?
Can you name me a good makeup brand.....?
quotes on loosing someone you love. for a tattoo?
Getting a small tattoo at 16?
If you get a tattoo young, will it get destroyed with age?
Do you think tattoos are trashy if it's something meaningful?
Black tattoo's vs Colour tattoo's?
I have a job interview and i need to cover my tattoo?
looking for a good tattoo shop in the valley?
How can I give myself tattoo?
Tattoo problems with boyfriend?
who's prettier???????
what's the legal age to get a tattoo in S.Korea?
How long can I take out my eyebrow piercing?
can you get in trouble for wearing certain tattoos?
I need help with a tattoo quote...?
If i got my tounge periced do you think that is gay??
Is there a minimum age or restrictions for getting a tattoo?
messed up tattoo, what do I do?
my mother has got wrinkles on her face, how she can cure them?
If you get bags under your eyes, can you see handles?
My fake tanning went wrong..any way(s) to get this off?
Anybodys help much needed!!!!!!!?
What can I expect when I get my first tattoo?
What kind of Tatto do you have?
Is it bad to be 13 and have a hairy back and arms?Please tell me what you think honestly!!!!?
Thoughts on my idea for my next tattoo ? (Best Answer)?
"Made in England" tattoo.. dont it look offendsive in some way?
do you think a 12 yr old who is 116 lbs is fat?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in UK?
I'm planning on getting a tattoo soon any ideas?
I have a tattoo in reference to a band would it be weird to show it at their concert?
Swimming with a tattoo?
New Tattoo care will it be ok?
Hi i m ruby,19yrs, i m dark skinned gal with oily skin,my problem is that i get pimples which leaves ugly scar
am i to dark for a colored tattoo?
shall i get into a good weekend?
where in the phils. can i buy mario badescu products and how much?
If you walk into a gay bar and a gay man jumps on your back, would you toss him off ;)?
Is there a weight limit for the tanning bed?
Any suggestions of which tattoo to get out of the two?
i wanna get a tattoo but im debating where to put it?
Should I get this tattoo?!?!?
everythings going so bad :(?
if you have a tattoo where did you get the idea from and what does it mean to yo?
Anyone know a good tattoo parlor in NYC?
Where get tattoo at on body?
Legal age and consent for a tattoo in Queensland Australia?
what happens if i use body wash for face or vice versa?
what's a good tattoo to get in high school?
Are there any fake tattoos that i can get done that look real ?
Wats the use of BORBA water????
I want to lose weight before school starts!?
Is "believe" tattoo a good idea ?
what are everyone's most valuable tatoos?
Henna Tattoo Design Help?
Tattoo cover up,quick question?
do woman like penis piercings?
do you shave your legs?
If a person gets a Tattoo and gets fat after getting it, does the tatto get fat too?
What style tattoo lettering is this called?
Do you like this tattoo?
I just got a tattoo and on the aftercare instructions it says to put a fine coat of vaseline on it 5-7 times a?
Will it look stupid if I have two cross tattoos?
is there anywhere online i can design my own Maori inspired tattoo?(not a copy)?
has anybody in here been to LA Ink (High Voltage Tattoo)?
I just got a new tattoo, what do you guy's think?
Freckles and tattoos?
Please recommend me a Pro Tattooist in Liverpool, UK?
bellybutton question?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
What is your opinion on tattoo's of women showing bare breasts?
do guys love women or do they use us?
Smooth the stubble under your arm?
What do girls think of nipple piercings?
Where can i find penis attachments??
Y does being a girl hurt I want a ax change but need to know tat?
Ladies, What do you recommend ??
Good tattoo ideas for "Kia Kaha"?
What the hell are "fart wings?" Some kind of tattoo?
Tattoo ideas please xx?
What are some good skin products?
What is the name of this font?
im living in sweden and i would like to no im any one could help me find a job body modeling.?
Where does it hurt most to get a tattoo?
What is your view on tattoos?
Have you got a tatoo?
What do girls think of tattoos?
I'm currently juggling three girl friends at the same time and it's getting hard. What should I do?
My next tattoo should be..?
would you get a tattoo of tom selik on a dare?
Where to put my tattoo if I want to be in the health industry?
tatoo cost in the vilage NY?
I'm debating which piercing. Pic included.?
The girl with the dragon tattoo girl?
Im getting a tattoo of my brothers inittials..where should i put them?!?
I'm 14, am I too young for tattoos? please answer .?
where can i get foot tattoo samples?
Eyebrows And nose piercings?
What is UV sensitive acrylic in body jewlery?
I got my ears pierced a week ago and they hurt really bad. Should I be worried?
what tattoo should i get?
im 15 yr old girl and im just 5feet 1 inch plzz help?
What do you think of tongue piercings?
do u know of tattoo artists hir in the philipines who can do cover ups? pls give me their contact ino. thanks.
just had first bikini pain!!!?
my tattoo is flaking.. PLEASE HELP!?
what are the after effects of having laser treatment for acne spots?
Designing tattoos...what should I draw?
my nails yellow after wearing polish, how can I make them white again without buying more polish?
Tattoo ideas for my wrist?
are all gingers ''large''?
TATOO - why would you scar yourself for life with something you may not even like in a few years?
Would a tattoo of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh..?
Does laser hair removal gets rid of the black dots on the legs?
WHERE SHOULD I PLACE MY TATTOO? I want a tattoo but I'm not sure where I should place on my body?
swimming in a pool with a 2 week old tattoo?
Laser Tattoo Removal Question regarding inks:?
Guys: what do u think of girls with tattoos ?
What should be my first tattoo?
how often do you tan? do you like tanning? how unhealthy do you think tanning it?
First tattoo question?
Am I fat?????
Is getting a tattoo of your child's name a bit chavvy?
how old are you? Do you shave your legs?
how do I get smaller pores on my face?
How much should my half sleeve outline cost?
What does a tattoo look like when dug to deep in spots?
Do you like this tattoo?
Design ideas for covering a tattoo on my hip?
Where is a good place to put a tattoo?
New tattoo, not supposed to sweat, but training for 5k race?
what are some good tattoo parlors in east tennessee?
does the belly ring hurts? for how long?
Can anyone give me a tattoo price estimate?
so i have a plain jane gemini tattoo on my back need some good ideas?
Help With A Tattoo, Please?
How do I get clearer, beautifuler, healthier skin?
is there any possible way to grow taller?
Do you have any tattoos? If so how many, what are they of?
Am I Fat, Medium, or Skinny?
rib tattoo...outline and shading pain?
which tattoo should I get?
how long does it take for sunburn to go away?
Why is it ok to like butts, s and boobs, but feet are considered "weird?"?
Ideas for some nice girly tattoos?
how do i get rid of those red bmps from shaving?
what't the difference between the tattoos?
tattoo question!!?
I wanna pierce my belly button......?
how to tell Ur bf bout that u missing finger ?
New tattoo care questions?
do skin toners really help?
If your a tattoo artist please read?
How much will my tattoo cost?
I want to get my nose pierced. Any advice?
Does anyone know anything about microdermal piercings under the eye?
how much sleep does the body need?
tattoo price help pleaaaaaase?
How expensive is a spider web tattoo?
what would you put in am garden of eden tattoo?
How do you know whether or not you can get you navel pierced.?
Poll: What kind of tattoo do you have?
how to pierce your tongue your self?
Piercings?? tattoos?? does this make any sence?
Where should i get this tattoo at?
would you ever get a tattoo?
With a parent present, can you get a tattoo at the age of 16 at the Jade Dragon Tattoo in Chicago?
Around how much would it cost to get this tattoo done?
Important tattoo question!?
What about tattoos?
Question for tattoo artists ?
can i get a tattoo when i'm pregnant?
If you have a tattoo before you become a muslim will you go to hell?
credible info on piercings?
Labret Home Piercing And Aftercare Confusion?
why cant scientists come up with a pill that makes farts smell good?
Should I be upset?
How do I get rid of the burn from a tan?
would you ever think about getting this done?
Looking for the best Oriental Style Tattoo Artist in South Florida. Anybody know of one?
tattoo on lower back?
What is your opinion on a woman with a tattoo on her breast?
does girls like Six Pack Abs ?
what does Exfoliate meann??
Survey: Which Tattoo do you like best?? [part 2]?
where can I get a large temp tattoo to put on my side?
textual tattoos, Phrase tattoos, Quote tattoos?
Are there any Florida trained tattoo artists new to Denver?
Do you like my ink (tattoo)?
what is the best way to remove under leg hair.?
How do i get hairdye stains off of my hands?!!!?
TATTOO HELP!!! please and thank you!!:)?
Does getting a tattoo on your calf hurt?
What kind of tattoo should my Boyfriend and I get?
how much does it cost to get a small tattoo on my hip?
where should i get my other halfs name tattooed?
I know what tattoo i want?
Do you think that getting a tattoo on your boob is slutty?
I'm looking to buy a cheap ear stretching kit.?
who think tattoo are trampy?
In the state of California, how old do you need to be to legally get a tattoo at a professional shop?
Anyone know where to buy bulk Biore pore strips?
as a high school swimmer i have to swim often, but i'm getting tattoos soon how long must i wait?
How you think the tattoo of the head of a Tiger Roaring on my chest?
Is there ANYTHING I can do to my tattoo?
Where should I put my tattoo?
Where to hide a tattoo?
Blackheads, is there any way to get rid of or prevent them?
What is a cool idea for tattoos on the top of the feet for men?
do you girls like guys with tattoo's?
Have you tried the spray on tanning from tanning salons? If so, how long did it last? etc.?
What should I get for a tatoo?
want to get an om tattoo but im christian?
Which hurts more? A lobe piercing or a cartilage one?
is there any way of ligtening a self tanner (dove moisturizer with self tanner)?
how bad does it hurt when you get your belly button pierced?
bad luck to get fiance's name?
Has anyone used airbrush tanning?
Can a sixteen-year-old get a tattoo?
Where is a good tattoo shop In Japan?
Can u suggest simple and inexpensive home remedies for acne scars?
Are tattoos sexy????????
how does chocolate whiten the skin?
What do you think about this tatoo?
oreganol oil on nipple piercings?
What's the best cure for blackheads?
ideas for my tattoo. lizards into a chest piece or ribs?
Ensuring my tattoo is vegan-friendly & differences between the two types?
ideas to add onto my tattoo?
About how much would a 5 inch by 5 inch tattoo of an EMT symbol be?
Were should i get my tatoo?
how can i make my boobs more noticable?
am I fat? 5ft6 for 140lbs!?
Is there a difference between A&D Treat and A&D Prevent when it comes to tattoo's?
My underarms sweat really bad no matter what I do. What can I do to stop this?
is facial lazer--safe and effective in India and from where ??
how bad do tattoos hurt?
Yea umm this question is mostly for the gurlz? Do you....?
i need help with a tattoo design...could you help?
should my tattoo have scabbing?
Why people get tattoos?
How do you become a tattoo removal specialist?
Weigh question?
Is Lipowrap effective?
If I got this tattooed, where to place it?
What's a good idea for a tattoo, to start a sleeve?
What is the best face cleaner to use on a 12 year old's face?
if i get a tattoo at 16 will it stretch out and look bad?
Belly Fat?
Chrisitanity and tattoos?
I have a large black, grey, and red tattoo on my forearm. Could I get it covered with a detailed half sleeve?
is this a good idea for a tattoo?
Is Pro activ for OIly Skin as amazing as the commercials claim?
Tattoo Idea!!! ANY suggestions?
Tattoos on a psychologist? Your thoughts/opinions?
Where should I place my feather tattoo?
I need tattoo help involving awareness ribbons and dragonflies?
can i get a tattoo at age 14 with parental consent in Virginia?
Ear stretching info? Is this normal?
Guys, what do you think of an ankle tattoo and navel piercing? ?
how can i get rid of acne?
why boobs,which just a growing meat could make a man drool and horn. ?
tattooing my girlfriends name on my arm?
Does anyone hav a tattoo symbolizing or reminding them of their best friend?
would you let your kid get a tattoo?
I'm Wanting To Get A Tattoo For Someone Who Has Cancer?
Picture of my tattoo. Need ideas on how to improve the design.?
TV Add: Body wash for men that make men irresistible to women. what is that BRAND??
Anyone have any ideas for a tattoo for a loved one?
is getting a tattoo that says "where there is no struggle, there is no strength" on my lower back cheesy?
what does Exfoliate meann??
How can we wipe away stress mark after pregnancy?Asked by Cindy?
Why are people who don't have tattoos so critical about those who do?
tattoo horns, on the head?
forearm tattoo pain???
wieght problem?
How to get rid of pimples and/or marks from them?
What is a good quote to put under my tattoo?
Tattoo Help Please?!?!/?
My tattoo artist carved a piece of flesh out of my back is this normal when tattooing?
Ladies: How tall are you and what is your shoe size?
why do you ask this kind of question? people are trying to ignore smoking because its dangerous effects, but,?
need to cover tattoos for job interview sugestions?
Does anyone know of a good ointment for freshly inked tattoos?
how much would this tattoo cost in australia ?
Good place for a three word tattoo?
First tattoo advice please...?
any cosmetic surgen pl.?
where should i put my tattoo?
What are the pros and cons of getting a tattoo on your lower back?
TATTOO HELP! good tattoo ideas?
what are the dangers of a lip piercings???
I need a picture for my tatoo?
how do i cover up a word tattoo?
anyone know a good tattoo artists in mesa, Arizona?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Why do women obsess so much over breast size?
What is the most physically painful thing you have done to yourself>?
Tattoo help!?
Whats a household or cheap item i can use as an alternative power supply for a tattoo gun?
What does a tattoo on the chest feel like?
Dermals/piercings?!? helppppppp!?
Where can i find a free reliable english to arabic translation for a tattoo?
Is my idea for a tattoo stupid?
how bad of an idea is it to get a tattoo on my wrist if i want to go into the professional world?
White ink tattoo cost?(picture).?
Would a tattoo of Pandora's Box on a girl look bad?
how much weight would i have to lose or gain for my body to shrink or stretch my tattoos?
Memorial tattoo idea help?
the best place to get a tattoo?
Good priced tattoo in new Mexico?
Where can I buy Garnier sunblock 40 in US?
give me some good tattoo ideas !!?
BodyBuilding While Watching T.V?!?!?
has anybody tried Zotrim herbal remedy for slimming?
Alabama Tattoo Parlors?
Any good mole removal products out there?
how do I shave my penis? do i do it erect or not? and do women prefer it saved, trimed, or natural?
Regarding tattoo healing?
My friend whats to know how to get bigger breasts. Any suggesstions? No JoKES PLEASE?
If I use lemon juice to bleach my upper lip how long should I leave it on nightly?
can birth control cause acne?
Where does it hurt the least to get a tattoo at?
What is talcum powder made of?
who is the sexiest person on this planet?
do u think that vanessa anne hudgens is cute????
Should I get a Tattoo of Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not print any marks upon you"? Funny or not?
Tattoo covering help?
I need to lose 80 pounds, but i'm always hungry....What should I do?
Why do girls show their skin ?
where to find a tattoo apprenticeship?
tattoo to represent my brother
having a tattoo in a few weeks and scared!?
I'm getting a txt scripture Tatto and have two tattoos I want?
is this a bad tattoo idea?
What Do You Think Of My Newest Tattoo Idea? I'm Probably Getting It On Monday?
What flower would go with the quote "every life is precious"?
What area hurt more for a tattoo?
Quote tattoos? Opinions?
New York Tattoo age law?
How much do you think a peacock tattoo would cost to put on my side?
Help with a tattoo? ?
Help, Tattoo Removal?
tattooooo placement questoin?
Where should I get a tattoo?
If I Keloid, should I get a tattoo?
Colorado tattoo ideas?
Tattooing your own name on your body. What's the point.?
My finace' wants to get a tattoo of his last name on his back. It's only 4 letters so how big should he get it?
I want a tattoo?
between 34D and 34C which will win beauty contest .and why?
What are some cool tattoos you can get?
Can Nurses have Tattoos?
will you go to hell for having a tattoo...I did not get it in's for my family and it's on my foot?
POLL: What do all of your tattoo's mean?
Female tattoo artist in Philadelphia metro (or nearby)?
How much will my tattoo disfigure over time?
I did 4 tours overseas, discharged from the Army a few years ago and want to get another tattoo. Thoughts?
Is there anything that I can do while getting a tattoo that will make it hurt less?
i have red skin on my arms and chest how do i get ride of it?
Need Ideas for my tattoo?
Can i get a tattoo if i might be pregnant?!?
Would grey and black ink cover over red ink on a tattoo?
How old do you have to to get your industrial peirced?
How do I get a nice dark tan and keep it?
When can I cover my tattoo up?
should i get a tattoo..and wat kind?
What voltage should my 10-wrap coil be running on?
How badly does a tattoo hurt on your shoulder blade?? What about your Forearm. ? Answers please... ?
How much would a tattoo on the ball of my foot hurt?
Help with tattoo idea?
Opinions/design help for my second tattoo?
Any one on here have an idea how much this tattoo would be?
How to make a michael myers tattoo a little bit feminine/ cute?
Any good tattoo shops in Puerto Rico?
I want a tattoo about cheating death HELP ME!!?
Tattoo prices help I want one and need some help?
would you be offended if your child's teacher had tattoo's?
DECIDING MY FIRST TATTOO! Read description!?
i would like opinions on the quote i want for my tattoo?
I Have a tattoo and my mom dosnt know ?
Stretch Marks...?
should my tattoo resemble...?
Will a tattoo hinder my chance of a job?
Any woman who had saggy skin on her abdomen and succeed to get rid of it without surgery?
what are the long/short term benefits of moisturising your skin?
Why is everyone staring at my tattoo in Europe?
Pimple! :(?
I have itchy i have crabs?
How long will this tattoo take?
What's an good idea for a tattoo on ur side?
HOw many push ups should i do in a day to get ROCK HARD ABS in 1 month ..?
Chest tattoo? (above the breasts)?
how do i do a cheap homemade facial?
Im 14, my parents agreed to take me to get a tattoo...Where Is A good place for ideas?
How to reduce fat without excersise?
How long until it heals ?
Where should I put my tattoo?
Tattoo's - pros and cons ?
will my tattoo give me career problems?
Got a tattoo, now worried about the scabbing process?
Bad tattoo idea???
What is the most beautiful and (attractive part of the female body (sexual or not).?
does waxing the hair on the upper lip make the skin on the upper-lip dark?
What Can I Do About Tattoo Scarring?
I Am Thinking About Having My Entire Body Tattooed...Am I Crazy?
I need male opinions??
What do you guys think of my tattoo?
can any body help me how to treat face acnes?
where should i get a tattoo?
How can i hide my erect nipples! PLEASE DON'T LAUGH!?
best tattoo gallery sites?
getting a tattoo at 15?
First tattoo is a batman half sleeve... which picture should i choose?
Tattoos on girls?
What is the best and effective product for facial skin whitener / lightener / bleach to make me look whiter?
I am looking to get a tattoo in Gaelic. Either family or something about family can you help me with spellings?
I want my name 'Meghan' written in Elvish for a tattoo. When I tried, it didn't come out right.?
What's the craziest Tattoo you ever seen?
Small Tattoos? Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!?
Does the use of the aroma body lotion make my skin smell like a cake?
Rose Water and Acne?
How much would a Broncos tattoo cost?
What is the point of tatoos and piercing?
Are more visible tattoos more regrettable?
Which quote is best to you Im getting a tat?
what is the best item for tattoo protection from the sun?
Brody Jenner's Tattoo?
I want a tattoo to symbolize the love i have for my daddy. he passed away 3 years ago. ?
Best place to get a tattoo?/Sacramento area?
Where should I get my ear pierced at?
im trying to come up with tattoo sleeve ideas, but i cant?
How much would a really small tattoo be?
Do women know that men can tell if their breast are natural or have been augmented?
Dreamed that I got a tattoo over and old tattoo?
why is bodyhair a no?
wrist star tattoo...keloid?
do i need to use a diaper when im 72?
i have low self esteem about myself. people always tell me im too skinney. and im tall with it so thats not?
How much do you think getting "Elizabeth" in cursive and a small yellow orchid next to it would be on the?
what is the total amount you have spent getting tattoos?
hey is there anyone around having tail and horns?
What was your most expensive tattoo?
Is getting this specific tattoo a sin?
how much will this cost? (tattoo)?
how bad does getting a tattoo hurt?
i want to fix my tattoo. can it be done? (PICTURES)?
Does a tattoo on your wrist hurt?
Done by a professional, how much money/time do you think this tattoo would take?
What's the best thing to drink or eat after eating greasy food to get rid of the oil asap in your system?
do nose peircings hurt?
i need tattoo advice now!?
How much will these tattoos cost?
Rough estimate fir tattoo price?
Do you know any tips to treat oily face?
Want a tattoo, but I'm 16, and mom or dad won't let me.?
on Thurs got my tattoo done. Iam worried as its peeling along with my skin am i doing anything wrong?
Where should I get this tattoo?
What do u find attractive about boys?and why?
Need help with quote for anchor tattoo...?
How long did your lip tattoo last?
Half sleeve tattoo idea?
what do you think about a tongue piercing?
how do get rid of an ugly hard zit fast?
do fake tans help prevent sunburn?
do you think i have huge boobs?
Tattoo question??????
Would this be a good tattoo for a racist, hypothetically speaking?
I wanna get this peirced......?
Does Yoga helps in growth of height? Do the so called growth medicines work to increase by atleast 1" to 2"?
How To Have A Healthy Skin For Teenage Girls?
Where on your body are tattoo's most painful to get?
I don't look 30 do I?! ..I'M SCARED PEOPLE. O_O?
Is anyone willing to help draw a tattoo out for me?
Whats the best product to remove acne?
Im 121.254244 pounds, 5.08530184 foot, am i fat ?????
Thinking about getting a tattoo of someone's name?
How painful would getting a tattoo on my ring finger be (on a scale of 1-10)?
do you think men would be stupid wearing womens deodorant coz i have sensitive skin which product is good oh d
how do u make lotion out of scracth?
Tattoo identification?
do you think fan tattoos are stupid?
Looking for a good place to get inked in San Antonio TX?
How do you stop biting your nails or skin? What is your method?
Why doesn't my superdry have japenese symbols on the back?
How do you like my tattoo?
Do You Need A Parent/Guardian...?
On a scale from one to ten how much would this hurt?
Navel Piercing bubble formed so I removed piercing help?
is applying henna weekly is adviceble?
how long and how much does a bob tyrell tattoo take/ cost ? Please?
Neck tattoo question ?
What is your honest opinion of tattoos...?
To anyone with a tattoo that has worked or works at disney world?
If you have a tattoo, what is it of?
Being 11, is being 101 lbs and having glasses going to stop me from becoming an actress?
(For Ladies Only) What are some home solutions for yeast infections?
Where to put my tattoo?
I got a tattoo 4 months ago, why does it still itch sometimes?
I'm writing to my mom to convince her that I am ready to get a lip piercing. Have any ideas on what to write?
Have your breasts ever popped out of your bra?
Poll:-How many piercings do you have?
does a tattoo on the foot hurt?
cause of Visible Neck (Platysma) Cords and are their exercises to tighten them?
I'm scared to enter the tattoo industry , please help!?
Does a wrist tattoo hurt?
who thinks zac efron is Ugly I don't?/?
Survey; If you was ordered to have a "tattoo symbol"/heaven I.D/etc. by God, What would it be?
tattoo help pleaseeee?
Do you hate tattoos? Then why are you here?
how bad does it hurt to have your tongue pierced and what do guys think about it on girls?
tattoo . tattoo . tattoo . chest tattoo ! help?
just for fun, people who like tattoos?
how do i get my light skin back?
20 day ago i make tattoo on 4 arm but it still lil pump ,and there is 2- 3 white spot ,?
why do people get tattoos?
what is a good lotion for?
What font is this tattoo?
How long was the longest you went without showering? Why?
how do i make myself look sexy and what type of clothes should i wear???
Girls with Gauges and Tattoos . Good or Bad?
can you get a tattoo with parental consent at the age of 17?
Tattoo design help!!?
Covered tattoos.....?
how to tell my parents i got a tattoo?
What body part hurts worst when getting a tattoo?
tattoo dedicated to my children on hip?
what is the best tatoo for a grl to get on her back?
I have a friend that smells like fish all the time. What can I tell?
Im thinking of getting a tattoo but does it really hurt?
ear stretching?
What happens when you tattoo over a burn that cover part of a shoulder ?
do you think i should get a star tatoo or a strawberry tatoo?
What tattoo should I get?
any good website with symbols and their meanings for tattoos?
How does it feel to get the inside of your lip tattooed?
is love life or life is love?????
What do you think? 10pnts.?
does cocobutter work on big scars that you have had for a while?
Can i make my own temporary tattoos?
what is much better? to pluck or to shave thy armpits?
Would you get a tongue tattoo?
Would I suit a half sleeve tattoo?
my son has a large scratch across his cheek, nose and lips. what will make it heal faster?
kinda sidey question-is it okay to have lots of pubic hair...or do men prefer clean shaven pubic region...?
Help with Designing a Tattoo?
If were going to get a tattoo (IF), what would it be of?
what is the best way to take care of a new tattoo??
what are the best brand tattoo machines?
How do you ladies feel about Acne Scars?
How can I get information on ear staples for weight lose?
Wats healthy for breakfast?
What states allow tattoo's under 18?
I want to get a tattoo soo bad but don't have the money to do so. Who can send me money? Please!?
Should I get a back or rib tattoo?
Would you allow your tattoo artist to sign their work?
Tattoo placement question.?
Whats YOUR favorite flower? Its for my tattoo!?
what does it feel like to get a tattoo on your calf?
want to get a tattoo of a famous quote on my wrist any ideas?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Is this a good tattoo?
Barbell and Tongue Piercing?
what is a good bible verse to get tattooed?
ATTENTION JERSEY TATTOO ARTISTS (Can you draw something for me? details inside)?
What tattoo design would go well with clouds?
Tattoo healing?
If you could ban one kind of tattoo what would it be?
I want a few piercings...?
Any ideas for my tattoo?
Can some tattoos bring some ppl bad luck?
Are there any tattoo shops in bermuda?
is my tattoo really that bad? every hates it! pic included?
Any dangers of piercing my lip?
how do u lose weight???????????
Would you date someone with dentures?
Would it be dangeroud to take tramadol before getting a tattoo?
My boyfriend says no to tattoo?!?
tattoos and diabetes?
Will this affect a tattoo?
i hate nair and veet!! anything else i could use ?????
Heard anything about Rob Hoskins from IDLE HANDS?
Do guys prefer shaved arms or hairy arms?
I'm looking for a real cool tribal dragon piece for the side of my torso. Thought anyone?
Can I get ink poisoning by drawing on myself with a Sharpie?
Do ladies like tattoos on guys?
I want to get a tattoo to represent my Grandmother who passed away?
do you think that it is stupid to get your zodiac sign tattood on the side of your neck?
can tattoos cover a birthmarks?
Why does my tattoo smell strange?
which tattoo looks most like "me".?
what's the fastest way to lose stomach fat?
Want a tattoo, but I'm 16, and mom or dad won't let me.?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time. Does the price vary depending on the size or design?
The best tattoo parlour in westdrayton? (west london)?
tattoo idea..tell me wat u think?
Nipple question primarily for guys?
help with tattoo ideas?
how do u make your eyebrowes your own shape without going to the salon or getting them wAXED?
What are some good words to get tattoed on you?
Best tattoo removal in Houston?
What are some good quotes for a tattoo?
Where would be a good place to get a spouse s name tattooed?
Tattoo Getting Faded/Lighter !?
Does Sara Ramirez have any tattoos?
Tongue piercing or Tattoo? Which hurts more?
I need ideas for my tattoo?
How much should i expect to pay for NLITE treatment in the uk?
anyone got a tatoo on their foot?
hey qn for girls.....n only girls... whom do u prefer a black guy or a fair guy...with valid reasons....?
Can a sharpie give you a tattoo?
why do mothers make such a big deal about their daughters shaving their legs??
how do you get rid of sunburn?
I have a tattoo on my neck wth a name under it its not big but i want a tattoo to cover the please?
Wax handling procedures? Wax!?
hi! i have a tatto on my arm its my wife name would it be a problem? i will be working in saudi next month!tnx?
help i need advice!?
aftercare, how to care for your tattoos?
help help help?
Are the lower back "tramp stamp" tattoos the stupidest most ugly things in the world?
Tattoo, White Ink Article UK GQ Magazine! PLEASE HELP!!!!! DESPERATE!?
legal age to tattoo in uk i know what i want and have thought about it?
hi, planning use almond oil on my skin. I need all the details abt almond?
What is a good tattoo idea for my right foot?
Do you have any tattoos?...?
Whats a good word or phrase to get tattooed?
need to find a reputable cosmetic sugeon for breast enlargement. procedure to be done in spain ,malaga?
What is a pretty language to get a tattoo in?
Should I get this tattoo at 15?
When is the tatoo trend going to go away?
is it good to have a curvy shape or not?
Tattoo on my inner wrist??? (Harry Potter fans) :)?
Pantyhose alternative??
They said this looks sexi.... I don't see it, and I love pierced men....?
where can i hire a tattoo artist in brookyn ny that will do a tattoo party?
How do I care for a tattoo on my back?
Anyone who has go tattoos do you think the are addictive..?
What does this painting symbolize? As I'm considering to tattoo this on the inner side of my arm.?
i bath about four times and use different type of perfumes yet somany people complain i me.?
I need help choosing a tattoo?
What would you change?
Best tattoo places in NYC/LongIsland?
I want a back of the neck tattoo but I kinda want to know what it feels like. I know pain varies but help me!?
Do tattoos and piercings hurt you in the long term?
fat burner product meso name type not sure?
how important is booty in girls?
what age should girls start plucking/tweezing their eyebrows?
First Tattoo for b-day?
Where can I find a picture of matching best friend foot tattoos that spell "F___ You" ?
can anyone find a good picture of........?
stupidest TATTOO ever!...............?
I want to get a cross tattoo with a sort of wrap around it what text would be meaningfull to write on it.?
how to make your face fair,rosy and glowing (for men & women both)?
Help with tattoo ideas about new beginnings?
Wrist Tattoo With Lettering....Will It Blur Over Time?
what should put in my outerspace tattoo sleeve?
(guys) do you like lip/tongue rings on girls?
in texas, can you get a tattoo at 16 with parental consent?

Please Draw Me A Tattoo?
Hawaiian Proverb Tattoo?
Y do guys call gurls hoes if they sleep w/more than one guy, but they can do how many gurls they want?
Advice please: Rejected by two professional piercers for nipples?
I need english translated to latin, its for a tattoo and I dont want to be the idiot that messed it up.?
Spiderbite piercings?
What kind of piercings are those that they put on the top of your ear?
Homemade tattoo question........?
What do you think of this tattoo (for a disney fan)?
Has anyone actually gotten sick using a toilet seat without the cover in a public restroom?
Do you think your hot and why?
Ribcage Tattoo idea? What do you think?
Virgin coconut oil as moisturizer?
How much would you expect this tattoo to cost?
MEN ONLY: Do you find tattoos on women sexy?
In U.S, is it prohibited to tattoo any one under 21 years old?
do you like girls?
What do the thin red lines people get tattooed around their arms means?
who is th best portrait tattoo artist in thailand?
Do tattoos hurt or no?
Stretch Marks!!!?
How should I go about using Henna?
How to remove a tattoo?
What inspired your tattoos?
Don't you think it's a bit unfair how it's "frowned upon" if women get a tattoo, but not when guys get them?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Triforce tattoo :O Thouhgts please? :)?
Would you like this spider tattoo ?
Possible Tattoo cover up?
Need help my Tattoo extension?
One of my nipples goes in instead of out when I get there any way to change that?
tattoo ideas? NO FLOWERS/Butterflys/fairys?
Im thinking about getting a nose job. I am constantly feeling like I should?
Symbolistic Dog Tattoo?
Please help my boyfriend wants to get a tattoo?
About infinity tattoos?
i'm thinking of getting a tattoo on the bottom of my back. is it that painful?
Tattoo placement, small signature?
What is a good word for a wrist tattoo?
What do you think of a woman in her late 30's getting a tattoo?
Do stretch marks effect a tattoo? Should I wait til they go away?
How do you prevent wedgies from happening when sitting down for long periods of time?
Which one is smudging?
I am from australia. I am wanting to know if anyone that is a child care worker has any tattoo/s..?
Im 15 and i rlly want a tatoo anyone know how?
im 5'2 and a half and weigh 90 pounds...Am i fat?
I'm getting a tattoo and I need a little advice?
Evan Rachel woods heart tattoo?
Do wrist tattoos hurt a lot?
what is the best kind of chapstick for dry lips?
Tattoo peeling off in chunk?
I need help on a tattoo price?
Are there any tights that would cover up my tattoos that are not black?
K my BF wants to get a tattoo which one should he get?
What is the best treatment for ingrown hairs amongst black males?
What can be done to reduce stretchmarks on your skin?
Why do babies drool? And is their anyting that I can do to stop it? I have a 2 month old niece and she drools?
Where should I have my tattoo placed?
Help finding the right Tattoo?
Having a tattoo crisis =/?
what is the most effective facial wash?
My tattoo's peeling, is that normal?
Should I get this tattoo?
what is the cheapest tattoo parlor in anapolis, md or somewhere around?
thinking of getting a tattoo?
Where should I get this tattoo?
My new tattoo is causing me problems!?
Question about tattoos and getting one drawn up ?
where on your body did you get your tattoo(s), what are they, and how much did it hurt?
This is a survey, how tall are you and were do you live? what is your ideal height?
are tanning lines a turn off for guys?
How do u get rid of dandriff?
in Australia how much would it cost to get a tattoo on your chest of a wolf howling at the moon?
What are symbols for a difficult life?
Does sex or tion improve your skin?
What do you think of tattoos?
Period? Where r u?
What part of your body is a good place to put a quote?Any other Suggestions for success quotations?
Tattoo Removal or Ill burn my skin off then medical insurance covers it.?
What is the best way to remove dark facial spots?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
dragonfly tattoo on lower stomach/hip - any designs?
Are tattoos wrong and should I get one?
should i put all of my tattoos in my portfolio or just my good ones?
What happens to a tattoo when you get pregnant?
which is the best beauty cream?
What is the best lotion to use on dry skin?
Hi everyone that has DIMPLE piercings..................?
Tattoo quote on ribs?
What product would be best to get rid of zits/pimples/blackheads?
do you like my new tattoo?I just got it an 1 hr ago ,so its swollen =)?
what do you think about my tattoo?
Ladies: Is it wierd for a guy to Mystic Tan?
Matching tattoos boy and girl mates?
How much would this cost/how much would it hurt?
ideas for a tattoo in memory of my mom?
whats English mean & who discovered it?
What is a really good in memory of tattoo?
I'm scared my new tattoo may be infected!!?
Why in England is it considered 'hard' to have a tattoo?
Tattoo help to represent my brother?
Home made tattoo guns ?
What at-home chemical peel has worked best for you?
Strength tattoo idea?
I am 13 and getting a tatoo?
tattoo placement question?
Looking for a specific tattoo?
is legal age to get a tattoo is 16 so long as you have parents permiton?