How can I get extremely pale skin?
Large pores in ears?
How do you heal an infected ear piercing?
is it bad if my nose is red around my new nose piercing?
will an epilator work on my lower back/butt?
How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
why do i have stretch marks?
dark line around my nose?
How long for a lip ring piercing to close up?
Belly Piercing - Is this normal?
Does anyone know how much laser hair removal costs in Scotland ??
oily face???
ive changed my diet to very healthy over the last few days..but all of a sudden my skin has become very oily?
is there a way I can make my nose smaller?
How can I improve the texture of my skin? I want it smoother. What products have you used made a difference?
What size is my piercing now?
what natural products can i use on my skin to keep it clear and young?
How do you get rid of dark circles under eyes?
what should i use to clean my face?
Can anyone recommend a INEXPENSIVE self-tanner???
Please HELP!?
How do I get rid of this?
How do I tan very fast?
How can i make myself prettier or at least feel prettier?
I want to show more butt ?
My face is in white colour but my neck is black colour please give me how to get rid of black colour of neck?
would you consider this overweight?
Am I doing my face routine right?
i wax my body every 2-3 weeks, the problem is after a a week the hair starts to grow and appears as ?
How do I get this internally threaded labret stud out of my piercing?
My outer l lips are normal but my inner lips protrude allot. Is there something wrong with me?
Which Acne solution is right for me?
Bad sunburn help, any1 got any ideas for...?
do guys like girls with pale skin?
What is a CHEAP scar removal cream/gel?
Best bronzer/tinted moisturizer for dark skin?
Making tend skin-one of the ingredients?
How can I get my arms back to their normal color?
im a very white person and..?
first time going to a tanning salon!?
anyone know any cheap ways to get rid of acne?
What's the quickest way to get rid of a pimple?
when i shave and get out the shower you can easily tell i shave?
How can I make the Joker scars from a kit stick to my face ...?
How can I make my skin brighter/healthier?
I really want to shave my legs, but I'm worried my mom will say no. How do I ask?
will my boobs finally grow after i get my first period?
How many women here have their nipples pierced?
What should b done 2 reduce the darkness of hands???
How to darken the skin in a certain area?
do lasers available to use at home work as well as salon lasers?
how can i heal scabs on my face from pimples?
dark circles under my eyes?
Will you rate my body?
How do celebrity females get their faces so clear, smooth and blemish free?
What to use for dry hands?
Why is my forhead darker than my face?
What is the best thing to use to take away cellulite?
What should I use for pimples?!?
How long should you wait after an ear peircing to go swimming?
i just pierced my lip, and my mom freaked out and won't let me wear it to school. how can i convince her?
What is the best method of facial hair removal?
Does drinking water really clear skin?
Is rubbing toothpaste on your face bad for you?
How long before I stretch my ears 14g-12g?
Can anyone recommend a good cosmetic surgery company?
Does pilates actually work? How fast do you see results?
Pheromones... do they work???
Whats The Best Way To Clear Dirt From My Pores?
Ladies what do you think about freckles?
Help lip piercing swelling?
How to convince my mom to let my get my belly button pierced?
what are whiteheads and why do people get them?
How can I make my breasts bigger?
What's the best type of massage to get to relieve back and neck stress?
Is there gonna come out a new hair removal thing soon?
bags under your eyes?
Chapped lips?????????????????????????
do you think peircings are hot? right under the bottom lip and the tounge?
What can i do about my acne?
Whats your fav piercing?
Do you think lip Piercings are trashy on girls?
Which is more gross -- an 'innie' or an 'outie'?
How do you work out what size and shape your eyes are?
How much to Botox my lips?
How to keep my face clear of bumps?
Does Clean & Clear's Morning Burst Shine Control really work?
Is this fat to you???
fake tan???
Please help! scar on my nose? i dont have sunscreen?
Ok... even though I don't like this...?
Plastic surgery......?
Why am I getting a huge break out of spots all of a sudden?
how can i convince my parents to let me get a lip ring?
Victoria's Secret model how do they ....?
How to remove dead skin?
New nose stud keeps falling out?
My eyes burn for no reason?
Which color contacts are best?
Super pale and don't wanna be.?
How much is full body/Brazilian waxing? And how long does it last?
How much does it hurt to get your legs and bikini line waxed?
Vitamin A absorption through the skin?
What piercings are easy to hide?
Am I pretty?
My Tan Has Gone!?
what do you use a shower gel for?
Does proactiv really work?
I got my belly button pierced and it itches. should i be worried?
Tell us how you got that mark(scar) on your...?
Who is the prettier girl?
I'm still having problems with my nose piercing....?
What is my skin color ?
shaving, irritation?
Is this bad for the skin?
Does the average women like a very muscular, lots o definition muscled man, or no matter on the body content?
What do you prefer BIG Boobs or a BIG ***?
tanning help?
Can you give yourself a piercing?
Which is more painful, nose or belly button piercing? Why?
What are some good home remedies for acne?
I have so much acne and it's getting gross what do i do?!?!??!?!?
Shaving legs [first time]??
Why are my eyes always puffy?
I want to get my eyelids pierced, do you know anyone who has had it done?
how do you take off the earrings you first get from claires? pulling and screwing dont seem to work...?
Whats a good solution for a penis rash besides steroid creams?
using level 3 tanning bed, will using level 1 occasionally help with getting darker?
How to get rid of foot odour?
Rarity of cheek dimples.?
What's my body shape?
I juat got my lip pierced a xouple weeks ago.. can i do this yet?
i have terrible dark circles due to hereditary. I want to find a way to help reduce my dark circles.?
Which would you rather have- a piercing or a tattoo?
gaining weight. im too skinny! help please?
Is being 5"7 too tall ?
how do i get rid of the freckles and redness from my arms chest and face?
How often should I use Nair on my legs?
Does this product work for clearer skin ?
huge problem ... help?
There's a greasy kid?
It get harder to rotate the earring during the recovery?
Where can i find on line some low price essential oils ?
How to Lighten or bleach facial moles?
are big lips considered pretty?
Question on home piercing?
Is it normal to eat your own pubic hairs?
Question for anybody that is concerned about premature wrinkles..will get points here?
Piercing Places in New Jersey?
My lip piercing is dry, can i put lotion on it or well it infect it?
What piercing should i get?
I have weird bumps on chin and cheeks?
what hurts worse? getting your belly botton or nose pierced?
how make a homemade exfoliator for my face?
What shape should i make my pubes?
Is hairy arms on a girl unattractive?
How do I get rid of my blackheads?
Does clean and clear morning burst work?
what can i use in a sauna?
Women - How do you prevent calluses on your feet with high heels?
getting belly button pierced?
Tragus piercing opinions?
does this matter to a girl...?
How did I get long thin scratches all over my torso?
Guy's opinion on a Monroe piercing?
how can i gain 10 pounds in less than two weeks?
Why is the inside of my gauge red?
how do i look in my pic?
Guys: what do you think of...?
I want the truth??
Am I really as ugly as I feel?
for those who answered still fat or over doing it.?
Eyebrow infection?
Question about moles?
Does the tanning lotion from ZOE Flirting with fire work good??
What to do about oily skin?
Why do I have sweat stains a lot? How can I prevent them?
face not toning down?
how hot should it be to wear capries? shorts?
Please help how do i get rid of pimples and make my skin smooth?
Do you know any recipes for facial masks, mud wraps, foot soak, etc.?
Does my friend have too much chest hair?
Can you give me the full details on a vch piercing?
what size gauage / mm is this persons ear / ear tunnel? thanks s?
Which leaves more in grown hairs, a lady shaver or an epilator?
Whats the secret to super soft skin????
A little help ? (please no discrim)?
Which Cleanser contain benzoyl peroxide which is easily available in india?
Anyone know what works wonders of blackheads?
i just got my nose-pierced and my nose is a lil swollen but it doesn't hurt at all is it infected?
Bleeding a week after the industrial piercing?
What can cure the bags under my eyes and my acne?
proactive cleanser please help?
what should I do to remove the hair from my hands and legs permanently, using natural methods?
About what size gauge is a pen's ink tube?
Belly button piercing help!?
What is the best acne treatment or product?
Is 5'9 considered short for a 16 year old boy?
10g Ear Piercing Question?
hat is the best workout equipment for your home? One that is good for asb and legs?
natural remidies 4 acnes?
after taking a bath my skin become itchy i apply lotion but still the same. what will i do NOW to stop it?
can ambi cream cause more acne?
What you do with your skin to be...?
How can you tell what type of skin you have dry or oily?
what is a good face care routine?
starving myself?
mystic tan questions.....?
Does honey really helps your skin?
anybody know any good Fake tan?
Are there any pills that you can take in order to get rid of your legs' hair for good?
any one had a nose job ? or know some one who has had one?
labret piercing inflammation?
Do you know any good belly bar websites cheapones?
my skin tone is black help me?
what is it?
How can I get my mom to let me get a cartilage piercing?
Does proactive work? Is it worth it?
How do you get rid of dry skin?
how can i tan quick from the sunbeds i am really pale and what lotion can i get to help me???
Ear Piercing Troubles..?
does it hurt to get your hips pierced?
how do you shave your nipples?
whats the best self tanner?
How can I clean it??
How can I get a clean/close shave?.s?
Can you please rate me?
They called me 'big'... Am I big??? Now what?
My face feels wierd after shower?Solutions?
how to get nosepierce to heal faster?
has anyone had red armpits from venus razors?
Are there any guys... (personal and awkward question from a girl)?
Armpit Issues?
Do white people put sunscreen on in the morning before they go to school?
Micro-dermal or Surface?
Why do parents pierce their baby's ears?
What remedies or creams do you suggest for my oily face? 10 points for best answer(:♡?
Lip piercing, yay or nay?
Does Clean & Clear work?
Breast implants?
Industrial or Helix piercing?
What do you think about breast implants?
I want bigger boobs! HELP!?
How can I keep my skin white and stop it from tanning?
slightly worried about new lobe stretching?
does piercing your lip hurt?
Removal of fingernail...... How? Should I? Please read!?
how to get rid of razor bumps??
what is the biggest size of ear plugs where it will heal if you take them out ?
My tragis piercing doesn't seem right?? Freaking Out!?
blokes!! whats your'e ideal size for a woman?
Is my nose big ? This needs to be 20 characters long. ?
Piercing law in Virginia?
I have really good skin in general but I keep getting little bumps on my cheeks.?
Is camel toe different than fat monkey?
Is it suitable for boys to have their ears pierced?
How Do I Get A Body Like Jennifer Lopez?
Irritation and redness under my eye?
bellybutton piercing hell, leave or remove?
Is Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice suitable for teenagers?
sweaty hands! please help me...?
what places have very good reputations for lip filler/botox in worcester?
what kind of things would make my body type look good?
Should I shave my legs above the knees?
How do I make soap really quick?
If you have just got your ears pierced, can you do PE?
How well does the Mystic Tan Spray-on tan work?
How do you go about clear skin?
What's the best and fastest way to get rid of stretch marks?
What would you like to ask me about Warm Spirit?
I have scabs on my head?
Face issue seriously getting to me?
Does a lip piercing look good on me?
Do people seriously care about the acne on your face?
Does proactiv really work?
why do i get l discharge alot only on sundays?
Is my nose ring infected?? help? products?????
Would a cartilage piercing look stupid without a lobe piercing?
Gummi Bear Belly Button Jewelry?
help/tips with tanning?
What is the best way to get rid of muffin top?
how do you remove dark spots from underarm areas?
can anyone share with me if hylexin is effective for dark eye circles? thanks :)?
what colour nail varnish best matches dark skin tone?
My father thinks that by me getting a lip stud is going to make people view me as trashy?
Venom piercing more painful than regular tongue piercing?
Why are there bumps on the nails?
What is the best way to ask your girlfriend to remove forearm hair?
to get your nose pierced, do you have to have YOUR OWN PARENTS permission?
any good tanning ideas?
Proactive. Does it really work?
I'M GETTING A NOSE JOB but I don't want people to know!?
Showering with boyfriend and I suddenly have to pee... What to do?
pros and cons for liposuction?
Should I use an Amplifier or a Bronzer?
Girls Only Plz!!!!! Girls girls girls?
Im 15 years old 16 in 3 monhts and i havent grown in about a year will i still grow?
Help Me! How can i have a PALE skin?!?
how to get a bigger jaw line?
S and B POLL : Question for you Women will you sleep with me?
Cartilage piercing question?
I need something that will help my dry flaky skin that feels rough to the touch?
Nair.. Total Junk, Doesn't Work. What does?
Would you consider me chubby, picture included?
does it hurt to get your bellybutton pierced?
What sunscreen will NOT make me break out? They ALL do!?
How much is a belly piercing at Malefic tattoos?
how old do you have to be for a belly button peircing? does it hurt?
anybody knows whats the best moisturizer for your face and not so expensive?
Are big butts gross guys?
what are some really good and moisturizing lip butter or balms (Toronto)?
Prickly Belly Button hair?!?!?
Tanning after school?
how often should you change y our face towel?
ways to get a tan without sun ?
how do i get rid of circles under my eyes?
are you supposed to shave your upper legs too?
im allergic to perfume...?
My spots won't go, I moisturise daily, But they still wont go?
if a boy called you ugly what will say back with the fact that he brought your self estem down?
I got my Tongue pierced 3 days ago and i'm a little worried...?
I have VERY fair skin and don't tan at all how can I get a little tan at least......?
I need suncare advice for nude sunbathing?
Do guys like girls that are thick?
Why do girls like taller guys?
Eyebrow piercing behind my parents back?
Does fish oil moisturise skin?
Skin care for females in their late 20's?
I want to go to Kayaskin clinic for everyday radiance treatment,?
Why does my belly piercing ooze?
How do I get rid of cellulite?
Clean, beautiful face?
Where do you think is the worst place to get a zit on your face?
In genral do lip piercings hurt? And do they bleed?
Ladies-what do you think is the best " brand " of bras?
How to change eyebrow piercing?
Do you think that 5 ft. 11 is short for a 17 year old boy?
to anyone who have used obagi nu derm products...does the obagi clear smell at all?
How do I get a baby face?
skin after a late night/drinking etc looks very very dry and pale?
Tragus piercing and earbuds?
What is this piercing called?
Brown Spots?
Where can I buy the no scream cream?
Shaved,painted on eye brows?
how to make your butt and breast bigger without surgery?
Tanning advice needed!?
belly piercing: is this a good cleaning method?
top of ear???
How old do you have to be atleast to get laser hair removal surgery?
Best Obagi product removes age spots and sun spot?
Is their an eye cream that really works for wrinkles, dark circles and dryness?
Is a nose piercing painful?
deodorant for me?
how long does the initial breaking out period last with the clarisonic mia?
Should I re-apply sunscreen after putting sunscreen and then tanning lotion?
which is worse, oily skin, or dry skin?
i want to make my lips bigger, but how big is too big?
What should i get pierced?
shaving problem?? helppp?
why do i have darkness under my eyes best answer get 10 point!!?
Am i cute or interesting?
Eyebrow OR Lip piercing? ( 2 Photos of self )?
Is there a lotion that helps you get tanner skin?
what part of the leg should be longer than the other the bottom bit or the top bit?
whats the best fake tanning body lotion around?
Did i pierce my septum wrong?
Does anybody know of a body sketch I can use for my fashion drawings?
Question for skinny/thin girls only. =)
can i leave it Honey and milk apply face for whole night?
Why do I have cellulite!?
I need products for my oily skin?
How much would it cost to get my lip peirced?
What difference can lip balm make on dry skin that is not on your lips ?
how can i pierce my eye brow at home?
certain dri?
should i get my chin pierced and nose pierced on the same day?
I have bad acne on my back, and sometimes comes on my face?
Is getting ur belly button pirced whoreish?
Nose piercing lump - and not healing?
Why is my face getting red?
Ok guys i need your help on this one!!?
I am having a big sweating problem! i have tried loads of deodorant but it doesn't work!Help me!?
Conch Piercing Questions?
How good is Clinic All Clear hair oil in case of severe dandruff?
Be honest, do you pee in the pool when swimming?
important personal question for woman.?
Getting rid of cystic acne... what do I do?
Shuld i purchase an epilator OR electric razor?
Can you tell me what you know about dermal anchors?
Does anyone know any good homemade recipes for facial masks?
best night face cream for a teen?
are these products too much for a 14 year old?
Weight gain on face changes ear size?
this is my tanned skin colour, where can i buy skin coloured ear plugs?
im getting my cartliage pireced where should i go?
lanoish lanolin breast cream for chapped lips??
bumpy things on my chest??
Natural looking tan? is there such a thing ?
What is the best and or fastest treatment to diminish the appearence facial scars? How do you know?
Best treatment for hereditary dark circles?
Pixie nose...................?
What are some good body places?
Is this how Jordan will look in another 20 years time?
know any home remedies for eczema?
my eyebrow was infected and a dude told me to use saline on it should i becuse it is just salt & water?
Brown spots !?
Hi all, i am suffering with warts.....plz help?
Am I an hourglass according to these measurements?
oil of olay or roc?
How do you get rid or stretch marks?
What happens when the body rejects a piercing?
what are ways aside from hgh can i grow taller?
How do i get rid of tan?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
washing your ear after ear piercing?
I have cut marks on my thighs. they look pretty ugly. how can i lighten them.?
Tragus piercing help ?? When can i change my bar ?
How much does a belly button piercing hurt?
I have a red mark below my eye?
how can i get rid of this!?
single dark hair?
Europeans are not white?
what is the youngest age you can get snakebites,hip peircings,etc.?
Gauges infected please help :(?
Clinique Skin Tone Corrector?
sunscreen and proactiv solution?
what will happen if you don't expose in the sun for a long time?
Help with gauging my ears?
how do i ask my mom tom shave my legs she said i could tell her when im ready it's just that im embarased?
Does Clean & Clear work?
Guys - Body type??????
Shaving... camp... help?
What is the One Rule I'm Supposed To Obey TO LOSE WEIGHT?
i want my belly button pierced?
Is My Friend Fat?
after crossing your legs do you get a warm red spot on your knee and calf?
What do you think of thigh gaps?
How to reduce hair at arms and hands?
Help with my lip piercing?
Belly button piercing?
What should I do about my mole?
Terrible skin problem. Help?
Hypertrophic scar on tragus !!?
Is it okay if i put on facial scrub,foam, cleanser, moisturizer and cream all at once...?
sore throat?
OMG! did i make a mistake? am i weird?!?!?
Are my breasts small for my height & weight???
Any good tips for reducing bags under eyes?
How to get rid of horrible sock tan line?
Is there a way to get lip injections without them looking super huge and fake?
I get facial hair sometimes around the time of my cycle alsoget razor bumps how can i prevent the bumps n hair
How long does sun in take to change?
If my ear piercings got mildly infected, am I at a higher risk of infection in a nose piercing?
how do you get rid of...?
Bump on both sides of cartilage piercing?
dose getting your ears peirced hurt?
Cartilage piercing questions...?
should i wear a t-shirt when i am swimming?
black heads by my nose. help?
Did you ever use toothpaste as a type of zit cream?
Accelerated aging?
im a woman of 39,40 this year,i feel like all my lines,wrinkles and bags under my eyes are really bad?
Where can i get my nose pierced at 14 in salisbury maryland?
How long after you limit sun exposure does your skin tone return to normal?
When your 5'6 and 152 lbs.are you fat??
Washing your face w/ Milk?
How do you stop face bloats in the morning?!?
How do I stop biting my nails.?
Question for girls only?
What size gauges does Jeremy Mckinnon Have?
I am getting my daughters name tattooed on my body where is a good place to get it done at?
homemade facial cleanser for black pores?
What is the difference between the silver, gold, platinum, diamond and mystic memberships for Plam Beach Tan?
acne on skin - blackheads whiteheads and small red bumps?
i'm having a breast reduction on May 30. And i would like to know what size should i go down?
Boob implants: Good or bad?
What is acne really? And treatments?
i have a very oily nose and forehead it goes through my make up what to do?
how to prevent stretch marks?
Help Me Please!!! what should i do?
Is there a way to get rid of acne in like.....12 hours?
Anyone knows how to cure bad breath?
I don't think my ear lobe piercings are healing?
Should i get a boob job?
is prostyle gel good to start dreads with?help please!?
Should I wax my forehead?
Black circles around my eyes, how do I get rid of them?
open pores of skin: is it possible to close pores on cheeks?
Am I supposed to be removing all my pubic hair?
How can I be a hairy boy?
i have a questionnnn!?.?
stand up lotion at a store i can buy for darkness?
omg i need reconstructive surgey my face is disfigured beyond repair please help me i cant cope any more being
How does one person tan easier than another?
how do u get rid of an old scar..a burn scar?
Belly button piercing?
what is a stretch mark?
remove tattoos?
Why is that in my teens my face was clear and beautfiul, now at 22, its old and full of pimples?
Has anyone figured out a way to get rid of open pores on your face?
Acne help!!! Breakouts?
Asprin mask?
What is the best Self Tanner?
how do i get these nails to look good? *pics included*?
What skin products have you had the worst results with?
is there a good method to keep your face clear?
My lip piercing is infected and has been for over a year?
Does sugar waxing really work?
I have pimples on my face what should I do 2 get rid off them ASAP!?
Do u think 13 is 2 young 2 get ur bellybutton pierced? And y?
How long will my stretched ear take to get back to a normal stud size?
Where is a commonly know place/brand to get your nose peirced(ex:claire's etc.)????
Help Chapped Lips, or led?
Cocoa Butter from Helene queens?
Used Veet (in shower) today..
how to get ride of black heads?
what face peircing should i get?
How do you consume crushed freshwater pearls?
Should I get a Tragus Piercing?
What is the best way to get rid of spots?
What should I do for my dry skin?
Are they real??? If yes then how can she handle this??? They are so heavy :/
smoother legs?
is 16 too young to get lazer surgery? how long does lazer surgery take to heal?
I am slim but i have chubby cheeks.?
Is it really terrible to look young for your age?
Questions about my first wax?
Male anime characters with glasses?
Am I too fat for a hip piercing?
is the laser treatement against cellulite bad for you?
How long will it take for my Mystic Spray Tan to show and what should I do?
i want to get my nose pierced?
I am a 17 year old boy with quite big ears, will having my ears pierced look stupid?
How do I get rid of black heads on the nose?
Am I the only one who loves being pale?
Does Proactive Work?
Is there away to tone your face?
What does every one think of this model?
Fake bake the face self tanner?
Does Aloe Vera prevent zits?
Mario Badescu products?
how bad does it hurt to get your bellybutton peirced??
Do I have small framed or medium framed body?
can u eat pasta after u get ur tongue pierced?
are moles on a girl unattractive?
Should I get my nose pierced?
how do i get rid of the bags under my eyes!?
I am a girl of 14..i am 5'3 now..please read on and tell me can i be 5'9?
any used st tropez spray tan ?
Why do i get mountainous zits when i use Proactiv?
How about electric shavers?
Dahlia Piercings? anyone?
Do laser hair-removal home devices like "Stop Skin laser" really work??
where Is the best place to get cartilage piercings done?
Lotions with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids?
Shaving upper lip hair?
What are the spots on my face and how do I get rid of them?
my private area i mean the pubic part is darker than rest bodycolour..?
Does proactiv really work?
Are big brown eyes pretty?
16 and flat chested :(?
dry skin on my cheek?
is it possible to wash up in milk?
electroysis for your face?
Am I ugly? serious you guys?
best women's deodorant?
The Neutrogena Wave Facial Cleanser?
what size plug is this?
In your opinion which piercing would hurt more...?
Skin around belly piercing really thin?
Oily and dry skin help me?
Why is my face so oily?
Lose Weight?
Anyone who's had their cartilage pierced...?
Are my body measurements ugly?
Skin lightner for coloured people...?
Im 15 and i have bad acne. I started getting it over the last couple months. Will it clear up with age?
my hands are dry and wrinkly.?
Has anyone tried Porcelana Night Cream?
which food suppliment is best of Male if he is weak and wants to get healthy safely?
ok so i am 16 yrs old, and 5'0-5'1tall?
is there anything to make acne scars disappear?
How to get rid of whatever this is on my face? (White head, cyst, wart, random bump??)?
Oxy Maximum Acne Treatment?
can I up my waist size??
im a brunette with olive skin, i wanna tan and have more BRONZE skin, tips? special techs.?
Does proactiv work?
bellybutton pierced twice, bump many answers as possible?
what are some HOUSEHOLD items to stretch my ears with?
How to put some colour in my face?
Piercing your own lip?
The truth about Peircing your ears?
How long is too long for toenails?
toung pircing a good idea?
i have oily and pimply skin. what diet can fill my spots of pimples? what diet i should eat for clean skin?
Would you think badly of someone if they had there belly button pierced at 14?
Is there any ways to get rid of pimples overnight (or quickly)?
inner conch piercing, questions / cleaning?
Stretchmarks help ?!?
Is Nivea "Soft" a nice daily moisturizer for men?
organic skin care?
Girls please help me!?
I think I have mild hairy tongue but dont smoke.?
can benzoyl peroxide help scars?
what do you think about nose piercings???
Does anyone else have an outie belly button?
another nose piercing question.?
shaving legs, are just embarassinggg.?
Dry skin-need a good day cream?
What's the deal with cheek and hip piercings?
Is normal for a young man to have lots of body hair ?
What do you think of this?
Who do you find more attractive any why?
What are some ways of getting rid of a mole?
people with naval piercings please help?
my legs dont touch?????
What are some great skin products i can buy under 20 dollars?
how to make my chest seem bigger?
What do you think is the best cream/ wipes for blackheads, spots?
How to prevent clogged pores (blackheads)?
Does a nose piercing hurt?
ACNE I'm almost 21!!!! So self conscious... what product should i buy!!!?
Is 14 a good age to get a second piercing?
i have extremely dry skin on my face... know of any good skin moisturizers?
My belly button ring wont go back in!?
Does Aveeno still sell positively smooth lotion or have something similar (smell & consistency)?
Will putting lotion on your face clog your pores?
Is there something wrong with my bellybutton piercing?
I want a belly butto piercing should i tell my parents?
Do i have a big nose?
septum piercing pain?
How can I make shaving my bikini line last longer?
does massaging extra virgin olive oil under your eyes really help get rid of dark circles?
does waxing hurt?
i have pimple marks on my cheeks .....suggest some natural way to clear them?
Do you personally USE a special brand of vitamin C serum for your complexion/SKINCARE?
Should i get a nose piercing or a lip piercing? Picture included. Thanks!?
What to put on popped zits??
Which piercing and where to get it?
how can i make my butt get bigger?
how can ibe beautiful?
How can I get cooler in like a month??
Cartilage piercing problems?
Navel piercing question?
Tanning bumps?
Does ProActive work?
Fake tanning for the face?
how do you get rid of blackheads fast?
I hate my height. Helpp :(?
are guys okay with girls with acne?
How long does it take for skin to heal?
Drop 10 pounds quickly?
I just got my belly button ring done and its red all aound what could i do?
Could I be a model????????????/?
Tiny boobs!! Please Help?
Isn't he beautiful :D ?
Is having a lip,monroe, and nose piercing to much?
How can i convince my mom to let me get a cartilage piercing?
How 2 get my face the color of my stomach!?!?
do belly button piercings hurt?!?
lip piercings help [experienced only]????
Hair Removal - Male Genetalia?
i have stretch marks..HELP!!!??
I want to get fake nails on for my birthday but I don't know if I'm old enough. ( I'm 10 )?
What is a really good product that gets rid of pimples fast?
know any good AFFORDABLE hairwaxes that actually work for legs? iit doesnt matter if heated or cold?
does Proactive realy work?
i want to get breast implants?
Is it weird for me to be so tall for my age, as a girl?
Do i have plump lips or thin lips?
Im 15 and have a big nose?
How long should I keep Clean and Clear's Morning Burst on for before I wash my face?
rescue oil vs bio oil?
Is it good to look down girls shirt.?
How can you cure pimples dont go easily & remove all the spots in two weeks?
What are oils good for?
Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Moisturizing Complex
my chest is kinda small how can i make it look bigger?
how do i get rid of super dry skin??????????
if a tongue piercing rips will it heal?
pictures - do i honestly have a rly big nose?
Little insects making my body reeally ichy and leaving marks?
How to get rid of dark deodorant stains?
if my skin burns in the sun, would it do the same in a tanning bed?
My belly button piercing is infected? Or not?
What is roaccutane?
Bottom belly button piercing?
What is Shower Gel??
Strech marks how to get rid i need help?
what's a good piercing for me to get?
hmm.. a way to get clear, fresh skin in 4 days?
How do i get rid of my pimples on my forehead?
how is the Loreal go 360' clean deep exfoliating scrub working for you?
Are big, round black eyes (like India) considered attractive in Europe? Or are only blue medium or almond eyes?
New moisturizer that reflects light and fixes skin imperfections?
So my friend pierced my cartilage last night with a hollow needle?
I still have hand dimples?
Do these celebrities have a large frame?
Accelerator vs bronzer? ?
What time of day do most people apply body lotion?
My face is full of ingrown hairs!!?
pimples in my armpits??
how can you look skinnier in a bathing suit?
which hair remover is safe to use on upper lips?
Which acne cleanser works best?
Belly-Button piercing.?
My husband has these scratches on his butt and he can not stop itching, I am totally serious, please help?
What is a good back acne spray that i can buy either from the Internet or store?
I want my lip pierced but mum won't let me.. How do i convince her?
How to get rid of pale lips?
The Pro's and Cons of Stretching your ears?
Easy 10 points. Please help!?
How old do i have to be in order to go to a tanning spa?
are you happy with your body?
is b cup too small, honestly?
Question for girls only?
how can i remove a beauty mark pleasee?
Got my nipples pierced?
Do I wash this face cleanser off or leave it on?!?
what are the/your best beauty products?
What place can I get ear jewelry?
tapper costs at hot topics....?
how can i smooth out acne quickly?
Have Any Of you try VASELINE Sheer Infusion Body Lotion?
GIRLS ONLY!! 10 pnts :)?
What products work well for oily skin?
Help me please?
Is this ugly? 10 POINTS?
Good Acne Solutions?
i have dark patches around my neck... how to remove it....????
How bad does getting your earlobes peirced hurt?
Do you know a deodorant that doesnt have that deo's smell, does not stain clothes and can whiten underarms?
Should I shower everyday?
can you suggest me an Effective cream that i can use in my spider veins, to reduce or eliminate them for good?
pain and lump in my stretched lobe?
PLEASE HELP, URGENT. stained skin from toothpaste?
How should 12yr old females should look like?
question for girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help! What should I do? 10 points!?
ummmmmmm ma piercing!?
Is it bad to go to a tanning bed for a little bit at 15 yrs?
I used Obagi Nu-Derm 2 days with severe red itching fire burning face.Do I have to use whole kit(8 bottles)?
Tragus piercing problem?
what do you think of this !?
Tongue piercing?!?!?!?!?!!?
What sunscreen should i use to tan properly?
Got my tongue pierced 3 days ago.. Still hurts bad. Normal?
Bad Body Odour!!!?
which is the best indian parlour/salon in Raleigh,NC?
Is a tragus piercing painful?
Lip piercing, what do YOU think?
what piercing should i get?
Brown eye?
what do u do to get rid of ingrown hair n buenlarged pores on ur legs?
high coloring on face any remedies?/moles?
Do you think facial implants look good?
What is the best self tanner for pale skin?
toe nails change colour after i remove nail polish?
Has anybody been to prague for cosmetic surgery,what should i expect ?
What is something that you can do to prevent wrinkles when your at a young age?
Can plastic surgery correct these squinty eyes? (photo)?
HELP!!! My second toe is longer than my big toes???
I have dark spots under my eyes. how do i get rid of them?
Salon Sunbeds:- How Long Will it Take?
why do my hips have this weird indent?
i pressed 2 hard w. the Q-Tip Now theres a brown dot! HELP!?
skin around navel ring?
What is a really strong antiperspirant for women?I get really bad sweat stains and they are really embarrassin?
girls i need your help?
wrinkles at 17 is it possible i am scared?
Does a girl have to look perfect?
rate this girl's body (picture)?
Is there any way to make my cheeks seem less full without using bronzer?
What piercing should i get?
Do you prefer the all over tan, or the white bikini line?
Can you get your lip pierced in Selfridges? And if so, how old do you have to be?
is there a way to get rid of wrinkles?im only 24 but ive got 2 around my mouth since a laugh a lot. ?
how long does it actually take to get a good tan from the tanning bed?
What can make my legs tan? I do shave.NEED TO KNOW THE KIND OF TANNING LOTION THAT WORKS!?
razor question?
Is it okay to use peroxide on your infected belly button piercing?
What size circular barbell and captive bead ring do I need for my septum?
Everyone tease me...i'm sad....i have psoriasis dandruff on my's so embarrasing..HEELLPPPP!!!!!!!!!
Have you ever had a light ('lunch-time') chemical peel?
What is my face shape?
What do you use??
Has anyone ever successfully got rid of or reduced the appearance of cellulite?
Is it me or is Nicki Minaj's skin getting whiter?
Any home remedies to combat baggy eyes?
how do I get rid of facial hair?
Do you think that overweight people can still be beautiful?
I hate my weight and cry about it alot I'm 15 and I want to gain 20pds please help me?
Dry Skin ; Help Please!?!?
Any tattooists in London?
Cartilage piercing removed?
How to use these facial products?
how to avoid razor burn from 'down there' ?
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Am I skinny? I need help..?
Whats your favorite deodorant (girls)?
Best facial wash for my skin?
Will I be able to switch to a barbell?
where to go to get body peircing in wichita,ks ?
plz help ,um fed up of my skin its combination n um getting zits everyday there is a new one ready.?
would i look right with a nose ring? and if not what type of piercing... lip?
Navel ring rejection. Please help.?
Showering clean clean ?
Getting Rid of Pimples Quickly?
cartilage piercing with gun?
I'm 21 and i use wrinkle cream to hopefully pervent wrinkles in future.. Is this ok?
Brazilian wax regrowth??
How Do I Get Bigger Boobs?
please help, sunburn?
When you get your tongue web (tongue frenulum) pierced...?
Has anyone tried Garnier Bodytonic 14 days express anti-cellulite treatment (with ampoules)?
What is better a razor with blades or something like veet? Which lasts longer?
stretch marks, cocoa butter?
Which Method of Tanning Do You Prefer, The Tanning Bed, Mystic Tan, or Other Sunless Tanning Products and Why?
ear gauging help - easy 10 points.?
Eyebrow waxing!?! (how badly) ?
do you wash ur hair daily?
Shaving question?
Am I using the wrong material to stretch my ears out?
are there any breast enhancements that really work?
I have had 2 kids an am 29, I was in excellent shape...?
how do u get rid of unwanted body hair?
what do you girls think of men with no body hair ?
How old do you have to be to get a piercing apprenticeship in oklahoma?
Help with getting rid of acne?
Normal to have stretch marks?
i have fair skin but my bums part is dark in colour ?
What is the best acne moisturizer? ?
what are good ways/ tips for getting rid of spots?
What should I expect...?
How do I ask my mom to put lotion on my butt?
Industrial Piercing help!?
how do get self tan off your finger nails?
How do i stop the breakouts?
what can i use to exfoliate my ?
Ladies, what is the longest you've gone without shaving/waxing your legs?
Anyone know of any deoderants that don't let you sweat?
I am 13 and a half and still don't have my periods. And my older sister got it when she was 11...?
why dont black people get pimples?
my skin is oily tell me facial metodfor fairness?
A question about ears?
i need a tan but i don't want to get one in a tannin booth what can i do?
When a skincare or makeup product is oil free...?
Is my tongue piercing infected?
can MEDERMA be used in crater/pitted scar?
I have about 3 hours of marching band practice in the hot sun?
Please help : What products right for my facial mark ?
Stinging sensation with saline implants?
wat is the best deodorant 2 use in the summer?
Do I need to loose weight honestly?
If I'm using Benzoyl Peroxide, can I go to the Beach?? can I also swim??
Would you consider my height short?
how do u knoe wen ur nose piercing is infected?
I think I'm ugly...?
I have sunburnt legs but have to wear a dress..?
Nipple piercings for women? Do they hurt?
What are some good face-washers/cleansers?
Is it safe 2 get my tongue pierced?
GIRLS: Is my condition of gynecomastia a turn off? (pics)?
can i take my earing out?
Do you think I am to tall?
I'M 15 n m a bit idea to lose weight a healthy manner
How to make my face longer?
Is girlscout one or two words?
Is this weird? please tell the truth!?
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Butt cheeks? i just go my nose priced on sunday june 24th and i just came to florida...i know i cant swim in pools?
Intimate piercings?
ii pierced my eyebrow myself?
What acne products really work?
If you could have any cosmetic surgery free of charge, what would you "put right"?
i have a problem with picking my zits!?
What's the best way to get a tan?
I seem to keep getting SUNBURN on my face EVERY time I go outside!! HELP??!?
Is there any home remedy to get rid of sun burns?
stretch marks?
Products for arm hair?
How long does a tan usually last?
Would it be smart to get my nose or lip pierced?
Lip or tongue piercing?
zeno does it work?
What type oil or lotion?
Cartilidge or tripper piercing?
Armpit stuble, help!! It looks awful.?
Do you use a sunbed during the cold grey winter months?
How should i clean my piercing?
OILY skin?
Angelina Jolie lips?
Why wont my face tan with my body?
Lip or Nose Ring on me? (Guy)?
what are the wrinkles that form at the corner of your eyes commonly known as ?
why is it important to have clear procedures to be folloved in case of fire?
lol im 13 and im wonder if thesse are abs? xD for the girls ?
If you don't have soap, what's the best thing to use to wash your hands?
What helped YOU get rid of pimples?
What happens when you take of your piercing once you got it done?
How can my scar go away using something other than lemon juice or products i have too buy perposley for that?
I'm 15 and I have large breasts (almost a D). Embarrassing question?
Why Aren't Men Interested in Overweight Girls?
how can i reduce my breast size?
is there an unpainful way to peirce my toung myself?
How can I stop being ugly? Picture inside...?
I just pierced my cartilage what is this feeling?
Is it okay to use scented lotion ?
what are some home treatments to get rid of strech marks?
i want to get freshness with no pimples in my face? what can i do for that?
Is drinking water mixed with honey good for your skin?
what is the typical length of a Monroe lipring?
all iam asking without sarcasm from anyone is how to get more a naturally shiny , more important white skin?
Do I need to lose weight?[pics]?
women! please help me!! :'(?
The obliteration of eye bags?!?
Does suave firming moisturizer really firm and tone your skin?
What is the best skin care line in the world?
is there anyway to shave and not get annoying razorburn?
What is the best sunscreen to use when going to the pool?
what is a photofacial and are thye useful?
Can I re-pierce myself through the same pierced hole?
Am I too Young?????????????
Proactiv User Question??????
What could I say to convince my parents to let me get a lip ring?
How do you pierce your own belly button, at home?
Can I get the same nipple re-pierced? ?
Is my belly bar rejecting ?
What's my body shape?
Ear stretching after care - sea salt soaking?
?????piercing question?
Should I get my tragus pierced?
HELP!! anybody who knows about skin!?
Is Lye still located in Octagon Soap?
What would improve my looks?
whats the easiest way to get rid of pimples?
I want a birthmark, how do I get one?
my lips are really chapped!!!?
What are my best and worst physical features?
Im 14 and thinking about piercing my lip myself... should I?
so is tanning oil a good thing to use in the sun?or does it mostly make you burn?
Why are my lips so big. It sux?
Dark lines under eyes? PLEASE HELP ME :(?
Don't you think Orlando Bloom is just so hottt!?
click me click me!!!!(20 characters)?
Wrinkles on the forehead?
UGH, zit problem. wanna help?
Olay Professional Pro-X Cleanser?
What is the best way to get a tan?
if you saw me would you think im fat?
Where should I get my next ear piercing?
What does it mean on the body wash labels where it says grab your cloth?
Cost for (Cosmetic) Foot Surgery?
Do you think i should get my eyebrow pierced?
Badger Overlords owner rips the skin off her lips....? (PIC)?
What can you get pierced with a gun?
Is there a TRUE natural cosmetic company?
Do spray tans cover up vitiligo well?
help with my sunburn!!?
acne?...girls opinion?
How can I help my oily skin without expensive products?
am i classed as a posser?
Ear piercing pain comparison?
Spots and i need help please?
How do you get paler skin?
how do i know if my belly button piercing is infected?
does anyone also know any sunscreen dat works? and other questions...?
Hip piercing questions!?
Does one or two earrings look better on a guy???
what facial piercing should i get ?
a remedy for aging dehaydrated facial skin?
Boob Sweat????
What causes that black ring around a finger wearing a 14 carat gold ring?
Will tanning topless work?
get rid of blackheads?
Kissing a guy with spider bite lip piercings?
How to get rid of freckles fast?
Could I be a good model?
Zit under scar tissue won't go away?
What should I do about my boyfriends super dry skin?
piercing questions?
Plucking my upper lip?