Earlobe stretching 6g to 2g?
what is the best way to get rid of black heads?
By the time my nose piercing is fully healed could I leave it out for a day or 2 without closing up?
bags under eyes???????????
How can I tell what my undertones are?
How do I treat my infected lip piercing?
I've always wondered what body type I am!?
my under arms skin is lighter how to fix it?
Does the shower tan work?
I use to have my monroe pierced,but I took it out.But the hole is still there.?
Acne! Help!?
Best Deodorant?
Is 13 to young to get a belly button piercing?
i wanna get my nipples pierced tommorow....BUT does it hurt?
does getting your lip pierced hurt?
How Skinny Should You Be to Wear a Bikini???
what are the best products to treat acne?
Bath and Body works Semi-Annual Sale Dates?
Which product is better Witch hazel OR skin ID?
How can i get rid of Emo scars?
Shaving question??
I hate breasts?
My septum piercing...?
Height Question For GuySSS!!!?
does application of olive oil on skin reduces stretch marks?
what kind of food should you eat if you're trying to dtop pimples?
Should I get my ears pierced?
how much does it hurt?
How soon can I go swimming after getting my belly priced?
how old do you have to be to get a lip piercing (with parent/gaurdian there)?
When can I change my belly button ring?
I have a spot next to my piercing. What do I do!?
How to convince my grandparents to let me get my lip pierced?
Has anyone use hot six oil on there eyebrow and if so what happen?
Help convincing dad to get a piercing?
ARMS!! Plz help... and dnt think its gross cuz every has SUM!lol?
what product is good to remove under eyes circles?
How do i get rid of whiteheads and blackheads?
Graduation Dess Question?
Would I look alright with my nose pierced?
Help! I'm having breakouts?
i was wondering has anyone tried the new bic soleil?
how to regain the lost skin colour which has turned dark?
How to get rid of my acne!?
I went to sea beach , returned today from my pleaseeee!!!!?
What colour are your eyes?
Any way of making a living just doing facials?
Ladies, when you shave your legs do you shave just the lower leg, or the upper leg too?
Does getting your ears pierced with the needle hurt?
Need help with Ear pIercing?
Infected naval piercing?
Will my ear piercing close?
What do you think about girls with some acne?
What size plugs will definitely close up?
Tongue piercing help?
is anyones avatar Egyptian???
Crooked tongue piercing?
How old were you when you started shaving?
What cologne was that?
Face products that actually work?
is 14 too young for a nose ring?
What is the best way to cover up freckles on your face?
Tanning questions - indoor lights?
Need help?
My lips are dry, what can i do for get rid of this.....?
Which is worse as a kid: Short or tall?
Im trying to find a really good everyday facial moisturizer (Fragrance, Oil, Etc free)?
Should the Back of my Monroe Piercing be coming out my lip?
what should i say to this tanning salon owner?
is Coppertone sunless tanning gradual tanning good?
I am starting to notice blackness under my eyes help?
What works best on removing stretch marks.?
I have bad acne What products would u suggest?
New Tongue Piercing ? help?!? ASAP.?
cartilage piercing help me ?! please?
Does anyone know of a place in either Danville or San Ramon that does good eyebrow waxing?
do you think putting my nose ring in the freezer will help?
How can I wax my eyebrows at home?
What is a good face cleanser?
Can olive oil help fine lines/wrinkles under eyes?
I just got a belly ring the other day and was told to clean it with listerine or scope...any other care info?
What to do if my gauges are bleeding?
How to get rid of ice and salt challenge mark?
I have been with my girlfriend for 8 months...When we first met I failed to tell her I had herpes.?
How do I pierce my ears with a big safety pin?
how to make fake scarres look real?
How do i get rid of the black circles under my eyes?
I need to gain weight and get rid of sheen on face!?
How well does this cream work for dark circles?
Will stridex pads take off my tan?
Blackheads on chest question?
Are razor blades sharper than pencil sharpener blades?
Would using sunscreen as a mosturizer be a good idea?
Does toothpase really helps for pimples?
Double ear lobe piercing?
will my ear piercing close if i take it out over night?
What can I do to correct my skin tone?
I feel like I have really low self esteem... Help? Sorry Its a little long?
I bought some LONGS brand "clearasil" and i opened the box... and aspider came out!! should I still use it??
how to even out my tan or stop getting darker!?
Does anyone know how to get rid of raised scars from cutting?
Where is the best place to get a SPRAY ON TAN in central ohio?
help with feet ?
do you know any secrets to a clear face?
Bad skin need help xxx?
Chubby girls in Shorts?
answer this qeustion i need help to know wat to do in this situatuation?
Is My Nose Tooo Big ?
Can you recommend me a bikini trimmer?
can a guy tell by feeling if a girl has implants??
how do i gauge my industrial back to a 14?
my nose is always getting crusty help!?
Acne free or clean and clear kit?
infected ear piercing! what should i do?
Septum piercing healing - is this normal?
Do Septum Piercings Hurt?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
I really dont like my height!?
Good Indoor Tanning Lotions?
I cant be pretty. I'm just very ugly. What should I do?
Should I buy the Magic Egyptian Cream?
Is it safe to put gasoline on your face?
Getting a nose pierced.?
is it okay to put sun block on your lips?
I have dimples on my right face but the left side is not so visible ?
how do you get a bigger butt?
What size gauge should i start out with?
Can anyone recommend a great tanning bed lotion?
Retinol cream, a little confused. ?
Laser Hair removal. who has tried it? Were you happy with your results?cost? What areas did you have done?
i ask question you my sin about and give me solution?
I have a raised scar on the vein of my arm, what stuff can I use to reduce its appeearance.?
when is a good time to start suntanning?
Is Yaz making me breakout?
I do not have dry skin but i do get this weird pimple on my left chek that seems to never go away,i think i ha
If someone wears a size 0 or 2 are they considered skinny?
How do you get rid of persistant spots?
where can you buy Arnica cream ( the cream for bruises)?
is it true when ppl say when u combine water, sugar, and soap, it removes body hair?
How to apply Fenugreek?
Have I blown out or damaged my ear while stretching?
Which acne treatment kits are better?
Scab on ear lobe, im really worrird?
Why don't boys my age find me attractive?
oy.. why isn't it going away?
sunscreen stickers?
would you rather have white skin or tan skin?
where can i buy a nice loofa sponge?
i pierced my nose by myself, and then i took it out 2 hrs. later and washed it. will it turn green and infect?
where is the nearest biotherm store/counter around stoke on trent?
i need a razor?
Do some girls really shave their fannies??
what do you think about me?????????????????
What's the best way to keep a tan when using a tanning bed?
i have black circles around my eyes?
How do I make my piercings stop hurting?
Does getting a nose piercing hurt? Do you treat it the same way as you would a ears piercing?
i love my body but my butt is flat.i really need it to be curvier.wld massaging help?or tissue?pls pls help.?
How noticeable are the eczema spots on my ankles? - Picture?
good drugstore acne product?
dry skin on my dicl , please help!?
How much should an 11 year old weigh that's 4 foot 8 inches?
Nipple piercings.?
Help, I am having some serious acne problems and I'm in my 30's!?
"Best" way to pop a zit?
Can a Girl have this piercing - yes or no?
if im not burnt or red at all from a tanning bed, am i still getting a good tan?
Hi does anyone have a recommendation for a goon salon for a Brazilian wax in Aberdeen, UK?
how to make boobs look bigger in bikini tops?
Can you get a spray tan and then go swimming?
I'm a swimmer and I have a really dry face from chlorine and the sun. What can I do to help my dry face?
i want to get my tongue peirced but i am unsure bc of my job?!.....?
Ladies please answer.......?
cartilage piercing?
Is it true that larger people cannot be pretty?
what to do if i have dry skin after applying creams?
people are always telling me i have quite rough hands anyone have any idea what i can do to make them smooth?
i need ur point of view..?
HELP! I think I am crazy!?
How do I get rid of these indents on my face?
I want to get my belly button pieced on my 14 birthday?
How much for scaffold piercing in Los Angeles? (90039 area)?
What shall I change my bellybar to?
Nervous about Eyebrow Waxing?
Is proactive good?
Whats the point of............?
Should I get my tongue pierced?
What is your opinion on the anit-aging ARBONE products?
How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Tragus Piercing?
I have these small bumps under the skins surface, what can i do to fix this? What is it caused by?
what is a hickey????
Does anyone know of any homemade moisturizers?
AGH! i HATE my nose!?
My left contact won't stay still!?
How often a person should wask the private parts of the body?
ok this is really gross but my toe nails...?
Does waxing really work?
I didn't clean my ear piercing all yesterday?
I caught my b/f with dirty mags and movies all featuring black women. What should I do?
So im pale and i never tan just burn is there anyway to get a tan? or no:/?
I was not in the shower, but I fainted while cleaning my navel. What does that mean?
Facial Piercing (Pics Included)?
i'm obsessed with bath and body works, who else is?
Natural glow? 10 points?
Hey Does proactiv work?
How to make work uniforms more fitting to my body?
How much more weight do you think i should lose?
do you guys know any proven ways to get rid of scars and acne cuz mine is really bothering me?
what would you rate me?
How do I look? What can I do to look better?
How do I remove Sharpie from my face?
HELP: dry peeling red facial skin???
what does EFT mean when it comes to dealing with a tanning package?
Which piercing would best fit my face (pic)?
nail varnish lips?
Need advice & suggestions?
I want paler skin - Asian needs help!!?
How do I even out my skin tone without make up?
does rose soap help get rid of scars and pimples?
Lip piercing questions?
Experienced Veet Wax Strip users only please!?
What side should I get my nosed pierced?
do girls hate hickeys?
Is it against the law to....?
have you ever had a cosmetic procedure?
Do all Victoria's Secret Angels have Ectomorphic body type?
What is the best skin routine for oily skin?
If youve got a big nose does it make you ugly?
is there any way to get back your old skin tone?
Embarrassing.. I have three dark hairs on my chin?
What is your favorite mens cologne?
how old do u have to be to get a tongue piercing in melborune?
Male Teens: What deodorant/antiperspirant do you use?
What's a good shaving method for the pubic hair instead of razor or nair?
Re-pierce to get rid of cartilage bump?
have a dry black oval around the end of my mouth and what to know what is it and how can i cure it?
How can my skin get lighter?
How do i get rid of stretch marks?
what do i need to become a body piercing speacialist?
what is a good web site for tongue piercing?
how to make your skin tone(body) fairer?
im 14 and im only 4'8". am i too short, or is this good.?
How much bigger will my boobs grow from age 16?
Belly button piercings...your veiws please (:?
Help me please!!!!!?
Do I look more American or more Turkish?
Secret to beauitful.smooth and supple skin??
does yoga increase your flexibility?
If i Get My Lip Pierced How Long do i Have to Wait to Swim ?
does it hurt getting your lip peirced?
Pierced Earring and a cyst on the ear?
would you advise to put mask on face when you have 3 red pimples on cheek..?
Is my eyebrow piercing healing right?
how to become slim?
What should i do to save my skin from the summer sun?
What is shining stars body wash?
when i shave and get out the shower you can easily tell i shave?
I've got about two hours to get the welling in my lip down.?
Is it illegal to for my 11 year old sister to have her belly button pierced?
Good tanning lotion used before tanning bed?
i have a really big red angry pimple which i squeezed right b/ween my do i get rid of the redness?
DIY belly peircing? Good idea or not.?
What's better for acne scars, Argan oil or Wild Musk Rose oil?
can chewing a lot of gum make your face slimmer?
How much should I sell 6 oz of body lotion for?
Is my skin is strange?
What can i do to extremely whiten my skin?
After shaving legs......?
Esthetician salary in Toronto, Canada?
What to do about scabs on body?
Has anyone tried Miessence 'Purifying Skin essentials'? Does it work well for cleansing and blemishes etc??
how could i get rid of underbags?
is vanilla bean paste good for your skin?
Helppp pleaseee.......?
why do snug piercings reject?
Would a lip piercing look good on me?
What tanning product should I use?
bad hygeine?
Should I shave my arms?
what is the best acne fighting face moisturizer?
Can you tell me the truth about myself?
Can you recommend me a bikini trimmer?
i want big boobs!!!!!?
How painful is it to get ears pierced with a gun?
allergic reactions to moisturizer?
im a girl and i have light mustache and i want to just hide it?
my arms are getting dark.. they r darker then my whole body...?
I want to get my tounge pierced?
Piercing own ear, third lobe?
When is the last time you?
Should I get a lip piercing or nose piercing? Or both?
underage piercing places in manchester? pleasee?
Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?
face tans to fast someone help!?
How old do you think I look?
how do i get rid of acne FAST?? PLEASE HELP!?
summer fever! well i want to get a tan, what is the easies way to tan?
how do i make lavender vanilla soap in less than a week?
I bite my nails & the skin around my nails really really badly. I'm embaressed by it & desperately want 2 stop?
Do different brands of cleansers, toners, moisturizers effect the skin?
What moisturisers would you suggest?
lip rings?
clean and clear acne
Plastic Sugery Stories?
Can you sleep with an acrylic belly ring?
What breast size would be good for me?
Is 5' 7" really tall for a 15 year old?
How can I lighten my skin?
Where to get a tan?
Chapped lips? 24/7 yo.?
Some questions about my industrial piercing?
I really need help with my pimple/acne scars!?
Which cleanser should I use?
ok so im getting my nipples pierced ?
Hey dudes i was wondering can you still make your ears thicker with Vitamin E oil or jojoba etd even though,?
how long will does it take for ear piercing holes to close after being healed?
Spots on back and Chest! Please Help :( (Picture)?
i want my lip pierced?
Can dark-skinned people blush?
i have a burn mark on my face, how do i get it so heal soon?
Shaving in Army BCT and Razor Bumps?
Why do guys like big boobs?
is it true papaya can make your boobs bigger >?
My hands are so DRY! Please help!?
What are these bags under my eyes... I dont lose too much sleep?
my septum got pierced with a surface bar?
How can I get the best sun protection?
do you have to have a certification to do pregnancy massage legally?
Natural tan for prom?
would a septum piercing look good?? pics incl.?
What sizes does body central have?
UGH please help me...?
what is better secret or degree ?
Products to get rid of acne scarring?
how can i increase my breast size.. i'm 19 years old. Pls help?
What exactly are "sewer-cap nipples"?
Ear stretching advice?
If someone was selling hand made soaps with beatiful designs would you buy them?
is 10 stone heavy/very fat for a 5'3/4 14 year old female.? BEING BULLIED FOR MY LOOKs;/?
if you're over 30 do you still have to wash your face before you go to bed?
Is my belly button perching infected?
Small chest or Big Chest ? Real or Fake?
My mom won't let me shave my legs?!?
Moisturizing and self tanner?
How to make feet softer?
How do you bleach your arms?
facial hair on girls?
get rid of leg razor bumps?
What exactley happens when you get your nose pierced?
piercing age in UK? what can i get?
To the straight women of the world...................................…
How can I get bigger breasts without surgery ?
How can i get my parents to let me get this piercing?
are my feet too thick?
What is a good face wash for acne ?
Can I use a mixture of these skincare products??
What are some good moisturizers and oils for African American skin?
so i got my tongue pierced, but!?
Help! Im getting married in a month & i have pimples all over. IS there any hormonal pill to get rid of zits?
Is she up her own a ss or what?
Do i have a baby face? *Pics*?
Toung piercing should i get one?
My skin is really sunburned, How can i make it stop hurting?
Deodorant help!?
how do you get the red out of a zit i just popped and now looks terrible.?
best product to get rid of acne?
Is a C cup considered big boobs?
Am I ugly? I'm self conscious, also how old do I look?
Acneace or acnease comparison?
tongue piercing swelling? indent on top of tongue?
cosmetic surgery, your views please?
just girls answer please..?
My face is always red?
how bad does an eyebrow peircing hurt?
Is it necessary for me to use the cleanser then again use the face wash to clean my face?
How do you disappear stains in your skin?
should i get my ears pearced?
any good piercing places in miami?
Am i thin or average??? (pics)?
How do I get my parents to let me get my lip pierced?
What should I get pierced?
Ear piercing is still sore?
What is the best size?
My skin is dry and it is 55 degrees outside!? is this normal?
Cartilage peircing advice ! Please help , quickly .?
Rhinoplasty for broken nose, is it worth it?
What time is it????!? ?!?!?!?! ?
please help me figure out my body shape?
im cursed with brown eyes?
help skin toning?
chin reduction surgery?
the best way to tan
am i fat for my age im only 12?
Why do my lips get chapped easily if I dont use chapstick or lipgloss?
How can i do a split?
how do i get rid of stretch marks and cellulite?
What kind of deodorant works best?
Left or right side.... nose piercing???
Nipple piercing.. still not healed.. what can I do?
Any suggestion for dry skin?
How can I lighten my skin, and get rid of some freckles?
can you still wear long shirts when yur belly button is pierced??
How to get rid of tiny bumps on my nose?
Proactive Moisterizer Lotion question?
Does Proactive really work?
Why are metal tongue rings bad?
Keeping legs smooth on holiday without shaving during it?
do girls care how long or how big?
How long does Sunscreen SPF 35 last?
How can I prevent oily skin?
Can Someone please help me Stop Biting My nails!?
I've had lipolysis done to my cheeks and chin...?
Would a lip and tongue piercing suit me? oh and dying my hair? :)?
What is that little crater right before your butt ?
Natural ways of getting rid of broken capillaries?
what can I use to remove the hair on my back and belly?
Self tanner/lotion question...?
ow to get nice toned tan legs?
my armpitts?? me!!!!?
I'm 19. I have minor lines forming the sides of my eyes. (Beginning of crows feet) Is this normal?
lighter skin?????
When is it best to get my cartilage pierced?
i have itchy red spots all over,what causes this and what can i do about it?
Do guys like freckles?
What is the best natural???
what is this thing on my lip?
Spots, please help??!!?
what can i do tonight to reduce my facial sunburn??
Is size 6 too big?
should i get my tounge peirced?
i'm tanorexic...?
Why do my breast get flat when i lay down?
Anyone ever used benzoyl peroxide wash and Tretinion on their face? How well did it work?
I have an ingrown hairs. need some help?
how old do u have to b to get ur belly button periced does it hurt and wat kind of belly ring do u have 2 get?
how to get glowing skin in a few days?
Where can I get dermal airbrushing done in L.A.?
Flat chested or big chested i mean boobss people !! what u think !?
getting my ears pierced on saturday, scared! so many questions help!?
What is the best acne treatment?
Under 18 - Where to get tragus pierced -Washington DC Area?
Underwear or Bras which is worse ?
Did proactive work for you?
Is there something for stretch marks that works?
Help! 34b!!!! I HATE IT!!!?
Around my belly piercing holes it is black. Is this normal? What do i do to take remove this?
Removing a corn on my toe?
UGH please help me...?
can i get earlobes pierced again?
Is alcohol good or bad for your face?
Proactiv's 3-Step System or Neutrogena's Advanced Solutions Acne Therapy System?
would i look good with a lip ring?
how old do i need 2 be for a tongue piercing???
Whats a good chapstick, lipgloss?
stretch markss...?
Micro dermabrasion question?
How fast does it take fade cream to work? I bought Ambi and I am getting married in 49 days.?
Where can I get my tragus pierced?
Why do some girls' butt cheeks bounce?
how do i get rid of scars??? i need help quick!?
How to make my breasts bigger naturally?
how bad does it hurt to get your septum pierced?
Does Acnepril the acne pill work?
I had my nose pierced with a gun?
What facial piercing would look nice on me and why?
Do you pick your nose? Everyone answer!?
What works best at clearing skin?
Am I an oreo........?
My mom won't let me take care of myself?!?
My face getting black pls guide me?
I need help. What do you think?
Any pro-ana/mia's help ?
Anyway to make my head less round? this is weird but...?
should i get my nose pierced?
does dry skin cause pimples?
does proactive really work?
If I gauge my ears slightly, will it keep my earrings from closing up?
For girls who apply self tanners?
I have dark circles ,my skin is having pimples and I want fairness on my face,what should I do?
have you ever used and epilator?
How do you use toothpaste for your face?
do you find people from other races attractive?
Help!!?! How to get sharpie off my face!!?
Tanning bed or no? Your opinion?
nipples and bellybuttons peircing?
is semen good for your skin?
Can you be warm toned but still look better in cool toned clothes?
i am male 25 years old and recently bin looking pale and have puffy bags under eyes. Ne quick solutions?
is benzoyl peroxide supposed to burn like hell/?
My ear piercing has half closed?
what do you think my height will be? PLEASE HELP.?
apple cider vinegar?
Did Ivanka Trump have a boob job?
How much of a risk is there for nerve damage if I were to get a chin implant?
Whats the reason of getting these shitty spots ? :|?
Spot products that work?
How did the surgery to even your breasts go for you?
PIMPLES that wont go away?
how to get rid of razor burn for down there...?
Help with pimples please.?
Belly button piercing:)?
i got my nose pierced about 5 days ago and would liike to know if its infected?
How long do acne scars go away?
HELP plz!!!!!?
How much does tongue rings from Walmart cost?
A good waterproof sunscreen?
Best acne removing face wash?
Tan lines, any suggestions???
What do you think of HOOTERS girls ?
Should i shave my toe hairs before pedicure?
Whats a good dermalogica oil control lotion dupe?
How do I keep my skin looking good?
if you put baby oil on your face does it give you spots?
lip piercing anyone?
what is the best acne product????????
when you are?
how i could remove my streachmarks?
Really bad skin??? (picture)?
How can I get rid of my acne?
does getting your ears pierced hurt?
should i get a nose piercing?
Is using deodorant a priority for you everyday?
super models on the runway usually have really nice shiny glowing skin what do they use??
does anyone know how to reduce dark cirlces under your eyes?
Are these ingrown hairs or pimples?
Should I let my daughter get a certain piercing?
scar on my face needs to GO AWAY!?
Which of the L'Oreal 360 cleaners is the best for oily skin with blemishes. Please I need to know which one...?
would it hurt if i pierced my upper lip on my own?
Any idea how to get rid of face swelling? Really need help!?
How do I stop my nose from peeling?
sunless tanner tips/lotion?
Shaving down there in areas lol question?
my belly button ring keeps rejecting, why?
How do I get rid of my freckles?
Are the creases behind my knees stretch marks?
A body wash or product for dark spots?
Are nipple rings always crusty?
I HATE MY BACK please!?
I need to learn more about nipples and their durability?
What is a good way to get rid of acne on my face?
Question about acne! Please help me?
Who really thinks, smoking,tattoos,body piercing generally shows?
Does this sound like a good skincare routine?
There's a hideous brown spot on my arm after a scrape?
Would a facial piercing suit me?
i want my belly button pierced?
How do i stop everyone calling me ugly?
Any one ever had a bikini wax done at a salon or spa? What is it like?
is this normal??
from how old you can go to solarium in uk?
Does waxing ruin your skin?
How can i get rid of razor bumps?
how to convince my parents into letting me get a belly button piercing?
I need makeup or something to cover self harm scars?
How can i get baby soft skin?
What cream can I use for my son to make his face glow?
Best lip balm for dry, chapped lips?
Bikini line?
Is it because I'm skinny?
around how much does it cost to have your ears gauged for the first time?
i waxed my armpit with veet wax strips but..?
How do you get more color in your face without wearing any makeup?
Dots on my legs after shaving!?
what are the best products out there to get rid of acne???????
why is my skin so oily and how do i deal with it?
What are the best products for hair and skin care for teenagers?
Another piercing question involving rings?
Am I too tall? Do guys not like it?
Quick and Dark Tanning Lotions?
should my new ear piercing be hurting?
Has anyone ever consumed the Dermalift capsules (SkinDoctor Range)? Please kindly share results, tq!?
Does anyone know of a good cheap website......?
What gauge size does the monroe piercing usually start with...?
Why am I getting so many ingrown hairs?
I used tanning beds for a short stint...?
Is 14 a good age to get a second piercing?
Is using 'plus size' models on the catwalk just as irresponsible as using underweight ones?
Is this a turn-off? (Girls and gay/bi guys only please)?
Do Mark skin care products really work?
need to take measurements , dont know how or wat they mean HELP HELP HELP LOL?
Im italian and...?
Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?
Need help finding alternative for face regime as shown in American Psycho.?
when was the last time u shaved?
Should i try Proactiv?
Do my thighs look to big?
What is the best way to get rid of spots?
Can anyone tell me whats happening to me?
whats the best thing to use to get rid of pimples!?
Lip Piercing Rejected???? Help!?
I wear a c cup but my boobs look like a B?
what are your best homemade acne remedies?
How do I get rid of minor acne?
What else can i use for acne?
Suntanning helps level out acne scars?
too young?
How much do you think..........?
how can i be a handsome boy ?b cose i have pimples oily skin in summer?and my face is small.?
my friends sister makes me feel small?
Can I Buy Biotherm Products in stores in NZ?
is mixing different types of products good for the face?
when your skin peels from a sunburn are u supposed to peel it???
Does the Zeno really work?
Clean & Clear Advantage 2-in-1 Acne & Mark Eraser Kit?
does proactive really work?? also, where can i buy it online?
how to reduce fat pimples on my face?
How not to cut your self shaving? I always do... it irritates me, how to avoid it?
What drugstore brand self tanner do you guys recommend?
how would i look with an anti-eyebrow piercing?
Lip piercing help please?
i got my rook pierced and the ear around it hurts so bad after 4 days, is that normal?
Are bellybutton piercings really slutty? >.<?
Has anyone gotten a facial lately??
For a "Sholay" theme party,if my GF is going as Gabbar, who should I go as & what should I wear?
Is going two days with no shower really a bad idea?
does your tan still develop after tanning?
Lush cosmetics simple question??????????????????????
What size jeans do wear I from my measurements?
Where can I buy NBA logo (Jerry West) socks in So Cal?
Where to get 12 year olds ear pierced in UK (not Claires)?
Should I get my tongue pierced? (Unprofessional when working with children?)?
Acneace or acnease comparison?
Does your bellybutton go in, or out?
breast enlargement or not?
How do I get clear skin in a week?
i have a dark line on my lower lip?
I really need help determining my face shape please (pics)?
Should I shave my arms...?
why do i look older and younger sometimes?
Dark spot covering my can i get it 2 go away?
Can i use the Australian gold SPF 15 lotion for indoor tanning?
What are some good skin lotions that work best over all??
re-piercing a shallow navel piercing?
Does applying turmeric increase the heat of your body?
Veet Waxing?
The skin on my arm always has a red tint and when I get cold it looks worse! Does anyone have any tips for me?
My underarms never look shaven, hurt,and are bumpy?
How to make skin lighter from a really dark sun tan?
Tanning lotions. HELP!!?
How to get rid of spray tan?
what is the best way or product to treat dry teenage skin with acne?
What's wrong with my belly button piercing?
Terrible bikini bumps all over?
when will my facial structure mature?
should i get a monroe piercing?!?
I'm taking my belly button piercing out: will it scar? and how long will it take to heal?
Girls, If your new man had a hairy back would you dump him?
does anybody know how to pierce a bellybutton?
Greenish cast on skin?
What is a good color eyelinner for very pale skin? And how would i apply it?
Skin care regime for a guy? help?
which do u think the best? clinique, dermalogica, or murad?
Silcone vs. Saline? What's better?
I'm only 14 and i have stretch marks!!!!!!!!?
What should I do about my belly piercing?
It's our anniversary this thurs. and there's a chance this could be it?
how can i get rid of my eye bags?
how long till i can swim again after getting my belly button pierced?
how to take care of my face?
Help me please ?? URGENT?
where can i buy magnectic earring studs, for guys?
How can i get rid of my pimples in 6 days?
Where can I find paper or cloth for waxing in Canada?
What is this piercing called?
Is neutrogena's "the wave" good?
Is using sunbeds once a month safe?
I pierced my ears three weeks ago with a 20 gauge needle. Today, I have 12 gauge earings in. Is this bad?
Ladies woukd u get a brazilian wax from a male esthetician?
help! my skin tone is really weird! =[?
Should I get a Monroe piercing or Lip?
How do I prevent brown splotches when using self-tanning lotion?
What Self-Tanning Brand is the best?? Does it work really really good?? Or what would you rather do?
Just got ears pierced 1 week ago...uhoh?
Need advice about my new Venom piercings, tips and food choices? What to expect on healing time?
How Would i Look with My Nose Pierced?
Is there anything good about being 12 years old?
answer (for guys and girls) abouy guys?
Belly button piercing .Please answer question after watching my belly button video?
What color are your eyes?
question for all the girls?
Whoever has gotten their tragus pierced, how bad does it hurt?
I went to a party the other night and got a new piercing.?
After pregnancy..?
I have these weird bumps/lumps things on my right ear lobe! and I don't know what it is?
what makes Olay unique than other products ?
Where can I buy PLAYTEX SPORTS tampons in Singapore?
What type of facial should I do and how much would it cost?
Im 22 years old, and still have acne on my face and back. What can I do?
How much does the TRIA laser hair removal system cost?
Why my face becomes fat if I don't move it around?
I use liquid fondation. Does that clog my pores and make new zits come up?
Should I get my bely button pierced?
how to lose weight around the tummy area?
Why am i tanning when im wearing sunblock?
Whats your bad habit?
Can I shave my arms just once?
Is it normal to have the odd spot or bruises/marks on your,legs?
Does anyone know how to get rid of pimples on my face?
on the scale of 1 to 10 please rate my pic.?
My feet are starting to get really dry and chapped all over. My nails are getting awful too ..?
what side do girls usually get their labret pierced?
White marks only in face?
I need Skin Care help?
does the jergens tanning moisturizer work well?
Red lines under eyes?
Is it weird to shave your fingers?
my skin is breaking out in ancne all the time, what do you do to maintain clear skin?
depressants question kinda dumb but im not sure..?
is there an unpainful way to peirce my toung myself?
How many times a day do u use burts bees deep cleanser?
I need Acne help please!?
tapers v.s. ear gauges questions?
question about ear piercing please read?
Nose rings, what's the big deal?
Am I pretty?
A bigger butt?
how to make eyebrows thick....?
How long does it take?
What do you think.......?
I need a new shaver for legs.. What should I get?
Is aveeno shaving gel good?
how to remove hair from tummy?
My Skin Is Starting To Get Black Spots.! Im Scared.?
whats the best sunless tanning lotion?
How can I get rid of under-eye dark circles, which are there even if I get plenty of sleep?
okay, how do you get rid of acne?
guages help???????????????????
Do belly button piercings hurt alot?
Best facial moisturizer for dry skin?
where to get booty injections shots in louisiana?
Girls, whats your secret to flawless skin?
how to hide self harm cuts?
How much does getting your belly button pierced cost? ?
Is there a weight limit in solariums?
Is she too young to have it done?
What sort of piercing should I get?
Dark circles under my eyes?
Clinique Moisturizer Questions ?
are you supposed to use facial cleanser daily?
Help!! I'm only 26 and I have some fine lines on my forehead. How do I stop this before it gets worse?
Is there any precautions i should take with my nape piercing?
How to cure dry itchy skin?
how old do i have to be in Illinois to get my tongue pierced if i have parental consent?
15 yr. old with stretch marks on legs...but at a normal weight?
where can you get your navel periced in chesterfield?
How can I purchase Clenbuterol?
Does Nivea's Cellulite Treatment really work?
What would you say about this?
My boobs are too big, is there any way to change this?
I have pimples alll the time! help?!?
Help me Big Nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you keep a navel piercing clean?
Industrial barbell new jewelry question.?
Question about lobe piercings, closing up and repiercing?
Changing out nose piercing after a few weeks?
what can u use on dark acne scars?
review or information on the University medical Wrinkle free system?
Does Savlon cream work on spots?
Is it rare to be a natural platinum blonde with green eyes?
Please help with my skincare routine? Product recommendations?
Red spots left behind after breakout?
My skin's a wreck--I could use some advice.?
What color is Bill Kaulitz's eyes?
omg!!!!! My skin itches soooo much, and i can't help but itch it!! What should I do?
Who thinks Clean and Clear sucks??
i am going to get my rook pierced, should i get a curved barbell or captive bead ring at first?
Should i get a boob job?
How do remove acne scar with a lemon?
what states is it legal to get your belly button pierced at age 14?
Sunbeds...what should I wear?
does toothpaste really work on zits?
how old do you think i look?
Facial issue?
My nose piercing is infected, can I take it out?
Belly button piercing?
Tongue piercing...?
what is the best skin care products at sephora?
how fast will my skin clear up?
how can i reduce my breast size?
Do I have a blowout (ear) ?
Black Dermatologist?
Any ways of getting rid of pimples easily? (I will answer your questions :)?
Sucked cheeks & fine cheekbones?
What are some good under-eye circle creams you can buy at a store?
Do guys use BODY SCRUB and BODY LOTION ?
Which lasts longer: The Spray on tans or the tanning lotions?
How to be clean from the body haired?
Eyebrow piercing slowly coming out?
How much do you weigh?????
what is the best acne product?
What kind of creams or treatment would you recommend to fade acne scars?
face waxing?
getting ears pierced this weekend... help!?
Any acne help please :(?
what is a good cream for the face?
should we peeloff pimples? what r the harms?
ive had my ear pierced for over half a year now? white bumps?
Does lemon and egg white facial help whiten skin?
Small bumps on surface of nails?
Breasts or Bums?
Cartilage Piercing question,?
I heard this .. is it true .?
Differin + Benzoyl Peroxide = pealing + dryness ... solution?
triple forward helix question?
does getting your belly button peirced hurt?
3 simple questions about industrial piercing?
Does anyone know any scary statistics about cosmetic surgery?
How do I explain SH scars?
How often do you take a shower?
How Does Acne Free work?
I am 14 5'3" or 5'4" and I weigh 135 pounds, is that okay?
Why do people get skin tags? How can I get rid of them? Prevent them?
How long should you wait until changing a lip piercing stud into a ring?
Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more commonplace.Do you think this is a good or a bad thing?
Clean & Clear or Proactiv?
Which is better acne free or proactiv?
Has anyone heard of amatokin?
Is this kind of piercing possible?
What is the normal range of time during which a tongue swells after piercing?
using vaseline cocoa butter...?
How do I fade a dark spot?
Anyone knows how to get rid of pimples?
Can i get shorter? make my feet smaller?
How do I hide cuts on my wrist?? ):?
sunbed , solarium?
Would you recommended a 14 year old teen to get a navel piercing?
Do you need to apply sunscreen again if you've not been in the sun?
Does getting a lip piercing hurt?
Get rid of tired looking eyes?
No tan under my nose?
What's the best facial wash to use to prevent acne?
why is my face darker than my nose?
Is my cartilage piercing supposed to be sore?
How Much Does Each Treatment Of Laser Hair Removal Cost?
what do i do when i have a bubble on my industrial piercing...?
how much should a 5'3ft girl weigh?
MEN!!Whats the perfect stomach?
does anyone know what i can do before plugging out my eyebrows to make it hurt less?
Rip off Dove Men's Care Body wash?
Is it possible to get implants 1000DD.?
Firmology by Benefit? Does it work for you? did it fade your acne scars? did it make you break out?
Should I get breast implants? PLEASE give me suggestions?
Does getting your belly button pierced really hurt?
Should i shave my legs? Im a guy?
Help... what can i put on a small sunspot on my noseto make it dissapear?
Is Hookah addictive!?!?
HELP! smiley piercing?
m 19yr old.i hav combination skin.what shud i do to get rid of pimples n its marks??how wil my skin glow??
How can i make my boobs firm in a natural way 'coz it's too soft.?
How to keep my lips soft!?
What can i use to help me to stop biting my nails?
Can olive oil the one used to cook with be used in making homemade body scrubs..?
my mom says i need proactive. Is this true?
Cartilage Piercing Help ?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?
Ok to skip a shower tonight?
What skin toner should i get? help please?
Tanning? IDK if i want to =/?
Is rihanna just a nice body?
My face and lips are always dry, what can i do?
Trying to obtain even skin?
where can I buy Moom hair removal products on the Costa del Sol, Spain?
which brand's products are better for fine lines-vichy or H2O?is vichy's serum for fine lines available?
I'm african american and when i shave you can see black pores spots. how do you get rid of them?
How do I clean my newly pierced ear?
Embarrassing question below?
If i were leggings once or twice a week...will it make the appearance of my cellulite more noticeable.???HELP?
I'm on the pill but my skin still isn't clearing up, If I stop wearing makeup will that help?
does someone in chandigarh know of a lady who could come home for beauty treatments??
What age do you think I should start using an anti-ageing cream.....?
Think or thick lips? You decide!?
Vanilla scented body lotion for under $20?
i have really bad skin, and have tried almost everything out there, is there anything anyone can suggest?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Should you ALWAYS keep your tattoos out of the sun?
help! bad burn from wax strip?!?
is it good to wear i bra size of B34 at the age of 13?
how do i get rid of oily skin???
Are back pimples disgusting?
Dark lines under eyes? PLEASE HELP ME :(?
Why when i put baby powder on me my skin peels?
Which one do you prefer more, stick, roll-on or spray and whY?
who has tried ponds b3 clarant?
Why does my face go bright red when i play hard?
Things i need to know before my Piercing?
i shaved my legs with a razor?
Does ball sweat wash off?
my gril friend has moles on her face neck and body should i leave her because of it?
I know this has been asked alot but...?
How To Get Rid Of DEEP Scars?
Can You use Veet-in shower hair removal on your pubes? ?
CHAPPED LIPS!!!!!!!! =O Any ideas guys??? x?
what's a good everyday acne cleanser?
I'm only 15 and I have...?
are men who gay?
How can I make my hands appear nicer?
after i wash my face and it gets dry so is it okay to put lotion on it?
How to get rid of small spots on forehead? 10 points?
=P why cant they go away?!?!?!
My nose is pink because I got sunburned long time agoo...?
How do I treat my new INFECTED belly button piercing?
skin help!?
how to reduce the redness/appearance of a pimple?
what is the best acne wash ?
What is the red bump thing around my hole of my belly piercing?
Level 3 - level 4 tanning beds?
Is it okay to use polysporin on my newly pierced naval?
How to get Smooth/Glow skin?
if you were a girl would you date someone with acne on his chest?
Spectrum piercing ???????? ?
how much does it cost to get your nose pierced?
how do u knoe wen ur nose piercing is infected?
Why doesn't my face tan?
How to reduce acne/pimple redness?
What are some good ways to get rid of the bump above my nose piercing? Sea salt soaks? Tea tree oil? help :(?
How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
How do you get rid of these!? >:U?
What is the fastest way to get rid of acne scars ?
How to get wax off my skin?!?
What deodorant to use?
Help me ASAP plz!?
what makes your skin lighter?
girls ,why,? i just got back from the gym?
tips for zits?
I have a piercing and I don't know the name of it?
My lip have been dry for a very long time.i've tried many solutions but they don't work. how do i cure them?
does PTFE reduce navel rejection rate?
Who wants to Skype with me?
I forgot to use aftershave.. now my face is covered in pores!?
Can you recommend a good Face Cleaner?
Razor bumps issue under the neck?
I am 15 & have average size breats.How big will they get?
do you shave up --->>>>down or down--->>>>up??
I cant decide on what lip piercing to get. Help?
nipple piecing scars?
is there a way to make my skin less pale without tanning?
Razor bumps do they go away in a dayy ?
Have you got long nails if so how much would it hurt if u scratched someone? would u use them in a fight?
I'm self-concious about my pale skin?
best teeth whitening treatments w/o trip to dentist?
Lip Piercing................?
Anyone here use anything from the "naked" range in Boots?
Piercing gone bad and I want to take it out. How?
Acne Help!?
Blackheads won't go away?
Convincing Parents for tanning...?
I have under eye dark circles and also my under eye area is very dry. Someone help me please!!!!!!!?
Is my belly piercing infected?
Help skin emergency!?
Pampering? What is the correct order for a facial?
how to get rid of acne, red inflammed skin fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help with an ingrown toenail?
Is their a body piercing shop ?
which is better? clean and clear or clearasil??
how can i get a good tan for spring and summer if i'm naturally light skined?
acne on my shoulders, upper back, and a little on chest?
Do you have this, or would you do this body modification?
Does getting a belly botton ring hurt??
What is a great face wash for redness and scars?
What type of peircing would look better on me *pics*?
Should I start shaving my legs?
How do you pierce your own lip without pain?
does anyone else have this!?
Where can I get dermal airbrushing done in L.A.?
home remedy for dry skin on face?
What should I know before I get my ear pierced?
Help Please?
Is 5'6" and 170lbs unattractive?
What is the most painful FACIAL piercing you can get?
how to get my arms slimmer without them being gross muscular? I want them attractive not manly lol?
i have A MILLION little red bumps on my back, and THEY DONT GO AWAY! how do i get rid of them?
What's a good cleanser brand?
my arms are getting dark.. they r darker then my whole body...?
I have pimples all over plzz help?
Lip piercing question about eating?
reccomend facial sunscreen that does not leave face shiny?
Is there a way to use aspirin to clear up pimples?
bags under my eyes? help!!!?
How to get money fast for belly button piercing?
What's it like to get your cartilage pierced professionally?
piercing clamps?
how old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced ?