wats da best way to create smoke shadeing for tattos?
Me and my best friends were wanting to get some kind of tattoo before college, what should we get?
bible verse tattoo placement ?
Can an existing tattoo be 'redone' on a 16/17 yr old with parental consent in the UK?
How can I get rid of pimples, zits without drying out my face!?
Inner Lip Tattoo Ideas?
is this really permanant?
Do Tattoo artists get upset if you cover their artwork with someone else's work?
have you a tattoo and where is it?
What do you think of this snake tattoo?
Do some colors in a tattoo heal slower than others?
Poll: how many piercings do you have ?
does bag balm have an experation date?
How do you get rid of a zit and fast?
How do you get rid of little red thread veins from my cheeks? i use moisturiser but this doesnt work!?
Tattoo ideas????????? ?
Do you have a tatoo? If yes, what does it represent?
how do you treat pimples on your back?
what wrist should i get my tattoo done on tuesday?
Help on connecting two tattoos?
whos more sexy? nikki sanderson or halle berry?
what should i do to reduce the dark circle that is around my eyes plus i also have lines under my eyes?
Is this dragon tattoo feminine enough or too masculine?
a few questions about tattoos?
If I lose weight will my breasts get smaller?
what should my next tattoo be?
Are tattooed people a turn off for you?
How much will my tattoo cost?
women, What are the top 3 men's Colognes?
i have a problem of my feet get ed regularly.what to do?
is it safe to get my tattoo?
Tattoo problem?
Hydrocodone causing blemishes???????
I need a Tattoo Quote?
wrist cover up HELP!!!!?
Im born fair skin.. now i have moved to desert climate ngrowing dark ,how can i avoid. i use SPF50 but no use
What does it mean if u get a BELLY RING?
what age is appropriate for a tattoo?
my tattoo looks like there's a glossy cover on it....?
what kind of deodrant do you use or like?
where can i buy temporary tattoo paper?
Can I use neosporin on a new tattoo?
Good tattoists or tattoo shops near houston?
what is the ideal weight for a 14 year old, and 5 2 height? what is a pretty weight?
I Need an Idea for a Tattoo?
Does anyone regret getting a tattoo?
Do you think the word "fate" in my tattoo looks crooked or bigger than the rest of the lettering?
What do you think of this tattoo design? Should I get it?
Does anybody know what this tattoo means?
is 124 lbs is more for my age or for my height ? h=5'3'' ,age=16?
Dry Skin? How to get rid of it?
I am trying to come up with a design for a tattoo.?
Help with my tattoo looking to finish it off?
back tattoo idea (picture)?
What color hair/skin/eye is the hottest?????
My boobs are small and i kno that its genetic but is there a way u can enhance them... o n?
hidden message does anyone know what this means?
What is the difference between a tapered tip tattoo needle and a bullet tip tattoo needle?
How do you deal with dry hands?
can i make my own tattoos? like fake ones?
What clothes should I wear when getting a lower back tattoo?
Tongue piercing and if i can get it redone?
What are some sexy tattoos girls like on guys?
besides aloe Vera there a faster way to get rid of bad sunburns? or at least make it stop hurting?
How much does a small tattoo cost?
phlebitis can you get tattooed?
How much should a tattoo thats a single line of words cost?
making soap? (new) any tips for making the soap last longer in the shower?
henna tattoos at worlds of fun?
what is circumzised?
Where should I put my tattoo? Please help?
help picking first tattoo?
Is it possible to get a tattoo like this?
What kind of piercings can you get without parental consent? I'm 16.?
do you like this tattoo?
Average price of a tattoo (£)?
How to cover up veiny breasts ?
What hurts more getting a tattoo or tongue piercing ?
i need a number for limerick tattoo parlor foxes bow?
Weird reaction to tattoos?
good way to make a homemade tattoo?
i feel so ugly cuz i hate the shape of my body i have noo curves?
Where can i find tattoo ideas?
How long will this tattoo take to get (rough estimate)?
My girlfriend wants a tattoo but i dont want her to get one?
i dont know where i want to put my first tattoo? any ideas?
What was your first tattoo, and why did you choose it?
Do girls find bald guys ugly? or are looks dependant on other things not just baldness?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo saying "fear regret more than failure"?
will this tattoo prevent me from getting a job in the RAF?
Around how much would my future tattoo cost me?
The Price of my Tattoo (uk)?
Does a tattoo stay in your body forever ?
Are green eyes attractive?
Im thinking of adding wings to this tattoo if i decide too... what do you think?
What does a tattoo feel like in your opinion?
Getting 3 new piercings in a week?
What is the best font and style for a tattoo of the name of a loved one?
What do you think about lip piercings on girls?
i am 15 and a 38dd is that bad?
ideas for a good place for a tattoo that could be hidden at times and not at others?
I think I have a probalem...?
Does anyone know of any place to sell free space for advertisement tattoo's?
How painful is getting a tattoo on the neck/chest?
How many ear piercings can I get at once?
who is the sexiest actor in your opinion?
I have an idea for my second tattoo....?
i'm trying to lose 5-8 pounds in 2 weeks. will it work if i don't eat as much & i use laxatives and diet tea?
tattoo ideas? help please?
What is the best home remedie for puffy eyes?
What tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, Cali?
How to ease nerves before getting a tattoo?
Tell me what you think of my new tattoo!?
Are their Meaning Behind Triangle Tattoo?
how do I take care of my new tattoo?
Idea for my second tattoo?
Who's fatter me or my friend Mike?
I want to get a tattoo related to soccer any ideas?
Why do we, girls were bras?
tattoo for remembrance?
What do you think of girls with full sleeve tattoos?
Safety pin tattoo where to get it?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
what are these types of tattoos called?
I just got a tattoo on my elbow yesterday and its hurting pretty good today, it is not red or swollen or?
Can you wear TOMS or Crocs after you get a foot tattoo?
I Was Goinq 2 Get A Tat On My Foot I Was Wonder If It Hurt..?
What size tattoo of my baby's face should I get on my shoulder?
does it hurt?
i wna get a tattoo..wat shud it be??
Does an egg mask really help your face?
is this a tattoo scabbing or was it done wrong?
we need a womens opinion on a tattoo?
how do you get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
do you think it's okay to get a tattoo when you are 16 years old?
PLASTIC SURGERY. Have any of had it, are you happy you had it done, was it very expensive?
how do i get rid of acne which has been troubling me for about 9 years?
Need opinion on placement of this tattoo?
Front shoulder/top chest tattoos on females...?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Do you like my tattoo design?
when is X II result coming CBSE ( time specify)?
tattoo...wrist or ankle?
can you have a future with a guy who has alot of visible tattoo's? on face, neck, arms etc?
Swimming with a new tattoo? ?
Why do women want to ruin their body with tattoos?
Can I get a tattoo in Chicago at age 16 with parental consent?
Good tattoo parlour in Belfast?
Can a person who had a vertical c-section be able to get a tummy tuck?
White ink tattoo looks grey?
am i fat? i am 107 lbs and 5'0?
Which lip piercing could I pull off?
what should i do for my extra dry skin sp. on nose it chips?
A chinese symbol to go with "Strength"?
how can i get rid of a pimple?
I want to start tattooing...?
Is my tattoo suppose to look like its going away?
i just want to know what ppl think of girls with tattoos?
tattoo ideas for guys?
So, I heard friction causes skin in inner thighs to be dark, meaning if the friction reduced, they'd change?
Girls, what is the best and most effective deodorant?
i have tattoos all over & so does my husband?
im getting my first tattoo?
Hey girls...Which body would you rather have?
Does anyone want to get a tattoo just to experience the pain?
If you saw someone with this tattoo, what would you think it means to that person?
How do I make my skin lighten its color?
Do you really have to be 16 to go to a tanning bed place and get in?
Where is the best place for a girl to get a tattoo?
How do you make lip exfoliant?
How to draw a Heart on your wrist?
should i get the tattoo?
Will a full sleeve tattoo influence a fire department's decision to hire me?
Cute wrist tattoo idea? :)?
How much is the Lips tattoo?
Why do some people have a problem with plus-size people?
why my new tattoo keep peeling off?
I'm 21 and I'm planing to tattoo the names of both my parents on my forearm.?
what is the most effective way to get rid of acne scars?
why can you not get a tattoo under 18 but you cant...?
Im looking for a picture of a chris garver tatttoo?
what do you guys think of wrist tattoos on chicks?
getting a tat of my twin is cousions and all of their brith information under ther picture how much would?
I dropped my 12g plug down the sink, and I don't have a replacement one. What do I use till then?
what is the average salary of massage therapist in indiana?
im a mature 16 year old , bad or good idea to get a meaningful tattoo?
how much should a 12 year old way that is 5 foot 3?
Is there anything I can do to lower the amount of those wrinkle things before they get in contact with liquid?
Opinion on this tattoo?
Where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
Guys, how important is appearance to you?
Ladies, how do i give a woman a pedicure?
How do you get rid of stretch marks on inner thighs & hips ?
cute and small tattoo ideas, also, where to get it?:)?
TATTOO HELP!!! (Tattoo artists preferably)?
I have really odd skin, please give me some suggestions!?
help with my tattoo of my kids?
"Fall down seven times, stand up eight" - where should I get this tattoo?
guys opinions on tats?
What do you recommend for dark brown spots on your arm for a woman of color?
does practicing kapalbathi pranayam make ur skin more fairer ?
Questions about a tattoo?
Psychadelic tattoo design?
should I get six bullet hole tattoos on my chest?
how do you get a full body tan from th sun?
I'm going to see someone i haven't seen in awhile...?
qoutes for tattoo in english or another languagee?
Should I get my nose pierced on both sides?
Searching for some info about tattoo sleeves?
i need a tattoo design?
where would you put this quote tattoo?
Hi everybody. Does anyone know about, which cream is the best bleaching cream for face?thanks,good luck.?
what would be a good "Semper Fi" tattoo design?
What do you think of breast implants? Seriously.?
How much will this tattoo cost me?
GIRLS ONLY: Do you like hairy guys??
Is the lower back a good place for a tattoo on a girl? I want to get a butterfly or my name.?
need to gain some pounds?
Pictures of tattoos from tattoos by Chad. From Vancouver BC?
Opinions of my tattoo idea?
i want to get tattoo on rib cage that says "Pursuing Morality" whats your thoughts?
when can i go in the ocean and stuff after i got my tattoo?
What does a tattoo feel like?
Why do people always say in Answers "don't get a tattoo, you will regret it"?
do your fingernails grow faster after you die?
If you're African American and you tan does it go away? And is there any way to prevent it?
NO OFFENSE,but why is that black people have big buts and a big face??
Tattoo Excision in Northern California?
do girls think chest hair looks good or bad?
wheres the best place too hide a tattoo?
Looking for a tattoo get that has my daughter in it?
Will girls with visible tattoos regret having them when they're 50?
Do you have a tattoo?
how come im skinny but only a size 6 not smaller?
Tattoo aftercare? Proper lotions?
burst capillary under my eye, how to remove or lessen effect??
Rate my tattoo, rate, what do you think? (pic)?
How many guys use a body wash and which one?
How long should I apply lotion to my new tattoo?
Fake tan on a 2 week old tattoo? ?
Where should I get my first tattoo?
How can i start my career as a tattooed model?
what facial wash suitable for sensitive skin?
why do i sometimes get white strands of hair under my breasts?
Models And Piercings?
I Am Thinking About Having My Entire Body Tattooed...Am I Crazy?
Where should I put this tattoo?
Animal tattoo specialists in Perth?
When washing a new tattoo, should I pat it or rub it with soap?
Im planning on getting a tattoo. should i get the love symbol in chinese or a cross with my grandmas name?
What goes good with this tattoo?
how do i get rid of the red bumps on my legs after shaving?
does home eletrolysis work?
If u had to choose one for yourself or for your partner..what would you want...a big bum or a big bust:p?
if you get a tattoo and then?
When you get a tattoo is it normal for some of the ink to come out?
do men really prefer a curvy woman? what is curvy vs fat?
What would be the best spot to get this tattoo?
I want my tattoo removed?
Least painful place for a tattoo?
Getting a stomach tattoo but am I too skinny for one?
Would a guys name tattooed on the inner wrist with Old English script look too masculine for a girl?
What reasons can you give that makes tattoos a bad idea?
how long does it take proactiv to clear your face totally?
Is my whole tattoo supposed to be scabbed?
Do any of you know an easy and safe way to get rid of hair?
I want to change my lip piercing (help)?
Does anyone have problems getting naked??
Where should I have my tattoo?
does anyone know any good tattoo websites i can go to for a tattoo of captain caveman?
can someone tell me his/her opinion about tattooing? coz im planning to have my first tattoo...?
Would a tattoo designer normally keep their original designs?
Do tattoos make you look cheap and trashy?
How can i protect my skin from the sun?
are they real tattoos?
Tattoo! Im having a tatoo done next week, and i want some thing special?
What is the font used for Adam Gontier's "Never Too Late" tattoo?
Can somebody please design me a sleeve(as in tattoo)?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Does Acuzine really works?
What are some sick Punk tattoo ideas?
Where should I get my next tattoo?
Why do you smile?
How do I shave an area (that is not my face) without irritation?
I want to get a tattoo in memory of two separate miscarriages that I had?
can you get a tattoo if you have eczema i have 3 already but this was before i got it ??????????
I am meeting michael jordan soon and i was just wondering if.....?
how to get rid of white heads on ur nose?
what do u think of the tattoo i am going to get today on my wrist?
Hip piercings and ballet!?
should I get a nose job?
Why don't most men wash their hands after going to the bathroom?
exclusively for girls... please...?
How do i keep my tattoo safe from the sun if i work outside?
Do you consider yourself fat?
What tattoo could resemble being a dreamer?
i need help thinking of a tattoo, italian idea?
Picture ..... what do you think????
Girls, what is the best and most effective deodorant?
What do you think of my new tattoo?
does anybody know of a good face wash you can make at home? with normal products.?
what are the most attractive features of a human body?
Are tattoo's a freedom of self expression?
Best tattoo studio in Portsmouth, UK?
how to cover up a tattoo that wraps around my wrist, for a job?
how much for a tattoo outline?
Anyone have any suggestion for my tattoo?
First tattoo on back?
How do I get rid of the darkness around my nose?
Tattoo 2 weeks before surgery?
none of the guys @ my school like me because i have zits. why cant guys look past zits????? please help me!!!!
Sumone tell me how to get rid of blackheads on nose and upper cheeks along wit zits?
Tattoos in meat department/work?
Translation for tattoo idea?
tattoo artists in fife?
will i get a keliod on my lip as it isn't cartilage?
give me your opinion. Where should i get this tattoo.. on my hip, or the side of my lower back?
what is the fastest way to get rid of zits?
whats your take on smiley piercings?
I'd like a tattoo, I have a rough idea on what I'd like but I cannot find a design that I like.?
is laser hair removal effective?
How to remove my tattoo, MYSELF.?
Tattoo picture help please?
Tattoo fonts and sizing?
(Asian only) How to whiten my skin?
Has anyone tried fat grafting to enhance the buttocks (including fat injections)?
What's the story behind your tattoo?
i got a new tattoo and seem to be scratching it in my sleep?
Wrist Tattoo What to Expect?
what do I do with many tattoos?
tree tattoo ideas and opinions?
What kind of tattoo should i get?
Can a tattoo cause a birthmark in your child?
Tattoo help please..?
Need help ear stretching problem!!!!?
Lip Labret is sinking into lip?
If you could get any Tattoo...?
how can i lose 135 lbs quickly without surgery?
Can I tattoo one of my tooth?
I'm 19 and virgin. Is it normal? When did you lose virginity?
Fill in the blank: Girls with tons of tattoos are __________?
how can you tell if your tongue piercing is infected?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Where is the best part of a girls body to get a tattoo?
how to get a tan?
I got a tattoo today and i need answers ?
Iron Butterfly Tattoo Ink?
how much would this type of henna cost?
the most beautifull woman in the world?
how old were you when you got your belly pierced and when do you think is an appropriate age???
I'm scared about my period i'm ten and my doctor said i'll have it when i'm 12?
Only half my body tans, why?
I need to lose 3 stones in 3 months. Any ideas? And don't say join a gym!?
Where can I find a picture of Ruslana's tattoo?
People with braces who have a lip ring, please help!?
help with my tattoo...?
the wound on my nose has a litttle bit dried up .how can i prevent a blackish spot from appearing?
is it okay to wash now? (mystic tan)?
Mushy, oozing tattoo please help?
is a snake tattoo auspicios?
Good Tattoo Parlor's!?
I want a tattoo but i'm a mormon?
how painful are tattoo's?
Yet another: "Hey! here's my tattoo...OPINIONS?!"?
What is a good product to treat my zits?
Is this tattoo a good idea? ?
How Can I Deepen my Dimples?
how to find the perfect concelar?
anyone any use for toe nail clippings?
What is least painful spot for tattoo?
I am fat.Should I be on a diet or be happy whatever figure I'm in?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in North Carolina?
does a brazillian wax hurt really bad?
Where should I put my tattoo?
Need some tattoo ideas!^.^?
Self Body Branding Question!?
meaning/ popularity of cross tattoos?
Is it possible to take off a tattoo ?
my week old tattoo is red and sore, is it infected?
im getting a tattoo today on my outer forearm?
Ouroboros Tattoo help. Im thinking of getting it wrapped round my wrist.?
Original place for tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
Advice PLEASE! should i tell my parents .....?
When a tattoo artist says someone is a 'cadaver,' what does that mean?
Does anyone know of a tattoo artist that does good work in the Largo/Pinellas Park Area?
I am looking for pictures of saturn for a small colored tattoo I'd like to get.?
Is it possible to tattoo over a tattoo?
Best self tanning cream in the UK?
what is the best treatment for scars?
Does anyone know any good rose cover up tattoo?
has anyone tried egyptian magic (the cream for scars and stretch marks)?
What around the home stuff works well as homemade tattoo ink?
i am getting a tattoo for my 21st birthday? any suggestions?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
what are some cool verses from the bible for a tattoo?
what is the best way of perventing pimples without taking any cure?
what are the side effects of crystal peeling?
What is the best stretch mark treatment or cream i can use?
Can i change my lip ring?
what false tan is best for not leaving residue ie ornage marks on clothes?
I want a tattoo to remind me of my dad.?
How much should I tip tattoo artists?
Have you ever wondered if you are never going to get clear skin?
how long does it take to get skinny from not eating?
Need help with a first tattoo?
i have HORRIBLE acne!
info on ink for at home tattoos?
what are the steps to tattoo yourself?
my eyelid continues to jump and move can anybody tell me why it does that?
where can i find nice murals for a tattoo idea?
Are there any types of lip piercings that are safe?
Should I get Rainbow Dash or a Cutie Mark tattoo on my bum cheek?
can any be a tattoo for an arm?
My new tattoo isn't accurate. How do I tell my tattoo artist this without sounding stupid? Help please!?
in tattoo parlors, do they have black ink?
hair problems please help?
middle chest tattoo on guys?
I am looking for tattoo ideas help?
How do make your boobs bigger without surgrey or pills?
Is your belly button an "innie" or an "outie"? Does it matter?
Where should I put my tattoo?
Why are my tattoo lines so thin? They look like faint scratches and like a pen.?
at what age should i start buying my daughter a training bra?
can someone give me the site to add piecring in my pic?
I need help for becoming a tattoo artist?
Tattoo peeling question.?
can anyone tell me if this tattoo is possible? Also, if you don't mind, explain how or show a brief design?
is voluptuous better than skinny?
What is the meaning of a nautical star tattoos and also ones with wings?
Tattoo question?
script/quote tattoo font?
would you be put off sleeping with, going out with or marrying a girl because she had a tattoo?
What the hell is this?
Is it tacky to get a quote tattooed in another language?
What Was Your First Tattoo ?, How Mutch Was It ?, How Old Were You When You Got IT and Did It Hurt?
My mom said she'd disown me if I got a sleeve!?
im looking for a specific tattoo?
stretching up to 7/16 with tapers?
Is it normal for scabbing on my tattoo has a lot of color in it?
Are there any exercises to help tone the butt? plz help?
what is the best way to loose weight in 1 month?
What Tattoo &' Piercing Shop In Fresno Ca Has The Best Price For Dermals ?
where can i find a good tatoo for me and my sister to share?
Do tattoos lose their color?
Should I get a Tattoo?
Will my tattoo fade once healed ?
Can Masterbation cause ACNE to get worse?
invite me at friendster and 360 degrees?
Tattoo Ideas, Please help?
Anyone have a tattoo of Koi fish?
Dove with a heart tattoo?
Are tattoos sexy on women?
Tattoo or piercing and what/where?
What do parents think about tattoos?
Do piercings hurt?
Tattoo affect my career?
Does anyone know of people who shower w/o towel, sponge or anything except hands? Unsanitary?
how do you stop your eye from being itchy?
Can I use neosporin on my week old tattoo?
should i wear a patch over my belly button?
Fake tan on olive skin tone....?
How does one prevent body odour?
Question about getting a tattoo?
Tips and ideas for a cover-up tattoo...?
What is the easiest way to research a plastic surgoen?
Can a small hand tattoo cause problem for a lawyer?
do u know why I'm smarter than u all....?
Does cocoa butter really work for discolored skin and stretch marks?
how much does having your nose pierced hurt?
How bad does a tattoo on the ear hurt?
Tattoo on my wrist?!?
Tattoo syaing, what to put for my best friend. detaillsss below.?
How often should you use the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion kit?
What tattoo design is this 'look at pic'?
What are good quotes for a foot tattoo?
I'd like a tattoo, I have a rough idea on what I'd like but I cannot find a design that I like.?
is pale skin a turn off for guys?
Girls what do you think about tattoos on guys?
What is it called where you give a tattoo artist some references and they turn all of them into one tattoo?
Why is my new tattoo lumpy?
Help with tattoo underage?
How long can one pair of underpants be worn by turning them inside and out, back to front, safely?
i want to get a tattoo that will glow?
I am thinking about getting a inner-lip tattoo and I was wondering if the word DYKE is a bad thing to get?
what types of treatment whiten dark underarms?
discrimination of tattoos and piercings at the workplace?
can you have a tattoo at the age of 13 in the uk ?
Am I old enough to get a tattoo?
What do guys prefer for a girl to go natural or shave.?
what does a good boob job cost?
i need help choosing a tattoo design?
do u think an Italian girl w/ black hair and brown eyes is pretty?
How much will a tattoo on the back cost.?
can you clean a septum piercing without flipping it down?
Who is the current hottest supermodel?
Where can you get numbing cream for piercings?(nape piercing)?
Any Esthiology people out there?
best acne solution?
My nails keep breaking!! What do I do to make it stop?!?
Tattoo price estimate?
Ear stretching question? Tape wrapping method?
How effective are sun screens? Which is the best sun screen?
how to set the power supply for lining tattoos?
Trying to find some tattoo images of New Jersey?
What do you think about this tattoo?
Knuckle tattoo... Help plzzzz?
(this is ONLY an IDEA!!!) but i love other ppls advice.?
Good quote for a tattoo?
What do Johnny 3 tears butterfly tattoos represent?
How do i become a leg model?
How do i get rid of acne?
Getting tattoo on leg.?
How much to tattoos of in memory tattoos cost?
Where the sexiest place to have a writting tattoo on a female?
Do you have any body piercings or tattoos? Why, or why not?
my lips are dark i want to make them naturally pink what to do?
Please can ya Help mehhh ^^?
can i trust Tribal airbrush tattoo?
Is there a drink where when we drink we can lose weight much faster ?
Do women have a preference on men's pubic area?
Does anybody know of a tattoo shop in the bay area that does UV ink tattoos?
What are some good Psalms verses for a womans tattoo?
Where can I remove eyebrow tattoos in Michigan and for how much?
do you think this is a cute/good placement of two microdermal piercings?
I really need help! Can I add cherry blossoms OVER a part of an existing tattoo? PIC?
Anyone ever had Plastic Surgery to remove stretch marks?
Tattoo's and piercing?
Any one know any thing about taking care of tattoos?
what would be the average charge for a tattoo this size on the top middle of my back?
Where to get tattoos/hennas in Cape May NJ?
Is a good idea to get a tattoo because of an ex?
best acne cleanser?
how much does it cost to get a mole removed?
Why do we fall for the bad boys?
i am older than alot of my friends but what i dont get is that they are all taller than me how do i get tall?
Which direction should i get my tattoo?
Tattoo idea save me if I'm doing something stupid?
Has anyone ever had laser hair removel done? Did it work?
I have a tiny heart tattoo, with black words and the color of my tattoo is bubbly looking is this normal?
hi all,iwanted to know whether tummy exerciser belt works wellwith?
Acne trouble!!?
How much would it cost to get a neck tattoo?
It seems ridiculous to me..?
Belly Button Piercing ?
What famous actress died in the year 1946?
What are some ways you can determine the sterility of a tattoo parlor?
My 3 sisters have got the same tattoo on their thigh *upper leg* which says?
ladies, would you get implants?
I'm get a tattoo in Sanskrit and I need help translating?
What is the meaning of the expression "Hold on" in a tattoo?
what do you think about tribal tattoos, are they cliche or overused, or will they still be popular in the?
i need tips for dry skin?
Which Indian actress / model has created controversy recently by sporting a Ek Onkar (God is one) tattoo on he?
Which do you use tampons or pads?
I want a cherry blossom tattoo on my hip...?
numbing cream for tattoos...?
does it hurt to have the cartillidge on ur ear pierced?
I was offered a teller position at Wells Fargo, but I have a visible tattoo on my arm;will i have to cover it?
Which tattoo shops do great work in the Whittier, CA area?
How much for this tattoo idea ?
Font for a Tattoo ideas?
Do people always tip their tattoo artists?
how mush is a tattoo?
I have reacently gained 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks. how can i loose some weight quick?
First Time Tattoo Help Please?
what's the best way to get my abs back after c-section & breast firm & lifted after breast feeding without sur
Legally changing my name, tattoo, piercings...?
what does a nerd look like?
How do i get clear skin in like 2 or 3 days?
Ohh god my legs!!!?
Why Ethiopian people are so beautiful,specially the females ?
PLEASE ANSWER!!! How much would this tattoo cost?
Do bras make your boobs larger?
Does anybody have any good sollutions for oily skin breakouts?
I want to get a small, white tattoo of an anchor on my foot. What are the positives and negatives?
what do the different directions of carp mean?
is there a tattoo that isn't permanent but lasts longer than a henna?
Removing piercings for drivers license ?
what do u think when u see a teenager with tattoos?
when u get tattoo can u give blood?
who can Design m me a totally one off tattoo sleave?
I'm getting a tattoo this saturday...?
How to give yourself a tattoo?
Quote tattoos for men? Suggestions?
Tattoo pricing question, people with tattoos only! ?
What do girls think of tattoos?
Do women like a hairy chest and stomach?!?
Do you think this tattoo is pretty?
Roughly how much would this tattoo cost?
which christian tattoo should I get?
Where can you buy Retin-a? And how long do you have to use it for until it works?
Tattoo! What herts worst?
what is the best tattoo you have seen?
Things thay symboloize something that is strong or unbrekable for a tattoo?
Would this be a good tattoo?
what is the best way to prevent acne on the face/chest .?
how to get a closer shave and its not the blade and they said to go direction of the hair and that don't work
Thin girls with no shape are not sexy..discuss?
What do you think about tattoos?
what do you suggest.............?
blah blah blah i need ur honest answer now pls!!!?
I have large, open poors on my face, prone to blackheads, what's an inexpensive solution?
Where's a good place to get my tongue pierced in NYC/Manhattan?
Synonyms of "stay strong" for a tattoo?
what to add to a dragon tattoo?
What can I do about my oily skin?
how do you get rid of black heads?
Tattoo Ideas!!!!!!!!!!?
why do most boys like skinny gurls?
people from south carolina is columbia a good place to get a tattoo my first was from charleston?
would a tattooist be able to use this photo to do a tattoo?
i have these lil dots on ma legs help!!?
how to remove pimples in easy way?
What do guys like most about girls if they meet her? (girls please answer too)?
can i sue a tattoo artist for drinking?
Should I get a monroe on my left or right side?
How can I pierce my tongue web by myself correctly?
Do guys like Bigger breast or bigger booty?
should i have my tounge pierced?
how much would a tattoo on the centre of my left pec hurt?
Cam Gigandet hip tattoo question?
tattoo help!how bad do they hurt?
Is there a good home remedy for treating zits (pimples)?
What should I do about cleaning my tattoo at work?
How do I keep my skin smoother than what it already is?
how can i be prettier?
How much would a 1 inch tattoo vaguely cost (inner wrist, outline of a leo sign) I live in UK?
Why do women think it's okay to get a tattoo?
One for the ladies?
Can you get a tattoo under age 18? If so, where?
Please help Do girls like tattoos?
is there an age limit for getting a tattoo?
Why do you have a tattoo?
i want a tattoo its going to be a decient sizebut i already have a tat between sholder blads whre do i get it?
What's a good tattoo idea for independence?
guys opinion on piercings!?
Am I too old for a tattoo?
Where is a good place to get a love heart tattoo?
how to you tell a person they tatto they got doesnt mean what they think it does?
looking for a pic of jordan/katie price/andre lol wrist tattoo?
how do you not look slutty?
Help with mild acne?
Tattoo distort with arm growth?
Can anyone give me a website where they have the egyptian sybol for only god can judge me? please?
looking for some tattoo inspiration?
I want to get a tattoo for my 16th birthday?
What states can you be 17 to get a tattoo in?
Foot tattoo sore and stiff? ?
I need help with a tattoo idea...?
Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas?
Are tattoos on a womans arm too masculine ?
how will i make my skin fairer and how will i be able to be a little chubby?
Confused about guage sizes????????
how much would each of these tattoos cost?
Hi i want to know that i have designed a tattoo on my right arm but its not visible when i wear full sleeve sh?
What is the best make up to cover stretch marks?
why is this happening?
Freedom tattoo with birds...?
Do you think there should be more plus sized models ??
Do you have a Tattoo?
Tattoo Problem-How can I resolve this?
Do you like my new tattoo?
I want to be fat. How?
I have a hairy chest should I shave it or leave it?
Where can I buy TCA tattoo removal?
Give me a great idea for a tattoo.?
How much do tattoos usually cost?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo..?
speaking of tanning bed burns!! i also myself have a question about burns!! read on....?
My new tatoo apx 1 1/2 weeks old is very red and swollen all around the tattoo not my 1st but am worried?to do
Where should i put my cupcake tattoo?
Help me with a best friend tattoo?
GENTLEMEN! do you care about the hair legs of ladiez?
some flower tattoo ideas?
I just got a tattoo! I need advice!?
What are some good tattoo design websites?
Mos eisleys in grand rapids?
could i get a tattoo at age 17 in kentucky with my sister's consent?
Solutions to Getting Rid of Heavy Eye Bags?!?
what is the fastest way to reduce fat of tummy?
How to remove a stick and poke tattoo?
what would be a sexy tattoo for a guy to get?
Thoughts on getting my cat's name tatooed?
how do u get a guy to love u?
i want to get a forearm tattoo when i turn 18 in november. but i don't know what i should get?
Tattooing someone's name on you....?
Need help with this tattoo please?
i had two periods in one month and i just started whats up with that?
Where in Georgia can i get a lip piercing?
Where can I find some tattoo ideas?
Iam going to pierce my belly button myself just with a sewing needle how do i do it also i have a outie help?
I want a small tattoo, nothing tacky, ideas!?
About how long would a tattoo like this take?
Is it trashy for women to get tatoos? Is the "tramp stamp" something guys really believe in?
I need help on what i should do for my next tattoo!!?
Tattoo ideas for covering self harm scars?
Wrinkles at age 14?!?!!?
I accidentally cut a patch of hair from my eyebrow, will it grow back?
I got super sunburnt for 4th of July.?
Possible Tattoo Pricing?
Should I get a tatoo?
stupid piercing questions?
My older sister is covered in tattoos and piercings and wants me to get some. ?
How much do you think a 4 letter word 2 inch each letter tattoo would cost?
Can I still get a tattoo whilst im taking medication for my ear infection?
i hav excess of pigments in corners of my nose and below the looks black.giv me suggestion?
I would like to get a tattoo, but I have this fear that I will flinch and mess it up.?
I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of my biggest fear... the face of Linda Blair in The Exorcist....?
What is the difference between mens and womens razors?
Need advice on my tattoo idea?
is there any secrets behind making tanning easier?
How old where you when you got your tattoo?
How much do sleeve tattoos affect proffessional jobs?
Where would i get this tattoo?
how bad does a tattoo hurt?
How to mentain your beautiful body and to prevent your skin from lines and wrinkles?
I'm 15 and my parents said I can get a tattoo, where's the best place for a female to get one?
How much would a small tattoo of Chinese symbols cost?
Do you like athletice girls with a butt and looks skinny but is 140 lbs,most weight come s from musle?
how old do you have to be to go to a tanning bed?
Should I keep this tattoo? (picture)?
Does this sound like an okay first tattoo?
I have can I get rid of them.....and good tips!!!?
How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
Though i have good skin but i want glowing and flawless comlexion.I have wheatish complexion.Can u help me?
Good placement for a paw print tattoo?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a rib cage tattoo hurt?
How can I look absoloutely beautiful on a limited budget?
How do you convince your girlfriend not to get a tattoo?
does cellulite cream really work???
Question about getting a tattoo?
If people with one arm go to get their nails done, do they pay half price?
Favorite Perfume or Cologne?
tattoo and facial piercing?
Tattoo on forearm Approximate pricing?
My tattoo is ing and scabbing!?
anyone know who the best tattoo shop is in the Kitchener/Waterloo region??
can someone help me pick what to add to my current tattoo or what to add next?
Proactive..Does it really work?
nail care question?
Were to get first tattoo for a 14 year old?
does anybody use clean and clear dual action moisturizer?
Do u prefer small tattoos or something more extreme?
What would you think of these tattoos?
I Need a Tattoo Idea?
Did Aislinn Paul and Munro chambers really get the matching piercings?
How do you treat or cure completely acne related pimples?
where is a good place to hide a small tattoo?
New Clothes or tattoos?
Does getting your eyebrows wax hurt?
How long will my Tattoo take to heal?
tattoo/symbol that represents struggle/overcomming?
What do you think of this tattoo?
How long is a standard tattoo needle from end to end?
How to get good abs?
i want to get my nose pierced what side do u think looks better?
Are tattoos sexy on girls (guys what do you think?)?
On a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt to get a tattoo on your shoulder blade?
should i go with marques?
Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Designs For Guys – Tribal ArtWork?
Ideas for an Arm sleeve tattoo, I want to get all my familys names in it, theres only 5 ppl so. Help me out.?
Is the numbing cream worth it?
Has anyone ever had a massage at there house and was it good or bad and how was the price?
Question about my tattoo?
Do anyone have a career doing this???
Take a look. My first tattoo. Tell me what you think.?
Dose it matter how many times you put A&D on a tattoo a day?
My mom won't let me get a...............!!!!?
How to make your tattoo fade faster ?
Is my new Tattoo alright?
what is the best treatment for hyperpigmentation on the face?
i have spot in all over my body and it isnot attractive for me to wear short skirt please help me on what t do
how lond do inner foot tattoo's take to heal?
Breast Cancer tattoo?
How long would this tattoo take?
Guys: Is a tattoo on a girls butt a turn on or turn off?
i have a pimple in my lip how did i get it?
Hip piercings vs hip tattoos?
links for womens tattoo's?
Substitute for a white ink tattoo? Light pink?
Im looking to get a tattoo that represents that ive learned from my mistakes,could be a symbol or some writing?
Why am i so self confident??
does sunscreen expire?
how much will it cost for the quileute wolf pack tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo?
What are some good questions on the topic "can tattoos be harmful towards your health"?
How bad will my first tattoo hurt?
Tattoo help please and thanks <3?
Ok, i know what i want the thing is i don't know where?
wat happens when you die?
My elbows and knees tend to feel rather rough. Any ideas on how to make them smooth?
Tattoo and piercing shops in Dallas?help asap?
Ideas for a tattoo to do with music?
Would getting the apple of discord tattooed on me be bad luck?
anybody know of any good free clip or flash art for tattoos? particularly angels and aliens???
help me!! i will give u ten points?
How do I choose a design for tattoo?
I'm planning on getting my thigh, or shoulder inked?
can you get a tatoo while your sixteen with your parents permission?
Ok, When I clean my belly button ring, i move the ring up and some puss comes out. is this normal?
Any good tattoo artist in MASS?
What products can I use to get toned, clear, and smooth skin?
Girls what do you think guys wiht tattoos?
i want to get my first tatoo, what should i get and where should i get it?!?
Where can I get 100 samples of sunblock donated from for my organization?
if they say stretch marks are caused by excessive weight loss and weight gain...?
What's the age to get a tattoo in quebec?
I am intrested in knowing more about the bio organic style of tattoos. Anbody know anything about them?
why do western womans like sunbathing? to have a darker skin?
how to reduce my dark circles?meso theraphy?eye mask?massage?what to do?I have panda eyes now pls advise.thaxs
Tattoo Ideas?
I don't understand some tattoos.?
Does tattoos make a limb look bigger/smaller?
Tattoo opinions......would like a few opinions and suggestions? you love or hate them?
I got a tattoo on my foot a couple hours ago and my toes feel numb? is this normal/bad?
What quote to go with my tattoo?
Tattoo Rib Piece Cost? (approx.)?
What are the signs or symptoms that tells you you are almost having your period?
does it matter what leg you get a tattoo on?
where should i put my next tattoo?
Around how much would it cost to get this tattoo done?
how do you get at&t things but keep the normal adress you already hav?
I just got a tattoo on my hip on friday, is it true I can't take a bubble bath? When can I?
I have really bad skin problem can anybody help me.?
does anybody have a tattoo?
Rib tattoo...What are some of your experiences?
Is there such think as a temporary tattoo? If so, how does that work?
Do you think I'm fat?? NO JOKES?
gauged ears working at Petsmart?
brothers and sister tattoo quote?
will i get a horrid scar from a nape piercing?
Tattoo question..please answer if you kno about or got one.?
What do you think of my word tattoo idea?
Where should I place my tattoo?
Which would be a better looking spine tattoo?
Is it okay to put Vaseline on a Tattoo?
Can Nurses have Tattoos?
What are the best tattoo shops/artists in the US?
Will pregnancy distort a rib tattoo?
hey boys..girls are going on road. as a boy first what do u see in the girlz?
Can flat feet obtain an arch?
what do u think of this tattoo?
toughly how much would this tattoo cost?
What do you think of this quote? (for a tattoo) ?
john keats poem lyric tattoo?
what can i eat that would make my breasts grow bigger?( not medicine)?
Should i get a lip ring?
how do beauty?
why people didn't get a job?
I had my belly pierced twice but I want to get this done again, should I do it, 2 rejected help. lisa?
what are good, original sayings for a tattoo ?
I'm considering having my tongue pierced. Please advise.?
Tattoo Question? Help?
Ideas for a clever amputation tattoo?
am i fat????
Women using "feminine diapers" for convenience?
How much would it cost for a tattoo on the shoulder blade like the size of a dollarbill at south padre island?
tattoo!! what do i do?
How much do you tip for an eyebrow wax?
Where on the body for a Tattoo?
Painless epilation?
Chinese tattoo help? 寛恕?
Homemade Tattoo's?
Foot tattoo sore and stiff? ?
How my do you think this tattoo would cost?
how to care for my new tattoo?
Do you think piercings prevent people from getting a professional job?
Which Indian actress / model has created controversy recently by sporting a Ek Onkar (God is one) tattoo on he?
What is the most effective way to whiten underarms?
Short, Inspirational Tattoo Quotes?
Do girls think its badass when a guy has a tattoo?
How do u get rid of stretch marks?
Tattoo to cover up scars from cutting?
foot tattoo Question...?
How long does it take for a navel ring hole to close?
Tattoo.. My grandpa has lung cancer I what kinda tattoo should I get ?
Does a tattoo of an eagle have any particular meaning or symbolism?
How many times a day to put lotion on a new tattoo?
What tattoo should i get?
Do you like tattoos, if so what do you have or what would you get?
Why do we seek for beutiful bodies? and what are the consequences?
a tattoo for my dad ... help ?!?
what is the most effective diet pill on the market right now??
Tattoo idea/ designs....i need help!!?
can you get herpes from waxing your eyebrows?
What is a good acne solution for young skin?
A question about tattoos and parents?
I wanna use this but...?
I need an idea for a tattoo?
What do girls think about guys with lip rings?
How can you determine the diameter of the BCR needed for a body piercing from a barbell measurement?
Why do they ask if u have gotten a tattoo in the last year when you donate blood?
i have started getting pimpels on my face, what to do?
hi im having a baby girl in febuary and i am looking for some cute short quotes i could use for a tattoo.?
dose anybody use acne free and dose it work???
What do you think about people with tattoos?
What age did you get your period? (Girls Only)?
I'm thinking of getting Agape tattooed on the inside of my right forearm. Thoughts?
When I get out of the shower my tattoo gets gooey?
Which of these four sayings would make a good tattoo?
What is the best face cream to use under makeup?
What is a good age for a teen to get her belly pierced?
tattoo ideas?
Where should I get this tattoo?
Is getting this tattoo a good idea?
What is the best way to conceal and treat pimples.?
I only have 6 days?
What do you think about tattoos?
wat can i do to get rid of pimple scars on my face?
Why we are not using hair removing cream instead of Shaving ?
Should my tattoo face me or other people?
Wings tattoo on back? Good idea or bad idea?
Tattoo cover up ideas (pictures) ?
i'm pretty pale and i can't tan i just burn! any ideas on what to do????
Tattoo's what are the most popular on Men and Women?
Are you double jointed?
what is the best needle to shade in a a tattoo?
I'm having a tattoo on my wrist would this affect me being a nurse?
what tattoos do you have ??
Tattoo on the Rib?!?!?
Tattoo scabbing over. Just some care questions.?
Just got a navel piercing.. cans and cants?
Question about a new tattoo?
Beginner tattoo kits and fake skin?
remove at home tattoo.?
i am 2 be a grandad in sep im aged43 with 2 tattoos and want another to celebrate his arrival suggest a design
What would you get tattooed on your body and where!?
How much would a wrist tattoo cost?
Sexiest place to get a tattoo on your body?
brazilian wax + me please?
Whats the longest tattoo session for you?
How much would a wrist tattoo cost?
(for those w/ tattoos) Which tattoo do you have?
Can Regular Tattoo Ink Be Used For Permanent Make Up Ink?
I have dark, puffy under-eye circles!?
When doing push ups?
I have a bump right on my wrist..Anyone know what it is?
dermal peircing???????????????//?
got a first tattoo today regret it..:(?
Tattoo picture needed?
how old do you have to be to have a tattoo in Belgium?
I want to get a tattoo of a quote from a book, are there copyright issues associated with that sort of thing?
Is this a good tattoo idea??? need help.?
when getting a tattoo do you have to...?
Is my tatoo crude?
tatoo artists of the south?
Blue Dragon Tattoo Parlour?
episode of miami ink?
Thinking about getting a tattoo about my dad. help?!?
How do you determine the cost of a tattoo?
Tattoo pain on the ribcage?
how much time for steam at face?
I'm thinking about a tattoo, but I am hesitant. Please help!?
I'm going to have a nice cold shower,any ideas? read on..?
what is a good place to get a tattoo on my body?
my doctor says i need more vitamin c in my diet?
what r some good tattoos?
do you know of any tattoo shops that are willing to take apprentices?
My dad says that tattoos are poisonous is that true? he doesnt have any how would he know..?
How can I protect my new foot tattoo from the sun?
What's a unique place to put a tattoo?
wheres a good place on ur body for 1st tattoo?
need help with my skin?
How does a tattoo gets fixed when there's a scar after the tattoo was made?
How do you remove dirt from your body that has been there for years???
how much do tats cost?
What kind of ink should i use for i self done tatoo and how deep do i poked the needle?
Does anyone know a way to help scabs come off quickly?
Futanaria - Can I get one?
Reputable, affordable tattoo places in Montgomery county PA?
How much do lip piercings and tongue piercings cost at Off Ya Tree PUNKTURED in melbourne Australia?
i have no idea where to get a tattoo,?
im afraid my friend is going 2 grow up and not eat 2 be skinny?
On a scale of 1-10, how bad does a tattoo on the back of your neck hurt?
What tattoo should i get?
Do those "at home micro-dermabrasion kits" work?? Like the one on TV that Susan Lucci endorsed...?
Getting another tattoo, What should i get?
Straight bars on eyebrow piercings?
does anyone have any tatoos or plan on getting some??
how do i get a bigger chest wen i work out?
Is it painful to get a tattoo?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo?
I have a lil acne on my back is it ok to get a tattoo over top of it?
Tattoo ideas anyone want to help?
Can someone give me advice for future tattoo?
Can you get a tattoo on your tongue?
Foot Tattoo Advice For Me Please?
I'm getting a tattoo soon....I'm up for getting anything...?
shouolder and back acne! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
should i get this tattoo?
How does this tattoo idea sound?