How much is a small henna tattoo kit?
How much does a tattoo hurt when you get it on ur lower back?
help with sunburn?
Where on the body to get a lyric tattoo?
Could I get a tattoo on the bottom of my foot?
Guys, what do you think about tattoos and piercings?
What does the a neutralizer do on nuverderm?
Triforce tattoo :O Thouhgts please? :)?
does anyone know a web site with angel tattoos?
Getting a Tattoo? Stupid idea?
can 16 year olds get inked?
What is a good tattoo for me to get based on this information?
Does ear lobe piercing hurt?
Why do people call me a slut???
My wife has dark circles under her eyes, can anybody suggest any thing that they have tried and it helped them
What language should I get my tattoo in?
Do you obsess about your apearence? Explain?
What's the best thing put on a tattoo after it's heeling?
what is chris 2 from anti flag revolution tattoo on his elbow about?
Tattoo idea (muslim)?
What do you think of a pin up girl tattoo?
How much will this tattoo cost me?
what is true love?
Is our ethics right..?
How hard is it to conceal a tattoo?
What will my tattoo be like after my infection?
Does anyone know travis from gainesville's magick dragon tattoo?
I'm interested in getting tribal tattoo down my arm. Will muscle growth effect the shape?
Do you think people that hate tattoos and make it their agenda realize that they are low class?
Average cost of a palm-sized black and white tattoo with shading?
How easy is it to cover up a tattoo?
what do you think of this as a tattoo (pic)?
Where is my nearest vegan tattoo shop?
New tattoo may be infected?
are freckles cute?
What are some good lotions and/or sunblocks to protect a tattoo from fading?
homemade tattoo machine?
where can i find L'Oreal Hydrafresh face cream in the USA?
Girlz -know any tips for sorting out a patchy skin tone??
I want a tattoo but i dont know what to get?
This is probably a stupid Nair question...?
TATTOOS: a heart and the word "love" on one inner wrist and a peace sign and the word "peace" on the other?
how to reduce the thi fat?
how can i give myself a tattoo?
I'm 15 years old and I weight 40k.g .I need to know a system of meal that I should eat everyady to become fat?
Do you like my tattoo idea?
A lady at my work wants a tattoo on her ankle ?
What is the name of the paper that tattoo artists use to ...?
best artist in ohio for asian style tattoo ?
How do you earn your huelga bird tattoo?
How do I ask my mom for a bra?
should i get my tong pireced?
can u tell me how can one become fairer?
does this look like a nice tattoo or?
Can exercise be done at night?
How do you get rid of body acne?
Sex with STD girl, how to decontaminate my weener?
how do I tell my freind that she shouldn't wear shirts that reveal her back?
Do lip piercings hurt?
What would be a good tattoo?
how to whiten and lighten our body skin?
I am wanting to get a tattoo of a quote or a very good bible verse, any ideas?
how can you treat swelling from radiance?
How to go about looking for a tattoo artist?
What should i do if I put Nair burned my eyebrows?
What product do you suggest I use to get rid of black heads?
MEN, do you like Tattoos on women's feet?????? I DON"T, IT LOOKS YUCKY!!!!!!! :O?
How long will this tattoo take?
should i get a george orwell tattoo?
How many tattoos do you have.?
Can albinos get tattoos?
How do I get rid of my dry skin?
Will stainless steel bellybutton and nipple piercings go off at the Airport?
Can a couple of people take this simple survey on Tattoo's?
How many of you have a tattoo?
can i go to training after a tattoo?
Ideas to change this tattoo?
How to avoid getting sweaty armpits?
Can you have tattoos done under the age of 16 if its done privately?
Do guys like chicks wiv tattoos?
Tattoo ideas for my wrist?
I'm getting pimples! how do i get rid of them?!?!?!?
Is there any way to make my butt bigger? I want to be slim with a giant booty.?
tattoo idea! HELP! :)?
people think i am goth just because i like the color black?
is it true that they have tattoo ink in sparkles now?
I could really use some tattoo suggestions???
Anyone have any ideas for a tattoo having to do with photogrpahy?
How old were you.....?
How Can i shorten up this poem for a possible tattoo?
where is a good place in edinburgh for tattoos?
Do You Like My Tattoo?!? Pictures inside.?
Tattoo suggestions and types of tattoos.?
your choice of good dermatology clinic (for acne scar treatment) in west covina (or near it)?
Counting sheep but running out...?
What are some good tattoo parlors near Hillsboro Oregon?
hairy nipples?
I got my 1st tat today, and I was wondering (cleaning my tattoo)?
does baby powder causes pimples if used on face?
Quotes tattoo question...?
Who has their ____ pierced and did it hurt??
how much does the average body artist make a year?
does it seem weird that i want this tattoo?
ok so i have to were a dress for a party but i have a lil bit of a stomack not my whole stomach just like the?
I'm about to tattoo my penis - should it be hard or soft before i begin?
How to get rid of freckles?
how come tan skin become some famous and every body wants it?
Which one of these piercings is the most painful/least painful?
When should i stop putting cream on my new tattoo ?
Where should I tell my boyfriend to tattoo my name?
best place to get a tattoo where no one will see it?
What kind of ring can I use for my first belly button piercing?
how long tattoo time take?
Degrees that would benefit me in becoming a professional tattoo artist/a person who does piercings? ?
Does anyone know how much it is for a birthmark removal and how its done?
Do vitamin E packs really work on the skin?
belly button piercing?
where can i view pictures of very good religious tattoos sleeves?
MY first tattoo area.?
i want to get a tattoo saying "im not short, im down to earth"?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
NOSE RING: Do or Don't?
do men moisturize their face/body?
where is a day spa serving the facial needs for black women in the chicago area?
what do you think of the AVON ANEW facial care line?
I am intrested in knowing more about the bio organic style of tattoos. Anbody know anything about them?
Calling tattoo artists...Which tattoo would blend well together?
After 3 LSCS (vertical) operation I have very flabby tummy. How to rid of it?
Insight into tattoo stretching?
Princess Bride Tattoo?
What font is used for this tattoo?
tattoo behind my ear?
Please help, tattoo question?
what should i do to take good care of my skin?i have started getting,tiny pimple like things on my face?
left forearm tattoo???????????????????????????/?
Tattoos on your neck? What do you think?
What tattoo idea would be good for addiction?
I need to make up a story about this tattoo?
New tattoo aftercare?
important tattoo question?
TATOO HELP ? ;) (Ten points)?
Do you think tattoos are good or bad?
Country lyric as tattoo?
Is my tattoo infected?
Where does the collagen from our beauty creams come from?
Tanning beds, yay or nay?
How to shade a tattoo?
Why do men think they know more about our body than we do??
white ink tattoo - thoughts?
Trying to locate NeoStrata Oily Skin solution AHA 8, where can I find it to buy, besides the net?
What girls like most in men?
Tattoo design and quote... help?!?
where can i find a tattoo stencil for angelina jolie's Buddhist Pali incantation tattoo?
I am getting a tattoo that will cover the majority of my left arm on the outside. Any tricks on hiding it?
Would it be stupid to get my boyfriends name tattooed on my wrist?
Can you help me with this tattoo decision?
My friends and I would like to get matching tattoos but there are 3 of us. Any Ideas?
how can I take manicure and pedicure at home?
Ok my tattoo is peeling and it looks like some pink skin is showing?
im 14 and i wanted to get a cross tattoo on my wrist for religous reasons should i get one?
How old do you have to be to get a Tatoo?
should SPF in sun block creams be low or high?
Should i get this tattood on my hip (the side of my stomach) or my foot.?
how old do you have to be to get a tatoo without your parents premession?
Tattoos ......?
what is the best time to take a shower?
sunburn cures?
how can i be positive about the kanji translation for my tattoo im getting?
"Barcode" tattoo?
who is the sexy girl dancing in the red zone commercial?
Which quote should i get for my tattoo?
im afraid my friend is going 2 grow up and not eat 2 be skinny?
my boyfriend ownes a tattoo shop. he is VERY good. but he wont tattoo me.?
What can you tell me about tattoo covering make up? ?
how can i make the pimples/acne on my face go away.have done every thing,but still it wont go.even seen doctor
How long will this tattoo take? And how much will it cost?
Tattoo flakes after I shower?
Something Corporate/Jack's Mannequin tattoo?
Where do you think this tattoo would look best?
Tattoo Questions.......?
Should I get a tattoo? Where is a good place on my body to get a tattoo? A place guys will like to see it?
which are the juices that can be helpful in making my skin clear, glowing.?
Male Skin: Oily, Unusual dark.... Why?.....?
I need a tattoo price estimate?
How to have a..?
Home made tattoos Help?
Will a tattoo artist design me something?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Texas?
I smoke 2 cigarettes a that too much?
I want to get my boyfriends name tattooed on me but his name is the same as our newborn sons name also. ?
how to get rid of pimples from the face?
Quote tattoo???????????????
Does anyone know what a Betta fish tattoo symbolizes?
Where should I place my tattoo?
Wrist henna tattoo ideas <3?
I just got a tattoo less than a year ago?
Is colored titanium body jewelry safe to use for long periods of time?
A Peace sign or two stars? HELP ASAP!! s best answer.?
I want a tattoo......But I need help !?
How much would a small word tattoo cost in Massachusetts?
I wanna get these pierced...?
tattoo suggestion ! please &* thank you !?
boys.. question about tattoos!?
I am getting my first tattoo tomorrow. I am really nervous.?
Do Tattoos Hurt?????????
what weight would u consider a perfect weight at age 12 and i am 5ft and 4 1/2 inch.'s tall?
how do you get rid of wrinkles without a doctor?
Anyone have a idea to cover up a batman logo tattoo?
a tattoo that represents my love for history?
Where is the most painful place to have a tattoo done ?
How badly does it hurt to get a small tattoo?
why do i get boils on my thighs?
when u get tattoo can u give blood?
Help with a Nirvana tattoo idea?
Tattoo shop in NJ!! please help?
lower back tattoos?
I need help, any girls or guys, help!!!!?
Help with my tattoo anyone?
where to buy magazine from taiwan?
I need tattoo ideas help me?
how can get rid of pimples?
what is the description of an ideal woman's HIP ?
Who are the hottest & most beautiful Italian models? where can I find pictures?
Tattoo on side of finger?
really want a tattoo but unsure whether i should or not?
how ican fix my face its full of acne?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say ...?
What is the difference between a neuma tattoo machine and the traditional tattoo machine?
ladies do your have piercings or tattoos?
Question on foot/ankle tattoos?
I have a vaccination scar on my arm. I think it is hindrance to beauty? Should I get it removed?
Which is the best perfumes for females. How much $$$. where?
What do you guys think of this as a tattoo?
Can somebody help me with a tattoo idea?
Where can I find the phrase "Jai Ho" written in it's native language?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
anyone with ANY piercings plz can u tell me what you have and some much it hurt?
I am keen on a tattoo is it the right thing?
Best Place to get script Tattooed in San Diego?
What's the best skin care product?
How much will this tattoo cost?
tall and long legs?
I got my ear stretched and it's swollen?
Should I get a tattoo of my son's name?
Is my piercing okay (picture included)?
tattoo idea, yes or no?
What is the best figure for a women to have? Apple? Pear? Hourglass?
About how much would a (confidence) symbol tattoo cost?
Why do people get tattoos and piercings?
trying to get more info on sleeping with a tattoo that i got yesterday?
best tattoo placement?? please help?
Frozen Jojoba Oil?
Tattoo questions, 10 points?
does a tattoo on the foot hurt?
where should I put my tattoo?
Do ladies like there men to have love handles?
Where should I have my tattoo?
What type of perfume or scent drives men crazy?
ONLY BOYS what u like the most about a thick girl?
For females who have a tattoo or more........?
Has anyone got a tattoo with there partners name and vice vesa.?
What are some designs for Tattoos that show Nature? (please read the rest below)?
Do you see yourself ever getting laser tattoo removal?
Has anyone gotten a cursive "love" or some small word tattooed behind their ear?
I just got a tat last week and it looks horrible!?
shadows under eyes?
Who is the best portrait tattoo artist in the chicagoland area?
Foo Dog Tattoo Design?
who has a rib tattoo?
dose pen ink work for homemade tattoos?
If you get a tattoo by someone who is unlicensed and it sucks do they have to pay to fix it?
how easy is it to get a tattoo?
Need help on tattoo placement!!?
can black people get cover up tattoos?
A symbol for control to get tattooed?
Can I tattoo for free legally?
Has anyone ever clipped their big toe nail and sniffed it? Is it supposed to smell like excrement?
STOP RASISM!!!! what do you think??
What is the minimum length of penis the girls expect for intercourse?
short saying/quote to have tattooed on the lower arm for a FEMALE..?
Should I allow my son to get a lower back tattoo?
Approx. how much does tattoo removal cost?
I am a uk size 10. Is that healthy?
How often do you clip your fingernails?
Help me find a Natasha name tattoo ?
What do you think this quote tattoo?
People who are over 40 years old and have tattoo.?
how to get rid of acne patches. I have dark marks all over my body. It really is bad. Help!!!!!!!?
how can i make myself fatty?
Should I have sex with my bestfriend Derick? I am 18 I just don't know if I can because my bff likes him.
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
getting a tattoo on my hand?
is this a good tattoo idea?
is getting a tattoo on your left or right wrist hurt?
Dad wants to take me to get a tattoo but mom thinks in to young?
How should I go about using Henna?
How much will this tattoo cost approximately?
I want a tattoo to symbolise my son- any ideas?
Where are some good tattoo shops in los angeles?
well i feel self concious about my body and i dont know what to do?
How long should I stay in the sun to get a good tan?
How many people have actually...?
looking to get a back tat but i dnt no if im allergic to the ink?
What can u do for a quick tan?
where can i buy temporary tattoo paper?
Hello, im thinking of getting a tattoo :)?
Getting Tattoos, why can't they use medicine to be less painful?
best way to get moles removed from face?
What's the worst tattoo you have ever seen?
were the cheapest laser tattoo removal place in atlanta ga?
how can you feel when other people around you always looks at you BECAUSE THEIR LOOKIN' AT YOUR ACNE!?
Tattoo help please :-) ?
How to incorp two Leo signs in a Tattoo?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
Mongolian script tattoo ?
Does this tattoo look like its healing okay, pictures included!?
I Have a MASSIVE Nose :( :( :(?
I live in the south so skin care is especially difficult...?
Tattoos as a software developer?
What are the stages of wellness?
Placement for a tattoo?
Question about tattoo artists?
How to make a temporary tattoo?
Upto what age a girl can keep her boobs straight and up? How?
Tattoo Apprentice Wanted ...?
how do u get rid of or lessen razor burn?
Is it safe to get a tatoo on your throat?
What is the most painful spots to get a tattoo?
i just got a tattoo a few days ago and i dont know what to put on it?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo behind the ear and down the neck?
i need some tattoo ideas?
Do tattoos hurt and how much?
people make fun of my spots ..........?
how old do you have to be to go tanning in a tanning salon?
i scrubbed off my black henna with alcohol, is that bad?
Ametop or other numbing gels?
Where should I put my tattoo?
My wrist tattoo is in excruciating pain. HELp?
best place to have a portrait tattoo?
Where should this tattoo go?
first tattoo questions?
i have a tattoo question please?
Do you think it is pointless to get tattoo's of houston? ?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
should i get a tattoo reading avant-garde?
Are tongue piercings trashy?
How much would a tattoo of a owl on my wrist cost?
is it true that people with smaller eyes see has a smaller range of vision than people with bigger eyes?
too many tattoos...please help?
what is the bestmedicine for pimples?
How do you get rid of a sock tan?
What would be a sexy place to put this skull and bow tattoo on my body? pic included?
Will I be able to get a piercing and a tattoo when I'm older?
what is the treatment of varicose veins except operation?
ANnoying acne scar..?
Using numbing cream for a really small tattoo?
Can somebody please send me a pic or tell me how I can get the tattoo Chris Pontius has on his left shoulder?
how do you stop from having acne?
I have mixed brown skin, how would a colored tattoo show up on me?
I was raped and abused, and i want a tattoo to symbolize strength and moving forward. Any ideas?
What's the least painful place to get a tattoo?
Looking for a great tattoo artist willing to work for....?
Do you like this tattoo?
what should i add on to my tattoo?
Cosmetic tattooed eyeliner removal... help!!!?
What do guys look for in a girl?
hip piercings; i want to get three on one side of my hip?
What font style should I use (for tat)?
Would you think any differently of a girl if she had a tattoo?
Will baby wipes hurt a sunburn?
Is it a sin to get a Tattoo?
Is my belly button piercing infected? Or is there something wrong with it?
Nipple piercings...............................…
Where should I get a tattoo?
Why is it important to moisturise your skin?
Can i get a tattoo over stretch marks?
Will a tattoo hurt more on a diff. area?
What is the difference between BRITESMILE and ZOOM2 Teeth whitening and which is best. how much is it in USA?
does a tattoo hurt under the ear like on your neck hurt?
doesn't anyone like tattoos and body piercing on here?
Is it safe to get a tattoo done while taking antidepressants 'fluoxetine'?
My tattoo is scabbing and is only 4 days old?
What is the best sport to be fat?
Do you think tattoos are 'unprofessional'?
greek tattoo words..?
What kind of Tattoo is cute behind the ear?
I need tattoo ideas for my forearm?
Tattoo Artists in Chicago, IL?
Any ideas for a peaceful tattoo?
people who dont tip your tattoo artist?
Is it painful to have your upper lips waxed instead of threading?
Is getting a tattoo painful?
I am looking for a facial moisturizer that contains both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy. Any suggestions?
My tattoo's scabs have all fallen off. Does that mean it is almost done healing?
When is my nose piercing going to finally heal?
How bad do tattoos hurt?
how to make the face white?
Anyone tried Veet Rasera?
I really want a tattoo?
What Would You Do If You Got This Tattoo?!?
I've been researching this new tattoo ink and I just wanted to know tattoo parlors that use them.?
What's the best treatment for stretch marks?
Girls Only! When i wash my face should i use cool or warm water!?
What is the best tattoo to get on my wrist?
How painful do you find tattoo's?
Will a chest tattoo stretch?
Is this a cute well thought out tattoo?
What do you think of people with tattoos?
I have tattoos, but they don't seem as dark as some pictures i've seen...?
i got a tattoo about 9 months ago and i still have blue/black around it. Is this normal?
I think I've been over exfoliated my skin with BHA, what should I do?
Does laser tattoo removal work?
Is there a way to get rid of freckles?
tattoo question!!?
What is a good tattoo quote to have on my forearm or wrist?
I looking at getting a tattoo done on the inside of my wrist. How painful? and any advice??
One for tattoo lovers. What tattoos do you consider to be sh*te!?
I've wanted a tattoo for a couple years and I still don't know what I want, what are some....?
Brown tattoo cover up?
I want to be a tattoo artist?
Where should I place my tattoo?
I need help with Tattoo Ideas?
Excessive pain to get a tattoo in this area?
How do I take my bead captive ring out?
Does anyone know which is longer 3/8 or 5/16 for labret jewelry?
How long will a palm tattoo last?
How much would a tattoo that says RIP (first name last name) 77-11 cost?
Is it normal to limp after getting a tattoo in my inside leg?
Should I get a lipstick tattoo?
Are hair removal cremes really good?
Breast Enlargement. Help!?
what is the easiest way to get ride of a scar that has left a big mark?
cover up tattoo help?
guys only- do you like big boobs or small ones?
stupidest tattoo ever? y/y?
Using tanning lotion with a tattoo?
What is Arbution?
How big of a chance is there that my tattoo will stretch from being pregnant?
how much would this tattoo usually cost? and how long.?
Should I get this tattoo?
I ran out of Johnsons baby oil for my body. Would it be ok if I use the oil from my KFC drumstick instead??
tattoo started to bleed and pimples?
Would this be a pretty bad *** tattoo to get?
Tattoo Care Question?
Getting tattoos and piercings prevents you from getting jobs?
downsizing nipple ring?
Chest piece tattoos!?
what is barmuda triangle?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Why do i see some people with like brown designs tattoo look alike on their arms?
wrist tattoo.............?
Caring for a traditional tattoo?
How can i get training/experience to tattoo?
I got my first tattoo at age 49 and the second at 51. Am I crazy?
what do you think of this for a tattoo?
Will this tattoo look good with my cross?
16 and getting a tattoo in Pennsylvania?
What you thing are the best features of an attractive woman?
What other alternatives would be best to whiten underarms?
I just got my tattoo a few hours ago on my upper bicep and shoulder area. Can I where a shirt with a sleeve?
Is there anyone or any legit place in medford oregon who will give a minor a tattoo?
What do you think of a gecko, a mermaid, lipstick, or somebodys birthdate tattood on a girl?
is the benadryl spray for itching safe to spray on a tattoo ?
Do you have a tattoo?
Ciao!!!!!!!!!can you enter please?
Hey ppl can u provide me with the name and address of a good dietician in delhi.?
Why do i feel a big bump on a letter on my tattoo ? ?
can anyone tell me if this tattoo is possible? Also, if you don't mind, explain how or show a brief design?
Do tattoos hurt ???what do they feel like????
is carrots and lettuce good for your skin?
why are lower back tattoos called "tramp stamps?"?
Are you "Tatted Up"???
why don't our palms go dark when our skin can?
Help on deciding new tattoo?
Could someone draw me a tattoo design?
white ink tatoos on dark black people?
tattoooo price helppppppppp?
wats the best smelling lotion out?
For those who have tattoos...?
Is getting tatooed on your fingers painful?
The proper combination of images for Japanese tattoos?
do you thing it is sexy?
How many piercings and/or tatoos do you have and where?
What do you think of a flag tattoo on the chest? Pictures inside?
where can you get airbrush tattoos in honolulu?
Need a really cool Star Design Tattoo ? HELP !?
Micro dermal piercings: How bad was the pain on a scale from 1-10?
Can someone tell me if this is shading or just swollen? (tattoo)?
i need to gain a few pounds?
Who enjoys popping zits?
Tricep tattoo information?
What are your thoughts on laser hair removal?
Need good ''being strong '' quotes for tattoo.?
this makes me SO mad!!! help!!?
Should I get a tattoo or no?
Where can you buy chanel skin products -----?
Whiteheads on tattoo?
Is it OK to apply the aloe vera plant (unprocessed) directly on the face?
How much will my tattoo cost ? In range , I don't need an exact price .?
whats a bold tattoo? is it something about the shading on a tattoo?
What are all the Russian Prison Tatoos that have meanings about thieves?
i want to get a tattoo on my knuckles and its gonna be "Thug Life"good idea or bad idea?
How long would these tattoos take?
Let me know what you think (Pics included)?
Tanning beds/Sunbeds?
tattoo ideas!!?
How much will this tattoo cost?
what are the signs in a woman if shes horny?
Neck tattoo pain? Opinions please!?
Why don't most men wash their hands after going to the bathroom?
Why can't tattoo artists use a local anaesthetic or something to deaden the pain?
What are the California tattoo laws?
Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?
I had a tattoo on monday and as I'm allergic to Lanolin finding something else to use was a nightmare.?
i need a quote from city and color for my tattoo. any suggestions?
how to calm down during a tattoo?
Tattoo shops in Colorado Springs?
Do you have a tattoo? Do you regret getting it?
Anyone know of any tattoo artists in NJ that will do white ink tattoos?
Tattoo cost estimate...?
What all would i need to become a tattoo artist in Florida?
Tattoo Ideas !?!? HELP?
What is the legal age for getting a tattoo in Georgia?
This is my first flash tattoo design. Is it any good ?
dizziness weeks after getting tattoo?
tattoo pain?
Does having faint pimples make you unattractive? I have blonde hair and green eyes.?
Is it ok for a teenager to have plastic/cosmetic surgery?
What image is overdone/ overused?
I dreamed that I was in a tattoo shop getting a butterfly tattoo on me but I never got it finished?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
what type of lotion/cream is ok to put on a tattoo right after you get it?
give me some ideas of a good tattoo?
Where's the best place for an Esthetician to work?
Ponds Fresh Start Exfoliating Cleanser?
Good tattoo to last forever?
right well i got a tattoo today on my chest its a qoute and its faded away and its on the first day why is tha?
i had to redo a tattoo cause i put to much cream on but when i got my tattoo the next day i want to the gym?
Do you never need deoderant?
Help! My girlfriend just got a tattoo!?
Tips on Having Acne...?
how sexy does a women have to be in order to met a guy?
Can you use Aloe Vera Skin Gel on a freshly done tattoo?
How do i keep track of my period?
how would this tattoo look ? :)?
Will a small wrist tattoo effect my chances of a job?
what's the best way to get rid of a scraped knee?
Why is my face so pale? I undertand that i am white but why am i so pale?
tattoo removal?
Is there anyways to get rid of the pain when getting a tattoo?
Is getting this specific tattoo a sin?
Getting a tattoo today..?
how do u remove your pubic hairs, other then shaving?
what are some cool things to draw on the insides of my wrists with pen?
what do you think about my tattoo? please give me honest opinions..its my first tat.?
unfinished tattoo help?
Diy tattoo f*** up!! help!?
how do i loose weight?
Does anyone know of a good safe website where I can order earrings for my tragus piercing.?
For all Latino Ladies: What the hell do your parents feed u guy's to make u sooo sexy hmmm????
What are the risks of hitting a vein with a wrist piercing?
how much to you thinks my tattoo will cost?
need ideas just for inspiration.. help, please read?(:?
If we want tanned skin, are we anti-white/racist or something?
What color are my eyes? If u guess, i will vote u for the best answer!!!? would you describe me??
does anyone have the results of the competitions at the great north tattoo show.?
how much for a bicep tattoo?
What are the names of some popular (and QUALITY) tattoo magazines?
What can and can't I do once after I get a tattoo?
How long should I wait to exercise after getting a tattoo?
what is the best zit cream?
Where do Unions stand on tattoo policies?
what are the problems in proving causation (in criminal law) please help me out?
tattoo ideas to honour past relative?
what tattoo would go good with the quote "only the good die young"?
Any good tattoo shops in Puerto Rico?
Will cotton balls soaked in skim milk work?
Do nose piercings hurt?
How do you keep ur skin healthy, and smooth, and keep a tan color?
Does anyone have a picture of the Johhny Beatz tribute tattoo??
what sound does a yak make?
are there places in newyork that tattoo 17 year olds?
Chest Tattoo coverup?
Underarm Problem?
Reiki Tattoo Artist, California?
Better or Worse.....?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
do men mind stretch marks?
new tattoo, redness around tattoo hurts when touched is this normal, am i just being paranoid?
im 16 nd realli wont a tattoo do u thnk it is to young and i should wait a bit longer.?
Does getting a tattoo feel like getting 1000 shots?
age restriction to get a tattoo in england 2012?
Is there a really good way to clear acne? Does Proactive really work?
How much does it cost to get a tattoo in Canada?
okay so tattoo this weekend plz help!!!?
What tattoo should I get?
I want to get my cartilage pierced?
Has anyone got a tattoo from Red in dundee or Aberdeen? ?
how many guys/girls like this?
How much would my tattoo cost?
Ladies what is the best bleaching cream for body hair?
How can I get a natural looking tan if I burn easily?
how to get rid of a face with dry skin and oily at the same time?
10 POINTS!!! Is there anybody that knows someone, or does piercings without parental consent in SOUTH JERSEY?
I need Help?
I need information on ear stretching?
How bad does a tattoo on the back of the neck hurt? ?
"i am my beloved's" tattoo for a single guy?
What does my tattoo mean?
Tattoo design. Looking for some input?
what do you guys think of my boyfriend getting mah name tatt it up???
what is a tattoo that u just cant stand?
Do women find men more attractive with tattoo's than without?
Tampons and Maxi Pads?
Help! Looking for tattoo inspiration/ideas!?
Would anybody be able to design (colours) for a tattoo to go up my side pleasee?
Are there any stores that you can buy Proactiv Solution in?
Do you think hip bone tats are trashy?
Is it safe for me to get a tattoo? ?
Is this a good idea for a tatoo?
Would you..............................?
Recommend a Tattoo Artist.?
What should i do for my friendship daisy tattoo?
If i had an allergic reaction to my earings and took them ...???? HELP!?
Is it ting can cause pimples.Im very active.I te twice a day.?
What does getting a tattoo feel like? ?
whats the best place on the body to get a tattoo of song lyrics?
would you let a 15 year old get a tattoo?
I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my ***.. what should I get? And do you think it will hurt..?
i am getting a tattoo on my ribs/side area if i loose weight will my tattoo change?
help with my henna tattoo?
do you have long or short nails?
I want another tattoo, but where should it go?
i want to find a web site that i can try free pills to make my boobs bigger?
which tattoo should i get?
Fair complexion or dark complexion looks better?
Can someone decode this tattoo?
why did my tattoo artist say the font is too small?
i'm 17, and i want a tattoo but i legally can't until i turn 18. any advice?
do u like this tatto? where should i get it?
How much does it cost to get snake bites (Piercings)?
Is it a SIN to get a tattoo?
Tips and ideas for a cover-up tattoo...?
How much would it cost to get a dove on the wrist with my uncles name (Walter) in the dove in toronto?
Boob Job or Natural?
Is a tatoo on the back of the neck particularly painful?
TATTOO ARTISTS/APPRENTICES!? What was your experience like doing your first tattoo?
Are you tattooed? Please answer these questions.?
Is my foot tattoo healed?
a question for tattoo artists?
Is my coach trying to misbehave to me?
Is TCA cream or laser surgery cheaper to remove a knuckle tattoo?
waxing your leg tips?
My tattoo artist carved a piece of flesh out of my back is this normal when tattooing?
How much would a 6 inch tattoo cost?
Any ideas for a peaceful tattoo?
Will my tattoo mess up if I lose a lot of weight?
what is sex? (the true meaning eg.spiritual connection with the one you love?,etc)?
i am getting a tattoo of "beauty". can someone help please translate them into the arabric symbols? thank you
at 16, can i get a tattoo in florida with parents consent?
Where to get body piercings in/near Germantown Maryland?
anyone go to tanning salons?
Do you guys like my new tattoo?
what is " ucipital mapilary " ???
What is the point of having a tattoo?
HOWcan you chat with other people in the chating rooms?
What is the best self tanning lotions on the market that wont kill my paycheck.?
what heritage are yall? im puerta rican and black.?
i have a tatoo that 6 letter and about 5 inches long how much will it cost to be removed?
How bad would this tattoo hurt?
What's your opinion of women with tattoos?
which tattoo would be better?
Do you have any tattoos?
does anyone now wat i should tattoo on the side of my 4 pack i want it to be fun cute sexy but mean something?
what do you think of foot tattoos?
Hi i m ruby,19yrs, i m dark skinned gal with oily skin,my problem is that i get pimples which leaves ugly scar
Can i get a lip piercing if i have eczema?
I am 14 years old and I want to get my belly button pierced?
What is your peroid?
where should I get my dream catcher tattoo?
help!!im thinking about getting a tattoo on my lower back!!but...?
Tatto in memory of my grandmother?
Do I need to change Deodorant after using it for so long?
Do you think is wrong if I, as a man, like flat chested as a board women?
Wrinkle creams?
Is it weird to have 2 lyric tattoos from the same band?
Help with a tattoo? ?
Which ear piercings should I get?
Why the hate for tribal armbands?
Im getting a small tattoo of just words along the top of my panty line. What will it feel like? Will it hurt?
I see that the community has alot of Tattoo haters?
Tattoo removal? Does it hurt, and how much did you pay?
How hard is it to conceal a tattoo?
Rose tattoos - opinions needed?
Is it still hard to get a job when you have tattoos?
What would be better placement for this tattoo?
Two month old tattoo pain?
What do you think girls about my tattoo idea?
Wuthering heights tattoo?
Need tattoo help! please!?
If you were a 14 year old girl turning 15 , Would you rather a PARTY BUS for your birthday or a TATTOO ?!?
What do you think of tattoos?
How soon can I work out again? Just got a tattoo that starts at my right rib and ends near my spine.?
When will I know when to stop putting cream on my tattoo?
Should I get my baby tattooed?
Did my new tattoo make me sick?
How long would a small tattoo take?
Tattoo Follow-Up and Touch-Ups?
how bad does an inner lip tattoo hurt?
How bad did your tattoo over your heart hurt?
Give me a great idea for a tattoo.?
How can I get ride of all the pimples all over my penis?
What is a good font for a quote tattoo?
lose weight fast?!???? 10 points!!!!!???
Do you like this tattoo?
does any one make custom slt cardinal gauges?
Would this be an ok tattoo?
Which tattoo should I get?
Boys what do you think of girls with facial peircings and tattoos?
I'm 16,Should i get a tattoo in honor of my mother?
How do you get rid or atleast reduce lines under your eyes? non of the creams work?
does tiffany summers have a bunion?
What Happens During A Tattoo Consultation?
When you see a girl with a tramp stamp tattoo?
does drinking alchol make u burn in the sun?
What is better ? Blue, brown or green eyes ?
do you have to have a parent over 18 with you or just have someone over 18 with you to get piercings?
I really need help with a tattoo??????(native russian speakers would be helpful too)?
Do you like permufe on a girl? On a guy?
Where would be a best place to put a tattoo quote?
Back of the neck tattoo?
I'm going to a tattoo party tomorrow. What should I get pierced?
I need a quote for a tattoo?
pros and cons of getting tattoos at 17?
Can you go tanning if you have a new navel piercing?
my tatto isn't right.Im worried !?
What's a meaningful quote?
17 to young to have a half sleeve tattoo?
My shmendrick is ablaze?
Hydrocodone causing blemishes???????
Please Help With My TATTOO !?
ok girls, besides white, what do u think the next popular color of bra is?
Eagle Tattoo Question?
Work Hard Play Harder tattoo phrase?
I'm looking for a new moisturizer. What do you think about Garnier?
A Peacock feather tattoo are for girls?
Anyone tried Mystic Tan?
I want to still get a really good tan but dont want to get really red at first, whats a good sunscreen/spf?
if u love someone so much and the guy has another girlfriend then latter on both of us breakup what should udo
My first tattoo? wht yas think?
SERIOUS question mostly to guys about neck tattoo?
picture ideas for this memorial tattoo?
What's the best way to whiten underarms?
can a person tattoo them selfs at home.?
What do people think of birthmarks?
Has anyone ever worked with/ been tattooed by Marcus Kuhn?
what you thing about those girls wearing sleeveless w/o maintaining ....?
tattoo with my friend's id?
I believe my tattoo is coming off?
i want a second eyebrow piercing but NOT?
is it good to wash your face with normal soap?
Faded or Uneven Tattoo?
TCA PEEL got stuff now do it right?
erm,,,,is it 165metre is okay 4 lady`s figure?especially 4 asian woman??
i got my first tattoo on my wrist.. but the edges are slightly blurred as if ink has blown out? help?
I got a tatt on my lower back 2 days ago and i'm getting an uncomfortable, sort of stretched feeling...?
Clitoral hood piercings?
hi i m 16yr old girl my palm is very rough i feel embarresed when i shake hands?
Is this a doable tattoo (photo)?
I need a answer to thisss !?
How can i get a big but?
What are good places for cartilage piercings in Las Vegas , Nv ?
just got tattoo, too dark. will it fade!? helllppp please?
How can I convince my dad to let me get a monroe piercing?
I want a tattoo what are the ladies thoughts on my idea ?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how can i get rid of little bumps/ whiteheads/ zits off my face? i wash it twice a day?
What do you think of the tattoo and where should I put it on my body?
would i look good with my ears stretched ? (photo included)?
Where on my body should I get a cobra tatoo?
Where can I buy Fuller's earth cream?
how to make a fake tattoo?
what do you think when someone is TOO tan?
Has anyone had a body wrap?
Where to get first (memorial) tattoo (male)?
Why do girls get star tattoos?
Matching best friend tattoo ideas?
Name some of the girls on here that have Uni-brows...?
Whitening teeth after braces?
If a gife certificate has a expiration date on it can it still be use after the date state of Illionis?
Will the tapers make it tear?
OK speedos are NOT sexy on men now, but they were in the 70s right?
How many tattoos and piercings do you have?
Another Question for the guys: What is your first impression of a pretty blonde?
do you like lower back tattoos? does it hurt when you get one?
Where should I get my tattoo? ?
How many people think that a tattoo on the inside of the forarm is a good place.?
after your tattoo peels is the ink on your arm suppost to be dull(like black shading) its all gray....?
What should I get?
What's the best way to bifurcate your tongue?
Would this be a nice tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo when I'm older?
girls and tatts?
Does Tattoos Hurt More On Your Neck Or Leg?
help with an infected peircing?
Florida tattoo age requirement?
is it normal for an adult to still be sucking their thumb?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Is it just me, or do these stars who keep putting more and more puffiness into their lips look stupid?
how to make a really good fake tattoo?
Is it okay to enlist with a tattoo supporting the military?
Minimum charge for tattoo at Ink-Side-Out, Norwalk, CT?
Hot to convince parents to get a Henna tattoo?
Wat is the best female deodrant?
Is it possible to become addicted to lip balm?
How do I know my facial skin type?
im looking for ancient italian symbols for family?
My tattoo has scabbed is that nromal!?
What is a great product to use for waxing?
What is the meaning behind a leopard print tattoo on your shoulder?
Help with tattoos please?
How much will my tatto hurt?
Is it good not to have O rings for plug piercings?
What is your favorite brand of deodorant?
Can nurses have tattoos?
Wheres the best place?
Does this sound like a good tattoo idea?
what are white spots on your teeth?
Proactiv + Redness?
My 17 year old daughter has severe acne.?
Where can I get a tattoo that won't show in business casual attire?
tattoo and pircing places for me?
What is the best way to take care of a bad sun burn?
if someone has a full body tattoo and they need an autologous skin graft, does the tatto go with it?
How do Piercings effect jobs?
how big can a human poop be?Can it be white? i saw it on the internet?
New tattoo what should I do? ?
what is a good quote for a tattoo?
How to remove a tattoo?
does getting a tattoo retouched cause it to peel all over again?
Sometimes the outline of my tattoo itches and then it kinda bubbles up why?
i'm seriously breaking out!what acne meds. work best and are the quickest?
Filiculitous (sp?) cures???
I have been thinking about getting a tattoo any advice ?
How many people have had body enhancements (boobs, butt, muscle, excess skin removal) and regret it?????
What can I do to lose 10 quick pounds? Working out and eating right just didn't work & I dont want 2 use pills
how can i remove facial hair w/out waxing or shaving my beautiful face!?
Help for a tattoo idea?
how do you get rid of acne in like a day or two?
If you were to get a tattoo what would you get?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how much does a piercist make?
Does tattoos always have to mean something?
what could the letters LV stand for PLEASE HELP!!?
who was the miss america last year?
What can I expect during a brazilian wax? How bad does it hurt? How regularly go to get it done?
Would it bother you if your partner had his/her ex's name tattoo on their body ?
tattoo is good or bad ???
wat is an acne exactly,a pimple or a heat boil??do both d genders experience it?
Do guys care about boobs with scars?
Can anyone give me advice on strengthening my fingernails?
I was wondering about a tattoo on Paul walls hands?
Symbols and simple quotes about hope for tattoos?
wat does a tattoo of a dog mean...?
I think i may have Picked at my New Tattoo in my sleep! :-/?
what diseases cn u get from tat and how do u prevent it??
Where is the worst place to get a tattoo?
I got a tattoo last night, how long should I stay away from standing water?
how much would this type of henna cost?
Lazer removal estimate?
NOSE PIERCING...i was told that some swelling/pus was to be expected...?
how to lose wait ? i have plenty of time . plz tell me some tips .?
What makes the dark color of the skin?
Average tattoo prices?
Acne... help!!!?
can midwives have visible tattoos?
Best topical cures for hyperpigmentation?
Can Any One Give Me Any Information About Anti-Eyebrow Piercings?
What Atmosphere lyric would you get a tattoo of?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
what could i do to this tattoo?
does waxing the hair on the upper lip make the skin on the upper-lip dark?
what the best way to dry clothes? low dry? air dry? or high dry why?
Where should I get this tattoo..?
tattoos and aging. if you have tattoos how well did they age?
What are some names of good tattoo shops in Philadelphia ?
How much do tattoo's hurt?
Where is a good place for put a tattoo?
how many amps does a sun capsule vho 40 stand up tanning unit use?
I have 'Respect' and 'Loyalty' tattooed on my wrists, I hate them, need ideas on what I can get to cover them?
Tattoo Removal - Am I Getting Ripped Off?
Do first tattoos hurt?
Measurements to build a tattoo machine frame?
Guys, what would be a hot tattoo for girls?
Tattoo ideas please help?!?!?
Help! I need a tattoo!?
Does it look cute with a girl with a tattoo on her thigh.?
Am a African black girl. Dieing to have fair skin and clear arm pits..Any suggestions?
Does anyone know how to make a fake tattoo the goes wright on your skin without coloring on your skin?
How long do you have to wait for a pimple to ripen?
i am male 12.5yrs, 146lbs, 5"6, waist 34, hips 35. am i overweight?
First tattoo?
if i have a birth mark on the back of my leg should i be scared to show it off?
Ladies what is the best bleaching cream for body hair?
can anything reduce pore size on your face?
remedies for warts on face?
What's a Good Healthy/Vitamin E Lotion?
How long do i have to put Aquaphor on new tattoo?
How do you get a clean shave over your'e knee? (girls only)?
Which Tattoo looks best?
I've a new tatoo !!!!!........!!!!!........?
Best place to get piercings in , san bernardino?
How to make tattoo on side of finger last longer?
How come when I walk blood squirts out of my big toe continually?
How much do tattoos hurt?
Where should I get this tattoo at?
should i tell?
Should I get my family crest in color, or black?
So im thinking of getting my first tattoo?
any ideas how t get rid of orange peel bums and top of legs....?
Why do people waste money on tattoos? Does it have a lot to do about insecurity?
Does anyone have any tattoo ideas?
Looking for a tattoo artist in the Gulf Coast of Florida that specializes in tattooing African Americans.?
Raised tattoo normal for blackwork?
Tiny little itchy bumps on new tattoo?
when visiting America on holiday, are you allowed hand, neck or facial tattoos?
Tattoo placement ideas?
this is a tattoo question?
Girls that show off tattoos?
Is my tattoo terribly ugly, or is it at least OK?
thigh tattoo on chick, opinions & pain?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks???
would you???
makari for skin whitening?
For the girls: During and after a tattoo...?
Tattoo Red After 5 Days?
Will one bad sunburn cause skin cancer?
i want a tattoo and don't know what to get please help me?
Whats the best product to remove acne?
i am getting my first tattoo soon?
Is this place really painful to get a tattoo ??
Tattoo cover up question?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Tattooists in South Wales near Caerphilly ?
Decent tattoo shops in Phoenix, AZ?
Tattoo idea for having overcome anxiety?
Is it normal for the flakes of the peeling on my tattoo to be coming off when I put the bepanthen on?
Is it a good idea to hide scars with tattoo?
How to I get rid of hair on my big toes?
Girl's with tattoo's?
how old u got to be to get a tattoo in Tempe AZ?
Does the SK-II brand of skincare products really make your skin better?
How can I turn this into an eight pack?
A hamsa tattoo? What can you tell me about it?
Hip tattoo!? please help!!?
How can I lose weight fast?
Piercing &Tattoo Pain Question ?
Has anyone ever had a tattoo done and then later found out the ink was recalled?
I have a few questions about tattoo pain. What areas hurt the worst?
I am planning on getting a lower back tattoo of a fairy? How much will it hurt? how much do you think it cost?
why I have light dark short hair around my nose and cheeks?
Do you hate tattoos? Then why are you here?
Any good and effective ways for removal of moles from the skin?
can you get a tattoo touched up if its faded?
Beauty mark tatto: to get or not to get?
ive wanted a tattoo for years, i have 3boys and wanted something really diff with their names, ?? scared?
Has anyone had titan skin treatment? Are you happy with the results?
why don't eyelashes turn grey and eyebrows do?
Extreme bruising on my tattoo help?
Tattoo ideas/inspiration?
is 15 to young to get a tattoo?
Where should I get my first tattoo? White ink?
Pl give some tips on making skin glowing?
Can i legally get a tattoo in MA at 16 if i have parental consent?
i know there is not any sure shot treatment for acne but wht are ways to hav neat and clean skin?
Do you think tattoos look cheap?
Does anyone know any good quotes for tattoos?
Does the spa treatment really help the soul?
What does it mean when ur 2nd toe is longer than any of ur other toes?
How can you....?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
What is your opinion of wrist tattoos?
tattoo down side of wrist?
Tattoo: should it have color or no?
When can i start preparing to be a tattoo artist early.?
Lip retainers, was wondering if I could sleep with them in?
How do I get fat?
how are tattoos viewed in Spain?
Tongue piercing question?
Tattoo pain help....?