Should I get A tattoo? What should it be?
Tattoo idea honoring my mother and gradndmother?
Can I get a tattoo if I have to get a surgery?
Lower back tattoos? Explanation?
Pros and cons of the beauty industry?
Looking for ideas for my new tattoo...awesome people feel free to help :3?
Thaaaaaanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how long does it take for a cut on the skin to heal?
is there any good body wash that is unscented and dozent dry ur skin out?
My daughter asked me if she can get a little heart tattoo.I don't know if I should let her?
What style of tattoo is this?
what kind of tattoo should I get and are they still cool?
Tattoo over a a scar from a burn?
Do apples or peanut butter cause breakouts?
tattoo fading advice ?
I'm turning 18 soon, and I want a tattoo?
Nose Piercing Hole bigger than Jewerly? Sinking?
What do we think about this tattoo?
whats the best way to loose 5lbs in like two to three weeks?
do you have to have parent permission when your 16 to get a tattoo?
wich tattoo do you like better!?
Do septum piercings hurt?
how can i loose weight and fast??
how much does it cost to get a medium sized tattoo?
What do guys think of tattoos?
What do you all think of piercings on boys?!?
Has anyone had a body wrap?
Do tattoo artists charge if you ask them to sketch what you want designed?
Wheres the best Dermatologist in Dallas,Tx?
I am going to have a small tattoo put on just for you. What would you like and where shall I put it?
If a woman had a tattoo on her belly and she got pregnant would it stretch the tattoo and ruin it forever?
I am very lean how i improve my weight. there is any tablets or tonic available for improve weight?
What is a good quote to put under my tattoo?
Ideas for a tattoo to do with music?
Is lotion good for your face?
Tattoo help?!?
How much would this tattoo cost...generally? (Canada)?
How much weight would i have to lose or gain for my body to shrink or stretch my tattoos?
I am 17,male and 5'6,can I still increase my height?
What is this tattoo/symbol?
do hip piercings always reject?
What quote would be good for a tattoo for my grandad?
What's up with anorexics and bulemics?
what is a good tanning lotion that works?
Where is a good place to put my tattoo of a name?
Dance Tattoo ideas!!!?
where can i see free tattoo images?
If a man notices that his girlfriend has unwanted hair on her legs, will he?
I need someone's help so much on stretchers?
I have a tattoo that I really want but I'm not sure in regards to appearance or location :/?
is there anywhere i can get a tattoo designed online?
anybody know any good tattoo design websites?
recommended times to do body scrub?
I usually drink a RED BULL once a day is that dangerous to my health and does that cause break outs ?
do you think lip piercings are hott on girls?
a picture of ultra derm whitening cream from cannada?
How much would this tattoo cost?
What do u prefer most arrange or love marriage?
What are some ways to convince my mom it's okay to tan.?
im almost 14, is that to young for a small tattoo?
Mole over area?
How many times a day am I supposed to put lotion on my tattoo?
How long should my Message Tattoo be?
If you have a tattoo sleeve, what is it of and what is the significance behind it?
Tattoo ideas please!! I have a few ideas I'd like to ...?
I don't like tatoos on girls, anyone agree?
How old do you have to be to have a tatoo in the U.k.?
how to get thicker and or bigger legs ? hip to ankle?
Will I regret an unsentimental tattoo?
Has anyone tried the Meaningful Beauty skin care regimen by Cindy Crawford?
I'm getting a lot of tattoos and want to try numbing cream?
how much does it cost for flaxel laser treatment?
if you live in toronto with a tattoo please answer!?
Is it wrong to get a tribal tattoo that has no relation to me?
what does zak bagans wrist tattoo stand for?
i am 21yrs old but my bust size is just 31inches. Can any1 suggest any medcin or method 2increase my bust siz?
how much would this tattoo ruffly cost in £?
How can I use atring for removing hair from my face?
Which tattoo should I get?
I got a tattoo a little over a month ago and I think my body rejected the ink?
Whats does the singer chipmunks tattoo say?
can you get 2 tattoos in 1 visit?
Home made tattoos safe?
HElp me im really in trouble?
Are tattoos 100% socially acceptable?
why is sean so fat?
getting a tattoo need info?
Tattoo placement on women?
How much does it hurt to get a tattoo? PLEASE SHARE WITH ME.?
What do you think of having a TRAMP STAMP? Is it true that they are illegal in some states? ?
Ok; Author? Tattoo Artist? Singer?
What's your opinion on getting your first name tattooed in another language (PIC INCLUDED)?
How much will a very detailed black butterfly tattoo be?
Anyone know of any great tattoo parlors or artists in NYC?
DIY Tattoo removal?
Ear piercing pain?
Ideas on covering up a tattoo?
Where can I buy Proactiv?
Does my bum look big?
Is it offensive to get another tattoo done by a different artist?
Where can I find photos of the tattoo design from the Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?
What's the easiest way to pick up a fat chick?
Which eye cream/gel you used before & will recommend for dark rings, dryness, winkles & firm?
Why do Americans think that they need "to work on a tan", surely, just laying in the sun is not work, is it?
how come i cant get rid of the ingrown stubble stuff on my legs after i shave? it looks awful!?
How to make a temporay tattoo stay on longer?
I need Help?
Tattoo ideas about overcoming depression?
I thinking about getting a tattoo...?
what happens when you draw with a permanent marker on yourself to fake a tattoo?
How painful is a tattoo?
if a woman gets fat from one part of her body transfered to another is she still fake? and can u even do that?
Any cheap tattoo parlors/body piercing places in Pismo?
I want to get this But where though?
Had a tattoo today need some advise, please.?
15 turning 16 and wanting a tattoo.?
I can't find the right words (tattoo)?
The idea for my first Tattoo?
Should I get this tattoo?
Does anyone know how to get rid of red marks left from acne???
Do you think feet are good places for tattoos? Why or why not?
Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos?
how do you get rid of black heads?
When Tanning.. How do you kill time inside the booth? Do you stand still or dance to the beat? Just Wondering?
Does anyone know if electrolysis hurts or is it pain free?
Couple tattoo's idea. What do you think?
I need tips for weight lifting?
Lip piercings???????????
is it normal for a tattoo to peel?
Tattoo, White Ink Article UK GQ Magazine! PLEASE HELP!!!!! DESPERATE!?
Truthfully, do tattoo's hurt?
Is this a safe way of making tattoo ink?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo with parental permission ?
Angel tattoo wrapped in music notes?
Is it stupid to get a tattoo of this?
i want to be beautiful ! how can i be with respect to my food and activities!?
what is a good medicine for acne??
how to get rid of strech marks?
Spots to get a small-ish tattoo, how small can they make tattoos?
I want to find the company spa newbury in boston?
good life/love quotes for tattoos?
which part does a guy look in a female first??
What is this green dot on my wrist?
Do you think it is pointless to get tattoo's of houston? ?
what does colored bath salt do?
did it hurt to get a tattoo on your ankle?
Do you have a tattoo?
Feeling Sick After Getting a Tattoo?
i'm 14 and have mild to moderate acne in my t-zone i'm thinking about using differin, does it work?
Tattoos on girls legs. Sexy. Yes or No?
*Experts On Feet And Sweat, Help Please?*?
Is there anybody online or something that can draw a picture for a tattoo if I give them the details?
I need some ideas for a tattoo that involve myself being adopted from russia. Any ideas?
I need help deciding!!!?
Tattoo of a guys name?
How long does it take to get a tattoo covered up?
i've just got a tattoo, and i'm scared i've done the wrong thing, i did it impulsively! please don't judge
why "that " part looks so black?
DO YOU NEED a APPOintment to get a tattoo?>>>>?
would a wrist tattoo prevent me from getting a job in the graphic design industry?
I Just Ordered Proactiv, Does This Stuff Really Work?
Do you have a tattoo?
How would you rate the spray on tans?
How long is too long to wait in between tattoo sessions for a large piece?
Recently I got two surface hips piercings.?
Any suggestions on a sweet/fruity smelling perfume?
I got a tattoo 4 days ago and it looks like my skin has been cut, is this okay?
Do you think a tattoo on the neck looks good?
why do people walk on two legs instead of one?
Can you help me in telling me a site about the vocabulary of human face features to describe like nose, lips?
I have my tougue peiced is that bad?
I want to become a famous porn star where do I begin?
I have big pores on my face can anyone tell me the cure.?
Which nose rings are better the straight ones or the curved ones?
Does anyone know what the lotion is called that makes your hair lighter?
I want a small tattoo, will it hurt?
what tattoo can i get that...?
how can some one avoid razor burn?
Is this a stupid idea for a tattoo?
My nails grow white tips naturally. I was told this is due to poor ciruclation; is that true? Why? Thanks :)?
Help me PLEASE!!!!!?
What is the difference between hydroquinone and Dr.F.Palmer's skin whitener?
Does juicy J have any tattoos ?
How long does it usually take to get a tattoo?
Should I get a tattoo on my Right arm even though I want a Government Job?
how to convince your parents.. PIERCINGS?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Heavily tattooed women.?
Tattoo ideas. I need some suggestions?
Iam 50 years old. My face has black spots, dark cycles around my eyes and I have pimples.How can you help me?
do u think kyle and dylan are cool or not cool names?
Girls OnlY?
I want to get tattoo my first one. i have a low tolerance of pain and i want to know would it hurt me.?
need some tattoo suggestions?
where can I get a sattchel?
tattoo help? i need help i am planing to get a tattoo.?
tatto question?
will this tattoo hurt ?
What's a good tattoo for me and where on my body should I get it.?
homemade tattoos, yes or no?
im 16 years old getting a tattoo on my leg would how bad will it hurt?
someone please help me with my tattoo idea?
What kind of tattoo does lil wayne have on his fingers?
red bumps and numbness after waxing for first time?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
i av stretch marks on my shoulder . wat can i do 2 eliminate it ???
Whats the best way to look after a tattoo??
If your tattoo itches?
im 16 and my mum is allowing me to get a tattoo how much would it cost?
what is a really mild make-up remover?
Could having a forearm tattoo affect future jobs?
what do you think of this quote for a tattoo?
which tatoo should i have removed??
Does anyone know anything about the injection (non-surgical) breast lift?
Where is the best tattoo parlor in central New Jersey?
Can Scars on a woman be sexy (belly area)?
If a skincare product stings when you put it on should you stop using it?
what should i use to cover a tattoo?
Simple Meaningful tattoos?
Why is my tattoo feeling bumpy?
Tattoos on heavier people... what happens if you lose weight?
Should a baby 1 month have their toenails painted?
doesTopiclear BEAUTY LOTION xtra - Laite de Beaute - 16.8oz brown cap works for skin lightening?
i have pimple & with exposure to sun, my face become black . tell me advice which i can Cure it in my house.?
What is the best place to put a tattoo about my deceased Grandmother?
i haven't got a big chest what can i do to make them look bigger?
Can I get a tattoo in Virginia w/ parent consent if Im from out of state *(I have a NC id)?
can i get a tattoo if i have tanning lotion on?
I have dry skin spots on my face. It's sorta peeling. What do I do?
Do they make glow in the dark tattoo inks?
Are tattoos unattractive on a girl ?
is there a tattoo that isn't permanent but lasts longer than a henna?
my tattoo is bumpy?
Small femenine tattoo ideas.?
Where is a good place to get a one word tattoo for a girl?
Is it too much to have 4 lizard tattoos on a girl's body?
do you prefer hip piercings or bellybutton?
I am thinking about getting a tattoo right above my waitline.........?
Why are brunnettes white, and blonds pink tanned?
legal gaurdian for tattoo?
I want a tattoo of a quote. I want it to be about life.?
How much do seven letter tattoo cost?
What looks better on a female?
Ciao!!!!!!!!!can you enter please?
Getting the same tattoo as someone at work?
what is a tattoo that covers your shoulder, part of chest, and part of your arm?
How many of you have more than one tattoo?
I am looking for some help in picking out another tattoo?
will it hurt to get a tattoo on my neck?
My Fiance' does tattoos and I want us to get one means something to both of us...?
Tattoo idea>?:).........?
Tattoo flakes after I shower?
Do you think tattoos are ugly?
pictures of bird tattoos?
whats the best salon/spa in vegas to get a brazilian wax?
i have got my first tattoo today, plz suggest me what precautions should i take now...?
Powerful, meaningful, short quotes for a first tattoo?
worrying pain on tattoo?
Tattoo? i need a pro's help?
Is it safe for me to pierce my lip MYSELF ?
Suicide quotes for a tattoo?
Am I ugly?
Who is this girl? She is a tattoo model I think.?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?
what is the most effective way to get a tan?
What part of your body you like the most???
I bite my nails How can I stop?
anchor tattoo designs?
Is getting a tattoo a sign of immaturity?
Are belly piercings and tattoos trashy? Good looking? Should I not do anything to my body?
Can anyone give me an idea of how much a tattoo like this would cost me? PLEASE READ!!! !!! !!! !!!?
Tattoo idea for faith?
I can't decide what tattoo to make!?
what is exfoliating from april.?
How do i remove nail polish without using nail polish remover?
modeling with tattoos?
Is it reasonable to get a tattoo touched up after several years?
should i get a tattoo?
What is the best remedy for crow's feet?
Question for the ladies, do you like guys with tattoos?
I am in the process of getting my first tattoo ?!?!?!?!?!? Pain!!!!?
my face always looks and feels dry, even though I continuously apply moisturizers. What can I do?
Would it be ugly for a sixteen year old girl to get a small indian head tattooed on her elbow?
what is the best acne medication available over the counter?
Is this tattoo too feminine for a guy?
men and women let me know how????????? asap?
do u smoke?
How to help an itchy tattoo?
a question about tattoo's?
I am over weight what should i do????
best website for checking available tattoo apprencticeships around the UK?
I am scheduled to get a tattoo tomorrow but,?
Where should I get my tattoo?
where is the best place to get a tattoo that will not hurt that much?
recommended times to do body scrub?
how could i remove scarce from my face?
can you tan with on a cloudy day ?
Best friend tattoo??:)?
how much would a small tattoo cost?
does anyone have sudden breakouts like me...?
whats a smallish meaningful tattoo about my mom?
How bad to back tattoos hurt?
Help finding the right Tattoo?
Can you stretch conch piercings?
I just put Vaseline on my tattoo, and i got the tat yesterday?
am i to young for laser resurfacing?
Tattoo placement suggestions please!?
I Need an Idea for a Tattoo?
what men in relationship and in love thinks of the marks and blemishes on girls face?
how pain full is a tattoo that is on the back/neck area?
LADIES!How do I deal with wearing a bikini for the first time?
Does anyone know when Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy for Men is available to buy in the UK?
how do you not have hair shadows after shaving?
a picture of ultra derm whitening cream from cannada?
Buying an airbrush tattoo kit for starters?
do you shower in the mornings or evenings and are u male or female?
i need help with a tattoo!?
tattoos do they hurt?
Is there a close up pic of Lea thigh tattoo on bad girls club?
tattoo on my wrist...yes or no?
tattoo after care help!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the risk of a foot tattoo looking bad after a while, and your experiences with it?
If a guy has ACAB tattooed on the knuckles of one hand, what does he have tattooed on the other?
When excercising, what gives the best results- cardio or weight training?
Can I go to practice with a new tattoo?
Do you have a tatoo??
Tattoo age laws in colorado?
can i apply sunblock over calamine lotion on my face?
Is It a Sin to get a Tattoo?
I want piercings and maybe a tattoo when I'm older?
im talented and funny, but i don't have a boyfriend.?
How much would this tattoo cost?
I want a meaningful tattoo but I dont know what to get?
What are some really good tattoo ideas? ?
how much would this tattoo of this size cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Cozumel Mexico?
Do Guys Like Tattoos on a Girl??
what natural ingredient acclerates tanning in the sun?
How do you get rid of the blackness that's in your armpits?
10POINTS.. How long would this tattoo take?
Where's the best place to get a tattoo?
What is the best and most natural skin toner/lightner on the market?
how can i give myself or somebody give me a tattoo without goin to a tattoo shop?
Do some people not notice thier own BO after a while?
dont answer unless you've had experience?
Does anyone know of a place in San Diego where they do eyebrow threading?
People with tattoos on their shoulder blades! How tolerable is the pain?
tattoo power supply issues?
Can everyone get a tan?
If you could get plastic surgery free of charge what would you get done?
Thinking of having three stars tattoo on wrist?
around how much would it cost to get this tattoo redone?
Left Inner Wrist Tattoo?
Do you need your parent to sign for a tattoo? or can it be a friend of age?
How much do you think this tattoo with cost?
how long does it take to get a real good tan? when its 68 outside?
Tattoo Idea Help Me Please.?
Are overweight girls really a problem for heterosexual men?
My girlfriend wants to get a tattoo on her right shoulder blade of a dandelion. How long would it take?
Girls only answer this question, please!!?
I have a few questions about this tattoo that I wanna get...?
New tattoo care help?
How many tattoos can be done at one time?
Does laser tattoo removal work?
Average tattoo prices?
how do i lose weight cauz i'm 120 pounds put I wanna be 65 pounds ??????????help me?
I want a rib tattoo but ...?
I'm getting a tattoo in Nov. "not all those who wander are lost." will people think I'm a Lotr geek if I do?
Can you get a job with a full tattoo sleeve?
My First Tattoo! Undecided!?!?!?
Do wrist tattoos hurt much?
I really need help with a tattoo?
I have DRY skin!!! Legs and hands are especially!!!?
Band around forearm 2 parallel lines tattoo, meaning?
Tattoo Question?
Is my tattoo meaning not meaningful enough to get tattoo'd on my body?
an estimate to gettin a 7inch tattoo on my forearm laserd off?
Sexy (but not trashy) places to put a tattoo( female)??
in the navy you cant have tattoos over the elbow right?
Where should I be?................?
Getting a new tattoo, then going to a concert?
I am thinking of getting a tattoo, where is a good(ie. it wont stretch etc.) discreet place to get one???
How much should my tattoo cost?
I've just started stretching my ears .. (BEST ANSWER GETS 10 POINTS)?
How does tattooing feel like?
has any one been to a spa before?
where can a 16, almost 17 year old get a tattoo in new york/canada?
i want a tattoo and am wondering what is symbolic for change. without it being some little symbol.?
where can i find a tattoo shop which do a tatoo in singapore?
Help me out with this tattoo idea?
i suffer from terrible dark circles,i drink loads of water and get enough sleep,wot shall i do?!?
Does anyone know of Polynesian tattoo shops in California?
Am I doing it too long?
Hey Guys! Tattoos-sexy or trashy?
Should i be Emo and a normal person or just emo or just a normal person?
Pain level of this tattoo? (pic included)?
Om/Omkar symbol meaning? Thinking of a tattoo? BQ What's written below Amber Heard's breasts (tattoo) in film?
tattoo questions people have before getting one?
best way to get rid of bacne fast?
do you think i will look good with a nose piercing (pic included)?
I want to get a tattoo, but I'm not sure what tattoo parlor I can go to. Any suggestions?
DOes getting a tattoo hurt?
How do you kill a zit?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
How good is the instant tan, they kind you get at a tanning salon?
If you did not know your bra size would you rather have a male or a female measure your breasts and why?
how to make this tattoo personalized?
Meaning behind having a nautical star on your knee?
so i have a brother with down syndrome and i want a tattoo in dedication to him. any ideas?
Difference between Kirituhi and maori tattoos?
Negative feedback on my tattoo?
Migration in piercings?
tattoo removal/cover up help!?
i m 17 n i m a model i hav had sex with my boss now i m worried that my breast will get loosen ?
I'm so tall!?!?
Whats the best creams,soaps etc.for black marks, skin discoloration, Scars from severe acne for black males?
Very nervous about first tattoo?
Getting a tattoo soon. Need to be aware of pain scale from 1 to 10 from people who know?
What would be a good addition to a spider tattoo?
What is the Deal with dark skin?????
Help! What style of tattooing is this?
how to get a tattoo lisence?
Good Tattoo Idea? I'll love you forever--->read more.?
Tattoo ideas for 'life is what you make of it'?
i want a tattoo, should i get it on my hip or ankle?
How long do I have to keep this on after getting my tat?
Naomi Judd's "Esteem" skin products. can't find how to order.?
What can I cover up my tattoo with?
Ladies help!?
Which careers allow body modifications?
What is your opinion on a Matryoshka tattoo?
which is the best sunscreen lotion?
If I got a small tattoo..
My tattoo has puss bumps around it?
Tattoo artists....What do you think of this tattoo?
I need a good tattoo idea.?
how do you get rid of a scar?
Is Tattoo Pain Excruciating?
what to get for a anniversary present?
I need ideas for tattoo?!?!?
industrial piercing and tattoo?
im 16 and im thinking about a tattoo i want to know if it will stretch alot?
I'm going today to get a tattoo and I'm having trouble where to put it?
Am I fit to be a model?
Why do so many young women get those stupid tattoos on their lower back?
gorgeous tattoo's that are small?
Does anyone know of a good moisturizer for dry skin ( facial moisturizer)?
My question relates to hair removal. I'm wondering what the best method is for underarms?
does getting a tattoo on ur lower back hurt?
gizmos tattoos on greenville ave?
help i have huge breast want 2 make them look and feel smaller???
does anyone knows a website for grass style calligraphy tattoos design?
do YOU use proactive?
what do you think of this tattoo? (another one!)?
Is it possible to be too curvy for a rib tattoo?
how long does the stinging of a new tattoo last?
Ideas for my first tattoo?
where can i get a panda tattoo?
Question about a wrist tattoo?!?!?!?
What can i say to make fun of him? About his appearance?
I recently went through ovarian cancer, and to remember the tough time I am thinking of getting a tattoo.?
both sexes: orgasms occur from intercourse, oral stimulation, both...?
Where is the best place in Vegas for a family to get a tattoo?
I wanna get a tattoo of something written in spanish bu don't know what to get does ne1 have ne suggestions
Tattoo representing my soon to be born sister ideas?
What does exfoliating do for your face and how do i do it?
Unique tattoo location?
how do you know the guy girl likes you?
do i use enough moiisturizer?
Roman numeral tattoo placement?
should i get a tattoo my boyfriends name on me?
chest tattoo opinions?
How to get rid of my already light/faded tattoo?
How much do you think this tattoo would cost, here in uk?
Tattoo bleeding and rash around it! Help?
Do you like these tattoos, should I get them, can a 14 year old get one with parents permission?
Want to Change my Tattoo?
Tell me about your tattoo.?
lower back tattoo price guess?
I Hav Dark circles Around My eyes so how 2 remove this dark circles in naturally or in home method?
What do you think of this tattoo (link) and which version do you prefer?
freckles! i hate mine?
is 85 lbs light heavy or normal 4 somebody who is 5ft 1 inch?
Are there RN's that have visible tattoos on their arms & their job dosent make them cover them up?
Breast Implants Need Advice?
who is the best singer?
can i remmove my surface hip piercings?
how should i care for my new tattoo when i have to wear tennis shoes?
I have lil dots coming up on my face but they arent pimples i think...i use clean and clear blackhead/facial?
How long can I take out my eyebrow piercing?
What is the difference between normal sunscreen and sunscreen for kids?
tattoo touch up help?
help with what tattoo to get?
is there anyway to get rid of stretch marks?
What are your thoughts on tattoos?
What is the meaning to this tattoo?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
where can i go to school for massging if i live in North Carolina?
If you could get a Tattoo what kind would you get?
Memorial Tattoo Ideas, Please Be Respectful?
how to tattoo a the inside of a lip?
Girls,Do you think tatoos are sexy on other girls,like a small tattoos on there lower backs?
Should i get a tattoo?
I'm looking for the best landscape tattoo artists in the Tri-State Area?
I am fat! I weigh 106 lbs, 13 year old, and 5'5...HELP!?
help removing 00g cbr?
im looking for a picture of a certian tattoo please help?
WHY cant i get a tattoo?
Can Anyone Help Me Find A Tattoo?
what is the best way to get ur mind off bitein nails?
White ink tattoo decision help!?
Wich one.......?
is getting the initial of a bf/gf tattooed as bad as getting the name?
my local tattoo and piercing studio says i can train with them how does that work?
Want new Tattoo, but has had Staph infection.?
for the ladies only?
Im 14 and im getting a tattoo small to medium what should i get?
would this make a good tattoo?
should i use anti bacterial wipes on my new tattoo?
What is the difference between Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peeling?
i want a tattoo underneath my breast?
What would be good tattoo to represent bad luck?
I've heard that tattoos can be removed using condensed milk - can this be?
any tips for tattoo aftercare?
Question for Inkslinger?
Tatto Behind My Ear?
How to improve complexion for dry skin in women?
I want to get some tatoos but i dont know what does anybody have any ideas ?
I am 20 and most ppl think I look around 15. What can I do?
which is more important ,a sexy body or a beautiful face?
Being 15, would it be okay to get a tattoo?
Can guys really not know if a girl has had a boob job? Even if they have "intimate" relations w/ her?
permanent skin hair removal?
im16 years old,6`1 i was wondering how do you no when your done growing is there any ways to figure that out?
Why do women have their lips enlarged with collegen or botox, what is the reason?
Should I have my tounge skin removed??
What do you think of my two tattoos?
What is the dumbest tattoo you have ever seen?
White ink Tattoo questions! Help?
Can india ink go bad?
Need help ear stretching problem!!!!?
What would go with this tattoo?
Whats the best way to get whiter teeth without having to go to a dental hygienist??
What's the best time for getting a tattoo?
Long details!!?
i want a tattoo representing hard times in my life?
Why do people say its harder to get a job with tattoos?
Can anyone help me with a tattoo quote? Inspiration and dedication?
Would it be a wise thing to get a Tattoo covering my Stomach Stretchmarks?
Has anyone tried the new LiftFusion anti-wrinkle product? Does it work?
What Kind Of Bikini ??
Was Harvey and William right about the tattoo on Peter's chest?
Are theses needles in a round?
Help me pick a tattoo font? And any advice on tattoos?
I want to get a small tattoo... a few questions.?
What does everyone think of this design?
what tattoo should i get in memory of my father?
Tattoo Ideas relating to World History?
what are your views on belly button fluff???
Need help deciding on a disney tattoo?
how many tats do you have? what and where are they?
Do you have "leftover" hairs when you wax your pits?
what is the best way to get a girlfriend?
What are some good examples of victory for mankind?
Tattoos vs boyfriend. Should I really have to decide?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Tattoo information help?
I have multiple tatoos?
My cousins friend has stretch marks and she's only 13!?
please help me i dont know what to do!!?
What do you think about chicks that have alot of tattoos?
why do people put so many piercings on their body?
How does chlorine affect ink?
how much would this tattoo cost?
what do u think about my tattoo?
why do chicks always go for a guys looks even if they treat them like total crap?
Why does men always like stare at your chest and butt and says hey baby?
Ear Gauge/stretching Blowout/tear?
Christina Piercing/Hood piercing ?
strength/staying strong tattoo?
Where should I get my tattoo?
does anyone use bleach in their bath water?
How can i make a fake tattoo that looks real?
Can you high schoolers give me some advise about 8th grade and entering high school?
I was being curious, how do you get rid of toe nail fungus and how do you know you have it?
Help with TATTOO designs?
it is said that people who are slim and beautiful are usually the ones who get the best of everytihng.?
what do you like better belly button piercing or a small tattoo?
Is my tatto supposed to get really scabbed and turn grey when they fall off?
Where to get a tattoo?
Why do older guys seem to last longer in bed than younger men?
What do you think of the placement of this tattoo (pics)?
Should I get a white ink tattoo?
For Regular users of Certain Dri antiperspirant?
It's been about 7 years sence my dad died, he was cremated, I just need a tattoo to remember him. ?
Can anyone please recommend a good Laser Tattoo Removal facility in Toronto?
How much would this tattoo be?
I need to cover up two star tattoos on my hips?
english to elvish translation help?
Is there something wrong with my tattoo?
Are there any places in Charleston, sc that does tattoo excision?
Another tattoo question?
good place for a heart tattoo on a guy?
What did the pain of getting your tattoo feel like?
Does anyone know what Tora Tattoos charge...?
Getting a foot tattoo?
Does getting a tattoo on your side hurt?
Would anyone be willing to draw a tattoo for me and email it to me? (: ?
Where is the best place to get first tattoo?
this is a question for people who has tattos?
what web sight can i find a bath massager,liquidsoap dispencer,footscruber all in 1, for 19.99 with free robe?
I Have a ? Im trying to get my skin looking smoooth and make my old acne scare go away What should I use?
Can you be a tattoo artist if you are ok at drawing?
If I work out...?
I want a tattoo on my back on my left side how bad will it hurt?
tattoo design? simple but cool?
why do woman get their teeth whitened..?? looks so fake?
does anybody know what this tattoo stands for?
which quote for a tattoo?
Opinions on a tattoo idea please?
Should I get a tattoo on my wrist with numbing gel if I'm afraid of needles?
Which of these tattoos do you like best and which of them would be most/least painful?
Do you think having tattoos can change the way one is looked at?
How do i write my birthday 11/17/1990 in roman numerals, for a tattoo?
can i redo my black tattoo into a light purple?
how to get rid of acne?
Whats the best way to get rid of inner thigh fat??
any Ideas for my tattoo?
i wana get that Dragon tattoo from sleeping dogs?
For guys (or anyone who is attracted to women):?
I'd like a tattoo, I have a rough idea on what I'd like but I cannot find a design that I like.?
Need Tattoo Advice for arm/forearm?
Why so many girls have orange skin?
Does getting a frenum piercing hurt more or less than a PA?
Some ideas for asian tattoos that aren't trashy?
Tattoo help please??
Which quote for a tattoo?
Whats a fast way to get rid of acne without going to the doctor?
what does it feel like?
is there any home cure for marks on face?
should i be concerned if i have a tattoo on a mole and have had skin cancer?
Do you think that the age limit for tattoos/piercings should be lowered?
What do you think of this for my first tattoo? Doable?
how much will it hurt to get a tattoo on my spine?
what kind of stores sell tramp stamps?
What should i practice drawing to become a tattoo artist?
What is the best way to get rid of toe-nail fungus?
Do you find these tattoos contradictory?
New Tattoo Aftercare?
to all girls help?
dermabrasion tattoo removal?
Caring for swollen gauges after stretching?
designs to go with quote?
I want to get a tattoo and I want to get a saying in Italian. But i just cant seem to think of the perfect one
Any opnion on Mystic Ink Tattoo and Piercing Parlor in Newport, VT? Is it clean? How do the tattoos look?
wrinkles under eye?
Getting my first tattoo?
Black quote tattoo on wrist with heavy scabbing?
I Have An Arabic Tattoo... Can I Still Get Into The National Guard?
In your opinion, what's the most attractive eye color in someone of the opposite sex, and why?
how much money has joan rivers spent on plastic surgery?
Help me? I need opinions for a tattoo!?
Tattoos on fat girls.....?
What does it mean whena 7 and 6 are intertwined on a tattoo?
how can i remove facial hair w/out waxing or shaving my beautiful face!?
iv 3 tatoos, should i get anothet?
What do you think of a tattoo like this?
Could anything have happened to my new tattoo?
dose anyone (about 14) just love the rain?
Do you consider 110 pounds obese for an 11 year old girl who is 5 feet?
Does anyone know the kanji symbol for friendship?
Will a lower back tattoo really matter?
Women: How do you feel about men shaving their pubic hair?
i have lots of bumps on my beautiful skin what should i do?
Why in the uk do you have to be 18 to get a tattoo?
MEN: Do you like belly piercings on a woman?
What do they use for scar tattoos?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Does this represent tattoo culture?
I have a question about my earrings? Theyre gauges?
I need help with gauges/ plugs?
what does cause ur lips u be dry at times?
If you walk into a gay bar and a gay man jumps on your back, would you toss him off ;)?
Need some thoughts on this tattoo idea?
what would be good colors for a flame tattoo?
What do u think of my half-sleeve tattoo? (plz only answer if you actually like tattoos!)?
Do you think I should go tanning?
I would like to get a tattoo. But in need n idea for a word . i would like to get "Loyalty over _____ "?
does your sholder blade hurt when geeting a tattoo?
Friday 13th tattoos in Los Angeles?
Where is a good hidden place for a guy to have a tattoo?
for plz?
Dark skin black man and tattoos?
Anyone like this idea for a tattoo?!?
Symbol of freedom for a tattoo?
What do you think of my tattoo ideas?
does any1else like feet?
Protecting your tatoo in the sun?
Is this normal for a new tattoo?
should i do it or not?
what kind of body piercings are the SEXIEST on girls? GUYS ONLY PLEASE?
Where would this tattoo look good?What do you think of the design?
Are there any tattoo places that do scarification in the Cleveland area?
Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo?
Which African symbol tattoo has a sword looking handle and as the blade goes up it starts to swirl in a circle?
Does Clorox bleach removes tattoos?
what kind of diet would u go on if u were trying to lose weight in less han 2 weeks.?
Artists/People with chest pieces: How many hours did your chest piece tattoo roughly take to tattoo?
Guys: Based on my looks...?
is it sluty for a girl to get a tramp stamp?
healing a torn belly ring?
truth or myth?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Do you have to be on TV to get a tattoo at Mimi ink?
Tattoos in the workplace?
what is the bestmedicine for pimples?
How do I speed outdoor tanning results?
How can I get my fingernails to grow without wearing fake nails because I'm allergic to acrylic?
What are the best locations for a tattoo for females?
How can I incorporate words into a tattoo design?
trying to get a tattoo?
Can you pop a pimple on a tattoo?
Getting my little girl name under a tiger tattoo?
Breakout around large lower back
Pros and cons of Acne Laser surgery?
How to keep a tattoo hidden from parents? ?
How long do you think it'd take for this tattoo?
What do you think about tattoos?
What do you think of my frog tattoo?
Best way to look fresh in the morning ??
What technical art skills needed for tattoo artist?
money or beauty which one is first?
I am getting a tattoo next weekend..?
Tattoo question, yes or no!?
Best place for rose/bird tattoo?
What is the skin called next to your bicep on the inside?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
Doctors (or ANYONE just as helpful), Please Help...?
Is this a good tattoo idea for a male?
For people on Retin-a, what do you use when you wash your face?
does it hurt to get a belly button percing?
Should I get this tattoo?
how can i get rid of my strechmarks, they have faded but i want to get rid completley!?
How do tattoos look on people w/ freckles?
I am trying to find a good symbol or picture for my best friend and I to get tattooed. Ideas? Links to pics?
Will I be able to get this done?
my weight is at it's highest; 278 pds. how do i lose weight?
Considering getting a Hamsa tattoo?
is this a good tattoo to get on my upper left arm?
what exactly does forearm tatoos feel like?
does the shape of your nose change over time?
How long would this tattoo take?
Have you ever done anaI bleaching?
Where will 18 in. extensions end at on me if I am 5'2 and have a short torso?
Parent name tattoo on wrist?
What Should I get Tattoo of on My Wrist?
Tattoos: trashy or expressive?
what animal best represents this for a tattoo?
experienced LADIES...?
ideas for quote tattoo?
What's your opinion of male hair removal products?
Is my tattoo healed yet?
where to get a temporary tattoo in the wateloo cedar falls iowa area?
Low blood pressure after tattoo?
does getting your nipples pierced hurt?
how long does it take till the adreline kicks in for a tattoo?
Would tattooing over scars work?
Best tattoos for a mixed latino?
Where can I get a tattoo in houston, Tx i'm 17 and my mom will takke me?
What do you think of these tattoos?
Does it hurt when you get your nose pierced?
How can i get my crush to notes me?
what is the best way to get more tan?
is it normal 4 a 12 yr old 2 have38 c boobz??????
How about theme tattoo Needles?
What is the reason behind sugar owls?
OK speedos are NOT sexy on men now, but they were in the 70s right?
Are there any good tattoo parlors in London that use white ink?
Should I get this as a tattoo?
Where does it hurt the most to get a tattoo?
Getting my first tattoo tomorrow?
how the hell do I hide a pierced ear from my parents?
I'm getting shoulder surgery, I want to get a tattoo on the opposite forearm, how long should I wait?
Swimming in the morning leaves me with terrible sunburn,specially in face.any simple practical 1 min wayout??
Why do people get tatoos?
How about this tattoo?
Cost and if its a good idea of a tattoo?
Guys, what do u guys think about girls that belly dance??
if u had to finish the sentence gettin a tatoo feels like... what whould u say?
Most Popular wrist tattoo Ever?
Do you like to smell yourself (because it's stinky)?
I have a pimples, what is the best treatment????
How do I get to become a model??
i wanna get a tattoo on my arm when im 15?
Where can I buy henna powder in Toronto?
How to clear my sons zits?
how can i SLIM my legs especially my calves?
A tattoo place in oregon or washington for 16 year olds?
Good tattoo shops in Ohio?
Should I get a tattoo of a rap quote?
what do you think of this tattoo ?
How much would a name tattoo cost?
Should I get a tattoo of stars on my foot?
my face is tanned due to sun burn please gimme a home remedy for it as im allergic to any kind of cosmetics?
Im a guy and i want a Pinup girl tattoo?
I need help with Tattoo Ideas?
I don't tan easily. It will take me about 2 days to get a light tan. How do I tan faster?
which part of the body do gurls love in a guy ???
What do you feel is the right age to get a tattoo?
what do you think about girl with tattoo's?
Tattooed people: Are you really worried about what your tattoos will look like when you are old...?
Is a tongue piercing supposed to bleed?
Does anyone have any contact infromation for "Sportkote" sunscreen. Great stuff, just can't find it anywhere
2 paw print tattoos placement ideas?
how long do you spend in the shower each day?
Does Retin-a actually work? I tried this other acne medication and used it A TON and it didn't work at all.
can you get tan on a cloudy day?
How much would a tatoo similar to this cost?
should i get this tattoo?
girls:dark hair or blonde hair?which do you find more attractive in a guy?
need SMALL tattoo ideas?
my tattoo ink spread on the inside so its kind of a green color, i am wandering will it ever go away?
where can I find Sujialih face cream and where I can buy sujialih face cream?
what is this type of tattoo called?
Can i cover up my birthmark with a tattoo?
Deoterant? whats is the differance in the chemical in spray and stick deoterant???
What tattoos suite girls!?
What do you think about lip piercings on boys?
How much do you tip for a Rook Piercing?
what is the purpose of using breast pads.?
A good place for a tattoo?
Will i be able to join the Navy since i have a big music tattoo on my lower leg?
When is my tattoo supposed to peel or scab?
Should it cost this much?
alright im planning on getting a tattoo on my back...?
Can you give me names of tattoo parlors in Glasgow, which don't ask for i.d?
Going to get a new tattoo in October.... I want a symbol that's means either harmony or strength...?
Where to get a tattoo and what to get.?
Tattoo Ideas of Americas best actresses?
How do you make a tattoo gun?
which one is the best tattoo machines?
Could a light brown skinned(Jamaican/black) person could put yellow in their tattoo?
Have loyalty tatted on tha right side of neck, want spirit of detroit in middle, wat do think for tha left?
Need help making my tattoo work, any takers?
which sunscreen is better for tattoo protection?
Getting an Elephant Tattoo?
I am getting a dandilion tattoo on my ribs and i am trying to come up with a quote to go with it?
Which tattoo could I use in remembrance of my granddad?
At what age should a girl start shaving her legs?
Lower lip side piercing...pain in comparison to other piercings & tattoos? Heal time?
are tattoo put on to symbolize something or in memory of some one or something or just put on any ole tatoo?
Which is less harsh on skin..shaving, waxing or hair removal creams?
Should i just keep hidding my tattoos?
Good place to hide a tattoo?
"Revel in The Choas"...?
What is a good location for microdermals on a girl?
How to enlarge your bust in a safety ways?
What Proactiv products should I buy?
Im getting this style tattoo! What do you think ive never seen this on anybody!?
What is an effective and inexpensive lotion to prevent wrinkles for a woman in her twenties with oily skin??
Where to put my 2 tattoos?
what word do you think i should get?
where would a good place on the body to get a quote tattoo ?
how old do you have to be to get a tattoo in america. florida especially if u know?
I am biking a hundred miles.I want to get a tattoo to celebrate this huge accomplishmnet for me. Any ideas?
Can you tell me if you think this a good idea?
estimated price of tattoos?
Do tattoos make a person look like less of a person ?
i have oily skin, is there anything i can do to reduce it?
could i tattoo a dot on myself by heating a needle with pen ink on it and then stab myself with it ?
Do you really think I'm wimpy?
is it true that people with smaller eyes see has a smaller range of vision than people with bigger eyes?
Tattoos? What to think about getting one?
How long does it take for shading to go black on tattoos?
2 questions about lower back tattoos?
How old do i have to be to get a tattoo in alabama, because i am 13 and i want to know the age limit?
can someone draw a tattoo 1/2 sleeve for me, with my ideas?
I want to be as thin and light weight as possible I'm 5'10" tall. How low can I go ?
Is making a tattoo with a black marker on my arm dangerous? Why and how? What are the risks and effects?
Does cocoa butter really work for discolored skin and stretch marks?
Do you think belly peircings are hot or NOT ?
How can i get a tattoo at age 17?
Couples tattoo Yay or Nay?
How can I convince my parents to help me out with height surgery costs?
Becoming a tattoo artist?
Should I put anything on my peeling tattoo?
How much is a tattoo?
What is the best oinment for a new tattoo?
Whats the book that tattoo artists keep there work in?
Do you people think i should get a tatoo done when i'm 17. if yes what kind?
anyone know where to find a picture of the world (globe) with barb wire around it?
Where in MD or DE preferbly on the eastern shore can i get a tattoo under the age of 18 and 16?
What's a better place for my tattoo?
the best tattoo in LA ?
I am planning on getting a tattoo thursday. is it a good idea to get a tattoo if i am about to start acting?
i have always have an eye bags (dark circles) even i get enough sleep, how can i improve this situation??
i need help with tattoos?
can you have laser hair removal done on your whole private area?
what are some true american tattoos?
Tattoos and piercings?
i'm getting a lip piercing soon. should i get a stud or a ring put in first?
If I get a tattoo in the middle of my upper back, how bad will it hurt?
I want a tattoo but i dont know where on my body to get it?
this is such an awful question, but i gotta know?
Advice for helix piercings please?
Tattoos and pain?
Does temporary tattoo possible or it is hostile?
Ideas for a shoulder tattoo?
My industrial tore a little bit...?
I want to be tan but I'm not sue of the best approach?
what does it feel like to get a tattoo?
Do you believe Germ-X smells more like citrus or watermelon?
I want to get a tattoo.?
Ideas for my tattoo?,,,,,,?
Opinions on tattoo idea?
Are there any creams that help with dark and dents from eyeglasses that you get from wearing them for years.?
girls only,,,,,,,,,,!seriously,,?
why do your teeth fall out when you get old?
What are the best exercises for a womans body?
Am I too tall? 5' 9.5" at 13? [Female] Be honest =]?
should guys shave their legs? and is there anywhere else that should be shaved?
what symbols or crest represents honor, trust, and pride? this is a for a tattoo?
What is the weirdest tattoo you've ever seen?
How much will my tattoo cost?
Does This Fairness cream really work. What one should do If she or he wants to beaome fairer?
Has anyone used Glytone body wash and lotion for Keritosis Pilaris? Does it work?
what would be a good idea for a tattoo for getting over the past.?
Wrist tattoo peeling, should i be worried?
what is skype when using my web cam with it?
what is it like to wear a thong? Does it hurt?
i'm 16, and live in texas.. can i get a tattoo if im 16 but if i have a parent with me?
Would this be a good tattoo?
Where should I place the tattoo?
Where Can I Fine Good Tattoos?
help my friend.......?
how to get rid of unwanted facial hair?
how to convince your parents.. PIERCINGS?
What should I use for bad acne?
Does anyone know how to get rid of blackheads in less than 1 week?
What Willl They Say About My Tattoos?
How do I stop my feet stinking so bad? I've even started wrapping them in plastic bags to keep the smell in
what colour will cover a green tattoo?
where can i get a tatoo done, in mumbai ?
my legs are spotted because of silk epil , are HQ & AHA cream the best way?what can i do ?
what are the the three thing the women can do no body can do?
Is there such thing as mobile tattooists?
tattoo idea help please?
What do girls think of short buff guys?
Tattoo of my son's name?
What products is effecient for vanish stretch marks??
i am looking for a phrase or "word" to get tattooed onto my right arm?
I want to get a tattoo something Scottish any ideas?
where do u think is the sexiest place for a female to have a tattoo??
If your a virgin how do you try not to lose your virginity when you think your ready.?
I have acne. What should I Do?
how can i get beta ?
Hey..Im playing football next year in high 6'1 or 6'2, im real skinny tho..?
What will look good with my back tattoo?
How to prepare for my first tattoo?
is is okay for a girl to have this tattoo, its what i have?
looking fo facial toner grapefruit yarrow made in san francisco?
How bad does a tattoo hurt to get on your foot by like the flip flop line?
My new tattoo is swollen, helpful ideas?
What is your favorite tattoo and why? Do you have any you regret?
hey i need sum advise on a tatoo?
Tattoo! Against or in Favor?
can i get a tattoo at 14 with a parental consent in nj?
Reiki Tattoo Artist, California?
I just got a tattoo yesterday, is it ok for it to bubble up a little??
Would it be a wise thing to get a Tattoo covering my Stomach Stretchmarks?
a good quote to get as tattoo and in what part of the body? for men?
What do you honestly think of this tattoo on a women?!?
how does differin work?
What kind of tattoos do girls like on a guy?
I just got a REALLY bad henna?
I got my cartilage pierced with a gun...?
Whats the best ink fo tattoos to hold good color??
Do girls like guys with tongue piercings?
Some one can tell me?
what would you think of a person who has this tattooed on their body?
Do tattoos hurt?
Tattooing for beginners. Any advice?
are there any tattoo parlors in chicago that specialize in celtic design?
What's the essential element for healthy skin?
what retail stores can i buy emu oil at?
help . tattoo ideas ,?
I don't look 30 do I?! ..I'M SCARED PEOPLE. O_O?
do u have any tattoos? is so what r they?
Can you help me choose a tattoo?
how do i carve the frist lether of my boyfrinds name on my arm?