How to get rid of chemical burns?
What are some lotions that would make your skin smooth?
I look skinny from the side but not the front..?
What moisturizer should I use?
i have an ugly brown stain on my two front teeth since i was like 11 its only on those teeth?
Should I get a lip or labret piercing?
is it ok to take out a ear piercing after 1 day just for a little bit?
I am 12 and my nipples show through my shirt... should i tape them or put band-aids on them?
Is there Acne body wash in stores?
toothpaste on spots? Does it work?
Stretch marks on my boobs, what can I do?
where can i buy a good self tanner thats cheap?
What type of training or certifications do you need to administer Velashape?
ance. i want a clear face :(?
Am i done growing in height? or will i grow taller?
Belly Piercing: Trashing or Cute?
what is the best shampoo?
am i fattttttttttttt?
What will happen if I try and shave my lip?
how shud i put my face mask?
Nipple piercing infection?
Hot or cold water when washing your face?
My lips are so dry, please help?
I popped a blackhead and it left a hole on my chin!?
Has anybody used Aveeno Clear Complexion facewash?
I am 13 years old...?
Helix Piercing Help Please?
Help me , what's wrong with my hair&skin? :(?
Is dove sensitive soap good for your face?
help me its about my skin, i want to become naturally fair like i was agaian? im a guy?
how to get rid of dark eye circles?
I got i really bad sun burn and now my face is peeling wat can i do to make it go away faster?
Does a belly button piercing hurt?
Help! Im getting married in a month & i have pimples all over. IS there any hormonal pill to get rid of zits?
show me the cream used to enlarge men's penis?
will anything happen to my skin if i use an oatmeal mask nightly?
What is this piercing called?
I got my eyebrow piercing done, but my boyfriend is telling me to get it off... what should I do?
Freak Legs!!!?
Self Piercing question?
Spots on my breasts???
what's so bad about taking out your piercing early?
If you've ever hid a piercing from your parents?
How do I reduce my breast size?
What is my face shape?
Why does my face get oily?
big bump on chin but what is it?
best tinted moisturiser?
What type of dimples are there?
How to take the redness out of a pimple?
Any home remidy's for .....?
Should i use Nair or Veet?
What fake tan is best ?
I have a inverted triangle shape?
Do you have a bad mark on your face? if so what happend?
i have these rough, red bumps on the backs of my arms and legs, what can i do to get rid of them??
how can i get smooth soft clean face?
Is it okay to apply the clean and clear gel cleanser twice a day?
Is it ok to shave lower abdomen ?
What is a good age to get a septum piercing?
can you stretch out a bikini top?
I want to have a pierced belly button?
does massaging your boobs really make them bigger?
Poll: What color is your skin and do you wish your skin was another color?
Where can I buy Mederma, BioOil or Vitamin E oil in Singapore?
okey so i have wrinkles under my eyes what could be the cause cause im only 16?
Red bump by nose piercing?
Shaving pubic area..Questions..?
i got my navel pierced a week ago and i changed the bar. its red around the top ball and hard. is it infected?
Would it look gross if i get my nose pierced?
what are exact signs of and infection &..................................pleas… dont judge. if so dont answer.
help!! Im a female and im discovering hairs above my upper lip!...what products should I use?
encouragment words?
At a nail salon, what does "polish change" mean?
what are some good spa treatments?
my friend keeps saing he is ugly what sould i do?
Under-the-skin spot help?
Will i grow 15?
What is the best remady to get rid of facial scars resulted by acne?
Navel ring too long for me?
Where can I buy a pumice stone?
what r d things i should eat to increase my breast size?
Which hurts more getting your dermals done or your bottom lip pierced?
why does it happen.(girls only) please help!?
what do i do for dry is really inchy?
Have I eaten WAYYY too much today?
Can you name all the wrong things about this body? ?
What do i tell people?
I have these weird bumps/lumps things on my right ear lobe! and I don't know what it is?
Freeman's beauty products, St. Ives ...?
If I gauge my ears with these will they go back?
black dots on my face?!?
Every time i use sunless tanning lotion my neck gets kinda discolored?
Has anyone tried ProActiv and it didn't work?
How do I stop brown spots from coming on my face?
I have freckles / red patches, how do I clear up my skin?
Please tell me how i look?
Difference in Hugo Boss UK vs US?
would a belly button piercing set off the airport security?
Does applying natural yoghurt to your face help lighten freckles?
Question about stretching to 12g?
How much would a piercing cost?
What can i do about my acne?
What can disappear the spots(lines) that has recently appeared on both sides of my nose tip, caused by sunligh?
What hurts more for ear piercings:?
Hair removal cream leaving black dots on my face?
I really want to get my tongue pierced, what do you think?
Im 15 and want a nose job?
Question about belly button piercing!(:?
should i go for Macrolane breast injections or breast implants?
has anyone pierced there own belly button by themselves or made someone do it for them?
i get laughed at because of my looks why? is it my mind?
Are these bio-gold collagen lip masks reusable ?
What other piercing should I get?
my skin tonne are different?
Anyone know from personal exp. that PROACTIV works ?
Little red bumps, ingrown hairs on stomach.?
what is your first impression of me?
Have hygene problem please help?
A question about the neck/If your neck is a rider...?
Would i look good with a piercing?
what can one use to prevent body wrinkles?
hair removal ????.......................?
how to get rid of pimples with in 6 days ?
How to convince parents...?
AGHH! SPOTS; they just WONT go!?
How do i clean my freshly done tragus piercing?
were can I get that thing under my tongue clipped?
Will i grow taller?
I'm thinking of getting piercings how much will they…?
Strech marks how to get rid i need help?
How to tan pale skin?
Will coppertone sensitive skin with a SPF of 50 prevent me from tanning?
How can i make my skin return to its original light color in 2 weeks or 3 help!?
Vitamin E????
Where can i find an exfoliator for my face?
Is there a way to make your skin better without using skin products?
what is the perfect home made remedy for tanned skin?
Would I look good...?
how do i get this body?
How do i hide my nosering stud from mom?im sixteen?
permanent sunless way to get tan?
I got my septum pierced two weeks ago and it's still kinda red and swollen, is it bad?
How do I get rid of dark cirles under my eyes?
how to get a clear face?
i am reaally afraid of wearing a bikini?
How do i get rid of this big pimple on my forehead??
is there any1 who used pro-activ?
Scar gaurd?
Does OXY (acne cleansing wash) work?
Should I shower now or later?
acne scar removal???
What's wrong with my piercing?
vertical labret piercing?
A girl getting a humpbackk! help!!?
how long do earings need to be in for after peircing?
what kind of periceing should i get?
How can you get rid of acne faster?
How to know if my navel piercing is getting infected?
What is the best way to get rid of zits?
Will my vitiligo get worse?
I am a female, how can I shave "the area" and not get razor bumps. I WANT IT TO BE SMOOTH THERE!!!!!!
How to make breasts a LITTLE bigger?
what color makes my butt look bigger?
Good morning! Does anyone know where I can get a TCA Skin Peel Homekit in the UK?
how do i clean the puss out of my belly piercing?
pierced my own!?
Is there a way you can get rid of pimples overnight??!!??
sun burn ?
An easy one - shaving legs!?
I am in 4th grade and I am almost 100 pounds can you girls help me lose some weight?
Smooth Skin, But red Spots?
DOES PROACTIV once a day keeps the pimples away?
Has anyone heard of or tried Veet?
Hate my stomach.. Any suggestions on what really works!!?
Shiny Face?
how can i get rid of my freckles??
how would i look like with a lip ring ?
I just got my belly button pierced almost a week ago. I can feel the barbell through my skin. Is that normal?
how do i minimize my pores?
Does Sally Hansen Quick Care Growth Treatment Work?
Smoking with tongue piercing?
How much is liposuction in Arizona? Chest, Abdomen & Love handles on a male?
What type of toothapste works on pimples?
Any recipe for tea tree oil toner?
Removal of a mole?
How to remove dirt from large nose pores?
can i use this on my piercing?
how to heal an infected navel piercing?
S&B Your least favourite piercing?
i dont think i have a big nose but everyone tells me i do?
using natural skin peel non-stop?
Razor Rash?
when will my boobs GROW?!?
Got my belly pierced july 24th...still red.?
Is it safe to remove Port Wine Stains?
proactive or not?
If I get my ears pierced, would wearing earrings be more comfortable than it is with my clip ons?
Horrible eyebrows!!!!!!!?
what is the cheapest place in jackson tn to get your navel pierced?
Is a bath unhygienic?
Do you think B cups on 105lb girl is too small and look unattractive ??
how i can get a fair ,clear&spotless skin ?
What is a good deodorant (antiperspirant) to use?
Time to Change a belly ring, and go to the pool ?
I want to get Navel Piercing done. Does it really hurt?. Is there a fake alternative?
How to get rid of blackheads and acne?
How old do you have to be to get a piercing with parent's consent?
Why do i have so much acne when i come back from somewhere?
Guys answer only pleaaaase :) opinions on womens ladygardens.?
Where can I buy 1/2 surgical steel tapers? ?
How can I hide a nose piercing from mum & dad?
need to get rip of my pimples fast !!?
acnee?:\ helpp pelaseeee?
How to I lighten my armpit?
re piercing ear help!?
Stretching from a 2g to 0g?
my 16g labret stud that i got about 4 weeks ago fell out in my sleep last night. can i fix it?
Question about my tan?
cut myself; need to hide them.?
Do my teeth look symmetrical/white enough?
dark spots after an acne?
body shop body butter hellp?
How long before rhinoplasty can be preformed with broken nose?
really uneven skin color?!?
i hate my eyes!?
4th Lobe piercing infection?
anyone eles hear that Body Shop supports abortion?? i'm really against it, but i LOVE body shop, so i cant....
Bumps on my forehead,cheeks,and chin.?
Im 16 i have 28 1/2 waist and small B boobs, im 5'4, 125ish I cant get rid of my little belly fat! HELP?
i need help with something?
What is a fast way to get rid of bags under your eyes?
how to get rid of stretch marks on butt?
Do I weigh too much to be a model?
How can I get a fair skin?
Dry skin, How should I handle? 10 Points Best Answer!?
About the tanning creams?
what do you thnk about really dark skin girls?
Acne question?
how do i get rid of scars?
Where can I find L'oreal for men products in Singapore?
Homemade toner??!! Please help(:?
There's a white ring around my lip piercing, is it infected?
Is sun tanning good for you?
Acne; I have really bad acne in my left cheek that won't go away. I have a lot of cystic nodule acne. ?
How long do Dermalogica packs last?
I totally shaved everything down there and now it feels all do I get rid of the stubble?
how do you close open pores?
beauty by night and beast during day! pleez help?
Top Of Ear Piercing- After Care Problem?
how to avoid red bumps after shaving?
Am i overweight ppl tell me all the time?
13 year old wants a nose piercing. other moms opinions?
What is a legitimate treatment for a few wrinkles and bags under ones eyes?
is spray tanning a good idea?
My eyes always appear half open. Any tips on how to fix this?
HELP i have a hairy back and a hairy but my skin is light brown and i want to get rid of it?
My skin gets really dry after washing...?
biore or clearsil or neutrogena?
what should i change? pic included.?
Can someone help me out here?
What's the most effective acne product?
how do you get rid of eczema scars?
I have razor bumps on my legs?
~ Self Tanner Question ~?
my skin is dry.what should i do for glowing skin?
What can i do about acne?
little zits?? need help getting rid of em!?
How can I stop being put off by my boyfriend's acne?
I'm fourteen, want to get my lip pierced?
can petroleum jelly act like a stretch mark reducer?
How can I prevent/reduce wrinkles caused by sleeping on my face?
woman only?
Are there any inexpensive Eco-Friendly Face Cloths or Spa Gifts?
How much does the average body piercer make?
Acne question =)) when does it go away?
What piercing is best?
Which of these two products are better... L'Oreal Or Olay?
Which body lotion(s) do you loooove?
What is the perfect body type on a girl?
belly button piercing Q (with pic!) please helpp?
How can I convince my parents to let me get my belly button pierced?
Has Mitchum deodorant become less effective?
Opinion poll: What do you think of stretched/gauged ears?
Where can I buy Roc sunscreen?
If you protect yourself from the elements in a reasonable manner?
Girls can only answer this. No boys!?
i feel really ugly plss help me?
What do u think scale 1-10 (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
too much freedom?
Anyone no how 2 get rid of scars??
what can i use to make a home-made moisturizing facial?
how to line up my piercing?
What do you think of my daily skin care routine?
I have a queshtion about proactive?
Can the philtrum peircing look girly? aka the Medusa pericing?
What is a good moisturiser for very sensitive skin, and doesn't cost much?
Is Neutrogena Wave still available in the Philippines?
I just got my ears peirced today, when can i put in my 16 quage fake tapers?.?
What's a great face moisturizer?
Sudden growth of breasts and want to go backk??!?
What piercings do you have?
how can you cover up scars on ur legs?
r u ugly or concited?
What should I be using on my face at age 13?
girls. is acne a big turnoff?
Why are my lips turning black?
Ready to lose the big V-card?
how do i get rid of acne?
HOW TO get rid of ice picked acne scars NATUALLY?
Tragus and cartridge piercings?
Why does my face always get red?
Blotchy legs?
Do dimple piercing leave scars?
Tea tree oil on belly piercing?
what is the best solution for my varicose veins?
Is Titanium Dioxide as good as Zinc Oxide for sunscreen?
help me plz!!!acne problems!!!?
crossed legs and feeling weird?
Should I get my Septum Pierced?
split skin on big toe?
how can you remove freckles?
pimple question help please :)?
What could have caused my acne?
Where can I buy push up bras for small breast.?
I have acne and school is coming soon, help??
dark circles under my eyes! SOMEBODY HEEELP!?
Most attractive piercing on a girl?
Big rib cage...?
boys i need ur opinion & girls too me !!?
Guys- should i get my belly button pierced?
Do I have to be 16 to get my ears pierced?
what foods cause acne? please help(:?
Bump on 2 week old septum piercing?
My school won't let me have a septum piercing?!?
how can i increase my sexuality..sometimes i'm sexual but othertimes i'm just not sexualities you know
What is the best stuff to use to get rid of acne quick?
Will the Proactiv react with the toothpaste?
Phillips 15 watt UV Facial Tanner?
How to get rid of my freckles?
OMG PLEASE HELP ME. Waxing my Bikini Line. To scared to rip strip off. What do i do ?
Please share your unique experiences in doing face yoga to improve skin with a beginner?
help with a Mosquito bite??? .?
what piercing can i get that my mum and dad wont see? i have basic ears, helix and my tongue web! what else?
Pimple or ingrown hair?
is there anything a dermatologist can do to remove my stretch marks?
Are ear lobe piercings at claires free? And do we have to buy the starter kit after we get are ears pierced?
Massachusets and Rhode Island residents!!(q about piercing)?
Cream for Laugh Lines?
How to get rid of tom shoes tans?
facial hair removal problems?
If you have no sense of smell what are some fragrances you'd suggest?
i am 13.. i see when others start shaving they get black pathes below nose .. i got it too .. how to remove it?
Do you think my belly piercing is going to get infected?
is it ok to use a MOISTURIZER even if im just 18????
I get zits,even though i clean my face everyday.?
Self tanner?
Im gonna layout this weekend but I dont want to burn.......?
For Guys Only?
I have this red bump on my nose can I get rid of it?
How to get your breasts to grow bigger naturaly?
Will hair dye infect my newly pierced industrial piercing?
how can i remove my dark circles?
need HELP ASAP please ?!?
how expensive is dove energy glow? is it good for a guy to use? does it loook naturall?
does it hurt getting an industrial piercing really bad?
how can i make waxing less painful?
How can you lighten or fade veins on your face/skin?
Girls... Do you think I'm decent-looking?
how to get rid of freckles?
Do you typically tan or sunburn in the sun?
Can my 19 year old step brother sign for me to get my belly button pierced?
How do I lighten my elbows?
Can I change my septum hoop, it's almost been two months?
Does Maui babe tanner really work?
What happens to a belly button piercing when you lose weight? does it shrink or anything like that.?
What would you like to ask?what dosage of pantothenic acid should i take to help my acne?
cartilage piercing redness?
hi i got my gums laser today to make my teethe bigger when can i get whitening stripes?without hurtting?
IM UGLY!:( Im so depressed and thinking about killing myself.?
is there any sunscreen with tanning agents in it?
im 14 and im very depressed because of my boob size...wat do i do?
how to get rid of dark circles?
how can i clear my spot overnight?
Would you like a girl if her butt is small/flat?
do you think I'M FAT AND UGLY!?!? TEN POINTS!?
Where can I buy tumeric powder and gram flour?
why do people fart? really because it bothers me..?
I want to start shaving my legs but my mum wont let me?
ORAL MEDICATION for acne/ blemish/ pimple at DRUGSTORE?
im wanting my ear pierced but my parents disapprove is there any way of hiding a piercing?
should you tan with a speddo?
21 years old? Navel, nose, tongue piercing? Too old to do this?
Sweat smell! Please help!!!?
I'm barely twenty. And I have these massive, deep lines that form all around my eyes when I smile.?
Am I too fat for short shorts? (with pic)?
cartilage piercing problems!!!!?
will i look good with the maryln monroe piercing or the snake bites?
Im 14,and really I'd like a peircing.what kind would seem suitable for my age?
How to get rid of pink spot above my upper lip?
Clear skin/face~~~~~~~~~?
Tanning Booth Tips?
I got bumps on my skin from the sun?
Is this a good makeup routine for a 13 year old!?
Dark Circles, I'm only 15?
How do I get tan?
GIRLS: Do you shave your arms?
How do I get rid of back acne in less than 2 weeks?
what is the best thing to use for dry flacky skin on your face?
is NAIR good product for shaving?
Should I get my cartilaged pierced again?
Meaningful Beauty????
What is the white stuff in pimples?
I'm surveying,Are you ticklish??What part??How hard do you laugh when tickled there??
Should I get my nose pierced?
Shiny pink/red marks after acne?
How can I make my breasts look like a "B cup"?
i'm having troubles getting my nose stud out?
My legs....?
Neutrogena product help!!!!!!!!!!!.......?
My lips keep peeling?
I have a hard bump on the jawline of my face!?
Is being sexy bad?
Can you clean a navel piercing with peroxide?
Is it ok to put alcohol on a fairly fresh piercing?
what vegetable has two natural pheromones in it?
How do I convince my mum to let me get my tongue pierced?
Nose issues...? Too wide.?
Is clinique skin care system all that?
I have problems with my skin. i feel like its not smooth. my cheeks have always had tiny pimples.?
is my height good enough ?!!?
I think my ear piercings closed!!! ADVICE PLZ?
Girls only....................................…
get rid of razor bumps?
Pain diffrences from Industrial bar & Tragus?
What do you think about girls with belly button rings? Tacky or Cute?
i want to lose weight and become lighter because im really dark HELP!!?
Does anybody know what store I can find these in?
home remedy for bags and wrinkles under reduce or remove fine lines and early signs of aging.?
Boobs are Uncomfortable.?
Is it ok to switch oiercings?
Question about Playboy Bunny "Hottie" Tanning Tingler?
Trying the name of good Pubic Hair removal creams also which in available in india.?
AM I PREGANT?????????????????????????????????…
why wont my stretch marks fade?
razor burn?
Do freckles every fade away?
can my belly ring get infected if i wear surgical steel and i cant were fake jewelry?
How can I get incredibly soft hands?
Nose piercing infection help PLEASE?
What is this?? (see details)?
Eww sweaty hands?
Can i use this morning and night?
moisturiser suitable for child.?
NYC residents! A little question about a piercing shop...?
how do you get rid of irritaion from legs after shaving?
I'm 13 and have 34B boobs. Is that small?
Why do girls wear those short tops that have fat bellies overflowing out of their tops?
Why do some women have pancake butts?
What are some facial exercises that can reduce face fat and fine lines on forehead?
Can Lacto Calamine fade away scars?
is it true that the thicker body is preferred over the skinny body?
would putting lemon up your nose shrink it?
What type of bar do you have in a Tongue surface piercing?
How Can I Get A Tan Like Brookelle Bones Without Using Tanning Oil Or Using A Tanning Bed?
Am i still too skinny?
How can I get smooth, toned thighs in three days?
would you date a girl who have acne?
Wat are the steps for piercing ur own belly button???
am i FAT????
Why is it so bad to put hydrogen peroxide on an infected lip piercing?
How can I increase my breast size naturally without surgery?
has anyone tried boots soltan protect and tan suncream?
Is acne a big turn off?
I have dry skin and i need to cover it up tomorrow is there anyway to smooth it?
What's the quickest way to get rid of lines under the eyes?
thinking about getting top ear cardalige peirced?
Just got ear pierced, could I change with another if I sterilize it and swap straight away before it can heal?
how do i make my skin clearer??
Peanut Butter Mask for Acne?
Which is better? Boobs or Butt?
Homemade recipes for paler skin?
What is more attractive Black hair,Pale/Fair skin,with Black eyes or Blue eyes?
Dark toes?
How do you deal with acne?
Which Piercing would look good on me (with pics)?
What is my body type?
Coca butter oil and stretch marks?
would i look good with my nose pierced?
What can i eat to make my skin glowing ?
does castor oil make your eyebrows darker and more hairy ?
I am beginning to notice a laugh line forming :(...?
Is going to a tanning bed in the winter once in awhile to maintain some of the summer tan stupid?
Have you used baking soda as a facial scrub? How has it worked for you?
need help with my scars?
Garnier tinted spot roll on?
I need opinions on my nose?
skin help ?
Anyway to get a tan besides solariums & the sun?
How much should i weigh....?
Bumps on arms...?
Is it normal for a 13 yr. old to have stretchmarks?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
Does the Acne treatment sensiclear work?
Shaving bikini line... ouch!?
Do you prefer being tall or short?
do you think it would be weird to have a boyfriend that is 5 inches shorter than you?
I use a good dedorant and i still sweat and it shows on my shirt. What should i do?
how to prevent break out of a teenager?
I have really dry and ed heels...?
how to make your skin appear tanned and glow - mostly face?
Scar removal on lip please help?
What piercing should I get?
What's the best soap to use?
How many shades darker will I be after getting a Mystic tan?
Keeping a navel peircing clean?
I'm young with slight wrinkles- normal??
what if aguy said to u i would but your to skinny?it happened to me and i felt like beatin the f***out of him?
Do you think I can pull off a face piercing??? (pictures included)?
How to perswade the mother??
Will a hole underneath your gauge effect in anyway?
Is my girlfriend cheating on me (serious answers only)?
How to get rid of teenage spots?
Im 14 and i dont know if my size is normal ?
A girl with freckles?
Should I get my ears pierced?
HELP ME! is there a simple way to...?
Any tricks for getting rid of dark undereye circles?
belly button piercing?
my girlfriend all of a sudden started to have uncontrollable breakouts in her face?
please help me with my breast and growing.?
how to get pale CLEAR skin?
Ear Piercing Plug Help?
How can I tell if my nose piercing is healed completely?
what is a good face moisturizer for very dry skin?
19 year old female getting facial hair! help!?
what is the best way to remove hair on upper lip?
Can you stretch out your lips permanently?
Where in the Los Angeles Area is their a good Spa that gives great Brazilian Bikini Waxes?
what are some good tanning oil's for pale skin?
Should I take my piercing out?
do men prefer breast implants or a natural looking body?
i have a big forehead and it makes my eyes far back is that normal?
Ear streaching prob help !!!!?
Questions about getting my bellybutton pierced!?
I hide my body so that no one will see it?
How can i keep a nose piercing that was done by myself from being infected?
What kind of "home-remedy" can I use to take the oil off of my face?
My elbows are really rough, when they rub against my sleeves it hurts!?
pores? i dont get what they are...?
Sea salt soaks vs antabacttirial soap for belly piercing?
What is your favorite gradual self tanner?
how to get rid of blackheads?
LIGHT blue eyes w/ DARK brown hair: Tan or Pale???
im 15 i weigh 130 and im 5"6" {do i need to lose weight?}? burned my chest! How should I heal it?
Do you HONESTLY think I have a big nose :/ ?
infected microdermal help?
I lost a bet with this girl at work now i ahve to smell her feet after work. here is my question below?
Does anyone knows what are the signs of 'AGEING'?? that u get from Sun??
What Size Do You Think I Am? no mean comments?
pircing help plz!!!!!?
Swimming with cartilage pierced...?
How much money can I make selling Avon on ebay?
I need advice and tips on good products that get rid of acne!?
Will my nose stop being oily?
dark tan or light tan?
Where all the tall girls at?
cellulite and stretch marks?
snake bites?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?
Disproportionate body help?
how can I get tan quickly?
Willl my acne scars go away?
are men better tanned or pale?
Whats the best self tanning product on the market?
I'd like to try nair, veet, or something because I'm sick of shaving. Any suggestions?
Pink skin not changing colour?
Breast size and Body type?
What is the most effective way to treat a sunburn?
Where can i find the best beaty salon in Beijing??? Help!?
Does a lip piercing on a guy enhance oral sex?
how to get rid of pimples?
do you know a super quick remedy for dry skin ?
will vaseline help my acne go away?
Ear Piercing 13 years old?
Will detox tea clear up my acne completely?
Do nipple piercings hurt and what are some positive and negative things about getting a piercing in that spot?
Would I look good with THIS lip piercing?
tongue piercing?
do one direction like black girls?
How long does it take for the potato remedy for dark circles to work?Days? Weeks? Months?
where can i get my nose pierced with the gun in orange park?
Is there really a solution for ingrown hair?
I really want my nose pierced but my parents absolutely despise piercings?
Do your (pierced) ear lobe holes ever close up/grow up?
PLEASE HELP ME!! Nair Question! 13 yr old! s.!! *females only*?
Where can i get olay products in ahmedabad?
Girls, need your opinion!?
Skin problem! Help please?
What's wrong with big girls? (guys)?
What body shape does this woman have?
Bleaching facial hair -----H202?
can I leave hand lotion and sanitizer in my car?
What's the big deal with having big pores on your face anyways?
Is it dangerous to go from a very small cup size to a fairly big one through plastic surgery?
I need help deciding what peircing to get?
I have a body question... for girls only.?
My tragis piercing doesn't seem right?? Freaking Out!?
Whats causing the redness and bumps on my face?
bruising from waxing my leg.?
HELP!!! getting rid of pimples fast...?
what can a eat with a new tongue peircing
any recipes for homemade facials, masks.. etc.?? i am in desperate neeed.. PLEASE!!?
Cartilage piercing after pains?
Picture Day on Monday but I need better skin!?
Are face masks good for you...?
Are there any fashion designers out there?What do you do on a regular basis?What do you have to do in school??
What can whiten my skin all over (face and body)?
Plastic Surgery Question?
What is my face shape?
girls, shaving, down there..?
Is plastic surgery really worth it?
What does exfoliate mean?
Does this really work?
Does any company make a clear solid deodorant for women?
Why do I have a breakout after shaving?
tan question?
Has anyone else here seen a difference in breast size after taking fenugreek supplements?
Are my breasts small for my height & weight???
what can i do about acne?i have a whole bunch and i cant get rid of it because it always comes back!?
Cost and Methods of Mole Removal?
Im wanting to wax my anus but do not know how to go about it. any advice or recommendations for a good product?
My smaller sister keeps taking her earrings out and they are freshly peirced!!?
Pimples!? I try everything& nothing at all works.?
Red lips question?
opinions on streched/ guaged ear lobes?
Skin Problems... Please HELP?
were can you get stuff that freezes ur belly wen u gt it peirced?
how do i wash my face without buying any acne products???
Industrial ear piercing?
does the sauna make your tan fade quicker?
How to Cover Scars/Scratches on legs? ?
How to get better skin?
Does piercing your ears hurt?
I'm 15 male pierced my ear?
Help concerning "monthly time?
I'm a girl with a deep voice?!?!?
Do you know if any of the following cleansers foam up?
how do you get bigger breasts without surgery or buying anything?
What can I put on my face to clear pimples and possibly make my pores smaller?
i have alot of pimples and have oily skin?
Does putting honey on your lips before bed, give you soft lips?
Does eyebrow plucking hurt?
How to stop sweating so much ?
If you've had a tummy tuck, how much did you pay?
how/what to get rid of stretch marks?
How can i shave... down there.. without getting really bad razor burn? girls, please help!?
Girls only... a question on boobs!?
I wore 2g tapers in my stretch for a long time and now my piercing is a bit uneven What do I do?
ive got dark circles under my eyes and serious answears on either to reduce them or get rid of them?
please give me beauty tips?
Proactiv? Does it work?
what is the best product to use in a tanning salon?
What does it feel like to get your ears pierced?
best body and hair glitter?
What piercing should I get? Simple, easy question!?
How do I get rid of a dry lips? 10 POINTS!?!?
When does a belly button piercing usually get infected?
Any suggestions for getting a little color without going in the sun or turning orange from products?
I got a scar from Oxy pads?
help with my dry hands?
what do i do when i have a bubble on my industrial piercing...?
Am i ugly or not i need to know!?
How noticeable is this?
Swollen monroe piercing?
Infected closed belly button piercing?
Lip piercing infection blue/purple? Help?
Can you guys recommend a (male) deodorant...?
Rhinoplasty at newcastle nuffield hospital....?
Is anyone's weenus dry?
Ok so yea i have big boobs...?
Is it illegal to tann if your 13?
i kind of wanna get my nose pierced?
Who is barefooted right now?
What is the best lotion for tanning?
How Big is Too Big?
Girls, shaving your mustache...?
Why doesn't the acrylic stay on my nails?
Anyone know of a good self tanner? I turn ghostly in winter?
My face won't tan when I sunbathe! How do I make it less sensitive?!?
how to get better abbs?
Why does this happen to my skin when...?
Help on Ear Stretching?!?!?
What would you consider skinny?
nose piercing WA?
When does Middle Age officially start?
What can I do? Body Hair Issues!!!?
Has anyone ever used Benzaclin wayyy after its expiration date? And if so, what happened?
What can i substitute coconut oil for in a DIY hand/foot scrub?
What can I do and what prodocts will give me a flawless face?
did anyone acne get better when they washed their face more than 4 times a day and moisturized it?
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt?
Is it okay to sleep with just the metal part of a lip piercing?
What are some good creams that help reduce wrinkles?
acne problem?
Flat chested or big chested i mean boobss people !! what u think !?
What do you think?....will choose best answer for .s?
Tanning questions - indoor lights?
what hurts more? getting ur ears pierced or...?
sweating.. help!?
Does karakol or celtone cream really work?
peeling! =[?
Why did my chemical peel make me look old?
red stuff on my legs?
what type of piercing would you get?
Would a septum piercing suit me? [pictures]?
Are my cartilage piercing symptoms normal?
what is a really good, but really cheap, sunless tanning lotion?
What is your favorite gradual self tanner?
Why does my septum piercing smell bad?
im 14 and im very depressed because of my boob size...wat do i do?
How can I treat an infected lip piercing? ?
How did you go about getting your belly button pierced without parents permission?
Which is preferable to ladies? With foreskin or without it? And why?
For a while now, I've been getting these light brown spots in between my breasts and underneath them.?
i really need help for this!?
Which piercing hurts more?
Is this normal for ear-stretching?
Is it true that if you eat or drink before sleeping you will wake up with puffy eyes?
I Am Going To Change My Belly Bar And Need Helpp !!!!!?
How to get rid of flabby underarms?
Are you lazy about shaving your legs in the winter?
Is it considered gay for a male to go to a tanning salon?
Is my belly button piercing infected!!!!?
i got my nose pierced and now i have got a red boil around the piercing what should i do?
Which leaves more residue on your body? Ivory bar soap or Ivory liquid soap?
What is the FIRST part of your body that you dry off when done bathing & what part do you always seem 2 miss?
What is the...?
Breaking out after shaving not ingrown hairs? - points?
How to make spot smaller? Less bumpy?
Sallow, pale, tired, pimply, and dry skin? ?
4'8" and still growing...hopefully? maybe??/?
at home nose peircing?
navel piercing after care?
I am in grade six and I weight 52 pounds... is that good?
i am i fat?
How old were you when you got your ears pierced?
Why do i think I'm ugly and fat?
Whats the difference between dry and gel deodorant?
How old do you think this boy looks?
How do i prevent greasy skin?
My skin is so dry from using Retin-A...?
How can I get rid of bumps on my legs??
Daith piercing questions x?
How can i tell my gf to shave her down area?
What kind of lip ring does Aoi from the GazettE have?
How many and where does Jonghyun have piercing?
Whats a good face wash from oily skin and acne?
How can I hide a new piercing?
Scarring from a cold sore just above my lip?
Piercing question please help!?
help! im too dark!!?
Whats the point of tongue peircings?
Should I mix purified water with tap water?
Longer post for lip ring.?
Are we safe from everything we put on our skin?!?
got hairy stomach!!!help?
Is 17 too young to get your bellybutton pierced?
How to get rid of Acne?
Nude suntanning???
How can i get my lips back to there normal color?
how long to keep my belly bar out?
Does Neutrogena and Clean&Clear work?
How many sunbed sessions at 15 minutes, until you get a medium tan?
Terrible bikini bumps all over?
where can i buy green clay powder in CA. besides online?
I'm breaking out all over my face! Help!!!!?
pubic hair?
Should I switch to ProActiv to clear up my acne?
I have been using self-tanner. Does it look natural (pic)?
do champori eczema products work?
Lines to use..... example...?
I've got dark rings under my eyes, help please!?
Washing hands after applying self-tanner?
Where are places/stores I can get my nose pierced? And about how much would it cost?
Lotions and shower gels to help prevent razor bumps?
How to get rid of black circles under eyes?
Stretch Marks?
i have really bad acne?
Is it true that if you shave your legs...?
Who knows of a nice rough face scrub?
How can I heal my ed lips?
Why do we see designs and dots when we close our eyes?
What is the best product to reduce redness from acne and/or shaving irritation?
What does a healed belly button piercing look like?
Help me, really uncomfy?
Do breast enhancing pills and creams work?
Piercing help anyone?
Does piercing the nose hurt?
How much does it hurt to get my cartilage pierced?
Acne ad skin care help?
I want clear skin, how can i make mine better?
Would it look gross if i get my nose pierced?
Homemade FACE primer?
im getting forehead wrinkles???im only 15!?
How Do You Get A Belly Piercing To Close??
is there a piercing parlor in sunset place?
weirdest thing! staring at boobs!?
Does a real tan wash off and stain towel orange?
What size would men say is "perfect"?
Got cartilage pierced 4 days ago. Still very
Please help me with my problem?
my lip piercing... piercing????????
is my body type weird?
i cant stop blushing! help!!?
Best places to get belly button pierced in Fort Worth Texas?
Tanning bed lotion!???????
who has ever heard of Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque?
How old is vanessa hudgens?
does this stuff really work?
Im scared about getting my belly pierced what should i do ?
Is my nose cute? Honestly? Look at my 360?
Anyone know simple tricks using home remedies for face care?
Could you show me a picture or two of a person that has tanned skin?
What should I do with my face:(?
Do guys prefer fair skin or tan skin?
What is turtle lotion, whats in it and what are the benefits of using this lotion?
How to take care of my chapped lips?
underarm waxing questions? i have done it once before, btw..?
What product would be the best to buy for the removal of body hair; for men?
ey i need some answers plz?
would using a moisturizer for hands work on my face? lol?
Do I have blue or green eyes?
how to make my boobs look smaller?
How can I get rid of under-eye dark circles, which are there even if I get plenty of sleep?
How to get a tan, clear, complexion?
TANNINGG!! please answer=]?
who here thinks that hilary duff went uglier?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much does plastic surgery cost?
is glutathione really help?
Self-conscious of outy belly button?
Is your navel piercing supposed to get red?
How long does it take for tongue piercings to close?
What do u think about a girl with a 6-pack?
Tongue piercing and nipples?
i have a black line on my nose so pls tell what to do?
Crooked Ear Piercing. What Should I Do?
I weigh 140...:(?
Skin care products for black people!?
mon ray or maxim anti perspirant? or is there a better one that has worked for you?
What should i do to my nose piercing?
What sense do you think is the most important?
Swollen nose piercing hole, can I get an infection?
how can you get rid of acne really quickly?
best way to change vch barbell and guage it?
Tell me now-my dry skin needs to know?
Is there a method or a system that will make your foot smaller?
How do you make pimples disappear?
Have you tried Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne & Pimple Pillules?
How many women here have their nipples pierced?
Does waxing really cause wrinkles?
How do I pierce my own nose?
can i peirce my monroe with a gun?
hellllp me please?! ahhh?
Should I get a boob job?
Does any one know a good face wash to get rid of acne!?
What's the most cinnamon-y smelling deodorant?
elancyl cellu reverse?
Why does my face get really oily in the morning and occasionally throughout the day?
Do I need a tan badly ?????? (picture included)?
i am convincing my dad to get my belly button pierced and he said yes should i get it i am confused?
i tried this new face wash?
tongue peircings x?
Lip piercing?
Whats your number 1 tip for clear skin?
even tone?
26 years old and getting ache worse then when i was a teen . help!?
Anyone ever used St. Tropez tanning lotion? 10 points?
Small 'holes' on my cheekbones, near eyes?
Tips on spray tanning and tanning beds?
What piercing is better?
Do you reuse towels after showering?
fair and lovely?
How to keep legs always smooth?
a pimple is surfaceing, need help fast?
I used to be good looking.. What can I do?
are there any anti-aging retinoids/creams that dont cause an initial breakout?
do you like sleeping naked?
How can I get someone to see me naked?
Tongue piercing: can I eat ice cream?
I'm close to having sex with my boyfriend but am super self concious...?
Cleaning and minimizing pores?
Im a waitress, should i get my tongue pierced?
how do i clear my acne?
Acrylic Nails?
who has the sexiest boob sin the world now?
Dermal Anchor Piercings in lower back dimples?
How can get rid of pimples on my face?
I am fair skinned but last year I got a tan and only my face is pale. what should i do to get my skin fair?
how do i get rid of my pimple scar on my nose? its very big and its swollen?
What are all the different kinds of Lip Piercings you can get?
Is it bad to get a facial if you're face is breaking out?
Is there a quick way of healing sunburn?
Facial Scaring!!! Please help!?
How intense is the pain for a lip piercing?
Is it Wrong for a Guy to get his Eye Brows Plucked?
hello, i just wanna know where can i get hawaiian tropic stuff in singapore? thanks a lot!?
Would you consider 5'8 to be Tall or Short?
Possible to have lazy facial muscles?
What piercing would look good?
Did Proactiv work for you? (Only answer if you used it properly)?
What Do you think of my body? [PICS] (Men & Ladies Answer)?
i have a rook piercing but i want my snug done?
how do i get rid of stretch marks?
aftercare for....???
Fresh nose piercing: stud won't go all the way in?
Tragus piercing questions?
Is it safe to dye my skin red?
Lip piercing with braces?!?!?!?
Tweezing help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
earstretching blow out question?
I feel insecure sometimes.?
I pierced my 4th holes with a tack?
Tips on ear stretching?
how do i get rid of dead skin without leaving marks ? :)?
Does anyone have a 3 lip piercings on one side?
Should i get my nose pierced?
How painful is a Belly Button/Naval Piercing?
s.O.S Please help me with my acne:(?
Has anyone used "Turmeric essential oil" for the face? If so,......?
I have these small bumps up under my left breast.Like right where my arm goes down kinda what is it?
if i get a tatoo, where should i get it?
help i was a major idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I hate my weight and I at least want to gain 20pounds what can I do fast and cheap?
Waxing your eyebrows will cause breakouts?
Help with my new Monroe Piercing!!?
Plug Earrings...???
What vitamins are good for healthy skin?
My face looks old and tired and i'm only 16?
Can you get Dimples plz help cuz I need more ways to make Dimples on my Cheeks naturally & without surgery !!!?
where can we get full body massage from in delhi at cheap rates?
Would ice numb the pain of waxing?
How do you get rid of dark spots on nose from glasses?
on a scale of 1-10, how bad does a lip piercing hurt?
What's a good method for reducing the appearance of stretch marks?
Lip Ring..HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
MY friend ?? skin lighteing.........?
Is sun tanning good for you?
is this normal??????????10 points?
Tanning lotions...Maximizer or bronzer?
bath and body works heated foot booties?
How can I get my breasts smaller?
How old do you have to be to get your nosed peirced in Missouri?
i got my tongue pierced 3 or 4 weeks ago?
Sunless tanner?
Whats the best and fastest self tanner?
if you were a girl would you date someone with acne on his chest?
dry oily acne skin need products!?
Face shape?
do you have to be a certain size,height to get breast implants?
Does having no thigh gap make you fat? Or more at risk in diseases?
What kind of facial bleaching cream is best?
has anyone ever broken out from using clean and clear steam?
'Down there trend' with young men?
What is the best solution to get rid of the pimple marks on face?
does virgin coconut oil help with pimples? I heard it's great for the skin, but the thing is, I have oily skin
I Need Help With My Madonna Piercing...!?
Is It Okay To Use 2 Different Clarisonics A Day?
is pore minimizing possible?
Why does this happen?
How do you make a tan fade faster?
pimples? help!!!?
Is there any way to make your breasts bigger!!?
What's the deal with belly button piercings and chlorine water?
When you get a ear piercing...?
Scalp peeling from sunburn!!?
PLEASE HELp!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!???? ITS URGENT!!?
Do you think she should get nose surgery?
Are we women supposed to shave our whole body?
Can I wear Jergens Natural Glow Under my acne medication cream?
Will professional make up artists be able to conceal my stretch marks?
I'm looking for a sweet MINTY cologne...?
Tips to keep my skin healthy?