How do i get my ears repierced since the holes are closed,without having to get pierced and new earrings again
Should I worry about anal discharge that resembles egg salad?
is it possible to connect these tattoos?
I have bumps on my nose and chin are they going to get red and break out if so will clesing towlets help?
Howmuch have you grown since 17?
My girlfriend and tattoos and piercings!!?
Can you recommend a good natural deodorant? iv been tattooing with my dad on practice skin and he wont tell me why the needle keeps getting stuck?
Best place to get a 'forever young' tattoo?
Is this too much (tattoo question)?
Does it matter where I go for tattoo laser removal surgery?
Should I get a tattoo of Michael Jackson?
Does anyone have any idea how much a louis molloy tattoo would cost?
Black and gray or color tattoo?
Best place for first tattoo?
is there anything u can get like a shot to get fat removed from your lips or make lips smaller.?
Just curious, why do people get tattoos?
Sorry for all the questions. But will the tattooist draw it on before they make it permanent?
Am i too big for a tattoo?
should i get breast implants?
Girls.....How do I protect my tattoo from clothing's and such?
I need ideas for a tattoo...?
should i get this tattoo?
I have very sensitive skin that still breaks out what helps?
Where can I get a tattoo if I'm 15 & I have my parents' consent ?
Jade Dragon misspelling again?
Belly button piercing i got it pierced monday does it look alright?
Vegvisir tattoo question?
how can i get rid of........?
Wheres the least painful spot to get a tattoo?
Opinions on a tattoo design?
Carpe Diem tattoo.....??
New Tattoo Healing Normally?
what do you think of this tattoo idea?
legal to get a tattoo in california?
who is better daddy yankee rakim y ken y or zion y lennox?
Opinion on this tattooooo?
how to prevent eye sickness?
What Is a French Bikini Wax?
would this look good for a tattoo?
Can you please tell me the pros and cons to getting a tattoo done on the ribs?
Needs Opinions on Tattoo Question?
Should I get a tattoo that says "Go With The Flow" with a bird and/or feather?
what is a good saying about life for a tattoo?
tattoo: i'm thinking about getting my first one, suggestions?
I want to get a tattoo but nervous ?
Last question I promise! piercings?!?!?
peanut butter cause acne?
What should I do next with this Tattoo?
eyeball tattooing?
Hi going bali in 2 weeks wondering if there are good tattoo shops and if they do underage tattoos or not?
What do you think about Braun's new Silk epil X'elle??
my dermal is swelled up?
Should i get this tattoo? Any other ideas?
could i get a tattoo at age 17 in tennessee with my sister's consent?
tattoo question/help???!??????????!!!!!?
do tattoos hurt??
I Just Gave Myself My Own Tattoo On the Side My Foot, is This Okay?
Can a 15 y.o get tattoos?
when visiting America on holiday, are you allowed hand, neck or facial tattoos?
Tattoo idea help please?
Thoughts on Belly Button ring....?
I have recently got a tottenham tattoo on my inside forearm could this cause me trouble with other supporters?
A question on body waxing.?
What is a good tattoo cover up idea?
I want to get a Tattoo, But wear should i get it?
Where should I get my tattoo?
How often do you shave ur legs?
People keep asking what my tattoos mean and I don't want to tell them?
thinking of getting a side torso tattoo?
What should i do ?
what if i can draw a lil bit kinda good depends on what it is could i still tattoo? go to school for tattooing?
I want a tattoo! I need help on what font!?
About a tattoo idea?? Help?
Are tans permanent?
Tattoo cover up for a wedding?
Help Me With Tattoo Ideas Anyone?
Looking for tattoo artist in australia?
How can you describe the pain of a tattoo?
Have any women been turned on while receiving a professional massage from a female masseuse?
Mendhi henna tattoos and Toronto?
what do you lok like?
Tatoos? Opinion? (can't think of longer title)?
I also weight 118. Is that too much for a model?
How should I go about getting a tattoo at age 15?
How long on average will a full sleeve and chest panal outline be for a koi fish and dragon?
How long does it take to see results from Levulan photodynamic therapy for acne?
Help me develop this tattoo idea?
How long should you wait to workout after getting a tattoo?
I need to cover up my tattoo?
What's a good Bar soap for the shower? ivory isn't doing it for me!?
Do anyone know where to get your belly pierced at? How much do it cost does it hurt?How old do you have to be?
Gving myself a tattoo with a sharpie and needle?
how long would it take to tattoo a Haida arm tattoo using 1 color and going from elbow to shoulder?
[help] I want to buy tattoo equipments,can you give some advices?
Has anyone ever got a tattoo of a mustache because he cant grow one?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Tattoo locations and pain?? ?
What is a good tattoo for your ribcage?
Have you or would you?
I got an all black tattoo on my lower back and the outline is darker?
why does skin has sudden rash and itch and grows flesh everywhere?
why do females smell like fish?
Tattoo on shoulder pain?
How young do you have to be to get a tattoo in NC?
discrete place for a tattoo?
TATOOS: a turn on OR turn off?
Is this phrase too long for a tattoo?
Planning on getting a tattoo, help plz?
How do you make a tattoo gun?
I'm looking for an ULTRA moisturizing lotion w/o mineral oil. Any suggestions?
Opinion on girls with bright sleeve tattoos?:D?
I want to get a new tattoo but dont what to get and where on my body to have it?
I really seriously want a tattoo?
any idea for skin care?
I need help with tattoo ideas?
Would like work for going on the forearm?
Help me with tattoo ideas please!?
How Do I Get The Zits off My Butt?lol?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
Do sun burns hurt fully healed tattoos?
Does anyone know the name of this specific temporary tattoo ink ? You paint/draw it on.?
does it hurt to get a tatto like alot of pain?
Where to find cheap lip studs?
Home remedy for yeast infection?
Should I get this tattoo?
I am a 26 year old man with really dry skin, what helps?
Would I look like a racist person if i got a Confederate Flag Tattoo?
how to get rid of acne marks?
Painkillers before a tattoo?
I have breast implants and my nipples stay hard even when I am not excited and it can be aggravating why do?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Will you break out on your face if you use aloe vera?
Help deciding what tattoo to get?
Tight dress?
Want Another Tattoo, I Need A Font?
Will tanning for a few months help fade my tattoos...?
I need Tattoo Advice?
My butt as a reward for a nice guy?
How much would a tattoo on the ribs cost?
Should I get a tattoo or belly button piercing for my birthday ?
Please help! I need ideas for matching tattoos...?
Is it okay to clean your tattoo during the peeling stage?
Chester Bennington?
how to make pimple scars disappear? and how can i make my face look young using natural way?
Semi permanent tattoo?
How do you get a close shave? Face or Legs...any
Average price of a tattoo?
Ho much will a tattoo like this cost me (PICS INCLUDED)?
how do you get rid of black heads?
Tattoo cover up ideas ?
are freckles cute?
Is this picture real?
my boyfriend just passed.. getting a memorial tattoo.?
Should I get plugs?/Gauges?
Is getting a tattoo on your neck paltry?
who can give a Brazilian in the area of Glendale?(Phoenix) for cheap?
Just bacase a girl is fat dose that mean she ia ugly?
What is th e best way to rid stretch marks?
How to remove an indian ink tattoo?
do women find natural brown skinned men sexy?
Are eyebrow rings cool? (opinion)?
Which is cuter belly ring or tattoo?
Where is the best place on your body to get a name tattooed?
I'm wanting a tattoo on my thigh?
Belly Button Piercing ?
Does it hurt THAT much??
which is worse? emotional scars or physcial scars?
I am looking for a graphic of a howling chihuahua. Do you have one?
Tattoo scabbing and burning?
Where's the sexiest location for a tattoo on a woman?
how to get fair skin?
what to use to cover my tattoo for work?
What are the thermal conductivities of acrylic and cotton?.?
How much would this tattoo cost?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo but i don't want her too get one what should i do?
Is this a good tattoo to get?
Can anyone tell me about body creams?
What tattoo should i get?
where can i go to get my tatoo removed at a low cost like 25 dollars?
Does wearing a bra when you sleep stunt breast growth?
I'm about to get this tat on my wrist, what do you think?
Is 17 young too young for a tattoo?
Tattoo help and question?
How should I get this Tattooed?
Where can I get a tattoo at the age of 15 near Bridgewater New Jersey?
Should I Let My Tattoo Show In An Interview?
Does anyone know of an awesome tattoo artist in AZ that doesn't smoke pot?
Why is it now the accepted norm that women should shave or trim their naughty bits?
Will a piercer make an exception?
If you Had to get one name tattooed on you?
Do you consider anchor tattoos trendy?
Where can i get a custom tatt done in the Brant county area at an affortable price?
How do you get rid of eyebags, other than by sleeping right, cucumbers and teabags?
how do i cure overly chapped lips?
Do tattoos really hurt?
I want to get a tattoo. I don't know what I should get?
Why do so many young women get those stupid tattoos on their lower back?
The back of my upper arms is dry and bumpy. what's the best way to fix this?
details please..?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Tattoo questions regarding colour and styles.?
What should i get a tatoo of on my right arm?
my mom thinks i am fat. i am 5 ft 4 and 125 pounds she constintally tells me i am fat. Is this normal?
hey to the girls, i was just wondering, does it hurt to wax down there? I usually shave...?
What should I do about cleaning my tattoo at work?
Can anyone give some good advice on how to get rid of blackheads on your nose?
What do lads prefer? Thin girls or curvey? Or maybe something in the middle of the two?
what can I use to remove facial hair , im a woman plagued with it, & when plucked it leaves black spots.?
First professional tattoo; nervous about the "surprise"?
Can I get a tattoo at 16?
I'm ready to get my first tattoo and I need some advice?
Can you get rid of cellulite? If so what is the best product to use?
I need some advice and opinions about this tattoo?
Ideas for a "Michelle"-themed tattoo?
Next tattoo. Where and what?
Help with Hope tattoo honoring mom and dad?
do you have to have a parent over 18 with you or just have someone over 18 with you to get piercings?
i need help to get a tattoo?
Me and my boyfriend what to get the same tattoo, what is the good spot good for both of us?
what would be the best place.....?
How do you not care what other people think?
Tattoo ideas for my waist ?
Preparing for a tattoo?
What is the best neck firming cream on the market?
Which is the Best numbing Cream for tattoos?
getting a tattoo at 15?
what is ur fave placed to be touch?
Where to get a small quote tattoo?
how do u remove your pubic hairs, other then shaving?
Are expensive tattoos worth getting?
Why do people think tattoos and piercings are so bad? ?
how do you get rid of stretch marks???
should I get a nose job?
TATTOO question!! where does it hurt most?
How old are women when their boobs stop growing completely?
how can you make your pores on the face smaller to reduce oily skin?
What are some jobs that allow tattoos?
Quotes for ribcage tattoo?
Getting first tattoo?
does anyone know of any SAFE herbal remedies and preventive measures for ACNE?
Will the neck one hurt a lot?
I'm getting this tattoo soon! What do you girls out there think of it? Thanks!?
Why doesn't having a tattoo define who you are?
What is a good brand for a face wash?
I have this BIG pimple...on my right side of my chin....and it is deep. How can I get it to go away??
Buy henna for tattoos?
Do girls like tattoos?
Tattoo in honor of living soldier?
Does aloe vera gel help remove acne scars?
Tattoo font generator?
nazi tattoo?
what is a good tip to give?
Script Tattoo in Garter Belt Style?
Does anyone have an effective way to get rid of the appearance of streatchmarks?
is there anything to get rid of stretch marks???
is patti Labelle realy tigga mothers off of 106 and park?
how can i plump up my lips?
How to convince my parents to get a tattoo?
Poker tattoo... bad idea?
how to love by lil wayne tattooed on me?
Lip Piercings?????????????????????????????
how long should bruising last on a toe tattoo?
How much will my tat cost?
What do you have to do to become a tattoo artist?
What are some easy exercises to flatten your stomach?
my lips are getting a lil darker..y?
What's a nice alternative to butterflies?
how bad is an industrial piercing post to hurt?
Should I get a tattoo of Che Guevara?
What is the most attractive part of the body for a girl to have a small tattoo?
Does anyone know what kind of font this is? tattoo?
Why do tattoo artists inquire if a person getting a tattoo has been drinking?
If you're 13 is it normal for your bum to be size 3-5?
how can i remove the tanned portion of my face and bring my color back?wa?
Rash after getting my first tattoo?
tattoo pricing on a small wrist ink?
Is medicated power good for prickle it?
Am looking for a recipe for soy lotion candles?
Ok so i bought a tattoo machine..?
Tattoo removal. If you had it done, please share your experience.?
Do body wraps work?
What tattoo/s have you got - and where ?
Do you think it is good for girls to always shave the private part of their body?why or why not?
Lip piercing !!!!!?
white tattoo, yes or no?
How come when you get a tattoo you have to look after it but when?
What is the best place to get a tattoo?
how do i lose weight.. quick as poss.. with out much exercise ???
Tattoo designs for military/firefighters?
What do you think of this tattoo quote?
I want to be a nurse who works with ultra sounds. Ate they allowed to have tattoos?
how do u get rid of bags under your eyes?
can wearing long sleeves damage a new tattoo that is scabbing and peeling a little?
This question is for Tattoo Creams?
do tattoos hurt??
I am 5'1 and only weigh 100 pds i have had 3 kids and still can't put on weight HELP ME PLEASE?
how important is the scar remover?
what age can i get a tattoo in the uk?
Is this tattoo a good idea?
Where is the classiest place on my body to get this tattoo?
Help! i have no idea what these are!?
I want to get a tattoo(this is my first time) on my lower back on the sides.?
Statistical Inquiry: To Woman, Do You Shave You're Arms!!?!?!!?!?!?!?
How bad does nippple piercing hurt (ladies)? How long does pain last?
Whats a goood tattoo shop in tucson, az ?
Help my freind please.....?
Is Tattoo permanent or can be temporary also?
I need help with my tattoo?
I need someones help about a tattoo placement?
I think black girls are the sexiest ladies alive but how do i date ine without upsetting white girls who like?
Clean and Clear morning burst moisturizer w/ SPF?
i have bra strap marks on my shoulders and it looks sooo awkward,, i need help please!!!!?
what should one do for perfect skin care?
how do you sign up for the new spike tv show ink masters?
I want a tattoo on my foot about my kids do you all think this sounds nice?
will tattoo artists get annoyed if i...?
my nails r fragil?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Tattoo?
What tattoo can represent...:?
Im about to get a tattoo?
i want a wrist tat & wondering if i'll get crap about it at work?
LA ink compared to a real Tattoo shop?
should i get the hamsa palm tattoo?
is this tattoo going to hurt alot?
Does my tattoo look gay?..?
English to Sindarin translation?
Question about the tattoo i want?
What are isaac brocks tattoos?
What's the best aftercare for a tattoo?
what type of gift do you give you boyfriend?
Lots of walking not helping to lose weight! Any ideas why?
Does this tattoo look too....?
how much would a tattoo on the centre of my left pec hurt?
How to let my mom know I have a tattoo?
My tattoo is wrong. Help.?
Tattoo Healing Question?
What should my tattoo say?
Does anybody know if Vitamin E skin cream is good for brown spots and acne on the face?
Best tattoo shop in Miami, FL?
Anyone with a tattoo?
how can i remove self tanning lotion?
Girls who like tattoos: Do you also like scars on guys?
can you get hiv from tattoo ?
I need a Cute wolf nickname?
5 day old tattoo scab falling off?
Help with a Quote for Tattoo.?
Do tongue piercings hurt? And does it get infected easily, & piercings at the top part of your ear hurt?
What kind of tattoo should I get?
I need Help finding a Tattoo stencil?
If I use lemon juice to bleach my upper lip how long should I leave it on nightly?
How painful is a tattoo on the wrist?
Which tattoo should I get!?
i'm almost 16, not there any state where you can get a tattoo if you're under 18?
Is My Tattoo Idea Good?
I bought a takeaway last night...?
Where is the most attractive spot for a woman to have a tattoo? Where is a good spot for a tattoo in general?
What should I get tattooed?
What is the TOP scar removing product?
Body Hair - Should it stay or go?
how do i get rid of strech marks?
How do you cover-up cellulite?
Could anyone make this outline of North Carolina into a cool looking tattoo?
The best facial mask?
Why is my face so red????
how do i get of acne and dry skin at the same time?
Would you get a tattoo of someone's name who you are only dating?
Does this look like a good tattoo?
i have sensitive skin. what creams should i apply as sunscreen as well as a moisturiser?
Do you think this tattoo is trashy?
does a tattoo go away when you get it removed?
tattoo on wrist idea help ? ?
Solutions for Adult Acne?
what does the fan symbolize?
I need a Christian tattoo idea...?
Guys...what do you think of chicks with tattoos?
does anybody know if is possible to have a 3rd breast added/implanted?
Is this normal for a tattoo?
is it safe to get a tattoo if you have a slight fever?
How long after getting a tattoo can I get it covered up?
I feel as if women/anyone are going to judge me if I get a tattoo on my right bicep, your thoughts on this?
Should I get this tattoo?
I have a tattoo that I like, but hate the color. It has a really thick black outline, can that be fixed?
Help with my tattoo please?
i would like a music related tattoo. but i need some ideas...?
im not sure what kind of tattoo 2 get?
Are these tattoos worth getting?
what is a great pimple remedy that works overnight?
Find a picture of a Suicide Girl's Buddhist Love Knot Tattoo?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
I want a tattoo similar to this. and suggestions?
whats one word that describes someones whos artistic or something about art that i could have tattoo'd ...?
Has Neutrogena Advanced Acne Therapy help you?
How much do you think a 4 letter word 2 inch each letter tattoo would cost?
Would a tattoo artist do a tattoo that another artist has Done?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your wrist?
So I think I am addicted...?
people say don't burst your bumps but how elscan you get rid of them?
Would this tattoo look cool on the left forearm of a guy?
where can i find a tattoo shop which do a tatoo in singapore?
Would it be weird if I got this tattoo on my arm? (im a guy)?
Will I be able to drive after a thigh tattoo?
Are lower back tattoo`s sexy on a girl?
tattoos and the elderly?
is there a tattoo shop in north bengal?
whats ur tattoo of? doll tattoo...?
I cant decide where to get my belly button pierced, on the top or on the bottom. Which would look better?
What is your favorite scent? And is there a memory attached to that scent?
tattoos on women?
How smooth/soft is the skin on the soles of your feet? Does looking after them make them more ticklish?
My tattoo needs touchups.. suggestions?
Can you be 16 or 17 and get a tattoo in Vermont, with a parent?
I Need Help With A Tattoo Concept.... Very Important?
Is Biorre pore strips for your whole face?
Ladies - if you could take a pill that made you smarter, but it made your but bigger, would you do it?
Playing card/gun tattoo design help?
how to change my skin black from to white?
Tattoos for best bros?
In need of a tattoo idea!!!!!!!?
What should i get as a tattoo?
What do I have to do to be a tattoo artist?
Opinions on this tattoo (girly girl)?
Which quote do you like best for a tattoo?
Tattoo help please? (:?
Home made tattoo guns ?
Girls only please...?
getting a belly button pierce..please tell me how to do it about a tattoo?
What happens in the day of a beautitian?
Where to get a tattoo where no one can see?
wrist star tattoo...keloid?
What Should I get Tattoo of on My Wrist?
i've got 2 tiny pimples on my face that i want gone, that dont have heads, i dont want to pop them....?
Good reason to tell dad Why I want this tattoo?
Inner elbow tattoo?? Help?
least painful tattoo spot?
Does the tanning lotion determine what color you'll be? Read for details.?
any remedy to get rid of dark skin?????????
Tattoo after I lose 50lbs?
Help me with a tattoo idea!?
what does an EYE with a TEAR tattoo mean?
Do you have a tatoo, if so where and what is it ? are you male or female?
Are there any health or beauty tips that you have decided to follow religiously?
dedicate my entire left arm to tattoos of vincent van gogh paintings?
Tattoo advice...?
I have an idea. Will it work?
how painful is a ribcage tattoo? cost? any other helpful info?
Can somebody recommend a dermatologist in San Fran?
Design a tattoo for me?
Is There Any way to gain More Muscle fast with out using steroids??
Why dont girls understand why dudes dont like tattoos(and piercings)?
saran wrap on a tattoo?
Would you get your idols signature tattooed on your body?
good quotes for a Tattoo?
Where would you put this tattoo? pic inside.....?
Im looking to get a tattoo that is along the lines of smile, things could be worse.?
im getting my first tattoo soon and i cant decide on what to get any ideas?
My legs are peeling BAD, how can I get rid of all this skin?
I got a tattoo last week and it has ed and looks like it is falling off... The under peeled color is gray?
what is sebaceous activity?
how much would it cost to get my last name tattooed on my back?
What is you addicted to?
Getting a tattoo with sensitive skin?
Can I get a tattoo in Georgia at 17?
im wanting to go get a tat with my mom where is the closest shop to OR?
I need a few 8 letter words?
does a tattoo hurt....................................…
What are some of the thing I will need to do to open a nail salon or spa?
boobs AND butt?
should a 13 year old get tattoo or a nose piercing?
does a tattoo on neck hurt ?
Advice for first tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Ear piercings gun or needle?
My red tattoo looks pink?
my dermal is swelled up?
Where is it the least painful to get a tattoo?
Is there a procedure that prevents your facial hair from growing back?
Ointment causing tattoo to move?
Best / sexiest place on a girl for a tattoo?
Where is a good place on a girl to get a tattoo?
Should i get a tattoo?
How are you able to get adult acne marks to fade???
Does overuse of A&D cause scarring on a tattoo?
Does Noxema really lighten an overexposed to the sun darker skin tone?
What's the best font to get my tattoo in?
Where are some good tattoo places in or around the Long Beach area?
Does anyone know of a tattoo artist that does good work in the Largo/Pinellas Park Area?
Is this place really painful to get a tattoo ??
Too many piercings? What your opinion?
How much does it cost to get your lip periced at Almighty Tattoo in Belleville Il.?
Should I shave my private parts?
ummm what clothes do i wear????
nostril piercing help?
best place on my body for a portrait tattoo of my nana?
would you date a ugly person if they are nice to you and respect you even tho they are extemely ugly?
What's a good quote for a tattoo?
what do you think of this tatoo idea?
which of these tattoo's should i get first!?!?!?!?!?!?
Question about covering up a tattoo?
How do I receive freebies?
Need Ideas for my tattoo?
help with first tattoo!?
my lips are very dry and chapped what would i do?
for girls: Tattoos on guys, yes or no?
Tattoo ideas; in memory of my uncle and bff </3?
how much is my tattoo going to cost?
Where's the best place to get a TATTOO in LONDON?
Why do fat people go out to eat and order big meals with a diet drink?
Proactiv: Why hasn't my face cleared yet?
Is this a good tattoo to get and how do I get it?
Getting a tattoo in brown ink instead of black?
how badly does a back of neck tattoo hurt?
why do flowers grow better when you talk to them?
henna tattoo question?
how do you get rid of a homemade permanent tattoo at home?
my step daughter thinks that if you get a tattoo while pregnant the baby will be born with the same tatoo in?
Where is an interesting place to get my tattoo?
Short tattoo ideas, two questions?
Getting my first tattoo?
Tattoo? Yes or no?
Will my tattoo sag if I lose weight..?
Am i hot or beautiful or fair or ok or normal or ugly?
pimples,pimples can some one sugest a cure 4 them?
Can you get hurt from a pen tattoo?
im 23.5'3" n 44 kg.i want to put on d rite it possible to make a diff. in my fig.iam 33 26 34
Will tattoo artists be okay with doing multiple small tattoos in one session?
Does a tattoo on the finger hurt ?
Why is my 2 week old tattoo still scabbing and itchy?
guys, do u like big buts?
What tattoo cream really gets rid of tattoos?
What can I cover this tattoo with?
is it possible to connect these tattoos?
How much do tattoos generally cost?
Can hair henna be used for tattoos?
How many tattoos are in a tattoo sleeve?
How can i get my nose pierced?
how to get rid of pimples or boils on my face?
Is it bad to get a tattoo on top of scars? body get 10 point's?
what kind of tattoos should i stick around my nipples.?
I want a tattoo about cheating death HELP ME!!?
How do I help a tattoo heal faster?
Red bumps near my tattoo!!!?
stop sweaty hands?
Is is wise to take ibuprofen before getting a tattoo?
double navel piercing?
Sailor Jerry styled tattoo idea?
what is a great smelling "perfume" for a guy?
can you get tattoos done with glitter ink?
wrecking balm "tattoo removal"?
How many times can a tattoo be shades in at one sitting?
Question about foot tattoos?
Looking to get a tattoo!! need some amazing ideas?
Lip piercing stud disappearing? :(?
Calf tattoo...?
Subdermal/Tongue bifurcation?
piercings!!! smiley's do they need a cirten gadge?
I need info about the "tingler"!?
Tattoo help, need asap like should i do it, why or why not?
how to get rid of acne?
how to be slim without dieting?
where is an appropriate place for an average female tattoo?
Do septum piercings hurt while healing?
can you get fat with eating fruits?
i'd love some input on my first tattoo!!?
help me with tattoo ideas?
cheek piercings questions ?
What do you think about this idea for a tattoo?
Where (apart from Y!A) can I post a forum question about tattoos?
I'm 14 and my friend has a tattoo gun. I'm willing to get at tattoo and my mom is okay with it. ?
how to calculate body mass index?
How hard is it to give yourself tattoo?
how long would a tattoo many hours would this take to ink, and how bad would the pain be realistically?
where is the best spot on the body to get a tattoo?
Help me come up with a Tattoo Idea?
QUestion about SHAVing unwanted hair in girl's body?
whats the least painful place to get a tattoo?
do you shower in the morning or at night?
soap or shower gel?
what is on my legs???
good place to get my name tattooed on my body?
cellulite any body have any good cures?
anti aging formulas?
Has anyone tried ChopSaver?
My skin is turning green and scaly and my eyes are going yellow and black, what should I do?
Who enjoys popping zits?
if i get an apple tattoo?
Does anyone know what this symbol means?
Females: Have any of yall gotten a tattoo right above your ?
Do you think this is a cool tattoo idea?
Does getting a tattoo on your inner wrist hurt?
Which tattoo fonts do you like most?
Good place to get a tattoo near Lansing MI?
How do Tweeze from As seen on T.V. work? Reviews please!?
Where can I buy the Bliss Task Mask Mixers?
Is it harmful to???
my husband wants to get a tattoo on his eye lids...what should i tell him?
tattoo design how to go about it?
I wanna get a tattoo but im only 13?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Help with tattoo wording!?
I want to get a tattoo, what are the health risks?
where should i put this tattoo? *pic included*?
bellybutton peicing: is there something wrong?
Do you have a tattoo of your ex's name? How do you feel about it now?
is pale bad?
Opinions on this animal tattoo idea?
wots the biggest pair of boobs?
Do you have a tatto and if so of what?
i cant wait to get this tattoo on my back!!!?
What's a good website to get tattoo ideas from?
Why did Zayn Malik get his 'born lucky' tattoo covered?
Green Day art tattoo idea needed please help!!!?
Which love quote is the best one for a tattoo?
What can i add onto my tattoo. i hate it now & think they are boring LIGHTING IS WAY OFF [pic]?
Do you have any tattoos? QUESTIONNAIRE?
Does the Marine Corps allow tattoos on the forarm?
What would Be The Average Price range Of This Tattoo?
Serious tattoo question!?
i know they are both bad but if your going to do it anyway which is safer a tanning bed or the sun?
How old were you.....?
My breast is very big.What can I do?
How do you get rid of pimples or acne?
WHY do I break out when I get my lip waxed????
why are there so many negative people in the tattoo category?
I am trying to lose weight,How do i lose in six months?
Which one is smudging?
Nipple piercing on a lady - does t cause any extra sensation? Whats yr experience?
Tattoo feels very dry and tight despite moisturizing?
Wrist tattoo........?
Does anyone know of a great tattoo/piercing studio in the northwest Arkansas area?
Tattoo shops that don't check IDs in western KY?
Estimated tattoo cost ? ?
Alright, I have a question!?
Should i develop this more before i get it done?
I'm thinking about a tattoo?
Tattoo on the foot question!!?
Did i ruin my tattoo already??
whats the best cleanser to remove oil from your face?
How much wold this tattoo cost ?
What is petuli oil?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Is there any way or exercise with will reduce weight from the Buttocks and sides soon within a month?
Can you reccomend a good after shave or similiar solution?
Help me with my tattoo quote choice!?
how do you get rid of eye bags or prevent them??
what is the best deodorant for sensitive skin?
how to become more fair in color?
what does this tattoo mean?
do tattoos on females make them look sexier?
Girls?thoughts on tattoos?
Heavily tattooed = prison time? Survey time again.......?
Does a girl have to be thin to be glamorous?
Does Noxema really work???
Would touching up my white tattoo cover the pink scarring?
Tattoo question about which I should choose for inner forearm piece?
I Want A TATTOO :D yay?
How do I become a professional pirecer or tattoo artist?
What should i get a tattoo of on my ankle?
what are the some of best and affordable tattoo shops in NYC?
how can one remove unwanted hair from face without laser treatment and waxing?
im 17 and i want to get a tattoo, can i have my 23 year old brother take me?
tattoo ideas - quotes and phrases?
why do i have hair on my breasts and stomach?
How easy is it to make soap?
Why are people proud of their tattoos?
any cool ideas for a tatoo???
What is the meaning behind a tattoo like this?
how much would this tattoo cost and how much would it hurt?
Pen ink tattoo ???????????
Anyone out their use tanning salons? how long does it take to get a tan?
i wanna get "for3ver" on my wrist for my brothers?
Does the Barmon Stretch mark removal cream work as good as the site says it does?
"HEY, HEY LADIES? Let's not get funky now." What cologne should a man wear?
What quote should I use in this tattoo I want?
should i eat that cookie?:)?
can body fragrance go bad if stored in a hot car?
stretching up to 7/16 with tapers?
best tattoo shops in PA?
Great Name For A Tattoo Shop?
How do I tan without fading tattoo?
Can i go tanning with a new tattoo?
least painful spot to get a tattoo.?
what is the dumbest tattoo you have ever seen?
Do you find this odd? It's about a teenage girl and her body?
Can you sweat after getting a new tattoo?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say "Unoriginal tattoo"?
Im a lifeguard and a swimmer and i like the beach alot and i want a tattoo to incorporate some of that?
breast development training course in indian?
i want to be white and i dont know what product is best for skin whitening?
Don't you think that since women must shave legs/pits/bikini area, that men should have to also?
Should I get a piercing or a tattoo?
ok so how can you tell if you have a oval face or a heart shaped face? any web site that can tell ya?
In your body, which part you like? why?
does milk really have a hormone in it that increses breast growth?
what size of gauge is around the same size of a dime?
Getting a tattoo weight question?
what do we think of a tatoo on a girls neck?
How Old do you have to be to get a tattoo in MN?
When does a human stop growing and start getting old?
will my first tattoo hurt?
How much would a four letter tattoo cost? In Northern California?
do you like this tattoo idea?
Pros and Cons of getting a Tattoo?
Why can't the '' big girl '' in the group be the cute one.?
Who else thinks that the tattoos that women get on the small of their backs are tramp stamps and that they?
How do I get started as a tattoo artist?
Tipping Tattoo Artist?
Does need another category break off?
how do I make my nails and cuticles looking nice again?
If I lose weight will my breasts get smaller?
Getting A Tattoo HELPP [;?
What is the difference bewteen irezumi and normal tattoos?
I want a tattoo but.... I have a major problem!!!?
i am curious about the size of breasts men prefer...............?
what should a girl wear to turn her boyfriend on?
Brand new tattoo ointment?
What movitated you to get a "TATOO"???
Micki's tattoo piercing prices????
how can i remove the black spots in my legs?
getting a tattoo..painful?
Can a waitress get a tattoo on their foot?
tattoo phrase can't decide?
Am i too fat?
What's a tattoo that youve wanted forever but everyone tells you it's a stupid idea?
where is the best place to get a tatoo that weight gain or lose will not bother?
Conflicting tattoo aftercare?
Dove tattoo... quote?
MILANO perfume?
how do u get rid of soap heads on your skin using things at home?
why is it that girls keep insisting that they're fat when they really are not?
Any Tattoo Ideas please?
to anyone who has a lip ring or know about them !!!?
What makes a perfect sexy figure or a women?
ideas for my next tattoo?
my skin is so soft and i can't stop.......?
a quality tattoo shop in saint louis?
why do we get scars?
Tattoo keeps peeling off color? Almost all of it?! WHY?
looking for a petrolium free sunblock (please don't write to say - clothes)?
What is your tattoo of?
Do you now if you trim your body hair, does it itch?
would it be a nice tattoo if i got my birthday in roman numerals in the back of my neck? XII XXIII XCI ?
anyone know any good tattoo ideas?
thinking about a tattoo for me in the near future?
Are you supposed to rotate your rook earring when you clean it?
How do you tell if you have eye bags or dark circles and which one is worst ?
Nipple piercings question?
Do you think my tattoo is slutty?
s! pick colors for this tattoo! or should i just do black and white?
What Tattoo Should I Get?
Going to work day after getting tattoo?
Where is the best place to get a tatoo of gemini sign?
Is short hot?
Piercing my ear(s)?
Lyrics or Quote for First Tattoo?
Is it possible that a penis can shrink?
I need tattoo placement suggestions?
What Is the Best Moisturizer to use after Using Proactiv if i have acne? When should i use this moisturizer?
I dont know if she got a real tattoo or a fake one?
How can I make my nipples longer?
are people with brown hair and brown eyes pretty?
will my tattoo change if i lose weight after getting it?
Does anyone know any good OTC meds for KP (Keratosis Pilaris)?
What would be the best kind of shirt to wear for a tattoo i got on my back?
I am mexican 6' 7" tall and I weight 198 pounds!! Is there a women that like men like me?
tattoo! (they make me put in 20 characters)?
Are tattoos on the small of a woman's back trashy?
Is there ANY way to get a tattoo when youre 16 in the UK?
What's the best way to remove back and chest hair for men other than shaving and waxing? recommend a product.
How bad does a foot tattoo hurt?
can flat chested women be considered attractive?
I wanna get a tattoo will it hurt ?
Which Star Quote Do You Prefer?
So how bad will a back tattoo hurt?
Dragon tattoo On back is bad luck?
Do you like my tattoo? Yes or no?
Anyone else love DHC Skincare (Japan)?
how long does a hicky last?
Do tattoos affect your future in regards to getting a job and what not?
Have a quote for a tattoo, want something to go with it?
Why did i get a fever the day after my first tattoo?
What kind of soap and lotion should I use for my tattoos to keep them looking fresh and new for longer?
I have problem with Tattooing bright colors(yellow,white)into skin?
i wanna get a tattoo on my penis will they do it? i want a school bus or lava lamp?
how long does it takes to come on your period if you was late.?
Where can you buy "NOURISH" Organic skincare products and is there a website for the company?
how to make my breast look bigger?
is it better to wear flip flops or flats after a foot tattoo?
How to apply Liquid henna as a tattoo ?
how can i cover this tattoo... please i need help.?
tattoo is "leaking" its ink..?
I plan to get a small tattoo on my foot, however im in track will the running after a week or so ruin it?
How old can someone get a facial piercing WITH parantal consent?
Everyone: what do you guys think about girls going tanning, whether it's at the beach or at the salon?
Average price of a tattoo?
who is this tattoo artist?
what tattoo should i get?
little question for the guys on corset piercings?? 10 points?
can you use carex anti-bacterial hand wash to clean tattoo?
Help please!! i cant decide?
What does my tattoo mean?
Does 7 piercings make me look trashy?
What soap/body wash do you use?
What can i do about my small penis.. iam only working with 4 inchs.. please hep? is there any type of pill or?
Who is the best tattoo artist in Oahu?
How do you keep big breasts from sagging?
how can you keep your yawning far from you when you re in a night duty without taking tea or cofee.?
wrist tattoo and employment ?
Ryan Dunn tribute tattoo ideas?
Belly button piercing??? Tattoo...? Huh. ?
Where should I start my tattoo sleeve?
How about a lip peircing?
how much does a tattoo on the wrist hurt?
What get's Black Heads and Blemishes and Zits away?
how does one adjust wearing artificial breast after masectomy operation both physically and mentally?
Website to find tattoo artist?
my ex boy friend wont take me back what sould i do?
How did you decide what tattoo to have?
johnny richter tattoo?
How to remove a henna tattoo in 2 weeks?
tattoo advice?????????
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Tattoos Someone May Regret In the Future?
Thinking about getting a tattoo?
How much would it cost for a tattoo of my sons foot?
why gals wear bra?
why do most girls have the same cliche tats?
Tattoo Cover Up HELP....?
I just stripped my skin of its natural oil, how do I replenish it over night?
how to make ur skin glow naturally? without damaging it by harmfull chemicals i.e creams & lotions?
What's the CUTEST Tattoo Idea for a Girl? ;)
Is having tattoos on your ankles "ghetto"?
tattoo looks like it healed but now it has a milky colour?
My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Discord Tattoo?
I'm 24 and i'm still afraid to tell my dad i have tattoos (2)?
How can I get rid of these age spots? I have one on my face and one one my hand...?
Is tretinoin an ideal medication for acne/pimples?
If you use Nair, Neat, or some other hair removal product, which is your favorite? Why? and...?
Baby niece memorial tattoo ideas!! ?
What is mean nutts?
What's the story behind your tattoo?
Help with a tattoo for my brother?
Where should I get this tattoo..?
how do i remove my hair in my body?
Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?
Can I cover up my colored tattoo?
Does having tattoos make it more difficult to get a good job?
What are reasons to get a tattoo or tattoos ?
What are some sick Punk tattoo ideas?
I got a pin up tattoo and am unhappy with it. It is too simplistic and the face looks awful.?
can you put vasaline on a tattoo after a week?
what does a tattoo feel like?
Design this for me? (:?
How bad does a tattoo on the back of the neck hurt?
How well does Wrecking Balm work? What are some of the after effects?-Question only to those who have used it-
Deep scabbing on new tattoo?
any idea to a strong tattoo design? symbol, meaning, passion..?
How many of you think you're fat?
Does getting a tattoo hurt THAT much....?
How much would this tattoo cost roughly?
Do you have beauty tips in maintaining or making your armpits etc. white?
Thoughts on getting a tattoo of a sibling's name?
Will there ever be a way to darken your skin surgically?
I want a lion and the lamb tattoo, does my description of what I want make sense?
What do you think about this?
What product can I use to make my breast bigger?
Would this be a good tattoo?
How much longer should I moisturize my tattoo for?
How much for a connecting tattoo on my hands?
I want a tattoo, but i have a question or two...?
Got a tattoo and am allergic to A&D ointment. What else can i put on it?
What is an alternative to getting a tattoo?
am i the only person in this world who think tattoos are nasty?
How Painfull Are Tattoos????????????/?
basic tattoo knowledge?
my daughter is 3mths old and im having doubts about piercing her ears. what should i do?
what is the highest factor and best sunscreen you can get?
How many piercings do you have and where are they located???? Whats your fav? and Why?
Who invented that awful toilet paper, that was like tracing paper?
how much does a tattoo cost?
Can i put two different things on my face?
Whats a good tattoo to get for a friend?
Tattoo's do u or would u have one?
I need track tattoo Ideas?
under age tattoos?
there are some tattoo removel cream, does it really work?
Tattoo Idea? opinions please?
What is the healing process of a tattoo?
Guys can a women still seem 'decent'with ink on her body?
i have so many hairs in my face what is the solution is their any natural treatment. weekly once i will tread?
i live in streamwood and i wanted to know any parlors or stores that pierce lips!?
how much do tattoo's cost?
is a tattoo supposed to peel and sting?
I have some blackheads that are kind of noticeable on my nose. does anyone know how to get rid of them?
I'm considering gettting a tattoo.. any opinions on this?
does anyone knows a diagram of a tattoo machine coil.specifying it's number of turns, direction of turns,?
OFFICIAL SKINNY vs FAT: This is what guys LIKE!?
What's the name for traditional tattoos?
If you read tattoo magazines which is your favorite?
Can I pull off a nose ring?
Pics of cherry blossom designs for tattoos?
Need Tattoo Ideas with Meaning?
is "tattoo camo" really waterproof?
Is a 2% salicylic wash safe on my tattoo?
Will a lip peircing hurt?
Fix a tattoo that is spelled wrong?!?
What would be a good design for a tattoo conveying "indestructible" for guys?
Can a 13 year old get a tattoo in Oregon?
Tattoo Healing Question?
Where to put this tattoo ?
unable to tan or burn?
Does it hurt to get your ears pearsed i had it done and it hurts so i took them out a 2 weeks later.?
Girlz- What's all this with bleaching?
Foot tattoos! Lots of people answer, please?
Tattoo placement idea?
does bio oil really fade acne scars? how long does it take to fade if i use it?
boyfriends name tattood on me?
Where's The Best Place To Have A Tattoo?
I want a tattoo, but I'm scared of needles.?
Tats related to strength?
Tattoo is oozing please help?
So I have a do I get rid of it?
Should I get a tattoo ?
How much is re-coloring on a tattoo?
Is it gay to get my idol tattoed on me?
should you tan after getting a tattoo?
Asking your artist for a referral to another artist?
How do you do your own tattoo?
Tattoo on arm?
I'm looking for an experienced, professional tattoo artist in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Know anyone?
Anyone know where to buy bulk Biore pore strips?
What would be a good word to get tattooed on the inside of your lip?
tattoo question that i need help with?
Do guys like 6 feet tall girls?
Anyone who can translate the following sentences into kanji signs? - it is ideas for tattoos.?
Where do i get Tattoo's from?
Where's the best place to buy Charme (Japanese face cream)?
Is it a bad idea to get a matching tattoo with my best friend?
how much do rib tattoos hurt?
How long is this tattoo going to hurt this bad?
What's your opinion on tattoos?
i have a tattoo and i dont know how it got there?
If it's your job to remove peoples hair do you have any horror stories?
Am I over weight?....?
left handed ppl rock,like me. answer if ur a LEFTY!!!!!!!!!!!?
Need Tattoo advice!!!!?
Tattoo Idea's about life and drug abuse?
What do you think of these tattoos? I'm not sure which ones to get or all of them?? your opinion thanks (PICS)?
Tattooing over scars?
How should I commemorate my grandpa via tattoo?
Opinion on tattoo design?
Does my tattoo look tacky, lame, alright, good, etc?
Ideas For Matching Sister Tattoos?
How much does it cost to go see a dermatologist?
how do i look....?
Tattoo idea for dyslexia?
I need a cover up tattoo?
Not alone, loved tattoo ideas?
can my aunt sign for me to get a tattoo even if shes not my legal gaurdian? and how would the tattoo ppl know?
Psychology symbolism?
Getting first two tattoos on wednesday?
is my tattoo infected or rejecting ink? HELLLP!?
GIRLS ONLY please!!!!!!?
How much would a tattoo cost thats a plain black pentacle on my shoulder, about medium size?
where i can go ge my skin lighten from head 2 toes surgically like michael,latoya,beyonce and lil kim?
goin out with my gf tonight how do i get rid of or try to cover up wicked razor burn?
how much does a wrist tattoo hurt?
How much would something like this cost? Best guess,?
Women Only! Why are women so sensitive about their weight?
in tennessee, is it legal to get your nipples peirced at 17 with parental consent?
Looking for a tattoo--I do not have a very creative mind?
tattoo from generation kill?
tattoo touch up help?
Connecting 2 Tattoo ideas?
Do teenage girls prefer guys who are hairy or to have everything shaved?
Portrait tattoo touch up?
What do you think of Tattoos & people who have them?
If your girlfriend has beautiful breasts, should you try and talk her out of getting implants?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
Which one sounds better for a tattoo?
How bad does an tattoo on your right ankle hurt?
Can I get a henna if I'm a waitress?
I have this dark line across my nose...?
Will eating too much chocolate or too much coffee will make my complexion dark?
cold sore help?
How can I make my skin lighter?