skin help now!?!?!?
Best way to remove scars?
how should i hide my tongue piercing from my parents?
does anyone use acne free: scar fade and erase???
Is it true if you have teen acne you won't get adult acne?
How can i widen my hips?
Cartilage Gages?
Any tricks for getting rid of dark undereye circles?
Do I have big feet? :P
Sunbeds ??? where, how old, how long?
Shaving dry legs..?
how do i get rid of dry skin?
I have skin issues. HELP?
how to get rid of the spots?
Belly Button piercing?
Is chest hair turn off for girls?
i've had my tragus pierced for 5 months but i had to take it out because of an infection.?
What shampoo/conditioner/soap do you use?
Are u embarrassed by your body?
piercings n parents =[ !.?
Do you care about your complexion?
Advatages of being 5 foot 7 inches tall =( ?
Best smelling perfume?!?
Skin Moisturizing Lotion for Desert Denizens?
Whats wrong with my skin? (detailed pics)?
Question about removing my body hair?
Whats up with my face?
Lip or nose piercing?
Just got a chemical peel done how long is it supposed to have a burning sensation?
how can i get pale skin?
Bra contest. Which is your bra size?
i wont to be better looking?
What Natural Products Can I Use For My Face? PLEASE READ?
Do i have very bad looking legs? i am confused?
Honey and Peach Face Mask[pls help!)?
OOOH thats so icky please please help me!!! GROSS?
How much time does it take for the redness to go away?
how old for implants?
Need serious help with my breakouts...HELP?
Should I get my belly pierced? I'm 13.?
What to do for puffy eyes?
Acne Help!?
How to train for a body piercing license?
nipple piercing question?
tragus piercing help?
Please be honest... Is my nose too big?
can u see any flaw? see it yourself. anyone?
friends please suggest one way for me to reduce the butt?
How to get a tan without laying out?
What color are my eyes? (green, hazel)?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes?
I want to get a perfect body!?
How to stop touching my face?
How can I minimize redness and discoloration in my face?
How can I get rid of the redness in my skin?
Can anybody recommend a really effective skin-whitening product that will give me pale white skin tone?
Whenever I sweat, will my sunscreen come off?
is there any homemade remedy for the skin burnt of sun?
How to dress a rectangle-ish body shape?
Can i change my earrings after ten days just for a few hours?
Why is this and what does it mean?
im a boy of 14 and i had bum fluff on my upper lip until i shaved it off with a women wilkinson sword razor?
My nipples...........................?
what are the benefits & function of exfoilants & masks for the hands?
What is a good weight for someone who's 5'4-5'5?
Can you actually change your skin color?
when u get a lip piercing do u leave it in forever?
how do you tan your sides in a tanning bed?
Laser hair removal technician?
how can i keep from getting zits and when i get them what is a good acne medicion to put on them?
what is the best way to have a clear face?
How do i take off these white mark's from my face ?
i did a tca peel. how do i make it heal faster?
Belly button piercing help?
Why do people keep putting chemicals in their face?
Do I have an hourglass figure?
how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?
How to open pores on face?
What do u think of people sun bathing coz they still wanna go darker?
Want dark colored nipples. Please help me?
How can you make you boobs bigger naturally without pills or creams that you have to buy?
Will acne scars ever go away?
what are some ways to get rid of stretch marks?
Does ProActive really work?
What size north face should I get ?
best cleanser there is?
Do you get ache and pimples from eating unhealthy?
what can i do to my ugly nose?
Omg pimples attack !!! How ?
Could you offer me some advice on stretched ears?
Dark underarms please help! solution needed?
any advice for dry skin?
When should I put my stretch mark cream on?
I Have Really Dry Skin When It Comes To My Face Is Johnson Baby Lotion Good.?
Skin question.... am i too pale? like nasty pale...?
Re-Piercing Snake Eyes (Tip Of The Tongue)?
Sunburn Help?!?!?
Im 15 and I want bigger boobs , help ?
how can i fade my frown lines ?
What can i mix with lemon juice to put on my face to lighten my skin?
Tongue bar bought off eBay... safe?
what should I weigh??????
does allesandra ambrosio have breast implants?
how do you get rid of pimples?
DIY Piercings.?
im scared help me with my cartilage piercing?
How to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles on eyes?
Which cream is best to clear the face from black spots.?
My lips are dry.... PLEAsE HELP!?
Describe the use of wax pot Spatulas and Muslim strips.?
Piercings. Yes or No?
What are some ways to make my breast smaller?
Should I get a nose job?
Will sitting in the sun with lemon juice on burn your skin?
How to get a good skin complection and...?
Tongue piercing Question?
Spray tans?
Is Maxim Antiperspirant available in the Philippines?
Do sunbed goggles leave tan lines?
Is this normal behavior for a lip ring?
Black spot around my nose stud?
waist-hip/bust ratio opinions?
Why do shaving hurts like hell?
Girls, whats your secret to flawless skin?
Navel Piercing is red and crusty?
i want to live till i'm 100?
Hey dudes i was wondering can you still make your ears thicker with Vitamin E oil or jojoba etd even though,?
is there any other solucion for bigger brests than surgiury?
I ran out of soap...........................?
Acne wash that helps with black heads?
Why do east asians have no/little body hair?
Is washing my face 7 times a day good for me?
my poor poor.....pores?
Random bug-bite like bumps on my face?
what kind of earrings should i get when i get my ears pierced?
Belly Button Piercing (:?
Am I at a healthy weight?
Ponds clear pore strips?
Dark Big Bags Under My Eyes
Anyone get their ear cartilage pierced many times with the gun and everything is fine?
Nose piercing lump - and not healing?
How to hide long lips when wearing a bikini?
Please help! It hurts so bad :(?
I use the Nair Hair Removal lotion, but after I shave red bumps appear on my legs..?
should a man get a belly button piercied?
I have been researching bio-oil and windmill super e, has anyone tried these products? which one works best?
I'm 14 and need advice on shaving my bikini line?
Can you wash your face with hand sanitizer if it has aloe?
Question about a nose piercing?
Will baby powder work as well as deodorant if you don't sweat much?
Do you really get pimples from junk food?
I shaved my arms, help?
how do u get rid of pimples and blackheades?
For first time shaving with sensititve skin, what is best? Razor or electric?
Please Help with my piercings.?
skin flakes everytime i apply foundation. whats a good exfoliator and moisturizer?
A question about ear piercing?
How to maintain a good posture. I used to be slauching all the time.?
Is there any way to get rid of a sun tan?
is there a permanent way of removal of body hair once and for all?
Payment for a boob job?
Big Breasts? This is serious!?
Where can I find Dr. Bell's Pomade?
how do gothic people stay so plae when the live in hot climates?
How can a get Pailer skin?
which men's deodorant leaves no white marks on black t's?
I can't remove my lip stud!?
Getting rid of chapped lips?
i want to get my ears pierced but i cant wear earrings at work, would the holes close within the 10 hours?
Where can i find these?
I'd like to try nair, veet, or something because I'm sick of shaving. Any suggestions?
Using a sunless tanner plus face lotion?
if i use antibiotic cream on a piercing will it stop the start of a possible infection?
do I still have a chance of becoming more "curvy"?
Girls: is this good idea?
How to peirce your tounge your self?
my scab is really soft. should i let it dry or put something on it to make it heal?
what causes women to get "mudflaps"?
I'm looking for a fake tanning lotion, but I have pink undertones rather than olive. What would work best?
Eye color?
Would you make the decision to get?
how to eliminate stretch marks?
Honest answer please! About weight please read!?
new stretch marks.....HELP PLEASE?
broad feet?
My skin is so oily when I dont wear make up?
im really self concious...?
im 15 lad i want my ear pierced but my parents wont let me :(?
When it comes to acne scarring...?
How do I get rid of bumps and red marks after a bikini wax?
What can I use to moisturize my bellybutton piercing?
What is my body shape?
♥Where can I see some examples of Pilates and exericese for me to do at home?
I got sunburned last weekend white red but i havent peeled yet?
I'm 17 and have very thin skin under my eyes, what's a good collagen-building cream?
Why is my skin so bumpy for a girl younger then 13?
Do i weigh to much and am i fat?
Does Clinque Dark Spot Remover work for acne scars?
My 14 year old son wants to get his ears pierced?
I wanted my Tragus pieced before loads of people started getting it and now they will think I was copy ?
What about my face isn't pretty?
how do i tell my mom i want a bra....(girlz only)?
How can I make my ear piercing close fast?
Random question- how old are you and what is your height?
Ackney Problem.?
How long does a belly button piercing take to close up?
How much would a tongue peircing cost at divine in calgary alberta?
ok great news i just finished getting my ears pierced?
does it hurt to get your bellybutton pierced?
just wondering.....?
How can I stop bitting my finger nails!?
What is the perfect cup size?
Any "home remedies" for teens with acne?
Contact lenses for an 12 year old girl..?
What can i do to make my scars fade? picz include?
Is it painful to wax your pussy?
i have 'bikini zone' issues, help!?
Why is my gel deoderant doing this !!?
Facial issues, how do I fix this?
i have acene how do i get rid of it . help!!!!!! ( I have alot )?
What is the best treatment for acne?
AHH red spots from popping pimples..?
you scared the hell out of me??????????
Butt pimples!? Argh!?
Pain reducing cream or gel?
Is my belly botton piercing infected?? PLEASE HELP!?
How Do You Get Rid Of Chap Lips??
where do i get pierced?
help stretching my ear?!?!?
Best Primer for combination skin?
What's ur opinion about garnier men intense fresh? Is it good..?
Best blackhead remedies/tips/tricks???
where can i get my nose pierced around Statesville, NC?
should i be a model???
Does using HEMPZ lotion make you test positive for drugs?
My girlfriend has a hairy do i tell her that it has to go?
just pierced my second hole?
I'm thinking about getting a dermal anchoring piercing (surface stud)?
Recomend any skin products?
What are those little blue pads that absorb oil from your face called?
How to Remove my stretch marks without surgery?
When Does Lush Do Thier Big Sale?
brain infection from nose piercing?! help!?
Pore problems!?
How to really accelerate tanning?
how do i stop sweating so much under my arms?
Can small noserings close?
odd question.?
what do you think of this piercing?
How To Remove Pimples?
whats that acne medicine that turns orangey yellow brown when it dries ?
what can i use to make the my fingers even color but only where people bend the finger on ther hands?
How can I get a nice even tan?
Very dark hollows under my eyes? Im 15!:(?
will you tan faster and get a better tan if you use mosturizing lotion before you layout in the sun?
What is that facial stuff that Jessica Simpson and Kelly clarkson do commercials for?
How can I improve the condition of my skin?
how do you stop your lips from going dry?
should i pierce my lip by myself?
Sould I use Biore Strips + Salicylic acid 20% right after?
i neeed help with this girlsss ? ;//?
How do i get the Nair smell off of me?
whats a good face wash with benzoyl peroxide?
How to get fake tan off?
What should i do with my hairy legs?
Does it hurt when you get your belly repierced?
im a girl, and i really noticeable hair on my stomah, how can i make it go away, or less noticable.?
What can happen if you pierce you lip yourself?
would i look good with a lip ring?
Can you change your nose to any shape with a nose job?!?
Tanning while pregnant?
Can you apply Toner/Astringent after application of Olay Regenerist microdermabrasion & peel system?
What SPF should I be using to get a nice tan?
nose piercing?
i have redness on cheeks by nose with 2 or 3 pimples on each side. how do i get rid of rednes(irritation)fast?
Does tanning make stretch marks less noticeable?
I have PIGMENTS!! please help?
Nose piercing question, help.?
(both images) what would you give me on a scale from 1-10 (part 2)?
Is there a way to get rid of stretch marks on your body?
what to do to get rid of a rash?
How long will my industrial piercing hurt?
what part of the leg should be longer than the other the bottom bit or the top bit?
Is it safe to use glutathione to whiten your skin?
Question about brushing lips?
How to heal a chapped lip?
what can i do to get a tan that looks real?
have you ever looked in the mirror and seen someone beautiful?
Does an Industrial Piercing always hurt?
Is this a good exercise for cellulite?
What genes do YOU find most attractive?
Are Neutregena Products Good for eliminating pimples??
What's the easiest way to go from a 2g to a 0g?
is aveeno positively smooth shave gel for men?
My micro-dermal top spins when i clean it?
Something is messed up with my nail!?
Ear plug piercing? NEED HELP!?
does it hurt to get your cartilage pierced at piercing pagoda?
Do blackheads and whiteheads need to be squeezed or will they come out on there own?
im 140 and 6'0 tall, am I over weight?
how do you get rid of acne?
Is it bad if you cleanse your face really hard?
Can my foot ever get smaller? Can I do anything to keep it this size?
Does anyone know of a dermatological/ chemical peels skin lightening procedure that lightens dark complexion?
Should i go to my husband's christmas party?
Home Remedies for Acne Scars?
How do I get rid of a shiny face?
Help with stretched ears?
Self tanner and shower?
how to achieve soft kissable lips??? best answer 10 points..?
Should you wash your face with warm or cold water?
Stretched ear bleeding?
I really fancy a piercing! Help me choose? (Pic included)?
Best type of face wash?
Help with brazilian bikini wax!?
how can i look prettier? in general?
Why wont my face tan with my body?
any advice for dry skin?
which facial piercing would look best on me ? ( pic )?
What is the right age to start facial microdermabrasion?
My lips help?
how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?
what do you think on piercing your monroe by yourself?
navel piercing help (keeps bleeding /crusty)?
im 14 and still a 30 aa :(?
how to keep that shower fresh smell all day?
How do you stop biting your nails?
why does my ears ring?
Vitamin water splashed in my eye!?
What is the best acne cleanser?
Please help me!!!!!!?
Bridge piercing help?
Dark Eye Circles Please Help?
What's the best thing to remove a scar on my nose?
Do you think getting a piercing on the nose will hurt??
Belly Piercing Trouble... What Should I Do?
Why does my pee have a bad smell?
Belly button piercing?
If you were the mother of a 14 year old, what piercing would you let them get thats NOT on the ears?
When can i change my belly button piercing?
A question about collagen?
Warm/Cold effects on a gel eye mask?
i hv a big problem dat mi armpits are gettin rough and darker , i go for waxin ............plzzzzz help!!?
Does this sound cool?
I lost the ball that screws onto the top of my belly bar?
Waxed legs. Hair is growing under my skin. Why?
What's the best toner??? Non expensive!!! At target, or Amy drugstore, ect?
My pierced ear holes have torn, and holes need to be sewn up, and ears repierced.?
facewash help?!?
I got my septum pierced but it is crooked. How long should I wait before I get it pierced again?
Whats the best over-the-counter hair remover for sensitive areas?
Do zit zappers like the Zeno Hot Spot really work?
I'm 14 and I really want breast implants!?
Im a guy and i have dark underarms?
"sweaty underarms"!?
What do men prefer?
would it be better to get a cartilage piercing with a needle or with a gun?
which piercing? im scared?
Piercing while on adventure holiday?
Hi.I have a problem with stretch marks in my thigh and tummy, is there any ways to get rid of them?I'm 21.
i want to get laser hair removal done on my face does it actually work and destroy the hairs permanently?
Showering: Morning or Evening?
HeLp Me PLEaSe!!!!?
Where did you get your tongue pierced at 13 ?
ear stretching 8g - 6g - your experience?
LADIES ONLY PLEASE (personal problems!)?
Bumps on face? It never goes away...?
Would I look good with a labret piercing???????¿¿¿¿¿¿?
If something glows in the dark, will it glow under a blacklight?
Truthfully, does a nose piercing hurt?
how do i make my knees lighter?
boob size?
How much for this piercing?
How do female movie stars get such smooth foreheads?
is twelve to young to have a double pierceing on one ear lobe?
what eye color does the first guy have?
I picked zit off my face and now i have a huge area where my skin has been torn off on chin. What to do?
Could I use these to clean the outside of my lip piercing along with peroxide and warm salt water?
would I look good with my ears pierced? (pic)?
am 14 yrs. old and 5' tall will i be???
Acne problems?
What do you think a good age is to get a monroe piercing?
I got my cartilage pierced?
How do I get my boobs bigger?
im getting my lip pierced.?
Razor Burn,anyone know how to get rid?!?
weird nose cleaning method (any potential harm?)?
how much longer should I wait to stretch my ear?
I'm 13 and have wrinkles around my eyes when I smile (LITERALLY)?
Other than plastic surgery, how can I make my jawline and chin firmer and more defined?
Is there anyway to help a piercing (side of lip) heal faster?
Way is this piercing called?
Is my nose too big ? (link added) please answer honestly?
Any way to ease the pain when you are burnt?!?
Tanned Skin Or Pale ?
How to improve my appearance.?
to anyone that has used glowfusion?
What do you think of this...?
What can i do to stop oily face?
Am I Fat!?
which waxing product/product line is the best?
Everyone says my body sucks - are they right?
my cousin is 10 and is 5'1 and weighs 116 is she fat?????????
Does this belly piercing look cool? ((PICS))?
whats a really good face wash that helps acne/dryness?
How to get dead skin off your hands/body?
What are some good arguments for "You're a child"?
when to change belly button piercing?
i got my tounge pierced on sunday and?
Girls what's your skin care routine what are good skin care products?
WITHOUT sugery.....?
Is there any food to make my breasts bigger?
is 9 stone heavy for a 5ft5 girl?
Where is the best place in the denver/boulder area to get your nipples pierced?
Breast Vs ..........?
Ear piercing is still sore?
I have really dry skin. Anyone know if Revive moisturizing creme actually works? Its like $150 per jar.?
Should I get my belly pierced?
what side of my nose should i get my nose pierced on left or right?
What's the best home remedy for dry feet?
my belly piercings infected how do i cure it?
Piercing at mall,W/O PARENTS PERMISSION!?
would my ear break if i get the cartilage piercing?
What would you rate my stomach 1-10? (pics)?
Why does everyone want to be tan?
Would you say I'm short for my age?
My Lack of Confidence?
helix peircing and snakebite peircing, how painful?
why is my face darker than my nose?
can a 13byear old girl use facewash?
I was using this thing to shave my eyebrows (just the little annoying stray hairs) and somehow this thing-?
How do I get larger boobs without taking pills, or getting surgery.?
Are pigmented birthmarks easily treated?
I need this zit to go down by tomorrow?
Proactiv worked for first 4 weeks, but i gain a little few pimples there and there but rarley?
How do I make my lips bigger/plumper/fuller without getting any injections or anything like that!?
How much is to much for a ear piercing?
i have a ball on the back of my cartilage piercing?
im 14 and want my nose pierced?
Why is the area around my mouth yellow when I take flash photos? (pic)?
have you ever used JASON Ester-C C-Lite Skin Tone Balancer?
After having your tongue pierced how long is it painful?
need a tanning lotion ?? help?
if you pull out a hair repeatedly, does it eventually just not grow back?
I cant get my tongue done cuz I have a vein through the middle. Is there any other alternative?
my name is bujji. im 19 years old. my weight is 80kg. am getting black marks on my neck. what can i do?
How do you obtain better skin?
i have sweaty armpits and gel stuff doesnt work neither does spray?
How to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? Please help!?
How long should my Microdermal piercings last?
Do you think 5'5 is tall?
What is the SPF of Piz Buin bronze tanning lotion?
Where can I get my tragus pierced?
hip peircing/micro dermal implant/ancor?
Why does my face sting and go red when I sweat?
Nuskin products?
I need a design for my nails.?
i have dark spots on my cheeks :[?
How long should I wait to get these?
Can Bio-oil really get rid of scars?I mean tick and dark scars.?
describe proces keratinistion to cell movement up to epidermis?
This is a weird question. But i would like someone to answer it for me(:?
No one thinks i should get a lip peircing wtf?
tongue piercings??????
Snake eyes tongue piercing i need help!!:(?
How often should I move my belly button piercing?
how to get rid a tan or a black patch on the back ?
is it normal for a 12 yr old gr 7 girl to not have a boyfriend?
*PICS: What dress do you like better?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
How do I get rid of facial hairs?
In need of help fast! Ear piercing problem!?
What kind of face wash should I use?
how do i remove and eyebrow piercing?
I know people grow at different rates, but what would u consider the normal bra size for a..?
Bellybutton peircing????????? please HELP?
Are there any ways to make a scar seem less noticeable?
how do you fade stretch marks?
glycolic acid?!?!?
When do breasts stop growing?
Skin Care:red spots?
Where can you find Banana Boat Vitaskin Instant Tanning Lotion?
How the heck do I get my nipples to quit showing through my shirts?
Is having big thighs a good thing?
Do depilatories really work and how long do they last?
how to get rid rid of embarrassing stretch marks?
im 14, how do i convince my dad to let me get my eyebrow pierced?
How do these moles look on my face? (pictures included)?
what piercing should i have?
Crest White Strips vs. Listerine Whitening Rinse?
how do i make lavender vanilla soap in less than a week?
Why do i have brown crusty stuff on my nipples?
When a man and a woman go to a nude beach, where SHOULDN'T they put suntan lotion on?
is a face wash and a cream cleanser the same thing?
Why are my finger nails yellow??
What is more attractive. Smaller real breasts or larger implants?
how to get rid of very dark eye circles?
Help how do i get rid of the shadow beneath my nose? Best Answer 10 points! Please answer?
What should I do with this whitehead?
What do you consider to be your best feature...?
What is the best way to remove unwanted hair from underarms?
What do i do when i get a tan frm a tanning spa?
i have really bad acnee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what do i do?
How to i get rid of pimples and acne?
I'm turning 16 in December and I have NO boobs!?
My blue eyes?
i shaved when i was younger now i hairy, any good hair removal products out there?
is size 10 fat?
Ear piercing at Claire's OR WalMart?
My face is really dry should I still use my face wash?
ACNE!!! UGH!!!! please please please help me!?
is there a way to stretch your face?
How to get rid of the purple under eyes?
What is a good skin routine for people with under-the-skin pimples?
How do u start the i wanna shave conversation?
How long should I wait to Stretch my Lobes?
i suffer from acne i am 14 and have a girl friend, she say it doesnt matter but i know it does any1 have tips?
I want to get plastic surgery on my nose?
What gets rid of acne scars ?
ACNE... ive tried everything!!!?
Streching ears with teflon tape?
Should I stop using this face wash?
do i need therapy??
I wanna be skinner!!!?
Do you have a clear face?
First timer for piercings?
Why do I have a blemish on my forehead still?
What's your take on a septum piercing?
Does anyone know if getting tatooed with a caligraphy pen is effective My bff wants to try it and i'm concernd?
need to take measurements , dont know how or wat they mean HELP HELP HELP LOL?
do you know of any beauty tips for the summer?
Might be getting my belly pierced & am I too fat too get one (pic)?
How do I calm red skin areas? (this ocured after using mario badescu drying cream)?
will the avocado mask work for wrinkles?????
How do I make my face thinner?
Im a 15 year old girl, will I get taller?
How can I prevent my lips from chapping without using ChapStick?
HELP?! why i'm i breaking out?
Hey! I'm 14 and I want to get my bellybutton pierced? Should I? And how should I ask my parents?? ?
Are nose hair really that important? Can't I just get rid of it by laser hair removal? Anybody done that?
Would a nose piercing suit me?
Do women ever wax or shave?
How long can I leave my lip piercing in before it won't close, ever?
shaving and my mom...?
Why does my belly piercing look like this? (Pic)?
Dark Circles?
Does it remove my wrinkles with truvisage?
Is my cartilage infected?
I want to get ride of this broken capillary on my nose i want it gone i don't want to use concealer HELP!!!?
My eyes are swollen, what should i do?
Any acne help please :(?
what are whiteheads and why do people get them?
got belly pierced today?
Can you prep. me for helix piercing?
i want smaller pupils?
Where can I buy ***'s milk?
has any tried leigh valentine's products?
My face produces so much oil, how do i prevent it?
I hate the way I look and want to change can anyone help?
Whats hotter: Big or Small nipples?
One week old monroe piercing, need help with aftercare & advice!~!?
I have had my nose pierced for a year now and.....?
I streched my ears from a 0g to a 00g two weeks ago and just noticed a blowout i have no smaller jewelry?
Shaved, trimmed, waxed or natural?
Anyone know a quick way to clear skin?
Piercing! what i should get. im 14 and i already got the ok with my parents but what should i get?
Who is the best girl in the world?
Dark circles around my eyes?
how do i remove /or lighten dark skin from around my nails ?
Tanning and Red Light Therapy?
how do i get rid of this by monday?
is it whoreish to get a tounge piercing... ?
Dentest an tongue piercing related?
how to get dark with no time for tanning beds or sun?
how old should you be..?
Is it bad to go a day without it?
My skin on my face is dry and flaky ...?
IMPORTANT. where can i get fluro body paint from? FROM AUSTRALIA?
I'm deciding on whether to get a drith or a rook piercing. thoughts?
Would i look good with a lip piercing on the bottom left. My left ?
How can i get rid of freckles or make them fade?
who has tried ponds b3 clarant?
Hairy Legs! Please help me! What do I do?
My 14 y/o daughter wants her navel pierced.?
What is a good site for skin care product reviews?
Should I get my nose pierced?
Is she up her own a ss or what?
how can i get rid of dark circle under my eyes?
Question about getting ears pierced?
Resons i should get my nose pierced?
Questions about skin & acne...?
Can you change tongue rings?
I weigh 140...:(?
White spots on fingernails?
Piercing question!!!?
Do twins HAVE to be same age and gender?
Does a nose piercing hurt for...?
Guys: How do you feel about women with stretchmarks?
is my nose big, and are my eyes far apart? im really wondering, i think i may have facial dismorphia?
Who looks better?
How do i get rid of my acne??
how to get rid of the red marks left by pimples?
Question about changing my belly button piercing?
What's is the appropriate Lotion for my age?
When should I put my stretch mark cream on?
How to heal a chapped lip?
Why does most of the girls like pink?
i want toned arms?
10 points to best answer..?
how can i size up without tapers?
Curling Iron Burn???
Is it possible to lactate when you're not pregnant? My nipple is pierced.?
Septum Piercing? (10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER)?
Am i ugly? (Picture included?)?
Which face piercing would look the best??
how can i avoid my face and body pimples?
tanning burn?
should you tan with a speddo?
How can i remove bags and dark circles under my eyes.?
Minocycline and differin gel/sun tan?
best way to remove pubic hair?
Regret of stretching my ears!!!?
what do you prefer?
best affordable face wash?
to get your nose pierced, do you have to have YOUR OWN PARENTS permission?
Booty question!!!?
how to get bigger boobs naturally?
What do you think about girls with some acne?
i've tried EVERY deodorant on the market none worked!! help?
My daughter is using acne wash without pimples?
nose piercing?
Best face wash for sensitive skin?
I am 49 and my skin is in generally good shape except for my eyelids.?
what exactly can a tummy compression do 4 me?
Can I have stretched ears if I work at a nuclear power plant?
What's the best acne treating product?
I'm a very hairy 15 year old..?
How can I smooth the top of my toenail?
Tapers for wearing all the time?
Spray tanning. Does it leave any spots on clothes(white?). Recommend good tanning lotion or sparay!!!?
what steps do I need to take in order to become a pofessional body piercer?
Could I pull off an eyebrow piercing?
how bad does it hurt to get your septum pierced?
what is the one word for diet advice?
How to cover cuts in 16 hours?
Best facial cleanser for my skin type?
Toothpaste on BLACKHEADS?
Should I get an ear piercing?
How can i make my hairy arms less noticeable?
Pimple problems.. Idk if this is going to work?
Women - How do you prevent calluses on your feet with high heels?
What are good color contacts for astigmatism for dark skin, hair, and eyes??
How can I get my mom to let me use Nair?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
Where to get ears pierced at 14 or 12 gauge?
getting my belly button pierced?
Tongue piercing?
How to get rid or fade stretch marks?
What is the best way to get rid of those bumps on the back of the arms?
Best fake tan method?
clearasil Daily cleanse face wash.. and AcneFree?
my mom won't let me use any acne products?
help with breakouts on face (20 points best answer)!?
which blistex is best?
How to take care of my nails?!?
Do you know any recipes for facial masks, mud wraps, foot soak, etc.?
What should I use.........?
Is this too many piercings?
What should my lip look like?
how can you reduce lines on your forehead?
tongue piercing ...... question?
How can i stop sweating?
If the left boob is bigger than the right one what should i do?
I ripeed of my pimple on my nose?
Does honey really give your face smoother glowing skin?
i just got my lip pierced 2 days ago. can i go swimming?
healing time?
What makes eyes pretty?
Do those Crest Whitening strips really work?
Whats the difference between dry and gel deodorant?
how old? piercing question!?
Whats the disease what are its cure. Read the detail below (its just a sentence)??????????????????????????????
Should I peirce my own ears or get them done professionally?
What makes a body shiny?
Youthful essence: Do you use it? Is it good? How quickly did you see results?
Is there a way to get rid of acne in like.....12 hours?
Is there any home remedy to get rid of sun burns?
How does one cover up a labret?
nipple piercing help and question!!?
about how much does laser hair removal cost if you want to remove the whole torso area?
Questions about tragus and helix piercings?
What's hotter? Tanned or porcelain skin?
No one thinks i should get a lip peircing wtf?
How bad do ear gauges hurt?
Is a 32DD too big for a 13 year old?
I have a daith piercing, how do I remove it?
Help?! How can i stop my face from being oily?
Whats the best type of lotion for dry dry legs?
Should I wait until I'm done losing weight to use Strivectin SD for stretch marks?
CLeARASIL ULtra DaiLy Facial WASH?
best product to get rid of acne?
How can you get rid of those irritating bumps after shaving? Better yet, how can I not get them at all?
Have a red bump next to my navel piercing?
How to get rid of those bags under your eyes?
uneven skin tone....?
Why do people think I am shorter than I am?
I'm going on a trip and...?
How to make my breasts bigger naturally?
Getting my belly button pierced?
hey i have an acne problem?
I wanna get my bell button pierced but my mom wont let me. help!?
What type of gel or cream can I buy online to treat fordyce spots on lips?
Why is the inside of my gauge red?
getting a tan?
Does proactive actually work?
I want to go to the home coming dance but my parent wont let me go what should i do?
TO girls with PERKY BREAST, NO CELLULITE,FLAT STOMACHS, NO ACNE, NICE FEET What do you have to worry about ?
I have oily and sensitive skin, and all the conditioners i use just make me break out i need help!!?
Is this unhealthy for my skin?
how do i get my skin soft?
Okay is it bad if I dont want to show my body in a bathing suit?
ear piercings?
how can i look sexy when i have acne ?
Does anyone know who made the perfume '5a.m.'?
dry feet??
is putting peroxide on pimples a good idea?
My boobs are Small and im...?
what would happen if i put bronzer cream on my already natural brown skin ?
If any were a site where i'm see how looks Indian Heroes by not wearing clothes? (sexy)?
My boobs are Small and im...?
Ear piercing question?
What are the foods that makes your skin/face more smooth and soft?
HELP! my skin is peeling!?
I really nead help on going blond!?
I really want my tongue pierced but my parents wont let me? :(?
How can I make my face clearer!?!?
what is the best antiperspirant?
What are the best acne products from Neutrogena? BEST ANSWER. I AM DESPERATE. HELP ME PUHHHLEEASE!!?
large pores please help me!?
has anyone used Laser treatment for upper lip hair removal;did it work;how many treatments?
when i was a child my nose was huge but now its normal is this possible?
Good natural remedies to make scars go away?
what does it mean if your big toe (first toe) is smaller than the second?
Is he handsome..........?
Skin whitening injection?
should i take my taper out?
i get really bad heat rash and i'd like to know if there's some sort of cosmetic product out there?
will olive oil cause acne to oily skin ?
A question to anyone who has had a belly button piercing please answer?
Is it really safe to pierce yur own tongue?
My skin is too oily, especially my face. Any suggestions?
why do us girls never get big yuky spots till were going on a special night or weekend out?
Tanning in a bed is giving me darker spots?
When I get Pimples on My Lips?
chin reduction surgery?
Navel peircing?
Is it true that American people dont wash their butts after they poop?
Freckles - attractive or not?
Is there a link between bad skin and spots and eating chocolate excessively?
How to stretch ear peircing for beginner? No one answered before so please answer!!?
how to get my lips to look big and plump without surgery or anything?
Nose piercing with water polo?
How do I look in these shorts? (pics)?
how to reduce pimples?
Is it okay for my 11 year old Daugter to be 150 lbs?
my face burns ALL THE TIME?
Question about gauging my ears?
How can I prevent my hand from getting burn?
whats the fastes way to get off?
I'm 15 and I have cellulite on the back of my thighs and butt please help!!?
Do i sound pretty to you?
Back acne! PLEASE HELP!?
Desperate! i seriously need major HELP!!!!!!?
How can I convince my mum to let me get my belly pierced?
My husband thinks that my breasts are too small...?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
clinique or Avon for acne?
Is it ok if the surrounding area of my new earlobe peircing gets a little red after I clean it?
how to get rid of spotty back?
PIERCINGS: Nose or Belly Button?
goosebump-like skin on face?
How do I get the black lines under my eyes gone?
I just got my belly button pierced a few months ago and now it's infected I need help?
i have a dinner party tomorow night. AND.... i got a large zit on my face....HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Spray tanning....i don't want to turn out orange!?
Should a 13 year old have double pierced ears?
how can i get my mum to let me have my tongue pierced?!?
What is the best facial cleanser?
how old do i have to be to get my nose pierced in palestine or tyler texas?
Anything that helps minimise scars?
How do I make my breast bigger naturally?
I am too hairy even for a guy?
Im looking for a certain website I cant Remember what its called tho....?
How can I have clear skin and complexion?
HELP: My nose piercing keeps popping up; how do i fix this?
Tongue Piercing Age Policy?
how can i stay fresh like ALL day and not sweat so much??? help!!!!?
parnoid about my skin?
Numbing cream? Help??
My size 0 gauges are acting really weird!?
Peircing??? yes or no?
How long after getting a belly button ring can I play basketball?
What is a good online store that ships to Canada to buy body jewelery?
What are the effects of sun exposure and how can tanning be prevented?
Do I need a nose job?
Casual sex and body issue?
Okay I'm not sure weather if this is a facial cleanser or scrub.?
How Do I....?
Does makeup make a huge difference with me?
Keep ear piercing from closing?
good skin lightening cream or lotion?
Is it too late to remove piercing?
Piercing needles or piercing guns?
CURES FOR ROSACEA...please help im desperatee?
Should I Put Lighten cream on Top of Benzoyl peroxide5%?
Whats hurts more..Nose piercing or cartilage ear piercing?
okkkk so there's this boy?
what kind of facial features do u need to become a model?
Bumps on and around my cartilage piercing?
How long after tanning do you have to wait to shower?
what are the best products to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Belly Piercing - Is this normal?
Downsizing my stretched ears?
shaving ideas?
whats your favorite facial piercing?
What's the best kind of face wash?
I have redness around crease of my nose help!!?
How long can I keep my tongue web piercing out?
lotion that keeps face from drying in the winter?
What is the best way to clear up acne using at home remedies?
Should i get mt belly pierced?
How can i get rid of my red pimples?
Is it gay for a guy to go tanning?
What could I do about this cartilage piercing?
advice on gi capsules?
should i get a belly button piercing?
Why are my finger nails yellow??
should i leave my earrings in?
What is this guy's face shape? WITH PICTURES?
What's the average cost of a trip to the dermatologist?
piercing question!! help?
What to wirte??
my body is changing im getting realy hairy.... am i dieing?
Im 14 and i dont know if my size is normal ?
is using razor to clean l hairs, make look black?
un even tone skin on legs?
hey, how can i get rid of red spots on my cheeks and tiny skin coloured bumps on my forehead?
Nose piercing question?
why do i have acne on my chest?
Using Palmer's Olive Butter Formula for stretch marks?
What is more attractive tattoos or piercings?
what is sexier? lip ring or lip stud?
ear piercing???????????
i get a redness around my nose, how can i make it go away?
Would a nose piercing look ok on me?
i got my ears pierced how can i make my earring hole heal faster?
Is twelve a good age to get second lobe piercing?
blackheads, how to remove?
Initial nose piercing help!?
what does black label represent?
Wash my face, don't wear foundation, on-the-spot treatment, STILL have acne! Why?
Where is the best place to get your cartilage pierced?
Bath & Body Works catalog?
How Can I Get Rid Of Acne Fast?
ok help me i cant figure it out!?
Is there any way I can make homemade wax without using heat or a low flame?
Which face cream is best for acne and oily skin?
How much do you think I weigh?? *pics*?
why is acqua di gio on quarantine?
My double flared plugs won't fit into my ear, what can I do?
Do I have olive skin?
How long do acne scars go away?
how can you get rid of?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
is garnier dark spot corrector suitable to remove my dark spot?
Removing Blackheads from the Ear?
How can i make my break out on my face be less red and swollen?
Guys in a tanning it true...?
Is this a good procedure for skin care? Any more to add?
Can a guy be good looking if...?
Where is a good spa/hotel for new years eve in the uk?
Products to Decrease Pore Size?
I have a red mark below my eye?
Instead of hating the mini, why not get off the sofa and get into one?
How to minimize developing scar tissue on labret piercing?
Do I really want to do this??
Should I get my tongue pierced?
can i get my belly button pierced at the age 14?
Do peel off masks help? Or do they only harm your skin?
Girlz ONLY Pleezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How do i shave without getting razor bumps, irration and redness in THAT area?
what is the best solution for bags under your eyes?
tragus or conch piercing?
Does It Hurt To Get A Piercing On Your Brow?
I have a sun burn on my scalp... what do I do?
should i pierce my own toungue?
How to get a think Nose Hope into your nose?
How can I make my skin back to the way it was naturally?
For girls only plz!?
Is It True That You Get Fat When You Don't Eat Breakfast?
GUYS: Would you really want to know if your girlfriend/wife had a nose job?
Picking scabs and eating them?
I got my nose pierced 2 days ago, the whole closed up,would it be okay if I got it pierced again tomorrow?
at shome brazillian wax kit?
Is it possible to shrink or become shorter?
Can rhinoplasty change my nose?!!?
Will using face lotion on my hands give me finger pimples?
Hi friends im a 5'7'' tall guy from india, 20 yrs of age! Can a girl love a guy as short as me???
What do you think of me?
how old are most people when they stop breaking out?
is it ok to use veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin to remove my pubic hair ?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
Hmm .. What do you think .. Is she pretty ?
Does anyone have any tips about stretch marks.?
So, I bite my nails..?
tongue piercing???????????????????
Should i let my teenager get her tragus pierced?
Lip piercing question.?
what kind of wax is better or ok for sensitive skin?
how can i get lighter or use anything to look light skin?
Has anyone ever used tomato face soap? Does it work good?
which kind of facial piercing do you think would look good on me?
How much should i use queen helene mint a day?
Skin & Body?
How Can I Persuade My Parents To let Me Get my Belly Pierced?
What are good facial scrubs?
Do u like my body what could i work on?
I have been using Proactiv for 3 years and why do I still have acne?
How do you get a razor blade out of a razor?
Is there a lotion or something that can help control oily skin and also help redness/acne?
how do i get rid of 's' on my feet?
what household item could i use to remove spray paint?
Does any company make razors and shavers WITHOUT lubricant strips anymore?
Where can I buy revitol stretch mark cream in the UK?
Does lifting weights cause face wrinkles?
Best moisturiser for dry skin?
Do you know anything that will get rid of my pimples?
Easy way to reduce the size of pores at home, easily and naturally?
Acidic skin?
Substitute for face oil blotting sheets?
r these big 4 a teenager?
whats your favorite scent at bath and body works?
ponds dry skin cream! your opinions!?
do girls who talk down about other girls(that show off their bodies) only do it because they are jealous?
whats a good lotion to use with benzyol peroxide?
do you like your body? i need one hundred answers sp please help me out!?
Organic, very hydrating moisturizer for acne-prone skin?
blotchy post baby nipples?
How to remove dirt from large nose pores?
Why do young girls do such stupid things and take chances with infections and other problems from piercing.?
belly button rejection help? with picture!?
Does any body know how much a nose piercing costs at Mystic Piercings in Crofton MD?
Would I suit having a lip ring??
why do i have a sixth toe?
would i look qood with an eyebrow piercinq?
Getting rid of dark circles and puffyness.. also reccomendations on makeing eyes look bigger ?
whats wrong with my lips? s.?
Help! Girl Stuff!?
Please tell me what to do, 10 points for best answer:)?
Strange shape patches on skins?
What do strippers use to make themselves smell so good 'down there' and how to get the perfect shave?
How can i shock my body into getting more muscle and then start shredding them up?
how do you become mute?
Would it be weird if I went into a salon and asked to get my back waxed.. considering I'm a girl..?
Who shaves their arms?
this is SUPER important! easy answer, please?
Did anybody try ZENO? Does it work?
Eyebrow piercing help!!?
Has anyone had Thermage done on them?? If so do you recommend it?
How to get my dad to let me have my belly button peirced?
Could she be a model?
hw do i get rid of a couple whiteheads under my eye?
My g/f wants to know about chastity piercing...?
girls,would you go out with a guy with long nails?
im a 14 year old girl......n i need help........?
nose piercing question?
How do I apply moisturizing eye cream?
Should i shave hairy arms?
Is my eyebrow piercing infected? (Link to picture included)?
How can I get rid of stuborn stubble?
Will it hurt and iPod to use it in the tanning bed?
ahhhh!! razor burn i need a quick way to get rid of the burn and the bumbs!!?
What helps you tan quickly?
help me with my cartilage piercing please?
skin care help!?
I left my moisturizer open all day?
Good Face Wash for Teens?
is Ponds white beauty lightening facial foam and lightening cream is effective?
I want to shave my hands and my arms. Will it be too obvious that I shaved?
What to do about ears piercing? (Kinda Long)?