One or two word tattoo for wrist to remind me that I only have today ?
cute, girly tatoo ideas??
are there any tattoo parlors in Connecticut that are approved by the bbb?
Where is a good place to get a tattoo in new hampshire?
Am i the only one who has problems making ink stick in tattoo practice skin?
does Proactive for zit clearing really work?
Looking for suggestions on tattoo's I would like to get one to represent me and my sister?
Tattoo on which forearm?
I got a commission to design a tattoo - what to put on my contract?
Question for professional tattoo artists - What do you think of Skin Candy tattoo ink?
Have you ever regret getting your tattoo?
What are some of the worries people have in getting a tattoo?
my mom said i can get a tattoo im 15?
Tattoo got cut by my cat?
is this a Good idea for a tattoo?!?
I usually drink a RED BULL once a day is that dangerous to my health and does that cause break outs ?
I want side tattoo will it get stretch?
Aftercare of new tattoo?
how to know if your too deep or not deep enough when tattoooing.?
Can anybody suggest me some treatment for dark circles under eyes? I am using Cucumber slices and potato juice
How can I protect my new foot tattoo from the sun?
What is the best weight loss pill?
whats the best way to remove streaky self tanner?
Me and my gf just had sex and her , the red part, the inner lips are swollen, and....?
Tell me what you think of my tattoo idea?
how can i persuade my mum to let me have a tattoo?
Who's a good artist out there?
Does any whon has 20d or19dd?
the skin under my arms is a bit dark someone told me to put pure lemon juice in that area.?
Knuckle Tattoo?
Is getting a Tattoo done painful ?
I want a tattoo 4 my b-day where are some places on the body can i get one dat doesnt hurt?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
tell me the procedures to make spa with spa ingredients?
If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be and why?
Sun Protection Lotion?
How do I quit biting my fingernails??
Where can I find some pictures of neck tattoos?
Where can I get a tattoo that wont wrinkle if you lose weight?
I'm trying to choose between two tattoos. Which would look cooler?
Which tattoo should i get ?
How much would this tattoo cost i live in KY if that helps with the estimate!!!?
What if you go over black tattoo pigment with blue?
what are some professions that wouldn't mind tattoos?
how to get rid of black patches on the face?
How many tatoos is too many?
new tatttoo how many days should apply aquaphor for? and how many times a day?
what kind of clothes should i wear to impress this girl i like?
How much would this script tattoo cost approximately?
I have really bad cellulite on the backs of my thighs and bum, help!!?
taking care of the "twins"?
anyone have any tips on how to reduce dark circles from around the eyes?
i have pimples on my face pls suggest me some creams?
Will it mess up my tattoo?
I'm getting my first tattoo soon. Is the upper arm/shoulder area a good place to start?
How is my tattoo looking?
Have you tried "facial exercises" to firm up your face?
Would a girl date a guy with a few fairy tattoos on his thighs?
First tattoo trepidation?
Is exfoliating the skin good before getting a tattoo?
Dermatitis with Tattoos?
Does shaving increase beard growth?
How much can this permanent beauty tattoo makeup kit go for?
how to make the arms less flappy?
HELP. creative minds; words for my tattoo. what phrases do you like/inspire you?
What was your first tattoo!?
how can i get rid of dark spots on my skin looking for home remedies?
Piercing professionals ?
my friend's private area, inner thights and butt are 3 shades darker than the rest of her body.bleaching faild
Whats a tattoo feel like ? ?
What types of lotion is good for really dry skin?
my son get burned from hot it is healing.what should i use to prevent from scars or marks in future?
Do tattoos really hurt? HELP!!!!?
if you were fat and ugly what would you do?
Help, Tattoo Removal?
Is a 34DD chest big?
Good Korean tattoo artist in So Cal?
What is the youngest you think is appropriate for someone to get a tattoo?
What is the wosrt part of your body to get waxed?
what is the smallest size of bra and biggest size,and may i know your size?
How much will 'mom' cost to tattoo on my wrist?
What can I do for oily skin?
how long does chest hair have to be to be waxed?
someone tell me a price for these two tats?
What are professional opinions on Nurses with tattoos on their wrists?
which is the best way to treat a scar?
How much would this tattoo cost roughly?
Mosquito bite and tattoo?
Would you get a tattoo of a girl/guys name?
Do guys think tattoos are sexy?
Im getting a rib tattoo. I want to get the word "hope" going down, but i somehow want to incorporate the?
Has anyone ever had a problem with the spray on tans (mystic tan) at a tanning salon?
what do you think of this tattoo idea :)?
What is a good monster saying for a tattoo?
Should i get a tattoo? Your advice greatly mentioned!!! :)?
haha this is embaressing to ask but does anyone know how to get rid of a pimple in one night? PLEASE HELP!?
So im thinkin of getting a tattoo what should i get?
should i consider breast implants?
I have saving in frenchstyle 27yes old, bocoz of making saving in carelessmanner shade on face appear soiuti
Who is better? REM or U2 and why?
i want to become a video vixen and tattoo model?
Acne products.?
tommy gun forearm tattoo?
Virgin Mary Day of Dead Tattoo?
Small, hidden tattoo?
how would having a tribal tattoo effect a models career?
Help on deciding tattoo quote?
guys~ would you consider dating a female that has tattoos?
Foot Tattoo Healing Question?!?
What are some ways of getting rid of acne without the trouble of leaving your own home?like to get medications
Did proactive work for you?
Is this too....?
do nipples usually get sore?
What's a really good skin care line in stores, that's cheap that works?
How much for a chest plate tattoo?
Tattoo Idea (family oriented)?
Can you help me choose a tattoo?
what should i pierced?
Best cure for acne in women above 45yrs?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
razor burn?
I need a girls help...?
Does anti bacterial soap work?
What are the dangers of peircing your tonge?
Any Ideas for a rose Tattoo?
What objects around the house have a motor that I could use to make a tattoo gun with?
how much would this tattoo roughly cost?
Is it possible to get an infection from a lip tattoo?
im planning on getting a new tattoo, need help?
will a tatto on the back of my neck hurt? just a small one like the size of 2 quarters?
self tanning towelettes?
What age is to Old for a Women to wear a Bikini?
Gettin a tattoo& I need to figure out a way to put somethingmeaningful with my brother and parents in it. help?
where would be the best place to put your first tattoo?
i want to get a tattoo my dad says he'll take me but my mom says no what should i do?
Need a little help with a tattoo design.?
What is the best deoderant for me?
When getting a tattoo, how far does the needle actuallytrate the skin?
Not happy with tattoo, what should I do?
Do you have a tattoo or piercing or both?
What does it feel like to get a tattoo across your stomach, how bad does that place hurt?
Tattoo modification ideas?
Does a tattoo on the BACK of your neck prevent you from getting a decent job?
is it sad i want a disney tattoos?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Boyfriend doesn't want me to get another tattoo?
Give me suggestion to look brighter?
clean silicone ear plugs with alcohol, safe?
What's considered a small waistline?
do you think boys should keep long nails?
how much would a pretty big tattoo cost me. I'm looking to get a arm holding a necklace?
How to convince parents to get me a tattoo?
Does anyone know how these piercings would work?[prices]?
Wrap around back tattoo average cost and/or length of time (in hours)?
HELP... Is it just ME?
Websites for symbols or ideas on tattoos.?
Do girls like tattoo's...because I want some?
Tattoo Removal, help!?
My boyfriend wants to get my name tattooed on his neck..?
Scarification artists near Kansas City?
Which do you think hurts more?
Shower day after laser tattoo removal?
Having a Tattoo. Very scared of Needles. Will it hurt ?
Without makeup, how do I get rid of uneven skin tone on my face?
The Best acne treatment centre in Delhi NCR region.?
What are the little white bumps on my chin?
What do you think of these tattoos?
i need pretty ideas for a tattoo!?
Light spot on my tattoo?
1st tattoo ideas, back neck?
What is wrong with pale people?
What is the best tanning bed lotion or spray to use? Are there any big differences in the products?
yuk why would people carve their skin?
Is there a safe way to pierce your naval at home?
Ribcage tattoo left side or right side,?
Pregnant Piercings and Tats?
I am thinking about getting a tatoo, any ideas?
How can I cover tattoos on my feet?
Got a tattoo today but need some advice on how to clean it?
After soaking in a hot tub, or taking a shower, my skin prunes (looks like raisins). Why does it do this?
medusa and dimple piercing scarring and healing?
Any ideas for my Tattoo?
My religious tattoo I got a year ago?
straight edge tattoo?
Piercing the male organ....?
like, I feel really short, usually shorter than every other male wherever I go?
any good working diet? that is really works for 15-16 years old? and like you lose weight really fast...?
how old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo and I want to get a saying in Italian. But i just cant seem to think of the perfect one
are men really bothered that i have small boobs but a nice slim body?
I heard that if you go tanning, you have to wait a certain amount of time before showering. Is this true??
Heart tattoo below belly button for a guy?
how much will this tattoo cost?
i use a tanning bed. what is the best thing i can put on my skin after tanning?
important tattoo question?
What is the most important thing you can do for your skin during the summer?
I Have a flat mole on my face but, i wanted to know is there a chance my skin could be damaged with a laser???
please translate!!?
What should i get for my harry potter tattoo? please help!?
i don't get it....??
do guys like tattoos?
Newly pierced nose and volleyball...?
Tell my parents I got a tattoo?
I don't know where to put a tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo: will dark blue ink cover black ink?
Dreamcatcher tattoos?
What are some good sites for body mod?
how much will this tattoo cost?
what if i have a pimple near where i want my tattoo?
name tattoo's?
Would you have this tattoo?
I'm a 16 year old female with my ears pierced and I want to get two more piercings but I'm still iffy, help?
tattoo hurt alert or not ?
how ling do you hav to leave toothpaste on your face for it to work?
We look at women breast , what do woman look at us?
What tattoo should I get next :)?
I want over 80 piercings and currently have 5?
Do you find it hard not to judge fat people whose shopping trollies are full of crisps,chips & biscuits?
What to do about the growing number of fat people in America.?
What do you think of tattoos?
Tattoo idea's please?
Shaving legs?
i want some cool like maybe retro stlye tattoo ideas. any ideas?
how can i get whiter skin w/o derma treatment?
Which Gaelic Proverb Makes A Batter Tattoo? and Open To Other Suggestions!?
Can I put a tattoo on my belly, even if I'm a little bit fat ??.?
I have many scars-how do I get rid of them? Can I get rid of them?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Texas?
tattoo help and ideas? any help?
barcode tattoo?
How do me and my daughter get rid of ringworm.?
Should i get this tattoo?
Should you have a consultation before getting a tattoo?
What di you think of facial tattoos?
Can I change a word on my tattoo?
Do you have any piercings?
ideas for a tattoo that i could get?
waxing body hair--best to do it at salon, or do it yourself with an at-home kit?
what is the legal age for tattoos in california?
i want an opinion on a tattoo idea?
how long do I have to wait between tattoos?
Tattoo idea! What do think?!?!?
Is It A Sin To Have A Tattoo?
What piercing will suit me? pic included! EASY QUESTION!?
What is your opinion on rib tattoos on women?
where can i get a cheap tattoo?
how do I meet a shady tattoo artist in Australia ?
Are there tattoo artists like Amanda Wachob in CA??!!?
How do I ask my mom to shave?
hey ppl, i think i have decided to have my 1st tattoo on my upper-inner arm, but im not sure about a design?
help me find a symbol for a tattoo?
how risky would it be?
How much should a tattoo of an outline of an old english letter cost?
Why with tattoo stereotypes?
Does a brown guy look cool with a tattoo?
how can I reduce redness from blemishes?
Do women like to be complimented about there butts?
How do I get over my Tattoo blues?
Where's a good place for my tattoo?
How much do you think it'll be for this tattoo?
Where can I get cheap tattoo chairs ?
what are some high paying careers that have much time off and are tattoo friendly?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
any body roughly now how much it would cost to get a LUFC tattoo down my wrist in bold writing? thanks!?
do you want to be rich famous skinniy fat dumb blonde red hair brown hair or none of the above?
Artists .. i have a favour to ask of you!?
I need home made facial peels and mask to get rid of blackheads any ideas?
How does Giada do it?
Should you tip a tattoo artist after each session, or all at once after the tattoo is completed?
Has anyone gotten an animal rights tattoo?
Getting a tattoo at 15?
Does anyone know how to clear acne?
So im planning on...?
Should I be fit before a back tattoo?
tattoo artist question.......?
Do you think this quote makes a good tattoo ?
how do you treat sunburn my dad wont stop bugging me but i wouldnt know anything about it?
i need website suggestions?
whats a good website to learn how to make pubic hair designs?
How does drinking 6 glasses of water a day clear acne prone skin?
how can i get rid of pimples and pimple scars with out using any products?
Help I don't know where to get my next tattoo!?
How do I fix my complexion from sun damage?
Where to get a tattoo, but able to hide it?
where i can find "how to losting the jerawat?
What do you think of the girl with 56 stars on her face?
what kind of tatoo should i get?
How long dose a tattoo take to heal ?
mystery tattoo ideas?
how to make my thing look attrative to lady?
I have elbows soooooo dry that people think I have elbows of a goat. Do you have any solutions for goat elbows
Getting a small tattoo, having placement issues. Thinking wrist/hand or along the collar bone?
i am a 17 yr. old and im in love with cheerleading! i need to stop, what do i do?????
My new tattoo ???!!?!?
how do i remove unwanted body hair?
I want to get either a tattoo or a piercing or both? Which one(s) and where and what if any?
Why do most guys like thick girls?
Getting 1st tattoo on my calf idk my pain thershold an im kinda scared of needles but not terrified by them.?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on the side of your hip?
Did anyone else notice that there scarring became worse while using Proactive?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
Does this tattoo idea sound stupid?
OKAY -- so im going to get my tatto on my hip in 3 weeks any advice before I get it done?
anyone's ever gotten a tattoo and regret it after?
What are guys most attracted to in a woman?
how much will this tattoo probally cost?
Is there any sort of cream that can remove or fade a tattoo?
ultrabase emolient cream on 4 day old tattoo?
Does anyone know the font Kellin Quinn has on his tattoo on his chest?
what is a good tattoo?
Would this look nice with my tattoo?
17 male straight want a tatoo?
I need major help!!?
how can you tell a good tattoo machine from a bad?
How do you get rid of a fake tan that's gone wrong? Quickly?
If you ever tried those epilators help?!?
How do you get rid of back acne?
What would be a good picture to go with a tattoo meaning "Have no Fear"?
what do muslims think of tattoos?
Stuck between two tattoo ideas?
How long would a tattoo similiar to this take? (picture)?
Is this tattoo more or less than 200? dollars?
Waht is happening when you feel you have 'an itch'?
My girlfriend wants to get a wax. Should I let her?
How much does a tattoo cost?
Why are brunnettes white, and blonds pink tanned?
Do men like Skinny, Average, or Large Girls?
do tattoos on hips get ruined if you get pregnant?
I want to get a tattoo symbolising old soldiers never die they just fade away?
How can I fix my tattoo?
i want to were bikini but i have lots of spots on my legs what can i do?
ideas for quotation tat!?
can some one please tell me a reputable tattoo artist in vermont asap thanks
What do you think of Chinese symbol tattoos?
are the gays and lesbians natural or do they choose to be like that ?
What is a suitable job for a male with a sleeve tattoo?
How much does this henna tattoo will cost?
price for a finger tattoo?
New Jersey Tattoo Age?
Do you think it's time for someone to show girls a role model with an average body?
Zoso tattoo?
please answer?
What is the most reliable tattoo parlour in London for a simple design?
There is nothing called "BLACK " or "WHITE" man.why ppl use color.Asians look brown. so are we "BROWN"?
i am thinking about get my bf name tatooed on me in 2 years?
how long does it take for the new tattoo to heal?
what is the best and/or fastest thing to get rid of zits?
I really want a tattoo!!...?
How do you get rid of dark patches on your skin (upper inside of thighs - groin area)?
boobs bouncing?
i have 2 small scars on my face will girls mind this?
what is the most sexyst thing in man's body?
would my tattoo look better with or without an outline?
Does anyone know a self-tanner that doesn't stain your clothes?
i want to get a tattoo done which is the nearest tattoo parlour from kalyan?
Quote tattoo on ribs, opinions?
do you like this tattoo(with pic)?
How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?
Should a 13 year old get a tattoo?
first time tattooo tmorrow ! does outline hurt?
if i put baby powder will it make my skin whiter permanently??
Best tattoo studio in Sydney?
help!!! i need a idea for a biracial tattoo. any ideas?
would a tattoo hurt if i got it on the side of my breast?
What is ur fav perfum???why???
Where online can you get temporary tattoos ?
Tattoo question :) tattoo meaning?
Tattoo: Text across back/shoulder blades?
weres the best place to get a tattoo?
Does it matter if i put body lotion on my face?
I hope my new tattoo isn't ruined!?
What if I get my tattoo across my back?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo color ideas and suggestions?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
what do you think of this for a tattoo?
Should we get friendship tattoos?
What do you think of my tattoo idea?
Dose it turn girls on if a guy gets a tattoo on his penis?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
ideas for matching best friend tattoos?
Matching tattoo ideas?
Where should I get a tattoo?
My tatto is starting to flake and fade baaad :(?
How do you get rid of scars from bikini bumps?
prom is next saturday, my face is clear now but how can i get rid of them if i get them like a day before?
How much will it hurt?
Ideas for small tattoo on wrist?
Is it wrong to get a portrait if the person isn’t dead?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Is green soap the only kind tattoo artists can use?
Where should I get a tattoo at ?? Ideas? ?
What hurts more, a finger tattoo or a spine/back tattoo?
Where could I get tattoo design ideas other than google?
I want '' Dream On'' tattooed on the left side of my neck in cursive.?
Ive just expericed my first death of someone people close to me in a car crash. I want a quote tattoo for them?
How do i remove freckles from face?
What is appropriate to where when getting a tattoo up and down your back?
I need someone to design a tattoo of boba fett symbol and lebron james lion symbol combined?
Am I the ONLY one who thinks tattoos, any kind of tattoo, is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS?
My left buttok is bigger than the other?????
how long would a tattoo many hours would this take to ink, and how bad would the pain be realistically?
How to make this tattoo somewhat original?
do you think this is a dumb tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo at 13 in the uk with parents permission?
Snake tattoo pattern meanings?
what is the natural way to fair the colour of the skin?
what is waxing?
how do you get ride of spider veins?
which tattoo?
What is it with parents and tattoo's i am getting one in two weeks and my mom doesnt want me to why?
Joel Madden tattoo font?
Tattoo ideas for me and my brother?
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
if i'm taking whey protein isolate, how long should I expect to see results in my physique?
DO you have any tatoos?if so what is it?
Tattoo pricing.........?
how do you make an avacado facial mask?
wouldd i regrett getting a tattoo?
My red tattoo looks pink?
Im 15 yrs old Can i get a tattoo?
Does Nature's Cure really work?
Tattoo Quote: I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night?
I have a question about bellybutton piercings without parental consent.?
when i grow up should i get a tattoo on my butt?????
WHAT SON OF A @!$&# WOULD SHAVE A KITTEN! and tattoo it!?
Is it normal for red heads to have see through skin?
i need help on a tattoo.?
Do white ink tattoos work on black people?
How many piercings/tattoos do you have?
Tattoo shop needs identification but no i.d?
Does sleeping on your face cause aging more rapidly?
Hi!, i wanted to know can tattoos be removed?
Places to get a tattoo at the age of 16 in augusta,GA?
Tattoo aftercare question.?
wheres the least painfull place to get a first tattoo?
I'm 5'5 and 124lbs. is that sexy?
This tattoo??????????????????????????????????…
What do you think of this tattoo?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
i'm a teenage girl & I'm so much attracted to other girls' smoothly shaved underarms. Is this alright?
Would my upper right side chest (Pec) a good place for a medium tattoo?
do proactive solution really works. I need to hear from some real people not no actor, or actress, singers..?
how do you calibrate a scale???
I want to get a tattoo(this is my first time) on my lower back on the sides.?
Would this be a cool tattoo to get on my forearm?
Need some creative tattoo ideas to cover horizontal scars?
If you could have the face and body of any celebrity who would it be and why?
help with tattoo ideas?
I just got a tattoo in black and grey, is it gonna get less dark? Woke up to my shirt spotted with black ink?
i got a tattoo and he messed up?
has anyone used the stretchmark treatment called trilastin and got good results?
How much should I tip the tattoo artist when I go back for a touch up?
What does it mean if you have 2 birthmarks?
How do I deal with forgiving someone, who has done something terrible to me.?
How much do you think getting "Elizabeth" in cursive and a small yellow orchid next to it would be on the?
what's the best way to lose weight?
Tattoo information please!?
Need tattoo ideas??!! His & hers?
What is the skin called next to your bicep on the inside?
Does abrupt weight or muscular tone changes deform tattoos?
Underarm Query?
I want to know how to make my chest measure bigger by 5cm in 1 month.?
Tattoos and Weight Loss?
How do you get rid of a tan?
I Know this many be a popular question but ...?
If you have big breasts when you're young will they be saggy when you are older?
how much is it to get an industial bar done at insane stain tattoo shop in clarksburg, wv?
I'm wanting to get a tattoo real soon, but I'm not sure?
need tattoo help???? thanks?
how long does it take for navel piercings to heal?
Anyone here got a tatoo?
if you have stretch marks on your inner bicep can you still get a tattoo there?
what can you use to tattoo other than tattoo ink?
What is the best brand of sunless tanner to use?
My tattoo scabbed the second day, and it moves.?
Anyone seen any cool designs for "Our Lady Guadelupe"? For a tattoo?
Is this statement true, if a person has more than 3 tattoos they probably don't shower often?
Where in the United States is the best place to get a tattoo?
Is the size of the penis based on genes from your father?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
How bad to back tattoos hurt?
how do you lose my stomach?
where is a great place in burnaby/vancouver to get facial piercings?
What is the best way to treat a callus at home?
Tattoos in Barcelona?
will a stretch mark affect your tattoo like a scar will?
How do you all like this tattoo design?
becoming a tattoo artist?
how long should i wait before i get a tattoo?
has anyone heard of or used KELIS medication for acne???
Any good tattoo suggestions? Fonts?
If there was a new perfume based on the essense of Brad Pitt's poop, would any of you females buy it?
when can you scratch a tattoo?
Is it possible to sue a tattoo shop for messing up a tattoo?
How much do tattoo's cost to get?
Question about my nose ring?
What tattoos do Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have?
a site to get a tattoo design?
What are some tattoo quote ideas?
best anti wrinkle cream for men?
do you think this tattoo would look good on my feet ?
how much do you guys think a tattoo on my shoulder will cost?
how do you get bigger breasts without going into surgery or taking pills?
are tattoos acceptable?
What cute design should i put next to the quote " you're my life " for a tattoo?
Do tattoo's hurt as bad as everyone says it does?
Does getting a tattoo hurt really really REALLY bad?
do you have any tattoos?
how much would this cost?
Victory tattoo design?
How to express this in a tattoo?
sites for good tattoo sleeve ideas?
I've iron deficiency anemia, is it safe to get a tattoo?
Recommended tattoo artist in Edinburgh?
How do you earn your huelga bird tattoo?
Colonics? anyone tried it?? I'm thinking about it as a start......?
Question about Henna Tattoo?
is it safe to apply green papaya on your skin directly?
ultrabase emolient cream on 4 day old tattoo?
Would this tattoo look right on me?
what part of your body doesn't stretch as you grow?
Shakespeare tattoo quote?
Anyone have a tattoo on the inside of their wrist? Did it hurt badly?
Want to get a LOTR tattoo?
What can i do to make my tattoo look better ?
tattoos in san diego!?
Questions for people who have tattoo?
Do prenatal pills help to clear skin ?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Anyone know the meaning of this tribal tattoo...?
Lower back tattoo question?
Tattoo Question..........?
celtic peace sign tattoo design?
most important qualities in a person?
i wanna get a tattoo...?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Is Superior Prizm tattoo ink any good?
please take a look at my profile and tell me truthfully do i look male or female?
How much would it cost to remove this tattoo?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Should I Get This First Tattoo Or Not?
I want to get a tattoo on my shoulder. It hurts?
Women, do you prefer a guy with a hairy chest, or a hairless chest?
is there a product available that is a sunless tanner...?
Thigh tattoos sexy or no ? ?
I want to get infinity sign tattooed but don't know where?
Ladies.....Chizzled Chest or Rock hard abs....?
Do you have any tattoos ?
Had a tribal tattoo done down me side last and?
Kat Von D tattoo of Hollywood and more?
howmany fingers am i holdin up?
Tell me what you think of my tattoo idea?
I'm wanting this small tattoo?
.s!!! Do you judge a girl with a lower back tattoo (aka tramp stamp)?
is there any tattoo maker in chandigarh?
I want to get something clever tattooed on my forhead, or face, any suggestions?
Opinions on Angel tattoos?
why do my fingernails have ridges?
How much will this small black tattoo cost?
If someone pees on themselves...?
how much would a tattoo like this cost?
any side effects in using oil control/absorbing sheets (eg.,clean & clear)?
How much is tatto removal surgery?
i want my tattoos colour changed, is that possible?
How to remove my wrist tattoo?
if you have a tattoo sleeve?
Whats the most painful place to get a tattoo?
Anyone want to go out with my avatar hypothetically of course?
How much does a tattoo cost ( per hour )?
I was thinking about getting a tattoo...?
whats your opinion on tattoos?
Don't know what tattoo I should get?
tattoo issue, someone care to help? :)?
Grown Women, I Have a Question?
i want a tattoo but will it affect my medical exams on my immigrant petition..?
the best tattoo studio in glasgow?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
name tattoo's?
Can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes? If yes, how fast and how?
How long do you keep Tanning after laying in the Sun?
tattoo help? i need help i am planing to get a tattoo.?
Any known treatments for breakouts?
my new tattoo keeps getting rubbed hard on my bedding and clothes when im sleeping?
im planning to get a tattoo of any line from ee cummings' poems. any suggestion?
People who have tattoos, and people who have tattoos on their fingers how bad do you think finger tats hurt?
How much would a tribal dragon tattoo to go on my shoulder cost?
I want to start getting tattoo's, but need some feedback?
How to prepare for a rib tattoo?
whats a good tattoo design?
I got a chineese symbol tattoo and i think its the wrong symbol please help?
can someone teach me ebonics?
addison texas???
how can i make myself a fake tattoo of this girl's face on my arm?
Would this be rude to ask?
How much does a trinity tattoo cost ?
DO YOU CONSIDER 29 OLD? just wondering?
how can I make my skin look younger?
Stretched ears? Skin peeling?
what effect does an operation have on a tattoo?Not a tattoo removal question ok?
What's the quickest way to get rid of sunburn?
what is the best way to prevent acne on the face/chest .?
How much do you think a tattoo going across the top of my foot would cost if its 11 words?
Why one person become so important in ur life which is not related with ubefore?
tattooing korean characters ?
Im getting a tattoo..whats the pain on scale from 10.... 10POINTS?
cost of lower eyelid blepharoplasty?
If I have a tattoo on my neck would I get denied to be part of the military?
Can i go swimming with my new tattoo?
Do you think 16 is to young to have a tattoo?and do you think im a bad person because i do?
What does this tattoo mean?
Tattoo that symbolizes family?
best place to put tattoos on girls?
used a&d ointmint for 2 weeks on a tattoo?
why wont anyone give frinklecat a tattoo?
How can i get rid of the lines on my neck? i have them since last year.?
Body wise, Beyonce looks better than Kelly Roland....................?
Tattoos: How old do you have to be?
why do Airbenders where tatoo arrows?
How bad does your first tattoo hurt?
How long should I wait for a fresh ankle tattoo to heal before I can go snowboarding?
?What are the best ways to remove age spots?
Piercing Places in Boston?!?
My friend is 14 and has 7 tattoos ?
Did Kendall Schmidt really get a tattoo??? What's happening??? Plz help!?
Where can I buy the US dove body washes and soap bars in the UK?
What do you think the Shhh... tattoos really mean?
What do you think of this quote for a tattoo - is it too long?
Tattoos that represent..?
How much do you think a small tattoo like this would cost at a professional studio in CA?
Can anyone recommend a good tattooist in Manchester?
I have a couple questions regarding the tattoo artist proffesion..?
What is the largest organ on the human body?
Tattoo question??????
Can someone translate "i balance, therefore i am" into ACCURATE Latin?
Tattoo pain tolerance?
Ok I'm 27 years old and I've had acne since I was in 4th grade. I feel like I've tried everything.
show's tommorrow, breaking out cause of makeup?
Carboxytherapy - Is this "medical" treatment effective or nonsense?
Tattoo help. How long would this take?
another tattoo??
why do girls have to shave their legs and guys don't have to?
What happens when you pop acne with your hands?
Can u tell if a girl is / is not a virgin by the way she walks?
major help pleaseee..?
Is it normal to break out a little bit after being off accutane for one month.?
I have big boobs, I don't like it when women stare at them...?
a what does girls like about guys?
how much would it cost to havea big woulf tatoo n my ribs?
Do you have any tattoos that you regret getting?
should i continue washing my scabbing tattoo?
Tattoo in least then a week. Anyone have any tips that i should do before?
Inspiration For Tattoo?
Deceased dad tattoo? i think i have it!?
Is my tattoo healing ok?
Tattoo ideas?
my face is full of pimples how can i clean it?
Numbing a rib tattoo?
Which tattoo would look better on me? (pics)?
How painful is a tattoo on your foot?
hey all !!! i hav a lots of hair on my skin...its impossible manage them.. abt a week after shaving is useless
I am too tall....?
what do you think of this tattoo location?
does the sun block really protect???
I have a black dot on my iris?
i want to get a tattoo with me and my best friends names?
Tattoo for loyalty and honesty?
Sun bathing after my first tattoo?
Tattoo ideas?
Who old do you have to be for a tatto?
how can i get ride of acne on my face?
My Skin is always oily and breaks out a lot can i change that?
would this look good? (pic included)?
what are Some Good Quotes to Get Tattooed?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Does anyone know a pro only tattoo supply ?
Guys would you rather have a 125 pound not tan brunette or a 100 pound tan blonde? Purely physical.?
which tattoo do you like best? (pics)?
pls pls give me your opinion...?
Tattoo age in hong kong?
i need a hot man that does not lkive in PA do u no of any body?
Tattoos on somewhat curvy girl?
tattoo inflamation turned brown?
What are so tattoo ideas/ tattoo quotes for guys?
Would this be a good tattoo idea?
how can i make my acne and blackheads disappear and obtain a clear, smooth, blemish-free skin?
Would you get freaked out if you had a tattooed surgeon operate on you?
Does my bum look big in this?
how to make your color fair for good?
As you can see from my picture I am very fair.....?
what can i use to clear scars on my face, its scars that remanied after poping pimpmles, pls help?
How should I wash my new tattoo?
What's the pain of a tatto on the elbow like?
Tattoo on hip.........?
How do you stop shiny skin?
Wanting to get my first tattoo either on my foot or shoulder blade. Which is best?
im looking into getting another tattoos and i need ideas on a tattoo representing who i am personality wise?
Why was this tattoo so difficult?
how to get rid of home made tattoos?
I think I have a probalem...?
where can i see a big picture of the dogs on edward nortons back in american history x?
What are the stages of wellness?
My tattoo itches oh so bad!?
How to remove the paste on a Henna Tattoo?
use of application of honey on face ?whats procedure?is it benifical?
Do tattoos look like... ?
How much does a tattoo cost?
Changing color of tattoo...?
I want to get lyrics added to my tattoo but i need help!!!?
if i were to get a tattoo of my mothers initials on my chest...would future girlfriends be creeped out?
I have some questions about my inner ear tattoo?
what would you think of a person who has this tattooed on their body?
What do you think of this tattoo design? What should I do to improve it?
I Want To Get A Very Small Tattoo. Approximately How Much Would It Be?
Do anyone know about temporary tatoos for eyebrows (not the permanent)? And where to get them?
Exercise Question for experienced exercisers!?
Is a small dove tattoo on my wrist a good idea?
Tattoo artists, how long do you think this would take and how much would it cost? (UK)?
what is a good excrise to tightem up tighs and stomach at the same time besides running?
Do girls like tattoos?
How much would this kind of tattoo cost?
What should my tattoo be?
i will like to know if getting a tramp stam tatoo hurts.?
advice on getting a phrase for a tattoo?
I want a tattoo saying strength can you give me ideas where and what kind of writing?
How much do you think this might cost? ?
In Japanese tattoos does a koi swim downstream or upstream if you want cherry blossoms?
Do tatoos really hurt?
Can your face get stuck in 1 position?
Do you have any piercings?
What's a decent tattoo starter kit? ?
Should I just get it?
is using a lotion that alcohol in it good for a tattoo?
sites for good tattoo sleeve ideas?
here is a good one Hydroderm sent me the one order I ordered. Then they sent me 3 big boxes, which Ireturned?
Are Tattoo's Dangerous?? ?
So, how exactly do tattoos work?
about how much money do u spend when u go into aeropostale?
Anyone ever heard of Sensaria Natural Bodycare?
Should a man shave his armpits?
to tan or not to tan?
How would the Freemasons feel if I got a Masonic tattoo before I tried to join the Masons?
I want a tatoo, and im only 14. help?
I have a fat nose. Are there safe and natural ways to reduce fat?
what is the most important feature on a womens body?
What do you think of a man who loves to shave his body all over?
The best place for my music tattoo?
What is the worst tatoo you've ever seen?
im getting a tattoo of the word "believe" where would be a good place for it?
What does a look like!?
can you get a tattoo over in majorca at 16?
What do you think of this tattoo (disney)?
how much would it cost to get half my face tattooed?
how to get a white and hair-free underarms without appearing some chicken skin????
Im Not 18 Years Old Yet However I Am Trying To Get A Tattoo....?
What products are best for tanning? *Question on cooking oil too!"?
Tattoo symbolizing loyalty..?
why am i not comfortable with myself?
anyone try jergens natural glow daily moisturizer?
In need help - Im fat?
I am 17 years old, and I Keep getting spots, can any 1 recommend any good skincare products?
My daughter got a tatoo the other day and I went bonkers. I think it makes her look like a skant!?
What's an Estimate of this Tattoo?
what do you think of this for my first tattoo?
What does Quinn's tattoo say on the show Dexter?
Ok so I've been thinking of getting my fiancé's name tattooed on me...but I have no idea where to put it?
If you do Oral sex..which is the best way to have a good feeling?
Whos a good tattooist in tasmania, australia?
how do you get rid of spots?
Can you tattoo over scars?
Tattoo on the back of a finger between cuticle and first knuckle joint using a single needle?
Is it lame for me to get...?
Where would this tattoo look best?
tattoo question, what do you think?
I want to get a tattoo that represents My sister and mother,, what's a good idea ?
Tattoo ideas? For 23yr old man?
Is this rude?
What to wear... Hipp tattoo!!!!!!!!?
How do I know if a guy really likes me?
hOW CAN i GET RID OF MY "BEAUTY MARKS' I hate them, they distract ppl and ppl?
Good quotes for tattoo?
Need a short quote about self acceptance and loving yourself?
what side of the nose do women get pierced?
What is the current age restrictions for getting a tattoo in South Carolina?
guys what do you think is the sexiest place a girl can have a tattoo, and what kind of tattoo?
i am a male, 16 years of age and i need a tattoo idea any suggestions?
wanna get gun tattoo on both sides of my ribs (upper area near armpit) wanna know what will happen if i add?
What are the main reasons why people get acne?
wats a good place on a womens body for a tattoo ?
Swimming with a fresh tattoo?
how bad would you say this would hurt?
What length stud should i get for my lip peircing?
Redness around new tattoo?
Does anyone know where to get a HENNA TATTOO in MN?
I love England, UK, English, especially London or Sting's songs. Any ideas for a small tattoo?
Which tattoo should i go for?
how do I take care of my new tattoo?
how do i get rid of eczima?? are there any over the counter lotions or whatnot?
where to get a temporary tattoo in the wateloo cedar falls iowa area?
can you still have a tattoo on your foot if your veins sticks out?
Tattoo behind my ear-need help?
should i get a boob job? i hardly have an a cup, and i'm almost 25! i still look like i'm 10. advice?
about how much would this tattoo cost?
Why did my tattoo change colors?
What is the best feature of a woman?
Where can my pregnant aunt get a spa? massages and all that?
How much money do tattoo artists make?
Can I get a tattoo of copyrighted art?
Any way to get a tattoo at 15?
How to remove moisture from wood plugs?
What's the best sunblock for the face? whichever SPF i put, my face is just getting red?
What tattoo should I get on my bald head?
belly button piercing?
how does someone decide where they want a tattoo?
would i look good with tattoos ?
Clarins total body lift stubborn cellulite control vs Body Lift Advanced Cellulite Control?
I'm about to get this tat on my wrist, what do you think?
What other piercings should I get?
Have u guys heard abt GLUTATHIONE ??
My boyfriend asked me to design his tattoo? Should I do it?
Is a small dove tattoo on my wrist a good idea?
Which airbrush tanning solution has the better color?
Tattoo help? please read description. will pick best answer.?
what is facial? how can i do it for face?
Band around forearm 2 parallel lines tattoo, meaning?
How do u get healthy and lose weight fast?
How badly do tatoos hurt? How do I find a clean and reliable shop?
First Tattoo Help Please?
How old must you be for a tattoo in the uk? *with parent concent*?
where can I find a FREE list of home remedies for skin bleaching?
If i get a tatoo of a Grape over time will it becomea Raisan?
Pplanning on having first tattoo on my hand !! good idea or not?
Dry skin treatment?
the meaning of Mike tyson's facial tattoo?
Can you have tattoos in the Air Force?
I have a tatoo on my lower back that says STEVIE, How can i cover it up...Young and dumb?
How can gain a couple more pounds?
Where should I get my tattoo?
should you ice your arm the night and day before you get a tattoo to num your arm?
Where should i get my tattoo? I want it on my shoulder blade but I don't want it to stretch. ?
what part of your body, when touched, gets you turned on the most?
What do you think about getting a tattoo under the collar bone?
Do you put lotion on your tattoo after a couple of days?
brothers and sister tattoo quote?
What should I use for bad acne?
I need tattoo help please .?
quotes for my first tattoo on forearm?
is it okay to shave my armpits with a men razor?
tattoo pricing help.....?
Should I tip a tattoo artist in Germany a similar amount to that of the U.S.?
Feet and info??
does chemical peel have negative long term side effects?
How do you lose the fat at the lower part of your stomach?
a good tattoo parlour in san jose (california) ?
Need help with tattoo idea?
how to become more fair in color?
So I have a tattoo in mind.. ?
First Tattoo , how painful & ideas?
Can I retouch my tattoo if it's raised/scarred?
I am wanting to tan and need a good tanning lotion. Is Spellbound a good lotion?
im about to get a tattoo on the weekend?
What does Todo Segalla japanese symbol tattoo mean. I have the same tattoo and didnt get the proper meaning.?
is it normal after a few hrs of getting a tattoo to feel weird?
How much will this tattoo cost?
Is it still Fashionable- for a Girl to have a Tattoo.?
eunoia tattoo placement help?
tattoo healing process?
what is the best face cream to help u look young?
what are the guidelines for tattoo in florida?
what can you do when you're hungry all the time?
how long would it take to get this tattoo?
Who can't wait to be old, saggy, in a nursing home, and STILL pimping your ink!?!?
How painful are lip piercings?
What can my friend do to reduce the size of her pores?
tattooed girls?
what is the best way to passed time in nigth shift.?
Creen cream vs. Retin A.?
What kind of tattoo should my friends and I get?
Looking for an Owl tattoo design?
what is a good memorial tattoo idea for a loved one who passed away?
Need help on deciding what kind of tattoo i should get.?
what you'll think about this tattoo ?
Can a 14 year old get a tattoo?
I need tattoo suggestions?
I need to cover up my wrist tattoo fort job any suggestions?
What is a good acne solution for sensitive skin?
what is the best product to use for dark circles below the eyes?
I'm getting fattttt?
is electrolysis a good skill to aquire. Are there good jobs that are easy to get? I am 42?
what dou beleive more of how we were created science or religion?
Is this a good tattoo idea?
What's the least painful spot to get a tattoo?
Need help with future tattoo?
How much would it cost to get this tattoo?
What are the best tattoo parlors and artists in Utah?
Best place in Toronto to get inked?
Just got microdermal hip piercings. One is flush to skin and other is raised alot. Its not rejection.. Help?
what does a tear drop tattooed under your eye mean?
Should i get a tattoo in black or color if its of osha leaves?
legal age to tattoo in uk i know what i want and have thought about it?
Do people clean their healed piercings?
What is the best kind of Deoderent?
Am i being to careful my tattoos?
how much would this tattoo cost/hurt (picture link)?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
What's the best product to clear up clogged pores and the little redmarks pimples leave behind?
Is it bad to get your virgo sign tattooed on you even though your not a virgin?
Why can't I find any information on Oscar Vidal, tattoo artist in Aruba?
How much approximately would this tattoo cost?
how do i get rid of belly button lint?
What do you think of this tattoo idea, memorial?
tattoo ink didn't stay?
Skull wings tattoo backpiece-flash tattoo mag?
Do you like this tattoo? (pic)?
I have thick hair?
Tattoo help and opinion, please?
helppppppppp my lip?
biggest turn on for a girl??
iam very dark how to improve my colour?
How small can they do it?
tash i sent a email to her do you think she will write back?
I just got my tattoo a few hours ago on my upper bicep and shoulder area. Can I where a shirt with a sleeve?
Should i let my ears stretch back to normal (Mature answers)?
Bad Tattoo Idea?
how can i easily cure pimples or acne?
i want a tattoo that says "bliss" on my marriage finger but i'm not too sure if the ink will last as long.?
What do you think of this ? Would you change anything about it?
where can i find a tattoo designer game?
any ideas for a matching sister tattoo for twins?
What causes freckles to be put on the body? Anyone know?
Pierceing to get - tongue or lip?
how long did your tattoo take?
who is th best portrait tattoo artist in thailand?
how does this tattoo sound?
pls help me with my legs?
Fellow Ladies ...what's your favorite perfume?
What's a good tattoo treatment?
can you talk about Qumran?
what do all the various items that Ganesha holds mean?
Tattoo Ideas relating to World History?
When you perice your lip does it hurt and bleed?
Guys, do you find rib cage tattoo's sexy?
I will Get " Have No Regrets " On My Right Wrist , Do U Like?
Tattoo parlors in Humble or Kingwood Texas?
Paw print tattoos for a girl?
ordering on-line products I've answered a question from a person but not able to respond to their site?
Is this a good reason to get a tattoo?
when you cry do your tears burn your face?
Do you like this tattoo idea?
what do you think of this tattoo?
What kind is a good kind of over the counter cleanser for someone with dark, oily skin?
Can I get a tattoo even if I'm a keloid former?
how bad to nipple piercings hurt?
how do you remove deep scars?
What would be a cool wrist tattoo for a guy?
ernest hemingway quote tattoo?
A tattoo design idea?
im 16 and i want a tattoo????????
I have a female foot fedish,is that wierd?
Which facecare products will simply keep my face clean & healthy instead of unnaturally enhancing my skin?
What is the best type of lotion to use after getting out of the tub or shower?
I have dry eyes. Visine doesn't always help. What to do?
I have a flat mole on my cheek should i consider laser surgery?!? is it safe? is it possible to remove it?
Which Piercing?!?!?! Help?
Do you like colored sleeve tattoos or black and grey.Why?
School Assignment: Why do teenagers like hip hop and tattoos?
is this fat?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Getting a tattoo of aborted baby's name?
my lips are getting a lil darker..y?
is it good to shave all parts on your body?
Why do Ladies get their periods every month? and why does it stop during pregnancy?
Around how much is this tattoo?
can i change my lip piercing after a month?
Normal for new tattoo to have blurry gray edges as it heals?
Do you think feet are good places for tattoos? Why or why not?
Any idea about tattoo cost (picture)?
tattoo on the wrist on a woman..good idea?
Who uses or had used Proactiv?
what's the best type of sunscreen to use while you're using alpha hydroxy?
i love a girl very much but she is a big but she is beautifull what i do pls tell me?
Is this a good or bad tattoo idea?
Should I get this Tattoo?
Curiosity about peoples tattoo's?