how can i get more melanin in my skin?
how much time(min/hours) do you have to keep A&D on a tattoo? i do not need to know about "care" for my ink
is it true that earpiercings hurt more???
If the Man's (woman's) Body's all limbs in right ratio with each other,That human body will be beautiful!!
What's the origin of "tramp stamp?"?
how can i get a free tattoo in ottawa?
Tattoo removal cream? Does it work?
how long will this tattoo take?
Why did my tattoo turn out bad?
my skin is very sensitive and dry, what kind of creme/lotion should i use on my skin?
How old do you have to be to get a tatoo?
Piercings? (Frowny) or (Anti-Smiley)?
Is this is a cool tattoo idea?
Tattoo to remind me of my pregnancy?
Can you get rid of a tattoo with skin grafts?
what do you think of a black cross tattoo?
Need more tattoo ink?
how safe are the slimming creams on the market today?can you recommend a brand?
Would this tattoo be considered a tramp stamp?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
Tattoo ideas for the inside of my wrist?
Alchemical symbol tattoo?
what should i do to cure a pimple FAST!?
where can i put a tattoo of a dove with the word freedom written below it?
Can a woman pee while standing up?
Serious question about my 2 month old tattoo?
Can nurses have tattoos if they're visible but decent?
What is a normal morning and nightly beauty routine?
what is a cute tattoo for a 14 year old girl?
Is this blowout on my tattoo?
Heart tattoo below belly button for a guy?
Would you think its weird or non-classy for a 17 year old to have tattoos?
What is the best body piercing shop in the bay area?
Neutrogena At Home Microdermabrasion. Is Good To Use? Can It Damage You're skin somehow?
a tattoo to represent my nan?
Tattoo design and font size?
has anyone gotten a tattoo and used numbing stuff if so does it help?
Is it true tattoos are addicting?
twin tattoo help please?
Would you rather date a girl or boy with moles all over or hair??????????
I got drunk last night can i get a tattoo today?
I want to freshen up or change my old tattoo.. any hints?
Need help on finding the right tattoo lettering?!?
Where can I get a tattoo from at 16?
beauty mark tattoo?
Have been wanting to get a tatoo for years....scared of pain involved...usually have a high pain tolerance but
How will a 70 year old look if when he was 40 something 30 years ago, decided to wear a tattoo?
how do you aline your own peircings?
What website has customizable name tattoos?
how can i lose the loose skin that hangs from my ribs and stomach?
Why are some woman afraid that a tattoo is going to make them look masculine?
Is this a bad tattoo idea or a good one?
I'm 18 on thursday and thinking about a tattoo..?
small rib cage tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo on your hip hurt?
what are the different types of bikini waxes?
Is the inner lower arm a good place for a quote tattoo?
New Tattoo; scabbing and peeling, is this normal? Will it still have the ink if the scab falls off?
Do you know when...?
how can i look sexy to that boy in my class but i have to wear my uniform FULL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it really that much of an inconvenience to have a tattoo all the way down your arm to your wrist?
I have recently got a tattoo, and wondering what is happening?
I want a foot tattoo but I'm extremely ticklish...would it be a problem?
Dark skin black man and tattoos?
strap less?
i need your help!!!!?
I have thick hairs on my body.Can waxing be a right solution?
Is pump really effective in getting more endowne?
What tanning lotion gets you dark the fastest?
How can I get a tattoo with out showing iD?
Why are my tattoos still raised and scar like?
Where does a tattoo look best on White skin?
I have a tattoo on my leg of a football club?
Why can't women be happy with there complexion?
how would you write the name Aaliya Moore in Arabic? its for a tattoo?
Does anyone know of a tattoo place that does the temporary tattoo ink that lasts like a year plus?
How hard is it to conceal a tattoo?
can you get a tattoo in las vegas with the permission of a parent?
Tattoo problem?
What would you think if you saw someone with a jack the ripper tattoo on their arm?
Where should I get a Tattoo?
So my mom is really against tattoos.?
BUMPS!! ( I want girls to answer this )?
What can I use to cover a tattoo for work?
Does Anybody Noe How 2 Gett Rid Of Tattoos Withoutt Surgery ?
What are the dangers of peircing your tonge?
Tattoo removal help...?
First time tattoo question?
Tattoo artists please help?
Answer only if you like Tattoos!!!?
Bepanthen on a tattoo?
Best place on body to get a tatoo?
Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
How do I get my bikini area and underarms from being so dark?
Im planning to get a 6 inch tattoo. need opinions on where to put it?
anyone ever had a boob job or did something other than a boob job?
i have got dark circles under my eyes kindly suggest remedy for the same i tried all poss way...but nt sucess.
Looking for a specific pictures of this tattoo?
What is a good place to get my boyfriends name tattooed?
Can you make an ambigram tattoo of honest and loyal?
I wanna get a tattoo "stay strong" on my wrist, my friend suggest I get an Anchor.?
Would anyone be interested in designing my memorial tattoo?
tattoo ideas!!?
Getting my first tattoo! Help me decide!?
Tattoo ideas that symbolize family?
I dont want one, but how much do tatoos hurt?
what should i do when my tattoo starts to peel?
who knows how 2 make a tattoo gun?in a simple way?
what is the best product or natural remedy for hyperpigmentation?
how long will it take to get a hand tattoo?
anyone tried the *StrVectin-HS*?
how to get fair skin?
If this was your tattoo would you add anything to it?
How long do i have to wait to we my henna tattoo?
is this a good idea for a tattoo? do you think that i will regret it? honest answers please.?
Which is the best, natural way to brighten ur skin & remove old pimple scars & blackheads???
What is the best, streak-free, self tan?
is getting a tattoo of ur last name ghetto??????
Tattoo ideas anyone.?(:?
Someone suggested that trying zinc would get rid of dark spots does it work and how long does it take?
i have an idea for a tattoo. Tell me what you think.?
Which one do you like?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo or piercing?
What can I add to my arm?
is lemon good to get rid of pimples?
What does ace of hearts tattoo symbolize?
Meaningful tattoo phrase ideas? (Pictures included)?
im attending a pin-up girl photo shoot, what kind of dress should i get?
Can I get a tattoo when I am 17,if someone 18 signs for me?
best make-up/ skin buys as shown on The View, April 3?
Which tattoo shops would you recommend in Arizona?
what you think of these tattoos ?????? (2 tattoos)?
what bra size r u?
What is the best way to temporaliy cover a tattoo?
Why do people get tattoos?
what is the best treatment on the market to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
Where should I get a very small, plain tattoo?
Have you ever got a tattoo and regretted it? What is it?
whats a good tattoo parlor in calgary alberta?
which tanning lotions do you reccomend?
feminine wash?
Tattoos: Billboard of stupidity > Meaningful Self Expression?
is beauty only skin deep???
DOes anyone know a good ance medicine?
Do you think having tattoos can change the way one is looked at?
A few questions about getting a tattoo?
My girlfriend wants to get matching tattoos with each other's name?
Are angel bites cute?
Are piercings a turn on for you??? :)?
How can I care for my finger surface piercing?
what would be the best color for a tattoo for me?
Back tattoo, what to expect?
is this safer?
Mountain Tattoo Designs?
how to combine three tattoo ideas?
ultratone prodcedure...experiences?
Has anyone felt any discomfort from a tattoo during MRI?
Bite mark tattoos? Yes or No? Could be cool?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Should one wax their back?
About how long will this tattoo take?
ami james question ..?
would a tattoo on the lower stomach look gross?
Is this dangerous?
would a tattoo on the foot hurt ? helpppp .?
Is this tattoo cover up possible? (PICTURE!!!!!)?
my wrist tattoos are peeling white stuff?
Rate my new memorial tattoo :)?
does your sholder blade hurt when geeting a tattoo?
Painful tattoo spots?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Should I get a septum or monroe piercing? (PICTURE)?
If you ever tried those epilators help?!?
I really want to get a white tattoo but will it look ok?
i wanna get an arm sleeve but i got scrawny arms lol will it still look good?
Where is a place I can get a tattoo, Auckland?
Has anyone had a tattoo removed using saltwater? If so did it hurt and do you have a picture of it?
What is your favorite tattoo on yourself and why?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost?
If you have an alergic reaction to a tattoo done with black India ink, how bad can it get?
I have terrible stretch marks all over my body. How can I get rid of them?
How badly does it hurt to get a tattoo?
tattoo behind my ear?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
Do you consider 120 pounds for a 13 year old girl fat?
wondering if this is a bad idea for a tattoo?
Help with my tattoo? Please?
i have a question?
What could this tattoo mean?
what would be the best color for a tattoo for me?
Is a small foot tattoo on a girl a turnoff?
Are there African American pin up girls?
What is the meaning of this tattoo?
If you were going to have a tattoo done , what would it be of?
tattoo question?
His name as a tattoo ? bad idea ?
how do you lose inches?
What do you think about this tattoo? 16, about 5'6 and im an english dres size6 (U.S4) i hav c cups..wot do u think? shud i like my bod?
In New Jersey, how much for a tattoo removal? I have a super villain name on my shin.?
What piercings do you think are sexy?
Ink poisoning by sharpie?
Can any artists out there help me with a tattoo design?
TATTOO question.!!!!!!!!!!!?
tattoo ideas for a quote?
what you look good with this tattoo ( under the stars)?
Is it bad to get a tattoo while pregnant?
will you hurt your heart if you get a tattoo on your chest?
How do get rid of super glue on your fingers?
What diet can u lose the most weight on fast?
About how long should it take for a tattoo to heal?
whats the best way to plump your lips without collegen injections?
Art design creation for tattoo.?
I'm wanting to get a tattoo on my foot. How bad will it hurt?
why do all women wear purses and what do they put in there other than make up?
Henna Tattoo Information?
Tattoo kits?(preferably rotary machines)?
what exactly is a hickey?
Are there any tattoo parlor in NYC that allows you to get tattoos if you are under the age of 18?
For those who have light skin and dark hair, won't there be dots on your skin after shaving?
what are some high paying careers that have much time off and are tattoo friendly?
Tattoos and stretching?
Tattoo Ideas!!!! HELP!?
What is the difference between an astringent and a toner?
My First Tattoo - Questions?
What do wear after a nice hot shower?
Quote tattoo on losing a friend?
how much pain and price for this tattoo?
Who are some tattoo artists I could interview via(by) Email?
Would you ever get a tattoo done of yourself?
Do you regret your tattoo?
fress milk can remove a tatoo?
what quote sounds better for a tattoo in memory of my mom and dad?
Tattoo Cover Up Question!?
VCH tomorrow.....what gauge should I get? Please only experienced modders?
piercings!!! smiley's do they need a cirten gadge?
My tattoo...........?
What is the absolute best smelling perfume.?
Let me draw your tattoo!?
Opinions on this tattoo(s) idea?
how much would this tiger tattoo roughly cost?
i am a 17 yr. old and im in love with cheerleading! i need to stop, what do i do?????
whats a cool tattoo idea ?
Where should i get this tat at?
Does Tattoos begin to stretch are look small if you lose are gain Weight?
Does anyone have a tattoo on the fold of wrist and has it faded over the years? Did it heal okay? ?
Is my new tattoo supposed to lose color?
Okay so about my new tattoo?
Where is the best place to get a microdermal piercings?
Washed tattoo for first time...?
do you take a bath or shower?
How do i give myself a stick and poke tattoo without india ink?
Is it normal for a tattoo to peel twice?
Tattoo placement question?
GETTING my first tattoo?
Where in Chicago do they do a decent traditional Japanese tattoo designs?
Is having a breast reduction a bad move if the breast are natural.?
Can i get a tattoo now cause i will be 18 in 6 months?
I had abdominal lipo and it is still wavy after 6 weeks. Will this go away?
Should a tattoo have pus after four days?
How Bad Do Spiderbites (the piercing) Hurt?
How Long Will This Tattoo Take ?
can u be ugly but at the same time really hot?
is it true that you cant donate blood after getting a tattoo?
Worst tattoos you can possibly get?
why do some people get a tattoo of the peace sign?
Where is the best place to get a tattoo and keep it feminine?
Waxing Eyebrows?
My girlfriend wants to get a rose tattoo around her nipple. is there any danger of doing so?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
How to write "You're strong" in Hebrew?
Looking for a tattoo artist in the Gulf Coast of Florida that specializes in tattooing African Americans.?
trying to get an learning experiance?
what may i do, when i have akne and i dont like it.?
how can i take the top hair off of my lip without paying a lot of money?
I had my tattoo done a few months back...?
Giving A Great Massage?!!?
Pill & Deoderant?
I have a really bad skin problem can you help me?
What should I buy for acne scars and black elbows???!?
Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?
wheres the least painfull place to get a first tattoo?
just how painful are tattoos?
Does anyone know the name of this specific temporary tattoo ink ? You paint/draw it on.?
Just recently pierced my lip.?
What tattoo is the one tattoo you would stay away from?
10 POINTS!!! Is there anybody that knows someone, or does piercings without parental consent in SOUTH JERSEY?
blue eyes...........?!?!?!?
If your body is your temple, shouldn't you be able to personalize it?
im 32 and i want a tattoo?
Serious help!!!!?
Mystic tanning?
What tattoo should i get?
why does my friends eyes always come out red in photos and nobody elses. colour, size of his eyes look normal.
Can I legally get a tattoo?
what is the best way of losing weight, what can i eat?
How much would a 3 inch compass tattoo cost?
Would this quote make a good tattoo? "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going. Are you coming with me?"?
why do i have "you have best answer" to the same question email to me over and over?
is Tribalise Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio still there and open?
how do you get rid of a scar?
How much do tattoos change with weight loss?
i have a pimple by my eyebrow right by my eye and its starting to make my eye swell?
Do you think MEN should Dab or Shake it off when they urinate?
I sure could use some ideas on my 1st tattoo?
I need tattoo ideas!?
can you get silver tattoo ink?
What do you think of animal tribal tattoos?
what's the best way of taking the hairs in your armpit?
Tattoo minors in milwaukee?
Am i copying my boyfriends tattoo?
will you respect me if I get a tattoo of a camel on my toe?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
where do you think "Family takes care of family" would look better?
Will my tattoo turn out ok?
Tattoo pain???!?!!????
if you were fat and ugly what would you do?
im 14 and i live in virginia beacb, va. does anyone know where i can get a tattoo at without parents with me.?
I'm 13...I'm getting a tattoo?
I want to get my lip pieced but would have to cover it up for work?
Best tattoo artist in Ontario?
im worried i have a problem down there..women ?
Tattoos.!!! Visibleee!!!?
Tattoo Machine help? 10 best answer!?
whats a good deordant that doesnt show your sweat on a shirt?
Tattoo help please!!?
Is it weird to have your niece/nephew name tattooed on yourself?
what is the best tanning stuff out there?
any thought's on 2 tattoos me and my wife are going?
Is HempZ lotion okay to use on tattoos?
If you were allowed to delete the word penis/ for good what would be the replacement word be?
how can i enlarge and firm my breast without having surgery?
i want to be beautiful ! how can i be with respect to my food and activities!?
I'm getting a tattoo on my shoulder blade tommorrow and wanted to know will if i can wear a t-shirt over it?
how do you get rid of veins under the eye, naturally?
Is my tattoo ok?
another question about tatts :)?
woukd a black and grey outer space tattoo sleeve be childish?
what inspirational words can i get tatooed on my wrist????
lose weight?
where is tattoo nightmares shop located?
Anyone know where i can find?
Differences between Tebori tattoo and Machine tattoo?
shvers for girls?
Can any one suggest me the best of the best tattoo artist in Philippines?
People With Tattoos Only!!!?
Roughly how much do tattoos as Middleton Studio, Manchester, cost?
Where are good spots for tattoos on guys other than arms and shoulders?
Tattoo in Portland, Oregon-botanical drawing?
Girls - guys with tattoos - what and where?
if you have a tattoo?
Tattoo completely fell off?
What's oozing out of my finger?
I am looking for a traditional Japanese dragon tattoo that symbolize fear, strength and power?
What Do...???
Are my piercings too much?
is it ok to get a tattoo 2 weeks after having laparoscopic key hole surgery?
Hip Tattoos? Symbolism between these two?
Why dont girls understand why dudes dont like tattoos(and piercings)?
where would a tattoo across the heart go exactly?
if you had to have something written tattood on you...what would it be??
how can i get custom made washable tattoos?
What causes a tattoo to get white little bumps?
Men, which is the best razor you have used? Also, do you clean it with cold or warm water?
What are reasons you would not consider getting a tattoo?
how do u know that a bra that u just bought at a sales, later will fit well,if there is no fitting room ?
Breast size?
My boyfriend wants to get my name tattooed on his neck..?
tattoo inside lip...?
how do you tell your coworker they smell nicely...?
new nair lasting effects hair remover ready to use wax...?
I'm looking to buy a cheap ear stretching kit.?
Beauty & Health?
Charlotte NC; tattoo & piercings?
i got a new tattoo yesterday, how to treat it?
I just got venom bites can I some tomato soup?
Can someone get a Tattoo with Asthma?
Is it normal for dermal anchor piercings to shift?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on inner thighs & hips ?
What route should I take at 16/17 to become a tattoo artist? I currently study level 3 art 3 days at college?
what colour hair should my tattoo have?
Where can a 15 year old get a tattoo at in VA?
how do u actract a girl or boy ? plz answer i need this these?
Where should I hide my tattoo?
Dry skin on my face. Help me!!?
What do you think about socks?
What would you think if you saw someone with a jack the ripper tattoo on their arm?
hi guys, just a question on a tattoo i wanna get.?
Would i be able to get a tattoo being 17 years old with one of my parents permission?
Hide wrist tattoos, help!!!!!?
Does my ear have a blowout?
how much does it cost to get your belly button pierced at Bombs Away Tatoo?
Any advice for a 20 year nail biter? Serious answers only, please!?
why are people not allowed in the tattoo room?
how many times can i use lemon on my face?
Do women know that men can tell if their breast are natural or have been augmented?
What are some good, inspiring tattoo phrases?
Tattoo Artists - Great at Portraits?? Know Any?
How painful are forearm tattoos?
My tattoo is EXTREMELY scabby! Is this normal?
Short tattoo quotes please :) ?
my bet friend and i are getting matching tattoos and i'm really scared it's going to hurt a TON!?
Im thinking of getting a tatoo?
how to remove acne mark in one mounth?
This tattoo on a women's forearm?
Would this tattoo be noticed?
What do stinky people do to find love?
Would getting this tattoo mess up my chances in a future career??!?
how do i get rid of acne problem as i have done all treatments from alopathic & homeopathic but didnt work out
Tattoo Birthmark/Monroe on Face?
Pain in my ear after stretching?
what is your meaningful tattoo you have?
Do you prefer men with or without tattoos?
The word "Passion" ..?
I am 22 and I moisturize skin around my eyes every day. Am I too young for such pampering?
ppl said proactiv is the best solution for acne and some said its a flaw?
what is the remedy for scars due to accidents?
looking after my new tattoo, does this sound ok?
which tattoo do you like better?
Where do you think would be a good place to put this tattoo?
I've been considering getting a "in memory of" tattoo...?
I want a first tattoo but where and of what !!?
What is my tattoo gun ?
Do you think Lil' Wayne will end up getting his whole face tatted?
I want a tattoo of a poem representing my love for my children.?
Why does my belly ring keep bleeding? ?
how to whiten face without spending too much??
For my first tattoo, should it be my hips or lower back?
Am i hot or beautiful or fair or ok or normal or ugly?
Nowdays after giving birth to a child mother's doesn't feed their infant what is problem why it is happening
Does smoking over time make EVERY SINGLE PERSON look older over the years? Or just most people?
What is the one skin care or makeup product that every woman should have in her purse?
Can I wear shirt over tattoo?
What would be a good tattoo to get if I love techno music and shuffling?
which or your five senses would u lose first it you had to lose one and y?
what are some really good and highly rated tattoo salons in ventura county?
My first tattoo, at 52 above my boob!?
My girlfriend weighs 255 lbs. How can I encourage her to lose weight?
What do you look for in a girl?
im not overweight but only my lower part of the body looks fat what shall i do?
girls with many tattoos often seem to have little self-respect?
i know there is not any sure shot treatment for acne but wht are ways to hav neat and clean skin?
hey girls what you look on a guy when you meet him first time?
Tattoo design help!!!!!?
Can someone draw this for me? ( 10 points )?
Tattoo ideas.. help!!! :)?
Tattoo placement for white collar job?
What would be a sexy place to put this skull and bow tattoo on my body? pic included?
is this percing orginal? ?
does Dragon FX in West Edmonton Mall, Alberta do lip tattoos?
If you HAD to get a quote tattooed on your wrists, what would you get & why?
How much would this tattoo cost?
how can i be skinny when i eat all the time?
What do you think of the tattoo im going to get!??!?!?!?
Three word latin tattoos?
what do girls prefer on guys down there...shaved, trim, or a mohawk?
Belly Button ring?
Which one is better: tanning salon or self-tanner? Why? Pls help?
Is Acutane Safe?
Tattoo ideas for a recovering self-harmer?
Anyone ever heard about this product for acne care?
What font did ryan sheckler used on his chest tattoo?
what are side effects of a tattoo?! I might have some!?
I gt a tat on the inside of my wrist about 2 months ago n it still itches. Y?
Question for people who have tattoos.?
Is it possible to get a disease from a tattoo?
Scabs on tattoo help...?
do you think i should get this tattoo?
Ideas for some nice girly tattoos?
inner conch piercings info?
getting rid of a tattoo?
I was thinking of getting a tattoo?
I HAVE a mole that has gotten bigger over the years ?
Can diseases be transmitted through tattoo ink?
Does Man shave their legs and hands? Or only women ?
My friend got sunburns.How do you get rid of them very quickly?
My nephews are 14 and 12 years old. What is the best facial cream on the market for pimples /zits?
can you still get a tan if you use sunscreen?
Need ideas on where to place my tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo that represents My sister and mother,, what's a good idea ?
Is salicylic acid safe on a tattoo?
My skin on my hands are very dry and rough. Can u recommend a lotion that I don't have to put on every day?
How much weight would i have to lose or gain for my body to shrink or stretch my tattoos?
dry skin???
Can you hide a tattoo for the Marines?
can i use ink from a pen to make a homemade tattoo?
Would this work to get a tattoo?
What is this tattoo called?
Stretching from 6mm (2g) to 8mm (0g).?
I HATE my boobs!!!!?
how much are industrial piercings in michigan?
where can I buy glysomed hand cream in the usa?
Can you get a tattoo at 15 in ny?
whats a good deordant , lotion, and soap thats doesnt have a smell to it?
help i need advice!?
Is My Tattoo Infected?
What could be the meaning of a tattoo that has 3 birds being blown out of a dandelion?
Is this healthy?
where do you recommend?
Okay, so I just got a blood test andddd?
Hi, PLEASE Answer!!?
Do you think I should get a tattoo of the playboy bunny on my stomach?
where do i go 2 look at free tattoos?Not download or buy anything.?
How to straighten out belly button piercing?
Why do people get tattoos?
Crest Whitestrips. Good Vs. bad..... have you ever used them?
are contacts better than glasses?
Can you rate my tattoo ????
i need to know about models in japan?
how do i get healthy skin?
I have oily skin and I have pimples on my chin and jawline. How can I get clear skin?
what are some essential beauty products?
Does anyone know a website where I can find Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura's name in Japanese Symbols?
everytime i get a body piercing, i get this huge weird bump and it will not go away! what is this?
Tattoo Removal or Ill burn my skin off then medical insurance covers it.?
Christina piercing? ?
Tattoo Ideas Thanks xx =)?
I have a tattoo that needs repair and have my family crest inked on, does anyone know of a good artist?
How much would a medium size tattoo of 13 in roman numerals on my thy cost around?
Im going to school for Business and want to get sleeves (tattoos). Could that affect my future career?
wheres a good place to get a hidden tattoo?
How long should I wait to get this peacock side piece tattoo finished? (PICS)?
how much for one session of tattoo removal?about?
Tattoo on side of finger?
What is the safest way to get a tan (but not look orange) if someone has very fair skin and sunburns easily?
do you tan in the summer or do you stay fair and pale?
Is it weird getting a tattoo like this?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Tattoo idea's, need help please!?
How dangerous are UV tattoos? How visible are they in regular light? What ink should an artist use?
a tattoo question about pain and other stuff?
Where is the least painful spot for a tattoo if any? and compare it to something that has the same pain?
What's the best place for to get a pedicure near downtown Silver Spring, MD?
Why is my tattoo not saturated with color?
if I get my arm tatto up will it look different when i gain muscle ?
Tattoos gave me confident is it weird?
What exactly is the care for a lower back tattoo?
Things you don't wanna hear at the tattoo shop?
I want to extend my ankle tattoo?
What works better???
Is the use of house paint for tattoos safe?
How can I get a tan? I have very very pale skin and i burn easily in the sun and have never been known 2 tan?
Body piercing apprenticeship?
R&P: What tattoo design do you think is gnarly?
Tattoo n swimming?
how do people make themselves look unattractive when they have low self esteem?
whats the best way to get rid of pimples?
How much would a henna tatto like this cost?
I'm looking for a tattoo idea to pay homage to the life of the girl I loved?
Do people ever get their nipples tattooed?
I'm pretty angry at the world and want another tattoo, any suggestions?
First tattoo, let me know what you think?
can i just use regular fade creams on my tattoo?
Itchy TATTOO!?
Can I numb the spot where im getting my tattoo with numbing cream or ice or sumthing like that?
Help me out with this tattoo idea?
Thinking of getting a Tattoo at age 14!?
hairy chest? nice or not?
Help with This Tattoo?
Help with tattoo? URGENT?
how can i get rid of my strechmarks, they have faded but i want to get rid completley!?
Olive oil as a facial moisturizer??
I used A & D Ointment on my tattoo. Will it fade?
Is it normal for a tattoo to scab?
My dermal below my eye has a puffy red ring around it is it infected?
Nose Pimples?
i am 21yrs old but my bust size is just 31inches. Can any1 suggest any medcin or method 2increase my bust siz?
Tattoos that resemble enlightenment, serenity or happiness?
1950's Pin Up Girl Tattoo?
Artists/People with chest pieces: How many hours did your chest piece tattoo roughly take to tattoo?
Did you know that a man invented the bra?
I m thinking about getting a tattoo done your suggestions please ?
Wearing new earrings hurt. What can I do?
Which hurts more a naval piercing or a tattoo on your lower back?
Where to buy India ink in Suffolk, va?
How do I get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
How do you get rid of pimples or acne?
Is this tattoo too cliche?
why is the skin of english people so ugly?
Are guys turned off by strech marks?
How do i become less nervous?
Should we refuse sanbathing?
what does bisect mean?
What do you call a tattoo that starts at the middle of the bicep and ends halfway down the forearm?
Two different tattoos at once?
is it really true that a guy is gay if he has his right ear pierced?
What sort of tattoo should my character have?
Will I be able to drive after a thigh tattoo?
can i get a tattoo on my chest even tho i have a lil acne on my chesT?
i want to get a half sleeve on right bicep just not sure on what to get?
where should i put this tattoo of an orca?
How do i lose weight in 1 month??
Tattoo convention/Artist question?
Heath ledger heart tattoo?
i am 17 yrs old i m overweight how can i reduce it?
Where can I find a suplier for wholesale of brand name perfumes and off brand?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
Tattoo Care Question?
Tattoos on belly?
what was your fist tattoo and what was it?
what happens if a tattoo artist goes do deep??to shallow??over works the area?
Another question about leg waxing????
Where to get a tattoo and what to get.?
Can anyone recommend a clean, reputable tattoo studio in Montreal? Thanks!?
Caring for a piercing in a really, really dirty environment?
i need a tattoo idea that will symbolize my dog?
Irritated nose piercing - pic included ?
yesterday a kid at school said i was fat i only weigh 89 pounds and im 12?
which is the most effective and easy cheap ways to get rid of dry hair, pimples and spots on face safely?
I have bumpy skin, but not acne. How can I get rid of the bumps so my skin is more clear?
extra ink around my tattoo,HELP?
does anyone know any good home remidies to make breasts bigger?
Tattoo aftercare tips?
is there any tattooist in either dunfermline or edinburgh that can tattoo 17 year old?
is urine good for getting rid of acne?
what are your thoughts about tattoo's on chix.?
has anyone ever had to get a limb amputated because of a tattoo gone wrong?
How long would it take to do this tattoo roughly?
Tattoo locations and pain?? ?
I want to get a tattoo of an image i've drawn myself. What do I need to take with me?
Tattoo design ideass?
Is it possible to get your lip pierced to low?
How are you able to get adult acne marks to fade???
Do you think its a good idea to get your favorites band name tattooed on you?
Can i get a tattoo under 18 if i have parental consent?
Do you think tattoos on women are unattracitve?
legal age to get a tattoo in France?
would you get mad if your boyfriend got a pinup tattoo?
What is the history of the tibetan tattoo?
If you get a tattoo on your heel will it come of after a while? if so how long will it take?
sharpie tatoos is ok right lol?
if you had to marry a person on the beach what would you wear,just bra and undie,nothing or a bikini?
Should I get a tattoo at fifteen (male)?
What is the meaning of this disney rose tattoo?
What do you guys think of my tattoo?
Wrist tattoo I hate it now?
do you think i'm proportioned?
After getting a finger tattoo should my whole finger hurt?
How Much Should I Charge For Designing Tattoos?
Does getting a tattoo on your wrist hurt bad?
i got a tattoo last week friday and picked the scab and it looks awfull can sombody tell me wat to do?? ;-(?
my tattoo is still not healed after 13 months...what is goin on?
What is getting a tattoo like?
do tattoos hurt??
I need a tattoo phrase for a tattoo design I made. Any suggestions please?
i want to get a tattoo on my lower back, but i dont want it to be call a tramp stamp...what should i get?
Does getting a tattoo behind your ear hurt, or how about on ur foot?
Do You like Big Firm Buttocks or little skinny A$$'$?
How much for a famous family tattoo?
looking for name of french skin care made from plants, non animal testing?
What kind of tattoos do guys like on girls?
whitening skin, scars free...?
how do i not have orange spots when using a bronzer tanning lotion?
what lyrics should i get tattooed on me?
What's a good deodorant??
roughly how long would it take to do this as a tattoo?
Does losing weight have to wrinkle your face up so badly?
Guys waxing symbols on their chests?
What do you think of people who are covered in tattoos? bad is it to get a tattoo?
does aloe vera barbedesis miller gel clog your pores?
Sunscreen for black people?
why do i get boils on my thighs?
Where on the body, is the least painful place to have a tattoo?
Which would hurt more? A tattoo under the breast(rib area) or on my inner bicep?
Whats the best treatment for acne??
Kids call me tall freaks because I'm the tallest girl in my class??
Do you feel shortchanged only having 2 arms and 2 legs to get tattoos on?
Tattoo in white ink?
is a tattoo pain-full?
Ladies, where is the sexiest place for a guy to get a tattoo?
if a women lie on the ground does her Virgina tech the ground?
Horrible panic attack after getting tattooed?
Why are babies so cute? Is it genetics or what?
Aloe Vera Gel 100%?
How old do I look? Please be honest.?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Thinking the worst for my tattoo?
im thinking about starting yorhealth?
What are some good Blink-182 lyrics to get tattooed?
Need to loose weight quickly, help?
How painful are 2 earlobe piercings on one ear?
why do we get pimples on our face on eating mangoes?
i am getting a tattoo of stars like rihannas tattoo on her back. what colors would look good together?
Why is my boyfriends tattoo fading?
Ideas for a memorial tattoo of my two pets that passed away.?
What are the best places on the body for this tattoo?
Help With My First Tattoo?
Anchor logo - tattoo ink?
chest tattoo opinions?
I want to get a tattoo; geeky tattoo ideas?
Thinking about getting a tattoo...?
If your dad died where would you get a tattoo of him at?
Do girls ever think they look fat or the feel fat even though they aren't?
about tanning beds?
A survey for everyone with tattoos...?
is sunscreen bad?
Do You Think Getting A Tattoo Here Would Hurt? (Picture Included)?
How hard is it to cover up a solid black tribal arm band tattoo with another tattoo?
do girls like guys with tattoos?
Whats your opinion on this tattoo idea?
tattoo on bicep, healing and after care advice? ?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Scripted tattoos... help please?
Does anybody know what Seal is as in the last name , would be in greek , for a tattoo . thanks?
Best (and cheapest) place to get a tattoo on Long Island?
Ear piercing?
My first tattoo in ct?
What's the best wax to use at home for large areas like the legs!?
Fake Tan Question?
What would depict "excellence" well in a tattoo?
My tattoo has raised on one part of it and it itches?
Help! I think my tattoo is infected its been 6 days since getting my tattoo & part of it is still red & puffy?
Lily proverbs that could be a tattoo?
How to take care of your tattoo?
pale or tanned?
What is the best over the counter weight loss pills?
If you had to get a tattoo of...?
(Women Only!!!) Any tips or experiences for a person who wants to start wearing a corset?
Can a surgical tech have a naval piercing? And a visible tattoo?
Where on my body should i put this tatto?
"After Inked" product?
A myth about tattoos???
OMG! Please help. I was burned by the sun and have such a bad tan...what can I do to make it go away.?
Anybody have a good pic of the tattoo on busta rhymes back??
what size are mandy murders gauges?
Best friend tattoo idea?
help with a tattoo design?
nail care question?
How can i get my crush to notes me?
Im I to old to get a tattoo?
What are the best facial wipes?
i am getting my first tattoo soon?
would this hurt?
How many piercings do you have/want??? :DD?
How to make a tattoo in english look good going vertical?
Can I get a tattoo at 16 with parental concent in indiana?
where can i get a panda tattoo?
what piercings or tattoos do you have?
Where to get a tattoo?
tattoo help for the inexperienced?
belly button or nose?
dark/light tattoo idea?
What can symbolise family or home?
Vaseline on my tattoo?
Any advice about tattoo?
paw print tattoo on side of wrist?
Are there any other star tattoos for guys besides nautical stars?
How can I get a bigger butt. what should I eat and what exercise should I do?
What tattoo should I get?
Is laser tattoo removal totally effective? Is there. any evidence of the tattoo or scarring after the proced?
A question about tattoo organizations?
Any girls agree? and guys what do you think?
can you get hiv from tattoo ?
my bf sometimes calls me a retard.i dont like should i tell him??
Is it ok to get a tattoo on my boob?
Can getting a tattoo on my inner wrist, take away from my chances of getting a job.?
Love them or loathe them?
How much, size wise, would this tattoo be?
what schooling would help me to become a better tattoo artist. & a few questions.?
H.R. Giger inspired tattoo sleeve suggestions?
how much would this simple coin-sized tattoo cost?
where should i get my tattoo?
kaplan tattoo machine?
Would my tattoos clash together?
I want to get a few tattoos, but my parents are very strongly against it. Help?
How can i get fit in the next 2 months without harming myself?
Will my hand tattoo effect my career?
What colour is your toothbrush?
What is your opinion on tattoos?
How much will a tribal tatto about 7 by 4 inches on my upper arm cost , in the UK?
Should I get a tattoo or belly button piercing for my birthday ?
how to reduce the bumps from waxing lip area?
Should I get Pikachu tattoo on my neck?
Help deciding on a tattoo?
Embrace Life in Latin?
Ok, i am a victim of rape... and for my 18 birthday i want to get a tattoo that means something..any ideas?
do they do Henna tattoos in Queens Center Mall?
New eagle tattoo help?
Best tattoo shop in Yuma,AZ?
Where is a good place in Melbourne, Australia to get a tattoo? ?
Really short quotes for Tattoos?
Everything to know about tattoo's...?
The father of my child died about 2 weeks ago in July and I want to get a R.I.P tattoo with a quote..?
Why is my tattoo faded?
i need tattoo designs or ideas!?
hey are you into tattoos?
Body Modification Norms?
Need opinions on my upcoming tattoo?
Horrible acne?
How can you pierce you belly button yourself?
How to erace tatoos????
Wrist tattoo opinion?
how often do u use a cleanser and what works best?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
where should i get "Ciao Bella" Tattooed?
tattoo on the side of foot........?
What is the name of transfer paper(Stencil) that can be bought in a office supply store for tattoos'?
is my lip piercing bar too short?
Tattoo, or piercings?
im 12 and i weigh 100 pounds is this healthy?
Ideas for tattoo design?
What is the best way to rid myself of the hair on my back?
my friend has eczema patches on his body what whould be best to get rid of this?
swiss rotaries in joker
Where and what have you "Tattooed" or do you wish to "Tattoo"?
Kid Cudi tattoo idea?
Whats The answer to this?
does proactiv really work?
Tattoo to symbolize Billy joel song...?
I want to get a tattoo?
Does anyone know any lightening creams I can use to help fade away my freckles?
Why do my fingernails have dents and bumps in them?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost?
How much should a 12 year old girl weigh (pounds)?
Any Ideas? .. Please Help!?
Can I get a sleeve tattoo by making a series of small cash payments.?
I need Half sleeve ideas!!?
why do ppl think tattoos are trashy and low class?
my weight is 120 originaly 129 but i want to be 110. im eating once a day but its same like 3 chips is it safe
Does anyone know a Kadi Titus or a Jessica Delgado?
Have you used the clarisonic facial brush for acne?
Is it true that children witha cne inherit it from parents with bad skin?
where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
First tattoo? Is it going to hurt?
My nails peel and break any advice?
What is the point of a tattoo if it's not visible...?
How do you fix knuckle tattoos that are blown out?
Which quote should i get for a tattoo? or Suggestions?
Ideas on Tattoo Placement?
ways to get my face tanned?
do you have any tattoo ideas to compliment a nautical star 4 a guy?
i have to take out my belly ring for surgery, will the hole close?
What is the best cure for acne?
How many ( . Y . )s are you sopost to have? cous my brother has at least 3?
Music note tattoo 3 inches above my ankle bone?
Memorial tattoo chevron?
Can you swim w. recent peircings?
i want to get my first tattoo but i need help with something....?
Is it a smart decision to get visible tattoos?
A good idea for a taurus tattoo?
where can i find a plastic drying face mask for cleansing the skin ?
Can you get a tattoo in the uk at 16?
Best place for this tattoo?
is it unusual for a boy/girl to have brown eyes,fair skin and blonde hair ?
What are the best skin care products of French pharmacies? also, Where can I buy them?
Would this be a cool tattoo Idea?
price estimate on this tattoo?
My first tattoo design? What should it be?
Tattoo aftercare advice?
Do tattoos on certain parts of your body heal differntly than others?
how does usually the breast size increase naturally or accidently or with age?
tattoo and healing questions BLACK AND GREY!?
Have names written inside hearts, or in banners on tattoo?
Do you consider yourself Hot or Not?
What kind of tribal tattoo should I get?
Where should I place a "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not" tattoo?
how many cost this tatoo if it is long 20 cm?
chicken bone in ur septum?
Sons name chris in my wrist?
help question about my tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tatoo?
pieercingggg pleaaaaaseee helpppp :) :) :) :) easy quest!?
does anyone know a good e-bay seller that sells pure gold naval body jewellery?
How do i take the redness away from a sun burn?
Between all of these tatoos (Lyrics) which is your favorite?
the white portion of my eyes has small patches of yellow color also the nerves are red.want clean white eyes.?
Where should i get this tattoo?
Where can a 15 year old with piercings get a job?
Question for people who have had tattoos for years....?
Which self tanning lotion works best?
On a scale from 1-10, how bad would you say a tattoo on the wrist hurts?
i want a tattoo?
Elephant tattoo design?
tatto artists fraser valley area?
Should I get this tattoo?
How do i tell my parents I wanna be a tattoo artist?
How can i convince my mom to let me get my first tattoo?
How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Are inner lip tattoos safe ? yes or no ?
do girls like mohawks?
Is It Dangeroud To Get A Temporary Tattoo ?
How do you get a tattoo at age 17?
Is this a cool tattoo idea?
What side of my lip should I get pierced?
please help! tattoo question?
How do tattoo artist judge the price of tattoos?
girls; do you have any tattoos?
ideas for a tattoo..?
how bad do tattoos hurt?
guys only----?
In acne, which treatment is better- laser or tropical or any other? any clues? please help?
Questions about getting my tattoo tomorrow?
what is the best moisturizer for my age group?
Where can I find pin up art, thats hair or hair stylist related?
what do you do if you are having sex and ur friend walks in???
In the long run are expensive facial creams good for your skin or do they make you age more quickly?
Peeling skin?
whats the best product for acne?
They charged me two dollars at the piercing place to rescrew the barbell for my tragus?
how do you keep hair from growing?
whats the best massage school in tx?whats the best massage sool in nyc?whats the best massage school in the US
What Kind of Earrings For My Cartilage piercings?
Stick and Poke Homemade tattoo risks?
When is it ok to wear a sports bra after getting a back tattoo?
What do tattoos feel like?
Tattoo pricing?? How much would you think?
What would be a good first tattoo?
good or bad idea for a 15 or 16 year old girl to get a tattoo?
Pleasent smells, that makes u smile?
what's the big deal when flushing the toilet when someone's taking a shower?
any1 hav ideas for a hip tattoo?
How to loose extra ponds?
What does getting a tattoo feel like???
Where shall i get my bumblebee tattoo?
how do i prepare myself for my tattoo?
What is a good place for a poem tattoo?
Does anyone know when Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy for Men is available to buy in the UK?
I am having a major back operation in the summer and would like a tattoo to cover the scar.. any ideas?
How do I cure dark underarms? (fastest and most natural way)?
Tattoo design...Let me know what you think!?
I'm looking to get a bible verse for a tattoo. I just can't find the perfect one. Help?
can henna stick on tattoos expire?
Zayn Malik from One Direction Tattoos?
Hard skin inside lip piercing will it go?
Mixed colored, Custom colored tattoos.?
My wife and I have been fighting over me getting a tattoo?
tattoo ideas--south america?
Can you get a tattoo by just walking into a parlour?
Can you picture me with a tattoo?
Are these good tattoo ideas?
I want to get a tattoo?
What's the preferal size of penis & how can get that size?
What's happening to my tattoo?
Why do some women get tatoos on their lower back?
My complextion is scarred from the bumps I had in the past,do you know what I can use to clear up my skin?
Tattoo aftercare question?
Dermal wrist piercing?
Me and my sister want to get matching tattoos and we are having trouble looking for something we like?
Tattoo number two, please help!?
Belly Button piercing! Please read!?
How many times does an average white person in a America bath in a week?
Can red ink tattoo cause cadmium poisining?
How could I develop my pectoralis major and minor muscles?
What you guys think about my tatt (picture)?
What is an an expensive way to get rid of acne?
What would be the best and most time efficient DIY tattoo removal? Swift answers appreciated.?
do tattoos REALLY HURT and what kind of pane can you relate it to???
what would you say about a jonas brothers tattoo?
Does/has anyone used Cindy Crawfords product, meaningful beauty? does it work? what about olay regenerist?
women! what method of hair removal do you prefer?
Why does EVERYONE have a dragon tattoo?!?!?
What are some short quotes I can get as a tattoo for my mother ?
How can I get rid of stretchmarks?
How do I get a prison tattoo without going to prison? I'm a Detroit Lions fan.?
What ya think of my tattoo? (Pic)
Peace sign tattoo?
Why do people get tatoos?
do you know a scar removing product? I wanted to get one, I have scars on my legs, pls help.. I am from Philip
Rate my first tattoo!?
Whats your opinion on a white ink tatoo of your kids teeth marks on your forearm?
will i be ever good in style or makeup?
Will I grow into my ribs?
what are some cool tattoos? And what inspired you to get them?
how to clean up your credit?
Can anyone suggest a tried and tested black head remover product(no matter how weird) that actually works?
Sewing needle tattoo?
tattoos covering full arm?
is there an at home remedy to help improve your skin and get rid of dark spots?
Good tattoo websites?
tattoos and my boyfriend?
I have very dark cuticles.due to nail biting.before nail biting my hands were beautiful.but now they are ugly.
Does GLUTATHIONE really Whiten SKin?
Any diet tips?
what can i do for dark armpits? what to use to remove the darkness?i need something that is tried and worked?
About how much would this tattoo cost?
tanning question?
I am a white male and was interested in trying out Carson Magic Shaving Powder . Any knowledge?
Whoever comes up with the best idea I'll do it!?
Ear stretching question?
Has anyone had a tummy tuck in New York?
Which tattoo would be more offensive or draw more negative attention?
How do u get your tummy toned up without any fitness equipments and info. about basic exercises for toning?
what is the best colour rose to get to cover this tattoo?
Tattoo places in Utah?
Good henna tattoo places?
Do anyone know a website that shows tattoos with alot of detail?
How painful is a rib tatto?
i have a zit!!! how can i get rid of it quick?!?
How should I take care of a Tattoo touch up.?
What tattoo should i get?
I have loads of Pimples on my Face and when they vanish .....and leave spots behind?
bj betts lettering guide (tattoo script)?
What is the piercing age in Virginia and Washington DC?
Cost of a sleeve tattoo on calf?
I have tiny hair on my nose. How can I remove them?