I have a gold ring and sometimes it leaves a blackish color on my finger. Why does that happen?
How much does an avrage tattoo cost?
when u shave sometimes u get very heavy blck hair on your legs with big dots how to get rid of iot help!???!?!
Where can I buy temporary tattoos?
where to put tattoo, ideas?
Is this a horrible place to get a tattoo?
How can I cover my tattoo for my wedding?
where should i get this tattoo?
I want to fade my week old tattoo?
norther California tattoo artist who could do this tat?
what kind of tattoo should i get for sagittarius?
where should i put my long quote tattoo?
14 and thinking about a tattoo?
Tattoo price estimate?
Barbed Wire Cross Tattoo Design?
pink floyd memorial tattoo ideas?
Some one with a tattoo that says "have faith in me" what would you think?
I want a rib tattoo and I have 3 quotes that really mean a lot to me ..wich one should I get ?
Which tattoo would you get?
how do i...?
What happens if you get a tattoo when you are overweight and then you lose a bunch of weight?
what tattoo colors are the best?
pain of a wasps sting compared to a cartiledge piercing?
Honestly, how much does getting a tattoo hurt?
Does The Ampallang Piercing Migrate?
Help me decide on a tattoo phrase?
Would this be a cool tattoo to get on my forearm?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
If we drink milk will we become fair ?
Any ideas for tattoo's that represents your family members?
does anyone have any good ideas for a leo tattoo?
Laser Tattoo Removal Question: Does black outlining come off easily?
I bought a takeaway last night...?
Does anyone else think that tattoos on women are going out of style?
Does anyone have advice on how to remove dark mark on toes.?
how can i make water more bearable to drink?
Tattoo Artists - Best Blue ink?
Portrait Tattoos Recommendations?
Is this -really- a tattoo spot for guys, or can it be for both genders?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Best tattoo artist for portraits around Vancouver?
Where is a good place for a tattoo?
How can I wax my bikni line without getting ingrown hairs?
Tattoo Ideas! I'm So Confused.?
I Need tongue piercing help Asap!?
best tattoo artus to get an ambigram tattoo in las vegas?
my boyfriend got a really stupid tattoo i hate it what do i do?
What is the best remedy??
What's the largest FIRST tattoo ever done?
Help me I need Help Bad Skin?
Would you say I looked old enough to pass off as 18 and not be ID'd in a (reasonably decent) tattoo parlour?
How can I avoid the red bumps I get after shaving my Bikini line?
If I can't bring in a picture of the tattoo I want, would it be okay to show the artist a picture on my phone?
Tattoo of phrase: Omnia Vincit Amor (Latin for love conquers all)?
What can i use to wash off fake tan?
My mom and i want to get matching tattoos. we want the infinity symbol with a short quote in it? any ideas?
How long does it take a finger tattoo to heal?
Lip piercing ulcers?
which hurt worser a tattoo on the leg and arm or a belly button piercing somebody be real????
is a football tattoo the right thing to have i not sure anymore?
How much would this tattoo hurt?
should i get a monroe piercing on the same or opposite side of my nose piercing?
What do you think of breast implants? Seriously.?
old ellicott city tatoo parlor?
Would it be weird if I got a tattoo of just Jesus' name in Japanese?
gimme some home made facial masks with not alot of ingredients?
Where could I do work experience if I want to be a tattoo artist?
where is the best place on your body to get a tattoo if your a bbw(big beautiful women)?
Is there any medicine or anything to reduce the dark circles under eyes?
What do you think about this?
How many piercings do you have?
My tattoo is hard and ing?
which is better a tummy tuck or liposuction?
Just got microdermal hip piercings. One is flush to skin and other is raised alot. Its not rejection.. Help?
have anyone used sundari products? how about dr. haushka for acne?
huw to prevent acne?
is this a Good idea for a tattoo?!?
How do you "cope" with acne for the time being?
i am going get a tattoo 1st time, so can anyone please guide or suggest me....?
Should women have tattoos??
do you like piercings/tattoos?
Anybody have a good idea for a tattoo!?
Do you have a tattoo?If you do why did you get it and what is it?Do you regret it?
Had a tattoo done just over a week and a half ago and it's itching!!?
tattoo quotes...need a little help?
Poll, do you like my tattoo?
Symbols that go with music notes?Symbols tha represent peace,relax,calmness?tattoo ideas.?
bird symbolizing for tattoo?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your rib cage?
How do i get hairdye stains off of my hands?!!!?
I am 5'6" 22 year old male with a baby face. Am I just a little below average or a freakin midget?
What are some short quotes I can get as a tattoo for my mother ?
Suggestion on Tattoo for 3 cousins???
Which would you chose for a forearm tattoo, facing yourself or others?
How should i tell my mom that i got my period?
how old do you have to be to get a microdermal?
I want best rhinoplasty surgeon contact details in Mangalore district,kanrataka state,India. thanks?
Should I be wearing a tshirt while my tattoo is healing?
fearne cottons tattoo?
Looking for opinions on this tattoo work?
Does anyone have or know anyone with a tattoo behind their ear?
Do you guys have any completely freestyled tattoos from your artist?
Tattoos on a girl? sexy or ugly?
how can i get a tattoo mentor or teacher?
Wrist tattoo for a guy?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on the back of your neck?
is it normal for tattoo bits to come off the top when the tattoo is still so fresh?
Tattoo ink is like bleeding out ?
tattoo laser removal in india?
can i sue for a bad tatto?
My ear ate the o-ring on my conch pin, what to do? (is there a piercing category? I couldn't find it)?
How can you get rid of pimples without any special creams or medication?
piercing your lip?
Well I want a tattoo. I dont have any clue what I want or where I want it. So I need help.?
whats the best face cream for dry skin?
A girl( I know) told me that the tattoo girls have put on their lower back is called a "whore tattoo"..truth ?
Opinions on tattoo idea?
What's happening to my tattoo?
I am soon to be getting my nose peirced & I have a question.?
Tattoos- which is better?
Can I get a tattoo in Chicago at age 16 with parental consent?
hey I need help?
I am male age 29 and over weight and need help losing it. I have tried some diets but no luck. Help.?
I want to get some kind of tatteo for me and my boyfriend, any swet ideas???
My tattoo didn't scab over it peeled but the color looks milky now instead of bright is that ok?
hi my problem is my hands n legs skin look v dark so how can i reduce this pigmentation?
About how much do piercing kits sell for?
Do you think it will be ok for me to go swimming with my new tattoo?
I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow at 10am i think i did something wrong?
I need two great , sexy words to get tatted on me I'm a young female ?
I want to get this as a tattoo. Help?
How Much Would You Think This Tattoo Would Go For?
Please can ya Help mehhh ^^?
Need help with Tattoo Ideas?
Why are so many Koreans or Chinese born with single eyelids?
Tattoo on side of neck?
Pain level of a script tattoo?
i only had 2 shots a couple hours ago, is it ok for me to still get tattooed right now?
Can you name me a good makeup brand.....?
I have 2 black heads and I can not get them popped any suggestions???
what tattoo should i get?
Where should i get my tattoo placed?
i have really flaky skin near my nose and on my forehead...?
what do girls think of half sleeves tattoos on guys?
Wondering if my tattoo is healing properly and if it's infected?
What does the pain of a hip bone tattoo compare to?
Tattoo Ideas please..?
Do Earth Jagua temporary tattoos work?
tattoos sleeves?
tattoos on girls sexy or trashy ?
Is there a self-tanning lotion that won't make me look like I rolled around in a bag of cheese curls?
What a Good Idea for a Beautiful Inner Wrist Tattoo ?
How do get rid of pimples?Or what make up really covers it?
How old do you think Jesse McCartney is?do you think he is hot?
Are guys that have big stretched ears and facial piercings weird?
Tinea versicolor (sun spots) and Tattoos?
Where should I put my sun tan tattoo?
UK folks with star tattoos...?
heres some tips for you girls hope you like?
I just got a tattoo today HELP?
how much time will this tattoo take to get?
I am getting a tatto saying "Time heals all wounds" around my ankle?
good tattoo idea or stupid?
Places that will tattoo a minor in Minnesota?
What's the most DISCREET place to get a tattoo?
Anyone know where I can get this?
How can I be a tattoo artist ?
I want to have plastic surgery does anyone know a site where i can get some details?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
I want a tattoo behind my ear. Will this be a bad decision, because i want a respectable job?
Saran wrap on new foot tattoo?
is this fat?
How do you hide or get rid of pimples really fast?
What is the best medicine or creme for acne scars?
do you like this tattoo(with pic)?
what wiould this tatto cost me?
When can i stop putting aquaphor on my new tattoo?
Did you ever want a tattoo before you turned 18, then when you turned 18 didn't go through with it?
how can i have my light complexion back??
I want a community estimate on the price of a black panther tattoo on my neck and should?
Is it normal for a girl my age to not have started there period?
would you like to get a tattoo?and what would that be?
Dose 'Intenz' and 'Refine' works?
why is it that its easier to tan your thighs then your legs?
Still having pain in tattoo and up the leg 17 months after Tattoo?
HI does anyone use Grassroots face cream or any other product ?
should i be able to get a tattoo?
my tattoo design what do you think?
Sinking/Crooked Dermal Anchor Piercings?
What facial beauty treatment is the best? Give the brand.?
Where would be a good place on my body for this tattoo?
is there anyway to get rid of my tattoo without a cover up or lazer removel? what dose the lazer feel like?
does it hurt to get a tatoo?
How much would one red rose tattoo on both sides on my chest cost?
nair cire divine?
help on a tattoo idea?
what is the best leg shaver like nare or something whats your opion?
LADY HEAD tattoos, like VALERIE VARGAS's etc?
I have this tattoo and it is.....?
I want this tattoo only 3 by 4 inches?
What is a good way to phrase this for a tattoo? ?
What recommend 4 itchy skin??
tattoo's in west palm?
I need help with a tattoo. ?
Do you like my tattoo (I don't mind if you don't)?
Stick and poke tattoo?
is pisces women a keeper?
which helps to lose weight more:having breakfast or not having breakfast?
I have tan lines that make me look like I still have a bikini on when I'm naked!!?
Got a new tat on monday?
How much will this tattoo cost? (pic)?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm 'voluptuous'...?
Best place for this tattoo?
tattoo placement help?
What is the safest and simpliest way to lose weight effectively?
my skin under eyes is a little bit wrinkled and dark coloured!?
What does getting a tattoo feel like???
Looking to get a Koi Fish Tattoo to represent my son.?
Do tattoos really fit in with the rockstar lifestyle?
Looking for True Essence. It's a body lotion company in Jacksonville, FL. I need a web site or phone number.
One day I woke up with a print of a small flower, the size of a dime like a cheap tattoo. what does that mean?
Where should i get my tattoo ?
How much would this rose tattoo cost?
Hi Surfer-style fairy tattoos?
please make me a unique tatoo design (read 4 specifics)?
How to numb the pain of my next tattoo?
I had a baby 6 months ago, and I have loads of stretch marks around my tummy..I tried many things..pls help me
Punjab University?
nail tech looking for instruction on how to marbelize nails?
HELP PLEASE!!!!!! ...Am i underweight? how i can increase weight?
Should we take pictures with her tattoos?
Peircings?(for guys)?
word tattoo??
Good quote for a tattoo?
I need help on deciding on a tattoo.?
how do you get rid of dark circles unders your eyes?
A few questions about tattoos?
Can u get your boobs to grow?
When I turned 18 I got a tattoo of a lone wolf howling between my shoulder blades... read details?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
how to make dark skin fare ?
First tattoo help! Please♥?
whats the diffrence between a rotary and a standard tattoo machine?
Day creme for face?
Where should i get my number tattoo?
Where can I get tattoo ideals?
what is an earlobe for?
coolest tattoo you have ever seen ?
How do i remove freckles from face?
Does anyone know where to buy Got2b Spa products?
what is the best thing to wash your face with to unclog pores, and fight acne. and even out a skin tone?
what is the most you have spent on one tattoo?
blackhead help?
Freckles: Guys hate them don't they?
Chest hair on a man? Sexy or not ?????
sleeve tattoo ideas.?
Can anyone please recommend a good Laser Tattoo Removal facility in Toronto?
how do i get a bigger chest wen i work out?
What is the meaning of a lock tattoo?
what kind of jobs can i get WITH body art, like tattoos & piercings?
Anyone know of a good tattoo artist in the Bay Area (Nor Cal) that does good cover up work?
what would be the best word to get tattoo'ed on your inside forearm? i really want 1, but i want a word and
how do you?
I need a tattoo idea?
what was kendall jener getting for a tattoo?
what hurts more: tattoo or piercing?
on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), how bad did your nose piercing hurt?
How do i care for my new finger tattoo?
Question About Tattoos??!?
Anyone know any good quotes abouts brothers for a tattoo?
Dried blood around nose piercing?
Vaseline on my tattoo?
what lyrics would you get for a tattoo??
What do guys think about girls with ear gauges?
I want a tattoo on my arm...
Looking for a creative tattoo design idea related to music?
i have heard that smoking cigerettes causes wrinkles around the this true?
Good tattoo artists (portrait) in Australia/NZ?
what would the meaning of this tattoo mean?
I want a wrist tattoo?
how many piercings do u have & tattoes?
Reputable Tatoo Artist/Parlor in Amsterdam?
How much would a small tattoo of a dove cost if it was on the inside part of my wrist?
Should I change my underpants?
I have really, really bad acne I have tried everything what should I do?
im under 18 and have over 10 tattoos when should i stop getting them?
Why are star tattoos so popular/trendy?
can i get this tattoo?
whaat are your opions on a 15 year old to get a tatoo on there stomach?
Ideas for philosophical themed tattoos?
Cool tattoo ideas for Nihilists?
Is neosporin bad for a tattoo or not?
What would be the best kind of shirt to wear for a tattoo i got on my back?
How much would a quarter sized tattoo of the silhouette of Mickey Mouse cost?
Do you paint your nails black?
I'm getting a tattoo this weekend.?
Is this a good idea for a tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo? (Pic included)?
Price and Design of a tattoo?
Does it matter how high up you put your nose ring when you get your nose pierced?
How come when a women gains a little weight she is classified as fat but when a guy does it is ok?
How do you lose weight and get faster and i already exercise alot like 2 hrs a day?
I need someones help about a tattoo placement?
First Tattoo I just got!!!!!!?
What're short quotes about love, beauty, strength, or fearlessness?
Is pubic hairless is a crime? My man tortures me..?
What is the best way to start drawing tattoos? What are the best machines and inks to buy?
Is getting a tattoo really that painful?
Is is wise to take ibuprofen before getting a tattoo?
How old do I have to be to shave my arm pits?
What tattoo should i get ! something small but not love and butterflys :/?
If you are 15 can you get a tattoo if you have a parent with you?
How much should you tip a tattoo artist?
Do I need to protect my new tattoo whilst at work (bar work) so it can heal properly?
How can i make my body or skin look brighter, smoother,softer and looking finer and better than i look like.?
Tattoo Getting Faded/Lighter !?
Can Anyone Show Me a Site For Koi and Tiger Tattoos?
lips getting so dry, have used lip balm, but no success. any suggestion?
Angry Cheek Piercings?
What professions/careers accept visible tattoos?
question regarding tattoo pain?
dark/light tattoo idea?
cartilage peiercing is throbbing?
Are you into tattos and if you are how many do you have and whats the most you want to have?
Bikini body?
How much does it hurt getting a tattoo?
where would this tattoo look good?
Tattoo Question?
Do you think mixed race women are pretty?
Could you design my chest piece tattoo?
What facial piercing would look good on me?
What is your WRIST tattoo of ?
Would this tattoo be too feminine?
Tattoo design ideas please?
tattoo question........................?
i want a tattoo but i need to no how you spell family in greek , not turkish greece (cyprus;greek) i have?
If a tribal tattoo is re-done should the outline be re-done too?
I really want a tattoo?
tyra banks show?
Trouble picking a piercing?
Would someone like to help me?
What age can you get a tattoo?
What are some things i should consider when getting a Portrait Tattoo?
why are people so vain?
what hurts more. tattoo or tongue piercing?
Could this tattoo idea work out as well as it is in my head?
How much will my tattoo cost? its 16 words, black ink, on the left pectoral?
I want to get a medium sized tattoo any ideas ?
Is this tattoo too long?
Such thing as a "Four angel wings" (two on top, two on bottom)?
Fake tattoo sleeves!!!!!! help!!!!?
What Are Some Creative And Unique Tattoo Designs?
i have a portrait tattoo and a ribbon tattoo with letters that i want to cover up what can i cover them up wit?
Tattoo Career Path...?
Are there any piercing places IN Boston, MA?
If you have parental permission can you get piercings at any age?
i would like to know what i can use to make my lips look plumper without having to have injections in my lips!
Happiness Side Tattoo Idea?
Which is better to use for tanning?
Marine girlfriend here getting a tattoo?
I just got my first tattoo but not sure if my cross looks crooked to me or is it like that ?
what do you look for in a guy? and what do you notice first?
How can I make sure my tattoo doesn't stretch?
Where 's the sexiest place for lady to have a tattoo ?...!!!?
A couple tattoo font ideas?
What hurts more than getting a tattoo?
How can i get fit in the next 2 months without harming myself?
help with tattoo price an any answer's?
if you had to who would you rather kiss brad Pitt or Johnny depp or neither?
Least and Most Painful tattoos?
I need help with my arm hair, not armpit hair?
Do girls ever wish their chest was bigger or smaller?
where is a good place for a tattoo that says "live"?
if someone gets a tattoo on their forehead is it a chemical or physical change?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
"Human, afterall" a good tattoo quote ?
Is it okay to cry while getting a tattoo?
Where can i get my children a tatoo?
Good tattoo artists in NYC?
How to identify a fake tattoo?
How Much Do You Think This Tattoo Would Cost?
Why does the smell of my navel keep me awake at night ?
is a sperm cell alive?
is piercing hearts tattoo parlor in seatle good?
I need a wrist tattoo suggestion ?
I am a short man. 154 pounds. I am 31 years old. About 5'8". Is being short a disadvantage?
Does showing that you have a tattoo proof that youre over 18?
What is your opinion on Harry Potter tattoos?
what risk of hip piercings rejection?
Does anyone know what this tattoo means?
how much would a tattoo the big cost a estimate?
Will guys still want you if you have scars?
Where can you get a henna tattoo in the outer banks, nc?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Im getting married soon. How do I lose 20 lbs. in a couple months?
Why its that when we are old and grey, no one cares about you anymore.?
Does anyone know what tattoo shop Randall (who used to be at Glenn Scott) is at now?
I need tattoo ideas!?
dark skin around the and underarms,how do i fix it?
What do you think of this?
Does my tattoo look stupid? Honestly?
how much do tattoos hurt?
Can anyone help me design a tattoo? Please?
tattoos -what do you think??
When is the best time to get my tattoo?
I'm going for a tattoo interview what questions will they ask me?
the tattoo im getting...?
please tell me about use of salicylic acid for skin and factory that make for skin and about that mashiner
How many piercings do you have?
Foot tattoo, can you give me some advice?
Is there such a thing as a semi permanent tattoo?
how do you feel about women having hairy armpits? turned on, turned off, don't care?
Flat chested and hating it!?
What Do You Think Of This Tattoo???????
Ladies, what does it feel like to get hit in the boob?
I am getting a tatto saying "Time heals all wounds" around my ankle?
I have very large pores with blackheads all over my nose. Will anything actually help to get rid of them?
Tattoo help, need asap like should i do it, why or why not?
I want an atheism tattoo?
Which is the best self tanning lotion?
i need ideas for a sleevee tattoo and want it to do with family?
any places around the columbus area that someone can recommend for a tattoo?
my nail grows but they always break.what should i do????
how can i remove my hair from upper lip im girl?
How would you say "It goes on" (such as life goes on) in Spanish?? Thankyou! :)?
How can we be saved from freckles?
i dont like to cover my boobs with bra what can i do.?
What is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
How long would this tattoo take? And how much would it cost?
Is fourteen too young to get my first tattoo???
Would this make a good tattoo?
Is there a local source for wholesale shae butter, Richmond, Va.?
What tattoo should I get next?
Tattoo to go with my (past) self-harm scars?
whats the worst that can happen if u get a tattoo??
Tattooed men. Why did you get tattoos? Do any guys in your family have them?
Any of you have Tattoo Stories?
Tattoo Ink Color Mixing Chart?
old stretch marks how can i remove it or decrease its appearance?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
quote tattoo i've been thinking about..?
why dont people except who they are and what they look like why do we feel the need to change?
what is a good way to REALLY get self-tanner off skin fast?
how to get rid of black spots on my face?i need tips?
to douche or not to douche please explain why?
help with pricing a tattoo?
How can i get rid of blackheads on my nose?
I spilled my Shimmer BodyArt Glitter tattoo glitter all over the floor!?
Explain the damage of tattoo ink?
why does my tattoo seem to randomly do this?
Tattoo decision between carpe noctem and carpe omnia?
Which do you prefer? Black beauty or fair skinned lady?
Tattoo to go with fleur de lis on opposite hip?
What do you think of new tattoo and picture in general?
going to get my first tattoo?
So i just got a tattoo....?
I just got my first tattoo on my back and it's pealing all over. Is that normal?
which one of my tattoos do you find more interesting?
How much do you think a tattoo like this will cost?
How much for this tattoo on my calf?
whats a good deordant , lotion, and soap thats doesnt have a smell to it?
do tattoos really hurt?
does anyone know about a large nut from africa that's used for face cream?
Is this a pretty Tattoo to get?
How to hide wrist atttoo?
how do you?
Bottled tan issue?
Tattoo ideas "heart attack/heart disease"?
what is the best prescription for acne?
is it good to wax your hands?
What is the body part that you like and hate the most in you and why ??
yuk why would people carve their skin?
How can i gain weight?
I have a friend who has Keratosis Pilaris. How can she treat it? Is there a method to hide the effects?
How can you get rid of blackheads for good?
how do i give myself a "tattoo" with a pocket knife?
A tattoo for my grandma!?
Is is okay for a girl to have this tattoo, its what i have?
Excuse me ladies would you find these tattoos unattractive?
How to remove that sticky nail glue?
Breast tattoo?? 10 points for best answer?
How can I make my ring tattoo prettier?
how do you measure your bra size?
anyone know of a legit translation website?
industrial piercing help?
Africa Animal Tat Ideas?
Tattoo Artists - Great at Portraits?? Know Any?
What are some tattoo ideas for symbols of strength?
I need your advice please help?
Tattoo help in Springfield, MO for a minor.?
What exactly is the process of getting a tattoo? I have a lot of questions?
So, I heard friction causes skin in inner thighs to be dark, meaning if the friction reduced, they'd change?
What to get as a memorial tattoo?
The best advice for asian tattoos?
What are your opinions about piercings and tattoos?
How much does a tattoo of this size would cost to be removed / touched up?
I am thinking about taking an apprenticeship to become a tattoo/piercing artist and I was wondering...?
I have 5 tattoos is that to many for a girl? Pics included!?
How long would it take and how much would it cost for this tattoo?
why do boys stare at beautiful girls ?
Motivational tattoo for overcoming....?
What is the coolest tattoo you have ever seen?
I've never seen a . Can someone tell me what one looks like?
how do you get a big butt?
im going to get a tattoo! ! ! !?
tattoo of a betta not sure what to use?
Would angel bites suit me? (picture)?
Are there any at home treatments for oily skin?
For the girls: During and after a tattoo...?
Can I drink Alcohol after getting a new tattoo?
I forgot my I.d back at home and im wanting to get a tattoo?
Gentlemen, please list all the slang names can you think of for a womans breasts? ( Cops permitting!)?
how do you reduce swelling below your eye?
who are you shafqat ullah qureshi?
does jejung of tvxq has tattoo?
what do you think about this tattoo ?
how to tattoo using india ink?
anyone recommend a tattoo artist in staffordshire, UK?
How bad to tattoos hurt??
tatoo smudging help!?
Is it ok to get a tattoo while 6 months pregnant? Just curious to know.?
my mom is just 40 n started getting wrinkles can any1 tel me the remedy to get rid of it permenantly?
What tattoos do you have and their meanings?
"praying hands" tattoo?
how do you deal with pimples?
If you have a huge tattoo you want removed, but it is too expensive, so you decide to have it covered by a?
I think my tattoo is infected?
Does cocoa butter work on white and raise dscars? Or Vit E would work better? Any suggestions?
I really want a tattoo help?
Want a song lyric tattoo? Help? ?
how much will this tat cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo with parental permission ?
How to get rid of zits and pimples on your face without using any medicine?
Any one know of any good tattoo shops in Denver?
really BAD dark SARCALS?
Tattoo convention/Artist question?
Where can I get tatted in the San Francisco or San Jose area ?
Attractive or Unattractive, lower back tattoo at 15?
dermabrasion tattoo removal?
why do so many people get tattoos?
celtic butterfly tattoos?
Why did you get a tattoo and why did you get what you got?
anyone know any good tattoo ideas?
What are the ingredients in Clinique Moisture On-call?
discrimination of tattoos and piercings at the workplace?
Wants to know if anyone knows of any tattoo designs?
Anyone located in Flagler county or St Augustine interested in Senegence Cosmetics?
Getting a tattoo of a Heart and a heart monitor line ?? help?
How long would it take to have in small words "Henry" tatoo'd on my wrist?
Do you think this tattoo would suit me (pics included of me and tattoo)?
Want to have Tatttoo on strech marks. please guide!?
English to Sindarin translation?
Question about tattoo.?
Why can't i find a good decent alcohol, tattoo and drug free woman?
Lip Piercings and Getting Kicked Out Help?
Hand tattoo question?
What's a good place to put a circular tattoo on a female body?
How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?
Are tattoos off putting?
Would you get someone you didnt like name tattooed on your back for a 1 million dollars?
Women Only Please?
I'm getting inked for the first time?
Wanting black light ink tattoo on cock head, advice?
How much would this tattoo in price go for (link with picture included)?
reallly bad sunburn, peeling and burning.. ouch.. help?
Is it my fault that a Guy i knew for only 3 days got a tattoo of my name?
Is my mom weird if...?
Is my body going to reject both piercings AND tattoos?
Where should i get the wiccan rede tattooed?
how the heck do people wear a size 0.?
What do you think of this tattoo?
BUBBLE BATH. When was the last time you took a bubble bath?
What do you think about this tattoo?
How do you get rid of pimples naturally?
I study to be a doctor, but one of my profs said, that I'll have problems with my piercings. Is it true?
How can I find the purfume that I bought while in Denmark 5 years ago?
Rash on 3 week old tattoo on forearm?
Spider Veins?????
If I get a Tattoo on my side, will it look bad as I bulk up?
reallly bad sunburn, peeling and burning.. ouch.. help?
can anyone create me a msn name design that's a tattoo gun?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
Will getting a lip tattoo affect my arthritis?
Voice test?
Would it be stupid to get a tattoo of the ralph lauren polo symbol?
Guys: Does it gross you out when a woman does not shave her armpits?
I am thinking of getting a tattoo of Odysseus and the Cyclops. Is it trashy?
Tattoo idea for a girl? Pretty Please!?
Good Tattoo shops in west chester/cinci Ohio?
Meaning behind YOUR tattoo?
What qualifications should a tattoo removal technician have?
can i get this tattoo?
do men wax or shave thier arms and legs? if so why?
I want to get a tattoo on my foot.. bad idea?
how t oget rid of acne problem?
I want 2 get a tattoo but I cant find a parlor in Columbia,SC.So if anyone can reccomend a place,let me know.?
cost of removing a tattoo?
I want to know about the NAVY 2011 or 2012 tattoo policy.?
Is there a tattoo that has all the Chakras in one?
what is the significance of a tattoo on your left wrist that says lov3?
I am a writer and would like to get a tattoo symbolizing this? Do you have any ideas?
what tips do you have about kepping your peircing from being infected?
Do you think that by drinking milk that could make your boobs bigger?
How do I remove a tattoo from my arm?
Do you think female body builders are attractive ?
why acne occur?
If I make a deposit to the tattoo parlor to come in tomorrow, can I change my mind and get my money back?
I want a tattoo on my lower back. How bad does it really hurt?
i was thinking about going into the marines but i have a large tattoo. will i be able to get in.?
Should I get this tattoo?!?!?
Where on my body should i get this tattoo?
How do I convince my husband to let me get another tattoo?
How does the IPL Laser work to benefit the skin?
How do get rid of pimples?Or what make up really covers it?
serious question... my son has medicaly diagnosed "uncontrolable flatuance" what should we do??
does a tattoo hurt much when having it on your lower leg or on your back?
Henna nozzle missing!!!?
Problem with a Tattoo?
covering up an old tattoo/Tattoo ideas?
Should I get this tattoo on my hip or...?
Is it normal for the eyebrow tattoo to be a giant brown blob a day after the procedure?
How would a portrait-style tattoo look on/inside the knee?
What is the best way to shave a man's beard?
how do loose wight i weigh 120 pounds and im 15 and i want this guy to like me?
I have my husband's finger prints and thumb print spread over my shoulder and shoulder blade, when I...?
I'm after a tattoo sleeve that goes down my shoulder-3/4 of my bicep length how much would this cost? (approx)?
how do i become anorexic?
what does bisect mean?
Piercing Places near Boston Ma?
Do you like this tattoo?
Which lotion is better for a new tattoo?
can drinking water everyday make you look good?
Is Mystic Tan unhealthy?
i need helo with a tattoo asap?
whats the best tattoo shop in Colorado?
Is there any simple way for making tattoo where pain is very low?
Are their any tattoos I can get that mean change?
How long does it take to get a tattoo?
Two eagle feathers tattoo?
how to make a face mask?
Getting a tattoo, needs help with font?
I have a question about a tattoo, help!?
I need someone experienced in piercings or tattoos..?
would getting a tattoo "Stercus Accidit" make sense?
Girls with tattoos; Trashy or Attractive?
Tattoo of love always wins or serendipity on ribs?
Girls what do you think of a guy with a tattoo?
How much does a tattoo hurt if you have it on your lower left side of the arm?
I want to get a tattoo. please check my grammar?
tattoo placement help?
tattoo shading help and ideas?
My dermatologist recomended glycolic peels for my skin, can I do this safely at home?
I saw someone with this tattoo today. What does it mean?
What does this tattoo mean?
Have you ever admired your body nude? how do you feel?
What tattoo should I get?
Pictures of John Ohhh from the Maine's lip tattoo?
How old do you have to be, with consent to get tattoos in Montana!?
Very dry three week old tattoo, keep moist or dry?
An ear piercing situation?
Why is it that you can call a person short, but when you call a person fat, it's rude?
Do your different tattoo fonts have to match?
i want a tattoo that says family in hebrew(משפחה), where could i find someone to sketch it out for me?
What do you think of my tattoo?
how to make a simple papaya soap?
Do Monroe Piercings Hurt?
What are some jobs that allow tattoos?
NYC Tattoo - help pls!!?
Wheres the sexiest place to have a tattoo on ur body?
price of this tattoo?
My First Tattoo - Questions?
Debating having a tattoo in the centre of my back where my bra does up.Any suggestions for a small and?
My husband passed away last January and I'm looking to get a memorial tattoo..?
When boys get their ears pierced,which one means they're gay???
Where should I get a fallen soldier memorial tattoo?
My heels are not just rough and dry. The skin actually is very thick, and nothing helps. Any suggestions?
Any cute or sexy tattoo ideas?
Tattoo on wrist, good or bad idea?
Tattoo help! Anyone? Please?
what do you think about the tattoo faith on your wrist?
MEN, do you like Tattoos on women's feet?????? I DON"T, IT LOOKS YUCKY!!!!!!! :O?
how much does freakys tattoos and piercings charge for gauges?
lotion..dry skin?
What is a great cleanser for a 17 year old girl with combination skin? Toners? Moisturizers?
i want a tattoo i can hide from my mom!!?
Do cartilage piercings really hurt?
i was having very dry skin it causes me more problem pls give the solution?
Ive had a tattoo redone a couple of times, skin still looks ashy-ish?
does anyone know of a good facial hair remover that really works without infecting your face?
How do you get rid of lovebites quickly and without drawing attention to yourself?
Where would be a good place to get my first tattoo that could be hidden if I hated it in later life?
A tattoo of a kiss (Lips)....................?
getting a tattoo next week?
Help me with a tattoo idea!?
Okay, so I just got a blood test andddd?
Help convincing my parents?
what is wrong with my tattoo?
nail care question?
how do u think a tattoo would cost if its from ur sholder to elbow?
tattoo font of veronicas?
How come they don't numb you before removing your tattoo?
will this hurt very much??? (tattoo)?
Who likes spray on tans and did they work for you? Any tips?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Men in thongs? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
which methode is good for skin for removing unwanted hairs on face waxing or using hair removing cream?
Where are all the nice girls in Kansas City Missouri?
price estimate in english pounds?
where can i buy tapers?
What do you think of my tattoo?
Does it really matter if a tattoo has meaning behind it?
Egyptian Musk Oil?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo?
what is the best exercising program?
If your under 18 and want a tattoo can you get one if you have your parents consent?
Tattoo help! confused how to word it?
Tattoo artists please help?
How would one get rid of a hickey??
Has anyone tried using lemons to lighten their knees or elbows? Did it work?
For girls ONLY! What is the best type of condom and why?
I would like to know the difficulty level of lip tattoos. Any tips would be appreciated.?
Does shoulder tattos hurt ?
My arms and my face are all sorey since I landed in Canada three months ago, what could have caused it?
I need help with my tattoo ideas?
Somebody told me I can't get an epidural cause I have a tattoo on my lower back (tramp stamp). Is that true?
Best Place to get first tattoo?
how do I get rid of a lot of scars on my legs?
what is the best acne treatment? And trust me it is not proactive!!!!?
where is the best place to get a tattoo so that it can be covered at all times?
Grandmother doesn't like my nipple piercings. Should I take them out? I'm 26?
What can I use or do to reduce the size of my pores?
treatment allergic skin reaction to lotion containing chamomile?
What would be a good saying to get tattooed on chest?
What's the fastest and easiest way to get rid of a pimple?
If I just drink water for 40 days will I loose weight?
hello!!!!! plz read girlz only k?
On average how much doe a small-medium tattoo cost to get?
what tatoo should i get?
what's the easiest and fastest home remedy for pimples?
Diet help!!?
i hateee needles but i want a tattoo, how painful is it really, for a small one?
So I wanna get a tattoo on my wrist. Ideas?
How safe is Laser Hair Removal in usa.. anyone with first hand info? Thx!?
What product can I use to make my breast bigger?
How much would a SAS - Special Air Service Tattoo cost?
Would You Ever Have Someones Name Tattooed Onto You??
I am male age 29 and over weight and need help losing it. I have tried some diets but no luck. Help.?
do you care about stretchmarks? (picture included)?
this is an akward question?
what should i do for my lips it's become dark and black i wonna make it red cox i'm brown skin advice me?
what type of tattoo style is this?
Deathly hallows tattoo?
Help me pick my tattoo theme?
tattoo quote ideas for loss of parents?
I got a tattoo on the back of my leg, and the word i wanted is spelled wrong, its also in cursive,?
are all samoan tattoos the same?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Can anyone recommend a tattoo parlor in San Francisco?
ACCURATE Translation for tattoo?
do you know any good tattoo designs in the shape of a bell?
Pain rating of tattoo placements.?
What does everyone use to soak their feet in?
Which arm to get a tattoo on? (Closed minded people may not answer)?
Do you find blue veins attractive?
i really want to get a ...?
where is a good tattoo shop in michigan, around the metro detroit area?
My gf wants a tramp stamp tattoo, should I try talk her out of it. I think it would look sexy tho?
how do u kiss can some 1 please tell me i really need 2 know every time i do it i feel like a fool?
How should I make her understand?
what is the difference between a girl and a boy?
Why do men get grey belly button fluff, when women don't?
people tell me now it's illegal to get a tattoo on your neck?
scar tissue and piercing question...?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Do you consider yourself Hot or Not?
Tattoo damage after the beach?
Where should I put my tattoo?
can i get a tattoo while I'm pregnant?
should i get rid of my nose hairs before getting my septum pierced?
Hello Kitty Tattoo?????????
what is the fastest way to reduce fat of tummy?
Whats a household or cheap item i can use as an alternative power supply for a tattoo gun?
how do u get ride of chilblains?
does applying milk cream under eye reduce dark circle and wrinkles?
What should i get as a first tattoo?
Symbol of life for my tattoo?
How Long Will My Tattoo Take?
how many tattoos is too many?
Tattoo scabbed and bit of puss?
Should I get both nipples pierced at the same time, or just one at a time?
My feet are flat and I want a nice high arch. Is this possible?
What is the most inexpensive way to get rid of acne?
I wanna buy a airbrush w/compressor to apply temporary tattoos. Pls lemme know a place in chennai to buy it?
Are there any other Muslim Mary Kay Consultants out there?
Getting A Hip Tattoo...?
Can anyone tell me how i can treat discoloration of skin.?
Can Shea Butter Body Cream help darken a Henna tattoo?
Does Anybody Noe How 2 Gett Rid Of Tattoos Withoutt Surgery ?
treatment of the skin, face and body?
Do you judge people with tattoo's?
i had a tattoo done yesterday and ive got up this morning and its all sticky and sore.?
how much would this tattoo cost? Like the max for this and the lowest for this.?
Where is the best place in Vegas for a family to get a tattoo?
Can this be tattooed?
Help! Swimsuit question!?
Tattoo Artists some advise please?
How much would this tattoo cost ?
Best place to get a quote tattooed for men ?
how can you cover up a hickey really good w/out being too noticeable?
What is the right age to get your belly button pierced?
some people in my class think im ugly, can you tell me what to say to them, PLZ!!!??
hi i'm a guy with acne scars and i want some thing to cover them up with but i want it to be water proof?
If I have a tattoo on one thigh can I get a completely different tattoo on the other thigh without it clashing?
about shaving?
What is a meaningful small quote?
What to do with my tattoo?
What are your thoughts on colour use in oriental/Japanese style tattoos?
a tattoo to represent this quote?
Researching Tattoos!!!?
What really causes acne and pimples?
What face cream should I use for very dry, sensitive skin?
Petrified for wednesday to come! explain experiences?
looking for ideas on a tattoo design?
Can exercise be done at night?
Why do people complain about how a tattoo is going to look when your older?
Is my tattoo infected?
what are your literary tattoos?
Should i get this tattoo?
What different types of piercing would look best on me?! (anything, be honest)?
Do any of you know some suggestions for gaining weight?
Does my tattoo look professional?
Help me out please!!!!!?
I really want a tattoo?
Is a tattoo on my palm a good idea?
Tattoo dedicated to my parents?
Does this sound like a good tattoo idea?
how can i find a photos for jissica simpson?
Are Piercings and Tattoos attractive?
First time getting a tattoo. What size should I get?
Adult tattoo picture search.?
Whats that old people smell?
what's the best way to cover a tattoo?
Would these tattoos look good?
Me and my sister want matching tattoos?
tattoo quotes carpe diem?
Me and my sister want matching tattoos?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
i need help plz who did this tattoo?
Will this tattoo hurt?
how do we get pimpels on our face?
How much weight must a person lose or gain to ruin a tattoo?
Ladies what is your favorite perfume describe the smell, and men what scent do you like on a woman?
Where can i learn the basics of a tattoo machine/setting it up and cleaning?
Plastic surgery, are we going too far?
Might be getting a tattoo!! help please?
Ladies, has anyone had a Brazilian? Was it that bad?
my bikini area didnt bulge..i look like baby in swim-suit..why?
How bad does a tattoo on the ear hurt?
Is it possible to get my tattoo done over?
I have a burn that I like?
how much do tats cost?
If i got a Tattoo their?
Matching tattoos???
i have a question about my booty?
is there a web sight that has info about plastic surgery? Costs and other info?
I have a really light line above one of my letters on my tattoo and I wanted to know will it fade away alone?
If you could get a tattoo what would u get and why?
Very oily t-zone...?
Where can I get temporary tattoo paper?
i want a tattoo representing hard times in my life?
Inspiration For Tattoo?
Angel bites on girls? yay nay?
Curves or slim?????
how long would it take to get a brass knuckles tattoo on the front of your wrist?
From your experiences what does getting a tattoo feel like?
Did my tattoo "blowout"? (picture included)?
new tattoo???
accutane with tattoos?
Are tatoos attractive or not on girls?
how to remove tattoo fast?
tattoo aftercare back of thighs?
does getting a tatoo hurt and should i get 1?
A tattoo on the back of my neck?
how long should you wait to bath after you have been in a tanning bed?
Who has tattooes and what are they of?
Do you thoroughly research your artist?
Females......Which Is Best?
Tattoo idea question! HELP!?
is this a good tattoo.?
Parents who have Tattoos!!?
do men like a curvy girl or one that is stick thin?
What are some good tattoo shops in Marietta?
Best workout for abs?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Would a tattoo just above my inside ankle fade?
I have been thinking about getting breast implants, but my husband says he doesn't want me to?
How long does it take for a tattoo to heel ?
should i get this tattoo.?
what do i do about this , please help ?
what can i do about brittle nails?
Back tattoo of "DIRT" - reaction?
Tattoo Help?(: Please and Thank You?
how can i improve the texture/tone of my skin ?Please help!?
how many steps to walk daily.?
Lily flower tattoo? the meaning?
what are some foods that put weight on you fast??
do your own tattoo?
Kinda a vague tattoo question?
Organic Pharmacy skin care products?
I pick my ear until it bleed. Is that cool?
Which one would you get?
where should i put my next tattoo?
give me some tattoo ideas to sketch?
I want a tattoo! I need help on what font!?
I want to get a tattoo that represents my boyfriend, but not his name?
What do you think of this tattoo idea of one of my favorite bands?
music video just like a pill by pink, there is a tattoo of 9 phases of the moon, where can i get it?
Would ヴィンセント be a good tattoo down the arm?
Inner Forearm Tattoo?
Tattoo idea? Inappropriate?
Where can I get a monroe done in Colorado being under 16 with parental consent?
Why men not attracted to fat women?
New Tattoo care will it be ok?
question about UV tattoo ink?
what kind of bra should we wear for a saree to have a good fit n shape?
Guys: Is it okay for a girl to have fair skin and not be tan? Can she still look good?
does tiffany summers have a bunion?
Can anybody give me a solution for stretch marks after pregnancy?
how can I swim with a tattoo?
Behind ear Tattoo concern !?!?
Does shaving make facial hair grow back faster?
What are your thoughts/opinions on behind the ear tattoos?
what can i do to keep my face from breaking out, also i have a pimle close to my lip that has no head or stuff
I am planning on getting a lower back tattoo of a fairy? How much will it hurt? how much do you think it cost?
What is a good tattoo for the lower back?
What do you think of...?
do you think this tattoo would suit a girl?
Do you regret any of your tattoos?
Where is the best place in Memphis to get a tattoo?
How long does it take to get a call for a second interview?
how can i make my tattoo keep in good colour?
Tongue Piercings and Tattoos?
i have a problem with my legs the upper part of my legs the skin has little black spots every where.?
How old do you have to be in the state of oklahoma do you have to be to get a monroe?
can i put "warming lube" on a new tattoo?
would I still look cute with a piercing?
Help! I'm almost 13 and I have a very painful pimple on the bottom of my lips.?
Does showing that you have a tattoo proof that youre over 18?
how much would this type of henna cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in UK?
Where is a good spot to get a tattoo of my girlfriends name?
Tattoos gave me confident is it weird?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
are there any foods that go straight to the butt?
tattoo still swollen after 3 days?
question about tattoo?
what is a socket 2 ctu?
after u wash ur face, do u rinse with cold or hot water?
where can i get glitter for henna?
Is it gay for men to get "Property of [gf's name]" tattoos?
is vitamin E good for the skin? how?do i take the gelcap orally or open it up and spread it on my skin?
hello kitty tattoo bow question?
how much should this cost?tattoo?
Which is the best perfumes for females. How much $$$. where?
Is it worth it to get your nails done or even do them yourself, if you can't wear nail polish anyway?
hey i juz wanted to kno how much a tongue piercing cost. nd can i get it cheap?
Does it hurt when you get a lip pericing?
Good tattoo studios in Middlesex/London?
My boyfriend wants to get a tattoo of a pinup girl,should I be upset?
Preventing irritation when shaving armpits & other sensitive parts??
What do you think of tattoos?
How long does it take for a removed mole to heal?
should i get a tattoo? Girl only please.?
I have some tattoo ideas, what should i go with first?
I want lean body structure?
Adding onto tattoo, ideas?
what is the best way to increase bust size without surgery?
Είμαι υπερήφανος για να είσαι γυναίκα (Greek), does it mean: I am proud of being a woman?
Do you think this all will fit in my tattoo sleeve?
What is the best face cleaner for pimpils?
I wanted a dream catcher tattoo?
Is it possible to get back my figure?
tattoo placement ideas?
Will Biolife know if i haven't had a tattoo for over a year?
Where would be a good place for this tattoo?
who makes the wax that you put on as a cream and it turns into the strips that u peel off?