Any ideas?
Can anyone give me a guess on price?
should ten year old males wear deoderant?
how do you create a character profile? give me examples.?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Washington State with parental consent?
Why do I get made fun of at school?
how do i finish my tattoo?
what do you think about this tattoo idea?
What's a sure way to exterminate stretch marks and look like those people on the beach in bikinis? I'm black!!
Do you have "leftover" hairs when you wax your pits?
New tattoo is losing color. Is this normal?
Name a type of food that helps you put on weight?
please give me a lot of tips for oilyface?
My kid wants a "Death Row" tattoo on her neck, Is 7 too young?
mum wont let me get a bra?
Tattoo gets kind of wet in shower?
i was wondering how much a inside the finger tattoo hurts?
BIG GIRL = small ? Formula works the other way too?
When will it be cool to not have any tattoos? Will they ever go out of style?
which is the best way to get rid of stretch marks?
What does a scorpion tattoo on the back of the neck means?
Anyone with a tattoo?
which fruit Juice is best for skin ?
so do tattoo's hurt when you get them? upper chest or around the waist line(im a guy)?
Hi does anyone use Lush products ?
Can I get fired from work with a wrist tattoo?
I'm second guessing my tattoo?
how can you break your arm? for some reason i really want to break my arm so bad.?
Location on This Tattoo?!?!?!?!?
This question my seem odd but how does an adult become unpottied trained?
gurl'z eyez only!!?
i want to be slim &trim.what to do?
What is the real effect of L-Glutathione when taken orally?
i've been tannin for a month now, and my legs are lighter. something I can buy or do?
Getting my ankle pierced? Good idea?
i'm getting a word tattoo related to "fearless" but stuck on which to pick!?
I need font...............?
Do tattoos last a lifetime or are they permanent?
I am looking for a specific picture of Jack Skellington?
does any 1 have beauty tips for spots?
Not sure about my tattoo design?
Whats the best eye rejuvenator(in your oppinon)?
Is a women who is 5'7 considered tall?
how much should a 12 year old girl weigh?
What should I do about my "black henna" tattoo?
tattoo on upper foot?
Where should I get a tattoo?
Tattoo question!! Can a chinese dragon breath smoke out of its nose?
why do women get tatts on the bottom of their spine...?
Would a quote or two words look nice around this?
if i have a degree can i still get a decent/good job with a sleeve tattoo?
How to not faint getting a tattoo/needle?
tattoos and piercing at the work place?
How many sessions Wil it take to removal a small tattoo?
If your dad died where would you get a tattoo of him at?
Would a hummingbird be a good first tattoo?
Does a girl with a full sleeve look ugly?...?
How to tattoo at home(making your own tattoo machine)?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! why do I have pimples on the rims of my lips?
Have u got a tattoo,where is it and whats it of ??
I am a Female that has an office job. I have many tats already and some that already show.?
What small image would go with 'per aspera ad astra' tattoo?
I have overcome my anxiety and I want to represent that with a tattoo. It would be on my back.?
who is the person tattooed on ville valo's right arm?
What is the legal age to get a tattoo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada?
How often do you shave ur legs?
Does Ashley Benson (PLL Hanna) Have a tattoo?
What do you think of this Tattoo?
Why has my skin all of a sudden become so sensitive?
what do you think a hello kitty tattoo could mean?
If I were to get a tattoo...?
Tattoos and piercings?
what was your first tattoo and where was it?
Doing colour linework?
which incision is the best for breast implants?
How can I lose weight fast without going to the slimming centres???
Sweat Stains!!!(Serious answers only PLEASE!!!)?
Tan peeled on arm?
What is Francia Raisa's tattoo behind her ear?
Ear stretching advise?
what would you think of this tattoo?
calling all tattoo enthusiasts in Manila, Philippines!!! Please help me decide the best and safest tattoo shop
Can your tattoo fade?
why do chinese...?
Tattoo Price Question?
Which areas would hurt the most getting a tattoo?
plz can any1 tell me where i can buy diesel feminine (white bottle) body milk from?
Tattoos - How much do they hurt?
Is Being A Tattoo Artist And Having My Own Shop Successful ?
okayy where should i get this tattoo?
what's so special about palmer's cocoa butter?
why is it that girls keep insisting that they're fat when they really are not?
What can I do about acne scarring on my face?
I need to hide my tattoo !! HELP ?
How much does a tattoo hurt?
What taper size should I get next?
how much does an inner wrist tattoo hurt?
Why do we wash towels if we're clean when we use them?
I had a tattoo on saturday its now wednesday and i have been using vaseline?
I'm getting a tattoo, I want it to symbolize my rough exterior but my delicate interior personality. Help?
too many tattoos...please help?
do/can they tattoo over multiple scars?
Trying to think of a tattoo but I'm not creative enough...?
Should I get a tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in canada?
Removing a new nipple piercing ?
How painful would this tattoo be?
How do you deal with dry hands?
Girls that LIKE tattoos...?
Should I get a pubic tattoo?
are u on a diet if so why or why not?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Washington State with parental consent?
where can i find nice murals for a tattoo idea?
How do I get yellow ink to stick to my skin in my tattoo?
New Tattoo -- Is This Normal?
Is this a good tattoo to get?
calf or thigh tattoo?
Kanji tattoo finder ; In God's Hands.?
how to protect tattoos in the tanning bed?
Girls I need help!!?
I want a new tattoo.. ideas?
should i get my tragus pierced?!?
Tattooing age in Florida?
What EXACTLY is a "Blemish"????......?
roman numeral date tattoo?
What careers are damaged by tattoos?
If I get my ears pierced, will the holes eventually close?
tattoo between ankle and heel?
Should I get a tattoo?
Which is easier to care for, and least expensive? *sternum piercings*?
why does windex works on you pimples?
i want to get my son's name tattooed across my chest.?
After how long can you donate bood after you have gotten a tattoo?
chest tattoo and working out?
is there any meaning to have a tattoo of a cross on your face (.s)?
Small old school style butterfly tattoo images?
Tatoos: Scale of 1-10 how much do they hurt?
Should getting a tattoo be a privilege and not a right?
what is the best wax for bikini area??? ONLY FOR LADIES?
Should I plan out my whole tattoo sleeve before I get it done?
Anybody got any ideas or websites w/ pics for shoulder tattoos?
How long will my feather tattoo take to get done?
What's a good place to get a tattoo that it is easily hidden but I can still see it?
Can you get a tan through a window?
I spent lots of time in sun last yr. and now i have a discoloration above my lip that resemble a mustache!!?
How Can I Get Rid Of A Pimple Overnight?
Do girls fart?
I need to get rid of acne before school, I need a clear face please help!?
tattoo aftercare ointment/ lotion?
Do women like men who do not pinch butts?
Looking for a man named Justin, with cenebite tattoos. Anyone know anyone like this?? URGENT!!!?
does it hurt to get a tattoo on your face?
Any ideas for some quotes for a tattoo?
proactive vs clearasil?
Can a tattooist transfer writing from a normal piece of paper?
What is the BEST tanning oil to use - HELP!!!?
Fantasy/dirty job?
Would touching up my white tattoo cover the pink scarring?
About getting tattoos?
What's a sure way to exterminate stretch marks and look like those people on the beach in bikinis? I'm black!!
I'm thinking about getting my inner conch punched to 4g. Anyone else have this done? What's the pain like?
Where on the body does it hurt least to get a tattoo?
how do u feel about yourself physically?
how do i get my exboyfriend back ?
I'm thinkin of piercing the top of my ear.Does it hurt bad? and for how long ?
Is it painful to get teeth pulled? To they num it or put your mouth to sleep frist?
I don't know what to do with my tats!?!?
Memorial tattoo for my horse?
Hi im 19 and wanting a tattoo, does it really hurt?
do girls like tattooed dic's?
Me and my sister want matching tattoos, but are stuck for ideas.?
Jimi Hendrix inner bicep Tattoo?
What about this TATTOO?
How can I fix my tattoo?
What do I do for a bad acne breakout on my forehead?
Do this tattoo seem trashy?
I want to get a clit piercing?
what is a good treatment for your zits ?
Which lip piercing would look good on me?
Would it be weird to get a tattoo of your favorite cartoon character?
What website can I go to to take this quiz?
Fresh tattoo and dads bitching about the showers?
how do porn starts (girls) get amazing skin?
Question regarding covering NEW tattoos for a job (Hooters girl opinion needed also)?
why are girls so crabby?
Where to get my first tattoo?
Do you hate tattoos?
Are there any at home treatments for oily skin?
What does and anchor in a tattoo symbolize?
Should I lose weight?
Who are the best photo realisism tattoo artists in the Denver/Fort Collins Colorado area?
can anyone believe that you could sleep through a tattoo.. on your face?!?!?!?
I am very pail and i have rather sensitive skin and I realy want to be at least a little tan....?
How do you get beautiful?
how to become a tattoo artist?
What can I do if i think my Razr phone is breaking my face out?
what is the best over the counter cleanser for blemish skin? price = not too pricely , pls?
How bad does it hurt to get a tattoo on your foot?
Alright I'm getting a tatoo......?
Do you like this tattoo?
Which Tattoo Should I Get First?
What is a good monster saying for a tattoo?
How do I relax when I'm getting my tattoo?
what do you think of this tattoo??????
Would a girl date a guy with a few fairy tattoos on his thighs?
Tattoo ideas please :) ?
My mom will kill me if I get tattoo but I am living on my own and am almost 20. Should I respect her opinion?
Music is a huge part of my life and I want a tattoo for this reason. Can anyone help me think of a design?
Tattoo!! please help me find the spelling of these names in a cool language!!?
Graduation tomorrow...I got sunburn!!! Any quick solutions?
My tattoo has puss bumps around it?
Does anyone know a website where you can create tattoos?
how bad would getting this tattoo on your hip hurt?
what's best to help acne?
question about giving myself a tattoo?
I want to get a new tattoo in June, but would a "Blue Jay bird" be a bit "girlie" for a hunky male like me?
best place for a tattoo on a girl?
Whats a good tattoo to get about someone you love ?
i'm thinkin of a tattoo what should i get?
I want to convence my mom to let me get a tattoo for my 14th birthday!?
What are some tattoo payment options?
How should I commemorate my grandpa via tattoo?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo behind your ear ?
how many times can i use lemon on my face?
how not 2 blush?
do you think im stupid?
What do you think of this Tattoo design?
Which piercing is hotter on a woman?
Symbol or reminder not to take things for granted?
How much would this tiny tattoo cost? I'm 16 haha I'm inexperienced!!?
How much will my tattoo cost ? In range , I don't need an exact price .?
Do people under the age of 18 need plastic surgery?
Italian tattoo harder than i thought :(?
I'm really embarresed (i think this would be ebst for girls 2 awnswer!)?
Do Guys Like Tattoos on a Girl??
How bad are rib tattoos compared to foot or spine tattoos?
what do you think of my tattoo? reapplyed with a new link!?
Getting my dog's paw print tattooed onto is this going to work?
Does chocolate give u acne?
Tattoo/piercing places in PA?
which piercing is better?
When you get a tattoo..?
How many piercings do you have?
gun or needle on cartalige piercings?
i hv swelling under my eyes... also dark circles.. how can i remove it? i want home remidies...?
What are the best jobs for people with visible tattoos?
tattoo advice anyone?
what do you think of this tattoo?
Tattoo care information?
How old do you have to be to get your lip peirced? Thanks.?
Chinese dragon tattooed on body and the phoenix?unlucky?
tattoo artists in portland oregon area?
Is this a good idea to finish off my tattoos..?
Can someone help me find a good tattoo?
Underarm Problem?
Tattoo Situation, Helpp PLEASE!!?
what are the benefits of drinkin milk?
Need a tattoo idea to cover stretch marks on lower back?
my teacher has really pointed nails and when ever i do not do my work properly she scratch my face!what i can?
i want to have sex with my boyfriend but how.?
I'm wanting to get just breathe on my wrist would it hurt.?
I drink quite alot of wine, alomost every night. I am developing a bit of a belly, is it the wine??
what is your favorite tatto?
Where can I find a really good portrait tattoo artist in Miami,FL?
Stick 'n' Poke Ideas?
is it possible to get a tatoo without my parents knowing even if Im under 18 (and dont get permission)?
Polar bear - pocket clock tattoo?
Is mastrubating good?
Music Tattoo Design Question?
What do you think about this Tatoo?
How do I overcome self conciousness?
i would like another tattoo but...?
what kind of tattoo would you get?
Other than makeup to cover it up, how do you get rid of under-eye circles?
What tattoos do you have, where and what do they mean?
any cool heart tattoo ideas?
Thinking about getting a tattoo?
im 14 and want to get my belly button peirced?
I'm getting a tattoo in Nov. "not all those who wander are lost." will people think I'm a Lotr geek if I do?
please take a look at my profile and tell me truthfully do i look male or female?
Just got a tattoo on my butt? ?
What are hidden tattoo locations?
Tattoo question.......?
hi i hav beauty prblm my skin is combination fair bt when i go in2 sun 4 5min also i get severe tan plz hlp ?
Would you get a tattoo? Why or why not?
i know i'm gonna get ripped for this,but how come?..?
How much to tip a tattoo artist?!? ?
what are all the tattooing needles and what are each speciallized to do?
Why don't employers or managers not like tattoos?
are my lip piercings infected?
Is women's skin different than men?, and is body hair different in women than in men?
What piercings/tattoos do you want or have?
can you help me plzzzzz?
proper aftercare for a tattoo?
How To Have A Healthy Skin For Teenage Girls?
Does your opinion on someone change based on if/what tattoos they have?
Dose it have to be my parent that sign the sheet if I want a tattoo?
What are your opinions of neck tattoo?
How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
What is a good way to get rid of ingrown toenails?
how do i remove super glue from my hands?
would welcome advises on how to keep girls private part tight ? what makes it smells good?,?
when I will loss weight?
i am 20, and i eat pritty good im a veggitarian, i excercise alot, why do i still have acne??
Im getting my second tattoo soon, but I need help!?
A seven deadly sins tattoo?
how much would a tattoo like this cost and how much would it hurt and how long would it take to get it done?
Foot tattoo advice!!?
Please help me add to my tattoo.?
i want a tattoo?
What do you think of this tattoo?
coupons for jergens natural glow?
Why is it good to get tattos? And why is it bad to get tattos?
wat website to go to to get nude pictures of raven symone?
Getting a tattoo of aborted baby's name?
Whats the best needle set up for thick tribal tattoo?
For those with multiple tattoos, what location hurt the most?
What is the tattoo on the inside of Mac Millers arm?
Tattoo on inside of upper arm+military?
I have a naturally very oily face pone to pimples and blackheads I am also contending with wrinkles around my?
wrist tatto pain 1-10?
Why does my "tanning moisturiser" streak?
i have this tiny bump on my chest feels like a pimple but it wont go away help?
Do you regret getting tattoos, if so why?
Where are the most discreet places to get a Tatoo?
how and who do you report to if you think they might not have a cosmotology license?
so i am wanting a star tattoo on my hip/stomach but i cant...?
should i get this tattoo ?
What is your favorite perfume or body spray?
Finger tattoo........?
What should I get a tattoo of?!?
What is the best numbing cream for tattoo?
Which face wash is better to prevent pimples???
what are some good tattoo aztec wesites?
i have an unusually large head!! help??
how long does it take for a tattoo on your back to heal?
Is getting a tattoo painful? How can you describe it?
I am a alt-model. I want to find a website where you do not have to get naked but its ok to have tats. Got any
When you get your navel pierced, is it true....?
Where can i get branded in Ohio?
latin tattoo question?
How would this tattoo look on me? pics!?
I'm 14 and my mom hasn't taken me bra shopping...?
Belly Button piercing help?
should i get a george orwell tattoo?
My son jus got a tattoo and now he has alot of bumps all over it.could it b from the pool ?
Is it safe to use a natural tanner on tattoo?
Where should I get my tattoo?
Foot tattoo?? Need help?
tattoo (females answer please)?
can you tattoo over scars?
Does it hurt getting a tattoo?
What do you think of brides with tattoos?
I need help with a tattoo idea?
Tattoo questions!?! Please anwer I will anwer yours!?
How much would this tattoo cost me?
Tattoo Itches help !!!!?
I'm 25 years lady black in complexion having proplem of skin,is too oily and having blackheads,spots plse help
Jade dragon Chicago question..?
Music tattoo ideas anyone?
Are tattoos on a women's arm a turn off?
What kind of nerd tattoos are best?
Do you think tattoos are trashy?
what type of tattoos do guys like on girls?
Is this a bad time to get a tattoo?
Would it be hard to tattoo 32 words along my forearm?
Possibly a cat memorial tattoo?
How to hide wrist tattoo?
How likely is a tattoo on your stomach to stretch out bad when you're pregnant? (picture)?
Ear stretching question?
how old do you think is a decent age to get a tattoo?
I want a tattoo but how can i be sure i wont regret it.?
can you hide a tongue piercing easily?
Can I change an unwanted tattoo?
How much would this tattoo cost?
anybody help this problem plzz iam getting pimples in my face i went to doctor also but it not work?
Do guys like girls with side tattoos (picture)?
Why do black people get tatoos?
Tattoo at 14 years old?
Do you have any piercings? If so, what do you have pierced?
I lost a lot of weight and have some loose skin on my belly and chest. I don't want a plastic surgery. Help?!!
where did you put your tattoo if you have one?
how to get rid of pimples?
is here any place that you can get a tattoo under 18?
can any body tell me the tips tht hw can i look so fair by my complexion...?
what tattoo should i get right smack dab on my butt? i was thinkin of maybe george washington or a whale?
Will a tattoo on my hip stretch ?
What font should i use for my next tattoo?
How long would this tattoo take?
Has anybody tried Accutane? Did you have any of the side effects? Did it work?
I would like to get a tattoo in Hebrew, but want to make sure it is correct, any help?
What places do guys find attractive for a tattoo on a woman?
What is the smallest front size or print tattoo I could get without it bleeding together?
Would you recommend laser treatment to remove pigmentation marks?
Looking for early stage design advice.?
whats a good idea to get a tatto representing my mom and dad ?
What can i use as a background for a quote tattoo?
I have a question for teenage guys and please be nice...?
Do you drool when you sleep?
First tattoo, good idea? What to expect?
difference between acne and pimple,serious answers plz?
Infected tattoo, how to treat?
My henna tattoo is itchy?
I need an idea for a tattoo?
Take a look. My first tattoo. Tell me what you think.?
Can tattoos make you sexually attractive?
where is the least painful place to get a tattoo?
In the Silicon Valley, CA ( South Bay & Peninsula) What is the best salon to go to?
how do you get rid of strech marks ?
Should I get my boyfriend's name tattoed on me...?
were do you find time to shower?
Why DO Today's Men Look For Women Who Are Way Too Skinny And Think Everygirl Should Look Like A Twig?
Should I get a monroe on my left or right side?
How to convice my parents to let me get a tattoo?
where should i get my tattoo..?
Rag/Voodoo Doll Stitches Tattoo?
does getting a tatoo hurt?
tattoo shop in NYC?????
Would a girl date a guy with a few fairy tattoos on his thighs?
What do you think about this?
First Tattoo Aftercare?
i want to get the back of my neck pierced....?
Girls, please rate these on order of preference...?
if love is blind, Then why is Lingerie so popular?
I really want to get a tattoo, just a letter, but where would be the best place? I want palm but it comes off?
Does vitamin B5 really cure acne?
What should i do to make my tattoo better/stand out?
Tattoo help?! & Opinions?
Does colour ink hurt more?
i am 19yrs what bra size a 19 girl should wear?
Will these tattoos hurt?
How can I change my body`s look in 2 months?
Cream to use on tattoo?
Getting Tattoo at 16?
what are some good ideas for what my tattoo should say?
Tattoo bleeding a day after having it done?
Teenager getting makeup tattooed on?
Who likes tattoos? And Why?
Placement for roman numeral tattoo?
how painful was ur tattoo, where is it and how long did it take ..?
Does anyone know how to dull the pain of a tattoo?
The best spot for a tattoo?
Tattoo scab healing help?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
is this a bad tattoo idea?
Would this be a good lower back tattoo?
i am female, 18 yrs old and 5 foot 6. wat is my ideal weight?
I got a tattoo last week and it has ed and looks like it is falling off... The under peeled color is gray?
I am about 5'5" & i weigh 112 do you think i need to lose weight?
Can i drink alcohol after my tongue piercing hole closed?
Would like some information on nipple piercings?
What is the difference between a blue and a pink razor in technical terms?
Subject: am i pretty? :s?
I did a homemade tattoo with pen ink, will it fade away?
Are there any symbols that suggest strength in the face of adversity?
I need an image of Ryan's tattoo that says "Bentley" from 16 and Pregnant...please help!?!?! -thanks :)?
What do you think about these tattoos I might get?
how can i get rid of a persistant acne prob.. i even get big red pimples on my do i get rid of them?
How do I get softer hands?
Hi, my wife and I want to get a small tatoo, by the time we decided on it, she got pregnant...?
How do you get rid of blemishes on your back and shoulders?????????
what should i consider/think about before i get a tattoo?
What should I know before I get my tattoo?
Tattoo artist won't draw, should I look for someone else?
what would you do to make this tattoo better?
How can i hide my tattoo from my parents!?
My mother died of Cancer when I was 3. I need quote for a tattoo to remember her by. Any ideas?
Should my lover get her breasts shrunk?
new tattoo idea question?
How can I condense my tattoo?
I'm not over weight or anything but i think I'm fat but everyone tell me I'm not what should i do?
i have a question??
what is janet jackson diet??????
Where can I find Scandinavian designs for a tattoo?
Why is my tattoo itchy and puffed up?
what are your views on tattoo's?
I want to make my avatar bold but how?
Do you think 15 is too young for a tattoo?
I need a word that means to follow what you love....?
where do u think would be the best spot to have a tatoo???
how likely am i to get infected if i give myself a tattoo?
Do you like this tattoo idea? Or is it trashy?
Tattoo help and opinion, please?
Where can I find pictures of cool tattoos?
Good placement for a paw print tattoo?
hidden message does anyone know what this means?
UV free tanning-does it work???
Im getting another tattoo, and i need a quote!!!!!!!?
If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
Tattoo help, need advising :c?
What should I get for a tattoo, and where should I get it?
question for the women?
Do helix piercings hurt?
Foot Tattoo Idea? Thoughts?
Females Tattoo's ???????
Any suggestions on how to remove scars?
Getting a tattoo need ideas?
any good ideas for a running tattoo?
Ankle tattoo designs?
Tattoo suggestions?????
does it seem weird that i want this tattoo?
What is your view on tattoos? Do you think that tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable?
So my daughter snook and got a tattoo what should i do?
oppinions on tattoo designs (pics)
where is a good spot to have a tattoo on your body?
Firefighter tattoo help.?
Wheres the best place for me to get a butterfly tattoo?
need help on a tattoo idea?
How Do i look brighter and fresher?
My School wont allow a piercing or tattoo...?
What's the best tattoo ink?
Does anybody know why sometimes my penis hangs very low while other times its very tiny?
Does anyone have a phobia or a weird problem?
Tattoo on my wrist? look and pain?
Why do why do men like light skin girls and not dark skin or brown skin girls?
Is raja bells wife white and fat?
where can I sunbath nude in Hays, Kansas?
looking for local stores that carry ahava hand cream in farmington hills mich?
For Men-tatoos and piercings?
Am I too fat?
I want to get a small ankle tattoo?
swimming in ocean with tattoo?
Guys, do any of you have tatoos?
I'm thinking of having this tattoo quotes on my chest, "To Live My Own Way", what do you guys think?
getting my first tattoo soon, whats a really nice shoulder tribal tattoo (for men)?
Bit stuck really want 2nd tattoo?
Before I get my tattoo, I want to know this?
How old you you have to be to get a piercing in Mississippi with parents consult.?
i would like to get a tattoo to symbolize my daughter and her name is Lily.?
How much does it cost to go to a spray tanning place?
Lotion for a tattoo in Poland?
Is Zac Efron have a New Tattoo? picture?
Does anybody besides me like smelling like coconut, vanilla, cocoa & pear caramel?
how much would this tatto cost in las vegas? or NYC?
what would a girlturning 12 want for her birthday???
How long does it take to get a tattoo covered up?
my lil sis wants to know what screw means like screw you what does it mean i forgot?
TEN POINTS FOR BEST ANWSER! how much would this tattoo cost?!?
Does an al bleaching really work?
Advice building a word based sleeve tattoo?
Tattoo Where???
What is a really good cream for very rough hands .?
Hermes sandals tattoos?
been thinking hard about getting a tattoo, afraid im going to regret it later?
i got super bad sunburn over the weekend. anyone know any good way to get that sunburn to turn into a tan?
I need advice about fading spots on my skin?
What does it mean if you get a tattoo on the inside of your ankles? Could I be allergic to the ink?
how will I getride from black under my eyes?
my weight is at it's highest; 278 pds. how do i lose weight?
virginity important?
For Men-tatoos and piercings?
Where do you think is the most painful place to have a tattoo done?
Does anyone know a tattoo parlor in roanoke VA, that tattoos at 16???
What are some cute tatto ideas for me :) ?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
What happens when you try removing blackheads with a pointed object?Is it infectious?
Tatoo hip bikini area.?
Where to put my tattoo if I want to be in the health industry?
What do you think of this woman?
What are some good examples of victory for mankind?
What part of the body do tattoos hurt the most.?
How do I persuade my parents to let me get a tattoo?
Best way to get rid of Acne?
hya, i want a tattoo on my wrist, i also want a star tattooed on the back of?
Best place to get a foot tattoo in central or south manchester, UK?
My supposed to be shaded tattoo is still black!!!?!!!?
would a tattoo on ur wrist hurt?
How to sleep with a chest tattoo?
Should i have a boyfriend.?
areas for a tattoo and what makes a good tattoo?
does washing your face with alcohol help clear up acne?
Is it ok to use VASELINE on a new tattoo?
You should never tattoo a person's you think tattooing your kids name is alright tho?
how much will this tattoo cost in indian rupees..?
Where can i get my 3 year old son a Tattoo?
New tattoo and direct HOT sunlight !!?
Do girls like guys that are funny and do really stupid things???
i want to get a tattoo in the inside of my lip?
Tattoo in memory of my father?
i've heard piss is great for the face .if this is so why and how do apply this.?
What do you think is a sexy tattoo?
I have a chicken pox mark on my face, help ?
smooth, perfect celebrity worthy skin..?
Can women in the Navy have tattoos on their forearms and calves?
Are tattoos gaining popularity but losing their meaning?
how many people on here have tattoos what are they off what age they got them at do you regret it?
how to cure ache?
erections on guys?
tattoo behind the ear good or bad idea?
If I get gauges and I wanna close them later on, will they completely close?
Where is a good place to put a tattoo so that when you're old it isn't weird?
How to hide your bellybutton ring from your mom?
How do you make home made facial mask that wont...?
what tattoo would look pretty to cover an appendix scar?
What do tatoos feel like?
guys: short or tall girl?
are piercings attractive on girls?
picking face problem?
How is the word MIRACLE translated from arabic to english?
Need tattoo ideas....any ideas?
how does one do a tattoo at home to themselves?
what could i do for my tattoo?
i cant stand it weird?
Australian tattoo prices.?
where do i get VCD of aerobics in jaipur?
How much do you think this tattoo will cost, roughly? (details,picture)?
Why do we wear clothes??
should i get my nipple pierced?
How much does Henna cost on average?
What are your opinions on guys with stretched lobes?
Where should i get my tattoo on my body?
best face moisterizer?
How much would this tattoo cost?
any good idea's for my first tattoo ?
can i make it so i dont get taller?
I have a Tattoo question ?!?
where can i find a mystic tan near bemidji MN?
What voltage do tattooist set there power supply to the guns to?
Im Getting my 1st Tattoo! I have a few questions?
Getting a tattoo outlined before it is filled in?
What do you think of this? but slightly altered?
Would it be wrong for me to get a tattoo if I'm a Christian?
What is the best and most inexpensive way to whiten your teeth?
Any feedback on dermabrasion?
Is Getting a Tattoo on the back of your Arm Hurt?
How much should i charge for a massage.?
Any artists willing to help out with a tattoo design?
I don't want to have fat legs!?
What are some good Czechoslovakian tattoos?
Any tips for getting rid of bikini line razor burn????? All tips please!?
does tattoing cause pain?
How to express love to music?
Whats an estimate of how much this tattoo would be?
is there pills that would increase my muscle?
Blood seeping from tattoo?
tattoo Parlor, 29 Palms, Cali?
Where can i get a black light tattoo in Chicago?
am I wearing the right bra (size)?
i got a broad shoulder i find it ugly to see what is the best exercise to make it look more better?
Best friend tattoo ideas?
Sweat Stains!!!(Serious answers only PLEASE!!!)?
What was your first tattoo like?
Red bump-type rash on my right leg?? new tattoo on that leg too?? help!! 10 to best!?
Where online can you get temporary tattoos ?
Hi. I am 18 and having my first Tattoo tommorow :)?
What, on average, would a relatively large tattoo cost me?
Is she for real??
I want to get an industrial bar but im only 17?
What should I do to Protect my skin by chlorine when swimming ??
Planning on getting a tattoo, help plz?
2 4 letter words to tattoo on my knuckles.?
were to put Baby name tattoo?
What type of piercing should I get if I had to get one?
Triforce tattoo on wrist: How bad will the pain be?
If you were to have a tattoo to symbolise you?
tattoo? will it get messed up?
Tattoo suckiness.....?
Need some help with foot tattoo for overcoming depression?
What tattoo should I get?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your chest?
Is a lower back tattoo on a guy gay?
what is the correct way to say "believe in yourself" in spanish?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
tattoo placement help?
Where is the most painful place to receive a tattoo?
How much would a tattoo like this cost?
for the oklahomans... and nearby states?
Surface piercings in Tallahassee?
Tribal tattoo question?
okay so im gonna be 16 in may and i want a tattoo for my birthday...does anyone know how old you have to be to
So i got a tattoo and it itches?
How much does it cost for nipple piercings in Detroit? ?
Why don't white people lotion?
Do you shower in the morning or at night? Why?
What's the best smelling body spray or cologne for a guy?
Is there any way to stop hair growth permanently?
What does witch hazel do for the skin?
Does ear piercing in the lobe hurt?
Does the M.O.B tatto on lil Wayne's chest stand for money over bitchs? Or member of bloods?
Can I exercise with a new tattoo?
Other than the usual spots...what would be a unique spot to place a tattoo?
what are the best brands of skin cleaner to...?
tattoo question!!!?
matching tattoos with my sister?
I heard that you couldn't LEGALLY get piercings (lip,bellybutton,ect,ect) until you are 14 years old?
I wanna get a tatto. What's a good bible verse or cute quote or somthing i could put?
What does Aquolina Pink Sugar smell like?
What is your favorite brand of deodorant?
A question about my tattoo portfolio?
What are some tattoo ideas that include something to represent your child?
what should i pierce? im 13 years old.?
is Fuzi UVTPK. the worst tattoo artist in the world?
tattoo that i want to get?
Adding onto tattoo, ideas?
How much would a forearm tattoo hurt?
I am loking for a tattoo?
Tatoo artist screwed up..suggestions?
i have lots of bumps on my beautiful skin what should i do?
Not facial hair...?
whats the best way to ger rid of acne?
How much does it cost to tattoo your eyebrows?
Does anyone have this piercing??HELP please?
A few questions about tattoos?
Blood Spots Under Tattoo Skin?
Is it normal to fall asleep during a tattoo?
would this illusion tounge ring work?
Getting tattoo in a week?
Will I get piercings now or wait till I'm older to get a tattoo? (read discription before answering)?
What do you think about my tattoo? (pics)?
Does anyone know how to eliminate dark circles under your eyes? I can't find anything at the stores. Any tips?
Short, inspirational, meaningful tattoo quotes?
Why do you americans keep getting asian-style tattoos?
What are the best self-tanners on the market?
Do you like my 'new' tattoo? :)?
Piercings? anyone help!: D?
how much would this tattoo be?
What kinda piercing should I get? (Pic included)?
Aftercare of new tattoo?
Getting a tattoo, can anyone help me with this?
Does anyone have a quick fix to get rid of a big pimple in a hurry?
am 19f and am fr india n am plannin to get married this oct against my parent will,will that be right?
tattoo help i need help!?
should i get a boob job?
(Fr) : y a-t-il du plomb dans l'encre des tatouages foncés ?
what is marriage?
Ideas for filler tattoos on feet?
how can i look naturally pretty?
Is this good placement for a dreamcatcher tattoo?
How do i get rid of freckles?
why do guys always look at girls boobs?
How do i remove pimples from my face?
Tattoo Problem ? cover up designs ?
What would be a sexy tattoo to get on my booty?
What is the best way for my girlfriend to naturally obtain larger breasts? She wants them to be 1 cup larger?
Inner strength tattoo?
Should i get a tatoo?
I'm getting my first tattoo in 2 weeks and I just want to know, how bad will this hurt?
London tattoo shops ?
i have my boyfriend name tattooed on my wrist and he has mine tattooed help with cover up ideas.?
Which font should I use for my Silverstein tattoo?
Tattoo ideas after loosing my mom?
tattoo quote for my sister who passed away?
I am 5'6" and weigh 115.5 lbs. Am I fat or skinny?
how do i pierce my belly at home?
Need help!! any tattoo ideas ?
Where should the text be placed in getting a poem tattooed?
my boyfriends tatto has started to swell up- hes had it a year?
I am have problems deciding on what tattoo to get?
Should younger people like kids think that they are ugly at a young age?
how to get teperary lip tatoos in stores?
Allergic to tattoo ink?
Will baby wipes hurt a sunburn?
Why is petroleum jelly or mineral oil bad to use ? What are the side effects?
How do i remove the dark circles under my eyes?
How could I develop my pectoralis major and minor muscles?
what should my tattoo look like 24 hours after i get it?
Why do i get really short painful spikey hairs on my bikini line and how do i get rid of them?
Is Mystic Tan unhealthy?
where should i get this tattoo?
I want to tan!!! HELP?
how much would a tiger tattoo head cost?
What EXACTLY is a "Blemish"????......?
thinking of getting this tattoo....what do you think?
The corners of my mouth and bleed. Anyone know why?
Quote on my ankle, wanna cover it up with something else, ideas!?
hows the pain level for a tattoo on the rib cage?
I'm getting a foot tattoo on saturday... any advice?
Which tattoo would you rather have?
Why girls ware under-ware ..........? because tthere is no need to ware it under their cloths?
How much and how long please answer..?
Are woman supposed to shave their arms?
Would poking yourself repeatedly with a tack/pin give you an idea of how much a tattoo will hurt?
White tattoos (covering and info)?
ideas for tattoo i dont have any idea ?
is this tattoo a good idea?
Tear drop tattoo question?
I only get zits on school days, why?
!!!tattoo kits? and any tattooing advice please help. !!?
Tatto Help Please =)?
Tattoo help?!?
Can u plz tel me a home made remedy for becoming fair in colour?
How do I get nail polish off of my stomach?
My 3 year old tattoo is raised and itchy?
Should I get a tattoo or piercing?
what tattoo should i get on the back on my neck?
will savlon pull the colour out of my tattoo?
does it hurt to get ur bellybutton peirced?
What type of tattoo designs could i have on my wrist?
Who came 1st egg or a chicken?
what are the best kind of pads to use. and What kind of tampons?????
I am trying to get a tatto with the aries ram on my back i need something bold and feminine help!!!! please!!?
How to explain a tattoo?
I got my first tattoo, and it looks like I've been branded. Is that normal?
How can I modify body piercing jewelry so that it is permanent and cannot be removed from the piercing?
I got a tattoo back in September of 2011 on my upper back and I thought it was healed but now it feels like I?
will taking a vicodin before a tattoo help block out the pain ?
I haven't been washing my tattoo?
What would be a good tattoo for my adventure across the Unites States?
how do you lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks?
What will help fade a tattoo?
I want to get a tattoo for my recently deceased friend?
My ears somtimes get very red and hot, is this a wierd thing?
Is it okay to cry while getting a tattoo?
Where would you buy henna to draw on your skin?
why do so many girls get tattoos on their lower backs?
Any suggestions?Tattoo?
what do u do if ur parents does not let you shave ur legs?
i have dark circles...HELP!?
I'm jealous of other girls that are shorter than me beacause I think that boys like short girls. Should I be?
Does this sound like a good tattoo ideas?
is there anywhere in Minnesota that will tattoo a minor?
I want to get another tattoo?
what kind of jobs can you get if you have tattoos?
HELP!!!!!! WHAT kind of tat ?
Do you think this is a good idea for a tattoo ?
can you stop tattoos hurting so much?
what weight would u consider a perfect weight at age 12 and i am 5ft and 4 1/2 inch.'s tall?
Question about Tattoo aftercare?
Does getting a tattoo behind your ear hurt, or how about on ur foot?
Do tattoos hurt at all?
Why do black people get black ink tattoos?
will i lose 2st in six weeks,(1month 2weeks) or close 1st 7lbs?
Am I going to regret getting a tattoo over a scar?
What do you think of this tattoo? Pic included.?
Why can't fat be used in breast augmentation. For instance, take some out of your butt and move it?
What is the best tattoo idea?
Does anyone know where I can find a photo of Colleen Gavin's shamrock tattoo from Rescue Me?
What is the difference between Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy in a face lotion ?
would it be crazy for me to tattoo eyes on my lower back???
How much do upper thigh tattoos hurt?
What is the most painful place on your body to get a tattoo?
What quote/image would translate my tattoo idea?
how can i get a phone number in st. thomas uvi?
how 2 avoid pimples??
Should I get a tattoo?
Guys, What is the strangest place...?
Cherry tattoo good or bad idea?For First tattoo.?
i just got a tattoo done 2 hours ago and i forgot what plaster my tattoo artist said i sud get?
please help me?
I want to get a tattoo that says "no regrets just lessons learned" in a different language?
Does it matter if you have tattoos?
dos anyone know the best way to take off the hire of the lieges and by the time to disappear?
Has anyone tried Hydroderm? Would you recommend it?
Do you think "let it be" is a good idea for a wrist tattoo?
okay, so i need tattoo ideas?
A good one word tattoo?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo/piercing in New York?
What tattoos do you have?
what tattoo should i get at 16 and where?
someone please help me with my tattoo idea?
Im 18 my fingers have recently started to become very dry and they peel a bit. Could this be caused by stress?
Tattoo Healing Picture Time line?
Has anyone used proactiv for acnes?
how long would this tattoo usually take?
can anyone give me advice on tattoos?
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Cozumel Mexico?
is the quote 'live, laugh, laugh' a good quote for my first tattoo with a heart on my hip?
Did anybody had problems after hair removal with laser?
Guys how do you feel about tattoos on girls?
Where can I find a tatoo artist that would tatoo my 5 year old?
Ideas for a tattoo anyone?
how much would this tatto cost FOR MY RIGHT UPPER ARM?...COPY LINK?
who thinks its cool to get a tattoo inside your lip?
does anyone know of any good tattoo sites? im thinking about getting a third and final one.gotta be good.?
Poll, do you like my tattoo?
I am thinking about getting a tattoo on my foot.?
Do wrist tattoo's hurt?? And what any ideas?
Anyone that has a tattoo..?
Will getting a tattoo on my neck cause any serious harm such as nerve damage?
I need some wicked ideas for my character's tattoos...ideas?
I think im u think tht matters much?
How do I know if I've had a REAL orgasm?
Tattoo fix after pregnancy?
Would a calve tattoo be easy to cover up for work?
Mariska Hargitay Tattoo ideas?
is Galeria winsor & newton mars black paint toxic ? can i use it on a tattoo?
tattoo style banner illustration?
what type of pen should i get to draw a tattoo on my body that will last a week?
Tattoos: How old do you have to be?
how to become fairer?
How long would it take to get a tattoo like this?
Tattoo removal products?
tattoo at 15 yrs old? blacklight tattoo?
Do you think this tattoo is sexy(im talking about the snake up her leg )?
what can ido to the so many pimples in my face?
how i know?
What are so tattoo ideas/ tattoo quotes for guys?
I'm under 16 and I really want a few tattoo's?
Do guys find piercings attractive?
Should I get my lip pierced (pic)?
I have a tattoo on my upper chest I want to hide for a company pool party, can I hide with no makeup?
What tattoo should I get on my V line?
what are some cute tattoo ideas?
Have you ever tattooed someone's name on your body?
How much would this tattoo cost?
Lower back tattoo breaking out?
Can somebody please tell me what the different coil wraps on a tattoo gun are used for?
Should I get a tattoo?
does getting a tattoo on your upper back hurt alot?
Is this way too much for a girl?
Can a psychologist get a finger tattoo?
only one of my parents approves of me getting a tattoo, what do I do?
tattoes and epidural injections?
How much should I tip my tattoo artist? ?
Will smoking weed before getting a tattoo make me bleed out?
is banshee a boy?
Japanese symbols for tattoos?
Would you ever get a tattoo?
Dose anyone know a good tattoo idea or area to get a tattoo?
if i got my nipple pierced diagonally can i put a ring in it or will it look wierd?? lol?
What is the purpose of facial toner?
Opinions/design help for my second tattoo?
Portrait tattoo artist in Oregon...?
How long do i have to wait after getting a tattoo before i can put self tanner/bronzer/foundation on it?
I need help on matching tattoos ideas pleas!!!!?
getting my tattoo on monday?
Can you get 2 tattoos at the same time?
First tattoo question?
Is this tattoo too cliche?
why do some wax things say you cant use water to get the wax off?
Can someone help me with ideas for my first tattoo?
Tattoo idea for my mother?
Ulcers underneath tongue from piercing?
Tattoo when I get older?
do tattoos hurt?
I ran out of shaving cream today. What condiment would make the best substitute?
unfinished tattoo help?
what size comes after 1 3/16 in ear gauge sizes ?
tattoo behind my ear?
Tattos do they really hurt and have you regretted it?
Cleaner for oily facial ?acne?
How should you get your parents to say yes for tatoo?
Tattoo Scabbing?
What is the BEST remedy for a dark scar caused by a zit / pimple?
What do you think of this tattoo idea?
why does my healed septum peircing have an oder?
What tattoo could I get for my sisters?
normal or my imagination?
i m 25 yrs old.i m slim. waist is 25 n my breasts r not size is 31 right can i increase them?
what are the reasons of getting a tattoo?
where in boise id...?
Best place on the body to get a text tattoo?
tattoo ideas for my sister that died?
Tattoo Idea for My dad..?
Why do people get face tattoos and piercings? What happens when theyre old and it looks horrible?!?
would it be unoriginal to get a tattoo of a word inside my lip?
New Tattoo; Okay to use "Gloves In A Bottle" on new tattoo?
:)!!!opinions on girls with tattoos....?
elma cream for rib tattoo?
Horrible or Good tattoo?
Clearasil products? Clean and Clear? Blackheads?
how much does a snug piercing hurt?
they say that using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face?
Do you ladys like tatoos on us guys?
how much do u think a female that is 5'8ish?
Is this a childish/dumb idea for a tattoo?
How do girls deal with sweaty armpits?
What kind of tattoo should it be?
What do you think is the sexiest type of body piercing?
I want to get a small tattoo on my back.?
I want to get a tattoo w/Cambodian Script...anyone know of a good place to get this done in Northern VA area?
Why are the bottoms of my feet and my palms really pink?
People overly nosey about your tattoos?
Dead Boyfriend initials tatted on me?
what kind of Tattoo should I get?!?!?
Help with a tattoo design?
Rebandaging tattoo before bed?
have you ever had a tattoo that stays "shiney"?
i really want a tattoo on my wrist but..?
Who thinks that it´s nice to have a tattoo?
Tattoo Pictures of Flowers?
In need of talented tattoo artist in south bay area, ca?
Do you think this is a good tattoo ?
Where can I find a picture of Dax Shepard's right arm tattoo?
boob job??
Quote ideas for antique heart locket tattoo?
What side of my lip should I get pierced?
I'm looking for a perfume "Impulse- Vanilla Kisses", where can I find it and how can I buy it from Turkey?
How can i convince my parents to let me have a nose ring?
Lil Wayne's tattooes on his back?
Free Program To Add Piercings?
Best Soap to Clean Cartilage Piercing?
what are the basic procedures in lifting weigth?
Which part of the arm for a half sleeve?
How do i make my pores smaller?
What is the legal age for getting a tattoo in Georgia?
is der ne way to get rid of scars caused by pimples on ma face?How much does d treatment cost?
tattoo idea help please?
What are some good FREE websites to look at tattoos?
How can i grow my nails fast??!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need help finding the best website for tattoo outline stencils please help!?
smeared tattoo ink after a month?
Tattoo questions, please?